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Missed Call Has Nation Seeing Red; Chris Brown on Medical Marijuana; Miley Cyrus Confused for Gwen Stefani; Maura Tierney to Have Guest Spot on `The Good Wife`; Drama on `Housewives` Reunion Show; The Top Five Showbiz Countdown: Likes or Yikes

Aired September 25, 2012 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, the SHOWBIZ Countdown: Out of Bounds. The NFL`s referee fiasco. The Monday Night Football call that has sparked coast-to-coast outrage.

And Chris Brown uses medical marijuana? Tonight, which outlandish story will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown: Out of Bounds?

Hello and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer with two big SHOWBIZ Countdowns tonight, including Like or Yikes? Like us, getting our very first look today at Miley Cyrus in bed with Ashton Kutcher, wearing nothing but a sexy, leave little to the imagination, very silky nightgown.

And yikes. Somebody please wash out Paula`s potty mouth with soap. It is Paula Deen`s just-revealed caught-on-tape expletive-laced raunch fest. Our top five likes and yikes coming up. Wait until you see what`s No. 1 tonight.

But we begin with our first SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. These are the top three stories breaking today that made us shout, "Out of Bounds!"


HAMMER: Well, kicking things off at No. 3, it`s the football follies. I cannot even begin to describe the raging, the ranting, the downright hysterical reaction today over what appeared to be a game-deciding end-of- game blown call last night on "Monday Night Football."

It was by replacement refs, who were filling in for the normal refs, because they`re locked out in a labor dispute. Watch this with me.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The game`s final play. Wilson locked in the end zone, and it is fumbled by Tait with Jennings simultaneous -- who has it? Who`d they give it to? Touchdown!


HAMMER: OK, now, that was ruled a touchdown and a win by the Seattle Seahawks, but a lot of people are arguing it should have been an interception by the Green Bay Packers. Wow, look at that.

So now, after that blown call, the entire nation spent all day blowing its collective stack. This is unbelievable.

All of this very near and dear to the hearts of these two people, my HLN colleagues, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Nischelle Turner, joining me from Hollywood. By the way, with fun fact here, Nischelle used to be an NFL reporter in her former life.

Also in Atlanta tonight, the great Carlos Diaz, sports anchor of HLN`s "MORNING EXPRESS."

So, guys, let`s not forget for a moment here, "Monday Night Football," it`s one of the most watched shows in all of television. There were so many people today -- and they run from Samuel L. Jackson to even former president Bill Clinton -- who were saying, "You know what? This call by the replacement refs, `Out of Bounds`!"



HAMMER: OK, Nischelle, I`m going to start with you. Even our president, Mr. Obama, weighed in today. He said that the ref`s call was just that, terrible. You were also, I imagine, one of the millions of people screaming at your TV last night. So what is going on here?

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: You know, yes, those sidelines just keep pulling me back, A.J. And I wish I knew what the heck was going on here. Because here`s the thing, Commissioner Goodell and the rest of the owners of the NFL always talking about protecting the shield of the NFL. They talk about player safety and integrity of the game.

But having these officials who have no experience, trying to keep up with the pace of an NFL game is putting all of that at risk. Let`s just say it. They got it wrong last night, in a big way. It was an interception. I don`t even want to hear about this simultaneous catch mess that they`re talking about.

So in my head, the final score was Green Bay, 7 -- Green Bay, 12; Seattle, 7, even though I don`t think Aaron Rodgers is doing any discount double check in my opinion.

HAMMER: no. And I don`t think that`s going to do any good for Green Bay`s record. And, YOU KNOW, the NFL also likes its players to be on their best behavior.

Well, I guess all bets were off today, because today a player for the Green Bay Packers, of course, the team that got victimized by that bad call, sent out what could quite possibly be the most colorful tweet ever about a football game.

Here`s what he wrote: "This is T.J. Lang." And we cleaned this up a little bit. He`s the Packers guard. He tweeted, "Got `F`d` by the refs, embarrassing. Thanks, NFL."

And then he doubled down. He tweeted, "`F` it, NFL, fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs."

Now, listen to me. Even the Lingerie Football League -- do you know there`s this Lingerie Football League, these scantily clad woman who play football, they revealed today that they once fired some of the replacement refs who are now working for the NFL, making bad calls for them.

Carlos, I`m thinking if the refs couldn`t cut it in the lingerie league, just what does that say?

DIAZ: In their defense, it`s tough to ref in the lingerie league, because you`re constantly distracted.

HAMMER: Well, yes, there`s that.

DIAZ: Exactly. But as you know, being the sports guy for "MORNING EXPRESS WITH ROBIN MEADE" -- free plug -- I go to bed early, so I actually had this game on in the background as I was going to bed, and I had this wild, crazy dream when I woke up that an NFL league that makes $9 billion a year is $3.3 million away from bringing the referees back and they won`t pay that lowly sum. Basically, that is what we`re talking about here.

And you talk about Hollywood scripts. That`s what last night was. It was the Hollywood ending that no one wanted to see that`s been building up for three weeks. And these guys need to get out and Roger Goodell needs to get the real referees back in, so we don`t have to have these colorful tweets as we just saw.

HAMMER: Perhaps we can just call it leverage.

And by the way, Carlos, you don`t need to try to sneak in your plugs for "MORNING EXPRESS." I`ll mention Robin Meade`s name anytime. We all work together, remember.

Now, the NFL, I mean, if you look at what`s happening here, they just seem to be going to pot. And speaking of pot -- I was looking for a segue here, but this takes to No. 2 of our stories breaking today that had us saying, "Out of Bounds!"


HAMMER: Chris Brown, he claims he legally gets medical marijuana. This is right. We just learned at a court hearing in L.A., Brown tested positive for marijuana. The test was done in Virginia. That`s where he`s doing the community service he got for beating Rihanna, but he says he ingested the weed in California, where -- get this -- he`s got a medical marijuana card.

Let me bring in former "American Idol" contestant Kimberly Locke. An extended mix package of her single "Finally Free" is now available on iTunes. Do we have Kimberly? Oh, we have Kimberly.

Hi, Kimberly! It`s good to see you.

KIMBERLY LOCKE, SINGER: Hey, how are you?

HAMMER: Chris Brown claiming he has a need for medical marijuana. Does that seem "Out of Bounds" to you? Because that strikes me as just odd.

LOCKE: It`s so "Out of Bounds." I don`t even know what to say. It`s like, he`s on probation, right? And who cares, at this point. He`s got to follow the rules. He has to go by somebody`s rules.

HAMMER: ell, somebody deemed it necessary to give him a legal medical marijuana card in California. Who knew?

And we did, by the way, reach out to Chris`s camp today, because we wanted to get his pot issue straight. Did I just say straight? Anyway, they didn`t get back to us as of show time.

So we have Chris Brown going to pot. We`ve got these major football follies going on. But, of course, only one story on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories breaking today that had us say "Out of Bounds"...


HAMMER: ... can be No. 1 -- and that`s the last whistle, guys. All right. Flavor Flav confusing Miley Cyrus with No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani! This happened at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas. Apparently, Flav ran into Miley with her new punky blonde do and thought she was Gwen. Let`s watch how that played out.




HAMMER: Whoops! Now Miley doesn`t correct Flav on his mistake, and they continue to have a nice, pleasant conversation. But watch as an onlooker quietly informs him of his mistake, and Flav then tries to make amends.


FLAV: Gwen! Gwen Stefani!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s Miley Cyrus.

FLAV: That`s Miley? That`s Hannah Montana. Y`all stupid. Y`all stupid. Y`all stupid. Yo, Miley, do me a favor.


FLAV: Just smack me.

CYRUS: I didn`t know...

FLAV: I know you. I know you. Your daddy`s Billy Ray!


HAMMER: Listen, I actually feel for the guy. I`ve been there before. I`ve done it. He seemed pretty embarrassed.

Kimberly, you`re a big-time singing star. I am sure that you think there are worse things than being confused with Gwen Stefani. Do you find Flavor "Out of Bounds" for mistaking Miley for Gwen?

LOCKE: Not at all, I mean, her new haircut is fabulous, and I can see why he would think that. But, you know, it`s Flavor Flav. You expect something to come out of his mouth that is totally inappropriate. So the fact that he only got her name wrong, it`s OK.

HAMMER: And by the way, I was checking. I believe the time on his clock was incorrect. So when that happens, I think all bets are off in terms of what`s going to come out of Flavor Flav`s mouth. I have no idea.

All right. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner, HLN`s Carlos Diaz, thank you both. Kimberly Locke, great to see you. Her extended mix package of her single "Finally Free" now available on iTunes.

All right. Let us move on now, because tonight, Paula Deen is getting salty, and I`m not talking about food tonight. I`m talking about her flavorful language that`s lighting up the Web.

And Carrie Underwood gets sweet. It`s the night that will live in infamy for one young boy. Salty Paula versus sweet Carrie. You`ll want to hang on tight, because we`re revealing another incredible countdown, the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the star stories that we like or that have us saying yikes! Who will come out on top, though?



HAMMER: Jennifer Lopez`s big win. A $10 million lawsuit against her has been dismissed. Jennifer had been sued for allegedly interfering with a tell-all movie about her marriage to her first husband, Ojani Noa.

Now, the film`s producer said, because Jennifer poked her nose into the production, people started to back away from the movie, which caused it to be, quote, "unmarketable." And that`s where the $10 million suit came in.

So now there`s no movie, no money, and hopefully no more drama for Jennifer Lopez.

Coming up, fights, tears, and name calling. We`ve got your first look at "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion.





MARGULIES: Did they send you down here?


MARGULIES: Oh, God, I was wondering when they were going to get some help. Carol.

TIERNEY: Hathaway, right.

MARGULIES: You were my O.B. nurse, Thanksgiving.

TIERNEY: Right, twin girls.


HAMMER: Paging Dr. Lockhart. Maura Tierney played the hard-working nurse turned Dr. Abby Lockhart on the hit TV show "E.R." that we still miss so much. And now the Emmy-nominated actress is reuniting with someone from her TV past.

Maura Tierney stole our hearts as nurse turned doctor Abby Lockhart on "E.R." In just a couple of days -- this is very cool -- Maura starring in a new role, playing a self-made millionaire on the upcoming season of "The Good Wife" opposite her old "E.R." co-star, Julianna Margulies. And this comes just three years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Maura joining me now in New York.

It`s terrific to see you. And I was thinking about it before you came in, it has been six years since you and I sat together...

TIERNEY: It has.

HAMMER: ... on this show. And quite a lot has happened in your life. Of course, you were still in the throes of "E.R." You still had a couple of years left with that show at that time.


HAMMER: And then you received your breast cancer diagnosis, and of course, we were all, you know, sending you our good energy when that was revealed. And here you are now on the other side of things. How are you feeling? People do want to know.

TIERNEY: I feel good. I feel very good. So far, so good.

HAMMER: And it`s been an interesting ride, as it always is for somebody who goes through something like this. You`ve actually gotten very involved. This past June, you launched Chemotherapy Myths or Facts.

And I do remember, you were initially quiet about your diagnosis. Why did you decide to speak out, and just this past June, launch this?

TIERNEY: I was approached by Amgen, this company that I`m working with on the campaign, and it was something that they presented to me. And I hadn`t really talked about it before, because I was -- it`s not that easy or comfortable to talk about, for me. Other people have an easier time.

But this particular idea of sort of helping to demystify or somehow take the edge off of the anxiety about undergoing chemo treatment spoke to me, because I was really anxious about it when I found out I had to undergo that.

HAMMER: And it was something you didn`t expect to have to go through initially?

TIERNEY: No, I thought -- everybody thought, my doctors all thought that once I had my surgery, that everything would be sort of OK. And then we found out it wasn`t. And so I -- you know, it was really sort of traumatic. I was really anxious about it.

HAMMER: Well, obviously, hearing from somebody who has the experience can only help people.

I know everybody`s experience is different, too. We just got the news that another TV star, legendary Bonnie Franklin, just revealed that she has pancreatic cancer, and she`s just beginning her battle. Again, with the backdrop of everybody`s experience being different, what kind of things do you tell people or advice do you give to people who are just now entering into this?

TIERNEY: Well, the campaign is about sort of being your own advocate and asking as many questions as you can or want to or feel the need to. And it`s sort of about putting a real primary focus on getting as much information as you can, so that you can take control or feel like you have a little bit more control about your treatment. So it`s about encouraging people not to be embarrassed or feel silly about asking any questions.

HAMMER: Really, really important. So that`s really important work. And you`re doing some other -- what I think is terrific work back on television with Julianna Margulies...


HAMMER: ... doing "The Good Wife," playing the self-made millionaire. Tell me about this reunion with her. It had to have been great fun.

TIERNEY: Yes. No, it was wonderful. I mean, we only overlapped slightly on "E.R.," so -- but my very first episode -- my very first scene on the show was with her.

HAMMER: Right.

TIERNEY: And then she`s just lovely and very warm and gracious. It was really nice to see her again. All those actors are wonderful. I really like the part I`m playing. It`s really -- it`s fun. I`m working in New York, and it`s great.

HAMMER: Is your character going to really shake things up?

TIERNEY: Yes, I think it will be fun. It will be fun to watch.

HAMMER: All right, excellent. Well, it`s so nice to see you.

TIERNEY: Thanks for having me.

HAMMER: And thanks for being here. Maura Tierney, of course.

For more information on Maura`s breast cancer awareness campaign, be sure to logon to And be sure to watch Maura on "The Good Time" this Sunday on CBS.

Well now, as we move on, another former TV star, Kelsey Grammer, who is exposing new details about his bitter public split from reality star Camille Grammer.

Also, listen to this: Miley Cyrus exposed and in bed with Ashton Kutcher. What is happening here?

Tonight, it`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the jaw-dropping stories that we like or that have us saying, yikes. But which hair-raising bombshell will be No. 1?

Time now for the "Buzz List." Here`s what the SHOWBIZ staff is buzzing about this week.

We are totally into the sexy, scary cool attraction of the new ABC show "666 Park Avenue," which premieres on Sunday.

Forget 140 characters. Say it with videos with the addictive social media app, Tout.

Jay-Z says, "Hello, Brooklyn." The part owner of the Brooklyn Nets celebrates the opening of the Barclay Center where the Nets will play with eight sold-out shows.

Cool girls, hot games. Olympian Gabby Douglas, Glee`s Dianna Agron and "Modern Family`s" Sarah Hyland want to get girls into gaming, so they`re part of Nintendo`s Play as You Are campaign.

And we were hooked from the moment we heard this star had a new show. Andre Braugher stars in the new ABC show "Last Resort." It debuts on Thursday night.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All hands, emergency teams! Emergency teams!


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We lost 12 souls in the attack. Let`s get somewhere safe so we can all see our families again.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I got a fix on the boat who shot us, sir.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Our own people tried to sink us?



HAMMER: Oh, goody. Snooks is back. Look at this: Snooki posing with some friends in an Instagram picture. There she is showing off her post-baby body. And this picture was taken just before Snooki`s first girls` night out since her son`s birth last month. I bet she couldn`t wait for that night. And I think I even see a hint of a spray tan there. Snooki may be a mom, but some things simply never change.

Well, we move from Jersey mama to Jersey drama. "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" just wrapped up another season, and now the real fireworks have truly begun. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Nischelle Turner is right here with our SHOWBIZ first look at "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion show. Are they calmer, Nischelle?

TURNER: Oh, drama with a capital "D," A.J. You know, instead of growing wiser, these women seem to have grown wilder. During their season four, Teresa Giudice was public enemy No. 1, but now the cameras are gone from their daily lives, will cooler heads prevail among the "Housewives" during their reunion? Don`t think so. Just look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When they originally were coming on the show, I felt bad for Teresa, because I know Teresa didn`t want them on the show.

TERESA GIUDICE, REALITY TV STAR: Because I didn`t want this to happen, what`s happened. I haven`t spoken to my brother in a year.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She wanted me to call them out on everything.

GIUDICE: but she would say to me behind cameras, but when the cameras were on, she wouldn`t say it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You would tell me what to say, making me uncomfortable. And I had other (EXPLETIVE DELETED) going on in my life. But you didn`t give a (EXPLETIVE DELETED)! All you cared about is exposing them. That`s it.

GIUDICE: Exposing them about what?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You wanted me to call them out that she was a stripper.

GIUDICE: No, I didn`t.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That she didn`t get a designer bag and she was 40 years old. Like that meant something. And that I lived in a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) house.

GIUDICE: I never said she was a stripper.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What?! OK, I swear on my child...

GIUDICE: I didn`t know she was a stripper.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You wanted me to call her out. There it is.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You told us of us that she was a stripper.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are a liar. You are sick, you are going to hell.


TURNER: Whoo! All right, then. Here`s my thing. And full disclosure, A.J., I`m a "Housewives" watcher, but these women have always been friends one minute and enemies the next. So why do they keep on torturing themselves on camera? That`s the question.

HAMMER: I may be going out on a limb here, but could it possibly be, they`re addicted to being on camera, Nischelle? Could it be?

TURNER: Could it be? Maybe so. You know, yes, this is train wreck TV. We will say that. But we just cannot seem to get enough of it. And we have to say you can check out "The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion," part one -- and there`s three parts. Part one is this Sunday on Bravo.

HAMMER: Not calmer at all. All right. Thanks a lot, Nischelle.

Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Miley Cyrus barely dressed and in bed with Ashton Kutcher. Carrie Underwood getting cozy with a much-younger man. Now, aren`t these ladies spoken for? What`s this about? You will find out in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the star stories that we like or that have us saying, yikes! But which shocker will be No. 1? You stay with me, you are going to find out. I promise you.




PAULA DEEN, CELEBRITY CHEF: (EXPLETIVE DELETED), (EXPLETIVE DELETED). That`s pretty (UNINTELLIGIBLE). That`s about the nastiest meatball I`ve ever tasted.


HAMMER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the SHOWBIZ Countdown: Like or Yikes? Paula Deen`s food for thought. A jaw-dropping rant from the sweet- as-pie chef that`s gone totally viral. Will Paula`s nasty rant beat out Carrie Underwood`s on-stage encounter with a younger man? It`s the caught- on-tape moments sparking a massive debate today. But which of these southern belles will take the cake in the SHOWBIZ Countdown: Like or Yikes?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And right now we are kicking off the SHOWBIZ Countdown with Likes or Yikes? Let`s get rolling.

Coming in at number five tonight, potty Paula mouthed or potty mouthed Paula. We can call her either. TV chef Paula Deen cursing, swearing, even raunchy. All of it is caught on tape, of course. TV`s southern chef let and loose, the cameras are rolling, and I`m telling you, you simply have never seen her like this before. Let`s watch it.


PAULA DEEN, CELEBRITY CHEF: (EXPLETIVE DELETED), (EXPLETIVE DELETED). That`s pretty (UNINTELLIGIBLE). That`s about the nastiest meatball I`ve ever tasted. They smell like stinky (bleep). Pew-wee!


HAMMER: Talk about hot and spicy. Deen`s naughty tape is reportedly a blooper reel which she released to be shown as part of some public speaking appearances. But now that we have seen Paula in the raw, I`ve got to ask, likes or yikes?

With me from Hollywood, entertainment journalist Hyla, also in Hollywood, former American idol contestant Kimberly Locke. Kimberly has just released an extended mix package of her single, "Final Three." You must download it now.

And Hyla, I want to start with you. You heard Paula there. I have a feeling I know what are your going to say. And by the way, we had to bleep out most of that audio, but like or yikes?

JONATHAN HYLA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: It`s a combination of both. I like it because her mouth is just as foul as her food, so she`s consistent across the board now. But I like the fact that, Paula Deen, she cusses, she makes inappropriate gestures, you know, she acts like every other 16- year-old boy, you know? There`s a part of me that appreciates that.

HAMMER: Yes, see, we can be relatable now to Paula in a way that she was never relatable to us before. She was having one of those moments, Kimberly. Did it make you cringe? Did you like or is it yikes for you?

KIMBERLY LOCKE: You know what, you know, it was a big like for me. You know, she`s a southern girl. I have to give her props. You know, there is some things she`s never going to say on camera, so here it is. She`s giving you all of it. Here`s another side of Paula Deen.

HAMMER: Paula Deen is a human being, ladies and gentlemen, and that tape officially proves it. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, by the way, did reach out to Paula Deen. We wanted a comment about the tape. We were a little afraid of what she might say and how it might come out of her mouth, but as of show time, we have not heard back.

And we move from Paula Deen`s rants to a superstar`s regrets. This is number four in our SHOWBIZ Countdown like or yikes. Kelsey Grammer just revealed to Anderson Cooper his biggest regret about his failed marriage to Camille Grammer.

Today, we have your SHOWBIZ First Look at this candid interview. It is going to be shown tomorrow on "Anderson Live." I want you to watch as Kelsey talks about regretting not letting Camille know sooner that he was in a relationship with Kate Walsh, who of course, is now his wife.


KELSEY GRAMMER, STAR, "BOSS": It was just ill-advised, it was the wrong decision. I should have come home from England when I first met Kate and just said that I just met somebody and you know, this hasn`t been working for a long time. And I regret not doing that. But I thought I could do something nice in parting thing. And so yes, it was very painful and uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable for Kate, uncomfortable for all of us.


HAMMER: Yes. It was uncomfortable for everybody watching too. But you know, some people were saying, Kelsey, enough already. You moved on, you got married. I know people are asking you about it, but maybe figure out a way to keep it to yourself.

Now Kimberly, let me get your take on it. Do you like that he is taking some of the blame now, maybe even a way, making himself out to be the bad guy?

LOCKE: I think it`s great. I think that, you know, he`s obviously admitting that, you know, he did something that he`s not very proud of, and he`s happy now. And I think that that was his way of saying, I`m sorry. And I think that`s OK. And I think that`s really good.

HAMMER: Yes, I mean, it certainly is possible that he has seen the beating he has taken in the media, Hyla. You know, he is saying some pretty nice things now. But if you flash back, and you and I have talked about this before, he and Camille really did battle it out publicly for quite some time. What do you think the point is of him speaking out and really trying to almost do a mea culpa? Do you think he`s trying to change his image?

HYLA: Yes, it`s a great question. I`ve been trying to answer that. Because I`ve been going on all these various talk shows. He`s been doing the late-night talk show circuit and talking about this extensively, basically making this become a reality show in itself, which is something he said he regrets doing. I don`t understand. This is Fraiser Crane. This is one of the greatest TV icons ever. At one point, you could definitely put him in an A-list, celebrity category. Completely baffling to me why he`s doing it.

HAMMER: Yes, Kimberly, you do know of course, when you`re in the public eye, you have to really be careful of almost everything you say, because it can change the way people interpret you or the things people concentrate about when it comes to you. You know, you want people to focus on your music. So it`s always thrown me, like Kelsey`s out there talks about this and I don`t watch "Fraiser" the same way anymore.

LOCKE: Yes, but I think that he realizes that he did have this image and people did see him a certain way. And they drug their -- they aired their dirty laundry out there. And it changed the way people saw him. So, I think this is his way of backpedaling, now that the, you know, the dust has settled from, you know, this very public divorce. Now he`s backpedaling a little bit and saying, you know, maybe I did go about this the wrong way. And I don`t think there`s anything wrong with that.

HAMMER: And by the way, I do still watch "Fraiser" because it`s on every day and happen to tune into it. I still love the show. It`s one of my favorite shows, and largely for all the characters that that around it. But it`s true that it`s been tainted by all of this garbage that has happened between the two of them.

But, I will move now from Kelsey`s confession to a Wolverine obsession. This is number three in the countdown on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Like or Yikes?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with your very first official look at Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine, the X-Men movie spin-off. This one had the ladies of SHOWBIZ just buzzing today. I mean, look at this picture.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is in Hollywood tonight. Do I even need to ask, like or yikes here for you? I mean, really? I think I know what you`re going to say.

TURNER: It`s all right. No, I`m just kidding! Look at this man! Good -- Look at those muscles! We`ve got the abs, the chest, he`s got the brooding look. Mama likes, A.J. Mama likes!

HAMMER: Oh, good, Mama likes. And it probably doesn`t hurt that not only is he extraordinarily talented, but you`ve met him before. You know, Nischelle, he is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

TURNER: Super nice guy. One of the genuinely nice guys who always has a kind word and some time to talk to you. So, yes, doesn`t hurt that he`s ripped as well.

HAMMER: He`s got time to talk to you and apparently has an awful lot of time to work out with his trainers and make sure he`s following the right diet. I must remind you of Hugh`s last action-packed appearance of the wolverine in "X-Men: Origins." That was all the way back in 2009. Let us watch that.


HAMMER: All right, that was then. Hugh Jackman, in the past. Kimberly, "the Wolverine" doesn`t open until next year, but are you already digging the claws and the body, like Nischelle?

LOCKE: That photo is amazing. I want to know how much of it is real and how much of it is Photoshop.

HAMMER: Well, I`ll tell you what, we will print you up a copy and you can take it home as your lovely parting gift tonight.

We`re going to move from number three to the battle for number one. It`s between Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood tonight. Miley actually just jumped into bed with none other than Ashton Kutcher. Can she be tamed? Carrie Underwood with a younger man, a much younger man. What the heck is going on with Miley and Carrie? Who will our top SHOWBIZ Countdown winner be tonight? Like or Yikes: the big reveal is next.


HAMMER: We are counting down the top five stories sparking big debate tonight, and having us to ask, like or yikes? Here`s where we stand so far.

At number five, Potty mouth Paula. TV show`s Paula Deen serving up a whole course of cussing in an all-new secret blooper reel just released.

And in number four, boss star Kelsey Grammer revealing his biggest regrets about appearing in his ex-wife`s Camille Grammer`s reality show, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

At number three, there he is, Hugh Jackman, striking a sexy pose as Wolverine and giving new meaning to the term six-pack abs, more like 18.

Which brings us to number two in our SHOWBIZ Countdow: Likes or Yikes. What in the world is Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus doing in bed with Ashton Kutcher?

Back with me now from Hollywood, Hyla who is an entertainment journalist, also in Hollywood, it is singer and American Idol finalist, Kimberly Locke. Make sure you check out the brand-new photos of Miley Cyrus right there from a scene from "Two and a Half Men" guys, in bed with Ashton Kutcher. It`s really happening. Kutcher is wearing is some sort of lingerie too.

Now, I realized Miley`s not a kid anymore, but she is still only 19 years old, Kimberly, like or yikes?

LOCKE: Yikes, yikes, yikes.


LOCKE: I don`t know, I don`t like this one. I don`t like it at all. You know, I know she`s growing up. She`s not, you know, going to be a girl forever, a little girl forever, but it`s like, you know, slow it down a little bit. Be careful. Make some good choices. Because you`ve got to realize, all the little girls out there still see her as Hannah Montana and she`s still a role model for those girls.

HAMMER: Yes. It is obviously a fun show. It is the biggest comedy on televisions. It is still feel a little creepy to some people. Cyrus, apparently by the way, playing the daughter of one of Walden`s friends, Walden is Ashton`s character on the show. And apparently things do get a little sexy between the two of them, Hyla. What do you think? Like it or yikes?

HYLA: You know what, coming of this segment that we just did with Hugh Jackman, with the girls basically were like getting undressed here on HLN. This is fine. She is an adult. She`s 19, and in Hollywood years, she`s more like 29.

This is a like, 100 percent. And I`m not going to ogle and oh over about how sexy she is -- I just like it. I`m going to be a little bit more respectful than my lady counterparts today.

HAMMER: I`m just -- I`m going to call foul on your logic there with Hugh Jackman. I think you are talking about two completely different people and different age groups.

LOCKE: No, you know what --


HAMMER: All right.

HYLA: Come on --

HAMMER: The male answer.

HYLA: You were drooling over there. Now let us fellows have a little something nice and not feel perverted about it.

HAMMER: Miley Cyrus, I can`t do it.

HAMMER: All right, let`s just move on.

HYLA: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: I don`t have your back at all. There`s the number one transition. So that means I have to talk about what`s number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown: Like or Yikes.

There`s no choice. There you have Grammy award-winning singer Carrie Underwood on stage granting a 12-year-old boy`s wish to give him his first kiss, right on the lips. Let`s watch.


CARRIE UNDERWOOD, SINGER: Come with me. What`s your name?

CHASE: Chase.

UNDERWOOD: Chase. Chase, it`s very nice to meet you, chase. How are old are you?

CHASE: Twelve?

UNDERWOOD: 12-years-old. He`s got the jump on me. I was 14 when I had my very first kiss. And just so you know, my husband is somewhere in this building, maybe backstage, so he might be looking for you later. I don`t know. But how we going to do this?

CHASE: Lip to lip.

UNDERWOOD: This is the smartest kid ever! All right, here we go. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. There we go, Chase!


HAMMER: Nice! The kid is like, yes! Yes! Oh, my goodness.

Listen, Kimberly, you got to hand it to 12-year-old Chase there, reaching for the stars with that wish. He wanted lip to lip, that`s how he said he wanted his kiss, and he got it. Like or yikes?

LOCKE: You know, listen, I love Carrie. I`m going to say yikes to the little guy, because the bar now is set so high, the kid is 12 and he`s kissed Carrie Underwood already.

HAMMER: Yes, I guess, you know, you make a really good point there.

HYLA: He really got like.

HAMMER: All right. Hyla, Kimberly Locke, thank you both so much. Kimberly`s brand-new single "Finally Free" available right now on iTunes.

Got to move now to Katie Couric`s very personal revelation about an eating disorder. She revealed details of a very personal struggle with bulimia when she was in college. I will tell you why she decided to go public now.



HAMMER: Tonight, a SHOWBIZ on location exclusive, Sitcom Secrets. Of course, the fall TV season is finally here. There are certainly no shortages of hit comedies to watch, like "How I Met Your Mother" or "Two and a Half Men." But, have you ever wonder how these shows are put together? I`m talking about the scripts, the rehearsals, the audience, even the warm up guys.

Well, tonight, we are here to knock down the fourth wall and unlock exclusive sitcom secrets from the set of the hit TV land show "The Exes."

Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner.


TURNER (voice-over): Meet the cast of "The Exes."

DONALD FAISON, CAST, THE EXES: I`m Donald Faison. This is Kristen Johnson.

TURNER: Today they`ll spend 12 hours shooting an episode of their sitcom. Just one of many days` work.

FAISON: Before today, we had a week`s worth of rehearsals, starting last Thursday. And it all comes down to tonight. Everything, all the work we have done throughout the week. You get to see the final product on your television screen.

TURNER: What you don`t get to see at home is what`s really happening as the sitcom is taped. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got exclusive access behind the scenes.

The day begins with a full run-through, before the studio audience arrives.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re going to give it to her? What about me? One more time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s somewhat autobiographical.

TURNER: That gives the actors time to nail down their lines so they`re seemed effortless on screen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a semiautobiographical film called "Dial M for Mama."

FAISON: Cameras are not for them.

TURNER: Director Andy Cadiff, studies the action from a video village, tweaking the performances.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want the intensity -- yes, you know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They`re inviting a bunch of different --


TURNER: As the day goes on, the script evolves, as writers make improvements. This line from rehearsal --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m about to have me a supermodel sandwich --

TURNER: Becomes this in the final version.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m about to have me a supermodel sundae with Phil on top.

TURNER: Laughs are authentic, provided by the audience that loads into the bleachers at around 6:00 p.m. You never see them or that warm-up guy that keeps them amped. Some lines that get laughs wind up being cut for time. Viewers at home heard this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If I wasn`t pregnant and was a guy, I`d totally tap that.

TURNER: But this got axed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, slap it up and rip it down.

TURNER: Between scenes, the crew motors from set to set.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The cameras are moving into position. That`s right.

TURNER: And the stars stay busy, on their phones. In the middle of taping, they constantly hit social media.

FAISON: Either Instagraming or tweeting or Facebooking to the people out there, to the people that follow me, to tell them, please watch my show.

TURNER: The episode that airs on TV appears seamless, but on set, there are interruptions.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Here we go! Here we go!

TURNER: Crackups are redone and this unscripted moment never made air.

TURNER: But maybe the biggest difference between what you see at home and what happens on set is the way an episode ends. On screen, you get tiny credits. On set, there`s a slightly bigger sendoff.


HAMMER: A whole lot of work.

Well, we move on tonight to Oprah`s big Oscar buzz. The former talk show queen goes back to the big screen that actually looks like Oscar gold could be in her future. I will tell you about that, coming up.


HAMMER: Oprah Oscar buzz. It`s the brand-new performance that has people thinking Oprah could be a contender again, also, the big return of dancing.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT catching up with the all-stars of "Dancing with the Stars," and Katie Couric`s big confession about once battling an eating disorder. I`ve got those details in the buzz today.


HAMMER: Katie`s confession. Katie Couric got candid with her viewers on Monday when she opened up for the very first time about battling bulimia. During her candid chat with "X Factor" judge, Demi Lovato on her syndicated talk show, Katie. The TV host revealed that she used to struggle with body image and bulimia as a young woman.

KATIE COURIC, TV HOST: You know, I wrestled with bulimia all through college and for two years after that. And I know this rigidity, this feeling that if you eat one thing that`s wrong, you`re full of self- loathing and then you punish yourself, whether it`s one cookie or something -- a stick of gum that isn`t sugarless, I would sometimes beat myself up for that.

HAMMER: All-star`s hot competition. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there when "Dancing with the Stars" kicked off its 15th season with a cast of returning stars and champs, making it the most competitive lineup yet. Despite the tough competition, the all-stars cast opened up us to us about what brought them back to the ballroom.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In 15 seasons, I`ve never practiced as much as we do now. And I really look forward to every rehearsal, because I`m working with Sabrina.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`ve always remained friends, so it was just like, hey, guess what, we`re working together.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s really nice being back on the dance floor together.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m glad to be here. Even though the competition is really stiff, I`m ecstatic to be here.

HAMMER: Oprah Oscar buzz. Oprah Winfrey, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in "The Color Purple," could be Oscar bound once again. Oprah plays the wife of White House service worker Eugene Allen in the new film, "The Butler." And even though this year`s Oscar race is in full swing, early buzz is the still-filming feature will be a top contender for next year`s academy awards. Forest Whitaker, Maria Carey, and Robin Williams star alongside Oprah in the White House drama.


HAMMER: As we move on tonight, the incredible stories of people who struggle their entire lives with weight problems and how they finally dropped the pounds inside their crazy diets and the secret to weight loss` excess. Dr. Drew has that right now.