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Weight Watchers Ad Features Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson; Jenny Craig Passes on Kim Kardashian; Kourtney Kardashian`s Postpartum Weight- Loss Secrets; Countdown of Big Headlines to Watch in 2013: Incredible Viral Photo of Baby`s Grabbing Surgeon`s Finger

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, SHOWBIZ goes psychic. We are predicting the most outrageous headlines for the year ahead. Kardashian baby reality show. Taylor Swift and John Mayer`s shocking reunion. But which jaw-dropping prediction will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown?

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, almost over my New Year`s cold.

And our countdown of the top five outrageous headlines you`re going to see this year is coming up when SHOWBIZ goes psychic.

But we begin with our first SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. Just wait. Three big stories breaking today. All about weight and stars losing weight.

Kicking off our countdown at No. 3, the brand-new Weight Watchers commercial revealed today, which features Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson. Now Jessica, of course, lost some 60 pounds on Weight Watchers after she gave birth. Jennifer dropped 80 pounds on the diet. Sheryl Lee Ralph is going to be co-starring with Jennifer in the new upcoming season of NBC`s hit series, "Smash." We can`t wait to see her doing that. It debuts on February 5. Sheryl joining us tonight from Hollywood.

And Sheryl, I want you to watch this with me, because it`s the very first time that we`ve seen both Jennifer and Jessica together in a Weight Watchers commercial -- commercial. And of course, it comes just as Jessica revealed that she is pregnant yet again with her second child. Let`s watch.


JENNIFER HUDSON, SINGER: I was overweight my whole life.

JESSICA SIMPSON, SINGER: I obsessed about my weight my whole life.

HUDSON: I figured I was just born that way.

SIMPSON: I was always on some new life-stopping diet.

HUDSON: And then, Weight Watchers.

SIMPSON: It lets me be me.

HUDSON: And I naturally became a healthier me.

SIMPSON: I amazed myself.

HUDSON: Get used to it.


HAMMER: OK. Good commercial. They both look great. But does it seem odd to you, Sheryl, that Weight Watchers is teaming Jessica up with Jennifer right now for this new ad when they just announced that Jessica won`t be following Weight Watchers now that she`s pregnant?

SHERYL LEE RALPH, SINGER/ACTRESS: Listen, I love the two of them. And any time you get two fabulous real women who are in the spotlight but still have that real woman vibe, I love it. They both said, "I am what I am. Get used to it."

And a real woman who`s married, has her fiance, is in love at that age, they`re having babies. She`s saying, "Look, had the baby, gained the weight, lost the weight. Having another baby. Going to gain some more. I am who I am. Get used to it."

Yes. Love them both.

HAMMER: All right. And I love your enthusiasm. I want to bring in Jen Peros, who`s a reporter with "Us Weekly" magazine. And in just a moment, Jen will be revealing to us some amazing weight-loss secrets of another big star. You`ve got to hear about that.

But first, Jen, I want to get to this new ad with you. It features Jessica, and it features Jennifer Hudson. Does it seem odd to you at all, or does it just make sense before she stops the program?

JEN PEROS, REPORTER, "US WEEKLY": I mean, I think this makes total sense. Again, like Sheryl said, these are two real women. They`re two of the biggest, I mean, names in Hollywood today. And I actually love the commercial.

And listen, you know, I think Weight Watchers is going to use this to their advantage. And after Jessica gives birth for a second time, I think she`s going to even drop even -- you know, even more weight than she did with baby Maxwell. So if anything, I think this is a great idea on Weight Watchers` part.

HAMMER: It`s a great idea for any pregnant star, too. Jessica got a reported 4 million bucks to drop those pounds from Weight Watchers after she gave birth.

But everybody now wondering, will the queen of cashing in, Kim Kardashian, be following in Jessica`s baby steps? Maybe not. This takes us to No. 2 on our weighty SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight.

The new mom-to-be is already reportedly shopping around for weight-loss sponsorship deals after she gives birth. But TMZ reported today both Jenny Craig and Medifast are both saying they`re not interested. Sheryl, Jenny Craig reportedly told the world`s most famous reality star she isn`t real enough.

Are you surprised at all that any weight-loss company would pass on her? She seems to be such a cash cow for so many people.

RALPH: For so many people, but not necessarily for this weight-loss thing. You know, she has a certain part of her anatomy that has its own sort of following, should you say. And I`ve got nothing against Kim Kardashian. But I`m not so sure it`s the right mix at all.

HAMMER: OK. OK, I hear you. I assume you`re referring to the part of the anatomy that follows her. I`m just guessing that`s what you`re talking about there.


HAMMER: I`m thinking that maybe a lot of women would, like you, perhaps have a tough time relating to Kim`s post-baby weight loss. Jen, what do you think?

PEROS: I don`t think she`s actually going to do a Weight Watchers deal or even a Jenny Craig deal. I actually think she`s going to do a big reveal in a magazine. Like all the Kardashians do. I think she`ll make a big thing on a talk show, whether it`s Oprah or Katie Couric, even, now. So I don`t think she`s going to sign on. You also have to remember, she had a huge quick trim deal, as well.

But you know, in true Kardashian style, I think they`ll do a beautiful magazine cover, and that`ll be it. And also, I really don`t think Kanye would really support her doing a big deal with a weight-loss company.

HAMMER: Why is that?

PEROS: And you know, I just think that he is such a megastar. He is making so much money now, as well as the Kardashians. You know, so they really don`t need the money. They certainly don`t need the press. It`s true. So I definitely don`t think she`s going to sign with anybody.

HAMMER: It`ll be interesting to see and to see if Kanye really has an influence over her business decisions moving forward, now that they`re going to be parents together.

And of course, there`s always the Quick Trim diet plan, which Kim and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney once represented. That, of course, until the company got hit with a class-action lawsuit claiming that the product was bogus.

But you know something does tell me that Kim will find her place in the post-baby sponsorship world one way or another. But until we get to hear about Kim`s inevitable post-pregnancy weight-loss miracle, I guess we`re just going to have to settle for the weight-loss secrets of sister Kourtney.

No. 1 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories today that made us say, "Just weight."

Kourtney just revealed how she lost 44 pounds in just six months after the birth of her second child. Look at her in that itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow bikini right there. Amazing. Kourtney explains how she snapped back into shape in an exclusive interview in the new issue of "Us Weekly" magazine, which is just out today.

Now, Jen, Kourtney told your magazine everything about this. I want you to take us inside, break it down for us. Her routine, was she working out like crazy? Was this done with a personal trainer? How`d she do it?

PEROS: I mean, she is looking smoking hot on this cover. I mean, she lost 45 pounds in six months. She really did it all the natural way this time, too.

You know, she said her first pregnancy with Mason, you know, the second she popped him out, you know, she felt this crazy pressure to lose all the weight that she can.

This time she did it kind of differently, you know. She waited until about a week after the doctor gave her the OK to start working out again. And she stepped in slowly. She did yoga. She did, you know, only a half hour in the morning.

And then she started doing Tracy Anderson workouts. Tracy Anderson is doing all the top ladies in Hollywood now. So that definitely worked for Kourtney. And again, you know, as people see on their reality show, Kourtney also is a very healthy eater.

HAMMER: Yes. Let`s talk about that for a second. Because you know, you`re talking about all about the workout regimen, and she had people to work with and all of that.

But a lot of women are thinking, "Oh, well maybe she was just eating sticks of celery." But you`re saying she took a more balanced approach. So I take it that applied to her diet, as well.

PEROS: Yes. You know, she told us the exact ingredients she puts in her morning shake. She`ll do her salad for lunchtime with some fish and steamed vegetables. And she`ll do a light dinner.

And she snacks on Mason`s favorite snacks. She feeds all of her kids all- natural and vegan and gluten-free snacks. So Kourtney definitely is -- you know, does the strict balance of workout and diet, as well.

And it`s nice to see because, you know, these girls, they aren`t the stick- thin ladies you see in Hollywood. They have normal bodies just like us. So it`s nice to see that, you know, we can actually follow the same plan that they do.

HAMMER: Sheryl Lee Ralph, you seem to approve of Kourtney`s plan.

RALPH: You know something? I love the fact that she balances the workout, the great food and all of that. But every now and then, kids need just a tiny bit of sugar or some honey, just some sweet stuff.

But she does look good, a modern Doris Day. I like that girl.

HAMMER: All right. So 44 pounds in just six months. I think, though, Jen, here`s the thing. Maybe she`s setting the bar a little high for her little sister, Kim.


HAMMER: Do you think, Jen, that she`s feeling the pressure already, Kim Kardashian, about what she`s going to have to do when she finally has a baby?

PEROS: Certainly. Listen, every time this girl goes to get her nails done or goes to the grocery store she`s photographed. And I definitely think that we`re going to see Jessica Simpson round two here with Kim Kardashian. I mean, the second she has that baby, everyone is going to be wondering how long it`s going to take her to lose all the weight.

And you know, with Kim Kardashian and the crazy -- you know, she trains with Tracy Anderson basically every day now. So I definitely do think that she is going to get right back on track.

HAMMER: Yes. I know how long, by the way, that it`s going to take Kim Kardashian to lose all the weight. Seventy-two days. Mark my words.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jen Peros, thank you both so much.

You can pick up the new issue of "Us Weekly" magazine on newsstands tomorrow. Be sure to catch the fabulous Sheryl Lee Ralph on the upcoming season of NBC`s hit series, "Smash." It premiers on February 5.

We move on now, and SHOWBIZ is going psychic. It`s another big SHOWBIZ Countdown. It is out of this world. We are taking out our SHOWBIZ crystal ball to break news before it happens.

Will Taylor Swift and John Mayer reunite this year and collaborate on the most awesome breakup song ever? Could Simon Cowell actually shock everyone by perhaps ditching "The X Factor" and returning to "American Idol"?

You better be here for this. We are counting down the big headlines we want to see in 2013. The question remains, however, which outrageous headline will top our SHOWBIZ Countdown?



HAMMER: Justin Bieber`s paparazzi nightmare. A paparazzo who was killed on New Year`s Day after chasing a car he thought Justin was in had reportedly been following Justin for the entire day.

TMZ reports that the man, who was identified today as 29-year-old Christopher Guerra, may have been teetering on the brink of harassment, even stalking in his quest for pictures and dirt on Bieber.

Now Justin hasn`t responded specifically to these reports. But in the wake of this tragedy, the pop star did release a statement, endorsing new legislation to protect stars and paparazzi on the streets of L.A.

The paparazzi is one of the downsides, of course, of Justin`s enormous fame. But behind the scenes, it`s all about building his empire. And the man with the plan is Justin`s baby-faced super manager, Scooter Braun. Scooter manages Justin and Carly Rae Jepsen and The Wanted. And as you know, all three acts were some of the hottest in 2012. Kind of makes you wonder what Scooter and Justin have up their sleeves for 2013.

So to get some dish, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Kareen Wynter hung out with the Biebs and Scooter at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where Justin shot the cover of "Forbes" magazine`s "Celebrity 100 Power" shoot.


KAREEN WYNTER, HLN CORRESPONDENT: Tell me what`s going on behind the scenes here.

SCOOTER BRAUN, MANAGER FOR JUSTIN BIEBER: We are doing a shoot for one of the artists I work with, the one that everyone knows the most.

WYNTER: Would that be Justin Bieber?

BRAUN: It would be. It would be the Biebs.

WYNTER: How important is this guy to you? He`s more than a manager, right? He`s is mentor, your friend.


WYNTER: I mean, call him up at 3 in the morning?

BIEBER: No. He`s always -- not only is he worried about, you know, my career and that, he`s worried about me just being a good person. And, you know, at times he can be annoying, but I know he`s only, you know, trying to have me have the best.

WYNTER: What is it about your vision? You obviously can spot talent. You have an eye for talent out there.

BRAUN: You know, it`s a multitude of things. I think for me, I used to be driven by fear.

WYNTER: Fear is good. Pushes you.

BRAUN: Yes. Yes. I used to be driven by the fear of failure. I think now I`m driven by the want for legacy.

WYNTER: The Wanted performed recently on "Idol." Tell us about these up- and-coming acts.

BRAUN: You`ve got artists like Cody Simpson. Just, without even a major single, just sold out a whole tour on his own, headlining.

Then you have Carly Rae, which is the fastest-growing single in the world.

WYNTER: Justin spotted her and actually brought her to you and said, "Hey, we`ve got to do something with Carly." Right? That`s his story.

BRAUN: Is that the story?

WYNTER: Yes. Perhaps.

BRAUN: He definitely spotted her. I`ve got to give him the credit. I called Justin, and I said, "I`m signing Carly Rae."

And he goes, "What? You can do that?"

And I said, "Yes, and you`re going to be my partner, because if it wasn`t for you, I wouldn`t have known who she is."

WYNTER: All right. So who has the last word, Justin? What do you guys butt heads on, though?

BRAUN: That he`s too much like me.

WYNTER: That`s a good thing. You`re successful. Justin`s successful.

BRAUN: I`m looking at the publicist back there who came with us. And it`s -- he -- my parents call Justin their revenge.

BIEBER: His parents say that I`m, like, their revenge, basically, because I`m always, like -- I`m always -- I have a lot of energy, and I`m always giving him a hard time. So, you know, it`s fun. He`s a really great guy. And at the end of the day, he`s taught me a lot. Not only about business but, you know, just being a good person.

WYNTER: There`s so many artists out there who want to be associated with you because you spell success.

BRAUN: My dad always said to me when I was growing up, "You`re -- I hold you to extraordinary standards, because I want you to be extraordinary."

So, you know, if you want to be normal or the status quo, you`ll be that. If you want to -- if you want to be extraordinary, I`ll quote one other person I really respect, which is Will Smith. And he said, "Don`t ever be realistic." He said, "Never be realistic. No one who was ever realistic in this world ever achieved anything great. Be unrealistic."

WYNTER: Could you see a bit of that in Justin when you met him several years ago, that he dreamed big?

BRAUN: You know what`s funny? When I met Justin, he didn`t even know that that was possible. He never wanted to be famous. He never wanted to be a star. Because for him, the idea of Bieber from Stratford, you know, his family, no one had ever left. So the idea of making it was so foreign to him it didn`t even seem possible.

But what I met was a competitive kid who was an athlete. So the idea of when I showed him how it could happen and that he could be competitive and he saw he was in the game, I`ve never seen anyone fight as hard.

WYNTER: You guys are pretty close. I also read one of your tweets where he called you up at 3 in the morning. It doesn`t get closer than that, right?

BRAUN: Yes. We -- we have a very special relationship. It`s very -- it`s not a normal manager/client relationship. We`re -- he`s family.

WYNTER: Justin being the mega star, you still keep it real with him, though.

BRAUN: Beyond real to the point where I think it pisses him off.

WYNTER: Well, he loves you.

BRAUN: That`s why I like pissing him off.


HAMMER: Obviously very good for each other. By the way, Justin`s No. 3 on "Forbes" magazine`s Celebrity 100 Power List. Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey took the top two spots.

I`m making a prediction right here and now. I think Justin could very well take that top spot before he reaches the ripe old age of 20.

Certainly, Justin is a wonder kid. But there`s a real baby, baby, baby that is making the whole world go "aww." This incredible picture showing a newborn gripping the doctor`s finger from her mother`s womb during a C- section delivery.


RANDY ATKINS, FATHER: Doctors called me over and said, "Hey, she`s grabbing my finger." So I just ran over there and just grabbed the shot.


HAMMER: I can`t wait to show you this incredible Internet sensation.

Also SHOWBIZ goes psychic. Yes, we`re taking out our SHOWBIZ crystal ball. We`re going to predict the biggest news of 2013. Will Honey Boo-Boo head for Hollywood? Will Chris Brown and Rihanna get married? We count down the big headlines we want to see in 2013, but which outrageous headline will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown?






HUMPHRIES: Now you`re stuck with me forever.



HAMMER: Well, we know how that ended, but she`s still his wife, right? Is Kris Humphries, however, a victim of the Kardashian curse, and is Kanye West next?

Well, tonight I`m here to show you some real research, statistical proof revealed today of a possible Kardashian curse that affects boyfriends, husbands, and potentially future fathers. So should Kanye be worried about his career now that he`s going to be the father of Kim Kardashian`s baby?

With me now in New York is Youyoung Lee, who`s an editor for

Youyoung, it is great to have you here. You guys broke what I thought was a very fascinating story today. And it`s based on something called the end score. This measured a sports star`s popularity.

First off, I want to talk about Miami Dolphins running back, Reggie Bush. His end score was sky high. Look at this. It was 90 percent before he started dating Kim back in 2006.

Then came a slow slide during their three-year relationship. Things really took a dive after they broke up in 2010.

And then, of course, there`s Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries, whose rating dropped like a stone after he proposed to Kim. That was back in May of 2011. Look at that. It started at 87 percent. He ended up barely over 50 by the time their 72-day marriage was over.

So Youyoung , Kanye West, not getting a good start. Because already he`s not the most likable guy for a lot of people. Are odds in your mind pretty high that he could actually end up like Kris and Reggie and sort of falling off the cliff there?

LEE: Right. And well, see where the line falls with Kanye West. You`re right when you say he`s already a polarizing figure. He`s already a controversial figure.

But, you know, the added exposure to him could work in his favor if he decides to play the game right. I mean, if you just look at his pal Jay-Z with Blue Ivy, it sort of softened his tough-guy demeanor. He doesn`t necessarily have to go in the way that Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries have gone.

HAMMER: OK, and looking at the data here, I`ve been studying this very carefully. There`s actually a silver lining for Kanye. Look at this.

It`s Los Angeles Clipper star Lamar Odom`s stats. He`s married, of course, to Kim`s sister, Khloe. His rating has bounced around in the mid- to low 70s since their quickie marriage back in 2009. So what can Kanye possibly learn from Lamar to avoid, you know, falling into what appears to be kind of a Kardashian curse here?

LEE: Well, on the plus side, Lamar Odom is married to Khloe Kardashian. So if Kanye decides to marry Kim Kardashian, then maybe there`s a silver lining there.

On the minus side, it`s Khloe Kardashian. It`s not Kim Kardashian, who`s the most controversial of the Kardashian sisters because of her sex tape and her general liquidity. So yes, I mean, it could be in his favor.

HAMMER: Sounds to me like you`re saying having this baby together could actually help Kanye and perhaps even boost this polarizing image that he`s had for so long.

LEE: Right. So far we`ve seen him, he`s like a doting boyfriend. He`s constantly photographed with her. If anything for Kanye fans, it`s detracted from his artistry. I think they`re kind of disappointed that he`s with someone who`s more mainstream. But for a lot of Americans, they`ve become introduced to Kanye west through his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

We will be paying close attention. Thanks.

All right. So Kim Kardashian might be a curse to pro athletes, but one little girl may be the cutest thing that has ever happened to college football.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That football is really not touching that. It`s really not. Because it`s closer to that.


HAMMER: Wait until you see this 3-year-old calling out the refs during a college bowl game.

SHOWBIZ goes psychic tonight. Yes. We`re taking out our SHOWBIZ crystal ball because we`re going to break news before it happens. Could 2013 become a new Kardashian -- bring us a new Kardashian reality show starring Kim`s yet to be born baby?

Could Simon Cowell do a reality switch-a-roo and maybe ditch "The X Factor" for a return to "American Idol"?

Well, we are counting down what big headlines we want to see in 2013. Which outrageous headline will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown?


Time now for "SHOWBIZ Say What?" "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen snuggles up with Beast from Disney`s "Beauty and the Beast." And we asked you to fill in Julie`s thought bubble on Here`s what you imagined was running through Julie`s head.

One person writes, "Shall we dance?"

Someone else gets a bit more cozy with their thoughts, writing, "My kind of guy."

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HAMMER: Right now the SHOWBIZ Countdown, SHOWBIZ goes psychic. We are counting down the new year`s biggest star stories before they even happen. Kim Kardashian is getting ready to have a baby. So will Kim`s baby-to-be get a brand-new reality show of its own?

Taylor Swift can`t keep her breakups out of the headlines or off her albums. So can you imagine Taylor reuniting with her ex, John Mayer, with the pair of them writing the best break-up song ever?

We are counting down what big headlines we want to see in 2013. But which outrageous headline will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown?

Plus, what may be the most amazing delivery room moment ever caught on camera. The incredible viral video of the baby who reached out to the world from her mother`s womb.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I am A.J. "Cough Syrup" Hammer. And tonight SHOWBIZ is going psychic. We`re making some pretty bold predictions. We`re counting down what we think will be the top five most outrageous headlines of 2013 involving the biggest stars.

So let`s take out the SHOWBIZ crystal ball right now and kick it off at number five with Kimye`s baby. We`re not saying the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West`s baby will just appear in her reality show -- our prediction is Kim and Kanye`s baby will get their own spinoff show.

Former reality show star Jay Rodriguez with me tonight from Hollywood. Of course, we knew Jay as the culture guy on the hit show, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Now Jay is starring in another fantastic show, ABC hit sitcom, "Malibu Country." It`s great having you here, Jay.

JAY RODRIGUEZ, SITCOM STAR, "MALIBU COUNTRY": Good to be here. Good to be here.

HAMMER: All right. So I don`t know about you, but I see this headline about Kim and Kanye`s baby getting its own reality show. And on the one hand, you could say this is outrageous, but this isn`t any baby, Jay. This is a Kardashian. So would it be so outrageous or so farfetched?

RODRIGUEZ: Here`s what I`m thinking. First of all, if you notice on the reality show, when Kanye would make an appearance on the Kardashians, he was kind of understated and kind of timid. He wasn`t this big personality on camera. I think, you know, I think that the Kardashians are looking at the baby as more of a brand. Maybe Kim will come out with her own line of baby whatever it would be.

I think they`re more about the brand. I don`t see them getting their own reality spinoff show because I think Kanye would have to be involved. And I don`t think reality TV is up his alley.

HAMMER: All right. Well, I don`t think reality TV is up Kanye`s alley and I don`t know if anybody wants to see that. But I think this baby is coming out of the womb with a major Kardashian personality looking for the camera.

RODRIGUEZ: OH, absolutely. But I think, you know, yes. I think there`s going to be a lot of branding and we are going to see a lot of products. She`ll be on the cover of all the mom magazines, checking out in the grocery stores. We`re going to see a new Kim Kardashian. I think the thing for her, she`s really been trying to find her place outside of the branding and reality.

HAMMER: Well, she`s made it clear for a long time that she`s wanted a baby for some time. In fact, I would like now to revisit this classic scene from "Keeping up with the Kardashians." It`s Kim`s mom giving Kim a shot to prepare Kim in a quest to freeze her eggs. Let`s watch.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I did? I got your finger?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s just a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) show. Like we have no idea what we`re doing. I feel like how can you do this without any glasses on?




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I have my glasses on. OK. One, two, three.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK that didn`t even hurt.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That didn`t even hurt.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m glad I`m freezing my eggs. I think now, I could just be pro-active. I want to make sure when the time is right, I want to be prepared. I should be safe.


HAMMER: OK. Well, it seems like Kim no longer has to worry about getting pregnant with frozen eggs. She has got a real thing going on now.

Let me bring in Sheryl Lee Ralph who will be starring in the new season of NBC`s hit series, "Smash", debuting on February 5th. I want to make it clear tonight. It`s not a real thing if you use frozen eggs, just a different way to go about it.

But Sheryl, I`m thinking more spectacular babywear and another huge Kardashian`s show featuring the baby is going to happen. That`s my feeling. Do you think our prediction is so farfetched?

RALPH: I am speaking to you from the realm of the psychic west Indian and I say to you why you think they`re having the baby in the first place? Of course the baby`s going to have its own show? Its own line of food, its own line of clothes, its own line of baby carriages, motorized one. Baby, come on. They having this baby for everything, baby.

HAMMER: And Sheryl, you know why we love you, because you`re nuts. Comedian Sherrod Small is with me in New York.

Sherrod, what`s your prediction for Kim`s baby`s reality show?

SHERROD SMALL, COMEDIAN: First of all, I predict that I`m going to talk about Kim and Kanye`s baby more than I talk about my own.



SMALL: I also predict this is the greatest baby of all time because it`s a baby that pays for itself. What kid does that?

HAMMER: That`s right.

SMALL: It comes out earning money. My kid still owes me money.

RODRIGUEZ: Let me tell you something. This baby - the baby is going to have a Twitter account. You know that. I know that the baby is starting with a sonogram picture and then, it is going to work up from there.

SMALL: Yes. This baby`s going to have an attorney and agent, come out that womb with him.


HAMMER: It will have an entourage.

Well, from baby predictions to predictions about Taylor Swift now. She, of course, is hot and heavy these days with One Direction frontman Harry Styles. But of course it wasn`t that long ago that she and John Mayer were hot and heavy. Things of course went sour and she wrote this song, "Dear John."


HAMMER: Love. And that takes us to headline number four on the SHOWBIZ Countdown as "SHOWBIZ Goes Psychic". What do you think of this headline? Taylor and John reunite and write ultimate break-up song.

Sheryl, what do you think? They reunite and they write the best break-up song ever together and it goes to the top of the charts.

RALPH: In the words of the West Indian prophetess, she`s going to say, "Ain`t nobody got time for that."


SMALL: She says it`s not going to happen.

RALPH: No. Not happening.

SMALL: I think if they get back together, it`s going to be more than a break-up song. It`s going to be a break-up album and a lot of videos. I think we will have a lot of materials, right?

HAMMER: Yes. I suppose.

RODRIGUEZ: Well, here`s my thing about this whole thing. This is a sweet girl, you know. Everyone thinks she`s so sweet and kind. But the truth is you better not date her because she`s going to air all your dirty laundry. If this was a dude writing stuff about girls he dated, we would hate him.


RALPH: Yes. But look at the two of them together, because John with the whole sexual napalm about the other thing with Jessica. Remember? It was the two of them --

SMALL: I wasn`t around for those days. First of all, she is like every other girls I dated, they bad mouth me. But they just can`t sing so nobody knows.

HAMMER: There you go.


HAMMER: Let`s move from one controversial coupling to another. This is our next SHOWBIZ psychic headline. It`s number three on our countdown. What do you make of this headline for 2013? "Rihanna and Chris Brown get married."

Now, hear me out. I don`t think it`s farfetched. They`ve been tweeting pictures of themselves like crazy lately like these together including brand new pictures sharing the same bed apparently.

Sheryl, a lot of people might hate this idea, we know that. But to the point of our headline and your prediction, would you be surprised to see it come true?

RALPH: I wouldn`t be surprised. I wouldn`t be surprised if it had already happened somewhere secretly. You all know I like the two of them. I think that maybe through these lessons that they`ve been having living in the fish bowl about relationship; maybe they`ve heard that they`ve got to change something absolutely and completely and totally about who they both are. But they`re addicted to each other and young love is hard to break away from.

HAMMER: Very clearly. And back in August, we all remember, Rihanna told Oprah about her new friendship with Chris after the restraining order was lifted. Let`s watch that.


RIHANNA, SINGER: We`ve been working on our friendship again. Now we`re very, very close friends. We built a trust again. And that`s it. Like, we love each other and we probably always will, and that`s not anything that we`re going to try to change. It`s not something you can shut off. If you`ve ever been in love --

OPRAH WINFREY, TV HOST: Are you seeing each other again?

RIHANNA: No. He`s in a relationship of his own. I`m single. But we have maintained a very close friendship ever since the restraining order has been dropped. We just worked on it little by little. And it has not been easy, you know? It`s not easy.


HAMMER: Yes. Well, it seems to be a different story now.

Jay, let me go to you on this. When you hear that and you think of everything that has happened since August, are we so crazy to predict that Rihanna and Chris could actually get married this coming year?

RODRIGUEZ: You know what? I live around the block from Chris Brown`s old condo in West Hollywood --

SMALL: Bragging.

RODRIGUEZ: No. It`s not a fancy -- the fact of the matter is that`s where his ex-girlfriend is living currently. She`s still living there. And so, I do believe that Chris Brown and Rihanna have rekindled. They are in a relationship. I think no one gets the other like them. They`re two pop stars. They went through a really dangerous time.

Obviously, I`d like to believe Chris Brown took the steps of going to therapy and looking at his actions and has continued to look at them and made changes that there would be some room in the world for forgiveness and for him to have learned and make better choices in the future. However, everyone knows if you tell a young girl do not date this young man, the first thing she`s going to do is go date that man.


RODRIGUEZ: I agree with Sheryl on this.

HAMMER: All right. Well, we have more predictions for you as "SHOWBIZ Goes Psychic" and Sheryl goes psycho.

I have to ask what would Simon Cowell say about our prediction for him. Will it land him in our top prediction, or what about our prediction for Honey Boo Boo? Will that be number one?


ALANA THOMPSON, REALITY TV STAR: You better redneck-onize 2013. I`m out of here.


HAMMER: All right. Which will it be? Well, you got to stay tune as SHOWBIZ continues to go psychic coming up next. But right now, I can predict, you will not want to miss this incredible viral video. It`s a 3- year-old sportscaster.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The ball is really not touching that. It`s really not because it`s closer to that.


HAMMER: Oh my God, I love this. It`s a pencil pointer with this 3-year- old girl who`s schooling the refs. Amazing! She is so outraged over this controversial call against her favorite team. It`s the super cute YouTube star who just may have a future as a football referee. Trust me. You will fall in love with this kid`s play-by-play analysis.


HAMMER: Welcome back. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is going psychic. We`re counting down what we think might just be the top five most outrageous headlines of 2013 that all involve the biggest headline making stars. And here`s where we are so far.

This is number five on the countdown. This headline: "Kim and Kanye baby get spinoff reality show."

Number four, "Taylor Swift and John Mayer reunite and writes the ultimate break-up song."

Number three, "Chris Brown and Rihanna get married."

That takes us to number two SHOWBIZ psychic predictions. It is pretty bold one. Stay with me on this, but I think this will come true. Simon Cowell returns to "American Idol."

"X-Factor," of course, they get ready to play musical chairs again. Britney Spears reportedly out. L.A. Reid says he`s leaving. And let`s face it. Nothing is really has ever compared to Simon being on "American Idol," right?

Comedian Sherrod Small with me in New York. What do you think Sherrod?

SMALL: I think, you know, we miss Simon on "American Idol," but those days are over and "X-Factor" is not getting the numbers they want. We want to see crazy Britney. That`s what people wanting to see her on as a judge. And we`re getting regular Britney. That`s like seeing Gallagher not smashing watermelons.

HAMMER: Yes, exactly. I guess that`s about right.

All right, let me close this one out there, then. It is even more outrageous. What if "Idol," not only brings back Simon but Paula as well? Oh, the memories.


SIMON COWELL, "X-FACTOR" JUDGE: Shut up. You`re really annoying me.


COWELL: You are. It`s like having a precocious child.

ABDUL: Change seats.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to change seats. Good.


HAMMER: Good times. Jay Rodriguez is back with us tonight from Hollywood who`s now starring in "Malibu Country."

So, Jay, can you see it Simon back on "Idol"? Are you with Paula as well?

RODRIGUEZ: Here`s the deal. I think Simon doesn`t want to lose his power, you know. "American Idol", he was a host. He was one of the judges. But he wasn`t -- I don`t believe he was an executive producer. "X-Factor" is his show. It`s his property. I don`t think he`s going to go jump back into "Idol" as much as fans want it and as much as "Idol" isn`t the same without Simon. I doubt that he is going to leave "X-Factor."

But let me tell you something. I don`t know if "X-Factor" will be able to hold a show without a Simon type, you know. And Simon really brings something to that format that no one else can.

SMALL: They were crushed by "The Voice" and will get crushed without Simon even more.

HAMMER: Yes. I think that is absolutely right.

Sheryl Lee Ralph is with us from Hollywood. She stars in the upcoming season of NBC`s "Smash." Sheryl Lee Ralph, what do you think? Could your prediction possibly come true?

RALPH: Hold on, I`m getting a message from beyond. And whereas I think maybe quite possibly it could very well happen, I don`t think that Simon Cowell is the kind of man that goes backwards. He`s all about moving forward.


RALPH: In fact, he probably has a brand new show in development right now. Yes, go on, Simon.

SMALL: I do predict that Randy Jackson isn`t going nowhere.


HAMMER: I love Randy. Leave my friend alone.

All right, I want to look into our crystal ball one last time so we can come up with something that is big enough to be number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of psychic predictions. It`s our prediction for America`s favorite pageant princess. Get ready for this headline: "Honey Boo Boo goes Hollywood."


THOMPSON: You better red neckonize 2013. I`m out of here.


HAMMER: As we know -- I`m sorry, I had to take a sip of cough syrup. As we know, Momma June has turned down a new house choosing to continue to live with the family in the trailer instead.

SMALL: Good.

HAMMER: Now Jay, you`ve seen what`s happened to reality stars who have gone Hollywood. Could you see Honey Boo Boo and her family moving on to Beverly or Hollywood for that matter?

RODRIGUEZ: All I know is someone is making a lot of money off of this family. And I know that they have simple issues like dental, like vision, momma needs glasses. She`s like squinting to see the bingo board. It`s like can we do a season where we provide them with the basic things they need?

SMALL: I love it.

RODRIGUEZ: I get sucked in. And I`m thinking how am I still watching this?

SMALL: I love sugar bear. I love pumpkin.

RALPH: I`m telling you.

SMALL: I love them. It`s like -- as Americans we love subculture. This is part of America we never get to see. So it`s like peeking in somebody`s window.

RALPH: Absolutely.

HAMMER: And the problem is if they do go Hollywood, that takes away the reason to tune in to see them.

SMALL: It does.

HAMMER: And when Honey Boo Boo was making the rounds to Hollywood last year, didn`t go well.

SMALL: It was awkward.

HAMMER: Got to leave it there.

Jay, Sheryl and Sherrod, thank you all so much. Do not miss Sheryl. She is in the upcoming season of NBC series of "Smash." It premieres February 5th. She plays Jennifer Hudson`s mom in the show. And you can catch Jay Rodriguez on ABC sitcom "Malibu Country." It is on Friday night.

We move on now to perhaps, the most amazing baby that became an Internet sensation before she was even out of the womb, all because of this incredible picture showing her grabbing a doctor`s finger from the womb during a C-section delivery.


ATKINS: The doctor said, "She`s grabbing my finger." I grabbed the shot.


HAMMER: He grabbed the shot all right. And I cannot wait to show you this whole thing and how he got the shot. It`s a delivery room moment that stunned parents, hospital workers, and now, the world. I will tell you exactly how the remarkable baby said hello to our planet.



HAMMER: Yes, Bazinga. That`s "Big Bang Theory". Dr. Sheldon Cooper there delivering TV`s most popular catchphrase these days. And talk about generating buzz, Sheldon Cooper play by Jim Parsons is kicking off the new year with a series buzz-zinga. Yes, buzz-zinga because it turns out that some real life scientist in Brazil had just named a brand new species of bee after TV`s most popular physicist, Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

And I got to know how that happened. So, I`m going to go grab a lozenge while SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner will tell us from Hollywood exactly what is going on here.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Yes. Just rest that voice, A.J. I`m going to take over here. Dr. Sheldon Cooper just crossed fields from physicist to evolutionary biology. A Brazilian biologist who discovered a new species of bee decided to honor the fictional TV physicist and name it Euglossa bazinga, after Dr. Cooper`s famous catch phrase.

Now, get this. The biologist is a big fan of the show and says he named the bee after the nerdy character because it had tricked scientists for years by its similarities to other bees, a real bazinga move.

HAMMER: Yes, big bazinga move. I actually love that. It is a great story. But there`s another very precocious genius of sorts who making her own buzz tonight. You have to tell us about this young lady and we have to watch this.

TURNER: This is my favorite. The 3-year-old girl, A.J. yes I said it. A 3-year-old girl who`s a South Carolina Gamecock fan has taken to YouTube to express her outrage over a controversial call in this week`s outback bowl. Now, she points out the University of Michigan still had inches to go when the refs gave them a first down. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See. His -- the pole is supposed to be here. But see his shoe? And the white and black sock?

That the football is really not touching that. It`s really not because it`s closer to that. And it`s a little bit spot. And the referee said it`s touching that pole, but it`s really not.


HAMMER: OK, three. She`s three years old. And I need to point out that the little girl`s team the Gamecocks actually wound up winning that bowl game. I can`t imagine what would have been happened if they lost, such an impressive video. Obviously she`s adorable.

But Nischelle, you yourself are a former reporter who covered football in the NFL. Give me your professional opinion. How did she do for a 3-year- old?

TURNER: Well, first of all, she`s right, A.J. The ball is not touching the pole. So they shouldn`t have gotten the first down. How cute is that accent? And you know, the thing that gets me in this is, the kicker here is that she`s got her pencil like she`s working the telestrater and she is showing you exactly where things were supposed go.

I`m just saying I`m glad that I`m in entertainment now. Because Pam Oliver, Andrea Cramer, Erin Andrews you need to watch out.

HAMMER: Yes. Joe Bastian (ph) (INAUDIBLE).

All right, Nischelle. Thanks so much. A lot of fun.

TURNER: Exactly.

HAMMER: We have another incredible video sensation I got to show you. Breathtaking photo of a baby`s first moments in the world. It`s captivating the world tonight. How a dad captured his new born daughter`s incredible introduction to life.


ATKINS: The doctor called me over and said hey, she`s grabbing my finger. So, I just run over there. I grabbed the shot.


HAMMER: This is one of the coolest things I`ve seen in a long time. You`ve got to hear more about how this remarkable picture came to be. And I will reveal that next.



HAMMER: I`ve been waiting to show this to you. It is the hauntingly beautiful viral picture of a brand new baby reaching out to the world. Look at this thing. A proud dad snapped this amazing photo of his new baby girl and obviously the very first moments of her life. The baby`s name is baby Nevaeh Atkins. And you`re looking at the new born baby actually reaching out of the womb and grabbing the hand of the doctor who`s performing a c-section on her mom to deliver her.

This is amazing. The newborn`s dad, Randy, took this incredible picture. His quick camera work is now spreading around the world as people are looking in just simple odd, this remarkable picture.

Randy says he was really worried that he might botch the shot and lose such an incredible moment. Listen to this.


ATKINS: The doctor called me over and said, "Hey, she`s grabbing my finger." So I ran over there and grabbed the shot. And I was just in awe looking at it. It was such an amazing picture.

MALE REPORTER: You were nervous you were going to miss it?

ATKINS: Very nervous.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The doctor knew it was an amazing picture right away. He knew, he next day, he all he can talk about (INAUDIBLE).


HAMMER: Get this. Even though it was the baby`s dad who took the picture of her first moment in the world, her mom is actually a professional photographer. So what does she think of her husband`s handy work? Well, she actually wrote this on her Facebook page, "I`m in awe of this photo." It is clear that the rest of the world is too. What an amazing moment of new life captured for a lifetime.

Well, thank you for watching. Next week we have coast to coast coverage as award season officially kicks in hot year. I`m A.J. Hammer. You can catch us Monday through Thursday 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on HLN.

HLN continues right now.