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SHOWBIZ Countdown of Top 5 Similarities Between Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony; Countodwn of the Top 5 Things That Made Us Go, `Really, Seriously?`

Aired March 4, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the Jodi-Casey showdown. Jodi Arias versus Casey Anthony. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals the top five shocking things these notorious murder defendants have in common - - the sex appeal, the lying. But what will be No. 1 on the countdown? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello, and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And we begin with our first big countdown of the night here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the Jodi Arias-Casey Anthony showdown.

So Jodi Arias was back on the stand in Phoenix today as she tries to convince a jury that she killed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in self- defense, as she stabbed him 27 times, slit his throat and shot him in the head. The live gripping testimony seen only here on HLN.

And on the other side of the country in Tampa, Florida, today, Casey Anthony was back in court, her very first public appearance since being acquitted on charges that she murdered her 2-year-old daughter. This time she`s in court because she`s filed for bankruptcy.

The similarities between the murder cases of Casey and Jodi Arias are just startling. And tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are revealing the top five similarities.

Let`s kick it off. No. 5 is the sexual similarities. The boyfriends, the sex lives, even the sex appeal of these two young murder defendants that has contributed to the frenzy around both of their cases.

HLN`s Mike Galanos anchors our live courtroom coverage of the Arias trial every day on HLN. He`s with us tonight from Atlanta. Also with us, Jane Velez-Mitchell, whose captivating coverage of the trial is seen weeknights on the "JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL" show 7:00 p.m. Eastern here on HLN. Jane with us in New York tonight.

Jane and Mike, you know, both trials obviously have had a great deal of graphic sex testimony, especially the Jodi Arias trial. Today, it was no exception. We have Jodi`s attorney graphically asking her about a sexual encounter with her boyfriend. Let`s watch that together.


KIRK NURMI, ARIAS DEFENSE ATTORNEY: He places his (EXPLETIVE DELETED) in your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) when you`re asleep, right?


NURMI: And you just told us you wrote that off to a mistake?

ARIAS: That`s the way I looked at it.

NURMI: How do you get there in your mind?

ARIAS: Well, I don`t -- we were sleeping, and no words were exchanged. He -- like, all of his motor skills were functioning, but I don`t know if he was really, like, mentally conscious or not. He was there. He was breathing hard, that kind of thing, but he didn`t say anything and it was never mentioned the next day.


HAMMER: It almost doesn`t seem real. Mike, I have to imagine, as you`ve been anchoring HLN`s live coverage every day, it has to have struck you about how the sex factor has played into both the Arias and the Casey Anthony trials.

MIKE GALANOS, HLN ANCHOR: No, you know, we thought we heard just about it all with the Casey Anthony case, then this. And Jane and I both use the term "blush-inducing testimony." And A.J., you played some right there. I mean, it will turn you red when you listen to all this. I mean, we heard it with Casey Anthony, but when you get to Jodi Arias and the phone sex, and just that right there, that testimony with her lawyer throwing out the terms, I mean, I wonder what a jury is doing with this, because it changes the way we view this trial and her.

HAMMER: Yes, I almost hate to say it, but it sounds like what I imagine a bad porn film would start off sounding like when you hear the lawyer talking there. Just remarkable.

And as we break it down, look at this -- we`ve had a graphic sex testimony in both trials. We`ve had both trials focusing on testimony about romances that Jodi and Casey had. Both women claim they had been exploited sexually. Jodi says her boyfriend made her do things that she wasn`t comfortable doing, and Casey claimed to have been a sex abuse victim. It is striking, isn`t it, Jane?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HLN ANCHOR: It is absolutely and it`s the old abuse excuse. Criminal minds don`t really vary that much. There is only so many excuses you can come up with. It`s a very limited playbook. And they`re playing the same card, and it`s absolutely extraordinary.

But the thing is that sex is a hand grenade. And it`s really perceived differently by different people, depending on their life experience. So it has the potential of being a wild card because who knows what jurors have experienced sexually that may cause them to have empathy, perhaps, for this defendant.

HAMMER: Yes and, Mike, you mentioned it`s hard to know what the jurors are thinking right now in terms of what to do with all this. It has to be that Jodi`s sexual exploits that we`ve heard her describe affect not just the jurors but how we all view her as well as the way we viewed Casey Anthony.

GALANOS: That`s a great point. And you look at this, and to pick up on the jurors -- because that`s what matters most, what the jurors are doing with all this -- let`s take Jodi Arias, for example. What if someone`s in there who is maybe the churchgoer, maybe a Mormon. And early on in her testimony, she is talking about Travis Alexander coming to give her the Book of Mormon, yet wants sex. That`s going to strike a juror against Travis Alexander. And what was the other story, that she gets baptized into the Mormon faith and he wants sex right after that? Again, another knock on Travis Alexander.

But I`ll tell you, A.J., where I think things may have turned against her is the phone sex tape. All of the sudden she was no wallflower. She was as into it as he was.

HAMMER: Well, seeing as how we started out with sex, it`s only natural that lies would be next, right? No. 4 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of similarities between Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony -- all the lies they told, both often changing their stories.

Watch who they both blamed for the deaths of their alleged victims.


ARIAS: Two people there. One was a guy. One was a girl. One was in all black, one was in jeans.

DETECTIVE: And when did she start watching over your child?

CASEY ANTHONY, DEFENDANT: Um, it`s been within the last year and a half, two years that she started watching Caylee.


HAMMER: Lots of lies told by Jodi. Lots of lies told by Casey. Ninjas and nannies. Jodi initially blamed masked ninjas for her boyfriend`s death, while Casey blamed a nonexistent nanny for the death of her little girl. Both women also made up fake jobs while they were being investigated, and both repeatedly hid what they knew of their alleged victims` deaths.

Jane, it seems part of the drama of the Jodi Arias trial is you never know what story you`re going to get. And that`s exactly what we had with Casey.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And both of these women are brilliant actresses. And when they lie, they are very good at it. They`re also very good at turning on the tears whenever they need to. Pathological liars, and both of these women are pathological liars, have a different mechanism. They process it. The truth is a dead issue. The truth is whatever works for them at the moment. That`s why they`re such convincing liars.

HAMMER: Well, Casey Anthony used claims of sexual abuse to explain her serial lying. And just today in court we saw right here on HLN Jodi Arias`s defense attorney trying to use her lies to actually boost the credibility of her testimony.

Watch how that played out.


NURMI: You knew that you were going to be questioned about the lies you told, or you assumed you`d be questioned about the lies you had told throughout this process when you chose to testify, right?


NURMI: And you chose to do it anyway. You chose to testify anyway, right?



HAMMER: So Jodi`s attorney essentially saying today yes, you know, she`s lied before, but Jodi wouldn`t willingly testify and face those lies if she weren`t innocent. Mike, that makes a lot of chutzpah. Will it actually work, do you think?

GALANOS: No. And I think that`s where she really has the issues here, where you talk about the lies. Because if we turn the clock way back, she seduced that jury for eight days with the lies and the way she told the story as meek little Jodi. But I think things turned, if you want to couple the lies with the sex, when that phone sex tape played. And all of sudden, if you`re a juror, you`re going, "Wait a minute. You`re not a wallflower. What I`m looking at here is not what I`m listening to on this tape." I don`t know, I don`t know if you`re going to be able to get that credibility back.

HAMMER: Yes, I guess the attorney`s got to go for everything possible.

But all of the lies are another similarity between Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony, taking us to No. 3 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown -- the hate factor. Casey, of course, was called the most hated woman in America after her acquittal. And someone just posted a Jodi Arias voodoo doll on eBay until eBay yanked it from the site.

Jane, if Jodi is acquitted, like Casey, don`t you expect that we`re going to see the same kind of outrage that we saw with Casey?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Absolutely. And A.J., I was right there at the courthouse when Casey Anthony was acquitted and the people were screaming at me and I was holding the mic as people were chanting and just storming , storming, through the courthouse. And I think you`re going to see the same thing happen if she is acquitted.

But the difference is that Jodi Arias took the stand, and a lot of people feel that that was perhaps her biggest mistake, because she was cornered in a lot of the lies, as Mike has just explained. So maybe there is going to be a different outcome here.

HAMMER: Jane, we do remember that scene so vividly from you outside the courtroom. And look, we could be in for a repeat. But clearly Jodi and Casey have a lot in common.

However, what are the most stunning similarities between the two of them? I`ve got the big reveal of No. 2 and No. 1 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown coming up in just a moment. So, Jane, Mike, stay right there please.

Also tonight, a SHOWBIZ Exclusive. I`ve got new details about the horrible backlash after Harry Styles got nailed. Wait until you see this. The fan who threw her shoe at the One Direction singer and hit him in the crotch is getting death threats. She`s 14-year-old Jade Anderson, and she explains to me the scary fallout. It is a must-see SHOWBIZ Exclusive from Scotland tonight.

Plus, he was known as The Worm during his NBA days, but "Saturday Night Live" had some other choice words for Dennis Rodman since he`s now besties with North Korea`s leader.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: North Korean high-five.


HAMMER: Wow. So is Dennis the ultimate peacemaker tonight or a big fat punch line?



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. In the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we`re counting down the top five ways Jodi Arias is similar to Casey Anthony.

No. 5, all the sexual testimony in both of their murder trials.

No. 4, all the admitted lies both murder defendants told during their case.

No. 3, the fact that both women find themselves so hated by the public.

That brings us to No. 2 on the countdown: the makeovers. Yes, both Casey and Jodi drastically changed their looks from bombshell to plain when they went to trial.

I want to bring back HLN`s Mike Galanos. He of course anchors HLN`s live courtroom coverage of the Arias trial every day here on HLN, and Jane Velez-Mitchell, whose trial coverage can be seen weeknights on "JANE VELEZ- MITCHELL" show 7:00 p.m. Eastern here on HLN.

So Jane, there is a clear difference between Jodi and Casey`s glamorous images before their arrests, and of course how they looked once the cameras were on and the trials were televised nationally. It was intentional, right?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: There must be a shop that sells pastel shirts with collars for women accused of murder, because they both -- it looks like they are shopping from the same clothing rack. The only thing is that Jodi Arias decides to add on some glasses, which by the way she takes off to read, which I kind of find unintentionally hilarious, although this is a very tragic case. Casey Anthony is probably, "Darn, why didn`t I think of the glasses?" Although it turns out she didn`t need them. It`s such an obvious makeover to librarian.

HAMMER: It is interesting, the removal of the glasses almost bring a little levity to really such a horrific, horrific trial. Mike, if Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony weren`t young, attractive women, do you think their cases would have become the national obsessions they did become? I`ve heard people debate this time and time again.

GALANOS: I think there would be high interest, but national obsession, no, because of what you just said, the horrific murders. Let`s take Jodi Arias, for example. You see her in this frail look that she likes to portray in court with the glasses and the bangs. And then you see, I`m not sure if everybody has seen the crime scene photos. They`re brutal. How could that girl do that? That adds to the intrigue. And the same with Casey Anthony. You see her, attractive young woman, and she is accused of murdering her little 2-year-old. That certainly adds to the intrigue.

HAMMER: And people just can`t seem to get enough once again with the Arias trial, as we saw with Casey Anthony. That brings us to the big reveal. Number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the similarities between the Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony trials, the uncertainty of the outcomes. Look, if you can flash yourself back, nobody knew how the Casey Anthony jury was going to vote. And there was a huge amount of shock across the nation when she was acquitted. Jane, you and I have talked about this, and the very same thing may very well happen with Jodi Arias. We just don`t know.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You don`t know what is going on in the jurors` minds. And it turned out with Casey Anthony, everybody, all the talking heads, all the experts were wrong because everybody thought she was going to get convicted. So I`ve tried not to make the same mistake and oh, let`s take a look at both sides and debate it, because the jury is seeing this case with a totally different lenses on than the general public. We know so much more about the dirty tricks, as it were. So can the jurors essentially be fooled by the narrow scope of the information they have? that is unclear at this time.

HAMMER: Mike, I remember when the Casey Anthony verdict was read, it almost felt like a Hollywood film with the greatest plot twist and surprise ending you could have imagined. And we are seeing exactly the same thing. And now we`re all hanging on the edge of our seat, waiting to see if we`re going to get a surprise ending once again.

GALANOS: It could happen again. And it`s because of what we said and have said. She had a chance to seduce the jury for eight days before the prosecutor got a hold of her, and now she is trying it again. She is answering every question, appealing to the jury that she is frail, she is weak, she was abused by this bad man, Travis Alexander. Could it work again? We`ll see.

HAMMER: And we will certainly be continuing to watch every single step of the way. Jane Velez-Mitchell, Mike Galanos, thank you so much. You`ve got to catch Mike anchoring to HLN`s Jodi Arias trial coverage weekdays on HLN news now, and watch Jane Velez-Mitchell weeknights at 7:00 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN.

Tonight we have a SHOWBIZ Exclusive you have got to see this. It is the girl who hit Harry Styles in the crotch with her shoe. It was at a concert, and now she is facing death threats.


HAMMER: You know, all Jade Anderson wanted was a little attention from Harry in one direction. Not death threats. Jade right here with me tonight. It`s a SHOWBIZ Exclusive interview. She is going to reveal her horror. Its SHOWBIZ Countdown, the top five things that made us say really? Seriously.

Justin Bieber gets the boot from his own birthday shindig for smelling like pot. But which teen heartthrob will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown? Stick around and you will find out. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



BARBARA WALTERS, HOST, THE VIEW: But I have not been on the air, maybe you noticed, for six weeks. So today after a lot of scratching and rest, I am fine and I am healthy.


HAMMER: Of course Barbara Walters, she is back to work at "The View" after a rough start to the year. She took a fall, got a concussion and battled chicken pox. She got a good welcome back from her good friend, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Today, SHOWBIZ was on location at "The View." I was with Barbara, and she told me all about her dramatic health woes and her recovery, but what surprised me the most was how fantastic she looked so soon after being so sick.


WALTERS: I don`t know what they expected me to look like.

HAMMER: You got to be good with that.

WALTERS: I am. Swell, you know. I guess I look rested. I haven`t been on the air for six weeks. So if I seem more calm.

HAMMER: There is an air of calm. But there is a bit of trepidation on my part as we discussed in the elevator before the show. I`ve never had the pox. Never had the chicken pox. I`m a little worried. I know you`re not contagious.

WALTERS: I`m no longer contagious, and I will not kiss you.

HAMMER: But that`s how you got it? Somebody very famous gave you a hug?

WALTERS: A famous actor was having a birthday and I went like this --

HAMMER: No, I`m nervous.

WALTERS: Happy birthday. He had the shingles. You can get chicken pox from shingles. I never had chicken pox. I will never go to see one of his movies again.

HAMMER: And you`re going to tell me again who that actor is?


HAMMER: You got some big news out of Regis that he is starting a new show today. It`s fair game.

WALTERS: It is fair game, but you`ll never know.

HAMMER: Here`s what I`m trying to picture, is Barbara Walters at home forced to hang out. Are you in PJs in your bed, eating ice cream and yelling at your TV? What`s happening?

WALTERS: It wasn`t just the chicken pox. I had a concussion because I fell because of the chicken pox when I was in Washington. What you do for concussion, and it`s similar to what Hillary Clinton had, you have to have bed rest. Not the worst thing. They told me I could not do the treadmill.

HAMMER: But at the same time, you`re somebody who I know likes to remain active. I have to imagine it was a little difficult to just kind of give in and lay back.

WALTERS: Well, truthfully, I knew I had to, because the only way you -- without going into detail that you can get rid of what was going on in my head and my brain is bed rest. So I knew that I had to. It wasn`t so awful, you know.

HAMMER: Well, a little vacation. Snacks? Comfort food? Anything you go to?

WALTERS: And lovely letters. I heard from President and Mrs. Obama. Mayor Bloomberg, Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter. I mean, that was very dear. I haven`t heard from them for years. Hillary Clinton, Queen Rania of Jordan. I mean hey, I was thrilled.

HAMMER: I still want to know what you were eating as you were reading all these letters.

WALTER: What I was eating?

HAMMER: yes.

WALTERS: Anything I wanted. Everything I never eat, bologna sandwiches, hot dogs, coconut cake, because I have to keep my strength up, I kept telling myself.


HAMMER: Should I be worried that I`m itching? Is this a problem, because it`s starting to happen. Barbara also told me all the rumors floating around about her retiring any time soon, not true.


But are the ridiculous death threats against Jade even more bizarre than Dennis Rodman`s trip to North Korea?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: North Korean high-five!


HAMMER: "Saturday Night Live" had a lot of fun with Rodman now that he is back from his visit with North Korea`s leader, and he is singing the dictator`s praises. So is the former NBA star a peacemaker or just a punch line? Which story will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of things that made us say really, seriously?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, it`s the top five stories breaking today that made us say really, seriously?

We begin with No. 5. It`s a SHOWBIZ Exclusive tonight. We are taking you to Scotland to speak with the girl who now says she is getting death threats after throwing a shoe at One Direction`s Harry Styles and hitting him in the groin.


JADE ANDERSON, ONE DIRECTION FAN: I`m Jade Anderson and I`m a 14-year-old schoolgirl in Glasgow, in Scotland. On Thursday night, I was at the One Direction concert in Glasgow, and I accidentally hit Harry Styles with my shoe in the groin area.


HAMMER: This 14-year-old girl who accidentally hit Harry where it really hurts has just revealed the death threats after that shoe toss at a One Direction concert in Glasgow. Her name is Jade Anderson, and I asked her about what kind of death threats she has been receiving as a result of throwing that shoe. You got to watch.


ANDERSON: There were some people who just saying how I shouldn`t have done it because I hurt him. And they`re going to kill me, and I deserve to have a shoe thrown at me in my head and all this stuff.

HAMMER: I mean, that has to have been so shocking for you, you know. You just went to a concert, and we`ll get into your shoe throwing in just a second. But are you taking any precautions because of these threats that you have gotten?

ANDERSON: I`m just trying to ignore it, really.

HAMMER: OK. Well, be careful. We know that One Direction fans are really, really passionate. Hopefully people are just speaking inappropriately and putting that stuff out there, because it is obviously quite ridiculous.

But did you go to the concert planning on throwing a shoe on stage?

ANDERSON: No, not at all. And I don`t mean it. Like, I just got very excited and I didn`t aim for Harry. I meant to throw on the stage, not at Harry.

HAMMER: So take me back to the moment just before you threw the shoe. You`re saying you got very, very excited. You just popped off your shoe and just hurled it up there, again, not planning to hit Harry. But you just were caught up in the moment?

ANDERSON: Yes. I just wanted one of the members of One Direction to touch something belonging to me. But I did not have any intention of hurting Harry.

HAMMER: Well, it touched him. What was going through your mind after you threw the shoe and then you see Harry double over and fall down on stage? I have to imagine you were shocked.

ANDERSON: Yes, I was shocked. I was really scared as well. I was really sorry. I didn`t think that would happen.

HAMMER: So what happened after that? He falls down on stage. Did security immediately come get you?

ANDERSON: Yes, the security came and they took me outside and gave me a (INAUDIBLE), but then Harry and Niall asked for me to come back into the concert.

HAMMER: Yes, I imagine that they understood that you got caught up in the moment. But I also have to imagine your mom was probably not too happy about the fact that you were pulled out of the concert by security. What did your mom say to you?

ANDERSON: Yes, she was a bit angry. She was -- yes, she was really angry at me.

HAMMER: Well, at least we know you learned a big lesson to keep your footwear on your feet when you`re at a concert. And I have to give you credit for posting an apology online with our friends at I want to a watch that with you right now.


ANDERSON: I was wanting to throw my shoe on the stage so that the members of the band could touch something belonging to me, but I accidentally hit Harry where it hurts most. The security guards caught me and took me out to (INAUDIBLE), and then Harry and Niall asked for me to return.

I`m going treasure one of the shoes and maybe sell the other one on eBay.

I have learned never to throw anything on stage again, because I did realize I could seriously have hurt someone. But I`m just glad I didn`t cause any harm.


HAMMER: Well, you clearly -- you learned your lesson there, Jade. You mentioned selling one of the shoes on eBay. Just tell me how much you`re hoping to get for it, what do you think you`ll do with the money?

ANDERSON: I`ve not really thought about that yet. But if I do get anything, I`ll give some of it to charity.

HAMMER: I think that`s a great idea. And I also think if you go to another One Direction concert, just do everybody a favor and wear fuzzy slippers, OK?

ANDERSON: Yes. I`m actually going to the concert again in April.

HAMMER: Soft shoes, Jade, soft shoes. Thanks for being with us.

ANDERSON: Thank you very much.


HAMMER: Pretty amazing she wasn`t banned for life from One Direction concerts.

Well, we move now from Styles to Sheen. And this takes us to No. 4 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five stories today that made us say really, seriously? It`s Charlie Sheen`s new plea to become Lindsay Lohan`s savior. Ah, yes, Charlie, who of course famously cut Lindsay a $100,000 check to help her out with her little tax problems after they both worked together on "Scary Movie 5," he is now saying that he needs to be her mentor, telling TMZ, "I have a kinship with somebody -- Lindsay -- who clearly needs a mentor, whether she wants one or not. She can continue to hang out with her dress shredding club buddies or turn to me for some advice from a guy who has been down the road as well as every other side trail on the journey."

Isn`t that the truth, but Charlie, Lindsey`s mentor? Really, seriously? Dylan Howard is in Hollywood tonight. Dylan is the editor in chief of

All right, Dylan. So what do you think? To me it kind of makes sense, but it`s frightening all at the same time.

DYLAN HOWARD, CELEBUZZ.COM: Spot on. It`s almost like the blind leading the blind. Charlie Sheen could offer some life advice to Lindsay Lohan, but at what expense is the question. Lindsay really needs to be taking counsel from people like her former lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holly (ph), who she fired and now has this lawyer representing her in this forthcoming court case who was described in court last Friday by a judge as seemingly being incompetent.

What is clear is Lindsay needs help. I`m just not sure Charlie Sheen is the right person to be delivering the 411 to her.

HAMMER: The interesting thing, though, and I think it`s important to reflect on this, the fact that a lot of us didn`t think that Charlie Sheen would even still be with us today. And I don`t mean to make light of that. But there was a moment in time when we thought his downward spiral would be the end of him, and he did figure out a way to get out of it all, and before Charlie`s public proclamation to save Lindsay, he did reveal that Lindsay is going to be appearing on his FX sitcom, "Anger Management."

Let me bring in Yasmine Richard, who is the co-host of "top 20 Countdown" and the host of "Trending 10" on Fuse. So Yasmine, what do you think here? Charlie making sense, or are you with us kind of saying seriously, really?

YASMINE RICHARD, CO-HOST, TOP 20 COUNTDOWN ON FUSE: Seriously? Really? But at the end of the day, Charlie, like Robert Downey Jr. and Drew Barrymore, he kind of went through some things. Well, he is still going through some things. And Lindsay is as well. But I don`t know if Lindsay wants to be saved, you know what I mean?

HAMMER: That`s the biggest problem. And until she admits that she needs to be saved, if that is indeed the case, she is not going to get any help, and certainly won`t be taking it from Charlie Sheen, I imagine.

And that bring us to No. 3 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories that made us say really, seriously? Justin Bieber booted from a London nightclub, all the while he is partying on his 19th birthday. The reason he got tossed from the club is because the staff claimed that he and his posse smelled like they had just toked up a storm and they smelled like pot.

Now, Bieber is saying this is nonsense. Dylan, look. I`m not sitting here saying that Justin was the one smoking, because I can`t say that. But should we really be shocked if perhaps somebody in his entourage was toking up a bit?

HOWARD: Well, the thing for me with Justin Bieber is this is not the first time in the recent last few months that he has been linked to allegations of allegedly smoking marijuana. There were photos published on the website TMZ, and other people have made those claims.

So I say where there is smoke, there is probably marijuana.

Now what took place in London remains to be seen. Even Will Smith`s son Jaden was linked to the equation (ph) and was apparently inside the club. All I know, Justin Bieber tweets "worst birthday ever." It really couldn`t have been too bad, buddy. It couldn`t have been too bad.

HAMMER: Yes, actually, let me get into -- yes, it can`t be too bad. How old is he? He`s 19 years old. He is one of the richest young stars on the planet.

But let me read further what he tweeted. Because yes, he did say worst birthday, and then he posted this on Instagram if we can put it up. "I love how the club wanted to give the press another reason to why we didn`t stay at their weak ass club so they wouldn`t look bad. For me walking in and walking right back out."

So Yasmine, I get what he is doing here. He is saying that, well, essentially, the club is deflecting. They`re making up an excuse. That is not good press.


HAMMER: Are you buying what he is selling here, or are you saying really, seriously, Justin?

RICHARD: I`m kind of with Dylan, you know what I mean? They`re having pictures of Justin sort of living his life. He just turned 19 years old. So he was celebrating. The only problem is he has 32 million Twitter followers. So the second he gives any bad review, anything that could look negative upon anything, like Jade`s story, people just sort of jumped in and just tear everything apart. So I mean, I don`t know. Justin, he`s got colorful friends.

HAMMER: Yes. But this is not a good trend. Because I don`t want to believe for a moment that he is lying. The one thing I think Justin has done a very good job of is remaining honorable, owning up to his truths and not making up stories. So who knows what the truth is here. But we still have to name our numbers two and our No. 1 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories that have us saying really, seriously?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: North Korean high-five!


HAMMER: Yes, you knew they were going to go after this. Dennis Rodman in North Korea with Kim Jong Un. But has he become a peacemaker or a punch line?

Plus, the Jodi Arias voodoo doll. This item just blew up on eBay until it was taken down. But that has us asking really, seriously? We`ve got the No. 1 reveal on the SHOWBIZ Countdown in just a moment.


HAMMER: Welcome back. Well, here we go. We are moving along with our SHOWBIZ Countdown. It is the top five things today that made us say really, seriously? Let me roll back where we are so far.

Coming in at No. 5, in a SHOWBIZ Exclusive, the girl who brought Harry Styles to his knees, literally, with the toss of a shoe. She opens up to me about how she is now receiving death threats, which is just ridiculous.

And at No. 4 tonight, a stunning new revelation from Charlie Sheen that Charlie is saying he can save Lindsay Lohan and help her turn her life around.

Coming in at No. 3, Justin Bieber. He got booted from his own birthday bash, reportedly because of the smell of marijuana.

That takes us to No. 2 on tonight`s SHOWBIZ Countdown of the things today that have us asking really, seriously? It is the Jodi Arias voodoo doll, blowing up on eBay. I mean, this was inevitable, wasn`t it? But I`m here to say you`re not going to find it there tonight because the doll`s creator said she just wanted to give people a way to let off steam. And eBay went ahead and yanked the ad, not until we captured it, of course. eBay said this is in poor taste. And the truth is, it is in poor taste.

It takes us to the big reveal of the No. 1 story on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of things that have us asking really, seriously? Look at these pictures. Could you ever imagine in your wildest dreams you would have seen this? Dennis Rodman taking on the North Korean regime. Rodman is just back from a whirlwind two-day visit to North Korea, saying he loved every moment of it. But even "Saturday Night Live" is making fun of the very odd matchup. Let`s watch that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dennis Rodman in the house. I love this guy! North Korean high-five!


HAMMER: Yes, they had to go there, right? Such a great spoof on Saturday Night Live.

Let me bring back Dylan Howard, the editor-in-chief of And Yasmine Richard, who is the co-host of "The Top 20 Countdown" and host of "Trending 10" on Fuse. And let me get right to our countdown question. No sense of beating around the bush with this one. Dennis Rodman, peacemaker or punch line? Dylan? I`m going to let you have at it first.

HOWARD: Punch line. Two points of consideration here, A.J. North Korea should spend more time focusing on human rights issues than focusing on Dennis Rodman. And Dennis Rodman should spend more time evaporating from the public spotlight.

HAMMER: It is remarkable to me, looking at the pictures, and we`re looking at Dennis right now as he got back from doing this tour, it`s remarkable to me that he is hanging out with this dictator and smiling and posing for shots.

HOWARD: Staggering.

HAMMER: He just told "This Week`s" George Stephanopoulos that his meeting could be the key to opening the door to a peaceful future. Let us watch.


DENNIS RODMAN, FORMER NBA PLAYER: He loves basketball. Now I`ll say the same thing I said. Obama loves basketball. Let`s start there. Let`s start there.


HAMMER: Let`s start there, Yasmine. All this time we could have solved the world`s problems with basketball. You are laughing, so I`m guessing it is more of a punch line answer than a peacemaker answer for how you feel about Dennis Rodman.

RICHARD: It`s most definitely a punch line answer. First of all, what language is Dennis Rodman speaking? I didn`t even understand half the stuff that he was saying.

HAMMER: When have you ever, I mean, really? Come on.

RICHARD: This is true. Honestly, I think it`s so much of a joke and so telling, I feel like of the time that we live in now, where we can send somebody like Dennis Rodman, who was a great basketball player. That`s the irony of this. He is a great basketball player, but has become this crazy kind of figure, send him to North Korea to holler at one of the craziest, you know, or most -- I don`t even know what to --


HAMMER: He is a terrible dictator. But the truth is, he was not sent there specifically for this reason. He was there with the Harlem Globetrotters, who he is playing with. But Dylan, let`s step back for a moment. Hey, if basketball and Rodman can start the peace process, I mean, really, who are we to say don`t do that?

HOWARD: Well, I can tell you some breaking news. And that is not going to shock you, A.J.


HOWARD: The White House has confirmed, despite of what Dennis Rodman asked of them, to pick the phone up and call the North Korean dictator, they won`t be doing it. Jay Carney, the press secretary spoke this morning and said they should focus on their own issues, not us.

HAMMER: Thank you for getting to the bottom of that. Dylan, Yasmine, thank you both so much.

We`re moving on now to the Breaking Bad donut. I want you to take a look at this thing. It`s the donut in tribute of the show that is all about selling blue crystal meth. That is blue rock on top. Yes, it is definitely controversial, but it also has fans of Breaking Bad just going wild. Get ready for our SHOWBIZ moments of awesomeness, and the donut that is rocking the country tonight. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ wow. I got to tell you first about the first woman to ever try out for the NFL. Personally, I think it is long, long overdue. And this weekend, this young lady, 28-year-old Lauren Silberman lined up for the chance to make history as the first woman kicker in the NFL. So how did she do? Well, unfortunately, her first kick only went about 20 yards, and her second made it even less. It turns out she was suffering from an injury, and just didn`t end up bringing her A game. Entertainment journalist Sarah Bernard is with me right now.

So, Sarah, it is amazing to me that here we are in 2013, Lauren Silberman was the first woman to ever try out for the NFL. I do realize that she was injured, but do you think maybe her poor performance is now going to discourage scouts from letting other women try out in the future?

SARAH BERNARD, JOURNALIST: Absolutely not. I mean, this was great for everybody. Have you ever heard people talking about football this much in March? Paying this much attention to the Jets practice center for this regional combine? No one really would have covered it that much. It would have just sort of happened under the radar. But this brought so much attention to the fact that there are actually people like Lauren that, you know, not being from a professional background, that can actually go on to the next level and possibly play professional sports. I mean, I think this is incredibly exciting. And, OK, she didn`t bring her A game. It`s true. But she made such a big impact, it doesn`t matter.

HAMMER: Good for her. As you can imagine, Lauren was devastated that she couldn`t pull it all together to give her best showing at the NFL combine, which is the NFL`s big scouting event. Here is what she said.


LAUREN SILBERMAN, TRIED OUT FOR THE NFL: You know, I`ve always been an athlete. I`ve always been a gamer. And, you know, when I had the opportunity to be in the NFL, one of the world`s most competitive beats (ph), I absolutely had to take the chance.


HAMMER: You know, Sarah, I can`t even imagine the impact had Lauren actually made it onto an NFL roster. How big a deal would have that been?

BERNARD: Just incredible. I mean, there are so many jobs these days that have such unconventional paths, but not professional sports, right? You either play in college, then you graduate from there. But really, this would have shown that anything is possible, and even a nontraditional path to sports would have been achievable. It`s so crazy that she is 5`6, by the way, 5`6, 28 years old. She never even played football in college. She actually just played club soccer. So I think that really would have broken down a lot of barriers.

HAMMER: I have a feeling we haven`t heard the last of her. Sarah, thank you so much. I appreciate it.

BERNARD: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, as we move on tonight, how about this moment of awesomeness, the Breaking Bad donut. Look at this. It`s the donut in tribute of the show that is about selling crystal meth. Yes, that`s blue rock on top. All right. Controversial for sure, but it`s also got fans of Breaking Bad going wild tonight. Get ready for our SHOWBIZ moment of awesomeness and the donut that is rocking the country tonight. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now it is time for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And today we are hooked on these brand-new Breaking Bad donuts. Now they`re called blue sky donuts. Yes, those candies on top are supposed to look like the signature blue crystal meth from the hit show Breaking Bad, one of my favorite shows ever. The show is all about Brian Cranston`s character, the mild-mannered chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with cancer. When he can`t pay his medical bills, he starts cooking meth to make ends meet. And now Rebel Donut (ph), which is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico -- that`s where Breaking Bad is set -- they`re giving it up for the show with these brand-new donuts.

All right. We get that selling crystal meth look-alike treats is a little controversial. But the store`s owner says it`s just a fun way to draw attention to a show that so many people love.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is pluses and minuses to it. But I think it`s a fun spin.


HAMMER: Fun spin indeed. All of the Breaking Bad fans out there can take a little solace in the fact that when the show ends this summer, you can grab yourself a blue sky donut in tribute.

Well, coming up next on "DR. DREW ON CALL," Jodi Arias redirect. Did we see a different Jodi Arias on the stand today? "DR. DREW ON CALL" starts right now.