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Hulk Hogan Speaks Out about Leaked Sex Tape; Nick Cannon Not Worried about Nicki Minaj; Cops Called After Fight Between Lindsay Lohan, Mom; The Top Stories That Make Us Say "That`s Ridiculous"; Mama Kardashian Could Get Her Own Show

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight the SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories that made us say, "That`s Ridiculous."

A book that actually shows men how to cheat. A woman who turns snuggling into a business. I`m not kidding. So which of these stories is more ridiculous than the other? It`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight.

And thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And we begin with our first big SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night, the big three newsmakers today. And kicking it off at No. 3, Hulk Hogan. He is right here with me tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Hulk Hogan, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, just got totally sucker-punched after someone leaked a sex tape secretly shot of him some five years ago. Obviously, an incredible invasion of privacy. And the Hulk is rightfully fighting back. Even just going to the police to get some help tracking down whoever did this.

Hulk is now with TNA`s Impact Wrestling, seen every Thursday night on Spike TV. Well, this Sunday night it is a big TNA pay-per-view event with Hulk. There is a lot I want to know about that, as well. But first of all, I want to welcome you to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: It`s good to see you. I have to start off by saying, not that you need my sympathy, but I have a lot of sympathy for you, because you endured what we all saw play out as some very public drama years ago. You went through some really, really tough times. But you got through it. And you seem to be on this great path. You sort of stayed low. You got married. You`ve been working.

HOGAN: Right.

HAMMER: And then this falls in your lap. I realize you take responsibility for the decisions you made back then.

HOGAN: Right.

HAMMER: But the sex tape, first, finding out that it was shot and then being released, has to have turned your world upside-down.

HOGAN: Yes. I have been through a lot of stuff. And this single-handedly has flipped my world more than anything, more than divorce, more than eight back surgeries when they say you`re not going to walk, more than my son`s accident, going to jail. This came out of nowhere.

You know, yes, I`m accountable. Yes, I was the guy. Don`t -- nobody wants to hear the "woe is me" story. But there is one. You know, I was at an all-time low. Bad decision. These two people were friends, you know. And at the end of the day, at a really weak moment, I made a wrong decision.

HAMMER: And to be clear with some people who may not know the whole background of this, this tape was shot around 5 1/2 years ago. It was a time when you were still married to Linda. It was you having sex with your best friend`s then wife.

HOGAN: Yes, sir.

HAMMER: They were still married. But it was all consensual. They all said yes, you can do this, go ahead and do it. However, you didn`t know it was being filmed. Your best friend we`re talking about here, the radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge, who was apparently nearby.

And then, from what I understand, Hulk, about six months ago or so, you actually found out that this tape existed all these years later. Tell me what went through your mind when you found this out. You must have been like "Tape? Huh?"

HOGAN: Well, the whole thing sounded crazy, for my best friend`s wife to say, "Hey, I want to have sex with you." And for over two years I said this is crazy as it sounds, you know. And even though he was saying it`s fine, you know, they both were cool about it.

So finally, like I said, at a low point when my personal life was bottomed out I said, "OK, sure, fine." And all of a sudden I remember saying better not film this. I know you`ve got security cameras."

"I`m your best friend. I`d never do that."

So all of a sudden when the first pictures leaked out, I`d asked my best friend. "Oh, I had nothing to do with it." So it kind of went away.

HAMMER: So when those pictures first leaked out, then you had no warning they were coming? All of a sudden...

HOGAN: No, no, no. Just out of nowhere.

HAMMER: ... they show up. What went through your mind at that moment?

HOGAN: I figured it was on Bubba`s watch and you`re responsible. But he swore he had nothing to do with it.

And so if we could fast-forward to today...


HOGAN: ... I`m coming to New York to talk about a wrestling tour on a new time slot, and all of a sudden before I come here, these things come out. So I wanted to be here. I wasn`t going to back out.

HAMMER: Right. To be clear, you were booked on the show to talk about wrestling long before any of this.

HOGAN: yes. Yes, sir. And so I didn`t want to hide my tail between my legs. I wanted to tell the truth.

And at the end of the day, you know, with this thing leaking out, I said, "OK, that`s it, now we`re going all the way. You know, this is a crime. It`s a felony. There`s supposed to be two-party consent when you film anything sexually." I had no ideas the cameras were there.

So I called Bubba and I said, "You`re my best friend, brother, please tell me. Because you`ve got a family, you`ve got a son. I need to know if you did anything -- if you did this. Because if you didn`t do this, I love you forever. If you did this, we were never friends. But now criminal charges, civil charges, your son`s involved."

And he swore to me he had nothing to do with it. So as of yesterday, last night, people were calling me from TMZ, said they heard his voice, they heard that.

HAMMER: Right.

HOGAN: I said, "I have to see the tape."

HAMMER: And have you yet?

HOGAN: No, I haven`t. I haven`t been back from here. And they say it`s the tail ending of the tape. They write down what was said. Transcribe it.

HAMMER: Right, right. To be clear, what TMZ told you was that Bubba is heard at the end of this tape talking about the tape. Meaning, if the reports are true, he clearly knew that this was being taped.

HOGAN: Yes. And if the reports are true, they say he was laughing when he went up to the camera and said, "Heather, this is our retirement if we ever need it. Turn the camera off."

And I said to Harvey, the guy at TMZ, I said, "Did you see the tape?"

And he said, "No, I didn`t."

I said, "Well, then I don`t believe it."

And then an executive producer came on the phone with Mike Walters and said they saw it. And I said I have to see the tape.

HAMMER: Have you spoken with Bubba since this revelation that he was on the tape?

HOGAN: Well, I had reached out to him before I came here, and I said, "This is going full-blown."

He goes, "I`m on the team. I`m not going to lawyer up. I`m not going to do anything."

When this -- when I got hit with this in New York I called, and there was no answer, and next thing I know I got a call from his lawyer. So I sent him to my lawyer, David Houston. But at the end of the day if he did it, we were never friends.

And to take someone that was at an all-time low, set him up, put a camera, and then say something about money, I can`t believe someone would do that to another person. So that`s why I`m praying to God there`s something.

HAMMER: So I`ve got to ask you, though, if it does turn out that there is true and Bubba was aware -- separate of who leaked it -- but that he was aware of this.

HOGAN: I want to find out who leaked it, too.

HAMMER: But separate of that, that he was aware of this, as you say, illegal activity of it being taped, that he was aware that this was taking place and somehow involved, I mean, this guy was your best friend. He`s been on this show defending you in the past.

HOGAN: And I`ve defended him.

HAMMER: You would have no choice but to prosecute.

HOGAN: Well, I told my attorney, David Houston, you know, I said, "David, this is something that we need to find out who everybody is now. We really need to find out who everybody is." So I told him last night, "Go full bore with criminal and civil charges." He`s in L.A. When he gets back to Reno, he`s moving forward.

I mean, I want to know who everybody is. I want to know who`s involved, why this happened, why they would do this to somebody when with my kids, thank God, my kids have been through so much and they`re so old. And my new wife, Jennifer, who`s not part of this media or any of this.


HOGAN: So I mean, why would someone do that to another person? That`s why I`m still holding firm that -- I`m praying to God he`s not involved.

HAMMER: But even if -- even if you don`t personally get involved and press charges, is it the kind of a thing, because of the nature of the activity, that he could find himself in trouble anyway, separate of whether or not you want to get involved and press charges, if it turns out he was involved?

HOGAN: Well, you have to realize that, if you don`t do something about this, this could happen to another person or whoever did this could do this to another person, or maybe there are others that this has happened to already, and all of a sudden they sit on a tape and all of a sudden 10 or 15 or 20 years later, it shows up.

I mean, this happened -- I don`t mean to stand you corrected, but I`ve been with Jennifer five years. This happened before I met her.


HOGAN: So -- so at the end of the day, why would somebody sit on something six years and then do this?

HAMMER: Let me ask you, then, about Jennifer because, again, you guys weren`t together at the time that this happened.

HOGAN: That`s true.

HAMMER: But I can`t even imagine how difficult this has been for her. I know she found out because, what, her cousin called her and said, "Do you see what`s going on?"


HAMMER: Are you afraid your marriage won`t survive this?

HOGAN: I believe that this situation isn`t as strong as her love for me, because I`ve never had anybody that loved me unconditionally. I`ve had people tell me they love me, and then they walk away, and "I hate you, and I hope your career`s destroyed." I`ve had that happen. I`ve never had anybody really love me unconditionally.

So as strong as Jennifer is and her not being jaded by the media and no part of this, it rocked her world. I had been through so much. I had never seen anybody hurt this bad or flipped upside-down like this. So it`s the worst thing I`ve ever been through. Bar none.

HAMMER: Well, we certainly hope you two can survive.


HAMMER: Would you like to talk about wrestling?

HOGAN: Well, the one -- the one thing I have to say is the fans are loyal to a fault. And no matter what has happened with me, they know me. They know who I am.

I am accountable to a fault. I`m the guy that did it or I didn`t do it. And the wrestling fans walking through the streets of New York, the wrestling fans are so gracious. It`s unbelievable.

HAMMER: That`s good to hear. And of course, you do have a big special coming up, everybody`s looking forward to. Countdown to Bound for Glory. It`s live this Sunday. It`s the biggest pay-per-view event in TNA`s ten- year history. And we are waiting to hear if you`re going to be back in the ring.

So stay right here. We`re going to get into that in just a moment. I know you had some surgery.

HOGAN: Yes, yes.

HAMMER: Find out what`s happening there. Hulk, stay right there. Right now, we`ll move on as our SHOWBIZ Countdown of big newsmakers rolls on tonight. Nick Cannon speaking out today about the feud between his wife, Mariah Carey, and Nicki Minaj. Is he afraid for Mariah`s life?


NICK CANNON, HUSBAND OF MARIAH CAREY: I think at this point, you know, we want to take all the proper safety precautions but...

BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": What are you worried about?


HAMMER: Wait until you hear what Nick says about that.

Also, Lindsay Lohan`s big blowout with her mom. Wait until you hear these details of the Lohans` so-called domestic dispute. Whose drama will take all in our SHOWBIZ Countdown of newsmakers today? You`ll find out next.



HAMMER: A star is unborn? Well, Beyonce reveals that she`s no longer going to be the star of Clint Eastwood`s remake of "A Star is Born." She tells E! News that she was looking forward to working with Clint on the film, but they just couldn`t get their busy schedules together to make this happen. Beyonce did mention that she still wants to work with Eastwood in the future.

Well, coming up next, it`s Hulk Hogan`s future. Is the wrestling legend about to get back into the ring? Hulk is here to answer that question, coming up.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continuing our countdown of the day`s biggest newsmakers.

No. 3, Hulk Hogan opening up to me about his sex tape scandal and reports that he was set up. Hulk`s going to be back with us again in just minutes.

But now we come to the day`s second biggest newsmaker. It`s Nick Cannon speaking this morning on "The View" about the feud between his wife, Mariah Carey, and Carey`s fellow "American Idol" judge, Nicki Minaj.

Now, Carey herself recently told Barbara Walters that she`s hired additional security, accusing Minaj of threatening to shoot her after the two got into an on-camera argument that wound up on TMZ. But this morning on "The View," Nick didn`t seem to share his wife`s concern and says the extra security was really no big deal. Let`s watch.


CANNON: No, I think at this point, you know, we want to take all the proper safety precautions but...

WALTERS: What are you worried about?

CANNON: I don`t think we`re worried at all. I mean, I think it`s one of those things where, you know, when you see something like that, people give you advice and say, "Well, you should probably do this, and you should probably do that." I don`t think it`s as serious as everybody`s making it. It`s just a safer environment anyway.

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": If they continue to fight, is one of them going to leave?

CANNON: I have no idea. I hope not. They`re both getting paper. Would you leave for that amount of money? I`ll do whatever. Just give me my 18 million.


HAMMER: Now there he is, downplaying it. So one day you have Mariah telling "The View" that she`s so scared of Nicki Minaj she`s getting extra security. Today you have Nick Cannon, her husband, saying, "Hey, I`m not so worried." What`s the real deal, though?

In Hollywood we have Radar entertainment editor Alexis Tereszcuk. Also in Hollywood, celebrity publicist Kita Williams.

And Kita, let me ask you as a celebrity publicist, do you think -- I don`t know -- maybe they should have gotten their stories straight?

KITA WILLIAMS, CELEBRITY PUBLICIST: Absolutely. I mean, we can see that they both have two different stories. One saying they need to beef up security. And then the husband saying, Nick is saying that, "Oh, it`s no big deal."

I think they needed to have a team meeting or a couples caucus and figure out exactly what the PR spin is, because I don`t think it`s helping us. It`s confusing a lot of people. And quite honestly, it`s making it look like a kind of ridiculous story here.

HAMMER: Yes, I`m confused. I don`t see anything wrong in having a little extra security around for any other reason. But this feud came up, and Nick apparently not so confused that Nicki Minaj will harm his wife.

Alexis, do you think, yes, maybe this is a sign that Mariah should at least drop all the talk of extra security at this point?

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, EDITOR, RADAR ONLINE: I think that Nick is going to have somebody to answer to when he gets home tonight. I do not think Mimi is going to be very happy about this at all. He might be sleeping in the guest room tonight.

HAMMER: Well, it is interesting to note...

TERESZCUK: I think that the...

HAMMER: Yes, go ahead.

TERESZCUK: I think that he maybe has not gotten the notes from her this morning. Maybe it was a little too early, she was not quite up yet. Or she was taking care of the twins. But Nick needs to toe the line. Come on. He`s been on shows before. He knows the right thing to do. And the right thing to do is always keep up the drama.

HAMMER: You would think a family like that, Nick with the star power he has alone, and then Mariah Carey`s unbelievable star power, they`d have like a PR powwow in the morning before -- or during their cereal or something like that.

But now we must get to No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ list of top newsmakers. It`s Lohan versus Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan in an apparent fight with her mom that got so rough somebody had to call the cops. Now, police on Long Island here in New York tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT things -- that they were called to Dina Lohan`s home this morning after report of a verbal dispute between her and her daughter Lindsay.

The police tell us, you know, there was no criminality involved. They didn`t arrest anyone, but multiple reports say that the fight took place after mom and daughter went clubbing together in New York City and that the fight reportedly got physical, with Lindsay suffering a scratched leg and a broken bracelet, which we presume was her own.

Alexis, you`ve been covering this for Radar. Do you know what might have possibly started this fight?

TERESZCUK: So I spoke with Michael Lohan, the town crier of all things Lohan, before the sun even came up in Los Angeles this morning. And he says that his daughter called him crying, hysterical. She was super upset. She said Dina had -- she had given Dina $40,000, and she wanted the money back. Dina refused to give it back, so they got in a fight.

Michael said he was afraid for his daughter, so he called the police for them, and the cops were involved. And this is just another Lohan craziness.

HAMMER: Well, I guess the up side is, if Michael`s telling the truth, we know that Michael and Lindsay are speaking these days.

But Kita, I`ve got to tell you, when I heard the story I didn`t know what was stranger, Lindsay and her mom getting into a fight so bad somebody had to call the cops or the fact that they are still going to clubs together, reportedly until 4 in the morning.

WILLIAMS: Let me tell you something. First and foremost, I have never been to the club with Mama, Barbara, ever. OK? We`re not going to be popping bottles and partying at the club together.

TERESZCUK: Neither have I.

WILLIAMS: That`s a no-no. Absolute no-no. You know, so it`s bothersome to hear that, you know, right now there`s a lot of behavior that`s happening.


WILLIAMS: And we clearly see that the problem is with her mother and her father, because she hasn`t had the best guidance...

HAMMER: I do want to jump in and I have to say, sadly, it is not surprising at all. We do have to end it there. Alexis, Kita, thank you both so much.

As we move on tonight, we have the woman that gets paid to snuggle. I`m not kidding you. Now, "That`s Ridiculous," right? But is it more ridiculous than a vest that gives you a hug when someone likes something on your Facebook page? Now, "That`s Ridiculous." But which of these is more ridiculous than the other? You`ll find out in our SHOWBIZ Countdown, "That`s Ridiculous."




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The only, the immortal Hulk Hogan!

HOGAN: We are making history tonight.


HAMMER: That is the master of the ring right there, Hulk Hogan, making history at TNA as the general manager of Impact Wrestling. And now three years later Hulk is about to launch the biggest live pay-per-view event of the year this Sunday. Hulk is back with us tonight in New York.

Big weekend coming up, "Bound for Glory."


HAMMER: Everybody wants to know, are you getting back in the ring?

HOGAN: Well, you know, it`s tough, because like tomorrow night we have our show, Impact Wrestling, that starts at 8 p.m. on Spike. And every night when it starts live, I get that urge as I`m watching the young guys. I live vicariously through them, and I`d love to be out there.

Got the huge pay-per-view last year of "Bound for Glory." I made the appearance. I did the old Fred Sanford out there, but you know, between all the surgeries, and the hips and the knees and the eight back surgeries, it doesn`t make a lot of sense.


HOGAN: I could never say never, but I don`t think I could wrestle and get knocked around like that ever again.

HAMMER: And the surgery you just had was...

HOGAN: Yes. I just had my left hip replaced eight weeks ago.

HAMMER: Your left hip. So now you don`t have any original hips. These are all new parts.

HOGAN: No, I don`t.

HAMMER: How are you feeling, though? I was watching you walk in here. I mean, you have to take it easy right now.

HOGAN: Yes, yes. It`s real tentative. You know. It`s like thank God, you know, that I finally had the back fusion, because I had several and, you know, it didn`t look good. But now I`m up and walking around. So you know.

HAMMER: All right, all right. So it`s not affecting your positive outlook on life or anything like that?

HOGAN: No. No, no, no. I`m fine.

HAMMER: And of course your daughter Brooke is in the family business now. She, of course, is going to be at "Bound for Glory" with the TNA Knockouts. I have to imagine you`re really proud of her.

HOGAN: Well, you know, it`s amazing because we have our Knockout division, our women division, and the lady I work for Dixie Carter, she goes, "Who knows more about lady wrestling than..."


HOGAN: "... Brooke?"

And I went, "Well, she doesn`t wrestle. She`s not a wrestler, and she`s a girly-girl type thing. But she does know a lot about the wrestling business." So they brought her in. I`m going oh, my gosh, I hope this works out.

HAMMER: But you`re psyched for her, I`m sure.


HAMMER: And you recently launched Hogan`s Beach Shop in your hometown at Clearwater, and from what I understand, it`s a thriving business. Do you see this becoming like a big chain? Will I be able to walk into one here in New York City?

HOGAN: Could I be the new Jimmy Buffett?

HAMMER: I mean, come on, that`s a big deal.

HOGAN: That`d be cool. I`m trying to make the transition from greatest wrestler to surfer, beach bum, Allah (ph), whatever. And I`m a small-time business owner. I`ve never done anything like this, but it is Hogan`s Beach Shop right in North Clearwater Beach. And they`re having a grand opening on the 27th of this month. But the response has been crazy so far.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, good luck with you on that.

HOGAN: Thank you, sir.

HAMMER: Good luck this Sunday. It is good to see you. And good luck with all the other nonsense.

HOGAN: Thank you.

HAMMER: I hope you clear that up (ph).

HOGAN: Thank you, sir.

HAMMER: All right. Make sure you catch Hulk Hogan on Sunday live in the massive pay-per-view event, "Bound for Glory."

Well, tonight something that Hulk probably doesn`t eat a lot of because it`s fatty, it`s salty, and there`s an entire TV show about bacon.


KEVIN GILLESPIE, CHEF: You want bacon? Well, we got it here. From porky melts to bacon Bloody Marys, we`re going to travel this country in search of the best of the pig world.


HAMMER: All right. We have candied bacon. We have bacon ice cream. And then we have a TV show now that takes bacon to the furthest bounds. But is the idea of a bacon show just ridiculous?

If you think that`s nuts, try this one on for size. A brand-new book that actually shows men how to cheat.

Two ridiculous stories competing for the top spot in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, stories that made us say "That`s Ridiculous."







HAMMER: Right now on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the jaw-dropping stories that have us saying, "That`s Ridiculous."

Tonight, the ridiculous new way you can get your hands on Honey Boo-Boo. And if Honey Boo-Boo isn`t your speed, how about paying to snuggle with a total stranger? It`s the new trend. But is it ridiculous or is it right on? It`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "That`s Ridiculous." But who will come out on top?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer with the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the stories that made us say, "That`s ridiculous." Let`s get the party started, shall we?

In at number five, the making of a cheater. If you`re married, dating, or even a friends with benefit and you cheat, there is a chances that are pretty good you are going to get busted. But is it really more about how you do it than if you do it?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you ever been caught red-handed cheating on your girl?

You watch filthy disgusting porn when she`s at work?

You go to strip clubs and whorl houses and massage parlors when you`re aware on a business trip?


HAMMER: All right. So those guys are joking. But they`re serious about this too. They have a brand new book just out called, "Cheat: A Man`s Guide to Infidelity." It was written by the always hilarious Joe DeRosa, best known for his great Comedy Central appearances, and Robert Kelly, one of the top touring comics in the country.

I just spoke with them about the top three cheating tips that really jumped out at us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

At number three, avoid girls who wear glitter. Now, Robert, I want to start with you. You realize this is getting harder and harder to do these days.


HAMMER: So many women have glitter. What in the world does that have to do with getting away with cheating?

KELLY: You`re right. Every girl is dressing like a stripper nowadays. Well, glitter`s the worst. It`s the worst. The guy who invented glitter, he`s just a terrible human being to guys. Because it`s -- you can`t get it off. It`s like -- it`s there. I mean, you know, you have to -- you know, with hair or other things that girls leave on, you can take a shower and get it off. You need to scrub like Dexter when you have glitter on you to get it off you. Like you just murdered somebody.


KELLY: Or you`ve got to lie to your wife and tell her you had sex with a unicorn on the way home.

HAMMER: There`s that option as well.

I mean Joe, you agree with this as well because obviously you don`t need to be a "CSI" investigator to find that little speck of glitter that wasn`t able to be eradicated.

JOE DEROSA, CO-AUTHOR, "CHEAT: A MAN`S GUIDE TO INFIDELITY": No, I totally agree with that. In fact, this jacket I`m wearing now has some glitter remnants on it that I can`t get off. And it`s not biodegradable. It`s not good for the environment. Please, stop with this crap.

Yes. Get away. No more glitter.

If you`re stepping out and you open the door and your other lady looks like she just slid down aw rainbow, you`d better slam the door and run. Do not let her in the house. It`s like bedbugs.

HAMMER: Fair enough. Listen, I have to imagine the book`s not going to earn you any points with the ladies when they hear what`s our next pick.

It`s at number two on the SHOWBIZ Countdown. You advise the nighttime is the right time to do the wrong thing. Now, that might seem counterintuitive to the afternoon delight crowd, Joe. Why nighttime?

DEROSA: Well, I think all sneaky things are usually done at nighttime. I mean, there`s just a higher chance that you won`t be seen. When the government tries to do covert operations, they don`t do it at 6:00 in the morning. They wait until it`s nice and dark. And you know, you do shady things in the shade. So the dark is your friend.

HAMMER: The dark is your friend, ladies and gentlemen.

All right. Well, out of all the outrageous cheating tips in your book, here`s what we decided is number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown. Learn to lie.

Robert, I`m thinking you`re pushing men down a dark and dastardly path here. And perhaps your book should really come with some emergency help line or something. But how should men, as long as we`re going to go down the path, learn to lie to their ladies?

KELLY: Well, you don`t have to learn to lie. Most men know how to lie. You have to learn how to lie like a woman. Do you understand?

HAMMER: No, I don`t understand. I`m not getting involved with that conversation.

KELLY: Guys actually -- we get nervous. We get angry. Women are passive aggressive. They`re seductive. They`re very good at lying. We`re not. We show it in our face. You know, my wife caught me eating a cookie in the shower. Because, you know, they know what you eat, what you do. We need to learn how to lie especially if you get caught. You have to lie, lie, and then lie again.

HAMMER: Well, maybe that cookie was -- I don`t know. Was it a Christmas cookie with some glitter on it?

Joe DeRosa, Robert Kelly, thank you both so much.

I think you probably should have some extra security right about now. Make sure you check out their book, "cheat: a man`s guide to infidelity." It was just released and it is available in bookstores everywhere.

And now I`d like you to think about this. Does cuddling count as cheating? Because we may be on to something here that could save a lot of cheaters a whole lot of heartache.

It`s number four on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories today that made us say, "That`s ridiculous." Snuggling for hire. Professional cuddler Jackie Samuels is now offering up snuggle sessions for $60 bucks an hour in a suburb of Rochester, New York and she claims to have mastered over 100 non- sexual positions, giving want to be snugglers a full range of options there.

Want to bring in from Hollywood celebrity publicist Kita Williams, best known for her role on VH1`s the "T.O. Show." Also in Hollywood tonight, actor and comedian Skyler Stone. Skyler stars on the fantastic hit sitcom, "Raising Hope", that can be seen Tuesday nights on FOX.

And Skyler, I must begin with you. I need to know, would you be up for a $60 snuggle cuddle session with a complete stranger or do you get why we say, "That`s ridiculous?"

SKYLER STONE, ACTOR, COMEDIAN: No, I would not be up for that. Because for $60 you can just get a girl drunk and hook up with her and hopefully she`ll pass out and then you can skip the cuddling.

I`m telling you right now, cuddling is a by-product of sex. That`s all it is. It`s like if you`re going to go eat some tacos at a drive-thru, diarrhea is in your near future. Same thing with cuddling, all right. Cuddling`s going to come after sex. We don`t need to pay for it. I want to know what guys are paying for. I`ve got to think it`s the same guy. One time I went to see "How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days." and there was a guy by himself behind me. I`m looking like what are you doing here? I`ve got this girl here but why are you here? That`s the guy who`s paying for snuggles. That`s insane. You don`t pay for smuggles.

HAMMER: And I`m trying to keep this separate from being a sexual thing. I guess, Kita something, people just need human contact. Are you loving this idea? Or are you also saying that`s ridiculous?

WILLIAMS: That`s ridiculous, unsanitary and unsafe, to be honest with you. I mean, honestly, I don`t know David Beckham or Denzel Washington. They`re strangers. Now, you might cuddle up with them if that`s an option. But that`s not what we`re talking about here. We`re talking about complete strangers. And you`re putting yourself in that situation. And there`s bed -- there`s all kinds of just, you know, ridiculousness going on there. So no. Absolutely.

HAMMER: Yes. I wonder what kind of security precautions Jackie Samuel has taken for these snuggles sessions. Obviously, they`re not friends. But the SHOWBIZ team has come one what we believe is an acceptable list of snugglers. I would like to run that down for you. We , of course, approve snuggle the bear and of course the product he endorses, Snuggle Fabric softener. You can hold on to this box if you like.

And to you why point, Kita, to make sure everyone`s covered, we will give you your choice of snuggling let`s say David Beckham or for the guys Sophia Vergara.

Skyler, hopefully that will work. Are these all acceptable options? And Skyler, do you have another choice you`d like to put in for a snuggle here?

STONE: Natalie Portman. Myself. You`ve got to look out for number one. Snuggle me.

HAMMER: All tight. For 60 bucks you`re in.

STONE: I`m just like oh, let`s do this.

WILLIAMS: What about snuggle for you, A.J.? We`ll snuggle with you. How about that?

HAMMER: All tight, that`s good. I do like snuggle the bear, though. I`m a little partial to that little critter.

All right, snuggling may not be your forte. Then maybe yet another option and it comes with number three on our "That`s Ridiculous" SHOWBIZ Countdown. It`s like a hug. Look at this. I actually think it`s a pretty inventive idea. It came from students at M.I.T. They just revealed their creation. It`s a wearable vest. It inflates when your friends like your posts on Facebook. It`s supposed to give you the feeling of a hug.

Kita, ridiculous? Are you with me? Or do you like this?

WILLIAMS: I like it. I think it`s really cute and clever. I mean, that`s safe and sanitary. And at least you know you can kind of feel the hug and you can send a hug back if you don`t want to be hugged for the day. So I think it`s a brilliant idea.

HAMMER: Now, I don`t know if this thing`s actually going to be available, Skyler, but if it took off I`m wondering what`s next. Some kind of a vest that -- I don`t know what it would do to you. Maybe pinch you if a friend de-friends you?

STONE: Let me just save some money for everybody. I feel like I`m on the wrong CNN show. I feel like I`m supposed to be saving people money right now. Again, just like you don`t need to pay for snuggles. If you need something to squeeze you and then you need to hear a fatherly figure your ear? I will follow you to a rite aid. I will do an impression of your father in your right ear while you stick your arm in one of those blood pressure machines and let it squeeze your arm. You don`t need to spend money, people. You`ll be like oh, my God, dad.

HAMMER: Let me remind you of the success of the pet rock, my friend. We still have numbers two and number one coming your way on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, including a reality TV battle for the top. The newest reason to love Honey Boo-Boo versus a new reality show all about bacon?


GILLESPIE: You want bacon? Well, we got it here. From porky melts to bacon bloody Mary`s. We`re going to travel this country in search of the best of the pig world.


HAMMER: Will we follow our hearts or our bellies as we name the number one story in the SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories that made us say, "That`s ridiculous". The big number one reveal is coming up.



We are counting down the top five stories breaking today that made us say, "That`s ridiculous."

At number five, a new book that advises guys how to cheat without getting caught. It includes such valuable suggestions as avoid cheating with women who wear glitter because it`s impossible to get off.

At number four, snuggling for hire. A professional cuddler offers one-hour snuggle sessions for a mere 60 bucks.

At number three, no more checking your phone to see if you got any likes on Facebook. Oh, no, there is now an inflatable vest. Gives you a nice little squeeze whenever one of your Facebook friends likes something on your page.

That takes us to number two tonight on our "That`s Ridiculous" countdown, a brand new sign that, you know, that this is Honey Boo-Boo`s world and we`re all just living in it. Honey Boo-Boo is of course the nickname of the young star of the TLC reality show, "Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo." And today I got this from the kind folks over at TLC.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Boo-Boo time, Boo-Boo time.


HAMMER: I don`t know what the heck she`s saying there. All right, stop. Stop.

Listen, either they sent it to us or maybe somebody on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff actually stole it from Anderson Cooper`s office. They`re not really telling me which. It just showed up in my office.

But, I`d like you now to watch Anderson debuting the Boo-Boo buzzer as he calls it on his show "Anderson Live." He did it today with his guest host, HLN`s Jane Velez-Mitchell.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Boo-Boo time, Boo-Boo time.


ANDERSON COOPER, HOST, "ANDERSON LIVE": So yes. So when I got this I was sitting at my desk at CNN and every now and then I would just hit it. And people were walk by my office like what is going on? Is Honey Boo-Boo locked in his office?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Boo-Boo time, Boo-Boo time.


HAMMER: Anyway, comedian Skyler Stone is with the hit FOX sitcom, "Raising Hope," back with us in Hollywood. And I know he`s very jealous of me tonight because Skyler, I imagine you could probably sit in your trailer on your sound stage there where you do your show and listen to that all day, the sound of Honey Boo-Boo.

STONE: Well, I don`t know if I want one for the set, but I would like one for the house because I have a stepson. He`s just hit that age where he doesn`t listen to anything.

HAMMER: Celebrity publicist Kita Williams is with us. Kita --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Boo-Boo time, Boo-Boo time.

HAMMER: It`s kind of catchy, don`t you think?

WILLIAMS: It`s very catchy. I mean, you know, as a publicist you`ve got to think about some things. You`ve got to think about brandability. And right now Honey Boo-Boo is going to the bank-bank. So we cannot be upset about this empire that they`re building for her. We just want to sit back, enjoy the ride. I mean, it`s entertaining, you know. And I think the fact that we`re talking about it makes it obviously not ridiculous. It`s brilliant.

HAMMER: Yes, more bank-bank for Boo-Boo. And I believe our director just said it was evil. But I`m not sure. I may have misheard him.

And now, it is time for a big reveal. It is number one on our countdown of things that made us say, "That`s ridiculous." It`s a new show about bacon. That`s right. Ex-"Top Chef" contestant Kevin Gillespie has a new web show where he travels the country in search of all things bacon and all things bacon-related. Here`s your taste.


GILLESPIE: You want bacon? Well, we got it here. From porky melts to bacon bloody Mary`s we`re going to travel this country in search of the best of the pig world. I`m Kevin Gillespie, and this is "The Bacon Show."

This is a little piece of candied bacon in here.

That`s absolutely amazing.

You can purchase bacon mayonnaise.


HAMMER: All right. Skyler, of to you first. I want you to chew on that for a second. Maybe don`t chew on it. But --

STONE: I love it.

HAMMER: -- do you find a whole show about bacon hard to swallow? No, you do love it, huh?

STONE: Not ridiculous at all. The only thing that`s missing is Kevin Bacon as the host. Then you can just call it "Bacon Squared". That would be awesome. I love everything about bacon. This is a great idea. I`m in. Not ridiculous.


HAMMER: Somehow, it just baffles me that they`re going to be able to carry this on for any great length of time. I don`t see this sticking around for ten seasons. But stranger things have certainly happened, Kita.

WILLIAMS: Yes. Honestly, I like a little bacon in my biscuit, too, but that`s ridiculous. A whole show about bacon? I mean, I can`t imagine. We do have vegans. We have vegetarians. Is it called baconarians? I`m not sure.

HAMMER: You bring up a very good point. I do not eat bacon. I will eat your tofu bacon. I`ll eat turkey bacon but I`m not going to eat that type of bacon. I`m guessing it will be featured on the show, though. Do you feel better about things?

WILLIAMS: OK. I feel better about that.

HAMMER: Of course.

All right, comedian Skyler Stone, celebrity publicist Kita Williams. Thank you so much. Your Boo-Boo buzzer is it in the mail.

Moving now to Sarah Palin`s dramatic slim down. New pictures of the former governor of Alaska have people buzzing. What`s up with her new look? I`ve got the answer next.



HAMMER: Sarah`s dramatic slim down. People are wondering, and some are a bit worried about why Sarah Palin has been looking so thin lately. Well, tonight, the former VP candidate explains.

Also, Christina`s change. Christina Aguilera tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about getting back on stage while stepping away from "The Voice."

And Kardashian TV domination continues. Yet another family member could get a show. The details in the buzz today.


HAMMER: Keeping up with Kris? Could Kris Jenner be the next queen of daytime talk? Well, according to a brand new story in "the Hollywood reporter, the Kardashian mom is in talks with 20th TV for her very own series that could get a test run as early as the summer of 2013.

A 20th TV rep declined to comment on the report and wouldn`t discuss whether the talk show is a go at this time. But they did tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT"Kris Jenner sure would have a lot to talk about.

SHOWBIZ on location with Christina. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there with "The Voice`s" Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards` nomination announcement where she opened up to us about taking some time off to rest from her mentoring duties on the talent show.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA, SINGER: That`s what`s great about the show. They`re all completely understanding that, you know, we are all artists up there. And we all have to have breaks for ourselves, you know, to sort of replenish our creative souls. And it`s very important for me to do that at this time. You know, three seasons, and the third season has yet to be over. But before I go to another blind audition I have to be able to do my own thing and see my fans so I can go back out there and, you know, have new experiences and new advice as a coach.

HAMMER: Palin`s political fitness? The former Alaskan governor is responding to critics who have been targeting her weight. reports recent pictures surfaced of Palin which show her looking extra slim. But she tells "People" that any changes in her appearance are related to a brand new fitness book that she has in the works. "Our family is writing a book on fitness and self-discipline, focusing on where we get our energy and balance as we still eat our beloved homemade comfort foods. We promise you what we do work and allows a fulfilling quality of life and sustenance anyone can I didn`t see that coming at all."


HAMMER: Yes. I didn`t see that coming at all.

From the woman who could have been a heartbeat away from the presidency to wanting to get your heart into shape. Is it a logical step for Sarah Palin? I have no idea. That`s why I have Hollywood bringing me Alexis Tereszcuk tonight, a reporter for radar online.

Chuckie Whiteman, do we have the picture of Sarah Palin? Yes, this is from her Facebook page. Palin backstage with daughter Bristol at the back stage of "Dancing with the Stars." They both look great here. What do you think? Is this a great move, a fitness book?

TUREZCUK: I do. I think it`s a great move for Sarah Palin. Honestly, she`s already written books about country and family. So this is the next step, right? And she gets to show off what a great body she has. She can show off her daughter Bristol`s great body, all of her young kids, and this is a logical step for her. Honestly, she probably wanted her own talk show. This will get her back on all the talk shows.

HAMMER: Well, it`s something that she knows something about. She`s an athlete. She was featured on the cover of "runner`s world" magazine, I think that was back in 2009. But it seems like the book is not so much for fitness junkies. Maybe it`s more to help mama bears and their families eat better. Do you think she can really make it as a fitness expert if this remains her focus, Alexis?

TUREZCUK: I don`t know about fitness expert. But I think people are going to want to know exactly what it is Sarah Palin serves to her family. I mean, I think it`s going to be a lot of moose pies. Right? I haven`t been to Alaska, but I imagine maybe ice cream, icees, things like that, right?

HAMMER: Yes. Maybe with a little bacon on top. You know, when you just said moose pie, it makes me spiel for some reason. Another uber famous mama may have another gig too. Kris Jenner, a.k.a. Mama Kardashian, may get a talk show. Another Kardashian talk show. Is that brilliant or bananas?

Alexis, think about it. Your answer on the other side of the break.


HAMMER: Could Kris Jenner be the next queen of daytime talk? Well, the Kardashian matriarch is reportedly negotiating a deal for a talk show that would air in a test run on FOX Steve stations next summer. The FOX test run formula did launch talk shows for Wendy Williams and Bethany Frankel.

Want to bring back RadarOnline`s Alexis Tereszcuk. What do you think, Alexis? Could we soon be keeping up with Kris Jenner every day of the week? Do you see this actually see together?

TUREZCUK: Honestly, everything this woman touches turns to gold. And really all she would need to do is have a different child on every day of the week and people would tune in and she would have a whole show there.

HAMMER: That would cover her for a year.

TUREZCUK: I think you should be her co-host.

HAMMER: It could go one of two ways. You know, the Kardashians in some people`s minds are overexposed. So, this could - could this be the tipping point where everyone finally runs from the Kardashians? Or would it be a feather in their cap?

TUREZCUK: People do say they`re tired of the Kardashians. But we still talk about them. They have millions of twitter followers. Everybody loves them. They can endorse every product under the sun and people buy it. I don`t really see an end to this train, unfortunately.

HAMMER: It will be interesting to see if there is in fact a caboose. And that`s probably a strange word to use when you`re talking about the Kardashians. But at the end of this train.

TUREZCUK: It`s perfect.

HAMMER: Because the thing also about her is, is she really compelling enough to drive a show like this for such a long time? We`ll have to wait and see.

Alexis, thank you so much.

As we move on tonight, what if your personal story became a lifetime movie? Well, that`s exactly what happened to a high school teacher acquitted on charges, she had sex with an 18-year-old male student.

Dr. Drew speaks with her next.