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Puppy Bowl Ref on Show`s Popularity; Awkward `Saved by the Bell` Reunion; Celeb Baker Takes Stand to Support Lesbian Couple; Can GoDaddy Nerd Extend 15 Minutes of Fame?; SHOWBIZ Double Take Countdown

Aired February 6, 2013 - 23:00   ET



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These two women are trying to help him. He runs up, and he grabs one of them, man. Like a guy that big can snap a woman`s neck like a pencil stick. So I just ran up behind him with a hatchet. Smash, smash, smash.


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, the amazing hero hitchhiker. A homeless man uses a hatchet to save three lives, taking down a deranged driver who thought he was Jesus. The hitchhiker hero who is now YouTube`s biggest new star.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT begins right now.

Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

We begin with our first big SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. It`s today`s top three newsmakers. And we`re kicking it off at No. 3 with the Puppy Bowl ref.


DAN SCHACHNER, PUPPY BOWL REF: Oh, no, no, no, no. Excessive cuteness, you two, and you know it. A 10-yard penalty. You know what? Fifteen-yard penalty. It`s that cute.


HAMMER: Excessive cuteness. I mean, come on. Dan Schachner just refereed Animal Planet`s Puppy Bowl IX. It, of course, aired on Super Bowl Sunday and today, listen to this. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT learned exactly how obsessed America is with the Puppy Bowl.

Brand-new revelations, including the news that 12.4 million people watched the Puppy Bowl marathon. That`s amazing to me.

During the blackout, at the Super Bowl, viewers turned into the Puppy Bowl with ratings spiking 54 percent at that time. And we also learned today that the Puppy Bowl was in the top ten of shows talked about most on social media. Pretty amazing.

So let`s call in the ref. Puppy Bowl referee Dan Schachner is with me tonight in New York for one doggone headline-making "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview.

Thank you for wearing your stripes, Dan. Great having you here. Listen, I could watch this all day long. That`s why I was happy you guys did the marathon. But why exactly, from the perspective of a man who`s been involved in it for so long, are we so obsessed with this thing?

SCHACHNER: Well, I think there`s the extreme cuteness factor, No. 1.

No. 2, it`s a nice alternative to the Super Bowl, for people who might find the Super Bowl a little bit high stakes, high energy, high stress. This is a much lower, calmer alternative. It`s a show the whole family can watch. And it goes on all day.

HAMMER: And as you just heard, I mentioned that ratings spiked 54 percent during this blackout. Let me ask you: when you knew the blackout had happened, when you were watching it and saw the lights go down at the Super Bowl, were you saying to yourself, yes! And were you calling the other people involved in this thing?

SCHACHNER: Frankly, I didn`t even know there was another game that day.

HAMMER: That`s right. I`m sorry.

SCHACHNER: But apparently there is a Super Bowl that day. And yes, people told me that, during that time, people switched over.

I did think that. During the blackout, I thought, you know, this is going on a little while. This is certainly going to help us. And it did. We reached a tremendous amount of viewers. We`re the second most viewed show that day, which is incredible.

HAMMER: Really. It`s like "American Idol" numbers. That`s pretty amazing.

And of course, I have to wonder, as I`ve watched you do this show throughout the years, what it`s like to be a ref at the Puppy Bowl. Now, I don`t necessarily need details on exactly how many times the puppies pee on your shoes...

SCHACHNER: You don`t want to know.

HAMMER: But first, let`s watch you in action on this thing.



SCHACHNER: Time out. Come on. Let`s join in. No, no, no. Nap time. Quiet time. Quiet. OK, everyone, calm down. Let`s just take five. We`ve had a long day. You guys are not hearing me. OK, I`m going to have to throw a flag. All right. Excessive puppies on the ref. All of you, ten yards.


HAMMER: I`ve got to tell you, I really enjoy what I do for a living. I`m rarely jealous of other people, but, man, I`m extraordinarily jealous of the fact that you get to do this. You shot with these puppies for 12 hours.


HAMMER: I`ve always wondered how in the world you keep order with a bunch of puppies running around. Because it does look pretty organized for what it is.

SCHACHNER: Thank you. That`s the magic of editing. It is a long day.

It`s not so much about keeping order as it is just about picking your battles. You have to decide which fouls you`re going to call, you know, which puppies you`re going to make an example of, and just keep the game pace going, so things don`t get too out of hand. So you have to pick your battles.

HAMMER: And one of my favorite things about the puppies is that they are rescues provided by a great organization,, and some of them do, unfortunately, come from some pretty bad circumstances.

But as an animal lover and activist, I was so pleased to learn that all of the dogs we saw in the Puppy Bowl have been adopted, and I imagine for you, that`s particularly gratifying.

SCHACHNER: Yes. They get adopted pretty quickly, as you can imagine. But the good news is, is that if you`re watching the Puppy Bowl and you see a particular breed or dog that appeals to you and you want, just go to, and they will help you find a dog in your local shelter rescue center that might be a good fit for your home.

HAMMER: It`s fun to watch, and you`re doing good, Dan.

SCHACHNER: We`re trying.

HAMMER: Thank you so much for being here. It`s great having you.

SCHACHNER: Thanks for having me.

HAMMER: All right. Now you just have to see this. It`s a former child star`s awkward TV reunion this morning. It is No. 2 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s big newsmakers.

I`m talking about Tiffani Thiessen. Of course, she`s the former show of the beloved high-school sit-com "Saved by the Bell." Well, she was on "The Today Show" this morning, promoting her hit TV show "White Collar," and as you`re seeing here during a trivia segment, Dennis Haskins, who played Principal Belding on "Saved by the Bell," he made a surprise appearance. I want to play for you now Tiffani`s priceless reaction, as it happened.


DENNIS HASKINS, ACTOR: Whoa! What is going on here!



ROKER: How are you, sir?

HASKINS: Can I just say hi to her?

ROKER: Sure.

HASKINS: Oh, my gosh.


ROKER: We broke the...

HASKINS: I make an entrance.


HAMMER: Were you watching her face there? It was kind of like "ehhh."

And all day long, the Twittersphere just buzzing about how underwhelmed Tiffani seemed to be to see her old co-star. Is she giving Principal Belding the stink eye? Is she just sleepy? Well, it was early in the morning, after all, but you be the judge on this.

And that takes us to the "SHOWBIZ Countdown`s" No. 1 news maker of the day. I love this story. A celebrity chef who is taking a stand by baking a cake.

We learned today that this guy, celebrity baker Duff Goldman, star of Food Network`s "Ace of Cakes," just came to the rescue of a lesbian couple in Oregon after a local baker refused to make their wedding cake. He said he didn`t want to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding because it violated his religious beliefs.

Enter Duff Goldman. When he heard what happened, he tweeted an offer to the couple to bake them a wedding cake for free. Celebrity chef Duff Goldman from Charm City Cakes West is with us tonight.

Great having you here.

DUFF GOLDMAN, CELEBRITY BAKER (via phone): Thank you. Great to be here.

HAMMER: And good on you for doing this, man. What compelled you to reach out to this couple?

GOLDMAN: It`s just such -- such a shocking story that, you know, a baker would feel that, you know, his personal beliefs would, you know, keep him from making a cake for somebody. You know, I thought those -- those days were gone. Evidently not.

HAMMER: It does seem rather strange. Here we are in 2013, with all that`s happening in the world, and this would take place. But it was great to see that you stepped right up to reach out to them.

Have you heard back from them, Duff? Have they reached back to you? Because I know you hit them on Twitter with this offer to bake them a cake.

GOLDMAN: I have not heard from them, but we have gotten some e-mails from people that they know, but I haven`t heard from them yet. So as of right now, we`re not making the cake yet, until they ask me to. But you know, the offer`s on the table. If they need it, I`m more than happy to make it for them.

HAMMER: Hey, I don`t know how they could possibly turn it down, getting a celebrity cake baker to do this for them.

So if the baker who turned down the lesbian couple happened to be watching right now, what would you say to this person?

GOLDMAN: I think I`d say, you know, good on you for having beliefs and for having beliefs strong enough that, you know, you really do want to take a stand, but I think that they`re a little bit misplaced. I think that those beliefs are valid. You know, they`re beliefs that this guy wants to have and that`s fine. But when they start affecting, you know, who he will and won`t do business with, I think that`s -- that`s when it`s a problem.

The thing is, is that the beliefs that he has are exclusive rather than inclusive. So it`s not like, you know, if somebody -- somebody like me believes that everybody should be able to get married and have a wedding cake, you know, I`m going to -- I`m going to do business with anybody, regardless of what they`re doing, instead of having a belief that`s exclusive, which says, "Oh, well, you believe this thing, or you are this kind of person, so I`m not going to make you a cake." And that`s just -- that`s wrong.

This has like saying "Irish need not apply," or having segregated water fountains.


GOLDMAN: You know, and every time that there was -- in history there was an instance like that, we now can look back and say, "Oh, God, segregation was terrible. Oh, God, telling Irish that they can`t work is terrible."

And, you know, now you`re hearing the same arguments that people made back then in favor of whatever that problem was. And yet it`s just mindboggling that people still think that way.

HAMMER: And it`s really interesting, Duff. I happened to check out your Twitter feed. And I saw, you have a tremendous amount of support, far outweighing the people who aren`t in support of what you`ve done here.

But it really just proves, this is such a hot-button issue. I appeal to people to actually check out your Twitter feed, so they can see what everybody is saying about this very important issue.

Celebrity baker, Duff Goldman, thank you very much for being with us. I appreciate it.

GOLDMAN: Thanks for having me.

HAMMER: Well, also tonight, it`s "SHOWBIZ Trending." You`ve got to see the hero hitchhiker.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These two women are trying to help him. He runs up, and he grabs one of them, man. Like, a guy that big can snap a woman`s neck like a pencil stick. So I (EXPLETIVE DELETED) ran up behind him with a hatchet and smash, smash, smash.


HAMMER: Well, that dude just saved three people`s lives from a psycho driver who thought he was Jesus. So is he about to become the biggest YouTube star ever?

Also, I`m firing up another amazing SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight. It is "SHOWBIZ Double Take."

She`s all woman. Jennifer Love Hewitt turning lots of heads in her steamy new music video for "The Client List," but are her bold moves enough to be No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Double Take" countdown?



HAMMER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame." The frog who got kissed by that princess in that GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial gets to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame, and only SHOWBIZ TONIGHT knows just how much Jesse Heiman enjoyed every single minute of his lip lock with supermodel Bar Rafaeli, because I spoke to him right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Watch what he told me.


JESSE HEIMAN, ACTOR: This is an amazing moment. It is a moment I will always cherish and remember. It`s the moment that I became a superstar and everybody is -- is here to share it with me. I`ve gotten lots of support from my family and my friends, and they`re saying, "You deserve everything you`re getting," so I`m just trying to enjoy the moment as long as it can go on.


HAMMER: So just how long can Jesse extend his 15 minutes of fame? That is the question I want to pose to Kristin Cruz, a morning radio host with KOST, also a blogger for She`s in Hollywood tonight.

So Kristin, we just actually learned Jesse is going to be appearing on TV`s biggest sit-com, "The Big Bang Theory." I`m actually thinking his minutes of fame can turn into years of fame, but what do you think?

KRISTIN CRUZ, RADIO HOST, KOST: I totally agree with you. He`s talented, but the funny thing is, what I`d heard was that that commercial took 70 takes to get it right. Suddenly Jesse gets on set and turns into the worst actor there has ever been. But can you blame him?

HAMMER: Yes, well, listen, I talked to him about that and how many takes, and I said, "Did you intentionally kind of goof up?"

And he said, "It`s just part of making a commercial. They want to make sure they got it precisely right." Obviously, they did here.

Bryan Safi is a writer and director of Funny or Die; also co-host of "The Throwing Shade" podcast. So Bryan, before the Super Bowl ad, you might have recognized Jesse, because he had this career as an extra, getting parts in TV shows and in movies, but only bit parts. Do you see his career blowing up right now?

BRYAN SAFI, WRITER/DIRECTOR: I see his career blowing up for the next day or so. I actually have never thought in my life it would be possible to feel sorry for a model, and this commercial made it happen.

CRUZ: Come on!

SAFI: But I totally wish him the best of luck. I think he`s adorable, but it`s not a situation I would have wanted to be in, and honestly, like PDA from anyone is terrible. This -- this kind of pushed it over the line for me.

HAMMER: They got exactly what they were looking for, I`m telling you what. I don`t think GoDaddy has heard its name mentioned so many times post-Super Bowl, ever.

But let`s move now from a sloppy kiss to some tight abs. I mean, that`s what`s going on here. This Calvin Klein underwear ad, or rather, the abs in the ad, really sparked another Super Bowl frenzy. And I spoke with owner of said ads, Matthew Terry. He flashed his six-pack for all the world to see.

And he revealed to me how he wound up taking it all off in front of the world at the Super Bowl, which of course, shot him to instant fame.


HAMMER: It was your mom, I understand, who got you into modeling by sending a video of you to a modeling agency. And you didn`t even know that she did it. But how`d you get the Calvin Klein gig? Why`d they come to you?

MATTHEW TERRY, MODEL: Well, it was -- I was going on just a normal casting. And I was sent over to the Calvin office in New York. And I went in. They saw me, and I ended up getting called back, like, you know, four more times. And they -- I finally got the call to say, you know, you`re going to be doing this underwear campaign. So it was, you know, an absolutely amazing experience.


HAMMER: Yes. Another nice guy, humbled by the experience, Kristin, but do you think that Matthew can extend his 15 minutes of fame with those abs alone?

CRUZ: Are you trying to kill me tonight, A.J.? First the David Beckham and then this? I can barely take this any more. Are you kidding?

By the way, if I were the casting agent, I would have been calling him in more than four times to audition for me, but that`s just me.

HAMMER: OK. Well, listen, you mentioned David Beckham. I showed you that spot before we went on the air tonight. I`m going to play this whole thing of David Beckham running around in his underwear coming up in just a little bit. So Kristin, you definitely will not want to move at all.

Kristin, Bryan, thank you both so much. Here is something else that is going to definitely make you look twice tonight.


JORGE RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT, JUDGE: Count one will be $10,000.


RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: I am serious. Adios.



HAMMER: The Miami teenager who flipped off a judge right in the courtroom. Part of another amazing SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight of the stories making us do a double take.

And yes, David Beckham, he obviously is making the ladies of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT do a double take tonight. I`m going to show you a little bit now again, but why is he running around Beverly Hills in his underwear? And is Becks in his skivvies enough to grab the top slot in our SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight?



HAMMER: Well, I never thought I would be saying "hatchet" and "hitchhiker" in the same sentence, but there is good reason tonight. There`s a huge story that`s trending today.

A hitchhiker from California named Kai actually used a hatchet to stop a man who claims he was Jesus from attacking people. And it`s the incredible interview that he did on camera that has just gone crazy viral. You`ve got to watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was driving down this way. He was like, "You know what? I`ve come to realize, I`m Jesus Christ and I can do anything I (EXPLETIVE DELETED) want to. And watch this," bam, and he smashed into this (EXPLETIVE DELETED) guy right there, pinned him into that (EXPLETIVE DELETED) truck, and these two women are trying to help them. He runs up and he grabs one of them, man. Like a guy that big can snap a woman`s neck like a pencil stick. So I (EXPLETIVE DELETED) run up behind him with a hatchet. Smash, smash, smash!


HAMMER: Smash, smash, smash, he says, dude. With me tonight from Hollywood, Shira Lazar from

Shira, I love this story but it feels like a dream sequence, only the hitchhiker is real and his interview on camera was really nothing like I`ve ever seen before. Did you think for a moment he was putting us on when you first saw it?

SHIRA LAZAR, WHATSTRENDING.COM: A lot of people have. He`s become an online folk hero throughout this whole thing. People are not only putting up this segment on their YouTube channels. They`re remixing it. It`s becoming a completely viral story. They`ve started Facebook pages for Kai.

No one knows who this hippie is, but he`s been now quoted everywhere because of these epic lines like, you know, women who could be like a pencil broken in half. The smash, smash, smash. I mean, you`re waiting for someone like Auto Tune the News to auto tune that! That could be a viral song in itself.

It all seems fake, but this guy is real. And I`ve been actually e-mailing back and forth with the news reporter who did this, and no one can really find this guy. This guy`s legitimately a hitchhiker hippie. He roams around. He does not have a phone. I`ve been trying to get in touch with him for an interview, but no one has been able to contact him.

HAMMER: Well, Shira, did you mention Autotune? Can we play this thing? I think I actually found it. Let`s watch this.

LAZAR: Oh, yes.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Smash, smash, in the head. Snap like a pencil stick ran up (EXPLETIVE DELETED) behind him with a hatchet smash, smash, smash.


HAMMER: Yes. I mean, that was pretty much inevitable. And I`m actually thinking NBC, for their show "Smash" should be using "smash, smash, smash" to promote the thing.

LAZAR: Maybe that could help them with the ratings, actually.

HAMMER: Yes. Unfortunately, they didn`t have a great night of the first season. But what has been the biggest buzz about this guy on social media?

LAZAR: Well, just everyone, Kai the hitchhiker, just the name is asking for sheer ability it. Everybody is talking about that smash, smash, smash line, and as you saw, remixing it, Autotuning it. There is the -- you know, he`s becoming a hero.

So people definitely want to find out who this guy is. They want to find out what is this guy`s story? Because I`m sure whoever gets that interview, everyone is saying...


LAZAR: ... this will be the scoop. So I don`t know, me and you, we could fight who`s going to get the scoop, A.J.

HAMMER: I`m just going to go make a "Smash, smash, smash" T-shirt, and I`ll send you one. Shira Lazar, thank you very much.

LAZAR: I`m done. Thank you.

HAMMER: I`m firing up another incredible SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight, "SHOWBIZ Double Take," the breaking stories that are making us do a major double take like this.




HAMMER: Who wouldn`t look twice at that steamy new video for Jennifer Love Hewitt`s red-shot show, "The Client List," but does it have enough heat to top this?


AL PACINO, ACTOR: They kill men for telling the truth!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They let O.J. go. They let Michael Jackson go. They are not going to let him go.


HAMMER: This is Al Pacino`s Phil Spector moment. He`s impersonating the infamous music producer in a new HBO movie. And look at that hair. I mean, that is downright epic, but is it epic enough to top the "SHOWBIZ Double Take" countdown tonight?


It is time now for "SHOWBIZ Say What"? So I want you to take a look at this. It`s Bieber`s bunny ears. The Biebs punking Jimmy Fallon on his own show. So what was the superstar singer thinking when he pulled his sneak attack? Please share your thought bubble with us, simply by heading to

I would love for you to fill in the thought bubble so I can share our favorite answers. I`m going to do it tomorrow night right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Right now, the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "SHOWBIZ Double Take." The breaking stories that are making us do a double take tonight, including this sizzling hot Jennifer Love Hewitt video for her super steamy show, "The client List." Come on. You know you just did a double take.

And what about this?


RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: Count one will be $10,000.

SOTO: Are you serious?

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: I am serious. Adios.



HAMMER: Say what? Did that suspect just flip her judge the bird? What the heck was she thinking?

It`s the "SHOWBIZ Double Take Countdown" and only one wild story can come out on top, but which will it be? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer, and we are kicking off our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five big stories today that made us do a double take. And we are firing things up at number five with a steamy look, Jennifer Love Hewitt. It`s a brand-new video out today of J. Love stripped down to stilettos, and, well, little less. Let`s watch, shall we?


HAMMER: Yeah. Jennifer Love Hewitt can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, taking it to extremes to promote an all new season of her Lifetime show, "The Client List." In the show, she plays a woman who, how shall we say, makes money by providing happy endings. And hey, who knew she was such a great singer.

KOST Morning radio host Kristin Cruz joining me right now from Hollywood. All right, so, Kristin, Hewitt reportedly had a dream about this video and she said that she did it because she wanted to shake things up a bit. And I`m thinking here, mission accomplished, right?

CRUZ: Yeah, I think she was shaking a couple of things up there, definitely, A.J. You know what? Bless her little heart, that Jennifer Love Hewitt. I just - she`ll just try anything, won`t she? I just love her. I just want to pinch her little cheeks. So cute.



HAMMER: No, no, she`s great. She`s just showing off what a powerful woman she is. I think she looks terrific as well.

But I want to bring in Bryan Safi here, Bryan is a writer and director at "Funny or Die." And co-host of "Throwing Shade" podcast. So Bryan, we know Hewitt has the voice, we know she has the moves, does this make you want to watch her show?

SAFI: Do we know she has the voice? I really hope this means that she`s not cutting an album, because that would be terrifying. I will absolutely watch this show. I`m all for it, I`m just confused. I thought this was on Lifetime, not on Spike. This is extremely sexy for her, but it at least proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jennifer Love Hewitt is actually a woman.

HAMMER: Yeah, farther, well, there you go, I didn`t know that there was ever any doubt, but maybe you know something I do.


HAMMER: And quite frankly, I know that she can sing, I`ve known that in the past, but I also like to see, to your point, Bryan, that lifetime, they`re stepping it up a little bit with J. Love`s help here. So good for her. From Hewitt`s on-screen sex appeal to, well, another Hollywood star who is really heating things up tonight.

This is coming in at number four on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories making us do a double take. It`s David Beckham. Not how you see him right here, oh, no, but sprinting around Beverly Hills in nothing but his underwear. Now, this is a brand-new video that debuted today for his new H&M bodywear ad campaign and it was directed by none other than Madonna`s ex-husband, Guy Ritchie. Let us watch this together.


HAMMER: OK, Kristin, I want to make sure you`re still there. Are you with us? OK. There she is.


CRUZ: I`m sorry. I`m sorry. What was that.

HAMMER: Yeah. Here`s the deal.

CRUZ: Were you saying something?

HAMMER: So, one of my fine producers, Angela, walks into my office just before the show, and she says, just so you know, Becks doesn`t say anything, not a single word in this ad, but does he really need to?

CRUZ: Yes, I`m sorry, did you just - did you say something there? Because I didn`t -- I. Here`s the funny thing about this commercial, too. Did they really need to spend Guy Ritchie money on directing that film? Because, like, my mom could have shot that on her flip phone and he still would have looked amazing? You know, that guy -- I can`t talk anymore. I can`t talk. Please.

HAMMER: Fair enough.

CRUZ: Bryan.

HAMMER: Let me go to Bryan. Now, Bryan, I don`t know about you, I`m a little tired of men being objectified like this. I mean this has been going on and on for years now, right?

SAFI: Oh, it`s terrible. On and on and on and on. I honestly wish they would just throw it back to women, who have never had to deal with this problem. No, I actually love this ad, I think this is the best thing Guy Ritchie has done since Madonna.


SAFI: And I actually have a pair of these underwear, and they`re great, except they don`t come with the six-pack, which is totally, totally disappointing.

HAMMER: Yeah, I think you probably have to pay extra, do something extra for that. But Bryan, let me ask you this, we`re seeing Becks in action here not on the playing field, just running around in his underwear. I`m watching this thinking, you know, maybe he could go into real film, and I don`t know, be the next big Hollywood action hero.

SAFI: Oh, I think that`s absolutely the case. I would say with most action heroes, you don`t even really need to talk, you just need to know how to move and grunt. So if David Beckham is able to grunt, he could easily be the next Sly Stallone for sure.

HAMMER: Now. I noticed, Kristin, you were doing a double take or even a triple take in this case, but it is a double take countdown, to be clear. As much as you love watching him run around in his skivvies, are you running out to buy his underwear for a guy you know because of the ad?

CRUZ: I don`t even -- this ad worked, because I found myself at the Target right after I saw it, clutching 20 things of underwear, I had like a Coke and a popcorn, I don`t even remember how I got there. It worked. It definitely worked.

HAMMER: The problem is, it`s for H&M, but you`re at the wrong store, I guess, as a result.


HAMMER: So let us move on because ...

CRUZ: I was in a daze.

HAMMER: You`re clearly in a dazed and confusion state here.


HAMMER: Well, we move now from Beckham`s bodywear to our number three on the SHOWBIZ Countdown. It`s a SHOWBIZ first look at Al Pacino, starring as Phil Spector in the HBO biopic, "Phil Spector." This movie is set to make its debut on March 24th. I`ve always loved Pacino. I`m so happy I can show you a bit of him in action right now. Roll that.


AL PACINO, ACTOR: What can I do to defend him?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The prosecution is going to do everything in its power to break you.

PACINO: You defend me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you get him off, what will you do when he kills the next girl?

PACINO: I know what this is costing you.


PACINO: You have testified she had the gun in her mouth, I screamed no.

They kill men for telling the truth.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They let O.J. go. They let Michael Jackson go. They are not going to let him go.


HAMMER: All right, now, Kristin, as I go to you on this, Bret, if we could bring up that side by side picture we have of Pacino and Phil Spector, now that you`ve seen him in action, and look at how uncanny he is in that image next to Phil, are you sold with him in this character?

CRUZ: Well, they definitely both have the crazy hair going on, right? I mean nobody does crazy hair better than Pacino. So it makes sense that he`s playing the role. I`m with that.

HAMMER: Crazy hair and you need the crazy eyes too. And I think Pacino -- Look at that.

CRUZ: Yes.


CRUZ: Yes.

HAMMER: Perfect.


HAMMER: All right, Kristin, Bryan, I want you to stay right where you are, because we are coming right back with our number two and our number one on the "SHOWBIZ Double Take Countdown." Will the woman who actually had the nerve to flip off a Florida judge take the top spot tonight?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Count one will be 10,000.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am serious. Adios.



HAMMER: I mean, doesn`t somebody tell you, you don`t want to do that. You`ve got to see how this whole thing played out. Also, the dancing "Miami Heat" mascot that takes on Beyonce`s "Single Ladies." The question is, which of these two will be number ones in our SHOWBIZ Countdown.

And did you see this? All right, if we can put this up, Honey Boo Boo`s mom - Mama June, she lost an amazing 100 pounds. Nice going, Mama June. The woman who literally put a gallon of gravy on her Thanksgiving turkey, well, she is now getting slim and trim. And tonight I am revealing the shocking secret to her massive slimdown.



HAMMER: Welcome back. Tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down the top five stories that made us do a double take today. Let me run back where we are so far.

Coming in at number five, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Look at her in this steamy new music video (INAUDIBLE), shown on Lifetime "The Client List."

And in number four tonight, a new video revealed today of David Beckham, there he is, turning heads, just sprinting around Hollywood in nothing but his underwear. This is for his new bodywear line.

Number three, Pacino as Spector. What do you think? HBO has just released all-new video of Al Pacino starring in a new Phil Spector`s biopic. Can he pull it off? I think so.

That takes us to number two on our countdown on the stories that made us do a double take today. And it`s Bernie, "The Miami Heat" mascot with a phenomenal rendition of Beyonce`s "Single Ladies." Hey, if you think Beyonce rocked it at the Super Bowl, well, take a look at Bernie.


HAMMER: Hey, I absolutely loved that. And so, that is one mascot with moves that most definitely earning major double take tonight. Back to Funny or Die`s Bryan Safi. So, Bryan, from the smooth moves to the high heels, and judging by the crowd reaction from behind him, I think Bernie just nailed it. Not like Beyonce, but right on, Bernie.

SAFI: No, I absolutely agree. Bernie nailed it. I wished we could have seen him in the Super Bowl for 15 minutes instead of Beyonce. I`ve never seen a bird in heels ...


SAFI: And I actually hope I keep seeing it over and over and over again. Because that`s a bird that knows how to rock a pair of stilettos.

HAMMER: You know, Kristin Cruz, from KOST, women are always saying how much they really don`t enjoy wearing the heels, but if Bernie can wear the heels and pull it off without incidents, I think anybody can.

CRUZ: Yeah, I guess so. But I think Bernie was lip-synching, I think, A.J., first of all. And yeah, I`m not sure that was a really live performance. I`m going to have to watch it again. I`m not sure.

HAMMER: OK, but to be sure on the terminology, in Bernie`s case, it would be beak-synching. Just - just to be clear on that.


HAMMER: That aids us to the big reveal of number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories that made us do a double take today. It`s the Florida woman who gave a judge the bird. Different kind of bird here. Seems like common sense, you don`t flip off a guy who`s commonly referred to as "Your honor," right? Well, that didn`t stop one woman from giving the one- fingered salute in court. You`ve got to wonder what she was thinking.

Well, here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Do not, repeat, do not try this in court.



MOOS: 18-year-old Penelope Soto didn`t just flip the judge the bird right off the bat, she built up to it. Charged with possession of Xanax, she and Miami Dade circuit judge Jose Rodriguez-Chomat got off to a rocky start at this bail hearing.

SOTO: I own a lot of jewelry, all right?

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: How much would you say your jewelry`s worth?


RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: But it`s not a joke, you know? We are not - we`re not in a club now.

MOOS: Soon, it started to sound like a scene out of "My Cousin Vinny."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you on drugs?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Drugs, no. I don`t take drugs.

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: Have you had any kind of drugs in the last 24 hours?

SOTO: Actually, no.

MOOS: And Soto had no prior arrests, so the judge set bail at $5,000.


SOTO: Adios.

MOOS: But "adios" was a little too sassy.

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: Come back, ma`am. Come back.

MOOS: The judge upped the bail.

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: Count one will be 10,000.

SOTO: Are you serious?

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: I am serious. Adios.

MOOS: So Soto flipped the bird ...


RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: Come back again.

MOOS: And the judge flipped.

SOTO: What`s up?

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: I believe I heard you saying to ...

SOTO: Yes, I did. I`m not going to ...

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: I believe you - did you say [CENSORED] me?

SOTO: Actually, I did.

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: Did you say that?

SOTO: Yes, sir, I did.

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: Oh, you did say that?

SOTO: I`m not going to ...

RODRIGUEZ-CHOMAT: I find you in direct criminal contempt, 30 days in the county jail.

SOTO: OK, that`s fine.

MOOS: CNN senior legal analyst says the punishment is on the harsh side, but still normal.

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN SENIOR LEGAL ANALYST: She was way outside those rules, and she had to live with the consequences.

MOOS: Soto`s public defender had no comment. Of course, Penelope Soto wasn`t the first defendant that let her fingers, and only this finger, do the talking.

LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: ... And I respect --

MOOS: At her sentencing in 2010, actress Lindsay Lohan`s eyes may have cried tears, but her middle fingernail cried "F-U." Who knows who it was directed at the court, or at the press. Judge`s spokesperson said it didn`t warrant a reaction.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I`m holding you in contempt of court.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`d you say?

MOOS: Just don`t say --

SOTO: Adios.


HAMMER: And there`s your lesson for the day. That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And this may also have you doing a double take tonight. Honey Boo-Boo`s Mama June, reportedly dropping a whopping 100 pounds. What`s the secret to the food-loving reality star`s massive weight loss? The answer is next and I think it`s going to shock you.




MAMA JUNE, REALITY TV STAR: (INAUDIBLE) butter and ketchup maze.

HONEY BOO BOO, REALITY TV STAR: It`s butter, it`s butter, it`s butter.

MAMA JUNE: Where`s the ketchup?

HONEY BOO BOO: I don`t know.

MAMA JUNE: The kids love the ketchup and butter, and I was raised on the ketchup and butter mix.

This here is an old family recipe. Don`t tell nobody (INAUDIBLE).


HAMMER: Honey Boo Boo`s Mama June, no stranger to the kitchen. But the reality super star seems to be staying out of it these days. Brand new reports claim that Mama June has just shed 100 pounds over the past two years. Did you see this? Take a look at the difference here. So what is her secret?

Well, it appears that her hit reality show has made her a lot more active. And that has helped her drop that massive amount of weight. Mama June also just got a huge makeover recently. We saw her dye her gray hair blond and she straightened it as well. You`ve kind of got to wonder if Mama June is going Hollywood on us.

And I can tell you certainly a lot of music`s biggest stars are doing whatever they can to make sure they`re looking their best before the Grammy Awards go down on Sunday. Of course, we are going to be covering it all right here with "SHOWBIZ at the Grammies". There is so much we can`t wait to see, as we prepare you for that all-out party.

And one of the things I`m most excited about is the Grammy battle for best rock performance. We are talking about a war this year between some amazing newcomers and the rock establishment. "Alabama Shakes" and "Mumford & Sons" taking on Bruce Springsteen and "The Black Keys" and "Coldplay." It`s a performance showdown you have got to see for yourself.


HAMMER: Some serious rock power at the Grammies this year. I cannot wait to see who comes out on top this Sunday. And remember, you can catch it all right here, it is "SHOWBIZ at the Grammies," this Thursday, 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on HLN.

Also tonight, somebody needs to call the recruiters, because this boy is balling with a pacifier. A toddler who can get all net from a trampoline. You want to get ready for tonight`s moment of SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is a 2-year-old kid with the ridiculous trick shot.



HAMMER: Here we go. Right now it is time for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And tonight it`s the toddler with hoop dreams. I am telling you, this amazing little shot king has moves that would make Lebron James jealous. You are definitely not going to believe this kid`s skills at the hoop. Just watch.





HAMMER: I mean, come on, he`s two years old. Awesome, right? I`m thinking that the NBA scouts are probably already knocking on that kid`s door. And tomorrow night, I`m talking to Titus` dad right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. You will not want to miss that.

Well, coming up right now on "DR. DREW ON CALL," a full hour on Jodi Arias. When it comes down to deciding Jodi`s fate, will the jury moved by the physical evidence or the testimony of the defendant herself?

That starts right now.