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"Royal Baby Mysteries"; Anne Hathaway`s Hair-Raising Transformation; Top Five Biggest Bombshell Breakups of the Year; Top Five Favorite Romantic Comedies

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, our top five "Biggest Bombshell Breakups". Heidi and Seal`s surprising split. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes` dramatic divorce. Who will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of this year`s "Biggest Bombshell Breakups"?

Hello and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the big blockbuster breakups is coming up. But we begin with our first countdown of the night, the top five "Royal Baby Mysteries" revealed today surrounding the pregnancy of Duchess Catherine.

Catherine did remain in the hospital today, being treated for acute morning sickness. And before we kick off our royal baby countdown, let`s head straight to London tonight, where CNN royal correspondent Max Foster has been all day at the King Edward VII hospital.

Max, you`ve been right outside of that hospital since the moment we learned about Catherine`s pregnancy. And we`ve now seen Prince William leaving the hospital and also returning, but he`s not speaking to anybody outside. What can you tell us about how the duchess is doing today?

MAX FOSTER, CNN ROYAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, you have to look at the way Prince William came out of the hospital. He had a big smile on his face. So he wasn`t rushing away like he was yesterday. He would never have spoken to the press at that point. And that`s just not like him. But he did have a big smile. And that was very positive. He also came out the front door. So he was showing the world that he`s pretty positive.

Shortly after he left, we got a statement. The Duchess of Catherine -- Duchess Cambridge is continuing to feel better. So she`s clearly improving. She and the duke are immensely grateful for all the good wishes they`ve received, A.J. So they have had this torrent of positive messaging from around the world. They`re really pleased with that.

And she will remain in hospital at present and will continue to be treated for HG. She`s in the hospital behind me. She`s on her own, but she`s improving. So a positive message tonight, A.J.

HAMMER: Well, once again, all good news. And things are looking up. And it`s good that we`re all sending positive energy her way. Max, I want you to stay right where you are as we kick off our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five ""Royal Baby Mysteries"" with this. How will the duchess be different from Princess Diana as a royal mom?

With me now in New York, Imogen Lloyd Webber, who`s the author of "The Twitter Diaries." Also in New York, Rosie Pope, the force behind the Rosie Pope maternity line. You also recognize her, of course, as the star of Bravo TV`s hit reality show, "Pregnant in Heels."

Great having you all here. And look. We know very well that the comparisons are inevitable here. The late Princess Diana`s relationship with her sons was really like no other the world had ever witnessed from the royals. Diana was so close to her sons, William and Harry. In fact, our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producers were having a lot of fun with this today, picking and choosing some photos of Diana and William.

Let`s put one of them up, Charles. Look at this. Princess Diana helping out the young prince with a puzzle. A very hands-on approach.

Certainly, there could be people in waiting to handle this kind of work, Imogen. But I could see Catherine posing for the same picture. Am I right in imagining she is going to be a very hands-on mom like Princess Di was?

IMOGEN LLOYD WEBER, AUTHOR, "THE TWITTER DIARIES": You`re absolutely right. Kate, Catherine is going to be very much a hands-on mother like Diana.

What I will say is the big difference here is going to be stability. Charles and Diana had a notoriously unstable relationship, unstable marriage, and Prince William has always craved stability, which is one of the reasons why he picked Kate. He loves her stable family background. So that`s going to be the key difference, as it were, between the two mothers.

HAMMER: I don`t know much about him other than what we all know, but I think he`s going to be a great dad. Can we put up another picture, please, Charles? It`s the one of Prince William with his brother, Harry. Look at this. They`re on this log flume. This was at an amusement park, Thorpe Park. And obviously, she`s grinning from ear to ear.

Rosie, could you see Catherine doing something like this? I certainly could.

ROSIE POPE, MATERNITY/PARENTING EXPERT: Absolutely. I mean, I think she`s really going to set a wonderful example, you know, really, to how to parent.

And I think it`s worth pointing out, too, that she is going to be a working mom. She`s going to have a lot of duties that she`s going to have to keep fulfilling. And I think it`s going to be amazing to see her, you know, balance work and life. And I think she`s going to do an elegant and excellent job at it.

HAMMER: And you know both parents are going to work feverishly to protect the privacy of their baby or babies, perhaps. I mean, imagine the frenzy for that very first photo of the royal baby.

That brings us to No. 4 on our countdown of the top five ""Royal Baby Mysteries"." How big will the frenzy get in the coming weeks and months?

Let me go back to Max Foster in London. So Max, we already saw the chaos - - look at this, the pictures, of course the paparazzi, everybody is there, watching Prince William entering and leaving the hospital there in London. I can`t even imagine what the next few months are going to bring. What`s the sense where you are in London of how crazy this is going to get?

FOSTER: Well, it is crazy. I have to say, I mean, the numbers in the press pan of, obviously -- obviously, the hospital have quadrupled today from yesterday. They`re coming in from all over the world. And there are senior correspondents coming in, senior anchors coming in, trying to get whatever information that they can.

The issue here, really, is for Kate and William -- is balancing things, because they`re an intensely private couple. And generally, they will do their public work, and they`ll accept the media into that to promote their good causes, and then they will have everything else private. And they don`t want anything else to be revealed to the public.

But this is one of those gray areas. It`s like the wedding. A very private matter. She`s pregnant. It`s an early stage in the pregnancy. And they want to keep that private. But they accept that the public needs to know about it. This is a future monarch to 16 countries.

So they`re trying to balance the public and the private here. And we`re getting bits of information, but not a lot of information. And that`s the big dilemma here. The world wants to know what`s going on, and they don`t want to give everything away.

HAMMER: And it`s crazy to watch. I mean, I get that it`s royalty, but at the end of the day, a woman has announced that she`s expecting a child, and the world`s media shows up like it`s the Super Bowl at the hospital there.

We know that there`s going to be an unbelievable frenzy when Catherine ultimately leaves the hospital this time around, Imogen. Do you think it would be a pretty good idea for them to sneak out? I actually think she should just pose for a picture, get it out of everybody`s system, and then we can move on with the world.

WEBBER: Well, I happen to know that hospital quite well. I`ve had family members there. And there is a back entrance that they could use.

However, I do absolutely imagine that she will walk out the front, as you say, do that picture so everyone`s got the picture, and they can move on. So I`m fully expecting her to walk out the front door. But if it`s really necessary, they can get out the back.

HAMMER: And, of course, we still don`t know whether Catherine is having a boy or a girl. That`s going to take some time before we find that out.

And it leads to our No. 3 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s top five ""Royal Baby Mysteries"." Is Catherine actually carrying twins? You know, there`s a lot of speculation that Catherine`s severe morning sickness is the kind that`s associated with women who are carrying twins.

This morning on "Good Morning America" Elizabeth Vargas posed the question to ABC News senior medical contributor Jennifer Ashton. Watch what she revealed.


ELIZABETH VARGAS, ABC`S "GOOD MORNING AMERICA": We`ve heard that this could be an indication that there might be twins aboard, possibly a girl?

JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC NEWS MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR: yes. These are associations we see in obstetrics all the time. Definitely more common with multiples like twins, so we`ll have to see.


HAMMER: We`ll have to see. Here`s a good visual for you. Royal twins of the opposite sex. How cute would that be? All right. So we`re having a little fun with the graphics department.

Already we`ve seen the reaction to the news that Catherine is merely pregnant. What if it turns out she`s carrying twins? It would be like a nuclear explosion of baby news. I mean, it would be incredible to me.

All right. Rosie, I mean, twins. You can hear my head is exploding, right?

POPE: My head is exploding, too. It`s -- I`m speechless just even thinking about it. I mean, the possibility is incredibly exciting, however unlikely. I think it would be a beautiful thing either way. It really is.

HAMMER: Well, whether it`s a boy or a girl or both, the child will be next in line behind William in the line of succession, of course, to the throne. But what happens if it`s twins? Max, can you give us a handle on that?

FOSTER: Well, if it is twins and it`s a natural birth, one will come out naturally before the other. If it`s twins, and it`s a cesarean section, then we get into some murky territory. There will be a surgeon there in the surgery, and he`ll have to decide which one is coming out first. And he will decide. It will literally be the first child out, which will be first in line. And that will define those two lives for the rest of their lives.

HAMMER: Can you just imagine? I mean, being -- having the pressure of being that guy? And I`m sure there would be discussions first in the event that it was a cesarean section.

Imogen, can you see a big womb fight going on? I mean, can you imagine being the surgeon delivering babies in a C-section? And, you know, if he`s an old-school traditionalist, maybe he might go for the boy.

WEBBER: Oh, I don`t know about that. Queens have always been better monarchs, actually. I would put that out there. If you look at history, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria.

What is interesting is that twins do run not only in Kate Middleton`s family, but also in William`s. So it is -- it is a distinct possibility.

The surgeon will have a job. Even if a girl is born first, as we know that they are changing all the succession rules. So that won`t matter. So it`s the first-born will be monarch. Before, if it had been a boy, even a little brother, he would have been ahead of the girl.

HAMMER: So just tell me, Imogen, very quickly, as a native, are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

WEBBER: Girl. Because they make better monarchs.

HAMMER: OK. You`ve made your case for that. I`m right there with you. We`ll see. I`m sure the pools are all starting up.

Well, we still have two more ""Royal Baby Mysteries"" in our SHOWBIZ Countdown, including Kate`s pregnancy fashions. You know, what`s the duchess going to wear for the next few months? People will be watching. And then there`s the possible baby names. The big reveal of our No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown, coming up in just a moment.

Also tonight, it`s Anne Hathaway`s hairy transformation. The "Les Mis" star opening up to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about her stunning transformation.


ANNE HATHAWAY, ACTRESS: I went up to one mirror and I`m like, OK, three, two, one -- no, can`t do it! And so then I went over to another mirror that was darker.


HAMMER: Anne lopped off her long brunette locks for her new movie "Les Miserables" and dropped 25 pounds for the role. So what did she really think of her haircut when she saw herself in the mirror for the first time? Anne`s confession is coming up.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five ""Royal Baby Mysteries"" surrounding Duchess Catherine`s surprise announcement that she is pregnant. Here`s where we are so far.

At No. 5, the duchess and the princess. How will Kate compare to Princess Di as a royal mom?

No. 4, just how wild will the royal baby frenzy get? I mean, the buzz about the newest heir to the British throne is already huge around the world.

At No. 3, what happens if the duchess has twins? Which child would be in line for the throne?

That brings us to our No. 2 royal baby mystery in our SHOWBIZ Countdown. What will the royal mom to-be wear during her pregnancy?

You know that the duchess is already a major fashion icon. She`s setting a new tone for stepping out in style these days. And of course, with her pregnancy comes great expectations.

I want to bring back fashion designer Rosie Pope. Rosie is the creative force behind Rosie Pope maternity. Rosie also stars on Bravo TV`s "Pregnant in Heels." So Rosie, you`re perfect to ask this question, too.

I am thinking royal fans will obviously be obsessed with everything Kate wears. But what`s your best take on how she can keep it stylish?

POPE: You know, I think the best advice is to keep wearing the style that she wears right now. So if she wouldn`t wear it before she got pregnant, she shouldn`t wear it now. So she should stick to those very tailored, beautiful styles that she keeps rocking and definitely allow her bump to be seen.

HAMMER: I know nothing about these things, but that makes complete sense to me. The bump, that`s a big part of the deal over there across the pond, I guess.

Out of all of the "Baby Mania Mysteries," only one could be No. 1 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown. Here it is.

Of course, we`re asking what should Catherine and Prince William name the royal baby? Imogen Lloyd Webber, the author of "The Twitter Diaries," is back with me in New York, as well.

So Imogen, obviously, you know, naming a baby a huge decision, no matter who you are. But a royal baby, imagine the weight of this. You have history. You have perpetuity behind this decision. So Elizabeth? Diana? Charles? William? All names being bandied about. Do you have a favorite at this early stage?

WEBBER: Absolutely. The book makers are out in force on this one. Elizabeth is, of course, a big favorite, since the baby would have been conceived in jubilee year, and it`s also the name of the late queen mother. We shall see. You`ve got to remember: There are a lot of names to play with.

Interest is, of course, whether it`s going to be a prince or a princess. And of course, surname. What will the baby`s surname be? It might be Wales, which is what William uses in the army. But of course, it could be Mountbatten-Windsor. It could be Cambridge. Who knows? There are a lot of names to be playing with here.

HAMMER: A lot of names to be playing with. So many rules to follow. And again, you have people looking so closely at this. I don`t know if a baby name gets any more attention than this is going to get.

And let me show you now a picture of the duke and duchess when they were babies. Rosie, look at this picture. Does this help you at all in the baby naming process if you were given this task?

POPE: You know, I mean, it`s incredibly difficult. Everybody is going to be looking to this name. And I am sure it`s going to be the name that shoots to the top of the most popular names in the entire world. But you know, I think classic is what comes to mind. These are two beautiful, adorable and very classic children.

HAMMER: And Imogen, are there rules that apply here? Are there actually things that have to be followed to do this properly? Does it have to be an historical name, something from royalty?

WEBBER: Well, this baby is going to be third in line to the throne. It should be monarch one day. So you do have to be quite careful. You want to name the baby after a good monarch. So Elizabeth would be a sensible name for a girl. You`ve had two great queens as Elizabeth. Obviously Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. Queen Victoria, another wonderful monarch. We have had some not so great monarchs in our history.

Interestingly, Charles. That`s a bit of an interesting name because, of course, Charles I had his head chopped off.

HAMMER: Right.

WEBBER: And our Charles would be Charles III. They`re never going to go for anything crazy.

HAMMER: I guess Liquid would be out of the question.


HAMMER: We`ll leave it there. Imogen, Rosie, thank you both so much.

Coming up on our SHOWBIZ Countdown, the year`s "Biggest Bombshell Breakups". You know, cougars across the nation mourned the breakup of Ashton Kutcher and demi Moore? Was it the 16-year age difference? What really went wrong there?

Plus, Katie Holmes`s super-fast divorce with and Tom Cruise. Her strategy, his heartbreak. Was he really blindsided? Which of these couples will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the year`s "Biggest Bombshell Breakups".




(MUSIC: "I Dreamed a Dream")


HAMMER: Anne`s transformation. What a powerful scene featuring Anne Hathaway as Fantine in the upcoming movie version of the legendary Broadway legend "Les Miserables," which opens on Christmas day.

And, of course, right there in front of us, lopping off her locks on camera. Tonight she reveals to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just how traumatic losing all that hair really was.

So many people were just stunned when Anne Hathaway first debuted her new look. Also 25 pounds lighter. Without those long flowing brunette locks. You can only imagine what Anne was feeling the very first time she looked at herself in the mirror, right?

Well, tonight Anne reveals to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exactly what was going through her mind at that crazy time. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is in Hollywood tonight. Nischelle, we very know that hair can truly be this emotional extension of one`s self. So what did Anne have to say about dealing with getting her hair chopped off like that?

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: It is true, A.J., my extensions are emotional. And you can imagine that Anne took this, though, like a champ. And what you saw in the clip of the film is really the moment that she got her hair chopped off.

She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that it was the hardest part about taking the role. And the next hardest thing was, yes, seeing herself for the first time.


HATHAWAY: I was really scared to look in the mirror. I -- it took me about a half hour to muster up the courage. And I called my husband, and I said, "OK, look, I want to be on the phone with you when I do."

And I went up to one mirror, and I`m like OK. Three, two -- no, no, this mirror has terrible lighting, I can`t do it. And so then I went over to another mirror that was darker and I just said, "OK, three, two, one," and I looked.

And I looked like my little brother, who is straight, but I looked like the gay version of my little brother. So -- but I do have a gay brother. So I felt very much at home. Like I was still a member of my own family.


HAMMER: What a great attitude. And she looks fantastic, by the way. How terrific is that?

Obviously, a lot of people simply would have been crying after that. and, you know, we all know that Anne tied the knot over the summer to Adam Shulman. I`ve had a lot of people wondering if she was ever worried about having such short hair for the wedding photos, because that`s not how she`s known.

TURNER: Yes. Yes, exactly. And you know what, A.J.? I wondered that exact same thing. But Anne tells, because we asked, that she made what could have been a bad hair day into a really good one.


HATHAWAY: No, I was not sad at all on my wedding day.

TURNER: Really?

HATHAWAY: I was very happy throughout my entire wedding day. I did have a moment when my husband reminded me, because I hadn`t realized it, that I was going to be a bride without hair. I did have a moment where I just went no!

But it -- actually, I liked what I wound up being much better. And I had like the way my veil was designed, it was very difficult because of it. And I loved the way it looked.


HAMMER: Yes, I think we all do, too. The new film looks , as well.

That`s a shot, by the way, that the director wanted to get right the first time, because there was only one shot.


HAMMER: But Nischelle, there`s also been a lot of talk about Beyonce`s new film, the HBO documentary that she`s not only directing, but also, obviously, appearing in.

TURNER: Absolutely. And I can`t wait to see this. You know, Beyonce has been revealing these little bits and pieces of her life online and through interviews. But today we really got a look at just what it`s like to be Beyonce. Here is your "SHOWBIZ First Look" at her documentary.


BEYONCE, SINGER: I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself. If I`m scared, be scared. Allow it. Release it.


TURNER: Oh, me likey. And just like it says, A.J., right there, the Beyonce documentary premiers February 16 on HBO.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner. Thank you so much for that first look, Nischelle.

And coming up next on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, our top five "Biggest Bombshell Breakups" of the year. Heidi Klum and Seal, of course, were one couple that so many people thought would make it in Hollywood. They couldn`t stop talking about how in love they were. So what happened?

Then you have Johnny Depp and Vanessa Parity. They were the exact opposite of Heidi and Seal. They barely talked about their relationship. They avoided the spotlight. So why didn`t their relationship work? Which of these two couples will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the "Biggest Bombshell Breakups"?



HAMMER: Right now on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the "Biggest Bombshell Breakups" of the year. Heidi and Seal`s split stunner. Their very public love life played out for all the world to see. They renewed their vows every year, so what went wrong?

Then there is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Their breakup that rocked Hollywood, from couch jumping to heartache in a quickie divorce. How did Katie manage to blind side everyone, even tom?

But what is the number one "Bombshell Breakup" of the year?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight, we count down the "Biggest Bombshell Breakups" of the year. You could barely take a breath this year without hearing about another Hollywood split. These were some of the most solid star couples ever. So what happened?

Let`s check off the SHOWBIZ Countdown with number five, Heidi and Seal.


HAMMER: It`s a virus that has wiped out countless Hollywood marriages. It`s the seven-year curse. Some of its famous victims Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, announcing their divorce after seven years of marriage; Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, announcing their split a few months shy of their seven-year anniversary; Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, splitting after 7-2 days. OK, not quite seven years. But there is a seven in the number.

Well, the unlucky seven virus claimed another huge victim in 2012 -- Heidi Klum and Seal, who announced their split in January. Yes, in their seventh year of marriage. Things got extra nasty when it came out that Heidi Klum had started dating the family`s bodyguard Martin Kristin. An angry Seal accused Heidi of deciding to, quote "fornicate with the help".

HEIDI KLUM, ACTRESS: He has a very unique choice of words.

HAMMER: On Katie Couric`s talk show "Katie", Klum took issue with Seal`s comment and raved about her new boyfriend.

KLUM: I trust him with my children`s life. He is a great man, you know.

HAMMER: Heidi Klum and Seal, another Hollywood super coupe toll go from gushing --

SEAL, SINGER: She is the most important thing in my life.

HAMMER: To nothing in just seven years.

From the moment these two stars got together, it seemed like every other celebrity mag featured an article about how these two love birds made their marriage work. And in their interviews, the two gushed about their marriage quite often.

PIERS MORGAN, CNN ANCHOR: Do you feel lucky to have met Seal?

KLUM: Of course.

HAMMER: We mean really often.

SEAL: As far as we are concerned, we are best friends first, lovers and husband and wife.

HAMMER: I mean a lot.

MORGAN: And how have you managed to sustain such a happy relationship?

KLUM: I just think because we love each other.

DOCTOR ROBI LUDWIG, MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE EXPERT: Sometimes there are couples that like to present a certain image, but what goes on behind closed doors is something that is really very difficult.

HAMMER: Psychotherapist Robi Ludwig tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Heidi and Seal`s lovey-dovey public image may have been hiding problems we didn`t see.

LUDWIG: You have to always question whether somebody who is always talking about how in love they are and gushing about their romance and even all over each other publicly, whether that really reflects what is going on between two people privately. It isn`t always the case.

KLUM: People always saw us laughing and smiling. And, you know, but it`s not always like that.

HAMMER: On "Katie" in September, Klum tried to explain what went wrong with Seal.

KLUM: It just didn`t work like I tried my hardest, you know. He tried his hardest.

HAMMER: Heidi Klum and Seal, another sad reminder that no Hollywood couple, no matter how happy they may seem, may ever be fully immune to the seven-year curse.


HAMMER: So here is the dilemma then. After being so open about their union, should they have been so public about their split?

Joining me in New York, Terrence Jenkins, co-host of E! News. Also, in New York, Jenny Hutt, host of the Sirius XM radio show, "Just Jenny."

Seal and Heidi, as we all know, were notorious for putting their relationship out there in music videos. They renewed their vows every year.


HAMMER: It was just so saccharin sweet and so rare in Hollywood. So, Terrence, I`ll start with you. I imagine that you have to agree that it was one of the most shocking splits of the year.

TERRENCE JENKINS, CO-HOST, E! NEWS: It was definitely shocking, you know. They were one of everybody`s favorite couples. The Halloween parties were a big hit. Everybody loved them. And when they broke up, I think it kind shocked everybody.

HAMMER: And I think they created a problem for themselves because they were so forward about their successful marriage, you know, really presented this big dilemma when things finally came to an end. Do they talk about it, don`t they talk about it? And Seal was the one who was the first to speak out. He spoke to Today F.M. in Australia and said he owed the public an explanation. Let`s listen.


SEAL: You know, when you publicize your marriage as much as our marriage was publicized, when you renew wedding vows, when you do all of those things, what you are saying to people is you are giving them a picture of an ideal relationship, a relationship that people aspire towards. So when it goes south, you can`t, all of the sudden, take the philosophy of a monk and decide go for a vow of solemn. It doesn`t work like that. (INAUDIBLE), you know, I expect my wife when she said to not talk about that. I felt that people at least deserved some kind of explanation why their kind of picture of the ideal wasn`t what they thought it was.


HAMMER: Thank you, Seal. I thought that was so refreshing. I think he had a great point. You can`t have it both ways.

Jenny, do you agree? Heidi and Seal kind of owed the public an explanation because of what an open book they had always been?

HUTT: Listen. I have to break it down first at the beginning which is this, A.J. I think there is no ideal relationship. And I think the fact that they put it out there as this relationship of perfection right there was a tell that maybe things weren`t going to work out forever after. That`s a long-term relationship that`s real and engaging can never be perfect.

Then I think do they owe it to tell us everything about the messy stuff just because they talked about some of the pretty stuff? I don`t know. I kind of think somewhere they can -- they can divulge what they`re comfortable with.

HAMMER: Well, yes. I mean, you don`t have to do all the nitty-gritty and really ugly stuff. By the way, Jenny, may I point out you look lovely today?

HUTT: I do?

JENKINS: You didn`t tell me I look lovely, man.

HAMMER: Actually, you look very handsome.

Let me move on right now to our big number four on the "Breakup Bombshells" countdown. I don`t even know why I`m going there right now.

But let`s talk Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. They were a lovely couple, always looked lovely together as they do right here. Their breakup was revealed this past year, of course. Now, when they got married back in `05, of course, there were naysayers out there. People doubted it, mainly because of the age difference, this thing was going to last.

You know, Demi was 43, Ashton 27 at the time. Then as we all remember Demi became known as the ultimate cougar. In fact, I think the term was born right about then. We really thought they had proven critics of their 16- year age gap wrong, Terrence. Is that why they split came as such a surprise?

JENKINS: You know, for me it wasn`t a surprise. You know, in the beginning a lot of people didn`t think it was going to work. I hoped that it work. They seemed really happy when they were together. But you know, with that age difference and Ashton just starting off in the height of his career, not sure always if that level of maturity in the beginning was able to translate to, you know, a long successful relationship.

HAMMER: Yes. I think a lot of guys were like, are you insane, Ashton? Really? You`re going to settle down right now? I actually -- I was never cynical about it, but I was also realistic about it.

JENKINS: Exactly.

HAMMER: We know Ashton started dating his "That `70s Show" co-star, Mila Kunis. She`s 20 years younger than Demi.

Now Jenny, I have to believe the breakup of Demi and Ashton had cougars up in arms across the nation.

HUTT: Well, look, as a 42-year-old woman, if my husband, who I`ve been with for 17 years, if he then was with someone who was half my age, yes, I`d be really, really upset and definitely jealous. I mean, to be young and beautiful like Mila Kunis and to have my husband, oh, ouch, eek.

HAMMER: Yes. Your husband would be insane.

HUTT: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: Let`s move on to our number three in the big "Bombshell Breakup" in our countdown tonight, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. These guys were together for astonishing 14 years, huge numbers in Hollywood. By all accounts, this couple, you know, were always very elusive, were one of the happiest couples in Hollywood. They kept their family life far from Hollywood. They lived in France. Given that they went out of way to stay private to keep their lives with their two kids balanced, this breakup really did blindsided everyone, didn`t it, Terrence?

JENKINS: Absolutely. But I mean, this just goes to show you Hollywood is a tough place to have relationships last. You have examples of couples that are all the way out there like Seal and Heidi. And then, you have Johnny Depp and you know, it`s just tough to make it work even if you have a lot of privacy like they had.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s brutal in any case. But you know, we always talk about the Hollywood spotlight making it that much more difficult.

Well, Heidi and Seal, Ashton and Demi, Johnny and Vanessa, such huge breakups, obviously. Not the two top breakups this year according to us.

Who occupies our top spots in our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the "Biggest Bombshell Breakups"? Terrence, Jenny, keep looking pretty. Stay right where you are. The top two revealed next.

And still ahead on another big SHOWBIZ Countdown, it`s our top five "Favorite Romantic Comedies of All Time". We laughed and cried over "Love Actually."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Maybe the time had come to do something about it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Invite him out for a drink, and after about 20 minutes casually drop into the conversation that you would like to marry him and have lots of sex and babies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you know that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. And so does Carl.


HAMMER: That`s something anyone can just casually drop into a conversation, right? Only in Hollywood. But can "Love Actually" angst keep up with the romantic drama of "The Notebook"? The world just fell in love with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in this tearjerker.

But did our love affair with "The Notebook" push it to the number one spot on the SHOWBIZ Countdown? Light the candles and dim all the lights. We are snuggling up with our favorite romantic films ever. But what will we name number one?



HAMMER: The SHOWBIZ Countdown, big "Bombshell Breakups" continues now. Now, let me get you up to speed.

At number five, the notoriously lovey-dovey Heidi Klum and Seal split up after seven years of marriage.

At number four, Demi and Ashton`s cougarific union falls apart, breaking cougar hearts across the country.

At number three, the couple famous for staying out of the spotlight, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

And now it is time to reveal our number two on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of big "Bombshell Breakups", Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Katie filed for divorce after five years after marriage stunning the world and Tom himself. E! News host, Terrence Jenkins and Sirius XM`s Jenny Hutt back with me now.

So guys, a lot of people thought that Katie really pulled off mission impossible this past summer. She seemed to blind side Tom. She filed for divorce papers in late July. And by the end of August, Tom settled the divorce. Easily one of the quickest divorces I`ve ever seen in Hollywood. Their dilemma was, of course, what about Suri, their 6-year-old daughter?

Terrence, was this one a bombshell because it was such a smooth split?

JENKINS: I think that was the most surprising element of it all is how fast the split took place. Things seemed to be handled really, you know, in a mature manner. So we`re all excited about that. But when he jumped on the couch, when he jumped on Oprah`s couch, a little piece of me wanted it to work for Tom and Katie. Unfortunately, it was a mission so impossible even for Ethan Hawke.

HAMMER: Yes, exactly. I never had a problem with the couch jumping thing.

But Jenny, it was so methodical and really was almost like mission -- I mean, you think about it, how precise this divorce was.

HUTT: Well, I kind of feel like that`s how precise the marriage was. And I think in that way that`s where it`s not that big a shock. I mean, it`s upsetting because like you guys I wanted it to work, too. It had some fairy tale feeling for it and about it. But I don`t know, I think a lot of us felt like it was a little bit maybe not an actual real marriage.

HAMMER: A lot of people said that. Not everybody felt that way. But if they`re not number one, who could it be?

Time now to reveal who is number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of big "Bombshell Breakups".

And for us, it`s Hollywood veterans Danny Devito and Ria Pearlman. These guys were married 30 years when they announced their split in the fall. Reports say they`re going to remain friends.

But Terrence, this was not only a bombshell in my mind. It was just plain sad to see.

JENKINS: Oh my goodness. When I got the E! News e-mail that morning that they were breaking up, and I have to admit, I jumped out of my bed. It`s super shocking. I`m a big fan of "Cheers," I`m a big fan of "Twins." I can`t believe my favorite couple broke up especially after 30 years. And 30 years, I just felt like they should have rode it out.

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: Yes. Jenny, very quickly, yes or no, did we get it right?

HUTT: You got it right, totally. Totally shocking. And I figured they would last forever.

HAMMER: Oh, well. Sad. Sad. Sad. I`m still sad about it talking about it right now.

JENKINS: Me, too.

HAMMER: All right. Terrence, Jenny, thank you both so much.

Still ahead on another big SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight, we are getting romantic with our top five "Favorite Romantic Comedies of All Time".

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal truly changed the whole conversation about love in "When Harry Met Sally".


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Most women at one time or another have faked it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don`t think that I could tell the difference?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get out of here.



HAMMER: Easily one of the most famous scenes ever. And tonight, we`re pitting Meg against herself for the SHOWBIZ Countdown. Who could forget her in "Sleepless in Seattle"? Tom Hanks with Meg Ryan. These guys practically wrote the book on the romantic comedy.

But which film did we name our number one? What is your favorite? And will it match the one we put in the top slot?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Could it be that you need someone just as much as Jonah does?



HAMMER: That is number five, as we kick off our countdown tonight of our favorite romantic comedies and of course "Sleepless in Seattle" starring the great Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. And Meg and Tom teamed up again for our number four pick.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t cry, shop girl. Don`t cry.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.


HAMMER: So badly. "You`ve Got Mail." I still love watching that movie.

It was a hot debate in the SHOWBIZ Newsroom as we had to pick our top five "Favorite Romantic Comedies". There are of course some classics that simply can`t be touched. But for our picks we kept it pretty contemporary.

That brings us to number three in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, it`s "Love Actually."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Maybe the time has come to do something about it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Invite him out for a drink and after about 20 minutes casually drop into the conversation the fact that you would like to marry him and have lots of sex and babies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you know that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. And so does Carl.


HAMMER: Yes. So many great love stories wrapped up in one film. But why does this one seem to stay with us?

Joining me from Hollywood, Tara McNamara, who is a film columnist with

So Tara, I got to know from your perspective, why do you think "Love Actually" still connects with so many people?

TARA MCNAMARA, FILM COLUMNIST, FANDANGO.COM: Well, I think it plays to the female fantasies of love as well as the male fantasies of love, all in one really hilarious well written, well acted movie.

I think the thing about "Love Actually" that is so great you have - give the characters like Collin, the English guy who can`t get a girlfriend in England, so he goes to America thinking with his English accent he`ll get the girl. And he does get the girl. He gets lots of girls. And it actually plays out just like he wanted it to. And then you have got the little boy who falls in love with a cute 10-year-old girl. And you`ve got the guy who won`t break the bro code to share his feelings with the girl he really loves. So you have all these great stories that people can kind of relate to and know.

HAMMER: We got something for everyone in there. All right, coming in at number two in our SHOWBIZ Countdown of our top five "Favorite Romantic Comedies", Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in the classic "The Notebook."



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Stop it. You`re a bird.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now say you`re a bird too.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you`re a bird, I`m a bird.


HAMMER: OK. Maybe this is more of a quote/unquote "chick flick," but I love this film too. So many memorable lines from the movie as well, including, "We`re going to have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you."

I don`t think audiences will ever get enough of this movie, Tara. Ryan took this role very seriously as well, didn`t he?

MCNAMARA: Yes. In fact, he worked very hard for it. He actually moved to Charleston, South Carolina, before filming. He rode the Ashley River, rode it for two months every day, built furniture every day to prepare for the role of Noah. In fact, the kitchen table that you see in the movie was made by Ryan Gosling.

HAMMER: True method acting. Nice going, Ryan.

Well, that leaves us at number one in our SHOWBIZ Countdown of top "Favorite Romantic Comedies", what can it be? It can be "When Harry Met Sally" starring Billy Crystal and the brilliant Meg Ryan. Who else but Meg could pull off this scene?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Most women at one time or another have faked it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don`t think that I could tell the difference?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get out of here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh. Oh, ah, ah, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Oh, oh, oh, oh, God. Oh.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ll have what she`s having.


HAMMER: And the scene lives on in infamy.

Tara, did we get our number one right?

MCNAMARA: Absolutely. We all want what Meg Ryan is having. You know, I think that the great thing is when this movie came out, men learned stuff they didn`t know about women like from that scene, and women learned stuff about men because it`s written from both perspectives. You know, and also I just think that we want someone to love us for whom we really are. And that`s what "When Harry Met Sally" delivers.

HAMMER: And it`s great fun to watch.

And Tara, I thank you very much for being here.

And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Be sure to join us again tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on HLN.

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