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Jodi Jury Shockers; Bible Series Great Success; Countdown of Top 3 Most Notorious Cases

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JUDGE SHERRY STEPHENS, PRESIDING OVER TRIAL: "After all the lies you have told, why should we believe you now?"


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Jodi Jury Stunners." Today`s top three jury questions for Jodi Arias. The high- stakes questions that turned the tables on Jodi today. Is the jury buying Jodi`s account of the night that she brutally killed her boyfriend? Which shocking jury question will top the "SHOWBIZ Countdown"? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching.

Tonight, "Jodi`s Jury Stunners." Today`s Jodi Arias courtroom drama, seen live right here on HLN, showed the second day of the incredible back and forth between the murder defendant, Arias, and the jurors who were trying to decide her fate. Well, tonight we are counting down today`s top three most shocking jury questions, and we kick it off at No. 3.


STEPHENS: "After all the lies you have told, why should we believe you now?"

JODI ARIAS, MURDER DEFENDANT: The lies that I`ve told in this case are -- can be tied directly back to either protecting Travis`s reputation or my involvement in his death in any way.


HAMMER: One of the more shocking moments of the trial today came as jurors asked Arias point blank about all of the lies that Arias has been telling since she stabbed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, almost 30 times, shot him, and cut his throat.

First she said she wasn`t there. Then she told the cops that masked ninjas did it. And then she said she killed him in self-defense.

Well, joining me right now from Atlanta, so pleased to welcome Ryan Smith, host of "EVENING EXPRESS" right here on HLN, the only network where you get continuous live coverage of the Jodi Arias trial. In Hollywood tonight, Pat Lalama, correspondent with the crime network Investigation Discovery.

So today`s No. 3 shocking question really seems to indicate, I think, to everybody that, you know what? This jury isn`t buying what Jodi is selling. Ryan, is that how you see it?

RYAN SMITH, HOST, "EVENING EXPRESS": Well, it`s either that or they`re trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Because if you look at it this way, their questions are almost like a cross-examination in a way. So if they`re saying, "Let`s give you the benefit of the doubt. We`re going to ask you these questions. Then we`re going to ask you the overall one, if you`re -- how do we believe you now?"

And A.J., her credibility is everything in this case, because they have to believe her theory of self-defense in order for her to escape jail and possibly escape the death penalty. So her credibility`s everything.

HAMMER: Pat, do you think that they`re asking these questions about her honesty and about the fact that she`s been lying because to them she`s got no credibility right now?

PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY: I think it leans toward that. We never know what`s inside their minds.

Let me say first of all, I have faith in the jury system based on these people`s smart, properly suspicious questions. They`re really on the button. It makes me feel good.

In terms of the line, here`s the problem. We`ve all told a lying. OK? We`ve all told a lie. But her lies are meticulous. They`re in depth. They`re calculating. And they`re all meant to save her hide. And that`s glaring to the jury. How can they possibly trust her?

HAMMER: Yes. The lies were even contradicting her other lies. And that`s why I think the jury just kept on hammering Jodi about her honesty on the night that she killed Travis.

Let`s listen to another question that they asked her today.


STEPHENS: "Would you decide to tell the truth if you never got arrested?"

ARIAS: I honestly don`t know the answer to that question.


COOPER: Ryan? We just saw her stumped look there. I don`t think she had any idea how to approach that.

SMITH: And that`s a huge problem. I see two problems in that. First the pause. Second the answer.

The pause suggests, "OK, I`m thinking about it. I`m thinking about it. What do you want to hear, jury?" That`s not good.

The second one, remember what you said -- what you had in your first clip, that a lot of times she was saying things because she wanted to protect Travis. So then "If you weren`t arrested, you would have told the truth?"

"Well, I honestly don`t know if I would have."

"How are you protecting Travis, thinking about Travis? You`re thinking about yourself."


SMITH: And that doesn`t look good. It contradicts one of the key parts of this case.

COOPER: You know, Pat, you said a moment ago that she`s been meticulous in her lies. Probably because she`s given a great deal of thought to many of them. She obviously hadn`t prepared for that question.

LALAMA: No. And they had said that she was allowed -- as the defendant, she was allowed to look at the questions and think about them. But that one threw her.

And it`s such a brilliant question, because she`s sitting there thinking, "Well, wait a minute, if I got away with murder, would I go, you know, confess? Gee, I don`t know." I mean, it really stumped her. And it was very telling.

HAMMER: Well, Jodi`s honesty in another key area gives us No. 2 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of today`s most shocking jury questions. Jurors asking Jodi today about her sex life with Travis. Specifically if she enjoyed it or if she was a victim. Listen.


STEPHENS: "Did you enjoy having sex with Travis?"

ARIAS: For the most part, yes, I did. Very much.

STEPHENS: "If you were scared of what Travis was capable of doing, why would you ever let him tie you up?"

ARIAS: When that occurred, he was in a very good mood, and he wasn`t displaying any signs of agitation. And that was the Travis that I liked and was not afraid of.


HAMMER: Yes, so Ryan, sometimes Jodi has hinted in the past that Travis exploited her sexually. Other times she says she was into it. It seems to me, by that line of questioning, that the jury is very confused about all this.

SMITH: They are confused. But I think they`re starting to get the sense of what the argument is, and that is Jodi`s trying to claim that she`s a domestic violence victim and that was her state of mind when she killed Travis. So they`re just trying to understand that.

And I`m going to tell you what the defense is going to do to try to explain this. The expert`s going to come up after her and say, "Hey, the things she just described to you there, those are symptoms of someone who might have suffered from domestic violence."

So they`re trying to piece it together. But Jodi, no matter what she answers on that, is going to have an expert who`s going to probably back up her statements.

HAMMER: Yes, Pat, how do you think that`s going to go? Because there`s a lot of confusion going on here, but again, we have yet to hear from the experts.

LALAMA: Well, it`s the age-old problem. If you`re a victim, why do you keep going back? But we all know that there are psychological bondages that make you go back.

But I am telling you categorically -- you heard it here from Pat Lalama -- this woman was a willing participant in all of it and when it was convenient used it as a weapon. And I`m telling you, it`s going to come back to haunt her.

HAMMER: Well, while Jodi`s description of her sex life with Travis was definitely another area causing the jury some confusion, nothing appears to be more confusing to the jury than the question that tops our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the most shocking questions jurors asked today. What`s up with Jodi`s memory?

Yes. Jodi seems to have forgotten some key moments from the night that she killed Travis. And today the jurors asked her about her memory issues. Jodi`s answer was a stunner.


STEPHENS: "Is there anyone else who knows about your memory issues?"

ARIAS: Well, I mean, again, I think I have a really excellent memory.

STEPHENS: "How can you say that you don`t have memory issues when you can`t remember how you stabbed him so many times and slashed his throat?"

ARIAS: Well, I think that I have a good memory, and June 4 is an anomaly for me.


HAMMER: OK. Ryan, Jodi says she has an excellent memory. What went through your mind when you heard that? The one thing that always comes back to me is the trauma of that moment. And certainly, that can impact somebody`s recollection.

SMITH: I think she must have just forgotten to tell everybody about her bad memory.

I`ll tell you what. This is -- I mean, what do you say about this? Everything that she remembers helps her. Everything that she doesn`t remember is what hurts her. And the jury is allowed, when they`re instructed, they`re allowed to consider that as part of this case.

The problem with all of this, A.J., is they have to believe her self- defense story. So if you`ve got half a story and the other half you`re just kind of saying, "I don`t know, you guys figure it out," that`s not good enough to avoid a conviction. So I think she`s got a real problem with all that.

HAMMER: Pat, I know you`ve got to agree with that. When she`s sitting there saying, "I have excellent memory," I mean, really? She thought she`d get away with that?

LALAMA: Here`s -- here`s the deal. To me, whenever she doesn`t remember something, equate that with pleading the fifth. That`s sort of her way of pleading the fifth to me. It`s like oh, gee, on that particular issue I don`t remember. It`s convenient.

And you add that to the fact that this jury has such great questions about her knowledge of what -- whether there were bullets in the gun or ammunition close by or whether he kept it loaded or unloaded. You add that with her lack of memory, put it all together. And this is just not looking good for her. I`ve been wrong before. I might be wrong again. But it just doesn`t look good.

HAMMER: Yes. And to that end I want to roll out some more sound of her talking about the fact that she claims she has an awesome memory, even though it has failed her in the past during questioning. Let`s roll that.


STEPHENS: "Why did you place Travis`s body back in the shower?"

ARIAS: I could only speculate because I don`t remember.

STEPHENS: "What happened to the clothes you were wearing on June 4, 2008?"

ARIAS: I don`t remember.

STEPHENS: "Why did you take the rope and gun with you?"

ARIAS: There were a lot of actions I took that day that I don`t remember.

STEPHENS: "Did you try and clean up the scene after you left on June 4, 2008?"

ARIAS: I don`t recall doing that.


HAMMER: Ryan, the jury has got to be sitting there saying, yes, this memory is convenient, Jodi.

SMITH: Absolutely. It`s nothing but convenient. But again, she`s going to lean on that expert. And that expert needs to be able to say, "Hey, jury, this is what violence victims go through. When something extreme happens, she`s going to forget those things."

But I still say you`ve got the same problem. You did all these things afterward. You threw away a gun. Your memory contradicts now what you said before. And that has nothing to do with having a bad memory. That`s just telling two different stories.

HAMMER: You know, they make...

SMITH: So I still think she`s got a lot of problems.

HAMMER: They make these organic memory pills. I see them in the health- food section of the store all the time. Maybe that`s a start for her.

Ryan, Pat, thank you guys so much.

Well, Jodi`s sex, lies, and audiotape have made this case into a real-life soap opera. But is it the most notorious case right now?


ARIAS: He was trying to get on top of me. I thought he was -- and then he threatened my life. I really thought he had intentions to kill me. So I don`t remember any specifics of what happened right after that point.


HAMMER: We have got all the drama. The wall-to-wall TV coverage. And the mystery. Will Jodi be convicted or will she walk?

Well, tonight it`s another "SHOWBIZ Countdown" you`ve got to see. The most notorious cases right now.

Plus, Kim Kardashian`s pregnancy scare. She`s rushed to the doctor in tears worried about her unborn child. Is Kim`s career just going to be put on hold right now for the sake of the baby?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: God warned me. He told me to build a boat.

God has spoken to me. He will lead us to a new home.


HAMMER: That is History Channel`s all-new series, "The Bible." It is a shocking TV hit, getting as many viewers as "American Idol." So what`s the secret behind its incredible success?

The hit miniseries takes on the epic challenge of recreating the Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation. Classic biblical drama plays out over ten hours in five weeks on the History Channel. Imagine putting that together.

Well, it comes from a power couple and producing team. Reality TV guru Mark Burnett and his lovely wife, actress Roma Downey. And we`re delighted to have Roma joining us tonight from Hollywood.

Congratulations on the incredible success of this series: 14.8 million viewers on premiere night. That is quite a number. And I have to imagine, even though I`m sure you hoped for some big numbers on that night, in your wildest dreams you didn`t see that coming.

ROMA DOWNEY, ACTRESS/PRODUCER: It`s amazing. Listen, by the time they added it all up, because it reran all week on History and on Lifetime, over 27 million people watched the first episode of "The Bible." And that is so gratifying, so humbling, so exciting.

This series trended No. 1 on Twitter for the evening. And I saw a headline here on CNN that said "God Beats Zombies" because of course another show, "Walking Dead," on a different network.

And we -- it`s just people are talking about the Bible. It`s a conversation that`s being had in positive ways all across the country.

HAMMER: But what do you think cuts to the core of why this is such a big hit?

DOWNEY: Well, listen, it is the most important book that`s ever been written. It`s a cornerstone of our culture, our faith, our literature, art, politics, everything. This country was built on it.

And many people don`t know these stories on the one hand. So it`s an exciting opportunity for them to learn a book that they should know.

And then clearly, there`s just an appetite. People are hungry for God. People are hungry for these stories of faith and perseverance.

And we`ve told them in such an exciting way, combining live action with the greatest and latest CGI. We have an amazing score by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe and the voice of Lisa Gerrard. You know, we have chariots and battles and, you know, big epic moments. It`s just fantastic stuff.

HAMMER: Yes, the production`s simply incredible. We`ve been watching clips as you`ve been talking. And of course you co-produced "the Bible" with your husband, Mark Burnett.

And it was not hard to notice that the show went head to head on the big premiere night with Mark`s other big show, "Celebrity Apprentice." But "the Bible" is the show that everybody watched. So on one hand, knowing him, I can`t imagine that Donald Trump was cool with that, but I also can`t imagine he would be mad at God.

GERRARD: Listen, if he was going to lose out in the ratings to anyone, I`m sure he didn`t mind that it was the Bible.

And Trump is one of our dearest friends. We love him. We love Melania. And we had everybody tweeting for "The Bible." You know, we had all "The Voice" team and all the "Shark Tank" team. And you know, my husband`s a great hit maker. So we`re very, very, very fortunate in our lives.

But this has been a passion project for us. This has been a labor of love. This has been something we wanted to do. We felt it in our hearts. We were moved to do it. We wanted to do it together as a husband and wife, produce it together, and we`re still speaking to each other.

HAMMER: There you go. Perhaps the most important part of the whole equation.

DOWNEY: The biggest miracle. The biggest miracle of all.

HAMMER: So great having you here. And congratulations again.

DOWNEY: Thank you so much. Hey, this week`s episode is so good. Sampson and Delilah, David and Goliath. Tune in.


HAMMER: Well, we move now from the Bible to a battle of biblical proportions. Sort of. It`s the "Battle of the Baby Bumps." Jessica Simpson revealing a big baby secret as only she can. Jess lets it all hang out, accidentally revealing the gender of her baby. Oops. Jess slips up while Duchess Kate gets tongue-tied. Kim Kardashian. Who were more people obsessed with?



JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT, ACTRESS (singing): `Cause I`m a woman, w-o-m-a-n. I say it again yes, I`m a woman, w-o-m-a-n.

HAMMER: Oh, yes, that is Jennifer Love Hewitt steaming up your screen in her shamelessly sexy video to promote season 2 of her Lifetime show, "The Client List."

Now, if you don`t know the show, Jennifer plays a masseuse who offers other services, as well. And she just told me today in a brand-new "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview this video is just a taste of things to come. Jennifer says hang on tight. Things get so hot this season you might have to hose down your screen.

But first, I had to ask her about this incredible music video.

HEWITT: Wow. I mean, every time I see that that`s all I can say is wow. And I read it was your idea to do this music video again this season. And it`s remarkable. But did you have any hesitation at all putting yourself out there like that?

HAMMER: I didn`t. You know, I thought it was really fun. I`m a big fan of burlesque in general. I think that there`s something so classic about it and sexy, and I feel like that sort of style of dance like uses the female body in such a magnificent way, particularly if you have curves like myself. It just sort of lends itself to good movement.

We had such a good time doing "hey big spender" last year, and people responded to it so well. I was like we should do another one. It`s just such a fun way to promote something. I had a dream about this song and this video in particular, wrote it down. We pitched it to Lifetime. They were like yes, OK, if you want to put yourself out there and do that, go for it.

HAMMER: I know you get to watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at night and maybe during the day in your trailer you get to put on HLN, and you see this obsession that`s going on right now with the Jodi Arias murder trial, which is much more about sex and sex tapes than it is about murder.

Do you think that sexual component is what has a lot of people just glued to their TVs to watch this trial?

HEWITT: I do. I mean, I think it`s a really interesting thing. I think that, you know, sex can be provocative. It can be dangerous. And it can be -- it can be amazing and romantic and passionate. I mean, it can really be all of those things.

And you know, very much in this season for us we`re exploring how that one -- that one thing can have all of those facets. You know, it can draw people -- it can draw you to the right people. It can draw you to the wrong people. It can bring danger. It can bring, you know -- it can bring all kinds of things to the table. And it can be very safe and it can be very unsafe.

And I do think that there`s just a lot in our society right now, trials like this one, stories that you read about lovers who, you know, hurt each other and things that are going on there. There`s also, you know, striptease classes and pole-dancing classes and, you know -- I mean, sex is everywhere.

HAMMER: So I got an idea I want to throw out at you. We`ve seen movies...


HAMMER: ... made about all these high-profile trials. We saw the Casey Anthony movie recently. I was thinking you as Jodi Arias in a TV movie. What do you think?

HEWITT: Oh. Interesting. Interesting. Lifetime would probably do that.


HEWITT: Yes. I could probably do that. I will -- I will run it up the flagpole later on today and see what they say. And I will totally give you credit if it happens. I promise.

HAMMER: And I will hold her to that. Our thanks to J. Love. And be sure to check out season 2 of "The Client List" when it debuts this Sunday on Lifetime.

And it is the real-life sex and murder drama surrounding Jodi Arias that has people glued to HLN from coast to coast. Tonight, it`s another explosive "SHOWBIZ Countdown." The most notorious cases right now. But are Jodi`s bombshells bigger than the case that stunned the globe? Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend on Valentine`s Day. Which stunning case will top the "SHOWBIZ Countdown"?




ARIAS: He was trying to get on top of me. I thought he was -- and then he threatened my life. I really thought he was -- had intentions to kill me.

So I don`t remember anything specific with what happened right after that point.


HAMMER: Right now, the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," the most notorious cases right now. Jodi Arias is grabbing up all the headlines. Tales of wild S&M sex, her spotty memory of the night she killed her boyfriend, 17 days on the stand, but is she really more notorious than Casey Anthony? Casey just appeared in public for the first time since being acquitted of charges she murdered her own daughter. So which infamous case will be named number one? "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown we are counting down the top three most notorious courtroom cases right now. Let`s get to it. Coming in at number three, Jodi Arias back on the stand today, answering tough questions straight from the jury. Of course she`s accused of brutally killing her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The horrific killing is practically taking a back seat to all the graphic sexual testimony, detailing kinky sex between Jodi and Travis. Now, keep in mind she admits to killing Travis. She says she stabbed him nearly three dozen times and shot him in the face out of self-defense. Jodi says she was just fighting back claiming that Travis was abusive. Prosecutors say Jodi willingly carried out all kinds of kinky sex acts with Travis and snapped only after Travis dumped her. All this drama is playing out right here on HLN as we bring you the live courtroom testimony every day.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How is it that that you remember so many of your sexual encounters, but you do not remember stabbing Travis and dragging his body?

JODI ARIAS: I don`t know how the mind works necessarily, but I know that that was the most traumatic experience of my life.


HAMMER: With me in New York, Midwin Charles. Midwin is a criminal defense attorney. And Midwin, I think that Jodi is so notorious right now because we`re actually hearing her side of the story in court and it really makes no sense when you try to add it all up. Why do you think that she will go down as one of the most notorious defendants right now?

MIDWIN CHARLES, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, I think what she`s accused of doing is so opposite of all the evidence that is coming out during this trial. To say that you feared someone and he was abusive and then to turn around and stab him 29 times and do all the heinous things that you`ve done to him, I think she`s going to go down in history, not to mention all the sex, lies, and audiotape.

HAMMER: Yeah. And I think -- I`m like everybody else. Finding it so incredibly fascinating that in this case, which we`re not used to, we`re hearing questions directly from the jury ...


HAMMER: Like this one from today`s testimony I want to play for you.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are stating you believe you stabbed Travis based on logic. How do you explain the blood on your hands and clothes and the bloody palm print on the wall?

ARIAS: Well, I do know that we struggled that day. And I mean based on logic, it would have been because of how we fought. I don`t know how things ended up where they ended up. I just know that we were fighting physically.

HAMMER: You`ve got to admit it, it`s just captivating to see this question and answer session going on.


HAMMER: Let me bring in Pat Lalama from Hollywood, correspondent with the Investigation Discovery Network. Pat, this really is remarkable. More than 100 questions from the jury. Today is day 17 of Jodi on the stand, which, you know, in and of itself is pretty unusual. The fact that we`re hearing from Jodi has got to play into the reasons why she will go down as one of the most notorious ever.

LALAMA: Of course. I mean the jury`s involvement is such a cool thing to me. I mean, I love this process. I wish more states did it. But let`s face it, A.J. , you know. If we look at our society, we`re a nation sort of collectively in a state of puberty. It`s sex, sex, sex everything. There are a lot of women who whack their men every day. But this one is so salacious. And because it`s - I mean it`s pay per view, but we don`t have to pay for it and we don`t have to feel guilty because it`s on the news, therefore it must be OK to watch it and it makes us all wonder, hey, do I have the most boring sex life in America? Because darn, the stuff these people are involved - I mean it`s got all that plus Mormonism and religion and all kinds of things. It`s amazing.

HAMMER: It`s amazing because not only is it so salacious, it`s so abundant. It wasn`t, oh, just a couple of questions or a couple of quick answers about sex. It has dominated this trial.


HAMMER: It`s really just stunning. Number Two in our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the most notorious cases right now -- Olympic hero turned accused killer Oscar Pistorius . He shot and killed his girlfriend, South African model Reeva Steenkamp. Now, he says it was an accident and shot through his bathroom door because he thought she was an intruder. And now we`re learning about a darker side of Oscar from people who knew him best. Marc Batchelor is a South African soccer player. He socialized with Pistorius and he tells CNN he wasn`t entirely surprised to hear about the tragic shooting. Listen to this.


MARC BATCHELOR: He would have a top switch and, you know, he`d get violent and angry. And he`d fought with people and cause a lot of problems. And I mean that`s the incident with me and him was because he was drunk at a party and he started shouting and swearing on the phone.


HAMMER: Yeah. Obviously, a very different picture of Pistorius than what we saw Pistorius do, defying the odds, becoming the first Paralympic athlete to run in the Olympics. We all remember, he was nicknamed the blade runner for his prosthetic legs. He beat the odds in every way, Midwin. I mean this is truly a tragic fall from grace.

CHARLES: It really is. I mean this is one of those athletes that truly inspired hope in the hearts and minds of a lot of people. And I don`t care what kind of math you`re doing, A.J. Nothing he said happened that night is adding up. It just doesn`t make any sense.

LALAMA: Yeah. It is extraordinary, and that is one of the reasons it is so notorious. Oscar, of course, remaining free on bail right now until his trial. And now in a new interview with Reeva`s uncle we`re learning that the family may actually forgive Oscar, which is a turnaround. Watch what he told CNN.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would like to be face to face with him and forgive him. Forgive him what he`s done. And that way I can find most probably more peace with the situation but tell him face to face.


HAMMER: All right. We still don`t know what`s going to end up happening here, Pat. Suppose Oscar goes free. Do you think he`s ever going to be able to escape the notoriety of this case? It is so big, and it -- I think will just follow him for the rest of his life.

LALAMA: I think it`s so hard to tell. You know, those of us who covered O.J. Every day of our lives, we consider that the bar of the great cases.


LALAMA: And this may come close because look at the similarities. You`ve got this beloved athlete. You know, he`s overcome these incredible odds. People don`t want to believe that he`s possibly capable of this. But you know what? I was the one who predicted to friends of mine a couple of weeks ago that there`s going to be another side of him that we didn`t know about. And that`s that trigger -- trigger anger side. We don`t know how he grew up. We don`t know if he was bullied for his disability or if there were issues at home. He did overcome great odds. But we don`t know what`s inside of him. And I predicted that there would -- we would find out there`s this other element to him. And who knows -- who knows, A.J., what`s going to happen? How he`ll be able to overcome this one.

HAMMER: Well, you make a great comparison also to the O.J. case because regardless of the fact that he was acquitted, regardless of whatever O.J. winds up going on to do when he finally gets out of jail, this is with him for the rest of his life. Midwin, do you see it the same way for Oscar, regardless of the outcome?

CHARLES: I do. Regardless of the outcome. Now, you know, a lot of times people tend to forgive and forget athletes and celebrities for their transgressions, but this is something that`s going to stay with him. I mean, remember, he killed someone. So this isn`t like he cheated or, you know, what have you, like a Tiger Woods situation. A woman is dead. And so it`s going to stay with him for the rest of his life.

HAMMER: Well, it is time now for the big reveal. We are telling you what our number one most notorious case right now is. And really, how could it not be? 26-year-old Casey Anthony. Casey, of course, was acquitted of murder in the death of her daughter Caylee. Casey just appeared in public for the very first time since being acquitted, attending a bankruptcy hearing. And what she was asked by the judge, how she`s been surviving, here`s what she revealed. That she doesn`t have a job. That she lives with friends. And that she relies on gift cards and cash from strangers to get by. Pat, it still seems odd to me that her notoriety helped her gain some fans along the way who want to help her out.

LALAMA: Hey, it takes all kinds, A.J. I mean, seriously. You look at individuals. What make -- what are they made of? What are their life experiences that make them believe in what they believe in? And there`s just a segment of society that feels sorry for her. Who knows what conditions occurred in those people`s lives that make them look at her with sympathy and want to help her and save her and take care of her? There are those people, and more power to them. I`m not one of them.

HAMMER: And we`re watching her right now crying in court as she was doing. And it just brings it all back, doesn`t it? Obviously, the death of a beautiful little girl, Caylee Anthony, takes this case right over the top. And a lot of people, I think most people by every survey I still see, thinks that Casey got away with murder here, Midwin. I mean is this case absolutely the most notorious case for you right now?

CHARLES: I think it is. I think whenever you have a case where a mother is accused of killing her own child, the very person that she gave life to, that she brought into this world, nothing is more demonic than that idea. And that`s one of the reasons why I think this case is going to kind of resonate for now until kingdom come. Especially when you look at her attitude, her lies, her inconsistencies. I mean, they just went on forever.

HAMMER: Yeah, Pat, I mean, did we get it right? Putting her at number one? There was no other choice.

LALAMA: Well, yeah. Because of just as Midwin said, this mother issue. And although there are mothers who have killed their children, sometimes maybe we can look for reasons why. In her case I think the thing that really resonates for me was the lack of conscience.


LALAMA: All that time that went by without reporting your child and the sexy dancing and the salacious sex life that she allegedly or did engage in. Yeah, you put it all together, you think ooh, the devil.

HAMMER: Total tragedy.

LALAMA: Sorry. The devil.

HAMMER: All right. Midwin, Pat, great, thank you so much, appreciate it.

CHARLES: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, from the battle for the most notorious to the battle of the baby bumps. Jessica Simpson just slipped up and revealed she`s having a boy.


JESSICA SIMPSON: The crazy thing is that I never knew that a wiener could actually make me nauseous.


SIMPSON: Oh, shucks.


HAMMER: Wow. Looked like Jess is putting it all out there, intentionally or not. So, could Duchess Catherine and Kim Kardashian learn a thing or two from Jess? The SHOWBIZ battle of the baby bumps. Which celebrity mom will reign supreme? Plus, SHOWBIZ caught on tape. A realtor pilfering panties. Talk about getting to know your client`s home. I`ve got the tape of the real estate agent who just doesn`t understand that some things are off limits. This is "SBT," "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Hey, I want you to stop what you`re doing right now and look at Snooki. Take a lookie at Snooki. Tonight, "SHOWBIZ" giving you a first look at the all new issue of "Us Weekly" magazine picturing Snooks donning that leopard bikini and she`s opening up inside about her dramatic 42-pound post-pregnancy weight loss. That`s right, Snooki lost 42 pounds. As she gave birth to her son Lorenzo just six months ago but now she tells "Us Weekly" that she not only wanted to slim down for herself but she also wanted to show her fiance that she could "still be hot as a mom." Nice going, Snooki. Way to go.

And from Snooki and her triumphant post-baby weight loss we move now to the epic battle of the baby bumps with Jessica Simpson breaking big news, Kim Kardashian making big news, and the duchess, well, just trying to keep everything under wraps. But with the eyes of the world upon them and their ever-growing baby bumps, which celebrity mom will reign supreme? We just learned today of a reported pregnancy scare with Kim Kardashian. She was rushed to the hospital after returning from a whirlwind trip to Paris. Her sister Khloe just posted a message on her blog today thanking fans for their concerns saying that all is well now with Kim and baby. So, that`s good news. You want to bring in Katie Daryl who is a hoster and producer for AXS TV. Katie joins me tonight from Hollywood. Also in the Hollywood tonight entertainment correspondent and V-103 radio personality Kendra G. So, let`s have at it. Kim and Kate, the center of a big baby ballot of the baby bumps. Everyone vying for the next picture, the next big revelation about the impending child. But while the baby bump mania is heating up you have Kim Kardashian now actually hoping to step back from the limelight, which just seems so contradictory. Let`s watch what Kim just told "Access Hollywood."


KIM KARDASHIAN: I just hope, you know, both of us have healthy babies and that`s all you can really focus on.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And you deserve your own attention to.

KIM KARDASHIAN: You know, I`d rather have the privacy. She can have all the attention.



HAMMER: Kim saying forget the battle, just focus on the duchess. Katie, I`m going to start with you. Do you think that there`s any chance Kim is going to get the privacy that she wants while she`s pregnant? I mean, really?

KATIE DARYL, AXS TV HOST & PRODUCER: Even if she wants it, I don`t think she naturally deserves it. She`s put her life out there. She`s craving the celebrity limelight all the time. And now all of a sudden to be like oh, but this little bit you can`t have? I`m sorry. You owe it to your fans at this point. You`ve shared everything else and every other excruciating detail of your life. Let them follow this pregnancy.

HAMMER: Yeah, who is she to say that we can`t know everything? We deserve to know everything.

DARYL: Yeah!

HAMMER: Well, we just saw a very clever royals fan try to catch Kate in a slip of the lip in the battle for the baby secrets. The fan says that Kate almost revealed that she`s having a baby girl. This is pretty cute. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you say my daughter?

DUCHESS CATHERINE: (ph) No, my -- no. No. No. I`m sure -- we don`t know. So -


HAMMER: All right. Good try. Kendra, Kate obviously playing (ph) coy there. But do you think the fans are even loving her more for it or, you know, is it time for the royals to just break the rules and tell all?

KENDRA G, ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT & V-103 PERSONALITY: Just break the rules and tell all. They`re trying to keep everything secretive, but it`s impossible. We are nosy. We want to know everything. So just let it go. We love you. We think you`re fabulous. We`re not going to harm you. We just want to know what`s happening. And I think it`s great that she`s having a d -- daughter ...

HAMMER: Yeah, right.

KENDRA G: I`m going to finish it for her. A daughter.

HAMMER: I`m still trying to make sense of it. I watched it back in slow motion a couple of times, and I couldn`t quite figure out if that`s what was happening, but she did look a little stunned by what she said herself. I love that you said that we won`t harm her. No, Kate, we`re not going to harm you. It`s not going to happen.

KENDRA G.: We`re not going to hurt you.

HAMMER: And while Kate is denying her lip slip, one of our favorite celebrity moms, Jessica Simpson, seems to be winning the battle of baby bumps by just putting it all out there quite accidentally, it appears, revealing big news on "Jimmy Kimmel live." Let`s look at this.


SIMPSON: The crazy thing is I that I never knew that a wiener could actually make me nauseous.


SIMPSON: Oh, shucks!

JIMMY KIMMEL: Wait a minute.


KIMMEL: What did you intend to say there?

SIMPSON: Well, I guess I just told the world that I`m having a boy.


KIMMEL: Oh. Yeah. OK. I didn`t even know what was happening.



HAMMER: That`s so funny. So they had two very different experiences there where Jessica realizes oops, I didn`t mean to say that, and I genuinely believe she didn`t mean to say it. And Jimmy had no idea what was going on. You`ve got to love her for that, Katie. Do we want to see Kim and Kate as transparent as Jessica, or, well, maybe Kim, maybe not so much Kate because she still is a royal?

DARYL: Well, I mean, obviously I think the most important bump out of all three of these is Kate Middleton`s. I mean, you know, people have been following royal babies for centuries. All right? So yes, I think that I would like to know more about it. But I respect the privacy of the royal family. And I respect Jessica Simpson for trying to steal the limelight right now because she`s like hey, if no one else is going to take it I don`t want to be number three, I`ll be the number one.

HAMMER: All, right, Kendra, tell me quickly who do you think should be the number one baby bump we should be paying attention to?

KENDRA G: Without a doubt Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Kimye. They are royalty in my eyes. They are the royal baby that`s going to be here. Katie, I love you but we`ve got to disagree. Kim Kardashian is killing it with fashion. She is the one to watch.

HAMMER: The world`s baby, I love it. Katie Daryl, Kendra G. Thank you both so much. All right, as we move on tonight, and up next, talk about oversharing. Now, take a look at this real estate agent caught on tape apparently stealing women`s underwear. Yeah. You want your agent to know all about your home, but no, I think this is just pretty creepy. It is "SHOWBIZ caught on tape," with the real estate agent who got way too cozy on the job. This is SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight, "SHOWBIZ caught on tape," it`s the real estate agent who got very, very intimate inside his client`s home. Look at what`s going on here. Sure, you want the guy who`s selling your house to be very familiar with every single detail of it, right? But come on. Stealing your lingerie, obviously taking that idea way, way too far. This guy is a serious creep. So CNN`s Jeanne Moos has the wild footage of this real estate agent, who was nabbed red-handed by a lingerie cam.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m here. Come on in.

JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Talk about multitasking. As this real estate agent was giving directions to the home he was showing --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can park in the back. You can park in the back.

MOOS: -- he got caught with his hand not in the cookie jar, but in the lingerie drawer, casually pulling out and inspecting at least five items and then dropping down to explore the lower drawers. When the homeowner and his wife viewed the webcam video, one word kept cropping up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s creepy. Right? It`s creepy.

MOOS: The couple went out of town last month while an open house was scheduled for the Arlington, Virginia townhouse they`d put up for sale.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just like to see people`s reactions to our house during the open house. So we set some cameras up.

MOOS: He did not expect to record 60-year-old real estate agent Steven Brum (ph) rummaging around in his wife`s drawers. Brum seemed to stash something in his back pocket. This gives a whole new meaning to open house. Open drawers, open closets. Several online commenters noticed his wedding ring. Posted one, "maybe he was shopping for his wife." Police arrested Brum and charged him with burglary. He`s out on bail. Authorities say his real estate license was immediately suspended. We tried calling Brum, but got no answer.

Police are asking home sellers to come forward if they noticed items missing. They say Brum has been inside hundreds of homes. Hey, that`s not part of your commission. Get your hands off her real estate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Like wow. That`s creepy.


HAMMER: That gives a whole new meaning to don`t touch the merchandise. That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

So from a ridiculous creeper caught on tape to what must be one of the most ridiculous buzzer beaters of all time, caught on tape. It is the 55-foot one-handed heave that clinched a state basketball title and grabbed the world`s attention all at the same time. Honestly, this shot is just mind- blowing, and it`s your moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now it is time for "SHOWBIZ awesomeness." This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And I`ve got what may be the most ridiculous buzzer beater of all time. Look, I know that all last-second shots are crazy. But this one`s downright insane. You`ve got to watch what happens when New Rochelle high school`s Khalil Edney makes a one- handed heave from well beyond center court. And keep in mind, this happened just before the clock hit zero.

Wow. That is just awesome. That miraculous shot clinched a New York state title for New Rochelle. And as you see, made Khalil an instant celebrity. Next on "Jane Velez-Mitchell," the questions from the Jodi Arias jurors keep flooding in, and tons of them are seriously skeptical. So do the jurors think Jodi is lying? Jane Velez-Mitchell investigates right now.