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Top Five News That Says, Shut Your Pie Hole; One-on-One Interview with Alec Baldwin; Justin Bieber`s Latest News; Elmo Under Fire; Art Imitates Life in Bond Films

Aired November 12, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Law and Order." The man behind "Sesame Street`s" Elmo under fire. Plus, new details about how an alleged love triangle led to the fall of an American hero. But which will top this "Law and Order" SHOWBIZ Countdown"?

Hello, and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

We have two big "SHOWBIZ Countdowns" tonight, including a countdown of today`s top five stars who made us say, would you please shut your pie hole? Like Nicki Minaj, who just sounded off on fellow "American Idol" judge Mariah Carey and Barbara Walters.

And Nicki has got some competition tonight coming from Taylor Swift, and her brand-new revelations about using her music to tell the stories of her many, many break-ups. We`ve got the big reveal of who`s No. 1 coming up.

But we begin with our first "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the night. It`s the top three "Law and Order" stories breaking today, stories of alleged crimes, accusations of wrong-doing and a mind-boggling sex scandal.

And we kick it off with our "Law and Order" countdown, firing up at No. 3, the incredible claim about the man behind Elmo.


KEVIN CLASH, VOICE OF ELMO: Hi! Welcome to "Elmo`s World." Elmo is so happy to see you.


HAMMER: Now, if you`ve been anywhere near a 3-year-old any time in the last 25 years, you know Elmo`s voice. The puppeteer who plays Elmo is Kevin Clash, and today he came forward with a bombshell announcement that he`s taking a leave of absence to deal with allegations that he had an inappropriate relationship with a teenage boy.

We`re going to take this right out to Hollywood tonight and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner. What is going on here, Nischelle?

NISCHELLE TURNER, HLN CORRESPONDENT: Well, A.J., this really is a shocking story. And the folks behind "Sesame Street" are taking this all very seriously, even as they throw cold water on the accuser`s story.

Well, today Sesame Workshop revealed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that in June it heard from a 23-year-old man who claimed he had a relationship with the Elmo puppeteer, Kevin Clash, that began eight years ago, when the accuser was just 16 years old, A.J.

HAMMER: So you`re saying they are throwing cold water on it. What exactly are the folks behind "Sesame Street" saying?

TURNER: You know, they wasted no time today speaking out. And here`s what they told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. They said, quote "We met with the accuser twice and had repeated communications with him. We met with Kevin, who denied the accusation. We also conducted a thorough investigation and found the allegation of underage conduct to be unsubstantiated."

Now Sesame Workshop continues on to say, quote, "Our investigation did reveal that Kevin exercised poor judgment and violated company policy regarding Internet usage, and he was disciplined for that" -- A.J.

HAMMER: I know that Kevin is refuting the claims, as well. What exactly is he saying?

TURNER: Yes, he`s wasting no time also, A.J. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reached out to him, and here`s what he told us today. He said, quote, "I am a gay man. I have never been ashamed of this or tried to hide it but felt it was a personal and private matter. I had a relationship with the accuser. It was between two consenting adults, and I am deeply saddened that he`s trying to characterize it as something other than what it was. I am taking a break from Sesame Workshop to deal with this false and defamatory allegation."

Now, what I want to do now is bring in TV correspondent and radio host and "New York Times" best-selling author Rita Cosby. She is the author of the great new book, "Quiet Hero: Secrets from My Father`s Past." And part of these proceeds from this book go to the troops and their families through a USO program.

Now Rita, thanks for joining us, first of all. But you heard this story, and when you first heard it, what went through your mind?

RITA COSBY, HLN CORRESPONDENT: You know, my first reaction is, because it`s tied to "Sesame Street," you know, and you hear these allegations of underage, I think it was smart that he took a leave of absence just to clear the air and to get this straight.

The other thing, too, that`s fascinating, is he said, as you pointed out, that he made some statements, and "Sesame Street" is saying this, on the Internet, that he was using his workplace. So I think there still needs to be some detail sorted out.

You know, look, I`m a fan of "Sesame Street." I remember when I was a young kid, watching "Sesame Street." You want the voice of Elmo to hopefully be squeaky clean. He says he is but it was consensual. Let`s get all the details out there, clear the air. You still wouldn`t like him not to be with somebody who was around 16 or 17. We need to understand the nature of the relationship.


COSBY: I think there`s a lot of questions still here.

TURNER: Yes, because we can`t overestimate how much the kids love Elmo. Back in October of last year, you know, Kevin explained the secret of his character`s popularity on CNN`s "ERIN BURNETT OUT FRONT." Look at this.


CLASH: Mainly for kids, it`s a mirror image. I mean, Elmo is laughter and love and you just want to hug and kiss and be validated. And that`s what kids are like. You know, so his age group -- Elmo`s 3 1/2, and so his -- the kids that watch him, they can definitely gravitate to him and connect with him, because he`s them.


TURNER: Now, it`s worth repeating that "Sesame Street" says these allegations against Clash are unsubstantiated. But they did tell us, quote, "Elmo is bigger than any one person."

And with me in Hollywood tonight is Melissa Rivers, star of E! entertainment`s "Fashion Police" and We TV`s "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best."

Melissa, Kevin Clash has been the man behind Elmo for almost 30 years, since 1984. Can you see any way that he can actually come back as Elmo after all of this?

MELISSA RIVERS, E!`s "FASHION POLICE": I think he can come back. I mean, if the relationship really was between two consenting adults, then of course, he should be able to come back.

But again, it`s a very good reminder: you cannot have any right to privacy if you are using your work computer. And I think that is, sadly, it`s a huge reminder of that.

Again, we still don`t know the whole story. But let`s hope that everyone sort of walks away unscathed, especially the reputation of Elmo.

And I think whenever anyone uses the word "Sesame Street," it invokes such strong emotions in, I know, my generation and all the generations after us.

HAMMER: No question about that. Well, we`re just going to have to wait and see how that all unfolds. Melissa, thank you for that.

Nischelle, thank you, as well.

More disturbing allegations to tell you about tonight in our "SHOWBIZ Law and Order Countdown."

No. 2 on the countdown, shocking new revelations about the real-life family drama surrounding "Modern Family" teen star Ariel Winter.

Now, 14-year-old Ariel plays the middle child, Alex, on one of my favorite sitcoms on TV. Everybody loves the show. It was just revealed that a judge ordered Ariel removed from her mother`s custody after claims that her mom abused her both physically and mentally.

And today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT obtained court documents from Ariel`s mom where she says she never abused her in any way. She says her 14-year-old is just angry, because her parents object to her relationship with an 18- year-old actor.

So Ariel is now under temporary guardianship of her older sister.

Melissa, I want to go back to you on this, because we all know your mom, Joan, has always been a huge part of your professional and your personal life, of course. So it`s got to break your heart when you hear these claims about the talented young star who`s at war with her own mother.

RIVERS: It does break my heart. This is not -- this is sadly, a story that we hear over and over and over again with child actors. One can only hope that this is just some sort -- I mean, the best-case scenario is that this is some sort of just teenage girl drama. Unfortunately, it`s probably not.

And we see a lot of these parents vicariously living through their children, and the result is never good for both parties. And usually, you know, it`s never a good thing.

And, you know, I have been -- you know, I mean, we can go for all the jokes right here and say, you know, "Can I get a court order to get my mother out of my house?" Probably not.

HAMMER: We`ve seen some of that verbal abuse in your case. I don`t want to make...

RIVERS: I don`t want to make light of it, but we`re in the middle of shooting season three. So, you know, I`m going to need a crowbar to get her out.

HAMMER: Well, you know, you put yourself in that position. We have watched this play out for years and years, but yes, we don`t want to make light of Ariel`s situation at all.

RIVERS: No. I do hope...

HAMMER: Go ahead.

RIVERS: I mean, I do hope, for her sake and for the mother`s sake and for the sister`s sake who is involved also, that it all gets sorted out.


RIVERS: Because she is a very talented young girl.

HAMMER: And that`s what we want to think of when we`re watching her on "Modern Family."

So here we have the Ariel Winter abuse claims. We have the claims today about the man behind Elmo having sex with an underage boy. Claims, as we say.

But as shocking as those stories are, nothing can top this. It is No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Law and Order Countdown" tonight, "Spy Fall." The fallout today from the sex scandal that cost the head of the CIA his job.

Retired general, David Petraeus, resigning after admitting to having this affair with the woman who wrote the biography on him. After an FBI investigation turned up the steamy e-mails between them and claims that she threatened another woman that she feared was stepping on her turf with Petraeus.

I`ve got to say, everyone`s just having a field day with this. Let`s look at some of the headlines. "The New York Post," look at that: "Cloak and Shag Her." Another headline today has Petraeus surrounded in Austin Powers get-up, it appears, surrounded by femme bots, with the headline, "Oh, Behave."

Now check out this joke Bill Maher just made about the scandal on his HBO show "Real Time."


BILL MAHER, HOST, HBO`S "REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER": General Petraeus, head of the CIA, quit because he was having an extramarital affair, and one thing we will not tolerate is spies and sex. By the way, the new James Bond movie came out today.


HAMMER: Rita, off to you. Sex and espionage. I mean, it is an unbeatable combination, right?

COSBY: It`s an unbeatable combination, and by the way, I was just with General Petraeus at a dinner. There were a lot of other people at the dinner. I want to clarify that. It was for the soldiers and sailors.

HAMMER: Look at that, right there.

COSBY: This was just last month, A.J. I mean, this was a guy who was so well-respected. In fact, he was being honored that night for his military service.

HAMMER: It`s stunning to me. I almost asked where his hand was. I`m sorry.

COSBY: There were many people at the dinner and many witnesses. You know, A.J., now there is a lot of stuff to this. I think that there is a lot more behind this.

RIVERS: You were showing some cleavage.

HAMMER: Now kidding. Everybody -- everybody stunned by this, the guy who should be able to keep secrets, above all other people.

Rita Melissa, thank you both so much.

Be sure to catch Melissa Rivers on E!`s "Fashion Police" and We TV`s "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best." Rita Cosby`s got this great book. So great talking to you about it the other day, Rita. "Quiet Hero." For more information, go to

As we move on tonight, Nicki is opening up about her bust up with Mariah and throwing Barbara Walters under the bus.


NICKI MINAJ, SINGER: Are we not good enough for you, Barbara? You liked me fine when I was on the show, Barbara. I guess I`m not good enough. But I`m going to be good enough for you to tell people -- you don`t even (EXPLETIVE DELETED) know me.


HAMMER: The smack-down sounding off on her caught-on-tape Mariah Carey smack-down. But should Nicki just shut it?

Speaking of folks who is can`t seem to shut it, Taylor swift talking about her love life. Tonight, it`s another raucous round up. The "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of "Shut Your Pie Hole." But which chatty celeb will come out on top?

Also, I`ve got Alec unplugged.


ALEC BALDWIN, ACTOR: I don`t sit there and say Obama is the president and everything is going to be great. I sit there, and Obama is president. And I hope things become better and I think we have our best chance at it.


HAMMER: I am going one-one-one with the always entertaining and opinionated Alec Baldwin, talking about politics, Superstorm Sandy and Santa`s foreign accent?




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Takes the shot. I said stake the shot. Take the shot.


HAMMER: Another huge surprise. "Skyfall" shatters records. The latest James Bond movie becomes the best Bond debut ever. It scored are estimated $88 million over the weekend.

Daniel OK`s third outing as 007 also in good company among the year`s top earning films, "Skyfall" just got the fourth highest high behind "The Avengers," "Dark Knight Rises" and "The Hunger Games."

So have you ever noted that a lot of those heart-stopping crisis that they to seem to actually happen in real night, as well. Fifty years and 23 films. The movies have really appreciated everything from the Cuban missile crisis to that Russian nuclear sub that melted down.

Right now, Nischelle Walters` interview with a look at how life imitates Bond.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tell me: does the topping of American missiles really compensate for having no hands?

TURNER (voice-over): Weeks after "Doctor Who" prepared in 1962, the Cuban missile crisis gripped the world and suddenly, the idea of a secret base in the Caribbean threatening the U.S. didn`t seem so far-fetched.

It was the first 007 movie and the first case of life imitating art.

It happened again in 1966, when a military aircraft carrying nuclear weapons crashed over the Spanish coast, and one of the bombs landed over water. It was just like the plot of "Thunderball," which came out a year earlier.

And in 1967, three Apollo astronauts were killed in a tragic accident mere weeks after the opening scene of "You Only Live Twice" was filmed.

John Cork, who`s written numerous books and documentaries about the making of the Bond films, has a theory about why they so accurately and eerily predict the future.

JOHN CORK, BOND EXPERT: I think the success is that everyone involved in creating the stories from the screen writers today work very hard at trying to figure out what is going to be happening as they say ten minutes into the future. James Bond always needs to be on the cutting edge. And so often when you are on the cutting edge, you happen to be right there with history.

TURNER: And indeed he was. The brainwashed beauties of "On Her Majesty`s Secret Service" predated the Manson cult murders.

"Live and Let Die`s: head of state`s last drug lord villain came ten years before the reign of Manuel Noriega in Panama. And just nine months after the release of "The World Is Not Enough," there was a fatal incident and panama and nine months after the world is not enough, a fatal incident with the nuclear reactor of a Russian submarine. Alas no James Bond to stop it. Is this all coincidence or crystal ball?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A lot of people over the years said the Bond films got lucky. My grandfather always had a saying. The better you are, the luckier you get. They worked very hard at creating these James Bond stories that are going to feel right of the moment. And when you do that, sometimes you catch the moment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How much do you know about fear? You know about this?


Hammer: HAMMER: All pretty crazy. No spoilers. You`re going to have to see the real life connection for yourself.

All right. As we move on tonight, is lance laughing? Lance Armstrong tweets a picture of himself just chilling out with his Tour de France jerseys after the public shame of being stripped of his seven titles for allegedly doping. So is he just a big dope for doing this?

Plus, Robert Pattinson reveals he was depressed for two years because "Twilight" made him so famous. Both stories jade the cut for tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Shut Your Pie Hole." But which will come out on top?



HAMMER: Brad Pitt, zombie killer. You know, he rarely does action roles, but Brad does make a heck of an action star, and it is on full display in the long-awaited film "World War Z." Brad is starring in and producing this movie, all about a U.N. worker racing to stop a deadly zombie outbreak. Tonight, it`s a SHOWBIZ first look at "World War Z."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Does it live in a jungle?


BRAD PITT, ACTOR: Is it really fast?


PITT: Does it live on the great plains of Africa?



PITT: What is going on? Hold on, guys.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Daddy, be careful on the road.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get back in your car right now! Remain with your vehicle.


PITT: We`re getting out of here.


PITT: Worldwide, they`re doing better than we are.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How do we know they`re coming?

PITT: They`re coming. Ready?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I need you to help.

PITT: You are asking me to leave my family.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I am not going to force you. You have to pretend you`re not well-suited for the job.


PITT: Tell the kids I`m coming back. I`m coming back.


HAMMER: I certainly hope he succeeds.

Now to Heidi Klum, she is oversharing about her romance with her bodyguard. After her very public marriage to Seal ended, I really thought she was going to clamp down and keep quiet about things. But apparently not. And that is why she has made it onto our "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Shut Your Pie Hole." But are Heidi`s new confessions worse than Nicki`s?


MINAJ: We not good enough for you, Barbara. You wasn`t even there when I was on the show, Barbara. So I guess I`m not good enough, but I`m going to be good enough to tell people when you don`t (EXPLETIVE DELETED) know me.


HAMMER: Nicki Minaj sounding off about her caught-on-tape Mariah Carey smack-down. She is not keeping quiet about how Barbara Walters publicly slammed her too.

Out "SHOWBIZ Countdown" tonight, "Shut Your Pie Hole." It`s next.



HAMMER: Right now, it`s the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Shut Your Pie Hole." Yes, it`s our list of celebrities that we think need to stop talking so much.

Why did Lance Armstrong just tweet a picture of himself with his seven yellow Tour de France jerseys. He lost his titles.

And why the heck is Nicki Minaj still ranting about a beef with fellow "American Idol" diva Mariah Carey and taking on Barbara Walters?


MINAJ: We not good enough for you, Barbara? You wasn`t even there when I was on the show, Barbara. So I guess I`m not good enough, but I`m good enough to tell people (bleep) when you don`t even know me.

HAMMER: Nicki`s extended rand. Lance`s clueless tweet.

But, who will top our countdown, shut your pie hole.

Plus, a rare showbiz newsmaker interview with Alec Baldwin. He is opening up to me about his personal connection to the hurricane Sandy victims and his real reaction to President Obama`s big win.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. The countdown, shut your pie hole.

Don`t adjust your TV. I really did just say that. Because tonight, we have got five stars with five stories that literally had us all saying shut your pie hole. Let me kick it off at number five tonight. It`s Robert Pattinson.

Now, here`s a guy who admittedly handled being cheated on by Kristen Stewart with a laugh and a smile, but behind the smile, RPattz says, he actually went through a two-year depression after he became one of the most famous vampires on the planet, of course, for starring in the twilight series. Here`s what he said about all that.

He said I was in the tabloids every day and I didn`t have access to the roles I really wanted. I wanted more on every level. I thought everything was going to be served on a plate, but that`s not how it works. I finally realized that you need to earn this change I so desperately wanted and one way or another you had to suffer to be able to make it.

And look, I get what he is saying. I get the realization he came to, but there a lot of people that are saying that he is whine being his success. Should he shut his pie hole?

Joining me from New York, Brandi Glanville, cast member, of course, of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on Bravo. Great to see you, Brandi. And in Hollywood tonight, Brian Safi who is a writer and a host at current TV. Goo to see you as well, Brian.

Now look, some people do find it hard, particularly in these uncertain economic times to sympathize with RPattz. You think about the fame and the fortune he got from the "Twilight" series. But Brandi, what do you think? Should he shot his pie hole?

BRANDI GLANVILLE, CAST MEMBER, REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Yes. I mean, poor me. I`m so rich. I`m so famous. I can`t go out and public. I have everything that everyone could ever want. Poor me. Get over it.

HAMMER: OK. Well, you know, rich and famous people have problems too. And of course, Robert`s problems are about to get bigger if he is making even more money on the backend from the fourth and final twilight about to come out. And while he was initially depressed from his Twilight fame, he was just on the "Today" show. He actually kind of skirted the question about this by saying that for some, losing the fame could actually be a scary thing. Let`s watch that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: Have you gotten used to how life has changed? You can`t go anywhere without a line of screaming girls behind you.

ROBERT PATTINSON, ACTOR: Yes. I mean, I don`t think you can get used to it. You kind of -- it would be strange if you got used to it and you expect it. Because when it`s gone, it would be terrifying.


HAMMER: Terrifying and frightening if all of the sudden you are not famous. OK.

Brian, look. I get the sense. No matter what he has been through or what is about to go through, he is relieved that the "Twilight" phenomenon is going to be over. Don`t you get that?

BRIAN SAFI, WRITER, CURRENT TV HOST: For sure. I mean, if I had to wear glitter on my face for the last five years and then be publicly humiliated by Kristen Stewart, I would be really upset, too. I do not blame this guy at all. I would want it over.

HAMMER: All right, no more glitter for. No more glitter for Robert Pattinson.

Next, on our showbiz countdown tonight, it out number four star who made us say, shut your pie hole. It is disgraced biking champion Lance Armstrong.

Now, the very same weekend that Lance resigned entirely from the board of his Live Strong Foundation, and after he was stripped of his seven tours de France titles, he posted this image to his social media followers. Let`s put this up. Look at this. A photo of Lance, he is kind of lying around on a sofa surrounded as you see by framed jerseys that represent his tour de France wins. This seems crazy to me. The caption on this reads back in Austin and just laying around.

OK. Now, we are not sure what Lance really means here, but it sure seems like he is basically telling his fans hey, I`m still a winner, look at me.

Brandi, are you with us that he should shut his social media pie hole given the hits just keep on coming from his alleged doping.

GLANVILLE: You know what? I like this. I feel like he probably had a good old puff of something and laid back and was like I got this. I have already done it, you can`t have them back.

HAMMER: We cannot confirm that he had puff of something.

GLANVILLE: I`m just guessing.

HAMMER: Protecting you there.

GLANVILLE: Considering the doping, I`m guessing.

HAMMER: OK. It seems a little strange, you know. But then, again, he has been through and off a lot whether good or bad, and you never know what you will do under the circumstances to make yourself feel better.

Time now to move and reveal the third star story on our showbiz countdown that had us saying shut your pie hole. It is "American idol" judge Nicky Minaj, coming out swinging against Barbara Walters. This is after Walters called her unpredictable and failed to reach out for comment about the feud. According to Nicki, she failed to reach out about the -- for comment about the feud with Mariah Carrey.

So, in the first episode of Nicki`s e-docu series Nicki Minaj, my truth which aired last night, Nicki well, spoke her truth. Watch.


NICKI MINAJ, SINGER: I hear that, you know, Mariah went to Barbara Walters with a fabrication and even the producers had told her was never said about telling Barbara Walters that I said something about a gun which everyone knows I am way smarter than that. And I said, wow. I was like literally my jaw was open and I said I never said anything regarding a gun.

Am I not good enough because I`m a little black girl that wraps. Because if I was J-Lo, you would have called J-Lo. But, are we not good enough for you, Barbara? You weren`t even there when I was on the show, Barbara.


MINAJ: So, I guess I`m not good enough. But, I am good enough to tell people that you don`t even (bleep) know me.


HAMMER: Speaking to an imaginary Barbara, Barbara who was not on the plane. And to be quite clear, Barbara Walters did say on "the View" that she did reach out to Nicki.

So, Brian, do you think that Nicki should shut her pie hole already about this whole thing?

SAFI: Absolutely. Why is she attacking legends. First Mariah and then Barbara. The only person who gets to attack her is Whoopi Goldberg because she earned that on that couch. The whole thing is ridiculous.

HAMMER: Yes. I think she is pretty much the only one allowed to do that right there. And I think the only thing it`s good for is perhaps American Idol because, maybe, it`s driving more eyeballs in that show who are still interested in seeing what really is going on.

And Nicki, by the way, didn`t disappoint when he came to responding to that actual feud tape of her the feud with her fellow "American Idol" judge Mariah Carrey. She did this on her docu-series. So, what she said she didn`t get to tell Barbara, she said right here. Let`s watch that.


MINAJ: Twenty minutes before that happened, I was like you know what, let me go. I walked off. I didn`t want to do that. So, I left and I when I came back, it was another jam. I made it clear like if you that again, I`m going to do this again. So like, I am not going to allow it no more.


HAMMER: OK. Now, first of all, I`m actually glad to hear her saying all that. Because after that feud tape was leaked out, it was sort to downplayed by a lot people saying, it`s not a real feud. They are not really mad at each other. They were just horsing around and it was staged. But, based on that, I am guessing, and Brandi, tell me if you agree, this feud is not going to be over for a long time by a long shot.

GLANVILLE: No. I think there is much more to come and actually, I am excited for all of it.

HAMMER: Brian, team Nicki or team Mariah on this one?

SAFI: I am team "American idol" on this one. I am living for this feud. This is the only reason I am going to be watching this season. I`m with Brandi. I love it.

HAMMER: It is all so classy, isn`t it?


HAMMER: All right, now. Here`s the thing, if Nicki`s confessions didn`t top the countdown, what could it be?

Well, I`m here to tell you, we have a supermodel and a country pop superstar who are vying for top spot tonight. Wait until you hear which is number one shut your pie hole story of the night.

So, Brandi, Brian, please stay right where you are. I will reveal numbers two and one coming up next.

And we got another amazing showbiz event tonight. I`m talking about my one-on-one newsmaker interview with the great superstar, Alec Baldwin.


ALEC BALDWIN, ACTOR: The power is back on, but it`s going to take years to get these people back.


HAMMER: No question about that. Tonight, New York native Alec Baldwin is getting personal about hurricane Sandy`s horrific destruction. And now, he was actually affected and what he saw walking the streets right after the storm.

Plus, wait until you hear Alec`s vision for helping the victims.



HAMMER: But tonight, we are counting down the top five stories that made us say shut your pie hole.

And kicking it off at number five was Robert Pattinson who opened up about being depressed about his massive "Twilight" fame.

At number four, Lance Armstrong tweeting a picture where he has kind of casually laying around with his seven tours de France jerseys after all he has been through.

And in number three, Nicki Minaj rants about Barbara Walters after Barbara called Nicki unpredictable.

That takes us to number two on the showbiz countdown tonight. It`s the lovely Heidi Klum who has just publicly declared she loves Martin Kristen, her body guard. Here`s what she tells "Boot" magazine. There will be people who will criticize whoever I live with, what kind of clothes I wear or what hairstyle I have. At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happy.

And well, that`s all well and good and I get what she is saying completely. Should Heidi just shut up? Shut her pie hole about her budding relationship, particularly after her very public relationship with Seal went down the tubes?

Brandi off to you first. What do you think?

GLANVILLE: Well, I think that Seal was off on a boat with a model, there is nothing wrong with Heidi saying she`s in love. I mean, it is only fair.

HAMMER: But, the idea that they are talking about it publicly, you know. That was the big thing with their relationship is they put it out there, we love that. And then, they broke up and maybe something had to do with the fact that they were always on public about it.

GLANVILLE: Well, I mean, like she said, she had to do what makes her happy. So, I just say more power to her.

HAMMER: Well, I must say, when Heidi talks about her new relationship, I`m reminded of what she told Katie Couric about how difficult it is to start dating when you are in the public eye like they are. Let`s watch that.


HEIDI KLUM, ACTRESS: It`s hard, you know, especially in the public eye, too, you know. You are always, you know, people looking at you closely at everything that you do. And they also don`t always exactly see how it really is. And it`s very hard when you then start seeing somebody again, you know, for the first time. It`s hard when all of a sudden everyone is watching you. It`s almost like you couldn`t even have a proper chance.


HAMMER: Well, that is true. It is only been two months since Heidi and Seal finalized their divorce. And here she is publicly declaring that she is in love now two months later, Brian. Do you think she has learned her lesson or do you think just the opposite?

SAFI: If you hate being in the public eye, why are you making a public statement? She has learned nothing. But what I have learned is duce. Get into the body guard business. That`s the way to go. That`s how you land a supermodel.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, really, when you think about it, having that close connection all the time. There are opportunities to have these intimate conversations to have the show, to be there for the person. If you are the body guard, you can be there for whatever they are going through.

All right. Time now for us to reveal who is number one on the countdown tonight. This is the star who most made us say shut your pie hole.

Taylor Swift. She gave an interview to Harper`s bazaar and she talks about her exes yet again. Once again she is talking about past relationships just continue to fuel her song writing. Let me read a bit of what she told Harper`s bazaar.

And she said, some combinations of people of toxic, you know. You have to find the right that is not going to explode into fiery ash and destruction. Despite all of that, and how unpleasant it is, as a writer you get a lot from it. It`s a crazy justification system. You know that guy you really wish you can erase from your memory. But then, the answer is track six, eight, 12, and 13. Very clever.

Simple question for you, Brandi. Do you ever, ever want to hear Taylor talking about her exes again?

GLANVILLE: Well, I love the music and I feel like if she stops dating then, we won`t hear her music anymore. So, I`m all right with it.

HAMMER: All right. I have to believe she can find inspiration elsewhere. But I guess, if it`s working for her, it`s working for her. But, I heard quite a few voices today saying shut your pie hole.

Brandi, Brian, we got to leave it there. Thank you both so much.

Make sure you tune in to see Brandi on the brand new on the season of "the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Monday night on Bravo.

Well, we move from shutting up to opening up. I have got an incredible showbiz news maker interview tonight with superstar Alec Baldwin.


BALDWIN: I don`t sit there and say Obama is the president and everything will be great. I sit there for Obama is president and I hope things become better and I think we have our best chance of becoming better.


HAMMER: This is one of the smartest guys in Hollywood. Alec, never keeps his politics secret. But tonight, you just might be surprised by his reaction to President Obama`s big win.



HAMMER: Tonight at blockbuster newsmaker interview with the great Alec Baldwin.

Alec was certainly one of the most vocal celebrities anywhere when it came to the presidential election. Well, I just went on-on-one with Alec. I had to find out what you really thinks about how things turned out last week. And I can tell you, he is getting really personal. He is also revealing how hurricane Sandy affected his family. And of course, we talked about his spectacular animated movie, "Rise of the Guardians" and what it was like to play the voice of Santa Claus which he did so well. But, we did start with the issue that is very much on everyone`s minds. The victims of hurricane Sandy.


BALDWIN: It`s going to take years to get the people back, but what I love, I top the say this on the air. I really mean this. I mean, I was walking down the street the other day. And last night I was walking from one part of town to another to meet a friend of mine last night. And I come to the Marriott Hotel and in the car park with the valet there, I am cutting through to 45th street and there is a bunch of guys in these uniforms. And that you know, they were slightly off from NYPD uniform. As a I get closer to them, they are a contingent of Louisiana state police that came here in a kind of Katrina pay back then as a contingent to come to do security down in New Jersey. They tell me they were with Christie. They were working with the state police there. And I thought that is what I love about this country is when this stuff happens, people really do get in there and help.

HAMMER: But, I must ask you being where I`m from, I have to imagine like all of us. you are thrilled, number one, that the election is over and thrilled with the outcome.

BALDWIN: Well, I am happy from the outcome, but I find what`s interesting is many of my friends on the other side of the aisle, they, and this is always a bit kind of unsettling for me. They want their side to win and once their side does wins, they are done and their political engagement is done. And many of the people on my side of the aisle wanted their guy to win and he won and they have a celebratory evening and the next day are just as nervous about the outcome and tried to want things to go well.

I don`t sit there and say Obama is the president and everything is going to be great. I sit there saying Obama is president and I hope things become better and I think we have our best chance to becoming better. But, I think everyone is reasonably concerned about what to do about is this weather anomaly something that will be a regular currency. I mean, what`s weird in New York to me, is not a storm that sends 100 year wave anomalous of water that floods in lower Manhattan, but what is weird to me is that it snowed a week later.

Good or bad, naughty or nice, we protect them.

HAMMER: I have to tell you, I love "Rise of the Guardians." I mean, I don`t see a lot of animated films and I just thought it was spectacular. I love you as the voice of Santa Claus. And who knew that Santa has eastern European voice.

BALDWIN: Yes. Well, Santa does now.

HAMMER: Yes and tattoos.

BALDWIN: And tattoos and bad as attitude. Well, if we have gone back --

HAMMER: No, no, no. Stay with the accent please. We are doing an interview with the accent.

BALDWIN: We can`t.

HAMMER: It hurts my voice. I won`t do it today.

BALDWIN: You have to pay me lots of money.

HAMMER: OK, I won`t be doing that today.

BALDWIN: But no, if you go with the old cliche of Santa and I kind of send me the figure, I think these guys delivered, they wanted to spray into the other direction and characterize all of these figures as kind of quasi- action stars.

HAMMER: And I have to imagine, with all of the projects that must land on your desk every day, this was not a difficult choice at all.

BALDWIN: Well, I think that in the movie business this is a very, very hard fought lesson for me, is in the movie business, you are an ingredient in the salad, but you are not making a salad. And you have to put your hands in the person`s who are the directors and the producers and so forth where you have faith in. And in terms of this world, this animated programming, I don`t have faith in anyone more than (INAUDIBLE), with DreamWorks is certainly one of the best if not the best in this kind of product.


HAMMER: Yes. I have to agree. "Rise of the Guardians" is really an amazing movie. It will be in theaters on November 21st.

Moving now to Justin`s heart break. Brand new evidence tonight, Justin Bieber`s split from Selena Gomez may not be a done deal. The details are next.



HAMMER: Never say, never. There is brand new evidence that Justin Bieber`s split from Selena Gomez may actually not be a done deal. The breakup news went viral on Friday, just hours later shockingly Justin spoke out about it on the syndicated radio show open house party and to me, Justin sounds just heartbroken. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: You are all over the papers today about the breakup of your relationship with Selena. I wonder if there is anything you want to say.

JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: All right. I don`t know what to say. I don`t know really. If you know what`s even going on in my life. So, to even assess that is it doesn`t make sense because I`ve not made any comment.


HAMMER: Well, I don`t know if we can take it as a sign of hope, but Selena and Justin were both in New York city, Selena being honored by glamour magazine. Justin was scheduled to perform at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Maybe they got together. Who knows?

Tonight, genetic sexual attraction. It is a sexual attraction from a parent to a child or sibling. Is this a real issue or it is just plain insane?

Dr. Drew investigates right now.