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Expletives, Outburst In Mob Trial; Zimmerman Surfaces, Assists In Rescue; Michael Jackson's Mom Testifies; Monster Debris Flow After Utah Rain; Arizona Flooding Trap Drivers; Site For Apple Developers Hacked; Pope Francis Headed To Rio; Congressman's "Personal Tragedy"; Mom, Child Diagnosed Days Apart

Aired July 22, 2013 - 14:30   ET


BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: Flemmi served as Bulger's right-hand man for nearly two decades. So the day today started with shouting and expletives aimed at Flemmi from a victim's brother. Flemmi later testified that Bulger strangled the young woman who he feared had become liability and went to lie down the rest. Flemmi says that several times he witnessed Bulger having to rest after killing someone. Flemmi made no mention of Steven Rakes' death who was the 59-year-old found dead on the side of the road last week in Massachusetts, less than 24 hours after he learned that he had been dropped from are the prosecution witness list. Remember Rakes had been waiting decades to testify against Bulger.

Most of the people think of him as the man who eats bizarre food, but Andrew Zimmern has been dealing with more than odd edibles. Now Zimmern is impacting his world by working the SUS, that's Services for the Underserved, which help homeless New Yorkers get back on their feet.


ANDREW ZIMMERN, TV HOST AND CHEF: I'm Andrew Zimmern and we can make an impact on providing housing and special services for those most in need. Getting ready for the first course -- and people are surprised when I looked them in the eye and I say, I'm a recovering addict and alcoholic and I was homeless for a year in New York. This is a very personal issue for me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How many people here have been recently working?

ZIMMERN: SUS provides homes and services for the underserved communities in New York. It is not enough to give a homeless person a home. You have to train them to get back into the job service system. You have to address their mental health issues and their physical health issues.

We have 11 of the greatest chefs in the world here tonight to do an incredible dinner for better New York. All benefits SUS. The greatest gift I have been able to receive in life is another chance. Join the movement, impact your world,

(END VIDEOTAPE) BALDWIN: Coming up next, George Zimmerman reappears after days in hiding, and get this, this story involves a dramatic rescue on a Florida highway. Stay right here.


BALDWIN: More now on the developing story that we told you about at the top of the hour, George Zimmerman reappearing days after being in hiding following as you know the acquittal in Trayvon Martin's death. CNN producer, Vivian Kuo, was in Sanford for about a month and now back in Atlanta, and tell me what happened.

VIVIAN KUO, CNN PRODUCER: Yes, we've been covering this trial and this story for nearly a year and a half now and just when you think it could not offer more turns, it keeps giving. We are finding out that the Seminole County Sheriff's Department responds to a single car accident in Sanford, Florida. They get there and spot a blue Ford Explorer SUV overturned off of the road and there were two men in there helping the occupants of the vehicle out.

One of those men is George Zimmerman. Now we don't know much more beyond this. We don't have a police report, but what we do know is that George Zimmerman and his companion were helping two parents and two kids out in this reportedly nobody injured in this, but after George Zimmerman gave the police his statement, he left, and went on his way. He surfaced after four days after the verdict and nine days, we have not heard a squawk from him.

BALDWIN: And now we have heard of him responding to this accident, and you got off of the phone with the defense team, and what did they tell you?

KUO: You know, what, they told me they said that they spoke at length to George Zimmerman on Friday and he didn't even mention this. He said nothing about it and Monday, he learned about the incident same as the rest of us from the Sheriff's Public Information Office, today.

BALDWIN: OK, Vivian Kuo, if you find anything else out, let us know. Vivian Kuo, CNN producer, we appreciate you very much.

And now the mother of the late music legend Michael Jackson is back in court today. Katherine Jackson is testifying her family's wrongful lawsuit against concert promoter, AEG Live. So we got a look here at Mrs. Jackson's taped deposition in this case. Here she was. CNN obtained this exclusive clip, which was not played in court.

Alan Duke has been all over the story for us. He is back into the courtroom today and Alan, tell us what is the latest here.

ALAN DUKE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Katherine Jackson does not apparently does not like Martin Putnam, the AEG Live lawyer. She has been somewhat feisty, let's say in response to the questions, reminding him sometimes when he's asked a question twice saying I've already answered that. On Friday, her lawyer even acknowledged that she had actually lost her temper, but did it in a Christian-like way. But right now, they are asking her about her son's drug difficulties, and she doesn't believe that he abused drugs. She says that she did take part in an intervention along with some of her children in 2002 at the Neverland Ranch, but however, she does not believe he was a drug abuser. She does not believe that he was broke at the time of his death, and she says that the things that she has heard in the trial in the first 12 weeks are making her very upset, and that is why she is there on the stand to straighten them out.

Now Martin Putnam has a very difficult job not looking like a bad guy asking tough questions of this 83-year-old matriarch of the Jackson family yet representing his client who she's trying to win $2 billion and I would not want to be in his position.

BALDWIN: Yes, I mean, I'm thinking, if, you know, this lawyer from AEG Live is asking this question calling Michael Jackson a freak, that has to be risky for them.

DUKE: Yes, it is a very difficult thing because this jury has sat for 12 weeks, sat just a few feet away from Katherine Jackson. They've watched her laugh. They've watched her cry during the testimony and they have probably felt that they kind of know her now from all of the many hours, 53 days in the courtroom.

And there's got to be or you would assume that there has to be sympathy amongst them for her at this point, and for Marvin Putnam, the lead lawyer to question her in somewhat of an aggressive manner as is happening is a difficult act for him to do, but that is what is happening now.

BALDWIN: Alan Duke for us in L.A. Alan, thank you.

Still ahead, video of dramatic rescues in Arizona, flood waters are stranding folk. Look at that.

Plus Apple is hacked! Up next, what the hackers may have been taken from the computer giant.


BALDWIN: Now, to some of the hottest stories in a flash, rapid fire. Roll it.

First up in Utah, take a look with me as you will see the flash flood causes monster debris flow that is slow enough for the storm trackers to outrun this. Watch.

Look at them running. David Rankin from Utah shot the video and he said that more than six hours after a major downpour in Southern Utah, he had positioned himself to four miles to the south, and look at what he captured, the waters overwhelming the area.

And too much rain plagued another state, Arizona a monsoon hit the Phoenix area pretty hard forcing a half dozen rescues and swallowing cars Sunday. One woman witnessed a driver's close call.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I was filming and all of a sudden this little Corvette comes bobbing down the water, and he got out of the vehicle and was sitting on top of it. You could not see because the water was so high that you could not see the vehicle at all.


BALDWIN: Corvette bobbing down the water she said. Reportedly the area got 1 to 2 inches of rain per hour. The ground was already saturated from major storm Saturday.

And hack-a-tack on Apple, you see the message at the top of your screen will be back because an intruder hit the company site for developers who create software and apps. It has been down ever since last Thursday. Apple said that sensitive information was not compromised, but it cannot guarantee that some names and addresses were not accessed.

This video may make you cringe. We are showing you this to you, and we are showing you this off of the top, because he walked away with minor bumps and bruises, but of course, we'll replay it because this rider is trying his new helmet cam, and hits the car, that car going about at 70 miles per hour, tosses the bike and goes over the hood of the car, but again, despite what you are looking at, he walked away with bumps and bruises.

For the first time in the history of the Catholic Church, a Latin American pope will land on his own continent. Pope Francis arrives in Brazil next hour on his very first foreign trip as pope. Millions of young Catholics are gathering for World Youth Day celebrations. The pope -- there you go, the pope just touched down in Brazil. The pope will be also met by a wide variety of protesters trying to use his visit to draw attention to their myriad of causes.

Coming up two Marine planes dropped bombs near the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, and now the U.S. is responding.

Plus, DNA proves that they are not related after all, but Congressman Steve Cohen says that the bond exists between him and the woman he thought was his daughter. You will see his emotional interview only here on CNN.


BALDWIN: You may remember this story from February, and in fact, the president's "State of the Union" address, you had this Congressman Tennessee Steve Cohen sending texts during the president's speech to this young woman, an aspiring model, Victoria Brink, well, the scandal siren blared and off we all went until the congressman announced that Victoria Brink was not a mistress of any sort, but rather he's out of wedlock daughter. He had only known her for three years. At the age of 63, he was just becoming a dad.

So it was all touching. But listen to this, because it is now touching and Cohen has found out through DNA that Victoria Brink is not his daughter, and he's devastated he says. Here he is with Chris Cuomo.


CHRIS CUOMO, HOST, CNN'S "NEW DAY": So, where is your head and heart in this situation at this point?

REP. STEVE COHEN (D), TENNESSEE: Well, they are both in the state of flux. I mean, I have, ecstatic to know that I had a daughter and Victoria and I were working on a relationship and it had been three years-plus, and I had visions of her being my heir, and going to her wedding and having grandchildren and all of those things, and loving her. And she the most lovable, sweetest person in the world, and we will still have a relationship, but obviously not the same, because she is not going to have my grandchildren and my child and so I care about it greatly, but it is heartbreaking and devastating and I'm crushed.

CUOMO: You didn't like something that we selectively edited. What bothered you because I want to help you with that?

COHEN: Well, thank you. I thought it should have been clear that Victoria's mother who told me that I was her father and Victoria, too, because some people thought that I looked at the Facebook page and Googled her and just decided she was and that is not true. Secondly thing, you know, obviously there is nothing creepy about me tweeting her from the "State of the Union."

I will never take my iPad to the "State of the Union" again, but I was so ecstatic that she was watching the "State of the Union" because she has other interests and she was starting to get an interest in politics and I was ecstatic, and so I immediately responded.

CUOMO: The perception was that it is creepy, because we didn't know it was your daughter. That's what we were talking about when we talked about the original perception and when Victoria says that he is not my father and biological father though you may share a bond to be clear, you are not her father in any identifiable way, right?

COHEN: I'm not although she sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Father's Day and as sweet as she could be and she said you will always be her father in some ways, and she sent me a nice card.

CUOMO: Look, I know this touches you and even though the biology is not there, but the bond is, and I am sure that warms your heart as well, true, Congressman?


CUOMO: All right, you know what, I want to do something that I almost never do with politicians, I will give you a break on this and move on, because you want to talk about the work of being a congressman.

COHEN: Right. I don't want to be John Boehner.

(END VIDEOTAPE) BALDWIN: He says he doesn't want to be John Boehner. He is talking about the chronically gruff speaker of the House who is also prone to tearing up from time to time.

Coming up next, a story that you don't want to miss, a mother and her 4-year-old girl diagnosed with cancer just days apart. I speak with both of them in a candid and emotional interview about the prognosis and just how rare their situation is.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think that now, we are in a better position, because we can all be together. So we do -- we do have a way to go.



BALDWIN: I want to tell you now to keep the tissue box close for what you are about to hear. An Oregon family received not one, but two stinging blows in less than a week. First the mom learned she has stage 4 breast cancer and then days later the family found out that then 3-year-old girl also has cancer.

But their personal devastation is leading to a story of inspiration. I talked to the mom and her little girl and share it with you in a minute, but first, here is Kathy Marshall from our Portland affiliate KGW to set up the story.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wanted to forget about myself, and I wanted to forget about my own diagnosis, and put all of the treatment plans that we had initiated aside.

KATHY MARSHALL, KGW REPORTER (voice-over): But last fall, Summer started her own treatments at St. Vincent's the same week.

DR. JASON GLOVER, RANDALL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL: I have no idea how they have dealt with it, but they have had tremendous grace under pressure.

MARSHALL: Dad and husband left his job to become a full time caregiver.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I wish I could put all of the sickness within me and deal with it. I would deal with it a lot be better. You don't know until the scans come out and so, every child needs a mother, and I just hope for the best.


BALDWIN: The Ruelles also have a 6-year-old son named Jaden and I talked to both Summer who had Sapphire by her side and also joining us in this conversation was senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen and asking her about the odds of one family suffering from the two cases of cancer at the same time. Take look.


ELIZABETH COHEN, CNN SENIOR MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: You sort wonder, is there something behind this, and so I have been speaking to the experts about this, and they said that it is a chance that it is a totally sad random event, and just a coincidence, but it is also possible that there is a genetic syndrome at play here. It is a syndrome that is basically a problem with the gene or one of two genes, and the families will have a higher likelihood of getting several cancers including breast and leukemia and that could be at play or a very sad coincidence.

BALDWIN: Let's straight to Summer and Sapphire, and I hear that Sapphire's voice. Summer, how are you doing?

SUMMAR RUELLE, BREAST CANCER PATIENT: We are doing better I think now than we have in the previous months. We have endured for myself multiple surgeries and both of us girls have endured treatments for the past 10 months, and we have come a long way, and we have a ways to go. This is going to be a lifetime chronic illness for me so it is essentially leaves me with a lifetime of uncertainty. There is no cure for my disease. It's treatable, but it is not curable.

You know, essentially our family is living by scan-to-scan and right now, I'm getting scans on three-month increments and at the time I received some scans on the chest yesterday, and I'm grateful as of today, my cancer is stable. So I do have, you know, some spots that we are watching, but, you know, again, anything could change at any given time. There is not any point that my doctor will say that I'm cured.

BALDWIN: I am listening to you, Summar, but I am distracted because I am watching your daughter, too, because here you are a mom. You have your hands full, and Sapphire, I know you wanted to bring her along. She has an ear peace in, and Sapphire, if you can hear me. Sapphire, how are you?


BALDWIN: You are good.

RUELLE: Yes. Really, what we try the do as a family is try to find joy in every single day. You know, the children even Sapphire, and she just is a strong little girl, and you know, she really -- she's really support of me and my treatment, and we have gone through this process as a partnership with each other, and we have a very and you have heard in the other interview that I mentioned that we have a special mother mother/daughter relationship, and we do take, and have a lot of similarities in the process that we are going through, and she coaches me through the process just like I coach her.

When we are having difficult times, you know. There are days that she'll have a difficult treatment and still want to go grocery shopping and I may not feel up to it, and you know, her encourage maybe be what held Minneapolis to get through the day. BALDWIN: I appreciate you and you bringing your little one into the studio. I see the love and feel it and I thank you very much mom and daughter. Thank you, guys. Bye- bye-bye. I like the wave, bye.


BALDWIN: You could not hear her little voice, but she says bye- bye- bye. The prognosis for the mom and daughter is mixed. While the doctors are optimistic that Sapphire will recover, it is not as promising for the 36-year-old mother. Summar's cancer has spread to both her bones and lymph nodes, but Summar and her husband have had to quit their jobs and set up this web site to let the family know about the progress.

And if you'd like to donate, you can donate there on the page, and they pay $1,700 a month in insurance premiums alone and that is not day-to-day living expenses. If you are touched by the story and you would like to help that is the