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Thanksgiving Brawl Between Halle Berry`s Ex-, Fiance; Camille, Kelsey Grammer Quarrel Over Selling House; Top Five Stores That Make You Say "Are You Kidding Me?"; One on One Interview with Brad Pitt

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Are You Kidding Me?" Justin Bieber dresses down in overalls to get a prestigious medal from the Canadian prime minister. And wait until you see the young star of "Two and a Half Men" trashing his own show. Hey Charlie Sheen, you got company. But who will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight?

Hello, and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer, and the SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories breaking today that made us say "Are You Kidding Me?" is coming up.

But we begin with our first SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. Three big stories breaking today from "The Ex-Files."

Kicking it off at No. 3, all hell breaking loose over Halle. A wild, crazy, knock-down fight between Halle`s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, who has been battling Halle over custody of her daughter and her fiance, Gabriel Martinez. I`m talking fists flying, Halle`s ex- really getting the worst of it, his face all bruised up. Also getting arrested, facing a misdemeanor battery charge.

I want to bring in CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin, who`s a former federal prosecutor. Sunny with me in New York tonight. So is Megan Alexander, who`s a correspondent for "Inside Edition."

And we still don`t know exactly why these two men were fighting. But we do know that Halle wants nothing to do with her ex. She recently lost a battle to get a judge to let her to move to France with their daughter. And that`s where her fiance is from. But Sunny, could this end up changing all that?

SUNNY HOSTIN, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: It really could, because she has alleged that he historically has been a violent person, right? And that`s why initially she wanted to be away from him. She`s received temporary restraining orders against him.

And so I think this certainly helps the argument, not only that he got into this altercation with her now fiance, but apparently, A.J., the altercation was in front of the child. And when judges look at these kinds of cases, they look at what`s in the best interests of the child. It is ever in the best interest of a child to see that kind of violence?

But I`ve got to tell you, I`ve got to tell you. I sort of think at this point, my goodness, these are two adults. Halle has to also come to grips with the fact that this is damaging to her child.


HOSTIN: And can`t they just get along?

HAMMER: Yes, and to that point -- and look, both men walked away from the fight bruised up, without apparently proving or accomplishing anything as far as we know.

But Megan, if you`re Halle, to Sunny`s point, isn`t it time to just come to figure out a way to call a truce with Gabriel? Or do you think that she should push to move to France again, now that this has happened?

MEGAN ALEXANDER, "INSIDE EDITION": It`s always in the best for the child to honor the child`s father. And Gabriel Aubrey is Nala, her daughter`s, father.

And look, A.J., in terms of thinking long-term here, this little girl is going to be having birthdays, anniversaries, high-school graduations, college graduations. It would be in the best interests of everyone if they could all get along and have a united front for her. I mean once a parent, always a parent. And it just continues.

So, you know, I know people have their opinions. But I think you got to remember, this man is the father of your child.


ALEXANDER: And it`s in your best interests to work it out.

HAMMER: Yes. The kids should come first. I do like Halle a whole lot. I really do hope that they figure this out and quickly.

But we move from a brutal mash-up to a bitter breakup. This is No. 2 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown, "The Ex-Files." Kelsey Grammer and ex-wife Camille Grammer, they`re set for another showdown. This time it`s over this: the $17 million Beverly Hills mega mansion they once shared.

The plush estate has now been on the market since Kelsey and Camille officially split up last year. And they`re supposed to be dividing the profits from the sale 50-50 when the thing finally does get sold.

But TMZ reported today Kelsey has had a change of heart. He wants to move back into the house with his new wife and their baby. And given Kelsey and Camille`s history, no surprise Camille is now pushing back.

It is almost unbelievable, because they fought publicly over how and why their marriage ended. They fought publicly over custody of their kids. And now, this. They owned a lot of property together that they`re still trying to split up, Sunny. It`s pretty complicated. This is turning into the divorce that seems to never be ending. Is there ever going to be peace, Sunny?

HOSTIN: I hope so. This is another one. Can`t they just get along?

I think what`s surprising here is that Kelsey Grammer allegedly has a house, like, right down the block. And he`s got another house in the neighborhood. Does he have to move into this home with his new wife and baby? I mean, you know, there are a lot of homes in Beverly Hills and in Hollywood, especially when you have the money that a Kelsey Grammer has.

I say just get rid of the house. Don`t move in and move on. Don`t move in and move on.

HAMMER: And you mention this other house that Kelsey reportedly bought in the same area. Megan, it would it seems to me that maybe, just possibly, Kelsey is kind of sticking it to Camille to give her a hard time. Would that surprise you?

ALEXANDER: Oh, I think so. And 11,000-square-foot house is difficult for many of us to relate to. But in this slow economy, Camille wants the cash. And if she`s entitled to half of the cash sale of the house, then she knows Kelsey moving back in, she won`t be getting that cash. So listen, it sounds like it`s all about the money, but you`re right. The star of "Frasier," he`s doing OK.


ALEXANDER: Perhaps let Camille take the cash.

HAMMER: Well -- well, now, certainly, I mean, we don`t know the exact terms of their agreement, but if they were going the split the proceeds from the house 50-50, he decides he`s going to keep the house and move back in, it would seem to me that whatever the agreed value of the house is -- I don`t want to get too technical -- is, about this, but whatever the agreed value is, he should pay her half of what the profits would have been if he moves back in. Isn`t it that simple, Sunny?

HOSTIN: Perhaps it is, but maybe it isn`t. Because we don`t know what those papers say, right? So perhaps the papers say it has to be sold in order for him to get half -- and I would -- her to get half. And I would assume, A.J., that the value of the home would be -- it would be lowered if he`s living in there. It`s difficult to move a home when there`s someone else living there. Because it starts getting a little wear and tear, right? So I mean.

HAMMER: What are they doing?

HOSTIN: What are they doing?

HAMMER: I don`t understand.

All right. Well, out of all these brand-new stories breaking today from "The Ex-Files," of course, only one can be No. 1 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown.

And here it is: Rihanna and Chris Brown. OK, are they or aren`t they? Well, get a load of this.

Rihanna just tweeted this brand-new photo, went crazy viral today. That is apparently Chris Brown there with the message #bartobsessed in the tweet. Chris`s face obviously not visible there. But, you know, you take a look at those all-too-familiar tattoos. They seem to match up with Chris. And the guy is on top of this Simpsons comforter, spooky Simpsons comforter.

It was just about two weeks ago during a live Facebook chat that Bravo`s Andy Cohen asked Rihanna to give her first reaction when he called out the names of a string of celebrities. So of course, he included her controversial ex-. Let`s watch how that played out.



RIHANNA, SINGER: He`s dope, too.

COHEN: He`s dope, too.

RIHANNA: He`s kind of all right.

COHEN: Are you guys together?


COHEN: Not together.


HAMMER: Andy, just slide it in there.

All right. A straight-up denial. But Rihanna is sending a much different message, I think, by tweeting out that shirtless picture of him.

Megan, we still know that, regardless of how people should feel, there are a lot of people that hate the idea that she`s apparently gone back to him, even though it`s been years since he beat her up. Should they just come out with it already and stop playing games and say, "Yes, we`re together"?

ALEXANDER: They should. I don`t want them to, though. This couple is so frustrating, A.J. It`s like they`re playing games with everyone and enjoying just taunting the media.

You`ve got to just keep repeating the facts. One in four women affected by domestic violence. No laughing matter.

And my gosh, you just -- you want Rihanna`s support system around her to just talk some sense into the girl. But I don`t know. This one, it`s very sad to me.

HAMMER: Well, we know that Rihanna also told Andy Cohen that her personal relationships are nobody`s business but her own, and that`s why she wrote a song about it. So let`s watch that.


RIHANNA: "Nobody`s Business" is basically the way I look at everything regarding my personal life.


RIHANNA: You know, even though you have to witness it, it`s being documented at every second, it still is mine, you know. It still is -- this is mine at this point. And when it gets to my music and stuff like that, I`ll give and I`ll give and I`ll give, and I just feel like I need to keep a little bit for me that I get to decide.

COHEN: Yes, yes. Still, though, it`s -- it becomes a conversation point because you`re putting it out there.

RIHANNA: Well, I can`t -- I`m not putting it out there as much as it is just there.


HAMMER: Well, she does have a point there. But people around the world, we all remember, supported Rihanna when Chris brutally beat her up. Now she`s basically saying, "You know what? Stay out of my business."

Sunny, should we all just back off and stay out of her business?

HOSTIN: You know, I agree that to a certain point, your personal life is your business. But it becomes our business when you start tweeting out pictures...


HOSTIN: ... of Chris Brown in your bed without a shirt on.

And I`ve got to tell you, you know, as a person, as a former prosecutor who prosecuted domestic violence cases, I, too, agree with Megan. This saddens me tremendously, especially given what has just happened. I mean this terrible Twitter feud he just had with a female comedian that was vulgar. It was angry. It was aggressive. And it tells me this is a man who hasn`t really learned his lesson about how to treat women, how to relate to women. This is a man that doesn`t honor women.

And you`ve got this beautiful, talented girl, Rihanna, this woman, you know, he doesn`t really deserve in my view, A.J., to be with someone like that. And she puts it out there.

HAMMER: She puts it right out there, and I have to wrap it up here, Megan. But clearly, she can have it both ways because she continues to put all this stuff out here, and she still has no shortage of fans and followers.

ALEXANDER: Speak up when you care about someone. You get in their business.


ALEXANDER: That`s how you care about people.

HAMMER: Great point, Megan. All right. Sunny, Megan, thank you both so much.

As we move on tonight, Justin Bieber`s big wardrobe faux pas. A backwards cap and overalls when you`re meeting the head of your country? "Are You Kidding Me?"

And one of the stars of "Two and a Half Men" says, "Stop watching my show."


ANGUS T. JONES, ACTOR: If you watch "Two and a Half Men," please stop watching "Two and a Half Men." I`m on "Two and a Half Men," and I don`t want to be on it. Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth.


HAMMER: That`s crazy. Angus T. Jones calling his own show filth. Why would he bite the hand that feeds him? So is Angus`s "Two and a Half" dis going to top Bieber`s overall flap in the countdown of stories that made us say "Are You Kidding Me?"




SALLY FIELD, ACTRESS: I believe you when you insist that amending the Constitution and abolishing slavery will end this war. And since you are sending my son into the war, woe would be to you if you fail to pass the amendment.


HAMMER: A holiday weekend box-office bonanza. "Lincoln" along with "Twilight" and "Skyfall" just raked in a record-setting 290 million bucks over the extended Thanksgiving weekend as the top three films. "Lincoln" came in third with a reported 34 million bucks, bringing its ten-day total to about $65 million. And while Daniel Day-Lewis certainly looks the part, a lot of critics are actual wondering how honest is the film about Honest Abe? Is Steven Spielberg`s interpretation true to Lincoln`s history?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter investigates.


KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Steven Spielberg`s "Lincoln" offers a window back in time to the weeks preceding the end of the civil war and passage of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Congress must never declare equal those who God created unequal.

WYNTER: But for some critics, the movie`s limited snapshot of Abraham Lincoln`s presidency paints an incomplete picture of history.

ERIC FONER, HISTORICAL AUTHOR: As cinema it`s very, very good. As history, I`m a historian. It leaves something to be desired.

WYNTER: Eric Foner, whose book, "The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery," won the Pulitzer Prize for history, says the film`s narrow focus exaggerates the president`s role in ending slavery.

DAY-LEWIS: This settles the fate for all coming time.

FONER: The emancipation of the slaves is a long, complicated historical process. It`s not the work of one man, no matter how great he was.

DAY-LEWIS: Blood has been spilled to afford us this moment. Now, now. Now.

FONER: It was not Lincoln who originated the 13th Amendment. It was the abolitionist movement. It`s only in the middle of 1864 that Lincoln changes his mind and decides he`s in favor of this amendment.

WYNTER: Acclaimed screenwriter Tony Kushner based the movie script, in part, on Doris Kearns Goodwin`s best-selling book, "Team of Rivals."

TONY KUSHNER, SCREENWRITER: We were enormously accurate. Steven and I both cared a lot. We worked with Doris. We worked with a couple of other Lincoln historians. What we`re describing absolutely happened.

FONER: It`s not a question of being wrong. It`s just inadequate. It gives you the impression that the ratification of the 13th Amendment is the end of slavery. Slavery is already dying at that moment.

WYNTER: In fact, he says if the 13th Amendment had not passed in January 1856, Lincoln had pledged to call Congress into special session in March.

FONER: And there the Republicans had a two-thirds majority and would ratify in a minute. It is not this giant crisis in the sense that the film is portraying it.

DAY-LEWIS: Shall we stop this bleeding?

WYNTER (on camera): And one aspect of the film that`s not being questioned is Daniel Day-Lewis`s masterful depiction of the 16th president.

STEVEN SPIELBERG, DIRECTOR: The most important thing was to get Lincoln done right.

FONER: Daniel Day-Lewis, I think, presents a very plausible Lincoln.

I would recommend that people see it and then read a book about Lincoln.

WYNTER (voice-over): Because while it`s based on real events, "Lincoln" the movie is not a documentary. And a full understanding of history doesn`t happen in two hours and 29 minutes.


HAMMER: Well, some kids will crack open their history books rather than learn history from the movies. If there is one thing I know to be true, though, Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field give Oscar-worthy performances. Just amazing.

Well, there`s big outrage tonight over Justin Bieber`s overalls. Did he really wear this outfit when he got an honor from the Canadian prime minister? And will Bieber`s overall flap top the SHOWBIZ Countdown Are You Kidding Me? Plus Brad Pitt opening up to me about his engagement to Angelina Jolie.


HAMMER: You guys had once famously said that you would hold off on getting married until everybody could get married. And I know now you`re engaged. You said you were doing it for the kids, which obviously everybody is excited about.

BRAD PITT, ACTOR: And ourselves.

HAMMER: Are they prompting you at all to set a date?


HAMMER: Tonight your first look at my "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview with Brad Pitt. That`s coming up.





TYNE DALY, ACTRESS: So are you. You shut me out if you want to, but I`m going to say this for the record here: 0.25 alcohol. You saw the report. Your father slipped and fell and bled to death because he was so damn drunk he couldn`t even get up.


HAMMER: That`s the great Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless shaking things up as female cops that gave people so much more than they bargained for. It is hard to believe that it has now been 30 years since "Cagney & Lacey" made their debut.

The ladies broke so much new ground as two female leads dealing with issues like addiction, sexual harassment, even breast cancer. Did you know that CBS actually tried to cancel that show three times, but thanks to a massive writing campaign by viewers of the show, "Cagney & Lacey" survived for seven incredible seasons.

So I had to ask the ladies why the show ignited so much passion in this very special "SHOWBIZ Flashback." Here`s what they told me.


GLESS: It was the realism, the emotions these women went through. I don`t believe there had been a series before where the heroes of a series were flawed, where they were able to show emotions about what their job is.

Barney used to say in a fair world we could have worked in the post office. It was really about two women who happened to be cops.

DALY: And then they followed us home, you know, and we saw what their home life was, which we didn`t know about the home life of, you know, Columbo or any other. It was a cop show genre, but we didn`t talk about what they did when they weren`t being cops.

HAMMER: And the things that you -- all the issues that you guys had to deal with in real life. Among the 14 Emmy awards that the show won, Tyne, you won an Emmy for the story line for your character learning that she had breast cancer. And back in the `80s, you know, that was often considered a death sentence, and it was really serious. We actually have a clip of that I want to take a look at with you.


DALY: It`s my business.

JOHN KARLEN, ACTOR: Damn it, it isn`t. What is so hard, Mary Beth? You talk to the doctor; you get it over with.

DALY: Yes? Well, you don`t have to go there. You don`t have to go there and sit there and look at your future in some little brochures with a special holder about cancer and dying.

KARLEN: No one said dying. Even if it is cancer, no one said you are going to die.

DALY: Then maybe I`ll get lucky. Harv, maybe they`ll just cut me in pieces and pump me full of chemicals.

KARLEN: And you`ll live and you`ll get better. That is all that is important.

DALY: No, I don`t want it, Harv. I don`t want tubes and machines. I don`t want the boys remembering me sick like that.


HAMMER: Wow. I miss that show.

And Tyne, that was a big deal for not only your character, but for you personally back then, wasn`t it?

DALY: Well, it was a big deal, because women maybe in this country didn`t know that they could get a second opinion.

HAMMER: I`m ready to lighten things up a little bit here. I have quick "Cagney & Lacey" trivia for you. Actually, just one question. It`s very, very simple. I want to know if you remember what your partner`s badge number was.

Tyne, what was Cagney`s?

DALY: I haven`t the faintest idea, nor mine. We were just talking. We gave them off to charity years ago.

GLESS: We were just talking about it in the green room.

DALY: I don`t have my badge.

HAMMER: What charity was it? Do you remember?

GLESS: I don`t remember hers or mine. And they were actual real badges, and they retired the numbers.

HAMMER: And you wore them for years. Cagney`s was 730. Sharon, Lacey`s was 763, is what your partner was wearing.

DALY: I`m here to help.

GLESS: Seven thirty, 768.

DALY: OK. Can we go and buy -- can we go and buy lottery tickets now for that?

HAMMER: Do that.

GLESS: I know where they are. They`re at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York.

HAMMER: Perfect. It`s right around the corner from me. I`ll go visit. Can you guys -- all right, this is easier. Can you guys hum your theme song?


GLESS: That`s not humming, that`s da-da-daing.


HAMMER: I think they`re so cool. And I think the complete set of "Cagney & Lacey" DVDs would make a great gift. It is available in stores everywhere.

Well, tonight Sheen is lending a hand to Lohan. Why Charlie Sheen reportedly just shelled out 100 grand to help Lindsay Lohan in a big way. But if he did, was it a big mistake?

Also, skydiving cats?


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Don`t ask how they pull the ripcord. They`re skydiving cats.



HAMMER: Tonight, why is there so much fur flying over this hilarious commercial? Will the falling feline fury top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories making us say "Are You Kidding Me?"



HAMMER: Right now on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Are You Kidding Me?" Justin Bieber is showing up in a pair of overalls while accepting an honor from the Canadian Prime Minister?

Plus, another "Two and a Half Men" shocker. The show`s young star caught on tape saying, "Don`t watch my show."

JONES: If you watch "Two and a Half Men," please stop watching "Two and a Half Men". I`m on "Two and a Half Men". I don`t want to be on it. Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth.

Angus T. Jones, also known as Jake on the show, calls his sitcom filth. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you? Will the young star`s Charlie Sheen-like rant top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five stories breaking today that made us say, "Are You Kidding Me?"

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Tonight, in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, why we kept saying "Are you kidding me?" over and over and over again today, as stars acted, dressed, tweeted, and even performed in the darnedest ways.

Let`s kick things off with number five tonight. Bieber blasted for really bad fashion choice. It`s all over this. Look at him. Justin Bieber, wearing overalls there and a white T-shirt as he accepts a prestigious award from the prime minister of his homeland, his home country of Oh Canada.

Well, Bieber tried to explain today. He said the picture was taken in a place where he was performing at the time that he met the prime minister, and he didn`t really have enough time or a change of clothes to get into.

Well, let`s get into that. With me from Hollywood tonight, David Begnaud, host of the social media show "NewsBreaker with David Begnaud". Also in Hollywood, entertainment host and TV personality, Holly Reid.

So yes, Bieber said he was dressed for performance. People today calling him disrespectful. And I`m not surprised by that at all. In fact, one Canadian newspaper pointed out that he managed to put on a tux when he met President Obama, but he didn`t change his clothes for his own prime minister.

David, I`m going to start with you. Is the Biebs bashing deserved?

DAVID BAGNAUD, HOST, "NEWSBREAK WITH DAVID BEGNAUD": Yes, look, I think so. I mean, where is the kid`s mom when somebody needs to look at him and go really, what the heck are you wearing? I mean, look. I know he is not trying to be a fashionista or something, but I mean really, with all the money he has got, you show up in overalls? The only thing that`s worse than an overall are those yellow canary shoes he was wearing.

HAMMER: Yes. The shoes were a little off. And it`s not like he doesn`t have people picking out his clothes. He has a stylist. And mom is quite frankly usually right there by his side. And when you step back from it, though, it`s not as if stars always wear conservative suits and dresses when they`re meeting the leader of the world or a dignitary. Let`s put some up.

I want you to check out this freaky red getup that Lady Gaga was wearing when she met Queen Elizabeth II. This was in 2009. Like Bieber, Gaga was going on stage that day. This is just one of the funniest pictures ever.

Going back even farther than that, look at Michael Jackson, wow. That`s what he chose to wear, although it is very regal. He was wearing this in 1984 as he was there with Nancy Reagan, meeting President Ronald Reagan.

Holly, what do you think? Considering this, maybe the Canadians should give the Biebs a break?

HOLLAND REID, ENTERTAINMENT HOST: No, don`t give him a break. Listen, I understand being an artist, you put on what you want to wear. Lady Gaga gets a pass, because that`s Lady Gaga. So does Michael Jackson. But overalls are offensive to anyone, anywhere, at any time. They should never be a wardrobe choice. I don`t care if he was the prime minister or he was coming over to my house for Thanksgiving. You do not wear overalls. It shows his age and lack of style choice.

BAGNAUD: Yes. Look, Michael Jackson looked like he was in a costume. Lady Gaga looked like she was wearing a costume. He looked like he, you know, went to Goodwill for shopping. I mean, come on.

HAMMER: And the backwards hat.

REID: Exactly.

HAMMER: I mean, if you`re not going to wear it at the dinner table, don`t wear to it meet the prime minister, for goodness` sake. But listen, the Biebs not the only one getting bashed today.

This takes us to number four on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of things that have us saying are you kidding me.

Did you see Lindsay Lohan`s performance last night in lifetime`s "Liz & Dick"? This movie, of course, was about the love story between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Well, if you were watching this and paying any attention to twitter, you were well aware that the TV movie touched off this Twitter firestorm. Some viewers did praise Lohan for the way she played La Liz. But, you know, you had a whole lot of people not exactly thrilled with what they saw on screen. They had a field day making fun of Lohan.

Let`s take a brief look at what people were watching. It`s Lohan`s "Liz & Dick" tour de force.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re impossible.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Elizabeth wants to play. I love the man, end of story. I won`t live without you. You knew you could never leave them. You were playing. I was just another notch. What am I supposed to do? I`ve done 29 pictures since I was nine, 29. I`ve never learn how`d to do just absolutely nothing. I need a ring, a big ring. I`m bored! I`m so bored!


HAMMER: I have a feeling a lot of people were watching it and maybe saying the exact same thing. And unfortunately, it did seem that most people were laughing at and not laughing with Lindsay.

David, which of the two were you doing?

BAGNAUD: Look, I was laughing at her. I mean, I caught five minutes of it and you had to turn it off. First of all, can we talk about the accent? I mean, Elizabeth Taylor was this outrageous woman. And quite frankly, Lindsay Lohan was boring. She didn`t come across as talented.

Look, I don`t know. Let`s remember two years ago in 2010 the late great dame herself tweeted no one is going to play Elizabeth Taylor but Elizabeth Taylor herself. Sorry, Lindsay. It was a bomb.

HAMMER: Yes, I have to ask you, Holland, what you were thinking because look, the reviews that came in early for this thing were not good at all. And I had to tune in just to see, were they accurate? Were they blowing it out of proportion? Where were you on this?

REID: No, they were accurate. They were dead on. It was painful to watch on so many levels. It was very cheap looking. It was very melodramatic. It seemed like it was a complete disservice to Liz Taylor, yet she was grand and over the top. She was an icon. But at the same time, I would have rather seen a drag queen play her and do it with the, you know, the grand. I don`t know, I can`t even explain it. It was just awful to watch. I felt it was a lackluster performance all the way around. It just -- I`m sad. And there is an encore presentation tonight. Why are they doing that? Why?

HAMMER: Well, listen. There is another legendary Hollywood train wreck who is teaming up with Lindsay.

This takes us to number three on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories breaking today that made us say "Are You Kidding Me?"

Lindsay is going to be starring with Charlie Sheen. This is for the upcoming "Scary Movie 5." Now, TMZ reported today they have become such close pals, Sheen gave Lilo $100,000 to help her settle a tax debt.

Now David, I`m looking at this on paper anyway, Lindsay Lohan pals with Charlie Sheen. I`m not seeing a good thing here. What do you see, a recipe for disaster?

BAGNAUD: Look. I mean, if one train wreck was going to meet another train wreck, it would be these two, you know? But what is the incentive here? I mean, is he trying to be the nice guy here or is there something more that we don`t know about it? Look, I have to think she has got more debts than the one he paid off. But it is just interesting.

HAMMER: Yes, $100,000. That is amazing. And I love the fact that Charlie can just write a check for that if he actually did do that. But he did manage to turn his situation around. Maybe he can be a positive influence. Oh, I don`t know, just playing the other side there.

Charlie Sheen has a saying: "Are you kidding me?" And so does another who may be the next ex-cast member of "Two and a Half Men".


JONES: If you watch "Two and a Half Men," please stop watching "Two and a Half Men". I`m on "Two and a Half Men". I don`t want to be on it.


HAMMER: This is pretty wild. The teenager that plays Jake on "Two and a Half Men" apparently, blasting his own show on video. Is it really him? Why would he do this? And could bit number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of things that had us saying "Are You Kidding Me?"

Or could this be number one? It`s raining cats? Yes, skydiving cats have animal lovers hitting the roof tonight.

And tonight, I`m also going one-on-one with Brad Pitt. He of course is famously engaged to Angelina Jolie. So when are they tying the knot?


HAMMER: You guys had once famously said you would hold off on getting married until everybody could get married. And I know now you`re engaged. You said you were doing it for kid, which obviously everybody is excited about.

PITT: And ourselves.

HAMMER: Are they pressuring you at all to set a date?


HAMMER: So what did Brad say? It`s my fascinating SHOWBIZ Newsmaker interview with Brad Pitt, coming up.



HAMMER: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we`re counting down the top five stars today that had us saying "Are You Kidding Me?" Here`s we are at so far.

Coming in at number five, Justin Bieber blasted for wearing overalls while getting an award from Canada`s prime minister.

At number four, Lindsay Lohan`s performance as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick" sparks a twitter explosion. People making lots of fun of her performance.

In at number three, Lindsay is bonded with Charlie Sheen so much, he has cut her a $100,000 check to help her out with her tax bill.

And remember, of course, when Charlie Sheen had that huge meltdown, he started bad-mouthing his show, "Two and a Half Men," and then ended up getting fired? Well, I`m here to say that history may be repeating itself. Number two in our SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight of things that had us saying "Are You Kidding Me?", Angus T. Jones, who plays young Jake on "Two and a Half Men", actually apparently urging people to stop watching the show.

A bombshell video surfaced today for a California church where he attends service. And shows a guy that looks an awful lot and sounds an awful lot like Jones saying the hit show is at odds with his Christian faith and he wants people to stop watching.


JONES: Jake from "Two and a Half Men" means nothing. He is a nonexistent character. If you watch "Two and a Half Men," please stop watching "Two and a Half Men". I`m on "Two and a Half Men". I don`t want to be on it. Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth. Please.

People say it`s just entertainment. The fact that it`s entertainment, it`s -- do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you will have a decision to make when it comes to the television, and especially with what you watch on television.


HAMMER: Wow. I`m sitting here dumbfounded as I see this. Now, today, a rep for "Two and a Half Men" told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that they`re not going to be commenting on this video.

I do want to bring in David Begnaud, host of the social media show "NewsBreaker with David Begnaud". Also in Hollywood, entertainment host and TV personality Holland Reid.

So listen, guys. Angus Jones makes a reported $350,000 per episode for "Two and a Half Men". David, I`m going the start with you. I look at this and I`m thinking well clearly, he is biting the hand that has made him very, very rich. But should I look at it differently, and should he be applauded for following his conscience? What do you think?

BAGNAUD: Look, I love the fact if the guy is truly religious and this video is to be believed, I love the fact that he is standing up for his faith. But, I mean, come on, it`s kind of ridiculous. At parts in the video you see him driving in a car, then, he is sitting on the couch with that guy. And it seems almost extremists at point. He says at one point in the video you can`t be on TV and you can`t be a God-fearing believer at the same time. That`s ridiculous. You know, if the guy found God, fantastic. But, you know, watch the video for yourself. It`s somewhat absurd.

HAMMER: It is a little bit absurd. And then the question remains, you know, they fired Charlie Sheen, making $2 million an episode. Will they now feel forced to take some disciplinary action against this guy?

But of all this things today that made us say "Are You Kidding Me?", it was this that made our number one in our SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight. I would like you to picture wide open blue skies, a sunny day. And there, above you, and above the clouds, you see a bunch of cats.

Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos with the skydiving cats.


MOOS (voice-over): Don`t ask how they pull the ripcord. They`re skydiving cats.

A Swedish insurance company asked its customers to suggest web ads.

Eva, who insures her cat at the company called Folksam, suggested skydiving cats spelling out her name. Putting it into R. Kelly`s song was the cat`s pajamas. The high-five midair should have been a tip-off, but some pet lovers were upset. This is not funny or cute. It is cruel. That`s disturbing. Wrong on so many levels. But they`re wrong, says the company`s marketing director.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can reassure all cat lovers that the cats have not been skydiving for real.

MOOS: A total of five cats starred in the commercial. They never left the studio. People were shot skydiving, then, replaced with cats through the magic of green screen. Need a little windblown fur on 4-year-old, Sarah?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They used a fan, yes.

MOOS: One person reacted online by posting an aerodynamic cat with a message, "This kitty don`t need no parachute." Actually, skydiving dogs are a lot more common, like Bugsy the pug featured on Animal Planet. He even got stroked during free fall. After the chute opened, he licked his chops -- touchdown. And this Florida rescue dog sky dived strapped to her owner.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She has her own oxygen mask, her own goggles. To her, she opens the car window, she loves it.

MOOS: Her tail wasn`t wagging, it was flopping. These skydivers made the leap clutching an inflatable shark to put some teeth in their jump. We did dig up one snippet of video of a real cat sky diving.

Four years ago, a member of a Russian parachuting club sewed a jumpsuit for his cat. The cat seemed calm until right before he leaped. But after landing safely, the owner said he, the cat, didn`t even pee himself, like a lot of people do the first time they jump.

It`s not exactly raining cats and dogs, just sprinkling.


MOOS: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with our number one tonight.

And tonight Brad Pitt talks with me about his wedding secrets.


HAMMER: You guys had once famously said that you would hold off on getting married until everybody could get married. And I know now you`re engaged. You said you were doing it for kids, which obviously everybody is very excited about.

PITT: And ourselves.

HAMMER: Are they pressuring you at all to set a date?


HAMMER: So have Brad and Angelina actually set a date? I`ve got your first look at any fascinating SHOWBIZ Newsmaker interview with the one and only Brad Pitt, coming up next.



HAMMER: So here is what I did this afternoon. I had a fascinating chat with none other than Brad Pitt over all the big Brad buzz. And of course one of the biggest questions about Brad these days is this: when will he and Angelina finally, finally get married?

Well, Brad`s been a little busy these days. He has just added furniture designer to his list of credentials. He is also starring in a brand-new mobster movie he produced called, "Killing Them Softly." It will be in theaters on Friday.

So, when I sat down with Brad earlier today, I asked him about the big wedding plans and why his new movie about the mob includes political speeches. Are there some hidden political message in this movie? Watch what Brad told me in this SHOWBIZ Newsmaker interview.


PITT: This is a good friend of mine, director and writer Andrew Dominic. He is from Australia. And his view of America was very interesting to me. He is feeling in some sense oppressed and that we -- that we are -- we get caught up in trying to sell the idea that the image is more than the actual substance. And this is what he was trying to tell with this story. He finds this book about a crime syndicate, and he makes these comparisons not to politics, per se, but certainly the -- or not just politics, but the financial crisis itself. And it was good subject matter.

HAMMER: Yes, I know, and timely subject matter. I mean, you know, the idea of the mob dealing with corporate concerns or falling off a fiscal cliff I think, you know, how timely is that, particularly coming off this heated political season.

PITT: Absolutely. And how much are we really dealing with the issues, or is it the image of the issue? And oftentimes a scapegoat is found but it`s not really solved. And this was what our film is about. It`s about getting the games going again.

HAMMER: You guys had once famously said you would hold off on getting married until everybody could get married. And I know now you`re engaged. You said you were doing it for kids, which obviously everybody is excited about.

PITT: And ourselves.

HAMMER: Are they pressuring you at all to set a date? Are they getting on you about this?

PITT: No, not necessarily, no.

HAMMER: Do you think it`s something that you will make public? Because obviously there is a huge interest, demand. People want to feel like they`re a part of when you guys actually get married, and you want to protect your privacy to the extent that you can.

PITT: We don`t know. Yes, we haven`t gone that far yet.


HAMMER: All right. So Brad and Angelina still have lots to plan as far as their wedding is concerned. But Brad and I talked about a whole lot more, including all of the buzz, all the gab, about his TV commercial for Chanel No. 5. What does Brad have to say about all the buzz? What does he think? And why are he and Angelina Jolie fighting so hard to legalize gay marriage?

All that and more tomorrow on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Brad`s new movie, "Killing Them Softly", will be in theaters on Friday.

So tonight, a group of senior citizens want you to call them, maybe.


HAMMER: It`s the SHOWBIZ Viral Video that is just going to make you smile. I`m going to show it to you next.



HAMMER: Well, I`ve been waiting all day to show this to you. You may think you`ve seen it all when it comes to Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" parodies, but the folks in the Waverly Mansion Retirement Home in Ontario, Canada, put together what I believe is the song`s best lip-dubbed video of all time.


HAMMER: Those guys are awesome. Perfect lip-synching.

Well, as we move on tonight, a Casey Anthony exclusive. A crucial piece of evidence overlooked. A Google search for "foolproof suffocation" the day Caley died. In an exclusive interview with Casey`s attorney Jose Baez now, "DR. DREW ON CALL".