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`Real Housewife` Pleads Not Guilty to Charges; Usher`s Ex-Wife Speaks Out for First Time; Jennifer Garner Testifies in State Legislature about Danger of Paparazzi; Kris Jenner Takes Issue with President`s Remarks; Simon Cowell`s Complicated Love Life Explained; `Duck Dynasty` Star to Run for Congress?; Liar, Liar: Battle of the Sexes; Interview with Man Who Can Recite `Mean Girls` in 30 Minutes

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NISCHELLE TURNER, HOST: Tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," today`s Star Wars; Jennifer Garner`s paparazzi wars.


JENNIFER GARNER, ACTRESS: I don`t want a gang of shouting, arguing, law- breaking photographers who camp out everywhere where we are, all day every day to continue traumatizing my kids.


TURNER: Kris Jenner picks a fight with the president. Tonight, it`s the "SHOWBIZ Countdown." Which star smack-down will come out on top?

And we`re also asking who lies more? Men or women?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Men lie more, but women tell better lies.


TURNER: From star couples like Katy and John to Anthony Weiner`s texting debacle, it`s a battle of the sexes, "Liar, Liar" edition.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Well, hello, everybody. I`m Nischelle Turner in for A.J. Hammer. And we begin with our first "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the night. Today`s top five over-the-top stories about "Star Wars."

Shots were flying involving everyone from Kris Jenner to Simon Cowell to Usher`s ex. Who will be the big winners? So let`s kick off this "Countdown," OK?

We begin with No. 5, "Real Housewife," real justice. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was there this afternoon as "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe walked into a federal court in Jersey. They were arraigned on charges ranging from fraud to failing to file their income taxes, and they each pleaded not guilty.

And we learned today their trial will begin in October. And if things don`t go well, they could end up starring in "The Real Housewives of the Federal Prison," because they could place at least 30 years if convicted on all 41 counts.

Alex McCord is a former star of "Real Housewives of New York" and reality TV correspondent for Now, Alex -- Alex, the Giudices are being defiant to the end. Their attorney said today they`re not going to testify against each other, and they do expect to win this case. Based on what you know about them, though, Alex, does that surprise you?

ALEX MCCORD, FORMER CAST MEMBER, "REAL HOUSEWIVES": No, it doesn`t surprise me at all. And you know, because they are bothon the hot seat, they`ve got to try and preserve something, if anything, for their children.

One thing I thought was interesting is we saw out of Chicago that Jesse Jackson Jr. has been convicted, and he and his wife are serving back-to- back terms. So if they are convicted, maybe that`s an opportunity.

But in the middle -- in the meantime, they`re all business as usual. Teresa has got a book signing this afternoon. She`s still continuing to fly with permission of the courts to do her appearances to try and keep making money for the family. It seems like they`re trying to do business as usual as this is going on.

TURNER: Trying to make the best out of a potentially bad situation. So let me take this out to attorney Areva Martin in Hollywood. Do you think they`re being delusional, Areva, or do you think they actually have a fighting chance to win this star war?

AREVA MARTIN, ATTORNEY: I think, Nischelle, these are some very serious charges, and we can`t underestimate when federal -- you know, you get 39 counts, you get 39 -- an indictment with 39 counts filed against you, this is something very serious.

And I`m a little concerned about what I`m seeing. You know, I know that Teresa has to continue to work. She has to raise money for the family, but I`m also seeing pictures of her at the beach and tweets about, you know, her spending time on the beach. I think any kind of lavish lifestyle type activity, cut it out. I don`t know who`s advising her, you know.

The federal prosecutors are watching all of this, and a lot of this case has to do with the lavish lifestyle that they were leading and, according to federal prosecutors, misleading the government, the IRS and banks about. So I would just tell her, work, but on your off time, try to be more low key about this. Because this can be very serious.

TURNER: Yes. Well, maybe they were trying to just keep it normal for the kids, as normal as it could be.

Now, the two attorneys who got the ball rolling on the fed`s case against the Giudices did their first TV interview right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, and they told A.J. Hammer that they think this case is going to show the world a really ugly side of those two. Watch what they said.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`ve kind of known that snare behavior and their actions have been like this for the past few years leading up to this time. It`s really not a shock to us. I just think that it`s time that the rest of the world sees, you know, what`s been going on. And I`m sure the time has come simply because the U.S. attorney`s office feels that they now have enough evidence to prove their case against both the Giudices.


TURNER: Alex, you know, shooting he world an ugly side to this pair. What do you think about that?

MCCORD: Well, you know, it`s unfortunate, but you know, the thing is that the reality show that they are on, the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," is all about keeping up with the Joneses. And if they have, in fact, reached too far and if they`re guilty, then they`re going to have to pay.

TURNER: Well, you know, this isn`t the only "Star Wars." They just keep on coming. Because now we`re going to talk about the one between Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Raymond. That is No. 4 tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown."

Tameka spoke out this morning on "Good Morning America." It`s the first interview since she lost the emergency court hearing to get custody of her two kids with Usher. This morning, she answered the big question: whether she`s angry at him, Usher, for the pool accident that nearly killed their 5-year-old. Here`s what she said.


TAMEKA RAYMOND, USHER`S EX-WIFE: I didn`t blame him for it. I just was angry that it happened on his watch. Because, while accidents happen, never have my children been injured on my watch.


TURNER: You know, fortunately, little Usher Raymond V is fine. He`s out of the hospital. Today we got some brand-new photos that Usher posted of his son playing Connect four.

Now Areva, does it seem to you, though, that the two of them are kind of more here trying to win the public sympathy vote?

MARTIN: No doubt about it. You know, child custody battles are about what`s in the best interests of the child. And Usher obviously wants to show the world, and show the court that he is a loving, caring, nurturing dad and that he`s there with his kids. So much so that he has time to play board games.

And obviously, Tameka also wants the world to know that she`s the parent that can provide the best care for these kids.

But I would, you know, admonish both of them to be very careful because courts don`t want to see these cases played out in the media. These are children. They`re not celebrities. You know, so they can do what they want to do as celebrities, but keep these children, keep them safe, keep them away to a certain extent from the public eye because we want them safe.

TURNER: Absolutely. Absolutely.

MARTIN: They`ll be looking to see which parent does that.

TURNER: Those are good points, Areva. Now, we`ve got a couple of other stars who are at war tonight with the paparazzi and getting really emotional about it. You`ve got to see this. This takes us to No. 3 on the showcase showdown.

Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner teaming up to urge California state lawmakers to pass a law that makes snapping pictures of a child illegal without a parent`s permission.

And stories they told about their encounters with the paparazzi brought them to tears.


GARNER: I love my kids. They`re beautiful and sweet and innocent. And I don`t want a gang of shouting, arguing, law-breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are all day every day to continue traumatizing my kids.

TURNER (voice-over): In an emotional appearance Tuesday in front of California lawmakers, Hollywood A-listers Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry asked for better protection for their children from paparazzi cameras.

HALLE BERRY, ACTRESS: We`re not just whiney celebrities that many times people think we are. We`re moms here who are just trying to protect our children.

TURNER: Garner and Berry testified before the California Assembly Judiciary Committee, in support of a bill that would increase paparazzi penalties and broaden the definition harassment to include photographing a child without the permission of a legal guardian.

In recent years, the children of celebrities have become unintentionally famous in their own right. Suri, Maddox and Apple are known on first-name basis, just like their parents. Photos of the children of celebrities have become big business for photographers who sell them to an ever-growing pool of entertainment magazines and Web sites at top dollar.


GARNER: My children aren`t actors or celebrities. They`re just kids like your kids or anyone else`s. And just like you want to protect your children, I want to protect mine.

TURNER: Celebrity moms want to draw a line.

BERRY: What we`re asking them to do is to take these pictures with some dignity. To take these pictures and not harass our children.


TURNER: Now, some media organizations oppose the legislation. They say it could infringe upon the ability of journalists to cover news in California.

This was approved by the state assembly`s judiciary committee on Tuesday, but there are some steps that remain before it would go into law. Halle Berry has actually been fighting this fight for a really long time. Alex, you know, you`re a mom, what was it like watching them get so emotional. I have to imagine you feel for them.

MCCORD: Absolutely. My heart was in my mouth. And the thing is, it`s a problem. It`s a real problem. Even in my experience as a reality star, we`ve had people jump out from behind bushes and ask our sons questions, and it`s awful.

I think that no one is trying to take away the freedom of the press, but people need to be more respectful of kids.

TURNER: I want to ask you, some people might say there`s a flip side of this. Stars choose to be public figures so when they`re out with their children, it`s an extension of them and it goes with the territory. What do you think?

MARTIN: Absolutely not, Nischelle. The stars choose to be public figures but not the children. And we have other laws that protect children and their privacy. So I don`t think it`s a big leap to ask that children not be photographed by the paparazzi. Take pictures of the kids -- I mean, take pictures of the adults but leave the kids out of it.

TURNER: You know, those are all great points, and I see both sides of it. This fight is long from over, because there are laws on the books. But these guys say it hasn`t gone far enough, and they`re going to continue to talk about it, speak up about it. And they`re going to continue to protect their kids. That`s what both of those ladies said today.

Now Alex, Areva, stay right where you are. Because we`ve still got to reveal today`s No. 1 star war. It is -- or is it the mama in chief versus the commander-in-chief? Tonight, Kris Jenner`s war of words against President Obama. Yes. Or maybe it`s Simon Cowell`s complicated love life. And new reports tonight of yet another player in this controversial love triangle.

Plus, how much do you love the movie "Mean Girls"? I mean really, really love it. Can you recite every single word in 30 minutes? Well, tonight you`re going to meet the man who can.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good night. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) random things. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) they`re always yelling at me.


TURNER: I don`t know why he talks so fast. I don`t know, I don`t know.

Chris Rosa (ph) has just become the most infamous intern of the summer for his super speed "Mean Girls" viral video. How did he do that? Well, I`m going to ask him. I`m also going to ask this: Who lies more. Men or women?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Men lie more but women tell better lies.


TURNER: I like that. Liar, liar pants on fire. Celebrities getting busted in lies that happen almost every day. But tonight, SHOWBIZ dares to ask, who lies more, men or women? The stars of MTV`s "Guy Code" and "Girl Code," Charlamagne and Jamie Lee, go head to head in a battle of the sexes with the biggest star liars in the news today.



TURNER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of today`s top five stories of stars at war. We`re down to No. 2 now. Kris Jenner versus President Obama. Yes. Can you believe it?

Kris Jenner just went off on the president for the comments he made where he appeared to slam her daughter, Kim Kardashian, and Kim`s boyfriend, Kanye West.

Now, in an interview, the president talked about how people used to see the American dream. This is what he said. He said, "I don`t think people went around saying to themselves, `I need to have a 10,000-square-foot house.` He also said, "There was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Kids weren`t monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing or where Kanye West was going on vacation and thinking that somehow, that was the mark of success."

Well, Kris Jenner just fired back on her daytime talk show. Watch.


KRIS JENNER, REALITY TV STAR/TALK SHOW HOST: I bet the president has some friends with 10,000-square-foot houses, and you probably wouldn`t mind going over there, Mr. President, while you were asking them to have a party for you when you were campaigning for, you know, dollars to run for president.

I just -- I don`t -- I find it so odd that he`s picking on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Well, Kanye West, first of all, doesn`t go on vacation, ever. You know, so that remark. And he doesn`t know that about -- and Kim Kardashian is the hardest working young lady in the world.


TURNER: Kim Kardashian is the hardest working young lady in the world. OK, I`m going to play traffic cop on this one. Alex -- Alex McCord back with us. She used to star on "The Real Housewives of New York," is a correspondent for The Stir. First of all, did you see Terrence Jay`s face? He was like, "I don`t want any part of this."

MCCORD: That was hilarious. She should just be happy that President Obama knows who she is.

TURNER: Yes, you know, I want to ask you, Alex, she`s at war with the president. And I don`t even believe I`m asking this, but who won this battle?

MCCORD: Obama won, absolutely. Here`s the thing. I think the point he was trying to make is that you should emphasize the importance of hard work and not the toys you can buy with the money you get from the hard work. If you concentrate on the hard work, then you can buy whatever you want. But work first.

TURNER: Wow, you might want to write a speech, too, for him. That`s pretty good.

Attorney Areva Martin`s in Hollywood tonight. Areva, who do you think won this war of words?

MARTIN: Absolutely the president. I agree with Alex. This wasn`t about bashing Kim or Kanye. This was about telling kids in America that the dream can be achieved if you just follow your dream, you work hard and that a big house isn`t the be all and end all of being successful. And that we can measure success by other things, other than big houses or fancy vacations. That`s all.

TURNER: It takes some gumption to take on the president, I will say that. And now we have the big reveal here, No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ "Star Wars" countdown. Simon Cowell versus his famous purported ex-girlfriend, versus the mother of his unborn child.

A jaw-dropping report from E! News today that Simon Cowell`s controversial relationship with his friend`s wife, Lauren Silverman, who is now carrying his baby, not only ruined her marriage; it ruined Simon`s own low-key relationship with Carmen Electra. Yes. That Carmen once went to Simon`s house and caught him in a little situation with Lauren.

So if you`re keeping score of Simon`s complicated love life at home, Lauren`s reportedly pregnant with Simon`s child. She`s getting divorced from her husband, who`s Simon`s now ex-friend.

Carmen is publicly saying she wishes Simon well. Who knows what she`s saying privately?

And Simon? Well, for once, he doesn`t have anything to say.

Alex, are there any winners in this star war?

MCCORD: Well, I think at the moment, Simon is on a yacht away from all of us with different girls. So I ask how many girls does he need?

TURNER: Well, that`s a good question. Areva, how many girls does he need?

MARTIN: I don`t know, Nischelle, but this is a hot mess. It`s going to be played out in family law court, because there`s a divorce proceeding. We`re going to hear about alimony and child support, and I don`t think there are any winners in this. And I just hope the kids don`t get, you know, marred in this love triangle, quadrangle mess.

TURNER: I was going to say at the end of the day, there is a baby coming, so everybody has got to think of that when all of this mess blows over.

Areva, thank you very much.

Alex, I want you to stick around for this next one. You`re a former "Real Housewives of New York" co-star. Bethenny Frankel just revealed that one of her biggest problems could be solved simply by sex.


BETHENNY FRANKEL, REALITY TV STAR/TALK SHOW HOST: I`m going through a brutal, brutal time. It really, really is. There`s no way to say it. I never knew it could ever be like this.


TURNER: Find out why Bethenny says a roll in the sack could straighten things right out.

Also tonight, the jaw-dropping reports that Willie Robertson from the reality show "Duck Dynasty" is being wooed for a congressional run.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What about $100 a hole?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A hundred dollars a hole? I don`t know if I can pass that up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jason and I are the most competitive guys ever. If you can race it, run it, try to win it, try to eat it, we`re going to be competing.


TURNER: From "Duck" to political dynasty?


Time now for "SHOWBIZ Say What?" That`s James Marsden, posing with some fans at the premiere of Lee Daniels` "The Butler." James plays JFK in the movie. So I ask you, what is James really thinking? It`s your turn to weigh in. Go to and fill in that little thought bubble there. I`ve got a couple suggestions. You might see your suggestion, if it`s good enough, on the air right here tomorrow night on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tell you what, I`ll go out there and play you $50 a hole, Mr. Country Club Material.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ve seen you play. You`re not good.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I guarantee you I can hit the ball as good as you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can`t do it today. I`ve got career day out at the school.


TURNER: So is Willie Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" about to tee up another career? The star of the wildly popular reality TV show could take his show on the road to Washington.

Yes, there is big buzz about Republicans trying to convince Willie to run for Congress. So will Willie go from "Duck Dynasty" to political dynasty?

Here`s CNN`s John Berman with this "SHOWBIZ Reality Check."


JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR (voice-over): If you squint and tilt your head just the right way, it almost sounds like a campaign platform. A very hairy one.

WILLIE ROBERTSON, REALITY TV STAR: You know what makes me happy, besides bubble baths and puppies and not wearing pants during my interview? Watching new episodes of "Duck Dynasty."

BERMAN: Willie Robertson is one of the stars of A&E`s "Duck Dynasty." The show follows the family behind the hunting companies Duck Commander and Buck Commander. Willie, the CEO, and the rest of the family kicked off their fourth season tonight. But some are reportedly calling for another type of kickoff.

According to "The Washington Examiner," some Republicans are urging Robertson to run for an open congressional seat in his native Louisiana.

Willie does have wide appeal beyond just beard enthusiasts. The show is one of the most watched on cable. It`s not like no one has ever made the jump from the world of TV to the corridors of power in Washington.

SONNY BONO, ACTOR/SINGER (singing): I`ve got you, babe.

BERMAN: Enough California voters said "I`ve got you, babe," to Sonny Bono to elect him to the House.

SEN. AL FRANKEN (D), MINNESOTA: And dog gone it, people like me.

BERMAN: Enough Minnesotans liked "Saturday Night Live" star Al Franken to send him to the Senate.

Robertson, the self-described redneck millionaire, has a resume that could shine in Republican politics. He helped build his company into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. He`s an active supporter of gun rights, and he often speaks about his Christian faith.

Even the beard shouldn`t get in the way. Ever hear of James Garfield?


TURNER: Well, he does have the stars and stripes headband to get him started. That was CNN`s John Berman for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Well, if Willie doesn`t head to Washington, at least you can have still him and the gang in your home every week. "Duck Dynasty" returns for season four tonight.

Meanwhile, the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty definitely takes a hit. The queen of reality TV`s royal family, Kris Jenner, is under fire for treating her husband like a second-class citizen in his own home.


JENNER: You have made not only your kids feel sorry for you, but you`ve made my kids feel sorry for you by the way that you paint a picture of me.


TURNER: Kris`s war on the home front. Also this.




TURNER: Hedges (ph) makes me smile. Chris Rosa (ph) has just become the most famous intern of the summer for his super speedy "Mean Girls" viral video. I don`t even think Lindsay Lohan remembers her lines that well. So how does he do that? Chris reveals all about his newfound fame, "Mean Girls" and more.



TURNER: Right now, the "SHOWBIZ Countdown." The battle of the sexes, liar, liar. Get ready for a showdown of epic proportions about who lies more, men or women.

Katy Perry and John Mayer in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" cross hairs. They just dropped this love duet that`s already an instant classic, but do bad- boy John`s newfound lovey-dovey lyrics really tell the whole truth about his relationship with Katy?

Plus, the amazing one-man "Mean Girl."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good day, everyone. My first day at school was the worst. (INAUDIBLE). I got to (INAUDIBLE). I never--


TURNER: That guy just recited every single line of Lindsey Lohan`s "Mean Girl" movie in less than 30 minutes. We have got this viral superstar right here in the SHOWBIZ house tonight for some fast talk about his overnight fame.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


TURNER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Nischelle Turner, in for AJ Hammer.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I realize that, Your Honor, but I would really, really, really like a continuance.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ll have to hear good cause, Counsel. What`s the problem?



TURNER: Yes, Jim Carrey couldn`t do it in the movie "Liar, Liar," and I can`t do it either. I can`t lie, because I`m telling you how excited I am about tonight`s countdown. Tonight on the SHOWBIZ countdown, the battle of the sexes, "Liar, Liar." We`re breaking down the top three most scandalous stories of the day to determine who lies more, men or women.

We begin at No. 3, with Anthony Weiner`s explosive sex scandal. The New York mayoral candidate still insists he`s a changed man, that his sexting days are over, but does anybody believe him? It happened not once, but twice, and Weiner just talked about his second round of secret sexting with CNN`s YouTube channel partner, BuzzFeed. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I wonder if you ever feel like you were kind of set up here. I mean, Sydney Leathers has cashed in basically as fully and unashamedly as imaginable. She has been doing sponsored tweets. There`s now a soft core porn video. And I wonder, do you feel like you got set up in here?

ANTHONY WEINER, NYC MAYORAL CANDIDATE: I did these things. I know who did this to me. I did this to me. I made these mistakes. I`m glad they`re behind me.


TURNER: All right. So Anthony Weiner is accepting blame. Admitting this is all on him. And I know my guests tonight can`t wait to get in on this one. Let me bring in from MTV "Guy Code`s" Charlemagne, who`s also host of the new series, "Charlemagne and Friends," on MTV, along with Ms. Jamie Lee, who is a cast member on MTV`s "Girl Code."

OK, so I want to get right to these, guys, because we got a lot to talk about. Charlemagne, Anthony Weiner said sexting is done, it`s a done deal for him, no more side chicks, no more (INAUDIBLE), nothing. Are you buying it?

CHARLEMAGNE, MTV`S "GUY CODE": Absolutely not. Because he has a penis. He`s just going to move more strategically now. He`s going to actually move like our females move, because you know, females are the best cheaters. That`s why they never get caught. That`s why women are like dogs and women are like cats, because you can walk down the street and see two dogs having sex in broad daylight. You`d be like, look at them dumb dogs. That`s us guys. But the women are the cats, because you have never seen two cats having sex, but you always see the kittens, so you know they`re doing it.

TURNER: Jamie, you know what, that did not get past me, all this mess that he`s talking did not get past me, but I want to ask you, because we`ve seen his wife, Huma, standing right beside him. And it looks like she`s OK with it all or she`s still going to stay with him. What do you think about this? What do you tell her?

JAMIE LEE, MTV`S "GIRL CODE": You know what, I would just say like, look, I know you`re running for mayor, but really, you should run for the hills. Because I don`t know how -- I don`t know how she does it. I don`t know how she puts up with it. I don`t think she`s actually happy. There`s no way. Not only is he being unfaithful, he`s also acting like a kid. Like who`s like texting at that age? Just be a dad, man. You`re a dad.

CHARLEMAGNE: He`s going through a slight mid-life crisis, it`s OK, and she should stand by her man. Listen, a man is going to cheat on you, OK? That`s just--

LEE: Charlemagne!

CHARLEMAGNE: Every now and then a man is going to cheat on you. That`s the moral of the story. You can`t just run every time your man cheats on you, OK?

LEE: Charlemagne, I keep it spicy, no man is going to cheat on me. I mean, look at this. How could you cheat on this?

TURNER: I`m with you, guys. Charlemagne, I don`t know where you`re getting this from, but in my world, that does not fly. But I want to keep talking --

CHARLEMAGNE: Hold on. You got a man? You got a man?

TURNER: Why are we getting all in my personal business?

CHARLEMAGNE: I`m just saying.

TURNER: I got questions to ask you.


TURNER: Let`s talk about Weiner`s sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, because she still has a lot to stay. Let`s talk about her, OK? She was on Fox just last night. She revealed all these dirty details about their relationship. Watch what she told Sean Hannity, look at this.


SEAN HANNTY, FOX NEWS: So you would have phone sex with him. And how often would he call you?

SYDNEY LEATHERS: The most he ever called me was about five times in a day. Which is a lot.

HANNITY: For phone sex?


HANNITY: 48 years old, married. What are you thinking?

LEATHERS: I mean, obviously he is maybe not getting the attention he needs at home.

HANNITY: Did he ever talk about that?

LEATHERS: Not really. It was just very obvious.

HANNITY: Did you find it creepy, like he`s a creepy old man?

LEATHERS: He actually described himself to me as an argumentative, perpetually horny middle aged man in the beginning. And that was very true.


TURNER: But at one point, didn`t she say she loved him? I`m almost afraid to go here with you, Charlemagne, because she said he was a creepy old man, he was living a lie. It doesn`t sound like he`s even trying to make any changes. When a man is in that deep, like he was, do you think he can just walk away from all of this?

CHARLEMAGNE: He absolutely can walk away, especially her, because she`s a messy side chick. You see, the problem, this is the media`s fault. You know why? Because you all give the side chick a platform. If you all would stop giving the side chick book deals, stop giving the side chick reality shows, stop letting the side chick appear on Fox News to do interviews, then she wouldn`t have an outlet. We wouldn`t care about what she says. Stop letting these side chicks have an outlet, because we don`t care about their opinion. Side chicks are -- should be seen and not heard.

TURNER: Oh, my gosh.

CHARLEMAGNE: And when I say seen, only by me, because I`m creeping with her.

TURNER: You know what? I`m going to get killed for laughing at you, but this is so darn funny.

CHARLEMAGNE: This is the media`s fault.

TURNER: Well, listen to this, though. Anthony Weiner is not alone, because like you said, we`re all guilty of stretching the truth every now and then, and that brings us to No. 2 on our countdown tonight, this burning question. Who lies more? Men or women? Robin Meade, host of HLN`s "Morning Express" takes that on for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have to lip sync in front of a half billion people right. If you don`t lip sync right, it`s like oil on a fire.

ROBIN MEADE, HLN: Do you remember this, the lip syncing duo Milli Vanilli? The song is "Girl You Know It`s True."

But we all know it wasn`t true.

Big or small, hasn`t everybody told a lie or two?

When`s the last time you told a lie?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Probably yesterday.

MEADE: But who lies more?







UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Men lie more, but women tell better lies.

MEADE: The Science Museum of London actually did a survey, and it found that men tell about three lies a day, and for women it`s two.

DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN: Men, when they lie, often lie so they don`t get hurt. To make themselves feel better, to protect themselves, to make themselves look better to other people.

LANCE ARMSTRONG: I said it for seven years, I`ve said it for longer than seven years. I have never doped.

RICHARD NIXON: I am not a crook.

PINSKY: Women more often tend to lie to protect other people`s feelings.

MEADE: Unless they have a lot to lose.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I want you to know that I have been dishonest.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I have never, ever used performance enhancing drugs.

And you have the right to be angry with me.


TURNER: Robin Meade breaking it down for us. And you know, she`s going to take this great debate on all week over lying on HLN`s "Morning Express." But Jamie, OK, I want to ask you, I`m going to let you have this first. Who lies more, men or women?

LEE: I think the video we saw is very true, but I do think that women are manipulative. And I hate to, like, sell out my gender, but I do feel that way. I feel like girls are the ones who go on FaceBook and they`re like, I`m having the best day. Life is so special. And it`s like meanwhile they`re just crying into their pillow and eating doughnuts. Like, I just don`t buy it.

TURNER: Charlemagne?

CHARLEMAGNE: I think the word lie is such a dirty word. Like, I believe that life is all about the buying and selling of dreams. I prefer the term dream selling. Because the truth of the matter is, nobody really wants reality. We all want the fantasy. We all want the fantasy, girls, guys, we all want to be lied to. Like you girls don`t want a guy that`s going to walk up to you and ask for sex immediately. You want him to take you on dates and court you and act like he really likes you before you give him some, but all he`s doing is selling you the dream.

LEE: Dating is kind of a lie, that is a good point.


TURNER: Oh, come on.


TURNER: I`ll be the naive one, because I believe in happily ever after.

CHARLEMAGNE: You want the dream.


TURNER: Let`s go to this, guys. Because it`s time to reveal our No. 1 on the SHOWBIZ countdown battle of the sexes, "liar, liar." And it comes from the all-new Katy Perry John Mayer duet. Have you heard it?

CHARLEMAGNE: Yes, we have.

TURNER: It is a song about their love affair with each other. Now, pay attention. I want you to pay attention to what John Mayer has to sing about that. Listen.


JOHN MAYER (SINGING): My girl, she ain`t the one that I saw coming. Sometimes I don`t know which way to go. And I tried to run before, but I`m not running anymore, because I fought against it hard enough to know that you love who you love who you love.


TURNER: All right, John Mayer has loved a lot of ladies in Hollywood. So I don`t know. Is this the one? You`re shaking your head already. Charlemagne, go ahead.

CHARLEMAGNE: I am a huge John Mayer and I am a huge Katy Perry fan. But I like Katy Perry happy. Like, that song is too dark. Like I would think that being in a relationship with Katy Perry, you would be happy. Like John Mayer is like every character Johnny Depp has played in a Tim Burton movie rolled into one. And that song was just too dark to have Katy Perry on it and be professing your love for Katy Perry. It`s just too dark for me.

TURNER: I thought it was actually sexy. I thought it was sexy, I thought the words were sweet, and like I said, I`m going to be Pollyanna here, you too. So let me play my role, OK?

CHARLEMAGNE: She likes guys that shop at Hot Topic, too.

TURNER: Charlemagne, Jamie, thank you very much. Be sure to check out Charlemagne`s new series, "Charlemagne and Friends," which premieres on MTV2 Tuesday, August 20.

And "liar, liar" continues tomorrow on Morning Express starting at 6:00 a.m. with a special report on how to catch a liar.

Now from that battle of the sexes to a battle of the mean girls. Meet the phenom who can recite the entire "Mean Girls" movie line for line in 30 minutes.




TURNER: Brain scramble. Wow. And you thought you were good at quoting movies. That`s just super human. Chris Rose is here with tonight for some fast talk about his overnight fame after his "Mean Girls" video went crazy viral. Plus, did Bethenny Frankel really just reveal that she wants to have sex to get over her divorce? It`s super hot SHOWBIZ hot flashes. Plus, wait until you see what we named as our moment of showbiz awesomeness.



TURNER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Geico`s 15 minutes of fame.


CHRISTOPHER ROSE, CAN RECITE "MEAN GIRLS" IN 30 MINUTES: Hi. I`m Christopher Rose. (INAUDIBLE). I will be reciting "Mean Girls" in less than 30 minutes. Don`t believe me? Just watch.



TURNER: Wow, that guy is unbelievable. Can you believe he can recite every single line from "Mean Girls" in less than 30 minutes, I might add? So his name is Chris Rose, he`s 20 years old, and enjoying his 15 minutes of fame after his "Mean Girls" miracle went crazy viral. Now, he did it while working as an intern at the MTV movie site, "Next Movie." Chris Rose is with us tonight from Columbia, South Carolina, where he`s now back at school. Hello, thank you for joining us tonight.

ROSE: Hi, thank you, thanks for having me.

TURNER: Absolutely, talk about overachieving intern, though, Chris. Where did you get this idea from?

ROSE: Thank you so much. Well, actually, it honestly wasn`t an idea that I had at the internship. It was this fun little quirk that I could do. I`ve been able to do it for like a year and a half now, and I sort of tell my friends that I can do it, and they laugh at me, because it is pretty bizarre. So I told my bosses at MTV`s "Next Movie" that I can do this, and they thought it would be a really awesome idea for a video. And they asked if I`d be comfortable doing it, and I was totally game to do it. So, yes, it`s sort of how it came about.

TURNER: It is really amazing. Can we take a little bit more -- a little bit more, please, because I can`t get enough. Look.


ROSE: What is this? Aaron, wait, please call me. You dirty little liar. Yes, and I still have a curfew. (INAUDIBLE),


TURNER: I have to ask you, how many times have you seen that movie?

ROSE: Well, I mean, I`m definitely a fan of the movie. I would say over the past nine years, I`ve seen it about 100 times, I would say maybe like 10 to 15 times a year. I`m a big fan of the movie for sure.

TURNER: Let me put you to the challenge here, OK? I want you to recite your favorite part of "Mean Girls," but I want you to do it in 30 seconds. I am going to put a countdown clock on it. OK? Can you --

ROSE: No problem.

TURNER: All right, ready to go? Ready.

ROSE: Yes.

TURNER: All right, go.

ROSE: Wait, sit down, let`s seriously sit down. (INAUDIBLE) I`m from Africa. I used to be home schooled. What? My mom (INAUDIBLE). Never went to a real school before, shut up, shut up. (INAUDIBLE) that`s really interesting. You look really pretty. Thank you. (INAUDIBLE). Oh, it`s adorable. (INAUDIBLE) from Africa, why are you white? Oh, (INAUDIBLE). So (INAUDIBLE). Rest of the week (INAUDIBLE).

TURNER: I don`t know if you took a breath, I don`t know what you said, but that was brilliant. All right, I want to tell you, Tina Fey wrote the screenplay for "Mean Girls." She is working on a stage version of the movie. We actually reached out to her today to find out if she`s seen you in action, but she`s traveling so we did not get a chance to talk to her. But I want to give you the opportunity to send maybe a special message to her, and maybe, I don`t know, ask for a part in the show.

ROSE: Absolutely. I mean, I`m a public relations major at school, but my minor is actually theater, I love theater, love musical theater. So I mean, that would be like a dream come true, a part, but my message to Tina Fey would be thank you so much for creating "Mean Girls." For someone growing up in the South and getting bullied and all that kind of stuff, this movie really was a saving grace for someone like me. It was such great entertainment growing up. So just a big thank you for creating a movie that was sort of almost a soundtrack to my childhood.

TURNER: Oh, Chris, you know what, you made me laugh this whole time, and right there at the end, you got my heart, you almost brought me to tears there. I appreciate you being with us today, and I hope and wish the best for you, because you really are great. Chris Rose.

ROSE: Thank you so much.

TURNER: Thank you very much.

Now, from viral star Chris Rose`s amazing "Mean Girls" feat to this amazing confession from former reality star, Bethenny Frankel.


BETHENNY FRANKEL: I`m going through a brutal, brutal time. It really, really is. I mean, there is no other way to slice it, and I never knew it could ever be like this.


TURNER: Frank talk from Frankel. Bethenny just opened up about her painful divorce on ABC`s "Nightline." We`re revealing all the startling details about her new life as a single mom.



FRANKEL: I`m going through a brutal, brutal time. It really, really is. There`s no other way to slice it. I never knew it could ever be like this. I just didn`t.


TURNER: Reality bites sometimes. That`s reality star and talk show host Bethenny Frankel opening up in a brand new interview that just aired on ABC`s "Nightline." It`s all about her failed marriage to Jason Hoppe (ph). Now, Bethenny certainly didn`t mince words about a bitter custody battle over their young daughter. Bethenny`s big battle is first up on our SHOWBIZ hot flashes today. The very rich and successful reality star has got some real sour grapes about her failed marriage to husband Jason Hoppe. In a brand-new interview with ABC`s "Nightline," she says she has no regrets about putting it all out there, though.


FRANKEL: I don`t regret letting the cameras roll at all. I could have skated by. I could have stayed on the show and be like, everything is perfect, everything is great. It made me feel dirty for people to think that I had this perfect relationship.


TURNER: Alex McCord, who used to star with Bethenny on "The Real Housewives of New York" is here in New York tonight. Alex is also a correspondent for The Stir. Now, Alex, Bethenny has no regrets for putting her relationship with her now estranged husband out there on the show that you starred in with her, but do you think if she had kept it private, that they may have had a better chance of lasting?

MCCORD: No, I don`t, I really don`t. One of the things that Bethenny is a master at is translating whatever is going on in her real life to her business. She`s one of the smartest reality stars out there. Whatever is going on, she just puts it straight out there. Because someone, somewhere is going to relate to it. And, you know, unfortunately, a lot of people do get divorced and wind up in bitter custody battles.

TURNER: That`s a really good point. She did kind of make a lot of money off doing what she does best, and that`s being very real. Bethenny certainly hasn`t lost her sense of humor, though, I love this. Watch how she answers this question about how to take the edge off.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What do you do to take the edge off?

FRANKEL: Sex would be a nice release. And then I like to have a skinny girl cocktail. I`m not going to lie.


TURNER: Sex and a skinny girl cocktail. I love it. Ever the businesswoman, getting that plug in.

MCCORD: Absolutely.

TURNER: For skinny girls. Alex, you actually attended her wedding. Does this sound like the Bethenny, you know, sex will take a little edge off?

MCCORD: Yes. That`s standard issue Bethenny. Definitely.

TURNER: All right, well, let`s go to our next hot flash tonight. Because it`s another reality show star in marriage hot water, because Bruce Jenner, a little hot under the collar after the way his wife Kris treats him. Check out how this just played out on the newest episode of their reality show, "Keeping up with the Kardashians."


KRIS JENNER: You have made not only your kids feel sorry for you, but you`ve made my kids feel sorry for you by the way that you paint a picture of me.

BRUCE JENNER: At this point in our relationship, I think it`s extremely important that I take some of that control back. How I do that right now, I don`t know. But it`s mostly an attitude change in the way I deal with her. I felt like I`ve lost control on the whole relationship and slowly trying to get it back is kind of tough.


TURNER: Tough indeed. Alex, I don`t know. Do you smell trouble in paradise?

MCCORD: Look, shooting a reality show is hard. It is hard on a marriage, it is hard on relationships with children. And sometimes if you`re not the one driving the bus, you want to get off. I understand that completely. I don`t blame him for going to his own house. I think that`s the best escape for him. Long term, what it will do to their marriage, who knows. It depends on how long they do the show.

TURNER: They` been married for 23 years, and you hope to think that`s a good, strong bond. But would you be surprised if they split?

MCCORD: Look, I wouldn`t be surprised by anything at this point. But he needs to take some time for himself. And, you know, time will only tell how long he has to go to do that.

TURNER: Goodness. All right, Alex McCord, thank you very much. Now, from Bruce Jenner and (INAUDIBLE) showdown to an epic pet staredown. These cats mean business. It`s the tensest face-off I`ve seen since Nicki Minaj called out Mariah Carey on "American Idol." I want to show you how this fierce cat fight played out in tonight`s SHOWBIZ awesomeness. I love it.



TURNER: It`s time for SHOWBIZ awesomeness, that`s when we reveal the most awesome story of the day. Tonight, I have got the tensest standoff since Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey`s "American Idol" feud. It is a cat staring contest of epic proportions. Just look at this. You got Walter in one corner and Glenda in the other, and neither of them are about to back down.

Look, the suspense is building, it`s building. It`s building. The stares are getting more and more intense. One of them going to blink? One of them going to attack? What`s going to go on here? What`s happening? Oh, there it is, Walter. And Glenda, Glenda goes in for the strike, Walter gets swatted right off the table. We got to look at that one again. This is good. This may go down as one of the best animal staring face-offs of all time. You know, don`t worry, though, I can tell you Glenda and Walter both fully recovered from their spat, and apparently they`re both reportedly BFF again.

Next on "DR. DREW ON CALL," Dr. Drew looks at the stunning online postings of kidnap victim Hannah Anderson. She took questions on a web site and shared details about her abduction.