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Angelina Jolie Has Double Mastectomy; O.J. Simpson Tries for New Trial; Astronaut a Viral Hit with `Space Oddity` Video; Showbiz Justice Shockers; Whitney Gone Wrong

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: You saw tonight on HLN "AFTER DARK" our HLN jury debate life or death for Jodi. Now today`s "SHOWBIZ Justice Shocker," the man who told Jodi that Travis Alexander was dead not knowing that he was talking to Travis`s killer.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I said, "Jodi, I just have to let you know Travis is gone," and I had a hard time saying it. And she got really quiet and started -- sounded like she started to choke on her own tears.


HAMMER: Could this bone-chilling revelation be a game changer?

Plus, Angelina`s stunner. Angelina Jolie shares her emotional story about having a double mastectomy. We`ve got new details about Hollywood`s outpouring of support tonight.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello, and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Tonight Angelina`s stunning secret revealed. Angelina Jolie sent off shock waves today after writing an incredibly personal op-ed in today`s "New York Times" about her emotional decision to have a preventative double mastectomy.

Jolie revealed that she tested positive for the gene that raises her risk for breast and ovarian cancer. After seeing her mother die at a very young age, she wanted to take action. And tonight, people in Hollywood and beyond are applauding Angelina`s openness and bravery.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Angelina Jolie`s stunning revelation.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Stunning and courageous.

HAMMER (voice-over): Morning shows breathlessly reported Jolie`s shocking announcement in today`s "New York Times" that she recently had a preventative double mastectomy. In her op-ed, titled, "My Medical Choice," she writes, "I am writing about it now, because I hope that other women can benefit from my experience."

BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": My sister passed away from ovarian cancer, and I had my ovaries removed.

HAMMER: As we saw today on "The View," Jolie`s bravery is inspiring other women who are going through a similar struggle to share their stories.

ZORAIDA SAMBOLIN, HOST, CNN`S "EARLY START": You know, I`m facing a double mastectomy.

HAMMER: While reporting Jolie`s story this morning, Zoraida Sambolin, host of CNN`s morning show "EARLY START," revealed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner that she`s planning to have a double mastectomy. Unlike Jolie, Sambolin has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

SAMBOLIN: That was the toughest decision for me. So I`m really -- I`m really excited that she`s talking about it.

I`m so grateful to this woman.

HAMMER: Sambolin tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Jodi`s bravery inspired her to make today the day she shared her own personal struggle with viewers.

SAMBOLIN: Angelina Jolie`s announcement allowed me to talk, allowed me to have a voice in a way that would not have felt awkward. Because as I was thinking about it, how do you announce this? Oh, by the way, right? No. It just -- nothing seemed right.

I think she is so brave, that she has put something so personal out there, that she has shared details that, quite frankly, as I`m going through this I had no idea how I would share.

HAMMER: Jolie says her decision was influenced by the memory of her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, seen here in this tribute video. Bertrand died of ovarian cancer in 2007. She was only 56.

Jolie says she learned she carries the gene that sharply increases her risk of breast cancer and the cancer that took her mom, ovarian cancer. She says the thought of her six kids losing their own mother inspired her to act.

SAMBOLIN: I cannot imagine that there is a woman out there who has children, maybe even that -- who does not have children, who`s facing this that does not think about that. That does not think about whether it`s their family, whether it`s a niece, a nephew that they want to see grow up or whether it`s their own children.

HAMMER: Jolie writes in "The New York Times," "Once I knew that this was my reality, I decided to be proactive and to minimize the risk as much as I could." She adds, "I can tell my children that they don`t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer."

Jolie says she couldn`t have gone through it all without Brad Pitt`s support. She writes in "The New York Times," "We knew this was the right thing to doing for our family and that it would bring us closer, and it has."

And in the "Evening Standard," Brad also paid tribute to Angelina, writing, "Having witnessed this decision firsthand, I find Angie`s choice, as well as many others like her, absolutely heroic."

SAMBOLIN: And to think of the power of Angelina. Right? Who knows? Maybe there will be a fund now that will be available to women in a very similar circumstance like hers where this is a genetic issue that can now get the testing that they need. And so I`m delighted.


HAMMER: That is just so inspiring.

We are already seeing that superstar power in action with an overwhelming response to Angelina`s revelation from around the world. I want to bring in political analyst E.D. Hill, who is with me in New York. E.D. also had a double mastectomy in March of 2010 because of a family history of breast cancer.

It`s so great to have you here, E.D..


HAMMER: So Jolie`s revelation was really a shocker that we all woke up to this morning. From somebody who has been there, how is Angelina`s openness today really going to help all the other women who maybe are facing the same tough decision, or maybe didn`t even know that this gene test existed?

HILL: It was smart. She is smart. She understands the power that she has that many others don`t. We can talk about it, but when you take a look at Angelina Jolie, sort of the ultimate sex symbol, and you think this woman made a very difficult choice. It changed her body in a dramatic way, and she went through that anyway. I think that it helps, you know, many other people.

There`s two parts of this. One is, you know, that you want to not be powerless. You want to take charge of your life. Rather than letting doctors tell you when this will happen, when you`ll have to have something done.

But the other part of it is that fear that you won`t be quite the same woman, and I know that sounds really trite, but it`s true. And she has really tackled both of those things and come out looking amazing.

HAMMER: Smart is such a great way to put it. Her own mom died of ovarian cancer when she was 56 years old, and Angelina talked about losing her mom shortly after on "The Today Show." I want to watch that.


ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS: It`s a natural thing for a child to lose a parent. I lost my mom too young, but it happened and I`m happy she`s out of pain.


HAMMER: And in the "New York Times" today, Angelina said that one of the reasons she took on this radical procedure was because she wants to be around for her kids. Certainly understandable.

Let me bring in Allyn Rose now. Allyn is Miss District of Columbia 2012 and is set to undergo a preventative double mastectomy after her reign ends in June.

Great having you here as well, Allyn.


HAMMER: And you also have a family history of breast cancer, I know, having lost your mom at a young age. How do you think Angelina`s kids and how do you think her family feels about what`s happening with her right now?

ROSE: I think it`s an incredibly inspiring story. I mean, I know what it`s like to be 16 and to know that I`m going to have to live the rest of my life without my mom. And I wouldn`t wish that on, you know, my greatest enemy.

And for her to come out and be so empowered and to tell women that this is an option, you know. This is something that you can prolong your life. You can be around for your kids. That`s why I made this decision. I didn`t want to go through the same thing my mom did.

HAMMER: And really, what`s not surprising, I think, to anybody today is how fans have been reacting from around the world. Our Facebook page, the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page is full of words of support. I want to read a couple of things we saw.

Karen writing, "Very proud of you for sharing and your willingness to educate others while dealing with your own recovery. Thank you. You are amazing!"

From James, "I loved and respected Angelina before, and now even more. May God bless you for stepping forward with your story and helping so many women."

E.D., it`s almost the start of a movement here, saying, you know what? You`re not alone. Right? What`s your personal advice to people who might be facing similar circumstances?

HILL: I would love it if there were a way for her or some group to be able to turn this into a movement, as you said. To raise money for women who are unable to -- for the testing. Testing is expensive for BRCA gene. It`s about $3,000. Insurance frequently does not cover that. It would be great if there was a way for middle- and low-income women to be able to afford that.

Because that`s the first step: knowledge. That knowledge leads to the power in your hands instead of the doctor`s, instead of waiting for them to tell you what`s going to happen.

HAMMER: And Allyn, I have to imagine the overwhelming reaction to Angelina`s story is encouraging you as you prepare to undergo your own procedure?

ROSE: Absolutely. I mean, I received so much positive press when I came public in November, but I mean, I also received some negative press. Even people in the pageant community who I thought existed to build women like me up, who are advocating for a cause we care about.

It was really empowering to have someone of her caliber and respect, and you know, class and sophistication say, "I made this decision, too," and really legitimize it. You know, this isn`t just something that I`m doing. It`s a decision that, you know, hundreds, thousands of women have to make every year.

HAMMER: And look, at the end of the day, we`re all in it together.

ROSE: Right.

HAMMER: E.D., Allyn, thank you both so much for being with -- here and sharing your stories.

ROSE: Thank you.

HAMMER: Coming up later, we have Fran Drescher opening up about Angelina Jolie`s remarkable revelation.

And also tonight, as Jodi Arias waits for her sentence, the bombshells just don`t stop coming. We hear from the man that told Jodi that Travis Alexander was dead, not knowing that he was talking to Travis`s killer.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I said, "Hey, Jodi, I just have to let you know Travis is gone," and I had a hard time saying it. And she got really quiet, and started -- it sounded like she started to choke on her own tears.


HAMMER: The unbelievable account of Jodi`s reaction to the news that Travis was dead.

Plus, an un-beliebable heist? Bieber, getting ripped off by a gang that plotted an "Ocean`s 11"-type crime at one of his concerts. We`re counting down the top three "SHOWBIZ JUSTICE" stories making news right now. Will the Bieber concert hype take the top sport?




THOMAS RICCIO, HELPED O.J. DEMAND PROPERTY BACK: The plan actually worked. For the first minute or so, the people that were in the room were apologizing and giving the stuff back to O.J. until they pulled out guns on these guys, and it turned into an armed robbery.


HAMMER: That`s Tom Riccio. He`s the guy who arranged O.J. Simpson`s fateful meeting with the memorabilia dealers that landed O.J. in prison.

O.J. claimed they had some of his stolen property. But instead of getting his stuff back, well, he got a 33-year sentence for robbery and kidnapping.

And now the former football star is back in court fighting for his freedom. Right now it`s "SHOWBIZ Justice," and we`re asking tonight`s big question: should the Juice get looses?

O.J. Simpson could very well spend the rest of his life behind bars for that showdown in the Las Vegas hotel room six years ago. He`s not even eligible for parole until he`s 70 years old.

Well, today his battle for a new trial continues in court. Investigation Discovery correspondent Pat LaLama in L.A. tonight, and host of HLN`s "EVENING EXPRESS," Ryan Smith joining us from Atlanta.

So Tom Riccio, the guy behind O.J.`s fateful meeting, just dropped a major bombshell on O.J.`s new claims that his attorney gave him bad advice. Watch what Riccio just told HLN`s Jane Velez-Mitchell.


RICCIO: I wasn`t so much afraid of O.J. as I was of the stalker guy that was in the room trying to sell the stuff. But it turned out to be O.J. and his gang pulled out guns, turned it into an armed robbery.

And after the robbery, he called me, basically saying, "Tom, there were no guns. Don`t tell them there were no guns."

And I said, "O.J., what are you talking about? A guy pointed a gun at me inches from my face, and I saw a gun." And he wanted --- he basically wanted me to tell the cops there were no guns even though there was guns, and I think that`s what did him in. The guys with the guns actually cut a deal, and they admitted they had guns.

HAMMER: They admitted they had guns. That`s pretty damaging stuff right there. He claims that O.J. tried to make him say there were no guns present in that Vegas hotel room.

Pat, let me go to you with this first. With potential testimony like that, I mean, really, is there any chance that O.J. could get an acquittal in the second trial?

PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY CORRESPONDENT: Can I first say that, after covering the criminal case and the civil case, gavel to gavel, I can`t believe we`re sitting here talking about O.J. again. And with this cast of characters, you don`t know who to believe.

But I have to tell you, O.J. makes some compelling arguments. Particularly if he`s claiming that his attorney did not tell him there might be a plea bargain potential.

But it`s just one person`s word against the other. And I see this as an uphill battle. I mean, I`m not a lawyer. Ryan can probably speak to this better. I just don`t -- I don`t see this happening. I just don`t see him winning any kind of a new case.

HAMMER: Just a quick yes or no, Ryan. What do you think? Because as far as I`m concerned what does O.J. have to lose by at least going for it?

SMITH: Yes. And he`s like a lot of defendants out there, people who are in jail, saying, "I`ve got a lot of time on my hands. I`m going to say my case was wrong and say my lawyers did me wrong and try to get back in front of a judge."

It`s a hail Mary pass at best. I mean, this is a long shot. And basically, I think Pat has got a great point. If he can prove that his lawyer somehow didn`t tell him about a potential plea deal, that`s his strongest point. Everything else is a long shot. He`s got -- and the presumption is against the fact that his lawyer didn`t do right by him. So it`s an uphill battle. We`ll have to see what they say on the stand.

HAMMER: All right. But let me move on now to the Jodi Arias case, where a friend of Travis Alexander has just made a stunning revelation of his own. Dan Friedman (ph) actually thought that he was the guy to break the news to Jodi that Travis had been killed. And, of course, he had no idea that Jodi was the killer.

Watch what he told HLN`s Jane Velez-Mitchell.


DAN FRIEDMAN, FRIEND: From what I knew that I`d been told, it was just that he`d been shot and that he`s been stabbed multiple times and he was dead. And I called -- I asked if anyone had called Jodi yet. They said, "No, no one has. You should be the one to call her."

So I called her up, and she picked up. I said, "Hey, Jodi, I just have to let you know, Travis is gone." I had a hard time saying it.

And she got really quiet and started -- sounded like she started to choke on her own tears and started to cry. And -- but she didn`t have a lot to say, other than, "Really? He`s gone?" And I didn`t know what to say to her. And after a few minutes...


HAMMER: Just amazing. All right, Pat, you`ve been following Jodi from the very start. You know how devious she is. Is that description of the phone call with Jodi, described by that guy, perhaps a description of her best performance ever?

LALAMA: She`s always Oscar-worthy to me. I mean, it`s just another scene in her dramatic life.

I think the biggest Oscar-worthy scene is the one she`s playing right now on the suicide watch. I know she`s out of the psych ward, but, look, she`s brilliant in her manipulation. Just brilliant, every time she opens her mouth.

HAMMER: All right. Pat.

Ryan, thank you, too.

And of course, the Jodi Arias sentencing phase begins tomorrow. HLN carries it live. The coverage begins at noon eastern. HLN will have live continuous coverage of the aggravation phase of the Jodi Arias trial as the court takes the very first steps in, of course, deciding Jodi`s fate.

As we move on tonight, Hollywood supports Angelina. Tonight, as Angelina Jolie shares her very emotional story about having a double mastectomy, stars who have been there are sharing their experience and showing their support.

One of our favorite actresses and advocates, Fran Drescher, is right here for tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview. You do not want to miss her powerful message for Angelina and women everywhere.

Plus, did you see this? The real, life rocket man who could give Elton John a run for his money.


CHRIS HATFIELD, ASTRONAUT (singing): This is ground control to Major Tom. You`ve really made the grade.


HAMMER: Isn`t that cool?




HATFIELD (singing): Here am I sitting in a tin can, far above the world. Planet earth is blue, and there`s nothing I can do.


HAMMER: OK. So YouTube videos are often self-indulging tributes showcasing someone`s talent -- or lack thereof. And then there`s astronaut Chris Hatfield. Did you see this?

As commander of the International Space Station, Colonel Hatfield is already a rock star by the nature of his job. But now he`s a bona fide intergalactic superstar after rocking out in the first music video ever shot in space. Those aren`t special effects there.

Colonel Hatfield is singing, naturally, David Bowie`s "Space Oddity." Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HATFIELD (singing): Ground control to Major Tom...

JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): He will forever be known as the singing astronaut. As he orbited the earth, then-International Space Station commander Chris Hatfield sang a version of David Bowie`s 1969 hit "Space Oddity"...

HATFIELD: This is Major Tom to ground control...

MOOS: ... that has folks on Earth over the moon.

HATFIELD: This is ground control to Major Tom...

MOOS: That`s really his voice and guitar playing, recorded up there, with more music mixed by producers on the ground. Chris`s son described it as...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Unbelievably fun to do. It took six months.

MOOS: Such a hit, even another commander responded in cyber space. William Shatner joked, "I have two words for him: Show off."

(on camera): You know who else tweeted about the song? David Bowie himself.

(voice-over): "Chris Hatfield sings `Space Oddity` in space. `Hallo, Spaceboy,`" which is the name of another Bowie song.

This was the Canadian astronaut`s grand finale before heading home after five months in space.

HATFIELD: Though I`ve flown 100,000 miles...

MOOS: Even before he covered Bowie, Chris was winning fans, demonstrating how astronauts use a barf bag, how they brush their teeth with no running water.

HATFIELD (speaking): What I do is I just swallow the toothpaste.

MOOS: He did a sing-along with hundreds of school kids back on earth.

In an effort to demonstrate not just the science of space, but...

HATFIELD: The humanity of it.

MOOS: ... he even poured water in his eye to show what happens when astronauts cry.

HATFIELD: You just end up with a bigger -- a bigger ball of water.

MOOS: In between tweeting out pictures of Earth, Chris recorded the Bowie song.

(on camera): The astronaut took some minor liberties with the lyrics, tweaking them to fit the current mission.

(voice-over): His one major change from Bowie`s version...

DAVID BOWIE, MUSICIAN (singing): Your circuits dead; there`s something wrong.

MOOS: Gone is the part Bowie sang about a major malfunction.

HATFIELD (singing): Here am I floating in my tin can...

MOOS: There`s something so touching about it. And if ground control makes you lose control, at least you`ll shed a tear and not a water ball.


HAMMER: Fantastic. That`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Colonel Hatfield, by the way, posted this on his Facebook page just today: "Safely home, back on earth, happily readapting to the heavy pull of gravity. Wonderful to smell and feel spring."

Welcome home.

Well, a little closer to Earth, one singer got slightly less love than Colonel Hatfield, singing Whitney Houston`s hit, "I Will Always Love You." This was on a flight from L.A. to New York.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): I will always love you.


HAMMER: Houston, we have a problem.

Also ahead, Hollywood`s outpouring for Angelina. As Angelina Jolie shares her emotional story about having a double mastectomy. Stars who have been sharing their experience and showing their support are right here tonight. One of our favorite actresses and advocates, Fran Drescher for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interviews.



HAMMER: Right now, Angelina`s breast cancer shocker. As Angelina Jolie shares her emotional story about having a preventative double mastectomy, stars who have been there share their experience and show support for Angelina tonight.

And un-beliebable heist? Justin Bieber just ripped off by a gang that plotted an "Ocean`s 11" type crime at one of his concerts.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top three "SHOWBIZ Justice" stories that are making news right now.

Inside the mind of Jodi Arias`s victim. The actor playing Travis Alexander in Lifetime`s TV movie sounds off on Jodi`s allure and mystery.


JESSE LEE SOFFER, ACTOR: How is this woman who is seemingly sweet, soft- spoken, pretty, all of those things, how is she capable of doing what she did? And that`s what keeps America going, I`ve got to know what happens.


HAMMER: But which SHOWBIZ justice shocker will top the countdown.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT countdown, we`ve got today`s top three show business justice shockers.

Now you have seen all the twists and turns of the Jodi Arias case planned out right here on HLN, and just like last week we saw an Arizona jury, of course, find Arias guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of her ex- boyfriend Travis Alexander. Well, next they decide if she lives or dies.

That`s number three on our SHOWBIZ justice countdown tonight. Jodi`s fate once again in the hands of the jury. The aggravation phase of sentencing starts tomorrow. The jury deciding if Arias was cruel in the killing of Travis Alexander. For her part Arias is no longer on suicide watch. She was being monitored since her conviction after she said she`d rather die than spend her life in prison.

As Arias waits to learn her fate, the story of how her relationship with Travis Alexander started is getting movie treatment. And now SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you on location of the set of the upcoming Lifetime movie, "Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producer Mara Raphael spoke with soap star Jesse Lee Soffer. He`s playing Travis in the movie and they spoke about him getting inside the mind of Travis Alexander.


SOFFER: There`s enough out there about who he was and about his beliefs that it was easy to realize how conflicted he must have been in this relationship with this woman, and how it went against all of his beliefs, and how that really just makes him a normal guy. You know? Who`s kind of in a relationship that he knows isn`t going to be forever, but cares about her anyway, and doesn`t know how to get out.

MARA RAPHAEL, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT PRODUCER: So one thing that`s so fascinating about this case to people is that people say they can recognize someone like Jodi Arias. They knew a girl like that. They knew a girl who maybe you`re breaking up with, but you know what, you can`t say no, or, you know, maybe you kind of like having her around even though you know it`s not for keeps.

I mean, do you think that`s true?

SOFFER: I don`t know many people that say, I know someone just like that, but I think what attracts people to the case so much is that -- is that -- she does seem so sweet and is also obsessive at the same time and all that stuff and kind of makes us go, how is this woman who is seemingly sweet, soft spoken, pretty, all those things, how is she capable of doing what she did? And that`s what keeps America going, I`ve got to know what happens.

RAPHAEL: So now the claim is that she killed him in self-defense. Do you buy that?

SOFFER: No, no. There`s no way on God`s green earth that this was in self-defense. She might have herself convinced of that, in her twisted psyche, which is what we`re seeing, which makes some people go, oh, I wonder if she is telling the truth? But it`s not -- to me, it`s not possible.


HAMMER: To you and so many people. Well, "Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story" is going to air on Lifetime next month. The Jodi Arias sentencing phase, of course, begins tomorrow. HLN is going to carry it live. The coverage begins at noon Eastern. HLN with your live, continuous coverage of the aggravation phase of the Jodi Arias trial as the court takes the first steps in deciding Jodi`s fate.

From Jodi Arias` fate to a famous feud coming in at number two on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT countdown. It is L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant battling his own parents over their plans to sell some of Kobe`s basketball memorabilia at an auction house. Now Kobe says his parents never asked for permission. His parents, Pamela and Joe Bryant say that`s not true and they just filed statements in a New Jersey federal court claiming Kobe actually lied.

Their feud has gotten so bad that Kobe, who`s actually tweeting about it, is saying, "When you give, give, give, and they take, take, take, at what point do you draw a line in the sand?"

With me now from Hollywood, Pat Lalama, a correspondent for Investigation Discovery, from Atlanta, Ryan Smith, host, of course, of "Evening Express" right here on HLN.

So you have Kobe`s mother, wanting to use this advance that she received from the New Jersey auction house that`s selling the stuff to buy a house in Nevada and she says neither Kobe nor Vanessa ever demanded any of items back.

Ryan, to you first. Team Mom or Team Kobe here for you?

RYAN SMITH, HOST, "EVENING EXPRESS" ON HLN: I`m all over Team Kobe. You know what, every kid leaves some stuff in his momma`s house. We just leave it there, we expect it`s going to be fine. And you know what, even beyond that, even beyond that, he -- if he -- even if he gave it to them, does he think that they`re going to turn around and sell it? I mean, that is such a stretch.

So to me, my guess is, I really do think so. He gave it to them. Hey, take it. And now it`s being sold for money? I don`t buy that, but bottom line is, I got stuff in my parents` home, they`re not saying anything to me about it, and they would never sell it.

HAMMER: I`d like to see some of that stuff, Ryan.


Yes, and look, the truth is, we don`t know what arrangement that they had. There are different claims flying around. And I need to point out, Kobe`s relationship with his parents has been strained for a long time. All the way back since he first married Vanessa back in 2001 and that was reportedly because his parents were upset that he didn`t have her sign a prenup, which kind of flies in the face of all this. But Kobe`s own -- own grandmother is actually supporting Kobe`s mom in the battle.

Pat, are you like me and getting the feeling more and more that this is much more than just a fight over Kobe`s basketball mementos?

LALAMA: Parental greed or bad seed? Which is it? You know, I have to admit, I am programmed not to like anything about Kobe Bryant. There I said it. However, you`re going to ask me to try to figure out when there`s a domestic battle going on with parents and children? There`s always 10 sides to the story. We don`t really know.

I do think it`s tense and it started a long time ago and he`s making it about this memorabilia. He`s got so much money. Who cares? Really? Honestly.

Ryan, you say you expect your stuff to stay there? I don`t know. I mean, is it really such a big deal if they want to sell this stuff? Honestly?


SMITH: Pat, would you sell your children`s stuff? I don`t know any parent that would, especially trying to make money off of it. Doesn`t like a way to resolve a family conflict.

LALAMA: No, I agree, I agree. But at the same time, it just seems like life is too short for this problem between them to be so magnanimous.

HAMMER: It is strange.


HAMMER: It`s also strange that it`s such big news but there`s such interest in the story.

Let me move on to another story with great interest.


HAMMER: It`s number one on our SHOWBIZ justice countdown. Justin Bieber`s concert heist. So just as the Biebs took the stage at an arena in Johannesburg, South Africa, a couple of criminals took the cash that Bieber`s concert took in and made a run for it. Look at this. It`s pretty amazing. It played out kind of like a movie plot. The thieves chiseled a tunnel into the safe room at the stadium. They used ropes to lower themselves down. They made off with about 330,000 bucks.

Now Bieber inserted himself in the story by tweeting, "It wasn`t me."

Ryan, I get the impression he was joking in a Bart Simpson-like way. But do you really think that anyone would have thought Bieber was behind this?

SMITH: Well, I feel like everybody is blaming Justin Bieber for everything these days. He`s a nice kid. He just -- he`s living his life and every single time he turns around, somebody is in his face. Paparazzi trying to come on to him. He just seems to hit so much criticism now. He`s like, look, it wasn`t me. Step off of this.

LALAMA: Well, Ryan --

SMITH: Just trying to make a joke. I love this kid.

LALAMA: Ryan, I kind of think he wants a little bit of a bad boy image now.

HAMMER: You think?

LALAMA: A little dirt on his face.


HAMMER: As far as I`m concerned --

LALAMA: I don`t think he did it.

HAMMER: As far as I`m concerned, guys, if you can`t take care of your monkey, who really knows what`s going on?


Pat Lalama, Ryan Smith, thank you both.

LALAMA: There you go.

SMITH: All right.

HAMMER: Let`s move on right now tonight as Hollywood supports Angelina. This is such a great story tonight as Angelina Jolie shares her emotional story about having a double mastectomy. Stars are supporting and applauding the Oscar winner including the great Fran Drescher. You don`t want to miss Fran`s powerful message for Angelina and women everywhere.

Also ahead, a high-flying fail.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Will always love you.


HAMMER: Ouch. We`ll find out what happens after this passenger belts out Whitney Houston`s hit "I Will Always Love You" over and over again on a flight from L.A. to New York. Did the airline overreact?

Plus wait until you see what we name as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness.




SHARON OSBOURNE, CO-HOST, "THE TALK": So for Angelina to come out and do this, she is so brave and is going to help so many women, and I think it makes her sexier than ever.


HAMMER: Yes, that`s a nice way to put it. Sharon Osbourne of course there, one of many in Hollywood tonight joining in on an outpouring of support for Angelina Jolie.

Stars are also praising Angelina Jolie on Twitter for her brave choice to open up in the "New York Times" today about having a preventative double mastectomy. I want to read a couple to you. One from Kristen Bell, who touts, "An admirable op-ed by Angelina Jolie." Giuliana Rancic tweeting, "Proud of her for using her incredible platform to educate women." Nia Vardalos called for, "A moment of quiet respect for Angelina Jolie`s candor and all women`s bravery in facing this choice." Marlee Matlin, my friend, tweeting, "Jolie is brave, honest, strong."

And Angelina`s stunning revelation in today`s "New York Times" that she had both of her breasts removed in February to reduce her risk of cancer is sparking a lot of tough conversations today.

So why go public with such a private battle? With me from Hollywood tonight, someone who has gone through a similar struggle, actress and cancer survivor, Fran Drescher. She had a radical hysterectomy in her battle against cancer and went on to become the found and hit of a terrific organization, Cancer Schmancer, which is a bipartisan movement.

It`s always terrific to the see you, Fran.


HAMMER: So you did take a radical approach. You made the tough decision to share your struggle publicly. Why do you think the reaction today to Angelina Jolie has just been so overwhelming?

DRESCHER: Well, it`s -- you know, I mean, listen, she`s like a warrior goddess. I have always been a huge fan of hers and we kind of forged an alliance back when her mom passed away from ovarian cancer, and I think that, you know, the thing that I want to comment on and my prayers are for her, and I think that there`s no right or wrong. Every woman has to do what feels right to them, but I want to just put a little bit of a spotlight on the fact that only 5 percent of cancers that we get are genetic, and then 95 percent of them are stimulated by environmental influences.

So whether or not you decide to get a bilateral mastectomy, which is what she chose to do, to diminish her risk of getting cancer that would be spurred by a mutated BRCA gene, does not preclude her from getting cancer.

HAMMER: Right.

DRESCHER: That might be spurred by environmental influences, and because of that, the Cancer Schmancer movement has a program called "Detox Your Home." And what we`re trying to do is get the conversation going in America to detox your home, because over 90 percent of cancer is environmental, and the most toxic place we spend the most time in is our home, and ironically, the place that we have most control over.

So through education and being proactive, we feel that consumers, homemakers, families, can reduce their risk of cancer effectively by making healthier choices in what they put in their mouth, on their skin, the largest organ in the body. What are you cleaning with and what are you gardening with?

Just start with that. You don`t have to throw anything out, if you paid hard-earned money for it, but as you begin to replace it, become educated on what is out there that is carcinogen-free. If it`s healthy for you, it`s usually healthy for the planet, and as we are one big, living organism, we have to start thinking that way.


DRESCHER: Because the president --

HAMMER: It -- go ahead.

DRESCHER: The president`s cancer panel report in 2010 basically corroborated everything that I just said which is that cancer is not going to go away. And as long as we continue to inundate our immune systems with a level of toxicity that makes it difficult for the immune system to operate at an optimum. So we`re trying to turn that paradigm around. Educate the public, and through the power of consumerism, dictate the manufacturing trends for the 21st century.


DRESCHER: So we can go to the market and choose things that we know are not going to be harmful to ourselves or our families.

HAMMER: It`s all so important, Fran, and I know you heard from women around the world when you revealed your own battle. Tell me quickly, how big of an impact does it have to have someone like Angelina sharing her story?

DRESCHER: You know, it`s all over the airwaves. It`s the topic of conversation of the day, and probably for weeks to come. When you are a celebrity, you get the spotlight put on you, and I feel like I got famous, I got cancer, and I lived to talk about it, and that has become my life`s mission, and I think that Angelina is a very courageous woman, also.

HAMMER: Fran, thank you so much, and people can find out, again, more about Fran`s amazing organization at

We move now to an amazing story of its own about how Whitney Houston`s legendary high notes actually forced the emergency landing of a transcontinental flight.

You`re going to find out why one passenger wasn`t feeling the love after belting out "I Will Always Love You" over and over again on a flight from New York to L.A., but did the airline overreact by diverting the plane? Plus wait until you see what we named as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness.



HAMMER: It is time now for SHOWBIZ quick hits. This is where we take on the day`s buzziest stories at lightning fast feed and tonight we are getting this quick, it`s party started with the Whitney Houston wannabe who actually calls a plane to make an emergency landing. So this woman wouldn`t stop singing Whitney`s classic anthem "I Will Always Love You." Instead of applause, she got cuffed. Look at this.

Sounds like a sheep in pain. Doesn`t it? She did get an escort. Not the kind of wannabe star is looking for necessarily. She`s not getting any love from those air marshals there. That plane ended up in Kansas so they could take the woman off.

David Begnaud, host of the red-hot social media show "NewsBreaker with David Begnaud." He joins me from Hollywood tonight. And I actually love the story, David.


HAMMER: That woman on a flight from L.A. or to L.A. from New York, she seemed to be harboring, I don`t know, maybe dreams of stardom there? But some reports are now saying that she claims to be diabetic. That`s why she was acting all matter of crazy. So my question is --

BEGNAUD: A.J., come on.

HAMMER: Do you think that this woman, if she could really sing like Whitney Houston she would have been booted off that plane? Now here comes the 30-second quick hits clock. Hit it.

BEGNAUD: Heck no. If she could sing, people would love it. Look, I would start rolling. How often would it be on a flight from L.A. to New York. If you had some chick who could actually sing and sing really women and you start recording it, right? I think it`s fantastic.

Who declares an emergency landing for a lady singing a Whitney Houston song? I think it`s ridiculous. This poor woman, if it was diabetic or not, by the way, it seemed like a great excuse. But if it was truly a diabetic emergency, an emergency landing? Come on. Her voice was terrible. I think it`s fantastic. I love the video and she`s a superstar now. Yes, that`s about how bad it sounded.

HAMMER: Yes. There you go. In under the buzzer. Hey, and make sure your tray table is in the upright and locked position.

Let`s get right to our second buzz maker story today.


HAMMER: I just went one-on-one with the legendary Barbara Walters right after the moment when she confirmed her plans to retire from "The View" next year and from television. There`s a lot of buzz tonight around the planet as to who might take her spot once she leaves. Take a look what she told me.


HAMMER: Obviously a lot of changes are going to be happening here at "The View." We have Joy leaving at the end of the season and your seat will be vacated. Will somebody actually be taking over? Not your role necessarily but sitting in the seat vacated by you?

BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Well, I deliberately chose not to moderate this program, which was my creation with Bill Getty. So I don`t have to be replaced. Now there are times when I wish I were the moderator, you know, but I think it was the right decision. So when I leave, the program will continue.

HAMMER: And I know you`re not going to give me any names. I know you well enough to do that. But do you have a short list in your mind of people that you`re thinking of for Joy`s seat or perhaps an extra role on the show?

WALTERS: You are always right. I will not give you any names.


HAMMER: Short list in your mind, though? People you`re thinking about?

WALTERS: No. We`re talking to different people and we haven`t really narrowed it down.


HAMMER: OK. Yes, she wasn`t going to tell me anything. I knew that going in. Barbara not revealing who may be one of the next faces on "The View." But some people have been saying they think it should be a man, baby.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did just ask in a brand new poll, is it time for a man to take the seat at "The View." Look at this, 67 percent of you said, no way.

David, 30 seconds to tell me, do you think it is perhaps time for a man`s perspective on "The View"?

BEGNAUD: As my 8-year-old godchild would say, hell to the no. That is not a show that needs a guy. Look, that is the show that works with the ladies. They need to keep the ladies.

A.J., I don`t think you need to have any guys. Bill Getty is involved in it and what Bill Getty knows is that that show works because you have ladies of different ages sitting up there talking about things that would make other people laugh or cringe or yell or scream. It`s a ladies` show, unless, A.J., we turn SHOWBIZ TONIGHT into a guy show.

What do you think about that?

HAMMER: Well, at the moment, that`s what`s happening here. And look the premise of "The View" always was different viewpoints of different women.

David, thank you for your take on that.

BEGNAUD: That`s it.

HAMMER: I appreciate it.

BEGNAUD: Yes, sir.

HAMMER: Well, as Barbara moves on, here`s a message for billionaire Richard Branson. Don`t quit your day job, OK? You`ve got to find out why Richard actually traded his corner office as the head of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America, an airline, to dress up and drag as you`re seeing and work as a flight attendant.

It is SHOWBIZ awesomeness and it is awesome,

Coming up next, this is SBT. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ON HLN.


HAMMER: It is time for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness where we name the most awesome moment of the day.

Tonight billionaire Richard Branson proves a deal is deal. The head of the Virgin Group which includes Virgin Airlines, at offense with fellow airline mogul Tony Fernandez. Richard boasted that his Formula 1 racing team would beat Tony`s team. Well, Richard lost, and this is his payback. He had to dress up as a female flight attendant and work on Tony`s airline o a flight from Australia, you know, Malaysia. As you can see Branson had a -- to fulfill all of the duties of a flight attendant on the five-hour flight. I got to say this dude, this dude makes one ugly lady. Passengers paid a special $400 fee to hop on this flight. Some of the proceeds will go to charity.

Next on "DR. DREW ON CALL", Dr. Drew`s report card back. Drew rates Jodi Arias in her first post-verdict interview.

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