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Super Bowl Touchdowns, Fumbles; Go Daddy Fame; Interview with Jenny McCarthy

Aired February 4, 2013 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, revenge of the nerds. The super nerd, the super model, and the super awkward kiss that nearly upstaged Beyonce`s amazing halftime show.

Well, tonight the nerd from the GoDaddy Super Bowl ad is right here for a true kiss and tell. It`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown: of tonight`s top three buzz makers. Will this guy`s lip lock with Bar Rafaeli top the list?

Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer, and tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down the top five Super Bowl touchdowns and fumbles. And let me tell you, narrowing it down to five, it wasn`t an easy task, so let`s kick it off with No. 5.

Beyonce -- touchdown!


BEYONCE, SINGER (singing): So crazy right now.


HAMMER: There was no argument today that Beyonce`s amazing halftime show was an absolute touchdown, and let there be no doubt: a lot of people watched. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT learned today that the Baltimore Ravens versus the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl was the third most watched program in television history. Are you hearing me? It also was the second highest rated Super Bowl in 27 years. That is huge.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is also here to reveal brand-new details that we`ve learned today about Beyonce`s remarkable performance with Beyonce, herself breaking even more big news today.

Former "American Idol" contestant Kimberly Locke, who certainly knows a thing or two about singing in front of a really big live audience, is with us tonight from Chicago.

Always great to have you here, Kimberly. And all eyes, of course, were on Beyonce after that big inauguration lip-syncing controversy, but man, she just killed it at her Super Bowl halftime show. I mean, is there any doubt whatsoever this was a complete touchdown for her?

KIMBERLY LOCKE, FORMER "AMERICAN IDOL" CONTESTANT: It was amazing. And listen, she`s having -- you know, she`s having quite the moment right now. She`s getting a lot of attention, and, you know, in our business there`s no such thing as bad press, so keep talking about Beyonce.

HAMMER: Yes. And the thing today is it`s pretty much all great press, and even her fellow celebs have been going nuts about her performance.

And before we talk about that, I think we need to watch a little bit more of Queen B in action last night.


BEYONCE (singing): Say you, say you, say you never loved me. Say you never loved me. Say you never loved me. Put your hands together.


HAMMER: I mean, it was just Super Bowl halftime perfection. Right?

By the way, Kimberly Locke, your fellow "American Idol" alum, Carrie Underwood, tweeted this about the performance: "Beyonce just made all the rest of us singers look stupid in the most awesome way possible. Way to work it." With the hash tag #besteverhalftimeshow

Even our first lady, Michelle Obama, was tweeting during the show. She wrote, "Watching the Super Bowl with family and friends. Beyonce was phenomenal. I am so proud of her." You don`t get a bigger stamp of approval than that.

Matt Bean with us tonight in New York. Matt is the managing editor for "Sports Illustrated`s" Web site, So Matt, I didn`t do an actual scientific comparison, but it seemed to me today that more people have been talking about Beyonce than the game itself?

MATT BEAN, SI.COM: Well, that all depends on where you`re listening, but keep in mind some perspective here. When the AFC and NFC championships went off we had about 42 to 47 million people watching. We had 64 million more watching the Super Bowl, and chances are they weren`t watching it for the on-field action, so I`m not surprised.

HAMMER: It`s pretty extraordinary these numbers that we`re talking about. And there was a great Instagram picture. Charles, do we have that to put up? This is what happened back stage right after her Beyonce`s performance. There she is. Isn`t that sweet? She`s getting a big congratulatory hug from her husband, Jay-Z, after she knocked them dead last night.

Now "OMG Insider`s" Kevin Fraser got a little post-performance moment with Beyonce that I want to play for you. She was out of breath, but on Cloud Nine, clearly.


KEVIN FRASER, OMG INSIDER: What did you feel about tonight?

BEYONCE: It was really beautiful.

FRASER: Do you feel like you kind of set the standard? Because you worked so hard. You worked so hard on this show.

BEYONCE: It feels good to know that the hard work paid off, you know. It`s a live television show. It`s the biggest show in America. And there are so many things that can happen, and God was on my side.


HAMMER: Something was on her side. Definitely raised the bar. You can`t blame her for being on Cloud Nine.

And today, went so far as saying Beyonce has now officially replaced Michael Jackson as the King of Pop. That`s pretty big.

Patricia Goddard is also with me from New York. She`s the host of the syndicated talk show, "Patricia Goddard." Patricia, do you agree with that assessment, the King of Pop has been replaced?

PATRICIA GODDARD, SYNDICATED TALK SHOW HOST: I daren`t say that, because all the King of Pop`s fans will come down on me. But she -- she was absolutely amazing. And the thing is, the singing and dancing at the same time. I mean, you know, how many of us just get out of breath just doing one of those things? But the dance moves were just phenomenal.

HAMMER: They were amazing. It was pretty interesting to some people, myself included, at least I observed this, there was quite a bit more dancing and posing going on than there was actual singing. But it was a performance. It wasn`t necessarily just all about getting up there and singing.

And now she is putting her husband`s real name on her upcoming tour. She`s seizing this moment, revealing today that her new tour is going to be called "The Mrs. Carter Show." It`s kicking off in Serbia in April. It`s going to wind up at Jay-Z`s Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

So Kimberly Locke, would you like to see it include Destiny`s Child, so we can see another reunion like we did last night at the Super Bowl, or should it remain all about Beyonce?

LOCKE: You know what I love? Is that she brought them into that, and they probably talked about this starting out in their career, like on their wish list of things to do, and for her to share that stage with Destiny`s Child, it was -- it said a lot about her as a person. I mean, she was a class act last night.

I mean, hands down, she did an amazing job performing, singing, and, you know, being true to who she is.

HAMMER: It was fun seeing all of the ladies together up there on the stage. You could tell they were having a good time. Beyonce recently recorded with them, and she had said, "You know, it felt like we were teenagers again." And you kind of got that impression watching her and the other ladies from Destiny`s Child last night.

But while Beyonce is a definite touchdown, a fumble is No. 4 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of "Super Bowl Touchdowns and Fumbles" tonight. That fumble is "Zero Dark 35."

I`m talking, of course, about those 35 minutes that the Super Bowl was delayed because of the power outage at the Superdome. The power company said today that the outage resulted from really what was essentially a blown fuse.

Now, Matt, I`m thinking that perhaps is the strangest thing that`s ever happened at the Super Bowl.

BEAN: I know, I was there and everybody was wondering, "Did someone forget to pay a bill or something?" I mean, it was a surreal moment. If you go back through history, there are other similar moments in the Stanley Cup finals and other sports. But this was just strange, to be there in the stadium, wondering when these lights were going to come back on.

HAMMER: And I was watching my Twitter feed last night, and Twitter just went nuts. Everybody, of course, coming up with their theory of who or what was responsible for the Super Bowl blackout.

Some people, of course, were quick to suggest that it was Beyonce, Sasha Fierce herself, given how electrifying her performance was at the halftime show.

Let me read what Kirstie Alley tweeted about that: "Think Beyonce`s show used too many volts? #blackout."

So Patricia, given how electrifying Beyonce was, you know, it didn`t seem so far-fetched to me at the time, anyway.

GODDARD: Well, you know what the really great thing is? And I tell my kids this all the time. It`s often the things that go wrong that we remember the most...


GODDARD: ... that make things most memorable. So I think this is just one more bit of hype that makes these games so special.

HAMMER: Next year they`re going to have to throw all the lights down or something like that to keep up.

Also trending during the blackout, I got a big kick of this. Bane. Remember Bane, the Batman villain in "The Dark Knight Rises," who made his entrance disrupting a pro football game? Some people suspected that it was Bane who was messing with the real Super Bowl.

And another movie character also trending. This is who I think was actually responsible for the blackout. Can we roll this?




HAMMER: Yes, a ton of people in the Twitterverse actually suspect the troublemaker Johnny from airplane, who pulled the plug may have also been kidding around with the Super Bowl lights last night.

I am thinking, Kimberly, with the lights, Beyonce, the nail-biter game, I mean, was this perhaps the greatest Super Bowl ever?

LOCKE: You know, listen, they just said it was one of the top rated Super Bowls ever, so I think they did an amazing job putting the show together, and drawing people in and engaging them. And the lights going out, whether it was planned or a total accident, we`re going the blame it on Beyonce, because her performance was absolutely amazing.

HAMMER: Perfect. Yes, I don`t think we`ve ever seen a game get so much buzz.

Listen, we still have three more to go in our "Touchdowns and Fumbles" countdown tonight. So what could possibly be No. 1 after all of that? Well, in the running, this hilarious ad.




HAMMER: Oh, the noise. Well, we have the actor. Turn it down. We have the actor who got to kiss Bar Rafaeli right here with us, and I`ve got to ask this guy about that big kiss and about the mixed reaction that the ad is getting tonight.

Also tonight, girl power reigns supreme at the Super Bowl. Jennifer Hudson blew the house down with her spectacular rendition of "America the Beautiful."


JENNIFER HUDSON, SINGER (singing): From sea to shining sea.


HAMMER: Yes, as if that wasn`t enough girl power for the night, Beyonce, Destiny`s Child and Alicia Keys all gave touchdown performances of their own, but will the girl power surge atop tonight`s "Buzz Makers" countdown? Jenny McCarthy is right here. She`s going to weigh in on how the ladies were the real winners last night at the Super Bowl.




We are in a post-Super Bowl glow, and we are counting down the top five "Touchdowns and Fumbles" from the big game. Here`s what we have so far.

No. 5, a definite touchdown for sure. Beyonce`s electrifying halftime show has still got everybody talking.

No. 4, "Zero Dark 35." That 35-minute blackout in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome that brought the big game to a big old standstill.

That brings us to No. 3. It`s a touchdown or a fumble. You decide.`s Super Bowl commercial with supermodel Bar Rafaeli making out with a computer nerd. Let us watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are two sides to Go Daddy. There`s the sexy side, represented by Bar Rafaeli. And the smart side that creates a killer Web site for your small business, represented by Walter. Together, they are perfect.



HAMMER: Oh, OK. That lucky nerd is played by Jesse Heiman. And look, there`s Jesse right here. He`s right here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT waiting to kiss and tell about his now world-famous lip lock. Jesse is going to join me a little later in the show.

Now, Go Daddy says this ad was its most successful Super Bowl ad ever, but it did leave a lot of viewers kind off icked out. Back to singer and former "American Idol" contestant, Kimberly Locke. Kimberly, were you icked out by this thing and all the...?

LOCKE: Yes, it was kind of gross. I don`t know. I`m sure it was an awkward moment for a lot of parents at home sitting at home on their couch with their kids.

HAMMER: It was the sound. I think that`s what`s really -- it was like the nails on the chalkboard to a lot of people.

LOCKE: Where was the mike?

HAMMER: Let me bring in "Sports Illustrated`s" Matt Bean. Now Matt, Bar Rafaeli, a former "SI" cover girl model, I have to believe that a ton of your readers would have been very happy, would have loved to have been in Jesse`s shoes, shooting that ad or even without the cameras rolling.

BEAN: I`m sure they would have, and I talked to him a little bit beforehand. He said they had to do many, many takes.

So I think you`re right, the visceral sound of that kiss, especially if you`ve got 7.2 surround sound blasting to hear all of the game, was a little too much for some people.

HAMMER: Yes, that was it for me. I`ve got the big surround sound. I had it cranked up, and I was like oh, wow. Yes, no, Jesse`s going to tell us exactly why it took so many takes. I have a theory. I don`t know that he was doing it for them, but we`ll find out from him.

Now we must get to No. 2 in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT countdown of "Super Bowl Touchdowns and Fumbles." Joe Flacco`s fumble. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback and Super Bowl MVP dropping the F-bomb on live TV while celebrating. Let`s watch.




HAMMER: Now the Parents` Television Council said today that it wants the FCC to penalize CBS, which also broadcast Janet Jackson`s Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction nine years ago.

Matt, I don`t know if you`re like me -- well, you were right there, so you might not have actually heard this moment when it was aired live. I immediately rewound the DVR, because I said, "Did he really just say that?" And I played it a couple of times to be sure. But can you even compare what he said in a moment of heated excitement to what happened with Janet nine years ago?

BEAN: I mean, I think they`re different things. But what we do know is that the Super Bowl is the kind of stage that is unlike any other. And profanities do slip out in sports quite a bit more than people actually end up talking about, but because this was the Super Bowl, it`s that much more noticeable.

But I do have to say, in defense of Joe Flacco, if you just threw for 287 yards in an MVP-winning appearance in the Super Bowl, to win it, you`d be pretty excited yourself.

HAMMER: Yes. I`d like to see the PTC just relax a little bit and accept the moment for what it is. I don`t think they`re saying beforehand, "Now, watch your mouths when you get out there if you win."

Coming up in just a minute, what will be the No. 1 touchdown or fumble from the Super Bowl?

Also ahead, this is going to be great. CNN`s own Dr. Sanjay Gupta taking us inside the O.R. on the new set of his series, "Monday Mornings."


DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: So nothing here is out of place. Nothing doesn`t belong. This is what a real operating room looks like.


HAMMER: You don`t want to miss this. "Monday Mornings" just made its debut on TNT tonight. It is packed with life-and-death moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Sanjay is right here. He`s going to tell you what it`s like to be a neurosurgeon, a journalist, and now the executive producer of a TV show that is getting some massive buzz. Stick around for that.




BEYONCE (singing): I`ll be your favorite. I promise not to let you go. You drive me crazy. Say you`ll never let me go.


HAMMER: Yes, Beyonce killed it at the Super Bowl halftime show last night, channeling her inner warrior in that custom-made black leather costume that she was rocking at the game.

Beyonce`s super sound brings us to No. 1 on SHOWBIZ Countdown of the Super Bowl`s top five touchdowns and fumbles.

I know that everybody knows, when it comes to fashion, Queen B is also the queen of couture. She totally brought the fashion fabulousness when she hit the Super Bowl stage last night. In fact, you could have mistaken the show for a catwalk, right? Was there a football game or something going on last night?

CNN fashion correspondent Alina Cho spoke with the stylist behind Beyonce`s amazing outfit.

Alina in New York with me tonight. Good to have you here. And I`ve got to say, I`m watching this thing last night, and I love the fact that her outfit is so spectacular.

But the story is great, too. Ruben Singer designed it, pretty much unknown until he shot to fame last night. And it really reminded me of the way the first lady made Jason Wu mad Jason Wu a huge star after wearing his design for the first presidential inauguration and then the last one.

ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, you`re absolutely right. And as you know, A.J., I covered that. I was here that night, and it was such a shocker that Michelle Obama chose Jason Wu twice.

But you know what? You could really say that this was Ruben Singer`s "Jason Wu" moment. You know, he`s just 34 years old. He`s had his label for six years now, based in New York. Really wasn`t on the fashion radar at all until he dressed Beyonce for the Super Bowl halftime show. What an outfit. I mean, look at it there. Inspired by a Valkyrie, a warrior woman.

This outfit took more than 200 hours to make. It`s made of five different kinds of skins, including python -- wait for it, A.J. -- iguana, two types of lambskin. There`s also lace.

And Singer was right there sitting front row at the Superdome when Beyonce took to the stage. And when I asked him, "What was going through your mind at that moment?" he said, "You know what, Alina? I was actually in tears."


RUGEN SINGER, FASHION DESIGNER: There are certain moments that designers have that define their arrival, and I hope to believe -- I mean, I think that I think that`s what`s happening here.

You know, she has been such a fierce defender of this project with me and supporter that, you know, it`s been a gift, because it truly has. She has allowed somebody that she believed in, and somebody that she has worked with, and somebody that she knew could deliver, but the rest of the world necessarily may have not. And you know, here we are.


HAMMER: I have to say, Alina, when I was watching her on stage, I`m thinking her moves were rivaling these players that you have. How do you design an outfit like that with all that stuff in it for the runway or the dance stage and it`s still letting you move like that?

CHO: See, A.J., you do know a thing or two about fashion. You do know that it has to be practical, right?

Listen, we all know Beyonce looked fabulous last night, and she really did. But the reality is girl`s got some moves. She had to be able to dance.

And that is why Singer spent the better part of the last two weeks in New Orleans. He actually had to be on hand for all of those fittings, because this outfit also had to be highly functional.

HAMMER: Yes, I would say rule No. 1 of dressing Beyonce, do not restrict her movement.

Alina, thank you so much. That`s fantastic.

And tomorrow night right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Ruben Singer will be right here. He`s going to reveal even more about exactly what went into making that killer ensemble for Beyonce.

But you know, here amazing outfit wasn`t the only thing that was grabbing some big attention during the Super Bowl. We also had this, of course.




HAMMER: Uh, did they have to make it noisy? The super awkward ad that nearly upstaged Beyonce`s incredible halftime show. Everybody is talking about this nerd who kissed the supermodel. Well, he`s right here tonight, but will he top our "SHOWBIZ Buzz Makers" countdown?

Also, Jenny McCarthy, on the massive girl power at the Super Bowl. We`re talking Beyonce, Destiny`s Child taking down the house with the halftime show. You had Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson leaving us wanting more. Well, Jenny McCarthy is weighing in on how the ladies stole the show.






HAMMER: Right now, the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the top three "Buzz Makers of the Day."

The nerd who put a big wet one on supermodel Bar Rafaeli is right here tonight. He is revealing how life has changed since being in the most talked about commercial of the Super Bowl, but is that getting more buzz than the Super Bowl`s super girl power?




HAMMER: Beyonce`s show stopper, Jennifer Hudson`s tearjerker, and Alicia Keys`s history maker. Who says the biggest titans on the field were the players? Well, the lovely and hilarious Jenny McCarthy cheered the ladies on, and tonight Jenny is right here. She is telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT what she did during Super Bowl blackout and it is not what you think.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer and we are counting down today`s top three big buzzmakers. These are the stories that have everybody talking and tweeting and really taking a second or perhaps even a third look.

And let`s get rolling with number three. It is the lip-lock that shocked Super Bowl fans around the world. Here you have Super Model Bar Refaeli and perhaps the luckiest guy in the world. They are making out in this prime time Super Bowl ad .

Well, he is right here tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, but first, let`s watch that lip lock.


HAMMER: Well, love it or leave it, it is that makeout moment that set the Twitterverse on fire and is making Go Daddy one very happy company today. So what was she thinking? And what was he thinking?

Well, who better to ask than the man locking lips with that world famous super model? Jesse Heiman is with us tonight in New York for the SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. And Jesse, let me be among the many who inevitably stopped you on the street today and said you are the man.

JESSE HEIMAN, GODADDY AD ACTOR: Thank you very much. It is an honor to be here. It`s great to talk to you, and I`m so happy with how the spot turned out.

HAMMER: Yeah. How can you not be, I have to imagine, you`re having great fun, they -- they paired you with one of the most beautiful women in the world, but you know, that there are people out there today saying the ad, it made them uncomfortable, it made them squirm, it was a bit awkward in a way. But listen, you got the kiss, the ad is a huge hit. Do you even care what anybody thinks?

HEIMAN: I do care what they think, but it is true that the ad worked. We had record sales, new customers, new Web sites being made last night for Go Daddy, record-breaking numbers. So it worked and the controversy, the talking about it, that`s fun. It has been fun for me. I`ve been all over New York today talking about it, and it is really -- it`s really a great experience.

HAMMER: I want you to take me behind the scenes of what was actually going on when you were making this thing, because what we saw on television was actually just a portion of a much longer ad. There is an extended version that`s online ...

HEIMAN: Right.

HAMMER: But as you are watching this with me, Jesse, I want you to tell me about when you taped this commercial. How many times and takes did it take, to get that just right. Because I imagine you wanted to give the client the perfect take, right?

HEIMAN: Yes, it`s somewhere between 45 and 65 takes.

HAMMER: 45 and 65.

HEIMAN: 45 and 65, yeah.


HEIMAN: It was a large number. It took a long time for us to get the right kiss in that they were happy with. There was -- each time was about 18 seconds of kissing, too. So ...

HAMMER: Now, wait a second, is that because you were intentionally screwing it up so you would have to do it over and over, because you know, there are a lot of guys tonight wishing that they had been in your shoes shooting this thing, right?

HEIMAN: Sure, yes, but actually, the rumor is that I`m the one that wanted more takes, but actually she was the one wanting more takes as well. So ...

HAMMER: Well, to that end and much to your credit, I guess the lovely Bar Refaeli who, you know, just clearly shows off her great beauty in this ad as well, but she reportedly told one interviewer that you were an excellent kisser. So I am thinking now you are showing up places and you`re introducing yourself to people saying, "Hello, I`m Jesse Heiman. Bar Refaeli says I`m an excellent kisser." Is that part of your master plan, my friend?

HEIMAN: Well, that should definitely be on my next business card for sure. But, you know, it is just -- it`s really wonderful to have that kind of approval by such a powerful and sexy supermodel who millions adore, admire ...


HEIMAN: And I got to kiss.

HAMMER: Well, you are the guy that everybody, you know, we see you and say, I know that dude. I mean, you have been in over 100 films and TV shows, but how does it feel to now have this moment launch you into the spotlight?

HEIMAN: This is an amazing moment, and it is a moment that I will always cherish and remember. It`s the moment that I became a super star and everybody is here to share it with me. I have gotten lots of support from my family and my friends, and they are saying, you deserve everything you are getting, so I am just trying to enjoy the moment as long as it can go on.

HAMMER: Yes, well, drink it in, Jesse. What a great story. Great having you here, Jesse. And thank you so much ...

HEIMAN: Thank you for having me.

HAMMER: Absolutely. All right. Let`s move now from a super model stunner to super women, we`re moving to number two on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the day`s big three buzz makers.

What today was being called Girl Power. It`s a big showing at the Super Bowl with Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, just set in the stage for Beyonce and her former group Destiny`s Child, who, of course, rocked the house.




HAMMER: I mean it was pretty flawless, right? Here is the question, did the women steal the show from the men who were actually playing in the Super Bowl?

Well, let me now bring in the ultimate showstopper, it is Jenny McCarthy. She is with us in New York. Jenny is hosting an all new late night talk show, "The Jenny McCarthy Show." It`s premiering this Friday on VH1. We can`t wait, Jenny. It`s great having you here.

JENNY MCCARTHY, TALK SHOW HOST: Thank you so much. Good to see you again.

HAMMER: So listen, these women were bringing it last night, total A-game. What did you think when you saw -- not just Jennifer Hudson, but Alicia Keys, and then Beyonce, one by one, center stage with these incredible performances? It was pretty amazing.

MCCARTHY: It was pretty amazing and the thing is, I was telling my friends earlier when I see Beyonce, she really does -- she is the image of empowerment for women, I mean. She has my, you know, "Single Ladies" anthem that I sing weekly, and I love that she just showed all the naysayers and she brought it. So, I`m happy for her, and so did the other girls. It was -- it was a chick night for sure.

HAMMER: Well, let`s talk about Alicia Keys in particular, because she belted out what I thought was just an amazing performance of the national anthem. I thought she really brought a fresh feel and sound to it.

MCCARTHY: Some people didn`t think so.

HAMMER: Well, here is the thing. It did not set records for the way she sang it, it set a record for delivering the longest rendition ever of the "Star Spangled Banner" at the Super Bowl.

MCCARTHY: It`s true. I would have said like, speed it up a little bit, but other than that, I thought the pitch was perfect.

HAMMER: Well, listen to the numbers, because you know, Jenny I get out my abacus and I break it down here.

MCCARTHY: I love it.

HAMMER: Look at this right here. You had 156.4 seconds for Alicia longer than Natalie Cole`s 152 seconds at the Super Bowl, Kelly Clarkson last year just 90 seconds. A lot of people were saying that drawing it out was not a good thing, and by the way, had she not repeated that last verse she wouldn`t have broken the record. So ...

MCCARTHY: Maybe it is kind of smart, though. She gets longer TV coverage, so maybe I should just talk slower in my interviews.

HAMMER: Yeah. And then just repeat what you are saying. Repeat what you are saying. Repeat what you are saying.


HAMMER: Listen.

MCCARTHY: More TV time.

HAMMER: The criticism didn`t stop there, and this was something that I didn`t understand when I saw it, there were some people saying it was not such a great idea to have the children who survived the Sandy Hook kids school massacre on the field performing with Jennifer Hudson, that it was somehow exploiting them, but I say, really? I thought this was a beautiful moment.

MCCARTHY: Me, too. I mean it`s a chance of a lifetime to be standing there at the Super Bowl. I have been to the past ten Super Bowls except for yesterday, but it is one of those bucket list experiences that you have to go to, and I`m so grateful that those kids had that opportunity.

HAMMER: Well, there was so much buzz about the performances, almost overshadowing the game itself, so I kind of wondered at this point what it could possibly take to top this all next year. I mean you said yourself, you have been to so many Super Bowls. Have you ever seen so much buzz and build-up and then seeing the women taking over the way they have?

MCCARTHY: I haven`t. I have to tell you, like the past ten Super Bowls I have been to, I have been to every halftime show and I`ve got to tell you they weren`t that much to write home about. It is a difficult thing to do at that Super Bowl, that the sound is off, it`s -- you have to just do such a huge performance in order to get people`s attention, and the fact what Beyonce doing that herself, hands down to women.

HAMMER: Although, you know, it was great seeing Destiny`s Child getting back together. I did hear some people saying today, oh, it was nice that, you know, Beyonce had her former Destiny Child bandmates in to do some backup dancing for her.

MCCARTHY: Well, did you notice that -- did you notice that Michelle didn`t really have the moves down at all, you`ve got to watch that again, she was kind of like, oh, I don`t know what to do ...


MCCARTHY: ... but Kelly brought it.

HAMMER: Yeah. They all did it. It was -- it was certainly cool seeing them together, but it was unquestionably Beyonce`s show and her performance.

MCCARTHY: It was. She made, sure, too, because the other two girls` microphones were down a little bit.

HAMMER: Did you notice that as well?


HAMMER: All right, Jenny, do me a favor.


HAMMER: Stay right there because we`re going to reveal our number one buzzmaker and then we want you to reveal what you were doing during that Super Bowl blackout last night. Before you answer, remember, the proof is in the pictures, Jenny, I`ve got the pictures, and I`m going to show them.


HAMMER: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We are counting down the top three buzzmakers today and here is where we are so far.

In at number three, the most infamous Walter in the world, the guy from the Go Daddy smooch ad just revealed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just moments ago how life has changed since being in the most talked about commercial of the Super Bowl.

And at number two, what really fuels the Super Bowl? Well, people everywhere today are saying, it`s girl power. Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and, of course, Beyonce set the Superdome on fire last night.

And now number one on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the day`s biggest buzzmaker: the doctor is in. CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta is with us tonight following tonight`s premier of the TNT show "Monday Mornings", it is based on his brilliant best selling novel.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: While you`re poking around at my brain?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The only way to do it. Find the exact part of the brain that caused the problem.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you`ve done this before?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How is that patient doing?



HAMMER: Wow. Well, that is just one of the edge-of-your-seat moments from tonight`s very first episode. I`m so glad to have Sanjay, the neurosurgeon and now, of course, big time TV show executive producer right here in New York. I mean it`s very impressive, Sanjay. Always good to see you.

GUPTA: Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. Thank you.

HAMMER: What was it like to see your book coming to life? It has to have been extraordinary for you?

GUPTA: You know, it was sort of surreal in a way, I spent so much time writing this book. And, you know, when you write fiction and when -- this is my first fiction, you get to know these characters so well, A.J., I mean I could tell you what they like for breakfast, their favorite color of socks, everything about them, and then they kind of become your children in a way, and then when you see actors playing them, it is kind of like actors playing your children. So, it is surreal, but these actors, you know, we got really lucky. They make things better than they were, so, you know, I really enjoyed it.

HAMMER: And it is a really fascinating and gripping world that you created. I have been waiting to show this to people all day, Sanjay. You took us inside the O.R. and you revealed to us the tricks that make us believe that a sound stage is actually a real hospital. So, let`s now take a look at Sanjay on location on the set of "Monday Mornings." Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coming through!

GUPTA: Welcome to Chelsea General. This is the emergency room, and it is a trauma center.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get out of my way.


GUPTA: A place like this can get multiple traumas at once, this is the sort of place where they all end up, multiple trauma bays, lots of action in this area, but you remember this when Dr. Tyler Wilson comes in with the entire team of Chelsea General doctors to make it all happen. That is what this hospital is all about.

So, it`s a shooting day here at Chelsea General. And it is the single- level set as you might imagine, but there is ways that we can make it multiple levels. For example, elevator over here that goes straight through. So you go through the elevator and you are suddenly on a different floor. Are these real for us? Can you actually?


GUPTA: Thanks. OK. Yes. Anything could be real.

So we`re going to my favorite place at Chelsea General, the operating room.

This is an operating room that you are about to see where we could actually perform surgery. We wanted the entire room to be real, so nothing in here is out of place. Nothing doesn`t belong. This is what a real operating room looks like. This is a microscope that we use to perform surgery, that the surgeons will be operating and be able to move this microscope all around, focus in on different parts of the head. If I had to do surgery, because someone need it on the set, I could do it right here in this room.


HAMMER: OK. Well, first of all, I have been on a lot of television sets, and that is awesome, Sanjay, but are you serious, could you really do an operation inside that room? Let`s say one of your crew gets, you know, really ill or something?

GUPTA: I would obviously prefer not to ...


GUPTA: ... but, you know, the attention to detail and this is your world more than mine, Hollywood, what is amazing to me is that, you know, I always -- as a doctor, you are focused on paying attention to detail. I`m amazed at the diligence of Hollywood as well, the exact right clips, the microscope, the positioning. Authenticity is king, and people -- everyone -- everyone really sort of paid attention to that on the set.

HAMMER: And your co-executive producer is the great David E. Kelly. Of course, we know him from the TV classics "L.A. Law" and "Ally McBeal", among others. Now that you are executive producing this show, have you ever gotten into a struggle with him about, you know, doing the reality of being a doctor versus his need to make it Hollywood magic?

GUPTA: There, you know, I wouldn`t call it a struggle, I mean I think -- you know first of all, he is even better than his reputation. He is one of the all time TV greats, as you pointed out, but he is even better than expected. He really is amazing. There`s always -- you know, we discussed everything. We had long discussions before thinking about adapting this book, every single episode we talked about, gave each other notes back and forth. So, there`s always some of that, but he, you know, he is one of the few guys I think that`s able to make this really entertaining engaging shows ...


GUPTA: ... and not shy away from the provocation either. So -- no struggles. But a nice creative (ph) back and forth.

HAMMER: Oh, it`s such a great show. I think it is going to be a huge hit, and I don`t just say that because I know you, Sanjay. It`s great to see you as always.

GUPTA: Thanks for having me. Anytime. Thank you.

HAMMER: Make sure you watch "Monday Morning" on our sister network TNT every Monday night.

All right, as we move on, she is a former Playboy playmate. She is a mom, and soon she is starting a new gig as a talk show host. So why exactly is Jenny McCarthy naked in a bathtub? I am going to ask her. Jenny is back to tell us all about this picture and she is also revealing what she did during that Super Bowl blackout.



HAMMER: You are looking at the always fabulous Jenny McCarthy. There she is stripped down to the buff in her own bathtub. This is a revealing new spread in the "Chicago Sun-Times" splash magazine. Jenny is opening up about some big changes and big moves in her life. And Jenny McCarthy knows just how far to push the limits from stripping down naked in her own bathtub for the "Chicago Sun Times" to posing for Playboy seven times including just last June at the fabulous age of 39. Jenny`s brand new talk show "The Jenny McCarthy Show" premiers this Friday night on VH1. I can`t wait.

It`s great to have you back, Jenny for this SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. So good to see you.

MCCARTHY: Thank you, you too. That is a lot of naked talk, I would say.


HAMMER: Well, you are response for a lot of nakedness, and I want to get to that in a moment. But first, I want to talk about this, because millions of us were glued to our TVs last night, of course, Jenny, for the big Super Bowl. I know you are a huge sports fan, a huge Super Bowl fan yourself, but please, you`ve got to come clean, because you had a bit of a distraction during the big 35-minute blackout during the game.


HAMMER: Everybody else was figuring out a way to wait for the lights to come on, and this is what you were doing. You were getting a tattoo. Was this planned? Did you happen to have your tattoo artist there? Were you watching the Super Bowl at the tattoo parlor?

MCCARTHY: No. I am one of the most impulsive people I know. You know, I get bored rather quickly and when the lights went out I gave it about five minutes until I said, well, but there is a tattoo parlor next door. I just want to get a tattoo on my foot, I`m going to be able to do it. So, I got it done, went back to my hotel room, kept drinking, the game went back on.

HAMMER: Perfect. You are not only impulsive, but you`re very efficient with your time. I can respect that.

MCCARTHY: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, of course, just before the Super Bowl, that`s when we first saw this picture of you posing naked. Can we see that again, Charles? I assume this was in your bathtub for the "Chicago Sun Times" magazine "Splash."

MCCARTHY: This is, you know, I became a journalist, which I can`t believe I`m saying. Now the "Chicago Sun Times" hired me to do a daily blog for and it is one of my favorite jobs I`ve ever done. I love, you know doing though provoking columns, and, you know, it`s a mommy advice, and sex advice.

HAMMER: Yeah, that`s all good. But what is up with all of the nakedness ...


HAMMER: I mean we don`t have a problem with it, but it seems like it`s ...

MCCARTHY: It does.

HAMMER: ... a natural normal thing all the time for you.

MCCARTHY: Well, now that you said it, and I -- it`s funny because my mommy books say the naked truth about things, maybe there is a little bit of me just wanting to always be kind of honest and raw and real and nude goes with it. But ...


MCCARTHY: I am done showing it off ...


MCCARTHY: You know, you might see it from here up ...

HAMMER: All right.

MCCARTHY: Because now, you know, turning 40, things just go south for the winter.

HAMMER: Well, we have ways of working that out, but listen, I know you`re going to show a lot of that rawness on your own new talk show on VH1 "The Jenny McCarthy Show." I want to watch a bit of that right now.




HAMMER: Jenny, I`m watching this and I`m thinking, it is perfect, it`s you. I know it`s going to be completely off the charts and I know quite frankly you are going to bring the crazy. So best of luck with the show and thanks for being.

MCCARTHY: Thank you so much. I hope you come on as a guest.

HAMMER: We would love to. And I will be taking you up on that, just mark down a note to tell our producers.

MCCARTHY: Or maybe we can just get naked together.

HAMMER: Well, we`ll talk about that off the air. I will tweet you. All right, be sure to check out Jenny`s new show. "The Jenny McCarthy" show premieres Friday night on VH1. Great seeing you, Jenny.

MCCARHTY: You, too.

HAMMER: Well, I know a lot of people are going to be talking about Beyonce`s awesome performance for a long, long time to come. But there is a Super Bowl moment that you may not have seen. It is almost too awesome for words. It is SHOWBIZ Awesomeness, and it`s next.




SANDRA BULLOCK, ACTOR: Tony (ph) here is your quarterback, all right? You protect his blind side. When you look at him, you think of me, how you have my back, how you have his. OK?


HAMMER: See, what a great movie, now I want to go watch it again. Sandra Bullock, of course, in her Oscar-winning role in "The Blind Side." The movie`s emotional ending shows Michael Oher being drafted back in 2009 by the Baltimore Ravens, and of course last night the real Michael got another awesome fairy tale ending.

Right now it is time for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. That is when we name the most awesome moment of the day, and this really took our breath away.

It`s Michael Oher with his adoptive mom, Leigh Anne Tuohy. This is right after the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl. Tuohy, of course, was Sandra Bullock`s character in the movie. Now, before the game, Oher summed up his emotions for ABC News, saying, "I came so far from nothing to a Super Bowl championship. Hollywood couldn`t have written a better ending."

And by the way, Sandra Bullock was at the game, spotted wearing a tiny version of Michael`s jersey.

Well, coming up next on "DR. DREW ON CALL," as the gripping testimony at the Jodi Arias trial continues, will her lawyer prove that Jodi was the real victim? "DR. DREW" starts right now.