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Trayvon Martin`s Parents Speak Out; Cory Monteith`s Drug Problems; Top 5 Newsmakers of the Day

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NATASHA CURRY, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the top three bombshells in the new battle for justice for Trayvon Martin, his parents speak up publicly for the very first time since George Zimmerman was found not guilty.


SYBRINA FULTON: My first thought was a shock. Disgust.


CURRY: Trayvon`s legacy, more celebrity outrage as the SHOWBIZ Countdown, so what`s going to be the top bombshell in the new battle for justice? "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" starts right now.

Hey, good evening. I`m Natasha Curry in for A.J. Hammer tonight. And the top three bombshells in the new battle for Trayvon Martin, Trayvon`s parents spoke out today and it`s the first time you know that they have gone public since George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering their teenage son. Obviously they are devastated, they are heart broken, but now they are fiercely defending Trayvon`s legacy and they are taking on a new battle in his name. Tonight, we are counting down the top three bombshells in their campaign for justice.

First, tonight`s number three bombshells on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the verdict. "Shock and disgust." Those are the powerful words Trayvon`s parents used to describe their reaction to the verdict.

Now, I want you to listen here to what Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin just told GMA`s George Stephanopoulos today.


SYBRINA FULTON, TRAYVON MARTIN`S MOM: My first thought was a shock. Disgust. I really didn`t believe that he was not guilty.

TRACY MARTIN, TRAYVON MARTIN`S DAD: As parents, they understanding how they reached their verdict, I will never grasp that concept, and just as loving parents and God-fearing people we just continue to pray that whatever was in their heart was what they intended to do. But we feel that the verdict, we didn`t feel that it was fair. And of course, it`s devastating.


CURRY: Well, they are definitely passionate about their son and his legacy as well. Joining me tonight, criminal defense attorney Darren Kavinoky, Keli Goff, special correspondent for "The Root."

Now, Keli, the verdict - it may be in now, but Trayvon`s parents, they are not done fighting yet, they are still - they are drawing the battle lines clearly and pushing for justice in their own way

KELI GOFF, THE ROOT: Right and I have to say that I just so commend them, because the level of composure that they have displayed in light of the verdict in this tragedy overall is just so commendable and I have no idea how they are doing it. I mean I just cannot even imagine. So, they are really to be commended for that. But they are also to be commended for not allowing their son to die in vain. I mean they are really focusing on trying to undo the stand your ground law, which is one of the few ways, in which they actually do share some common ground with the jury. Because what I heard is that Juror B37 actually think that this law needs to be looked at. So .

CURRY: Yeah. Oh go right ahead. Go and finish.

GOFF: No, I was just going to say - so I commend them for turning such a tragedy into hopefully something positive and that says a lot about who they are as people.

CURRY: Yeah, the perseverance really, really strikes me, Darren, and they are just - they really have this passion still going strong. What do you make of it?.

DARREN KAVINOKY, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, look, it all comes down to this, everybody goes through their life. And they live their lives in one of two ways, either as an example or as a warning. And we all at some point, get to decide which that is going to be. And it`s just amazing to me how evolved Trayvon`s parents are. And it`s clear to me that even though George Zimmerman`s name is going to be inextricably linked to that of Trayvon Martin, it`s clear to me which one is going to be legacy, which one is going to be example and which one is going to be a warning. And so, from that standpoint, I think that they have got a lot of momentum. A lot of interest.

CURRY: Yeah.

KAVINOKY: And as awful as this must be to be going through as a parent and my heart just bleeds for them, thank god they have the spiritual evolution, if you will, to press forward and do good works out of this.

CURRY: Yeah, and they are not alone either, Trayvon`s parents have the backing of a lot of Hollywood stars in this new fight for justice. In fact, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" just caught up with former pro-boxer Laila Ali, Mohamed Ali`s daughter, on the red carpet of the (inaudible). And here is what she had to say about it.


LAILA ALI, FORMER PRO-BOXER: Any time you kill somebody that you should have to face, you know, the consequences and especially, regardless if you are saying it`s self-defense, to me, you know, whether it was about color or not, it doesn`t matter. I don`t care if it was a white kid, Latino kid, you know, Asian kid, basically at the end of the day, you got out and pursued him, he won`t do anything wrong, so if he whooped your ass that`s your fault, OK, now you want to pull out a gun, that`s just not right.


CURRY: Oh, Laila is not pulling any punches there. She is not the only celebrity either. I mean so how important do you think it`s, Keli, for Trayvon`s parents to have this celebrity backing? Does it make any difference for them?

GOFF: Well, certainly it does. I mean we all wish we lived in a society, in which teachers and doctors and people like that.

KAVINOKY: And even lawyers.

GOFF: And (inaudible) lawyers got more attention and respect than people who are celebrities, but we know the reality is that Kim Kardashian makes $60 million a year, and there are a lot of teachers who will never see that kind of money in their lifetime. And so, it does help, and that it keeps the story in the public eye and I think that that is probably something that benefits the legacy of Trayvon Martin. That the story is less likely to be forgotten, the more you have Stevie Wonder saying, "I won`t perform in Florida until these laws are changed." You have all these other celebrities speaking out on it, it keeps the story alive and I think that that has to be what his family wants.

CURRY: You make a good point there. And we have to move on now, time for number two, the number two bombshell in Trayvon`s parents new battle for justice here. And number two, it is race. Trayvon`s dad just revealed his emotional views to the "Today" show with Matt Lauer about why he thinks his son would still be alive if he had been a white teen when George Zimmerman confronted him, and Trayvon`s mom even said the same thing on CBS this morning. So let`s start with that.


FULTON: I think it was, you know, obvious that it was a black person, a black young person that they were looking for. But, Trayvon simply was not that person. Trayvon was not a burglar, he was not doing anything wrong. He simply went to the store and was headed back home. And for somebody to look at him and perceive him to be a burglar, that - that is the problem that initiated everything.

TRACY MARTIN: Obviously, any time you have a person that makes an assumption that a person is up to no good, there is some type of profiling there. Was he racially profiled? I think that if Trayvon had been white, this would not have ever happened. So, obviously, race is playing some type of role.


CURRY: So clearly, and this fierce battle over race and the possible role it may have played in Trayvon`s death is not going anyway. Do you think there`s any way that you can deny what Trayvon`s parents say? I mean that them knowing the truth as they know it?

KAVINOKY: Well, look, I can definitely appreciate and understand their emotional reaction and those feelings about it. But let`s not forget that one of the roles of the justice system is to actually get rid of that emotion and let the jurors make factual findings based the evidence that comes into court. And in the course of the trial, the judge did rule that this was not a racial case. That this was a criminal profiling case and the lawyers were actually prevented from making any arguments concerning racial profiling. So, I get where they are coming from. And my heart certainly breaks for them. And anybody else who feels like the criminal justice system lacks integrity, because it`s not color blind.

CURRY: Yeah, and still to - there is so many people.

KAVINOKY: Thank god - thank god there were cameras in that courtroom. I`m sorry, Natasha, but final point. Thank god there were cameras in the courtroom so that people could see on a daily basis, exactly what the evidence was and what it wasn`t, and so they can judge for themselves.

CURRY: Look. Yeah, that`s an interesting point. Keli, what do you think? I mean people are still saying that race had nothing to do with this. Because, you know, some people blame - Juror B-37, for example, still thinks that it, you know, did not have anything to do with it.

GOFF: Well, because some people are naive, and you and I have talked about this before, Natasha, that I think some people have a concept of racism that involves people wearing Klan robes and running around saying the "N" word. And today, in our civilized society, does it evolve in electing the black president, racism doesn`t really (inaudible) so much that way. It`s much more subtle, it`s someone like me being followed out of a store, you know, or being followed around a store. And sort of being treated suspiciously. And I have all of my African-American friends, particularly male ones who have a story like that. In my case that was a story frequented all the times. Someone else happened to be on duty, and I didn`t like I belong there. And when I told the other people the story, they were horrified and embarrassed. That`s kind of the (inaudible) of racism we`re talking about it play here. But, you know, I have a piece up on the Root today that`s about - kind of a larger conversation about how race fits in this case. And it has to do with the diversity of juries. And there wasn`t among this jury.

And that`s a problem, and it is not just in terms of disenfranchisement of juries of color, who tend for economic reasons to have a harder time serving on juries. I mean that`s a big part of it. But the other part, I think we all have to acknowledge is, how many of us have all talked trying to get out of jury duty? How many of us have complained about, you know, we have too much work to do. We don`t have time to serve. And then a verdict like this comes out and how many of us criticize the juries. I think we all have to take this as a teachable moment, a lesson to be learned. The next time I get a jury summons, I`m not going to think of this as inconvenience, I`m going to think of it as my responsibility to the legacy of Trayvon Martin.

CURRY: All right. So, which surprising bombshell from Trayvon Martin`s mom and dad is going to number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown. That`s what we are all wondering. The big reveal is coming up in just a moment, so Keli and Darren, stay right there.

And just ahead, Cory Monteith`s final days. Tonight, we`re showing you the stunning video believed to be the very last before the "Glee" actor`s death. Plus, new details now emerging about his very private struggle with drugs and fame and also his upbeat message to a fan. Plus, Stacy Keibler gets grilled over her breakup with hunk of man George Clooney.


STACY KEIBLER: You know, obviously, he is a notorious bachelor.


CURRY: Barbara Walters is zeroed in on her there. Well, wait till you hear what else she got Stacy to admit to. This is SBT "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


CURRY: Hey, welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m Natasha Curry in for A.J. Hammer. We are continuing our SHOWBIZ Countdown, now the top three bombshells in the due battle for Trayvon, Trayvon Martin`s parents just spoke out today for the first time since the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict. We`re counting down the biggest bombshells in the new battle for justice. Special correspondent for "The Root" Keli Goff is with me again today, and so is criminal defense attorney, Darren Kavinoky, thanks guys for hanging in there here. So, let`s get right to the big reveal, the number one bombshell in the new battle for Trayvon, it`s the fight over Trayvon`s legacy. His parents, just revealing on "The Today" show, that they want Trayvon to be remembered as a victim of profiling. And they are hoping that his tragic death might help save the lives of other young African-American teens.


FULTON: We sit on the victim seat, so is this the intent for the justice system to have for victims? I mean it`s sending a terrible message to other low black and brown boys that you cannot walk fast, you can`t walk slow. So, what do they do? I mean how do you get home without people knowing or either - assuming that you are doing something wrong? Trayvon was not doing anything wrong.

TRACY MARTIN: We have a lot of work ahead of us. We are working diligently with the Trayvon Martin Foundation, a foundation that we`ve co- founded. And some of the missions of our organization is to mentor, to do scholarships, to educate, communities on the laws, and to advocate for senseless violence, trying to make sure that even though we can`t - nothing we can say or do to get Trayvon back, maybe we can help someone else not lose their child.


CURRY: So Keli, what do you think Trayvon`s legacy will be. Because his parents sure are pushing for the one they want to be known.

GOFF: Well, they want to make sure that his death wasn`t vain. And who can`t - you know, emphasize, with that goal of theirs. But I hope they realize that his death has not been in vain, he has already made a tremendous impact on American society and part of that impact is that we are having conversations about racial profiling that were not happening prior to his death. I mean I certainly had this conversation with more of my white friends who weren`t aware of sort of what it`s like to be a black person in America and have an African-American president and to still feel under suspicion just walking into a neighborhood, walking in the friends neighborhood, walking into a certain store. And so, the fact that this conversation has been inspired by this tragedy, has already meant that Trayvon Martin has left - that Trayvon has left a tremendous legacy already.

CURRY: And Darren, Trayvon`s parents are .

KAVINOKY: You know, what, Natasha?

CURRY: Yeah, his parents are so determined to make sure that you know, their son has a positive legacy, do you think they are accomplishing that goal?

KAVINOKY: Yeah, I do. And you know, we know that it`s not the events that happen in our lives that matter as much as the meaning that we ascribe to those events, and I have seen it over and over again, both in my law practice and in the public speaking that I do. That the seemingly worst events that happen to people can often be the best things that happen, the most impactful things that happen and the ability of human beings to transform themselves and inspire others in overcoming things that they never thought that they could get over, it`s truly amazing. And I hope, and I believe that that is exactly what is driving Trayvon`s parents right now and I applaud them for it.

CURRY: Yeah, Darren and Keli, thank you so much, really giving us some important things to think about. And switching gears now, let`s get to this Hugh Jackman`s naked confession. We can`t ignore that! The sexy star`s stunning revelation about getting naked and prancing around in his, you know, birthday suit. And plus, Rihanna`s fans getting some big time revenge. Watch as fans start chucking stuff right at the singer. So what are they throwing at her?




CURRY: She is not having it. We are turning up the heat in tonight`s SHOWBIZ Hot Flashes. You are watching SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.



CORY MONTEITH: Mallory. Hey, I`m Cory. I`m Sheila`s friend, and I wanted to record this video for you guys, to let you know to stay out of trouble. Stay in school.


CURRY: That is believed to be very last video of actor Cory Monteith before his death. The "Glee" star graciously recorded that uplifting message for a flight attendant while he was on his way to Vancouver, Canada, where he ended up dying of an overdose. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I am Natasha Curry, in for AJ Hammer.

You know, final days, tragic death, so many questions now, and we are getting a better sense of all the answers in this new "People" magazine cover story about Cory Monteith`s seemingly double life. And here is what jumped out to me in this brand new "People" magazine article. A source says the cast members make a one-hour musical every nine days. You have to be super human to use drugs with any regularity and get the work done. "People`s magazine`s Raha Lewis is in Hollywood tonight. Raha, is that why people are so puzzled by Cory`s death?

RAHA LEWIS, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Absolutely. I think everyone that worked with him as recently as a few months ago have said, there was no signs. They never would have known anything like this was happening. You know, his director from "All the Wrong Reasons" said he knew his lines to perfection. So, it really has come as a huge shock to everyone.

CURRY: And from the outside looking in, I mean, Cory did seem to have it all. Great looks. A solid relationship, international fame. But it was really the last part, the fame that Cory apparently had a big issue with. Why was that?

LEWIS: Fame changes your life in a lot of difference ways. But the people we spoke to spoke to us about Cory being a genuine person and taking a great interest in sharing himself and his genuineness with other people. And as numbers of fans just explode like that, your ability to do that gets decreased. And so, it becomes a little isolating, and among the many reasons that fame gets difficult, that most definitely is one of them.

CURRY: And so people are missing him today. One friend describes his co- star, Lea Michele, as shattered by Cory`s death. And I know you guys also uncovered the fact that Lea was way more than just a girlfriend to him, she was really a stabilizing force in Cory`s life. How is she doing right now?

LEWIS: Well, she has asked for privacy. We can only imagine how upsetting and how devastating a tragedy this is for her. She is sepnding time making arrangements with his family, and she is doing her best.

CURRY: Do we know, Lea Michele, is she close to his family? What do we know about that?

LEWIS: Well, we know that she is making arrangements at the moment. We know she has asked for her privacy. So, you know, we know that she is doing her best.

CURRY: You imagine that it means a lot to her to be a part of that process, being so close to him. Raha Lewis, thank you so much. And for more on the Cory Monteith story, check out the new issue of "People" magazine on newsstands tomorrow.

Miley`s haircut hysteria. Since Miley went punky and blond, it kind of seems she is unleashing an entirely new side of her personality, if you know what I mean. Tonight, Miley`s stunning revelations about her huge transformation. Jason Sudeikis reveals his sexy weight loss secret. He`s breaking a sweat and loving every wild minute of it. Smoking hot details coming up in tonight`s "SHOWBIZ" Hot Flashes, might make you sweat, this is SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," on HLN.

And time now for SHOWBIZ say what? That is former "Saturday Night Live" star Kristen Wiig stopping by Jimmy Fallon`s late night show dressed up as Michael Jordan, but what is Kristen really thinking here? We asked you your thoughts. Here are some of them. Lisa S. writes, "uh oh, I lost my wig." Pretty cute. And Mary Ann says, "I hope that all I have to do is stand here and not bounce the ball." So keep them coming, love hearing from you, at, to fill in that thought bubble.


CURRY: Right now the SHOWBIZ countdown, today`s top 5 SHOWBIZ news makers. Stacy Keibler gets grilled, Barbara Walters goes in for the kill with the questions that we all want to know the answers to, you know, about her big breakup with George Clooney.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, obviously, he is a notorious bachelor. So, you know --


CURRY: So did Stacy really dish about her sex life with George? Will Stacy`s confessions top the SHOWBIZ countdown? We will talk.

Miley`s hair hysteria. Miley Cyrus reveals just how her spunky do changed her life forever. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" continues right now.

Hey, welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m Natasha Curry in for AJ Hammer, and tonight on the SHOWBIZ countdown, the top 5 biggest and boldest newsmakers of the day. Kicking things off at number 5, newly single Stacy Keibler is in the hot seat again for her breakup with George Clooney. You know yesterday, she was grilled on "GMA," right? And then today she got another dose of it from the most famous interviewer on the planet, Barbara Walters on "The View." Watch.


BARBARA WALTERS, THE VIEW: Inquiring minds want to know, why did it end?

STACY KEIBLER: You know, obviously he is a notorious bachelor. So, you know -- I think that I have to say this. I`m so grateful for the two years that I spent with George. I had --

WALTERS: How many?

KEIBLER: Two years. I have amazing -- I mean, we had life experiences for me at least, life experiences that I had that I will never forget.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, to hell with the sex, (inaudible).


CURRY: I love Mario Ganto (ph) there helping her out, trying to anyway. Cannot wait to get your take on this, comedian and cast member of "Best Week Ever" on VH1, Michelle Buteau. OK, Michelle, how did Stacy do?

MICHELLE BUTEAU, BEST WEEK EVER: I mean, I did not even know the girl could speak in complete sentences -- as I mess up mine. But seriously, I did not even know she had a personality until she was on "The View," so good for her. And I`m surprised that Barbara did not make her cry, she makes everybody cry. But honestly, I did not really believe anything she said. I`m sure like, they split up and they are still friends. The only person that is going to believe her is like the next rich old man she is going to be dating afterwards. I said it and I will say it again.

CURRY: Oh, girl, were you hanging on to your seat, were you just watching Barbara kind of pushing her for more details. You kind of feel like if it`s you, (SCREAMING.) But here, watch this.


WALTERS: I believe what he said to me in 1995, and I`m sure you did not see it, but he said, I know - George Clooney said this to me. Maybe you did -- in an interview. "I know I`m never going to get married again because I was not very good at it. I`m not -- I don`t want to screw anybody else up, I do not want to do that anymore." Did you know that he said that?

KEIBLER: Should I take it a -


KEIBLER: Put it in my scrap book.

WALTERS: Did you know he expressed that?

KEIBLER: You know, obviously I had heard that before, and it did not really bother me, because marriage was nothing that was a priority to me. It was not really a priority to me.


KEIBLER: No. It really isn`t, right now.

WALTERS: Why did it break up?

KEIBLER: Well, you know, I just think that sometimes you just know it`s time to move on.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Welcome to (inaudible).


CURRY: She was believable there for a moment, and then she paused -- and I don`t know if she went to rehearsed mode. But she was handling the questions about George like a champ. Kelli Zink, host of, Kelli, what do you think? And can Stacy possibly kind of spin her breakup confessions to a permanent seat co-hosting "The View," maybe?

KELLI ZINK, HOST, CELEBTV.COM: Listen, I think that it is going to be hard to find a woman who would not put marriage off in order to date George Clooney for two years. So I`m so team Stacy. The girl did it, now she can settle down. She`s sown her oats in the most fantastic way possible.

CURRY: From Stacy squirming to number four in our countdown. Kim Kardashian breaking her silence about motherhood for the very first time since baby North was born. Yes, here is what she says. The past couple of weeks have been filled with some of the most exciting experiences of my life. I`m enjoying this time to fully embrace motherhood and spend time at home with my family. I have been reading all your messages, I want to thank you for all your sweet thoughts and best wishes. It truly means everything to me. I am so blessed to have the support of my family and fans in this beautiful moment. She sounds like she is happy. Michelle, I got to say, I mean, Kim, (inaudible), taking care of baby North West and being a good mommy. But it`s been 32 days since we have heard from her. This is unreal. Another 40 days, she is going to break an old record of hers.

BUTEAU: I know, who knew she`d actually go and do something interesting. I hope she shares her experiences with us. She owes it to her fans. And (inaudible), I heard the baby looks like her, and I`m like, how does a newborn look like a talentless reality star already?

CURRY: You`re so silly. Let`s move on to number three, SHOWBIZ maker of the day. Selena Bieber - she wishes she were Selena Bieber, maybe, I don`t know, Donnie Moore (ph). Bieber breakup bombshell. Selena Gomez just sat down with Ryan Seacrest for a big special that will premiere this Sunday on E!, and Ryan Seacrest asked her about how she really dealt with her breakup from Justin Bieber last November. Watch.


SELENA GOMEZ: I`m sure you could actually see those pictures of me, like, being like way stressed out about it. And it`s hard, because what do you do? Do you just want to like sit in your house and hide and not go anywhere?


CURRY: I mean, she is such a tough cookie, Michelle, it`s obvious to me that she has moved on. I don`t know, what do you think? Now that she has addressed it once, do you think everyone will kind of leave her alone? Yeah, right.

BUTEAU: I love how sweet and honest she is.


BUTEAU: She seems very sincere, and if somebody filmed me when I was in high school, I would be a hot mess. And she basically dated the most popular boy in high school, well, in the world. And she is being very grown up about it. I have to high five her. What?

CURRY: Yeah. And handling all the paparazzi stuff like crazy, quite well it seems.

We are moving on now to number two of our countdown of the top 5 newsmakers today. Lindsey Lohan on-set secrets revealed. Lohan has been making some big news about her new docu series for Oprah`s network, "Own," but before she made that deal, Lindsey starred in a movie called "The Canyons" - oh, it`s a psychosexual thriller. And right now we have one of Lindsey`s co- stars in the new movie, Tenille Houston, joining us now from Hollywood. So your character in this movie has a very interesting connection to Lindsey Lohan`s character, and not so innocent one, let`s say, right?

TENILLE HOUSTON, ACTRESS: No. Not this one. Definitely not the innocent party, I guess you could say.

CURRY: Explain that a little bit.

HOUSTON: I like the act like I am.

CURRY: It`s got a little p-o-r-n kind of twist to the thing. What`s going on here?

HOUSTON: It`s a little crazy. I think that with James being a porn star, everybody wants to go that way a little bit more, but it`s basically a film about you know, five 20-somethings and our crazy relationship, and we are here in L.A. circa 2012, and basically, I have dated both of the men in the film, and I kind of throw a little twist.


CURRY: Everyone wants to know what it was like to work with Lindsey Lohan. We hear - some of us hear horror stories about her being late to set. Is that all exaggerated? Was she cool to you?

HOUSTON: It is an exaggeration. It`s so much more fun for people to make stuff up. I actually had a great experience with Lindsey. When I got on set, she was there before me, so she was definitely not late, unless I was, and immediately came up to me and asked if we could run lines. I had nothing but the best experience with her.

CURRY: So she seemed like the professional that you want her to be on set then?


CURRY: Anything surprise you?

HOUSTON: No, I mean, I have to say, I was ready for it. It was definitely amazing to work with Paul Schrader, and that in itself was a surprise to me. I have not been able to work with such an iconic director before. So that was really cool, and just seeing it all come together, it was amazing.

CURRY: All right, Tenille Houston, thanks so much, and check out Tenille in a new movie, "The Canyons," on all video on demand platforms on August 2nd.

That leaves us at number one on the SHOWBIZ countdown of the top 5 biggest and boldest newsmakers of the day. Lindsey Vonn is setting the record straight about her relationship with Tiger Woods in a new interview with "Vogue" magazine, and it`s not headed where you think it is. Lindsey, who was married for four years to former ski racer Thomas Vonn, tells "Vogue," quote, "no thanks, I`m definitely not getting married to anyone." And then she goes on to say that while she does not regret her marriage, she is not looking to do it again, saying Tiger`s famous obviously in the extreme, the amount of scrutiny that he is constantly under, it all comes back to being happy. It does not really matter what anyone else thinks. Do what you love to do and be happy, and that`s it." She sounds pretty grounded. Back to Michelle Buteau. I think Tiger Woods maybe met his match with Lindsey Vonn, what do you think?

BUTEAU: Oh, yes, most definitely, I like that. I like that they were friends first, so she knows all the dirt he was doing, and she is like, marriage, been there, done that, got my own money, no thank you. I think it`s your journey, boo boo, and you do it.

CURRY: Kelly, given Tiger`s checkered past, do you think it`s a good thing that she just completely swears off marriage?

ZINK: Absolutely, and I also think we should set her up with George Clooney. That is a perfect couple, no?

CURRY: I kind of like that. All right, giving us something to think about. Michelle Buteau, Kelli Zink, ladies, thank you.

OK, maybe Rihanna could have used an umbrella after fans threw food at her on stage, when she was super late for her show.


RIHANNA: There`s a good crazy and a bad crazy. When you throw [EXPLETIVE DELETED] (inaudible), that is a bit ill.


CURRY: SHOWBIZ Hot Flashes, stories so hot that we could not look away. Plus, Adam Levine getting hitched to a Victoria`s Secret supermodel, Behati Prinsloo. So did the rocker do the whole thing, you know, get down on one knee and beg? Whoa, she is here and she is telling me how the big proposal went down. Plus, wait until you see what we named as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. Really cool, it`s "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN. SBT.


CURRY: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m Natasha Curry, in for AJ Hammer, and it`s time for SHOWBIZ Hot Flashes, that is where we take on the hottest headlines of the day. Let`s kick things off here with Miley`s haircut hysteria. Miley Cyrus has no doubt shed her apple pie image and traded it in for this hardcore vixen. And she does confess, it all started with her hair. In a new interview with the "Toronto Sun," Miley said in part, "I did not plan a haircut to change my life, I just cut my hair and it really changed my life. There`s something about having no hair that screams being confident." So, hear Miley roar, and look at her.

Let`s bring in comedian and actress, Michelle Buteau. Michelle, so was it the haircut you think that gave Miley a big confidence boost now? She is flaunting a hot new look from head to toe, wiggling her tush around all the time and shaking it. Are you with her on chopping off her locks?

BUTEAU: I don`t know, girl. I feel like her father started the trend first, because didn`t Ray have a crazy haircut back in the day with the mullet? And she has been doing her own thing too. And you know what`s funny, when she had long hair, she was an out of control teen. Now she has short hair, it`s like, oh, she is so edgy and confident. If I cut my hair, people are going to give me an intervention. So you know what, girl, you go. If you can wear it and people don`t give you a dollar on the street like you`re homeless, you go. I lost 7 pounds one time and it changed my life. You`re cute. You (inaudible), I feel like we are before and after pictures.

CURRY: Let`s get to comedian and actor right now Skyler Stone, Skyler, we got to get a man`s perspective on this. Do you think this short hair makes a woman more sexy and confident?

SKYLER STONE, ACTOR: I like it about as much as Al Sharpton liked the verdict last weekend. About as much as cinema goers enjoyed "Long Ranger" this summer. All right? She does not look good. Maybe Jane Lynch would like it, Ellen DeGeneres, Wanda Sykes. I`m not into it, I don`t see it. She is al, this haircut changed my life. Miley, haircuts do not change lives, Sunday sermons do, childbirth, the McRib, all right? Haircuts are just haircuts, all right?

CURRY: I kind of think her dad just had her on a leash for a while, she said, you know what, I`m getting wild, step back, daddy. I`m a big girl now.

OK, so from one hot pop star to another. How about this SHOWBIZ hot flash? We got Rihanna fans revolt. Rihanna was feeling the heat when fans in Manchester, England, pelted her with chips. After she finally made it onto the stage - over there, that`s like fries, right, like french fries. She was an hour late for a concert, that was the thing. So I mean, come on, is she ever on time? But when some Rihanna die-hards began tossing gifts on stage, others who were not so happy, they started tossing chips, and boy, did she let them have it.


RIHANNA: There`s a good crazy and a bad crazy. When you throw [EXPLETIVE DELETED] up here, that`s an epic fail. I want to get your gifts, but I don`t want you to knock my people out before we do [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. Swear to God. Cut that (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out. Really? Chips? Chips, though? That`s that important.


CURRY: I swear to God, I will sick Chris Brown on you. Oh, did I go there? Skyler, I am thinking at this point, is there any true Rihanna fans out there? You should probably predict that she`s going to be late for her concert, so you know, you love her, you expect that, accept her as she is, but do you think they were wrong to chuck chips at her?

STONE: No. To me, it is like - it does not even matter. I`m sure she went back stage, you brought up Chris Brown, and like, oh, my gosh, what happened to you on stage, your cheeks are all red and rosy, did Chris do it again? No, it`s barbecue residue.


BUTEAU: What is it? Why is everyone beating Re-Re (ph) up? It takes a long time to do her hair and the mullet and trying to lip sync all her words. She has got things to do. She has got jean shorts to rip. I mean, keep your chips in your pocket. If they are angry, fine, if there`s no refunds, get over it, you know what I`m saying? She is Caribbean, man, she is probably on Caribbean time.


CURRY: I love her, she is adorable. But I mean, from fans revolting to fans rejoicing, we are moving now to our next hot flash. Ready for this one? Britney takes on Vegas, people. Britney Spears is set to take the stage yet again, this time as a Sin City headliner. Spears reportedly went before the judge, handling her conservatorship telling him that she is ready to get back into full performance mode with a stint in Las Vegas, and there`s even talk of Britney headlining a huge New Year`s Eve concert there. So, Michelle, Vegas, that was a great move for Celine Dion. Do you think Britney is going to bring it? Do you think she has what it takes to bring in the crowds?

BUTEAU: If Britney is focused, yes, maybe, she can bring it as hard as Armstrong in a bike race, and I think this is probably her thing. Like the X-Factor, not so much, like having opinions and speaking in front of people. But she could slap on a lacy bra and lip sync as well, like that is her comfort zone. Will I be buying a ticket? No time soon, but I`m sure it`s going to be something great for her fans to go to.

CURRY: Now, moving on to our next SHOWBIZ hot flash, this is a rock. I want you to check this out. Victoria`s Secret model Behati Prinsloo is flashing her newest accessory, an engagement ring from rock star Adam Levine. Prinsloo is promoting a new fragrance for Victoria`s Secret, and I got to talk to her earlier on today, and I asked her how did Adam propose.


BEHATI PRINSLOO, MODEL: I am not going to say. I`m not going to tell you that. I will show you the ring --

CURRY: Oh, girl. That must be your new favorite accessory. Come on, now.

PRINSLOO: It definitely is not the most important thing, though.

CURRY: Yeah. So I would imagine it was romantic, and can you say whether he got down on one knee?

PRINSLOO: He did. He did get down on one knee.


CURRY: He did? Oh, she was squirming, but she didn`t want to talk about it, but she did show us the ring there. Michelle, are you pushing, are you just rushing to get the Victoria`s Secret fragrance and see if a rock star will come and chase you after it?

BUTEAU: I mean, that is the only thing that I buy at Victoria`s Secret is because that`s the only thing that fits me, the perfume. You know what they say, girl, the bigger the rock, the shorter the marriage. Hello, Kim Kardashian.


BUTEAU: What I have right here, a simple wedding band, OK, because my husband is broke. It`s real love.

CURRY: You`re funny. OK, so stay right there, because things are about to get even steamier than New York City subways in this heat wave. Holy moly, Jason Sudeikis revealing his sexy secret workout plan, and let me tell you, it does not have anything to do with an elliptical either, it`s wild with a capital "W." And you may get a little bit jealous, maybe a lot, all right. We have got more SHOWBIZ hot flashes coming your way, get ready for that. Plus, wait until you see what we are naming our SHOWBIZ moment of awesomeness. This is SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


CURRY: We are back now with SHOWBIZ hot flashes, you may want to send the kids out of the room, because the hot stories that have everybody buzzing today. Get a load of this, Jason`s Wilde sex! Saturday Night Live`s Jason Sudeikis is opening up about his sexy weight loss secrets, and apparently it all comes down to his hot and heavy romance, let`s just say, with fiancee actress Olivia Wilde. Sudeikis just revealed in all-new issue of "Elle" magazine that his sex life is so great, it`s helping him lose weight. Here is what he said, "I have the greatest workout partner in the world and you don`t need a gym membership for that kind of workout." Wink, wink. Serious working out, apparently. Back with us, comedian and actor Skyler Stone and Kelli Zink, host of So, Skyler, is this TMI or the best weight loss plan ever?

STONE: It`s totally TMI. I mean, I`m a comedian, that guy already lives on top of the world, he is on SNL, he`s handsome, and then he`s going to tell me that he is having so much sex with Olivia Wilde? That would be like me just going home to Michigan and everybody saying, why are you in such good shape? Oh, I walk to the bank because I cash so many checks. Like, you know, bragging while someone is complimenting you, it`s too much.

CURRY: I think Olivia Wilde, really, she kind of did one-up Jason in another interview, so to speak, revealing that they have sex like Kenyan marathon runners. Come on, guys, do you think this is just two people head over heels in love that want to shout it to the world? I don`t know. What do you think?

ZINK: I think that I`m sending this article to the guy I`m dating ASAP, and I`m going to be like, hey, step it up buddy, you may not be on SNL, but you can improve in other ways, right? That is fair.

CURRY: There you go. All right. Let`s move on to our next SHOWBIZ hot flash. This is a very important one. Naked Hugh, I am talking, you know, behind the scenes, Wolverine man. Bring it on, baby. Hugh Jackman confessing that he just got some guests at a Japanese spa all worked up when he was sort of walking around the spa naked. In his birthday suit. He says he was given a small towel - apparently he needed a big one. When he walked into the spa, but he did not realize that it was meant as a cover-up. The other guests were reportedly in shock, and not too happy, when they saw naked Hugh just lounging around. Are you kidding me? All right, Kelli, there are some good mistakes, there are bad mistakes, where does this one fall in your eyes?

ZINK: The only mistake in my opinion is that nobody got this on film or took a picture of it, how does that happen? That a celebrity is naked, especially this guy, and nobody gets it on film. Come on people.

CURRY: I would have handed him a tissue. Skyler, Kelli, guys, thanks so much. OK. Next we are going to find out what made LeBron James and other sport giants shed a few tears at the Espy Awards last night. Boy, it was a goose bump inducing moment that you cannot miss. And it`s just one moment out of our SHOWBIZ awesomeness you have got to see. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


CURRY: It is time for SHOWBIZ awesomeness, that is when we reveal the most awesome story of the day. Tonight, it`s the powerful moment as "Good Morning America`s" Robin Roberts accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the Espy Awards last night. Robin, and she looks stunning, doesn`t she, as she continues recovery from treatment for a blood and bone disorder. Robin paid homage to the first recipient of the award, the late basketball college coach, Jim Belvano (ph). Robin made an emotional full circle connection between his death and her recovery. Watch.


ROBIN ROBERTS, ABC: That night, in establishing the V Foundation for Cancer Research, Jim said, we need your help, I need your help. We need money for research. It may not save my life, it may save my children`s, it may save someone you love. And I have been blessed to achieve things in life I could never have imagined as that little girl growing up in Mississippi, but most of all, I never imagined that I would be able to be standing here 20 years after Jimmy V`s speech and say that because of everyone who has responded to his challenge, because of all the donations, research and support, mine is one of the lives that has been saved.


CURRY: Miami Heat star LeBron James also presented Robin with her award.

And next on "DR. DREW ON CALL," Drew has more on Trayvon Martin`s family speaking out following George Zimmerman`s acquittal. "Dr. Drew" starts right now.