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Top Three Justice Caught-on-Tape Shockers; Grandma`s Elation at Baby News Goes Viral; Rutgers Coach Fired Over Abuse; First Woman in NBA?; Kevin Ware Speaks for the First Time Since Accident; Bieber`s Monkey Business; Too Hot for YouTube?; Sea Lion Rhythm King

Aired April 3, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: You saw on "HLN AFTER DARK" that bold accusation: did Jodi invent her parental abuse? Now SHOWBIZ Justice Caught on Tape, including the unbelievable newly-revealed video of Jodi`s parents being questioned by investigators.


SANDRA ARIAS, JODI`S MOTHER: Maybe she did do it. I don`t know. I just cannot even imagine her doing it.


HAMMER: But is this stunning new tape shocking enough to be the No. 1 "SHOWBIZ Justice" story "Caught on Tape" today? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

And hello, thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And now that the verdict is in on the latest debate over the Jodi Arias murder trial on "HLN AFTER DARK," SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you a must-see "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "SHOWBIZ Justice Caught on Tape." It`s the top three startling "Caught on Tape" moments revealed today.

And staying up after dark with us in New York tonight, Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of "THE JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL SHOW," seen weeknights here on HLN at 7 p.m. Easter. Criminal defense attorney Midwin Charles is also with us tonight in New York.

And we are kicking off the "Caught on Tape SHOWBIZ Countdown" with No. 3, a true shocker. Never-before-seen police interrogation tapes of Jodi`s mom made the very day that Jodi was arrested and accused of stabbing Travis Alexander 29 times and slitting his throat.

Now, the tapes were first revealed exclusively on HLN`s "DR. DREW ON CALL," seen weeknights at 9 p.m. Eastern here on HLN. You have to watch as an Arizona detective tells Jodi`s mother, Sandra, her daughter could not explain away evidence that seemed to put her at the scene of the killing. Jodi`s mom tells the detective Jodi has had mental problems.


S. ARIAS: Jodi had mental problems. Jodi would freak out all the time. I had quite a few of her friends call me and tell me that I needed to get her some help. I had one call me in the middle of the night and tell me that she needed help.

Jodi would call me. We don`t have a good relationship, me and Jodi. She would call me in the morning all happy and call me an hour or two later in tears, crying and sobbing about something she didn`t want to talk about. And it happened constantly.


HAMMER: It really is just stunning, seeing and hearing Jodi`s mom in her own words.

Jane, to you first. I have to wonder how the jury would react if this were played in court. Certainly a game changer.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, "JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL": This is absolutely damning, A.J., because this is Jodi Arias`s mom. And a mother would normally say, "Oh, my gosh, there`s absolutely no way. It`s impossible. My daughter doesn`t have it in her to do something so hideous." The mother is not saying that.

She`s essentially rationalizing her daughter`s suspected behavior, saying, "Well, she`s had problems; she`s crazy." That`s what she`s basically saying. Except crazy in the legal definition is not knowing right from wrong.

HAMMER: Midwin, you are a criminal defense attorney. I have got to know your reaction to seeing this tape of Jodi`s mom basically saying, `Yes, I can see where she`d do that."

MIDWIN CHARLES, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, at first you feel really sorry for her. I mean, this is every parent`s worst nightmare, to find out their own child is even possibly capable of stabbing someone over a dozen times and slitting their throat, but Jane is correct. I mean, she`s essentially handing over on a silver platter reasons as to why she might have even done this. And it`s actually quite astonishing, A.J.

HAMMER: And we have even more tape. Let`s watch now as the detective tells Jodi`s mom her daughter`s suspected of murdering Travis. Now, her mom does -- does seem sad here, but yes, not terribly surprised. In fact, she even tells the detective that she asked Jodi if she killed Travis. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you have any suspicion at all that she had anything to do with his death?

S. ARIAS: I asked her. I asked her. That`s the first thing I asked her. She swore she did not go to Arizona. So, of course, I believed her. You know, but I questioned her about it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But you had enough suspicion to ask her?

S. ARIAS: Well, yes, of course. Because somebody died.


HAMMER: Whoa. Whoa. Jane, I mean, that says something, when your own mother feels she`s got to ask you if you murdered somebody.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, my gosh. I mean, just think about it for a second. Oh, yes, your daughter`s boyfriend is found dead. "Oh, did you do it, honey?" I mean, it`s absolutely mind-boggling.

And the sad fact is that it seems, according to these tapes, that there is numerous references to the possibility of her having bipolar; in other words, being manic-depressive. And perhaps this woman is an untreated bipolar.

HAMMER: And that was just the mom that we`re seeing there. Perhaps even more startling, we have Jodi`s own father, William, who didn`t seem all that shocked that Jodi was being charged with murder. That is No. 2 in our "SHOWBIZ Justice Caught on Tape" countdown.

In the interrogation tapes that were first revealed exclusively on HLN`s "DR. DREW ON CALL," we see Jodi`s father echoing what we just saw her mom say about Jodi`s possible mental problem and about her bad relationship with them. And he doesn`t seem at all surprised that Jodi is a murder suspect.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have a lot of evidence in the house that points her toward being the person who committed the murder. The only thing I don`t have is why; why she committed this.

WILLIAM ARIAS, FATHER: I know. She was getting along with him so good.


HAMMER: Of course, since then we`ve seen Jodi`s parents sitting front and center at the trial while Jodi made some really horrific claims and comments about them.

Midwin, these interrogation tapes, I think, really reveal to us the unimaginable hell that these parents must be going through right now.

CHARLES: They really do. They also give us a window into what kind of person or what kind of woman Jodi was and how her friends saw her.

But in looking at that tape, one of the things that really come to my mind is, how could her -- they not have any attorneys with them present? I mean, look at all this information that they`re volunteering. That`s actually assisting the person asking the questions in formulating a case against Jodi Arias. I mean, it`s just, from a defense perspective, horrible.

HAMMER: Jane, we`ve seen parents sitting in the courtroom while their child may sit accused of something, but seeing them sitting in that courtroom now against the backdrop of hearing them on tape talking about their daughter, I mean, this is crazy stuff to me.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: This kind of violence destroys so many lives. There`s Travis Alexander, the victim`s family. We saw one of his sisters sobbing in court yesterday.

And then, yes, there`s the defendant`s family. The siblings of Jodi Arias, who have done absolutely nothing wrong, are going to have to spend the rest of their lives being known as Jodi Arias`s brother and sisters. And that has got to be a toll and a burden. Violence destroys everything around it.

HAMMER: Yes. Imagine. Imagine being a part of all that.

But tonight, it`s the man who was convicted of killing the most popular star on the planet who we are naming No. 1 on the "SHOWBIZ Justice: Caught on Tape" countdown.

You remember Dr. Conrad Murray. He just gave his first jailhouse interview, calling into Anderson Cooper on CNN`s "AC 360."

Now Murray is currently serving a four-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. After again insisting he was not to blame for Michael Jackson`s death, Murray did something that -- well, you`ll see it -- it`s downright bizarre. He sang an old Nat King Cole song called "The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot."


DR. CONRAD MURRAY, CONVICTED OF INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER (singing): He`s the little boy that Santa Claus forgot. And goodness knows, he did not want to rot (ph). He wrote a note to Santa for some crayons and a toy. It broke his little heart when found Santa hadn`t come.


HAMMER: Wow. All right. So Conrad Murray -- and there`s a reason he sang the song. He says that "The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot" is the story of his life, that he grew up with nothing. But Midwin, could he have possibly done anything more bizarre to make his point?

CHARLES: Let me first say that Anderson Cooper should get an Oscar for keeping that poker face.

HAMMER: Yes, I don`t know. I saw a lot revealed in Anderson`s look there.

CHARLES: What a hot mess.

Listen, I guess Conrad Murray has a lot of time on his hands. He`s in the penitentiary. He`s in jail. And I guess this is how he feels, and he`s letting everybody else know that he feels like a victim.

And, you know, throughout the trial, which I covered two years ago, he kept saying that "I`m the victim here. I`m being targeted" and what have you. And so I guess this song is an expression of that fact.

HAMMER: OK. Charles. Bring my camera up here, ladies. Watch my face. When Anderson does this, that`s the point that you know he`s thinking, "I don`t know what the heck is happening right now."

CHARLES: He gets an Oscar for that one. I`ve got to tell you.

HAMMER: He sure does. All right. Jane, Midwin, Anderson. Thank you all so much.

Be sure to catch up with the very latest on the Jodi Arias trial with HLN`s newest hit show, "HLN AFTER DARK: THE JODI ARIAS TRIAL." It`s on Mondays through Thursday at 10 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN, and it is not to be missed.

I`ve got more stunning "Caught on Tape" shockers for you tonight. Oh, yes. You have to see this really unbelievable video that just got the head coach of the Rutgers men`s basketball team fired.




HAMMER: What a jerk. Kicking players, throwing basketballs at their heads. Is it just outrageous it took so long to get rid of this guy? And will the fired coach top our "Hoop Dreams and Nightmares" countdown?

Plus, it is the emotional home video that`s going seriously viral tonight.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some birthdays are more special than others.



HAMMER: Whoa! This is the mother-in-law who completely loses it, as you see, when she finds out she`s about to be a grandma. I am one-on-one with that very happy grandma-to-be and her daughter and son-in-law in our "SHOWBIZ 15 Minutes of Fame."



HAMMER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame."




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some birthdays are more special than others.

BARTHELSON: Oh! Oh my God. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


HAMMER: That`s fantastic. She`s having a baby. Yes, how`s that for a surprise birthday present? You just found out your daughter is having a baby, and your booming reaction to it is all caught on tape. That is definitely a reaction you don`t see every day. I`m almost crying watching that.

Grandma-to-be Hope Barthelson is really excited that her daughter, Ashley, and husband, Michael, are having a baby. So how surprised were Ashley and Michael when Mom couldn`t contain her joy over Ashley`s bun in the oven? Well, we`re all about to find out. Because with me tonight from Charlotte, North Carolina, Ashley and Michael Krauter, and Hope Barthelson.

So great to have you here, gang. Thanks for making my day.

ASHLEY KRAUTER, EXPECTANT MOM: Thank you for having us.

HAMMER: I mean, what a fantastic reaction to obviously such amazing news. Ashley, did you have any idea just how excited your mom would be when you made this announcement?

A. KRAUTER: Well, I knew that she would be excited. She`s a little over the top all the time. That`s why we had to make sure that we had a camera going. But we couldn`t have expected it to be quite that good, to go from screaming to crying to laughing. It was wonderful.

HAMMER: Holy mackerel. I mean, you couldn`t have scripted it. For a moment it almost looks fake. But as you continue to watch, you know, no, that`s really your mom, and it`s obvious it`s getting a whole lot of attention today.

Our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producers just love watching you, Hope. And let`s all watch a bit more of you on that video. Roll it.


BARTHELSON: I`m so excited. I`m so excited. I`m so excited. I`m so excited. You`ll have to live with us.


HAMMER: So what you`re saying, Hope, is you`re so excited. So when you saw the video back, how surprised were you at your own reaction?

BARTHELSON: Pretty surprised. Didn`t really remember anything. Ashley kept saying, "Well, you`ve got to look at it."

I said, "What are you talking about?" So I didn`t remember a lot of it other than my -- the dog, which is not my dog. It`s their dog. And they came to visit, including the dog. So that`s why I said the dog had to come live with us, because we`ll have room.

HAMMER: Well, you needed to hug everybody in sight. Has it sunk into you yet that you are going to be a grandma?

BARTHELSON: Oh, I am getting so ready. I have a bassinet. I have a new car that will hold a stroller. I have one of those Pack-and-Play things. I even have a stroller. She has to catch up.

A. KRAUTER: Yes, I have barely anything.


HAMMER: And Michael, you`re just smiling along. You had such a steady hand shooting that video, so I want to see your mother-in-law`s reaction when, in fact, it is time to have that child and the baby arrives in this world. Will you shoot that for us and share it with us?

M. KRAUTER: Absolutely. We can make that happen.

HAMMER: Share the reaction with us. You don`t have to share the actual birth. We just want to see her face.

Ashley, Michael, Hope.

M. KRAUTER: We can do that.

HAMMER: Really terrific having you guys here. Thank you so much for that great energy.

BARTHELSON: Thank you.

HAMMER: All right. As we move on, this gal is getting her own 15 minutes of fame tonight. Look at these moves.




HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT revealing the sea lion who knows how to dance, well, perhaps better than any of us.

Plus, I`m firing up another "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Hoop Dreams and Nightmares," including Kevin Ware`s dream to play again after a shocking on-court injury.


KEVIN WARE, RECOVERING FROM ON-COURT INJURY: At the time, the coach kind of just gave my leg like a look like he`s never seen something like this before. So I`m just thinking like my ankle`s hurt or something like that. And I look down at my leg, and my bone is six inches out of my leg.


HAMMER: Kevin just spoke out for the very first time since his life took a dramatic turn. Will it top our "Hoop Dreams and Nightmares" countdown?




JUANES, COLOMBIAN ROCK STAR: The music saved me. You know, it was like a way to escape from that reality. And through music, I just feel the opportunity to express my feelings and my fears.


HAMMER: That`s Juanes on "Live with Kelly and Michael" this morning. And he is perhaps the biggest star you may have never heard of.

The Colombian rocker has sold 16 million albums. He`s won 19 Latin Grammys and just broke some very big news to us that you have got to hear.

Tonight, I`m bringing you an incredible "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview with Juanes. He is blowing up here in the U.S., finally. He`s already a massive international superstar. So I`m telling you, if you didn`t know his name until right now, now you won`t ever forget it.

CNN Espanol`s Maria Santana just went one-on-one in Central Park with Juanes. She`s right here to reveal the big news he just broke to her about "Dancing with the Stars."

It`s so great to have you here, Maria.


HAMMER: Now, this big newsmaker interview is huge, because you were able to get some big news from Juanes. He told you what he`s going to do when you asked him if he might be on "Dancing with the Stars." Let`s watch that.


JUANES: I`m going to be performing at "Dancing with the Stars," and I`m very happy. I`m very excited. It`s such a great opportunity for me to share my music with a new audience.

SANTANA: What if they ask you to come back as a dancer?

JUANES: As a dancer? I don`t know. Maybe. I don`t know. I dance. I like to dance.


JUANES: But no, I prefer to play the guitar.


HAMMER: OK. So he`s not going to compete, Maria. But...

SANTANA: Not yet.

HAMMER: Is this performance going to make Juanes as big as his fellow Colombian superstar, Shakira, here in the United States?

SANTANA: Well, I can definitely tell you, A.J., that Juanes is well on his way. In the past few weeks he was the only Latin artist who performed on the Grammy awards. He actually sang a bilingual version of "Your Song," Elton John`s famous song.

He also performed at the MusiCare`s tribute to Bruce Springsteen.

But I can tell you that the big difference between Juanes and Shakira right now is that Shakira has done the full-fledged crossover. She has recorded albums in English. Juanes has yet to record anything in English. And yet he`s getting all of this attention from the English market here in the U.S.

You know, he`s someone who carved his own path. He only does things that feel right to him. And right now, he has been able to do -- have his own take on the crossover, being able to cross over in his native language. In fact, this performance on "Dancing with the Stars," he`s going to sing two songs. And he`s going to sing in Spanish, something that is unprecedented.

HAMMER: Wow. And you also got him to spill the beans on Shakira`s new gig as a judge on "The Voice," and he also broke some more news to you about his own possible future about being on a singing competition show.


JUANES: She`s talented, and she`s beautiful. She looks good. I just hope the best for her.

SANTANA: Would you do it? Would you be a judge?

JUANES: No. I`m very, very bad at that.

SANTANA: Really? You don`t like to -- you don`t like to squash people`s dreams?

JUANES: No, no, no. I don`t know. I don`t know, it`s hard for me. They invite me from Mexico and Colombia and Spain and I say, "No, no, thank you, guys." I just prefer to go on tour.


HAMMER: All right. Well, maybe he`ll change his mind. You know, it`s great seeing Shakira on. Great, great breaking news from that newsmaker today. CNN Espanol`s Maria Santana, appreciate it.

SANTANA: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, we move now from a rock star on the rise to a coach on the outs. I`m talking about the head basketball coach at Rutgers, who just got fired because of this vile video.




HAMMER: Shoving players around. Even kicking them. Such a nightmare. So will that coach`s outrageous caught on tape abuse top our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of "Hoop Dreams and Nightmares"?

Or will this possible dream-come-true be our No. 1? The amazing college basketball star who could become the first woman player in NBA history.


Here comes the "SHOWBIZ Buzz List." These are the top five things the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing all about today.

Forget about March Madness. It`s all about Mania Madness. Wrestlemania 29 airing Sunday on pay-per-view.

We are loving "Sight of the Sun" by fun. It`s on the amazing soundtrack of the hit show, "Girls."

This could be the biggest thing since caller I.D. The Thread app for Android shows the caller`s name and their latest social media status or e- mails. And now it is possible to know exactly what they are calling about before you even pick up the phone. There is an Apple version that`s coming soon.

Heartwarming. Caroline Kennedy has just released a beautiful book called "Poems to Learn by Heart."

And if you happen to be a "Mad Men" fan, I know you are psyched along with us, because the long-awaited sixth season of the show debuts on Sunday.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re not happy with anything.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The next day will be better.







A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Should he have been fired sooner?

Plus the hoop dream.


KEVIN WARE, LOUISVILLE GUARD: At the time, Coach kind of just gave -- gave my, like, leg, a look. Like he`s never seen something like this before. So I`m just thinking, like, my ankle`s hurt or something like that. And I look down at my leg and my bone is six inches out of my leg.


HAMMER: Kevin Ware`s courageous first public appearance today since the world watched in horror as he broke his leg at the NCAA tournament. Will his dream of playing again come true? And will Kevin top our SHOWBIZ countdown, "Hoop Dreams and Nightmares"?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And let`s kick off tonight`s SHOWBIZ countdown. Today`s top three "Hoop Dreams and Nightmares." And let`s get the proverbial ball rolling with number three.

This is a nightmare of a basketball bombshell today. Rutgers head coach Mike Rice fired today after an explosive video surfaced appearing to show him taunting his players physically and verbally. Let`s watch this.



HAMMER: Wow, what a jerk. Rice`s firing today comes four months after the university first learned of the video and kept it under wraps. Now first they suspended him for three days and they fined him 50,000 bucks.

Well, tonight SHOWBIZ dares to ask, is it outrageous that it took them so long to give him the boot?

I want to bring in Jackie Pepper, she`s in Hollywood. She`s a sports reporter and founder of

I think, Jackie, it is absurd that the man wasn`t fired on the spot.

JACKIE PEPPER, SPORTS REPORTER, PEPPERONSPORTS.COM FOUNDER: I don`t understand why he wasn`t either. We`ve seen other coaches be fired for being inappropriately aggressive with players. Most noticeably, Bobby Knight. He`s the most famous. But several in the last few years have been let go. And I don`t know why administrations aren`t learning that eventually you`re going to get caught. Things will be leaked to the media. So why not cut your losses right away?

I don`t know why these guys waited. And this guy`s disgusting.


PEPPER: He has a major temper problem. What`s wrong with him?

HAMMER: Yes. Who does not find this to be sickening behavior? It is absolutely indefensible. And just today after he was fired, the coach publicly apologized. Watch.


RICE: There`s no explanation for what`s on those films because there is no excuse for it. I was wrong, and I want to tell everybody who`s believed in me that I`m -- that I`m deeply sorry for the pain and the hardship that I`ve caused. Thank you very much.


HAMMER: Those words should come a little easier. He says he`s sorry now.

Jenn Hobby is with me tonight from Atlanta. Jenn is a radio host for KICKS 101.5.

Jenn, did that apology seem to you to be like the real deal? I mean, if that tape had not gotten out, it`s not as if the guy would have gone public with what he did.

JENN HOBBY, RADIO HOST, KICKS 101.5 MIDDAY HOST: Right. And I think that that`s what`s interesting about social media now and how we have access to these videos. There becomes a different kind of accountability when the public pushes Rutgers to say, hey, take another look at this. I know you slapped him on the wrist in November and he may be winning ball games, but this isn`t right. So there at least is another layer of accountability there.

HAMMER: Yes. Social media has really been blowing up. We have NBA star LeBron James among those offering his support for the Rutgers players. He was on Twitter today. Let me read what LeBron said. "If my son played for Rutgers or a coach like that, he would have had some real explaining to do, and I`m still going to whoop on him afterwards. Come on." LeBron, just one of so many who are tweeting their frustration with this coach.

Jackie, Coach Rice`s apology today, to you -- I mean, to me, I`ll tell you right now, it`s clearly not enough. He has a very long road ahead of him, and, you know, I can`t imagine it will be decades before he`s coaching again.

PEPPER: Two things come to mind. Number one, Oprah asked Lance Armstrong if he was remorseful and he said, everybody is sorry once they get caught. And that`s exactly the case with this guy. He`s sorry he got caught and lost a nice cushion job.


PEPPER: And number two, the difference between LeBron James, the other NBA players who are coming to the defense of the Rutgers players, these guys have already made it. These kids in college, they`re 18, 19, 20, 21. They`re trying to make something of themselves. What happens when you complain that your coach is being too aggressive? As a man in a macho athletic society, how is that going to look?

These kids have no power in college, where in the NBA the players have all the power and the coaches have to take the backseat. So it`s ease for a guy like LeBron to put that out there.

HAMMER: It just so, so sickening.

All right. Let`s move on now from hoop nightmares to some good feeling hoop dreams on our SHOWBIZ countdown. This is number two. Will this woman become the first to play in the NBA? Her name is Brittney Griner, one of the best in women`s basketball. Her season just ended. And Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, we also know him as a star on ABC`s "Shark Tank." He says that he may draft a woman into the NBA.

Jenn, is this just a hoop dream or do you actually see something like this happening?

HOBBY: Oh my gosh. As much as I would love to see something like this happen, I think that Mark Cuban is a very shrewd businessman.



HOBBY: And knows that this is going to get a lot of attention for his team. Now I think any time that you put a female athlete in the spotlight, it can only bring good things and good attention to women in sports. But I`m not sure that I believe the validity of what he`s saying.

HAMMER: At least Griner certainly likes the idea. She tweeted, "I would hold my own, so let`s do it."

Jackie, I know you know this league very, very well. And the last time that a woman even tried out for an NBA team, I believe it`s like 1979, do you think the chances are really any better now, as great as it would be, that it`s 2013?

PEPPER: Something that seems a little more realistic than drafting Brittney Griner would be inviting her to a summer league tryout which is after the draft. Every team has a compilation league of guys that they`re interested in and they all go to Vegas and they play together. That would be something that she could do reasonably and if she could hold her own, you could see somebody sign her.

Do I think that will happen? No. Jenn hit it right on the head. Mark Cuban, if there`s anything that guy is good at, it is making money. But Brittney Griner, she is fantastic. And I would love to see her go up against the guys.

Just so you know, female teams at the collegiate level and the WNBA, they play against male scouting teams made up of guys who used to play in college, guys who played professionally overseas. So she has played against men. We just haven`t seen her do it. But I`d like to see her take the chance.

HAMMER: I think that would be fantastic. And look, I don`t think I`ve ever mentioned the Dallas Mavericks on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in, you know --


PEPPER: Mark Cuban`s a winner every time.

HAMMER: All right. This brings us to number one. The big reveal on our SHOWBIZ "Hoop Dreams and Nightmares" countdown. And it is Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware. He made his very first public appearance today after than dramatic season and the injury at the NCAA tournament.

Kevin talked about that unbelievable moment that stunned all of us. Millions were watching when he broke his leg on live TV. Roll it.


WARE: At the time, Coach kind of just gave -- gave my -- like a leg, like, a look, like he`s never seen something like this before. So I`m just thinking, like, my ankle`s hurt or something like that, and I looked down at my leg and my bone is six inches out of my leg. And I saw coach and I just kept repeating over and over again, like, Coach, I`m going to be good, we just got to win this game. That`s just most important right now, I`ll be fine, let`s just win this game.


HAMMER: "I`ll be fine, let`s just win this game." I mean, Jenn hobby, can you believe this guy`s courage? It`s pretty inspiring.

HOBBY: It is. I think the real story that comes out of this story is just the dedication to his team and the teamwork and the brotherhood really that he belongs to with his team and his coaches. You know, he`s on the way to Atlanta for the NCAA, the Final Four, and wants to be here with the brotherhood. I just -- I just think that it`s such a neat story with such a sad beginning to it.

HAMMER: Yes. Certainly a sad beginning.


HAMMER: I think it says a great deal about his sportsmanship. And I think that in and it of itself is very inspiring particularly to any young people who are watching.

Charles, do we have the picture of Kevin`s avatar? Look at that. That is his new avatar. We just saw him walking on crutches. There`s a Cardinal on crutches showing that he`s still going strong, Jackie.

Now while he may not be the best player in the league, would you agree that today he is certainly the most inspiring and this is a true hoop dream?

PEPPER: Absolutely. He said in that interview that a lot of people have been telling him, this is more than you. This goes beyond you. There are people that get in life altering situations, car accidents, accidents where they lose limbs. And his attitude he said he hoped would inspire other people to be positive in what is ordinarily a horrible situation when something like this happens.

This guy is awesome. He has a lot of charisma. And even if he never plays again, which I think he will based on other guys who`ve suffered similar injuries, he may have another career path ahead of him because of this injury. I hope he makes the best of it.

HAMMER: We are so happy to make him number one tonight.

Jackie Pepper and Jenn Hobby, thank you both.

And as we move on, Justin Bieber, not monkeying around tonight. Yes, Bieb`s pet monkey is being held in quarantine in Germany. Justin, of course, wants his monkey back. But why the heck is the Biebs on tour with a monkey in the first place?

It`s SHOWBIZ quick hits.

Plus, did you see this? Most people can`t get into the groove, so how the heck did this sea lion learn to dance so well? Oh, yes. I am revealing the sea lion who`s getting down for science. Why this gal`s grooving is actually a major scientific breakthrough.

And wait until you see what we named our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness.



HAMMER: This could be a first. Robin Thicke`s new music video is banned from YouTube. This is the PG version of "Blurred Lines," the music video which also features T.I. and Ferell. In the uncensored video, those models there, they`re topless and wearing flesh toned underwear. The video is so hot that Robin actually asked his gorgeous wife, actress Paula Patton, for permission to film this thing.

We`re going to get to Robin Thicke`s sexy new video in just a moment but right now, it`s SHOWBIZ quick hits where we take on the day`s biggest stories at lightning speed. And first up, it`s Justin Bieber`s monkey business? Well, the Biebs apparently took his pet monkey, Mally, to Germany for his world tour only Mally didn`t make it past customs because Bieber didn`t have the proper paperwork to travel with her.

And it looks like Justin really misses his monkey. He just posted a picture on Instagram of Mally hugging a stuffed toy. That`s sweet.

With me from Hollywood, Shira Lazar with With me in New York, Amanda Seales, who hosts Smirnoff`s "Master of the Mix" every Monday at midnight on VH1. Of course you can catch Amanda on VH1`s "Best Week Ever" every Friday.

So I`m looking at this and it seems to me that Mally the monkey, while I am upset she is in this predicament, that she`s actually doing OK while she sits in an animal shelter in Munich. But Bieber doesn`t seem to be doing as well. First of course he had his big breakup with Selena Gomez, now his beloved pet monkey is taken from him.

Amanda, starting with you, 30 seconds, give me your take. Do you think that people are feeling sorry for Justin right now, or is Justin to blame for his monkey business troubles?

AMANDA SEALES, HOST, SMIRNOFF`S "MASTER OF THE MIX" ON VH1: Well, I think it`s a bit of both. I mean, you know, the Beliebers love their Justin. So whether he`s to blame or not, they are going to be by his side. However, Justin, I do feel is to blame for his troubles. He seems to be really wilding out. And you know, he has people that he has hired who should know that you can`t just bring a monkey into Germany without any papers. So maybe he needs to do some firing so that he can get his act together.

HAMMER: You`ve got to have proper people to manage the monkey.

SEALES: I`m just saying.

HAMMER: I`m just saying. Justin, by the way, has four weeks to get that paperwork in order if he wants to get Mally the monkey back and he`s also going to have to pay some pretty steep fines. Not really a problem, I`m sure.

I`m not being a Bieber hater here, but he`s getting slammed online. And I am amused by what one person wrote on


"Fragile creatures like this should not be pets of spoiled celebs. The Germans should have quarantined Bieber and sent the monkey home."


HAMMER: Shira Lazar, a lot of people are angry at Bieber saying he has no business taking the monkey on tour in the first place. Do you agree? Thirty seconds.

SHIRA LAZAR, WHATSTRENDING.COM: This is not a natural setting for a monkey to be in. I mean, it`s like he`s taking advantage of this monkey for media attention. But you know, this shows really how grounded Bieber is that he could own a monkey, tweet a monkey, maybe is making Selena Gomez jealous. But all I know, this is probably the luckiest monkey around. But I feel bad for all the parents out there who probably need to buy their Belieber kids monkeys now. Like how many monkey sales are going up right now? That`s what I really want to know.


HAMMER: I really hope not. I hope they`re not going up at all. But it always just fun to say, monkey.

Let`s move from Bieber`s monkey ban to Robin Thicke`s new music video banned from YouTube. No we can only show you the PG version of this new video for a song "Blurred Lines" because well, in the uncensored video the models are topless. So Robin went on his Twitter account to let people know they can see the real video on Vivo and now I`ve let you know, too.

Amanda, is the ban perhaps the best thing to happen to Robin Thicke since his hit single "Lost Without You"? Thirty seconds.

SEALES: You know, if he was trying to get controversy, to get attention, then this definitely worked. But if he was trying to get more fans, I don`t know. This to me looks really silly and pointless. Like is it really necessary to have naked women in the video to get the point of the song across? No. Is it necessary to have naked women in the video so that Robin Thicke can get a story about him? Apparently yes. And, look, it works.

HAMMER: It did work. Let`s reset the clock, Charles. Shira, 30 seconds. Good or bad move for Robin Thicke?

LAZAR: You know, the original video got over a million views. Like, that`s not enough. Let`s just put naked women and see how far we can go. I don`t get how his wife might not be jealous. Maybe they`re into that sort of thing. The thing that bothered me, though, besides the boobs, all the hash tags. How many hash tags can one music video have? That should have been illegal on YouTube from the beginning. Those are my thoughts.

HAMMER: I can`t tell you I don`t have the SHOWBIZ advocates handy, but it was many hash tags.

Shira Lazar, Amanda Seales, I thank you both so much.

Well, if you think the Bieber`s monkey is cool, you probably should look at this.

This is the sea lion who can dance, well, certainly better than me. This gal just loves to groove to disco, and I`m going to tell you why her amazing moves are actually being considered a major scientific breakthrough.

And wait until you see what we named our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness.


Time now for SHOWBIZ say what? Yes, that`s President Obama doing pushups. So why did he hit the floor and start pumping like that? Did the first lady just tell him to drop and give her 20? Share your thought bubble with us. Head to

I`d love to know what you think. So fill in the thought bubble. I`ll be sharing our favorite answers tomorrow right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: You know, most people can`t keep a beat, right? I mean, just think of the last family wedding you went to and you know what I`m talking about. So Imagine how hard it is to find an animal who can really get down.

Well, researchers at the University of California Santa Cruz have done just that. Did you see this? Meet Ronan, the three-year-old sea lion who loves to groove to disco. All right. I know this is just plain cool. But Ronan isn`t just keeping the beat for kicks. This is all in the name of science.

And CNN`s Jeanne Moos is right here for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to explain why the heck a dancing sea lion is considered a scientific breakthrough.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): If you think this is the only way a sea lion moves, watch her groove.

PETER COOK, RESEARCHER: And Ronan`s favorite song is definitely "Boogie Wonderland."


By Earth, Wind and Fire.

MOOS: And fired up is what researcher Peter Cook is.

COOK: She did not do this spontaneously. It took a lot of training.

MOOS: After almost a year and a half of study, researchers at Long Marine Labs, UC Santa Cruz, have published a California sea lion can keep the beat even to the Backstreet Boys.

(On camera): Now you probably think big deal, any idiot can keep a beat.

(Voice-over): But sometimes it`s hard even for humans. Ask Karl Rove. Or Rodney Dangerfield.

Scientists used to think only humans could keep a beat. Then a cockatoo named Snowball wowed the Web popping to the Backstreet Boys.

Research on Snowball showed birds with a talent for vocal mimicry are also able to keep a beat. Birds with a capacity for complex vocal learning.

But now Ronan the sea lion with no talent for vocal mimicry getting down to Earth, Wind and Fire. Of course, Ronan needed fish as a reward and had to start by bopping to the click of a metronome. Eventually she learned to find the rhythm buried in music.

And though YouTube is awash in dancing animals, like Lucky the elephant, and Stewart the salsa dancing dog, even walruses dancing to Michael Jackson, the difference is they`re likely responding to cues from a trainer or simply swaying rather than keeping the beat, along with nothing but music as stimulus and fish. But how do Earth, Wind and Fire feel about having a sea lion for a fan?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jeanne, he`s nailing it. He`s nailing it. And what I like about him, I think he might have to join the group, we might have to call it Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Right?

MOOS: Next assignment, Ronan the rapper.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s got the groove and I can`t wait until he hears the new album.


MORGAN: Really, who doesn`t love "Boogie Wonderland "?

That`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Keep rocking, Jeanne.

And this is also going to get you into the groove tonight. The brand new ad hunk that`s making salad dressing sexy. Come on, do you even care what this guy`s selling? It`s your zesty moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This hot new ad is going to make your night a whole lot better.



HAMMER: Time for SHOWBIZ awesomeness where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And tonight I`ve got something for you that`s seriously zesty. I`m talking about this guy. His name is Anderson Davis. He is making salad dressing sexy. He`s the brand new Kraft Zesty Italian hunk. People are calling him the next Isaiah Mustafa, you remember this guy? The hunky Old Spice guy?

Well, feast your eyes on the man who may have just topped the old spice guy as hunkiest ad star ever.


ANDERSON DAVIS, ACTOR/MODEL: Ladies, let`s make a salad. Shall we? This is the most beautiful pepper I`ve ever held. How zesty do you want it? A little? A little more? How about a lot more? Let`s get zesty.


HAMMER: Yes, first of all, you know Kraft is psyched. Check this out. Anderson is getting so much attention for that new salad dressing ad, he`s already getting marriage proposals. Here`s what he just told "Good Morning America."


DAVIS: I`ve had a couple of proposals online. I`ve got a ton of action on Twitter, I`ve got a ton of action on Facebook. And a lot of positive response. So I think we kind of accomplished what we set out to accomplish.


HAMMER: Who knew a salad dressing commercial could get its star so much awesome action.

Coming up next on "DR. DREW ON CALL" Drew`s views on the interrogation tapes of Jodi Arias` parents. What do you do when your adult child has mental issues? Dr. Drew starts right now.