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Trayvon Martin`s Father Speaks Out; What`s Best for Paris Jackson?; Kato Kaelin Reflects on O.J. Trial 19 Years Later; Kimye`s New Baby; Interview with Heather Tom, Miss Utah Goes Viral

Aired June 17, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, "SHOWBIZ Justice." Trayvon Martin`s dad, Tracy, opens up to HLN a revealing new interview with Tracy Martin.


VINNIE POLITAN, HOST, "HLN AFTER DARK": Is it difficult to be in the room with George Zimmerman?

TRACY MARTIN, TRAYVON MARTIN`S FATHER: Very. It`s difficult sitting there and seeing the killer of our child.


HAMMER: The co-host of "HLN AFTER DARK," Vinnie Politan, right here to talk about his emotional brand-new interview.

Plus, 19 years ago today, Americans everywhere were glued to their TVs watching O.J. Simpson`s white Ford Bronco in a surreal slow-speed chase after the murders of his wife and her friend. Tonight, O.J.`s friend, Kato Kaelin, talks about that day and gives us his thoughts on the Trial of the Century nearly two decades later.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Well, thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in Hollywood.

Tonight, "SHOWBIZ Justice." So of course, today starts the second week of jury selection in the Trayvon Martin case. Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman accused of murder after shooting Trayvon, who didn`t have a weapon at the time. Zimmerman claims it was self-defense.

Now attorneys are trying to assemble the jury that can decide the case, while Trayvon`s parents, of course, try to cope with reliving the whole tragedy all over again.

"HLN AFTER DARK`s" Vinnie Politan just sat down with Trayvon`s father, Tracy Martin, and tonight, Vinnie brings us the very first look at Tracy`s revealing interview.


POLITAN: Is it difficult to be in the room with George Zimmerman?

MARTIN: Very. It`s difficult sitting there and seeing the killer of our child sit there with this -- with this fixed stare as if he did nothing.


HAMMER: Hard to understand what that man could be going through. Safe to say, he is understandably still angry with George Zimmerman. Over a year since this happened.

Vinnie, how did you find, after speaking with him, that he`s dealing with the death of his son now?

POLITAN: Well, I think part of it is the focus on everything that`s happened. It`s only been a year, but it`s been a long, excruciating year for Tracy Martin, Trayvon`s father.

But I think part of everything they`ve gone through has been, to a certain extent, helping them get through this part of it. It`s difficult.

The thing, A.J., about this whole case, it means so many different things to so many different people. But ultimately, it`s a case about a dad and a mom who lost their son. And that really was the big part of our interview: getting to the heart of what this case really means, and ultimately the one who is most impacted, which is Trayvon Martin, his mom and his dad.

HAMMER: And of course, Vinnie, one of the things that was, I guess, inevitable that is certainly tough for Trayvon`s family, George Zimmerman`s attorneys have already started to try to portray Trayvon as a violent thug who may have been looking for trouble when he encountered George Zimmerman. How is Trayvon`s dad responding to all this scrutiny of Trayvon? I mean, I cannot imagine going through that as a father.

POLITAN: And from his perspective, that`s the biggest misperception that`s out there, is who his son is and who his son was. "He`s not a thug; he`s my son. He was a teenage boy. He was my son."

And the whole trashing that takes place in every criminal case. We see it in every criminal case. Happened to Travis Alexander in the Jodi Arias case, as well. It`s part of it, and he says that`s the most difficult part of all this, and especially to be in the courtroom when some of this stuff is happening.

HAMMER: I`m sure. We saw fascinating live coverage on HLN today, attorneys questioning potential jurors for the trial. Trayvon`s dad told you what he is hoping to see in the George Zimmerman jury. Let`s watch that.


MARTIN: We just hope that overall, that there are six good people selected, six people that understand the values of life, being black or white, and six people that -- that truly treasures that life and the core values of the youth, you know, of our society.


HAMMER: Is Trayvon`s dad feeling at all confident about this trial?

POLITAN: They don`t know; they don`t know. They`re hopeful. They want to see a conviction here, but they don`t know what`s going to happen. I mean, it took so much to get to the point of just the arrest and the charge.

So, at this point, I think they`re going in, not knowing what the ending is going to be. But hopeful that they`ll get justice for Trayvon, because that`s ultimately what they want here.

HAMMER: All right, Vinnie, thank you so much for bringing us this fascinating interview.

And you can check out more of Vinnie Politan`s fascinating interview with Trayvon`s father, Tracy Martin, on "HLN AFTER DARK," Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. Eastern.

Well, next in "SHOWBIZ Justice," the Michael Jackson saga is keeping the courts busy. And we`ve got a Jackson insider right here to talk about it.

So a court-ordered investigation is now underway into the well-being of Michael`s 15-year-old daughter, Paris, after she apparently tried to kill herself. And as if there wasn`t dramatic enough, there, of course, is that multimillion-dollar wrongful death trial that`s going on right now. Could it all come down to spin? Specifically Michael Jackson`s spinning? We`ll talk about that in a second.

Michael Jackson`s former attorney, Tom Mesereau, with us tonight. He`s joining us from San Francisco.

Always great having you here, Tom.


HAMMER: It`s my pleasure. Let`s start with Paris. Really, a tough, tough situation here. After a suicide attempt, some people were saying, you know, maybe Paris would be better off with her mom, Debbie Rowe, who she apparently has gotten closer to, as opposed to her current guardians, which are, of course, Michael`s mother, Katherine, and Michael`s adult nephew, T.J.

Tom, you knew Michael really well. What would he think of all this talk of Paris living with Debbie Rowe?

MESEREAU: Well, that`s a very interesting question. You know, I replaced former attorneys Geragos and Brafman in this criminal case nine months before the trial started, and during those nine months, as well as the 5- 1/2 months of trial, I spent considerable amount of time at Neverland, observing Michael with his children.

He was very protective. I mean, they were the light of his life. He wanted to shield them from conflict, from controversy. He wanted them to study great books of literature. He had private tutoring. He wanted them to be close to nature and animals. He wanted them to understand the world, but he shielded them from conflict and controversy.

When he passed away, everything went topsy-turvy. They suddenly ended up in the media. They ended up in the middle of family politics. There`s got to be some jealousy over their inheritance. Things got very complicated and very different.

I think Michael would understand why she would reach out to her mother, why she would want to be with her parent. Michael was a very kindhearted person. He was a loving person, generous. He loved his children, and I think Michael would be OK with it.

HAMMER: So, when you look at Michael`s kids, knowing them how you did, knowing Michael how you did, Tom, is it how their lives got so topsy-turvy and opposite of Michael`s desires and intentions? Is that what worries you the most?

MESEREAU: Well, I think to have children -- and they really are kids; she`s 15 -- to have them exposed to the media on a constant basis, to have them under a microscope, which Michael always felt denied him the childhood he should have had. To have them under this constant pressure, constant scrutiny, family politics right in the middle of it, which Michael shielded them from; to have them dealing with the problems of reputation and wealth and status in the schoolyard, where she apparently has been subjected to bullying. You put all of this complexity together, it`s not what Michael would have wanted at all.

I think that she goes with her mother and finds some stability and finds some love and gets away from all this complexity, I think he`d be OK with it and it probably would be a good idea.

HAMMER: As I`ve said before, it`s just unimaginable what the entire family is dealing with right now. You look at what Michael is even going through, in death, still under the microscope with the wrongful death trial underway right now. Michael Jackson`s family suing concert promoter AEG Live, claiming that they are partially responsible for Michael`s death.

Now, Tom, you`ve been quoted as saying the suit has merit. Why exactly do you say that?

MESEREAU: It has merit because AEG wanted to take risks. They wanted to take risks to make a big financial return off Michael Jackson. And when Michael introduced them to Conrad Murray, in my opinion, they decided to assume the risk and responsibility for Conrad Murray. They did this hoping they could make a lot of money off of Michael Jackson.

They believed in Michael Jackson. They invested $30 million in him before the tour even started. And they took responsibility for a doctor, and now they`re trying to wiggle away from it, because it didn`t -- it didn`t work.

They`re big boys. They had plenty of lawyers. They prepared an agreement. They had Murray sign it. They sent e-mails, reminding everyone who was paying his salary. They were on top of things, what they thought would help them make big money in London, a big profit in London.

And if they dropped the ball with the doctor who was supervising him and treating him, that`s their responsibility. That`s their fault, and I think the jury will hold them responsible.

HAMMER: It will certainly be interesting to see what happens, because obviously, AEG Live and their lawyers have what they feel is a compelling case. They`ve been saying so many disturbing things about Michael Jackson in his last days.

Charles, if you could, put up what the lawyers put up in court, the side- by-side video of Michael. 2001 is him on the left. And him rehearsing for the This is It show weeks before his death in 2009, is there on the right.

Tom, AEG argues that it was Michael and not AEG responsible for his decisions. I mean, wow, what a difference it was in those eight years right there.

MESEREAU: Well, but AEG entered into a contract with him. Why did they do that? AEG knew who Michael was. They knew he was better than most companies would. Their co-CEO had been his tour manager in the `90s. They knew all about Michael Jackson.

They knew about his enormous talent, his enormous marketability. They knew he was the most famous celebrity in the world. They knew he was the greatest dancer, choreographer, singer in the world. They wanted to make a big buck.

If he had some problems with prescription drugs or his health, they knew about it. And they should have acted responsibly, and they didn`t. They were there to supervise Conrad Murray. That was their job. They assumed that responsibility to make a profit, and it blew up in their face. And now they want to just wiggle out, as far as I`m concerned.

HAMMER: Well, Tom, thank you so much for your special insider insight. It`s always fascinating. Tom Mesereau, thanks again.

MESEREAU: Thank you for having me, A.J. I appreciate it.

HAMMER: All right. And as we move on tonight, quick, where were you when O.J. Simpson shocked the world with his slow-speed chase in that white Ford Bronco after the killings of his wife and her friend? All right, now think about this. That was 19 years ago today.

Well, coming up next, we`re talking to O.J.`s former friend, Kato Kaelin, about that infamous day. What was going through his mind? It`s tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Flashback."

Plus, a very different kind of Hollywood history was made over the weekend. Baby Kimye is here. Well now, we`ve got all kinds of questions for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, of course. When will we see their baby girl? What`s her name? It`s the "Battle of the Baby Bumps," baby Kimye edition.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s total chaos here. Motorcycles, black and whites, the people running around. Officers getting out of their cars with their - - with their batons, people running. People -- they`re keeping our cameras away.


HAMMER: OK, do you remember where you were when this went down? I`m betting you do. Because 95 million people watched the L.A. Police chase O.J. Simpson in that now legendary white Bronco.

This wild ride has become one of the biggest moments ever in American pop culture. It all happened exactly 19 years ago to the day. Wow, it`s a "SHOWBIZ Flashback," and I am taking you back 19 years to that iconic moment right now, when O.J. Simpson took over the airwaves and his white Bronco became world-famous. Hard to believe it`s been nearly two decades since O.J. went on his legendary run from the police.

Well, when O.J. finally turned himself in, the Football Hall of Famer beat the double murder wrap of his ex-wife and her friend. But, of course, he still wound up behind bars years later on the armed robbery and kidnapping conviction after his confrontation with two memorabilia dealers in a Vegas hotel room.

Well, tonight, I`ve got Kato Kaelin, who of course, was a friend of O.J. Simpson`s and a star witness in his murder trial. And Kato, I`m trying to look over and watch you reacting to watching that video. Tell me where you were when that happened? I imagine you were glued to your TV like everybody else.

KATO KAELIN, TESTIFIED IN TRIAL OF THE CENTURY: I was. I was actually with a lot of friends and kept thinking, that`s, like the hugest ad campaign for Ford: 95 million people watching this with a Ford Bronco.

I`m in Beverly Hills watching it with a bunch of friends, recognizing certain people. You know the great thing was, there was a game going on. The playoff game, do you remember that? It was a -- the screen was a small-screen chase. Within a minute it was the big screen and the game was the small screen.

And I remember Robert Kardashian reading a suicide letter from O.J. I remember celebrities and athletes calling him, all on the air, saying, "Turn yourself in, O.J." All the while the chase is going on.

Surreal. It`s like, you can tell this to people. They`d go, this is not happening.


KAELIN: It was so surreal. And then there was the -- when he finally turned himself in, I see his son running to him and it was this moment of, are the police going to shoot him? Why is an innocent man trying to get away? So it really didn`t make sense. And I was just recognizing people during this entire chase, going, "Why is he -- why is he doing this?" And there`s people on the freeway, you remember, with signs?

HAMMER: Right.

KAELIN: "The Juice on the Loose." It`s like all these things. You`re going, "This can`t be happening. This is not real."

HAMMER: Obviously, not a funny story at all.

KAELIN: Not at all.

HAMMER: But as a guy who was friends with him and lived with him on his property in the guest house at the time, when you first realized this was going on, and you saw it on the TV, what`s going through your mind? In terms of, things that, you know, we might not have known about.

KAELIN: I think -- first of all, I want to say that I was really, really close to Nicole and O.J., so I was friends of really both.

And what was going through my mind is sort of what I said, is like why is an innocent man trying to get away? Why would he be doing this?

And then I was thinking of "Who`s driving the car?" And then they got into talking about his best friend, finding out later on that there was a mask in the car, $10,000. Why would he be doing this and I was thinking, who was driving the car and they got to talking about his best friend, driving the car. A.J., it`s one of those things where you are wondering while you are watching it, how is this going to play out and then we found out later how it plays out.

HAMMER: All right. I want to roll out a clip that I don`t think we cannot play if we`re talking about big O.J. Simpson moments all these years later.

Charles, will you roll this?


JOHNNY COCHRAN, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: In a knit cap, from two blocks away. It`s still O.J. Simpson, it`s no disguise. It`s no disguise. It makes no sense. It doesn`t fit. If it doesn`t fit, you must acquit.


HAMMER: I mean, we`ll never forget that, O.J. Simpson`s larger than life lawyer, Johnny Cochran, right there, talking about that bloody glove.

When you were testifying back in `95, did you think that the glove not fitting is what would get O.J. acquitted?

KAELIN: I think that was probably the biggest point. I think Johnny Cochran knew exactly how to talk to a jury. I think that stuck in their head, that line. It was like a deft polka (ph) jam, the first one. Everybody related to what he said: if the glove doesn`t fit, you must acquit. It still prevails today and people still talk about it. I think it was a major, major moment when they show him not fitting the glove.

HAMMER: Yes. It was interesting seeing you, sitting with you, on the day that the chase happened, 19 years ago. Kato, thank you very much for sharing your story with us.

KAELIN: OK. Thanks a lot, A.J. I`ll see you. Thank you so much.

HAMMER: And make sure you catch Kato Kaelin on his great new show, "The Kato Kaelin Show." It`s online at...


HAMMER: DigitabTV. Got to make sure I got it right.

KAELIN: You got it.

HAMMER: Let`s move on right now to beauty queens, who are known for their poise and grace, of course. Usually. Sometimes the pageant pressure, though, is just too much. And the latest victim, Miss Utah, big flub at the Miss USA pageant.


MARISSA POWELL, MISS UTAH: I think, especially the men are seen as the leader of this and so we need to figure out how to create education better.


HAMMER: Right now, SHOWBIZ investigates the bling ring, a group of teens who robbed Paris Hilton and several other stars is now getting the Hollywood treatment. Isn`t the film about their crime spree giving them exactly what they wanted?

CNN`s Margaret Conley investigates for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.




MARGARET CONLEY, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Paris Hilton`s expensive and expansive closet raided in a glamorized movie version of real-life crime.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Police are investigating the connection of the Hollywood Hills burglaries.

CONLEY: For nearly year, a group of Southern California celebrity-obsessed teens targeted the Hollywood homes of their favorite stars and stole more than $3 million worth of cash, clothes, jewelry, art and even underwear.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think we wanted to be part of, like, the lifestyle. The lifestyle that everybody kind of wants.

CONLEY: This stolen lifestyle story has now been made into a film by Academy Award winner Sofia Coppola.

"The Bling Ring" is based on a brazen Hollywood crime spree that took place in 2008 and 2009.

SOFIA COPPOLA, DIRECTOR: Just seemed kind of sad compared to things we did when I was a kid. And just so timely just about our obsession with this kind of pop culture and reality TV.

CONLEY: For The Bling Ring, that pop culture obsession was the powerful motivation for their theft, according to psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser.

STACY KAISER, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: They wanted to wear the things the celebrities were wearing. They wanted to be in the homes that the celebrities were in. And it made them feel like they would have a chance to be famous if they were connected to that famous stuff.

CONLEY: The teens used social media to track the celebrities they targeted, sometimes burglarizing them repeatedly.

PARIS HILTON, REALITY TV STAR: I was just really upset and mad that these kids had done this to me. And felt so violated. Just what they did was so wrong.

CONLEY: In real life, the Bling Ring`s crimes caught up with them: well, sort of. Four defendants served brief jail sentences, and the others were placed on probation.

And will the Bling Ring movie give them the spotlight they were craving all along? The filmmaker hopes not.

COPPOLA: I wanted to make it so that they understood how they got into this world but then, you know, wanted to get clear that you don`t want to be encouraging it.


HAMMER: Maybe we have a little sympathy for Paris Hilton now. That was CNN`s Margaret Conley for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

"The Bling Ring" is set to open nationwide on Friday.

Well, there was a much-awaited debut in Hollywood this weekend. Baby Kimye is here and now we want to know when are we going to see her? What will Kim Kardashian`s baby girl be named? It is "The Battle of the Baby Bumps," baby Kimye edition.

Kris Jenner made big news about Kim K`s baby, speaking with me on the Daytime Emmys red carpet. But I have got so many secrets and surprises from the show, as well.


CARRIE FISHER, ACTRESS: Our nominees they take us into worlds we`ve never seen before. Unless, like Ozzy and myself, you`ve taken acid, in which case...


HAMMER: Carrie Fisher and George Lucas stole the spotlight at the Daytime Emmys. What did George tell us back stage?


HAMMER: Right now, "Battle of the Baby Bumps." Big news and burning questions now that Kim Kardashian is a mom. So what will Kim K and Kanye West name their daughter? Will they sell pictures of her to the highest bidder and when?

Miss Utah`s awesomely awful answer during the Miss USA pageant.


POWELL: I think especially the men are seen as the leaders of this and so we need to try to figure out how to create education better.


HAMMER: Yes. This is one for the history books. We`re going to show you the entire beauty queen meltdown.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching, I`m A.J. Hammer in Hollywood. And tonight we`ve got big news in the battle of the baby bumps. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West`s baby girl is here. People everywhere, of course, clamoring for every single detail.

Kim`s sister Khloe gushed in her tweet, "I cannot even begin to describe the miracle that is now a part of our family. Mommy, baby are healthy and resting. We appreciate all of the love. More info will come when the time is right. Thank you all for understanding. We love you all dearly. Overwhelmed with love right now."

And Kim`s mom, Kris Jenner, did her very first TV interview with me after Kim`s special delivery. We spoke last night on the red carpet for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Watch this.


HAMMER: You were a part of some of the biggest entertainment news breaking this week and so I just have to ask you, how is Kim? How is Kanye? How`s the baby? How are you?

KRIS JENNER, REALITY TV STAR: We`re all fine. We`re all good. And extremely happy. And thrilled for the new baby and she is doing great. And she is beautiful. So very exciting.


HAMMER: Of course, it`s very exciting.

Joining me right now from New York with more details about Kim and Kanye`s brand new bundle of joy, Charlotte Triggs, who is staff editor with "People" magazine.

So, Charlotte, the details are slim. Really all we know so far is that Kim had a baby girl and because of all of the reports that the baby was due in July, we have to do the math here and guess the baby is about five weeks early. What have you been able to find out?

CHARLOTTE TRIGS, STAFF EDITOR, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Right. Well, five weeks might be a little bit of an exaggeration. We expect that -- you know, they probably put out a date that`s a little later so that maybe she could get to the hospital and have the baby without people noticing. But we do know from sources that the baby was premature, quite on the small side, so they are still in the hospital today actually.

HAMMER: So Mr. Squeamish around blood, Kanye West, any idea where he was when Kim went into labor? Have we learned anything about that?

TRIGGS: Yes. He was by her side the whole time. He had been in Switzerland earlier in the week for (INAUDIBLE) and is lucky that he had a listening party in L.A. on Friday. So when she went into labor on Friday, he happened to have already actually come back to L.A. He cancelled his appearances. He went to the hospital with her and he didn`t leave her side.

HAMMER: Well, you may have heard this about the Kardashians, not shy around cameras.

TRIGGS: Right.

HAMMER: So the question is, when are we going to see Kim and Kanye`s baby? What do you think, Charlotte?

TRIGGS: Well, this sounds like the perfect season finale for next season, I would say.


But, you know, we don`t know for a fact that the cameras were in the hospital with them. We do know that Kim was filming all week with her friend. And, you know, they had gone to the pool. There`s pictures of her lounging around in her bikini with her big all baby bump just days before this, you know, the birth. And they were working right until the end but we`re not sure if they actually filmed the birth for the show.

HAMMER: OK. We don`t know if cameras were in the hospital.

Charlotte, let me just say this. We know the cameras were in the hospital even if we don`t know if the cameras were in the hospital.

Charlotte Triggs, thank you so much.

TRIGGS: Thank you.

HAMMER: OK, so we have some new info but there are still so many lingering questions about Kim and Kanye`s new baby girl. So we are counting down the top three Kimye baby mysteries tonight. In our number three, when are we going to find out baby Kimye`s name so we don`t have to call it baby Kimye anymore?

With me from New York, Megan Alexander, who`s a correspondent with "Inside Edition." With me in Hollywood, Maggie Furlong, who`s an editor with Huff Post TV.

Maggie, I want to start with you because your baby, now six months old. You`ve been through this drill. The baby arrives. You already have names picked out beforehand. The baby comes out and you say, Olive. That`s you. And that`s the name of your beautiful little girl. But when do you think Kim and Kanye are going to reveal the big mystery to us?

MAGGIE FURLONG, EDITOR, HUFF POST TV: Whenever the exclusive comes out. I guarantee you someone paid for the photos, the story, and the name. So we just have to wait to see which magazine it was that paid the highest amount to them for this amazing baby Kimye information of the year.

HAMMER: So it`s all about how can we monetize this.

FURLONG: Cha-ching.

HAMMER: And that shouldn`t surprise at all.

Megan Alexander, you`re a mom as well, I am sure you wanted to tell the world what you named your baby as soon as possible after the birth. But please, what do you think is the holdup with Kim? Is it as simple as a marketing ploy?

MEGAN ALEXANDER, CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": A.J., I can give you a date to when we will hear the name of this baby. July 15th, you know why? That is the premier episode of Kris Jenner`s new talk show, "Kris."


A.J., you and I both know that Mama Jenner locked that baby into a contract to be the first guest on the Kris Jenner talk show.

HAMMER: All right. When I ran into Kris last night, she actually asked me to be a guest on the show. Maybe it will be the same day.


ALEXANDER: You will get the exclusive.

HAMMER: July 15th.

ALEXANDER: There you go.

HAMMER: I actually thought you said July 15th because maybe that`s the unknown duchess`s expecting day and she wants to take away a little bit of that action.

All right, let`s move now from the baby name mystery to number two in our SHOWBIZ countdown. The first baby photo. Will Kimye`s baby photo make for a huge pay day? Now let me point out Kanye`s good friend, Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, did not sell the photo of their baby Blue Ivy. I actually thought this was really classy when they released it online.

Speaking of the two of them, by the way, Beyonce just posted this on her Web site. "Congrats to Kim and Kanye. Enjoy this beautiful moment together."

Now, Maggie, you`ve already just told us that you think it`s going to be a sold photo, so you don`t think that Kim is going to take a page out of Beyonce`s book. I would expect that Kim will just follow the expected Kardashian path and make a mint off of it.

FURLONG: Right. I mean, you talk about Jay and Bey being classy, Kim is classy with a K.


FURLONG: There`s a different kind of classy for Kim and Kanye. And that kind of class comes with a lot of cash. I think they`re going to get the big pay day, they look at things like $11 million to Brad and Angelina for the photos of their twins when they were born. That`s a lot of money. And they never really say no to a paycheck.

HAMMER: . OK. But can they evolve? Is it possible, Megan, you know, they got a lot of flack, Kim certainly did, for making so much money off of the wedding that lasted -- for the marriage of 72 days. Do you think there`s a chance that they`re not going to try to not cash in or will cash in big on this photo?

ALEXANDER: What I hope they do, A.J., is that if they are going to accept money that they will donate it to a worthwhile charity.

HAMMER: Of course.

ALEXANDER: The March of Dimes, Saint Jude`s. Listen, but they have an opportunity here to really channel that money and attention in a worthy direction so please do that. Because there`s so many parents out there that would love to have a healthy baby and don`t deal in this world that they deal in. So I think they are going to accept money and I just hope they go the charity route.

HAMMER: We will continue to hope.


We`ll be holding out hope for some time perhaps.

Time now to reveal our number one Kimye baby mystery. Will we see Kim and Kanye`s baby on reality TV? Kim revealed on the family`s reality show that she was expecting a girl.

So, Maggie, isn`t the next logical step that the child will make its debut perhaps or at least appear on the show? I mean of course. Who ---

FURLONG: One hundred percent.

HAMMER: Yes, who are we kidding, right?

FURLONG: Are you joking? The fact that they even said, no, no, no, she`ll never be on the show. No, absolutely not. She`s going to be on the show. She`s not going to let Mason and Penelope steal the Kardashian kid spotlight, are you joking?


FURLONG: This kid was born to be on reality TV and she will be.

HAMMER: Is a done deal.

All right. Maggie Furlong, Megan Alexander, thank you both so much for your Kimye insight tonight.

We move on now as Grandma Kris Jenner made big news about Kim K`s baby on the Daytime Emmy`s red carpet, but I still have so many more secrets and surprises from the big show last night.


CARRIE FISHER, CO-HOST, DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: Our nominees have not taken acid, at least not with me, which really is the only way to do it. As most of you know. Right? George?


HAMMER: Carrie fisher and George Lucas, only two of the big stars that I got to hang with as the host of the Daytime Emmys last night. Well, next I`m so excited, fresh off of her Daytime Emmy win, Heather Tom is right here. She`s going to reveal her behind-the-scenes Emmy secrets.

And you could call it a masterpiece of a mistake. Miss Utah`s answer to a question at the Miss USA pageant goes horribly, horribly wrong, and now, yes, you guessed it, it`s a viral sensation. We`ve got the whole thing in tonight`s "Showbiz Quick Hits."

Plus wait until you see what we named as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness.




FISHER: Our nominees, they take us into worlds we`ve never seen before. Unless, like Ozzie and myself, you`ve taken acid, in which case -- huh? What?


HAMMER: It`s time for Emmy secrets and surprises.

Well, Carrie Fisher`s candid comedy certainly caught the stars by surprise. But it really did add the perfect touch to what was a great Emmy night, honoring daytime`s best. And wow, what an emotional evening all around on the Daytime Emmy Awards seen live right here on HLN. Of course, I had the great pleasure of co-hosting with my HLN colleague Robin Meade and "Good Morning America`s" amazing Sam Champion.

It was a night filled with laughter, tears and certainly a lot of unforgettable moments from first-time winners and living legends to the battle of the soap stars including the moments from the "Bold and the Beautiful`s" Heather Tom did it again. Walking away with Emmy Gold for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.


HEATHER TOM, ACTOR, "RENOVATION UNSCRIPTED": This is a really, really unexpected. Thank you so, so much. Anybody who knows me knows that my favorite thing to do is to go to work. And Lee Bell, 23 years ago, your husband Bill gave me a job. And I will forever be thankful to him and to your whole family for the life that I have. Thank you so much.


HAMMER: Wow, that was one of the great moments of the show, catching Heather Tom`s winning streak continuing, taking home the lead actress Emmy. Now two years in a row and a fresh off her big win, Heather right with me, along with her Emmy in Hollywood tonight. Heather is starring in a great new series, "Renovations Unscripted." You can check it out beginning Saturday, June 29th on HGTV. And thank you for bringing this trophy along by the way.

TOM: Sure. Why not.

HAMMER: It`s lovely and complements your outfit.

TOM: It does. I`m going to match everything from now with my Emmy.

HAMMER: So I`m sure it`s kind of a blur last night in winning and all. But, you know, when -- right when you came off stage, we ran into each other backstage.

TOM: Yes.

HAMMER: You were literally shaking.

TOM: I was.

HAMMER: You were shaking and sweating.

TOM: Yes. Yes, I was sweating. Yes.


Well, first of all, it was like Africa hot in there.


TOM: I don`t know if it was on stage. But I was like, oh, my gosh, it`s so hot in here. But yes, and you have this, like, burst of adrenalin. It feels like someone set you on fire. And so yes, I don`t -- it`s all a blur. I don`t even remember what I said. I have not seen -- I haven`t Googled it yet. So I guess, I`ll go home and take a look.

HAMMER: Yes, we were watching your on-stage acceptance speech for the first time.

TOM: Yes.

HAMMER: You`ve never seen that.

TOM: No.

HAMMER: But here`s the thing, you were so humble as you always are about this thing. You never expected to win. How do you -- you have to walk in there at least with some little expectation.

TOM: Well, I actually really -- I really didn`t expect to win this year. I felt good about my work. I felt good about the tape that I submitted but I just figured well, law of averages is, you know, you don`t win three years in a row. So it`s like, yes, you know, so I just was like, it`s Flannery this year. So pour me a glass of champagne. So yes, so when I -- and then they had me sitting in Siberia. I was like way up and like kind of --

HAMMER: So you took that as a cue as --

TOM: So it was like, oh, forget it.

HAMMER: They won`t make me walk that far.

TOM: Right. So as soon as they called my name, of course, all I`m thinking of is like, don`t fall on your dress and don`t fall down the stairs. You know? Like that`s the only two things that mattered about life.

HAMMER: You were successful. And maybe that`s one of the reasons you were sweating as well.

TOM: Yes. On both counts.

HAMMER: Listen, you weren`t the only big surprise. I mean, it was a very interesting night on so many levels. Let`s talk about this guy George Lucas. It was so cool having him up there in the audience and he was just stunned taking home the trophy for the animated series, "Star Wars: Clone Wars." Watch this.


GEORGE LUCAS, DIRECTOR, "STAR WARS: CLONE WARS": This is my first Emmy. And the second award I have ever won.


HAMMER: All right, George Lucas taking home his very first Emmy there, and he made a shocking confession to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT back stage. He said, we thought that was never going to happen, this was a real surprise.

Obviously everybody was thrilled for him to win.

TOM: Yes.

HAMMER: You were sitting in the same kind of section of the room as him?

TOM: I thought it was awesome that he showed up and he was so cool and humble and like -- and obviously excited about winning and I just thought that it was so great. I think -- I really kind of -- it`s a pet peeve of mine when people don`t show up. So I thought it was really great that he was there.

HAMMER: Excellent. I know you were on "The Talk" today. Can we just roll in the clip of what Sheryl Underwood did. Just bring it under here, Charles. I want to show when she caught fellow soap star Doug Davidson completely off guard. Let`s talk a look at this kiss. I mean, come on. She went there. Very quickly, I mean, could you believe it? She told me after the show, that was all real.

TOM: Yes, it was crazy. I was like, I -- no one could believe it. I think least of all Doug, but he went with it. You know?

HAMMER: He went with it.

TOM: He`s such a great sport. So it`s awesome.

HAMMER: What a pro.

Well, congratulations again.

TOM: Thank you so much.

HAMMER: We`ll do it all again next year.

TOM: Awesome. Maybe.

HAMMER: Great to see you. Make sure you catch Heather Tom in her new series, worth checking out, "Renovation Unscripted." It will be on Saturday, June 29th on HGTV.

Moving on now. Oh boy. Beauty queens we know are all known for their poise and their grace, but much like beautiful flowers, pageant contestants can sometimes wilt under pressure. Did I say wilt? Maybe meltdown is the word I should have used. Meltdown so badly that the result becomes an international viral video.


MARISSA POWELL, MISS UTAH: I think especially the men are seen as the leaders of this and so we need to try to figure out how to create education better.


HAMMER: What? You know, it`s got to be tough up there, but Miss Utah flubbed so big during the Miss USA pageant. And if you thought that was painful wait until you see the whole thing, you will next. And wait until you see what we`ve named our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness.




POWELL: I think we can relate this back to education. And how we are continuing to triumph to try to strive to --


HAMMER: What did she say? And such as? That`s Miss Utah and she just seriously botched the Q&A portion of the Miss USA pageant. She was asked, what it says about our society that women still make a whole lot less in the workplace than men.

Well, right now our SHOWBIZ quick hits, this is where we take on the day`s buzziest stories at lightening fast speed. That Miss Utah flub is getting more attention than a tarnished tiara. Tonight, Miss Connecticut may have won the Miss USA pageant but everybody is talking about Miss Utah, of course.

I`ve got Bryan Safi with me tonight in Hollywood. He is a writer and director for "Funny or Die" and writer and director and co-host of a very funny podcast, you must check it out, it is called "Throwing Shade."

So let`s run down what went down last night. Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, gets asked, what it says about America that women still make a lot less money for doing the same work that men do. Here`s her response.


POWELL: I we can relate this back to education. And how we are continuing to do try to strive to -- figure out how to create jobs right now. That is the biggest problem. And I think especially the men are and seen as the leaders of this and so we need to try to figure out how to create education better.


HAMMER: OK. I mean, sure, who doesn`t want better education, but the thing is you don`t go for the restart, that didn`t really work. But I have to say, in Miss Utah`s defense, I am sure it has got to be very nerve wracking answering a serious question on the fly when you`re wearing some glamorous gown.

But, Brian, I`m going to give you 30 seconds. Does she deserve to become a punch line or should we all kind of cut her a break? That`s a tough gig, roll the clock.

BRYAN SAFI, CO-HOST OF PODCAST, "THROWING SHADE": I think it`s both ways here. I -- for sure that she makes the case for better education by everything she just did. And she is wearing the badge of educate me.

I do think it would have been less awkward if she`d had some such as. I think that that would have made the whole thing a lot better.

HAMMER: And smoother.

SAFI: I think that question coming from Nene Leakes is also ridiculous.


SAFI: We were talking about betterment of society. What`s also remarkable is even -- despite that answer, the woman came in third.

HAMMER: Yes, yes.

SAFI: I don`t even know who won.

HAMMER: Yes. She was like the fourth runner-up or something like that. So who came in last?

SAFI: That`s what I mean.

HAMMER: Well, here`s what I love about this story. The woman who actually won the pageant and not getting a whole lot of attention is Erin Brady, a.k.a. Miss Connecticut. She`s an accountant so she has really blown up the whole stereotype of the airheaded beauty pageant while everybody is focused now on Miss Utah`s flub of course.

Is it just plain tragic that Miss Connecticut`s spotlight robbed by Miss Utah because of her botched response? Thirty seconds.

SAFI: OK. Is this tragic? We`re talking about beauty pageants here. So the only tragedy is that this is still on national television and that the only requirements are hot body and not being able to answer anything. So I guess it`s tragic in this world, but this woman is just a shining -- really, though, the answer "create better jobs" could get you in Congress at this point. That phrase alone.

So it`s really about the whole downfall of society. And I think Miss USA obviously exemplifies all of that but she`s a smart woman because no one else is talking about anyone else in this competition so.

HAMMER: And there -- you walked it right up to the buzzer.

All right, Bryan, it`s great having you here SHOWBIZ Quick Hits. I have to tell you something. I genuinely do feel badly for her. It is a whole lot of fun to make fun of and have a little fun with. But really, at the end of the day, and such as, I don`t know. I don`t think I could be up there. Nene Leakes is very intimidating.

SAFI: She is.

HAMMER: Great having you here, Bryan. Thank you.

SAFI: Thanks for having me.

HAMMER: All right. Let`s move on. I have to warn you. I have a tear jerker alert for you tonight. Now even if you reached out to your dad or perhaps the father figure in your life for Father`s Day, you might want to give him another shout-out after you see this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He has yet to meet him.

STAFF SGT. JOHN GALLAGHER, U.S. ARMY: I hope, I feel like his father. I think I feel like it will take a short period of time and I will feel like dad.


HAMMER: It is tonight`s goose bump enducing moment of awesomeness, next.



HAMMER: Time for SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome story of the day. Now you might have spent some quality time with your dad or your father figure yesterday, from perhaps a quick call to a full day of fun. But of course that`s not always possible when dad is in the Armed Services. So if you`ve got a box of tissues nearby, grab it. because tonight`s moment of awesomeness is a beautiful viral ad by Dove for Men that`s going to move you beyond words.


GALLAGHER: My name is Staff Sgt. John Gallagher. The last seven months I have been deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Since he`d been deployed we had our second baby, Reed. He was unable to be there for his birth.

GALLAGHER: I think I`m just like any other dad who travel and being away from their family is pretty tough. You only have a short period of time. Every moment away, you never going to get back.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He is my best friend. The love of my life, we`ve been together for 10 years.

GALLAGHER: This is a picture from my wife and I`s wedding.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s our first dance. I guess our first kiss as husband and wife. We were high school sweethearts.

GALLAGHER: It`s a beautiful day, she was absolutely gorgeous that day.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is Kate and John.

GALLAGHER: That`s kind of one of my favorite things to do. Just prop her on my shoulder and walk her around.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a picture of Reed. John has yet to meet him. He`s 10 months old.

GALLAGHER: My hope is that I feel like his father. I think it will take a short period of time and I will feel like dad. You know?



KATE: What are you doing?

GALLAGHER: So this is all about? Oh, my goodness.


GALLAGHER: What are you -- oh, my god.


GALLAGHER: Oh, my goodness. There he is, buddy. What`s going on?


HAMMER: Wow. What a great program, "Operation Home Front." Dove helped John and about 300 other service members reunite with their families for Father`s Day.

Next on "DR. DREW ON CALL" Dr. Drew said on Twitter that Amanda Bynes needs to get help. Well, she didn`t take kindly to that. You`re going to find out what happened next. That starts right now.