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Top Paula Deen Questions; Virginia Madsen Plays Anna Nicole Smith`s Mom; Be a Kardashian for a Day; SHOWBIZ Stars on Defense Countdown

Aired June 26, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


CARLOS DIAZ, HOST: Tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," the top three questions we have for Paula Deen after her big live TV interview.


PAULA DEEN, CELEBRITY CHEF: I`ve had to hold friends in my arms while they have sobbed. Because they know what`s being said about me, it`s not true.


DIAZ: Tonight, are people wrong about Paula? Is she paying too high a price?

Is Chris Brown paying too high a price for being a bad boy in the past? Chris is accused of a hit-and-run crash. Now he`s lashing out on Twitter. Tonight, it`s the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Stars on the Defense." Who will come out on top?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello, I`m Carlos Diaz, in for A.J. Hammer. And tonight, Deen on the defense. Today for the very first time on NBC`s "Today Show," an emotional Paula Deen finally took on the tough questions from Matt Lauer about why she made racially-offensive comments.


DEEN: I have apologized. I would never, never and I can truthfully say in my life, I have never with any intention hurt anybody on purpose. And I never would.


DIAZ: At the heart of all this, Paula Deen admitting during a deposition, in a racial and sexual harassment suit against her by a former employee, that she had used the "N" word. But this morning, Paula Deen insisted there`s not a racist bone in her body.

And now tonight, in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," we are counting down the top three questions SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got to ask now that Paula Deen has spoken.

So let`s kick off the countdown with No. 3. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks, do her critics have her all wrong? You`ve got to watch what she said this morning on "The Today Show."


DEEN: I have had to hold friends in my arms while they have sobbed. Because they know what is being said about me, it`s not true.

If there`s anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back if you`re out there, please, pick up that stone, and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me. Please, I want to meet you. I want to meet you.


DIAZ: Wow. A serious interview, and we`ve got two seriously opinionated guests tonight. Attorney Midwin Charles joins us in New York. And Pat LaLama is in Hollywood. Pat is a correspondent for Investigation Discovery.

All right, first off, Midwin, the countdown question, do people have Paula all wrong?

MIDWIN CHARLES, ATTORNEY: Well, unfortunately you can go to the videotape, which is what we saw this morning with Matt Lauer assist well as the deposition transcript where she said more than just this one word that she`s being accused of.

She`s accused of creating a horrible environment for the employees. And she herself said that she had been pining for the days of slavery, where she wanted to have kind of this sort of slave-themed wedding. So there are a lot of issues here going on with Paula. It is not just limited to this one word that she was accused of saying.

DIAZ: Pat, jump in here. Do people have Paula all wrong?

PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY: OK. With all due respect, look. No one is for racism, OK, but to me, this is that it`s such a beautiful picture of the race-baiting, self-righteous, flame-throwing media. I can see evidence all across newsrooms, saying, "Hey, guys, we`ve got a live one. White Southern woman. May have said the `N` word, not once, not twice, who knows how many times. Grab your torches and let`s go get her."

That`s exactly what`s going on. There`s a double standard in this business. Nobody ever says anything when Bill Maher uses the "C" word. Oh, wow, that`s -- gee, that`s, you know, analytical politics. And rap artists demean women. Oh, that`s creative art.

It`s a bunch of baloney. It`s a double standard.

DIAZ: Is there a double standard, Midwin?

CHARLES: There is no double standard. We`re talking right now about Paula Deen. I don`t know if you`ve read that deposition transcript.

LALAMA: I have.

CHARLES: No, no, no. But this is more than just about her saying one word. This is a woman who, from her words -- not from the media, not from anybody else -- is pining for the days of slavery. Hello.

She wanted to name a burger at her restaurant, the Sambo burger. Hello. I mean, what more do you need?

This isn`t the media kind of picking up their torches or anything going after her. These are her own words. And I think all Matt wanted to do was get an explanation from her.

DIAZ: Guys, guys, hold on...

LALAMA: They absolutely want to bring her down.

DIAZ: I`ve got this, guys.

LALAMA: And the fact that she has a successful empire even makes it better if they can bring her down, her financial empire.

CHARLES: No. I don`t -- I don`t think so.

DIAZ: Time out. Give me a time-out. Give me a 20-second time-out here, OK? I`ll get to you guys in a second.

Hold on. Let`s move on real quick and talk about -- we`ve got a lot of things to talk about with this interview. It`s an amazing interview. We`ll get you guys` opinions in just a second.

Paula Deen did try to clarify everything today, but she may have caused more confusion. As you can see, this is very emotional. This takes us to No. 2 on our countdown question. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, did Paula contradict herself today big time?

She had said in her deposition that she used the "N" word after being robbed at gunpoint by a black man. And this morning, she insisted that was the only time she said it. Watch.


DEEN: The day I used that word, it was a world ago. It was 30 years ago, I had had a gun put to my head.

MATT LAUER, CO-HOST, NBC`S "THE TODAY SHOW": So you had -- other than that one time, in the bank, a robbery attempt, you`re telling me you have never used the "N" word?

DEEN: I have never.

LAUER: So you have never used the "N" word other than that one occasion?

DEEN: No, it`s just not -- it`s just not a part of -- it`s just not a part of who we are.


DIAZ: OK. But tonight, the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT panel and crew took a look at that deposition today. And we noticed that we asked -- that when asked if she`d ever used the "N" word since that robbery, Paula Deen said, quote, "I`m sure I have, but it`s been a very long time."

Later in the deposition, she said, quote, "Maybe in repeating something that was said to me, probably a conversation between blacks. I don`t -- I don`t know."

Midwin, our countdown question: Did Paula contradict herself today?

CHARLES: Well, she did in the sense where her response in the deposition isn`t as firm and as undeniable as it was this morning with Matt Lauer, where she said "Never, absolutely not. There`s no way I would have said it other than that one time when I had that gun pointed to my head." As though that`s an excuse to use the word. But I digress.

But her response to the deposition was not nearly as clear and as precise and as strong as, "No, absolutely not." So, it leads one to believe that she`s not credible.

DIAZ: Pat, quickly. Weigh in real quick.

LALAMA: I think she has some credibility issues in terms of answering the questions. But I find it hard pressed to believe that this woman doesn`t feel up against a wall and is not perhaps sophisticated -- media- sophisticated enough to handle the issues that are being thrown at her on national television.

But let`s just make it clear: I`m not for the "N" word ever, never, never. And I think you have to open some room for forgiveness on this one.

DIAZ: And Pat -- exactly. And Pat brings up a very good point, by the way. Because whenever a white person says anything about, like, race that doesn`t involve, you know, she should be fired, it`s like, "Oh, well, you`re a racist, too."

No, we`re just trying to have a discussion here.

LALAMA: Absolutely.

DIAZ: And I -- and I applaud Pat for taking that stance and wanting to open up this discussion. And Midwin, of course, making very good points, as well. But of all the questions...

LALAMA: But Carlos, it`s a shame that I have to even qualify that. It would be assumed that, because I`m trying to look at the other side of the story, that, gee, I must harbor some racism.

DIAZ: There`s a lot -- there`s a lot of shame -- but there`s a lot of shame on both sides of this. A lot of shame on both sides.

Of all the questions we have to ask after Paula Deen`s interview today, here`s the biggest. And it`s our No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown."

Could there be a backlash to the backlash? Get this. Food Network has fired Paula. Smithfield Ham has pulled out her sponsorship. And today, Caesar`s Entertainment said they`re closing all of its Paula-themed restaurants.

But Paula told Matt Lauer this morning that she has tons of fans backing her. So Midwin, do you see there might be a backlash to the backlash? In other words, people coming out and saying, "Hey, I think that she`s been raked over the coals too much"?

CHARLES: Well, it`s possible. I mean, this woman was popular. She had two shows on the Food Network. One of them, I believe, spanned for 11 years. So it`s not uncommon or impossible to believe that her fans are going to stand up for her and support her, particularly during this difficult time.

So yes, of course, there could possibly be a backlash to the backlash. I mean, I understand that people have been coming out in crowds to her restaurants and supporting her. So, I could see that happening, absolutely.

DIAZ: But guys, we have to run. Pat, I know you`ve got to stay on TV. We`ll get you in later in the show.

Midwin, Pat, thank you so much. I appreciate your honest discussion.

Moving on now. Is Miley Cyrus the next star that is going to need to backtrack on her statements? Tonight, Miley`s shocking tweet. Did she just reveal information about her dad having an affair? It`s another all- star SHOWBIZ "Countdown," "Stars on the Defense." is Miley`s cheating tweet No. 1? Plus, is a little girl twerking it better than Miley?


(MUSIC: "I came to work, I`m here to work. I am a professional work. Work. Work. I`m here to work."

DIAZ: Casey Rice works it out. She has made a huge impression on Katy Perry and now on the entire world. Casey is right here to talk about being a SHOWBIZ YouTube sensation.




VIRGINIA MADSEN, ACTRESS: Fry cook throw you out?

AGNES BRUCKNER, ACTRESS: No, he didn`t throw me out. I left.

MADSEN: Well, aren`t you the cat`s meow. You know I`m not going to take care of what you can`t.

BRUCKNER: Mom, you ain`t going to have to. I can take care of Danny just fine.


DIAZ: That`s your first look at Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen playing Anna Nicole Smith`s mother, Virgie Arthur, in the highly- anticipated and fascinating new Lifetime movie about Anna Nicole, debuting this Saturday night.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Carlos Diaz, in for A.J. Hammer.

Right now, a "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" with Virginia Madsen. Virginia joins me right now from New York.

Hi. How are you doing?

MADSEN: I`m good. I`m sorry I`m not there in the studio with you.

DIAZ: Not as sorry as I am. Virginia is also the spokesperson for a new campaign called "Body Rewards." We`ll get to that in a bit.

Anna Nicole Smith led a wild life with so many ups and downs.

MADSEN: Yes, she did.

DIAZ: So her mother came across as kind of a crazy character, too. I was there for the trial. I covered the whole thing. And her mother, you know, practically -- they didn`t get along. They almost hated each other. But did Virgie actually think she should have been mother of the year? Did you get that in researching the role?

MADSEN: Well, you know, there were certain restrictions that we all had on what we could, you know, do with the script legally. There were certain things that were disputed. And really, what I -- the only thing I could do with Virgie was play the character presented to me.

DIAZ: When they came to you and said, "You`re going to play Virgie Arthur," and I just want to throw in here...

MADSEN: I was like, "Me?"

DIAZ: You don`t like anything like her at all, how was that when they told you?

MADSEN: Well, I decided, and also the film makers decided that it was best that they didn`t try and make me into an imitation of Virgie, since we weren`t really telling her whole story. So what I wanted to do is, sort of the flavor of her, the spirit of her that -- and the things that I did know about her and instead of trying to really, like put on a full on special effects make-up.

DIAZ: Right, exactly. In the movie...

Although, I did really enjoy my little frosting tip. Did you see that?

MADSEN: Yes, I liked. It was very nice.

DIAZ: They got close, in the movie, we see her going nuts over Anna Nicole`s choices in life. Let`s watch this.



MADSEN: I told you not to marry the fry-cook at Crispy Carl`s Fried Chicken. And I told you, and I told you and I don`t know how many times I told you not to have a baby so young.

BRUCKNER: Yes, well Danny is the best thing that`s ever happened to me in my whole life.


DIAZ: OK, you got the voice down. You nailed the voice.

MADSEN: Right, disapproval. See, that was Virgie`s tough love.

DIAZ: Yes. And Anna clearly did not have her mother`s support. Did you understand why Anna Nicole did not want her mother in her life at all?

MADSEN: Well, I mean, this is subjective. I mean, this is only my opinion, but I, you know, was really fascinated by her story for many, many years while she was living. And I met her a couple of times.

And, you know, I think by Anna`s own admission, she was kind of a wild child, and Virgie was sort of doing the best she could. And she was a very tough mother and I think Anna felt that she was very abusive. But I don`t think Virgie felt that.

DIAZ: And along with this new movie about Anna Nicole Smith, you`ve got the upcoming movie, "The Hot Flashes," starring alongside Brooke Shields.

MADSEN: Yes. The polar opposite in that one.

DIAZ: Exactly.

MADSEN: That one I`m the town tramp.

DIAZ: OK. Well, there you go. Another stretch.

And now, you`re also working on the Finding the Words campaign, have you ever heard of a project calmed vacation, Virginia? I mean, are you ready to take a break at some point?

MADSEN: No, I can take a break when I`m dead. I love to work. I love my job. I love all the people I get to meet, and I`m just having a wonderful time at this period in my career. And I feel very blessed, and I never take a day for granted.

DIAZ: All right. Well, I`m very upset that you`re not in the studio with me. I`m going to talk to the producers about that. Next time we have you on, you`re in the studio with me. OK?

You can catch Virginia is "Anna Nicole" this Saturday on Lifetime. I`m definitely going to be watching Virginia Madsen. Wishing you the best and, of course, the best with all your projects including your campaign, Finding the Words. Thanks so much.

MADSEN: Thank you.

DIAZ: Moving on tonight, as Paula Deen finally faces "The Today Show`s" Matt Lauer live in her first interview about allegations she used horrible racist language in her past. This morning, nothing was off limits.


DEEN: I lived my life the way I believe and like I said, if you`ve never committed a sin, please pick up that rock, pick up that boulder and hit me as hard as you can.


DIAZ: It`s the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Stars on the Defense." Did she Paula help or hurt her cause or her crumbling empire? Will her emotional confessions top the "SHOWBIZ Countdown."

Plus, Kris Jenner`s startling offer. She wants you to join her family. The glamor, the TV cameras, the whole thing. Find out how you can become a Kardashian for a day.



DIAZ: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ve always wanted a dog, so I have a dog.

BRUCE JENNER, OLYMPIC MEDALIST: That dog pees in this house, and you`re dead, Khloe. Hey, I`ve picked up over the years.


HAMMER: That is what life is like with the Kardashians. Have you had the burning desire to ditch your life and get hair extensions and become part of the Kardashian/Jenner family?

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can now reveal you can have your shot at all that and enjoy 15 minutes of fame.

Kris Jenner, the Kardashian matriarch, wants to add another Kardashian- Jenner to her group, and it`s you. As a part of her talk show launch next month, Kris has just revealed she is launching a contest that would let you be a Kardashian for a day.

Here`s how we do it, all right? All you have to do is explain why would you like to experience a day in the life of the Kardashian/Jenner family? Also what cool business project are you currently or planning to pursue?

And here`s the good news: your name doesn`t have to start with the letter "K" like everyone in the family to enter. We`ve got our first applicant. Joining me right now in New York is Jenny Hutt Kardashian.


DIAZ: She is the host of "Just Jenny" on Sirius XM Radio.

You do have the fabulous hair, I will say that, Jenny. Jenny, do you have your essay ready?

HUTT: OK, my essay has not yet been completed, but I will -- I will get it done, and I will get it done well. Let me tell you, what an opportunity this is.

All kidding aside, I think how fabulous to have the opportunity to be a Kardashian for a day? The hair, the nails, the make-up, the shopping, the fanfare, the paparazzi, like, that`s fun. Why not?

HAMMER: Don`t you think that whoever wins this had better be smart enough to stretch that day into a solid 15 minutes of fame?

HUTT: No, I think whoever wins this can either do it just because it`s a fun adventure or do it for the bigger picture of potentially turning it into something real. Who knows? But I think it`s a great idea. I love everything about it.

DIAZ: All right. So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned what you will get as a Kardashian/Jenner for a day. All right?

HUTT: What, and am I eligible?

DIAZ: Well, hold on. Get your pen and paper out, because here we go. A trip to Los Angeles. A shopping trip at DASH. You know, the boutique that the Kardashians own? A spa trip with Kris. You also get $5,000 seed money for that cool business project that you`re planning. And you will get to have lunch with Bruce Jenner for some fatherly advice and tons of facial expressions.

Jenny, would you sneak in there as a winner and maybe have a chance -- what would you like? Would you maybe, like, have Kanye maybe sneak in and interrupt you while you`re having lunch with Kris?

HUTT: No. I don`t think I would have that happen. I think I would actually enjoy the time with Kris, because I think she`s a really smart, savvy business woman. I`d like to learn from her. I have two kids of my own. There are certain things about her parenting I might not emulate. There`s some other things I think she`s done quite well.

So I like this whole idea. I`m not sure that I`m eligible, but if I were, I would definitely apply.

DIAZ: Would you dye your hair black?

HUTT: No, I look so bad as a brunette. I look awful. It`s so wrong on me on every level.

DIAZ: By the way, you have the -- you elongate words, which is great to be a Kardashian. "I look sooo bad." That`s very good; that`s very Kardashian.

HUTT: It`s just the who that I am.

DIAZ: All right, Jenny Hutt. You are amazing. Thank you so much.

HUTT: Thanks.

DIAZ: Stars under fire. "Stars on the Defense." Paula Deen finally answers questions about her racism controversy in a tearful, tense and blunt "Today Show" interview which happened this morning.


DEEN: I live my life the way I believe, and like I said, if you`ve never committed a sin, please pick up that rock, pick up that boulder and hit me as hard as you can.


DIAZ: Did holding Paula`s feet to the fire clear her name? Or is the final nail in the coffin for her career?

Chris Brown on the defense. He`s firing back after hit-and-run charges. Is Chris guilty, or is he taking a hit because of his past?

Which "Star on the Defense" will top the "SHOWBIZ Countdown"?

Plus, Katy Perry`s tiny dancer.

Stacy Rize (ph) works it out. Her first moves caught Katy Perry`s attention, and now she`s mesmerizing the entire world.

This is SBT, working it out. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



DEEN: I`ve lived my life the way I believe, and like I said, if you`ve never committed a sin, please pick up that rock. Pick up that boulder, and hit me as hard as you can.


DIAZ: Right now, the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," the top three "Stars on the Defense" today, including Paula Deen and her new, painful apology. There was raw emotion. There were serious tears. But did Paula`s 13-minute live TV defense just make things worse?

Does Paula`s new apology top Miley Cyrus`s bizarre new tweet to her dad, Billy Ray? Did Miley just out her papa for having an affair and then pretend like the whole thing was a twitter mistake? Which star on the defense will take the number one spot on the SHOWBIZ Countdown?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


DIAZ: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, I`m Carlos Diaz in for A.J. Hammer. Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, today`s top three stars on defense. And we are kicking it off with number three. The explosive interview today following Paula Deen`s emotional defense this morning on NBC`s "Today Show," Deen opened up live for the first time since her racism scandal broke. Watch.


DEEN: If there`s anyone out there that has never said something that they wished they could take back, if you are out there, please, pick up that stone, and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me, please, I want to meet you. I want to meet you.


DIAZ: A tearful, a tearful Paula Deen there, but still, not enough to satisfy many outraged fans setting off a furious debate on the SHOWBIZ Facebook page, with Kathy P. writing, "She is such a phony. Yeah, she is crying because she got caught, fake, fake, fake." Laura H. writing, "This has gone too far, #TeamPaula."

So, we`ve got to ask, is Paula Deen making it worse every time she speaks out or will her live appearance this morning take the sizzle out of this hot debate?

With me tonight in Hollywood is Pat LaLama who is a correspondent for "Investigation Discovery." Pat, even with Deen speaking out for herself this morning on live television, there`s still a great divide, as you can see, by the SHOWBIZ Facebook comments. Did Deen just dig herself into a deeper hole?

LALAMA: I don`t know. I will say this. I think it`s time to stop, I think she needs to go lay low, I need to - I think she needs to reflect, ask herself, do I need to be more enlightened about social issues and if so, I`m on my way and hopefully my fans can help me, but I say, go away and don`t give the media the room to burn you continuously.

DIAZ: Yeah, and we did not actually hear Deen apologize today, as she did in the two videos that were released earlier. Instead, she was more defiant. Let`s watch.


DEEN: I is what I is, and I`m not changing. And I -- there`s someone evil out there that saw what I had worked for and they wanted it.


DIAZ: She is talking about a lawsuit that has been filed by one of her former employees and Deen is not apologizing. Instead, really setting up for herself this morning, and here is what SHOWBIZ Facebook fans are saying. Here is Aileen S. She wrote on our wall today, "She apologized enough already, and it was a truly sincere apology, give the poor woman a break."

Let me bring in criminal defense attorney Midwin Charles who is with me from New York tonight. Midwin, do you agree with Eileen or did Deen make it worse by not actually saying the words I`m sorry on live TV this morning?

CHARLES: Well, listen, I think Paula Deen was coached very, very well. And you can tell because if you look at the prior explanations or apologies that she gave on YouTube that were immediately withdrawn, there is a marked difference and she hit all the key points that someone who was coached, they are supposed to do, you mentioned God, you mentioned apology, you know, you mentioned things that are tear jerkers and you start to cry and what have you. Time is the only thing that is going to tell us whether she is, in fact, sincere. Her actions, what she does from this point forward.

DIAZ: And just as Deen`s television appearance was about to end this morning, she interrupted Matt Lauer to send one more message to everyone caught up in the controversy. Watch this.


DEEN: It feels so strange to come to this wonderful happy place where I have always come so happy, and to have these people believe these horrible, horrible lies when all you have to do is ask the people around me.


DIAZ: Paula Deen really pushing there that the truth about who she is has really been lost in the uproar. Let me take you back to the SHOWBIZ Facebook page where James H. wrote "Wrong actions have consequences and we are seeing the fallout with sponsors dropping almost daily from her as we speak." Pat, Paula Deen, is she getting what she deserves?

LALAMA: You know what? No, I think this is an outrage, look. Again, let me state, if she harbors racist feelings and sentiment, she needs to get enlightened and maybe we could do a productive thing and help her along. But I just see people clamoring, like rabbit dogs to rip it apart until she is a ball of flesh in the street. So that`s why I`m saying, she needs to go home and reflect and come back anew. I think she is killing herself under the spotlight right now.

DIAZ: And Pat, I have known you for years and I know that, you know, you speak your mind and I completely respect that. Midwin, when Pat says that, when Pat says, she is being ripped to shreds what is your first thought?

CHARLES: Well, I think there is a huge disconnect here, because Paula Deen has someone who has an amazing spirit, and amazing attitude, and people are shocked to hear that she may harbor these sentiments. And again, these are not necessarily accusations, these are her own words from a deposition. So, we need to start with that. This is not someone throwing a stone at her and accusing her of these things. These are her own words where she says she wanted to have a slave-themed wedding.

LALAMA: Midwin, Midwin, Midwin, we all know how egregious and heinous it is to hear those kinds of words. But is there room for her to improve, to look at her life, to maybe .

CHARLES: Of course, there is .

LALAMA: . not have the evolution that the rest of us have learned .

CHARLES: Of course, there is.


CHARLES: Which is why I said earlier that what really matters is how she .

DIAZ: One at a time.

CHARLES: Which is why I said earlier was we will tell whether she was truly sincere based upon after today, what her actions are, what she does .


CHARLES: . and what are some of the activities that she engages in. So I agree with you, Pat. I do think that people are jumping on her and what have you.


CHARLES: But I`m saying that she has done something to merit that. So, in other words, what people are doing, may not be, you know, done in the best way. But she has still done and said the things to make people angry.

DIAZ: Pat, we`ve got to move on. Pat, we`ve got to move on. You understand TV .



DIAZ: We`ve got to move on. It is a topic that we could talk about for the entire hour, long as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. All right. Moving on now.

From Paula Deen`s live TV defense, to another super star under fire using Twitter to tell her side of the story.


DIAZ: Chris Brown`s new legal troubles are number two on our SHOWBIZ countdown "Stars on Defense." Brown has just been charged with hit and run, a hit and run driving incident, allegedly rear-ending another car in L.A. last month and also for driving without a license, and no one was hurt in the incident, but Brown immediately went on the defensive, tweeting, "It`s not a hit and run if you get out of the car, exchange information (who has no damage to either cars. This is ridiculous."

And he changed his Twitter profile pic to this. Showing himself, girlfriend Karrueche Tran and the woman whose car was hit.

Midwin, Chris is facing charges that could send him to jail for violating his probation in the Rihanna beating case. Is this not a good idea for him to be defending himself on twitter?

CHARLES: Poor Chris, you know, he still does not necessarily get it. He still doesn`t necessarily get how to use twitter and how not to use twitter. And it`s clear that he is doing what he wants, when he wants and how he wants it. This isn`t the way to deal with criminal allegations. When you`re facing criminal allegations, you don`t mention them on twitter, you don`t try to defend yourself on twitter. And he may have a point, OK, perhaps it wasn`t a hit and run if you stop and you exchange information. But this is not the best forum to do it.

DIAZ: Pat, I feel like .

LALAMA: Midwin, Midwin - I`m dying here, the other side of that story is that the woman took the picture because he was calling her really, really horrible names and refusing to turn over the proper information and she needed that for posterity. This kid .

CHARLES: But that is not a hit and run.


Well, Okay. The fact of the matter is, he is pedantic, self-entitled brat, he needs to man up, stop calling himself a victim, stop using social media, be a true man and start taking responsibility for his very bad behavior.

CHARLES: My point just is, if you are facing criminal charges and criminal allegations, you don`t take to twitter to try to defend yourself, because everything you say, everything you do, every photograph that you post, can be used against you just like they say on TV. So, that`s my little shtick as the defense attorney.

DIAZ: My little shtick is that 35 minutes ago I said this would be an explosive argument between you two .


DIAZ: . I didn`t even know how explosive. You guys are amazing. I appreciate it. So what number one .

CHARLES: And I love .

LALAMA: I love you.

CHARLES: I love .

DIAZ: We all - I love Midwin. I love Pat. It`s a love fest you`re (INAUDIBLE) tonight.

So, what is number one in our SHOWBIZ countdown of stars on the defense. It`s on the count down, stars on the defense, Miley Cyrus just revealed a shocking tweet, did she really try to out her famous dad, Billy Ray, suggesting he had an affair?

Pat, Midwin, stay where you`re at, tell all, get a drink of water, and we will be right back with that. Switching gears now to the incredibly talented little dancer that Katy Perry just made into a YouTube star with a single tweet.

That dancing girl has got the moves that would put most pro dancers to shame. She just became an overnight Internet sensation when Katy Perry tweeted this video to her 38 million followers. Tonight, I am one on one with Kasey Rice to hear about her plans for global dance domination.

Plus, wait until you see what we have named our SHOWBIZ moment of awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


DIAZ: Welcome back, we are counting down today`s top three stars on defense. All right, here is where we are at so far, coming in at number three, the explosive fan reaction after Paula Deen`s emotional defense this morning on the "Today Show".

Coming in at number two, Chris Brown on the defense after being charged with a hit and run and driving without a valid driver`s license.

And that leads us to the number one moment on our SHOWBIZ countdown, Miley Cyrus` bizarre tweet about her father`s divorce drama. Miley appeared to give her father an ultimatum in front of her millions of Twitter followers ,when she posted this picture with this tweet, "Billy Ray Cyrus, since you won`t reply to my texts, I`m giving you an hour to tell the truth or I will tell it for you."

Wow. I would have brought back Pat LaLama, correspondent for investigation discovery. Pat, Miley took down that photo of her and her father`s Chicago costar Dyllis Croman, and then posted this on her Twitter page. "WTF, my Twitter was just acting all types of cray." Pat, this story is cray. Do you Miley regretted suggesting her dad was having an affair with this Chicago costar?

LALAMA: You know, my problem with Miley these days is that it seems like she`s doing so much for the publicity of facts, so you just don`t know. But I will say this, and this is very personal. Any of us who grew up in a home that was split apart .

DIAZ: Yes.

LALAMA: . understands the emotions and the pain that is evoked from that. It`s a hard thing. She is young, she doesn`t really probably know how to deal with it. I suggest you go get yourself a good family therapist. Easy for me to say. Therapist.

DIAZ: Yeah, therapist, yeah.

LALAMA: . work through it and leave the social media alone when it comes to family issues.

DIAZ: And Pat, I think you agree with me, I as well came from a family of divorced parents, nothing good comes from trying to be the mediator in the situation.


DIAZ: Because you have two people who don`t get along, you know, there you go.

LALAMA: And the children should never have to be. And so, she needs to stay out of it and go get some help.

DIAZ: Right.

LALAMA: But keep off social media when it comes to your parents breaking up.

DIAZ: If Pat and I can`t fix our parents, nobody can. All right, you`ve got to bring in Jenny Hut, who is the host "Just Jenny," on Sirius satellite. Jenny, I would - I won`t even ask you if you come from a broken home. But is it Miley`s - was it Miley`s mom Tish .

HUTT: I know. Yeah.

DIAZ: OK, good, well, then here we go. Miley`s mom Tish, she filed for divorce two weeks ago.

HUTT: Right.

DIAZ: Citing irreconcilable differences. Do you think this tweet was a hack job or was it Miley acting out?

HUTT: Listen, it probably was not in fact a hack job. But I get it. She is young, she is a kid, and in a moment of haste, she just puts this out there, I also think sometimes when we have a platform, we sometimes might use it to bully a teeny tiny bit, I have to admit there`ve been times on my radio show that I`ve called out poor customer service just because I feel like there`s no other way to get something done. Now, is that right? No.


HUTT: But I have done it, AT&T won`t pick up the darn phone kind of thing. Like it happens. Now I feel bad for her, because as a kid, it`s tumultuous, it`s awful, she is probably devastated inside and probably wants her partners back together .


HUTT: . and she is feeling angry.

DIAZ: Right.

HUTT: I understand. She is young. Cut her a break.

DIAZ: All right. Pat LaLama .

LALAMA: But she also talks a lot about smoking a lot of pot, maybe she was high when she did this.

DIAZ: Ho-ho! Why do you have to end it on that one, Pat, oh, my lord.

LALAMA: That`s right. She is the one.

DIAZ: Pat LaLama, Jenny Hut. Pat, stop talking!


DIAZ: All right, thanks so much, guys, I appreciate it. Right now, Katy Perry, the kingmaker, just made this little girl an Internet star.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): I came to work. I`m here to work, work.

DIAZ: Katy Perry tweeted the video of this ten-year old girl was working it, and she tweeted it to her 38 million of followers. Now, Kaycee Rice is an overnight YouTube sensation, and she is right here to tell us how it feels to be famous, plus horsing around with the Prancercise lady.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: . your attire should look like a head to toe college (ph). Tea Party on top, rejected mime on the bottom.


DIAZ: Oh, yeah. A brand new funny or die spoof is revitalizing the prancercise craze tonight. If you thought the real prancercise video was hilarious, you`ve got to see this. It`s our SHOWBIZ "Moment of Awesomeness."




UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): Work, work, work, work work, work, work, work work, work, work


DIAZ: That`s the tiny dancer, the amazing ten-year-old dancer that Katy Perry just turned into an Internet sensation with one little tweet.

So here is how Kaycee Rice just became a full-fledged Internet sensation. Pop princess Katy Perry saw these fierce dance moves that you`re about to watch, posted on YouTube and Katy thought they were so incredible3 that she tweeted them out to her 38 million followers and that is when little Kaycee totally blew up, her video already has well over a million hits and it`s that number, which is growing like crazy.

Well, tonight I`ve got the Internet`s most famous tiny dancer Kaycee Rice right here, joining us in Hollywood. Kaycee, thanks so much for joining us, I appreciate it and I have to - I`ve got to tell you, I think that Katy Perry is totally right saying that you are an amazing dancer. So, you`ve got to tell me, what are your friends and family thinking about you being a huge Internet star now?

KAYCEE RICE, YOUTUBE STAR: Well, they are really excited and when they first found out, they were like jumping up and down. And we are all just so shocked and it`s like unbelievable.

DIAZ: Truly, it`s been one of those things where you know, it`s an overnight sensation, and I know mom says that you worked really hard every day to perfect your dancing. How does it feel now that the whole country knows how good you are and how much work you put into it?

RICE: It feels like amazing. I`m like really speechless right now, because not a lot of people get like this opportunity.

DIAZ: And it`s great, that you have this opportunity, and Katy Perry was the one who really helped this whole thing along, you know. She helped to shine the spotlight on you, if you could give Katy Perry a call, what would you say to her?

RICE: would say, oh, my god, thank you so much for this and like, watching my video, then liking it, then tweeting it, and like, um all of us here are really excited and I just want to meet her in person, and say thank you so much for this.

DIAZ: Yeah, I mean, it`s what - and I think she would love to meet you as well, I think I have a sneaking suspicion that`s going to happen sometime at the very near future. And now that you`re a big start, you`ve got to tell me, what is your big dance dream, I mean you want to be a backup dancer for Katy Perry or is there something else that you want to do?

RICE: Well, my first dream is to be dancing with Katy Perry to one of her songs and I would also love to be on "So You Think You Can Dance" and dance with Twitch.

DIAZ: Or really? Is that your favorite dancer there? Is that what you .

RICE: Yes.

DIAZ: Can you hold your own? OK. All right cool. Kaycee, do me a favor, by the way. When you go to prom in like six or seven years if your date only wants to do slow dances it`s because he is intimidated, all right? It`s because he knows he cannot match your dance moves, OK?


DIAZ: Thanks so much for joining us, I appreciate it, OK.

RICE: Thank you.

DIAZ: All right, thanks. And now, let gallop on from Kaycee`s amazing moves to these moves.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: . prancercising .

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: .. your attire should look like a head to toe mullet, Tea Party on top, rejected mime on the bottom.


DIAZ: Settle up for the fricken hilarious funny or die spoof of the prancersize lady. I mean if you are having a bad day, you`ve got -- this SHOWBIZ "Moment of Awesomeness" is going to change that in an instant, you can thank me later. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


DIAZ: Oh, yeah. That is Prancercise lady, fitness sensation, Joanna Rohrback. When her video galloped across the Internet, the whole world saddled up and followed. Wow.

And if it were not for the Prancercise Lady, we would not be able to bring you tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness," where we name the most awesome story of the day. Call it prancercise the sequel, funny or die is just revived the world`s most bizarre fitness phenomenon with the brand new (INAUDIBLE), "So you think you can prance."

"So You Think You Can Dance" judges Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman are center stage with this hilarious video. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When flatting your lower body, it should like a newly birthed giraffe trying to walk for the very first time. Not that smart about this is that no one will mock you because they will assume you have given up on all of your meds and that you are trying to climb a building upside down, oh, yeah, everybody is jealous.

Enjoy your scallop, because it`s time for the prancercise gallop.


DIAZ: Wow. That was two broke girl star back (INAUDIBLE). As prancercize queen Joanna Rohrback, I got to say, she nailed it, I`m. I`m creeped down by it all in a good way.

Thanks for watching. I`m Carlos Diaz. Watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, HLN continues right now.