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Secrets of TV Crime Shows; Emmy Time for `Breaking Bad`?; Zac Efron`s Secret Addiction?; Interview with Stunt Woman Famous for Hoax Twerking Video; Interview With Short-Shorts Dad

Aired September 18, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Secrets of TV Crime Shows."







HAMMER: Right now, the real NCIS is working the Navy Yard shooting case, trying to unravel the deadly rampage. So how closely does reality match the drama we see on the hit show?

Plus, we`re revealing the secrets of "Person of Interest."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re concerned no others might have been compromised and that you might even have full access.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is bad news indeed. We go to contingency one. No cell phones. Avoid all cameras.


COOPER: Is the government really watching you? Well, the masterminds behind the TV crime drama know the answer and are here to reveal the truth.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts night now.

Hello, and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And once again, we have real life imitating the art of TV crime shows. All this week, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you a special series. We`re revealing the secrets behind TV crime shows.

And we`re kicking things off tonight with a fascinating look at how what we see on the biggest crime show on TV, "NCIS," is actually being played out in Maryland right now as the real-life NCIS investigates the Navy Yard shooting rampage that left 13 people dead, including the killer.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was the scariest thing I`ve seen.

HAMMER (voice-over): An unthinkable tragedy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just heard gunshots and people screaming.

HAMMER: A military contractor goes on a shooting spree at the Washington Navy Yard, kills 12 people and leaves an entire nation in shock.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We`re confronting another mass shooting.

HAMMER: And throughout the coverage of this tragedy, we`ve constantly been hearing a set of initials familiar to Navy personnel and to millions of TV watchers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: NCIS has been engaged with this investigation.



HAMMER: "NCIS," short for Naval Criminal Investigation Service, is a crime drama on CBS, based on the real-life Navy investigators. It`s the No. 1 show on TV.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Navy office downtown.

HAMMER: The fictional agents` high-tech office is located at the Washington Navy Yard, the very same one targeted in this week`s shooting.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the tragedy is affecting both the fictional and real-life NCIS.

MIKE BROOKS, HLN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: They are taking a role in the Navy Yard shooting. You would definitely see a case like this Washington Navy Yard shooting on "NCIS."

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you during the gunman`s frightening rampage at the Washington Navy Yard real-life NCIS agents teamed up with D.C. police officers to help save lives.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: After three of our special agents and a metropolitan police officer, they entered the building. They engaged the threat.

HAMMER: In an eerie coincidence, the horror and bloodshed we saw this week at the Navy Yard looks like something we recently saw on "NCIS."

In last year`s season finale, the NCIS headquarters at the Navy Yard was targeted by a terrorist bombing that killed a number of people.



HAMMER: And just like what we saw in that episode, the real-life NCIS is front and center in a critical investigation to find out what led the Navy Yard gunman, Navy vet Aaron Alexis, to commit such a horrific crime.

BROOKS: The NCIS will be looking, along with the FBI, at his background.

HAMMER: While the real NCIS deals with this tragedy, the stars of TV`s "NCIS" are now sharing their personal sadness at the shooting.


HAMMER: Pauley Perrette plays the forensic specialist Abby at "NCIS."


HAMMER: Back in 2005, she toured the real-life NCIS headquarters with "E.T."

PERRETTE: This is the real NCIS. This -- they really, really do what we pretend. So yay.

HAMMER: Now Perrette tells OMG Insider the Navy Yard tragedy hits very close to home.

PERRETTE: It was just a really -- it`s a really -- it was a bad, bad, bad day.

HAMMER: Chris O`Donnell, who stars in the "NCIS" spin-off, "NCIS: Los Angeles," tells OMG Insider he`s been affected by the tragedy, as well.

CHRIS O`DONNELL, ACTOR: We`ve worked with so many different members of the Navy and NCIS. And it makes it more like it`s closer to home than some of the other random shootings that have been done recently.

HAMMER: In fact, the entire cast and crew of "NCIS" has been so affected by the Navy Yard shooting, last night`s episode was dedicated to the victims. An on-screen tribute read, quote, "In honor of the men and women who lost their lives or were injured at the Washington Navy Yard on 9/16/2013."

And as the investigation continues, and the mourning begins, this national tragedy is uniting both the real and fictional NCIS.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nobody does this to the United States Navy.


HAMMER: So as you`ve just seen, the difference between fact a fiction on crime shows is often not so far apart.

And it`s not just "NCIS." Our SHOWBIZ special series revealing the secrets of TV crime shows continues now with fascinating revelations about another huge crime show on CBS, "Person of Interest."

The new season starts up next Tuesday on September 24.

And with us tonight from Hollywood, happy to have executive producers Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman. Great having you here, guys.

And one of the reasons we love "Person of Interest" is because we get to see this mind-boggling technology that`s used to stop criminals before they actually act. Let`s watch some of that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Your machine is telling me about all these people, Harold. Their secrets. I`m beginning to understand how you acquired such a dim view of humanity.

How rude of me? I can see for the first time, and you`re blind.


HAMMER: You see, that`s so spooky to me. And it`s hard to imagine that we`re being watched and tracked everywhere we go and everything we do to the extent that we see in "Person of Interest."

But you guys did a lot of research developing this show. So I need this first secret revealed from you tonight. And Jonah, it`s to you. Is there really some version of this elaborate high-tech system out there?

JONAH NOLAN, CREATOR, "PERSON OF INTEREST": It`s called Prism. We know that now. Greg and I have been kind of patting ourselves on the back all summer for getting our research right.

I think the key difference with our show is that on our show it actually works. From everything we`ve heard Prism is still very much in a nation stage where you have all of this information, you know, kind of spewing into offices somewhere, whether in Bluffdale, Utah, or at NSA headquarters. And sorting through all that information, that`s the tricky part.

HAMMER: And...

NOLAN: So where we start...

HAMMER: Go ahead.

NOLAN: Where we started with the show was this premise that where you have all this information, they`re really just looking for terrorists. What do they do with all the rest of that information? What do they do with information they have about, you know, lower profile crimes that may happen? If they had chance to stop would they take advantage of it?

HAMMER: Exactly. And that`s why you can`t help but, you know, kind of be paranoid when you watch "Person of Interest." You`re very paranoid if you use a smartphone or computer or you live in a big city which, I guess, pretty much covers all of us.

But we do need to know how you make the magic happen on the show. And Greg, the question to you: are you using actual surveillance cameras for your show? Because it certainly looks like it.

GREG PLAGEMAN, CREATOR, "PERSON OF INTEREST": Absolutely. We have what we call our machine POV, our surveillance unit which achieves those angles.

You know, when the show started and we were looking for surveillance footage we were actually able to use the Department of Transportation`s actual surveillance footage of New York City.

Personally, everyone is pretty much familiar with those angles now. It looks like a fish eye lens or a high angle. And, you know, the entire city of New York now, the mayor has what he calls his domain awareness program. I think everybody is well aware that there are license plate readers and cameras on every corner.

HAMMER: Yes, and this is why I walk around like this all the time. I always have something in front of my face. I can`t avoid it.

NOLAN: You`ve got to put -- you`ve got to put duct tape over the cameras.

HAMMER: You`re the fifth most watched prime time show, and I`ve got to believe it`s because of these intense story lines you guys put out there. Let`s watch.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Twelve. Two o`clock.




HAMMER: I just love how intense it all is. Such great story lines.

Fans, of course, are always trying to guess what`s going to happen next. Jonah, this secret is for you to reveal. Do you ever create alternate endings so you can keep people guessing?

NOLAN: You know, J.J. actually has his own surveillance apparatus. It`s pretty extensive, and it watches Greg and I all the time. We`re forbidden from talking about plot spoilers.

But we do actually try to throw a lot of misinformation out there. The great thing about having a show watched by so many people is people are really interested in what we`re going to do next.

So we spend a lot of time. We spend a lot of time making sure we`re not being followed and making sure our e-mail`s not being read by anybody other than the NSA.

HAMMER: Yes, exactly. Just keep looking over your shoulder and keep putting out great TV, guys.

Thank you so much for being here, Jonah and Greg. I really do appreciate it.

NOLAN: Thank you.

PLAGEMAN: Thank you for having us.

HAMMER: All right. An all-new season of "Person of Interest" will premiere next Tuesday on CBS. You don`t want to miss it.

And tomorrow, you definitely do not want to miss a special "SHOWBIZ Countdown." It`s the top five crime show myth busters. It`s happening all this week at 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Well, switching gears now, you`ve got to get ready for this. It is a must- see "SHOWBIZ 15 Minutes of Fame Countdown."





HAMMER: I still love it. We`ve got today`s top news makers who are actually extended their fame beyond their wildest imaginations.

Stunt woman Daphne Avalon had no idea she would set the social media world on fire with her epic twerk fail hoax. And there she is to tell me if her worst twerk fail ever fame is just too hot to handle.

Plus, who wears short shorts? Well, this guy. It`s the dad who wore some micro shorts to teach his daughter a little lesson. And he`s now a viral star. Tonight he is right here, and he`s going to reveal if his daughter is ever going to speak to him again.

But which viral star is going to top our 15 minutes of fame "SHOWBIZ Countdown"?





UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is this the wise guy?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Count to three.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mike, I`m serious.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You get your five million, we pull off any. All right. Just hear him out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is that true, Walter?

BRYAN CRANSTON, ACTOR: Everybody wins.


HAMMER: I mean come on, does TV drama get any better than that? I don`t think so. So is this the year that "Breaking Bad" is going to finally take home the Emmy for "Best Drama"? I sure hope so. The season finale is at the end of this month, and this is the last chance that voters have to give them Emmy gold, and I hope they do.

Tonight, it`s SHOWBIZ at the Emmys. Now just days away from Sunday`s Prime-Time Emmy Awards. I can tell you, Natasha, the buzz is all about "Breaking Bad" this year.

NATASHA CURRY, HLN ANCHOR: I know. I`m with you, A.J. The show is hotter than ever before. They`re breaking records, scooping up nominations. So will the Academy show its love for the show that no one can bear to see go away for good?

CNN`s entertainment Mark Brook is taking a look for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



MARK BROOK, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): People have been saying his name a lot lately.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad."

BROOK: Who would have predicted so much attention on a show about TV`s scariest high school chemistry teacher, who makes meth to pay for his cancer treatment?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is it with you guys?

BROOK: Good question. Thirteen Emmy nominations this year. Critical acclaim. Record ratings. It`s a good time to be bad.

MARY MCNAMARA, "LOS ANGELES TIMES": "Breaking Bad" is really hot. And so people who maybe haven`t watched it are watching it now.

BROOK: Are they ever. Almost six million people watched the mid-season premiere, a record for AMC. And they`re not just watching. They`re tweeting and blogging and breaking down "Breaking Bad."

MCNAMARA: You go online and it`s like a deconstruction that used to be reserved for Shakespeare for, you know, honors papers on Shakespeare.

BROOK (on camera): And you can find that devotion on YouTube. A quick search for "Breaking Bad" fan videos yields almost 400,000 results...

(voice-over): ... whether it`s the fake "Breaking Bad" sitcom...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m talking with Ted.

BROOK: ... or a Jimmy Fallon spoof, "Joking Bad."

JIMMY FALLON, TALK SHOW HOST: There`s no end to what we could do.

BROOK: But there is an end to the show, and the closer it gets, the more everybody wants to know how the show will end. Well, almost everybody.

BOB ODENKIRK, ACTOR: I don`t want to know. I want to watch it just like you people. I`m just as much a fan as you are.

BROOK: But he won`t be saying good-bye just yet. AMC recently announced there`s a spin-off of Odenkirk`s character.

ODENKIRK: Better call Saul.

BROOK: Perhaps that suspense as far as the show`s ending, will the "Breaking Bad" buzz help, come Emmy time?

MAGGIE FURLONG, HUFFINGTON POST: "Breaking Bad" is the show to beat. Period, end of statement. It`s "Breaking Bad`s" year.

CRANSTON: Wouldn`t it be great if we got a win?

BROOK: Cranston nabbed three straight Emmys playing Walter White. Now he`s just getting ready to say good-bye to what he`s called the role of a lifetime.

CRANSTON: It`s hard for me now that it`s over to voluntarily let it go.


CURRY: And A.J., I understand you`ve made some Emmy predictions yourself. Right?

HAMMER: I will tell you now, I think the show is going to win. I think that Bryan Cranston is going to win. Anna Gunn`s going to win. And even the guy who played Mike, I think he`s going to win. You should check out all of my Emmy predictions. They`re posted at

And Walter White is not the only father who broke bad and wound up with a cult following. Oh, no. Tonight it`s the Daisy Duke dad. He`s blowing up bigger than ever. Yes, he actually wore those micro shorts to teach his daughter about what`s OK and what`s not OK to wear. Now he`s actually become an icon for parents all over the world. He is right here. He`s going to tell us about his cult fame. It`s our "SHOWBIZ 15 Minutes of Fame Extended Countdown."

Plus, the college parodies of Miley Cyrus`s "Wrecking Ball" video that are just taking over YouTube tonight. Students getting naked and using their campus wrecking ball statue to twerk to Miley in some really hilarious videos. Why the administration just took the art down, though.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sorry about all this in your face.


ROSE BYRNE, ACTRESS: Why are you dressing up like Robert De Niro?

ZAC EFRON, ACTOR: Are you talking to me?


HAMMER: OK. So did Zac Efron really just get out of rehab? That`s him playing the head of a fraternity in the upcoming movie, "Neighbors."

He sure has come a long way from his days as the squeaky-clean star of "Disney`s High School Musical," hasn`t he? All that rowdy frat-boy behavior, though that you just saw, looks like it actually could be another case of art imitating life.

Tonight, we have Zac`s rehab revelations. Brand-new report tonight that he did a secret stint in rehab.

CURRY: Yes, that`s right, A.J. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there when Zac just walked the red carpet in Toronto for the premiere of his new movie, "Parkland," where he looked healthy and happy. But it sure sounds like that wasn`t the case just a few months ago when he was filming that frat movie, "Neighbors."

TV and radio host Michael Billy, who has seriously struggled with addiction himself, is right here now. And here is what was out there today. "TMZ" is saying that Zac wrapped up a secret stint in rehab about five months ago. His addiction reportedly blew up while he was filming that frat boy comedy, "Neighbors," with Seth Rogen. And Zac reportedly wasn`t even showing up to the set for the movie.

So Michael, Zac seems like he`s going great now, but is five months enough time to say that he`s beaten this thing if all these reports are real?

MICHAEL BILLY, TV AND RADIO HOST: No, it isn`t. I mean, in my experience, in and out of rehab for many years, I can tell you that rehabilitation isn`t just for the inpatient facility. Rehabilitation is very much so about taking that thought process and remaking over your life into your everyday life.

That involves getting rid of the characters, the people in your life that support this type of activity. Changing up your -- your habits. It`s really -- it`s an ongoing process. And it`s very individualistic.

But no, it can`t be contained to just the experience in rehab. It`s a thought process, a way of life that you have to continue with you every single day, and I still do today.

HAMMER: And one of the reasons that we`re all so caught off guard by this thing, the idea that Zac could be addicted. I think it`s so stunning, because you know, just a few years ago he seemed like a kid who couldn`t go down that road, based on what we knew of him.

I actually spoke with Zac and the entire "High School Musical" cast all the way back in 2006. I got to show you exactly what Zac was like then.


EFRON: We had to go to a school, and the kids were actually taking scenes from the movie and acting them out.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was the most disturbing thing.

EFRON: It was just like -- it was amazing.


HAMMER: I mean, I remember that day. They came in here. They were all stars at that point, but they were very excited about this, so young, so innocent. Michael, again, seven years ago. There are a lot of changes. Hollywood can make it really easy to get caught up in lots of things. So should we be shocked if this is true?

BILLY: No, we shouldn`t. And most importantly for the parents out there of young child actors or any child at all. No matter how sweet and wonderful your child is, I was also at one point. That drugs and cocaine is something that can enter into anybody`s life. Nobody is -- is free from that experience.

And that`s why we have to keep the communication going about drugs, about how to handle this type of situation and knowing when it does become a problem; to open the lines of communication so the family and friends around you can be supportive in helping you out of the addiction.

HAMMER: Smart words. And I will say that I know director Lee Daniels, who directed Zac in a movie not that long ago, who said nothing but stand-up things about the guy. Hopefully, if he is dealing with anything, he`s getting all the help or has gotten all the help that he needs and he`s on the right path.

Michael Billy, always great to have you here. Thank you for your insight into this.

And I should say, we did contact Zac Efron`s reps to ask about the addiction reports. We didn`t hear back from them by our deadline tonight.

Well, you definitely don`t want to move, because I`m all set to fire up a must-see "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "15 Minutes of Fame Extended," including the woman behind the worst twerk fail ever hoax.





HAMMER: I laugh every time. Stunt woman Daphne Avalon is still catching the social media world on fire tonight weeks after her twerk fail prank took over the Net. I`m one-on-one with Daphne. We`ve got to find out what it`s like to be nearly as famous as Miley for twerking.

Plus, you remember this lady, right? Well, she just Prancercised her way into a pistachio commercial and a huge paycheck. Will she gallop into our No. 1 slot on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of news makers extending their 15 minutes of fame?







HAMMER: Right now the "SHOWBIZ Countdown." Today`s top news makers who are extending their "15 Minutes of Fame" in amazing ways. Like the infamous flammable twerk fail. Well, the actress who lit up the Internet is right here to tell us about how her fake fail and appearing on Jimmy Kimmel`s show changed her life.

But does that top the dad who rocketed to fame rocking short shorts to shame his daughter? This devoted dad is also here tonight. Will his cringeworthy move take the No. 1 spot on our SHOWBIZ countdown?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co-host Natasha Curry, the anchor of HLN`s "WEEKEND EXPRESS."

CURRY: We`re kicking off tonight`s SHOWBIZ countdown of today`s top newsmakers who are extending their 15 minutes of fame beyond even our wildest imagination. So coming in at No. 3, Daphne Avalon, who pranked us all with her frightening twerk fail.




HAMMER: You know, that really looks like it should have hurt.

That twerk fail has been viewed more than 14 million times online. Of course now we know it was all a prank engineered by the great Jimmy Kimmel and she`s really a stunt woman. What`s going on with Daphne? Let`s ask her. She is with us from Hollywood. First of all, great to have you here and good job pulling this off.

DAPHNE AVALON: Thank you. So excited to be here.

HAMMER: You obviously had a great deal of fun doing this thing, and what I love about it is you have that other young woman in the video, and her reaction to what happened, it is just priceless. So many people were fooled. Because quite frankly, it did look so authentic. The videos, a lot of fun, regardless of the truth, the fact that it was a sham, but have people been giving you grief for fooling them like that?

AVALON: Yes, a little bit. A lot of people I think are bummed because they really thought it was true, and no, it`s not.

HAMMER: I got to tell you, I was on to you from the start. But still, like I said, a lot of fun. I laugh every time I see it and we learned that the whole thing was put together by Jimmy Kimmel. He exposed the prank on his show. I want to look at that.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thanks, Jimmy Kimmel.

JIMMY KIMMEL: All part of the job, ma`am.


HAMMER: It happens to everybody. Thanks, Jimmy Kimmel.

Listen, Daphne, another part of the authenticity that fooled everybody was the fact that the whole thing did look like it was actually shot on a smartphone camera. I`ve actually been wondering this since the first time I saw this, was it shot on like an iPhone or something, or was it a big professional operation with lights and the whole deal?

AVALON: Oh, no, it was all on a laptop computer.

HAMMER: OK, so it was as authentic as it looked?


HAMMER: Let me introduce you, Daphne, to my good friend, comedian Michelle Buteau. She`s also a cast member on "Best Week Ever" on VH1. Michelle, as I said, I was onto them from the start, but did you think it was a hoax from the beginning?

MICHELLE BUTEAU: Oh my God, I thought it was real. I was like, oh my God, these poor little white girls are hurting themselves twerking. It should be like in an insurance plan, it was so real. Where did you learn how to twerk like that, girl?

AVALON: I had never twerked actually before that video. I had some friends actually help me, and I also was self-taught off of Youtube videos.

BUTEAU: Has this changed your life, this twerk fail?

AVALON: Definitely. I never in a million years imagined, especially being a stunt woman, like nothing ever gets you this kind of attention. It`s been kind of crazy, incredible and fun. A lot of fun.

HAMMER: So when you go to a party, Daphne, is everybody now asking you to do the whole deal? Go up against the door and then fall over, maybe without the fire part of it?

AVALON: No. Thankfully they haven`t asked me to do that. I`ve had some people ask me if I could teach them how to twerk. Although I`m not really an authority on it, just because I think I`m like a new twerker.

HAMMER: I think you are an authority. And now, quite frankly, you`re one of the few people who know what it`s like to be sprayed with a fire extinguisher. Daphne, it`s been great having you here, thank you so much.

AVALON: Thank you.

HAMMER: Natasha Curry, imagine that, you do a little stunt for Jimmy Kimmel, it becomes this huge Youtube sensation, and it changes your life. Good for her.

CURRY: She`s adorable, and you said you were onto her from the start. (INAUDIBLE) like Michelle, she fooled me. How did you know?

HAMMER: You know what, I`m always thinking. There was something about it that gave it away.

CURRY: I was distracted. From twerking to prancercizing. Coming in at No. 2. on our SHOWBIZ countdown -- you remember that lady who gained her 15 minutes of fame with her imaginative dance called prancercizing? She`s my hero. Well, now, Joanna Rohrbach has gone nuts for pistachio nuts. She just became the newest spokesperson for a get cracking campaign. Here is CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: When prancercizing meets Dennis Rodman, even the lady who invented the rhythmic exercise can`t hold it in.

What do Dennis Rodman and the prancersize lady have in common? It turns out both.

JOANNA ROHRBACH: Ready to prancersize?

MOOS: Are now pitching pistachios.

DENNIS RODMAN: The secret to world peace is pistachios.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dennis Rodman does it because he`s nuts.

MOOS: Rodman and Joanna Rohrback star in the latest season of the get cracking campaign.

ROHRBACH: Let`s stop yakking and get cracking. And prance.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The prancersize lady does it to stay fit.

MOOS: How many takes did it take?

ROHRBACH: Between one and 200.

MOOS: The prancersize lady says she and pistachios are a good fit, because she`s a health nut.

And besides.

ROHRBACH: It tastes very well.

MOOS: Joanna`s life changed when her prancersize video went viral this past spring.

ROHRBACH: Jeanne, I`m telling you.

MOOS: It`s been a wild ride, huh?

ROHRBACH: Oh, God, honey. It`s a bucking bronco when it first started out.

MOOS: She was spoofed.

She was imitated.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just a lot of flailing around right now is what I see.

MOOS: Not long after prancercize, another dance routine went viral. Cafe owners across the street recorded Elle Cole (ph) without her knowledge waiting for a bus in England. She was dubbed "the dancing queen at the bus stop." And the Abba song replaced what she was actually listening to on her headphones. Now that viral video has made one of Elle`s dreams come true. She was asked to join a chorus line for a performance at a prestigious theater called The Point.

This was rehearsal. Whether bus stop boogeying or prancercizing, these two manage to.



CURRY: Pistachios and prancercizing, it kind of has a ring to it. Let`s bring in back comedian Michelle Buteau. Michelle, this prancercize lady, she has taken her 15 minutes of fame to a whole new level. A spokeswoman for pistachios. It looks like it hurts, too.

BUTEAU: I love this lady. She is YOLO`ing all across America. She`s a sassy nutcracker that I can`t even touch. Oh my God, she makes me want to prancersize with a camel toe and eat nuts. Come on, do it.

CURRY: Michelle, thank you.

HAMMER: That leaves us at No. 1 of our countdown of today`s top newsmakers who are extending their 15 minutes of fame really beyond our wildest imagination. You have to take a look at this guy, a 52-year-old dad. Here is Scott McIntosh. That is a good look on you, Scott. He is wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes out to a restaurant with his family. This happened after his 19-year-old daughter refused to change out of her short shorts into perhaps something more appropriate. This photo of him has gone totally viral, and there he is right now.

Scott, joining us tonight from Utah, I think fully clothed. Scott, we cannot wait to hear what your life has been like ever since, so please, stay right where you are. Don`t go changing.

Miley Cyrus`s lack of short shorts or really any other clothing is why `Wrecking Ball` is now on track to be the most watched video in recent history.


HAMMER: From a wrecking ball to a hot mess. Students at a Michigan university are getting into the swing of their extracurricular activities with a Miley parody on a campus wrecking ball sculpture. This is something I have got to show you. Also, wait until you see what we have named tonight as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness.



HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Geico`s 15 minutes of fame, and enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, is this guy, Scott McIntosh. Scott is a dad from Lehigh, Utah, who rocked a pair of shorts, as you see, Daisy Duke style. All to teach his 19-year-old daughter a big lesson. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you he never could have imagined the reaction he`d get. And tonight, Scott McIntosh is No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ countdown of newsmakers extending their 15 minutes of fame.

CURRY: I`m just like, don`t move too much. AJ, let`s bring him right now, there he is, joining us tonight from Utah. What`s up, dad? OK, Scott, so let us know here, bring us up to speed here. Your wife asked your daughter to change her skimpy shorts before you`d go out with the family for a meal and some miniature golf. And when your daughter refuses, you grab a pair of pants, cut them into these little short shorts, Daisy Duke shorts, and you put them on to make a point that she was out of line while you still went out with the family. Your kids snapped a photo at a restaurant, posted this online, and the rest is instant fame history. So we got to know, your kids, they did not even notice anything until you got out of the truck that you were driving? What was your daughter`s reaction to this? She had to be mortified, no offense.

SCOTT MCINTOSH, DAD: I was thinking she might be mortified, or my son (INAUDIBLE). But actually, they took it in pretty good spirits. They just laughed and snapped a couple of pictures and put it online. To be honest with you, but they did get embarrassed. They were definitely embarrassed.

CURRY: I love the t-shirt too. (INAUDIBLE). Your son, you did not know, your son tweeted that photo out, then your daughter posted it on her Tumblr page and it went on Facebook. Were you shocked at how quickly it spread?

MCINTOSH: I was unbelievably shocked. I couldn`t even fathom that it would go beyond our immediate friends.

CURRY: And you`re 52 years old, wearing Daisy Duke shorts. So what has been the reaction like? Last I checked, there were more than 130,000 notes left on Tumblr. Are you pretty surprised by this? Did your daughter ditch the Daisy Dukes as a result of it all?

MCINTOSH: Like I said, I can`t even believe that the world, how fast it`s taken it to this. But I think that it is because there`s a need for it. I think parents are looking for an angle on parenting, and they want to know if this works. As far as my daughter, you know, I think she has dressed considerably more modest since then.

CURRY: She`s probably scared. Now that you`ve gone through this--

MCINTOSH: I don`t know if it`s because she`s worried about what I`m going to do or so much as I think it`s just brought an awareness to it. And I think she knows. There`s never been a doubt how much I cared and loved her and care about her, so I think it`s made her aware more so that, you know what, it does matter what I wear.

CURRY: That`s pretty cool if she`s learned through this. And now that you`ve gone through this with her, if you knew what would have happened, would you still have done it?

MCINTOSH: I would have. To go this big, I guess I probably would have just -- if it`s to save the one, I would have done it. But it was basically for my daughter. And if the whole world sees it and gets a message out of it, then so be it. I`m fine with that.

CURRY: And was the shirt, is that something you planned in advance, too? Best dad ever.

MCINTOSH: No. It wasn`t even close to in advance. I got that for Father`s Day. It was one of those shirts that you never know whether you`re ever going to wear it again. I got it from one of my older daughters. And (INAUDIBLE) and I put the shorts on, I looked down and I saw that shirt, and I thought oh my gosh, this is perfect.

CURRY: I`m glad we didn`t have to blur anything. Scott McIntosh, thank you. And A.J., I think he made a point obviously, and you have got to give him creativity points, for sure.

HAMMER: Oh, there is no question. You got to parent however you can parent. It`s 2013. It`s a very sexy look, though. The best dad shirt ever, maybe he needs to have that reprinted, sexiest dad ever, or maybe not.

CURRY: I love it.

HAMMER: Well, as we move on tonight, Miley Cyrus with her super short shorts and gyrations at the Video Music Awards still has people talking. It`s three weeks later. The one person who hasn`t said a word about it has been Robin Thicke`s wife, Paula Patton, that is until this morning on "Today."


PAULA PATTON, ROBIN`S WIFE: Maybe I have blinders on, I (INAUDIBLE), I only looked at him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You didn`t notice the big finger?


HAMMER: Yes, we all noticed.

Will Paula`s reaction fuel the flames or is it going to end this twerk talk for good? And I can`t wait to show you what we have named tonight as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. You`re going to love it.



HAMMER: Miley Cyrus getting naked in her "Wrecking Ball" video started all kinds of drama. Well, tonight, students at a Michigan college are actually getting into the swing of the action with hilarious parodies featuring a wrecking ball sculpture on their campus.

Time now for SHOWBIZ hot flashes, it`s where we take on the day`s hottest stories. And first up, you have got to see these wrecking ball parodies. They are from students at Grand Valley State University. They recorded Vines, they tweeted pictures of their odes to Miley. Some were PG and some weren`t. So I won`t be showing you any of those, but as you can imagine, the pictures and the videos have gone viral.


HAMMER: How are you not going to have fun with this? With me now from Hollywood, comedian and cast member of VH1`s "Best Week Ever," Michelle Buteau, thankfully sitting still, not swinging from anything at the moment, but this is certainly not the first time, Michelle, that Miley has been parodied. Do you get the feeling, like me, that Miley is somewhere today cheering these guys on, seeing how basically all of the publicity behind all of her antics just helped her land her first ever No. 1 album today?

BUTEAU: Oh, yes. I`m sure Miley gets excited every time she sits on something, because it becomes popular. What? Who said it? I said it. I`m just so glad, AJ, that these kids are embarrassing Americans and they`re not black, because I always have to apologize. What? I said that again.

HAMMER: You said it again.

BUTEAU: Remember when college kids used to do things like study and Occupy Wall Street. Now they are occupying balls and whatnot.

HAMMER: I don`t remember that at all, and you just said that too. By the way, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the campus officials aren`t amused. They actually -- and to me, there is a little part of me that`s sad about this - - they removed the sculpture and they put it in storage for now. So we`re just going to have to live with that.

BUTEAU: I know. I have a theory about that. I think somebody that was a little too heavy for the ball tried to get on it, and they`re like you know what, no. We can`t be having this right now. But if you tune in --

HAMMER: Yes? Go ahead, plug your show.

BUTEAU: Thank you, boo (ph). If you tune into VH1`s "Best Week Ever" this Friday, September 20 and 10:00 p.m., we actually have a parallel for this. Miley ruined this wrecking ball for one college, and we actually have a funeral for her twerking and dance twerking from the VMAs.

HAMMER: Maybe we`re going to put it to an end, because on that note, there`s huge buzz still going on about all that grinding and shaking with Robin Thicke at the VMA`s, and this morning on "Today," Robin`s wife, Paula Patton, addressed the madness for the first time, and here is what she said.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Little Miley Cyrus-Robin Thicke action. Was that all planned?

PATTON: Of course.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You knew that it was going to go that way?

PATTON: They rehearsed for three days. Robin told me in advance. And I don`t know, maybe I have blinders on, (INAUDIBLE), I only looked at him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You didn`t notice the big finger?

PATTON: I did, but I got to be honest with you, I don`t know what people thought Miley was going to do, I mean, sit down and play piano? Like (INAUDIBLE). This song is about taking molly. I mean, I just kind of expected it to be wild. And I thought it was great.


HAMMER: Paula loved it. Robin`s mom just told me that she had no major problem with it. Michelle, is it time to just bury the foam finger story and all?

BUTEAU: It`s always time to bury the foam finger story. OK? And can someone check Robin? He looks like Beetlejuice just became a pimp. No, girl, no to all of it, stop with the finger. You`re not at a baseball game. Put it away. It`s scary.

HAMMER: Let`s move on. Michelle Buteau, great to have you, thank you so much.

And there is something else that I really want to share with you. I had such a good time with last week, they paid a visit to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I gave them a little behind the scenes look here at HLN. You can check out all the fun on starting tomorrow, do check it out.

Tonight, there is a very serious issue that is brewing, is this fine actor, the great Samuel L. Jackson actually responsible for the downfall of our kids? The answer next, in tonight`s moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness.



HAMMER: Well, it`s now time for SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This of course is when we reveal the most awesome story of the day. And tonight, Natasha, everything that`s wrong with kids today, you know it`s Samuel L. Jackson`s fault.

CURRY: You know it is. And the man probably uttered more memorable movie lines than anyone else in Hollywood. "Pulp Fiction," the "Star Wars" prequels, "Snakes on a Plane," and we can go on and on. People just love to quote him, but is Sam`s influence leading to the downfall of our society? Leave it to the guys over at FunnyorDie to find out the answer. Check this out.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Excuse me. Mr. L. Jackson, I just watched "Shaft" for the first time.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And you know that part where you say "it`s my duty to please that booty?"

JACKSON: Indeed, I do. Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, my daughter said it to her principal, and now she`s suspended from school and it`s all your fault.

JACKSON: Whoa, I was just acting in a movie.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s $2. Hey, it`s Samuel L. Jackson.

JACKSON: Please, don`t start telling me about how my movies have screwed up your kids, OK?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, actually, I was going to say you were great in "Unbreakable."

JACKSON: Hey, my man, thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Too bad my kid`s a supervillain that commits heinous crimes for his own sick amusement.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My son was attacked by a shark because he saw you in "Deep Blue Sea."

JACKSON: How is that even my fault?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My son is a 22-year-old overweight nerd living in my basement because you decided to do "Star Wars!"

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And my son has a severe peanut allergy because of you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My nickname is Taylor and I smoke crack.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because of "Jungle Fever?"

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I never saw that. I just like crack.



CURRY: And of course, AJ, there`s that whole take on a popular children`s holiday poem. I won`t go there, but you know what I`m talking about.

HAMMER: I actually know a kid, Natasha, who got thrown out of a Burger King because he kept ordering a royale with cheese. Parents were very unhappy. It was all your fault, Samuel L. Jackson.

Well, coming up next on "DR. DREW ON CALL," a woman`s parents say she`s being held against her will by a church in Texas. What`s really going on? Dr. Drew has that right now.