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Miley Declares Hannah Montana Dead; Miley: No Regrets; Miley Channels Justin Bieber for `SNL`; Hulk Hogan Parodies Miley Video

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MILEY CYRUS, SINGER: There are a few subjects we`re not going to get into tonight. I`m not going to do Hannah Montana, but I can give you an update on what she`s been up to. She was murdered.


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "SBT Countdown," today`s top "Miley Madness Moments." As Miley goes to extremes, killing off Hannah Montana on "Saturday Night Live." Well, we`re convening the superstar child star summit tonight. Three of the biggest child stars of all time -- from "Bewitched," "The Waltons" and "My Three Sons" -- right here to take on Miley`s makeover.


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ROBOTIC VOICE: OK. I set it for 6 a.m.


HAMMER: Plus, the secret behind the Siri secret. We track down the producer who found Siri. It`s the secret story behind how she made her incredible discovery.

SBT starts right now.

Hello. Thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight, I am so thrilled about this. We are counting down today`s top five "Miley Madness Moments." Hosting "Saturday Night Live," a concert and interview this morning on "The Today Show," and of course, her killing off Hannah Montana.

Tonight we`re calling a child star super summit. We`re bringing together some of the biggest child stars from another time with their truly unique take on all this Miley Cyrus madness. So who are those legendary former child stars? I will reveal that in just a moment. But right now, let us kick off our countdown with our No. 5 moment of Miley madness. Miley declaring on "SNL" that Hannah Montana is dead.


CYRUS: I don`t apologize for my VMA performance. If I owe anybody an apology it`s the people who make the bottom half of shirts. But there are a few subjects we`re not going to get into tonight. I`m not going to do Hannah Montana. But I can give you an update on what she`s been up to. She was murdered.


HAMMER: Wow. Really? Miley killing off the character that made her so famous, put her on the map?

With me tonight from Hollywood, I`m so pleased to welcome Barry Livingston, who played Ernie on the classic TV sit-com "My Three Sons." Look at him. There he is in Hollywood with Erin Murphy, who played Tabitha on another classic sit-com, "Bewitched," and there`s Mary McDonough, who played Erin Walton on the classic TV drama, "The Waltons."

It is so incredibly cool having the three of you here tonight. Thank you so much for joining us.




HAMMER: Let`s get into it, because Miley says, as you heard, Hannah Montana is dead. Erin, let me start with you, because you played such a beloved TV character on "Bewitched," one of the most famous TV shows ever. Do you think it was just a little harsh on Miley`s part, you know, basically biting the hand that fed her?

MURPHY: I don`t know that it was. I think it`s hard for any child actor to transition into being an adult. And I think it was her attempts to kind of do it in a funny way. That that was something she has done many the past and actually is moving on.

HAMMER: She was having fun with it. It`s a tough, tough transition, something we`ve been talking a lot about.

You know, Barry, I was thinking about the fact that Hannah Montana is really one of those characters that so many teens and tweens grew up with, just like they did with your character on "My Three Sons." Do you think that Miley kind of, in a way, shot herself in the foot there? This was the character that let everybody know who she was.

LIVINGSTON: Not really, because I think she`s trying to carve out a new identity. I mean, it might be something that people are not comfortable with, because they know here as Hannah Montana. But frankly, Hannah Montana never really was alive. You know? Ernie Douglas was never really alive. I mean, it is a character.

And I think people get so caught up in what people, actors what they play, you know, that when they want to move onto another -- another type of position in their career, that they -- it`s constantly put in the context of what they did 20 years ago. Which I know it`s hard to put that away, but it`s kind of not fair, really, to pigeonhole somebody.

HAMMER: Sure. Definitely not. It is hard sometimes, on the other side of it, to explain to an 11-year-old that that person is not real. That`s, I think, where a lot of the tough part comes in.

Mary, I mean, could you ever have imagined declaring your beloved TV character Erin from "The Waltons" dead just to prove to the world that you were no longer a child star: "I`m all grown up now"?

MCDONOUGH: Well, I think the thing is, is that you don`t actually have to murder them. You kind of have to embrace them and come back to full circle with them.

But I think that every kid actor has a moment where they want to get rid of that person, because you get pigeonholed. I did. Everybody thought, "Oh, she`s Erin Walton. She`s Erin Walton." And it hurt my career, and I took measures to try and change my image, as well.

HAMMER: I`m sure for the longest time, you`d be walking down the street and people would call you Erin. Am I right about that?

MCDONOUGH: Or "Hey, John Boy."

HAMMER: Please don`t be confused if I say "Erin" tonight, because it`s very confusing that you`re sitting next to Erin, who plays Tabitha.

MCDONOUGH: We`ll both answer.

HAMMER: You`re both Erin.

Let`s get on to No. 4 on our countdown of the top vive "Miley Madness Moments." Miley told Matt Lauer this morning on "The Today Show" she actually doesn`t have any regrets about anything at all. Look at this.


MATT LAUER, CO-HOST, NBC`S "THE TODAY SHOW": Any do-overs in terms of your career right now? Is there something you would like to do differently than you`ve done in the last couple of months?

CYRUS: I can`t change anything. I can`t go back. So I can do a lot of things, but I can`t -- I can`t change the past. Can`t change, you know -- anything I can`t control I don`t really think about. I just live my life the way it is, and I don`t really regret anything.


HAMMER: "I don`t really regret anything." I`m actually really happy for her about that.

But Matt also asked Miley something we`ve all been thinking about, about all of her over-the-top sexuality that we`ve been seeing. She kind of avoided answering him directly about that, but obviously, that`s all part of showing the world that she`s not a child anymore.

Now Erin, you experienced making that transition, too. Everybody does it in their own way. Anything wrong with how Miley is doing it? Is it too sexual?

MURPHY: I can`t say it`s wrong, because it`s the way she`s chosen to do it. I mean, when I was transitioning from being a kid to being an adult, I was approached about doing "Playboy," and all kinds of suggestions were made to me, and I chose not to do those things.

But I don`t know if it`s a mistake the way she`s doing it. She`s hosting "Saturday Night Live." That`s awesome. She`s, you know, there at the VMAs. She`s doing things to stay in the spotlight, and she`s succeeding.

HAMMER: And Mary, she says she`s being true to herself and that she has no regrets. So really, is there anything wrong with being that way, so completely sexual if that`s what`s working for her? Or is there part of her that maybe is believing that this is the way to be because it`s working for her?

MCDONOUGH: Well, it`s very different growing up now than when I was a kid actor, when all of us were. I mean, today, society is highly sexualized. And there`s a lot of pressure. There was for me.

Now, I made the mistake of having silicone gel breast implants thinking that was going to help my career. And now there`s this added pressure to be sexual and to be out there. And maybe it`s people around here.

But if she has no regrets, then good on her. I certainly have my regrets from making those choices. But I`ve met her a couple of times, and she is a really sweet girl. And I think the main thing to remember is that she`s really talented. I mean, if you see her sing, and her album is doing well, and I think she can come around to basing it on how talented she is.

HAMMER: Yes. That`s something we`re going to talk about a bit. Because there`s been a lot of talk about, you know, whether or not the talent is being obscured by all the antics and everything that she`s doing onstage.

And I`ll admit it: I also interviewed her very early on, one of her first TV interviews ever, when she first became Hannah Montana, before anybody knew who she was. And I couldn`t have imagined that this is what she would be doing all these years later. But everybody is allowed to evolve.

Let`s get to No. 3 in our countdown of top five "Miley Madness Moments." Miley appearing to poke fun at Justin Bieber and Justin`s own growing pains. Check out Miley, playing "Little Teeny" during one of her "SNL" skits.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Please welcome my new best friend from Hip Hop Club at school, Little Teeny.

CYRUS: What up? I`m Little Teeny, and I am all about keeping it reals. If a dog is going to the bathroom, I turn my head because I don`t need that drama. This is my world. You`re just walking around on it.


HAMMER: Miley obviously having some fun with Justin Bieber acting out, trying to prove his street cred. Barry, do you get the acting out phase that child stars can seem to go through and it seems like these guys are going through?

LIVINGSTON: Yes, I understand where they`re at. You know, I mean, you know, I offered to do "Playgirl," a nude centerfold like Burt Reynolds did.

HAMMER: How did that work out for you?

LIVINGSTON: Nobody was interested.

HAMMER: Didn`t happen.

LIVINGSTON: I don`t know. You try to do your best. You try to take a swing at getting people to see you -- and they call it reinventing yourself in Hollywood. It`s difficult. You know?

And so people -- Jodi Foster was a -- was a recurring character on "My Three Sons." When she transitioned to "Taxi Driver" and played a prostitute, a teen prostitute, nobody really got all that upset about that. And she certainly went on to have a great career. So...

HAMMER: It all worked out very well for you guys, even if you didn`t make it into "Playgirl" or whatever you tried to do there, but that is why we have you here tonight.

And that leads us to No. 2 on our countdown of today`s top five "Miley Madness Moments." We will continue with our child star super summit. Barry, Erin, Mary, stay right where you are.

And also tonight, are you ready for the most unlikely star to take on Miley Cyrus? It`s Hulk Hogan.




HAMMER: Nice. The Hulkster body-slamming Miley`s video for "Wrecking Ball," but why, Hulk? Why? Hulkamania takes on Miley mania in "SBT Quick Hits."

Plus, how the voice of Siri was found.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Wake me up tomorrow at 6 a.m.

ROBOTIC VOICE: OK. I set it for 6 a.m.


HAMMER: You`ve got to hear this. The secret story about how this CNN producer uncovered Siri, the voice of your iPhone. She`s going to reveal how she discovered something that people have been wondering about for years.

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight on the "SBT Countdown," we`re counting down today`s top five "Miley Madness Moments" like nobody else could. We have a child star super summit tonight. They`re all in Hollywood: Barry Livingston, who played Ernie on the classic TV sit-com "My Three Sons"; Erin Murphy, who played Tabitha on "Bewitched"; and Mary McDonough who played Erin Walton on "The Waltons."

Let us get right to No. 2 on our countdown tonight. Miley telling Matt Lauer this morning on "The Today Show" that she is not worried about a thing, including her own image.


CYRUS: I don`t really worry about anything, because I know who I am, and I know that I`m an artist. And I know that I put all this time and effort into my record. And my record is proof of, really, who I am.

And, you know, I said something before where for me the most important thing is being a really good person. And that doesn`t depend on what you do onstage. That depends on how you try people when you`re off stage, and I know how I treat people. So I`m not really too worried about that.


HAMMER: I don`t think anybody would argue that Miley is a good person. And quite frankly, I`m happy to see how confident she is about all this. But Erin, do you think that Miley kind of needs to look at the big picture a little bit more? Pushing the envelope, it could get a little old after a while. Don`t you think?

MURPHY: If she were just an actor, maybe, but she`s a musician, too. And I think -- I admire her attitude. It`s kind of the attitude that I have. I don`t care what people say about me as long as I know I`m a good person and doing good things. You know, good for her.

HAMMER: Yes, and you`ve done so many terrific things throughout your career. It`s been sort of nice to follow along and see the variety of things you`ve been able to accomplish. Because you do what you want to do.

But let`s get to our big reveal of what is No. 1 on our countdown of today`s "Miley Madness Moments." It is Miley revealing her plans for the future. Here`s what she told Matt.


LAUER: Do you have a five-year plan? You said you don`t plan things a second ago. I think you meant overnight, but do you have a five-year plan?

CYRUS: Not really. I`m just -- I`m focused on when I get to go on tour, which is going to be next year, which I`m really excited about. And so that`s my focus. My plan is focusing on right now.


HAMMER: OK. No five-year plan. She`s just looking at right now. That kind of makes me a little skittish.

Barry, let me go to you on this. You know what it is like to maintain fame. You`ve been on so many terrific shows throughout the years. Do you see Miley still famous five years from now, Barry?

LIVINGSTON: Yes, I do. Because I think she`s very smart. And I think you can tell that she -- she knows how to play the media. You know? And that`s what she`s getting. She`s getting all this free publicity. It`s going to promote her record.

She`s like Lady Gaga without the baggage without having some sort of child actor label put on her. And she`s trying to break that image. And, you know, she`s certainly doing it, isn`t she?

HAMMER: Yes, she definitely is doing it.

Mary, one of the cool things I know that you have done is helped guide people through career transitions. So I want some advice from you for her. What does she have to do to make sure she doesn`t blow it?

MCDONOUGH: Call me, Miley. We`ll chat again.

I think that she`s having fun right now, and she`s really young. And she has been able to use this to her best advantage. Her career is hot cakes. I think one of the things that former child performers go through is that attention. What kind of attention she`s getting now, what that attention is going to be like in three years, and then in five years. And where she wants to transition through from there.

And -- and it will change, and a lot of the pitfalls that some of us have gone through is trying to get that same kind of attention and then to have to keep doing things to -- to be more scandalous, to feel like that`s the kind of attention that we want.

HAMMER: Right.

MCDONOUGH: She seems to be grounded in herself. And as long as she keeps being true to herself and she has her family. Parents are really important in this process, too.

HAMMER: She should totally call you. You guys totally know what you`re talking about. Just great perspective on Miley.

MCDONOUGH: I know. It`s what I do now.

HAMMER: And the three of you have obviously come so far since "My Three Sons" and "Bewitched" and "The Waltons."

Mary, your book "Lessons from the Mountain" is terrific.

Barry, your book, "The Importance of Being Ernie," is chock full of stories about your lives.

And now what we want to know is what you have all been doing since those days. So Barry, Erin, Mary, stay right there. We`re coming back to you in just a moment.

Also, we`ve got a big revelation tonight from Sandra Bullock. Her new sci- fi movie, "Gravity," is just soaring into the stratosphere. Her sci-fi thriller with George Clooney just broke a big box office record. But how did she juggle making the movie with having her young son with her? You`ve got to hear what she told us about that.

Also, Khloe Kardashian`s marriage crisis. Is Lamar Odom really refusing to go to rehab for his reported drug addiction? It`s what the reports are saying. Is there any chance at all that Khloe and Lamar`s marriage can be salvaged? Well, tonight, we`re going to reveal how to save Khloe and Lamar.

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Well, tonight we are bringing you Hulk Hogan`s Miley Cyrus take- down. Yes, the Hulkster is now the latest star to kind of body slam Miley`s hit video for her song, "Wrecking Ball."

So for this thing, Hulk put on a thong and his trademark yellow boots. A brand-new ad for a web hosting company, and I am so pleased to bring it to you tonight. Watch the Hulk get raw.


HOGAN: You! Yeah!


HAMMER: Yes, Hulk Hogan and a feather boa. Now I know what I`m going as for Halloween. Hulkamania taking on Miley mania.

Well, get ready for "SBT Quick Hits." This is where we take on the hottest stories of the day at lightning-fast speed. TV and entertainment host Michael Billy is here. He`s going to do it all in 30 seconds or less, without the help of a feather boa.

But I have to tell you, Michael, I never would have thought of all the people who have been coming after Miley, that it would be Hulk Hogan in a thong making fun of her. There certainly has been no shortage of "Wrecking Ball" spoofs out there. This one, however, I may have to name as the gold standard. So Michael, best Miley take down ever? Thirty seconds on the clock.

MICHAEL BILLY, RADIO AND TV HOST: Absolutely the best Miley take-down ever. Who wouldn`t want to see Hulk Hogan? Let`s just stop for a second and talk about those buns. My goodness. Good for him: stays in shape. Happy, healthy. I love this sort of thing. It`s great when other pop icons get involved in today`s pop stars.

HAMMER: Yes. I don`t know. The buns thing. I actually...

BILLY: Come on.

HAMMER: I kind of found myself...

BILLY: Give it to him.

HAMMER: ... blocking my view a little bit. Well, somebody`s going to give it to him.

All right. Let`s move on now to our next "Quick Hit." It is a big hit. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock`s sci-fi thriller, "Gravity." Did you see it over the weekend? Because it did open at No. 1: $55 billion at the box office. That is a record for an October opening.

Well, SBT just caught up with Sandra. You`ve got to watch what she revealed to us about how her 3-year-old son, Louis, actually spent his time on the "Gravity" set with her. Look at this.


SANDRA BULLOCK, ACTRESS: I said I can do this, but it has to been an amazing place for him as well as me. And they created, literally, an entire outdoor park. Everything was bumper guarded. I mean, it was -- you`d never think in rainy England in the middle of winter there would be grass and sunshine. And somehow they brought the sun in, amazing producers. And they made it his place. It was the entire film studio lot was his.


HAMMER: And that`s how it should be. Now, we always hear what a terrific mom she is to Louis, and obviously, it helps when somebody actually builds you a playground and brings the sun in for your son. Michael, you have to love her dedication as a mom. Thirty seconds. Use it all.

BILLY: Who doesn`t love Sandra Bullock? Everybody loves Sandra Bullock. And to make the film set somewhere that a kid can be safe, everybody should have that option. How wonderful to have your family onset.

Meanwhile, "Gravity," love the movie. Fantastic. You`ve got to see it in 3-D. Although I`m not fan of 3-D, you should see it in 3-D, because they say that this is the movie to watch in 3-D, even though they always say that.

HAMMER: OK. You don`t have to use up the whole time. Got it. Great movie. And I`m going to enjoy it even more, because I know how much fun Louis had.

Michael, thank you so much.

Well now, you must get ready for an a amazing classic TV flashback tonight.


ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY, ACTRESS: I want to make sure you remember everything I told you.

MURPHY: I`m supposed to share my toys and don`t fly.

MONTGOMERY: No flying and no witchcraft of any kind.


HAMMER: Who did not love "Bewitched"? I mean, come on. Whatever happened to Tabitha and some of the biggest child stars from TV`s most classic shows or all time?

Well, look at Erin Murphy now. She`s going to reveal what she`s up to almost 50 years after the show started.

Plus, classic TV child star Barry Livingston from "My Three Sons" and "The Waltons`" Mary McDonough. They are telling all, too. You won`t believe how their lives turned out after classic TV fame.

This is SBT on HLN.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Wake me up tomorrow at 6 a.m.

ROBOTIC VOICE: OK. I set it for 6 a.m.


HAMMER: Right now on SBT, the secret of the Siri secret. It feels like it was the biggest discovery of the century. The real-life voice of Siri. So how did it really go down? The CNN producer who found the woman behind Siri right here to reveal how she uncovered this secret.

Plus, what a flashback. SBT has got three of the biggest child stars ever from three of TV`s most classic shows ever. So what are they doing decades after their shows went off the air for good? SBT continues right now.

Welcome back to SBT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight, we can finally now bring you the secret behind the Siri secret. Who is the woman who figured it all out? This woman. She figured out who was the voice behind Siri on your iPhone. And she`s going to share her amazing story about how she did it. Coming up, it`s really very cool. Apple`s voice activated virtual system, obviously one of the most recognizable voices in the world. But if you just talked to the woman who is that voice you never would have known it, but now we know it`s Susan Bennett. And her great revelation was made in the red share interview, how she became the voice of Siri.


SUSAN BENNETT: The Siri voices were recorded in 2005 in the month of July, four hours a day for the whole month. So, when I recorded those voices, I had absolutely no idea where they would end up. My voice can be heard on many GPS systems, many telephone systems.

Siri, who is the real voice of Siri?

When I first discovered that was my voice, to be honest, it was a little creepy.

Yes, it appears to be raining.

I`m used to hearing my voice maybe in the airport. Thank you for using Delta Airlines, but this real thing that you can interact with in your hand was a little, it took some time for me to get used to it. But she and I are friends now.

I`m leaving now Siri. Have a nice day.

Thank you Susan. I hope you have a nice day as well.


HAMMER: She`s always very polite. It`s a part of our lives. Every day. How cool is that to see who it actually is. I use Siri every day. Siri, who am I? I mean come on. Yeah. And now, of course, sometimes, she doesn`t work.

ANNOUNCER: You`re asking me? That guy on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: Oh, there you go. Did she say SHOWBIZ TONIGHT? Jessica Ravitz is the CNN producer who discovered Siri.

Hey, listen, we have to put up with it sometimes, Jessica. She`s not always right there. But I need to know, how then you figure out that Susan Bennett was Siri?

JESSICA RAVITZ, CNN PRODUCER: Well, I wish I could tell you it was based on two years of intrepid reporting and digging. But the truth is, it was a complete accident. I called Susan Bennett for another story I was working on. We were doing a big project or we`ve been working on a big project about the world`s busiest airport, which happens to be Atlanta`s airport, and I threw out this idea that I would love to find the voices of the airport. And I tracked down, you know, some voiceover talent I know in town, I was figuring out who were the voices that you might hear in the airport, and Susan Bennett is the female voice of Delta terminals across the globe.

So, I called her up. We were just having this great chat. We just really connected over the phone. And at one point I just asked her to list off some of the other jobs she`s had over the years. And she kind of was listing off just random general jobs and at one point she said she`s done a lot of IVR work. I had no idea what IVR was. I asked her what it was, and she said interactive voice response. The sort of thing you hear on a company`s phone system. And for reasons that make no sense I mean I just blurted out, hey, are you Siri?


RAVITZ: And she gasped and I gasped. And what followed was just this flurry of none denials and non-confirmations. And I just knew I found her. It was really funny.

HAMMER: No doubt at all that it`s her?

RAVITZ: No doubt at all.

HAMMER: Because listen, I asked her - hold on. Siri, who are you? And listen to what she says. I mean it`s - I don`t really get enough information here.

ANNOUNCER: I`m Siri, but enough about me.


ANNOUNCER: How can I help you?

HAMMER: She`s just very selfless, I guess.

RAVITZ: She`s very coy. She has some attitude.


RAVITZ: And, yeah.

HAMMER: Well, Jessica, I have to tell you, you really, I think you cleared up something that would have been on the minds of people all over this world for decades to come. So, thank you very much. And you`ve done a great job on this.

RAVITZ: Thank you.

HAMMER: All right, well, now that we`ve revealed the secret of Siri, we`re going to move on and try to figure out the secret of saving a marriage tonight. The marriage of Khloe and Lamar. There`s this brand new reports today that Khloe Kardashian is this close to giving up. Because Lamar refuses to get help for his reported drug addiction. Now, for the first E!News about how Khloe is coping?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, she`s doing well? OK?

KRIS JENNER: She`s OK. You know what? Khloe is one of these kids that is resilient, but she is very strong. She`s somebody who - she`s very sensitive, and she loves really hard. And she feels all of her soul, but she also has the ability to put that game face on and go out there in the world and do what she needs to do.


HAMMER: OK, so Kris is revealing that Khloe is holding strong, but can their marriage be saved? Psychotherapist Robi Ludgwig with me now in New York, and Robi, I want to roll this burning question to you right off. With Lamar reportedly refusing rehab, is there anything left for Khloe to do to save her marriage?

DR. ROBI LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: It`s very difficult. And really, Khloe is at a place where she needs to survive what`s going on if she`s deciding to stay in her marriage and get some treatment for herself. There are many women in her situation who are married to drug addicts or alcoholics who are refusing treatment. And they can really be a support network for each other and also figure out how not to enable their spouses. But it`s a tough road. And no one would tell her otherwise. So, if she wants to stay in it, she has to, she really has to figure out how to protect her own psyche because addicts are sometimes are in denial. A lot of times in denial, and don`t always get help in a timely way.

HAMMER: Such a tough situation. Always good to get perspective from somebody who has been there. TV Rating host Michael Billy is with us in New York tonight. Michael, you look through this, and you look at it through the eyes of somebody who has been there and done that with your own battle with addiction. So, let me roll this burning question to you. As a recovering addict, if you could give any advice to Khloe right now on how to handle this, what would it be?

MICHAEL BILLY, TV RATING HOST: I would have to echo Dr. Robby a little bit. Yes, absolutely, she needs to seek support for herself. I mean myself as an addict, I put my partner through living hell and he had to separate from me for a few months until I realized what was going on in my own life. She has to protect herself as well. This is a process he`s going through. I`ve been there myself thinking I can handle it, I can handle it. But let`s not throw in the towel just yet. I feel like there could be some hope for Lamar and let`s hope he finds the help he needs.

HAMMER: OK. You`re not completely pessimistic, because there are a lot of people who would say, there is nothing that can save this thing.

BILLY: Many people.

HAMMER: But how terrific for both of them to be able to come through the other side of this. And quite frankly, I have to give it to Kris Jenner for being very candid about Khloe. However, you know, they live these lives. With these cameras following their every move, I have to imagine as with so many other elements of life it makes it so much harder. So, Robbie, here is my next burning question. Should Khloe perhaps just disappear from public until she works this out?

LUDWIG: You know, it`s not a bad idea. She may decide listen, there`s something about living in the public eye that puts us around people, places and things that may not be good for Lamar, may not be good for us or she may choose to use her public platform as a way to build awareness. So, each person is very different. I mean look at Sharon Osbourne, she is stuck by her husband and he came out the other side. The one thing I would say is that Khloe doesn`t have kids yet. So, she wants to think really long and hard if she wants to bring children into this world with a man who is not facing his problems.

HAMMER: Michael, what do you think about Khloe vanishing for a while? Because I imagine some part of what`s going to help her get through this is maintaining normalcy in her life. And sort of, you know, staying with what she knows, and what she knows is being in the public eye?

BILLY: Yeah, like it or leave it. Look, that`s her job. Unfortunately, it has a lot to do with being in the media. Should she have the right to go to work and go about her life? Absolutely. But look, if you have the money, and you have the time, recess. Take a break and concentrate on your marriage, because I don`t think it`s helping the situation necessarily.

HAMMER: But the idea of her being able to use her public persona as a platform.

BILLY: Now, there you go.

HAMMER: Right. Michael, I mean I`ve seen .

BILLY: Absolutely.

HAMMER: You`re doing it every single day, and I think that`s terrific thing.

BILLY: Thank you.

HAMMER: And Robbie, what you`re saying about not bringing kids in, I`d like to say right here now, that seems to me in my uneducated opinion about these things, to be a no brainer.

All right, Robbie and Michael, thank you both so much. Great advice tonight.

Well, tonight, get ready for this. "SBT" is going classic. Get ready for a classic TV flashback with such an amazing reveal.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can I have that piece of burnt toast over there?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s not burnt. It`s just a little well done.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My teacher says carbon is good for the teeth.


HAMMER: Of course, you remember, little Ernie from the legendary TV show "My Three Sons", right?

This is what he looks like now. There he is. We`re going to reveal what he`s been up to since his days on classic TV. The child stars from two other iconic TV shows are also right here. The Waltons, Mary McDonough and Erin Murphy from one of my favorites "Bewitched." Their fascinating revelation about lives since that time. And wait until you see what we`ve named as our moment of awesomeness. This is "SBT" on HLN.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But I want to make sure that you remember everything I told you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m supposed to share my toys and don`t fly

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No flying and no witchcraft of any kind.


HAMMER: Such a great show. That is a classic scene from the hit `60 sitcom "Bewitched" with the child star who played baby Tabitha. So, where is she now?

"Bewitched," "My Three Sons" and "The Waltons" are all time classics that feature child stars who set the bar for TV greatness. Their TV families really became a part of our families. So, what happened to these young stars from those classic series? Three of them in the SHOWBIZ house tonight to reveal what they`re doing now.

Look at them now. Here we go, from Hollywood, Erin Murphy, who`s played Tabitha Stevens on "Bewitched", Mary McDonough who played Erin Walton on "The Waltons" and Barry Livingston, who, of course, played Ernie Douglas on "My Three Sons." So cool having you guys here. Erin, I want to start with you.

I was an enormous "Bewitched" fan. Wow, how adorable you were. I watched black and white, I watched the show in color. And you were so cute as baby Tabitha. Do we have that old shot or we have - there we have Samantha holding - that`s beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery - holding you as a child. Can we split that with her now? Is that possible to do without making too much of a mess in our control room? Because what I noticed and I just think this is so cool, Erin, you look now like your TV mom did then. I mean she really - you really could have been her daughter. What`s life been like for you? Are you still acting?

ERIN MURPHY, ACTRESS: Life has been really great for me. I`m still in the business. I do a lot of television reporting and I run a ranch with an equestrian center and raise (inaudible) and we sell them out at our ranch. And I`m just getting back in the business. Because next year is the 50th anniversary for "Bewitched" and it`s the 50th anniversary of me too. So, it`s a good time to return.

HAMMER: That`s insane. 50 years all around. All right, Barry, let me get to you - because you are such a star at such a young age as well. I want to take a look back at you on "My Three Sons" if we can roll that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Rob, I called Ms. Colder last night after you had gone to sleep and she tells me that Connie has a sort of relocation center. I`m sure they will find him a good home just as nice as the home you had when you lived down the street.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, suppose these new people go to Japan or something. Like Ernie`s other parents do. What happens to Ernie then?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Then they relocate me again! It isn`t all sweetness and life when you`re in the orphan game.


HAMMER: Such a great memory, and that`s fantastic. Barry, you haven`t stopped. You`ve been on so many of my favorite shows. And it`s funny, because I do remember at a time looking, I think, it was the "West Wing" saying that guy looks familiar. And you`ve been on "Streets of San Francisco," "Ally McBeal," "Desperate Housewives". What is life like for you now?

BARRY LIVINGSTON: Well, you know, I`ve been on a roll, actually, very luckily doing films like "Social Network" and - I`m working in "Jersey Boys" with Clint Eastwood right now, the musical and I`m hoping to be nominated for the Wolf Blitzer best white beard for 2013.


HAMMER: I`m going to march you there. I`m going to submit you as a candidate right here and now. I`m going to call Wolf after the show.

Mary, nobody can forget "The Waltons." I mean it`s really one of the greatest all time TV classic. Such an incredible ensemble cast, since then you`ve been a part of other great casts. Two big hits among them like "Boston Legal." "New Adventures of Old Kristine." A show that I absolutely love. And now you`re trying to help people get healthy. Tell us about that change in your life.

MARY ELIZABETH MCDONOUGH: Well, and I wrote the book "Lessons from the Mountain," I wrote it because I didn`t want anybody to feel the way that I felt, which was sort of lost and alone. And I had body image issues and I wrote the book so nobody would feel the way I did growing up or in life now. And I`m a coach and a public speaker. And I just signed a two-book deal with my publisher. So, two new books will be coming out. And I continue to do workshops to help people in career transition and help them communicate and body image and all kinds of good stuff. It`s very rewarding.

HAMMER: Sounds like such incredible work. And look how happy you look, and how terrific all of you look. It`s really refreshing because that`s not always the case. Let`s face it. When you start out so young and you have the lights and cameras around you, it`s probably tough to imagine growing up and doing anything else. But, Erin, you really did try other things before getting back into showbiz?

MCDONOUGH: I did. Everything I`ve done has kind of focused around showbiz. I was a stunt person. I was a casting director. I feel most at home on the set. That`s where I always end up.

HAMMER: We`re so happy you joined us in our home. It`s been a treat having you here. Thank you so much. Be sure to check out Mary`s fantastic book. Barry`s fascinating book, and of course we`re going to look for Erin when the 50TH anniversary of Bewitched is coming around.

Get ready for another flashback. This will make you do a serious double take tonight.


HAMMER: I`m not afraid to admit it, I love that song. Hanson nearly two decades later. The feel-good anthem, "Mmbop," how they went from boy band stardom to raising their own boys. New kind of family for the brothers behind Hanson. We reveal it all. Wait till you see what we reveal as our moment of awesomeness. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: I love this song. It`s got to be one of the catchiest hooks of all times. So where are they now? They are all grown up and they are still jamming. Can you believe the Hanson boys all have kids of their own? It`s true. My good friend Natasha Curry just spoke with them. You have got to keep how they are keeping the fire going strong 21 years after they first started playing together.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are over 21 years as a band. There`s some energy, some fight, some fire. There`s some kind of epic quality to this record that came from a lot of components of the last few albums piling into one. There`s more guitar in this one. We really thought about the connection with the audience the whole time. An anthem is a song that becomes a rallying cry from all kinds of things. You have anthems for summertime or love song anthems or anthems for the battle.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: National anthem.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These are songs that really pull on our influences of American rock and roll and soul music, and they are songs that are designed for the stage.

NATASHA CURRY, CNHN ANCHOR: The band says their inspiration of the new album came from everyday emotions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whether it`s longing for something you`re not able to be a part of or the realities of ups and downs of relationships in life and the things you see, you can always find inspiration. So many times I think about being in places like Rio and looking at this one particular day at this sunrise that was absolutely stunning, and I instantly got to write a song about it, but it`s about the feeling that you have.

CURRY: And There was something else that weighed heavily on the band.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We thought a lot about singing on stage and singing to the fans.

CURRY: The band isn`t stopping with the album. There are more big surprises in store this year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s more touring. We are going throughout the U.S. and Canada. Next year we really will hit Southeast Asia, Australia. This year we`re going to Europe. --You`re always looking to the future. Next project for music, launching a beer company which we`re doing now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We talked about a DVD maybe later on this year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There should be a live DVD coming.

CURRY: Behind the scenes, I hope?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is a little behind the scenes. But it`s really just capturing what this tour represents. It is a mix of all the song from different albums.


HAMMER: Hanson`s new album "Anthem" is on iTunes and in stores everywhere. You can catch them on their world tour through January.

I must move on from that amazing `90s flash back to tonight`s moment of awesomeness. Romeo Santos bringing his amazing voice to the streets, Sesame Street. Wait until you see the former frontman teach Elmo how to make a new friend all the while singing in a voice that is smoother than butter. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Time for our moment of awesomeness. This is when we reveal the most awesome story of the day. Tonight, Romeo Santos brings his amazing voice to Sesame Street. He`s teaching Elmo how to make a new friend. He`s doing it in Spanish. It`s part of Sesame Street`s Hispanic heritage month.


HAMMER: I love that. Next time you`re feeling shy and you need to overcome, just grab somebody from a boy band. He`ll be sure to help you out. Thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You can always catch SBT every Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.