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Skydiver Breaks Records; `SNL` Spoofs iPhone Complaints; Brad Pitt`s Chanel No. 5 Ad a Head Scratcher; Top Stories: Brilliant or Bananas?; "What Would You Do?"; Ben Affleck Directed and Stars in Argo

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," top five "Must- See Videos." Brand-new looks tonight at the man who fell to earth. You haven`t seen his supersonic dive until you`ve seen this video.

And Brad Pitt`s controversial new Chanel ad. Was he worth the reported $7 million? Who will top our countdown of "Must-See Videos"?

Hello and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer with two big "SHOWBIZ Countdowns" tonight, including the five big stories breaking today that made us ask, "Brilliant or Bananas"?

Like the Justin Bieber stolen laptop and naked photo fury. How Justin fooled us all, and even Nicki Minaj is a part of this. "Brilliant or Bananas?"

And then there`s Jennifer Aniston revealing today that she`s going to be doing something with her hair that could actually going to make her a whole lot of money. "Brilliant or Bananas?" The big reveal of our No. 1 is coming up.

But we begin with our first "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the night. It`s the top five videos that got our attention today in a big way.

Let`s kick it off with No. 5. It`s the man who fell to earth.

Today we got extraordinary new video of Felix Baumgartner`s mind- boggling and record-breaking weekend leap from space. The guy jumped from 24 miles above the earth to a safe landing. He became the first human being ever to travel faster than the speed of sound without a jet or a spacecraft. Wow.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you this breathtaking new video of the man now known as Fearless Felix, and some of the footage taken from a camera right there on Felix`s helmet. Let`s watch. It`s amazing.




HAMMER: It`s just a dude free-falling. That is stunning to me.

Millions of people around the world watched the jump and Felix`s thrilling landing. We learned today that an almost unprecedented eight million people alone watched it live on YouTube.

Here in New York I`m joined by comedian Brian Balthazar. He`s the editor of Also in New York the lovely Amanda seals, hope of MTV`s "Hip-Hop POV."

You know, I couldn`t help but think, of course, of the new James Bond movie that`s coming out, "Skyfall." Amanda, I`m thinking not even Bond could outdo the sky fall of Fearless Felix. I mean, how mind-boggling was this? I`m just blown away watching it here.

AMANDA SEALS, MTV`S "HIP-HOP POV": You caught my face when I came up on the screen. I mean, it`s just -- I`ve heard about it, but it`s one thing to actually see it, you know. And it`s really amazing. And I just can`t believe that he had the balls to do it.

HAMMER: Well, I guess he did, Brian. I mean, it`s shocking. This dude is free-falling.

BRIAN BALTHAZAR, COMEDIAN: It is. The things we do to steal some headlines from Kim Kardashian. I mean, this is what we`ve been reduced to. It`s terrifying.

You know, this was sponsored, actually, in part by Red Bull. And what a nightmare, a tragic thing if it had gone wrong, but a nightmare, publicity nightmare if this had gone wrong. But it`s amazing that it worked out and what a thrill to watch. I`m scared just watching him make that leap. What do you think when you`re making that first leap?

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, and this is something he has been working on for years and years and years for this moment. It had been scrapped last week. He finally got to do it over the weekend.

But we did find out today that Felix`s jump did not go off without a hitch. Obviously he made it. But he`s revealing that after his jump he veered into a potentially dangerous spin. Let`s watch what he said about that.


FELIX BAUMGARTNER, RECORD-BREAKING SKY DIVER: I started spinning so violently, it spun me around in all different axis, you know, and I was always trying to find out how to stop this. I was putting one arm out. It didn`t work. Then putting another arm out. But you`re always late, because at that speed, when you travel at that speed with that suit that`s pressurized, you don`t feel the air at all.


HAMMER: I kind of think that, if I`m going to do a jump like this, I`m going to figure out what to do in that event before I jump, in case I start. I`m trying to figure it out as I`m flying through space.

Brian mentioned that Felix`s jump was sponsored by Red Bull, Amanda. Is there any amount of Red Bull that could possibly get you to jump from 24 miles up? I mean, come on.

SEALS: No, I won`t even do the trapeze thing right here in New York at Chelsea Piers. Keep me as close to the ground as possible.

My question for him is, where do you go from here? How do you top this, you know?

HAMMER: Yes. He`s done. That`s it.

All right. As we move on tonight, we are now calling in our No. 4 must-see video on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown," calling in the iPhone. It`s "Saturday Night Live`s" hilarious take on all the complaints about the new iPhone.

"SNL" host Christina Applegate plays the host of a talk show where a panel of these tech writers are complaining about the iPhone 5`s glitches that we`ve all been hearing about. But things get a little awkward when the techies come face-to-face with the Chinese peasant laborers who assemble the iPhone. And let`s just say the laborers aren`t sympathetic to the complaints. Watch and see.


CHRISTINA APPLEGATE, ACTRESS: Here`s a quote from your Web site, Josh.

BILL HADER, CAST MEMBER, NBC`S "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": Please don`t read that. Please don`t read that.

APPLEGATE: It says, "I can`t believe I waited six hours in line for this piece of crap."

FRED ARMISEN, CAST MEMBER, NBC`S "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": Oh you wait in line six hours. That`s tough. One time she wait in line 21 days for baby formula.

NASIM PEDRAD, CAST MEMBER, NBC`S "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": Yes, you know, food to feed baby.

ARMISEN: So very similar, yes.


APPLEGATE: Would you guys like to complain about an American product?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, that good question.

ARMISEN: Let`s see, what does America make? Let`s see, does diabetes count as a product?


HAMMER: That`s perfect. Brian, you know, I`m looking here at the phone, and I`m thinking people might feel a little silly complaining about the old iPhone 5 after watching that sketch, because funny found in truth, you know.

BALTHAZAR: Yes. It does kind of put it into perspective that, you know, we talk about our economy being in trouble, and we`re waiting seven hours for a $500 phone, and we already have a phone. So it does kind of put it in perspective. We don`t want to have to type anymore. We need a computerized voice to do it. What are we doing here? What are we talking about?

HAMMER: Amanda, it really basically proves, or maybe I should ask Siri. Siri, are we all insane? She`s not going to have the answer for me. But really we are, Amanda, aren`t we?

SEALS: No. This is definitely what I call on Twitter hash tag first world problems.


SEALS: You know, it`s just not that deep, but we have gotten in this mode. And I am definitely one of them. Because I went through many a pains to get my iPhone 5 just so I can say it`s a 5. It`s a 5.

HAMMER: Here you go, right here. All right.

Listen, I don`t know if Brad Pitt had to wait in line for his iPhone 5, or if he even has one. But here`s something I do know about Brad.

No. 3 in our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" today of the "Must-See Videos," Brad Pitt making his debut as the first male face of Chanel No. 5. This is amazing. We have our first "Price is Right" male model. Now we have our first male Chanel model.

Brad giving us the first look at his new commercial today. The best way to describe it, I think, is odd. Let`s watch.


BRAD PITT, ACTOR: It`s not a journey. Every journey ends, but we go on. The world turns, and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable.


HAMMER: What? What is going on? Chanel No. 5, inevitable. Now Brian, a major Brad Pitt fan.


HAMMER: Can`t figure out what the heck the commercial is all about. Can you help?

BALTHAZAR: Yes. Yes, and someone from Chanel is off in a corner going 6,995, 6,996, and he didn`t even wash his hair? Is he trying to look bad?

And the set looks like -- I mean, adult films have more sophisticated sets than that. I just don`t get it.

And do you think people are going to rush out and buy Chanel No. 5? And I like him, too, but I don`t know. I don`t get it at all.

HAMMER: OK. Here`s -- Charles, can we just put it up again, because maybe we missed something. I don`t know. Roll it, Charles.


PITT: Every journey ends, but we go on. The world turns, and we turn with it.


BALTHAZAR: It`s the cure for insomnia.

SEALS: This is like the tree of life of commercials.

HAMMER: Well, here, hold on. Listen to Brad. Listen to Brad. He`s got important stuff to say. Bring the audio up.


PITT: There you are, my luck, my fate, my fortune.


SEALS: It`s like a prince song.

HAMMER: I want to know if it`s inevitable? Is it inevitable?

PITT: Inevitable.

HAMMER: See? Here`s the thing, Amanda. Chanel reportedly paid Brad 7 million bucks to do this. And I think I just figured out that he`s worth it, because we just played the commercial twice, right?

SEALS: Yes. I mean, granted he looks like a cast member of "Sons" -- from "Sons of anarchy," but it really is like did they pay him to also write it, as well? I hope that it was all in one. And I kind of feel like him and Angelina talk like this in their house.

HAMMER: Right. Will you pass the potatoes?


SEALS: Inevitably.

HAMMER: Inevitably they`ll come your way, my dear.

OK, well, look, I guess they`re getting their money`s worth right there.

Amanda, Brian, we`re now down to two choices in our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of today`s must-see top five videos. Is it going to be the too- cute-for-words video of two twins fighting to stay awake during their spaghetti feast?

Will it perhaps be the incredible, revealing look at the lovely Katie Holmes? This is more than we have seen of Katie since her divorce from Tom Cruise. You will want to see this as we reveal our No. 1 video in mere moments. The big reveal is coming up.

And then later on another big "SHOWBIZ Countdown" tonight, the big star stories today that had us asking "Brilliant or Bananas?"


JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: You have no game.


HAMMER: Justin Bieber punks the world to get attention for his new music video. Is this a brilliant move, or is it kind of bananas to think that a hoax wouldn`t backfire on him?

Also, Miley Cyrus goes virtually topless on a late night talk show. She`s wearing nothing but a bra. Find out the No. 1 story that made us ask, "Brilliant or Bananas?"

Plus, a real-life Hollywood rescue. You`ve got to see it.


BEN AFFLECK, ACTOR: We all fly out together as a film crew.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is all about magic and illusion. Hollywood magic, CIA magic.


HAMMER: This is stunning. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes one-on-one with the real CIA agent from the brand-new hit movie "Argo." He`s going to tell us how Hollywood helped him pull off a legendary hostage rescue.




We are counting down tonight`s top five "Must-See Videos." Here`s where we are so far.

No. 5, brand-new video revealed today of supersonic skydiver, Fearless Felix, who`s just a little crazy to me. He took a death-defying plunge from the edge of space. Nailed an unbelievable landing.

No. 4, "Saturday Night Live" did a hilarious spoof of critics of the iPhone. You may never look at your cell phone the same way again.

At No. 3, Brad Pitt debuts as the first male face of the Chanel No. 5 commercial, and we`re still trying to figure it all out.

That brings us to No. 2 in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of our top five "Must-See Videos." This is hilarious. It`s a new viral video of exhausted twin toddlers who cannot stay awake, even during meal time. You`ve got to watch this one.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I finally learned how to press the record.


HAMMER: I can totally relate. That`s 22-month-old twins M.J. and A.J. trying to tackle plates of spaghetti. But despite the fight, the overwhelming desire to sleep totally wins out, as you see. Totally adorable, and I particularly like that kid A.J.`s name.

That brings us to No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown," top five "Must-See Videos."

We are getting our most extreme view of Katie Holmes since she kicked Tom Cruise to the curb and divorced him. Holmes is all set to star in the all-new Broadway play "Dead Accounts." It starts previews on November 3.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your first look at Katie as she opens up about her work with her new costars and director Jack O`Brien.


KATIE HOLMES, ACTRESS: I`m really excited to be working with Teresa. I think her writing is wonderful, because the characters are real and going through things that we as the audience really recognize.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The behavior is funny. She doesn`t write jokes. It`s knee-jerk, and then they might back pedal. And I love that.

HOLMES: That`s how people talk. Yes. They`re usually, you know...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We speak before all the information has come out.

Jack, I mean his resume says it all. I just trust him. I don`t know how else to say it.

HOLMES: I was very excited to work with Jack and you. I`m just really thrilled. I don`t know. I -- I -- you`re in your dressing room. They say it`s Saturday night on Broadway. It`s so exciting.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Katie Holmes, she`s a multilayered, very sophisticated young woman. And I can`t wait to see what develops. This is an extraordinary combination of morals, comedy, and money.

HOLMES: What audiences are going to get is something different every night. We are very lucky people.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you do that again? Will you do that again? So Katie...


HAMMER: Let me bring in pop culture expert Brian Balthazar, who`s in New York. Brian is editor for Also in New York is Amanda Seals, host of MTV`s "Hip-Hop POV."

And Amanda, I want to start with you. I`m looking at this video and thinking Katie looks amazing. She seems really happy. She`s got great energy. She`s joking around. Now, think about it. It`s now been, what, about three months since her divorce from Tom, and I`m thinking she`s thinking, "So much for Tom Cruise." What are you thinking?

SEALS: I`m thinking that most people are watching this, wanting her to say something about Tom Cruise, even though it has nothing to do with what she`s talking about.

But it is great to see that she`s doing fine. And I think a lot of folks are really just happy to see that she is, you know, charging forward, and that there is no Tom, but she`s still Katie Holmes.

But she`s so bland to me. I mean, you`ve got to be kind of bland to...

HAMMER: Really?

SEALS: Yes. I get a blandness from Katie Holmes.

HAMMER: Each when she was Joey on "Dawson`s Creek"?

SEALS: Especially when she was Joey on "Dawson`s Creek."

HAMMER: I think, Brian, you were probably a big Joey fan on the "Dawson`s Creek."

BALTHAZAR: Absolutely. Looking at her, I feel like she has the weight of a thousand scientologists off her back. I think the elephant in the room for her is always going to be "Are they going to ask me about Tom? Are they going to ask me about Tom?" So there`s a little bit of reluctance.

But the funny thing is, I look at her. I know she`s a grown woman. I still see a kid a little bit. But I`m happy for her. She seems free. I`m happy to see her free.

HAMMER: Yes. And think about it. So she`s on Broadway now. From all accounts, Suri seems to be doing OK here in New York City. Is it safe to say, Amanda, at least in the eyes of the public, that she`s coming out on top in this divorce?

SEALS: Oh, definitely. I mean, I think that, for what it`s worth, Tom and his scientology sect don`t have the greatest sway when it comes to their side of the story. So, you know, for her to come out of that looking like she`s unscathed and still working, and now she`s also the face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, she`s winning. She is winning.

HAMMER: Yes. Look how much we`re talking about Katie Holmes. Who would have thought that before the whole Tom Cruise thing? Good for her. I`m happy to see she seems to be doing so well.

Brian, Amanda, thank you both.

Also tonight, Oprah Winfrey brings back her favorite things. Yes, Oprah -- I don`t know why I did that -- Oprah is getting back to her roots and resurrecting her famous TV giveaway. I do love that thing that Oprah does.

Jen Aniston also going back to her past and capitalizing on the Rachel hairdo -- you know, the one that she made so famous on "Friends" -- as Jen is becoming the spokesperson for a hair care line. Are Oprah and Jen "Brilliant or Bananas" for reaching into the past to cash in? The "SHOWBIZ Countdown," stories that made us ask, "Brilliant or Bananas?"



HAMMER: Tonight, come on down! SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes one-on-one with "The Price is Right`s" first ever male model.

Plus, Daniel Craig reveals to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT his top secret feelings about playing James Bond.

And another Hollywood heartthrob is reportedly splitting with his wife of nearly a decade. That tops the buzz today.


HAMMER (voice-over) Crowe`s marriage woes? Russell Crowe and his wife, Danielle Spencer, are reportedly calling it quits after nine years of marriage. According to a brand-new report by the "Sidney Herald," the couple have separated. The Oscar-winning actor and Spencer married in 2003 and have two children together, Charles and Tennyson, ages 8 and 6. Crowe is currently filming the biblical epic "Noah."

The guy is right.

DREW CAREY, HOST, "THE PRICE IS RIGHT": Welcome to the show, brother.

ROB WILSON, MODEL: Thank you so much, Drew, appreciate it.

HAMMER: Rob, come on down! SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just sat down with 24- year-old Rob Wilson, the first male model in "The Price is Right`s" 40-year history. Wilson beat out hundreds of guys in an open casting call, and he tells me what it`s like to hold this big honor.

WILSON: It`s an amazing opportunity. I feel so, so blessed. And God, I can`t thank everybody enough, honestly. It was just an amazing, amazing thing. This entire ride has been absolutely amazing.

HAMMER: Craig`s sky-high role.

DANIEL CRAIG, ACTOR: Bond. James Bond.

HAMMER: In a brand-new interview with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Daniel Craig opened up to us about playing James Bond. So how does Craig feel after his third 007 film, "Skyfall"?"

CRAIG: I`m not tired of it yet. I don`t plan to be. If I`m getting bored with it, I`m going to walk away. I mean really, these jobs are rare. I mean, this is one of the rarest. That we have the chance to make one of this size, it`s you know -- and people are prepared to give us the money to do, it`s -- you know, it`s amazing. It`s just a privilege to make a movie like this and just to be working with these people.

HAMMER: It`s nice to see he is still so humble about it.

And it`s back!

OPRAH WINFREY, MEDIA MOGUL: How about if we give each person in your audience the brand-new totally redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Prius!

HAMMER: Oprah Winfrey`s "Favorite Things" is returning. It`s a brand-new special on her OWN network. So is the resurrection a brilliant move to kick start OWN, or it is just bananas that Oprah is doing the same old thing on another network?

And Miley Cyrus wears a bra as a shirt on late-night TV. Yes, underwear as outerwear. Was her bold new move "Brilliant or Bananas"? Miley and Oprah head to head in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the stories that made us ask, is it "Brilliant or Bananas?"




JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: You have no game.


HAMMER: Right now on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Brilliant or Bananas?" Did Justin Bieber pull off one of Hollywood`s biggest hoaxes of the year just to promote his new music video with Nicki Minaj? Was it "Brilliant or Bananas" that the Biebs punked the world and claimed nude pics of him might leak online?

Plus, Miley Cyrus`s risque wardrobe choice. A bra top on a late-night talk show. What is the number one story that made us ask, is that brilliant or bananas?

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" continues right now.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight, the "showbiz" countdown, we are counting down the top five star moves we learned about today that made us ask brilliant or bananas?

Kicking it off with number five, Justin Bieber`s incredible hoax. It is kind of played out like an episode of Ashton Kutcher`s show "Punked." Here is how it worked on the "showbiz" news line.

So, last Wednesday Justin tweeted to his believers that his laptop was stolen and there is speculation it contained naked pictures of the Biebs. The next day, Thursday, a photo supposedly of the Biebs naked from the neck down went viral. A couple of hours later, Bieber tweeted this to someone on twitter who claimed he figured out the Bieb`s password. No matter what you have and what you post tomorrow, my fans won`t leave me, with a hash tag too strong. But the mystery tweeter continued pushing the Bieber`s buttons and released videos like this one. Watch.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s in the next. You got to go over a hallway.




HAMMER: OK, so you might see that. Yes, something is up. But now we know the whole thing, just a big PR stunt. Brilliant or bananas?

With me now in New York Megan Alexander, who is a correspondent for "Inside Edition," also in New York, Amanda Seales, the host of MTV`s hip-hop POV.

Yes. So, the whole Justin video tape was hoax, all part of his elaborate publicity stunt to hype his brand-new video with Nicki Minaj called beauty and the beat.

Amanda, I begin with you, brilliant or bananas?

AMANDA SEALES, HOST, MTV`S HIP HOP POV: Brilliant. Thank goodness there were not nudie pics of Justin Bieber, which honestly in my mind, I feel like he is androgynous. He would be like a ken doll, just smooth.

HAMMER: Oh, boy.

SEALES: But you know, still, I just -- I`m glad that this is not the case. But honestly, using social media and gullibleness (ph) to your advantage in this way, I got to give him points.

HAMMER: Oh, yes. I totally agree with you, although it was a big BS red flag for me, the idea that he would have even had naked pictures of himself on his laptop. You know what? He is a smarter star than that, I really believe. But then again, you never know. He actually incorporated some of the video, some of the leaked video into the beginning of his music video with Nicki Minaj. Let`s watch that.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have no game.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let me talk to Nicki. Would you rather --


HAMMER: I actually like the video, Megan. But was this hoax in your mine brilliant or bananas?

MEGHAN MCCAIN, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: ALEXANDER, CORRESPONDENT, INSIDE EDITION: I have to say both, A.J. First, I thought it was brilliant in this attention-seeking, controversy-loving society that we live in. It was sort of the ideal setup. But then we find out Justin Bieber was in on it. First of all, he is Justin Bieber. He did not need the publicity. Second, I will say this A.J., you do this once, fans begin to question. You may lose the trust of your fans. I don`t know.

HAMMER: You could wind up as the Bieber who cried wolf. I see where you`re going from.


HAMMER: But listen. Miley Cyrus pulled off a stunt that also has us asking brilliant or bananas. Remember, she is 19 years old. Miley just went on "the Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. It looked like she forgot to finish getting dressed wearing what looked like a bra for a top. Let`s look at that.




LENO: You know something? You were born the year I started this show. I remember your dad bragging about it.

CYRUS: Well, then it`s coming up, the big 2-0.

LENO: It is coming in. It is, look at that. It`s - yes, you look fantastic.

CYRUS: Thank you.

LENO: I like your haircut that looks great.

CYRUS: Thank you, thank you.


HAMMER: Thank you, thank you. All right, Jay, avoiding very clearly Miley`s wardrobe choice, focusing on her rocking haircut instead. Maybe, he thought , it would be just a little bit creepy, I guess. I don`t know how, though, how Jay didn`t say something about what she was wearing, because it got our attention. Brilliant or bananas in your mind? Look at this.

ALEXANDER: YES. If you are asking me, A.J., I think it was totally bananas. I think this is smoochy, mushy rotten, stinky bananas, classic example, female child star wants to be taken as a grownup, wants to appear that she is now an adult, so she starts taking off her clothes. It`s tired. It`s desperate, lacking creativity.

HAMMER: Well, we did do a little digging into Miley`s wardrobe choice over the past few months. And "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" did put together a special brilliant or bananas look book of Miley Cyrus, if we could take a look at this. Let`s flip open the pages and see what she has been doing.

Amanda, take a closer look of this because I want to get your take on this. She has been rocking the low-cut look as of late. She is nearly 20 years old. In your mind as we look at these various looks of Miley recently, is it a brilliant move or bananas for the former Hannah Montana star?

SEALES: I mean, it is neither. It`s just predictable, you know. Like she is 19. She`s rich, and she has been expected to be this perfect little all-American girl. And she is rebelling. I mean I always say that I wish I could dedicate just one day a month to pulling the top up on every girl I see on the train who is just showing way too much boob.

ALEXANDER: This you go!

SEALES: And this would be one of my --

HAMMER: What is stopping you? What is keeping you from doing it?



HAMMER: Come on, talk about publicity.

SEALES: It`s just not necessary. And for someone like Miley, it`s the same thing that you said about Justin. She just doesn`t need the publicity in this way.


SEALES: You know. She really has actual talent and she has a huge name and she has a great-looking boyfriend. So, she is not trying to get any lookers either.

HAMMER: I agree. And as you said, you know, a lot of people are calling it predictable. But I think the whole pulling the top up on people that you see on the train, or whatever, there is your reality show right there now.

So, just like Miley Cyrus, former gossip girl star Taylor Momsen is 19- years-old. And what she has done, in my mind, makes Miley actually look like a nun by comparison. This is number three in our "showbiz" countdown, Brilliant or bananas. It`s Taylor`s brand-new video for her band. And we see her with no bra, no pants, no nothing.


TAYLOR MOMSEN, STAR, GOSSIP GIRLS: Show my face all red and bruised, and now I scream and I screamed and no one came running. I wasn`t saved from you. Don`t let the water drag you down. Don`t let me drown in the waves. I could be found. I could be one who is saved. Lay my head under the water. Alone I pray for calmer seas. And when I wake from this dream with chains all around me, I`ve never been free.


HAMMER: Wow. Taylor, really leaving nothing to the imagination there. And I got to say the words she is speaking pretty disturbing there, Megan. Brilliant or bananas?

ALEXANDER: It`s neither, A.J. This is dark. This is disturbing. It takes it to a whole another level. And if you do look at those lyrics and listen to them, I got to wonder if this is somebody crying out for help. You wonder what sort of circle she has around her, support group. It is really disturbing. You think of the creepy guys that are looking at this video. I don`t know. She seems way too young. It`s very disturbing.

HAMMER: All right. Well, she is get attention. And if she is seeking attention, we are giving it to her. She did that video, and we are talking about it.

That leaves us to number two on the countdown of star moves that made us ask brilliant or bananas? Who will be number one on this brilliant or bananas countdown? Who will be number on this brilliant or bananas countdown. Will it possibly be Oprah? Her brand-new favorite things coming back? Or Jennifer Aniston`s new hair care moved that will make you say brilliant or bananas?

Don`t go anywhere. We`re getting to that in just a moment.

People are still buzzing tonight about Ben Affleck`s new epic thriller "Argo" that just opened up over the weekend.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We all fly out together as a film crew.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s all about magic and illusion, Hollywood magic, CIA magic.


HAMMER: And tonight, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" is bringing you the real story of the most outlandish hostage rescue of all time, straight from the agent who actually pulled it off. Come on, who doesn`t love a good rescue, right?



HAMMER: Welcome back.

Tonight "showbiz" is counting down the top five star moves we learned about today that made us say, brilliant or bananas? Here is where we are so far.

Number five, Justin Bieber and his elaborate and brilliant hoax to get the word out about his new music video with Nicki Minaj by claiming his laptop was stolen, and racy personal pics of the Biebs were about to be leaked.

And number four, Miley Cyrus goes risque. Cyrus pushes the wardrobe limit wearing a bra as a shirt on the Jay Leno show.

At number three, Momsen strips down. In a shocking new music video, 19- year-old, former "Gossip Girl` star Taylor Momsen steps out wearing nothing but eye makeup.

This bring us to number two on the "showbiz" countdown on star moves that made us say, brilliant or bananas?

Jennifer Aniston scores a hair-raising deal. She signed on as new co-owner of the hair care line Living Proof. Now, when Aniston unveiled her new haircut on "friends" back in 1995, you remember what happened. She created hairstyle hysteria. You remember this look, don`t you?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Rachel, why don`t you start talking first?

JENNIFER ANISTON, ACTRESS: All right. I feel this is totally unjustified. She gave me the green light. I did nothing -- do you think I can`t see you in the TV set?



HAMMER: Millions of women saw that hair and flocked to salons with Aniston`s photo right in their hand. Now today, it was just revealed that Jen Aniston is new co-owner of the hair care line salon Living Proof.

I want to bring back Megan Alexander, she is correspondent for "Inside Edition" and Amanda Seales, host of MTV`s Hip Hop POV.

Aniston, of course, is known as much for her hair as she is for her acting. But, you know, this was 17 years ago. Women were obsessed with that look back then, Megan. Is it bananas for Aniston to try to get in on the hair care business now, or is it actually a pretty brilliant move?

ALEXANDER: Well, I originally did say Jen, what took you so long? I`m surprised she didn`t do this 15 years ago. But A.J., this is the most famous star on the planet who became famous for a certain haircut. But I would argue that women still look at her hair, whether it`s the bob, it`s the long layers. They are still, wanting to look just like her. So I think this is very brilliant and smart business move.

HAMMER: Always a trendsetter. Although back then, you know, she actually hated that famous hair that she had on "friends." She told "Allure" magazine last year, which is funny after all the hysteria, she said it was the ugliest haircut she had ever seen. But with that said, you know, she worked it. Her fans loved it, Amanda. I`m thinking that just, maybe, this could be one of those brilliant moves in the making. Are you loving the idea?

SEALES: I`m loving it. I`m totally in agreement. It is like really, you`re just now doing this? Why wasn`t this happening before? Who is on your team? This is really a great idea. And you know, if it isn`t broke, don`t fix it. The hair works.

HAMMER: I`m glad you`re in agreed on this. Let`s appreciate that. Aniston not the only superstar reaching into her past to get the most out of the present.

This brings us to number one on the "showbiz" countdown of the top five stars making us ask brilliant or bananas.

It`s Oprah Winfrey`s big announcement just revealing her ridiculously popular favorite thing show. It`s coming back as a special program next month on her still struggling own network. But who can forget what was thought to be her final favorite things show when she gave everyone in the audience a car.


OPRAH WINFREY, TV HOST: They said we cannot give you this beetle, but how about if we give each person in your audience the brand-new totally redesigned 2012 Volkswagen beetle!


HAMMER: Nice. Look, I love it. But we`ve been there, done that with Oprah, Megan. If she is reprising the old favorite things, I got to wonder, should she have just kept the talk show? Is it brilliant to do or bananas that she is bringing it back.

ALEXANDER: I think it is Brilliant. What is interesting case study A.J., the Own network and Oprah Winfrey have been lately. She is going back to what she knows. She is going back to what she knows the best. And in terms of branding and marketing, my favorite thing was one of her most popular segments. Give the fans what they want. I think it`s smart.

HAMMER: I love seeing it. All right Megan, thank you so much.

Well, imagine this, seeing a bunch of teenagers getting wasted on the street. Baby-faced kids falling down drunk, drinking out of a paper bag.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re too young to be out here drinking.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are OK, sweetheart?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Come on, she is fine.


HAMMER: All right. What would you do if you saw this happening? Would you be able to act? Would you just walk on by? We have your very first look at what would you do, a fascinating camera show coming to HLN. Would you be a hero if you thought you had to be?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What we like for this are bicycles.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Deliver the six bikes, provide them with maps.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Or you can just send in training wheels and meet them at the board were Gatorade.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s going to take a miracle to get them out.


HAMMER: This is such an unbelievable story. You have six American diplomats trapped in Iran and a CIA team masquerading as a Hollywood film crew sent in to rescue them. "Argo" is the true story of the CIA`s amazing Hollywood rescue. It was directed by Ben Affleck, who also stars in the film, and it took the number two spot at the box office.

Tonight we`re hearing from the real CIA specialist at the center of this amazing drama.

Here is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Kareen Wynter with the "showbiz" Special Report.


KAREEN WYNTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Only with Hollywood`s help could a real-life high-stakes scheme this outrageous, this dangerous actually work.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Six of the hostages went out a back exit.

WYNTER: A culvert plan by a cunning CIA agent to rescue six American diplomats trapped in Iran. They escaped from the U.S. embassy on the day of its takeover by Islamic militants drew the country chaotic 1979 revolution.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s going to take a miracle to get them out.

WYNTER: Oscar winner Ben Affleck`s nail-biting espionage thriller" Argo" isn`t just the stuff of movies, it`s based on real-life events, and the actual spy Affleck portrays is Tony Mendez.

We sat down with the former CIA specialist who took a page out of Hollywood to pull off a risky mission -- sneak into Iran disguised as a filmmaker on a location scout, rendezvous with the diplomats and safely get them on a plane out of Tehran.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I fly into Tehran. We all fly out together safely.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s all about Hollywood and illusion. Hollywood magic, CIA magic.

WYNTER: With heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran over 52 Americans held hostage by Iranian revolutionary guards at the U.S. embassy, the fake scenario had to look real.

TONY MENDEZ, FORMER CIA OPERATIVE: We had office space on the old sunset and Geller lot in Hollywood. Got a hold of Michael Douglas, who is vacating that premises at that time, and that was the beginning of our cover legend.

WYNTER: Looking back now, it was a crazy idea, Tony.

MENDEZ: We always had to sell our product, just like anybody else. We put our sign on the door, "Argo," studio six production.

WYNTER: Studio six, a coded reference to the Americans Mendez would rescue on January 28,1980, after they had spent nearly three months hiding at the homes of Canadian diplomats.

MENDEZ: The last thing we did is, we went down to Hollywood reporter and variety and took out full-page ads with our logo on it.

WYNTER: Mendez spares no detail to prevent his cover from being blown.

MENDEZ: Everybody in the world knows what Hollywood is . We distracted people all along the line and got them to help us, rather than to harm us. And it worked.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. Here we go. Stand by.

WYNTER: Mendez provided long classified information to director Ben Affleck about the mission, whose name came from Greek mythology`s impossible quest for the Golden Fleece.

BEN AFFLECK, ACTOR, DIRECTOR: I wanted to make a movie about real people whose sacrifices for their country when they do these missions were more kind of grounded and realistic. Like the quiet uncertainty, will I ever come back? Will I die overseas?

WYNTER: The six American diplomats whose lives you saved, they worked closely on this film as well. What do they say to you today?

MENDEZ: When are we going to get paid? It`s extended family, you know.

WYNTER: Life is different now for this accomplished author, painter, and doting grandfather. But the former spy reminds us "Argo" was one of the CIA`s best kept secrets, and there are many more.

MENDEZ: Well, I`ll take these ideas to my grave and nobody will know. That`s cool.

WYNTER: Other ideas?

MENDEZ: Oh, we have more idea, of course.

WYNTER: Are you itching for another operation something top secret?

MENDEZ: Absolutely.

WYNTER: You would do it in a heartbeat again today?


WYNTER: That`s the spirit. Thank you so much.


HAMMER: So cool. That was "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Kareen Wynter.

Now, imagine seeing teens falling down drunk in the streets like this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You don`t need to be out here drinking. It is 11:00 in the day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, man, man. No, she is fine.


HAMMER: All right. What would you do if you witnessed wasted teens doing that? Well, tonight your very first look at the, what would you do show? The fascinating HEATING CAMERA program that coming to HLN.



HAMMER: OK. So now here is a scenario that would make you ask yourself what would you do?

Imagine a bunch of teenagers are drinking out on the street, completely wasted, falling down drunk. They`ve got beers in their hands. Would you try to stop them? Maybe even take all that beer away from them? Well, that`s just one of the fascinating ethical scenarios you`re going to see on the hidden camera show "what would you do?" starts this Sunday night on HLN. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Underage drinking. As this video shows, it`s a disturbing national pastime that can have tragic effects.

So what would you do if you saw a group of what appeared to be teens getting wasted in public in the middle of the day?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One, two, three!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: We`re in Montclair, New Jersey. They are all actors, and there is no real alcohol in those cans. But what happens when a Good Samaritan has their impressionable young child in tow? For Abigail Harris, it doesn`t matter.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are too young to be out here drinking.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She is fine. She is 18 and you are --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: She even tries to take away their beer.


HAMMER: So what would you do? We`re going to be asking that very question every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, starting this weekend. "What Would You Do?" is right here on HLN.

You have got to tune in to see how that scenario with the wasted teens turns out, and see so many more fascinating ethical dilemmas playing out, and how regular people react to them.

Tonight, the search for missing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway becomes a manhunt for her killer. So, just what are her love ones going through.

Jane Velez-Mitchell talks with the family that knows all too well.