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No `Match` for Tom?; Susan LuccI`s `Deadly Affairs`

Aired September 5, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: "The SHOWBIZ Countdown" tonight, "Women Wowing Us." Snooki`s baby debut. Jessica Simpson`s diet struggle. First lady Michelle Obama`s show-stopping speech. Which of today`s wow-inducing moments will top the "SHOWBIZ Countdown"

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And is there no match for Tom Cruise? I`m not just talking about finding him a new girlfriend or a new wife. I`m also talking about what happens if you decide to take on Tom and the Church of Scientology.

Today for the very first time we got to hear from Maureen Orth. She`s the reporter who wrote that brand-new, explosive piece in "Vanity Fair" with remarkable claims about how the church supposedly tried to turn an actress into Tom`s perfect mate. Watch what happened on "Good Morning America" today when Elizabeth Vargas grilled Orth and asked her, if Tom really did date this woman for three months, where`s the proof? Let`s watch.


MAUREEN ORTH, "VANITY FAIR": I was told that there were some pictures, but at the end of the relationship they were taken away. And that`s -- they no longer exist.

ELIZABETH VARGAS, "GOOD MORNING AMERICA": You write that the relationship ended abruptly after three months. And that three months later Tom Cruise was dating Katie Holmes, who wasn`t a Scientologist, whose parents were highly skeptical of the Church of Scientology. Why did Katie Holmes pass muster?


HAMMER: Tough questions. But nothing compared to the toughness of Tom Cruise himself today, who`s striking back at the claims right along with the Church of Scientology.

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is here to reveal the remarkable point-counterpoint that had some people asking is Tom getting a raw deal? And even if the church did try to set him up, which it denies, what`s really the harm of that?

With me tonight from Chicago, the great syndicated radio host Mancow Muller and from Hollywood, Wendy Walsh, who`s a psychologist and an expert with Great to have you both here.

So this "Vanity Fair" story includes incredible claims that the Church of Scientology actually auditioned women for Tom Cruise to date.

They gave us a very lengthy response. The church called all of that hogwash. And calls the article and the premise of the whole piece totally false.

To Elizabeth Vargas` point, I think it`s fair to wonder if Tom being with a Scientologist was so important to the church, well, then, how did he wind up marrying Katie Holmes who was not a member of the church?

Mancow, I want you to put aside for a moment the fact that Tom and Katie have now divorced. They dated, they married, and she was not a member of Scientology. How does that fly with Maureen Orth`s claims in her article about the Church of Scientology picking and choosing Tom`s women?

MANCOW MULLER, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: It`s business, brother. That`s it. It`s business. Just like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. This was -- this role was cast.

Look, when I saw him on the couch, you know, here in Chicago on Oprah`s couch, I mean, it seemed real. It seems real when he defuses a bomb in "Mission: Impossible." The guy`s an actor. We`ve been played. We were played by Kim Kardashian. This is all fake. There is no reality anymore.

And everybody said, A.J., how did the wedding -- it just ended so quickly. Where was the divorce? It was all scripted. She did her five years. She went from being a TV actress to a name we all know. She got a hell of a deal. And here we are. It was business, my man.

HAMMER: So from the start you think the whole thing was set up. Wendy, let me go to you for the counterpoint.

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, I think that it`s not -- it`s not weird to think that maybe people in his religious community would refer or vet out people for him to date. And that he might just date whoever he might be attracted to.

I don`t know if it was business or not, but I know it`s common for like- minded people, friends and family who follow a similar faith, to recommend people to date.

And listen, Tom can`t exactly go nude in a hot tub in Vegas like Prince Harry. He has to be very protected. His image has to be protected.

HAMMER: And look, the truth is, in his heart for somebody of Tom`s structure to just meet somebody and know that they don`t have ulterior motives, I will defend him on that point. I mean, he is arguably the most famous actor in the world...



MULLER: A.J., it`s Tom Cruise. And look, you and I, maybe if we weren`t on TV you`d act differently. You heard the rumors this marriage was cast. And if she had a kid she`d get more money.

I don`t know what reality is. I do believe that Scientology is his teleprompter, and he does what they tell him. And he is their greatest asset. They protect him. It`s all scripted. There is no reality. It`s all an illusion. It`s all showbiz.

WALSH: Mancow, there`s love. Sometimes there`s love. I think he loved Katie. They had a baby together.

MULLER: Sure. Yes.

WALSH: I think there was love there. It was a relationship.

MULLER: She love him -- she loved him so much that the second the contract was over, she couldn`t wait to get away from him. This is Tom Cruise. Ladies, this is Tom Cruise. Why can`t this guy keep a lady? I mean, it`s Tom Cruise.

WALSH: They made a baby.

MULLER: Yes. Great.

WALSH: No, they made a baby. This is a child. This is a family.

MULLER: OK. Sure. Business.

HAMMER: Listen to this. Let`s go back to the article for a second. Becasue one of the claims in this "Vanity Fair" article is that the actress, Nanzanin Boniadi, had no idea what she was auditions for, that it was actually for a role on Tom Cruise`s arm as his new girlfriend. I want you to listen now with me to what Maureen Orth claimed on "The Today Show" about that this morning.


ORTH: She had to write a twenty-page single-spaced paper about her hopes, dreams and aspirations. All of her sex life was asked about. She was getting audited for hours.

He turned on the total charm the first date. They shut down Rockefeller Center right here. They went ice skating. They went -- they took a tour of the Empire -- she was asked what was her dream date. And she said it was sushi and ice skating. And she got it all.


HAMMER: I actually have to believe there`d be surveillance videos somewhere. But it sounds -- you know, it sounds kind of like filling out one of those questionnaires on a dating site and then you actually get to go out on a blind date with whoever you`re matched up with.

Now, the Church of Scientology responded strongly by telling us, "There was no project, secret or otherwise, ever conducted by the church to find a bride (via audition or otherwise) for any member of the church. Never."

Now, Mancow, step back for a moment.


HAMMER: Let me just ask you this.


HAMMER: And this is to Wendy`s point a moment ago. Even if they were set up to go out on a date and Tom Cruise wooed her...


HAMMER: ... what`s the big deal?

MULLER: Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, this is all business, guys. Come on. What`s the big deal? It`s creepy, isn`t it? Isn`t it creepy? Come on. Admit it.

And A.J., when you interview these stars, as I interview people on my silly radio show, they have all the handlers around. I mean, you see every time you see Katie Holmes anywhere, she had all the Scientologists around her. She was brought up a Catholic girl. I think she went crazy. And I wonder if the deal she made was worth it. I really do.

HAMMER: Well, I have to say -- and when I`ve interviewed Tom Cruise before -- and look, maybe he played me, but I don`t think so. I`ve gotten a very genuine sense. He`s a masterful actor, but listen, we all have different relationships with these people, and things go very differently.

Let me read to you what Tom Cruise is saying, because he`s speaking out for the very first time. His attorney tells us "`Vanity Fair`s` story is essentially a rehash of tired lies previously run in supermarket tabloids quoting the same bogus sources."

Now, Wendy -- let me go to Wendy on this. I`d have to think, why would Tom speak out so forcefully if he had any concern that he would actually be proven wrong?

WALSH: Oh, you`re wondering that he doth protest too much? No, I think that the stuff about Scientology is separate than what he does as a high- profile person in his dating life.

Mancow, is it creepy for us to go on Facebook and Twitter and look at people`s background, do background checks before we go out on a date?

HAMMER: And I know...

WALSH: Why wouldn`t people vet his potential date to make sure that they were safe?

HAMMER: ... I know Mancow wants to answer you, but I`ve got to end it there. I`m sorry, guys. Mancow, it`s always great to see you.

MULLER: If it`s me and you, no.

HAMMER: There you have it. Wendy, Mancow, thanks, guys.

WALSH: We`ll take this up on your show, Mancow.

HAMMER: There you go. Perfect idea.

MULLER: Thank you.

HAMMER: I`ve got to move on to Leann Rimes` remarkable treatment admission tonight. Leann has been called a lot of things: a home-wrecker, too skinny, a bunch of other names that quite frankly, I can`t repeat on TV. Well, tonight Leann admits that the cruel Hollywood spotlight drilled her to get help, and she explains all in a no-holds-barred new interview.

Jessica Simpson is not pulling any punches either. Jess admits it is really hard to get back to her pre-baby weight. That is refreshingly honest to me. Will Jessica`s diet confession top tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of "Women Who Wow Us"? Find out.



HAMMER: Kanye West`s sexy new Kim Kardashian shout-out. In a song called "Clique" that`s gone viral, Kanye seems to praise Kim`s superstardom from her infamous sex tape.


KANYE WEST, HIP-HOP STAR (rapping): Break records of Louie. Ate breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.


HAMMER: If you`re counting, this is the third Kanye rap to mention Kim, so it`s got to be real love, right?

Coming up next, someone I`ve loved for a long time. The legendary Susan Lucci right here with me, talking about her TV return. And it`s an all-new kind of drama.



SUSAN LUCCI, ACTRESS: Don`t you love the summer? Everything is just so hot. When the blood heats up, there`s no telling what a man or a woman might do.


HAMMER: Did you really think Erica Kane would go away quietly? Oh, no. Legendary soap diva Susan Lucci is looking just incredible as the host of Investigation Discovery`s new show, "Deadly Affairs." So how can you spot a deadly affair?

So great to have Susan Lucci with us tonight. Susan reveals all in this must-see "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview.

Tonight investigating Lucci. Susan LuccI`s secrets to "Deadly Affairs." Now, it`s been nearly a year since we sadly had to say good-bye to the legendary Erica Kane on "All My Children," but Susan Lucci has not gone anywhere. She`s got the sultry new role as the host of Investigation Discovery`s "Deadly Affairs." I`m figuring who better to give us some tips on how to spot a deadly affair.

Joining me now for this must-see "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview, the great Susan Lucci. Always fun to see you.

LUCCI: Great to see you. Thank you.

HAMMER: You know, we have a bit of a theatrically violent past, you and I. It dates all the way back to 2005. We were on the set of "All My Children" together, and I recall in an incident your hand slapping my cheek.

And then we were together on the red carpet before HLN had the Daytime Emmy Awards this past summer.

LUCCI: Absolutely.

HAMMER: And once again, things got a little touchy. Shall we relive that moment together?

LUCCI: Sure, we can do that.

HAMMER: Well, let`s take a look and see exactly how that happened.


HAMMER: Can I try it? I don`t know if my skills are up.

LUCCI: I bet your skills are.

HAMMER: It`s been awhile since you`ve done it. And if you actually hit me it actually would be a badge of honor for me.

LUCCI: Oh, no way. I`m not going to...

HAMMER: Give it a whirl. Come on. Let`s go.

LUCCI: No, we`re good. OK?

HAMMER: Ready, everyone?


HAMMER: Pretty good. Do I get the Emmy nomination?

LUCCI: Oh, you got the -- you got the trophy.


HAMMER: OK. I felt like I kind of failed the test there.


HAMMER: Can you do it seated? Is it possible?

LUCCI: Sure, I can.

HAMMER: Which cheek do you want to go for?

LUCCI: I`ll go for that cheek, the upstage cheek.

HAMMER: Go for this cheek right here?


HAMMER: All right.


HAMMER: All right.

LUCCI: So you know, there`s a lot of trust here.

HAMMER: You know, Susan, I`m really -- I don`t know what to say about what you did or what I did. And I`m embarrassed.

LUCCI: Just don`t say anything.

HAMMER: OK, listen.

LUCCI: You sold that. That was good.

HAMMER: I`m just terrible at that.

A real slap might be more appropriate for, perhaps, a cheating spouse. And this is something that you investigate on your new show.


HAMMER: It`s on Investigation Discovery. And I`m thinking you would probably be the one to tell us how we would spot an affair if our spouse was perhaps cheating on us. So I`m looking for your top three tips on how to spot a deadly affair.


HAMMER: So can we start with No. 3, which I have down here as grooming?

LUCCI: Yes. Absolutely. If suddenly, out of the blue, your spouse is thinking about his or her weight, suddenly they`re going on a big weight loss program. They`re exercising. They`re seeing their trainer five days a week. All of a sudden. You might be a little suspect about that. Who are they getting in shape for? Is it you?

HAMMER: Interesting.

LUCCI: Or is it somebody else?

HAMMER: OK. So I`d like to think it`s for me. But I suppose I`d have to be more aware.

All right. Let`s go to No. 2 on our little countdown.


HAMMER: We like countdowns on the show, Susan. Technology. How would technology perhaps indicate there might be an affair going on?

LUCCI: Technology can be your best friend; it can be your worst enemy. Has your spouse recently changed the password? Are they -- is your spouse trying to get rid of all text messages? Just erasing everything so that you have no way to have a look, maybe a glance.

HAMMER: Do you password protect your phone?


HAMMER: I hope you do.


HAMMER: You`ve got to change it from time to time.

LUCCI: But if it`s sudden.

HAMMER: All right. Let`s go right to No. 1 on the list. And it`s sex. Are you talking about withholding sex?

LUCCI: I am talking about the guy doesn`t stand a chance. If he`s making love to you too much.

HAMMER: Too much?

LUCCI: If it`s too much sex, this may be overcompensating. This is not a good thing.

If he`s withholding sex, this is also not a good thing.

HAMMER: Well, yes. That`s on so many levels, I suppose.

LUCCI: Exactly. So in that regard, it`s probably the most telling thing, but, you know, the guy can`t win.

HAMMER: Ladies and gentlemen, look out for those tips. I just hope it doesn`t get deadly in your case.

LUCCI: Exactly. If only it were just a slap.

HAMMER: Susan, it`s so great to have you back on television. It`s always a pleasure to see you right here.

LUCCI: Thank you.

HAMMER: I`m going to work on the slap with my stage manager, Jay. That`s going to be very ugly.

Make sure you catch Susan on her new show. It`s "Deadly Affairs." It premieres this Saturday on Investigation Discovery.

We move now to red carpet romance reunion. I`m thinking the Twi-hards are panting hard to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reuniting. It actually could happen tomorrow. The MTV Video Music Awards. We are getting the scoop from an MTV insider.

And introducing the future Kim Kardashian West?


BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": What about marriage? Do you want his child? Where are we?

HAMMER: Wow, Barbara. Get right to the point. Nice.

Wait until you hear Kim`s equally wow worthy answer. Biz`s One of the stories in the running for tonight`s top five "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Women Wowing Us." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



WEST: Why are you all dressed up? We just came from the gym.

KEVIN HART, COMEDIAN: Wake up, baby. I`m hosting the VMAs. Paparazzi is upstairs. First time getting a whiff of this.


HART: A whiff of this. Us. I`m talking about the new "it" couple. I`m talking about Kevyekim.


HAMMER: That`s Kevin Hart. He`s the host tomorrow for MTV`s Video Music Awards. Kevin, along with Kim and Kanye, could be the hottest triple threat on the red carpet.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can now reveal there could be some truly shocking superstar reunions. Rihanna sitting this close to Chris Brown during the show. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson possibly on the red carpet together? Will the VMAs spark romance reunions?

The VMAs are known for memorable moments on stage. But this year, the biggest action could actually be in the audience or out there on the red carpet.

Take a look at this new video SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just got from inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Rihanna, who just admitted to Oprah Winfrey that she still loves Chris Brown, sitting just seven seats away from him in the front row. You don`t think they did that on purpose, do you?

Rihanna is sitting next to her friend Katy Perry. But on the other side of Katy is Drake. Yes, Drake, the guy that Chris` crew allegedly threw down in a crazy club brawl, allegedly over Rihanna? Is this brilliant or just bad news?

Well, Amanda Seales is the host of MTV`s "Hip-Hop POV." She`s with me in New York.

So what do you think? Listen, Amanda, you know, we can laugh about this, but we`ve seen bad behavior before at the VMAs. Do you think it is a dangerous move literally for MTV, putting Rihanna, Drake and Chris Brown inches from each other in the front row there?

AMANDA SEALES, HOST, "HOP HOP POV": I definitely think that, if they want controversy, which is what television has become all about, then it`s not necessarily dangerous as much as just smart.

HAMMER: I hope it`s that simple. Look. Seriously, I do.

Another huge romance reunion that is on everybody`s mind, K-Stew and R- Patz. You know, the Twi-hards are out there tonight. They`re wondering, could the "Twilight" stars actually spark fireworks? Because they`re both going to be in the same place at the same time. At least, they`re expected to be at the awards show. Not arriving together, I assume.

Now this year`s VMA host, Kevin Hart, is telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in a brand-new interview, bring on the drama. Let`s watch.


HART: I`m welcoming the nonsense. I hope something crazy does happen. It gives me more material. It gives me more stuff to play with. So I honestly hope something does happen.

I want Robert -- Robert and Kristen to come. I want to see it. I want to see it be awkward. I want to see them not really speak and hug and try to pretend in front of the press. I think it`ll be hilarious.


HAMMER: Hilarious! All right, Amanda, I`m looking for what you`re looking for there. Are you hoping for the awkwardness or are you rooting for some kind of red-carpet reunion between Kris and Robert? I mean, imagine them at separate ends of the carpet. Their eyes lock and suddenly, they float towards each other, three feet off the ground, and embrace.

SEALES: You know, you always peg me for being a cynic, but on this one, I`m really going to say I want to see the love reunion happen. You know? I really would love to see there be, you know, forgiveness. She was young; she`s dumb. Let it go. You know?

HAMMER: Nice. Maybe he`ll show up with, I don`t know, an urn full of ashes and accidentally spill them on her.

SEALES: Well, there`s that.

HAMMER: A pie in the eye perhaps.

Well, Amanda, listen, you are an MTV insider. You`ve been going to the VMAs for years. Man, it`s been years since I was at that show. It was always something I looked forward to a lot.

What are you looking forward to most this year? Because there is a lot going on at the show.

SEALES: You know what? I`ve got to say I`ve seen so many award shows with hosts that are either boring or glib or just not funny. But I`m really happy to see Kevin Hart, because he really has brought the show back to a certain level of entertainment, you know? you don`t just have a host that`s just kind of there between segments. He brings it together. So he`s my favorite part of the show.

HAMMER: And it`s not going to be lost on him, I assume, from up on that stage that there sitting right in front of him you have Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Drake.

SEALES: They need to understand that they will be targets. And he has no problem keeping it real and making everybody laugh while he was doing it.

HAMMER: Do you see Rihanna and Chris Brown arm in arm walking out of the theater together? I mean, can you imagine the photographs?

SEALES: Not if Jay-Z can help it.

HAMMER: Yes. He`s going to be standing very protectively over Rihanna. I got it. All right, Amanda. Thank you so much.

SEALES: Thank you.

HAMMER: We`re going to see what happens. The MTV VMAs happen tomorrow night on MTV. Thanks, Amanda.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ Lineup." Here`s what`s we have coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

So Jessica Simpson says don`t expect her to be one of those star moms who seem to shrink overnight. No Daisy Dukes for her yet. Wait until you hear Jessica`s refreshingly honest diet confession. It puts her in the running for tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Women Wowing Us." But will Jessica land in the top spot? Wait until you see the other women who are wowing us today. And one you might not necessarily expect.

The "SHOWBIZ Countdown" is coming up next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Leann Rimes` incredible treatment confessions. She has been in the celebrity spotlight since she was 8. Tonight she`s revealing for the very first time why that scrutiny just drove her to get 30 days of treatment for emotional problems right after her 30th birthday.

Tonight in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "Women Wowing Us." Five truly remarkable women are creating major buzz tonight.

The big buzz today about her big hit. Plus startling news from Jessica Simpson about how hard it is for her to lose her baby weight. And brand new pictures of Snooki`s baby revealed today. Wait until you see this big wow. But which amazing woman will be No. 1 on tonight`s Showbiz Countdown: Women Wowing Us? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer with tonight`s Showbiz Countdown: the top five women wowing us.

And kicking things off at No. 5 tonight, Snooki`s baby revealed. The very first pictures revealed from the new issue of "People Magazine" that`s coming out on Friday, the new "Jersey Shore" mom wowing us with this first look at her new bouncing bundle of joy, Baby Lorenzo. Look at that little face. It`s so adorable. And of course with baby comes change because the big time party girl now says she`s turning over a new leaf.

Let me bring in "People Magazine"`s Carlos Greer for an insider`s look. We got to take a look at what happened on Baby Lorenzo`s very first photo shoot, Carlos. Snooki opened her home to you guys at "People". You got to see her in action as a mom. I gotta know, how is she doing so far?

CARLOS GREER, "PEOPLE MAGAZINE" WRITER: Snooki is fantastic. I gotta tell you, wWhen we talked to her a few days ago, she came out, she was all dolled up, she was in full make-up and the first thing she said was, "Where`s my baby?" So she`s really excited about this new role. She doesn`t want to spend a second without Lorenzo.

HAMMER: You didn`t see any cocktails around, no beers, nothing like that?

GREER: No beers. She`s traded in the beer bottles for the baby bottles. She`s really grown. She`s a very mature woman right now and she`s really into her family and not going out anymore.

HAMMER: Yes, she did say on "Good Morning America" while she was pregnant that she is a changed woman. In fact, let`s remind ourselves of that moment.


JUJU CHANG, HOST, "GOOD MORNING AMERICA": What`s your alcohol policy during pregnancy?

SNOOKI POLIZZI: Obviously no drinking. None whatsoever. I`m scared so even have caffeine. All my friends say you can have a glass of wine. I`m like, no, I refuse.

CHANG: Is it hard to give up alcohol? I mean, that`s kind of your reputation, is that you`re a party girl.

POLIZZI: Not really. I just don`t like to be around people that drink. Because I`d be like, "Cool. I miss it."


HAMMER: Okay, so again, she was pregnant at that moment, Carlos. You guys at "People" got the first insiders` look at Snooki as a mom. Do you truly feel she is turning over a new leaf?

GREER: She really is turning over a new leaf. Like I said, she doesn`t want to spend a second without this baby. During the photo shoot, she was constantly looking for him even when he was in his grandmother`s arms. She`s a very protective mother and she doesn`t want to spend a day without this kid. So she`s really growing into motherhood right now.

HAMMER: Good to hear. I`m very proud of Snooki and her little Snookster. I`m just thrilled to know that she`s actually keeping it on the straight and narrow. We didn`t think she could do it. Carlos Greer, thank you so much. Can`t wait to see more of the pictures when the new issue of "People Magazine" hits newsstands Friday.

Well, Snooki was not the only woman wowing us today. Next at No. 4 on the Showbiz Countdown, Jessica Simpson`s weight loss struggle. Finally, in Hollywood, a new mom taking her time to take off the post-pregnancy weight. And I say it`s about time. In an all new candid interview in "Us Weekly" just out today, Jessica revealing it just hasn`t been that easy and here`s what she`s saying.

"I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant and I wanted to enjoy it. I didn`t realize it, the weight, didn`t all come off with the baby." And I gotta say, hats off to Jessica for just keeping it real. Right?

Let me bring in from New York Imogen Lloyd Webber who`s the author of "The Twitter Diaries". Fantastic book out now. Also want to bring in Amanda Seals, the host of MTV`s "Hip Hop POV". Imogen, I`m going to go over to you first. Jessica, incredibly candid in this new interview. She`s revealing how she was so obsessed with macaroni and cheese, among other things. I think it`s so great to hear celebrities speak for once about how, you know what, there`s no magic to losing the baby weight. Isn`t it refleshing?

IMOGEN LLOYD WEBER, AUTHOR, "THE TWITTER DIARIES": On some levels it`s refreshing but she`s also being paid around $4 million by Weight Watchers to keep it real. And others celebrities like Kate Hudson didn`t have the $4 million advantage. They had to get ready for a movie role. Kate Hudson was working out six hours a day because of that. So on some levels, she is paid to be this accessible.

HAMMER: Yes, but you know what, we can`t fault her for that. I mean, look, they offered her the job, she took it. I don`t know; I`m happy for her. She said she got to more than 170 pounds while she was pregnant and now being the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers, she is already -- we haven`t seen it yet -- but she`s all ready to show of her post-baby bod on the debut of Katie Couric`s new show next week.

Amanda, do you think that more women can relate to Jessica now that they see her struggling to get the pounds off even if it is motivated by a Weight Watchers campaign?

AMANDA SEALS, HOST, MTV`S "HIP HOP POV": Oh yes. Definitely. I think a lot of times celebrities are definitely painted in a picture of perfection to us. And so many women look at them and say, "Well, if they can do it, why can`t I do it?" So by her just being honest and saying, you know, this is what it is, it lets a lot of women know that they`re not crazy or they`re not lazy. It is difficult to get rid of the baby weight.

HAMMER: Not crazy or lazy. All right. Good for you. Hats off, Jessica. Not the only celebrity, by the way, getting attention because of her weight, which brings us to No. 3 on Showbiz Countdown of our top five women wowing us. We`re talking about Christina`s curves. Now she`s been getting some flack for her new fuller figure, even have Joan Rivers chiming in on NBC`s "Jimmy Fallon Show". Let`s watch.


JOAN RIVERS, ACTRESS: Christina Aguilera, we mentioned she was fat. I think the joke was cows tip her. I know there was a joke there. [ laughter ]

I`m in a restaurant, I`m in Spagos with Melissa and we`re eating dinner and Fatso is across the way. And she comes lumbering over with that no neck look. I thought, "Oh here it comes." And she comes over to my table and she says, "You going to finish that?"


HAMMER: You know what? I love Joan Rivers. Call me too politically correct, if you want. I don`t think you should make a joke out of somebody`s weight. That`s me. Christina, though, is the one who may get the last laugh here. She gave a brand new interview to "Lucky Magazine". Let me read to you what she is saying.

She says, "Actually, the challenge I`ve always had is being too thin. So I love that now I have a booty. And obviously I love showing my cleavage."

All right. Imogen, are you with me that we should be saying kudos to Christina for not sweating the criticism?

LLOYD WEBBER: Absolutely. She`s been in the public eye since 1993 with the Mickey Mouse Club. She was unbelievably thin when she was of course pop princess in the late 1990s. So give her a break. As long as she`s healthy, then that`s absolutely fine.

HAMMER: Yes, she`s wowing me, Amanda, for her attitude. What about you?

SEALS: Yes. I`m going to go the route and say as long as she`s healthy, because that`s the best. But she is looking a little like a blond Snooki.


SEALS: So you need to, you know.

HAMMER: Really?

SEALS: Yes. She`s giving me a Snooki-ness about her. So I`m just saying, she may want to check that. Check it.

HAMMER: No, no. I think there`s a different level of class going on there.

SEALS: I`m just speaking in purely aesthetics, not class.

HAMMER: And by the way, am I too politically correct not wanting people to make jokes about people because of their weight?

SEALS: You`re just a nice guy and that`s okay.

HAMMER: Okay, all right. Let`s move on. No. 2 on the Showbiz Countdown of the top five women wowing, Kim Kardashian`s confession. This was great. She was on ABC`s "The View" today. She had an all new interview with the ladies and she finally set the record straight about her future with Kanye West. Let us all watch this together.


BARBARA WALTERS, HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": You`re a different person. You feel very close to him. You`re divorced, undivorced, whatever. Are you really thinking in terms of a permanent relationship?

KIM KARDASHIAN, CELEBRITY: I definitely think anything I`d be in now is a permanent relationship.

WALTERS: And is this the one you`re in now?

KARDASHIAN: I hope so. I believe so.


HAMMER: "I hope so. I believe so." There you go. True love for Kim Kardashian. I mean, could it be, Imogen? I have to tell you, by the way, the more I see Kimye bond, the more I think they may just be made for each other. So are you buying it that this could be the one for her or do you perhaps see another Kris Humphries disaster heading down the tracks here?

LLOYD WEBBER: Well, just call me cynical here. They`ve got another three seasons signed up for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". And I think aA lot will depend on whether he thinks it will help or hinder his music career to be on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" for the next three series. So I think we`ll see. I`m withholding judgment at the moment.

HAMMER: Imogen. Imogen, still in the school that this is all being done for publicity. I`m saddened, I`m shocked. I`m not appalled though. I can totally understand where you`re coming from. All right, Imogen, stay where you are with your cynicism. Amanda, we`re not done with you either. We still haven`t unveiled the No. 1 woman wowing us right now. Her look, her style, her grace. The moment she stepped out, I have to tell you, we knew she would top our list tonight. Showbiz Countdown big reveal is coming up.

Also tonight, LeAnn Rimes breaking silence about why she`s in treatment. She turns 30, then she chekced herself in for 30 days of treatment. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing the issues that LeAnn says she buried for years. Plus we take you inside her world as she puts her life on a healthier path. This is really good stuff and good to hear from her.



HAMMER: All right. I`m ready to let it loose. Time now to reveal who No. 1 on our Showbiz Countdown tonight of the top five women wowing us today. Here`s who made our top five so far. No. 5, Snooki wowing us with her new photos with Baby Lorenzo in "People Magazine". So cute. No. 4, Jessica Simpson`s new weight loss struggle revelations post-baby. At No. 3, Christina Aguilera wows us with her confession she loves her curves. Good for her. At No. 2, Kim Kardashian wowed us today, telling the ladies of "The View" that Kanye West may be "the one". And speaking of the one, it`s time for the woman who wowed us the most on the Showbiz Countdown. First Lady Michelle Obama wowed the nation at the Democratic National Convention last night.


MICHELLE OBAMA, U.S. FIRST LADY: You see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still mom-in-chief. My daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world. But let me tell you, today, I have none of those worries from four years ago, no. Not about whether Barack and I were doing what was best for our girls.


HAMMER: That was something. Back with me now, Imogen Lloyd Webber and Amanda Seals. Everybody today was buzzing about the First Lady. I mean, look right here. This is the "New York Daily News" today. "She`s A Hit!" right there on the cover. They say Michelle wows in a rousing speech. It`s one of the many reasons we named her the top woman who wowed us today. Imogen, I don`t care what your political affiliation is today, did we get this right?

LLOYD WEBBER: Well, even Fox News called her speech masterful. So I think that says it all. Michelle Obama is absolutely incredible. Gave the speech of convention season so far, both including the Republican Convention and the Democratic Convention so far. So well done. She`s a great ambassador for America.

HAMMER: Yes, it really was something to watch. It was humbling in a way. and she seemed so, so genuine. Everyone has been talking about her big moment, including the great Steve Harvey. Steve just launched his new talk show and I spoke with him today. He said Michelle did what she had to do for the President and, on top of that, she just looked good.


STEVE HARVEY, HOST, "THE STEVE HARVEY MORNING SHOW": The First Lady sees a side of him that most of us never get to see. And for her to expose that side of how he is with the family, how he cares about that time, that`s important for people to know -- that he`s relatable, that he`s -- he`s the President of the United States but at 6:00 he`s still trying to have dinner with his daughters because he doesn`t want his daughters to have the same life that he had. I thought her message was dead on with what she was saying about him and then she really understood her husband`s plight and mission. And she`s a good looking First Lady. That`s kind of nice to have.


HAMMER: I mean, Steve makes a good point. It wasn`t just the emotional speech or what she did for the president`s reputation. She did look fantastic. Not just her beauty. Just how poised she was. Didn`t that score big points for her?

AMANDA SEALES, HOST, MTV`S "HIP HOP POV": Definitely. I think Michelle has been really great at showing that she stands next to Barack, not just behind him. And when she has this stage, this platform to speak on and she does it so gracefully with such poise and really just exudes a sense of authenticity that a lot of us don`t see in politics, it confirms she is just our No. 1 woman of wow.

HAMMER: Yes. She certainly is. She does have some competition. Mitt Romney`s wife really electrified the Republican convention as well. What do you think, Imogen? who win this battle of the first ladies here? would it be Mrs. Romney or Mrs. Obama?

WEBBER: I think Mrs. Obama does. Also the opinion polls say it that way as well. Michelle rates better than her husband, better than Joe Biden, and of course the Romneys as well.

HAMMER: Well, it was a great moment. And wow is the word for Michelle Obama tonight. Imogen Lloyd Webber, Amanda Seales, thank you. Pick up the twitter diaries it is out now.

Here is another woman who is wowing us. Leann Rimes. This is a great story tonight. Leann is giving us her treatment revelation revelations. A lot of people wondering if she could become the healthier woman that she wants to be. I am here to say tonight that I believe she is well on her way. Wait until you hear about this. This is showbiz tonight on hln.


HAMMER: Tonight Leann Rimes and her reasons. We learned about her treatment for anxiety and stress. That was last week when she checked herself into a treatment center the day after her 30th birthday. Before she entered the clinic, she told the world she wanted to be stronger than ever. Now she is speaking out for the first time about what that treatment is like. It is all in the new issue of People magazine coming out on Friday.

Of course "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" has an advanced look at the news. People magazine`s Carlos Greer is with us now in New York. Leann has been in the spotlight since she was eight years old. She performed on Star Search all those years ago. She`s been under the spotlight ever since. Looks like the attention has taken a serious toll on her. She just made a rather stunning confession that she`s been in therapy now for years dealing with her fame. Want to read what she told People magazine.

"I grew up having to care what people think. It was part of my job. I`ve been built up and torn down. It`s been difficult to tune people out. Now I`m starting to care more about me and not what everybody else thinks."

Well, first of all, I have to say good for her, Carlos. What she told people do you get the sense she can turn things around?

CARLOS GREER, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: This is a very courageous and honest move for Leann. She`s been a household name since she was 13 years old. She`s been under public scrutiny for more than half of her life. And the whole point in her seeking treatment is that she wants to be happier and she wants to be healthier. And she wants to take control of the issues that she`s been dealing with.

HAMMER: I think she`s well on her way with the right attitude at least. She plans to spend 30 days in treatment. She`s speaking out in a remarkable way of what her treatment is like. "Sometimes when I look in the mirror I see a child. Then I look and I see a woman who should be turning 60. I`ve always taken care of everyone else and I think I`ve buried issues for a long time."

I know Leann is just a quarter of the way through her treatment. Any sense of what kind of progress she`s making?

GREER: She`s actually making a lot of progress. Her friends have told people that she is feeling stronger. She`s feeling healthier. It`s still in the early stages. So she has a lot more time to go, but she`s feeling happier even now. So it looks like she`s making progress.

HAMMER: And Leann`s birthday cake had "Die, 20s, Die" on it. 30 is a milestone for some people, Carlos. Why do you think it has so much weight for Leann?

GREER: She`s entering a new phase of her life. She wants to enter her 30s to be a better mom, to be a better step mom. She wants her own children. She wants to be a better wife. She wants to really appreciate her life and all the things she has. She understands these issues are still going to be there, but she`s taking control of it. And she wants to enter this new phase in her life and grow as a woman.

HAMMER: We continue to wish her all the best. Thank you so much. The new issue of people magazine will be on newsstands on Friday.

This is another story that is huge in the headlines. Obama`s power over MTV. Tonight why the music network pushed up the start time of the VMAs for the leader of the free world. I will tell you why next.


HAMMER: Tonight: is President Obama bigfooting the music world? That`s the Celebrity Showdown between the prez and VMAs.

Also the tragic twist on the death of Michael Clarke Duncan? Was he about to get married?

And Jessica Simpson`s baby weight revelations. That tops the buzz today. Jessica`s pregnancy pounds. In a new interview, Jessica admits getting back into shape post-pregnancy is just plain challenging.

"I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant and I wanted to enjoy it. I didn`t realize it, the weight, didn`t all come off with the baby." One of jessica`s favorite prenatal indulgences: macaroni and cheese. My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I`m just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good for her baby and herself. She plans to unveil her body on Katie Couric`s new show on Monday.

VMAs versus the DNC. MTV is making way for President Obama moving up the start of its annual music video awards so fans won`t have to pick between their show and the speech. The president is scheduled to speak after 10:00. Host Kevin Hart told us he isn`t intimidated by going head to head with the DNC.


KEVIN HART: I don`t think they can compete because it`s me. At the open of the day, the world wants to see me. I`ve got 6 million followers on Twitter. yes. Facebook fan page is almost at 7 million. Click of a button, baby.


HAMMER: Michael`s marriage plans cut short. Former "Apprentice" star Omarosa revealed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she and Michael Clarke Duncan were looking forward to a future together. In a new statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, her rep tells us they were planning to get married and start a family in 2013. Duncan died Monday after suffering a heart attack from which he never fully recovered. That`s the buzz today.

Tonight Romy is speaking out about why her bisexual character got so much backstage drama here at the Dr. Drew show.