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Jodi Arias Police Interrogation Tapes

Aired April 1, 2013 - 20:00   ET


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Tonight: Jodi Arias caught on tape, what the jury hasn`t seen and may never see, the footage you haven`t seen, not just any tape, Arias under police interrogation. We have the video, arias trying to wiggle her way out of an elaborate web of lies, shifting from one bizarre story to the next.

Tonight, Arias gabs to police about sex, wonders if she`s being recorded, belts out tunes, admits to animal violence. And there`s even footage of Jodi Arias being handcuffed. Take a listen as Arias explains that while she lives her life by the 10 Commandments, she claims she also takes notes of things those commandments don`t say.


JODI ARIAS, CHARGED WITH MURDER: When we broke up, I -- well, it was kind of a mutual thing, but I sort of more broke up with him. And it was kind of hard to do because I really loved him. But I just realized that without trust, you can`t have anything, and I had violated his trust.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is that the main reason you guys broke up, is trust?

ARIAS: Trust. I think that there`s...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not that the relationship was unhealthy because of the sexual activity (INAUDIBLE) but just that you guys couldn`t trust each other.

ARIAS: I think that -- and this doesn`t make it right. I think that, you know, being a convert, you know, I`ve had -- I`ve been -- I`ve had a couple of serious relationships before, where I was -- where I was intimate with a few people and it`s kind of silly, but I used to always joke that, regardless of what the bible says -- and yes, I`m Christian -- I just live my life by the 10 Commandments and that`s why those are my rules. You know, thou shalt not this or that, but it doesn`t say (INAUDIBLE) fornicate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You felt that the relationship between you and him was somewhat unhealthy, but you couldn`t stop it. I assume it`s probably maybe the same way you felt about him...

ARIAS: It`s possible that...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... maybe you didn`t understand why he didn`t believe it was healthy.

ARIAS: No, I didn`t think it was healthy (INAUDIBLE) spiritually, at least, and probably emotionally, but mostly spiritually. And I think that kind of -- once you have something that`s not healthy spiritually, it filters through all aspects of your life.

It`s -- it`s one of the -- it`s one -- there were three main reasons I moved back to Yreka, and one was I was in financial dire straits. I was not getting ahead. It was not -- I just -- things were not working. Everything in Arizona was, like -- except for the wonderful friends that I made in my ward (ph), and the opportunity -- it`s like the Mormon land of opportunity there, which is awesome. But except for all that, like, every sign was pointing just -- to just go, you know? You know, I wasn`t able to hold a job and that had never happened before. It -- you know, it -- too much of my -- my nightlife was -- was about him.

I haven`t found the guy or the man that I want to marry, the person I want to spend my life with. But in my mind, Travis did and I was happy for him and I thought there was also a part of me that felt if I stay, I`m going to jeopardize that for him, as well. We both deserve to be happy. We both deserve to have -- you know, be married in the temple, and that`s where he wanted to go.

So I mean, I didn`t know that Mimi (ph) didn`t feel that way. I had never spoken to her except at church when I came down to Arizona. It was really brief. And it was the bishop who told me that, you know, she had essentially turned him down. And the last few -- I mean, now that I think about it, he was really just blah, you know, in his attitude and stuff, and I just thought maybe that`s just because we`re just beginning to more distance ourselves.

I didn`t realize until I actually spoke with Ryan Burns -- he told -- the guy that`s in Utah. And we had been talking a lot. And we try not to talk about that because it`s kind of, like, Uh.

And plus, Travis is my ex-boyfriend. But at the same time, he`s my friend. So while I`m mourning my friend, how do you talk to your new potential possible mating (ph) person that you might start dating about your friend (INAUDIBLE) ex-boyfriends. So it`s kind of a gray area. I try not to talk about him too much, but he comes up a lot.

And it was through him that I learned that he said, you know, if you come out to Utah, things are really weird because everyone is -- everyone thinks that you could have had a hand in this.


ARIAS: I don`t know, but if I am -- if I go to trial for this and if I`m convicted for this, whoever did this is going to be sitting very pretty somewhere, glad that it wasn`t them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And it`s my job to make sure that an innocent person does not go to jail. But I don`t see an innocent person sitting in front of me.

ARIAS: (INAUDIBLE) obvious I was there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, it`s obvious that you committed a crime, that you hurt Travis.

ARIAS: There`s no reason for me to hurt him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No. It`s not like that. It`s -- I know that you did this, and you refuse to tell me why.

ARIAS: There`s no reason...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You refuse to tell me why. There`s no reason somebody else would come in and do this to him. There`s no motive whatsoever. Haven`t found any.

ARIAS: What is my motive?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jealousy, anger, fear, fear of being alone, angry at him for not keeping you in his life. I don`t know. That`s why I`m trying to figure it out. There are so many motives with you.

What if I tell you somebody saw you there, a neighbor. Do you remember some of the neighbors?

ARIAS: Just Dave.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The next-door neighbor and his wife?

ARIAS: I don`t know his wife.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What about some of the neighbors across the street?

ARIAS: No, I`ve never met them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, but you`ve hung around there quite a bit. They know you. Yes, they`ve seen you there on that day.

ARIAS: I wasn`t there that day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jodi, you were there that day.

ARIAS: Even if I -- I`m trying to think -- the majority of the time that I spent there, I had platinum blond hair. So I mean, and I`ve never once said hi to them, met them, shook their hand, met them face to face across the street. When I spent time there, he wanted to keep it private, so it was -- I spent the majority of my time inside, not, you know, walking around outside except for a few times when I took his dog for a walk.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But they see your car there? (INAUDIBLE) parked it down the street.

ARIAS: No, they would see it there. I drove an Infinity. So they would definitely recognize the car, I`m sure, because -- well, there were a lot of cars there a lot of times.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where`s the Infinity now?

ARIAS: I gave it back to the bank.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) somewhere? Are we going to find any evidence in that car?

ARIAS: You`re free to look.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m going to look.

You know, I`ve been doing this a long time, and there`s one thing that I can never get out of my head ever since the first day I talked to you. There`s an old saying that, you know, someone`s just not acting right, look into it. You have not acted right from day one.

From day one, when I talked to you on that phone, I just sensed it. You just -- you weren`t acting like somebody who used to love this guy or who still loved him...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... even as a close friend. And even now, when I told you that I have all this evidence against you and that you`re facing first degree murder charges, you`re just not acting right, Jodi. You`re acting like somebody who`s guilty.

ARIAS: How so?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You tell me. I know because I`ve been doing it a long time.

ARIAS: It`s not that I don`t...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s taken me a long time to figure it out, but within the first 30 seconds to a minute of a conversation, I know when somebody is acting right. There`s a certain way people act.

ARIAS: How did I act that would make you think...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s not like TV. It`s not anything like that. It`s not what you see in the movies. I see reality. When I accuse somebody of committing a heinous crime, or you know, something very serious, reality hits in and they definitely act a certain way. And that`s not you. You act just like everybody else who I accuse of doing a crime who did it. There`s no other way to tell you.

ARIAS: Is it because I`m not crying?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, it`s not because of that.

ARIAS: What is it? I mean, I`m not going to change how I act...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, obviously, you can`t change the way you`re acting.

ARIAS: No, I mean, I am who I am.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re sincere in the way you`re acting. But...

ARIAS: Well, how...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re just not telling the truth.

ARIAS: How is it different?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, that`s not really something you need to focus on anymore. I think you need to focus on the truth, but it`s something that you refuse. So if you don`t mind continuing, then we`ll just move on to the next step.

ARIAS: Listen, it`s not that I don`t love Travis and it`s not that I don`t still love him, but I really needed to move on. And the last...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What prevented you from moving on? Nobody was preventing you from moving on.

ARIAS: Well, the only person preventing me really from moving on was myself.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We know you had a .25 auto. You guys reported it stolen. We`ve recovered the ammunition, and it matches. We`ve recovered a shell casing, it matches the ammunition. Your prints, your blood, your hair, the motive -- you were there.

ARIAS: I wasn`t jealous of anything. I was a little bit amused (ph) that he was going to Cancun, but that wasn`t the reason. Like, I could go to Cancun. It`s not cheap to (INAUDIBLE) I mean, it`s not expensive to go to...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know. You were probably standing above him when he was in the shower, and you shot him in the head.

ARIAS: I was kneeling down beside him, looking at the pictures.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jodi -- and then you had a knife, and you stabbed him several times. Yes, you did. Jodi, what did you do with the gun?

ARIAS: I never had it in my possession.


ARIAS: Never. And I don`t have it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, you don`t have it. People say that when they know of the gun, they`ve seen the gun, they`ve touched the gun. You don`t have it.

ARIAS: I saw the gun.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, because you had it before. You`ve touched it. You used it. I know you have.

ARIAS: I don`t think I`ve ever even fired a gun. I`ve done bows and arrows, but not guns. Water guns, not a real gun. The gun that I got on Friday was never used.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you`re going to continue to tell me that you didn`t do this to him.

ARIAS: I did not kill Travis.


GRACE: Next, why is Jodi Arias worried about her purse?


GRACE: Jodi Arias is being questioned by police on suspicion of the brutal slaying of ex-lover Travis Alexander, but Arias appears to be concerned about getting her pocketbook or borrowing a sweater.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can I get you just to have a seat here? He`ll be right with you.

ARIAS: (INAUDIBLE) take my handcuffs off?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As soon as the detective gets in here, Detective Flores, he can take those off for you. I think that`s what he told you anyway, that (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m going to get those off you. Face that way. I`m going to get you a bottle of water.

ARIAS: Thank you. Any chance you I get my purse?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, we`ll get that from the house.

ARIAS: Will they bring it to me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, it`ll probably be put in your property. Here`s water for you.


ARIAS: Can we turn the heat up in here, or do you have a sweater I can borrow or something?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (INAUDIBLE) I`ll see if I can turn it off (INAUDIBLE) heat in this building.

ARIAS: Can I use the bathroom?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. I`ll get someone to come take you.

ARIAS: you know, I`m not, like, violent. I`m not going to run. It`s Yreka. So I mean, do I have to go in handcuffs everywhere? That`s just procedure?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whether you wrote a bad check or you`re facing murder charges, you`re going to go in handcuffs. That`s just the way it is.

ARIAS: I`m not a murderer.

What kind of gun is that?


ARIAS: I just bought a gun.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you? They probably found it by now.

ARIAS: Probably. I was taking it (INAUDIBLE)


ARIAS: What about a lie detector test?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We can do that. That`s fine.

ARIAS: Would that help me at all?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I mean, you can`t use them in court, but...

ARIAS: Well (INAUDIBLE) taking it. I thought those things can be used.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In certain cases.

ARIAS: In this case?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you want, I can check. Absolutely.

ARIAS: If I pass the lie detector test, would that help me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It could help you.

ARIAS: You`re (ph) so weird (INAUDIBLE)

If I`m found guilty, what happens?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`ll have to pay the price.

ARIAS: Well, what`s the price?


ARIAS: Don`t you know what the sentences are that (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It depends on your situation, how old you are. It depends on the type of crime. It depends on whether you show remorse or not. And part of that remorse is at least coming clean. But if somebody doesn`t come clean, I don`t see any remorse. I don`t know if a judge would see any remorse. I don`t know if a jury would see any remorse. But I don`t know. That`s not for me to decide.

ARIAS: You had asked me what have I been up to in the weeks since I got back. What did you mean by that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just what have you been doing because I know this thing has to be weighing pretty heavy on you.

ARIAS: I`ve been trying to put his death behind me. If I did anything that had anything to do with his death in any way...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s not "if" to me.

ARIAS: ... I wouldn`t...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s not "if." It`s not "if" at all.

ARIAS: Well, to me it is. I would be more than remorseful.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is it maybe something you`re blocking out of your head?

ARIAS: I don`t think so. I mean, I tend to write everything down.

Travis has done a lot for me, and I wouldn`t hurt him. He introduced the gospel to me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I have proof that says otherwise, Jodi.


GRACE: Still to come: Not one but two songs Jodi Arias belts out during police interrogation.


GRACE: "I don`t know," "I don`t remember" -- things we`ve gotten used to hearing in the Jodi Arias trial. Ironically, Arias herself sings a song about her memory while being interrogated by police. You`ve really got to see it to believe it. But that`s not all. She also sings "Oh Holy Night." Throughout the song, Arias engages in extremely awkward behavior.


ARIAS: (SINGING) I didn`t hear you breathe, I wonder how am I still here (INAUDIBLE) it might change my memory, and I won`t go and I can`t breathe until you`re resting here with me (INAUDIBLE) and I won`t go and I can`t hide and I can`t breathe until you`re resting here with me. O holy night, the stars are brightly shining, this is the day of our dear savior`s birth, he knows our needs, oh hear the angel voices, oh night divine, oh night when Christ was born, oh night...


GRACE: Next: Just when you think you`ve heard it all, more jaw- dropping Jodi Arias interrogation video.


GRACE: Tonight, Jodi Arias caught, the footage you have not seen, not just any tape, it`s Arias under police interrogation. We have the video. As Arias tries to wriggle her way out of an elaborate web of lies, shifting from one bizarre story to the next, police pressing Arias during the questioning. But Arias is more concerned about whether she`ll be on the news that night, even wondering whether Travis Alexander`s family is talking to police.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It went to a grand jury and the grand jury indicted you.

ARIAS: So it`s all public now?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s public record.

ARIAS: So does everyone know?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If someone goes and checks public record, they can check it, and they would come up with an indictment against you for murder.

ARIAS: But it`s going to be on the news tonight?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t report anything to the news.

ARIAS: Has his family called today?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No. They don`t even know that I`m talking to you.

ARIAS: But they`ve been calling every day?


ARIAS: Are you going to tell them?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I talk to them every day. How would you feel if your little brother or little sister was killed?

ARIAS: I have been wanting to call every day too, but I didn`t want to look obsessive, so I just tried to limit it to once a week.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know the relationship that you guys had was of convenience sometimes. Obviously you weren`t boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, but you were still having a sexual relationship.

ARIAS: Does his family know about that? Just curious.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No. His family doesn`t know anything.

ARIAS: OK. I`m just -- I`m interested in protecting how he`s remembered, as well. And he was very -- he was --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I`m sure if Travis would speak right now, he wouldn`t care what people thought about him, because they knew who he was.

ARIAS: I`ve been working at a Mexican restaurant on the north end of town. I`ve been kind of in a daze at least for the first few weeks.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Like everybody, you know.

ARIAS: Yeah. I know that a lot of people have been posting on Facebook really nice things, you know, and memories. And at one point I was like, well, maybe I should do that, so I posted this thing, and I just said all my memories. And I realized looking back on it that it was kind of -- it kind of sounded immature, because it`s more of like a `my dear Travis` kind of letter, so I took it down.


ARIAS: Yeah, some of it was more personal, not too personal, nothing inappropriate. I just felt funny. I think because I`m a photographer. I tend to communicate more through pictures, so I posted a ton of pictures that I had of him. And I had a ton more but I just can`t access it right now, and videos and things that I know his family would want, but so I posted pictures and I took that down. And I posted something last week. But other than that, I have been on Facebook and Myspace a lot looking at his profile, looking at his pictures, reading things about his obituaries and news updates. And there`s, where I can write something about him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have seen a lot of those postings.

I`m begging you to at least come clean and tell me why, because I don`t want to leave here today not knowing, because it`s going to follow me forever.

ARIAS: I wish that I had answers. I`m sorry.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You need to just let the answers come out.

ARIAS: There`s just no reason. There`s just no reason.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you have never seen this camera? His new camera?

ARIAS: I don`t know. He described it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you ever touch his camera?

ARIAS: I`ve never seen it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. So there is no reason your fingerprints should be on it?

ARIAS: Mmm mmm.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, because that thing is off at a lab right now, and they`re hopeful that they can get some prints off the camera.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And if your prints come back on that camera, what are you going to say?

ARIAS: Well, they won`t come back on it because I never touched it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But you still can`t explain the rest of this stuff.

ARIAS: I honestly can`t explain the pictures or the palm print. The other stuff I can explain.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can`t explain the blood either, because that blood is in blood. I mean, it`s part of the print. Unless you cut yourself at the beginning of the year and left your palm print in blood and it stayed there until he was killed.

ARIAS: I cut myself, it wasn`t in the beginning of the year. It was before convention.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, you can`t explain it.

ARIAS: I`d have to say early March.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That palm print is there in blood, partially yours and partially his.

ARIAS: Is it possible there`s just like any other way in the universe that that could have gotten there?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Possible. Probable is the question you need to ask, and probable is absolutely not probable.

ARIAS: I understand that, but it is possible.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anything is possible. I think you`re feeling the reality in the moment now.

ARIAS: No, I`m just feeling all of the things that I`m going to potentially miss out on with my family, and I think of all the things that Travis` family is going to miss out on with Travis. And he had brothers and sisters, and I have brothers and sisters. It`s not fair.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s not fair, but this is where we are.

ARIAS: I mean, I know that he`s in a good place and I know that he`s fine. I know that he`s doing great, but what about all of his friends and all of his family that are here, and they`re just going through all of this, and I know that it`s temporary but it`s so very much right now. I know that I didn`t take Travis` life, and I know you don`t believe me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know you did.

ARIAS: And I know you don`t believe me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t believe you.

ARIAS: As long as I am here, someone else is happy that it`s not them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you`re just going to let these two people get away with it?

ARIAS: There is not even any way to identify them. One was male, one was female. They were taller than me. Not by a whole lot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. Are you ready to go back?

ARIAS: Um, yes, I guess. I`d still like to say something to his family, but I don`t think I have anything that could bring them comfort.


ARIAS: Maybe I could write them a letter.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, you always have that opportunity to do that.

ARIAS: Would they receive it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know. I don`t know.

ARIAS: I don`t mean would they accept it, I mean, if I made it to them, would they get it? Do you know?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would they get it? I don`t have -- I`m not going to provide you their address. They know where you`re going to be, and if they want to make contact with you, they can do that.

ARIAS: That`s fine. I know his grandmother`s address. And at least I could mail it, but.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jodi, they went across the street to get you something to eat. You are probably hungry by now. So I figured in the meantime, while we are waiting and you`re just going to sit here and hang out, if you want to draft that rough draft to Travis` grandmother or family, this would be a good chance for you to do that.

ARIAS: Well, it will just be a rough draft. Can I take it back with me, so I can use it to work on a final draft?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, we can work something out. Yes.

You all finished up?

ARIAS: For now, yes.


ARIAS: For now, yes. Can I take this or no?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, let me just see. Make sure you`re not sneaking jail secrets out or something. Did you take the paper with you? Where did you put it?

ARIAS: Right here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you write anything on it?

ARIAS: No. Want to see it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let`s go ahead and stick it in your pocket. It will stay there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Turn around please.


ARIAS: I think so.


GRACE: When we come back, Jodi Arias actually admits to kicking a dog. You won`t believe what happens next.


GRACE: Detective Flores confronts Jodi Arias. That quote, everybody says she is capable of hurting Travis, but Arias tells police how she, quote, love, love, loves animals, but then seconds later admits she kicks her pet dog. And then according to Arias, the dog is never seen again.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why is everybody saying that you are capable of hurting him? Everybody says it. So don`t tell me that you`re not capable.

ARIAS: I don`t even hurt spiders.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you ever had any anger issues before? Never in your past?

ARIAS: I`ve had arguments. Travis and I --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, everybody has arguments. I`m talking about anger, just absolute anger where you just lose it sometimes.

ARIAS: I had a nervous breakdown once.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You taking any medication or anything? Nothing?

ARIAS: Well, I had a nervous break down when a boyfriend and I were arguing once, and he began to argue with me in a way that was totally different from how we had ever argued before, and he was just like, every time I`d say something, he was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, you know? It was kind of weird. Every time I would try to formulate a thought, I was just sad and I was crying. Every time I tried (inaudible), he would interject and twist it, and it was like the weirdest psychological thing that had ever happened. And the way I reacted was I went into my room that was (inaudible), I went into my room and shut the door. We had separate bedrooms. And I was in his room and went down the hall to my room and shut the door, and I just remember hyperventilating, and that`s all, and I was crying, and then I went to get something out of my car.

And when he saw that, he thought I was going to leave, so he asked for the key to his truck and pulled behind my car because he I was so upset and I shouldn`t drive anywhere. Other than arguments, no anger issues that I can remember.

Oh, I kicked a dog once. I was a freshman in high school. And I love, love, love animals. And once we had this dog, his name was doggy boy. And my parents, (inaudible), have never been able to -- and I don`t mean just them, we as a family have never been able to care for a dog properly, sort of give it attention and take for the walks and be consistent, so this dog stayed in the backyard a lot and he stayed tied up in the shade, with plenty of leeway. At one point, though, he was untied, and I took the trash out -- and he -- and this was when my little brother and sister were still in diapers. And he tore -- it was the diaper trash, and he tore diapers all over the yard. And of course I had to clean it up. And when diapers get wet and they are like jelly spongy weird stuff. And I got mad and I just kicked him with my right foot. And he just moved a few feet and he didn`t yelp or anything, but he just ran away, and I never saw him again after that. And that was probably an anger issue, I guess.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, one time kicking a dog isn`t an anger issue.

ARIAS: It changed my world as far as animal treatment goes, because I`ve never seen him since. And I need to apologize for that to him. I know it sounds weird. My relationship with animals is kind of like they`re people too, and they have souls.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What you need to do is apologize to Travis, but you just refuse. And I can`t help you anymore if you`re not going to help yourself.

ARIAS: I just finished the book "The Road Less Traveled," and he said the true definition of sanity is dedication to reality at all costs. So I think at times, you know, I may have prayed or meditated upon a certain way, you know, like me being wealthy or something like that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, this is definitely reality. We are sitting here inside of an office of the sheriff`s department, and you are facing first degree murder charges. And you are going to be booked into jail and eventually you will be brought back to Arizona and you will stand trial. That`s the reality. And once you realize that, I think you`ll be better for it. And if you really wanted to embrace reality, you would sit here and explain to me why this happened, but you refuse. You refuse to embrace reality.

ARIAS: I don`t know why. I don`t know why he was killed. I don`t know why. I had issues with Travis. If anything, he had more issues with me. I`ve had worse issues with other people. They`re all still alive. I`m still friends with my ex-boyfriends. They are all still alive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you talked to your parents about what happened?

ARIAS: I told them I was worried about stuff.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: About what stuff?

ARIAS: I said that well, they knew I was upset about Travis, and I feel really bad, by the way I was acting (ph) because I wasn`t especially toward my grandparents.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why are they not surprised that you`re sitting here talking to me about this?

ARIAS: What do you mean?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They are not surprised. They`re concerned. They`re hurt.

ARIAS: Have you talked to them?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I haven`t, but my other detectives have, and they`re very concerned with you, but they kind of suspected that you had something to do with Travis` death, as well. Whose parents think that?

ARIAS: That`s because I told them that a lot of people were dropping my name. I said I`m not worried about it because I didn`t do it. I said, but it is very much hurting my reputation right now. .


GRACE: Stay with us. Arias caught on tape.


GRACE: You`ve seen Arias exhibit very odd behavior, to say the very least. But now watch closely as she awkwardly asks the police if she`s being recorded, even inspecting items in the police interrogation room.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to kind of clarify some of these things. And, you know, if there`s a question that you don`t want to answer and you don`t feel comfortable, you can say no. Or you can elaborate as much as you want. It`s completely up to you. It`s at your speed. I don`t want to pressure you.

ARIAS: Is this recorded at all? Should we --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know if there is a recording or not.

ARIAS: I know these are voice recorders. I noticed them. I don`t know if they have video or audio or batteries or--

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t think they`re on.

ARIAS: Sorry, I`m really cold.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I haven`t touched those or anything, but.

ARIAS: Oh, OK. It`s not that I`m not remorseful that he died. I didn`t kill him. I didn`t take his life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you have anything to do with it?

ARIAS: I had nothing to do with his death at all. At all. The reason I hesitate is because maybe it`s something that`s wrong with me psychologically. I think of the butterfly effect. And it`s like, you could say that the guy pumping gas down at the gas station could have potentially, because you see all these movies, these funky movies where it`s like this effected this which effected this which effected if he had never done this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know if you had never met him, he probably would still be alive.

ARIAS: That`s true.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. That`s because you killed him.



ARIAS: I did not.


GRACE: When we come back, Jodi Arias surveillance footage neither you nor the jury has seen.


GRACE: We remember American hero, Army Staff Sergeant Derek Farley. 24, Nassau, New York. Two Purple Hearts, Bronze Star, two Army Commendation Medals. Parents, Kenneth and Carrie, brother Dillon (ph), stepsisters Colleen, Teresa, Jilly (ph). Derek Farley, American hero.

The police handcuff Jodi Arias. And it`s all caught on tape.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I need a story or else it`s just cold. It`s so cold. You don`t look like the person that would plan something like this. You, you`re just not that person. I can believe other things, but not that. But without the truth, I can`t paint another picture. And it`s going to be up to the prosecutor to paint that picture. And if you want that prosecutor -- and I`ve met him -- and you don`t want him painting that picture. Because he is good at what he does. I`ve worked with him before. And you allow him to paint that picture for you, it`s not going to be good.

ARIAS: It looks like you don`t really need anything -- it just looks like -- it looks like you don`t even need a good prosecutor anyway, so --


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here`s your shoes. Why don`t you go ahead and put those on. Go ahead and stop right there and just turn around. Put your hands behind your back.


GRACE: Everyone, thank you for being with us. I`ll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp Eastern.