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Is Jodi`s Defense Team on the Ropes?; Reese Witherspoon Cancels Interviews Post-Arrest; Movie Tells Story of Kidnapping Gone Wrong; Countdown of Top 3 Headline-Making Newsmakers

Aired April 23, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Well, we saw on "HLN AFTER DARK" that "Bold Accusation," Jodi Arias ditched the knife. And tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "SHOWBIZ Justice," the top three celebrity justice dramas of the day. Is Jodi`s defense on the ropes?

Plus, the sorority sister behind the F-bomb-laced letter becomes a viral sensation yet again as her fiery words are brought to life by actor Michael Shannon.


MICHAEL SHANNON, ACTOR: "If you just opened this, like I told you to, tie yourself down to whatever chair you`re sitting in, because this e-mail is going to be a rough (EXPLETIVE DELETED) ride.

"For those of you who are offended at this e-mail, I apologize, but I really don`t give a (EXPLETIVE DELETED). Go (EXPLETIVE DELETED) yourself."


HAMMER: You got that? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching.

And now that "HLN AFTER DARK" has rendered its verdict on tonight`s "Bold Accusation" in the Jodi Arias murder trial, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT stays up after dark with this "SHOWBIZ Countdown." It`s today`s top three "Justice Shockers," including Jodi Arias crying in court today as the prosecution played more video of her and her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, who of course she is accused of murdering, shooting and stabbing him dozens of times.

With us tonight from Hollywood, Judge Alex Ferrer, host, of course, of the hit syndicated show "Judge Alex." Entertainment journalist Tony Potts is also joining us from Hollywood tonight.

And gentlemen, let`s kick off the countdown with our No. 3 shocker: is Jodi`s defense team on the ropes? Well, prosecutors have put an expert witness on the stand, seen live during HLN`s daily coverage, who really seems to take the steam out of Jodi`s claim that she killed Travis Alexander because he repeatedly abused her. Let`s watch.


JANEEN DEMARTE, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: She does not have battered woman`s syndrome.

JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTOR: Why doesn`t she meet that criteria?

DEMARTE: We talked about the three related to PTSD: the tendency to re-experience the trauma, the tendency to avoid indications of trauma. If there was any kind of avoidance, for example, we wouldn`t see any writing in the journals, going to the memorial, going to his house after the memorial, indications like that.


HAMMER: Wow. She just took that all down. So much for Jodi`s battered woman`s defense.

So after now having their case shredded, Jodi`s attorney now want to call another witness, even though they`ve rested their case, and they want the jury to be able to consider a lesser charge. Judge Alex, what do you think at this point? Does Jodi`s defense seem on the ropes to you?

ALEX FERRER, HOST, "JUDGE ALEX": Well, A.J., frankly, I`ve always thought that this case was not so much about guilt or innocence as it was about trying to save her life and avoid the death penalty. Them asking for a lesser penalty, a lesser crime to be convicted of, that`s just standard fare. In most cases the defense will go for the lesser and try to get the jury to settle for something less than what they think the client is going to be convicted of.

But at the end of the day she had a -- I think not a good showing, when she was on the stand for so many days, she was -- her inconsistencies surfaced over and over again. And now her strongest point, her defense, that battered spouse, if you will, syndrome is getting picked apart. I think it`s still in the same mode. They`re trying to save her life, and they`re hoping that a jury is not going to send her to the death chamber.

HAMMER: Tony, I know you`ve been sitting on the sidelines paying attention to this trial as it plays out. Not looking good for Jodi here, is it?

TONY POTTS, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: No, but if they`re trying to go to manslaughter by sudden quarrel, which is what they brought up, or by heated passion, if they -- if they can move people in that direction, what that could possibly do down the road is she`ll just get a couple of years here and there for that, and that seems to me to be the way they`re going now, after the testimony we heard from the prosecution`s expert.

So it will be interesting to see if they can do that. But by the way, I mean, asking for a new witness is not that unusual.

HAMMER: The drama will continue to surprise us each and every day as this trial continues. But our countdown of today`s brand-new "Justice Shockers" now continues with No. 2, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT bringing this brand-new video released today of Reese Witherspoon. Yes, that is Reese being handcuffed outside an Atlanta police station, the very first time we`ve seen this since Reese was arrested for mouthing off to a cop who was arresting her husband for suspected DUI.

Reese has just canceled all of her scheduled interviews. She was supposed to be promoting her new movie. She canceled one with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Earlier today I was hanging with Donald Trump, and he told me he thought cancelling the interviews was a bad move on Reese`s part. Watch.


DONALD TRUMP, REAL ESTATE MOGUL: I think she did the wrong thing by cancelling because it becomes a bigger subject. You know, the cancelation is sometimes bigger than doing the show. I`ve had many that I wanted to cancel, and I do them and, you know, you go on and you go off and that`s the end of it.

Now the big story is, you know, she canceled a show. So I actually think that she probably should have done the shows. I like her a lot. I think she`s terrific. It`s just a blip. And probably her movie now will do better.


HAMMER: Yes. Now see, Tony, I agree that this whole thing for Reese is just a blip. But I get why she canceled the interviews. Because everybody would have talked about it, and it would simply have perpetuated the story by having her on tape talking about it, wouldn`t you think?

POTTS: No, I agree with you. I think Donald is a bit off on this one. Because I think she was smart to come out ahead of the news to a certain extent and give the statement, so all the other tabloids could go crazy with it. That`s really smart. Unlike something that, you know, Tiger did not do that with his, get ahead of the story. That was very smart.

But canceling, I think, Jimmy Fallon, cancelling him, he`s one of the softball kind of interviewers out there. It`s not like you have Dave going up against Lindsay Lohan, like we saw a couple weeks ago.

So I think there`s some merit in canceling. I know on the red carpet, for her movie, "Mud," she did -- they did pictures, but she did not do interviews.

HAMMER: Right.

POTTS: I agree with that, because you can`t control the environment in which those will be used. But Fallon and "GMA," I think you should have gone on those.

HAMMER: Yes, although, you know, Fallon would have gone there in his own humorous way, of course.


HAMMER: But still, we`d be playing all of that today and, like I said, perpetuating the story. I was happy with her apology. I think she`s ready to move on now.

But this takes us to No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of "Justice Shockers." And our guest, Judge Alex, knows this story all too well, the real-life kidnapping and murder case that inspired Mark Wahlberg`s new movie "Pain and Gain."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at the star-studded premiere last night in Hollywood of the movie. Now, in the flick Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson play these dimwitted bodybuilders who hatch a kidnapping plot.


DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON, PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER/ACTOR: You just can`t kidnap a guy and take his things. That`s so illegal.


Victor Kershaw is a criminal (EXPLETIVE DELETED) who deserves bad stuff to happen to him.

JOHNSON: We go through with this, nobody gets hurt. Right?

WAHLBERG: No, man. We snag this. We grab him. Sign a few signatures. We give him a protein shake. We don`t even know what happened.

I`ve watched a lot of movies, Paul. I know what I`m doing.


HAMMER: All right. So in this movie Mark Wahlberg plays Daniel Lugo. He`s the real-life mastermind of a real-life kidnapping plot. It ended in a 1998 death penalty trial.

Judge Alex presided over that trial. Judge Alex, I know you saw the film last night. I`ve got to know, back when you presided over the trial, did you ever in your wildest dreams think this case would actually be turned into a movie, no less starring Mark Wahlberg?

FERRER: Well, I wouldn`t have known who would star in it, but I`ll tell you almost from the beginning I thought someday somebody is making a movie out of this case. It just had everything. It was a fascinating case. It had violence. It had sex. It had dark humor. I mean very dark humor, but you know, they criticized the movie sometimes for being a comedy. It really had a lot of humor. I mean, I`m telling you the lawyers, we would get together at sidebar discussing things, and sometimes we would just all laugh behind the bench, scratching our head about something really idiotic that the defendants did.

It -- they were like the bumbling criminal version of the Keystone Kops. And yet, at one point they almost actually got away with it, so I thought from the get-go this is going to be in Hollywood someday.

HAMMER: Not everybody, as you know, was thrilled that this movie got made. Mark Schiller is the kidnapped businessman who, in real life, actually escaped from this so-called Sonjin (ph) Gang. He is furious that this was made into an action comedy. He told Huff Post Live that there`s nothing funny about what the gang did to him. Let`s look at that.


MARK SCHILLER, KIDNAPPING VICTIM (via phone): I was held in the warehouse. I was tortured for a month. I was significantly tortured. Taser burns, beatings, guns to the head, Russian roulette. You know, there is a whole list of things, and then obviously at the end they tried to kill me.

The way they told it, they made it look like a comedy. You`ve also got to remember that not only did I went through this but certain people were killed also. So well, Mickey and these guys look like nice guys and everything and it`s atrocious.


HAMMER: And Judge Alex, you know, hearing you say a moment ago it made perfect sense that this was made into a movie. It`s also understandable why people involved in the actual case were upset it was made into an action comedy. Does it bother you at all?

FERRER: Absolutely. It doesn`t bother me because I understand Hollywood is about entertainment. When you see a movie like "Goodfellas" where they take mobsters and make them likeable, mobsters are not, like, cuddly guys you want to go have drinks with. They kill you. And "Goodfellas" was actually based on a true story and yet, you kind of, you know, fell for some of the characters in there. I understand it`s entertainment. That I get.

Marcellus Schiller, absolutely, what that man went through -- to tell you how much of a supporter I was of his suffering, he subsequently was charged with a crime by the feds for -- I think it was Medicare fraud. I was subpoenaed and I went, actually, as a witness on his behalf to testify about all of the suffering that he went through in federal court.

HAMMER: Well, thank you for your very uniquely qualified review. Judge Alex, always great having you here.

FERRER: Thanks.

HAMMER: All right. And we move on now to Sharon Osborne`s Ozzy confession, Ozzy revealing his drug relapse in a passionate public apology last week. And now it`s Sharon`s turn to speak out about her split from Ozzy and her private pain.


SHARON OSBOURNE, CO-HOST, "THE TALK": I never knew that he was using prescription drugs. I knew he was drinking occasionally, but I didn`t realize, you know, to the extent.


HAMMER: It`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the top three "SHOWBIZ News Makers" of the day. Another news maker on the countdown, you have to see this, Snoop Lion`s puff puff past live and on camera on Huff Post TV. The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg actually sparked up during a live interview while dropping a bit of freestyle.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have 18 minutes to zero barrier.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know we`re going to die, right? Might as well do it saving the world.


HAMMER: Well, this may be a real sign of Armageddon. Today the man who directed the over-the-top film "Armageddon" back in 1998 is actually now apologizing for making that hit movie. Huh? We`re going to get to that "Armageddon" apology in just a moment. You`ve got to hear what he has to say.

But now it is time for "SHOWBIZ Quick Hits." This is where we fire through today`s hot topics with lightning speed.

First up, the Kimye reunion ruckus. Kanye West`s happy reunion with his buddy, Jay-Z, has everybody buzzing. I mean, look how happy they are to see each other. Well, this is the same day that Kanye and his pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, are seen together for the first time in weeks. And let`s just say their chemistry -- look at that -- not even close to the sparks that Kanye and Jay-Z showed each other. What`s up with that?

Well, right now from Hollywood, entertainment journalist Tony Potts is here. So is Lenay Dunn, who is the host of MTV`s popular countdown show, "Ten on Top," in New York.

And Kanye and Kim, guys, have reportedly just spent only 26 days together out of the last 111 days, and the last time they were together was back on April 4 in Paris.

Lenay, I start with you. Look at these reunion picks. Do they give you a sense that maybe, just maybe there is trouble in paradise? You`ve got 30 seconds.

LENAY DUNN, HOST, MTV`S "TEN ON TOP": You know, I think if there is, I don`t think they`re going to, like, tell that to the paparazzi on the first day together.

And I also think boys don`t like shopping. I think if he was doing anything other at moment he would be, like, not wanting to be shopping. So that could be something.

And I`m sure paparazzi aren`t exactly very quiet when they`re with him, and they`d be like, "Hey, are you guys OK? Are you guys happy?" So that also would make him look not very happy.

Versus let`s flashback to when he sees Jay-Z. He`s like, oh, friends, like a breath of fresh air. There`s no drama between us they can ask us about. So I`m really happy to see you. And that`s why I think there`s a contrast in photos.

HAMMER: All right. And let me demonstrate for everybody and Tony probably agrees...

DUNN: That was hard.

HAMMER: This is the face of somebody seeing their best friend. This is the face of somebody being dragged around shopping. OK.

POTTS: That`s true.

HAMMER: We move from the Kimye reunion ruckus to total "Armageddon." This is amazing to me.

Director Michael Bay, the man who has brought us so many hit movies, including the 1998 blockbuster "Armageddon," he`s now apologizing for making "Armageddon."

Let me read what he tells the "Miami Herald": "I will apologize for `Armageddon,` because we had to do the whole movie in 16 weeks. It was a massive undertaking that was not fair to the movie. I would redo the entire third act if I could, but the studio literally took the move away from us. It was terrible. My visual effects supervisor had a nervous breakdown, so I had to be in charge of that. But the movie did fine."

Yes, Mike, the movie did fine. More than 553 million bucks worldwide.

The funny thing is people have been tweeting about his apology, basically saying, of all of the movies that Bay should apologize for, "Armageddon" not one of them, Tony. Should he be apologizing for "Armageddon now"? You`ve got 30 seconds.

POTTS: Well, he`s very outspoken, Michael Bay, and I like the fact that he is apologizing. I also like the fact that he sends back my $9.50 that I spent on that movie, but I don`t think that`s going to happen.

But I like it when directors are very honest. And -- because movie goers like that. And, yes, the whole third act was an absolute mess, but he also realized that -- you know, he called James Cameron and said, "Look, what do I do when I do the special effects myself?" Well, you can tell that he`s done them all himself.

But yes. Send me back 9.50, a bucket of popcorn, and I`m happy with the apology. Well done.

HAMMER: Well done. And right in under the buzzer.

By the way, there are a lot of Aerosmith fans who have said Aerosmith should be apologizing for the theme song that they did, "I Don`t Want to Miss a Thing," for "Armageddon."


HAMMER: We go now from Michael Bay`s regrets to Ellen DeGeneres`s scare tactics, Ellen pulling yet another prank on actress Jane Lynch and scaring her out of her mind again. Look at this.


ELLEN DEGENERES, TALK SHOW HOST: The last time you were here.


DEGENERES: It was a Halloween show, right?

LYNCH: Indeed it was.

DEGENERES: And we chose that time to scare you.

LYNCH: The bejesus out of me.

DEGENERES: Did they scare you?

LYNCH: They scare the hell out of me.


HAMMER: Let`s explain. You were -- you were your character...

LYNCH: I was my character in "Wreck-It Ralph," yes, Emma Calhoun.

DEGENERES: And I was Sophia Vergara.

LYNCH: Clearly.

DEGENERES: yes. Clearly. So -- and that really did...


HAMMER: Did it again, Tony. I`m only giving you 15 seconds. Do you think Ellen needs to play nice with poor Jane Lynch on the next visit?

POTTS: No. I think that Ellen should watch out, and Jane Lynch knows where Ellen lives. And I think that there will be something coming to her house and maybe scaring her. But Jane`s a great gal. Ellen`s a great gal. They play it straight, great TV. It`s all good clean stuff.

HAMMER: Before the buzzer yet again, Tony Potts and Lenay Dunn, thank you for joining us for the "Quick Hits" tonight.

And as we move on tonight, right now it`s Sharon Osborne`s Ozzy confession. So Ozzy had a drug relapse. He copped to it, and there are also divorce reports floating around out there. Well, the never shy Sharon Osborne is telling all today on her talk show about her private pain.


OSBORNE: I never knew that he was using prescription drugs. I knew he was drinking occasionally, but I didn`t realize, you know, to the extent.


HAMMER: It is the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the top three "SHOWBIZ News Makers" of the day, but is that bigger than insider revelations about how they made the famous Dove beauty ad?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She looks closed off and fatter, fatter, too.


HAMMER: It was an emotional eye opener for the million that is watched this thing. But what was it like for the women who participated in the experiment? Well, one of those amazing women is right here tonight. She`s going to tell us about how her life has changed since becoming a global inspiration. But will she top the SHOWBIZ Countdown?



MARIO LOPEZ, CO-HOST, "THE X-FACTOR": The acts are all giving big thanks to someone very special in their lives.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN, FORMER CO-HOST, "THE X-FACTOR": Yes, and next performance, but I was told by Mr. Seacrest that if I sat on your lap, it really makes you excited. Are you too excited to introduce the next group that`s coming up?


HAMMER: Well, apparently Simon Cowell and the rest of "The X-Factor" producers weren`t exactly wowed by Khloe Kardashian, because she just got dumped as the co-host of the show. But all is well that ends well for Khloe Kardashian.

It`s not, by the way, the first time she`s ever been booted on reality TV. Oh, no. Donald Trump also told Khloe "You`re fired." It was on his show, "Celebrity Apprentice." Well, I caught up with Don a little earlier today to get his take, and while he isn`t worried for Khloe`s TV future, he did have a bit of advice for her. Take a look.


HAMMER: Do you remember the experience of firing Khloe Kardashian back in 2009?

TRUMP: I do. I do.

HAMMER: So she was let go from "Celebrity Apprentice" that season. You know she was just fired from her job on "The X-Factor" as the co-host.

TRUMP: And why was that?

HAMMER: Well, she was co-hosting with Mario Lopez, and I guess they just felt that she wasn`t quite getting the job done.

TRUMP: Sometimes it doesn`t work. Khloe, sometimes it doesn`t work.

HAMMER: Yes, so do you think that was a case -- I`m sure you`re friends with Simon Cowell.

TRUMP: I am. I like Simon a lot.

HAMMER: Is that a case of stunt casting gone bad? It seemed like a good idea. Because they probably went after her for that.

TRUMP: Well, I don`t know that it was a good idea. But it didn`t work out, and she`ll survive. You know, the Kardashians seem to be able to survive.

HAMMER: You think?

TRUMP: One way or the other, I don`t know.

HAMMER: What kind of advice do you have for her? Now she`s been fired by you. She`s been fired by Simon Cowell`s group. You know, how do you sustain in that kind of world?

TRUMP: I think Khloe is going to be just fine. She was very nice. We had a good relationship. And she had a little problem toward the end, but I thought she was very nice and I`m sure she`ll be fine.

HAMMER: Did you always want to be on television? When you were a kid and you were playing with your building blocks and building buildings, was being on TV ever a part of it?

TRUMP: I never thought this would happen to Trump. Now, my father would have said, "How did this happen?" But you know, we did "The Apprentice," and it`s become this tremendous phenomena, and it just really worked out.

HAMMER: You like it. I mean, you like being on television, but having your own show I imagine is something you never believed.

TRUMP: No, I would have never thought. I mean, this wasn`t in the cards. I mean, NBC and Mark Burnett, they came to me and they wanted me to do it. They only wanted me to do it. And I said, "Let`s give it a shot." The show went to No. 1. I mean, we`ve had tremendous success with it. And, you know, it`s been just amazing.

HAMMER: He thought it would never happen to Trump.

TRUMP: Well, no.

HAMMER: Have to check with that guy.

TRUMP: Never to Trump. It`s been good.


HAMMER: And you can catch all-star "Celebrity Apprentice" Sunday nights on NBC.

All right. Let`s move now onto Snoop sparking up live and on camera. This is amazing. Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Lion, as he now prefers to be called, lights up something that`s generally not legal to smoke, and certainly not during an interview.

It`s the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" tonight of the top three "SHOWBIZ News Makers" of the day. And I know Snoop would love this. Look at that. The world`s biggest joint revealed. It weighs about two pounds. It`s about four feet long. SHOWBIZ goes to pot.




OSBORNE: I never knew that he was using prescription drugs. I knew he was drinking occasionally, but I didn`t realize, you know, to the extent.


HAMMER: Right now the "SHOWBIZ Countdown." It`s the top three "News Makers" of the day, including Sharon Osborne`s confessions this afternoon about Ozzy. Is Sharon leaving him for good after he admitted to an 18- month drug binge? She is setting the record straight.

Snoop goes to pot? Snoop Dog Lion lights up in the middle of an interview. Did Snoop just have a one-man pot party on HuffPost Live? What really went down when Snoop lit up? And who will be today`s number one SHOWBIZ newsmaker? "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" continues right now.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Thank you for watching. I am A.J. Hammer in New York. We`re kicking off the SHOWBIZ countdown of today`s top three big headline making SHOWBIZ newsmakers with number three. It is Sharon Osbourne. Just this afternoon, Sharon for the very first time set the record straight about shocking reports that she and Ozzy were ending their more than 30 years of marriage. Sharon set the record straight today on the talk show "The Talk," telling everybody what is really going on following Ozzy`s confession that he relapsed and went on an 18-month drug and alcohol binge. Watch this.


SHARON OSBOURNE: I never knew that he was using prescription drugs. I knew he was drinking occasionally, but I didn`t realize to the extent.

It is our business. We`re dealing with it. We`re not getting divorced. However, however, am I happy? No. Am I upset? Yes, I am. I am devastated right now.


HAMMER: A very, very candid Sharon Osbourne there. I want to bring in my friend, entertainment journalist Tony Potts, who is in Hollywood tonight, and, Tony, I have to say, there were gasps in the room here when those original reports surfaced that Sharon and Ozzy split up.

I must tell you, I was totally surprised to hear her saying that she wasn`t aware of everything happening with Ozzy, the fact that she didn`t know he had been on this prescription drug binge. I know you have also spent some time with Sharon over the years. Weren`t you surprised to hear that?

TONY POTTS, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: I was surprised she didn`t have her finger on the pulse, as it was, as it were, with Ozzy. But you know, this is perfect timing for Ozzy. I mean, Sharon has been through this a lot. She is a mastermind of publicity. Look, it is a serious issue. I get that. But Ozzy also just started a tour with Black Sabbath on Sunday in Australia, so -- and this kind of fits into the whole "Blizzard of Ozz" thing that he has got going. It kind of all works. They could have talked about this weeks or so ago, but it is just coming out at the same time that Ozzy is going on tour with his old band, Black Sabbath, and it all works together. I wish them the best. And she has been through this. She is a tough broad, as she calls herself. She has been through the music business for years. So they`ll get through this, but I was surprised, A.J., you are right, that she didn`t have -- she did not know about this. Because she is usually very hands on with him.

HAMMER: Yes, she totally is, and I would like to believe that it is a coincidence, all this timing, and not done methodically, but look, you never know in this business. And of course, it was Ozzy who first dropped the bombshell last week that he has been abusing drugs and alcohol again. And he`s recovering from this relapse.

He went on Facebook to do it. I want to read again a bit of what he said. He said, "I was in a very dark place and was an a-hole to the people I love most, my family. Just to set the record straight, Sharon and I are not divorcing. I am just trying to be a better person."

I want to take that to Lenay Dunn. She is the host of MTV`s "10 on Top." Lenay is with me in New York. So, Lenay, Ozzy has been through this before, as we have been talking, and as Tony just mentioned, he just started this new tour over the weekend. You have got the fans supporting him. Sharon says that she is sticking by him. Do you think that will be enough to help him get back on track?

LENAY DUNN, HOST, MTV`S TEN ON TOP: I do. I think his family is what keeps him tight together. I also read when I was reading into kind of more him and Sharon`s latest history is he recently ran around the house thinking he was going to kill her, and was like help me, she is going to kill me, so she realized something was really wrong then. And I think just kind of realizing something is wrong is the first step in making it right, and I think it is awesome they`re not getting divorced. So I wish them the best.

HAMMER: Yes, I think it is awesome they`re not getting divorced as well. And look, if nothing else, they always put it all out there. This afternoon on the talk show, on "The Talk," Sharon did insist that they are going to work this out with Ozzy`s addictions as the start. Let`s watch that.


OSBOURNE: It is a disease that not only hurts the person that has the disease, but it hurts the family. It hurts people who love you, and we`re dealing with it. We have dealt with worse. And we will deal with it. This too shall pass.


OSBOURNE: Otherwise my husband will be taken to hospital to get my foot removed from his arse.


HAMMER: Nice, Sharon. Tony, as she said, they have been through worse. I think it is a tough road ahead, but I am pretty confident they will make it work. What about you?

POTTS: Let`s not forget about the fact that just two days ago, their son Jack celebrated 10 years of sobriety, 3,656 days something like that as well, so it is interesting. The family has dealt with this on all levels, and I think they will be fine. They will go through it. They know what to do. And then Jack can also provide support as well. Ten years for Jack. That`s saying something.

HAMMER: Yes, no, good for Jack, and it speaks of the resilience of this family.

All right, let`s move from a reported breakup to a bold breakout. This is number two on tonight`s SHOWBIZ countdown of the day`s top three newsmakers, Snoop Dog Lion apparently going to pot live on the Internet. Snoop`s impromptu freestyle rap on HuffPost Live ended with a jaw-dropping twist. This happened right in the middle of an interview with the rapper talking about his path to Rastafarianism. Snoop just lit up and he smoked something while the cameras were rolling. You have got to look at this.


SNOOP LION: First time ever on HuffPost.


SNOOP LION: It`s too late to put it out. It`s too late to put it out. Let`s go. It`s too late to put it out, let`s go. Come to people, (inaudible) flow. And let them know. Let them know. Get the fire extinguisher.


HAMMER: That happened live during an interview. Lenay, are you shocked that he would light up like that with no worries during an interview? We know his reputation. But come on, he was chatting up with somebody there.

DUNN: Yes, I am actually not shocked. I think it is really funny. I think it is funny he started rapping after he lit up. At first, I was thinking that`s not a real joint, but then I mean, I guess it is, and, I don`t know.

HAMMER: I don`t see Snoop smoking a fake joint. And whatever it is he was smoking, it did seem to be the inspiration for this unforgettable rap that you mentioned there, Lenay. Can we watch some more of that, please?


SNOOP LION (RAPPING): Let me hold it, I won`t smoke, I promise, I know the people watching at home, they get excited because they know I might hit it, but if I hit it, I might get you in trouble, I can`t do it but I did it, get it. Take it back for me and let me run it to them, you sucker, you are dummy, you`re watching at the tag getting mad, get happy. Snoop is on the mike, tell your mamma (inaudible), roll, let go of my chest. Oh, yes, HuffPost, you know how we do, we represent and we brag and we boast, grab your glass and toast. Snoop Dog is the dopest from the West Coast, hello.


HAMMER: I could watch that all day. And obviously there is only one Snoop, and it was interesting to me he referred to himself as Snoop Dog there, not Snoop Lion, Tony, but he really is an unrepentant toker when it comes down to it.

POTTS: Absolutely. I actually happened to watch that live, believe it or not -- yes, I have no life -- but you know, in my years at Access Hollywood, my dressing room was just down from "The Tonight Show`s" artist dressing room, and whenever Snoop was on, that smoke was billowing out of there left and right. You always knew when Snoop was on "The Tonight Show." He was having fun. By the way, it is great publicity for "The Huffington Post Live." And if you watch the end, the host actually took a drag as well.

HAMMER: Marc took it? I am going to have to call up Marc Lamont Hill and see what really happened there. And look, we`re having fun with this. Obviously. But Snoop has been on a mission for some time now to get everybody on board with his campaign for people to take a smoke here and there. Lenay, you think he won anybody over with this one?

DUNN: I mean, he spit some pretty good beats. So you never know who he could have won over.


HAMMER: Can you imagine, Lenay, somebody doing that in the middle of one of your interviews?

DUNN: No. I don`t know what I would do. I probably would think it is fake, and I don`t know, I`d probably laugh and then say, sing me a song from it.

HAMMER: I think if you were there, it would be pretty clear right away whether or not it was fake. But that`s why in the green room they always keep the munchies around. Isn`t it?

OK, it is time for our number one SHOWBIZ newsmaker of the day. By now you have certainly seen this, the amazing Dove campaign celebrating women. It shows women how they see themselves versus how others see themselves. The results are truly astonishing.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She looks closed off and fatter. Sadder, too.


HAMMER: It is no surprise that this video has gone totally viral, and one of the women featured in the campaign is right here with us tonight. Kela Cabrales is here to reveal how she ended up becoming an inspiration to women everywhere. You have got to see this. So don`t go anywhere. Here is something else that is truly astonishing tonight, but in a very different way than that Dove ad.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, dude, we`re going to court, man, we`re totally going to court.

JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: He is totally going to court all right, on a misdemeanor citation for possession of more than an ounce of marijuana.


HAMMER: Yep, tonight SHOWBIZ goes to pot. What the heck was that guy thinking rolling a four-foot long, two-pound joint? I have got the straight dope on what may be the biggest, the hugest joint in the world. Plus, wait until you see what we named as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness tonight. This is SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


HAMMER: And welcome back tonight. In the SHOWBIZ countdown, we`re counting down the day`s top 3 big headline making newsmakers. At number three, a very candid Sharon Osbourne opening up for the first time about her troubled marriage, saying she is not happy but she is not getting a divorce.

At number two, it is the wild new video of Snoop Lion just lighting up right there, smoking something live on camera and breaking out into a freestyle rap. This was all in the middle of a live interview.

And number one, an insider revealing to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" just what it was like to be a part of that now viral Dove beauty campaign commercial that is inspiring women around the world.

This is great. It uses an FBI trained sketch artist to get women to take a second look at themselves, and it dramatically shows how so many women have such distorted views of what they really look like.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She looks closed off and fatter. Sadder, too. The second one looks more open, friendly, and happy.


HAMMER: Just so powerful, which is why that ad has become a real eye opener for so many women. And Kela Cabrales, who you just saw right there is with us tonight from Marin County, just north of San Francisco. There she is. Great to meet you.


HAMMER: So, Kela, let`s take a look again at your sketches, and the look we`re seeing on the left, of course, is the way you described yourself to the artist. Is it really how you see yourself?

CABRALES: You know, I didn`t think so. I was giving Gil just a very neutral, just the facts, ma`am, kind of description. That`s what I had been instructed to do, and somehow he picked up on all of my insecurities, and there they were on that picture.

HAMMER: And were you floored to see that representation of how you see yourself?

CABRALES: Yeah. I had really thought that I had been doing a lot of work on myself, and I thought I feel pretty confident, and I was really stunned when I saw that, and I realized that I had still held on to all of those negative feelings.

HAMMER: And if we can put up the other sketch, is this something that floored you as well, seeing how the stranger described you?

CABRALES: Yeah. I mean, you would think, you know, how could a random stranger, somebody I had sat in a room with for just a little while, could describe me better than I could describe myself?

HAMMER: I mean, that`s what makes this so powerful. So my question is, did that campaign actually serve to change the way you feel about yourself?

CABRALES: You know, I still have my good days and my bad days, like every woman, you know, but what I think mostly that it has done is I have had such wonderful feedback from family and friends, and, you know, I definitely think that I am trying not to listen to that inner critic as much.

HAMMER: And of course, one of the reasons this campaign hits home for so many women is because it features real women. It seems to me that`s what has drawn so many people into it. There are no actresses, no big movie stars in this, so I have been wondering, how in the heck did they find you?

CABRALES: You know, a friend of mine forwarded me an e-mail, and she said you should try this. Send your picture in, and it was just a casting call for women who weren`t a model, and just regular people who hadn`t had any experience with that kind of thing, so I thought, OK, sure, I will give it a shot, and I can`t believe where it got me.

HAMMER: Yeah. And give me a sense of the reaction you have gotten from people you know closely who have seen the ad.

CABRALES: You know, I have had such a wonderful feedback from moms and dads and women I know who are teachers, who are telling me that they`re going to show this to the girls that they`re teaching in school, and I am so proud to be a part of something that has such a positive message to it, and I really am thrilled to be a part of it.

HAMMER: It is so terrific. And I am so glad you were able to share your story, being a part of this amazing ad with us, Kela. Great meeting you. Thanks for being here.

CABRALES: Nice meeting you, too, thank you very much.

HAMMER: All right. We move on now from the secrets behind that Dove ad to a story I know Snoop Lion would enjoy. Snoop, look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, dude, we`re going to court, man, we`re totally going to court.

JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: He is totally going to court all right, on a misdemeanor citation for possession of more than an ounce of marijuana.


HAMMER: Is that the biggest joint in the world? Campus cops at U.C. Santa Cruz just confiscated it, and that video is lighting up Youtube. It is SHOWBIZ going to pot with the story behind that four-foot super joint. Wait until you see what we named as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


HAMMER: And now SHOWBIZ goes to pot.

Dude, look at that. Some people are calling it the world`s biggest joint. I can tell you that monster is about four feet long. And before that college student you`re looking at could pair it up with a giant bag of Cheetos, the campus cops showed up. But even though that joint didn`t get smoked, I am pretty sure it is still smoking the competition for the biggest joint ever. Here is CNN`s Jeanne Moos for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" with what`s being called the mighty joint.


MOOS: It is enough to make a regular joint feel disjointed. Just look.


MOOS: At the size of this beast. Campus police at the University of California at Santa Cruz confiscated the over two-pound joint at the annual smokeout. A crowd of a couple thousand had gathered to celebrate weed, but the celebrating was cut short by the guy wearing the "keep Santa Cruz stoned" t-shirt. Police say he was about to open a booth offering tokes off the monster joint when they confiscated it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re a liar. Dude, you`re a liar.

MOOS: So the kid with the joint actually end up in the joint? Police say they walked 25-year-old Gennady Sarinsky (ph) away from the crowd before arresting him to avoid causing a scene.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dude, we`re going to court, man, we`re totally going to court.

MOOS: He is totally going to court all right, on a misdemeanor citation for possession of more than an ounce of marijuana.


MOOS: Sure there have been plenty of other humongous huge joints at previous celebrations. They circulate like smoke rings on Youtube.


MOOS: This one is said to be a mere pound.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That things was abnormal, like it is not even real.

MOOS: There are even videos showing how to roll a one-pounder like this.

We wondered how many rolling papers it takes to roll a gargantuan joint. That`s the kind of a question you wonder when you are stoned.

Answer? Around 200 papers for the one-pounder. So imagine the effort that went into the four-foot, well over two pounder. Of course they all pale compared to the one created out of wacky weed and papyrus in the Mel Brooks movie "History of the World Part One."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are now armed with mighty joint.

MOOS: WMD. A weapon of mass disorientation. The pursuing Roman soldiers did inhale.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You better stay loose, you know? Let it cool.

MOOS: But that was make-believe. This was a real joint so mighty that the officer rested it on his shoulder like a rifle.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are now armed with mighty joint.


HAMMER: Nice. That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos taking the high road for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, and we`re rolling on from that campus smokeout to sorority row. You know that deranged f-bomb laced e-mail sent by a sorority girl to her fellow sisters? Well, now, a critically acclaimed actor is giving his take on the rant heard around the world.


MICHAEL SHANNON, ACTOR: If you just open this like I told you to, tie yourself down to whatever chair you are sitting in, because this e-mail is going to be a rough [EXPLETIVE DELETED] ride. For those of you who are offended at this e-mail, I apologize, but I really don`t give a [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. Go [ EXPLETIVE DELETED] yourself.


HAMMER: You better do what he says. It is the SHOWBIZ moment of awesomeness that you may need to tie yourself down for. This is SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


HAMMER: It is now time for SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day, and tonight more on that insane e- mail from a Delta Gamma Sorority member to her fellow sisters. Now, if you haven`t heard about this by now, here is what went down. It was during the University of Maryland`s Greek week. A sorority member was just so furious that her sisters weren`t talking to some frat guys at a mixer that she sent out an f-bomb laced e-mail that, well, it would make your mother blush. And now critically acclaimed actor Michael Shannon has done an amazing dramatic reading of the e-mail for FunnyOrDie. You got to look at this.


SHANNON: If you`re reading this right now saying to yourself, OMG, Becka, I have been having so much fun with my sisters this week, then punch yourself in the face right now. So that I don`t have to [EXPLETIVE DELETED] find you on campus and do it myself.

You have 361 days out of the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] year to talk to sisters, and this week is not. I [EXPLETIVE DELETED], repeat, not [EXPLETIVE DELETED) one of them. This week is about fostering relationships in the Greek community, and that`s not [EXPLETIVE DELETED] possible if you`re going to stand around and talk to each other and not our matchups. News flash, you stupid [EXPLETIVE DELETED]! Frats don`t like boring sororities. Oh, wait, double (EXPLETIVE DELETED) news flash! Sigma Nu is not going to want to hang out with us if we don`t [EXPLETIVE DELETED] talk.


HAMMER: That`s just perfect. And just so you know, part of Delta Gamma`s mission is to, quote, "foster high ideals of friendship among college women." I am not sure that that member got that particular mission statement.

Coming up next on "Dr. Drew on Call," what was the childhood incident that changed Jodi Arias forever? Dr. Drew has the answer for you tonight, starting now.