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Adrian Peterson Returns to Field after Son`s Death; Charlie Hunnam Quits `50 Shades of Gray`; LeAnn`s Ex `Blindsided by Affair; Miley`s Road to Stardom; Should Redskins Change Their Name?; What Does the Fox Say?

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NATASHA CURRY, HOST: Tonight on the "Top Ten Countdown," we`re counting down today`s must-see, must-share stories. A "50 Shades" shake- up. The man set to play the lead role in the steamy movie, "50 Shades of Gray," drops out. So what in the world is going to happen to this year`s most anticipated movie?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (singing): What Does the Fox Say?


CURRY: The dynamic duo behind the hit song of the fall, "What Does the Fox Say?" He`s talking. He`s here, and his brother to talk about their global domination. The guys behind it.

SBT starts right now.

Hey there. I`m Natasha Curry, in for A.J. Hammer.

Tonight we`re kicking off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must-share stories.

Coming in at No. 10, a story that makes me sick to my stomach. The pain of Peterson. No. 28, Adrian Peterson, the NFL`s most valuable player, hit the field for the Minnesota Vikings just two days after learning that his 2-year-old son was allegedly beaten to death by the reported boyfriend of the toddler`s mom. I don`t know how he was able to push through the pain and still play football.

Sports reporter Jackie Pepper joins us from Hollywood now, the founder of

So Jackie, thanks for being with us on the show. First, I want to show you how Adrian explained the monumental challenge. Look.


ADRIAN PETERSON, NFL PLAYER: It`s tough. You know, it`s -- this is a crazy situation, you know. And any time you lose a child, no matter what the situation is, it hurts.

Can`t describe it. But, you know, got a good supporting cast surrounding me. And I`ll be good.


CURRY: Wow. Just breaks my heart. Just looking at his face there and the pain that he must be going through. But I think he`s still in shock. It kind of seems in shock like it`s not completely registering, Jackie.

But from what you know of Adrian, how do you think he`s coping and still playing football?

JACKIE PEPPER, PEPPERONSPORTS.COM: This is not the first time Adrian Peterson has done some football-related activities after a tragedy. Back in 2007, his brother died, and a day later, Adrian performed in the NFL combine, which is basically how you market yourself to get drafted coming out of college.

So he said in a text message to very well-respected sports reporter Laura Oakman (ph) that he -- this is how he deals with it. That it`s really hard, and he does feel the pain like everybody else. But that he believes his son is in a better place, and that gives him some type of solace and going out and playing like this.

And he`s not the only one to have done this. Brett Favre famously, 10 years ago, the day after his father died, played an amazing game on "Monday Night Football" against the Oakland Raiders and wiped the snot out of them. And he won an Espy award for that performance.

So this has happened many other times. And it`s interesting to see how different people judge someone in this position.

CURRY: Right. You make a great point there. You can`t judge. You`re not him; you`re not in his shoes. And some people just stay busy. That`s their way of getting through some emotional discomfort.

PEPPER: Right.

CURRY: And I really feel uncomfortable bringing this up. People are talking about it a lot and criticizing Peterson. In fact, TMZ is reporting that he only met his son for the first time last Thursday following the beating when the child was on life support and that he had been living with his mom in South Dakota.

And then today "New York Post" columnist Phil Mushnick wrote this: "With his resources, how could Peterson, the NFL`s MVP, have allowed his son to remain in such an environment? Did he not care? Did he not know? Or not care to know? Or not know to care? Money can`t buy love, but having signed a $96 million deal, he could not have provided his child -- apparently his second from a `baby mama` -- a safe home?"

I want to bring in Megan Alexander from "Inside Edition." Megan, you`re a mom just like I am. I`m sure this story just makes you sick to your stomach. But here`s our "Countdown" question for you. Do you think that it`s out of bounds to criticize Peterson, especially right now, when he`s going through so much possibly?

MEGAN ALEXANDER, "INSIDE EDITION": Well, you know, I think it`s an interesting conversation, Natasha. And it`s one that can`t just be had in the football community.

You know, to me this is a complicated situation. It`s about families. It`s about, you know, did he have a relationship with this child? He had the child out of wedlock. I think there`s so many different angles here.

Professional athletes, is their support really team there to make them a better person or just a better athlete? His coach, his trainer, his agent, are these people feeding his soul or just wanting him to perform and earn them money? So this is a bigger conversation.

But I do think both of you ladies brought up a great point. Everybody grieves differently. Everyone has different coping skills. So we don`t know in this instance what we would do if a horrific situation occurs. Our thoughts go out to him and his family.

CURRY: Yes, definitely. So yes, you just don`t know. I think he`s in shock right now. I don`t know.

But our countdown continues now, ladies, with No. 9. Michael Douglas, startling new cancer revolution. Douglas just revealed that he lied about the kind of cancer he was battling. It`s been three years since Douglas announced that he had throat cancer. Fortunately, he beat it. He`s looking good; he`s sounding great.

But in a brand-new conversation with Samuel L. Jackson for the U.K. talk show "This Morning," Douglas confesses that he did not have throat cancer. He actually had tongue cancer. And he says he lied about the cancer because his doctor told him to do it. But why?


MICHAEL DOUGLAS, ACTOR: He said, "Let`s just say it`s throat cancer."

I said OK.

"You don`t want to say it`s tongue cancer."

I said, "Why is that?"

He said, "Well, you really want to know why? If we do have to do surgery, it`s definitely not pretty. You lose part of your jaw and your tongue. And you know, all that stuff."


CURRY: So fortunately, Douglas didn`t need any disfiguring surgery. He`s been cancer-free and looks like he beat it. That`s good.

But I want to bring in entertainment journalist Rena Seitel, who you can see on the Style Network show "City Girl Diaries."

Rena, our "Countdown" question for you. Michael Douglas admits cancer, you know, fibbing about his cancer. You think that`s not cool or really none of our business?

RENA SEITEL, STYLE NETWORK`S "CITY GIRL DIARIES": I think it is not cool. I don`t think you lie, period. I don`t care what the reason. I don`t care if your doctor tells you to lie. You don`t lie. Honesty is the best policy. And of course, that goes with celebrities, too.

This was just an odd thing to lie about, I think. It`s his health. I understand he had a movie coming out, but you know what? It`s weirder to admit it now. It`s just odd. And it`s not -- This is a lesson learned. You should not lie, especially if you`re a celebrity, because it`s going to come out in the end.

CURRY: Yes, and Megan, I mean, I`m not a fan of lying either. I hate it, but celebrities are put in a really uncomfortable situation sometimes where they`re asked really personal questions. What do you think about Douglas lying? I mean, he was truthful about the cancer part anyway.

ALEXANDER: Listen, he`s human. We`re all human. Everybody makes mistakes. I think that any time you`re talking about your health or a medical condition, it`s a deeply personal and private matter, Natasha.

Michael Douglas, being a huge celebrity, had to play out the front of everyone. And you never know what`s going to make you pull in or if a certain agent is telling you you should say this.

But I do think it`s interesting that now he is talking about it. He did decide to actually admit that he, you know, lied about it. So I give him props for that.

CURRY: Yes. Well, we`ve got to move on now to No. 8 on our "Countdown" of today`s must-see, must-share stories: "50 Shades" of disarray. The big mystery today: Why did Charlie Hunnam bail on "50 Shades of Gray"?

Now, Hunnam quit just six weeks after the announcement that he would play billionaire S&M (UNINTELLIGIBLE) Christian Gray in the film version of the best-seller.

Now, the studio claims that he was too busy with his role on the FX drama, "Sons of Anarchy." But nobody is buying that today. "The Hollywood Reporter" says that he got overwhelmed by all the attention, and then another report said that he got skittish about performing those over-the- top sex scenes in the book. Well, Rena, are you buying either reason? That`s the question.

SEITEL: Well, you know what? I think he was under a tremendous amount of scrutiny: 45,000 fans petitioned to get him off the cast. So I think that`s tremendous pressure for an actor who needs to bring in the fans, and if the movie bombs, then he`s perhaps to blame. So I think that it was, you know, maybe just the wisest choice for him.

I don`t know if I believe all of the hype about the nudity scenes. But I suspect his girlfriend is happy that he won`t be getting naked on the screen.

CURRY: Yes. Megan, I don`t know. It makes me wonder, like maybe -- you were talking about agents earlier. Maybe his agent was like, "You`ve got to do this. It`s going to be the biggest thing of your career." But maybe he said yes and then read the book to see what he got himself into.

What do you think about the speculation? The sex scenes. You think that maybe really freaked him out, because your, like, junk is on display?

ALEXANDER: Sure. And I`m probably the only woman in America who has never read these books. But...

PEPPER: Lucky you.

ALEXANDER: When something is hyped and blown up as big as this story has, how could you not feel the pressure?

CURRY: Yes, I agree. You know what? I was one of the people who hasn`t, and I just ordered it on Amazon. I hide it when my mom is in town. I`ve read a little bit of it. Research, ladies. Right?

SEITEL: Right.

CURRY: So casting call here. Who should replace Charlie? Jackie, what do you think?

PEPPER: I would like to say Taye Diggs in this role. Yes, it`s a long way from Winston Shakespeare and "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." But he`s been a sex symbol. He can play sweet and smooth. He can also be calculating and nasty, and he`s smoking hot. Hey, sign me up.

Although I`m bummed that Hunnam is out. I would have liked to see that. He must have read the books and realized how awful they were.

CURRY: Megan, so who`s your Christian Gray? He has, like, blondish brown hair, bearded and all that. We`re talking about if you`re reading about it.

ALEXANDER: From everything I`ve read in terms of the reviews, I think Paul walker. I want to, you know, get somebody a little bit older. I was (UNINTELLIGIBLE) again from the review, because this guy was a little bit older. He`s 39. Paul Walker, I think, would be great. He`s a good actor.

CURRY: And he`s kind of a good likeness of the book. I`ll tell you that.

I think the Rock. Why not?

ALEXANDER: Wow. Really?

CURRY: Rena?

SEITEL: I`m going to go with -- I`m going to go with the fan favorite, Matt Bomer. He`s in "White Collar." He is smoking also. I mean, they have to be hot to play this role. That`s a given.

But the fans on Twitter are going bananas for Matt. They are really calling for him. So if the -- if Universal Pictures and Focus Features want to do this right, they will cast Matt. The fans already love him. And they won`t have anybody quitting in the end.

CURRY: OK. I don`t know. My heart is beating faster, Megan. I`m a little embarrassed right now. But it`s OK if you read the book a little.

ALEXANDER: You tell me about it.

CURRY: OK. All right. Thank you, Jackie, Rena. Thanks, ladies.

SEITEL: Thank you.

CURRY: All right. Admit it already: You have been singing this crazy song in the shower all week long.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (singing): What does the fox say?


CURRY: What does the fox say? It`s a mega hit. It has 120 million YouTube hits and still counting. Tonight the Norwegian hit makers themselves reveal the deep secrets behind what the fox really says. Plus, why the brothers here are secretly annoyed this song is a huge hit. Will it be No. 1 on our countdown?

Here is another big contender.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She went to a private evangelical school, Christian school, for a year. She was asked to leave after a year.


CURRY: Tonight, there are new revelations about Miley Cyrus before she was famous. The story I know you haven`t heard yet. You stay right here. We`re just getting warmed up to the big reveal of No. 1 on our "Top Ten Countdown."

This is SBT on HLN.


CURRY: Welcome back to our "Top Ten Countdown" tonight. At No. 7, L.C. is about to become a Mrs. So translated, that really means former "Laguna Beach" star Lauren Conrad is about to get married. She got engaged to songwriter William Tell this weekend.

Now, check out the rock on her finger. That`s love. Right? You can see it right under the banner there. And so excited for her. But I don`t Justin`s father (ph) is going to get an invite. I don`t know.

OK. No. 6 on the "SBT Countdown." The boy dance party on "Saturday night Live." It went crazy viral today. Basically, ladies, when we leave the boys alone for a little bit of football action, here`s what really does down. Bruce Willis joins in on the fun to show us what really happens.


BRUCE WILLIS, ACTOR (singing): We`re about to break it down boy dance style.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pull your hands up in the air and shake that sack. Shake that sack. Shake, shake, shake that sack.


CURRY: Oh, my. Rena Seitel from "The City Girl Diaries" is back with us. Rena, that was a little much for me. I had no idea that was going on during football games.

SEITEL: That was a pretty a controversial clip there, and they twerk, too, which was very impressive. Next thing they`re going to be doing their nails and waxing their backs.

CURRY: Among other things.

SEITEL: Among other thing, yes.

CURRY: And Bruce was trying his best there. I was a little worried he might break his back or something. It kind of reminded me of Justin Timberlake. He did a Harlem Shake as a piece of tofu on "SNL," trying to convince a butcher to go vegan. Watch that.


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, SINGER/ACTOR: It`s never too late to do the right thing.

Bring a vegan shake.


CURRY: OK, Rena. Check this out. That was hilarious. I can never get enough of Justin Timberlake doing his dances and stuff on "SNL." But Justin on the left here, right here, OK, and Bruce on the right. Who do you think did it better?

SEITEL: Oh, man. I mean, you`re comparing Bruce Willis and Justin Timberlake, yikes. It`s hard. And he`s in a tofu kind of box. I think they both did a good job, but hands down to Justin.

I mean, the funny thing about "SNL" is I think anything goes. And people who you don`t think would go outside the box do.


SEITEL: So hats off to both of them.

CURRY: Yes. And Bruce tried.

Rena Seitel, thank you.

SEITEL: Thank you.

CURRY: Our "Top Ten Countdown" is just heating up.

Legendary sports commentator Bob Costas is under fire tonight as he dives head first into the issue of race and the NFL`s Washington Redskins.


BOB COSTAS, SPORTS COMMENTATOR: Washington playing Dallas here tonight. It seems like an appropriate time to acknowledge the ongoing controversy about the name Redskins.


CURRY; So can Costas help the cause, or is he way out of bounds?

Also this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What does the fox say?


CURRY: "What Does the Fox Say" is top of the charts. But it was supposed to be a huge flop. Every time he says that it cracks me up. The duo behind the hit, they`re here. They`re giving up the secrets behind the song and "What the Fox Says."

We`re climbing now to No. 1 on our countdown, our "Top Ten Countdown." What is it going to be?

You`re watching SBT on HLN.



A.J. HAMMER, HLN ANCHOR: My question is, do you think he really didn`t see it coming or are there always signs of an affair?



CURRY: It`s Hammer time on "The Talk." That`s our own A.J. Hammer in Los Angeles with the ladies of "The Talk." They`re talking all about the LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian affair that busted up two marriages and launched a million rumors.

Well, now LeAnn`s ex is confessing that he was blindsided by it all. Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues with No. 5 now: A.J.`s Hollywood hot seat. He`s kicking off a very busy week, by the way, visiting some of your favorite shows like "The Talk." And SBT goes on location in Hollywood. A.J. loves hanging with the ladies of "The Talk": Sarah Gilbert, Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood. And of course, today`s quest host, Marie Osmond.

Well, today A.J. was talking all about how LeAnn Rimes` husband talks about how LeAnn had fallen out of love. A.J. broke the news to the ladies this morning, and as you will see, they gave him an earful.


HAMMER: You guys know actor Dean Sheremet, of course, was married to LeAnn for seven years. He just gave an interview where he said he was completely and utterly blindsided when LeAnn basically came to him and spilled the beans that she was having this infidelity with Eddie Cibrian, her co-host -- co-star at the time. Yes.

Let me read a bit of what he said. It was fascinating. He said, "I had call from LeAnn. She said, `Well, Us Weekly may or may not have a picture of me and Eddie kissing.` I`m like, `Whoa, what do you mean may or may not have a picture? What does that mean?`"

He also went onto say, "The affair was, I mean, of all things I ever could have imagined would have happened, I never would have thought. I guess you have that assumption that the person that you`re with would never do something like that. How close we were. I never saw it coming. If anyone would have seen it, I thought that I would have."

And of course, that was back in 2010. All the couples split up. Eddie and LeAnn ended up getting married. So my question is do you think he really didn`t see it coming or are there always signs of an affair?

CHEN: Always signs.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Also, to be fair, she was on a movie set. She was away from him, and they weren`t seeing each other every day. And I don`t know. I don`t know either of them even though we had her on the show. But you know, it could have been that they were just separated and he wasn`t able to see signs he might have seen if they were together all the time.

But I don`t think in their case, they seem to have been good friends and he was shocked by it. And Eddie kind of fell into her life. It wasn`t like she creeping around, trying to look for a thing. Like she fell in love, and sometimes that happens to people.

HAMMER: There`s also self-preservation. Some people call it denial. But sometimes, you may see it but you push it so far deep down.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s what woman`s intuition is. I could be typing on my job, and I can feel that my man is having sex with another woman. I know it, for real. And I`m going check my credit card bills. You`ve got to check your credit card bills. You know that`s why we -- see, that`s why we work for CBS, because they have all them good crime shows, and they teach you how to find out what`s going on.


CURRY: She is so funny.

Well, A.J. is on location in L.A. all of this week. So he`s going behind the scenes to "Dancing with the Stars." We`re going to show you that tomorrow.

All right. Now we are turning up the heat on the "Top Ten Countdown." It may be game over, since Kris and Bruce Jenner announced that they`re splitting up. But it is so on at "SNL."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bruce and Kris Jennifer confirmed this week that they`re getting divorced. No word yet on who gets to keep the haircut.


CURRY: Is it brilliant or way too soon for even "Saturday Night Live"? Will their new reality top our countdown?

Tonight, new revelations about Miley Cyrus before she became famous. It`s the story you have not heard until now.

And we are now at the halfway point on our "Top Ten Countdown." So hang on there. No. 1 is just ahead.

This is SBT on HLN.


CURRY: Right now, the "Top Ten Countdown." Tonight, more than 120 million people are hooked on this song. I know you`re one of them. So we finally found out for you, once and for all, set the record straight, what the fox says. The Norwegian brothers behind this song are here on SBT, setting the record straight. Plus, why they wanted the song to fail.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She went to a private evangelical school, Christian school, for a year. She was asked to leave after a year.


CURRY: The life of Miley. And firing up a special report that may change the way you see the controversial star forever. Which must see (inaudible) is going to top our countdown tonight? You, my friend, are about to find out.


CURRY: Hey, what`s up? Welcome back. I`m Natasha Curry in for A.J. Hammer tonight, and we`re counting down today top ten must see, must share stories of the day. Now, at number four, the life of Miley. The early years of Miley Cyrus, you know she`s been in the headlines just about every single day since her racy twerk fest at MTV`s video music awards more than a month ago. And she`s even called the performance a strategic hot mess. And she`s (inaudible) to it. But love her or hate her, Miley strategy is paying off big time, too. Miley`s new album "Bangers" is now topping the charts in 70 countries.

And tonight, in a CNN special presentation, a very revealing look at Miley`s early years. CNN`s Nischelle Turner shows you how Miley`s path to fame was clearly her destiny.


NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It was 1994, the first time the world met little Miley Cyrus just two years old on a country music interview show. She was already a show stopper.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do your eyes, Miley. Do your eyes.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Very talented child.

TURNER: Perhaps, a sign of things to come.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now, this is very dangerous. You`re teaching her to flirt at a very early age. You`re going to be in big trouble when she`s about what - 12 or 13.

SHIRLEY HALPERIN, MUSIC EDITOR "THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER": You could almost see that little twinkle in her eye. You know, that little like I`m going to do something with myself.

TURNER: Shirley Halperin is the music editor of the "Hollywood Reporter. She`s followed Miley`s career from the beginning.

(on camera): Even when she`s being, you know, mischievous, there`s this little look in her eye, I see, and it`s kind of like, OK, Miley, what are you doing next kind of thing.

HALPERIN: Right. Whenever the camera was on, she was on. And you could also see that from very early age. I always got the sense that she was calculated, but like in a good way.

TURNER: Calculated and destined for big things. Not entirely surprising for a little girl who was originally named Destiny Hope Cyrus.

BILLY RAY CYRUS, MILEY`S DAD: Given her the name before she was born, because I felt it was her destiny to bring hope to the world. You know, I do think that she - this is her purpose, her path. You know, I think she`s a natural born singer/songwriter/entertainer.

TURNER: And it didn`t hurt that her father was a hit maker.


HALPERIN: The fact that he had, you know, one big hit with Achy Breaky Heart, you know, puts him in a level where he had access to, you know, musicians and producers and record company people that she probably would not have met, were it not for her father.

TURNER: What could be better than having a famous father? Having a music legend like Dolly Parton for a godmother. In fact, later in life, Miley recorded her own version of Parton`s classic "Jolene."

HALPERIN: I think looking to Dolly, looking to the sort of eccentric showmanship of a Dolly Parton, you know, really helped find her own style.

TURNER: She was just a toddler back in 1993 when she was on the stage with many of music`s biggest names.

BILLY RAY CYRUS: We`re doing a tribute to Elvis Presley at the pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee. And she broke away from the nanny, waddled out on the stage during the finale, which was a blues version of "Amazing Grace." She came out on stage with some of the biggest stars in the world and she just kind of became one with every singer. Everybody was holding her, she had her hands as if she was singing. The last guy to hold her at the end of the song was Tony Bennett. And Tony Bennett came as the song ended, he said you got a special little girl here.

TURNER: Yet despite being surrounded by fame, Miley had a normal childhood. Raised a southern Baptist. Home was the small town of Thompson Station, Tennessee on a 500 acre farm.

BILLY RAY CYRUS: I love being outside. And we build big fires up on top of the hill, and sat up and looked at the stars and roast marshmallows. I was good with those types of things with my kids. I wasn`t good at setting them down and saying, you know, let`s do your algebra now.

TURNER: But he was good at watching out for his little girl. Who even as a toddler had her eyes on bigger things. Producer Steve Peterman.

STEVE PETERMAN, PRODUCER: They were doing a video thing of him down at the farm, and Miley was out there, and she was two and a half, maybe. And they were at a barn on the property. And Miley was standing up on some landing and Billy said be careful, honey. And she put her hands on her hips and she said I`m not afraid of anything. And that`s two and a half.

TURNER: Fearless and bold. Two traits that continue to define her as she grew up, went to school and became a cheerleader.

JOSH EELS, "ROLLING STONE" EDITOR: She went to a private evangelical school, a Christian school for a year.

TURNER: "Rolling Stone" editor Josh Eels had rare access to Miley.

EELS: She was asked to leave after a year. She has a couple of different versions of why. So, I`m not sure which is really the one. In one version she told the class all about what French kissing was and at another version her teacher was I guess, an older woman who got around on a little motorized scooter and Miley stole it at one point and was cruising around the classroom on her teacher`s scooter. Whatever the case was, it was not the perfect fit.

TURNER: What was a great fit for Miley? Music.

RENEE GRANT-WILLIAMS: Miley was a good student. She worked hard and she didn`t fight your advice.

TURNER: Renee Grant Williams was Miley`s voice teacher when she was 12.

GRANT-WILLIAMS: She had an ingenious way of getting what she wanted by being charming and lovely and enthusiastic and willing to take the burden of work on as well.

TURNER: And by 2001, what Miley wanted became crystal clear when the family left Tennessee for Toronto where Billy Ray was filming the TV show "Doc."

BILLY RAY CYRUS: Miley, she kept saying, Daddy, can they write something in for me. And so, they wrote her in one episode. And from the time she did that episode, she was - can they write me in the next week? Can they write me in the next week? A few weeks after that she and I went to see "Mamma Mia" in Toronto. And I`ll never forget it. It was that combination of acting and the performance on stage of the singers and she said that`s what I want to do.

I`m going to be a great actress and a singer songwriter. This is what I want to do.

TURNER: And Miley went for it.

MILEY CYRUS: I`m Miley Cyrus. And I`m auditioning for the role of Zoey in "Hannah Montana."

TURNER: In 2003, against her father`s wishes, she auditioned for the role of a lifetime.

HALPERIN: I think you could see the sort of long range plan, when you look at her "Hannah Montana" audition. And you could see that she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew what the role required and she knew that the role would be a steppingstone to other things.


CURRY: All right, so that was then and now Miley is sparking another huge firestorm after making some controversial remarks in her interview with hunger TV. Here is what she said about taking advice from record execs.

"It`s always weird when things are targeted for young people and yet they are driven by people that are like 40 years too old. I can`t be like this 70-year old Jewish man that doesn`t leave his desk all day, telling me what the clubs want to hear. I`m going out. I know what they want to hear."

"Inside Edition" Megan Alexander is back with me now. Megan, today a lot of people are saying Miley saying that she sounds kind of ignorant for her choice of words. I wonder if she`s going to regret what she said later on, but can - I don`t know, she can say that some people are out of touch but she didn`t really have to go there about the 70-year-old Jewish man. That`s tacky. What are you thinking?

MEGAN ALEXANDER, CORRESPONDENT, INSIDE EDITION: No, no, not at all. I mean listen, this is a conversation that people in the music industry have had for a long time. That the folks with suits on, in the corner offices can`t really relate to, you know, the real people that are making the music in the studios. But there`s definitely a better way to state it. But I think the other conversation here, Natasha, is that, you know, Madonna and some other big superstars have shared before that fame and success is a bit of an addiction. And Miley right now is wanting to top herself. What you`re going to do next, is it an addiction that she has to keep feeding?

CURRY: I think she needs to apologize. What do you think?

ALEXANDER: I think it would be wise. I don`t think that`s sort of the attitude that she has right now. I think she enjoys being rebellious. So, I don`t see her doing it. But those guys in suits, those 70-year old men, sometimes you need them and they write the paycheck, don`t they?

CURRY: Is she - is she might need - I don`t know, she might win the more fans back too, this way.

ALEXANDER: Right. It would be classic.

CURRY: Megan, thank you so much.

And here is another hot contender on the top ten countdown of today`s must see, must share stories. Costas Redskins shocker.


BOB COSTAS: Washington playing Dallas here tonight. It seems like an appropriate time to acknowledge the ongoing controversy about the name Redskins.

CURRY: Legendary sportscaster Bob Costas calls the Washington Redskins name an insult and a slur. Is it time for the NFL team to finally change its racially charged name?

Plus, is Kris and Bruce Jenner separation turning them into a big old joke? The former reigning couple of reality TV just got roasted on "Saturday Night Live" for putting their personal life on camera. But did "SNL" go way too far even for a comedy show? What`s going to be number one on our Countdown as today`s must see, must share story? This is "SBT" on HLN.


?URRY: All right. Welcome back to our top ten countdown tonight. We`re now at number three. So, are the Jenner`s now a joke? On "Saturday Night Live", the weekend anchor slammed Kris and Bruce Jenner separation in a nearly minute long rip. Some people are calling it brilliant, others say SNL went way too far. So, I want you to hear and decide for yourself. Check out showing no mercy to Bruce and Kris.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bruce and Kris Jenner confirmed this week that after 22 years of marriage they are getting divorced. And if those two can`t make it, that makes perfect sense.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bruce and Kris Jenner confirmed this week that they are getting divorced. No word yet on who gets to keep the haircut.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bruce Kris Jenner confirmed this week that they have decided to start looking like other people.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bruce and Kris Jenner confirmed that they are getting divorced. It`s sad but I`m excited to start my new life as a single middle age woman said Bruce.


CURRY: Oh, au, so no joking last night on TV`s most watched show. NFL Sunday night football, of course. That takes us to our number two. On top of the countdown tonight. The Costas controversy also over the Redskins. Bob Costas used his weekly halftime commentary to join the growing demand that the Washington Redskins change the name of their team. The name is an insult to Native Americans. He said he gets why people are also offended by names like the Brave, the Chiefs and the Warriors but they don`t compare. Watch.


COSTAS: But think for a moment about the term Redskins and how it truly differs from all the others. Ask yourself what the equivalent would be if directed toward African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians or members of any other ethnic group. When considered that way Redskins can`t possibly honor a Heritage or a Nobel character trait, nor can it possibly be considered a neutral term. It`s an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present day intent.


CURRY: So, Jackie Pepper`s in Hollywood with us. Jackie, the sports reporter and founder of So, thanks for being with us. Does Bob Costas have that right to say that, you think?

JACKIE PEPPER, SPORTS REPORTER, PEPPERONSPORTS.COM: Well, I agree with his opinion, so therefore I think, oh, yeah, of course he has the right to say it. If I disagreed with him, I`d probably be singing a different tune. But here`s the thing. This really is the appropriate time to say something like this. A lot of people have come out and said hey, I just want to watch football. This isn`t appropriate. But this was about football. It`s a real issue. It`s a social issue. The president has even spoken about it. And this is not the first time Costas has said something controversial. He gave a nice speech about gun control after a Kansas City chief`s player Jovan Belcher killed himself after murdering the mother of his child and then the shooting in Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary School happened less than two weeks later. This isn`t the first from Bob Costas, and it will not be the last. I can tell you that.

CURRY: Yeah, as someone who`s (inaudible) who is Native Americans, she find it a bit offensive. So I think maybe it`s time to get change. Costas knows, he doesn`t think that the Redskins owner or players harbored any ill-towards Native Americans. And he claims that the majority of Native Americans are not offended, but he suggested the NFL should follow college football leads. Watch.


COSTAS: A number of teams, mostly in the college ranks have changed their names in response to objections. The Stanford Cardinal and the Dartmouth Big Green were each once the Indians. The St John`s Redman had become the Red Storm and the Miami of Ohio Redskins, that`s right, Redskins, are now the Red Hawks.


CURRY: So, Jackie, any chance the Redskins in the NFL will finally follow what college football did, you think?

PEPPER: You know, Dan Schneider is just dead set against this. He sent out a letter to season ticketholders recently saying that while he is hearing the criticism and he wants to learn from this, that he just doesn`t want to deny the people 81 years of solid tradition. But Natasha, how many long standing traditions and institutions that were not good for this world eventually came crumbling down. I`m not comparing the team name to something terrible. I won`t even give examples, but it`s bad. And it should change, and I think he`s just being, Dan Schneider`s just being really selfish in this situation. It seems like a pride and ego issue more than anything to me.

CURRY: Yeah, I don`t know, but I mean times are changing, and I don`t think it`s such a bad idea to switch it. Jackie Pepper, thank you so much.

OK, so we`re now down to the number one of our must see, must share stories in our top ten countdown. Stay right where you are. We`ve got the big reveal in just a moment.


CURRY: And now the big reveal at number one on our top ten countdown. Tonight we`ve got the answer finally to the question that more than 120 million people around the world really want to know.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What does the Fox say?


CURRY: That`s right we`re finally getting to the bottom of what the fox says. "SBT"`s A.J. Hammer went one-on-one with a Norwegian comedy geniuses. The instant viral classic, "What Does the Fox Say?" And just to give you an idea of how hot there guys are right now, their songs actually number six on billboards (inaudible). And like I said it`s gotten more than 120 million hits on YouTube. So, here are the brothers, Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker. I know I blasted it, but here they are telling A.J. what the Fox says.


A.J. HAMMER, CNN ANCHOR: Gentlemen, it`s great to meet you. I feel like I`m meeting these enormous huge rock stars right now.



VEGARD YLVISAKER: We can assure you you`re not.

HAMMER: Could you possibly have imagined, and I`m guessing no, that you get this thing up on to Youtube and it would get over 100 million views. And that`s still counting, by the way.

VEGARD YLVISAKER: Yeah, no, obviously not. We`re really strange. Really strange.

HAMMER: Well, and that .

BARD YLVISAKER: And part of the reason why I didn`t like it and that was actually a good thing was that we didn`t want it be - to take off. Because we wanted to be sort of the whole humorous thing was that we were supposed to come back to Norway with the son, and say sorry, guys. To the audience, sorry. We had a great opportunity but we couldn`t find anything else in our heads than what the Fox says. And then this was what we could make. Sorry.

HAMMER: I`m so sorry for you it didn`t work out how you planned and now everybody knows your names. So, people must always come up to you now that you have become recognizable, and they ask you, what does the Fox say? Right? I mean have you gotten sick of it yet? Is that happening all the time?

BARD YLVISAKER: We`re getting there. I mean the good thing about being in a fox costume in this video is that we`re not recognizable.

HAMMER: I`m here to ruin that for you.

BARD YLVISAKER: We don`t look that way.


HAMMER: Have you had any crazy encounters where somebody came up to you and asked you that question or bugged you about the song?

VEGARD YLVISAKER: No, it`s like more - it`s like when you go through airport security in Norway. That`s when you get the questions. And we smile.

BARD: I mean at this point it`s more the thing we actually experience is there`s, oh my God, there`s a lot of Norwegian people in New York.

SK: But can you set the record straight for me on one thing, because it is unclear through this song, since you offer up so many answers. What does the fox say?

VEGARD YLVISAKER: It`s very individual from fox to fox, I would say. Because we have - obviously, we`ve gotten some responses to this video and people coming with suggestions and actual proof of what the fox says. And some newspapers and websites have made some big things about getting in like real scientists. And there`s so many different sounds.

HAMMER: I would like to thank you for solving this ancient mystery for all of us to the extent that you have. And thanks a lot for being here. It was a lot of fun guys.

BARD YLVISAKER: Thanks for having us.



CURRY: All right, so, we`ve got to move on from the sound of fox to the sound of surprise. It`s a bride to be and Jon Bon Jovi, a mega (inaudible) who got Jon himself to walk her down this aisle in Las Vegas. You`ve got to see this. It`s double dream come true. This is "SBT" on HLN.


CURRY: All right, time now for our moment of awesomeness. Tonight, this may be every woman`s dream come true. Walking down the aisle with Jon Bon Jovi. You know the Jon`s already married but that didn`t stop him from giving away this bride. Barack Adeli had got her last wedding Vegas this weekend, but can you believe how cool? Jon showed up to make her wedding a real once in a lifetime event.

So, how in the world do you get a megastar hunk to walk you down the aisle? (inaudible) started an online movement. Several months ago, and rallied media support who get Jon`s attention. I think the best part here is that Jon Bon Jovi actually married his wife at the very same place, the famous Graceland chapel. So Jon`s in the middle of Bon Jovi`s worldwide tour now, but he still made time for Branca`s (ph) wedding. After the event, she said it will be a day she will never forget. Jon Bon Jovi also wished the best to the newlyweds by tweeting, "may you have a lifetime of happiness, love and memories together always." Sweet, huh? All right, thanks for watching. I`m Natasha Curry in for AJ Hammer. Watch SBT Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.