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The Day`s Top Shockers; Wife or Dog?; Post-Baby Kim; Taco Bell Serving Breakfast; Diana`s Private World; Discovery Channel Controversy; Interview with Oprah Winfrey; The Rapping Mannings

Aired August 7, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we`ve got today`s top shockers. Usher`s custody battle reignites as his young son survives a frightening pool accident, Usher at war with his ex-wife.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Three, two, one, go. Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I believe that we just encountered Megalodon.


HAMMER: A super scary "Shark Week" documentary turns out to be a fake. Tonight, there`s a coast-to-coast "Shark Week" feeding frenzy. Fans are on the attack.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching. It really has been a stunning day of developments in Hollywood and beyond, and tonight we are counting down the day`s top shockers.

Let us kick things off at number three. It`s Usher`s brand new battle. And wow, what a heart pounding couple of days it`s been for Usher and his family. His 5-year-old son is now recovering after a frightening pool accident yesterday. Here is just a bit of his aunt`s bone-chilling 911 call.


UNIDENTIFIED 911 DISPATCHER: What is the status of your emergency?

RENE ODEN, USHER`S AUNT: Yes, I have my nephew, he was in the pool and he, he went -- I couldn`t get him, I tried to get him. They got him out now, they are doing CPR on him.


ODEN: Is he breathing? Is he breathing?


HAMMER: Wow. Just gives me chills. Really, really terrifying. Thank goodness little Usher Raymond V was breathing. He`s now recovering from his injuries in the hospital. But that accident has now reignited the vicious war with Usher`s ex, the mother of his two kids, Tameka Raymond. She just filed for an emergency custody hearing to get her boys back.

But should Usher lose custody over what appears to just be a terrible accident?

With me now in New York, HLN`s Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Hey, Jane, so, that 911 call, I mean, wow, talk about terrifying and just thinking about Usher`s son still being in intensive care after the accident really makes me shudder. I am sure Usher and his ex-wife are reeling over this very close call. It`s been a troubling couple of days.

But here is my "Countdown" question for you. Does the accident prove in any way that Usher is a negligent dad?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, HLN`S "JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL": Well, look, the devil is in the details, A.J. Pool accident is a leading cause of death and injury for children in the United States. So it can happen anywhere to anyone. However, the ex is saying that Usher is away from his kids 85 percent of the time.

That`s too much. And look, he is successful. Successful people are often not home. But, nobody is going to take care of your kids like the parents themselves. Not an aunt, not a nanny. And if he is leaving him 85 percent of the time with a nanny or not, that is a problem.

HAMMER: Yes, and that`s exactly the argument that Tameka is making back in court. She was right there insisting hey, he is away from his kids way too often.

Let me bring in attorney Darren Kavinoky. He`s host of "Deadly Sins" on Investigation Discovery.

Darren, I know you`ve really been looking into this. So just another big question tonight, is Usher`s ex just taking advantage of this accident to win her custody battle, as it kind of seems?

DARREN KAVINOKY, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, she`s certainly using it to get leverage. But the real legal question is, are these changed circumstances or was this just a horrible accident that was going to happen no matter who was parenting young Usher?

And I think ultimately at the end of the day, unless there`s some new information it`s probably more likely to be in the latter category that this wasn`t dependent on Usher and his schedule.

And the other thing I point out is that, even if he is gone 85 percent of the time, as Jane just pointed out, is that some new circumstance? Or has that been his longstanding pattern that was the case back when the judge issued the original order in 2012?


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Then let the mother visit when he is out of town. Let the mother --

KAVINOKY: Well, hang on, but -- my wondering in all of this is, is there something more that`s going on here? Either that mom had some baggage or was there something going on with the judge and Usher? There`s got to be more to the story and I think as we start to get into it, more will be revealed.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, I`ll tell you what`s more to this story. Money talks.

HAMMER: Is it that, Jane? Because obviously, I`ve been hearing people saying this all day. It`s really unusual for a mother not to have custody. We of course don`t know all the details in this particular situation.


HAMMER: But there`s got to be a reason. I`d like to not be so cynical to think that it`s just the fact that Usher`s loads of money. Obviously he can provide lots of excellent care for these kids.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Look, maybe he has every right to get primary custody, then spend primary time with your kids. Don`t use your leverage, your power, your wealth, your fame to get the primary custody of the kids, and then allegedly, purportedly -- I don`t know, I`m not there watching him.

KAVINOKY: Yes, but Jane --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Spend 85 percent of the time away from the kids --

KAVINOKY: But that`s your judgment.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: -- and leave them with the nanny and the aunt.

KAVINOKY: But that`s your judgment about what good parenting looks like, Jane. And that`s not ultimately what the court is concerned with. At the end of the day, what the court really cares about is, what is in the best interest of those child -- of the children and we don`t know what was going on with mom.

We don`t know -- I hope it`s not just that Usher is loaded and that`s really what`s carries the ball. If it is, the judge that`s now going to be hearing this case on Friday better make some changes.

HAMMER: And at the end of the day, what we really hope is that Usher`s son is just going to recover.


HAMMER: You know, as much as --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: And I think he will.

KAVINOKY: Can all agree on that.

HAMMER: It sounds like he`s on the right path so let`s focus on that and move on to number two in today`s top shockers countdown.

The college student accused of plotting to kill, not one but two of her ex- boyfriends. This is a wild case. Barbara Wu, just in court, as one of those ex`s testified that the 22-year-old asked him to abduct and kill her other ex using a shovel to knock him out. He claims that she even put the supplies to do it in the truck of his car.

Now, Jane, I know you just spoke with this college student`s lawyer. I want to watch a bit of what he told you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our theory is that he manufactured the -- a majority of the story because he wanted to get himself out of trouble. But the words that he`s saying, even he did not believe. Even though he said my clients said those words he did not believe them. Because the so-called plot is so preposterous, so ridiculous that he did not believe it.

And that`s the heart of this case, Jane. The idea that this was actually going to happen was not the intent of my client. Whether she said these words or not. The intent was not to do any physical harm to him. There was -- and that is required under the law.


HAMMER: OK, so sounds a little gray to me, Jane, but here`s our "Countdown" question, did this killer talk cross the line into a serious murder plot?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: The judge and the jury will have to decide that. But we cannot be ageist or sexist in our judicial system, just because she`s a petite, demure, pretty young thing doesn`t mean she`s incapable of murder. There`s somebody that rings a bell here who was petite and demure --

KAVINOKY: Who could that be?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, who stabs somebody 29 times. And the fact is she made some very scary references, allegedly, to a massacre like Virginia Tech. You know, the gun is a great equalizer. In our society even if you`re petite, if you get ahold of a semiautomatic, you can do a lot of damage. So I think it has to be taken seriously.

HAMMER: Darren, I`m dying to get your take on this. As a defense attorney, did she go too far or far enough to make this a serious murder plot from what we know?

KAVINOKY: Well, look, she -- the case has already gone past the preliminary hearing`s standpoint so a judge did decide there`s at least enough evidence to allow a jury to make that ultimate decision.

If you are asking me as a defense lawyer, you know, look, I may be a little biased. But A.J., it`s been a long time since I`ve used the words two scoops of crazy, and here, it may be, may be two victims that could ultimately be her undoing.

Because let`s remember, there`s actually a second murder plot that she has been implicated in and that both of these are actually going to be heard by those jurors in the same trial and that may be the biggest hurdle for her to get over. It don`t look good.

HAMMER: No, it doesn`t. And I have to say, you know, it`s one of those stories that it would be hard for Hollywood screenwriters to make up. It just sounds --



HAMMER: That`s so -- almost implausible but so huge.

All right. Let`s move on to the big reveal. Number one, on our shocker countdown today, it`s a real-life "Hunger Games" summer camp. That`s right.

Now I should tell you this Florida kids camp doesn`t involve certain death like the actual "Hunger Games" movies but kids are reportedly shouting things at each other like, "I want to stab you" and "I will probably kill you first."

Let`s look at a clip from the movie so I can remind everybody just how violent at least the film gets.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Each year, the 12 districts of (INAUDIBLE) shall offer up in tribute one young man and woman between the ages of 12 and 18 to be trained in the art of survival and to be prepared to fight to the death.


HAMMER: Jane, I can`t wait to hear what you say about our "Countdown" question. Is a "Hunger Games" summer camp completely outrageous?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: It is. And because I`m an advocate of peace and nonviolence, I purposely did not go see that movie. We deal with enough violence in real life without having to make up more of it and then the idea that you would have this killer-be-killed style camp is absolutely obscene. We have enough violence in our society. We should stop teaching children that being violent is tough and strong. We should try to teach them that being nonviolent is strong and wise.

HAMMER: It`s so completely bizarre to me. I just can`t imagine who is signing their kids up to go to this camp and why they would do that. But there you have it.

Jane, Darren, always great to see you both. Thanks so much.

KAVINOKY: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: All right, let`s move on this because this is a big deal. TV`s "Shark Week," everybody is talking about it, it`s just huge, right? But tonight, the beloved heart-pounding series is getting slammed for its big opener, Megalodon, the monster shark.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Power chumming will help the decoy appear to be a real whale. Bleeding in distress. The power chumming will excite and attract bigger sharks and hopefully Megalodon.


HAMMER: Hopefully Megalodon. Well, tonight, fans are just flipping out over this because the super scary documentary, well, it turns out it`s fake. Fans are pretty ticked off about this so we are diving into the shark frenzy.

Now here`s something fans are absolutely loving tonight. The lost audition tapes for NBC`s "The Office."


SETH ROGAN, ACTOR: Urine is sterile. Do you know that? If you`re in the field, you can clean the man`s (INAUDIBLE) by taking a whiz on it.


HAMMER: I can`t wait to show this to you. I mean, imagine, what if Seth Rogan had been cast as Dwight? Seth is not the only big star on these never-before-seen "Office" audition tapes. You`ve got to see why Dunder Mifflin could have been a very, very different place.



HAMMER: A real-life rescue on the high seas. So a man, his wife and their dog, trapped in troubled waters, forced to abandon ship. Imagine, but it`s how the rescue ultimately played out that has set off a really heated debate tonight.

Did the man really choose to save his dog first? It is time now for SHOWBIZ quick hit. This is when we hit today`s buzziest stories at lightning speed, and first up, dog or wife?

This is the dramatic dilemma that has everybody buzzing. A dream holiday boat outing suddenly turned into a nightmare when a husband was forced to make a split second decision to save his wife or their dog first.

Now the trio was sailing off the coast of South Africa. That`s when their boat hit a reef and that forced them to abandon ship in some pretty troubled waters. And that is when the husband was faced with the decision of a lifetime.


GEOFF MCGREGOR, RESCUER: She insisted that Graham take the dog to the beach and then come back to help her.


HAMMER: OK. He did. The husband swam to shore with the dog first.

Segun Oduolowu is an entertainment journalist and a contributor for Access Hollywood. He joins me from Hollywood tonight. I actually think I got the name right.

So Segun, SHOWBIZ producers had quite the heated debate about this.


HAMMER: You heard the rescuer there, the wife did tell the husband, yes, save the dog first, so he did what she told him and in the end, of course, everything did turn out OK. But I must ask you, if it were your wife and your dog, would you have made the same call? Dog first? Your case in 30 seconds.


ODUOLOWU: Well, no, I would never have done it, and it`s not because I`m that big of a pet lover, but you know, and obviously I`m going to save my wife first, hopefully she`ll be the mother of my children, and that makes sense, but I will say this, on his behalf, his dog is always going to be his dog. His wife, he can get her to shore, she can divorce him, file a restraining order, all types of crazy nonsense. So I`m not saying he should have not done it, but I understand, I mean, your dog is unconditional love.


ODUOLOWU: Your wife comes with some jewelry, a fur coat and some (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: That`s true. I`m so much of an animal lover I have such a hard time with this dilemma. And after all, she did say, rescue the dog first.

OK, moving on now to Kim Kardashian --

ODUOLOWU: Yes. Let him off the hook.

HAMMER: Who is ever so slowly inching her way out of hiding. So I got to show you this. She just released this new video using a new video service called Keek. It`s all of three seconds long so I`m going to have to play it for you a few times over.

Go ahead loop it, Charles.


HAMMER: All right, there you go.


There you have it. Well, that`s one.

ODUOLOWU: That`s it?

HAMMER: And that`s two. And let`s see, one more time, here you have it. Look, it`s been nearly two months now since Kim has been hiding out. She did that little video for her mom. It was on her on her talk show.

But now, Segun, it is -- it`s just this teasing that`s going on. I`m wondering if it`s going to backfire on her because I`m starting to hear people who couldn`t wait to see her post-baby now losing interest in seeing her at all after all the stringing along. What`s your take in 30 seconds?

ODUOLOWU: Who cares? It`s Kim Kardashian, like she`s not -- I mean, she`s the princess. I mean, the princess has a baby, she shows it like two hours later. It`s Kim Kardashian. And why would she be hiding from the cameras? She built her entire fortune on being in front of the cameras showing every part of her to the point where America was tired of it.

My whole thing, what, what is she a bear? And she`s coming out of hibernation? She had a baby. Lots of women have had babies. I`m -- I`m in Kardashian fatigue. I don`t like whether she comes out now or they roll her out. I`m done.

HAMMER: All right. Post-baby hibernation. Let`s go quickly from Kim hiding out to Taco Bell out with a new waffle taco. They are currently testing out their waffle taco in parts of California. Look at this thing. It`s what it sounds like. Taco-shaped waffle.


HAMMER: Sausage and eggs inside. Jack in the Box of course has their waffle breakfast sandwich. You`ve got the McGriddle at McDonald`s for 10 years now.

Segun, can the waffle taco conquer all and be the next great breakfast sensation?

ODUOLOWU: A thousand years from now when archeologist dig up what happened to America, this will be the final nail in the obesity coffin. The fact that Taco Bell is serving up like -- that`s got to be 1,500 calories right there. They`re getting into breakfast, leave that to iHop, leave that to the Waffle House.

Taco Bell doesn`t have the best track record of serving up quality food. If you`re going to Taco Bell for your breakfast, you`ve got more problems than I even have the time to deal with. So all I`m going to say is --

HAMMER: You don`t have the time.

ODUOLOWU: I`m not doing it, I`m done. I`m not doing it.


HAMMER: I miss a quiche sandwich right about now.

All right, Segun. Thank you so much.

Getting to our next story, which is unreal. A man is handcuffed, locked in a sealed box and shoved out of a plane. Insane. And it`s one of the wild stories making big news on the SHOWBIZ countdown "SHOWBIZ Gone Wild."


HAMMER: Tonight it`s your SHOWBIZ first look at Princess Diana as few have ever seen her. She, of course, was known as people`s princess. But the late Princess of Wales had a rollercoaster private life that really can rival any Hollywood starlets.

The new movie "Diana" starring Naomi Watts dives head first into Diana`s loves, her life and her tragic death. Now, even if you think you`ve heard it all, I guarantee, you will not be able to look away from this first look at "Diana."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you like something, Your Royal Highness?

NAOMI WATTS, ACTRESS, "DIANA": I don`t want anything. I don`t think I could. I`ll see you next weekend. The one after. Is that what`s the palace have decided?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s still possible you might be queen one day.

WATTS: I want to help people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re so good at giving love. The hard part is receiving love.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Doctor, this is Diana.

NAVEEN ANDREWS, ACTOR, "DIANA": Perhaps I can show you around. There`s a canteen on the underground floor but it`s not open late.

WATTS: We could always pop around the corner for supper with me. I`m serious.

ANDREWS: I don`t know how to contact you.

WATTS: Well, I`m like most people, I`ve got a mobile. Actually, I`m not like most people, I have four.

ANDREWS: Cheers.

WATTS: He doesn`t treat me like a princess. It`s almost as if he doesn`t know who I am.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Maybe he doesn`t, he might be very badly informed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re the most famous woman in the world, use your power.

WATTS: I`m only trying to highlight a problem that`s going on all around the world. I`m in love with a heart surgeon. Apparently I have never been so struck by someone.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If your feelings are this strong, he will feel the same.

ANDREWS: Where are we going?

WATTS: To the very edge of the kingdom. The next few days is going to be a little bit tricky.

ANDREWS: If I marry you I have to marry the whole world as well. That`s not possible.

WATTS: Anything is possible.

ANDREWS: I am a surgeon. I can`t work with the paparazzi sticking their cameras in my face.


ANDREWS: When you fall in love, you just keep going despite the warning lights.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You keep telling me everything is going to be all right. It`s not all right, it`s all wrong.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`ve received an offer from Dodi Fayed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Does it feel right to be going on this trip? You`re not going because you feel lonely.

WATTS: I was trying to find a way for us to be together.



HAMMER: Amazing.

And Oprah Winfrey is starring in another highly anticipated film "The Butler." Tonight, we are one-on-one with Oprah. The movie set during the civil rights movement and tonight the billionaire TV mogul makes stunning revelations about being a victim of racism to this day.


NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Do you feel like you still experience racism in any form?

OPRAH WINFREY, ACTRESS, "THE BUTLER": I -- nobody is going to call up -- come up to me and call me the N word unless they`re on Twitter and I can`t find them.

TURNER: Twitter thugs are something else, right?

WINFREY: Twitter thugs. That`s what it does.


HAMMER: Wait until you see the special SHOWBIZ news maker interview with Oprah.

Plus, TV commercials of course always have used sex to sell everything from beer to toothpaste. Well, there`s a new bra commercial that is selling sex with the ultimate twist.

I can`t wait to show you how this one ends and why it has become the must- see video that everybody is passing around online today. But will this racy ad rise to the top of the SHOWBIZ countdown.

And now for SHOWBIZ "Say What?" Let`s take a look at Ashton Kutcher. There he is on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Now Ashton rang the Opening Bell to promote his upcoming role as Steve Jobs in "Jobs." So what`s Ashton doing and what on earth is he thinking?

Weigh in, go the Fill in that thought bubble, you might see your suggestion on the air right here tomorrow night on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Power chumming will help the decoy appear to be a real whale. Bleeding in distress. The power chumming will excite and attract bigger sharks and hopefully Megalodon.


HAMMER: Right now the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "SHOWBIZ Gone Wild." "Shark Week" dives head first into a frenzy. The super scary documentary "Megalodon" about a monster shark turns out to be a big fat fake.

But is that far out story more outrageous than the 14,000 foot drop? So, a man is handcuffed and locked in a steel box and then he`s shoved out of a plane, wait until you see what happens just 30 seconds later. Which wild story tops our SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer and tonight, it`s SHOWBIZ gone wild, yes we are counting down the top three wildest stories that are making news today. Let`s kick it off. At number three, it`s a mega-controversy over "Shark Week," so the Discovery Channel is now still feeling the heat over its so-called documentary about the biggest shark known to man, megalodon.


ANNOUNCER: Megalodon, the serial killer of the seas with a vicious 100 foot, 80 ton shark that first hunted our oceans around 17 million years ago. I believe, that we just encountered megalodon.


HAMMER: Well, you did. And that is exactly why Discovery is now in hot water tonight. So after two hours of (inaudible) viewers into the story on Sunday night, is the kick off the ever popular shark week, the channel finally fest up with disclaimer at the bottom of the screen, at the very end of the show - and they told people that what you`re watching, just a bit of drama. With me from Hollywood, Segun Oduolowu, all right, he is an entertainment journalist and a contributor to Access Hollywood.

So, listen - Discovery has responded with their statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I want to read what they said. "It`s one of the most debated shark discussions of all time. Can megalodon exist today? It`s the ultimate Shark Week fantasy, the stories have been out there for years and with 95 percent of the ocean unexplored who really knows? Well, who really knows what discovery was thinking, you know, they he did not tell viewers right off the bat, Segun. Should they be let off the hook so simply?

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: No, not at all. Michael Sorenson, the executive producer of "Shark Week" should be taken to the mat for this. Because the idea of the Discovery Channel doing drama and couching it in the term documentary is flat out irresponsible. I mean, when did the Discovery Channel turn into Spike TV? When did it turn into Sci-fi? Why don`t they just do "Sharknado 3", and then they can just imagine sharks falling from the sky. And you cannot call yourself a discovery channel, b, for science, and discovery and then run a little disclaimer at the bottom say, well, this was just a dramatization. They should have just called it "Jaws on Steroids" and been done with it. I`m - I feel that anyone who watched it does have a bone to pick with the Discovery Channel and the producers of shark - of this particular show. Saying it`s a documentary flat out irresponsible.

HAMMER: Are you somehow implying here that "Sharknado" was not real? OK. I will live with that. There were lots of dramatizations - not sharks falling from the sky. But there was plenty of action in this two hour shark fiesta. Let`s visit some more.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What the hell was that?


ANNOUNCER: A day of deep sea fishing on a (inaudible) vessel turned into terror on the high seas off the coast of Cape Town.


HAMMER: Well, that looks very real to me, let me bring in journalist Nicole Lapin. Nicole, in addition to what you just saw, they talked about using these chum guns, they use those to attract the big beasts. Do you think like Segun that they did go too far with this?

NICOLE LAPIN: No way! They are not Spike, when did they become CNN? This is fascinating, this is sensational, that`s why I tune into "Shark Week," this is my most favorite week of the entire year. It`s fantasy, we get it. But that is why I want to tune in.

ODUOLOWU: But they said it was a documentary. I mean ...

LAPIN: Yeah, but you saw the disclaimer at the end of the day.

ODUOLOWU: Nicole, wait, Nicole, Nicole, what are you talking about? Come on.

LAPIN: That`s inspiring me up.

ODUOLOWU: Come on. It`s the Discovery Channel.

LAPIN: No, no, no. No, no, no.

ODUOLOWU: It`s the Discovery Channel.

LAPIN: Yeah, but .

ODUOLOWU: This is Discovery Channel. It`s not Spike.

LAPIN: But even the possibility of a giant ...


HAMMER: All right, hold on, now I cannot understand that either of you are saying. But I get the point, OK, you do not care, Nicole.

ODUOLOWU: Ladies first. Ladies first.

LAPIN: Yeah, but you know what`s more scary - is the real shark in the New York City Subway. That is scary.

HAMMER: Yes, and you know what, I have seen some stranger things in the New York City subway. But to move now from the wild seas to number two in our "Countdown". Let`s go very high up in the sky. Shall we? Look at this. Escape artist Tony Martin, just jumped of a plane. This was 14,000 feet in the air when he did this. He was handcuffed, he was locked in a box that he effectually calls the coffin. Well, my good friend CNN`s Zoraida Sambolin reported on the story first thing this morning, you`ve got to look at this.


ZORAIDA SAMBOLIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The pressure is on, with fascinated spectators below.

(on camera): Right there.


SAMBOLIN (voice over): Two other sky divers hold the box, Tony dubbed the coffin steady enough for him to work his magic inside, bound by chains and handcuffs. 30 seconds is all it took for this expert escape artist to pick the locks and break free. And come in, for the perfect landing. A waive to the crowd signals he is all right.


HAMMER: That is crazy to me. I actually love stuff like this. I would never do it, but I do dig it. Segun, I don`t know how - you know, you had these people standing on the ground. I don`t know how they watch something that could have ended really badly so closely. Or maybe that is why they were watching.

ODUOLOWU: This is so nonsensical. This man is a church deacon, right? What church - like when is this - what scripture and gospel is this from? Where you jump out of a plane and you are an escape artist? I don`t get - like why don`t you just handle serpents and speak in crazy tongues. Like, it`s the craziest thrill seeking. And you know who is? He is a junkie. There are coke junkies, there are heroin junkies ...

LAPIN: No way!

ODUOLOWU: He is an adrenalin junkie.

LAPIN: He is a daredevil junkie.

ODUOLOWU: I`m sorry he is going to church.

LAPIN: So what - that is his religion.

ODUOLOWU: So what?

LAPIN: He is a - as long as we have people on the earth, we are always going to have people pushing the envelope. This is his passion, this is his business. He came out and says that is, not my business, I don`t have the stomach for it. But he has been doing it since he was little.

ODUOLOWU: What envelope does this push?

LAPIN: This push is ...

ODUOLOWU: What envelope does this push?

LAPIN: Well, what envelope, do you feel, has Baumgartner pushed?


HAMMER: Two words, Evil Knievel. Let`s listen to what he said after the jump. Charles, would you roll that please?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I definitely knew when I was falling because I was getting flung around a little bit inside the box. Praise God it all went good, and it`s good to be here, it`s good to be alive.


HAMMER: And I have a feeling he is going to be doing it again.

All right. Time now to reveal our number one wildest story of the day. You are not going to believe your eyes when you see this commercial. It was just released by a Japanese lingerie maker, Wakol (ph). This is for their new boost-up bra. Watch this.


HAMMER: I didn`t see that coming. Segun?

ODUOLOWU: No, look, I live in Hollywood. You can drive down almost any boulevard in Hollywood and you will see guys that probably look better than him in a wig and could have pulled that off. I was not expecting that, but when I saw it, I was like, hey, you know what, that is great advertising. That is great - for a push-up bra. I will leave it to my female companion, because I won`t be wearing it, so it`s on you, my dear.

LAPIN: Yes, this is (inaudible), yes, this is an amazing marketing campaign. And isn`t what commercials are supposed to be about? They are racking up, no pun intended, millions of views on Youtube. So this is brilliant business. Other companies in this space did provocative bra campaigns like this, and they sold a ton of bras. Isn`t this good business? That is what it`s all about.

HAMMER: Really good. Well, well done. All right, Segun, Nicole, a lot of fun, thank you both. And tonight, we are one-on-one with the great Oprah. The queen of all media, stars in the highly anticipated drama "The Butler" and gets more personal than ever talking about feeling the harsh sting of racism to this day.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you feel like you still experience racism in any form?

OPRAH WINFREY: Nobody is going to come up to me and call me the n word unless they are on Twitter and I can`t find them.



HAMMER: Oprah on her powerful movie and more in a new SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

Plus, if you are a fan of "The Office," well, it`s really impossible to imagine anyone other than Steve Carell as Michael Scott, the bumbling boss, right? Well, tonight, we have got the lost audition tapes. You`ve got to see the big stars who were almost Dander Miflin (ph) staffers.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get the hell out of my house!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, everybody, just sit down.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m sorry, Mr. Butler, I did not mean to make fun of your hero.

WINFREY: Everything that you are and everything that you have is because of that butler.


HAMMER: Oprah, bringing the heat in the new movie, "The Butler," so much buzz about Oprah Winfrey`s performance as the wife of a White House butler played by Forest Whitaker. And CNN`s Nischelle Turner just spent some time with Oprah. They had a long chat about the movie and a whole lot more. And it`s just always good to be in her presence.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely, AJ, it was a definite treat. She is a legend, she is a media mogul, but a lot of people forget, Oprah is also an Oscar nominated actress, but it`s been a long time since Oprah Winfrey did a dramatic movie role. So why now? She does not need the work and she darn sure does not need the money. But during our talk, Oprah gave me the straight story about what and who got her to do "The Butler." Also, I don`t think I`ve ever heard Oprah be so frank and so personal about the subject of race.


TURNER: So your first dramatic role in 15 years.

WINFREY: Can you believe it, Nischelle, can you believe it? I know, really, what made me say yes to that?

TURNER: That was my question, what made you say yes?

WINFREY: Especially since I was going through it. I was going through building Own, and thank goodness we were on the other side, at least headed in the right direction on that, and I said to Lee, this is the absolute worst time you can ask me to do anything, Lee, and you know, he just would not take no for an answer. I think one of the reasons why there`s so much still lingering prejudice and racism is because we do not get to see people as ourselves. And so, this was an opportunity, I thought, to let the world feel the heart of the butler, the heart of this period that really was a defining period in the lives of many black people but also our nation.

TURNER: I was going to say, will this generation that sees this movie today, do you think they will get Cecil Gaines or will they look at him as weak?

WINFREY: I certainly hope not. I certainly - you know, what I hope this generation looks and sees, they see their own fathers. One of the reasons why I loved this film and wanted to be a part of it is because of the tenderness between the husband and the wife, and the tenderness and the nurturing nature of the middle class family. So many images--

TURNER: I have never seen that before.

WINFREY: I know you have not seen that before. You know, I know you hadn`t seen it before.

TURNER: Seriously, I have never seen that before.

WINFREY: Isn`t that just shocking? And when I ask other people, white people, black people, when have you seen tenderness and honor and respect and longevity and people that have been together and they can finish each other`s sentences, and you can see the caring. The caring in that family happens not just when they are in bed together, Cecil and Gloria, but when they are sitting at the table and finishing each other`s sentences. And she says--


WINFREY: What was the name of that movie, honey?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "In the heat of the night."


TURNER: In the heat of the night.

WINFREY: In the heat of the night. You can feel that.

TURNER: Do you feel like you still experience racism in any form?

WINFREY: Nobody is going to come up to me and call me the n word unless they are on Twitter and I can`t find them.

TURNER: Twitter thugs.


WINFREY: Oh, the Twitter thugs. The Twitter thugs. So, I have learned to leave the Twitter thugs alone. So unless, you know, it`s something ridiculous. Nobody is going to do it. But, I experience racism in ways that you experience when you have reached a level where people can`t call you to your face by, you know, out of your name. I experience it through people`s expectations and lack thereof, and I use it to my advantage. It`s a wonderful thing when people count you out because they think you can`t do something.


TURNER: "The Butler" opens nationwide a week from Friday. A.J.

HAMMER: Nischelle, she is already getting a whole bunch of buzz, maybe even talk of an Oscar for her for her role in "The Butler." After a 15- year break, she does this movie, gets all this buzz. Do you get the sense she wants to do more films or is this kind of a one-off?

TURNER: You know, that is a good question. I think, if I had to say, it may just be a one-off, because the one thing she told me was that I did not want to do this movie. I really did not want to do this movie, because I didn`t have time, she was in the midst of the madness launching Own and it was that really crucial time when things were not going so well. And she said Lee Daniels just would not let up, but she had so much on her plate. However, AJ, I will say, and I will parse my words. If Ms. Oprah gets an Oscar nomination for this film, we could see her on the screen again so the bug just might bite her.

HAMMER: I have a feeling. And director Lee Daniels knows how to make a good case to put somebody in a movie.

TURNER: Yes, he does.

HAMMER: Nischelle, thanks so much.

And as we move on tonight, I love Rain Wilson, and he really was a fan favorite as the dingbat Dwight on "The Office," right? Tonight, we are revealing the lost audition tapes for the hit TV show. Imagine if Seth Rogan had been White.


SETH ROGAN: Urine is sterile. Did you know that? If you`re in the field, you can clean a man`s wound by taking a whiz on it.


HAMMER: So great. Seth of course not the only big star on the never- before-seen "Office" audition tapes. Wait until you see the video that could have changed TV as we know it.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What I really want, honestly, Michael, is for you to know it, so that you can communicate it to the people here, to your clients, to whomever.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s whoever, not whomever.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, whomever is never actually right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, sometimes it`s right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Michael is right, it`s a made-up word used to trick students.


HAMMER: Such a classic scene from NBC`s "The Office." Doesn`t get better than that, right, or does it? It stars (inaudible) of the "Office`s" original casting audition tapes have just been released. This is so cool, but it has of course a lot of fans wondering what if. Can you imagine anyone else in these roles? Time now for SHOWBIZ hot flashes. We are tackling the day`s hottest headlines, and first up, it`s the secret Office edition tapes. Just revealed with some now very famous faces. I`m talking about some big stars here, like Seth Rogan, trying out for the role of Dwight. Sitcom favorite Eric Stonestreet auditioning as Kevin. Take a look at what could have been.


ROGAN: Urine is sterile, did you know that? If you are in the field, you can clean a man`s wound by taking a whiz on it. That is actually in first aid books written by the Red Cross.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Boring, just staying home and watching TV every night?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not for me, I like it.


HAMMER: I want to bring back Nicole. Nicole Lapin is a journalist who`s with us tonight, and it seems to me that the casting as it turned out for "The Office" was perfect. I really think it was lightning in a bottle. But imagine what it would have been like. You have Seth Rogan or Eric Stonestreet as part of the cast. We are talking about some pretty amazing actors here.

LAPIN: Amazing actors, but the show`s success really hinged on the chemistry here, so if they tampered with that, who knows, it might not have been so successful like it was for nine seasons. Yes, that is entertainment gold. Not many shows last for that long and are that successful.

HAMMER: Yes, really one of my favorite shows. Sorry to see it go, but I think they wrapped it up right and time to move on. To our next hot flash right now, let`s look at Beyonce biking to work. Imagine that. Well, she just shared these Instagram pictures. This was during her commute to work this week. Apparently, she ditched her chauffeur and her fancy car and she rode a bike across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Barclay`s Center here in New York City. That is where she was performing. And she posted the message, "I biked to Barclay`s for my last show in Brooklyn."

Look, I`m sure she was not doing it for the exercise, Nicole. I think she gets plenty of that when she`s on stage during her concerts, but I also think that her fans will love her even more now for at least seeming so down to earth even if she was playing around.

LAPIN: I love her even more, I`m getting a hot flash just thinking about it. She is my hero. Can you imagine this? I think this is awesome, she is so fierce. I wonder if she actually did it in heels?

HAMMER: I hope she did do it in heels. You know, I don`t think we quite saw that in the picture, but Beyonce, always with plenty of style. And really, this was very fresh to us, because it was a page right out of her husband Jay-Z`s play book. Do you remember when he hip-hopped the subway to the same venue a couple of months ago? Obviously this smacks of a big publicity stunt, here we are talking about it, and we love Beyonce and look, we love her no matter what, but I also think it`s a good kind of publicity stunt for New York City and for Beyonce.

LAPIN: It`s a great publicity stunt for New York City. You see the city bikes are all around. It`s a big trend right now, Beyonce is always on trend. So she is incorporating two trends right now. She is incorporating Instagram and she`s incorporating biking. And they are the coolest couple out there. So if we are talking about them, I think there could be worse things we would talk about.

HAMMER: No question about it. All right, Nicole, thank you so much. Let`s move on now to pro football quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning are scoring with their new gig. They are ditching their pads and cleats, and all they need now is a mic.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let me ask you a question, what do you get when a football gets down with your phone?



HAMMER: You cannot miss the rapping Mannings in tonight`s SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



HAMMER: The great Jay-Z, hip hop was of course long ago declared an art form. And now it got its first fancy pants gallery opening. Jay-Z performed (inaudible) for six hours as performance art in a New York City art gallery. It was all part of a new film that aired on HBO.

Well, Jay`s hip-hop performance could very well be the future of music, but tonight`s moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness might actually set hip-hop back just a few notches. There`s a new duo that is changing the game. Actually, you may think they should stick to the game that they are famous for after you see their video, but it`s still too awesome to miss. So now, check out NFL star quarterbacks and brothers, Peyton and Eli Manning, wrapping in a new video for DirecTV`s new mobile app. I present to you "Football on your Phone."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let me ask you a question, what do you get when a football gets down with your phone?



HAMMER: It is so awesomely bad that it`s good.

Coming up next on "DR. DREW ON CALL, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner`s sexting mistress Sidney Leathers tells all about the scandal. "DR. DREW ON CALL" starts right now.