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Heidi Klum Speaks Out about Divorce; Britney Spears Debuts on `The X Factor`; How Did Ryan & Blake Keep Wedding Secret?; Sharon Osbourne`s Weight Wars; 9/11 Kardashian Controversy; Justin Bieber`s Heartthrob Headache?; Chris Brown`s Tattoo; "The New Normal"; Model Faces Her Fear

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" that has us asking, Anything Wrong with That? Heidi Klum revealed all today about her split with Seal. NBC airs an interview about Kris Jenner`s breast implants instead of a 9/11 moment of silence. Wow. We`ve got to ask: "Anything Wrong with That?"

Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. We`ve got two big "SHOWBIZ Countdowns" tonight, including a countdown of the five big stories today that had us asking, "Anything Wrong with That?"

Well, "The Today Show" is getting an awful lot of heat today for staying with its interview with Kris Jenner talking about her breast implants instead of showing our president, Mr. Obama, live at that moment, leading a moment of silence for the victims of September 11, as all the other TV networks did. "Anything Wrong with That?"

Plus Justin Bieber`s brand-new interview reveal today, saying he doesn`t want to just be a regular teen heartthrob any more. Is he biting the hand that`s feeding him? "Anything Wrong with That?"

We begin tonight with a "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the top three shockers from Heidi Klum`s very first interview, revealed just this afternoon, about the breakup of her seven-year marriage to Seal and him accusing her of sleeping with their bodyguard.

We saw Heidi speaking out today on Katie Couric`s show. So kicking it all off, No. 3 in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," Heidi Klum confirming -- yes, she confirmed for the first time -- that she is, in fact, now seeing her bodyguard. Let`s watch this together.


KATIE COURIC, TALK SHOW HOST: You are in a relationship right now?

HEIDI KLUM, HOST, "PROJECT RUNWAY": I don`t even know if I can call it that. I don`t know. You know, it just started, so I don`t know. I don`t know where it`s going to go.

COURIC: And it`s with someone who works with you, your bodyguard? The gentleman?

KLUM: Yes.

COURIC: And you`ve known him for a long time?

KLUM: I`ve known him for four years. And he`s been with our family for the last four years. He`s cared for, you know, our entire family, mostly for our four children. He`s helped us tremendously. I trust him. I trust my children -- I mean, I trust him with my children`s life. He`s a great man, you know, and we just got to know each other from a completely different side.


HAMMER: Wow. I got to tell you, I didn`t see that coming today. I don`t think anybody saw that coming, that she would actually confirm that she and this bodyguard, who have been tossed around in the headlines lately, that they`re actually seeing each other.

With me tonight in New York, Trisha Goddard. She`s the host of the new syndicated talk show "Trisha Goddard." It debuts next Monday. Check your local listings.

From Chicago tonight, Kelli Zink, host of

So there you have it, Heidi`s confirmation today, and it comes after Seal publicly accused her of, as he put it, fornicating with the help, but it is worth stressing that she says their relationship began after she and Seal separated.

This takes us to our "SHOWBIZ Flashpoint": Was it a good idea for Heidi to confirm her relationship with the bodyguard? Trisha, what was your take on that?

TRISHA GODDARD, TALK SHOW HOST: My take is Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, have you learned nothing at all? Keep something under wraps, because it`s the early days of the relationship. If anything goes wrong, it`s almost inviting the press to be as involved in this new relationship as they seem to be between her and Seal.

I would -- you know, I just would have said, "You know what? This time around, I want to do things a little differently. I`d rather not talk about it." But...

HAMMER: But Trisha, let me ask you, taking the other side of that, is it better to lie? I mean, if Katie Couric asked her, you know, are you in a relationship, if she had said no, I think that would possibly set her up for more problems.

GODDARD: No, I agree, I don`t say lie. I think she could have said something like, "Yes, I am, but you know, this time around, I really don`t want to talk about it, because it`s early days."


GODDARD: You know, so -- so not lie, but just, you know...

HAMMER: Couch it differently.


HAMMER: OK. Well, some might questioned her decision to date someone, also, who was so close to her four young children so soon after the split with Seal. Kelli, what do you think? A good idea to just let everybody know, yes, it`s true?

KELLI ZINK, HOST, CELEBTV.COM: She should have gone all Sarah Palin and kind of talked in circles with Katie Couric.

And I don`t know. The poor woman. Let her date. If she`s saying she wasn`t romantically involved with him during their marriage, then there`s really nothing wrong. She`s saying, "Yes, I`m seeing him. I don`t know where it`s going." And guess what? The kids already like this guy. She trusts the kids around him. So that`s better than 99 percent of the people out there who she could bring into their lives.

And by the way, Seal says "fornicating"? I think we know that that`s the problem.

HAMMER: That he said it or that he used that word? I`m not sure what you mean.

ZINK: That word is just so awkward. Yes, so awkward.

HAMMER: It was a strange, strange word to use. But you know, Seal -- and I like Seal. I`ve known him for a very long time. He`s a very proper man. He`s a very well-spoken man.

Well, listen, this afternoon Heidi made another big revelation in her chat with Katie Couric that I must share with you. This takes us to No. 2 in our SHOWBIZ Countdown: shockers from Heidi Klum`s first interview since leaving Seal. Heidi telling Katie what she thought of Seal`s "fornicate with the help" comment. You`ve got to see this.


COURIC: He accused you of, quote, "fornicating with the help." What did you think about his comments, how he said them? Because I think a lot of people were a little put off by his word choice.

KLUM: Yes, he has a very unique choice of words. I`m used to them. I don`t know. I mean, obviously, I don`t know. I don`t love that. And obviously, it`s not true. You know, I`ve never looked at another man while I was with him, and it`s hard when you think that he thinks that. Or I don`t know.

He`s moved on. You know, when we separated, he`s moved on and so have I.


HAMMER: I could almost see the steam coming out of Heidi`s ears there. Clearly, she`s pretty ticked off that Seal would say something like that. Yes, that word "fornicate," what an odd choice. And in fact, at one point during the interview she suggested that Seal had a habit of making inappropriate comments.

So Trisha, should we be surprised, though, that Heidi is being so blunt about her feelings there?

GODDARD: No. Again, you know, a lot of this relationship has been out there in the open. In fact, Seal himself has said that. So I`m not surprised.

Maybe it`s a cultural difference, as well, because I know the word "fornicate" in England, it`s an old-fashioned word, but it wouldn`t have had as much shock value.

But Seal wouldn`t have been thinking about that. I mean, you don`t plan your speeches. If somebody, you know, says -- straightaway asks him a question, he`s going to answer on the spot. He may not have time to pick the best word. But you wonder how much more is this going to go? Is it Seal`s turn now to come out with something?

HAMMER: Gosh, I hope not. I don`t need to see a game of celebrity divorce Ping-Pong going on here. That would be terrible.

I have a feeling they`re seeing the media coverage of this and learning a little something about not talking so much. I think Heidi was just eager to say her piece today and get her side of the story out there, but this is all what`s been happening in the news lately.

I think that Heidi, in this interview today, finally answered what may be the biggest question surrounding her and Seal. And this is No. 1 in our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the top shockers from Heidi Klum`s first post-split interview.

Heidi was talking for the very first time about what went wrong in what we all thought was this terrific, wonderful storybook marriage to Seal. Let us watch this together.


KLUM: People always saw us always, like, laughing and smiling, and you know -- but it`s not always like that. Sometimes, you know, something would pop up and I`m sort of like I push it down and I`m trying to see the bright side in the day, and then another thing pops up and you`re like eek.

COURIC: Like whack a mole.

KLUM: Yes. Like whoa. And it just like didn`t work. I tried my hardest. We tried our hardest, and now I just -- I want to move forward. I want to be friends with him.


HAMMER: Well, at least that`s a nice thought. They want to be -- or she wants to be friends with him.

Look, I think this was a big disappointment for everybody when they split, because Heidi and Seal had always been seen as one of Hollywood`s most loving couples. They were married for seven years, always together. Now to hear Heidi say it, it wasn`t explosive, it wasn`t an affair with the bodyguard that broke them up. It just didn`t work anymore. Kelli, did that surprise you?

ZINK: No, I love her honesty. And I think she was happy with that response. She didn`t say, you know, he doesn`t floss before bed. She didn`t go there like a lot of other celebrities do. So I think that it`s OK to talk about it. That way the press is going to kind of leave her alone and back off and not wonder what happened if they didn`t work out. And it`s very relatable.

HAMMER: Yes. I love her candor, love her honesty. I`m glad she spoke out, but I hope that it`s.`s Kelli Zink, talk show host Trisha Goddard, I thank you both for being here tonight.

And Heidi Klum is caught up right in the middle of another "SHOWBIZ Countdown" tonight. She spent the afternoon dishing about her split with Seal on Katie Couric`s talk show, but was it all too much information?

Plus, NBC`s controversial decision to interview Kris Jenner about her breast implants during the 9/11 moment of silence. Was that just a slap in the face to the memory of thousands? Both of those big stories are on tonight`s red-hot countdown, "Anything Wrong with That?" And what about this red-hot, red-carpet comeback?


BRITNEY SPEARS, JUDGE, "THE X FACTOR": It`s totally different, you know, performing, because you`re behind the scenes, and it`s -- and it`s refreshing. It`s refreshing doing something different like this.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went one on one with Britney Spears just as she made her big debut tonight on "The X Factor." Is the pop mega star finally back on top? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight, picture perfect. I want you to look at this. These are the very first pictures of Giuliana and Bill Rancic`s baby, Edward Duke. It`s on the cover of "Life & Style" magazine. E! News host Giuliana Rancic is telling the world now that her life is complete now that she`s got little Edward Duke in it. So congrats again, guys.

Coming up, inside the secret wedding of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals how they managed to keep the celebrity ceremony a big surprise.



SPEARS: Your voices are smooth, and I loved it. I thought you guys were great. It was amazing.

Miss thing. You are a little diva.


HAMMER: Tonight, stealing the spotlight. There you have the big season premiere right there of "The X Factor" earlier tonight, with Britney Spears making her debut as a judge. I`ve got to say, I think she did a pretty good job. Didn`t pull any punches with contestants, but she seemed pretty nice about doling out criticism, all in all.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at the premiere tonight and before the big show started, SHOWBIZ caught up with Britney on "The X Factor" red carpet. Let me bring in Nischelle Turner to fill us in right now.

So Nischelle, what did Britney tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about her big debut?

NISCHELLE TURNER, CORRESPONDENT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Well, A.J., Britney just revealed how different judging is from performing, and how she`s keeping it real with the contestants. Watch.


SPEARS: It`s a hard thing to do, because you have to use constructive criticism but you don`t want to, you know, let the fans down, because you know, usually the fans do know, you know, what they like and what they don`t like.

It`s totally different, you know, from performing, because you`re behind the scenes and it`s -- it`s refreshing. It`s refreshing doing something different like this. It`s a lot of fun.


TURNER: Now, you know Britney would not tell SHOWBIZ if she was going to perform on "The X Factor" this season, but she also didn`t completely rule out the possibility. She says all we`ve got to do is, you guessed it, watch, wait and see.

But here`s one thing I can tell you for sure: Britney is definitely back in a big way. Now, after her years of struggling, her career seems to be stronger than ever, and her new gig on "The X Factor" is putting a very poised Britney smack dab back in the middle of the spotlight.


TURNER (voice-over): It wasn`t long ago that images like these -- Britney Spears sitting next to Simon Cowell as a judge on a prime-time television show -- would be almost inconceivable.

Spears, the former "Mickey Mouse Club" star, who launched into the pop culture stratosphere as a teen, had a fall from grace in her mid-20s that`s become synonymous with her success. Numerous health scares, bizarre public behavior. And in a long string of legal woes in 2007, when she was forced to give up custody of her two children to ex-husband Kevin Federline. The following year, a judge granted Spears`s father conservatorship after she was hospitalized for being unable to care for herself. An onslaught of personal problems that, laid out in public, had many wondering if Spears would ever get back on track.

Now with a resurgent career in music and a new gig on "The X Factor" worth a reported $15 million, it appears that Spears, now 30 years old, is back.

HOWARD BRAGMAN, REPUTATION.COM: We`re seeing her again, but there was a quiet (ph) where that`s the point when she absolutely hit her lowest.

TURNER:`s Howard Bragman says things turned around for Britney after her face disappeared from the tabloids and gossip sites.

BRAGMAN: Few people have hit the high spots that Britney had and few people hit the low spots that she`s had. She had to address those life issues before she could get her career back on track.

And I assume she got some therapy and intervention. I assume she was surrounded by people who loved her and people who had her best interests at heart.

TURNER: And television cameos have also been in Britney`s best interest. The pop princess starred in a few episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" and had a brief cameo on "Glee."

MAGGIE FURLONG, ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: I think her going on that show was the most calculated and smartest move she could have made to remind people that she is relevant in the music business.

TURNER: The Huffington Post`s Maggie Furlong says "The X Factor" allows Spears the potential to follow in the footsteps of other successful reality competition judges.

FURLONG: Look at Paula. Look at J. Lo. Christina Aguilera. Look at everyone. Whether or not your career has ever had a lull, that kind of exposure week after week cannot hurt record sales. And I think people will embrace her, because she will have been in our living room.

TURNER: And while the public prepares to embrace Spears` new image, "X Factor" audiences already like what they see.


HAMMER: Yes, I like it, too. I think good for Britney Spears. Great to see her and hear from her again.


HAMMER: I do think as the show continues on through the season, she`ll come out of her shell a little more. That`s what I`m looking for.

TURNER: Me, too.

HAMMER: All right, thanks, Nischelle.

From Britney`s comeback to NBC`s massive misstep tonight. Some people are calling for a boycott of the network after they aired an interview with Kris Jenner instead of a moment of silence for 9/11.

Also Sharon Osbourne becomes the newest celebrity warrior in the battle with the bulge. She has just signed a deal with Atkins. Here`s the thing. Are people just sick and tired of celebrities endorsing weight-loss plans for big bucks?

We`re counting down the top five bombshell stories that have us asking, "Is There Anything Wrong with That?"

This is "SHOWBIZ tonight" on HLN.


HAMMER: It`s the celebrity wedding shocker of the year. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married over the weekend in what was a super- secret ceremony. No one seemed to know anything about it until it was over.

Well, tonight we have brand-new details about how Ryan and Blake kept their nuptials under wraps.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively`s family and friends gathered near Charleston, South Carolina, to watch them tie the knot while we didn`t have any idea it was going on. Sixty people in all invited to this lavish affair, including designer Christian Louboutin. So just how did two of Hollywood`s biggest celebrities manage to keep their star-packed wedding so hush-hush?

Well, our friends over at "People" magazine were right there as the "The Green Lantern" co-stars exchanged their vows. "People" staff writer Carlos Greer joins me now in New York.

So Carlos, I got to know, because this is tough to do in Hollywood these days. How did Ryan and Blake keep their wedding such a surprise?

CARLOS GREER, STAFF WRITER, "PEOPLE": You know what? The same way they kept their relationship under wraps. I mean, this is a couple that was very private. They`ve been hush-hush about even being together. They just started dating a little over a year ago.

But this ceremony, they literally blocked off -- they got married in a small plantation in South Carolina. Signs went up. The locals, they weren`t allowed into the plantation, and guests, they weren`t allowed to use their cell phones. They kept it really private and intimate. Only family and friends were invited. There were about 60 guests there. So this was all about only inviting people who were extremely close to them and letting them know.

HAMMER: Yes. And I`m sure a lot of confidentiality agreements being signed by anyone who was working on the wedding, if they even had any idea who the wedding was for.

And as you said, we didn`t even know these two were dating officially, anyway, so when the news broke of Ryan and Blake`s top-secret marriage, it really shocked everybody in Hollywood. But what about the people around them? I mean, they had to know this was happening.

GREER: Well, you know what? The people around them, they know this couple, and they know that they`re deeply in love with each other. They`re very fun with each other. If you were at that wedding, you really got a sense of who they are as a couple. It was a very whimsical ceremony. It was playful. They were -- their eyes were beaming over each other. He was doting over Blake. And so you really got a sense of who they were, who they are as a couple.

HAMMER: And there were no paparazzi anywhere. Nobody got tipped off that this was going on?

GREER: No, no paparazzi anywhere. There was a local radio station in South Carolina who was hinting at a potential wedding, because the reason they got married there is because Ryan loved this small town. And he was in town, but no one knew they were actually getting married. They knew there was an event at this plantation, but no one knew it was Blake and Ryan`s wedding.

HAMMER: Yes, and it is one of the most beautiful places in our country. So "People" magazine was right there. Carlos, you were at the wedding. You got to listen to the vows. You got a close-up look at Blake`s dress and the ring. What was the most surprising thing about the whole secret celebrity wedding for you guys?

GREER: Well, you know what? A lot of people don`t realize that Florence Welch, she`s a really great friend to Blake. They`re really good friends. And it was really touching, because she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and Blake got teary-eyed and Ryan was just looking at her in complete awe. So that was a very sweet special moment at the wedding.

HAMMER: And I have to imagine Christian Louboutin was in attendance. She was probably wearing Christian Louboutin shoes on her feet. That`s just a guess.

GREER: Well, you know what? She looked stunning. She wore a Marchesa gown. She had natural makeup. She opted to not wear a veil. Even the gown was designed by her friend. This is how intimate this wedding was. The gown was designed by her friends. Burberry did Ryan`s tux, as well as the groomsmen. So it was a really intimate wedding for family and friends.

HAMMER: She always looks stunning. All right. Carlos Greer, thank you very much.

GREER: Right, thank you.

HAMMER: And you can read all of Ryan and Blake`s wedding secrets in a brand-new special double issue of "People" magazine. It will be available everywhere on Friday.

"SHOWBIZ Timeline" for the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Did Heidi Klum really cheat with her bodyguard, like her ex, Seal, claim? She just spilled some serious secrets about her divorce on "Katie" today, but did she say too much?

And Sharon Osbourne just became the latest celebrity ambassador for a weight-loss plan. But is it really inspirational to watch celebrities with those mega endorsement deals shedding the pounds?

Those are two of the remarkable stories breaking tonight in our "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Anything Wrong with That?"



HAMMER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Heidi Klum`s big Seal confessions. Did she hook up with the bodyguard while she was still married to Seal? Seal slammed her for, as he put it, fornicating with the help. But is there anything wrong with Heidi dishing on her divorce?

Justin Bieber not a teen idol? Tonight, the Biebs doesn`t want to be a teen heartthrob any more. So is there anything wrong with that?

Heidi and Justin`s big confessions are in our top 5 "SHOWBIZ Countdown" tonight, but which of these stories will outdo the other? It`s the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Anything Wrong with That?"

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, and thanks for watching. I`m AJ Hammer, and tonight on the SHOWBIZ countdown, the top five bombshell breaking stories today that have us asking, anything wrong with that?

We kick things off at number five tonight with Heidi Klum`s divorce confessions. For the very first time since Heidi Klum and Seal`s stunning announcement that they were calling it quits, well, Heidi Klum is opening up and revealing her side of the nasty divorce.

This afternoon, for the very first time we heard Heidi respond to Seal`s claim that she was, quote, "fornicating with the help," sleeping with their bodyguard, a claim made by Seal. The superstar mom, supermodel and reality TV host, telling all to Katie Couric. Let`s watch that.


HEIDI KLUM, MODEL/REALITY TV HOST: I don`t know. I mean I -- obviously, I don`t know, I don`t love that. And it`s -- and obviously it`s not true. When, you know, I`ve never looked at another man while I was with him. And it`s hard when you -- when you think that he thinks that, or I don`t know, you know, he was hurt. He`s moved on. You know, when we separated, he`s moved on and so have I.


HAMMER: Sounds like a straight denial to me. Let`s me bring in Trisha Goddard. She is in New York. And Trisha is the host of the all-new syndicated daytime talk show "Trisha Goddard," set to premier on Monday, September 17th.

Joining me from Hollywood tonight, Michael Yo, who`s host of "Yo Show" on Yahoo.

Good to have you both here. And you both heard Heidi in full defense mode. This seems to be shaping out to what may quite possibly wind up being what was a very nasty divorce.

Trisha, I want to go to you first because you`re a conflict resolution expert. Heidi has not said word one publicly since their breakup was announced in January until today. In your mind, anything wrong with Heidi speaking out now? It`s been nine months.

TRISHA GODDARD, HOST, "TRISHA GODDARD": Well, I think you`ve got to wind the clock back, AJ. This is a couple that, if you remember, renewed their vows very publicly every year. This has all been done out in the public, so it`s only to be expected there`s going to be this game of ping-pong, he said/she said.

Is there anything wrong with that? Well, as long as they make sure that their children know what`s really going on, but you`re right, it could get very ugly because the legal business is going to be listening to every word he says and she says.

HAMMER: Absolutely. And to your point, when Heidi and Seal first announced their separation, Seal did tell an Australian radio station, hey, you know, they kept heir marriage in the spotlight when they were together so he felt it only fair that their divorce should be an open book as well. Let`s watch what he said there.


SEAL, SINGER: When you publicize your marriage as much as our marriage was publicized, when you renew wedding vows, when you do all of those things, what you are saying to people is you are giving them a picture of an ideal relationship, a relationship that people aspire towards, and so when it goes south, you can`t all of a sudden take -- you know, take the philosophy that we are philistine monks, and decide to go for a vow of silence. It doesn`t really work like that.


HAMMER: OK. Now, Michael, I kind of get what he`s saying there. But at the same time it seems like a bit of a rationalization to putting the dirty laundry out there. Anything wrong with that?

MICHAEL YO, HOST, "THE YO SHOW" ON YAHOO: I think there is, and I think this is a private issue, especially when you got kids involved. Yes, they did their marriage and they made it very public, but I don`t think they have to take this next level, you know, and put it all over the papers and talk about it in the press. And I`ve interviewed both people, and they`re very, very nice people, but you know, Heidi Klum to me didn`t deny that -- if she is going out with the bodyguard. To me she didn`t deny it. She just said she hasn`t been talking to anybody when she was with Seal.

HAMMER: Well --

YO: Doesn`t mean she`s not dating the guy now. So.

HAMMER: Well, no, no. But to her point, she did make it very clear she never even looked at another man when they were together.

YO: Absolutely. Absolutely.

HAMMER: So unless she was with the bodyguard and wearing a blindfold, I don`t actually think that was taking place.


But we`ll move now from Heidi Klum`s confessions.

YO: Yes.

HAMMER: To Sharon Osbourne`s new revelations. It`s at number four in our SHOWBIZ countdown of stories making us ask, anything wrong with that?

Sharon`s weight war. Now Sharon is one of the hosts of "The Talk," of course, and she just became the latest celeb to be a spokesperson for a popular diet program. Let`s watch what she she said about it on "The Talk."


SHARON OSBOURNE, TV HOST: I`ve tried everything. And I went in and the Atkins diet. And in two weeks I lost 11 pounds. And it is -- mind, body and spirit that I want to change and the Atkins diet is a perfect combination for me of vegetables and protein. And I`ve never felt so good. And I want to be an inspiration for women between 50 and 60 to say, you know what, I want to do that. I can do that. And why not?


HAMMER: And why not indeed? So OK, in addition to Jessica Simpson, Sharon joins the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Kirstie Alley, Snooki, Valerie Bertinelli and Khloe Kardashian, and that`s just naming a few stars who back these diet programs. We have seen some pretty amazing transformations throughout time and these these endorsements, but let`s face it, they usually get paid a whole lot of money to do it, Trisha.

So anything wrong with that? Are their stories really inspirational when they`re getting paid so much to lose that weight?

GODDARD: It`s an act. It`s an act. It pays the bill so everyone has got to pay the bills, and as long as people realize that`s what it is, there`s no harm. And there are lots of laws in place to make sure people do realize that. But I want a celebrity to come out and talk about just eating less and exercising more. I`ll do that.

HAMMER: Yes. And nobody is going to pay you to say that, but --

GODDARD: No one is going to pay me, but --


HAMMER: And I have to say, just seeing Sharon there, you know, I love her dearly and I`m glad --


HAMMER: Whatever the motivation is, that she`s taking health steps in her life. So congratulations to you, Sharon.

Let`s move on now to number three in our SHOWBIZ countdown. It`s a 9/11 Kardashian controversy. And there`s actually a call out there today to boycott NBC. A lot of outrage tonight I can`t even overstate this.

The "Today" show made a decision to not carry President Obama leading the nation in a moment of silence to remember the victims of September 11th like the other networks did. Instead, at that moment the "Today" show stayed with an interview they were doing with Kim Kardashian`s mom, Kris Jenner, talking about things about her breast implants. Let`s watch what they were doing.


KRIS JENNER, KIM KARDASHIAN`S MOTHER: Anybody that`s dine this, I had my implants done in 1989 and that was a long time ago. And so it`s just really important to pay attention to what your body is telling you, and my body was saying, you`re tired, it`s enough. Get it fixed.


HAMMER: OK, again, that going on while every other network broke into the 9/11 coverage. That takes us right to our SHOWBIZ flashpoint. Anything wrong with the "Today" show sticking with Kris Jenner and that interview. Michael Yo?

YO: Yes, I think it was a big mistake. I mean you`re in New York City doing this show. I think it was a terrible, terrible thing to do. And I don`t want everybody getting on Kris Jenner, she didn`t have control of it. It was on the "Today" show. And I think it was just bad taste, and I think if they could do it again, they would totally not do that interview right then.

HAMMER: But it had to have been a conscious choice on their part. It wasn`t an accident that this happened, Michael. So that known, would NBC`s decision perhaps had been less offensive had they not been talking about breast implants at the time? Maybe if they were talking about the economy? I mean it really did show such a stark contrast because of the content of that conversation.

YO: I don`t think whatever content was going on, it would have been -- the 9/11 cause would overshadow it. I think they could have been talking to anybody. I really feel -- they could have been talking at anybody at that time, and it`s just a bad choice by the "Today" show. So it doesn`t matter who was there. But yes, a Kardashian was there, so everybody attaches themselves to that and all the media jumps in on that.

HAMMER: Well, yes, I mean it really -- it just -- it just seems so strange and out of place, and again, it has nothing to do with Kris Jenner doing it.

YO: Yes.

HAMMER: And NBC has defended their decision. They did come out very strongly saying honoring the moment of silence is not a tradition on the "Today" show, adding that "Today" has not observed a moment of silence during its shows on 9/11 since 2006.

It still seems pretty strange and a lot of people are pretty upset by it.

Well, we still haven`t revealed what is number one on the SHOWBIZ countdown, anything wrong with that?

Trisha, Michael, stay where you are. We`re moments away from revealing who made the top spot tonight.

But now on to Lady Gaga`s wildest look yet? Could be. You know, we`ve seen her in a meat dress, we`ve seen her in masks, monster heels. But tonight we`re going to reveal what could be her most outrageous look to date.

And it`s a transformation of one young model you`re not going to believe. Can`t wait to show this to you. This is a 19-year-old who uses YouTube to reveal her battle with severe acne. It actually scores her a gig at New York`s Fashion Week.


CASSANDRA BANKSON, MODEL: I know it doesn`t look like it, but taking my makeup off is one of the most insecure things I could probably do for me. Here I am with no makeup, no nothing, no eyes, and I feel really disgusting.


HAMMER: Wait until you see this remarkable video of this inspirational teen. I`m going to show it to you coming up.



HAMMER: It is time now to reveal who is number one in our SHOWBIZ countdown of the top five bombshell breaking stories that have us asking, anything wrong with that?

Here`s who made our top five so far. At number five, Heidi Klum`s divorce confessions. The supermodel speaking out for the very first time after Seal`s public comments accusing her of fornicating with the help.

At number four, Sharon Osbourne`s weight wars. The co-host of "The Talk" announces her new deal with Atkins. And at number three tonight, the "Today" show`s 9/11 Kardashian controversy. The morning show takes some pretty major heat for "Keeping Up with Kardashians" Kris Jenner instead of the 9/11 tribute.

And that brings us to number two on our SHOWBIZ countdown. Justin Bieber`s heartthrob headache?

In a brand new interview with Ryan Seacrest, the pop star says he wants to prove he`s not just another teen heartthrob. Let`s listen.


JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: I just don`t want to be just another teen heartthrob, because that`s just -- I just think that annoys me to think that`s what people will think of me or, like, I just want to prove people wrong.


HAMMER: OK. I`ll be bringing back Trisha Goddard, host of the new syndicated daytime talk show "Trisha Goddard." From Hollywood Michael Yo, host of "The Yo Show" on Yahoo."

So you heard it, Justin saying he wants to prove, I`m not just another teen heartthrob. That`s not how I want people to see me. He truly believes that his new album "Believe" is going to prove that, Trisha.

Anything wrong with Bieber not wanting to be a teen heartthrob anymore?

GODDARD: A word of warning, don`t diss the fans, you know, because if you diss being a teenage heartthrob, you`re kind of putting off all those fans who followed you. And I don`t think -- I remember when I was 7 years old and I said to my mom one day, I want to be called Christine from this day on. I mean it`s just -- that`s not how it works. You have to become that person.

So I`d say to Justin, just be cool. Just wait and people will make their own minds up about your music and what it is or what it isn`t.

HAMMER: Yes, you don`t want to bite the hand that feeds you.

Michael Yo, you`ve been following the Biebs for a long time.

YO: Yes.

HAMMER: Anything wrong with what he`s wanting to change?

YO: No, I think it`s right on, because if you look at O-Town, `NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, the only person that stands out is Justin Timberlake. So if you`re a heartthrob when you`re young and can`t make the transition when you turn 18, you`re going to lose your younger audience. And you`re going to lose the older audience as well. Because now for Justin Bieber being 18 it`s about women 18 to 24 that needs to buy his album.

It is for guys to like his music in the club. So he has to make the transition and if he doesn`t he could be gone in two years. Because Justin Bieber has only had one song that`s been in the top 10, so he`s at that point where he needs hits.


YO: Right now, and it seems like he has one so.

HAMMER: Well, Ryan Seacrest did ask him how he plans on pulling this off. Let`s watch what the Biebs told Mr. Seacrest.


BIEBER: I think "Believe" is really -- my album has really showcased what I`m capable of, especially becoming an 18-year-old and becoming an adult, and hearing older people say, wow, like this new album is great. Like, I didn`t know that was Justin Bieber, or you know, wow, like, I never used to listen to Justin Bieber`s music and now I like his music, or, "as long as you love me," that`s Justin Bieber singing?

Like, I like those reactions because I feel like they`re now -- they`re judging me based on my music and not based on, you know, my -- a flick of my hair.


HAMMER: All I will say is travel that road carefully, Mr. Bieber.

Well, it`s time now to reveal who is number one on our SHOWBIZ countdown of the top five bombshell breaking stories that have us asking, anything wrong with that? And wow, this one has gotten a lot of reaction.

Number one on the SHOWBIZ countdown is Chris Brown`s controversial new tattoo some people are saying has a haunting resemblance to his ex- girlfriend Rihanna.

Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Chris Brown`s people say it was a case of mistaken identity. The identity of a tattoo.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is that Rihanna`s face?

MOOS: A tattoo spotted on Chris Brown`s neck.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The eyes are Rihanna`s eyes.

MOOS: His former girlfriend, who even now she tells Oprah --

RIHANNA, SINGER: He was the love of my life. He was my first love.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was like the Rihanna that he beat up.

MOOS: It looks so much like that of Rihanna, that even after Brown`s representative said it wasn`t her, just a random woman, even then when TMZ asked readers about Chris` tat, three quarters said it was definitely Rihanna.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It strikes me as sick.

MOOS: Just the idea that Brown would have a tattoo of a battered woman on hi his neck prompted tweets like, "The end is near, folks. Stockpile water and bullets."

But one young woman we spoke with looked at the tattoo and saw something different.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A skeleton maybe?

MOOS: And sure enough, by mid-afternoon, Chris Brown`s rep said his tattoo is a sugar skull. Similar to a skull made out of sugar to honor departed souls on Mexico`s Day of the Dead. A rep describes the tattoo as a sugar skull based on a Mac cosmetics design. They even released the design that Brown is said to have given the tattoo artist.

As for all the flack Brown got when most folks thought it was Rihanna --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Come on, Chris Brown, you know better than this. I know your mother taught you better than that. That`s what I`m going to say to you. Even though I love you.

MOOS: Now she can love him again. Even for Chris Brown, wearing a battered woman tattoo seems like sticking his neck out too far.


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos with our number one on the SHOWBIZ countdown tonight.

Well, no new tattoos for Lady Gaga, but one wild change in her look. You see the unique dress and masks and all the other stuff, but tonight we reveal what could be her most outrageous look --



JUSTIN BARTHA, "DAVID MURRAY": I don`t know, my dad screwed me up pretty good. What do you think two dads would do to a kid? Do you think it`s such a good idea to bring a kid in the world with such a nontraditional family?

ANDREW RANNELLS, "BRYAN COLLINS": I know somebody else with a nontraditional family. An African-American who`s raised by a grandma. And that person seems to be doing just fine.

BARTHA: Oh, yes, Barack Obama.

RANNELLS: No, Mariah Carey.


HAMMER: Such a good show. And tonight it`s the hilarious new sitcom everybody is buzzing about. "The New Normal." Now unfortunately not all of the buzz had been about how funny the show is. Tonight I go one on one with the show`s cast about its controversial new take on the modern family.

Well, despite the fantastic writing and the strong reviews from the debut episodes of "The New Normal," the sitcom about two gay men who were looking to have a baby with a surrogate mom has sparked outcries from anti-gay groups. Even one local TV station refused to air the comedy. So when I sat down with the stars of the show, Andrew (INAUDIBLE) and (INAUDIBLE) and Georgia King, I had to ask them if they were at all bothered by the controversy.


HAMMER: Sadly, here we are in 2012. The premise of the show, the fact that Andrew, Justin, you guys play an openly affectionate gay couple having a baby with a surrogate, and that has upset people. One station in Salt Lake City, as you guys know, refused to run the show, although another one did, fortunately, pick it up.

Andrew, you`re openly gay in real life. Isn`t it just still deserving to you that in this day and age, this is still an issue?

RANNELLS: Yes. I mean, I think that it`s a -- it`s a little disappointing, yes. It`s kind of a bummer that that`s sort of what we were -- we`ve agreed with because, I mean, having, you know, worked so close with the show and seeing the pilot, sort of, you know, what I took away from it and what my family took away from it when they saw it was, just that it was -- it was a story about the love that it takes to start a family.

BARTHA: One of the great things about our country is that everyone can have their own opinions and hopefully touching on what Andrew said that it`s an informed opinion. I think that differences in viewpoints is a lot of what our show is about. And I just hope it can cause some kind of discourse in conversation the day after they watch it.


HAMMER: Let`s hope it does. "The New Normal" airs Tuesday night on NBC.

Coming up tonight, a model faces her greatest fear.


BANKSON: But taking my makeup off is one of the most insecure things I can probably do for me. Here I am with no makeup, no nothing, no eyes, and I feel really disgusting.


HAMMER: You have got to hear the inspirational story of a teen model who was bullied for having severe acne. I`m going to tell you why she put her bare face and acne on YouTube, and how it just scored her an awesome new gig.


HAMMER: Lady Gaga shaves her head. Well, partially, anyway. The mother monster has had a lot of wild hair in the past, of course, but this time she buzzed the back of her head as a tribute to the late mother, friend and photographer, Terry Richardson.

Here`s what Gaga tweeted about that, in part, "I did it for you, Terry. I`m sorry about your mommy."

Terry and Gaga collaborated on (INAUDIBLE) photography book. It`s called "Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson." They did that late last year.

And if you thought that was a transformation, I`d like you to meet model Cassandra Bankson. Now the 19-year-old model just conquered her greatest in security and made it all the way to the runways of Fashion Week. Cassandra is now walking the catwalk for designer Stacy Igel and it`s all because she publicly revealed her struggle with severe cystic acne.

Take a look at this before and after. Cassandra used YouTube to show others how she covers up her severe acne and she`s gotten nearly 12 million hits so far.


BANKSON: If I`ve told you about my acne so many times, I`ve always thought (INAUDIBLE). I know it doesn`t look like it, but taking my makeup off is one of the most insecure things I could probably do for me. This is probably the most nerve-wracking thing I could possibly do because it is my biggest insecurity. But this is my face.

The sad part is that this is a lot better than it used to be. I mean it`s still all over my chest, it`s all over my back. It`s just -- it`s everywhere and you can see it goes down my neck. It`s like all on my ear. I mean it`s been like this and it`s gotten a lot better, but it`s still really, really bad.


HAMMER: Wow, so inspiring, Cassandra. You look great. Congratulations on your new gig at Fashion Week. Nice going.

Well, tonight it`s sex and relationship Wednesday on Dr. Drew. He`s talking with the authors of "Dumped" about how women can get over a breakup and take charge of their lives. Dr. Drew starts right now.