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Top 3 Jodi Arias Head Scratchers; Billy Joel Grants a Wish; First Lady Gets Second `Vogue` Cover; Beautiful Women Accused of Horrible Crimes; Losing Post-Baby Weight

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JODI ARIAS, MURDER DEFENDANT: I don`t know. I don`t know where the knife was. I don`t know the answer to that.

I guess in theory. I don`t remember grabbing it.


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," the top three "Jodi Arias Head Scratchers." I`m talking about the wild claims that leave us just completely confused. Like all of those convenient memory lapses. And her refusal to answer questions about the alleged murder weapons.

Right now, we have Ryan Smith, co-host of "HLN AFTER DARK," and Beth Karas, who`s on location at the trial in Phoenix, to help us count down to the No. 1 "Jodi Arias Head Scratcher."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello, and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And you just saw the arguments made on HLN`s brand-new nightly show, "AFTER DARK: THE JODI ARIAS TRIAL." And now SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s going to keep it going with our first big "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the night. We are naming the top three must-see "Jodi Arias Head Scratchers" from her murder trial.

Ryan Smith, one of the co-hosts of "HLN AFTER DARK," he is staying up for us way "AFTER DARK" tonight. With us tonight from Atlanta. Great show again tonight, Ryan.


HAMMER: And Beth Karas in Phoenix tonight. That`s where she is covering the trial for HLN`s nonstop all-day live coverage, including "HLN AFTER DARK."

So this afternoon we watched in fascination HLN`s live coverage of the testimony of Richard Samuels, a mental-health expert, talking about Jodi`s state of mind, because you know, quite frankly, we`re all just trying to get a little insight into what makes Jodi tick.

Let`s kick it off with No. 3 in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of "Jodi Arias Head Scratchers." Jodi`s 62-second bombshell.

Now, she has said so many things during the trial that have left us baffled: caught in lies, jaw-dropping claims about her sex life with her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, before she finally killed him.

But what`s really mind-boggling is her head-scratching claim that, in just over one minute, her boyfriend attacked her, she looked for and found Travis`s gun and shot him in self-defense, then went and looked for a knife. She finds it and uses it to stab him 27 times and slits his throat. Again, all in just 62 seconds.


JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTOR: It`s impossible for the killing to have happened in that manner, isn`t it?


HAMMER: Well, that was prosecutor Juan Martinez basically calling B.S. on Jodi. Ryan, this is really a major head-scratcher in this case, isn`t it?

SMITH: It`s huge. Because you know, you put all those things together, and you don`t see how she can fit all that in that time period.

The other thing to consider, by the way, she`s 5`5" 1/2. Travis Alexander is nearly six feet, and he is a big guy. So she has to do all of that in a short period of time.

What gets me is there were blood spatter results in the hallway. At some point she had to drag him. And all of that, again, had to happen in a short period of time. I don`t see how it`s possible.

HAMMER: Yes, Beth, do you agree? I mean, everybody seems to be scratching their head over this, because it just doesn`t add up.

BETH KARAS, CORRESPONDENT, TRUTV`S "IN SESSION": Yes. The blood in the bathroom and in the hallway does tell a story. And it tells the story of a struggle.

So if she, indeed, shot him the way she says, they fell, they struggled, she ran. If she had found a knife and then she had time -- he had defensive wounds. Twenty-nine wounds altogether, five on his hands. He grabbed that blade at some point.

And then she`s stabbing him in the back, the back of his head, in his torso in the front, ultimately slashing his throat at the end of a 12-foot hallway. That all took time to do. And presumably, he`s fighting back, at least trying to get away from her during it.

So it does seem hard to believe that she did it all in 62 seconds, provided that she didn`t have the knife with her, and she maintains she did not have that knife with her. She had to go find it somewhere. That took some seconds to do.

HAMMER: A busy, busy night, the night that she killed Travis. She took some photos, much like these, where we see Travis alive and well in the shower, but another picture was taken 62 seconds after the last shower photo. We`re not going to show you that, but that shows his bloody body.

Now, prosecutors claim it proves this was premeditated, that Jodi could not have possibly done this in just 62 seconds if it wasn`t carefully planned out.

In fact, you`ve got to see this. HLN`s own Mike Galanos actually reenacted the sequence of events as Jodi described them to see if he could do them in 62 seconds, and here`s a bit of that.


MIKE GALANOS, HLN ANCHOR: All right. Jodi is taking pictures of Travis in the shower. She stumbles, drops the camera. He`s incensed: "You stupid idiot. A 5-year-old could handle it better than you." Then he comes out. He`s incensed. Never seen him this angry.

And we get to the body slam. Down she goes. She hits her head, leans. She gets herself together, enough to run out of there. Where do I go? Do I leave? Where do I go? The closet.

I`m in the closet now. I created some space. There`s a guy. I remember there`s a gun up here. She gets the gun. She`s heading back to the bathroom. She`s going to confront Travis, point it at him. Here we go. A confrontation. Travis comes at her, like a linebacker, she says. Boom, the gun goes off. He`s shot in the head, but they`re down in a heat now. She somehow gets off, gets up, and it`s time to get out of there.

But now, something is amiss.


HAMMER: It`s like he`s running a marathon in that short amount of time, and even though Mike obviously wasn`t really being attacked, it still ended up taking him more than 62 seconds to reenact the crime as Jodi described it.

Ryan, do you think the jury will buy this at all?

SMITH: I don`t think they`re going to buy it. I think they`re going to have a tough time buying it, especially if you try to show it visually, almost like Mike did there. Because think about it. He even -- he took more time than 62 seconds, and that gun was on a level where he could just pick it up. Well, Jodi had to basically climb on a closet and get it.

And as Beth mentions, the knife is key, because unless you have it with you, unless it`s close by, all that time it takes you now to go get it and bring it back just adds seconds to all of this. So it may not add up if he shows it visually in some way in that courtroom.

HAMMER: Just looks like another major stumbling block ahead for the defense.

And if you think the 62-second claim is a head-scratcher, get a load of this. It`s No. 2 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown." What`s the deal with the gun that Jodi used to kill Travis, a gun which has disappeared?

Now, Jodi claims that it was Travis`s gun, but his friends have said he never owned one. Prosecutors suggest that Jodi stole it from her grandparents, and they hammered her on her inability to recall exactly where Travis kept his supposed gun.


MARTINEZ: It was in a holster, do you remember saying that?

ARIAS: I remember saying at one point it was in a holster.

MARTINEZ: All right. You also indicated it was in a box at another time, didn`t you?

ARIAS: I don`t remember indicating that.

MARTINEZ: Well, then you indicated, when you were being asked the questions, that maybe it wasn`t in a holster. Do you remember saying that?

ARIAS: I remember saying maybe it was, maybe it wasn`t, on June 4. I don`t recall.

MARTINEZ: Well, initially, you did say that it was in a holster, didn`t you?

ARIAS: It was at one point.

MARTINEZ: Right. And so, as you sit here today, and you think about it, which is it? Was it in a holster or was it in a box?

ARIAS: Well, at that moment, I didn`t have time to sit and examine it. I just grabbed it. I reached up. I didn`t get that high, I just reached my arm up and grabbed it.

MARTINEZ: I understand that you just reached up and grabbed it. I want to know whether or not it was in a holster or not.

ARIAS: I can`t tell you that.


HAMMER: Wow. I mean, another head-scratcher for sure there, Beth. How can she not remember where Travis kept the gun that she says she used to kill him?

KARAS: Well, she knew it was on the top shelf of the closet in the corner because she used to clean there, but she wasn`t sure if it was in a holster that day or in a box. She was inconsistent in her testimony. And realized it, probably.

So when she had an opportunity to address it again, just the other day, she said, "Well, I really -- I don`t -- it was in a holster at one point. Not sure it was that day." She wouldn`t have had time to also take it out of the holster.

And then, when the jurors asked, "Did you have to clack it or pull the slag back," and she`s like, "I have no idea how to do any of that. I don`t think I had to do any of it." Yet the gun went off, and it was a semiautomatic. And she also thought it wasn`t loaded, and the prosecutor said, "What were you going to do with an unloaded gun, throw it at him? Hit him with it?"

So there are a lot of issues with this gun.

HAMMER: Well, clearly, the gun issue has jurors scratching their heads, as well. The jury was, of course, allowed to ask Jodi questions, which the judge read. Let`s watch some of that.


JUDGE SHERRY STEPHENS, PRESIDING OVER TRIAL: "If you still felt threatened after having shot Mr. Alexander, why did you use a knife instead of just shooting again?"

ARIAS: Well, I know that I dropped the gun when he hit me, and I don`t know where the gun went. This is when we fell. It was no longer in my hands. And I don`t really remember picking up the knife. I just remember feeling threatened.


HAMMER: Ryan, when you hear that, does it seem obvious? The jury must be having major trouble with Jodi`s story now.

SMITH: I think it does. And what I love about this jury is they are trying to figure it out. They`re not accusing. They`re just simply trying to figure it out. Why would you use that knife if you already thought he was incapacitated?

Now, her problem here is she`s trying to say self-defense. So she perceived that he was going to use deadly force on her. She had to respond in kind.

Once he`s down, her problem is she now says she can`t remember stabbing him. So what was her perception at that point? How can you ask a jury to believe that you`re justified now in using that knife to kill him if, in fact, you can`t even remember what the situation was?

So you`re trying to use it as an excuse, but at the same time, it undermines your claim.

HAMMER: Amazing.

Well, out of all the big head-scratchers in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," here is our No. 1. It is Jodi`s fading memory. Jodi repeatedly saying "I don`t remember" or "I don`t recall" during her 18 days of testimony on the stand.

Now, she remembers shooting Travis, but not looking for the knife, much less stabbing him nearly 30 times. Ryan, it seems to come across as head-scratchingly convenient that Jodi remembers shooting Travis but not stabbing him.

SMITH: And you know what? The jury is catching onto that, and you see it in their questions. This is too convenient.

And I get that she will have experts on the stand. They`re already talking about the idea that, you know, she suffered some sort of posttraumatic stress, and therefore, she might forget certain things. But, you know, that`s a stretch for a lot of us to believe, especially when there`s a brutal crime that she conveniently forgets at these times.

HAMMER: We`re going to scratch our heads until the end of this.

Ryan, Beth, thank you both so much.

And be sure to catch up with the very latest on the Jodi Arias trial with HLN`s great new series. It`s "HLN AFTER DARK: THE JODI ARIAS TRIAL," airing Monday through Thursday at 10 p.m.

And Jodi Arias made it into yet another crime-drenched "SHOWBIZ Countdown" tonight: "Beautiful Women, Horrible Crimes." Women accused of some of the most horrible, heinous crimes of all time, including Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony. So which infamous woman will top our list?

And just what makes women turn into criminals? Well, wait for this. I`m going one-on-one with America`s most famous bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman, and his partner and wife, Beth. We`re going to find out.

Plus, Beyonce`s baby weight confession. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT revealing how the megastar shed nearly 50 pounds of pregnancy weight. And Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is right here to chew the fat about that and her own remarkable post-baby weight loss.




MICHAEL POLLACK, PIANO PLAYER: I was wondering if I could play with you. I would accompany you, that is?




HAMMER: "SHOWBIZ Wow." Billy Joel grants the wish of a very talented college student. Michael Pollack`s dream came true when he got the chance to play piano as Billy Joel performed "New York State of Mind."

Now, that caught-on-tape moment is putting a bright spotlight on Pollack, who probably didn`t expect to become a YouTube star. So what`s next for this "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker"? Michael Pollack joins me in New York.

Michael, it`s great to have you here. Thanks for joining us.

POLLACK: It`s great to be here. Thank you.

HAMMER: Wow, what a fantastic performance with Billy Joel. As a Billy fan, I loved seeing you get up there and doing this, but did you ever expect the kind of attention that you`re getting over this whole thing?

POLLACK: I really didn`t. There was -- there was an initial spike when the video was put on YouTube, but this has been surreal. After "Rolling Stone" picked it up, everything snowballed.

HAMMER: Pretty amazing. Pretty amazing. Such an exciting moment, obviously, watching you playing with Billy Joel. It`s already gotten almost a million clicks as of the time we`re talking right now.


HAMMER: Why don`t we take another look at it right this second?


BILLY JOEL, SINGER (singing): I`m in a New York -- state of -- mind.


HAMMER: OK, I`m blown away every time I see this, and I think that`s why this has gotten so much heat. And you`re obviously a genuine fan of Billy`s, but did you really expect him to say yes when you asked if you could play with him?

POLLACK: I actually did. I had watched a video from U-Mass that my roommate showed me. And in the video, the student asked to go up, and he said yes there, so I figured, "You know what? If he said yes one time, maybe he`ll say yes again."

HAMMER: And this is obviously a song that you have been playing for a very long time.

POLLACK: Yes, I`ve been playing it for a while. I learned it when I was, like, 11 years old, and it`s been a favorite of mine by him.

HAMMER: So what if he said, "No, but let`s do `Scenes from an Italian Restaurant` instead." Would you have been able to keep up with that?

POLLACK: I could have. I play by ear. I used to read music; I kind of forgot how to do it. So I -- if Billy Joel asked me to play anything, I would have taken -- taken a shot at it.

HAMMER: What an exceptional moment for you.


HAMMER: And you know, the truth is -- and I`ve heard this from so many people throughout the years -- when anybody meets somebody they admire, you always have this risk of being disappointed. I am betting in this case Billy Joel is still up there in your book.

POLLACK: Oh, absolutely. I`m -- I`m so thankful that he gave me the opportunity. It was so nice of him, and I hope I made him proud.

HAMMER: Well, it looked like you did make him proud. Tell me what kind of a conversation you had after you played onstage with him and you had a moment to chat?

POLLACK: Well, right after I went and shook his hand. And the first thing I said to him was, "You know I`m a Long Islander like yourself."

And he said, "Oh, cool, where?"

And I told him I`m from Roslyn. And he -- he just asked for my name. He wanted to announce it to the audience. And I`ve heard from him recently through an e-mail, and he`s very proud of the performance.

HAMMER: OK, wait a second. You get an e-mail from Billy Joel?

POLLACK: Yes. I...

HAMMER: From his personal e-mail address?

POLLACK: No, it was actually through, like, his publicist, through a friend. It was indirect, but there were some really kind words in there.

HAMMER: Would you mind sharing a bit of what he said?

POLLACK: It was very short. It was just that he heard about the views and that he`s really happy for me and the performance that we put together.

HAMMER: Well, this really just adds to what is already a pretty exciting personal story for you. You`re a freshman at Vanderbilt University. We understand you`ve already got a deal with BMI for music. So what`s next for you? Are we going to be seeing more?

POLLACK: Hopefully. I`m a songwriter and performer. And I`m really looking to collaborate with other artists right now. I`m sort of working on my music and getting it better. I`m open to co-writing, and hopefully, I can get a song on the radio soon.

HAMMER: Well, it will be very interesting to see what in this modern YouTube era this actually parlays into for you. And we love watching this video, and it`s great having you here, Michael. Thank you so much.

POLLACK: Thank you for having me.

HAMMER: And as we move on, get ready for the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Beautiful Women, Horrible Crimes." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT counting down the top three infamous women who are known for their beauty and for being accused of horrible crimes, including Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox. So which woman will be No. 1 in our list?

And I`m going one-on-one with legendary bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, and there she is, his partner and wife, Beth. They are taking us inside the minds of women accused of crimes.

Plus, is Snooki considering doing "Dancing with the Stars"? Would she be better than The Situation? Snooki is right here tonight. I`m going to try and get her to break some big dancing news.



HAMMER: Now it`s "SHOWBIZ Trending." You`ve got to look at this.

Michelle Obama`s much-anticipated "Vogue" cover for April has just been revealed. You`ve got the bangs. You`ve got those famously toned arms, and you`ve also got a ground-breaking first here. This is Michelle Obama`s second "Vogue" cover. Never before has the magazine featured an American first lady on its cover twice.

It`s hard not to feel like this is just Michelle Obama`s big moment right now, right? So come with us for a rare glimpse inside the first lady`s amazing life. Here`s CNN`s Alina Cho for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Second term, second cover. First lady Michelle Obama in "Vogue" again.

JONATHAN VAN METER, WRITER, "VOGUE": There`s something so ground- breakingly modern about the Obamas. They are the first black president and first lady. Anna Wintour is crazy about them.

CHO: "Vogue`s" powerful editor-in-chief is a massive Obama fundraiser, once rumored to be the next U.S. ambassador to the U.K. So it`s her friend, the first lady, appearing on "Vogue`s" April cover, wearing a sleeveless dress by Reed Krakoff. Yes, that Reed Krakoff, same designer Mrs. Obama chose for the inauguration.

Here she is in Michael Kors.

But writer Jonathan Van Meter spoke to both of them: the first lady and the president.

VAN METER: The couple, their marriage, their children, how they live in the White House, how they deal with the trouble.

CHO: What struck him?

VAN METER: There`s some (UNINTELLIGIBLE); there`s a lot of affection. And if there -- if there`s any married couple to whom the phrase "they finish each other`s sentences" apply, it`s them.

CHO: Of their marriage, the president says, "I think it would be a mistake to think that my wife when I walk in the door is `Hey, honey, how was your day? Let me give you a neck rub.` I think it`s much more. We`re a team."

Of his clothes, she jokes, "This is a man who still boasts about `this khaki pair of pants I`ve had since I was 20,` and I`m like, `You don`t want to brag about that.`"

VAN METER: She very effortlessly tells a story that leads to a punch line that can crack you up.

And what I loved is that sometimes she and I weren`t finished laughing, and he was done and ready to move along, the president, and she would sort of look at me and keep laughing with me. Like, I just love that spirit in her, that jovial spirit that`s really surprising.


HAMMER: The president playing the straight man. Got to love that. That was CNN`s Alina Cho for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

As we move on, get ready for a fascinating "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Beautiful Women, Horrible Crimes."


MARTINEZ: Did you have a knife in your hand when you shot him?

ARIAS: No, I did not.

MARTINEZ: So as Mr. Alexander is getting blasted, and going down, he`s got the knife in his hand, right?

ARIAS: No. That was all in the same moment when he was lunging at me.


HAMMER: Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, the beautiful women accused of truly gruesome crimes. Which woman will top our list?

And iconic bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman is right here with his wife and partner, Beth. They`ll reveal what makes women criminals tick.

Plus, hold on tight. I`ve got a lightning-fast "SHOWBIZ Moment of Awesomeness" coming your way. NASCAR`s Jeff Gordon just took a car salesman on a test drive he will never forget.





UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One more line and we`re done. All right.


HAMMER: Right now, it`s Snooki right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on tonight`s breaking beauty news, including Kim Kardashian`s ghoulish vampire facial that got splattered all over her reality show. And Beyonce`s incredible brand-new slim-down revelation about losing nearly 50 pounds of baby weight.

And Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi will reveal her own secrets to losing 42 pounds after her pregnancy.

Plus, "Beautiful Women, Horrible Crimes."


JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTOR: Did you have the knife in your hand when you shot him?


MARTINEZ: So Mr. Alexander can blast, and so, you know, he`s got the knife in his hand, right?

ARIAS: That was on the same moment when he was lunging at me.


HAMMER: Tonight in a seriously captivating SHOWBIZ countdown, beautiful women accused of committing absolutely horrible crimes. Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, and more. But who will top the SHOWBIZ countdown?

We are joined by famed bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman and his partner and wife Beth to take us inside the minds of women criminals.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight on the SHOWBIZ countdown, beautiful women, horrible crimes. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top three infamous women whose crimes and looks captivated the nation.

With us tonight from Hollywood, two of the most famous bounty hunters on the planet, Duane "Dog" Chapman and his wife Beth. They have been catching bad guys and girls for nearly 40 years. They`re about to launch their new CMT show "Dog and Beth on the Hunt."

It is great to have you guys back on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

DUANE "DOG" CHAPMAN, "DOG AND BETH ON THE HUNT": Thank you, brother, great to be here.


HAMMER: Well, let`s kick off our countdown and we do it with number three, Jodi Arias. Accused of killing her boyfriend Travis Alexander and her testimony and nonstop live coverage of her trial every day here on HLN has just been gripping. The trial continued today. Jodi claiming that she stabbed Travis 27 times and shot him twice in the face in self-defense. But only after repeatedly changing her story. Let`s watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you kill Travis Alexander?

ARIAS: Absolutely not. I was nowhere near Mesa. Was nowhere near Phoenix. The last time I had any kind of sexual contact with Travis was in April. I witnessed Travis being attacked by two other individuals.


HAMMER: All right. Duane, I`ve been dying to get your insight on this, man. Jodi has dramatically changed her look. She was pretty and then not so pretty. Let`s take a look at her before, as a blonde, this is before the trial, and then you see her, what she looks like during the trial with the dark hair. Kind of down playing her pretty features.

Do you think, Duane, that this is going to help her, the fact that she made the change in this direction?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, usually your lawyer tells you how to dress, not that her lawyer told her that. But, you know, usually the lawyer tells you to wear a collar that buttons up. And maybe she looked too appealing. And usually that`s not defendant or the accused killer`s fault. That`s usually the lawyer who tells them how to dress. So I think the prettier they look, the less they could be convicted. This lawyer obviously thinks the opposite.

HAMMER: Yes, Beth, do you think if the lawyer was the one giving her the advice to dress down, change her hair and all that, it was good advice?

B. CHAPMAN: Well, it`s always good advice. You`re facing 12 men and women, and you don`t want those men and women to think that you`re promiscuous or that you had it coming, or, you know, sort of flaunt your beauty or your attributes, per se. You know, you`re not on a date, you`re on trial.

So there`s a proper way for you to be seen, for you to be credible. And I think that, you know, no bleach blonde hair, you know, a darker, calmer person who, you know, appears to be in control of themselves is a much better defendant.

HAMMER: But, Duane, you think if she had remained sort of the pretty Jodi, it actually would have helped her not get the conviction that she may get?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, you know, I -- if I was on the jury, it would have been. You know, I --


Look at her hair. Did you see that? No, I think -- yes, I think that the juror -- you know, the juror -- today`s jurors, your peers, they know what`s happening. They see that. So anything that could look like a lie becomes a lie.


D. CHAPMAN: But again, that`s probably lawyering.

HAMMER: Well, you could say that Jodi is kind of a pretty little liar. We have heard so many convoluted explanations from her, especially when she tried to explain to prosecutor Juan Martinez what happened the night that she killed Travis. Let`s watch that together.


MARTINEZ: Stepped out of the shower and then came after you, right?

ARIAS: He picked me up.

MARTINEZ: That`s coming after you, isn`t it?

ARIAS: I guess. I think when I think of coming after, I think of chasing that he`s already right next to me.

MARTINEZ: Well -- so he didn`t come after you then. All right? So at that point you weren`t afraid because he wasn`t coming after you then, right?

ARIAS: I was afraid because he picked me up and body slammed me.


MARTINEZ: Were you not afraid because he wasn`t coming after you? You said he wasn`t coming after you, right?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Still a negative compound question.


MARTINEZ: He wasn`t chasing me yet. We were right next to each other.


HAMMER: You can kind of call this a case of beauty versus the beast.

Beth, do you think that the beauty is going to walk away Scott-free, or is a conviction a no-brainer from what you`ve been seeing of this trial?

B. CHAPMAN: Well, I think a conviction is a no-brainer, and it`s mainly because she is emotionally vacant. And, you know, people who just sort of, you know, when -- did that kind of a crime because of passion or because they were so angry that they snapped, you know, they still have emotion about it because they still lived through, you know, a very heinous thing.

You know, she had a lot of time to think about it. She changed her story several times. You know, she really put a lot of thought into being the witness and I think that what we see every day is her manipulating the jury into believing that, you know, that she is calm and collected and that what she`s saying is accurate. She doesn`t make a lot of movement with her eyes. Her body language is -- she`s very conscious of her body language.

You know, she`s, you know, really trying to save her own life at this point. The statements that she`s made, that she would never get convicted of this. You know, there are people -- you know, if you remember Farrah Fawcett, she did the "Burning Bed".

HAMMER: Right.

B. CHAPMAN: You know, there are people that are victimized really bad through domestic violence that do someday snap, but those people are still affected by what they`re saying and by what they`re reliving every single day. Jodi is not.

HAMMER: Yes, I think you hit it exactly right for what we`re all seeing in Jodi Arias. But let`s move now from one beautiful woman accused of a tragic killing to another who did walk away free. It`s Casey Anthony.

Number two in our SHOWBIZ countdown of beautiful women accused of horrible crimes. Casey acquitted of course of killing her young daughter Caylee. People are still so angry about this that she wasn`t convicted. There are still so many unanswered questions. For instance, how could a mother party in public knowing that her young daughter was missing and get a tattoo with the words "Bella Vita" at the same time there was this frantic search going on for her daughter and not report little Caylee missing for 31 days.

Duane, do you think how Casey looked and how she behaved during the trial had anything to do with her getting off?

D. CHAPMAN: No, I think her lawyer -- again, lawyering. She had one of the greatest attorneys. He took it head on. And you know, he told his client how to act. You know, the first girl we talked about I think would kill again. I don`t think that this one would kill again. And I think, you know, there wasn`t enough evidence to convict her. The police somehow -- somebody, the investigators completely dropped the ball on that. But I think the lawyer was why she walked. He was incredible.

HAMMER: Wow. Yes -- no, that really sums it up, I think, as well. This is a lawyer who really did a good job. It`s interesting to hear your take on Jodi and what she might do again versus Casey.

But right now it`s time to reveal who we think is number one. And we`ve put at number one in our SHOWBIZ countdown of beautiful women in horrible crimes. The woman who became known as Foxy Knoxy. We`re talking about Amanda Knox. She was an American student in Italy accused of stabbing to death her Italian roommate. She and her boyfriend convicted of murder.

Duane, Knox`s sex appeal took center stage during the trial. Did it work against her in this case, do you think?

D. CHAPMAN: I think that it worked against her in the beginning. I think that they made up a story kind of a witch hunt. Then again, the prosecution got busted faking a bunch of evidence. And, you know, the appellate court was like, wait a minute, America`s watching. That`s an American you`ve got on trial. You cannot fake evidence in America and get away with it.

And that`s -- you know, I think they blew it up for some reason. I don`t even think the prosecution thought she was guilty. Because even on the appeal, they didn`t do that. So, you know, I think the -- again, the prosecution made things up and we, you know, Americans stuck up for her.

We saw that and we`re like she didn`t do this.


D. CHAPMAN: You know, I -- but I don`t think her sex appeal had too much - - maybe in the beginning when they started naming her, you know, the sexy Nazi and all that but I think that it`s --

HAMMER: Not so much in the end.

D. CHAPMAN: It wasn`t that. Right.

HAMMER: All right. Duane and Beth, really great to get your take on all this. I do appreciate it. And I want to make sure everybody checks out "Dog and Beth on the Hunt" on CMT, Sunday, April 21st. And they`re going to be on Monday night`s "Hawaii 5-0" on CBS.

Great to have you guys here.

D. CHAPMAN: Thank you. Aloha, brother. Thank you.

B. CHAPMAN: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: Well, we change gears now. To a brand-new Beyonce bombshell tonight. Beyonce finally revealing the secret to losing nearly 50 pounds of baby weight in just three months. So who better to weigh in on her slim down confession than another superstar mom, it`s Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. She just shed over 40 pounds of pregnancy weight herself. Snooki is right here tonight. Her headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. We`re going to start. A little bit more. I know this is very sensitive.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Around the bone.

KARDASHIAN: That hurts so badly. Ouch. Ouch.


HAMMER: Looks like she`s having a big time, huh? Kim Kardashian taking in a vampire facial.

Well, this is the new cringe-worthy celebrity fad that played out on TV. And it really stuns the reality TV world.

So we`ve got to ask, is this bloody ridiculous, or is it perhaps pure genius?

Kim Kardashian`s bizarre bloody beauty treatment and its reported $1500 price tag may be going to extremes, but you know, this is the latest celebrity stunner. It could be the next big thing if it catches on.

The question is, is Hollywood ready to take a shot at this?

Who better to ask than one of reality TV`s biggest risk takers. She`s right here with us. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, breakout star of MTV`s "Jersey Shore." You can catch Snooki in action every Tuesday night on her latest MTV reality series "Snooki and J-Woww."

Great having you back.

NICOLE "SNOOKI" POLIZZI, "SNOOKI AND J-WOWW": Thank you for having me.

HAMMER: Absolutely.


HAMMER: So you`re watching this video, you`re looking at Kim Kardashian getting the blood and the needles on her face.


HAMMER: And you`re saying I`ve got to do that.

POLIZZI: No. I would never do that.


First of all, I`m scared of needles, I don`t like blood. And she looks like she`s in so much pain, it`s just not worth it. I mean, she`s already a beautiful girl, I don`t know why she`s doing all these things to her. But I would never do it.

HAMMER: Not for you.


HAMMER: And really, at this point, you have perfect skin.

POLIZZI: I do, I`m blessed with that. I think it`s because I`m Spanish and I`m tiny.

HAMMER: All those years on "Jersey Shore" --

POLIZZI: Yes, I mean --

HAMMER: Boozing and hanging out all night did not -- yes.

POLIZZI: Yes. I guess the bronzer made myself look good, I guess.

HAMMER: It all worked out for you.


HAMMER: Now Kim Kardashian was not pregnant when she was having these needles and blood on her face.

POLIZZI: Thank god.

HAMMER: Thanks goodness. But she`s opening up about what she went through post-pregnancy in her mommy blog talking about how she has dieted and all the exercise she goes through. And you`ve been there and done that as well.


HAMMER: In fact, can you show everybody? There it is. "How I Lost 42 Pounds."


HAMMER: There is Nicole on the cover looking good on "Us Weekly" magazine.

POLIZZI: Thank you.

HAMMER: How did you lose 42 pounds? That`s not a small feat.

POLIZZI: No, it`s definitely hard, but for me, it was just easy because I was just so motivated. I want -- I wanted to get back to my -- or even better, my body. And I want to be a fit mom. So basically going to the gym whenever I can, five days a week. I have a great trainer Anthony and he put me on these express meals. So it was like salads and, you know, like healthy burgers, stuff like that.


POLIZZI: So basically any time I could go to the gym, I go to the gym. I still do it now. So now I`m like a fitness freak. And I`m obsessed with working out now.

HAMMER: You must be exhausted.

POLIZZI: Yes, that, too. But I just love feeling good about myself.

HAMMER: It does make a difference, doesn`t it?


HAMMER: It really does when you`re getting enough rest.

POLIZZI: And you`re always so positive, and you know. Good.

HAMMER: And the eating thing, though. Tell me every now and then you`ll splurge and have something special.


HAMMER: Like what? What do you --

POLIZZI: I love -- I love my ice cream.


POLIZZI: So sometimes I`ll eat a lot of ice cream. But then I go to the gym and I`ll work out extra hard.

HAMMER: Do you still love the pickles? Because that`s a healthy snack.

POLIZZI: Yes, I love pickles.

HAMMER: A lot of sodium but is still OK for you.

POLIZZI: Yes. Yes. I love them.

HAMMER: Well, you`re in good company with another celebrity mom. Beyonce. She`s getting a lot of attention. And she is opening up -- she just spoke with "Shape" magazine, she`s talking about how tough it was for her to shed her post-baby pounds. She says a vegan meal a day helps keep her pounds away.

Did you feel any pressure? Because I mentioned, you know, Beyonce, she had to get right back up there on stage and be in front of people.


HAMMER: Did you feel the pressure to lose the weight? Or was it just for yourself?

POLIZZI: Not really. Yes, I mean, I never care what anybody says about me.

HAMMER: Oh yes.

POLIZZI: And, I mean, Beyonce, she needs to because she actually does things. Me, I just smile and meet my fans. So I just wanted to do it for myself really. Just to get back and feel good, and plus I wanted to be a MILF.

HAMMER: Yes -- well --

POLIZZI: And you know what that is.

HAMMER: Yes, we do -- it`s late at night. We can talk about that.

POLIZZI: Why not.

HAMMER: That`s not a problem at all.


HAMMER: And I do have to ask you about a classic -- shall we call it a mom moment, which is coming up on an episode of "Snooki and J-Woww."


HAMMER: you guys are doing shots, but not the kind of shots that we were used to seeing you do "Jersey Shore."


HAMMER: You`re doing breast milk shots.


POLIZZI: Babe, you have to do it. Bryan, you count.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One -- on three?

POLIZZI: Yes. Babe, you have to for Lorenzo.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One, two, three, go. No. Tip it up.






HAMMER: OK. First of all, what was in the shot?

POLIZZI: My breast milk.

HAMMER: No. It was not.


POLIZZI: Yes. It was my milk from my bobs that I had just pumped. And Roger wanted to try it. So we were like why don`t we all try it? And it just tastes like soy milk. It was a little warm.

HAMMER: I mean, there has to be some kind of alcoholic concoction that they could have that would look like -- you could call it a breast milk shot.

POLIZZI: No. When we want to do stuff, we do it the real way. And we took my breast milk. And, you know what, I can just say I did it.

HAMMER: But clearly your wild days are not behind you, lest anybody think they are.

POLIZZI: Yes. A shot of breast milk all day.

HAMMER: There are still stuff going on.

POLIZZI: Maybe a little vodka in there. I don`t know.

HAMMER: All right -- that`ll be fine.


POLIZZI: No. That`s disgusting.

HAMMER: Can you stay here for a minute because I know you and your castmates are getting together.


HAMMER: You`re doing it for a very special cause. And I also need to know if we could see you perhaps dancing on "Dancing with the Stars"? Don`t answer that. We`ll be back with you in a moment.


HAMMER: Some smooth moves there. Kind of. From "Jersey Shore`s" Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, who of course starred in the 11th season of "Dancing with the Stars." And with an all-new season of the heated competition set to kick off, does the "Jersey Shore" have another dance pro waiting in the wings?

Well, tonight I have "Jersey Shore`s" big breakout star, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi with me in New York, starring now on MTV`s "Snooki and J-Woww," which airs Tuesday nights on MTV.

I have to believe they`ve approached you to do the "Dancing with the Stars."


HAMMER: Never?

POLIZZI: And I would so do it. I man, I feel like I`m a good dancer and I`ve got, you know, this new body. I would do it in a heartbeat.

HAMMER: So were you a little ticked off when Mike actually got the first call from the entire cast to do it?

POLIZZI: No, I was actually very, very happy for him. You know, the fact that he can`t even dance, but yet he did this, I mean, that was awesome. And you know, we were all proud of him for that. But you know if they did ask me, I would definitely say yes.

HAMMER: Totally be into it.


HAMMER: Even as you know it`s an amazing amount of work.


HAMMER: People are brought -- you`ve seen Nancy Grace brought to tears when she did the show.

POLIZZI: I know.

HAMMER: If you can make her cry, she`s --

POLIZZI: And she`s a tough lady, huh?


POLIZZI: Yes, I don`t know, I think I could handle it.

HAMMER: All right. I`m sure you could.


HAMMER: We have already seen your dance moves, by the way, in your "Just Dance" videos.

POLIZZI: Come on.

HAMMER: Oh yes, can we see this?

POLIZZI: Well, that`s not real dance moves.

HAMMER: Come on.

POLIZZI: That`s not how I dance at the club.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Beat you again.

POLIZZI: All right, Ron. One more game?




POLIZZI: And this time, I brought my girls.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Barbra Streisand.


HAMMER: OK. So that --



HAMMER: Well, that was you, I mean.

POLIZZI: I know but --

HAMMER: So you`re saying that we would see --

POLIZZI: That was like rehearsed dance moves that we had to do for that commercial. But if I were to freestyle, it would be a different story.

HAMMER: OK. Well, freestyling is not what happens on "Dancing with the Stars." The question is, you know, Mike did OK. I think he did better than some people --

POLIZZI: Yes, I think he did OK.

HAMMER: -- imagined. Would you be able to take it further in that competition than Mike?

POLIZZI: I mean, I -- when I have motivation and dedication, I could go anywhere, I feel. So I feel like I could win, maybe.

HAMMER: The mirror ball and Snooki.

POLIZZI: Yes. I don`t know, I`ll have to try it out.

HAMMER: Love to see you.

So, everybody is really excited, all of your fans I know are very to pumped up to see a big "Jersey Shore" reunion.


HAMMER: You`re getting together with the cast in just a couple of weeks.

POLIZZI: Yes, March 23rd, we`re all going to be at Six Flags, and we`re just going to be thanking all the students that took the time out and help, you know, restore everything that`s been damaged from Sandy. And we`re going to play games with them, and go on rides with them, So, you know, it`s basically just helping out everyone that helped Sandy.

HAMMER: That`s at the Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey?

POLIZZI: Yes. That.

HAMMER: That`s going to be great fun for you guys.


HAMMER: Because I know you have to have been so devastated watching what happened.


HAMMER: And I`m sure you`re so happy to see everybody pitching in for it.

POLIZZI: Yes. I love the fact that everyone is like so helpful. I mean, it does mean a lot to us and everyone that lives down there. So it`s nice.

HAMMER: Well, give the entire gang high-fives for us of us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

POLIZZI: I will. Yes.

HAMMER: It`s always great having you here.

POLIZZI: Yes. Thank you so much.

HAMMER: Absolutely. And make sure you check out Snooki on the latest "Snooki and J-Woww" Tuesday nights on MTV.

And now I want you to buckle up, because tonight`s SHOWBIZ moment of awesomeness is going to be a wild ride.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Power door locks. Standard, of course.


HAMMER: Get ready for what might be the most outrageous test drive of all time. It`s NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon using his skills to totally punk a real-life car salesman. I love this punk. This prank is absolutely awesome. And that is why I`m going to show it to you next.



HAMMER: It is time now for SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And I love this.

Now tonight you`re going to need to buckle up. We are going for a test drive with NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon. This was such a great idea. Jeff pulled off a hilarious prank. He did it to a real-life car salesman. So he disguised himself, pretending to be, you know, just a regular guy, a customer named Mike, who was looking to perhaps buy a Chevy Camaro. Well, then what happened was he gave the salesman the wildest ride of his life. You`ve got to watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Better buckle up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, good call.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Power door looks. Standard, of course.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are -- for hitting damages to the vehicle so please stop the car, or at least slow down. Slow down. Slow down. You can`t go through that gate. Stop, stop. (EXPLETIVE DELETED).



HAMMER: Can you imagine? So this was all part of the latest prank video from the marketing geniuses over at Pepsi Max. Some people, of course, are wondering if the car salesman`s reaction are genuine. We can`t say for sure. One way or the other. But they do seem pretty real to me. Imagine being that guy .

Well, next on "DR. DREW ON CALL" Jodi Arias is finally off the stand and now a mental health expert with testify. What will the expert reveal about Jodi`s state of mind? That starts right now.