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Jodi Arias Jury Apologizing for Impasse; Caryn Kelley Acquitted of Manslaughter; Should George Zimmerman Testify in His Trial?; Teen Takes Supermodel to Prom; Kim K. to Take Baby on Tour? Countdown of Top 5 Biggest SHOWBIZ Showdowns

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DIANE SCHWARTZ, JODI ARIAS JUROR: Either way, I wanted to really see it unanimous, but there was just no way we could get there.


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "SHOWBIZ Extreme Justice," and nothing is more extreme than the emotion from the Jodi Arias jurors. Tonight, why are so many apologizing for not returning a death sentence? Judge Larry Seidlin right here with us to take us inside the conflicted minds of the Jodi Arias jurors.

And get ready for another explosive countdown. It`s "SHOWBIZ Showdown." We`ve got Beyonce versus the fan who dared to slap her butt while she was performing in concert. Wait till you see it. It was all caught on tape.

Plus all the other must-see showdowns breaking big tonight. What will be No. 1?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello and thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And now that the jury has spoken in the Jodi Arias murder trial, the jurors themselves are speaking to HLN. Tonight in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," we`re counting down the top three stories that are breaking today of "Extreme Justice."

We`re kicking things off on our countdown with No. 3. Does the Jodi Arias jury have anything to apologize for just because they couldn`t agree on whether Jodi Arias should live or die for murdering her boyfriend, Travis Alexander?

You have got to see what juror Diane Schwartz just told Dr. Drew on his HLN show, "DR. DREW ON CALL," about why she mouthed the words "I`m sorry" to Travis`s family just after the judge revealed that they were deadlocked on the death penalty.


SCHWARTZ: We were very invested in this. We had spent five months together. We`d heard a lot of information, taken a lot of notes. And then going through almost a month of deliberation. And to not be able to come to a consensus and -- and actually issue a unanimous verdict in the penalty phase was just -- I took it very personally, because I wanted to see it a unanimous decision. Either way, I wanted to really see it a unanimous, but there was just no way we could get there.


HAMMER: So they couldn`t get there, but should they in any way feel sorry about that?

Judge Larry Seidlin is here with me tonight from Miami, the judge who, of course, presided over the Anna Nicole Smith legal battles after her death.

Pat LaLama is with us from Hollywood. Pat is a correspondent for Investigation Discovery.

And we`ve heard lots of jurors apologize for the Arias jury not being able to decide on her punishment. So let me throw out this countdown question tonight. Does the Jodi Arias jury have anything to apologize for? Let me start with you, Pat.


You know what? I`ve heard a lot of hate spewed towards these people. I think that`s incredibly unfair. It`s American to disagree. It`s American to wish there was something else that had happened. It`s un-American to be so hateful, to want blood sport.

This is the answer. This is what they decided. They acted in good faith. Now we must move on and hope that she can perhaps do some good behind bars.

HAMMER: Judge Larry, I am so curious to get the view from the bench here, because these jurors were just doing their jobs. Yet for some reason they feel the need to apologize, some of them, anyway. Should they in any way? I don`t get that.

LARRY SEIDLIN, JUDGE: No. The jurors worked very hard. They performed their civic duty. And without a jury, we couldn`t function in the criminal justice system.

They did come to a decision, the jury. They came to the decision that she should not be put to death, and the Supreme Court of the United States is going to agree with me.

This time we`re going to have another penalty phase? The Supreme Court of the United States is going to say it`s unconstitutional.

Therefore, this jury came to a decision. It said no death. She`s going to get life, and the judge is going to decide whether it`s life with parole or without parole, and I predict it`s going to be life without parole.

HAMMER: Hmm. Well, it`s going to be interesting to see how that plays out. What are you saying, Pat? You agree with that?

LALAMA: I agree with the judge, yes, I do.

HAMMER: Yes. And I agree with you that people spewing hate about this, I have no idea what`s wrong with those people. It is absolutely wrong.

SEIDLIN: A.J., those people were the same people that were in the Roman Coliseum a hundred [SIC] years ago...


SEIDLIN: ... and were giving thumbs up or thumbs down. They want blood.

They`re getting more than blood from Jodi. She`s going to spend the rest of her days in the can. And it`s ugly in the can.

LALAMA: Your honor, I agree with you. I agree with you. It`s like the Christians and the lions, like they want to see blood spewed.

This system has spoken. It worked. It may not work the way everybody wants it to, but we have to accept that these people worked hard and took this life or death matter to heart. Just listen to how reasonable that juror sounded.

HAMMER: Yes. And listen, people would have been very upset, and there probably would have been more hate if there wasn`t a conviction. There was a conviction, of course, for Jodi Arias.

And there`s also a shocking decision tonight in the case of the woman that some were calling the next Jodi Arias. This takes us to No. 2 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of "Extreme Justice" tonight. Caryn Kelley goes free.

So a jury in Florida has just acquitted her in manslaughter charges...


HAMMER: ... in the fatal shooting of her boyfriend back in 2011. Now, she claimed the shooting was an accident after they apparently struggled over a gun in the house.

I`ve got to play this for you. It is gripping cell-phone video that was taken after police arrived at her house the night of the shooting. Roll that, Charles.


CARYN KELLEY, ACQUITTED OF MANSLAUGHTER: He was talking about leaving and I said, "Don`t leave. Don`t drive drunk. You`re stupid if you leave." And he came back and I go, "Don`t drive drunk." And I said, "If you come back in the house, I have a weapon and you know I`m going to use it if you`re coming to my house and I don`t know who it is."

So I went to bed. And all of a sudden, I wake up in the middle of the night and someone is in my house. And I said, "Phillip, you know I have a weapon. Don`t do this."

I was like, "Hey, don`t come here with me."

And he was like, "Don`t, you`re not." And he put it to his head. "Are you going to shoot me? are you going to shoot me?" And it went off.

I`m like, "Oh, my God. I didn`t ever mean to do that."


HAMMER: Wow. All right. So like we saw in the Arias trial, prosecutors claim that Kelley`s story just kept changing, but the jurors did believe her, obviously.

So our countdown question is this: Was it fair to compare Caryn Kelley to Jodi Arias?


HAMMER: You say no, Pat?

LALAMA: Absolutely not, to me. I believe this is a textbook case of reasonable doubt, no matter what you just saw in her. You have alcohol. You have previous alleged suicide attempts. The evidence was inconclusive as to actually what did happen.

So no matter how emotional that tape may be, it shouldn`t have played a part in the absolute definitive decision. I think the jury did the right thing. There was reasonable doubt here. I`d love to hear what the judge says.

HAMMER: And she moves on. Judge, quickly, what do you think?

SEIDLIN: I think this. This is how I was able to move my docket. I had thousands of cases.

Having a jury trial in a criminal case is like Russian roulette. It`s like going to Las Vegas. You don`t know how the dice are going to fall. That`s why people plea bargain. That`s why the prosecutor and the defense attorney, if the judge motivates them well enough, they plea bargain. In civil cases, they settle.

And the fact is that 96 percent of all cases are resolved outside the presence of the jury. So when you go to a jury, you don`t know what`s going to take place, and that`s what happened in this case.

HAMMER: So while Caryn Kelley`s trial is over, we saw what happened there. Jodi Arias is facing another trial of sorts. Another jury, of course, is going to be seated to decide whether or not she should get the death penalty.

This takes us to No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Extreme Justice Countdown." Like Jodi, like George?

So George Zimmerman is about to take the stand in Florida in his trial for second-degree murder for shooting teenager Trayvon Martin. And there are reports tonight that Zimmerman wants to do what Jodi did in her trial, testify in his own defense.

Let me throw out this countdown question. Should George Zimmerman testify in his trial? Pat, what do you think?

LALAMA: Well, I think it`s always a risk, but I will say that mostly I believe that most attorneys agree with me, that defendants in self-defense cases do want to testify, because the standard -- remember, the standard is you have to prove you had a sincere and reasonable feeling that -- an honest and reasonable feeling that your life was in danger. Who better to express that emotion than George Zimmerman himself?

Again, it`s always a risk. The jury may not like him, but I think it would behoove him to get up there and prove to them why he thought his life was in danger.

HAMMER: Yea, and again, I want to get the view from the bench, because obviously, Judge Seidlin, you have an entirely different perspective on this, and to Pat`s point, it is always a big risk to take the stand in your own defense.

But considering particularly how Jodi Arias`s testimony didn`t help her at all, when George Zimmerman stands trial for killing Trayvon Martin, do you think he should just say, "You know what? I`m going to let my lawyers do the talking on this one?" Or are you, as the judge, in favor of him trying to speak for himself?

SEIDLIN: A number of factors. No. 1, defense attorneys are trained not to have their client speak.

But Jodi Arias, she spoke for 18 days. She succeeded. Success was not getting the death penalty. She succeeded in that.

Now, the next case, Trayvon Martin. You got a lot of undercurrent here. The underbelly is there`s going to be a lot of race involved in this case. What the makeup of the jury is -- is it white, is it black, how many black, how many white? That`s going to be a big determining factor.

What also you have to look at is, in Zimmerman, you have only one side. You`re only going to hear from him. He`s going to -- however he spins the story, that`s the story. The poor fellow, Trayvon Martin, is dead. He has no response to what Zimmerman says.

I tell you this; I`m predicting it right here on your show.


SEIDLIN: He`s going to walk. He is walking out the courthouse.

HAMMER: All right. We`ll see what happens. We`ll leave it there.

Judge Larry, Pat, I thank you both. Great insight tonight.

And I am firing up another must-see "SHOWBIZ Countdown." You`ve got to check out today`s top five "SHOWBIZ Showdowns." I`m talking about the biggest pop cultural battles out there today, including the NFL stars who are just livid with the Biebs. They want him to stop speeding through this suburban neighborhood in his Ferrari, and they`re not afraid to let him know about that.

And is that NFL fury even more potent than this? This is no good. It`s a delivery guy eating some poor customer`s pepperoni right before he drops off the pizza? That is disgusting. It is the pizza delivery guy versus, well, everyone who`s ever ordered a pizza.

Which showdown will be No. 1 on tonight`s countdown?



HAMMER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame."


JAKE DAVIDSON, ASKED KATE UPTON TO HIS PROM: Kate, will you go to prom with me?


HAMMER: Jake Davidson first got his 15 minutes of fame with this YouTube video asking supermodel Kate Upton to his high-school senior prom. Well, Kate ultimately was unable to make it, but don`t worry. Don`t feel badly for Jake. He ended up having a prom to remember, for sure. He is with us right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to tell us all about what happened.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. So Jake is 17 years old. Understandably, he was a little bummed out when Kate Upton had to turn down his request to go to the prom with him because she was shooting a movie. Certainly understand that.

But you know what they say: when one door closes, another door opens and another hot supermodel walks through it. Jake ended up going to the prom with "Sports Illustrated" model Nina Agdal. She is just spectacularly beautiful, as you see.

We are thrilled to say Jake`s 15 minutes of fame has been extended. Good for him.

Jake is with us tonight from Los Angeles.

It`s good to have you back, Jake.

DAVIDSON: Thanks for having me again. I appreciate it.

HAMMER: Oh, my God. I can`t believe what you pulled off here.

Can we put up the video, Charles, of Jake with Nina on prom night together? I have to imagine this is something you will never forget. Let`s watch a little bit of what went down.


NINA AGDAL, "SPORTS ILLUSTRATED" MODEL: What are you giving me now?

DAVIDSON: It`s a -- this is a -- this is the corsage. That`s the boutonniere. You put this on your wrist, I think. So...

AGDAL: Now we`re, like, officially going to prom.

DAVIDSON: Now we`re matching. Exactly.

AGDAL: Awesome. Thank you.

Hi! I`m going to prom with Jake! What are you doing?


HAMMER: Look at you. How beautiful and adorable is she? Give me a sense of what it was like to be at the prom with a "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit model.

DAVIDSON: Pretty surreal. I definitely didn`t see that coming. And it was actually a very fun night. She was awesome to hang out with. She was -- in addition to being beautiful, she was, like, an incredible date, very friendly, easy to talk to, very nice. It was like a really great night. I had a lot of fun.

HAMMER: So you had a lot of fun. That`s all coming from you. I would love to know, though, what Nina thought of the night. Actually, I`ve got another surprise for you tonight here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Let`s just ask her.

Nina, are you there?

AGDAL (via phone): Hello, prom date, how are you?

HAMMER: Got a little reunion going on here. Look at the smile on Jake`s face. All right.

AGDAL: Surprise, Jake.

HAMMER: Nina, I need to know -- I need to know the real deal. How was it going to the prom with Jake, who seems like a lovely young man, but I need to hear it from you?

AGDAL: Well, when I was asked if I wanted to go to prom, I had to think about it for a second, because it could turn out to be a disaster depending on the boy I was going with. But I was told about Jake, that he was a good student, that he was awesome, and I just felt like going to prom with him.

And when I met him, it was just instantly a fun time. I had the greatest day and the greatest prom night.

HAMMER: What was the highlight for you, Nina?

AGDAL: Corsage.

HAMMER: Yes, that looked very sweet there.

AGDAL: That was so cute.

HAMMER: It seemed like he was being the perfect gentleman. Do I have that right?

AGDAL: He is the perfect gentleman. He was following me out when I went to my car. He was always making sure that I wasn`t tripping in my high heels and just making me feel really comfortable. That`s what a great date does.

HAMMER: Jake, what would you like to say to Nina about going to the prom with you?

DAVIDSON: Thank you, it was a great night. Glad we`re talking again.

AGDAL: I know. I`m going to come hang out with you in the rain next time.

HAMMER: Yes, I was going to say.

AGDAL: To see your family.

HAMMER: I`m putting you on the spot here. Do we have a shot at a second date, Nina? What`s going to happen here?

AGDAL: I think we have more of a friendship thing going on.


AGDAL: I mean, Jake is awesome. His family is awesome, and I would absolutely love to see them again.

HAMMER: Well, Nina, it`s great having you here with us. "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit model Nina Agdal.

And the king of the prom, Jake Davidson. Thank you both. Well done, Jake.

DAVIDSON: Thanks to you.

HAMMER: All right. That is terrific.

Well, we know Jake was a perfect gentleman, according to Nina, on the prom date. But I`m afraid the same can`t be said for one hands-y Beyonce fan.



BEYONCE, SINGER: Now I will have you escorted out right now, all right?


HAMMER: What was this guy thinking? B. threatens to boot a fan who got way too close for comfort.

But is that showdown even more unbelievable than the one between the beauty queen and a beastly voting machine? So the Miss Universe Canada pageant gave her the crown, the sash, the glory, and then took it all away a day later. What happened?

We are counting down to the top five "SHOWBIZ Showdowns."




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, look at that. There`s a hand. So this is the femur bone, see? The thigh bone.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look at that. Look at the little ankle. Oh, Kim, look.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re going to have to look around for the sex.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You see a little pee-pee?


HAMMER: Right now, "The Battle of the Baby Bumps."

Kim Kardashian plans to reveal the sex of her baby on the season opener of "Keeping up with the Kardashians." So does this actually mean we`re going to get full access to the Kimye baby, after all?

"The Battle of the Baby Bumps" is heating up tonight with Kim Kardashian actually backing away from a promise to keep her baby under wraps, and then there are new reports that Duchess Catherine plans to move in with her parents right after the royal baby is born.

So will Kim`s thirst for attention be bad for the baby? How will Duchess Catherine keep from raising a royal brat? And what do these two famous moms-to-be really have in common?

Well, I figure who better to get those answers from than super nanny herself, Jo Frost. Jo has a great new show. It`s called "Family SOS with Jo Frost" on TLC.

And first, I asked nanny Jo about the reports that Kim Kardashian might take her baby on tour with her boyfriend, the baby`s father, Kanye West.


JO FROST, TLC`S "FAMILY SOS WITH JO FROST": I think certainly, Kim will be looking at, you know, the support that she will have with respect to creating that stability and that safety. And I don`t know if that`s something that she`ll be doing in the first couple of weeks or even the first months.

I mean, I think it`s -- you know, you have these ideals of what you`re going to do, and when the baby arrives, it`s a whole different ball game.

HAMMER: It all changes.

FROST: Yes. So you know, I think, you know, Kim will make that decision with Kanye, with her partner. No doubt they`ll discuss that.

But quite frankly, what you say now and when the baby is born can be two different stories, you know. So I`m sure she`ll make those decisions once she`s had the newborn.

HAMMER: Here`s the thing that may be beyond the control of the parents. Obviously, they`re going to have every need that these babies may face taken care of with people waiting on them hand and foot. When you grow up like that in an entitled way, how do you prevent these kids from becoming big-time spoiled brats? You certainly have seen one or two spoiled brats.

FROST: Well, I mean, it`s very different. You know, we`re talking about the royal family on one key. You know, there`s a certain protocol. William was raised to be, you know, the heir of our throne.

That`s very different to Kim Kardashian, who makes choices to have a reality television show, and those choices are the decisions that she makes.

HAMMER: Right.

FROST: You know, and certainly, I think that`s very different to being born -- born into royalty. And, you know, we very clearly saw Lady Diana and Prince Charles show extreme, wonderful examples of how their children being born into royalty were still kept very humble with respect to feeling very connected with the people of Great Britain and certainly understanding the importance of the virtues that they taught them. I believe there is a big difference there between the two.


HAMMER: That`s why they call her the super nanny. Jo could not be more right. Be sure to check out Jo Frost`s new show, "Family SOS with Jo Frost" Tuesdays on TLC.

And now, from those moms-to-be to one mama who`s so hot she had to put a fan on warning.



BEYONCE: Now I will have you escorted out right now, all right?


HAMMER: Can you believe that? He actually touched her butt. It`s Beyonce versus a frisky fan, as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT counts down the biggest battles out there today. But is that outrageous butt slap getting people more steamed up than this?

A teakettle that some say looks just like Hitler. JCPenney under fire with a pot that`s too hot to handle. But of course, only one "SHOWBIZ Showdown" can be No. 1. Which will it be?





BEYONCE: Now I will have you escorted out right now, all right?


HAMMER: Right now the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "SHOWBIZ Showdowns." The top three star-studded battles getting big buzz right now.

Beyonce versus the frisky fan who touched her butt while she was performing. Beyonce may be famous for being bootylicious, but even a first grader knows you`ve got to keep your hands to yourself.

Is Beyonce`s butt battle even more outrageous than Justin Bieber`s showdown with his NFL star neighbors? They are just fed up with the Bieb`s high speed driving drama and they are not afraid to flex a little muscle.

So, which SHOWBIZ showdown is going to take the top spots? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we`re counting down tonight`s top five biggest SHOWBIZ showdowns. And we begin in number five with the superstar showdown with a fan. So, Beyonce was caught on camera verbally lashing out at a fan after he actually smacked her bottom during a performance in Copenhagen. Yeah, he did that. What the heck was he thinking? Beyonce, of course, true pro, did not miss a beat. She threatened to toss him out right out of the concert and then she just continues on with the show if nothing had happened. Now, the video of the Beyonce butt flap is lighting up the Internet, and as it turns out, her fans aren`t the only ones who can`t keep their hands to themselves. Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Beyonce may be celebrated for her bootie, but she almost had tot boot out a fan for celebrating it a little too much. It happened at a concert in Copenhagen. Beyonce was interacting with fans, she shared her mic with the guy and as she started to walk away, he gave her derriere a little slap.

BEYONCE: I will have you escorted out of here now, all right?

MOOS: Beyonce sashayed away. We`re not sure whether the butt slapper went or stayed. Fans captured the swath from all angles, and debated it online. "If you don`t want it slapped, girlfriend, stop flaunting it their faces." Versus "Just because she performs for a living doesn`t give you the right to violate her space."

Reporters wanting to ask Beyonce about the butt grab might as well butt out. No comment, was all her worked label would say.

Now, Beyonce is no stranger to administering a little booty love for dancers and getting it from her husband Jay-Z. Beyonce seemed to reward Jay-Z for his playful pat. Not so playful was how some overexcited fans acted in Belgrade, Serbia, pulling Beyonce`s hair and touching her face. Earlier this month, the fan rushed the stage where Justin Bieber was seated at the piano. Security instantly jumped in, knocking down the piano in the scuffle while Justin calmly walked away performing. And who could forget Will Smith when a Ukrainian prankster interviewer tried to kiss him?

WILL SMITH: That was (inaudible). Come on, man. What the hell is your problem, buddy?


MOOS: Oddest of all was when Britney Spears invited a guy from the audience onstage so she could perform a pole dance on him, he bit her. Bit-knee Spears, they called her. And now, the personification of bootieliciousness.

BEYONCE (singing)

MOOS: ...had to just turn the other cheek.


HAMMER: I mean come on. That`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. What in the world made that guy think he would actually get away with smacking Beyonce`s bottom? With me tonight in New York, I`m so pleased to welcome Marie Menounos, host, of course, of "Extra." And she`s just released a new film she both produced and stars in it, it`s called "Adventures of Serial Buddies." That`s with an -S. and is now available for download. Video on demand. So, Maria, I`m looking at the thing, and I`m thinking, who does this? The nerve of this guy. And I have to imagine, pro that she was, maybe you wouldn`t have been so calm and collected if somebody did that to you, I mean come on.

MARIA MENOUNOS, HOST "EXTRA": Well, I`ve had similar and worse situations that I`ve experienced. And you`re just in complete and utter shock that people would ever even consider doing that. And so, you`re shocked, you don`t know how to handle it, and then if you have a second to think about it, you do what she did and you say something back like that ...


MENOUNOS: And, you know, most of us will just kind of move on with our business and have, you know, some class and some dignity and, you know, try to just shrug it off, and she`s obviously a classy lady and she did. But really, I`m sorry, that people that are saying that she`s asking for it by performing in their faces ...

HAMMER: Oh, yes, she`s flaunting her bootie, so ...

MENOUNOS: That is just silly.

HAMMER: No, she hasn`t comment -- I mean ...


HAMMER: That is one of the most ridiculous things ...


HAMMER: ... I have ever heard. I think that is insane.


HAMMER: People are just idiots.

MENOUNOS: Terrible.

HAMMER: Let me bring this out now to our friend David Begnaud. David is joining us -- he is the host of newsmakers on Ora TV I mean there`s nothing that makes that OK, right? Big deal.

DAVID BEGNAUD, HOST, NEWSBREAKER" ON ORA TV: Look A.J., here`s the point, clearly Beyonce needs her own butt spokesperson after this.


BEGNAUD: I mean her butt gets more attention than anything else. Look, I mean Maria has got it. This is not -- this is not cool. However, I think the mark of a real star is when somebody slaps you on the butt and you give them a warning and the show carries on.


BEGNAUD: I think she handled it like a pro. Not cool. I`d like to know a little bit more about the dude who did it. Who is that guy? I mean you can`t do that.

HAMMER: No, you can`t do that. Let`s not give him any more attention. And move now from Beyonce`s face-off with a fan to bona fide superstars who are facing off with each other tonight. This is number four on our SHOWBIZ Showdown -- Countdown. Justin Bieber versus his NFL star neighbor. So, there is a whole lot of outrage growing tonight after the Biebs was reportedly caught speeding in his Ferrari through his suburban Los Angeles neighborhood. His superstar neighbors are now speaking up. They are saying, you know what? We are fed up with this going on. We don`t want it. Former star wide receiver Keeshond Johnson released a statement through his agent. Here is what he said, he is very, very, very livid, and he wants Justin to slow down and be responsible neighbor.

Now, Keeshond reportedly went as far to hop in his own car, apparently a Prius and chase Bieber down. I love it. I can just picture the Prius chasing the Ferrari. But today on Twitter, Annabel Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson really let (inaudible) to be just have it here what he is saying. "I live in Calabasas, too. Justin Bieber needs to slow his ass down. And I used to have a white Ferrari, too, but I knew the speed limits in the neighborhood where kids play. OK, Maria, still questions there about whether Bieber was actually driving the car that sped around the neighborhood, but I`m thinking come on, man, if you`re in a neighborhood and there are kids, first of all, you need to apologize, and back it down if you`re in the neighborhood, wouldn`t you think?

MENOUNOS: Yeah. I mean obviously Justin or his friends should not think it`s OK to be speeding in a small neighborhood where kids are going to be playing in the streets. But he`s 19. And I know a lot of 19-year-olds that do silly things like that. So, I`m not trying to say that, you know, it`s, you know, something on ...

HAMMER: I think that`s a cop-out, Maria.


HAMMER: A lot of people there saying that and there was a time when I was saying, oh, yeah, he`s 19. But you shouldn`t do that. It`s still not OK.

MENOUNOS: I kind of did it recently.


MENOUNOS: I would -- I would pull out of my driveway and, like, test my accelerator, but I made sure nobody was coming around the corner.


MENOUNOS: You know, I`m in my 30s.

HAMMER: All right. Well, yeah, you`ve got to -- you`ve got to back it down at some point.

MENOUNOS: I don`t condone it, I don`t condone it.

HAMMER: Thank you, Maria.

MENOUNOS: But I think it is kind of interesting that Keeshon is like, I`m very, very, very, very livid. That`s very intense.

HAMMER: Well, I also like the fact that Eric Dickerson had to point out that he also had a white Ferrari.


HAMMER: But let`s move now from the NFL star steamed over Bieber to the kettle that has people steamed over how it looks. And you`ve got to see this thing. Number three, the JCPenny tea kettle that some people are saying bears an uncanny resemblance to Adolph Hitler. Take a close look at this advertisement. This is on a California billboard. Do you see the resemblance that has got everybody talking? Imagine the knob as a mustache and the handle as Hitler`s left parted hair. The kettle has really caused so much buzz online that JCPenny issued a statement to outlets, saying, it had no intention of introducing dictator silhouettes into its small appliance line. Which is just kind of funny to me. But David, let`s put up Charles (ph), if we can to side by side we did. So, there`s the teakettle, there`s Adolf Hitler. I don`t know, I can see why people are buzzing about this. Do you get the resemblance?

BEGNAUD: Maybe you -- A.J., maybe you can, I don`t. I mean this is ridiculous. I live in California, and count on California to be the state that would drive around and somebody would see Adolf Hitler in this. I mean I don`t see it at all. I think it`s insensitive -- why does JCPenney need to apologize? This is B.S. and it`s ...

HAMMER: Maria, are you outraged ...

BEGNAUD: I don`t see it. So they pulled the kettle, they pulled the ad.

MENOUNOS: I have to say I`m outraged ...

BEGNAUD: Come on.



MENOUNOS: I can`t believe they would do this. I mean honestly, someone showed it to me, actually Gary Dalbati (ph) showed it to me on Howard Stern this morning, and said we`re going to be talking about his. He said, can you see Hitler on this? I`m like what are you talking about? I see a kettle. What is that?

HAMMER: Maybe it`s too (inaudible)

MENOUNOS: But when someone points it out and you really are looking at it, where you`re like, oh, OK, well, I can kind of see it now, but I would have never thought that, ever.

HAMMER: All right. Then we`ll excuse you from it. But if Beyonce`s butt slap flap and Bieber speeding Ferrari and that kettle aren`t number one on the SHOWBIZ Showdown countdown, what could possibly be? Maybe the awkward showdown with the beauty pageant crowning the wrong contestant, or maybe the yuck factor. This is disgusting to me, a pizza delivery guy who couldn`t keep his hands out of the box? I`m getting ready to reveal the answer to that question. You`ll find out who makes the top slot in our SHOWBIZ countdown of tonight`s top five SHOWBIZ showdowns. And this is definitely raising some eyebrows tonight. President Obama`s lipstick traces.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: The incredible warmth of the reception. A sign of the warmth is the lipstick on my collar.


OBAMA: I have to say, I think I know the culprit.


HAMMER: Yeah, who is responsible for that big old glob of bright red lipstick? The pres calling out the culprit on the national stage, but is his explanation going to be enough to satisfy the first lady? The viral video everybody is watching tonight, even Michelle Obama. And wait until you see what we named as our moment of SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN..


HAMMER: We`re back with "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," and tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down tonight`s top five SHOWBIZ showdowns. In the number five, Beyonce`s stunning showdown with a fan who actually slapped her behind, yeah, right in the middle of the concert. Number four, the NFL versus the pop star. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT confirmed today Justin Bieber`s neighbor, former NFL star Keeshond Johnson, actually went to the Bieb`s house for a showdown because Justin was apparently speeding in their neighborhood. At number three, JCPenney today, actually took down this billboard ad after some people claimed that a designer teakettle on the billboard looked like Adolf Hitler. That takes us to number two on our SHOWBIZ Showdown/countdown, and it`s a showdown of the pizza delivery guy, and I guess pretty much anybody who`s ever ordered a pizza -- I mean look at what this disgusting man is doing. It`s caught on camera, a delivery guy in St. Petersburg, Russia caught picking the toppings off of pizza he was about to deliver and wee see, eating them. Let me bring this back to you, Maria Menounos in New York. Maria is the host of "Extra", now starring at a film she produced. It`s called "Adventures of Serial Buddies." It`s available on video on demand.

Maria, I `can`t tell you the last time I ordered a pizza, but I can say watching this, I will never order a pizza again.

MENOUNOS: It`s absolutely disgusting. I`m just shocked that the guy waited till he got in the elevator. At least do it in your car. The elevator, you only have a few minutes, like I can`t believe he wasn`t scared to get caught. And then he`s like -- you know, mooshing it back. So anything he took out like the sausage or the pepperoni, he is mooshing the pizza back with his saliva. That is disgusting!

HAMMER: There is nothing right about that. And the pizza company actually has responded. They`re telling outlets that they`re now sealing the boxes, recognizing, as I believe they put it, their pizza is so tasty even the couriers can`t resist. Let me take it back to David Begnaud. One of Hollywood, the host of "Newsbreaker" on Ora TV. David, I don`t know, when you see that, you got to know that he`s not the only pizza delivery guy in the world doing that.

MENOUNOS: That`s why you get no toppings.

BEGNAUD: I think -- yeah, right, but I think this is sort of the smallest and most minor part of it. Can you imagine what they must do back there when you call and you say, hey, you guys screwed it up, so I need you to bring me a new pizza, or actually, I want to change it -- what I ordered is not -- can you imagine?

MENOUNOS: That`s why you can`t do that.

BEGNAUD: Exactly. This is probably the best of it.

MENOUNOS: You can`t.

BEGNAUD: But A.J., A.J., come on. Are you really never going to order a pizza again?

HAMMER: Yeah. I don`t. I pretty much don`t eat the stuff.

BEGNAUD: It`s the whole ..


MENOUNOS: Excuse me. We all ...

BEGNAUD: There`s nothing better than a pizza at 2:00 in the morning.


BEGNAUD: Thank you, Maria.

HAMMER: That`s true, two in the morning, you know. You have to speed dial, there you are. All right, this takes us now to the big reveal, number one on our countdown of tonight`s top five SHOWBIZ showdown. The beauty queen versus the voting machine. This is amazing. The folks behind the Miss Universe Canada pageant have just admitted that they crowned the wrong winner. They gave one woman the crown, the sash, all the glory, only to realize they made a huge mistake when they tabulated the scores. Your CNN`s John Berman for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Miss Universe Canada 2013 is Denise Garrido!

JOHN BERMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Most beauty queens expect their reins to last for a year ...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Congratulation to a new Miss Universe, Canada 2013 ...

BERMAN: But Denise Garrido`s run as Miss Universe, Canada lasted exactly one day. After stunning the audience during the competition, Garrido thought her childhood dreams had finally come true when she beat out 57 other women for the crown. But less than 24 hours later, the pageant`s organizers realized a terrible mistake in the results. They made a typo, which meant the first runner-up, Riza Santos, had actually won, and Denise Garrido placed fourth. The pageant stripped Garrido of her title and apologized in a statement saying, we would like to offer our sincere apology to Denise Garrido for this human error discovered while validating the results. We have no doubt she will continue to succeed in her endeavors and we wish her well. Riza Santos, who had thought she had come so close only to play second, is now celebrating her new title.

Santos won`t have this same moment of glory, but will receive her crown in a private ceremony this weekend. Meanwhile, Garrido, who is 26, is too old to compete again, but she said she would love to come back next year, this time as a judge.


HAMMER: Wouldn`t you want to just start suing people? That`s CNN`s John Berman for "SHOWBIZ Tonight." By the way, this morning, both women appeared on CNN starting point and they showed that there are no hard feelings. Look at this.


DENISE GARRIDO: I would like to congratulate Riza on being Miss Universe, Canada 2013. On my end, I feel bad that I took away that moment from her, but at the same time, Riza, I am glad that we kind of shared this bonding experience. We were both a Miss Earth Canada, we were both a Miss Worlds Canada, and technically, we both have shared in this Miss Universe Canada experience, and I`m happy to pass it over to you now, and I wish you the best year ever, and I want to be there cheering on at Miss Universe.


HAMMER: Oh, that was very sweet, very nice. They both look like winners to me. Back to "Extra"`s Maria Menounos. Maria, as your stalker ...


HAMMER: I know you competed in the Miss Massachusetts teen USA contest. I mean can you imagine?

MANOUNOS: I know. You know, you know, she handled it really, really classy. I mean, you know, it`s something that I`m actually surprised the pageant admitted to because nobody needed to know. They could have just kept it hidden, but obviously they have integrity and they, you know, came out with it, but, you know, sometimes mistakes happen, and, you know, I applaud her for how she handled it.

HAMMER: She was very graceful, but can you imagine how she felt? All right, Maria and David ...

aMANOUNOS: Mortified.

HAMMER: Thank you both so much. Make sure you check out Maria`s new film available on video on demand, "Adventures of Serial (with an S".)"


HAMMER: Thank you so much, Maria.

MANOUNOS: All right, we move on now to the viral video that is going to make you jump right out of your seat. Look at this guy. He launched himself right off the face of Mt. Everest. Wait till you see the rest of how this record breaking league played out and wait until you see what we`ve named as our moment of "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." This is SBT. SHOWBIZ Tonight" on HLN.


HAMMER: Now it`s SHOWBIZ "Viral Videos." I am revealing these must-see videos that will really lighten up the Internet tonight from the president`s lipstickgate to a record-breaking base jump from Mt. Everest. These are so cool, I cannot get enough of these red hot videos. Apparently I`m not the only one. In fact, I know, my good friend Hyla, it`s been tough to turn away from the computer. He`s been clicking on these videos non-stop tonight. Hyla is joining me from Hollywood, he is the host of the "Daily Buzz" on And Hyla, my friend, we kick things off with President Obama`s lipstickgate. Look at him. Look at that on his collar there. Somebody better alert Michelle, the president just took to the national stage. He had that bright red lipstick right there on his shirt collar, but he gave what I thought was a pretty great explanation of the suspicious stain.


OBAMA: I want to thank everybody who`s here, the incredible warmth of the reception. A sign of the warmth is the lipstick on my collar.


OBAMA: I have to say I think I know the culprit. Where is Jessica Sanchez?


OBAMA: Jessica -- it wasn`t Jessica, it was her aunt. Where is she?


OBAMA: Auntie right there. Look at this. Look at this.


OBAMA: At this. I just want everybody to witness.


OBAMA: So I do not want to be in trouble with Michelle.


OBAMA: That`s why I`m calling you out right in front of everybody.


HAMMER: And smart, smart man. I love that, Hyla. No chances with the first lady. I am giving him high marks for that preemptive strike on the lipstick stain.

HYLA, HOST OF DAILY BUZZ ON CELEBUZZ.COM: Now, he did a good job. He had no choice, remember this isn`t his first lipstick controversy, if you remember back during his first campaign, those lipstick on a pig? That was a big deal. And, of course, you know, he has the IRS to deal with and Benghazi. He can`t afford another controversy. We know he`s been hanging out with Chris Christie lately. Obviously the logical conclusion is to think maybe Chris Christie had something to do with the lipstick on his collar. I`m glad that he went ahead and nipped this in the bud right off at the top.

HAMMER: Wait a minute on Jessica Sanchez`s auntie. It was Chris Christie. All right, let`s jump on to another video that`s getting huge attention tonight. This is so great. The Russian daredevil. Look at this. Valery Rozov -- wow -- making this record breaking jump off of Mt. Everest, more than 23,000 feet, in a pretty wild-looking suit that apparently helps him pretty much fly through the air, Hyla. I mean this- this to me -- I`m looking at this, I would never do anything like it. One of the most incredible things I`ve ever seen.

HYLA: Absolutely. And Red Bull has been owning these extreme events lately, right? We saw a guy jump from outer space down to the planet. And now you have a guy who is breaking records four miles up off Mt. Everest, it`s -- forget the climb, it took four days just to get to the fort (ph) ...


HYLA: .. where he needed to go. Traveling at speeds of up to 125 miles an hour. This is insane, this is spectacular and I love watching this stuff.

HAMMER: And how much Red Bull do you need to drink to do that? All right, Hyla, thank you so much.

HYLA: Now you need to get ready for the moment that caused the entire stadium to go, aw It is soccer star David Beckham, look at him, he`s delighting his daughter. It`s a big kiss cam smooch. This is your moment of "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Time for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And tonight, hawk her up -- soccer star David Beckham just caught on the kiss cam at a Los Angeles King`s hockey game. Look at that. He`s with his adorable little girl Harper. I mean it`s just doesn`t get any cuter than that. Amazing. Dad showed to Harper that they were on camera and he played into that sweet kiss on his daughter`s cheek. Now, reports say fans in the stadium let out a collective aw when the moment was captured on the kiss camera. I mean imagine hearing that in the whole stadium, the entire back and brood was there the game, and even though David Beckham is retiring from soccer, I`m pretty sure he`s still eligible for Father of the Year trophy with a moment like that. I think he must be a frontrunner right about now.

Coming up next, on "Dr. Drew On Call", what`s next for Travis Alexander family. Well, they`ll try to make a deal with the prosecution and bring the Arias court drama to an end.