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Chinese Food Video, Sandra Bullock Rapper Go Viral; Surprise Elimination on `Dancing with the Stars`; `Walking Dead` Premiere Breaks Records; Secrets of `The Talk`; Madonna Banned from Theater Chain for Texting During Film; Interview with William Shatner; Interview with Lisa Lampanelli

Aired October 15, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


NISCHELLE TURNER, HOST: Tonight on the "Top Ten Countdown," dancing shocker. Top scorer Christina Milian gets the axe on "Dancing with the Stars," and SBT`s A.J. Hammer was there for the stunning aftermath.


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Well, I`m sorry you`re out. You couldn`t have done better tonight in my mind. You totally blew the roof off the place.


TURNER: We`re on location with the secrets from the "Dancing with the Stars" set.


WILLIAM SHATNER, ACTOR: The lesson of losing, and the tension of victory.


TURNER: Yes, William Shatner still rocks. Him telling his story his way. And he is right here to shake things up and put in his vote for today`s "Top Ten."

SBT starts right now.

Hello, everybody. I`m Nischelle Turner. A.J. Hammer is on assignment tonight with some great stuff that you`re about to see.

This is part of tonight`s "Top Ten Countdown" of must-see, must-share stories of the day. William Shatner is with us tonight. He has a new hit album called "Ponder the Mystery" in spoken word style as only that man can do.

And comedian Lisa Lampanelli is here, aw ell. She`s starring in a new one- woman show called "Skinny Bee-otch: Not a Stand-Up Comedy Show," coming to a city near you.

Now let`s kick off the countdown with No. 10, guys. New viral videos that are going viral this -- like this one. Chinese food anyone?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): I love Chinese food. You know that it`s true. I love fried rice. I love noodles. I love Chow Mein.


TURNER: Lord. This comes from the guy who wrote "Friday," which was once called the worst video -- music video of all time. Now Bill, I heard what you just said. You said, "This is not my music video." You are the master of spoken word. Is this bad? I mean bad?

SHATNER: Well, you say spoken word, but there`s a great deal of music and great musical artists on this album. It`s an intermingling of words and music and where one goes and where the other leaves off is hard to tell. It`s so musical.

TURNER: But I want to get your take on this. It would have helped to have some words and some music in this thing? What do you think about what we just saw?

SHATNER: It`s a -- it`s a -- Once you`ve seen one music video that`s Chinese you want to see after...

LISA LAMPANELLI, COMEDIAN: One hour later. You want to watch it again.

SHATNER: Well, only if you have a small stomach.

LAMPANELLI: It made me hungry. I go to bed, and I want to be face first in some General Tso`s Chicken, I`m telling you right now. This is the worst thing to happen to Asian culture since "Gangnam Style." She makes Rebecca Black look like Aretha Franklin. OK?

SHATNER: That was just occurring to you?


SHATNER: It just did.

LAMPANELLI: Oh, yes. You know what cracks me up, though? She has a guy dressed as a panda. I mean, this is offensive. This is offensive to us Asians.

TURNER: Asians. Some people have thought that it is a little in poor taste.

Now let`s look at another video that went viral. OK? This is Sandra Bullock, and she`s rapping to the Sugar Hill Gang`s "Rapper`s Delight" while promoting "Gravity" in the U.K. on "The Jonathan Ross Show." Now, Sandra revealed that she learned the lyrics to get a guy`s attention when she was in high school. Watch this.


SANDRA BULLOCK, ACTRESS: I said a hip hop, hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip a hop, and you don`t stop, a rock it to the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat. Now, what you hear is not a test -- I`m a-rappin` to the beat, And me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try and move your feet. See, I am Wonder Mike, and I`d like to say hello, to the black, to the white, the red and the brown, the purple and yellow. But first, I gotta...


TURNER: Bang bang, the boogie to the boogie, say up jump the boogie.

SHATNER: Bang bang.

TURNER: I can keep going: to the bang bang boogie said rock you don`t stop.

LAMPANELLI: Oh, that`s good!

TURNER: Why do I know that?

SHATNER: Why do you know that?

TURNER: I don`t know. But I love that. I love that so much.


TURNER: And I love that Sandra Bullock knows that. Now I want to ask the master of spoken word here, rap to me. Talk to me. What did you think of that?

SHATNER: I have been rapping all this time. And telling you what`s right, including with Lisa and her little tiny tummy.

TURNER: He`s been rapping all this time. He`s got to rhyme.

SHATNER: Not necessarily.

LAMPANELLI: But she did it for the right reason, though. She did to meet a guy.


LAMPANELLI: That`s why I memorized the words -- I remember Young MC, "Bust a Move." I know every word of it. This is the thing. Sometimes you`ve got to do what you`ve got to do to meet the boys.

TURNER: I love this. You`re having a little bit of a wardrobe thing.

SHATNER: Oh, no. None whatsoever. I`m good.

TURNER: Do I need to get up and help you?


TURNER: You`re good? OK, you`re good. Well, Bill, Lisa...

SHATNER: What did you say?

TURNER: We`ve got to get Bill all wrapped up. We`ve got to get you fixed up here, so stay with me.


TURNER: Stay right here.

SHATNER: I`m right here.

TURNER: We`re not done with you guys. You`re going to be with us throughout the show. OK?

And we are going to A.J. Hammer in Hollywood in just a second as we get to No. 9 on our "Countdown" tonight. It`s the "Dancing with the Stars" shocker, and A.J. was there as it happened. Christina Milian voted off the show even after getting a perfect 10 from the judges?




TURNER: Yes, but she got booted anyway. A.J. was on location last night to speak to all of the "Dancing with the Stars" and he got Christina`s take on this surprising twist (ph).


HAMMER: Well, I`m sorry you`re out. You couldn`t have done better tonight, in my mind. You totally blew the roof off the place and you did get a 10. That`s got to be pretty great.

MILIAN: Yes. That does feel pretty great, you know. I`m leaving on a high note. I had the best performance I feel I`ve had this season.

You know, it goes to show that votes mean everything. You know, you can`t really just take for granted, you know, watching someone and saying they did good. And oh, you have to get out there and vote. So everyone else here, make sure you do it to help keep them on the show.

HAMMER: So since it can`t be you, who should it be? Who should take home the mirror ball trophy?

MILIAN: Oh, man. I couldn`t even -- you know, this guy over here is pretty darn awesome. Corbin is pretty darn good.

HAMMER: Hey, Corbin, what`s up, man? So nice to see you. How`s it going?


HAMMER: How`s it going?

Is it advantageous or disadvantageous to have dancing experience, which you obviously have? Do you find it helpful or hurtful in this kind of environment?

BLEU: It`s both. Just as not having dance training is both. Every week I know it`s never a single week that you can go, "Oh, well, we might have -- if we flub this up, you know, they know that it`s OK." There`s no room for error.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath. Get to rock the boat and make a mess.

HAMMER: I got to ask you, you now have been in this for, what, about a month now performing every week. What has sort of boggled your mind in terms of what you`ve experienced, versus what you might have expected? You knew it was going to be hard but what has really surprised you about the whole experience?

LEAH REMINI, CONTESTANT, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": I love everybody here. I didn`t think I was going to like it this much.

HAMMER: You totally rocked it tonight. And I`m watching you thinking, "She`s in her element." It was like you were at the club.

NICOLE "SNOOKI" POLIZZI, CONTESTANT, "DANCING WITH THE STARS"; I felt like I was at Karma again. Definitely.

SASHA FARBER, DANCE PRO, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": I don`t know what that is. What club?

POLIZZI: He doesn`t -- he never watched" Jersey Shore."

HAMMER: Is that amazing to you?

POLIZZI: I like it.


POLIZZI: Because he doesn`t have, like, this perception of me. It`s like I`m a new person to him. So...

HAMMER: You don`t know her as the wild child -- may I say it? -- sloppy drunk...


HAMMER: ... crazy, loud-mouthed -- am I getting any of this wrong?

POLIZZI: Hot mess college student, no morals. Yes.

FARBER: She has definitely changed from all that. That`s for sure.

HAMMER: And now she`s this beautiful mom.

FARBER: Exactly.

POLIZZI: Thank you, A.J.

HAMMER: You`re doing a great job on this show. But I have to ask, what is harder, this or being a mom?

POLIZZI: Definitely this. I mean, I feel like a mom, it just -- everything comes so naturally, and I love it to death. But this is actually work. Like you have to -- you have to learn the different moves.

FARBER: The hardest part -- the hardest part of this is being away from her son.


TURNER: Aww. Well, all of her hard work is paying off. Snooki scored straight "9`s" last night, and I think that baby boy, Lorenzo, is giving her a "10" back home.

Now our "Top Ten Countdown" just starting to sizzle. How about a little "Breaking Bad" pandemonium to spike up this mix?


BRYAN CRANSTON, ACTOR: You clearly don`t know who you`re talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger.


TURNER: So good. Why is Hannibal Lecter, though, giving Walter White some love? It`s the fan letter that kills all others.

Then there`s Madonna`s texting madness. Is she really banned from a movie theater for texting during a screening? Madonna likes to be first, but will she get top spot tonight? The big reveal is still to come. What will be No. 1?

This is SBT on HLN.


TURNER: Welcome back to our "Top Ten Countdown." We are at No. 8. Zombies rule. Now we just learned that the AMC drama "The Walking Dead" broke records with its Season Four premiere, attracting more than 16 million fans. You can see why.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s manageable but unless we get ahead of it, not for long.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who`s watching the gate? Get down.


TURNER: Just that much gave me palpitations. That is crazy.

"Walking Dead" fans aren`t just watching the show. You know, they`re also tweeting like crazy. Viewers posted nearly 40,000 tweets in the first minute of the East Coast broadcast accounting for an incredible -- get this -- 88 percent of TV-related tweets that night.

Now next on the countdown, A.J. Hammer back on location in Hollywood with our No. 7, secrets from the ladies of "The Talk."

Now, A.J. was just on "The Talk" with the ladies. But before the cameras rolled, he was backstage with them to find out what it`s like when the pressure is on and they are ready to go on.


HAMMER: I love coming and doing your sure. You always have a great vibe here. I`ve been in your planning meeting with you before. But now we`re back stage right before you`re about to go on. The music is playing, guys warming up the crowd. What`s going through your mind right now? Are you very focused on what you`re about to do? Are you thinking about dinner? What`s happening?

JULIE CHEN, CO-HOST, "THE TALK": I don`t know. I don`t want to sound too casual. I feel like we`ve been doing this long enough that we do a lot more visiting than we used to. I feel like when I first started we were, like, really focused. And now we`re just like, "What did you do this weekend? What are you having for lunch?" Like that kind of stuff. We`re multitasking, you know, like she`s sending out tweets. I`m, like, trying to answer. You know, I just saw something from the school that our kids go to. Sarah`s children and my son go to. And I`m like what`s this newsletter?

You know, so it`s kind of like juggling a few balls in the air. But we love the busy-ness.

SARA GILBERT, CO-HOST, "THE TALK": I also feel like when I think about it too much, I don`t do as well. Like being in the moment is where the best stuff happens.

AISHA TYLER, CO-HOST, "THE TALK": You feel as soon as we walk out, I feel like we just turn on. The minute...

SHERYL UNDERWOOD, CO-HOST, "THE TALK": I always pray, "Please, Jesus, let me remember my jokes, where they`re supposed to go." I keep having this nightmare that they`re on the topic they`re supposed to be on and I blurt out a joke that goes with a different topic.

HAMMER: But it always comes across to me like it`s not material you`ve come up with in advance. I`m sure a lot of stuff is off the cuff, but you really do have those lines planned out?

UNDERWOOD: Well, I just want to make sure that I don`t say anything inappropriate for daytime. You know, and in my dream, I`m always naked at the table.

HAMMER: Really?

UNDERWOOD: I don`t know why that happens.

HAMMER: Is that one of the things you worry about, as the executive producer of the show, that somebody is going to come out naked?

GILBERT: No, I`d love it. I don`t care.

HAMMER: There`s a big buzz right there for the show.

GILBERT: That`s CBS`s problem. I`m all for -- you know.

HAMMER: You ever get -- look, we`ve been doing this all for a long time, but do you ever get nervous if a particular guest is coming on? Is there anybody who`s kind of put you on edge?

CHEN: It`s not so much a particular guest for me. It`s when we`re a minute out from doing live, and then I get the producer in my earpiece saying some news just broke.

TYLER: Julie has all the moving -- you have all the moving parts to manage, making sure that, like, that everybody gets out properly. And then, you know, we just get to be, like, nuts. She`s the one that gets to -- has to like make sure we`re on the right track.

HAMMER: You have responsibility, and I have responsibility coming on as a guest, because I`m going to try not to screw it up today.

UNDERWOOD: No, you never do. You`re always funny.

HAMMER: I`m not funny.

UNDERWOOD: Well, you`re always charming.

HAMMER: Well, thank you for that.

UNDERWOOD: There you go.

HAMMER: I appreciate that.

GILBERT: Just be good enough. You know what I mean?

HAMMER: Just be good enough. Where is the bar set, Sara? Where is that bar set?

CHEN: Adequate. Adequate.

HAMMER: Here at "The Talk," shooting for adequate. No, it`s excellence all the time. Always great to see you guys.

CHEN: You`re going to do great.


TURNER: Good enough, A.J., you`re good enough.

As you can see, our countdown is getting a little unpredictable now. There are some tough contenders for the top spot, including this.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR; As soon as I pop this thing out, as soon as I get in shape, the first thing I want to do is, like, "Playboy" or some nude shoot.


TURNER: Hey, now. Kim Kardashian is getting back into her pre-baby body. And a lot of people are dying to know just how she`s doing it. Kim just revealed her weight loss secrets.

But will Madonna`s texting madness steal Kim`s spotlight? Madonna under fire tonight over reports that she texted during the screening of "12 Years a Slave." What will be No. 1 on tonight`s "Top Ten Countdown"?

This is SBT on HLN.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was with my family. And my home. Now you tell me all is lost? Telling no one who I am is the best way to survive? Well, I don`t want to survive. I want to live.


TURNER: "12 Years a Slave" is already getting Oscar buzz, and it`s just opening in theaters this Friday. Now, the film is based on the true story of Solomon Rupert`s life, a freeman in pre-Civil War New York who is kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues now with No. 6, Madonna`s texting madness. Madonna was reportedly texting at a special screening of "12 Years a Slave" during the movie. Someone asked her to stop, and Madonna reportedly replied, "It`s for business, enslaver." Word got back to the CEO of the cinema chain where the screening happened, and now Madonna is banned from all of its theaters.

The texting drama got Whoopi Goldberg all heated up today on "The View."


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Call me crazy, but I thought if you`re going to text you should be at home. You should be at home where you can watch what you want to watch and do what you need to do. If you`re going to the movie theater where there are other people, you`ve kind of got to pay attention when somebody says, "Could you stop doing that, because it`s bothering me?"

You don`t turn around and say, "I`m working, enslaver." Work at home, bitch. That`s what you do.


TURNER: Well, comedian Lisa Lampanelli is back with me right now. You`re clapping, so you must agree with Whoopi.

LAMPANELLI: I love my girl, Whoopi.

In Madonna`s defense she was sexting with Anthony Weiner at the time. I get it.

I mean, what is so important that you need to be texting? Her Botox doctor would have been home later. OK? She needs to just stop. Come on.

TURNER: And adding, like, to this whole mess is the fact that this is such an intense movie...


TURNER: ... that`s about slavery and for her to reportedly shout, "It`s for business, enslaver." I don`t even know how to begin to respond to that.

LAMPANELLI: It reminds me of that "Seinfeld" episode where someone was texting or doing something during "Schindler`s List."

TURNER: "Schindler`s List." They were making out.

LAMPANELLI: That`s what it was. Just don`t do it. Nobody`s texted during Madonna`s movies. That`s because you don`t -- you sleep through the opening credits and the rest of the movie, too. So she needs to just stop, shut it down, have some fun at the movies.

TURNER: Yes. And the CEO of the movie chain says that Madonna is banned from their theaters. The thing is, though, it`s just not Madonna. I mean, everyday people do it all the time. I must admit, I think I`ve been guilty once or twice myself of doing it.


TURNER: How should we punish movie texters, though?

LAMPANELLI: I don`t know. I mean, I kind of agree with the banning. Now, if we could just ban her from making movies, that would be fantastic.

But you know what? I really don`t approve of that, because as an artiste myself and an actor, I must say, I would be very offended if somebody texted during my scenes.

TURNER: You know, I didn`t hate "Evita." I didn`t hate it.

LAMPANELLI: Yes, but you didn`t love it either. Well, that`s a ringing endorsement: "I didn`t hate your movie."

What do you do, by the way, if you`re at a premiere or something and somebody does a movie you hate? What do you say?

TURNER: Right.

LAMPANELLI: You have to go up to them and go, "You did it." You can`t really compliment them.

TURNER: The score was great. You have to find something.

LAMPANELLI: The costumes fantastic.

TURNER: Beautiful.

So Madonna, should Madonna -- should she apologize?

LAMPANELLI: I think she should just apologize and get it over with. And you know, business is business; pleasure is pleasure. You know what? And also, those people, in all seriousness, that`s an art form, making a movie. I mean, this was no joke to them. So it`s kind of nice to be respectful.

TURNER: And the movie is no joke. It`s a very heavy subject. So you might want to pay attention and act like you`re getting it.

LAMPANELLI: Exactly. No, totally with you.

TURNER: Exactly. So you know, we reached out to Madonna`s rep, by the way. We did not hear back by our deadline to get some comment from her. But stick around, Lisa, because you`ve been so great. I want to hear more from you to weigh in on.

LAMPANELLI: Thank you.

TURNER: And we are halfway there on tonight`s countdown of the top ten must-see, must-share stories. So will "Breaking Bad`s" biggest and most famous fan be No. 1 on the list?


CRANSTON: You clearly don`t know who you`re talking to. So let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skylar. I am the danger.


TURNER: An Oscar-winning legend sends a gushing e-mail to Bryan Cranston after binge watching the show. Hannibal Lecter`s love letter to Walter White coming up.

But he has stiff competition for the top spot on the countdown.


SHATNER: The lesson of wisdom, the tension of victory.


TURNER: Yes, that`s a sweet sound. William Shatner is back in the studio, and he is in the SBT house to tell his story his way. Will that be No. 1?

This is SBT on HLN.

And now "Star Spaces," where we take you inside some of the most exclusive residences in the world. Get ready to go inside the mega mansion of rapper 50 Cent. It`s a 17-acre estate on the market for just under $10 million. A bargain. Take a look inside "Star Spaces."


HAMMER (voice-over): Everything about 50 Cent`s mansion screams superstar. Its 50,000 square feet with 19 bedrooms, a three-story atrium and a night club fit for the man behind the hit "In Da Club."

When friends like Eminem swing by, well, they can drop in by chopper and land on the helipad.

Then they hang out in the billiards room, home theater, or work up a sweat in the full gym, complete with racquetball court and indoor pool.

Outside you`ll find a pond, basketball court and an Infiniti pool with a "Playboy" mansion style grotto.

Fitty bought the estate for $4.1 million from Mike Tyson. And if you can come up with $9.99 million, this "Star Space" is all yours.




KARDASHIAN: As soon as I pop this thing out, as soon as I get in shape, the first thing I want to do is, like, "Playboy" or some nude shoot.


TURNER: Right now the "Top Ten Countdown." How did Kim do it? Kim K. finally revealing the secret to losing her baby weight. So just how did she get her body back so fast?

Plus William Shatner rocks.


SHATNER: The lesson of losing and the tension of victory.


TURNER: He`s got yet another brand-new spoken word album. So would he rather be known for his time on the mike than his time on the Starship Enterprise? The legendary, one and only William Shatner is on planet SBT tonight. You have to see how this is going to play out as we race to No. 1.

SBT continues right now.

TURNER: Welcome back, everybody. I`m Nischelle Turner in for A.J. Hammer. And we`re counting down today`s top ten must see, must share stories of the day. And joining us for this countdown is TV legend William Shatner who has a brand new album out "Ponder the Mystery," we`ll be asking him about that a little bit later, but first. Bill, number five on our countdown, the amazing Netflix Star Trek conviction. You`re ready for this?


TURNER: A customer service rep for Netflix is the toast of the Internet today for conducting an entire customer service online chat in character as a "Star Track" captain. Contacted by a customer having a video issue, he opened with - "This is Captain Mike of the good Ship Netflix. Which member of the crew am I speaking with today? The customer played along responding greetings, captain, Lieutenant Norm here, engineering has a problem to report. Visual displays are erratic, sir. I could never be (inaudible). I`m not good with that. But guess what, guess who is good at it? Mike, and he is here with us tonight. Mike, you are on "SBT" with Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. Say hello.

MIKE: Oh, hello, sir.


SHATNER: Speak up, Mike.


TURNER: I think you took his breath. Look at that face.

SHATNER: Mike, speak up.

TURNER: Mike, are you freaking out here? Did you know that you were going to be talking to William Shatner today?

Mike: I had no clue that Mr. Shatner was going to be here.

SHATNER: I was warned about you, Mike. They told me in advance I would be talking to a guy who has the command presence. I want to see it, Mike.

Mike: Yes, sir.


SHATNER: Sit up straight. Chin out. I said chin out. There you go. Shoulders back. Look up high. Higher, higher, higher, now fall over backwards.


TURNER: This is fantastic. Mike, you know, when you did this whole customer service thing I want to ask you did you have Captain Kirk in mind? When you were talking to this man? Were you trying to emulate William Shatner here?

Mike: Maybe a little bit. A little bit.


TURNER: Bill, you know, if you`ve got a guy like Mike on the line that we see there, what would you do? Would you stay in character? What would you tell them?

SHATNER: You mean, well, I would just say, Mike, you`re looking good, handsome, I know one day you will grow up and be a terrific guy. In the meantime, study.


TURNER: Hard. Mike, what have your bosses at Netflix been telling you about this whole thing?

Mike: They were just congratulating me for doing a good job.

TURNER: I can see you are about to freak out here because Captain Kirk is sitting right here, talking to you. And I love this.

SHATNER: Was this your idea, Mike?

Mike: Say again, sir?

SHATNER: Was this your idea?

Mike: The Captain Mike thing?


Mike: Yeah.

SHATNER: Good for you.

TURNER: Well, you know, Mike`s not the only trekkie around here.

SHATNER: He isn`t?

TURNER: No. Because I have a "Star Trek" connection myself.

SHATNER: What is your connection besides Nischelle?

TURNER: Well, I`m named after Lieutenant Ohura.

SHATNER: Are you really?

TURNER: Nischelle Nichols. Yes, I am. And if you didn`t remember - there was interracial love going on.

SHATNER: Hey, this is one of my fondest memory.

TURNER: On the "Star Trek" enterprise.


TURNER: But I think it was so cool. You know, everyone kind of thinks it`s crazy when I tell them. They are like - really? I`m like, yes. Absolutely. And when I got to meet her I was just like Mike. I could barely speak and I was so excited. It was really one of the neatest moments .

SHATNER: I think seeing your barely speaking is beyond my imagination.

TURNER: That`s a feat. I know. Hey, Mike, I want to ask you before we leave, do you have anything else you want to say to William Shatner because I know that you`re probably going to take this memory with you?

Mike: Thank you so much. I don`t know what to say.


SHATNER: It`s great, Mike. You`re doing wonderfully. Take care.

TURNER: I love this.

Mike: Thanks.

SHATNER: I love this with him. Because he really is such a fan of yours that he doesn`t even know what to say. I mean you affect people like that all the time.


TURNER: Yes, you do.

SHATNER: My wife says the same thing.

TURNER: See, this guy right here. Mike, you know, I do want you -- if you have any questions for William Shatner this is your chance, this is your opportunity. Because you probably won`t get this chance again.

Mike: Did you know how big "Star Trek" was going to be when you started doing it?

SHATNER: Yes, Mike, I did. I forecast that 50 years later that I might be on HLN and speaking to a young man who is doing a Netflix promotion .

TURNER: Parody of you.


TURNER: He`s the greatest customer service representative of all time. Mike that was great. We thank you so much for joining us today, Mike.

Mike: Thank you so much for having me.

TURNER: All right. Live long and prosper and all of that good stuff.

SHATNER: Especially live long.

TURNER: There you go.

All right, let`s move on to number four in our must see, must share countdown of one of the movies all-time great villains, and he is praising one of TV`s all-time great villains. Anthony Hopkins who played Hannibal Lector in "Silence of the Lambs" spent the last two weeks binge watching all five seasons of "Breaking Bad." Now, he, of course, watched Bryan Cranston in playing drunk kingpin Walter White. But when Hopkins was done this is what he did, he sent Cranston, a gushing fan email that went viral today. Listen to what he wrote to Bryan Cranston. Quote, "I have never watched anything like it. Brilliant." Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have ever seen. Ever. You and all the cast are the best actors I have ever seen. Now, coming from Anthony Hopkins that is not "Breaking Bad."

SHATNER: I can`t believe it.

TURNER: That`s breaking good.

SHATNER: I can`t believe it.

TURNER: Isn`t that crazy?

SHATNER: He sent me the same letter.


TURNER: The commercials were the best he`s ever seen.

SHATNER: That`s great coming from a wonderful man and a wonderful actor like Tony - he`s got to be .

TURNER: Bryan Cranston is on cloud nine today.

SHATNER: Exactly.

TURNER: And definitely, so. OK, so let`s move on to number three, OK, on tonight`s countdown, William Shatner confronts one of his greatest nemesis, no, not talking about "Star Trek" villain Con, but rather someone else who really put him through the wringer.


TURNER: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli. In 2006, Lisa was probably the harshest of the comedians who ripped Bill to pieces .

SHATNER: Oh, jeez, she ripped me.

TURNER: On the Comedy Central roast of William Shatner. The only part of her beat that we can air, Lisa goes after one of Bill`s biggest TV shows.


LAMPANELLI: Mr. Shatner has starred in some amazing television shows. "T.J. Hooker" was not one of them.


LAMPANELLI: What a piece of crap!

I tried to TiVo T.J. Hooker, but my TiVo suggested I punch myself in the (EXPLETIVE DELETED)




TURNER: I need more. I need more. Now, Lisa Lampanelli is here.


TURNER: And William Shatner is here, too. This is like .

SHATNER: I know woman who is laughing the loudest is Lisa.

LAMPANELLI: Oh, because I forgot how funny I was .

TURNER: Because she was .

LAMPANELLI: And I also - I also brought how horrible I looked. Because I lost 107 pounds since that roast and most of it was in the hair. What was I thinking?

TURNER: The bigger the hair the closer to god.

LAMPANELLI: Oh, yeah, oh my god.

TURNER: You know, it`s so funny.

SHATNER: It`s amazing, though. She lost so much weight.

TURNER: What is - I wanted to know. Because we looked at that, and we cracked up laughing. But .


TURNER: What is it like roasting a living legend? I mean going after somebody, and they are just feet away from you.

LAMPANELLI: I know. And also someone who you don`t know, like everybody thinks, oh everybody must be friends and know each other. I never met you. So, it`s like, oh, my god. Oh, my god. Do I go all this - this man, I hope he can take a joke. But you know what, honestly, from the second he got up there in that chair, you laughed at everybody`s jokes. So I go - he can take it. He is a good man. He gets it.

TURNER: But did you ever think, even though, that was funny, did you even think, wow, that`s was a little below the belt?

SHATNER: The whole time.


TURNER: You`re a good actor, though!

LAMPANELLI: I was there -- Below the belt, it was the whole time. Somewhere at my feet, under the .


It was just awful.

LAMPANELLI: Oh, my God! But you faked it.

SHATNER: But being in that seat is -- is dramatic.

TURNER: I know you said you guys had never met, so you might have been a little apprehensive, but do you have any regrets about really giving him .

LAMPANELLI: Oh, no, no, no. Because I think my stuff was mild compared to some of the other guys.

SHATNER: I know.

LAMPANELLI: I mean some of them went extreme.

And I always make sure you don`t - I do it out of love. Because I`m an insult comic for a living. So I know when it`s too far. So I knew with you you were OK. I remember you said thumbs up. I was happy.

TURNER: So, it`s turned about fair play here? Would you want to roast her back?


SHATNER: There`s nothing to roast here. She is a skinny beauty.

LAMPANELLI: Oh, isn`t that nice?

TURNER: She said she lost 107 pounds. I`m still sitting here, mouth open because she looks .

SHATNER: She lost 107, her husband lost 98. Why don`t they just go with a generalization? I lost 100 pounds.


SHATNER: I lost over 100 pounds. At least - I lost almost 100 pounds. This is a 90 .

LAMPANELLI: I know. We get very precise.


LAMPANELLI: We are scientific.

SHATNER: Yes, because each pound was painful.

LAMPANELLI: It was. I know, and it was a little easier coming off because we had a surgery called gastric sleeve, but on the plan is you have to keep it off.

SHATNER: Gastric sleep?


SHATNER: Oh, sleeve.

LAMPANELLI: Oh, if I could sleep and lose weight, I would be thrilled, but no, we had to get our stomachs you know, cut down to the size of the normal person. And thank God it`s a laparoscopic thing, it`s not that .

SHATNER: Or, really.

LAMPANELLI: Hard core.

SHATNER: But you can never get the stomach back. So, you`ve got to learn how to do something other than eat.


TURNER: So you can`t have marinara sauce and pasta.

SHATNER: We were talking garlic earlier.

LAMPANELLI: Oh, my god. We`re getting tiny little portions, it`s adorable.

SHATNER: Show me - show me .

TURNER: So tough ((inaudible) are exactly what you, guys, do.

SHATNER: What`s an order of spaghetti?

LAMPANELLI: Literally, a cup and a half of food a day is what you can pretty much .

So you are eating like about this much per meal.

TURNER: Let`s hold it right there. Hold that thought. Because we have a lot more. And this is good talk. We got a lot more exciting coming up. Now, we are down to our final two in our top ten countdown tonight. Will Kim Kardashian`s amazing baby weight loss secrets be number one?


KIM KARDASHIAN: As soon as I`m pop this thing out, as soon as I get in shape .


KARDASHIAN: the first thing I want to do is like "Playboy." Or some nude shoot.


TURNER: Kim`s revealing how she just shed her baby weight and she`s really looking great.

SHATNER: Lisa said the same thing?

TURNER: She did. So, here`s the question, guys, that I`m asking should Mama Kim really do that naked photo shoot or is it time for her to leave something off camera into the imagination. Plus, we are made in America.

Behind the scenes look at how Jay Z became the American hip hop dream. It`s tonight`s moment of awesomeness. And I can guarantee you, you`re going to love tonight`s top story on our must share must see countdown. This is "SBT" on HLN.


TURNER: Welcome back to our top ten countdown tonight. And we are down to number two, Kim`s weight loss secrets revealed. Yeah, new mama Kim Kardashian looks really good. And she just revealed how she has been shedding those post-baby pounds. She made her big revelation in its Twitter post to her 18 million plus followers. She tweeted, I`ve actually been going the Atkin`s diet and love it. Real quick turn around, I mean she gave birth to their daughter North in June. Now, comedian Lisa Lampanelli is back with me. You can catch her new one-woman show. "Skinny Biatch (ph): Not a Standup Comedy Show." Now, Lisa, I`m thinking that the real shock here is that Kim may not even be getting paid for this.

LAMPANELLI: That`s the first thing I thought of was the endorsement. But I`m really happy for her, honestly. Weight loss is hard, she lost 25 pounds. That`s half an Olson twin. I mean that is fantastic. And good for you, and you know what? I feel - it is weird to announce it on Twitter. It`s Atkin`s. What is this - 2003? She might as well announce it on Myspace. I mean get with the program. Get modern.


TURNER: You know, we talked to the folks in Atkin`s today. And they wouldn`t tell us, if they are paying her or not, that`s why we are not sure. They`ve only said that they have been working with her since she gave birth. Now, watch what Kim told her sisters Khloe and Kourtney on "Keeping Up with Kardashians"" about how she planned to celebrate her post- baby (inaudible). Look at this.


KARDASHIAN: As soon as I pop this thing out, as soon as I get in shape the first thing I want to do is like "Playboy" or some nude shoot. I just want to like walk down the street like fully naked.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are so adventurous.

KARDASHIAN: I`m going to be like as a sexy, hot mom.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Trying to get your sexy back?




TURNER: I mean Khloe said she is adventurous, but I don`t know. I`ve seen that naked Kim before. I`m just saying.


TURNER: Lisa, but OK, so, being for real, though, if she has it should she flaunt it?

LAMPANELLI: Absolutely, she is a beautiful girl. I mean there`s cannot be argued with, and on the - well, because after that baby, after Northwest, her ass went southeast, OK?


LAMPANELLI: So you know, what? If you have got it, flaunt it and have a good time with it.

TURNER: And you`ve saying, listen, if you are losing the weight, claps. Because you lost 107 pounds.


TURNER: I have got to give you a high five.

LAMPANELLI: But don`t worry. I will never pose naked. No, after the age of 50 nobody wants to see anything under those clothes. Trust me, I`m fine with clothes. That`s good.

TURNER: You look good in your clothes.

LAMPANELLI: I`ll take the clothes.

TURNER: But how do you feel?

LAMPANELLI: Fantastic. Honestly, I have to tell you, it`s hard dragging around a lot of weight. And I just feel like I`m going to live longer. You know, the doctor actually said to me and my husband, you know, how many 70-years-old do you see were alive at your weight and it - sharp, you go I want to live until I`m 100. Are you kidding me?

TURNER: Good, I hope my mother is listening to you right now. Because I want her to hear this.


TURNER: You know, let`s talk about your comedy show, too, because it`s kind of based on the journey that you had to this weight loss.

LAMPANELLI: Yes. Yes. This is one person show that I decide is right, because I said, you know what? I`ve been trying and struggling with my weight for 50 years. And a lot of people have too. So this show while it`s still funny, it really shows the journey what it took to get to this place, but it`s still a work in progress.

TURNER: What was your highest when you started losing? That was?

LAMPANELLI: Yes. I was at 248, which is, you know, it`s a lot of weight. So now I just feel like I`m, you know, in the right zone to just stay healthy.

TURNER: That`s good. I know we were kind of talking before and we were talking to William Shatner as well, it`s a struggle for you every day, because you have to eat these little tiny portions.

LAMPANELLI: Tiny portions plus you can`t emotionally eat. Because I don`t know about you, but whenever I`m lonely, sad, tired, food is the first thing I think of - I never just think - or I should take a nap or read a book. No, give me some chocolate. So I have to really just get where I work on that constantly. And that`s the struggle and what we have to do.

TURNER: Let me ask you this? Because you hear this a lot of times, especially with comedians who are women. Like fat girls are funny and - I mean so how do you overcome that? Because that`s not you anymore?

LAMPANELLI: Well, you know what - it`s funny because I was always funny in my whole life even when I was spin in my teens. And also, look at all these beautiful thin women like Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings, they are funny no matter how they look, and these are gorgeous women. So, I say you know what - also, there is enough still wrong with me. You know what I`m saying? I`m never going to win a beauty contest. So, I still have got some stuff to make fun of about myself.

TURNER: I love, I told you earlier, that I love that you look so pretty and prim and proper today, but you can sling with if with the best of them.

LAMPANELLI: I know. I dig that.

TURNER: It`s a nice (inaudible). It works.

LAMPANELLI: I did that.

TURNER: Lisa, thank you so much. And you know what, Lisa`s all new one- woman show "Skinny Beatch" of comedy show is playing in Philadelphia and select cities throughout the rest of the year. Thanks so much for being here.

LAMPANELLI: Oh, thank you!

TURNER: You have made me laugh.


TURNER: So we are down to number one on our must see, must share stories in our top ten countdown. Stay right where you are. We have got the big reveal coming up in just a moment. This is "SBT" on HLN.


TURNER: All right, we are now down to number one. The big reveal on our top ten countdown of must see, must share stories. And it`s a must see, must share, must buy album by William Shatner.

I can dig it. "Ponder the Mystery." It`s William Shatner`s new album featuring his soaking word style. It has him working with musical giants such as Dave Koz, Vince Gill and veterans from the legendary group like "Foreigner" and "The Doors."

Bill, I know.

SHATNER: It sounds wonderful.

TURNER: Doesn`t it sound good? Doesn`t it sound good? No, a lot of your past spoken word performances have been covers of other songs. So why did you decide to do your own original poetry here?

SHATNER: Well, I had written most of the songs on an album I did with Ben Fultz called "has been" and enjoyed the experience. And when the label asked me to do another album and they said what would you do? And I said well, I write about guy in despair, it`s an hour before sunset and at the sunset, and I write about "Twilight," I write about sunset, and I write about the sounds of the night, I write about - and he gradually, he gets his joy back and he has a joyful time. He gets his mojo back.

TURNER: Now, you know, we were listening when we came out to "Ponder the Mystery" .


TURNER: And I want to listen to it a little bit more.

SHATNER: Yeah, yeah.

TURNER: Can we do that?


TURNER: All right, let`s do it. Let`s listen to it a little more.


ANNOUNCER: The lesson of losing and the taste of victory. That drops war, and this is hard - The deadliness of cynicism and .


TURNER: That voice. I tell you. It`s so good. So, let me ask you when you were pondering the mystery .


TURNER: What did you come up with? What was the big mystery?

SHATNER: Well, the big mystery is summed up in a child`s love and man`s cruelty. Ponder the mystery. It`s the opposites of human nature, the opposites of nature. But things that we -- and mystify us. How can this exist when that exists?

TURNER: Now, let me ask you this: because you are still cutting records, you`re touring, you`re still doing commercials.

SHATNER: I`ve got to do a musical tour in Los Angeles when I get back.

TURNER: When are you going to stop?

SHATNER: Stop? Stop is its own sign for go.

TURNER: I love it. I love it. I mean you`re in - do you mind me - you`re in your 80s, correct?

SHATNER: Yes. Yes.

TURNER: Are you ever going to say, listen, I`m tired.

SHATNER: I`m tired.


TURNER: That doesn`t mean I`m going to stop.

SHATNER: I`ve been doing a whole day of promotion for this album. I`m tired. But no, I mean, and do what?

TURNER: Well, I don`t know. I don`t - play golf, hang out.

SHATNER: No, but look at your eyes.


SHATNER: I get to gaze into your beautiful eyes, and .

It comes naturally, and I can`t avoid doing it. And there it is.

TURNER: I`ve got it. I`m going to keep you - I`m going to keep you for - because I like you, you make women feel good.

SHATNER: I can. And we can do garlic together.

TURNER: And add spaghetti and baked garlic and be happily ever after.


TURNER: William Shatner, thank you so much. His album is called "Ponder the Mystery", it is out right now. Now, from William Shatner, one of the outspoken world album to Jay Z`s one of a kind American made hip hop event.

TURNER: Oh, yes, tonight I`m giving you a peek inside Jay Z`s incredible new documentary about how he pulled off his massive Made in America music festival. And check this out, it`s directed by Oscar Winner Ron Howard. You have got to see this. This is "SBT" on HLN.


TURNER: It`s time now for our moment of awesomeness. Tonight, Made in America. Jay Z at the paragon of hip hop American dream. You know, it went from Marcy to Madison Square, the project of the Center of American Entertainment. Now, Jay Z and a bunch of other amazing performers from Pearl Jam to Janelle Monet have put that American dream on film. It`s all in Jay Z`s "Made in America." We show how he put on his musical festival of the same name. Oscan winner Ron Howard directed the documentary. Which is airing now on "Showtime". Take a look at this incredible effort, all of it made in America.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What`s up, Philadelphia!


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is festival`s Jay Z`s vision.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have never done anything like this before. This is a big thing. And we can do big things.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is going to be a 180-million foot span. It`s the biggest what I`ve seen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a big idea just the concert. We all have the same struggles. And the same dreams.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everybody has things that they`re fighting.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People want to work. People want to make an honest living.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s tough, man. Let me - how it is.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People need something to believe in.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s about me. It`s about you. It`s about us. It`s about me in America.


TURNER: It got to give me the chills from Marcy to Madison Square. Thanks for watching, watch "SBT" Monday through Thursday at 11 P.M. Eastern and Pacific, HLN continues right now.