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Weiner`s Sexting Partner Speaks Out; Jason Patrick Wants Sperm Donors to Have Parental Rights; `Idol` Sued Over Racism Charges; SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Top Burning Questions

Aired July 29, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," today`s top three "SHOWBIZ Shockers."


SYDNEY LEATHERS, SEXTED WITH ANTHONY WEINER: I just feel nauseous, literally nauseous when I see him. You will get to know someone and you think they`re this other person. And then you really find out they`re just kind of a sexual deviant and that`s it.


HAMMER: The woman at the center of the Anthony Weiner sex scandal drops new bombshells. "Inside Edition`s" Jim Moret got the very first TV interview with Sydney Leathers. Jim is right here tonight with all the behind-the-scenes drama.

"SHOWBIZ" burning questions, when will we finally see Kim Kardashian. Is Kim K. in hiding since she had her baby? Well, tonight we are getting to the bottom of Kim K`s mysteries.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," it`s today`s top three shockers. Let`s get right to it and Kick it off with No. 3. The shocking brand-new revelations from the woman Anthony Weiner has confessed he carried on with online, including flashing his private parts, again, and doing it behind his wife`s back, again.

Her name is Sydney Leathers, and she is telling all exclusively to "Inside Edition`s" Jim Moret.


JIM MORET, "INSIDE EDITION": Describe him. I read one quote that suggested you thought he was a dirty old man.

LEATHERS: He actually said that about himself to me. He -- the exact wording was that he`s an argumentative, perpetually horny middle-aged man. And at the time I was like, no, you`re not. But yes.


HAMMER: Really? She didn`t think he was a horny middle-aged man?

My friend Jim Moret is with me tonight from Hollywood.

This is pretty astounding to me. It`s not like Anthony Weiner didn`t have a track record. He essentially resigned from Congress, you know, because he had this perpetual online horniness. What is it that this woman didn`t get?

MORET: Well, and that`s why we`re only No. 3. If this were the first woman, we`d be at No. 2 and up. I`m very upset about that.

HAMMER: That`s all right.

MORET: You know, she first reached out to him a year before their relationship -- and I call it a relationship loosely -- began, saying that she was a big fan of his. She was very disappointed in him.

And about a year later he reached out to her under his alias, which we now know as Carlos Danger, which is my favorite, and he began courting her and quickly their conversations turned to sex.

Look, I`ve interviewed now a couple of these women that Anthony Weiner has had these sexing relationships with. You have a political junkie who sees him as a hero and they both said the same thing: "I couldn`t believe he was paying that much attention to me." And they felt special, and they got caught up in the fantasy of this. They never met, but -- but this was still very real in a bizarre and sick sort of way.

COOPER: Yes, really bizarre. And it`s so interesting to me against the backdrop, against the initial reason that she may have reached out to him or so she claimed, that she said she had the phone sex with Weiner -- this is what she told you -- she had phone sex with Weiner over and over again, knowing that he was still married, knowing that he was the father of a young child.


LEATHERS: We had phone sex.

MORET: When you say you had phone sex, how often would this happen?

LEATHERS: A couple times a week.

MORET: Would he call you? Would you call...

LEATHERS: He always called me, and he blocked his number. I think he learned from the first scandal to be a little bit more careful, at least.

MORET: Would almost every conversation be sexual in nature?

LEATHERS: All of them were. He frequently liked to tell me about these fantasies he had about me or sexual dreams he had about me. He`s lying. That is my biggest problem with it.


COOPER: OK. That`s what`s amazing to me, Jim. She didn`t spill the beans out of guilt over cheating with a married man. She ratted him out because he was trying to make himself look like this great family man while he`s going to be running for the mayor of New York City. I guess perhaps we as New Yorkers should be thanking her.

MORET: Well, I`ll tell you what really bothered her: is that toward the end, just a few months ago, really, he was very upset and jealous, she says, of her Facebook postings and people commenting on whether or not she was attractive, and he became jealous.

And she felt that this relationship really mirrored the -- what is it -- the "House of Cards" with Kevin Spacey, where he is a politician involved with a prostitute. She, of course, not a prostitute; a reporter. And she felt that she identified with that reporter and he was the Congressman. And she posted that on Facebook. And he said, "Is this about me?" And she said, "No, this is about `House of Cards.` This isn`t about you."

And she said it was all getting so weird, and he was so possessive. And when she saw the "New York Times" article where it said he was reformed, his wife was behind him, he`s running for office, she couldn`t take it anymore, so she says.

HAMMER: Well, Sydney did have this emotional message for Weiner`s wife, Huma. I want to watch that with you. Here`s what she told you.


MORET: Do you believe that he really cares about his wife?

LEATHERS: I hope so, but I also feel like he`s not worthy of her.

MORET: Do you think she`s making a mistake to stay with him?

LEATHERS: I don`t really think it`s my place to say that, but if I were in her shoes, I wouldn`t say.

MORET: Do you believe that Huma can ever trust Anthony Weiner?

LEATHERS: I don`t think it would be smart to trust him.

MORET: Do you see a woman there in pain?

LEATHERS: Absolutely and I`m very empathetic, and I feel for her. I feel terrible that I am part of that.


HAMMER: OK. So Jim, you were sitting face to face with her. You know what that emotion or that seeming emotion was really about. Do you believe, from your encounter with this woman, that she does really feel terrible?

MORET: Yes, I do. I also believe that she doesn`t consider herself a victim. She takes responsibility for this. He feels the only victim here is Huma. She feels responsible for that.

But she also believes that Anthony Weiner is a manipulative man who has done this repeatedly and, she believes, has done it with other women, other than her. And then we heard, just a day after I did this interview, he couldn`t even come up with a number. He said it`s less than a couple of dozen, you know, what`s the big deal? Ten, eight, who knows.

HAMMER: It`s just stunning to me. It`s wild to watch this unfold. I, for some reason, don`t think it`s over yet, Jim. I just have the sense we`re going to be hearing more.

MORET: I think, sadly, you`re right, but it keeps us in business as you say, right?

HAMMER: Well, you said it for us. Thank you, Jim Moret. We`ll talk you later.

Our next big shocker today, No. 2 on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," Jason Patrick`s baby battle.

Listen to this. Jason Patrick, of course, the star of movies like "Speed 2," has now become the face of the battle that could very well redefine who is allowed to have parental rights in America.

Here`s the deal. Jason donated his sperm to his ex-girlfriend, and the boy she had is now 3 years old. Well, Patrick is fighting to get a law passed in California that would allow sperm donors to sue to get parental rights.

This morning, he appeared on CNN`s "NEW DAY," and he demanded the law be changed.


JASON PATRICK, ACTOR/ACTIVISTS: This law is something that her lawyers found two months into our separation and just perverted it and slipped me into it. I was as shocked as could be when they hit me with those papers.


COOPER: This is an amazing battle. I think it`s so fascinating. Attorney Midwin Charles is with me tonight from Miami.

So Midwin, what do you think? From a legal perspective, unless his ex- girlfriend somehow changes her mind, is Jason basically out of luck unless this law gets passed?

MIDWIN CHARLES, ATTORNEY: Well, I think it`s a long shot. I think whenever you are a sperm donor, you sever ties. You are purposefully saying that you do not want to parent the child.

Now, is it unfortunate that he`s changed his mind? Yes.

I think this is one of those cases of first impression. I think time is going to tell us what the outcome will be.

But I got to tell you, it`s refreshing to see a father want to be a father and be involved in a child`s life. Because you know, you rarely get to see that, at least not as often as we hear about. So bravo to him. I wish him all the best of luck, but I think it`s a long shot.

COOPER: But that`s -- your point is exactly why I feel kind of bad for Jason, despite what the law may be or what he knew he was getting himself into. He`s basically, you know, as you said, just trying to do the right thing, be a part of his son`s life. Financially, he says, he has been doing whatever it is that`s been necessary along the way.

Watch what he told Chris Cuomo this morning about that on CNN`s "NEW DAY."


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: The school forms. You`re all over the school forms as the parent.


CUOMO: You know that. You were part of the process. You were put in as the dad. Was it just to help him get into school or is this just a statement of what it was?

PATRICK: Well, when I`m sitting there with Danielle Schrieber (ph) and, you know, with the school director we`re talking how much we`d like our child to come. And her handwriting is writing my name down as father, and I`m paying for the school.

It was only when the -- when this went down seven months later did I find out she said she put me down purely as an actor to try to get her son into a school.


COOPER: Wow. All right, so I know this may be difficult. I want to try to have you take your lawyer cap off for a second. And give me a sense of whose side you`re on here. Is it OK for a guy who donates sperm to later claim that he wants parental rights, like Jason is doing here?

CHARLES: I`m on the child`s side. I think whatever is in the best interests of that child is what should rule or carry the day.

And I think it`s sad that these two people just can`t work it out for the benefit of that child. I don`t understand why the mother of the child isn`t sort of kind of just relinquishing and kind of letting things go.

Now, with respect to him wanting to parent, I can kind of understand where she could be a little bit rigid with that. And in other words, he wants to be able to make decisions -- medical decisions, important decisions -- with respect to the child. But there must be a way that the two of them can come together, at least for the betterment of this child.

HAMMER: Yes, and their stories are very, very different. Jason`s ex is claiming that he wanted her to leave his name off the birth certificate, because he wanted to keep the son a secret, even from his own family.

Jason is claiming he wanted to keep his name off the birth certificate so his son could have some privacy. Obviously...

CHARLES: I`m not buying that.

HAMMER: But if this law gets changed, imagine the repercussions around the country.

CHARLES: Well, at least for the respective fathers who want to be involved. Right? I mean, that`s where the repercussion comes in.

But either way, I just hope whatever is in the best interests of the child is what ends up happening.

COOPER: That is exactly the right place to leave it.

And that leaves us at No. 1 on today`s "Top Shockers" countdown. Midwin, stay right where you are. I will reveal that in just a moment.

Also ahead, tonight, saving Amanda Bynes.


AMANDA BYNES, ACTRESS: What can I say? Maybe one day I`ll become a big drunkard, and you`ll have tons to talk about.


HAMMER: Wow. It`s an eerie "SHOWBIZ Flashback." A much younger Amanda Bynes, seen before all of her trouble hit.

What can be done now to help put Amanda back on track? We`re going to be digging deep tonight in "SHOWBIZ Burning Questions."

Plus, magic madness. I love this. Tonight, we`ve got the frenzy over this magician who appears to be walking around with his body cut in half. His name is Andy Gross. He is the man behind this sensational illusion. And he is right here. Maybe he`ll tell me how he pulls it off.




RYAN SEACREST, HOST, "AMERICAN IDOL": The crowd is pumped and ready to go. Come on. Let`s go.


HAMMER: Ryan Seacrest with a massive amount of "American Idol" wannabes. And talk about your shockers. Some of "Idol`s" former contestants are now crying foul today. And in a stunning move they`ve banded together against the very show they wanted to make them famous.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. In the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," we`re counting down today`s top three shockers, and right now it`s the big reveal.

Today`s No. 1 shocker: "American Idol" accused of racism. So ten of the show`s former contestants have just sued "Idol." They`re claiming that they were kicked off the show because they`re African American, and they`re demanding $25 million each. Now, is this just a case of sour grapes?

Here`s CNN`s Nischelle Turner with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


NISCHELLE TURNER, HLN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It`s been the biggest show on television.

SEACREST: This is "American Idol."

TURNER: A show with diverse group of judges and contestants, which have produced four African-American winners...

SEACREST: Ruben Studdard!

Fantasia Barrino!

Jordin Sparks!


TURNER: ... out of 12 competitions.

But now a lawsuit filed in federal court on behalf of ten former "Idol" contestants says the producers of the show engaged in racist behavior. They are asking the court for more than $25 million each.

Fox, which broadcasts "Idol," and producers behind the show declined CNN`s requests for statements. James Freeman, the attorney behind the suit, tells CNN he believes "Idol" producers target black men on the show for ridicule and dismissal if they are discovered to have any kind of criminal record.

And his complaint alleges white contestants who are accused of similar offenses are allowed to continue in the competition. It was the dismissal of Season 11 finalist Jermaine Jones that Freeman says inspired him to work on this case. Jones was dismissed after the Smoking Gun Web site revealed he was the target of several arrest warrants, but his name is not on the lawsuit.

JERMAINE JONES, FORMER "IDOL" CONTESTANT: I was asked to be a part of it, but I decided not to because, like I said, I want to take the good with the bad, and I`m just moving forward.

TURNER: He says contestants know what they`re getting into when they sign up to be on "Idol."

JONES: You had an opportunity to make something of it so what have you done over these years to earn your $25 million?


HAMMER: So Jermaine Jones, disqualified there, but not choosing to participate in this suit.

These are some pretty serious allegations here. That`s why I have my good friend, criminal defense attorney Midwin Charles, back with me now.

So Midwin, I`m trying to figure out what`s going on as I watch this, because he`s obviously a legitimate lawyer. But are you sensing a case of sour grapes here or could these former contestants really have a legitimate case?

CHARLES: Well, what I think is interesting is you have so many contestants kind of lining up to sue "American Idol." So I wonder if there are enough facts there, in other words, to show that this is a consistent claim, that this has happened over and over again with the same sort of individuals: in other words, African-American or Latino males.

So it`s going to be interesting to see what sort of facts they are alleging. Because when it comes to these discrimination complaints, you have to be as specific as possible with respect to each and every incident that you believe occurred that was racist.

HAMMER: And let`s be honest here. We know they`re going up against some pretty big lawyers, you know, behind the show and the people working through FOX and everything like that.

But these contestants are asking for $25 million apiece. Can you help me sort of understand how they might justify a mega payout like that? Why they think they can ask for that much money?

CHARLES: It does seem rather hefty. Usually when a plaintiff files a lawsuit like this they will ask for monetary damages. And those damages sometimes can come down to a monetary calculation of emotional damages, of money that they might have missed out on, had they been able to compete in "American Idol" and had not been kicked off.

But it seems a little bit speculative, because it is a competition program.

HAMMER: Right.

CHARLES So there`s no guarantee what your income would be should you have been able to progress past various rounds. It will be interesting to see how they come up with those numbers.

HAMMER: It will be interesting to see how this plays out altogether.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, of course, did reach out to "American Idol." They did not get back to us by our deadline.

Thank you, Midwin.

Well, we move from "Idol" under fire to Miley tattoo mania. There is big buzz over there. Miley Cyrus is she considering getting a tattoo of Chris Brown on her face?

And did you see this?


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Kevin Rose let his dog out of the San Francisco home, then heard frantic yelping as a raccoon tangled with him Toaster.


HAMMER: Beware of the raccoon. This is a wild story. A pet owner jumping in to protect his dog. It is next.



HAMMER: Did you see this? It`s wild video of a raccoon attacking an adorable little Labradoodle, and then the incredibly brave owner saves him. You`ve got to check out the way the owner tossed that raccoon like he was tossing a football. Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the tale of the flying raccoon.


MOOS: Toaster the Labradoodle could have been toast if his owner hadn`t saved him. Kevin Rose let his dog out of his San Francisco home. Then heard frantic yelping as a raccoon tangled with Toaster. Kevin sprinted down the stairs, grabbed the raccoon and hurled it.

KEVIN ROSE, DOG OWNER: I was just scared that he was getting shredded up. You can tell he freaked out.

MOOS: Here`s the replay from another security camera. Check out those eerie flying raccoon eyes.

Kevin said he had no choice.

ROSE: I wanted to get them separated. I didn`t want to kick; I`d probably kick my own dog.

MOOS: Kevin is the founder of Digg, the social news web site that spawns viral videos. And he found his own video going viral, but what did he find when he went warily down those stairs?

(on camera): Kevin says the raccoon definitely survived the toss, that he saw it get up and take off.

ROSE: It actually fit through those gate bars there.

MOOS (voice-over): Now it`s even got its own fake Twitter account, @tossedraccoon.

Toaster the Labradoodle came out of it with some scratches, and Kevin came away looking like a Major League pitcher. Admirers have put the toss to music.

Kevin told Twit TV the raccoon weighed about 25 pounds.

ROSE: It felt very greasy.

MOOS: Last time we saw a toss like this was when a raccoon stumbled into the chimp enclosure at the St. Louis Zoo. What a wind up.

And how did this raccoon wind up? Mad in the drainage pipe. We`re told it eventually got out alive.

Kevin Rose came out of his encounter smelling like a rose.

(on camera): Believe it or not, even PETA gave Kevin a pass for hurling a raccoon.

(voice-over): PETA said, "It was a crazy move that could have gone very wrong for man, dog and raccoon. But you can`t fault a man for reacting to save his dog."

ROSE: It was just kind of one of those things where you care so much about an animal. They`re like a family member.

MOOS: Strike three, raccoon. You`re out.


HAMMER: Shoulder going down those stairs now. That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

OK. This is going to blow your mind. It`s the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "SHOWBIZ Burning Questions." What would you do if you were taking a stroll and suddenly, you see this? It`s a man walking with his body seemingly cut in half, his legs appearing to be walking by themselves, his body just kind of floating beside him. That`s how Andy Gross rolls.

Tonight, I`ve got Andy right here. Andy is going to tell me all about this caught-on-tape reaction to these crazy illusions. And Andy`s wild stunt is on our countdown, but will it top it? We also have "Sharknado" tonight. Perhaps the best thing to happen to Sci Fi movies since, well, ever. Now you can dig your teeth into the Sharkini. If you thought a tornado full of sharks was incredible.



HAMMER: Right now the "SHOWBIZ Countdown." Today`s top three "Burning Questions."

Where`s Kim? Rarely a day passed without a picture of Kim Kardashian rocking her baby bump but now, you know, nothing. Nada. Zip. Could Kim K. come out of hiding?

Saving Amanda Bynes. Running through her fortune, dousing her dog with gasoline. Tonight, a "SHOWBIZ Exclusive:" A startling flashback of Amanda before her disturbing meltdown.


BYNES: What can I say? Maybe one day I`ll become a big drunkard, and you`ll have tons to talk about.


HAMMER: But now Amanda forced into treatment, but can she be saved? Which burning question will top the countdown. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. Let us kick off our countdown of burning questions with number three, where is Kim?

You know, it`s been six weeks since the world has had so much as a glimpse of Kim Kardashian, no magazine covers, no events, not even a photo of a ship to Rodeo Drive. I`m having hard time believing it. America`s biggest reality`s TV start gave birth to baby North West. It was back in June. No one has seen her in public since. What is the deal? Well her mom Kris Jenner says do not be fooled. If anyone is claiming they have the first picture of Kim. In fact watch what she just said on her talk show.


KRIS JENNER: This picture was taken over a year ago. So they put this out there like this is what she looks like now and I saw her this morning and trust me, she actually is working really hard.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you mean trust you?

JENNER: No, I mean she`s not there yet. If she was there yet it would be freaky weird.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But this is the picture she .

JENNER: But she`s working hard, and she`s working out a little bit, she`s eating really, really well. So - we`re hoping to get back to that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But tell us more how .


HAMMER: OK. All right. It may be a tough road ahead for Kim, but how long is she going to stay away? Not a single sighting since June 15th. Look at my calendar. That`s 44 days. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask is it time now for Kim Kardashian to come out of hiding? Well, let me ask my friend Jenny Hutt, she is the host of "Just Jenny" on Sirius XM radio.


HAMMER: What do you think, Jenny? I mean should she just come out and play, already?

HUTT: I don`t know that she needs to play exactly, A.J. But I feel like it`s part of her brand to sort of let it all hang out with really good hair and makeup. It takes time after you have a baby and I think people would be compassionate toward her if she has more of an ample posterior than she shad prior to this pregnancy. And I think for women everywhere, they feel really sort of vindicated to see that it`s not so quick to bounce back. Hello.

HAMMER: It would be validating. I would have to believe that more than ample .

HUTT: Yeah.

HAMMER: All right, let me bring in Loni Love. Lonnie is the host of a great new hit daytime talk fest. It`s called "The Real." And she`s just released this new book. "Love and Relieve." But don`t get stuck with the tab. All right, Loni.


HAMMER: What do you think? Should Kim just come out of hiding? Stop playing games, let us see you.

LONI LOVE: No, America needs this break, A.J.


LOVE: And jenny. Why I`m so happy, I`m celebrating every day she is gone. Thank you, Kim, for giving us a break. Thank you.

HUTT: Why?

LOVE: Keep it up.

HUTT: Don`t you think .

LOVE: Stay in hiding.

HUTT: Wait a minute. Loni, don`t you think that America likes Kim? I think they want to see her.

LOVE: We was .


LOVE: I will give it to you. Kim Kardashian has hired more black men than the federal government. So I give her that.

HUTT: Loni!

LOVE: We needed a break from Kim. So this is great. Please. Get knocked up again, Kim, so we can be two years. Thank you.

HAMMER: Oh, goodness. All right, Loni, well, that ain`t going to happen. I`m going to tell you right now. She`s not going to stay away for that long. And listen, when we think back to when she was pregnant, even I as a man can understand the pressure she must be feeling. You know, I was actually pretty upset with all of the harassment .

HUTT: But no, you can`t understand it, A.J.


HUTT: Don`t you even dare.

HAMMER: Jenny ..


HAMMER: Jenny, I want to put up that picture in a moment. So, hold on a second .


HAMMER: We`ll put it up right there.

HUTT: There I am! There I am!

HAMMER: No, no, no, but .

LOVE: Oh my goodness.

HAMMER: In all fairness, I`m not ambushing Jenny. She actually gave us this picture to put up here.

HUTT: I did.

HAMMER: Listen, I was very ticked off when Kim was getting all of that harassment when she was pregnant.

HUTT: You can take it down.

HAMMER: This is you .

HUTT: Yeah.

HAMMER: Post baby. All right, Charles, you could take it down.

LOVE: You look fabulous.

HAMMER: You look amazing. You worked so long to lose the baby weight, so I imagine, at least even though you want her to come out and show everybody how she may really look right now, you can imagine the pressure.

HUTT: Oh, my gosh. It`s painful, it`s very painful to battle the bulge and I battle it every day. Just because I`m thinner now than I once was, the journey never stops. That`s the fight with my body never ends. I always want a pop-tart. I always want candy and I really have to talk to myself.


LOVE: They keep showing it up.


LOVE: Showing the picture.

HUTT: Yeah, let`s just show the larger ginger. Thanks.


HUTT: But I do have compassion for Kim. This is not easy. It can be really tough.

HAMMER: Well, we did get to see her reminiscing about her pre-baby days. She was talking about on keeping up with the Kardashians, and I believe Charles will put that clip up now instead of your picture.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you wearing?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Relax. They`re like bike shorts. They`re nude color bike shorts. I`m sorry it makes you feel so uncomfortable.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I get it. I just feel like your volumptuous pregnant body shouldn`t be in bike shorts maybe around people.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They are really - maybe it`s like a lot going on.

KARDASHIAN: If anything it`s like less attractive than my skinny toned amazing -- can we just reminisce for one second?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re going to get back there. A lot of times you become thinner after you have your first.

KARDASHIAN: I don`t think I am


HAMMER: OK. You heard her there, Loni. She predicted it would be a tough road back. Now Jenny mentioned this is her brand being seen. So despite your personal desire to perhaps not see her coming out and showing off her body, don`t you think maybe she owes it to her fans to come out now however she looks.

LOVE: Well, of course because those are her fans. But to the rest of America, stay in the closet.


HUTT: I just want to know A.J. What is volumptuous?

LOVE: Fat.

HUTT: Is that the same thing as voluptuous?

LOVE: Fat. That`s what that means, fat.

Just fat. They always call me voluptuous. A.J. does that.


HAMMER: I have never called you volumptuous.

LOVE: Oh, boy.

HAMMER: I think you`re - I think you`re .

HUTT: I`m gorgeous.

HAMMER: The both of you are gorgeous.

LOVE: Thank you.

HAMMER: The both of you are lovely .

HUTT: Thank you.

HAMMER: And I appreciate your insight on all of this. Jenny, Loni, thank you for being here. Hug it out.

HUTT: Thank you.

HAMMER: OK. Let`s get to number two on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of SHOWBIZ burning questions tonight. And this is a much more serious issue. Because a lot of people are worried about Amanda Bynes. Can she still be saved?

So, she`s still locked up on an involuntary psychiatric call today after a year of witnessing her completely out of control behavior her parents are now stepping in. They`re asking the judge to give them control over her medical and her financial affairs. But now that Amanda`s strange behavior allegedly has descended into setting fires on private property. Everybody is wondering can Amanda Bynes be saved.


911 OPERATOR: OK, what`s on fire?

CALLER: It`s like a small piece of cloth and a gasoline tank.


HAMMER: Amanda Bynes latest bizarre incident where she allegedly lit a fire on a stranger`s driveway has ignited a full-blown effort to save her. She`s now locked up on an involuntary psychiatric hold known as a 5150 and today her parents are revealing what many already suspected. Their 27- year-old daughter is in serious trouble.

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR, RADAR ONLINE: Her mother filed a claim to become her temporary conservator.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has obtained this shocking court document filed by Amanda Bynes` parents. In it they bluntly say, quote, "We are deeply concerned that Amanda poses a substantial risk to herself, to others and to property."

TERESZCUK: Amanda Bynes`s parents are so worried about here, they are actually afraid she`s going to die.

HAMMER: And despite all of the disturbing things we`ve heard about Amanda over the past few months, her erratic driving, her bizarre tweets calling everyone including the president and the first lady ugly, her arrest for allegedly throwing a bong out of her high-rise window, it`s not nearly as disturbing as what her parents are now revealing.

TERESZCUK: They`re saying she`s had problems for years. That she`s been talking to herself.

HAMMER: Her parents say she`s so paranoid about being watched by hidden cameras that he covers smoke detectors, windows, and even her car`s dashboard. And then there`s Amanda`s money.

TERESZCUK: Amanda`s mom says that she`s worth about $4 million and that she`s blown through about 1.2 million of that recently.

HAMMER: But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking can Amanda Bynes be saved by her parents, considering her complicated relationship with them? Just two months ago, Bynes went off on her parents on Twitter, writing quote, "we are no longer on speaking terms. I would rather them be homeless than live off my money."

AMANDA BYNES: I`m very lucky to have a great family.

HAMMER: But back in 2007, well before her downward spiral, Amanda Bynes sat with me on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and gushed about her parents.

BYNES: My dad used to always teach me the value of a dollar.

HAMMER: But once Amanda`s behavior started going downhill, so did her relationship with her parents. Would being put in their care be good for her? Well, there is another ex-teen star that had a public meltdown, got locked up on psychiatric hold, and ended up being in a conservatorship under her parents care. Britney Spears.

TERESZCUK: When I started covering Britney Spears, it was the crazy time.

HAMMER: Radar Online`s Alexis Tereszcuk still has vivid memories of her days covering Britney during her 2007 meltdown.

TERESZCUK: It was the manic, 2 am store visits. It was beating the paparazzi`s car with an umbrella, it was shaving her head. We were actually worried every single night that Britney Spears would die.

HAMMER: But Alexis says once Britney was hospitalized and put under the legal care of her father, things started to turn around both personally and professionally for Spears, who like Amanda, also had a complicated relationship with her parents.

TERESZCUK: She had spent quite a few months estranged from them. She wouldn`t speak with them, she wouldn`t take their phone calls, but then once everything was put in place, she repaired the relationship. So Amanda has been estranged from her parents for a little while, but I think the same thing could happen with her.

HAMMER: But for now, Amanda will remain hospitalized for the next few days, while a judge decides whether to place her in the care of her parents, and for now Amanda`s parents and her fans hope for the same thing.

TERESZCUK: That the 5150 hold will be the beginning of the end of this craziness. She can put it behind her, she can get the help she needs.


HAMMER: Well, Amanda is still hospitalized. There will reportedly be another court hearing about her later this week.

But what is going to take our number one spot on our "SHOWBIZ" burning questions countdown? What is this man doing? More importantly, how the heck is he doing this? This is an unbelievable video of a man who is apparently cut in half and just strolling around scaring people. There he is, magician Andy Gross, and he`s going to tell us his secrets.

Sharknado strikes again. So millions of people just love this movie all about a tornado that unleashes sharks on Los Angeles. Well, now "Sharknado" is taking a bite out of the fashion world. It is the sharkini. So are women actually going to be champing at the bit for this swim suit? And wait until you see what we named as our moment of "SHOWBIZ" awesomeness.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And in the "SHOWBIZ" countdown we are counting down tonight`s top three burning questions. In at number three, where`s Kim Kardashian? Kim gave birth 44 days ago. She remains in hiding. She refuses to reveal her post baby body. But why, Kim? And at number two, can Amanda Bynes be saved? Amanda is being held in a facility tonight to be treated for psychiatric issues. Meanwhile, her parents are trying to take over her affairs.

And that takes us to the big reveal of no. 1 on our countdown of burning questions, how the heck does he do that? This is the eye-popping video of a man cut in half, and as you see he`s simply walking side by side with his legs, scaring the pants off of strangers.




HAMMER: I just love this. I have watched this about ten times already. But how does he do that? Let me ask him. Andy Gross is a professional magician, comic and ventriloquist. He is with me tonight from Hollywood. I believe he`s all there. I can`t tell. Right now, Andy, it looks like you`re all here. It`s great having you.

ANDY GROSS, MAGICIAN: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

HAMMER: So just between you and me, and I promise you I won`t tell anybody, how do you do it?

GROSS: You can`t say. You don`t want to know. That takes the fun out of all of magic. You don`t want to know. I always say it`s like going to the belay and wanting to trip the dancers. You don`t do that either.

HAMMER: But can you give me something? Honestly, man, I`m watching this and I consider himself technically savvy, I consider myself to be an insightful person, but I truly can`t figure it out. Is there anything without really revealing the whole deal to give us some insight?

GROSS: It is me. It is me doing it. And I am one whole person. I don`t even want to say much more than that other than it`s a great prank, it`s a great magic prank, an illusion. And cutting someone in half has been around for a long time, but we just took it outside and got some great reactions. It`s a lot of fun.

HAMMER: I`ve never seen anything like this. And I`ll accept that. And I love it because I`ll continue to enjoy the illusion, and obviously it`s gone crazy viral. Count me among the 4 million peoples that I notice have seen this so far on Youtube. How can you not watch this?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Come on, Courtney (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re so wrong, dude.


HAMMER: Yeah, I`m watching that part of the video, by the way, Andy. I`m just so happy she didn`t hit that tree, if you know what I`m saying.

GROSS: I know, that would not have been good.

HAMMER: No. What mostly happens when you do this to people? Do they mostly bolt like these guys are kind of doing here?

GROSS: It varies. Some people get really scared. Because just think about it, if you`re sitting in a park and someone comes up and screams in your ear, you`re going to run away, let alone if you look up and he`s cut in half. So a lot of people laugh, a lot of people just really laugh. These are some great reactions of what people did and how they reacted.

HAMMER: Although it`s funny to me that some people laugh at you, maybe something was seriously wrong with you. You know, that`s all I can think.

GROSS: Nobody helped.

HAMMER: But before I let you go, would you do the scream for me before I let you go?

There you go. I got something. Andy Gross, it`s so great. Thank you for being here, and I want everybody to check out more of your funny videos and find out where you`re performing live, at

Well, I hope this next story is an illusion as well. Did Miley Cyrus just say she wants a tattoo of Chris Brown on her face? This might just make her bunny suit twerking video seem kind of normal, you know? Plus, wait until you see what we`ve named as our moment of "SHOWBIZ" awesomeness.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Storm`s coming and it`s coming fast.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can`t just wait here with a shark bearing down on you.


HAMMER: Sharknado fever strikes again. Fans of the wild hit SyFy movie now have a brand new way to display their love of the flying shark frenzy. It`s called the sharkini. Time now for SHOWBIZ quick hits. We`re taking on the day`s buzziest stories at lightning fast speed, and first up it is the sharkini. Look at this. It`s a brand-new bathing suit. It promises to get a lot of attention. It`s got that shark fitting (ph) stomach cutout there. Can you imagine the awkward tan lines you would get?

Back with me now, Loni Love. Loni is a comedian and a co-host of "The Real." Loni just came out with this fantastic relationship advice book, "Love Him or Leave Him, but Don`t Get Stuck With the Tab." So, Loni, you know the drill, Sharknado, a monster hit movie, but do you think women are going to be champing at the bit to get this swimsuit that was inspired by a shark attack as well? 30 seconds on the clock.

LOVE: I know what I`m getting all of my girlfriends for their birthdays and Christmas presents. It`s this. This is genius. We loved that movie. I can`t wait for the prequel, the sequel. Everything. We`re going to have a party in all our swimsuits. Please make it in plus size for the big girls. Yes!

HAMMER: I`m just glad they didn`t put like dripping blood on. I think that would have been a little extreme.

All right, you got it in. Let`s move on. Miley Cyrus`s tattoo mania is up next. Miley is getting a huge buzz today over this quote. She was apparently joking around, with a reporter, but she said I was thinking about maybe getting Chris Brown tattooed across this cheek. It would be really good for my career. I mean, Loni, think about the visual for a moment. We`ve done it for you. Do you love it or do you hate it? Maybe it needs a picture. 30 seconds. Go.

LOVE: Instead of Chris Brown, why don`t she tattoo her fiance`s name? Now he is worth tattooing. He is fine. That`s what you do, Miley, not Chris Brown. Liam - what`s his name? Liam.

HAMMER: Hemsworth.

LOVE: Yes. Him. Yes, I know him.

HAMMER: A picture of him, perhaps?

LOVE: A picture, everything, especially that body. Yes, yes, do that, Miley.

HAMMER: OK, Chris Brown, no, Thor body, yes. Fair enough. All right. Let`s move on from Miley`s made-up tattoos to the Borgata babes losing their weight battle. This is a group of 22 cocktail waitresses. They worked together at Atlantic City`s Borgata casino. Now they have lost their fight over the casino`s strict weight gain policy. Listen to what that policy said. It said if you gain more than 7 percent of your original body weight, you get fired, and that`s what happened. And the judge who was ruling in this case ruled against them and said, you knew what, you knew what you were getting into when you were hired. So, Loni, basically these women were fired for gaining too much weight. Whose side are you on here? 30 seconds.

LOVE: You know, I`m on the female side, AJ. This is not right. You can`t help it if they drink a little bit and get that fat weight. No. Become comedians, ladies. Just skip out of the Borgata. And become a comedian. It doesn`t matter what size you are. Love yourselves, ladies.

HAMMER: The whole thing seems insane to me. Which when you think about how this all went, it means that I guess when they got these jobs, they had a weigh in and --

LOVE: Exactly.

HAMMER: And then I guess at some point before they got fired, they had another weigh in. Can you imagine?

LOVE: They`re not boxers, they`re waitresses. Come on, really. As long as they can fit in the uniforms, they`re OK. Who cares if there`s a little fat on the side. It`s all right.

HAMMER: So you`re saying, go into another profession, you`ll be fine. Take the stage instead of carrying around a trey.

LOVE: Exactly.

HAMMER: All right, Loni Love, I love you. Thank you.

LOVE: Love you, A.J.

HAMMER: Take care. Well, we`ve all heard the expression, pay it forward. Now there`s a hot new trend and we`re going to call it pour it forward. This was started by our neighbors to the north, and I`m telling you it`s going to warm your heart. It might even inspire you, and it is tonight`s moment of "SHOWBIZ" awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Time for "SHOWBIZ" awesomeness, when we reveal the most awesome story of the day. You know the whole idea behind paying it forward, right? You perform some random act of kindness for a stranger, and then they do the same for another stranger. Well, you could all tonight`s moment of awesomeness pour it forward. It is all over Canada. Customers are walking into Tim Horton`s, that is their version of Dunkin Donuts, and they`re paying it forward. Hundreds and hundreds of times over. You have random people paying for their own cup of coffee and then putting 200, 500, up to 850 cups of joe on their tab for perfect strangers to enjoy.

It`s not an isolated thing either. It`s been going on all over Canada, from big cities to small towns, over and over again, for the past six months, and I`m here to say that`s pretty awesome.

Next on "DR. DREW ON CALL," Dr. Drew and his behavior bureau examine exactly what`s going on with former child star Amanda Bynes and her mental health issues.

"DR. DREW ON CALL" starts right now.