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Top Three Shockers of the Day; Scientology Slams Leah Remini; Countdown of the Day`s Top 3 Newsmakers; Interview with Bob the Shark; Switzerland Tourism Authority Apologizes to Oprah; Celebrity Beer

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NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ countdown, today`s SHOWBIZ newsmakers. Hello, flo, hello, fame.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was just a big random loser. Then things changed. I got my period.


TURNER: A startling new commercial gets to the point in the most awesome way featuring a 9-year-old girl talking about that time of the month. The young star of the commercial is right here tonight with her mom with their incredible story.

And Bob the shark`s moment in the sun. The piano-playing, wise-cracking, and undisputed star of "Shark After Dark" is here. Will Bob devour the top spot on the SHOWBIZ countdown?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hey there, everybody, I`m Nischelle Turner in for A.J. Hammer. And tonight the SHOWBIZ countdown. We are counting down today`s top three shockers. And kicking it off at number three, Usher wins his custody battle for now. But is the battle really over?

A judge has just ruled Usher can keep primary physical custody of his 5- year-old son after a dramatic court hearing that saw his ex Tameka Raymond try and get that overturned. Here is Usher on the stand telling the chilling story of what happened when his son was rushed to the hospital.


USHER, SINGER: Got him back, he was hysterical. He didn`t want to go to the hospital.

TAMEKA RAYMOND, USHER`S EX-WIFE: I don`t know if my son is going to have a brain defect. I don`t know that his heart is operating correctly. I don`t know that my son is going to be 100 percent the boy he was before this incident.


TURNER: Attorney Areva Martin is with me from Hollywood.

Areva, that was very dramatic there. Now they are scheduled to actually be back in court at the end of the month. So let me ask you our countdown question tonight. Could Usher still wind up losing custody of his child? Because, you know, to me that would be a shocker.

AREVA MARTIN, ATTORNEY/CUSTODY EXPERT: That`s always a possibility, Nischelle, when you have one parent saying that the other parent is not providing a safe and nurturing environment for the child. Of course the court has to look at this. But I think the court in this case looked at all the evidence and said this was kind of a freak accident, that Usher`s aunt, who was the primary caregiver at this time of the incident, is doing a good job taking care of this kid, and that this is the safest and the best place for this child to be at this moment.

But these hearings going on all the time. And whenever you have shared custody, you can have one parent running into court saying,, you know, your honor, the child should be with me rather than the parent that has primary custody. So we should stay tuned, because I`m sure we`re going to see more court filings like the one we saw in this case.

TURNER: OK, Areva says freak accident. Let me bring in Wendy Walsh. She`s a doctor of psychology, also with us tonight in Hollywood.

Wendy, what do you think? Freak accident?

WENDY WALSH, DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY: I think, yes. I mean, I actually -- the same thing happened to my daughter when she was 4 years old. And I -- I responded appropriately, the same way this aunt did. I was just a few yards away. I jumped in the pool and yanked her arm out of that drain. It was a very terrifying moment.

This is what you do, respond appropriately and supervise them carefully in swimming pools. The child is alive because of what the aunt did.

TURNER: You know, one of the most shocking moments of Usher`s child custody hearing I thought was after it was all over. Look at this. After all these nasty things were said, Usher goes up, he hugs his ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond.

So could there be peace after all? And I may have spoken too soon because I don`t think so. Remember they`re back in court on the 27th. And Tameka Raymond seems ready to fight. Look at this, guys.


RAYMOND: I`ll be back in court on the 27th. We will revisit all of this. There was only a very small amount of evidence that was allowed in, because this was an emergency, trying to get something changed immediately. But for a long-term, I`ll see him on the 27th. We`ll be back.


TURNER: Areva, you know what? She sounds like a woman ready to fight. What do you think?

MARTIN: She is. And I don`t think she`s going to give up on this one. When you think about these hearings, again, you know, that parent who doesn`t have custody wants the judge to think that she is the better parent, and she is the parent that`s better able to provide a safe environment.

So she`s going to come back on the 27th and she`s right. It`s going to be a bigger hearing, opportunity for more evidence to be introduced. And there may be a different outcome. But I think what Usher did is so, so important. It shows what the court wants to see happen in these cases is that parents can put aside their personal differences and do what is in the best interests of the children.

So him extending the olive branch to her after that hearing was really big, and it`s going to go a long way in the court deciding that he should be the custodial parent.

TURNER: You know the flip side of that, Areva, some people speculate that Usher knew there were cameras in the courtroom and that it may have been for show, a move like that.

Wendy, what do you think?

WALSH: I looked very closely at his face, and I saw real compassion there. This is a guy who is probably trying to manage a lot of people`s interests, and putting his kids first. There is a reason why he got primary custody of two small children being the father, because, you know, the courts try to not take biological preference, but with small children they often fall on the side of the mother.

So this is a vote for parental rights, for fatherhood rights. And he is also trying to do what he can to manage all of the interests of people involved in this.

TURNER: You know, there were some really dramatic moments at that hearing. That was just one of them. But I want to show another one when Tameka Raymond broke down on the stand. Look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Miss Raymond, how many nights have you spent at the hospital with your son?

RAYMOND: I`ve been there since 4:00, 3:50 since the day of the accident, and I left this morning at 9:45. I have not left the hospital ever.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And Miss Raymond, this is very difficult --

RAYMOND: This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, step down.

RAYMOND: Thank you.



TURNER: You know, you keep hearing her saying, this is ridiculous. I actually talked to her the day after this accident happened, and I could hear the strain in her voice. And she and Usher have been battling in court for a very long time.

So, Areva, it looks like by this, what we saw, that the pressure is actually getting to both of them. You think?

MARTIN: You know, this is not easy, Nischelle. You have two parents that clearly love their children. Both want what is best for the children. And to have to, you know, testify, to have something so publicly played out that involves your kids couldn`t be easy.

But you know, I don`t know, you know, there has been allegations throughout this nasty battle that the mom is unstable emotionally.

TURNER: Right.

MARTIN: You know, there was testimony from a psychiatrist that she is not able to care for these children. And I don`t know. You know, that breakdown may play to that theory, that she is not stable. A lot going on here with this pair obviously.

WALSH: But Areva, you can`t deny --

MARTIN: The court is going to get to look at it.

TURNER: Let`s let Wendy get the last word on this, Areva.

What do you have to say, Wendy?

WALSH: Areva, you cannot deny a mother`s love and that attachment to her children. Of course she is going to have emotional strain. And we should be careful not to judge her for displaying that in a courtroom. I question really whether she does want to be in her kids` lives because she tweeted while she was in that hospital room, I`m getting a little cabin fever here. And that`s the last thing I would think if I was lying bedside with a sick child in a hospital.

TURNER: That`s a good point. All of these good point. Wendy, Areva, stay right there because I`m not through with you, guys.

Next up on our countdown of today`s top shockers, number two, the real life Ari Gold?


JEREMY PIVEN, ACTOR, "ENTOURAGE": You`re fired. And in case your ears are (EXPLETIVE DELETED), get the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out.


TURNER: Jeremy Piven`s character Ari Gold used to fire people in the most humiliating ways on the HBO`s show "Entourage." And today everyone is talking about a real-life exec who did the same thing. The CEO of AOL, Tim Armstrong, was on a conference call with about a thousand employees listening in when he notices one of them has a camera, and he loses it. Tells him to put down the camera and fires him right on the spot with everyone listening in.

Today the media blog posted the audio, and now I`m going to share it with you. Listen.


TIM ARMSTRONG, AOL CEO: Abel, put that camera down right now. Abel, you`re fired, out.


TURNER: All right. I`d hate to be that guy. But is firing someone as a thousand people are listening in ever a good move, Wendy?

WALSH: I would say no. It clearly shows this guy has a poor impulse control. He couldn`t even wait until after the conference call to quietly fire the guy. I`m really -- I don`t think it started here, though. I feel like this was the straw that broke the camel`s back in his business relationship with this person.

TURNER: Yes. That`s interesting. Areva, what do you think, the same thing?

MARTIN: I think it`s never a good idea to take something so personal, a private employment matter, and to play it out on a phone call with a thousand employees. And what we know about this call is this was supposed to be a rally call. Rally the troops call about some layoffs that were going to be happening in this company. So to fire this guy so publicly like this, look for the big lawsuit because it`s coming.

TURNER: You know who people were comparing him to today, right? Donald Trump from "The Apprentice" and also Ari Gold from "Entourage."

Wendy, I`d say, maybe that comparison isn`t the worst thing in business?

WALSH: I think it is a bad thing. I mean, we have this idea that CEOs have to be brutal, cutthroat, no feelings, no compassion. But guess what? There are far more women in the American workforce right now than men and a female style of management is very different. It`s very inclusive and they get the best out of their employees by understanding the needs of their employees. I don`t think this is anything to be proud of.

TURNER: Areva, weigh in as well.

MARTIN: And -- you know, Nischelle, that`s TV, "The Apprentice" and, you know, "Entourage." Those are television shows. This is someone`s real life. This was not a produced television show. This was a business call happening at a company. This is someone`s career at stake.

Can you imagine anything more humiliating than to have your peers witness your termination? Really bad move on the part of this CEO, and I think he is going to live to regret it.

TURNER: Yes. This one is pretty brutal. Although I have heard of some bold bosses, I haven`t really heard of this one until now.

So this takes us to today`s number one shocker on the countdown. The big reveal is in just a moment. So ladies, stay right where you are, because I`m going to need you on this one.

Hello, flo, hello, fame. A little girl was making big news with an ad that goes there about a woman`s most miserable time of the month.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I got my period. The red badge of courage. I became the Camp Dino.


TURNER: I can`t get enough of this viral video. This has become the most memorable, and might I add, adorable thing to hit the net in ages? The pint-sized dynamo who stars in the commercial is right here with her mom to talk about this side-splitting sensation.

Also this.

Bob the Shark taking Hollywood by storm. The piano-playing shark who is one-half of a dynamic duo with David Hasselhoff is here for an unforgettable newsmaker interview.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We could have acted on this earlier, a week earlier, it might have helped.


TURNER: A family celebrates the rescue of kidnapped teenager Hannah Anderson, but tonight new shocking details that beg the question, were there warning signs to this terrible tragedy?

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We`re down to number one in our countdown of the day`s most shocking stories. New details behind a shocking rescue.

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Anderson rescued in the Ohio wilderness this weekend after her alleged kidnapper, family friend, James DiMaggio was shot dead by the FBI. Hannah was last seen in California on August 3rd, the bodies of her mother and 8-year-old brother found soon after.

And today we got shocking new details about that kidnapping, the alleged kidnapper, and possible warning signs. In a new interview with CNN, Hannah`s grandparents said Hannah apparently was creeped out by DiMaggio, but didn`t tell her parents.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just a few weeks ago, Hannah made a comment to her friends that she felt awkward, weird around him because he said he had a crush on her. And she was afraid to tell her parents because Jim`s family. And her friends, you know, the awareness wasn`t there for them to tell their parents or another adult so that, you know, we could have acted on this earlier, a week earlier. It might have helped.


TURNER: All right. Wow. Psychologist Wendy Walsh and attorney Areva Martin are back with me from Hollywood.

Wendy, I want to start with you. Hannah has been reunited with her father, but apparently she was creeped out by this guy, felt she couldn`t tell him or her late mother Wendy. How sad is there that there is a takeaway, and is there a takeaway here?

WALSH: Yes, the takeaway of course to young people out there, boys and girls, if you feel creeped out by somebody, no matter how close they are, go to your parents. If your parents dismiss it, go to somebody at the school. Find another adult. This is really, really important.

Now one of her friends said on an earlier news show that the reason why she didn`t tell her mother, she knew her mother needed Uncle Jim to help drive the kids, et cetera.

Please remember that pedophiles target single mothers. They target them either to date them or to befriend them so that they can have access to the kids.

TURNER: Areva, I want to hear what you have to say about this. Weigh in here.

MARTIN: Yes, I agree with Wendy. We want our kids to take away from this is that they have to communicate. And kids shouldn`t be making decisions about, you know, whether mom needs Uncle Jim or Uncle Bob or anyone to help with the day-to-day, you know, transportation or getting around of kids. Adults can make alternatives. They can find alternatives. They can make do.

This story is so tragic because perhaps something could have happened had this young girl been comfortable in communicating with her grandparents, her aunts, her uncles. Even if you can`t talk to your parents, find some adult in your community and let them know because you can -- you know, we can protect our kids from things like this. I`d like to believe.

TURNER: Yes -- yes, you know, Areva and Wendy, this is a tragic story, but it just keeps getting wilder. There are new reports today that back in 1988 James DiMaggio`s father also held a 16-year-old girl at gunpoint after professing feelings for her, just like DiMaggio is accused of doing.

Now she escaped. And here`s an even weirder fact. Hannah`s dramatic rescue reportedly came 18 years to the day after DiMaggio`s dad killed himself.

Now, Wendy, those similarities just eerie, gives me goose bumps. Do you think there is a coincidence here?

WALSH: Oh, you called them eerie, I call them textbook. So much of who we are is what was modeled for us and what was taught to us. You could look at genetic predisposition or biological predisposition. I would look at what was modeled. So Jim DiMaggio was a teenager when his father perpetrated this.

And then his father committed suicide. Eighteen years later, he is almost re-traumatized from it. One way he could feel some deep unconscious way to be close to his father is to enact the same kind of behavior.

TURNER: Ladies, thank you very much. Good conversation. This story just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

So let`s shift gears now, OK?

Oprah and her shopping smackdown. Billionaire Oprah Winfrey says a sales woman shut her down as she asked about a $38,000 crocodile bag. So was it snooty salesmanship, racism or just a simple mistake? Will Oprah`s oomph top the SHOWBIZ countdown of the day`s SHOWBIZ newsmakers?

Plus, is Leah Remini stirring up trouble with scientology just for publicity? Remini`s sister is defending her saying all of Leah`s problems with the church began after she asked about the whereabouts of the head of the church`s wife.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If she is not anywhere weird, produce her.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, what I mean? Just produce her.


TURNER: Leah versus the world. Tonight it`s the star war that has Hollywood picking sides.

Right now remembering Cory. "Glee" star Cory Monteith died of a drug overdose last month. And in her first TV appearance since Cory`s death, Leah Michele dedicated her win at the Teen Choice Awards to her late boyfriend and "Glee" co-star.


LEAH MICHELE, ACTRESS, "GLEE": You guys are most certainly the greatest fans in the world. And I wanted to dedicate this award to Cory. For all of you out there who loved and admired Cory as much as I did, I promise that with your love, we`re going to get through this together.

He was very special to me and also to the world. And we were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile, and his beautiful, beautiful heart.



TURNER: The Church of Scientology has come out swinging against one of their former followers, actress Leah Remini. Leah has been speaking out against the church recently, and CNN`s Pamela Brown investigates the ongoing controversy for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


PAMELA BROWN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The Church of Scientology lashing out at former "King of Queen" star and talk show host Leah Remini.


BROWN: After she cut ties with the church and reportedly filed a missing persons report for Shelley Miscavige, the wife of the head of the church, David Miscavige. CNN tried to reach Remini for comment but she didn`t reply. Miss Miscavige has reportedly not been seen in public for several years.

Remini`s sister Nicole said in an interview last month with myTalk Radio in Minneapolis, St. Paul, that her sister`s problems with scientology started when she asked David Miscavige about his wife`s whereabouts at the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s part of the reason that Leah started questioning things.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So like where is his wife?

BROWN: According to Nicole, that question led to others, and ultimately to Leah leaving scientology.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If she is not anywhere weird, produce her.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know what I mean? Just produce her. Why is it so wacky? It`s wacky because you won`t answer the question. You won`t produce her. Because Leah has been, like, give me her number, let me call her. Like where is she?

BROWN: But early Friday morning, a commander with the LAPD told CNN they followed up on the report, and Shelley Miscavige is fine. Detectives had a face-to-face with Miscavige and say she is not being held against her will. The case is now closed.

The Church of Scientology also released a statement Friday morning saying, in part, "The entire episode was nothing more than a publicity stunt for Miss Remini. Rather than move on with her life and career, Miss Remini has aligned herself with a handful of untrustworthy, lunatic tabloid sources who obsessively harass the church to advance their selfish agenda."


TURNER: That was CNN`s Pamela Brown for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Moving on now to a much more fun star wars. Celebrity liquor brands are flying off the shelves faster than you can say bop.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think there is a natural connection between drinking beer and watching live music.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Crap, this is really good.


TURNER: Tonight it`s the big-time battle of the booze. Plus "Shark Attack."

Bob the Shark is the breakout star of "Shark Week." The piano-playing, wisecracking star of "Shark After Dark" is right here.

But will Bob devour the number one spot on the SHOWBIZ countdown?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I got my period. The red badge of courage. I became the Camp Dyno.


TURNER: Right now the SHOWBIZ countdown. Today`s SHOWBIZ newsmakers. Hello, Flo, hello, fame. It`s the jaw-dropping commercial about a woman`s most miserable time of the month. The pint-sized dynamo who stars in it is right here with her mom to reveal the untold story.


DAVID HASSELHOFF (singing): He`s the host, Terrance tweets, Bob`s a shark, and I`m the Hoff. Shark after dark.


TURNER: Shark alert. Bob the shark takes a bite out of Hollywood. That piano playing shark who (inaudible) with David Hasselhoff also here tonight. But which story will take a bite out of the No. 1 spot on the SHOWBIZ countdown?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


TURNER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, everybody. I`m Nischelle Turner in for A.J. Hammer. Tonight on the SHOWBIZ countdown, we are counting down today`s top three SHOWBIZ newsmakers. Let`s get rolling at No. 3 with 9- year-old Macy McGrail, starring in the new commercial "hello, Flo," aimed at young girls who are just branching out into their womanhood. Macy plays camp gyno, the girl who gets her period first and becomes the chief in charge of supplies.


MARY MCGRAIL: I got my period, the first badge of courage. I was the first one to get it, so, I was like the expert. I became the camp gyno.

It`s a serious responsibility. From now on, you get these from me. I`m like a counselor now.


TURNER: How much do you love the fact that it`s 2013, and this young lady is taking the bull by the horns, so to speak? So what is it like to be famous for talking about something that makes most of us blush? Well, Macy and her mom Lauren McGrail are here with me tonight. First of all, Miss Macy, nice job, young lady. Nice job.

M. MCGRAIL: Thank you.

TURNER: I know you knew what you were getting into when you went in for this audition. And this whole thing has gone viral. I checked on it this afternoon, and it`s been seen some five million times online. Does that just blow you away?

M. MCGRAIL: Well, it`s really exciting, definitely. I`m just glad that people like seeing me act.

TURNER: Well, I definitely do. And Lauren, mom, this commercial is about a girl at summer camp who is actually unpopular until she gets her period. So let`s be real. This is not something we typically see a 9-year-old girl do. Were you at all in any way uncomfortable with Macy doing this?

LAUREN MCGRAIL, MOM: No, I wasn`t. I mean, these days 9-year-olds, 10- year-olds, 11-year-olds get their periods. And this is something I`ve always been very open with Macy about. There was nothing in there that was shocking. But of course, if Macy were ever uncomfortable with anything, she would never have to audition for it. She was totally fine with it. And she had a great time auditioning.

TURNER: You know what, I could have learned a lesson from you all when I was young, because I tell you what, my mother and I did not have this conversation. I didn`t want to hear it. I didn`t want to know anything about it, and we probably should have. So to say this commercial is kind of in your face, I think may be an understatement. So let`s watch a little bit more.


M. MCGRAIL: Listen up, ladies. Menstruation demonstration. For these campers, I was their Joan of Arc. Your sword, your shield. It`s like I`m Joan and their vag is the arc.


M. MCGRAIL: Suck it up and deal with it!

I guess the power got to my head a little bit. This is your life now.

Popularity can do that. I know it`s that time of month for you because I know your cycle.

But as quickly as it began, it was over. Girls stopped coming to their appointments. Then I found out why. The whole camp started getting frigging care packages in the mail with tampons and panty liners and candy.


TURNER: And candy. You know, Macy, I think that I account for about two and a half million of those views, because every time I watch it, I just laugh even more. But I want to know, how have your friends reacted to this?

M. MCGRAIL: Well, my friends have been very supportive. And they`re just really nice about it. I get phone calls and e-mails saying congratulations. And they`re a really nice group of friends. And I like them.

TURNER: OK, I have to ask, though, what about the boys?

M. MCGRAIL: I don`t care. I mean --


M. MCGRAIL: It`s life.

TURNER: You know what, young lady, I`m digging you. Can we hang out? Because you could teach me a thing or two. Let`s talk about the end of this commercial, because Camp Gyno loses her edge at the end of camp, because all of these girls sign up for the service to get their tampons in the mail. Let`s watch a little bit more of that, OK?


M. MCGRAIL: The whole camp started getting frigging care packages in the mail, with tampons and panty liners and candy! All perfectly timed to their cycle. It`s like Santa for your vagina. How can a camp gyno compete with that?


TURNER: You`re right, Miss Macy, this is life. But this commercial has also started a conversation where young girls everywhere just may be able to feel a little more comfortable talking about getting their period, and maybe talking about it with their mothers. Are you proud to have something to do with all of that?

M. MCGRAIL: Well, mama has told me she has gotten letters from kids my age to women over her age.


M. MCGRAIL: So anybody would be proud to be associated with something that has touched so many people.

TURNER: How about you, Lauren? Proud mama?

L. MCGRAIL: I`m very proud. I`m proud of the job Macy did and the person she is.

TURNER: Well, I`m very proud of you, Macy, because you could teach all of us a little something or two, and maybe we won`t be so squeamish next time, and I won`t laugh like a 12-year-old girl when I see it anymore. Thank you all for joining us. I really appreciate it. I can`t wait to see your next project, Macy.

M. MCGRAIL: Thank you.

L. MCGRAIL: Thank you.

TURNER: All right.

Well, coming up next on the countdown of today`s top newsmakers, No. 2, Oprah Winfrey. Victory tonight for Oprah over her Swiss dis. Oprah just got an apology after the queen of everything revealed a clerk at an upscale boutique in Switzerland refused to show her a $38,000 handbag, saying it was too expensive for her. Oprah suggesting the woman assumed she couldn`t afford it because she is black. Well, the Swiss tourism office just apologized, and so did the owners of the shop, but they claim race had nothing to do with it. Tonight we take you on location to Zurich, and CNN`s Diana Magnani is right there for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Diana.


DIANA MAGNANI, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Plenty of discussion here in Zurich about the Oprah Winfrey incident. Was it snooty salesmanship, racism, or just a simple mistake? The shop owner claims that her sales assistant didn`t quite understand what Oprah was asking for, and says that she was embarrassed by the crocodile bag`s $38,000 handbag.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (through translator): This employee is very familiar working with international customers. And actually is a very good employee. It would be very strange to me if she would have refused to show a bag. The employee would be more than happy to sell this bag. The sale of this bag would have been like seven times that of her monthly salary, and this would have definitely been a great feeling of success for her.

MAGNANI: And although Oprah claims racism, many people here don`t see it that way at all.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it`s just a misunderstanding. Because I mean, the American way of interaction is different. And European way is more cool, you know, and so I`m sure it was a misunderstanding of cultural origin.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It sums up the Swiss approach. It`s about the money, not the race.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s definitely about money and how you dress. Because I actually think you should be able to walk around in normal clothes and go into any store and buy anything you want, no matter how you dress. And it`s not about color.

MAGNANI: Still, the shop said that they were very sorry, as did the Swiss Tourism Authority, who said that people should know that all visitors, Oprah included, are welcomed in Switzerland with open arms. And another question that is being asked, who would buy a $38,000 handbag in the first place? That handbag, incidentally, has since been sold.


TURNER: Thank you very much, Diana. And like you heard her say, even with all of this controversy, the handbag actually sold, yes, for $38,000. Oprah just tweeted this about the bag. Here is what she said. She said, "It turns out the store clerk did me a favor. Just found out that bag was $38,000. She was right. I was not going to buy it. Other than the handbag dis, I had a great time in Zurich, best spot ever at doldergrand. Would love to experience that again."

So let my bring in attorney Areva Martin from Hollywood tonight. Areva, first of all, do you think the apology was enough to Oprah?

AREVA MARTIN, ATTORNEY: I think it was the right thing to do. Obviously, no store wants to be known for dissing anyone, particularly a billionaire like Oprah. So this is just one of those embarrassing situations. Was it racism? Was it a mistake? I don`t know. We heard the president say that he gets followed in stores. So, you know, clearly for Americans, race is a big issue, particularly when you have a billionaire like Oprah who is trying to spend her money. But I think they`re doing the best they can to handle a very delicate situation.

TURNER: Yes, you know, one of Oprah`s loyal fans tweeted to Oprah today that she should have taken a page out of the "Pretty Woman" movie and went back in and said "you work on commission, right? Big mistake!" Big mistake. What do you think about that, Areva?

MARTIN: You know, I think Oprah handled this superbly. She took advantage of it as an opportunity to promote her new movie, talk about race issues. And she just tweeted something that says, hey, I had a great time. I wasn`t going to spend $38,000 anyhow on that bag. So I think everyone comes out looking pretty good on this one.

TURNER: Areva, good point, that brings us now to the big reveal. No. 1 on the SHOWBIZ countdown of today`s top three SHOWBIZ newsmakers. Yes, it is the piano-playing, wisecracking and lovable star of "Shark After Dark," Bob the shark.


HASSELHOFF: He`s the host, Terrance tweets, Bob`s a shark, and I`m the Hoff, "Shark After Dark."


TURNER: Shark and the Hoff, you got to love it. Bob the Shark is in the house, yes he is, and we can`t wait for him to take a bite out of tonight`s SHOWBIZ countdown.

Also, partying like a rock star is taking on a whole new meaning as rock stars, hip-hop stars and more try to get rich off your drink of choice.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think there is a natural connection between drinking beer and watching live music.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is really good.


TURNER: Hanson celebrates its 21st anniversary with that band`s own beer. It`s the battle of the booze. Which stars are making big bank at the bar?

Plus, wait until you see what we named as our SHOWBIZ moment of awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



HASSELHOFF (singing): It`s time to unwind, take a seat, pour a drink and welcome to "Shark After Dark."


TURNER: Tonight our No. 1 SHOWBIZ newsmaker on the SHOWBIZ countdown, Bob the shark, with David Hasselhoff. We can`t get enough of the Hoff and Bob the shark there on Discovery Channel`s "Shark After Dark." Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And our No. 1 SHOWBIZ newsmaker, Bob the shark, a one-man sharknado, kind of. Turned into an overnight Twitter sensation after playing the wisecracking sidekick on Discovery`s "Shark After Dark" late night show on shark week. And Bob the shark is with me now from Hollywood. Bob, you know, you look like you just got out of the water. But I`m told those fins of yours are amazingly dry. How do you do it?

BOB THE SHARK: You, Nischelle, you do not want to know where this suit has been over the past week. Oh, Lord, it`s really filthy. They left me alone here in the studio. No one wanted to be near it.

TURNER: You know what? You can keep that to yourself. I have a weak stomach, Bob. Listen, now you`re famous. This really has made you -- you even get to perform with David Hasselhoff. And that tune, it stays in your head. Are you a big fin, you catch that? A fin of the Hoff?

BOB THE SHARK: Oh, Nischelle, I caught that. Trust me, I`ve milked those for all they were worth the past few days. But yes, it was an amazing thrill. Thank God the cameras recorded that event. I lack the words to describe what it was like otherwise. I mean, me, the Hoff, you know, come on.

TURNER: That`s one for the grandkids, Bob. Now, we saw a lot of shark video on Discovery shark week. And one of those videos went still crazy viral today. It`s that diving video in Key Largo, Florida, when the man tried to kiss a shark to show off for the tourists and got a hell of a lot more than he bargained for. I want to show this again, just because.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- when Dave tries something he hasn`t done before, flipping the fish. A shark`s eyes are on top of its head, making it impossible for the animal to see Dave as he comes in for the smooch.


TURNER: What was he thinking? We can show you that, Bob, because the diver is OK. He did need a couple hundred stitches. But Mr. Shark, I have to ask you, how dumb was that?

BOB THE SHARK: You know, up until that video surfaced, I`m sure the whole world thought it was OK to try to kiss a shark. So lesson learned. Don`t do it.

TURNER: Exactly. Now, you know, it seems like sharks really are everywhere these days, because you are sitting there in a shark suit. But some New Yorkers just got the shock of their lives when they came across this shark on the subway. Did you hear about this? Someone left it there after finding it dead on a beach. Subway riders started taking photos and posing with the shark. Somebody even stuffed a cigarette in its mouth. Bob the Shark, I ask you, what would you have done in that situation?

BOB THE SHARK: Well, you know, the story sort of broke while we were in production. And I actually went up to a Discovery executive, I was like, this is a shark week stunt, right? And they were like why would you ever think we would do something this awful to promote shark week? And I thought, well, because you put a 41-year-old man in a shark suit?


TURNER: Good point, Bob. And I tell you what, seeing that video of that shark carcass on the subway makes me not go there, I`m not going to the subway. I`m going to stay here on top of the land. All right, Bob the Shark, I thank you very much. It`s been fun. It`s been real. Please don`t take that off, because it makes my day. Thank you very much.

BOB THE SHARK: Oh, trust me, I`m wearing it forever.

TURNER: All right. I`m sure that Bob the Shark`s drink of choice has to be Jimmy Buffett`s Land Shark lager, right? The mayor of Margaritaville was one of the first big stars to really cash in on a celebrity backed beer. Now, from rock to hip-hop, there is a big-time battle of the booze brewing in Hollywood.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think there is a natural connection between drinking beer and watching life music.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is really good!


TURNER: Could Hanson`s "Mmm Bop" beer have more staying power than their music?

Plus, wait until you see what we named as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: Tonight there is a battle of the bands brewing. Some of today`s hottest artists are going head to head in a clash of epic proportions. But this showdown has nothing to do with music and everything to do with drinking. Beer, wine, liquor, whenever you look around, there is a music superstar or a band that has a cocktail with their name on it. Here is CNN`s John Berman for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, breaking down the competition.


JOHN BERMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The beat is invigorating, the harmony inspiring, the chorus intoxicating. But if you can`t achieve that musical buzz from Hanson`s "Mmm Bop," why not try Hanson`s "Mmm Hops?" That`s the name for Hanson`s new beer due out this fall.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think there is a natural connection between drinking beer and watching live music.

BERMAN: That, and according to the members of the band --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s pretty good.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is really good.

BERMAN: It isn`t a stretch to say that alcohol historically fits somewhere under the umbrella of sex, drugs, and rock `n roll. So it shouldn`t be a surprise that many musicians have tried to shift from rock to Amber box (ph), if you will.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How delicious can I make a chardonnay?

BERMAN: Dave Matthews challenged himself to make dreaming tree wines. Shouldn`t be too hard, right? After all Dave told us --

DAVE MATTHEWS (SINGING): All you need is love--

BERMAN: If you don`t like love, make sure it`s obvious, like with Motorhead`s brand, Bastard`s Lager, distributed straight out of hell.

Mumford and Sons, who didn`t try very hard on the name, are behind Lewes Stopover Brew, sold at the Lewes Music Festival. And Iron Maiden has Trooper, named after the song. Beyond beer, Marilyn Manson launched Manson in 2007. Of course he did. Burrell Williams (ph) made cream with a Cue (ph) liqueur, and sold the strawberry flavor like a champ.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s sweet, and I feel like it just goes along with the moment. And the peach sort of does the same thing, but just in a peachy way.

BERMAN: This is Diddy marketing his Ciroq Vodka a bit better by playing a drinking game with Mark Wahlberg on "Ellen." And telling a joke.

SEAN "P. DIDDY" COMBS: You know I have a parrot. You know what the parrot says when it comes to my house?


COMBS: Ciroq! Ciroq!

BERMAN: By the way, Diddy`s vodka sold more than two million cases in the U.S. last year. Cheers. But back to beer. It seems like artists have just scratched the surface. How about Tears for Fears trying stout, stout, let it all out? Christopher Cross, not sailing, but aling. And the Village People, not YMCA, but my IPA. Take that, Hanson.


TURNER: That is CNN`s John Berman for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

So Rihanna`s weed-smoking, half-naked Instagram ways are not exactly what you call role model material, but tonight she is having a huge influence on getting kids to class in Oakland, California.


TURNER: Find out the connection between the good girl gone bad and the best and the brightest of Oakland, next. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: Rihanna is a great influence on kids is not something that you hear much of these days. She is a self-professed bad gal rock star. Well, in tonight`s moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness, Rihanna is proving that bad can be the best thing ever for some California school kids.

Truancy is a problem in the Oakland, California unified school district, and to help make school attendance cool, the powers that be got elementary and middle school students to rock out with a really clever song using Rihanna`s "Don`t Stop the Music" beat. They also got a little help from former Oakland student and Seattle Seahawks runningback, Marshawn Lynch. The result? Awesome. Watch.


TURNER: Yes, that`s awesome. I want to be an Oakland school kid. Very, very cool.

Well, coming up next on "DR. DREW ON CALL," Dr. Drew and the behavior bureau explore the very latest on the miraculous rescue of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson. That starts now.