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Top Jodi Arias Shockers; Madonna Dresses as Cub Scout at GLAAD Media Awards; Tiger Woods Dating Lindsey Vonn; Countdown of Top 3 Reasons Jodi Arias Trial is Most Compelling Reality Show on Television

Aired March 18, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Well, you just saw on "HLN AFTER DARK," the dramatic recreation of Travis Alexander`s apartment. And right now, in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," today`s top three Jodi Arias Shockers, including the breaking news tonight that Lifetime already has a Jodi Arias movie in the works. "HLN AFTER DARK" co-host Ryan Smith is right here to break it down with us.

Plus, we`ve got the top three ways the Arias case is playing out just like a reality show. Two top reality stars are also right here to weigh in tonight.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," tonight`s top three "Jodi Arias Shockers," and that, of course, includes what we just witnessed on "HLN AFTER DARK," the dramatic recreation of the apartment of Jodi Arias`s boyfriend, Travis Alexander, where she killed Travis by shooting him, stabbing him nearly 30 times, and slitting his throat, in self-defense, as she claims.

With me tonight from Atlanta is the host of "HLN AFTER DARK," Ryan Smith. See him, of course, weeknights at 10 p.m. Eastern here on HLN. What a great recreation, Ryan. We are kicking things off on our countdown tonight with our No. 3 shocker, the recreation that we just saw on "HLN AFTER DARK."

Now, Ryan, along with your fellow co-host of "HLN AFTER DARK," Vinnie Politan, walk us through this recreation, because it is just amazing.


VINNIE POLITAN, CO-HOST, "HLN AFTER DARK": Standing inside this recreation of the death scene, Ryan, what`s more shocking to me is the space. A lot smaller than it seems, I guess, on TV.

RYAN SMITH, CO-HOST, "HLN AFTER DARK": So much smaller. Because the way you described it, you thought it was such a big space, because he`s jumping out of that shower.

POLITAN: This is the shower right here.

SMITH: Right.

POLITAN: He`s got to get out of the shower and body-slam her...

SMITH: And there`s only this much space to do it in.

POLITAN: And she`s got to get past him to get down this hallway. SMITH: Right. And it`s all the way down here.


SMITH: ... each other.

POLITAN: And then ultimately, when you get inside the closet here, yes, it`s a big master closet, but with two people chasing each other, this is not as big as it seems.

SMITH: Exactly. Normally, there would be a wall here, so that`s part of it. But then the other part is, she`s about 5`5". She`s jumping up on this. See these shelves? See how they tip?

POLITAN: Flimsy.

SMITH: She`s grabbing the gun and still maneuvering to get into the next room.

POLITAN: While he`s chasing her. And all of this, again, inside, when you`re actually in the scene, so much smaller, everything would happen so much quicker. To me, it makes her story less credible. But that`s just my interpretation, having been inside this recreation.


HAMMER: Wow. That`s something to see. Amazing how "HLN AFTER DARK" rebuilt Travis Alexander`s apartment there, Ryan. It is very enlightening. Does it really just cement for you that Jodi Arias not only killed Travis Alexander, which of course, she admits to, but she knew exactly what she was doing?

SMITH: It does. And not only that, it makes it hard to see self-defense here, because she adds so many details. And I`ve always said that`s her biggest problem here. When she adds details, it becomes more and more confusing.

So for example, Travis has to jump out of that shower, grab her, body slam her, run down the hallway. And once you see it all set up, especially the part where she says she shot him, A.J., that bathroom, when you hear it in court, it sounds like it`s a very large bathroom.


SMITH: But when you see Vinnie and I in that room, it`s really, really small. So it`s hard to imagine that she did all these things, especially shooting him without a lot of gun residue, which would require them to be about 18 inches to 2 feet away. And it`s hard to be that far away in the picture that you show right there, us standing almost next to each other, because that`s all the room we have.

HAMMER: Yes, I have to imagine, again, after hearing about this in court so much, you walk into that for the first time, before the cameras are even rolling, Ryan, and I imagine it had to have opened up your eyes in other ways about this case.

SMITH: In so many ways. In almost every way. I mean, just going down the hallway, the time it would take to do that. Also, the gun on top of the closet.

You know, you wish you could have these in every courtroom. The reason you don`t have them is because they`re so open to interpretation that the other side is always going to object and say, "Well, you know, we can`t do this." But it happens every once in a while if a judge is willing to agree to it and both sides agree to it.

But it tells the story because it tells it visually. And like we did on the show tonight, you can walk through it, and it creates so many questions in your mind, especially when you have such a defying story like Jodi Arias did that all this stuff happened within 60 to 70 seconds.

HAMMER: Yes, and I`ve got to tell you, the recreation really is a game changer for me, and I think for so many people, watching you guys do that really adds a lot of depth to it.

That brings us to our No. 2 "Jodi Arias Shocker" on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown." It`s brought to you tonight by Jodi herself. This is a shocking, just-revealed video of Jodi in the interrogation room four years ago after speaking with prosecutors.

Now, you would think that she`d be there sobbing, maybe even hysterically crying or even frantic after her boyfriend is dead at this point, but no. She`s seen singing and laughing, even standing on her head. Let`s watch.


JODI ARIAS, MURDER DEFENDANT: Goodness. You should have done your makeup, Jodi. Gosh.

It`s not fair! How many times was Travis stabbed?

(singing): It might change my memory.


HAMMER: And here she goes, doing the headstand. OK. A little yoga. Sometimes it can relax you, I guess, but she joked around about not wearing any makeup. What does the whole video say to you?

SMITH: It says to me that this is a person who`s got so much going on in their head, we can`t begin to figure her out. And you know what, A.J.? When I first saw this, I thought, wow, it just doesn`t add up to her being really sane here. And a lot of people were tweeting me and Facebooking me: "Hey, she doesn`t seem like she`s in her right mind."

Here`s the problem with all that. Her defense never filed any kind of insanity plea, so they`re basically saying she`s normal. When I see that kind of video, I look at it and I say this is a person who`s lying to police. She`s minutes away from being arrested. And she`s doing all this what I call foolishness in that room. Because you`re supposed to -- at least you say you`re acting like you`re sad that he`s gone and you can`t believe this happened, and yet you`re playing around. You`re doing things that show a focus on you rather than on the situation.

So to me it shows some kind of person who can disassociate themselves from what`s really going on and focus, really, on themselves, which is just bizarre to see.

HAMMER: Really bizarre. And one of the things that really stood out to me was -- and we just caught a line of it in the clip that we played, but she`s singing "Here With Me" by Dido. I instantly recognized the song.

I pulled up the lyrics from the song. We saw the one line that we pulled up there. But she sings, "I didn`t hear you leave. I wonder how I am still here. I don`t want to move a thing," and then "it might change my memory."

Now, first of all, Ryan, we`ll get to that in a second, but she won a singing contest in jail some time ago when she was waiting for the trial. Now we`re seeing her singing while she`s being interrogated. Very interesting to me that she`s singing the lyrics, "It might change my memory," given she`s testified that she doesn`t remember killing Travis. What do you think? Am I reading too much into that? Is that a coincidence or is there something there?

SMITH: I don`t think it`s a coincidence. I think she`s someone that`s forming a story while she`s in that room. And notice, she`s telling the police a story that`s not true, so then she starts singing about her memory. I don`t think that`s a coincidence at all.

I think that she thinks she`s getting away with this, and she`s singing that in that room to try to say what she`s doing.

It`s the weird thing about Jodi Arias. She wants you to believe the story that she tells. Yet she says things that I think give her away.


SMITH: And could you imagine how powerful this would be if this was in the courtroom, but it won`t ever be seen by the jury.

HAMMER: But it will be seen by and has been seen now by everybody else watching it live here on HLN.

Well, the jury got to ask its own really smart questions of Jodi, of course. What do you think they would think if they saw that video?

SMITH: I think it would be a game changer. I think the trial would be over, because I think they would see somebody who has no remorse and who wasn`t concerned. Because this is a person who`s already said in court, "I lied to police because, A, I was ashamed; but also, B, I didn`t want to sully Travis`s memory."

So she`s in that room. She`s lying to police about what happened to Travis, and she`s playing around at the same time. Which to me shows you`re not concerned at all about Travis; you`re only concerned about yourself. And you kind of feel like you`re getting away with it.

So if they saw this, I mean, this would change everything, because they would see somebody who is exactly the opposite of what she`s trying to be to that jury on the stand.

HAMMER: OK. But it`s only for our eyes, at least until the trial is over, as far as they`re concerned.

But it is time now to reveal our No. 1 Jodi Arias shocker today. You`ve to get ready for Jodi Arias, the TV movie. It was inevitable, right? And now we have the shocking news that Showtime confirmed today. Lifetime has already begun working on a movie based on the Jodi Arias case.

Now, this is unprecedented for Lifetime. We`ve seen these types of shows in a miniseries before, but for the Casey Anthony trial and the Drew Peterson trial, in each case, they waited until after there were verdicts before they would make these movies about those notorious cases.

Ryan, what does this say to you about the massive obsession with this case that they`re started on it already?

SMITH: They want to get a head start, and they want to get on it as soon as possible because so many people are dialed into this trial.

And you know, it`s funny, A.J.. When we look at trials like these, especially when they have explosive allegations like she`s made, it just turns around naturally in your mind. Somebody going told a movie about this, you know.

And when you look at a situation, I think you`re seeing networks say, "We`ve got to take advantage of people who are very interested in this story."

Now, I saw the Drew Peterson one on Lifetime. I also saw the Casey Anthony one, and I think in many ways they do a pretty good job. They`re trying to do certain representations, of course.

HAMMER: Right.

SMITH: But I`ve got to say I`m not surprised at all, and I think you`ll see more of it as more trials come out.

HAMMER: It will be interesting. And we`ll see if Rob Lowe joins in, like he usually does for these types of things.

SMITH: Ryan Smith, thank you so much. Great seeing you.

And be sure to catch up with the very latest on the Jodi Arias trial with HLN`s new series. It`s "HLN AFTER DARK." Such a terrific show, it`s a great show, right here on HLN. Monday through Thursday, 10 p.m. Eastern here on HLN.

And get ready for yet another Jodi Arias "SHOWBIZ Countdown." You don`t want to miss this tonight. We give you the top three ways the Arias case is playing out just like a reality show, including her courtroom showdown with the lead prosecutor and the way America just loves to hate her.

And we`ve got two amazing reality stars right here tonight, Cheri Fletcher and Aubrey O`Day. They`re going to show us how the Jodi Arias case is so much like a reality show.

Plus, Madonna versus the Boy Scouts.


MADONNA, SINGER: I wanted to be a Boy Scout, but they wouldn`t let me join. I think that`s (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up.


HAMMER: This is amazing. Madonna`s urgent new call for the Boy Scouts to lift their ban on gays.

And Beyonce`s brand-new single getting some major backlash tonight. Why is she telling everyone to bow down to her? That`s not all she`s saying. It`s all in tonight`s explosive "SHOWBIZ Quick Hits."




MADONNA: I wanted to be a Boy Scout but they wouldn`t let me join. I think that`s (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up.


HAMMER: Oh, Madonna, what kind of language is that for a prospective Cub Scout? Come on.

Tonight, "SHOWBIZ Quick Hits." Madonna dresses up like a scout to make a very bold point.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

It`s Madonna scouting for some controversy kicking off "SHOWBIZ Quick Hits" tonight. Pop star took aim squarely at the Boy Scouts. This was at the GLAAD Media Awards over the weekend. And she did it by dressing as a scout. She was there to present an award to CNN`s Anderson Cooper, as you see.

But dressed as a Cub Scout, Madonna took the opportunity to mock the scouts for its policy of banning gay scout leaders. And she listed the reasons that she thinks she`d be a good scout. Watch this.


MADONNA: I wanted to be a Boy Scout, but they wouldn`t let me join. I think that`s (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up. I can build a fire. I know how to pitch a tent. And most importantly, I know how to scout for boys. So I think that I should be allowed to be a Boy Scout. And I think they should change their stupid rules.


HAMMER: Well, there you go. She`s never one to hold back.

With me in New York, lifestyle expert Megan Meany. In Hollywood, we have actor and comedian Skyler Stone. And message aside, guys, we know that Madonna is kidding about becoming a scout, but her comments have us wondering, would she make a good scout leader. And Skyler, I`m going to start with you on that.

SKYLER STONE, ACTOR/COMEDIAN: Yes, she would. Me and Madonna go way back. She gave me my first -- well, you know, exactly. She`s amazing. I don`t always stand up for Madonna. You know what I mean? She made me obsess myself with videos, made me love her. Can you imagine merit badges if she was a scout leader? Proper use of leather in a bedroom, flirting with lesbianism? It would be great. I`d know a lot. I would have been set for dating.

HAMMER: Yes, Megan, I think she`d be perfect, as long as she doesn`t step over the borderline.

MEGAN MEANY, LIFESTYLE EXPERT: Hey, oh, listen to you.

She`s a survivor, right? I mean, she`s going to be just fine out there in the wilderness. She has survived the world of the spotlight all these years.

But you`ve got to love Madonna. Always the material girl making her political statement through her clothing. I love it. I`d say that they definitely got their money -- money`s worth out of this keynote speaker. She made her point.

HAMMER: Although I would have to say this is the most conservative controversial outfit she`s ever worn. Right? I mean, come on.

MEANY: I think when the cameras went off, you know, she lost the buttoned- up look.

HAMMER: Yes, maybe it was a tear-away or something like that.

Next in our "SHOWBIZ Quick Hits" tonight, a pairing that some might even consider stranger than Madonna and the Boy Scouts: these two, as Tiger Woods and pro skier Lindsay Vonn now, they finally come out as a couple officially. Because today, after weeks of rumors that the two were seeing each other, they made it official in, you know, the romantic, old-fashioned way, with announcements on Facebook. And today, they also posted these new pictures of themselves as a newly official couple.

This the very first relationship that Tiger has taken public since his constant cheating ended his marriage to Elin Nordegren. That was back in 2010.

Skyler, I`ve got to get your take on these two as a champion couple. What do you think?

STONE: Well, I think a skier is perfect for him. I mean, I can`t tell how often she`s going to be out of cell-phone tower range. That`s great for a cheater.

But you know, I love how he took to Facebook, and the first thing he says is -- he`s like, "We`ve known each other for a long time." Yes, I`m sure you have. I can`t wait for the investigation of how many cheating texts and voicemails you`ve had over the last few years. I don`t buy that they`re just now started. But he moved her -- he moved her up to girl No. 1. She was girl No. 13 for a while.

HAMMER: OK. She`s earned a higher space on the speed dial.

Megan, I`ve got to get your take on these two champions.

MEANY: Look, you know, he may end up with a set of skis through his windshield next, but there`s some good things here. I mean, if you believe those relationship shows out there, this is a good thing. They both have similar interests. They`re both professional athletes. They both live in the public eye. You know, Elin was not from this country. She was not in that sports world. Maybe he`s met his match. Maybe there`s some hope here.

Now, how she erases the list of ladies from her mind to start anew with him, I`m not sure. I`d give her points for that. But I`d be interested to see where this goes. I think there is some promise here.

HAMMER: Well, it will be interesting to see if a Tiger can change its stripes. Megan, Skyler, thank you both so much.

Get ready for another incredible Jodi Arias "SHOWBIZ Countdown" you don`t want to miss tonight. The top three ways the Jodi Arias trial is just like a reality show, including, of course, the fact that Jodi might as well be a reality show villain, like, on steroids. And the outrageously troubled relationship that she had with the lover that she admits to killing. So who better to count down why the Arias case is exactly like a reality show, then big-time reality stars Cheri Fletcher and Aubrey O`Day? They are right here tonight.

Plus I`m firing up a "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview that you are just going to love. I am one on one with "Wheel of Fortune`s" Vanna White.


HAMMER: One that I thought of, just because you`re such an iconic figure in the business, and every season of "Dancing with the Stars" has an icon. I have to believe that (UNINTELLIGIBLE).


HAMMER: I asked Vanna would she ever consider doing "Dancing." You`ve got to hear what she says.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re either real clever or just lucked into the right letters, but all of them are up there. So quiet, folks. I think she may have had an idea about this. Person is the category. You have only ten seconds to do this. Don`t tense up. Good luck.




HAMMER: Fantastic. Such a classic. Can you believe "Wheel of Fortune" now in its 30th season? Well, next month the show is going to kick off a big celebration with all four weeks of all-new shows from right here from New York City. I`m so excited. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is going to be there to take you inside for a look at how they have kept the magic going all these years.

And I just sat down with the world`s more famous letter revealer, the beautiful and delightful Vanna White, and I asked her if she`d ever want to trade in her letters for dancing shoes and reality TV.


HAMMER: There are other shoes within the reality world that might perhaps more fit into who you are, and one that I thought of, just because you are such an iconic figure in the business, and every season of "Dancing with the Stars" has an icon, I have to believe they`ve approached you.

VANNA WHITE, "WHEEL OF FORTUNE": Yes, they have. No, I`m not.

HAMMER: You have the moves taken care of.

WHITE: But I do. I have the moves taken care of. That -- there`s a lot of pressure.

HAMMER: I don`t think Andy Dick went into this season with the moves taken care of. So that`s part of -- part of the show. And I`m betting you have better moves -- no offense, Andy -- than he does.

WHITE: I`m too scared. I`m too scared. It would be so much fun, though. I would love the challenge of it, but I`m such a competitive person, I just -- I don`t know that I could handle it.

HAMMER: Did they come to you very early on in the series?

WHITE: They`ve come to me.

HAMMER: I can understand why. That`s why I`m curious about it.

WHITE: Yes. Yes, they have. They`ve come to me a couple times.

HAMMER: Every single year, don`t they?

WHITE: No. Not every year. Not every year. But I know. I know. I feel like I`m breaking down. They`re breaking me down. It would be fun. I mean, just the shape you get into. That`s what I would love about it.


WHITE: And to be able to do it and look good at doing -- look good dancing.

HAMMER: You`ve always struck me as someone -- and I know we`ve talked about this, but fitness is a big part of your life, eating well, taking care of yourself.

WHITE: It is. It is. But I think you get really in shape with "Dancing with the Stars."

HAMMER: Yes. You do. We`ve seen a lot of transformations.

WHITE: Oh, yes.


HAMMER: I would love to see Vanna hitting the dance floor. But I always loved seeing her on "Wheel." Be sure to catch a full month of "Wheel of Fortune," all-new shows from right here in New York City, beginning on April 29.

We move on now to a Beyonce bombshell. A brand-new song and brand-new attitude.


BEYONCE, SINGER (singing): I`m just twisting it away. Don`t twist it, don`t twist it.


HAMMER: Beyonce`s rapping, swearing, telling us to bow down to her? What happened to the sweet Beyonce we all know and love? The Beyonce backlash.

Plus, get ready for a fascinating Jodi Arias "SHOWBIZ Countdown." It`s the top three ways the Arias case is playing out like a reality show, like her fierce conflict with the lead prosecutor and that Jodi has become America`s No. 1 villain. And we`ve got reality stars Cheri Fletcher and Aubrey O`Day right here. They`re going to weigh in on their No. 1 pick for why the Arias case is just like a reality show.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I am playing Mrs. Robinson, and I`m seducing this cute little boy with my burger.


HAMMER: What a beautiful burger. Tonight, Heidi Klum`s brand-new, jaw- dropping, very sexy commercial Mrs. Robinson for Carl`s Jr. The supermodel steams us the screen, paying tribute to "The Graduate."

Plus, tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Countdown." Jodi Arias, the reality show? We`ve got the top three ways the Arias case is playing out just like a reality show. Like the way we love to hate her and her explosive relationship with her ex, Travis Alexander.

Reality star Sheree Fletcher and Aubrey O`Day right here to help us count down why the Jodi Arias trial is just like a reality show. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we`re here to count down the top three reasons the Jodi Arias murder trial is the most compelling reality show on TV right now. We see it every day, live here on HLN, the riveting courtroom drama starring, of course, a woman who claims that she shot her boyfriend, stabbed him nearly 30 times and slit his throat in self-defense. But the high drama, the emotional fireworks and of course the sheer, lurid nature of it all reminds us of something else. An extremely addictive reality show. And I`m so happy we have two reality show stars with us tonight who have been following and tweeting all about the trial, Sheree Fletcher of VH1`s "Hollywood Access" in Hollywood tonight, also with us Aubrey O`Day. She has starred in several reality shows including, of course, "All About Aubrey" and `Celebrity Apprentice." All right, ladies here we go. Let`s kick off our countdown. The number three reasons the trial is like any good reality show. It has a hateable villain.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you kill Travis Alexander?

JODI ARIAS: Absolutely not.

HAMMER: She`s a known liar. She can be a little arrogant.

ARIAS: No jury is going to convict me.

HAMMER: And she`s not exactly good with people.

ARIAS: She didn`t care about anything.

HAMMER: If Jodi were on a reality show, she would certainly be the villain.

ARIAS: I didn`t want to be around her.

HAMMER: In an interview with Dr. Drew, some friends of Arias`s murdered ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander said they hated Jodi so much, another friend kicked Jodi out, reality show style.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I told her to get out of our house, to never come back.

HAMMER: But of course, as we`re seeing in a TV trial, Jodi`s villainy goes far beyond anything we`ve ever seen on reality TV.


HAMMER: And Sheree, I want to start with you. As a star of "Hollywood Access" on VH1, you certainly know every great reality show needs a hateable villain and Jodi certainly fits that bill, doesn`t she?

SHEREE FLETCHER, "HOLLYWOOD ACCESS": She absolutely, absolutely does. You know, any time you have a character that kind of brings out a strong emotion or reaction in the audience, she`s spot on. We love to hate her.

HAMMER: Aubrey, I`ve been following your tweets. I know you`ve been watching the live coverage here on HLN very, very closely. And it`s fascinating to see how fascinated you are by it, but on the subject of being the hateable villain, and you certainly have seen a few in your reality days, she fits right in, doesn`t she?

AUDREY O`DAY, REALITY TV STAR: You know, she has a lot of nerve. She comes at the prosecutor in disrespectful, very arrogant ways, and you almost love to hate her, and those are the best villains on television.

HAMMER: Yeah, and it`s always interesting to see they way she`s playing off of the prosecutor and the back and forth there. And when you have a villain on reality shows, you have that conflict. It almost always happens. That brings us to number two on our SHOWBIZ Countdown, of the way the Arias trial is just like a reality show. All of that dramatic conflict between the two main characters. In this case we`re talking about Jodi and prosecutor Juan Martinez how he`s going at it.


JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTOR: Are you having problems understanding again what`s going on?

ARIAS: Sometimes because you go in circles.

HAMMER: It`s the conflict that made the Jodi Arias trial riveting, TV viewing. Jodi Arias versus prosecutor Juan Martinez.

MARTINEZ: Yes or no?

ARIAS: I was saying no and you interrupted me.

HAMMER: Like the antagonists in any reality show, it is clear, these two flat it don`t like each other.

MARTINEZ: People need the reason that you can`t be effective on the witness stand, is because somebody is asking you questions in the way you don`t mind.

HAMMER: Jodi`s responses to him ooze contempt.

ARIAS: I think I`m more focused on your posture and your tone and your anger.

HAMMER: And Martinez makes no attempt to hide his feelings that Jodi is the cold-bloodied killer.

MARTINEZ: Madam, were you crying when you were shooting him?

HAMMER: It`s the most riveting personality conflicts on TV.


HAMMER: All right, Sheree, now, if we saw Jodi taking on Martinez in your average, everyday reality show, maybe we would see him out in a restaurant flipping tables and pulling hair or something like that, but watching him in this context, these two could definitely be on a reality show the way we see them go after each other.

FLETCHER: Oh, oh, absolutely. You know, it makes for riveting, good, entertaining television. She is the epitome of arrogance to me. I think this is - you know, Travis kind of said it best. You know, everybody is a part of her sick agenda, and I really think she is loving every moment of this whole thing. And I think for Martinez, it`s hard to have a conversation with somebody who doesn`t have the same story, who changes at every whim and then when they don`t want to answer a question, they`re in a fog. And I kind of think also his approach has given her a taste of her own medicine. He`s being very aggressive, kind of like the way she killed Travis.

HAMMER: Yeah, Aubrey, you know, I watch the two of them go at it and I sort of remember the way people were going at it during your season of "Celebrity Apprentice." The head butting that was going on was very similar to what we`re seeing in the courtroom there.

O`DAY: Right, I mean, but "Celebrity Apprentice," we`re fighting for charities, we`re fighting for raising money. She`s fighting for her life, and this is the man that is fighting to potentially take it away from her, and so the stakes are - you know, unlike reality TV, is very real. And I believe that an attorney like Juan Martinez who has had a great education, who obviously is a very capable prosecutor, is probably coming at it with more of an intent to expose her. I think when you get mouthy or you challenge somebody that doesn`t like to be challenged, they go from being a sweet, demure, you know, poor Jodi Arias to kind of mouthy and like, you`re not going to get the best of me. And we`re seeing her come out with that attitude and we`re seeing that more and flagrant out there as their communication grew and grew, and I believe that he`s exposing her, and I believe that it`s probably part of a plan that he`s had for a very long time.

HAMMER: Yeah, you watch the way he goes after her and a lot of people are agreeing. He`s not really doing that to put on a show, this is something he is genuinely feeling and living out as we`re watching it, and again, kind of in the same way we see reality shows play out. Now, Sheree, you`ve been tweeting about the trial. What is it to you about the constant reality show like showdowns between Jodi and the prosecutor that have you particularly riled up?

FLETCHER: I think it`s - it`s the tension. It`s the conflict. You know, for me, I`m just - I`m really appalled at her arrogance. I mean I just said that her arrogance is just - but it`s intriguing. It`s fascinating. You know, she is somebody that you love to hate. And she kind of has you on the edge of your seat. You never know what she`s going to say, you never know what she`s going to do, and, you know, it`s kind of -- but it`s an act.


FLETCHER: I really think she`s putting on a huge act. And he`s relentless. He`s going after her.

HAMMER: She`s really ...

FLETCHER: He`s going after her.

HAMMER: She`s really allowed us to expect the unexpected every single day we got to see her on the stand, at least. Now, Aubrey, at one point during the trial I saw that you tweeted that Jodi needs Jesus. Are you trying to say to her that it`s basically hopeless for her?

O`DAY: Well, you know, that`s just a funny phrase in society that we use, like, yes, it`s hopeless. I think that there are too many lies, the way that she`s coming across on the stand is horrible.

HAMMER: Now, what is the number one reason on the SHOWBIZ Countdown that the trial reminds us of a reality show? Well, like all great reality shows, it has a sexually charged troubled relationship at its core, and in this case, of course, it`s that relationship between Jodi and the boyfriend that she killed, Travis Alexander.


ARIAS: It certainly had all the emotions of a love-hate relationship.

HAMMER: The push-pull of the Jodi-Travis relationship is as dramatic as anything we`ve seen in a reality show.

VOICE OF TRAVIS ALEXANDER: You cannot say I don`t work that booty.

HAMMER: They got together quickly and flamed out just as quickly.

ARIAS: We broke up over the phone.

HAMMER: But even after they broke up, they continued their torrid sexual affair.

ARIAS: It was difficult to stay away from him.

HAMMER: It`s what makes the Arias trial so riveting, hearing every single detail about this relationship that ended so tragically.


HAMMER: It certainly sounds like Jodi and Travis had a reality show -ready relationship. I mean come on.

O`DAY: Yeah, you know, the significant overlap between high profile criminal cases and reality TV is being able to expose and see what happens behind closed doors. We understand what makes people tick. We understand how they live, how they talk to their husbands, their kids, their boyfriends, what they look like when they`re angry, what they - what, you know, devious sides they have, and, you know, we`re all getting to see literally down to her naked body, you know, sexual photos that they had together. We`re hearing the conversations. I mean can you guys imagine having your personal relationships and all the good, bad and ugly exposed to the world? That`s an enticing thing for viewers, and it`s the same feeling that we have when we watch reality TV. And either we`re learning about ourselves through it, we`re comparing it to ourselves, maybe we just want entertainment for the night, but it`s salacious, and it`s giving us a perspective of something that`s happened behind closed doors that we wouldn`t normally understand or see. It`s demystifying the situation.

HAMMER: No question about that and that is why so many people are locked in. All right, Aubrey, Sheree, great to have your perspective coming from the reality world on this, and I know you`d be watching this trial every day here on HLN. Thanks for being with us.

O`DAY: Thank you.

FLETCHER: Thank you.

HAMMER: I`m moving on right now to Katie Holmes and her amazing transformation. Look at this. Katie`s stunningly sexy new ad campaign. It is turning the heads big time, of course. SHOWBIZ dares to ask, is Katie looking better than ever? And if these pictures aren`t enough to make you do a double take, well, check this out.


HAMMER: And she brazed (ph) down the house with her last line.



HAMMER: What? Well, yeah, you heard her right. The 88-year-old dancing grandma who is dropping moves and dropping the F-bomb, apparently. I`ll show you why she`s a global Youtube star on tonight`s SHOWBIZ Doubletake.

Plus, wait till you see what we mean as today`s moment of SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



HEIDI KLUM: I`m kind of eating a little bit of the burger, and, you know, kind of food (ph) my mouth, and I`m licking my lips, and, you know, he`s looking at me and he`s getting all its ready and, you know, he doesn`t know what to think of all of these because I`m seducing him with the burger. I shove the burger in his mouth in a sexy way, so it`s a very kind of sensual, sexy scene.


HAMMER: There you have it. Tonight, at SHOWBIZ Quick Hits, it`s a SHOWBIZ first look at Heidi Klum heating things up in that steamy new ad for the Carl`s Jr. burger chain, as Mrs. Robinson, it`s a bit of a take off on the classic Dustin Hoffman film "The Graduate." Heidi`s super sexy burger ad takes off SHOWBIZ Quick Hits tonight and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking this most important question, who`s hungry now? With me in New York, lifestyle and pop culture expert Megan Meany from Hollywood, actor and comedian Skyler Stone. So, Heidi is clearly having some fun with this one and really stepping it up with the sexy dress and the moves and feeding the guy the burger, Megan. Are you thinking what I`m thinking? Seal who?

MEGAN MEANY, LIFESTYLE & POP CULTURE EXPERT: I`m thinking I`m hungry. That`s what I`m thinking. The minute I leave the set I`m getting a cheeseburger. The cheeseburger to me is the real star here, I`m not even looking at the cleavage. Now, as a mother, I do say to myself now, would I have done this and reveal, you know, my (inaudible), you know? But she passed that threshold a long time ago, right ...


MEANY: As a Victoria`s Secret model, so we`re not worried about that. And look, I`m glad they put Heidi Klum in that ad and not like LeAnn Rimes, because I think Heidi Klum eats burgers.


MEANY: So that`s a win-win for me. I ....

HAMMER: No, why - why do you think that? I mean there`s no reason to think she doesn`t.

MEANY: I think - yeah, she seems down to earth, she seems like a girl who eats, you know. And there is a lot of chicks in Hollywood that don`t, so don`t put one of them in your ad.

HAMMER: I want to find out if Skyler was looking at the burger or something else.

SKYLER STONE, ACTOR & COMEDIAN: I mean Heidi Klum needs to calm down. Ever since she, you know, dropped that "Scar Face " DVD off back at the Red Box, she`s just been wild and jumping on tables and dancing. But you know who I really want to calm down? It`s Carl`s Jr. I`m sick of this. A jam bean (ph) burger? What`s next, a Quervo hot dog? A wild turkey-turkey sandwich? Live I`ve made my fiance do some weird things in the bedroom, like play dead or wear the (inaudible) bikini from "Return of the Jedi," but I`ve never said, hey, could you have guacamole dripping down your arm. That really does it for me.

HAMMER: Nice. And I`m glad that we now have that insight into what happens in the privacy of your bedroom, Skyler. So, let me move on to what`s next on our SHOWBIZ Quick Hits tonight. From one sexy mama to another, look at Katie Holmes. She appears to be enjoying every bit of her single life. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, give me here this first look at Katie as she just stripped down. This is for a new IRIS jewelry campaign. At one shot Katie even slipping off her bra while she stairs into the camera. Skyler, back to you on this one, are you looking closely at the jewelry? Did you even notice it?

STONE: Let me tell you something. I mean Katie Holmes, all right? I don`t know her, and that`s probably a good thing, legally speaking, but I have the gift on DVD. And she gets naked. At 45 minutes, 37 seconds. I had a ring on that DVD like it was a tree that`s being cut down. Like I watched that scene so many times, I will be getting this magazine, whatever this is in.

STONE: OK, Megan, this is Katie Holmes ...


STONE: Like we`ve never seen him - seen her before, and Skyler perhaps like we`ve never seen him before, but is this the best transformation ever for Katie? I mean clearly she`s so far from following in Tom`s shadow at this point.

MEANY: I mean she looks like she just crawled from off the island of Scientology and washed up on the other side. It`s gorgeous mermaid. Freedom looks good on her. She looks great, the hair is flowing. I just wanted to see like a Tom charm like hanging from her neck ...


MEANY: You know, like Tom hanging by his neck, not so charming Tom on a charm. But - and she`s used to, you know, necklaces and things choking her, you know, like Scientology ...


MEANY: So this is all - this is all good. Katie is on her way. She`s looking good. And she`s not completely naked. Have you seen like a bandell (ph) and stuff. So, that`s good for like the serious side of things.

HAMMER: Yeah, we still keep people guessing just a little bit. All right, another superstar mom next on SHOWBIZ Quick Hits. It`s Beyonce. She just released the all new single bell down, "Bean On", and it`s not the same Beyonce that we`ve come to know and love over the years, oh, no. Charles?


HAMMER: All right, so, we`ve put the words up for you, but you could hear her singing there, don`t just think I`m just his little wife. She is about to launch the Mrs. Carter show world tour, Megan. Is that a bad move or is it just a statement of independence?

MEANY: No. You know what, she is going through what many newly married woman go through or new mothers, which is, who am I? What is my identity? Am I a star? Do I identify most with my kids? Am I somebody`s wife? And she`s playing it all out in lyrics. It makes for good music. These female power girl anthems always do well, thanks to Gloria Gaynor and Carrie Underwood. And now Beyonce and her, you know, "Put a Ring on It" song. Everybody is going to love this song. I love it already. And the Mrs. Carter thing, it`s just - you know, she`s just throwing it out there out at us. Which one am I? Playing with you.

HAMMER: Just part of the evolution. All right, Megan, Skyler, thank you both so much.

Well, from Quick Hits tonight to Double Takes. Watch this.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And she brazed (ph) down the house with her last line.



HAMMER: She drops the F-bomb. Now, she gets down to "Runaround Sue" as well. This is dancing nanna. She`s the hottest thing on line right now. I`m going to show you all the moves that are making this 88-year old grandma a worldwide viral sensation. Plus, wait until you see what we named as today`s moment of SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ Tonight on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight SHOWBIZ Double Take. It`s the dancing granny that`s going to save your Monday. She`s 88 years old, she`s got funky moves and this wild grandma is dropping a one-liner that`s making everybody do a double take. And I know there is some pretty stiff competition when it comes to viral videos of dancing grandmas, but I`m telling you, this may be the best one yet. Here is CNN`S Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with a viral hit that`s got everyone rock into the oldies.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Most 88-year-olds are lucky to be walking down steps, let alone dancing down them to "Runaround Sue."


MOOS: It started out as a weekly routine for Ester Feole and her 24-year old granddaughter Chelsey, playing oldies.

CHELSEY FEOLE, GRANDDAUGHTER: That`s how it happened. I pick her up for a lunch or breakfast, and I blast the music, and she dances her way to the car.


MOOS: Next thing you know, "Runaround Sue" is running around the Internet titled "Dancing Nana."

You can tell she`s really going to get down when she puts down her purse.

When she sets that thing down, she means business. No runaround.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People are loving the purse drop.

MOOS: Nana wears her life alert like geriatric bling. On "Dancing Nana" part 2, she`s dancing in the streets. And on "Dancing Nana" part 3, she belts out a tune popular in her day.

ESTER FEOLE: You`re going to miss your beat, fat mama.

MOOS: But "Runaway Sue" is her runaway viral hit.


MOOS: And she brings down the house with her last line.

ESTER FEOLE: Oh, I could dance all (EXPLETIVE DELETED) day.

CHELSEY FEOLE: That`s just the cherry on the top. I remember filming and when she said that, I was just like, oh, my God.

MOOS: These days nana is dancing in the halls rather than in the streets.

Cut. Stop the dancing. I hate to say it, but a few weeks ago, Chelsea`s nana had to go into a nursing home, having problems with dementia. But Chelsea says she`s the life of the nursing home.

CHELSEY FEOLE: That sassy, you know, funky grandma to all of us. I truly cherish this video.

MOOS: She`s an oldie, but goodie - even when she`s bad.



HAMMER: Nana is keeping it real for sure. CNN`s Jeanne Moos there for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Well, I can tell you, tonight`s moment of SHOWBIZ Awesomeness may have you doing a victory dance. We all know somebody who says, there is an app for that, right? There is an app for everything. Well, tonight I`ve got the proof that you need to show them that they are seriously wrong. It`s the SHOBIZ Moment of Awesomeness that will help you get your revenge. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ Tonight on HLN.


HAMMER: It is time for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day, and tonight I have the brand new proof that there is not an iPad app for everything. OK, before you get angry, I`m going to say it, I love my iPad as much as anybody does, but, you know, there`s always that one really annoying person who would think that you should be using your iPad to do absolutely everything. Well, the next time that guy or girl starts harassing you, you just show them this.



Emma. Emma. Emma. Emma!


HAMMER: That`s perfect. By the way, it happens to be a French ad for toilet paper, in case you were wondering.

Well, next on "Dr. Drew On Call" tonight, inside the brain of a murderer. And the trial report card returns, it will be all about the defense today. That happens with "Dr. Drew On Call" starting right now.