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Will TV Crime Shows Influence Jodi Arias Jury?; Merman Explains the Appeal of Underwater; Raccoon Walks Tight Rope; Kris Jenner Claims His Marriage With Kim Was A Sham; Victoria Secret Model Karlie Kloss In Short Hair For Its New Ad; Divorce for Tom Cruise Came As A Shocker; Taylor Swift Planning Her Single Life; Secrets Revealed Behind Reality T.V. Shows By It`s Producers; HBO`s New Movie "Behind The Candelabra">

Aired April 10, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Well, we saw tonight on "HLN AFTER DARK" that "Bold Accusation," is Jodi`s killing story impossible? And now, tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the Jodi Arias CSI effect. I`m counting down the top three ways TV crime shows may influence the Jodi Arias jury. "HLN AFTER DARK`s" Vinnie Politan and "Criminal Minds" advisor, former FBI profiler Jim Clemente are right here to help us count them down.

Plus, meet the real-life merman. He is making a huge splash tonight. He looks so real he`s even shocking the local fishermen. I am one on one with the man who calls himself mermaiding.


Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight we heard the "Bold Accusation" on "HLN AFTER DARK." Jodi Arias`s killing story is impossible. But what might not be impossible is this possibility: that TV shows might actually play a role in whether the jury finds Jodi guilty of murdering her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are revealing to you the top ways TV crime shows may influence the jury in the Jodi Arias murder trial.

And with us tonight with us from Hollywood, one of the driving forces behind one of TV`s most watched crime shows, CBS`s "Criminal Minds." Jim Clemente is an advisor and a writer on the hit show. He`s also a former FBI profiler and a prosecutor.

Vinnie Politan, who co-hosts "HLN AFTER DARK" weeknights at 10 p.m. Eastern, is staying up after dark with us, and we appreciate that, Vinnie.

We kick off our countdown at No. 3 tonight. Could watching TV crime shows be influencing jurors to be more skeptical of Jodi`s claim that she shot Travis and stabbed him 29 times in self-defense?

Take a look at some of the tough questions they came up with when they were given the chance to submit questions directly to Jodi when she was on the witness stand.


JUDGE SHERRY STEPHENS, PRESIDING OVER TRIAL: "Why is it that you have no memory of stabbing Travis?"

JODI ARIAS, MURDER DEFENDANT: I can`t really explain why my mind did what it did. Maybe because it`s too horrible. I don`t know. I really don`t know the answer as to why I blacked out or have memory gaps much of that day.


HAMMER: All right, Jim, let`s get to this. It`s your expertise. We know TV shows influencing criminal cases has become known as the "CSI effect" after, of course, another hit CBS crime drama. And you`ve got to agree, those questions were sharp, they were direct, and a lot of times they were out of the box.

So I have to think that watching crime shows is teaching people, like those on the Jodi Arias jury, who have no law backgrounds, to ask the kinds of questions they did.

JIM CLEMENTE, ADVISOR/WRITER, CBS`S "CRIMINAL MINDS": I think you`re right. I think it`s raised the bar for all witnesses to take the stand, whether it`s the defendant or the prosecution witnesses.

And basically, if you look at the profound effect that TV has had on just the general population, when "L.A. Law" was out, for example, female law school admissions went up 20 percent. When "X-Files" came out, the FBI was flooded with applications. It definitely affects the general population.

And those -- unless those jurors never watch TV, they are going to be affected by it. They know more today. They know about sophistication. And they know about how criminals can lie, and they know how difficult the job of a cop is.

HAMMER: And the details. I mean, some of the things that the jury has been focusing on have just been mind-boggling. Listen to their question to Jodi about her emotional state.


STEPHENS: "Were you mad at Travis while you were stabbing him?"

ARIAS: I don`t remember being angry that day. I remember being terrified.

JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTOR: Objection, non-responsive.

STEPHENS: I`m going to sustain the objection. I think you answered the question.


HAMMER: That`s pretty specific, asking her if she was angry while she stabbed Travis. Vinnie, it sounds like the jury is really trying very hard to get inside Jodi`s head much like on Jim`s show "Criminal Minds." Do you think the crime shows did help them shape those questions?

VINNIE POLITAN, CO-HOST, "HLN AFTER DARK: THE JODI ARIAS TRIAL": Absolutely. It changes everything, because we are drawn to these shows, and we watch these shows because of -- because of the drama that`s involved in trying to figure out what`s going on.

Then you do that week in and week out watching these shows. Now you have an opportunity to do it for real. It`s almost as if you`re watching "Criminal Minds" and "CSI." It`s like your training ground now to serve on a jury. And when you have a chance to ask the questions like they do in Arizona, absolutely jaw-dropping.

HAMMER: Yes. All of a sudden, it becomes interactive. We see the jury asking Jodi these tough questions, kind of giving her a hard time about her story. Then you go outside the trial, you leave and talk to the jury watchers. These are the people who have been showing up to watch this, as if it were a spectator sport or reality TV. You`ve got to watch what one woman told HLN.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it`s fascinating, better than reality TV.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you believe the defense`s claims that Jodi Arias is a victim of abuse?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Not sure about that. I think it`s probably the other way around. Whether she was abused or not, I`m not sure, but I mean, definitely, I think she`s guilty of murder.


HAMMER: Definitely. No wiggle room there. She`s made up her mind. Not a whole lot of compassion for Jodi, either.

This leads us to No. 2 in our "SHOWBIZ Countdown." Could perceptions formed by TV crime shows actually influence the jury to have less compassion for Jodi Arias or perhaps, on the other side of that, more disgust? Jim, what do you think?

CLEMENTE: Well, here`s the thing. When you have a situation where somebody`s life is in your hands. When you`re on a jury, you`re actually making the decision of whether that person lives or dies. It`s a very weighty choice.

And I think anything the jury considers, about her being a human being, have faults, her own emotions and her own victimization, I think all those things are going to weigh against them voting on a guilty verdict, at least on the death penalty charges.

So I think that the shows that show -- get into the minds or into the backgrounds and the histories of the victims -- excuse me, of the defendant...



CLEMENTE: Absolutely. That`s a baseline. We all come in with that -- that commonality, because these shows

HAMMER: Right.

CLEMENTE: ... I think those shows actually can humanize defendants like Jodi, and I think they can actually make it more difficult for a jury to actually convict on that count.

HAMMER: That`s a really interesting perspective, and it makes complete sense when you think about it.

Let me get your take on that, Vinnie. You`re somebody who`s been covering this trial in particular like nobody else on "HLN AFTER DARK." And I know you`ve heard from trial watchers yourself on your show. So to the point of this question, do you think crime shows could actually influence jurors to have more compassion for Jodi or perhaps even more disgust for Jodi?

POLITAN: I think there might be more disgust, because what you see in a lot of the crime shows is there`s a twist, and there`s this -- it`s focused a lot always on the motive. And that`s what this case is about, is a lot of it is about the motive. Why she did it, because she admits to the killing.

The question is why did she kill him? And I think the way Hollywood and everyone else, the story is fascinating. The why of it becomes so important, and it translates directly to this case, and I think when they figure out why, they`re going to be more disgusted.

HAMMER: Yes. And I think it sounds like you agree, Vinnie, that one way or the other, whether it is compassion or disgust, and you say disgust, the TV crime shows certainly could have an effect on how these jurors are feeling about her as a human being.

POLITAN: Absolutely. That`s our baseline. We all come in with that commonality, because these shows are watched by tens of millions of people week in and week out, and that`s who the jurors are. They`re just ordinary folks who are doing their civil duty.

And, you know, the way I see it, the one other thing that it does do, though, it does raise the bar for the prosecutor. We`re looking at him right there. And that`s when it gets to the forensics and things like that.

HAMMER: But we`ve been watching emotions running so high when it comes to this trial. And of course, it reminds me, and I think everybody of Casey Anthony and when she was acquitted of murder -- the murder of her young daughter, of course.

This leads to No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the ways TV crime shows could be influencing the Arias trial. In the Jodi Arias case, are those shows more likely to have the jury convict her of murder or maybe even by her claim of self-defense and acquit her? Jim, I think I know your take on this, but have at it.

CLEMENTE: Well, here`s the thing. I think, just like Vinnie said, anything in the crime shows that raise the bar for the prosecutor make it more difficult to actually convict her, especially on a death penalty charge.

I think this is the kind of thing that -- where you might see jury nullification or a jury compromise. In other words, they know she`s guilty, but they may not, because they see her as a human being now, they may not actually convict her of a death penalty offense, so they may go for a lesser included offense.

HAMMER: We heard that trial watcher a few minutes ago who just had her mind made up. She said she is guilty. That`s how she would have voted. But if you don`t think Jodi could be acquitted, remember, a lot of people said that when Casey Anthony`s verdict came in. No way she would be acquitted, right? They sure got that wrong.

As for verdict to count 1, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. As to child abuse, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty.

Vinnie, I`m just reminding everybody there. If the Jodi Arias jury has been influenced by crime shows in your mind, do you think it would make them more likely to convict her of murder?

POLITAN: No, I think it`s more likely to acquit her or find her guilty of something less. That`s because the CSI effect when it comes to a smoking gun, the level of proof, the level of expectation of some of these jurors is that someone is going to put a blue light over something and have the case solved like that, and in the real world it doesn`t always work out that way.

HAMMER: Well, we will sit here and eagerly continue to wait. Jim Clemente, Vinnie Politan, very fascinating. Thank you both so much.

Make sure you catch up with the very latest on the Jodi Arias trial with HLN`s newest hit show "HLN AFTER DARK: THE JODI ARIAS TRIAL." It`s on Monday through Thursday. Not to be missed at 10 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN.

All right. You must get ready for another compelling "SHOWBIZ Countdown." It`s "SHOWBIZ Secrets Revealed."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m scared about a divorce. And how can you have this baby being married to somebody else. It`s going to stress you out, and you`re going to end up.


HAMMER: Stunning new details about the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce trial were reportedly just revealed. So are Kim`s mom and Kris`s parents really getting ready to take the stand here? And will the secrets behind the Kim K. divorce trauma take the No. 1 spot on today`s top five countdown?

Plus, you`ve got to meet the merman. Merman, I said. Imagine running into this guy in the water. Mermaids are his life. And he`s right here telling us why he`s obsessed with looking like and acting like a mermaid. And why he`s making such a big splash. It`s "SHOWBIZ 15 Minutes of Fame."



HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame."

ERIC DUCHARME, MERMAN: When I put on the tail, I feel transformed. I feel like I`m starting to enter into, you know, a different -- a different world when I hit the water.

HAMMER: Meet Eric Ducharme, the real-life merman. He`s obsessed with mermaids, and he slips into that handmade fin three times a week so he can get as close as possible to that underwater life.

And as you can imagine, Eric gets lots of double takes when he shimmers into that latex tail of his, and he just doesn`t care. Mermaids are his life, and he spends as much time as he can acting like one. Eric calls it mermaiding, and it`s just a way of living underwater.

So is this just a passing obsession or is it a way of life? Eric is joining us now from Tampa to help us take the plunge into his life.

Great having you here, Eric.

DUCHARME: Hey, A.J. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it.

HAMMER: It`s terrific having you here. It`s so fascinating. We just watched you slip on one of your homemade merman tails there, making the big transformation from man to merman, and it`s just incredible how dramatic the change is. So why exactly do you do this?

DUCHARME: I love it. It`s a passion. And I mean, not only is it something that I love to do but I`ve definitely turned it into a full-time career, so it`s something that I constantly live every day. It`s become an everyday routine.

HAMMER: Yes, I mean, you`re obviously very committed to mermaiding. You spend an hour and a half three times a week driving to this natural spring in Florida near where you live just so you can swim in one of your handmade tails. So would you call it an obsession or way of life?

DUCHARME: I actually call it a passion more so than anything. I mean, I love swimming and I love the water, and I feel that when I -- you know, I`m able to put on the silicone mermaid tail, I`m able to really be a part of the water and part of the wildlife under the water. And it`s just really so unique and surreal to be underwater swimming in a tail. You know, it`s just great. It`s pretty fascinating, and it`s different.

HAMMER: Yes. And visually stunning. You know, what a sight to see. This bright orange tail swimming around, kind of like a giant goldfish, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

But I know Eric, a lot of people have to be stunned when they see a tail splashing around in the water. And I actually want to take a look at what your partner says about the reactions that you get.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I came out here looking for some alligators and saw a tail that I never saw before in a river.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sometimes we get those people with the scolding looks because they`re like, why is there a guy with a tail? It`s supposed to be a girl. Haters going to hate.

HAMMER: And the truth is it is unusual and you get some mixed reactions, but do you like the attention that you`re getting from being a merman, or does that really have nothing to do with it?

DUCHARME: You know, it really has nothing to do about the attention. It just has to do with the fact that I`m living my life and doing something I enjoy.

I mean, is there attention? Absolutely. You know, you always -- you`re always going to get those looks. You`re always going to get more attention than when, if you were just jumping in the spring or pool with a swimsuit, you know, absolutely. But you know, I`m very, very into what I do, and I`m a very strong individual, so it is what it is.

HAMMER: Yes, and is it something -- I mean, look, you`ve been doing it since you were 16 years old. Do you imagine, at least right now, this is something you`ll do for the rest of your life?

DUCHARME: I definitely think I will be doing this, you know, for the rest of my life, absolutely. I mean, I love it. And it`s so different and unique. I mean, how many people can say that they`re a merman or that they make and produce mermaid tails?

HAMMER: I don`t think a whole heck of a lot of people. And you know, I applaud you for being yourself and following your passion and doing your own thing. Eric, thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

DUCHARME: Absolutely. Thank you for having me. Have a great night.

HAMMER: You got it.

All right. We move on from the secrets of a merman -- who knew? To the Victoria`s Secret revealed countdown, including the backlash over this new Victoria`s Secret ad, starring a model with short hair.

It`s the battle of the short hair. Is it really not sexy?

Plus, everything you don`t know about reality shows. Do producers ever stop those outrageous fights we see? Do they pick who`s going to be a big star? Well, I`ve got two big-time reality show producers right here tonight. They are revealing all of the stunning secrets behind your favorite reality shows. But will their revelations top the countdown of today`s top 5 SHOWBIZ secrets? This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, on HLN.


HAMMER: Did you see this? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT first introduced you to this amazingly clever raccoon yesterday. Yes, that guy or girl is doing a tightrope act using telephone wires.

And tonight I`ve got brand-new evidence that this death-defying raccoon just may have more skills than a true high-flying pro. It`s the clever raccoon, featuring the world-famous Flying Wallenda. Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the "Battle for high-Wire Supremacy."


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Usually you see them in your garbage. But when Mavis Knight looked out her kitchen window and saw what this raccoon was doing, she thought...

MAVIS KNIGHT, WITNESSED RACCOON BEHAVIOR: I actually rubbed my eyes like this.

MOOS: There outside her Toronto home, she saw a raccoon upright, using utility wires as a tightrope.

KNIGHT: Very, very clever, hey?

MOOS: She figured her husband might not believe her story, so she took out her phone to document it.

KNIGHT: He`s going. He`s going.

MOOS: Going from a tree in Mavis`s yard to trees across the way.

Now, sure, you can see plenty of trained animals walk a tightrope on YouTube like Rodney the rat. It took nine months of training for Ozzie dog to do this. And a circus can teach a goat to walk a rope with a monkey on its back. But a wild raccoon?

KNIGHT: He`s so clever. He`s got actually some brains.

MOOS (on camera): Raccoons are known for having extremely dexterous, hypersensitive front paws.

(voice-over): In honor of his daring hijinks, one YouTuber added a James Bond theme. But it was less 007, more Flying Wallenda. You know, Nik Wallenda, the daredevil who crossed Niagara Falls last summer on a high wire. The trip took Flying Wallenda 25 minutes. It took Flying Raccoona one minute.

Flying Wallenda held a balancing pole. Flying Raccoona touched a second wire.

KNIGHT: Oh, dear.

MOOS: Flying Wallenda was required to wear a safety harness. No harness for Flying Raccoona.

KNIGHT: My word.

MOOS: When Flying Wallenda made it to the other side, he pumped a kiss and blew a kiss, but we voted for no fanfare with the raccoon.


HAMMER: CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We`ve got to get the Flying Raccoona on the show. Can we make that happen?

All right. Let`s switch gears now, because I`m firing up another fascinating "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "SHOWBIZ Secrets Revealed," including Tom Cruise`s stunning divorce revelation. Did the superstar actor really just unzip his lips to talk about a shocking split Katie Holmes?

Plus, we`re got the reality show secrets that are going to blow your mind. So what do producers do when all those fights break out? And how real is reality TV, anyway? We`re revealing all of the big reality show secrets straight from these two producers. They make these shows, and I am counting down the top five big breaking celebrity secrets revealed today. Which will be No. 1?

Time now for our "SHOWBIZ Say What?" Justin Timberlake is right here, speaking at a student workshop at the White House this week. What do you think Justin`s really sharing with the students? Let us know. Share your thought bubble with us at HLNTV.COM/SHOWBIZTONIGHT. I`ll give you my favorite answers tomorrow.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m scared with the divorce. How are you going to have this baby, being married to someone else? It`s going to stress you out, and you`re going to end up in the hospital.


HAMMER: Right now the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "SHOWBIZ Secrets Revealed." New Kim Kardashian divorce court secrets uncovered today. We`ve got the shocking witness list and the head-spinning evidence list. Can Kim`s ex really prove his claim that their marriage was a sham? But are those bombshells bigger than the dirt we`re about to reveal about your favourite reality T.V. shows?

Stage fights, no food on the set but lots of booze. Two of the most influential reality T.V. producers are right here tonight, Mona Scott-Young from "Love & Hip Hop" and Carlos King, who has worked on the "Real Housewives" show are telling all. But, which SHOWBIZ secret will be number 1 on our countdown. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York, and we are kicking off our SHOWBIZ countdown of secrets revealed with a true stunner.

It comes from the Kardashians who just released a first look at the explosive new season of the family`s reality T.V. show. At number 5, Kim Kardashian opening up about still being in the thick of her divorce even as she`s pregnant with Kanye West`s child.



KHLOE KARDASHIAN, TELEVISION PERSONALITY: Your life is going to change. This is supposed to be the best time of your life.

KIM: (EXPLICIT WORDS) I don`t want to get pregnant.

KHLOE: Do you know how miserable you are?

KIM: I`m scared with the divorce and probably going to have this baby being married to someone else.

KHLOE: It`s going to stress you out and you are going to end up in the hospital.


HAMMER: And, here we go. And, while Kim`s baby drama is playing out on T.V., we`ve got a brand new bombshell today about secrets that could be revealed at her upcoming divorce trial with Kris Humphries. A startling list of witnesses and evidence reportedly leaked with manager Kris Jenner topping that list along with Kris`s parents, the wedding planner, even the hairdressers.

Let me bring in Alan Tudyk in Hollywood tonight, allen stars in ABCs amazingly hilarious hit comedy "Suburgatory." And, Alan is going to be seen in the upcoming sure to be blockbuster film "42" can`t wait for that. Alan it`s great having you here.


HAMMER: And, it is quite the witness line up for this trial. It is all set up with Kris Jenner and Kris`s parents, the hair dresser, the publicist. Alan, out of all of them, who do you want to hear from the most?


TUDYK: I want to hear from the guy who did that facelift to the Jenner guy. I think he got a lot of questions to answer. What happened to that guy`s face?

HAMMER: He will reveal all the secrets. And -- and really, they`ll figure out a way to make that pertinent and relevant to the trial, I`m sure. E- news --

TUDYK: I hope so.

HAMMER: E-News, by the way, first reported the details of this witness and evidence list today. Let me read a couple of the things this includes. A copy of Kris and Kim`s budget for their wedding. The Kardashians` current income statement. Their prenup agreement and the people magazine contract for their wedding pictures. And, of course, we all remember that beautiful summer day when Kim and Kris got married for a T.V. special seen by millions, but shall we just reminisce for a moment?


PRIEST: Kris, I love you.

KARDASHIAN: Kris, I love you.

PRIEST: And take you to be my wedded husband.

KARDASHIAN: And take you to be my wedded husband.

PRIEST: To have and to hold from this day forward.

KARDASHIAN: To have and to hold from this day forward.

PRIEST: Until death to us part.

KARDASHIAN: Until death do us part.

PRIEST: Kris, repeat after me. Kim as a symbol of my love for you.

KRIS JENNER, TELEVISION PERSONALITY: Kim, as a symbol of my love for you.

PRIEST: With this ring.

JENNER: With this ring.

PRIEST: I give you.

JENNER: I give you.


HAMMER: Still brings a tear. All be it for all the wrong reasons these days. Let me bring you the entertainment journalist Rachel Zalis is with me in New York tonight. So, Rachel, of course that was then, this is now. Everyone on the edge of their seats, including Alan, by the way, waiting for this trial to finally get going next month. It`s set to fire up on May 6. Who do you imagine will potentially hurt the most here, Kris or Kim?

RACHEL ZALIS, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: I think definitely Kris. I mean I have never met -- seen someone who spent more time and money to prove they`re a fool. It`s absolutely ridiculous. I mean, come on! He married her five minutes after meeting her on a reality show. What was he expecting? And, by the way, I`m anxious to hear from the hairdresser. They`re the ones that know everything.

HAMMER: Yes. I know exactly. I was thinking the same thing. I saw the witness list. I said, that is the person who really knows what`s going on. And, look, they`re going to be under oath, swearing on the bible and all.

ZALIS: Absolutely.

HAMMER: You can be sure we`re going to learn a whole lot more secrets about Kim and Kris divorce once the trial gets started. We`re also learning secrets about how Tom Cruise is coping with his divorce from Katie Holmes, or are we?

This is number 4 on our SHOWBIZ Secrets Countdown. Tom reportedly just spoke publicly for the very first time about how his divorce, reportedly, telling a T.V. show in Germany. I didn`t expect it. I had an unbelievable amount of time to think about it. Life is a challenge. Now, Cruise`s rep and the German T.V. reporter are now saying no such conversation ever took place. You wonder how that all got out there, Alan. But, should Tom just open up once and for all, you know, set the record straight, stop all the crazy speculation that`s been going on?


TUDYK: I don`t know. I think that if he opened up, it wouldn`t stop the speculation, honestly.

HAMMER: Really?

TUDYK: Yes. Don`t you think? I mean, then we would speculate on that.

HAMMER: Well --

TUDYK: Right?

HAMMER: Well, I suppose so. I guess I just feel until he goes on record and says, here`s what happened, he won`t really have a standing to just shut people down after that. Speculation will continue. It`s just when people are getting in Tom`s face about it. But, Katie, you look at her, I mean she has clearly moved on.

Their daughter Suri has settled in with Katie into this new life in New York City. Katie is back to work. I think she`s looking better than ever. Rachel, would do you think? Would it do Tom good to open up, because you know he`s going to get question after question about this in the next week or so when he`s out promoting his new movie "Oblivion." People are going to ask.

ZALIS: Yes. I won`t believe anything you said until he`s jumping on a couch.



ZALIS: Then I believe it -- No, I think it`s better for him to keep quiet and keep it short and sweet like she`s clearly moved on. He`s moving on. Why believe for something that`s in the past that they actually put to bed after two weeks. I think Kris and Kim should take some lessons from that one.

HAMMER: Yes. Not going to happen. A little too late. That ship has sailed.

ZALIS: Yes, true.

HAMMER: But, let`s move now from divorce battles to the story behind the battle over a big-time beauty backlash. This thing just exploded today. It`s number 3 on tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of secrets revealed.

It`s the secret revealed by Victoria`s Secret. So, listen to this. The lingerie company revealed a controversial commercial. It features one of their top models, Karlie Kloss in short hair. Can you believe that? Well, they are getting slammed for it. Take a look at this.


HAMMER (voice-over): OK. Well, I`m watching it. I don`t see the problem. But, apparently I`m not in the know on social media. I was watching that today. Twitter was exploding. It was on Facebook everywhere. Everybody is pretty peeved off, apparently, about this commercial. Critics are whining. "Short hair isn`t sexy." Alan, are you looking at how short the hair is here? What`s going on?

TUDYK: Yes, I think it looks -- I mean she`s obviously ugly.

HAMMER: It is terrible.

TUDYK: Well, how can you watch that and think that looks awful? Short hair on women looks great. Look at Morena Baccarin, who is on -- She was on "V" and who is on "Homeland." She`s got short hair. She`s gorgeous. It works.

HAMMER: Yes. I don`t quite get it. Maybe we need a woman`s perspective on this. And, by the way, Kloss just revealed the secret behind this new dude. She told "People" magazine. She got in the doghouse by chopping off all of her hair the day before walking into the "Victoria Secret" fashion show.

She walked into that show and you know they had to put a weave on her for the show. But, she was allowed to keep the hair short for the ad. Victoria`s Secret never featured short-haired models in the past. Rachel, bold move that maybe they should stick with?

ZALIS: First of all, I`m with you guys. Like, what guys are actually looking at the Victoria`s Secret model`s hair when they`re looking at these ads? But, I got to say it`s the Anne Hathaway hair syndrome. You cut it off and suddenly you`re not sexy and annoying. So, this probably happened to Karlie. I think she has to go back to the long.

HAMMER: OK. You think she --

ZALIS: I`m a fan of long, obviously.

HAMMER: Well, yes -- Rachel, I think you would look terrific. Alan, you`re supporting the short hair very well, but they`re not asking you to be in the Victoria`s ad. Let`s just take a look at this one more time, shall we? I mean let`s get it down to something else. There`s Karlie, short hair. I`m looking for the problem. Alan, again, please, play by play, help me out.

TUDYK: She`s obviously not eating much. That seems to be the only concern. That girl needs a sandwich like a vitamin and a steak. I think that would help things, but other than that.

HAMMER: Yes. If you want to be outraged, then maybe that would be the reason, all right. Well, there are more secrets to be revealed in our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" tonight, including startling secrets about the biggest reality shows on television. And, we`re getting them from producers of the shows, who are right here with us tonight.

Also, Taylor Swift`s brand new revelations about the future of her love life. But, are her romantic revelations enough to take the top spot tonight? You will find out. And, I can`t wait to show this to you. Liberace`s secrets. Michael Douglas bringing in the original king of bling back to life. Matt Damon plays his teen lover in this film, and trust me, you have never seen the Oscar winners like this.


MICHAEL DOUGLAS, HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY: I want to be everything to you, Scott. I want to be father, brother, lover, best friend.


HAMMER: I mean is this great casting or what? Coming up, you get the SHOWBIZ first look behind the candelabra. Plus, wait until you see what we have main tonight as our moment of SHOWBIZ Awesomes. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And, tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down the top five big breaking star secrets revealed today. Here`s where we are so far.

Coming in at number 5, new revelations in the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce trial. Witness and evidence lists have reportedly been leaked with Kim`s mom, Kris Jenner, and Kris` parents, all sets to take the stand.

Number 4, Tom Cruise keeps his lips zipped about his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, denying reports that he told a German T.V. show that the divorce came as a shocker. And number 3, big backlash for some reason over this new Victoria`s Secret ad, which features a model with short hair. Is short hair really not sexy?

That brings us to number 2. It is Taylor Swift`s secret revealed about her plan for a single life, telling "Wonderland" magazine, "hey, she doesn`t know where life is going to take her. But, if she winds up single forever, she would be into living in a cottage by the ocean and painting her days away."

That brings us to the big reveal. Number 1 on the "SHOWBIZ Secrets Countdown." The secrets of reality T.V. and we are getting them straight from the producers who make all the wild and crazy happen. From "The Housewives" to "The Bachelor." Just how much of reality T.V. is actually real?

Well, with me tonight, I got the pros in New York. I have Mona Scott- Young, the creator and executive producer of hit VH1 shows "Love & Hip Hop" and "The Gossip Game" with me tonight from Atlanta, reality T.V. producer, Carlos King. He has worked on "Love & Hip Hop" Atlanta and bravos "Housewives" series. They are a wealth of knowledge. Great to have you both here.


CARLOS KING, REALITY T.V. PRODUCER: Thanks for having us.

HAMMER: All right, Mona, let`s fire this up. Because, you know, it is tough to believe that all this drama that we always see day after day on reality T.V. is the real deal, so what is the secret, Mona on a scale of 1 to 10, how much of it is actually staged?

SCOTT-YOUNG: Well, listen, I can`t speak for all the other shows. I can only to the shows that I produced. The only thing that we control is where the conversation takes place. But, everything that said during those conversations, everything that transpires as far as what they do that is all them, a 100 percent. There are no scripts. We are not telling them what to say or do.

HAMMER: So, you`ll put them know in circumstances or places where perhaps you might get the most drama, I would imagine.

SCOTT-YOUNG: Well, what we do is we mind for story and all of the story that we follow is based on what is going on in their lives, going on in their heads. So, of course we want the most compelling spell. Nobody wants to tune in to watch someone watch paint dry.

HAMMER: That is true.

SCOTT-YOUNG: So, when they talk to us about the things going on in their lives, of course those are the things that we tap into.

HAMMER: Yes. That doesn`t make it past the pitch meeting. The reality show about paint drying. But, Carlos, you`ve worked on some of the most dramatic shows. You`ve worked on the real "Housewives" franchise. We see all those crazy fights like this one on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."


KIM DEPAOLA, CAST OF "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY": Just get out of here. It is my problem.

JOE GORGA: You can`t even talk. You`re so drunk and high.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I started to get texts from one of Tracy and I`s mutual friends.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Something crazy is going on.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is the cause before the storm.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re disgusting. You`re scum.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You calculate and you think, how can I hurt?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re setting me up purposely now.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are nothing. I play with the big boys.


HAMMER: Always good times with the housewives. Now, Carlos, I want the insider scoop here. We`ve heard stories of producers actually standing off camera behind the scenes egging the ladies on to duke it out. Is that true?

KING: That is so not true. You know as producer it is our job to really get story out of these women. And, when these women are arguing, their fighting, that`s something that we have no control over. You have to understand, we`re shooting more than 12 hours a day.

So, a lot of these women are, you know, irritable, they`re kind of upset to be having these conversations with one of their co-stars. So, when the fights ignite, it is us standing behind the scenes protecting ourselves. We`re not behind the scenes pulling strings in terms of what`s happening.

HAMMER: Now, do you ever get in there, though, Carlos, and actually have to pull them apart at some point, and stuff that we don`t actually end up seeing on T.V.? Well, Mona is shaking her head.

SCOTT-YOUNG: I`m shaking my head because Carlos and I actually work together, and there was one instance in particular where Carlos physically picked up one of our cast members and carried them off the set. So, absolutely, I mean, it`s not something that we`re supposed to do.

It`s not something we advocate because you don`t want anybody in harm`s way, but you gain a relationship with these women and you care about them. So, you don`t want to see them hurt themselves. And, so, yes, half the time you do end up throwing yourself in the way.

HAMMER: And, of course, sadly, you`re saying this, Mona, and I`m thinking that`s the stuff that people want to see. They want to see the producers step in and breaking down the wall and carrying somebody off.

But, on the show "Love & Hip Hop" like other reality shows, Mona, the cast members are just open books. I mean that`s what you`re looking for. You don`t want people holding back. The controversies, of course, keep coming. Let`s take a look at the upcoming season, which is also to premier on April 22nd on VH1.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, maid! Daddy`s home.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need to speak to you.

UNIDNTIFIED FEMALE: Hey, Mary. I see you got a maid like you always do.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (EXPLETIVE DELETED). You wants to call me a maid?


HAMMER: And, there you go. Look, Mona, we know casting is the key for reality success. How do you find people like that who are just willing to, you know, put it all out there, say it is what it is and just go ahead and let the cameras roll?

SCOTT-YOUNG: Listen, it is all about casting. Meeting these people, talking to them, getting to know them and making sure that they`re going to be open, honest and willing to just bare their lives for the camera.

A lot of my casts are just gifts from the reality God. These are, you know, just dynamic, dynamic, charismatic people, who are willing to let it all hang out for the camera. And, that`s basically what it boils down to at the end of the day. Just people who are willing to live their lives for the world to see.

HAMMER: Yes, and not fake it. Because, I`m guessing you guys can sniff out a fake in a heartbeat and that just is not going to work.

KING: And, it`s not the producer took a sniff out of stage. It is also the audience that you have to --

HAMMER: The audience and the other cast members. I do need to leave it there. But, Mona Scott-Young and Carlos King, it`s been great talking to you, guys. I really appreciate it. By the way, I want to tell everybody that Mona has also also just released "Mixed Fusions" a new brand Moscato. You can check at Mixed Fusions and stores everywhere. Thanks guys.

SCOTT-YOUNG: Thank you.

KINGS: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, coming up next what you will see, your SHOWBIZ first look at the movie that was almost too hot to be shot. Michael Douglas starring as Liberace. Matt Damon plays his lover in the HBO biopic "Behind The Candelabra."


MICHAEL DOUGLAS: I want to be your father, brother, lover, best friend.


HAMMER: That`s Michael Douglas, and there is more glitter in this movie than, well anywhere. Your SHOWBIZ First Look is next and wait till you see what we have named as our moment of "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in HLN.


HAMMER: The thin line between bling and darkness. Well, the HBO movie "Behind The Candelabra" explores those extremes in the life and times of Liberace. "Behind The Candelabra" stars Michael Douglas playing the flamboyant icon and Matt Damon as his young lover. In tonight`s SHOWBIZ First Look, you`re going to see the Oscar winners. I promise you like you have never seen them before.


ANNOUNCER: And, now ladies and gentleman, Liberace.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS, AS LIBERACE: This is my friend, Scott Thorson.

You were incredible out there. Now, this must be fate.

I have a great idea. Why don`t you come work for me?


DOUGLAS: I want to be everything to you, Scott. I want to be father, brother, lover, best friend.

DAMON: I`ll let you be whatever you want.

DOUGLAS: I want you to make Scott look like this. You will make me feel so young.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why would a grown man want to adopt another grown man?

DAMON: So, we can be a family.

DOUGLAS: All I do is give and give and give -- I can`t live like this -- You`re being paranoid, Scott.

DAMON: I`m not. I`m upset. Don`t change the subject.

DOUGLAS: No one has ever been closer to me than this young man.


HAMMER: Can`t way. "Behind The Candelabra" premiers on HBO on May 26. So, the Motown Sound shape the 60s for so many people, but the Memphis Sound helped shaped a movement.

Tonight in our SHOWBIZ moment of awesomeness, we`re heading to Soulsville, USA with Memphis` son Justin Timberlake as our guide.


HAMMER (voice-over): You got to hear the awesome sounds of soul that were just celebrated at the White House and you will next. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: It is time for "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness" where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And, tonight we are taking you to Soulsville, USA. Now, you might know by it`s common name, Memphis, Tennessee. Musicians like Mavis Staples, Booker T. Jones, and Steve Cropper. New soul music to help break down the walls of segregation back in the 1960s.

That music and its legacy was just celebrated with the help of some new school artist like Queen Latifa and Justin Timberlake at the White House.




HAMMER: So good. You can check out the awesome jam session in performance at the White House Concert airs on PBS on April 16. Next on "DR. DREW ON CALL", like mother and daughter. What characteristics do Jodi Arias and her mother shared. The interesting connection is revealed next on Dr. Drew.