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First Look: Nancy Grace Behind Bars Investigation; Rachael Ray Looking Forward to Daytime Emmys; "Game of Thrones" Fans React with Disgust to Gory Twist; Paris Jackson Shares Thoughts in Video; Interview with Danny Bonaduce; New Ruling Could Turn Anna Nicole Smith`s Daughter Into Multimillionaire

Aired June 4, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight it`s Nancy Grace behind bars.


NANCY GRACE, HLN ANCHOR: And I felt guilty that I was going to have so much joy and these women who, yes, they are guilty, were going to stay behind bars.


HAMMER: Right now we are revealing the drama behind the emotional and gripping HLN special investigation all about Nancy`s stay at the jail that Jodi Arias now calls home. Tonight HLN`s Nancy Grace is right here to give us a "SHOWBIZ First Look" at the show that is so powerful it`s a two-night special event.

Plus "Child Stars Behind Bars." The remarkable stories of child stars who get locked up. Danny Bonaduce reveals to me his harrowing experience and how it changed his life.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching.

Tonight it`s Nancy Grace behind bars. That`s right: HLN`s Nancy Grace ditched her TV gig to get locked up inside Arizona`s Estrella Jail, and that is the very same jail that Jodi Arias has called home for more than four years.

Now, in an amazing once-in-a-lifetime special investigation, Nancy shows us what life for Jodi will be like now that she`s been convicted of the premeditated murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

So what do inmates there really think of Arias?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you heard of this Jodi Arias woman?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s getting -- everything she has coming to her she needs to get. Let her burn.


HAMMER: That revelation and other shockers are all part of a riveting HLN special called "NANCY GRACE BEHIND BARS," and it may very well change your opinion about prisoners. I can tell you the experience certainly changed Nancy.

Right now, Nancy joins us to give us a "SHOWBIZ First Look" at this special. And first, I had to know what in the world possessed Nancy to step inside the notorious jail.


GRACE: Just because I spent the large portion of my career, my legal career putting away the bad guys and the bad women doesn`t mean that I`m not curious. I have not lost my natural curiosity about just about everything. And when I got the opportunity to go behind bars in one of the most famous jails in America, Joe Arpaio`s jail, Estrella Jail, of course I went.

HAMMER: Obviously, the Jodi Arias case is going down in history as one of the most talked-about cases every, and apparently, there was a lot of talk inside Estrella Women`s Jail, the women inside with some pretty controversial thoughts about Arias who, of course, is now doing time for murder. I want to watch a bit of what they told you.

GRACE: Have any of y`all been watching the trial?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I follow it in the newspaper.

GRACE: Do you think that she should have taken the stand?


GRACE: That`s what I`m saying.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She should not have.

GRACE: Has anybody come into contact with her?


GRACE: What happened?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She does -- she sings really good.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Really beautiful (ph).

GRACE: Why do you say that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because she is. She`s changed. I don`t know it could be a facade. For all I know it could be a facade because she`s in here. You know?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ve never talked to her because I keep my distance, because I didn`t really care for her. I don`t know. I don`t know her.

GRACE: It`s interesting that you said you didn`t really care for her. Why do you say that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know her so -- you really care.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A woman does not go to the man you love and just totally do some crazy stuff.

GRACE: He was going to take another woman to Cancun.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s nothing. I mean, tell us what really happened, though.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why did she have to shoot him in the back nine times?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nobody knows the real story, though. Nobody knows, only God and her and that man that`s dead.

HAMMER: Wow. And that`s so fascinating to me. Because I imagine these inmates can smell B.S. a mile away, but in a sense they really kind of side with Jodi here. Do you think maybe they know a Jodi that we all don`t?

GRACE: No. I think that Jodi Arias shows whatever facet of her personality she wants you to see. She is a chameleon. And whatever she shows these women -- I spoke to not only them but other women that I would meet as I went from cellblock to cellblock, from pod to pod. Many of them have spoken to Jodi Arias, and you would be interested to know that she had told different stories about the murder of Travis Alexander to different people behind bars, which goes to show her story was a big lie. Everything she says is a lie.

HAMMER: And I know a lot of these women that you spoke with have been in and out of jail for most of their lives. So they have to know all of the unwritten rules of jail. Jodi, of course, has been in for, what, more than four years now. She faces many more, whether or not she gets the death penalty.

Let`s take a look at the life lessons that the inmates had for Jodi if Jodi hopes to survive much longer. Roll that clip.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People can come in here, and they can complain. But somebody`s always going to have it worse than you. Like, no matter what you`re facing, no matter how much time, somebody always has it worse than you. Like, you`re getting 25 to life or natural life, death penalty. Like, when woman come in here and they -- and they complain, like, I just feel like everybody should be responsible.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For your actions.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For you actions. Exactly.

HAMMER: So Nancy, will they eventually smell her B.S.? Do you think she`s going to get a rough time from these women if she continues to play the role of innocent victim that she played during her trial?

GRACE: Well, that`s a double-sided question, and I think that, yes, they can sense her B.S. They`re not idiots. On the other hand, she`s turned into something of a celebrity behind bars, and that may be able to protect her.

HAMMER: What do you think Jodi would think of your behind-bars expose? You certainly brought a lot out of these women.

GRACE: Probably not very much. The fact that I found several women that she told different stories to, according to them, she probably wouldn`t like that at all, because that could be used against her at trial.

I doubt she`d like it very much at all, especially since she shot a bird at me particularly during trial. I doubt she likes anything that I do. But you know what? The feeling is mutual. I don`t like anything she does either.

HAMMER: Well, the only thing, Nancy, that got the inmates a little more fired up than talking about Jodi was talking about the jail food. I want to actually look at you eating this and trying this out. You tried some chow, as they call it there. I know you said that you liked the bred and peanut butter that was served to you, but you found out there was this whole hidden menu that`s made from the crafty ladies so they can avoid the slop.

GRACE: I was raised in farm land and I know what real slop is when you slop the pigs. They actually call this slop? What is it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Take a Salisbury steak dinner and cut it up. No salt, no pepper, nothing, potatoes, no salt, and that`s it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s because she eats it.

GRACE: But what else can you eat?


GRACE: But that`s just junk food.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s all right we make stuff.

GRACE: You make stuff? Like what?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Popcorn burritos.

GRACE: What is a popcorn burrito?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sausage egg burrito. You use sauce in the popcorn. Looks like scrambled eggs. And you put it in the burrito with some cheese and some pork rinds. And then some hot...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s all good for you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Exactly. It`s good.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Costs, like, 10 to $12.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You can do so much. You can make sweet and sour with the jelly and the ketchup. You put it together, and you put it in with rice.

GRACE: Orange chicken.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And the oranges or the orange Kool-Aid flavor.

GRACE: So it`s like chicken meat?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes and you let it marinate for a little while and then you put that into your rice that you get out of the -- out of the tray at night.

HAMMER: I`m looking at that, Nancy. I guess you just have to ultimately figure it out. I don`t know if Jodi is going to be eating those popcorn burritos.

But tell me what the most fascinating or startling revelation for you was inside Estrella Jail.

GRACE: Well, No. 1, that made me hungry. I don`t know about you, you know, up there on Fifth Avenue in New York City, but I have to go home and cook. I wish somebody would give me a tray with chicken and broccoli and all that of that. But you know what? That`s a whole other story.

The most surprising thing, well, it was surprising to me -- and I know these women are guilty of what they`re charged of. I`ve read the police reports. Some of them have already pled guilty. When I walk -- I`m very claustrophobic. Little-known fact. When I walked out of that jail I was so happy to breathe the fresh air, to be free. It was the afternoon, and I had been in there all day. When I walked out, the sun was about to set over the desert, and it was absolutely stunning.

And you know where I was going? I was going to get my children, who go with me when I have to travel. I was going to hold them and feed them and bathe them and put them to bed. And I felt guilty that I was going to have so much joy and these women, who, yes, they are guilty, were going to stay behind bars.


HAMMER: Reaction from Nancy Grace, and that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Nancy`s phenomenal special. You`ve got to watch tomorrow. Nancy taking us inside the Estrella Women`s Jail, where Jodi Arias has been held. The two-night special event, "NANCY GRACE BEHIND BARS," tomorrow night 8 p.m. Eastern here on HLN.

Nancy only spent a day in lockup, but this week SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing what happens when stars go behind bars, from Lindsay Lohan to "Diff`rent Strokes" star Todd Bridges. What is it really like for a celebrity in lock-up? Former child car Danny Bonaduce doesn`t mince words revealing what it was really like for him.


DANNY BONADUCE, ACTOR/RADIO HOST: They turned on the news really loud about me being in jail, which got all the other people in jail, got their attention. And there`s one thing you don`t want to be in jail, and that would be the center of attention.


HAMMER: Tonight, you have got to hear Danny`s harrowing experience and how it changed his life.

Plus, is Anna Nicole Smith`s daughter about to inherit $49 million? An explosive court ruling could make Dannielynn the richest little 6-year-old on the planet.




RACHAEL RAY, CELEBRITY CHEF/TALK SHOW HOST: Is it yellow cake, Buddy, or what?

BUDDY VALASTRO, BAKER: Well, what is a Twinkie? Of course it is.

RAY: I`ve never had one. I do not know.

VALASTRO: You never ate a Twinkie?

RAY: I never ate a Twinkie.

VALASTRO: Come on. Boo!

RAY: I`m sorry. We were a Stella D`oro family. That`s all.


HAMMER: Rachael Ray is just as sweet as those homemade Twinkies that she was baking with reality TV cake boss, Buddy Valastro.

And I just got a taste of what it`s like to be behind the scenes with Rach as she cooks up food and fun every day. SHOWBIZ is on location with the Emmy nominee.

Rachael is up for the Outstanding Talk Show Host Award at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmys. So Rachael has now taken home two statues as outstanding host. We`re going to see if she adds a third at this year`s highly- anticipated Daytime Emmy Awards. It happens next Sunday night. We`re going to be right there for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s live red-carpet show. That will get underway 7:30 p.m. Eastern.

And then it`s on to the big show. It`s going to be a big night for Rachael Ray. She tells me that she`s looking forward to seeing friends and the fans and, of course, the champagne. But Rachael also reveals to me the one thing she will never, ever do as an Emmy nominee.


RAY: It`s huge and weir, you know. I think of myself as a cook, you know, from upstate New York, and I get to come to work at this show and sit down with, you know -- I mean, I can`t even say it with a straight face. But I get to sit down with Oscar winners and presidents and rock stars and, you know, chitchat and then go into the kitchen and make dinner.

I literally do by definition what I would do on a day off as my job on this show. To be, you know, awarded by being nominated for an Emmy for something that I consider like a day off is pretty amazing.


RAY: I do always repress a little bit, because so many people work so hard at the show. And they bring their children and their dogs and cats with them, you know, because we work real long hours.

So, you know, I think of it like our family is running in a big relay race, and it`s super fun for these folks to get, you know, awarded but I never -- I never prepare speeches for stuff like that. I`m superstitious. I`m a Sicilian, and it`s just too freaky.

HAMMER: And of course, it`s such a big part of being at the Daytime Emmys. I`m going to be right there.

RAY: Oh, my God.

HAMMER: It`s at the Beverly Hilton.

RAY: It`s so much fun.

HAMMER: But they serve food. So imagine how daunting it is for the people in the kitchen, knowing that Rachael Ray is among those sitting at the tables, sampling their wares.

RAY: No, no. I know some of the world`s greatest chefs quite well. And let me tell you: any chef would tell you this, when we`re hungry we will eat anything. And sometimes we`ll bet each other to eat awful things. So actually, anybody who loves to cook and anybody who`s a chef, they`re pretty -- not picky.

HAMMER: OK. But will you have the fish or the steak? I just have to ask, because they asked me to find out.

RAY: I will have the champagne.

HAMMER: Yes. There will be plenty of that flowing and, hopefully, a celebration; a big toast for, perhaps, another win for you with all the amazing things that you`ve done on the show and the guests that you had. Is there one thing that stands out as perhaps a single, most memorable moment?

RAY: So many of them. Our first show this season was very special. It was the first time we had first lady Michelle Obama for the first show in the studio.

MICHELLE OBAMA, FIRST LADY: The girls went to summer camp, right, so they were away for a month. And they were both away. So I would sit by the mailbox and wait for the notes. It was like go, and they`d be, like, two sentences.

RAY: Michael J. Fox is somebody who I consider a friend and someone I just admire in every way. He`s my favorite optimist. The first time he came on the show to surprise a young woman who had raised $64,000 singlehandedly for Parkinson`s was pretty big.

And the day we launched our Yum-o! initiative, when President Clinton was here and my mom actually came to a show. And she even gave President Clinton a little bit of a hair flip.

HAMMER: Really? A little flirtation going on.

RAY: If you were able to join any rock band in history, which one would it have been?


RAY: In history.

CLINTON: Just for kicks I`d play with the Stones.

RAY: All right.


HAMMER: I`d love to see that. And no surprise: when you`re visiting Rachael Ray she really makes you feel like you`re in her home, even if you are a former president.

So I`ve got my fingers crossed for you, Rach. On Emmy night, I`ll see you there.

And I want you to be right there with us. I`ll be live on the red carpet, bringing you full coverage of the Daytime Emmy arrivals, kicking off on Sunday night, June 16, here on HLN at 7:30 p.m. Eastern. That takes you right into the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Show at 8 p.m. Eastern.

So HBO`s "Game of Thrones" is causing a massive frenzy, even for people who have never seen the show.




HAMMER: Even if you`re not a "Game of Thrones" fan, you cannot miss this video, which actually might make you want to find out what all the fuss is about.

Plus, there`s hot, and there`s Dr. Pepper hot.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Millions of guys are born good looking. Even fewer are really, really, really, really, really, really good looking.


HAMMER: Yes. It`s the Dr. Pepper hunk that has everyone working up a thirst.

And that really good looking model is really, really right here. You definitely don`t want to go to bed before you see this.



HAMMER: Now "SHOWBIZ Quick Hits." This is where we take on the day`s buzziest stories at lightning speed.

Let`s get right to it with HBO`s "Game of Thrones." Something you have got to see, even if you don`t watch the wildly popular series. Now, the show just had an epic TV stunner, and it had a scene so horrifying, so shocking, so mind-blowing, this thing has "Thrones" fans around the world basically uttering a collective "holy crap."

And these hilarious reactions to Sunday night`s red wedding scene have now become a massive viral sensation. So I promise you, even if you`ve never seen a minute of "Game of Thrones," you`re going to love this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, no, no, no! I need a moment. I feel physically ill.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh my God! Oh, God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!



HAMMER: I love it. I haven`t even seen it yet. Priceless. With me now from Hollywood, David Begnaud, host of "NewsBreaker" on Ora TV.

I mean, David, this is pretty spectacular. And look, I don`t want to spoil the "Game of Thrones finale for any fans who haven`t seen it yet, but really, it`s so amazing to me that, as big as the show is, the reaction of the finale is now causing this absolute frenzy with so many people who don`t even watch the show.

So my question to you is: Could we perhaps be watching the greatest TV finale fallout ever? Thirty seconds.

DAVID BEGNAUD, HOST, ORA TV`S "NEWSBREAKER": Yes. Look, here`s the thing, and you can judge it by nothing, A.J., but that video you just showed, which by the way, the chick with the pink blanket is my favorite.

Also the reaction on Twitter. OK, A.J., I`ve never seen the show. I will not see this episode. But I was on Twitter the night it all went down. And I`m telling you, the president could pass out, and there probably wouldn`t be as much reaction as there was for this "Game of Thrones" thing. It was out of control.

HAMMER: And I love that people had the foresight to have cameras rolling, at least people, probably, who had already seen it to catch these reactions.

BEGNAUD: Oh, that`s the best.

HAMMER: So smart.

All right. Moving on to our second "SHOWBIZ Quick Hit" tonight, a stunning look inside Paris Jackson`s private world. Michael Jackson`s teenage daughter, well, she`s keeping it real for the cameras. They`re rolling, while in true Paris fashion, she`s doing what she wants, saying what he wants, for the love of makeup. Look.


PARIS JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON`S DAUGHTER: I don`t know if this is condition or foundation. I use it for either one. I mean, yes, I`m pink in the face. Yes, I have acne. If it covers, then I am -- I`m good. I just rub it.


HAMMER: Yes. A far cry right there from the little girl. Remember? She was always hidden by a veil from Michael Jackson.


HAMMER: Never forget that. Such measures that he took to keep his kids out of the spotlight. Such a dramatic shift. So David, should Paris keep those videos coming or shut it down?

BEGNAUD: Absolutely. No, no, no. You keep it going. A.J., here`s this thing. She is vulnerable. She is poised. I think she`s got some real talent here.

And YouTube is a platform that allows young women like her to really stand out. I mean, clearly, the can do whatever she wants to do. She`s got the money that her father left for her.

But I was really impressed by 15 minutes of her just sitting in front of the camera talking. I mean, she`s like, "Yes, I got acne, you know. I`m one of you. I`m just like you." I think this is a good video, and she should keep it up. I love it.

HAMMER: She`s on her way. David, thank you so much.


HAMMER: We move right on as Paris`s "wild child" moment could actually be pretty mild to some people, but kids in the spotlight who go from the big screen to the big house, that`s a different story. Tonight, "Child Stars Behind Bars." Former child star Danny Bonaduce revealing his harsh jail reality. It was more blinding than the bright lights of Hollywood ever were.


BONADUCE: They turned on the news really loud about me being in jail which got all the other people in jail, it got all their attention. And there`s one thing you don`t want to be in jail, and that would be the center of attention.


HAMMER: Tonight, you`ve got to hear Danny`s life-changing jail experience in his own words.

This is SBT.


HAMMER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Stars Behind Bars." We are taking you behind prison walls to reveal what happens when stars get locked up.


BONADUCE: They turned on the news really loud about me being in jail which got all the other people in jail, it got all their attention. And there`s one thing you don`t want to be in jail, and that would be the center of attention.


HAMMER: Tonight, former child star Danny Bonaduce reveals how he survived his time in lock-up.

Plus, get ready for "SHOWBIZ Justice." An explosive new ruling could turn Anna Nicole Smith`s six-year girl into a multimillionaire. But will she ever see a dime? Judge Larry Seidlin is the very judge who presided over Dannielynn paternity battle is right here to give us his take on the stunning case.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ Tonight. Thank you so much for watching, I`m A.J. Hammer and right now stars behind bars. So, all this week, HLN is highlighting the stories of men and women in the prison system with "America Behind Bars." We`re taking you inside a life behind prison walls.

And tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing what happens when child stars wind up behind bars. From Lindsay Lohan to the cast of 1980 sitcom "Different Strokes" child stars often grow up to be adult convicts. What we have someone who is uniquely qualified to tell us what that flight. Danny Bonaduce got into all kinds of trouble after he hit it big in the 1970 sitcom, "The Partridge Family".

Danny is right here and in just a moment he will share all of the ugly details of his arrest.

But first, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates what happens when child starts go behind bars.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 30 days in jail on the first ...

HAMMER: Like Lindsay Lohan who seems to have racked up more mugshots than movies, there are plenty of other former child stars who grow up to be stars behinds bars.

ALEXIS TERESZCUK: Frankly, everyone`s hurt. Because you see them rise to fetch fame and them fall so quickly.

HAMMER: Take Edward Furlong for instance. Who was so memorable with Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Connor in Terminator 2 "Judgment Day."

EDWARD FURLONG, ACTOR: You`ve got a quarter.

HAMMER: He is now a regular child star behind bars, arrested multiple times for suspected domestic violence. He`s pleaded "Not guilty" with most recent case.

FURLONG: Thanks, my key!

HAMMER: And then there`s Brian Bonsall who played Michael J. Fox`s baby brother on TV`s family ties. But when he grew up, he got arrested twice on assault charges and battled substance abuse.

But perhaps the most distressing case of child stars behind bars involves the three child start of the 1980 sitcom "Different Strokes."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, if it isn`t sleeping beauty.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You mean sleeping ugly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I owe you an insult.

HAMMER: All three of its young starts, Gary Coleman, Dana Plato and Todd Bridges grew up to see their share of legal troubles.

TOOD BRIDGES: I`m surely blessed by gods to be alive.

HAMMER: He sure is, both Dana Plato and Gary Coleman have died. But Todd has turned his life around and told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about the troubles faced by his former child costars.

BRIDGES: Gary Coleman had parents that just didn`t care much about him. I mean, Dana, her mother wasn`t around that much. No. I think that, you know, when no (inaudible) about families, it`s going to create certain things.

HAMMER: And it`s the descends all too many child stars have experienced as they became stars behind bars.


HAMMER: A very deep dark descent for so many, but there is one glimmer of hope that we can share tonight, he is the master of reinvention, former child star Danny Bonaduce who really hits some all time lows in his life, and a "Partridge Family" star has been an open book about all of it, including his arrest, one in 1990 for drugs and another for assault the following year. Bonaduce knows here into rap for being a bad boy, and it is not something he is proud of. So I asked Danny, what it`s really like to be sent to the slam?


HAMMER: What was it like that first time you ever walked into a cell? I mean what`s going through your mind the very first time you are in there that door closes behind you and you`re looking around, thinking, wow, I`m in a whole different world now.

DANNY BONADUCE: Well, the first time I did it, I don`t want to glamorize anything by saying, oh, now I`m better, but as a very young man, I probably weighed 30 pounds less than I do now. It was object horror and fear. I`m going into a jail with criminals that could hurt me. And that - they moved like in this particular holding tank, they moved like the holding tank you see in the movies, with very bad men. That has never been the case before or since. These three guys that really looked like they are not that mobile. But this was scary and really frightening.

And then, no offense, you get what you deserve if you break the law. And as I`m pointing my finger to myself this time, they turned on the news, really (inaudible) about me being in jail, which got all the other people in jail, it got all their attention, and there is one thing you don`t want to be in jail, and that would be the center of attention.

HAMMER: And there is so much that happened to you at that time. I mean obviously you paid a high price for those arrests. And I hear you taking responsibility for it all.

BONADUCE: You know, but ...

HAMMER: You lost ...

BONADUCE: But thank you for saying that.

HAMMER: But you lost your jobs, you lost relationships, they suffered as well. But what was the worst part of the whole experience for you?

BONADUCE: I`ll be honest with you, because I was ashamed, so shame is a pretty bad thing. It was a huge embarrassing- it was an embarrassing arrest. But the fact that I had -- I had gotten it back, I was doing really well and I live in constant fear since they took my house away after "The Partridge Family" that they`re going to take it away again. And instead of taking it away, I gave it to them. I lost my job. So, I lost all that - and I got to tell you because it was a particular humiliating arrest.

Howard Stern, although being funny, really pointed out how embarrassing this was. So I walked around really humiliated. And I like any, Monica (inaudible) fan that I have. I really, you know, I`m sorry if this makes me shallow. I want to be famous. I`m one of the few people that will admit it. It`s like being something bad. I`m sorry. Being famous is really fun. And instead I became a pariah, I became something to point and laugh at and that was horrifying for me.

HAMMER: So being the famous guy in that jail, was that better or worse for you, do you think?

BONADUCE: By far worse. Because -- well I`ll tell you, let me tell you as fast as I can. If I go too long, tell me. Sean Penn is the only celebrity I know that did this. He got arrested for something and rightly so. Do you remember 20 or 25 years ago he was acting like a jerk? And he went to jail. They put him in real jail and he said I want to go out to general population on the yard. Man, did he find out in a hurry that was a bad idea. He came banging on the sergeant`s window saying please put me back in solitary. A celebrity in jail is treated like somebody that murdered somebody. Not bad, but you have to keep him away from general pop. You cannot - the government is responsible for your safety and really a celebrity, 90 percent of convicts are mostly going to think how cool is this guy for the best of it. But ten percent and the dangerous ten percent are going to think that guy`s head is a trophy and I want it on my mantle and the guy that wants you as a trophy, he`s going to get it.

HAMMER: There is no question, Danny, you are a different person now than you were then. What`s the biggest way that your time behind bars changed you as a person?

BONADUCE: I don`t that it was my time behind bars. Something very interesting happened. A judge in Phoenix, and this is 25years ago or something like that. I remember his name, but I don`t know if he wants it used. But he was a Harvard educated judge. And he asked me to write him - he didn`t ask me. He told me to write him once a week and when I wrote him once a week I kind of started to like it. I have a super educated friend in a job of power and dignity, and so my time was up and I didn`t have to write him anymore, but something neat happened one day and I wrote him a little letter and he wrote back saying we are not friends. I`m the judge who sentenced you. Now your sentence is up, please discontinue writing me. That really hurt my feelings. I thought we had become pals.


HAMMER: Well, reality does have a way of setting in sometimes.

BONADUCE: It does. You know, you cross certain lines. And it first of all, it would probably be bad for his job. And he probably didn`t hang around with the guy like me. I was a pretty awful person. I just wasn`t mean or cruel, but I was a criminal, no two ways about it.


HAMMER: What an incredible turnaround. My thanks to Danny Bonaduce. You can hear Danny`s terrific radio show on 102.5 KZOK in Seattle. And remember you got to keep it right here on HLN all week for "America Behind Bars."

Tomorrow you got to see Nancy Grace taking us inside the Estrella women`s jail just outside Phoenix, that`s where Jodi Arias has been held. Nancy exploring life from an inmate`s point of view and discovering something unexpected. It`s a two nights special events, "Nancy Grace Behind Bars" starts tomorrow night 8:00 P.M. Eastern on HLN.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Stars Behind Bars" special coverage, that`s heating up, too tomorrow. You got to see "Caught on Tape" from Reese Witherspoon to Josh Brolin to David Cassidy, we`re revealing the drama after stars got caught on tape as they were being arrested and thrown behind bars.

On Thursday, secrets of star mugshots. We`ve got the best and worst, the one picture that well, you know, no star really wants people to see at all. All part of an hour long SHOWBIZ special event "Stars Behind Bars", Thursday, 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. Here on HLN.

And I am firing up today`s buzziest SHOWBIZ Justice stories tonight including what could be a nearly $50 million payout to Anna Nicole Smith`s little girl. Wow. Judge Larry Seidlin presided over the trial involving Anna Nicole death. He`s right here telling us if he thinks it`s a good idea for Dannielynn to get all that loot.

Plus, as Olympic track star, Oscar Pistorius returns to court today. "SHOWBIZTONIGHT" with an exclusive interview with the accused murderer`s uncle.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The person you love the most die and you with an instrument - how would you feel?


HAMMER: Tonight there are stunning new revelations about Oscar Pistorius`s life as he awaits trial for allegedly shooting his model girlfriend to death. Plus, waiting till you see what we named as our moment of "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness."



HAMMER: Tonight as "SHOWBIZ" first looked at lifetime`s the Anna Nicole story. Anna came from humble beginnings to become a superstar model. She seemed to have it all until she got caught in a downward spiral of drug abuse and then after the tragic death of her son Anna overdosed and died. But now, her legacy lives on through her six-year-old daughter Dannielynn.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. So, Danny Lynn was just a baby when her mother died, but now, years after her mother`s death, Dannielynn stands to inherit millions, thanks to an explosive new court ruling involving the estate of Anna`s late husband. And that tops tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Justice."

So, before Anna Nicole Smith died she was involved in an over the top battle for the late tycoon`s money with his estate. Sadly, Anna Nicole never saw a dime, but now a California judge opened the door for little Dannielynn to inherit 49 million bucks. Wow. So, will Dannielynn ever see a penny of that money?

Tonight, we`ve got the very judge who, of course, presided over Dannielynn`s paternity case after Anna`s death, Judge Larry Seidlin is joining me now from Miami. Always a pleasure to have you here, your honor.


HAMMER: So, this is really an extraordinary case here. Dannielynn, of course, barely knew her mom, because she was so young when Anna died. And even know - we know she`s being very well taken care of by her dad Larry Birkhead, I`m sure, judge, 49 million bucks would do a whole lot to set up that little girl for life. So, what do you think the chances are that she`ll ever see any of this cash?

SEIDLIN: Oh, I think it`s strong. A federal judge rules the world. They take over jails. They take over school system. This federal judge Carter harshly attacks the other side, the Marshall`s side, the son, Piers who is now dead, and he`s imposing punitive damages and he`s talking about $49 million. And he carefully words his order and they`re going to have some hearings. He`s going to shake the money off the tree. Dannielynn is going to be receiving many millions of dollars and it may reach 49 million at the end.

HAMMER: That will be something if that actually happens. And good for her if it sets her up nicely. Now we all remember, judge, you got very emotional when you were presiding over the paternity battle between Dannielynn`s dad for Anna Nicole`s former manager, Howard Kevin Stern. When you look back on it now, how does it make you feel to see how the whole dramatic story is played out?

SEIDLIN: Well, it makes me feel good. Groucho Marx said I`ve been rich and I`ve been poor. I`d rather be rich. I`m glad Dannielynn is going to receive this money. I`m glad she`s going to have the financial wherewithal to have a good life. And Larry Birkhead provides the stability, the bodyguards around her. It`s not like a heavyweight fighter that they have these entourages that are enablers.

This guy, Larry, I`ve seen him in action, and he`s a good father. And I`m happy she`s also doing the entertainment world, that she`s a model for Guess jeans. She has it in her genes and I`m praying for her and I know she`ll do well.

HAMMER: Good to hear you`re thinking the good thoughts for her. And we move now from hope for Dannielynn to despair for the blade runner. Oscar Pistorius. So the double amputee pro sprinter who was accused of murdering his model girlfriend Reena Steenkamp just made his first public appearance in a South African court since being charged in the case. For the very first time, we`re learning just how Pistorius`s coping.

CNN`s Robyn Curnow just sat down for an exclusive interview with Pistorius`s uncle and Robyn also got some time off camera with Oscar himself. You got to hear these emotional personal revelations about Oscar`s state of mind. Watch this.


ROBYN CURNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: When I spoke to Oscar a little bit before we started chatting he said he had a lot of photos of Reeva and that he was still pining for her.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, he`s got photos in his room. He`s got photos all over the place. And what can you say if you - if the person you love the most die and you were the instrument, how would you feel? It`s unthinkable.


HAMMER: Yeah, certainly is unthinkable. So Judge Larry, Oscar says that he shot Reeva by accident. He`s obviously a mess over her death. Do you really think it was an accident?

SEIDLIN: No. No. And I`m not buying the Brooklyn Bridge. They`re going to send these family members out on a dog and pony show. The question is this, A.J. This is going to be a judge trial, not a jury trial.

HAMMER: Right.

SEIDLIN: And I hope to God that this judge doesn`t get corrupted by power and money. His family is powerful in South Africa.

HAMMER: Always great to get your take, Judge Larry Seidlin. Thank you so much. This is SBT. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Millions of guys are born good looking, but not many are really good looking. Even fewer are really, really, really, really, really, really good looking.



HAMMER: Meet Dr. Pepper`s really, really, really, really good looking guy. This underwear model turned Dr. Pepper spokesman is TV`s newest sensation. That`s right. The hunky guys and ads phenomenon (inaudible) just the plain unstoppable.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So my advice ...


HAMMER: Tonight, it`s "SHOWBIZ Hotness." Yes, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is jumping right on the hot hunk commercial train. We know that most people aren`t really looking at what the new diet Dr. Pepper guy is drinking.

And yeah, this guy you`re looking at, Josh Button, was a model until this ad made him practically overnight famous. But who really cares, right? The huge viral reaction on the Josh isn`t exactly about acting or even a can of soda. So I mean you know, you`re looking at Josh`s abs. Don`t worry. We`re not going to judge. Neither will Josh Button who is right here with us from Hollywood tonight. Good to see you, Josh.

JOSH BUTTON, MODEL: Hi, A.J., thanks for having me.

HAMMER: Hey, great to have you here. Love the Zoolander vibe in the ad. We know that flesh sells, but come on. You have got to be surprised at just how wildly popular this ad has become, right?

BUTTON: It`s definitely exceeded expectations. It`s been quite a trip.

HAMMER: And part of it for me, it is a funny ad, but it`s also based in reality. I`ve got to tell you, I actually knew a guy who thought of himself that way. He said I think one time he`s in the top ten percent.

BUTTON: Well, I won`t ask what his name is.

HAMMER: Yeah, you might know him out there actually. Now that you`re pretty much a household face and name, Josh, I got to imagine you get recognized on the street by now. Can you give me a sense of I don`t know, maybe one of the wildest reactions you`re getting or hearing when people do recognize you and say hey, Dr. Pepper ad guy.

BUTTON: You would be surprised, actually. Luckily it hasn`t gone into my personal life or onto the street yet. I actually had a little bit of issues in New York with one or two people who mistaken me for somebody else, but from this ad, no.


HAMMER: Can you tell me who that was?

BUTTON: I think they just thought I was an actor, I had to be somebody a little bit more famous than I am for sure.


BUTTON: They saw the production and they said I`m going to go up to this guy and get a picture again, autograph. And they didn`t know whose autograph they were getting.

HAMMER: But I imagine if it hasn`t then people are going to ask you to just, you know, take your shirt off, because quite frankly I`m looking at my iPhone right here, I have a dozen emails from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staffers asking you if you would do the interview without your shirt.

BUTTON: Without my shirt?

HAMMER: Yeah. I`m not going to force you to do that. They are just asking me to do that. All right, so here`s the thing. Before this ad came along, you know, we had that zesty Kraft salad dressing guy. Real nice guy, Anderson Davis, he has used his success and has a plan in place now to capitalize on it. What about you, man?

BUTTON: I`m looking forward to what comes next. It`s - there`s definitely opportunities out there and we`ll see what happens.

HAMMER: All right, Charles would you put up the split, Josh and I are going to do a stair off, as we take this out. Me and Josh, right there. Can we see the two shot? All right.

BUTTON: We`re going to go Zoolander.

HAMMER: All right, Josh. Great having you here. Thank you so much. OK, well.

BUTTON: Thanks for having me again.

HAMMER: If you think that hot new diet Dr. Pepper ad is awesome, you got to get a load of this.


HAMMER: It`s Latoya Jackson and RuPaul whipping up some magic in the recording studio. You got to see these two in action in tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Moment of Awesomeness."



HAMMER: It is time for "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day and tonight`s Latoya Jackson and drag superstar and singer RuPaul are teaming up to bring us our moment of "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." So, they just hit the recording studio for a wild and very funny session that just may produce one of these summer`s hottest dance hits. And you`ve got to watch the magic on ...


LATOYA JACKSON: Oops. Sorry. That`s what you get when you don`t count.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You guys ready?





HAMMER: I love it. Can`t wait to hear that whole tract. Well, coming up next, on "DR. DREW ON CALL", the brat sea cat trial, Drew reveals the provocative new evidence in the shocking trial of an ex-cop accused of killing his wife.