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Showbiz Countdown: Ultimate Summer Stunners

Aired September 3, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight, "The SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunners." J. Lo leaves "American Idol." Comcast split. The debut of Kimye. Which torching story will burn bright enough to be No. 1?

Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. Tonight the "SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunners."

Jennifer Lopez did it. Katie Holmes definitely did it, too. And somehow Kim Kardashian pulled it off again. Stars, they`re masters at creating big drama. And this summer they put the drama into overdrive, sending us into full-on shock mode. And I`ve got to tell you, if I didn`t know better, I would actually think they were willfully trying to outdo one another.

So tonight we are here to countdown the top ten "Ultimate Summer Stunners." And we have the ultimate experts to help us sort through the madness tonight: the ultimate diva herself, Ms. Sheryl Lee Ralph; the stunning Imogen Lloyd Webber; the extraordinary Jerry Penacoli; and the amazing Hyla.

OK, so we`ve got our panel set, and we now begin our "SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunners" with new mommy Jessica Simpson. The coast-to-coast mania over Jessica hit a fevered pitch this summer when she delivered a gorgeous baby girl, Maxwell Drew. But it was the wild frenzy throughout her pregnancy that put the tabloids into overdrive. People even had the nerve to criticize her and her weight when pregnant.

That`s just part of the reason Jessica Simpson takes No. 10 on this "SHOWBIZ Countdown." We`ve watched her struggle with lunch meat.


JESSICA SIMPSON, SINGER: I know it`s tuna, but it says chicken.

HAMMER (voice-over): We watched her work her way through failed relationship after failed relationship after disastrous relationship. But this summer, we watched Jessica Simpson begin a new chapter, motherhood.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She had a beautiful baby girl, Maxwell Drew.

HAMMER: Maxwell Drew is Jessica`s first child with Eric Johnson. She made her first public debut on the cover of "People" magazine. And less than a month after Maxwell`s arrival, Jessica made another announcement.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She is working with Weight Watchers.

HAMMER: Weight Watchers reportedly paid Jessica $3 million to help her lose the baby weight. And all summer we watched story after story chronicling the ups and downs of Jessica`s weight-loss struggle. But Jessica ignored all the press, saying she`s taking a slow and steady approach to losing the baby weight.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We know that she has certainly had her struggles with weight loss over the years. So this is something that I think people are really paying attention to and like that she`s doing it in such a healthy way.

HAMMER: So a new baby, a new body, and a new fortune of Weight Watchers money for Jessica Simpson. A big and momentous summer for Jessica and her millions of fans, who never stopped rooting for her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To see her as a mom and kind of grow into that role, has been really fun to watch.


HAMMER: You know, I`ve got to say, hats off to Jessica for not falling victim to pressures of Hollywood where so many new moms are feeling that squeeze to lose the weight really fast.

Again, at No. 10 in the ultimate SHOWBIZ summer stunner countdown, Jessica Simpson marching to her own beat. She is a smart business woman. She`s soon to be married, doting mom. She simply seems to be on top of the world right now. So we have to ask, is Jessica setting a new tone in Hollywood?

I want to bring back our great panel of SHOWBIZ favorites, eager to take on our "Ultimate Summer Stunners" countdown. In New York, the always delightful Sheryl Lee Ralph. She`s the author of "Redefining Diva: Life Lessons from the Original Dream Girl." Sheryl is also set to kick off a new starring role on NBC`s hit drama "Smash."

Also with me in New York, the lovely Imogen Lloyd Webber. She`s the author of this fine book, "The Twitter Diaries".

Joining me from Hollywood, the great Jerry Penacoli. He is a correspondent for "Extra." Also from Hollywood tonight, entertainment analyst Hyla.

Well, you know, people joke about Jessica Simpson, her seemingly endless pregnancy, of course, the whole chicken and tuna thing never really went away after her reality show.

But I`m thinking that Jessica is really the one getting the last laugh here, because she doesn`t seem to care what anybody thinks about how she`s handling herself.

Here`s our "SHOWBIZ Flashpoint." Jessica Simpson marching to her own beat. Is it a good idea or is it a big mistake. Sheryl, I want to start with you.

SHERYL LEE RALPH, ACTRESS/AUTHOR: I love this woman and her line of shoes. I love the fact that she`s marching, like you said, to her own beat. She doesn`t care what anybody else says about her, how she looks, what she eats, how she talks. She is doing Jessica, because I guess she figures, "You know what? I might as well do me because everybody else is taken," and she`s doing Jessica real good.

HAMMER: Yes. I agree with you 100 percent. She has a billion dollar fashion line. And you know, when you live your life in the spotlight like that, there is a different standard.

Jerry, you`ve been covering Hollywood a long time. You know it well. Are you with me and Sheryl that Jessica is not making a big mistake by not conforming to Hollywood standards?

JERRY PENACOLI, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA!": I am absolutely with you guys. I think she is marching to the beat of a different drummer, all the way to the bank. I mean, she is the billion-dollar woman. She -- she`s got that fantastic clothing line. She`s starting up a baby line. How smart is that? I mean, it`s an obvious choice, right?

You know, she didn`t care back then when they joked about her weight, and she doesn`t care now. And she`s doing it the healthy way. Most women, in fact I would say almost all women, they do not lose the baby weight after two weeks or two months. It is the healthy way to do it, you know, for six, eight, nine, ten months, a year, give it whatever it takes.

So I am all for her. I think she`s terrific. And she has always been a friend to "Extra," and we love her here.

HAMMER: How about a little round of applause for Jessica Simpson? Jerry Penacoli.

Well, Jessica`s clearly craving this new normal in Hollywood. And I`ve got to say, she`s in pretty good company.

Coming in at No. 9 on our SHOWBIZ "Ultimate Summer Stunners" countdown, the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie engagement, of course has had to make our list. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter has more on the stunning announcement that really set the social media world abuzz.


KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Would they or wouldn`t they? It`s a question that loomed over this Hollywood power couple for years. Even their children were part of those inquiring minds, as Brad Pitt revealed earlier this year.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you say that? You can`t say that.

BRAD PITT, ACTOR: The kids are. The kids don`t understand why, you know, their friends` parents are married and why isn`t Mommy and Daddy married. And they`re asking.

WYNTER: High-profile parents of six adopted and biological children who over the years have bucked tradition and public opinion when it comes to family, leading many to wonder, are Brangelina the new normal?

WENDY WALSH, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: Well, they are becoming the new normal. That is, cohabitating first, having children without marriage, and then marrying later. But this ultimately isn`t good.

WYNTER: It isn`t good, Walsh says, because couples who live together before they marry are more likely to break up.

WALSH: OK. This is only a statistical probability. If you cohabitate first, there`s less chance you`ll get married. If you cohabitate and do get married, there`s more chance you`ll get divorced. But this is not Brangelina. No, no. I`m not saying that.

WYNTER: Admittedly, for Hollywood`s it couple, the statistics might not apply.

All right. So Brad and Angelina have been together now for eight years, but with the incredible family and their blockbuster after blockbuster hit, I am thinking -- I`m thinking they`re going to buck the trend. It`s just the beginning of the Brangelina love story.

I don`t like those statistics at all, Imogen, but are you thinking it just gets better for them from here?

IMOGEN LLOYD WEBBER, AUTHOR, "THE TWITTER DIARIES": I`m sorry. I disagree with you absolutely, utterly, completely. I know Angelina Jolie has said that her kids want her and Brad to end up like Shrek and Fiona and live happily ever after. And I know that Brad spent a year designing that $250,000 engagement ring because he`s such a perfectionist.


WEBBER: However, they have a notoriously volatile relationship. Looking at their track records, as well, Angelina has been married twice. Brad Pitt was engaged, obviously, twice to Juliette Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow, then had a disastrous marriage, as it were, to Jennifer Aniston. So I`m afraid I don`t think this is going happily ever after. They may get married, but divorced, as well.

HAMMER: And actually, to point out, you say that they have this notoriously volatile relationship. That is reportedly. I mean, we don`t hear that firsthand at all and see no evidence of that. I don`t -- no, I accept your cynicism.

Let me ask Hyla, who covers these guys, as well. Do you think Brad and Angelina getting married will make any kind of a difference to their fans, Hyla? And are you as cynical as Imogen Lloyd Webber?

HYLA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: No, not at all. I`m the total opposite here. I don`t understand why people want to tear this couple down. For eight years, how many tabloid covers, countless ever tabloid covers we`ve heard about a breakup that`s impending, Brad was hooking up with his P.A., Angie was running off doing whatever? I don`t know why we want them to break up, but I don`t think they are.

To me, they are married. Whether the piece of paper says that they are or not, I see them as a normal, functioning relationship, as normal as you can get as two big Hollywood stars like this. They have a massive family. And I think it`s only going to go up for them at this point. I mean, a volatile relationship means it`s a fun relationship.

HAMMER: I will say this. And look, I think they should be able to be like anybody else, and have a big wedding ceremony, and an engagement and all that, but they are Brad and Angelina. And there`s that little piece of me that thought maybe they should just elope and do it so quietly and privately, and not invite the whole world in, although we really do want to see it.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Imogen Lloyd Webber, Jerry Penacoli, Hyla, great insight from all of you. Thanks for that. I need you to stick around, because we are just getting started.

Special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s the "SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunner." They are the unforgettable moments that made us all do a double take. I mean, who can forget this one? Ann Curry leaving "Today."


ANN CURRY, FORMER "TODAY" CO-HOST: And for all of you that saw me as a groundbreaker, I`m sorry I couldn`t carry the ball to the finish line, but man, I did try. (END VIDEO CLIP)

HAMMER: Wow. Where will Ann`s departure land on our top ten countdown? And what about the big KStew cheating bombshell? You know that`s going to be on this list. What else will we come up with, and the bigger question, will you agree? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: "SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunners" continues next. But first, an honorable mention. R&B star Frank Ocean reveals that he is gay. The new broke, appropriately enough, on Independence Day, July 4.

But this was bigger than a musician and producer. Many of hip-hop`s finest like Russell Simmons, Jay Z, and T.I., have supported Ocean`s coming out. That high-profile public support in the historically homophobic world of hip-hop made us all stand up and cheer.

Well, coming up next on the countdown, two jaw-dropping summer TV dramas. One that left a star in tears, and another that raised a lot of eyebrows.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We continue our special "SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunners."

And No. 8 on our countdown, Ann Curry`s departure. It was an emotional day in June when the "Today" co-anchor had to say her goodbyes to the morning show after 15 years. Let`s watch that.


CURRY: It`s not easy to say, but today is going to be my last morning as a regular co-host of "Today." I will still be part of "The Today Show" family, but I`m going to have a new title, and a new role. And it`s not as I expected to ever leave this couch after 15 years, but I am so grateful.


Hammer: She certainly seemed to be. And the decision by NBC to replace the very likeable anchor, due to dip in ratings was a big story, and it led to a big debate. Was Ann Curry`s departure from "Today" handled badly?

With me in New York, Sheryl Lee Ralph and from Hollywood, Jerry Penacoli.

Sheryl, let me start with you. Do you think that her departure from "The Today Show" was handled badly?

RALPH: You know something? I love Ann Curry. I loved watching -- loved watching her in the morning, and I really felt that she deserved a bit more than that.

But look, I don`t run the show. I`m not the head of that network. Would I like to have seen her have more? Absolutely.


RALPH: People loved her. And I think we`re seeing how much they loved her now.

HAMMER: We are, and it`s not like the folks at NBC were out there telling bad stories about her. They gave her another job. I hated to see it, as well, because I really like her personally and professionally.

RALPH: Right.

HAMMER: The end of the day it`s a business. A lot of people say that Ann kind of became a scapegoat for the fact that "Today`s" ratings were falling, Jerry. Do you think that that`s true?

PENACOLI: Well, look at how she handled herself that morning. She seemed stunned; she didn`t seem prepared. And, you know, she handled herself with grace and aplomb, of course, but isn`t there always a scapegoat when there`s a ratings dip?

And look, "The Today Show" has been No. 1 for umpteen years. You know, a million years. And, you know, they had a little bit of a rating slump, so of course, somebody has to take the fall.

Now, in terms of this whole, does she get along with Matt, she not get along with Matt, it depends on the camp you speak to.


PENACOLI: Many people say that they`re best of friends. And other people say, well, they weren`t getting along so well. So you know, who do you believe?

HAMMER: Who do you believe? And the truth is, look, I`m sorry we`re not getting to see Ann every single morning, but I`m glad she is sticking around and we will still get to see her.

All right. Let`s get to No. 7. It`s our "Ultimate Summer Stunners" countdown. And at No. 7, J. Lo says adios to "Idol." Now, we know that each time Jennifer Lopez had to renew her "Idol" contract, there was all that talk of her leaving the show. But we didn`t think she`d actually do it. "Idol" has been really good to her, Sheryl. Do you think that J. Lo made a big mistake?

RALPH: Baby, let me tell you, Miss Jennifer Lopez has more drama for every mama. And I`m like, girl, you go on and rock it where you think you need to. Maybe she felt she put in her time. She certainly did it for a lot of us. And now it looks like we have another drama mama to look forward to in Mariah.

HAMMER: Yes. Let`s talk about that, because Mariah Carey is jumping right in. She reportedly signed a $17 million deal with "American Idol." That makes her the highest paid judge on a reality competition series. Jerry, I`ve got to ask you, I mean, I love Mariah. Is she worth it?

PENACOLI: Well, you know, she`s got to be worth it. Because at this point "American Idol" needs Mariah Carey.

Now, there`s a little wrinkle here with Nicki Minaj. If Nicki Minaj is brought into the equation, Mariah reportedly is very upset about this and hung up on the "Idol" -- the "Idol" folks when she was informed that Nicki was coming on. So this could be a lot more drama there.

HAMMER: Yes. I`m guessing -- I`ve got to tell you, I`m guessing unless there`s a "I won`t work if you hire Nicki Minaj clause" in her contract, she may be too deep into this. Of course, we don`t know the specific details.

But Sheryl, what do you think? Mariah Carey as a replacement for Jennifer Lopez, I actually think it`s quite brilliant, because Mariah, she can bring the diva. She can bring the wacky, and she certainly knows music and the business.

RALPH: Absolutely. She`s coming into that point in her life where I`m sure she`s ready to tell a few people how it -- T-I -- is.


RALPH: And she`s an expert. She`s a pro, an incredible performer. She has been through just about all of it. I`m telling you, Mariah Carey knows what she`s talking about. So did Jennifer Lopez.

HAMMER; Yes. I`ll be tuning in. I`m sure.

All right. Sheryl, Jerry, don`t go anywhere. This special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the "SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunners." We are counting down the summer`s biggest and most buzz-worthy stories, like Whitney Houston`s bittersweet swan song in "Sparkle."


WHITNEY HOUSTON, SINGER: You can have a gift. It`s how you use it.


HAMMER: But where will Whitney land on our top ten countdown?



JORDIN SPARKS, SINGER: I know the Lord loved me, and he wouldn`t torture me with something I want to do, can`t help but do. So I figured...

HOUSTON: You figured I was wrong.

SPARKS: That I had a gift.

HOUSTON: Sparkle, you can have a gift. It`s how you use it.


HAMMER: The pain of Whitney Houston`s death is still so raw, still so unbelievable for so many people. "Sparkle" became one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, because millions of people wanted to say one final good-bye to Whitney by going to see her last movie and her major labor of love. That`s why "Sparkle" and Whitney`s megawatt on-screen star power lands in the No. 6 spot on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown."

Award-winning gospel singer Tamela Mann got to play every single one of her scenes with Whitney Houston in the film. Tamela recently visited SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, and I asked her about her favorite onset memories, and about how "Sparkle" is going to fit into Whitney`s enduring legacy.


TAMELA MANN, GOSPEL SINGER: One, she`s going to be greatly missed. But I think this is as good as everything that she`s done, because I thought she did a wonderful job in her character and plus she was executive producer of the movie, which to me just adds some more to it. But just a little bit more, we just have her a little longer.

HAMMER: Even though this was the first time you guys directly worked on a real project like this together. You`re both gospel stars. You both come from the church and that background. So I imagine you had so much in common. Tell me about your favorite moment being on set with her.

MANN: My favorite moment actually was with her. I started working on a CD. And I had her to listen to a couple songs on there. And she kind of gave me her input, which was great for me, because to get it from, you know, a mega star, which you know, Whitney, she was like when you get to this part, just ride it maybe, just you know, take them on the ride.

HAMMER: I hear her voice when you say that, by the way.

MANN: Because it`s exactly how it is. Yes, we were in her trailer, and I was like, man. But I was so inspired just for her to just take the time out. She was not a diva on the set. She was just so pleasant and wonderful to work with, even with Jordan and all of us. I mean, so inviting. So it was wonderful being with her.

HAMMER: And did you get the sense working on "Sparkle" together that she was hoping this was going to be the first of many more movies to come for her?

MANN: I did. I did, because she did such a good job. I mean, no one ever knew, you know, that this was going to happen like it did. But I thought she did so good. And I was like, man, she`s on her way back, you know, bringing everything together. She looked well. I mean, on the set, it was -- really was incredible.

HAMMER: So nice to get your perspective and see a big smile come over your face when you talk about Whitney. Tamela, it`s great to meet you.

MANN: Thank you.

HAMMER: Thank you so much.

Well, I hope you`re adequately prepared yourself, because coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the wait is over. We`ve got the top five "Ultimate Summer Stunners." Kim and Kanye`s shocking hookup, KStew`s sneaky summer cheat, plus one story that still has us scratching our heads. But which will be No. 1?

This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the "SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunners."


HAMMER: Right now, on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the "SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunners." These are the buzziest celebrity stories of the summer. Get ready, because we`re about to count down the top five memorable moments.

But first, let`s look at the amazing list so far. In at No. 10, Jessica Simpson has her beautiful baby, Maxwell Drew. Our No. 9 stunner, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally get engaged. Who can forget No. 8 on our countdown, Ann Curry`s tearful exit from "The Today Show"? At No. 7 another departure stunner: J. Lo leaves "American Idol" and a massive paycheck, replaced by none other than Mariah Carey. And Whitney Houston`s swan song in "Sparkle" grabs our No. 6 slot on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown": "Ultimate Summer Stunners."

This special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. This is a special "Showbiz Countdown: Ultimate Summer Stunners". These are the most talked about star stories of the season. And I`ve got to tell you this summer may go down as the most drama-filled one we have seen in ages. I`m talking about surprising splits, all the head-shaking hook ups and a scandalous affair.

We have the ultimate experts to help us sort through all of the madness. The ultimate diva herself Miss Sheryl Lee Ralph, the stunning Imogen Lloyd Webber, the extraordinary Jerry Penacoli and the amazing Hyla all with us tonight. Lots more stunners for our panel tonight, you know these days it seems where there is drama in Hollywood there is at least one Kardashian, right? And Queen K herself, Kim Kardashian, sent her fans on quite the wild ride this summer, fresh off her split from Kris Humphries after that 72 days of marriage.

Well, Kim promised no more sharing her romances with the world. But you know the hard ones hit the hard once right?

Enter hip-hop rebel Kanye West. That brings us to number five on "The Showbiz Countdown". Introducing Kimye.


HAMMER: While Tom and Katie were breaking up, and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were thinking of breaking up, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or Kimye as they came to be known easily emerged as the couple of the summer.

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, IN TOUCH WEEKLY: I think if you`re looking at "it" couples of the summer perhaps even the year, I think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might be it. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to be the couple that is everywhere. They`re traveling the world, they are photographed everywhere.

HAMMER: Kanye has even started showing up on Kim`s reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" where Kim`s family gave her grief over a song Kanye wrote about her.

KANYE WEST, SINGER: Suddenly I fell in love with Kim on the same path she fell in love with him.

HAMMER: Of course after Kim`s breakup with her husband Kris Humphries, she publicly declared she wouldn`t be dating any time soon. And that her next relationship would not be televised. Well, she broke both promises.

SERAFIN: It`s Kim Kardashian. So I don`t think anyone expected less. I don`t even know if she really believed that she could keep that away from the cameras.

HAMMER: No matter. Because Kimye seems made for the cameras and they ended the summer with rumors flying that this relationship was no mere summer fling. Everyone is asking could there be another TV wedding in Kim`s future?

SERAFIN: For the Kardashians an intimate affair might just be only half of the country watching.

HAMMER: But whether or not they end up having the wedding of the year, it`s clear Kim and Kanye made the summer of 2012 the summer of Kimye.


HAMMER: There is no question about that. And they are number five in our "Showbiz Countdown of summer stunners. Back with me in New York, Sheryl Lee Ralph, author of "Redefining Diva". And she`s got a guess starring role on the upcoming season of the NBC`s "Smash". Also joining me in New York, Imogen Lloyd Webber, the author of an excellent book, you must check out "The Twitter Diaries" is out and in Hollywood Jerry Penacoli, who is an excellent correspondent for "Extra"; entertainment journalist, Hyla also joining us tonight from Hollywood.

Well this summer we saw Kim and Kanye hand in hand just like that, they were out in public. Of course, the reality cameras were rolling. A lot of people doubted how real Kimye is or was. And now that we`re a few months into this whole thing, Sheryl I`ve got to ask you, do you get the sense that maybe this is not really just for reality TV and it actually could be love?

SHERYL LEE RALPH, AUTHOR, "REDEFINING DIVA": You know what, there`s something that just doesn`t feel right about this whole thing.


RALPH: There`s just something about it that I have to say --


HAMMER: What did I see?

RALPH: I just don`t know. I think that this was one of those relationships made for show business and just for the business of show. Is there any real love there? Well, maybe it is because it can sell some DVDs. We see more Kanye, we see more Kim Kardashian. And I guess it is just about more, more, and more, but I don`t think this is about love.

HAMMER: You know, you and I have known each other for a long time. I`ve never heard you say something quite so cynical when it comes to love.

Look, Kim`s real-life drama with ex Kris Humphries really heated up this summer as well. Because right in the midst of Kimye and their budding romance, you have this bitter divorce taking a really ugly turn as Kim described on "Keeping up with the Kardashians". Let`s watch that.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY STAR: Oh, my God, you won`t even believe my day.


KARDASHIAN: I just like had the most stressful attorney`s meeting. Like it`s just --


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just don`t understand, like why is it such a problem when you guys were barely even married?

KARDASHIAN: I think someone just wants to make it really difficult. When one person wants a divorce and the other one just is pissed, you know they want to do whatever they can to make life difficult, you know?



HAMMER: And she seemed shocked for some reason, the other person of course being Kris Humphries there.

RALPH: I know.

HAMMER: We learned this summer that it could be another year before Kim`s divorce after the 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries is actually settled. Now Kris`s attorneys say it`s because he is now gathering evidence to prove his marriage to Kim was fraud and he is deposing people like Kanye West.

Hyla, off to you. Who do you think is winning that public image battle here?

HYLA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Well listen, Kim Kardashian she has the keys to the car, right? She has the TV show. She has the family network that can help her out and get the word out and, of course, there`s the distraction with her relationship with Kanye.

Kris is on an island by himself. All he has is some crazy ex- girlfriend post Kim that keeps talking to TMZ. So as of right now today, I think she is winning that battle. But I think we have to see this play through until next year, and see how this ends up. I mean he wants an annulment, why? So he can talk freely. He is not allowed to do that. She can do whatever she wants on the TV show.

HAMMER: Yes can you imagine the sales of that book if he was able to get the annulment and say whatever the heck he wanted. She -- she really is Teflon, though. It`s amazing I am just so surprised or maybe I shouldn`t be that the 72-day marriage thing didn`t just you know affect her in a bad way, because it doesn`t seem to have.

Hard to beat the Kardashians when it comes to summer stunners, but really who better to trump them than the other big high profile Hollywood family which is in at number four in our countdown, the Jackson family feud -- one wild story. Wow.

It was sparked by a series of tweets from Michael Jackson`s daughter, Paris. She told the world her grandmother Katherine was missing. It turned out members of the Jackson family actually took Katherine to a spa in Arizona which basically cut her off from communicating with her grandkids, all reportedly over the continuing family feud over Michael Jackson`s will and estate.

Jerry, it is easy to see why this is our number four summer stunner, isn`t it?

JERRY PENACOLI, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": Yes absolutely. Well, you know, it`s just wrought with drama. And you have you know, this family, this -- this mother first of all who is caring for these children. And then her children, Janet, chief among them and Jermaine basically trying to infiltrate and -- and take the children away. So it is -- I mean, this story is not ending. I mean there are -- there is a lot of legal issues here. And there`s a lot more drama to come with this one.

HAMMER: And a huge shocker for me was the fact that Janet Jackson who never seemed to be involved with all the Jackson family drama, she was right there front and center.

All right -- Sheryl Lee, Imogen, Jerry, Hyla, stay where you are. There are only three more stories left in our "Showbiz Countdown of Ultimate Summer Stunners".

It is hard to believe anything can possibly top the Jackson drama this summer. And I`m telling you, it`s about to get even better. We`ve got the top three unforgettable moments of summer. No one can forget this stunner.

Jennifer Aniston gets engaged. Brad who? But where will this blockbuster engagement land on "The Showbiz Countdown of Ultimate Summer Stunners"?



We are counting down the "Ultimate Summer Stunners". And in our number three, Jen`s big engagement -- we couldn`t help but feel ecstatic for Jennifer Aniston when we heard the news that our favorite friend got engaged. Now, Jen`s boyfriend Justin Theroux popped the question on his 41st birthday in New York City and he reportedly said that her "yes", it was the best present ever. Isn`t that sweet? I mean come on.

Back with me Sheryl Lee Ralph and Jerry Penacoli. Look there is no doubt a lot of people were waiting with baited breath for Jennifer to get engaged again. Jerry, after all these years, why do you think people still seem to be so invested in Jen getting this fairy tale ending?

PENACOLI: Because since the breakup of Jen and Brad there have been so many team Aniston people just waiting. They wanted her to have that fairy tale wedding. They wanted her to fall in love. And it seemed like she kept hitting a wall every time she dated somebody or she was dating the wrong guys.

And so you know Brad moved on, and Brad and Angelina are doing great together, and they have their family and six kids. People wanted to root for Jen to have the same thing. And now it`s happening. And I`ll tell you what, no one is happier that -- than me. I mean I know them both. I`ve spoken to them both since they began dating and they are both -- they gush about each other every time I see them. So it`s a -- it`s really a sweet thing.

HAMMER: Yes, no I am thrilled, too, particularly you know ever since Brad and Jen broke up, they`ve had such that intense spotlight that you mentioned on their love life, Jerry.


HAMMER: You know the tabloids always painted Jen as being sad and desperate for love, even as she has been saying all along she has been perfectly happy.

Sheryl, why didn`t so many people seem to believe her? I always thought she was just living her life and doing her thing. But people were so negative about it.

RALPH: I -- you know what; I think a lot of people see themselves in Jen. That`s what I think it is. They see themselves in her plight. She represents I guess the every woman.

So many women have that big love, lose it and then they spend their time trying to get back to the big love and she represents once again another group of women who are reaching their 40s and have not been fulfilled when it comes to love.

So I am happy for her because I believe --



RALPH: -- everybody should have love in their life, especially when it is reciprocated. But they were probably hating on her because they were hating on themselves. And right about now, I say God bless you, Jen and Mr. Theroux.

HAMMER: Isn`t it nice, I mean maybe it kind of sticks it to those people a little bit.


HAMMER: Look, its` been seven years since the Aniston/Pitt divorce. Jerry, the question is moving forward, will Jen always be sort of inextricably linked to Brad or has that all now changed with her engagement moving forward?

PENACOLI: I think there`s always going to be a link. You know it -- it was -- they were "the couple". They were the sweetheart couple of their -- of their day. I mean, she was on "Friends." He guest starred on "Friends". I mean they were the perfect all American sweetheart couple. So I think there will -- there will always be a connection.

But as time goes on and they have their own families, and as I said, obviously Brad and Angie have done that. But even then, I just almost said Brad and Jen, you still have that sort of that connection. Yes it`s true. It happens.

HAMMER: It -- it really and you can`t deny it, even if you don`t subscribe to these things, it made for the perfect storm of Hollywood fodder. But hopefully this will now be her happily ever after.

PENACOLI: Absolutely.

HAMMER: Don`t go anywhere. We are now getting close to revealing who`s in the top spot on our "Showbiz Countdown: Ultimate Summer Stunners". We only have numbers two and one left.

This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Showbiz Countdown: Ultimate Summer Stunners".


HAMMER: It was certainly the biggest heart break of the summer. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson cheating scandal lands at number two on our countdown. Imogen Lloyd Webber and Hyla back with me now.

What a summer stunner this was. "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart caught on camera in a lip lock with the married "Snow White" director Rupert Sanders. That led to a public apology by Kristen and, of course, public heartbreak for Robert Pattinson and a whole lot of fans who were just really, really upset at this.

Imogen, what was more stunning about this? Who she cheated on or who she cheated with? I can`t quite tell.

IMOGEN LLOYD WEBBER, AUTHOR, "TWITTER DIARIES": What`s really stunning was the director`s behavior, Rupert Sanders. This man is 41 years old, married to a supermodel, got a couple of kids and he`s fooling around with a girl 20 years younger than him.

I`m sorry. Kristen Stewart has been called a "tramp" and she`s been called some horrible names by all these Twitter trolls. And to all those trolls out there, just read Jodie Foster`s piece about poor Kristen Stewart. Because she`s just a young girl in Hollywood and --


LLOYD-WEBBER: -- I think she was taken advantage of.

HAMMER: Yes. I did read that as well and I think Jodie made some terrific point.


HAMMER: And yes, shame on the director.

LLOYD WEBBER: Absolutely.

HAMMER: I mean we have been saying that all along.

Obviously, the initial impact of the story created shock waves. But R-Patz also made headlines when he suddenly came out a few weeks later and went on this kind of full giggling media tour post-heartbreak.

You have to check out what he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producer Jenny D`Attoma about surviving the K-Stew cheating aftermath.


JENNY D`ATTOMA, HLN PRODUCER: Was it weird to see all of the hubbub about all this reporting about you that was probably for the most part -- I mean there were reports about you drinking and you, you know, wallowing in misery. Here you are today and you look absolutely fine.

ROBERT PATTINSON, ACTOR: I mean, you know, since the first "Twilight", I mean you enter this kind of realm where everything is -- you know, you get stuff reported about you. And it is weird. And on top of that, loads of people just make it up anyway. It doesn`t make a difference.

D`ATTOMA: Do you just laugh it off. I mean you really are ok?

R-PATZ: Yes. I mean --


HAMMER: He kind of played it close to the vest. Hasn`t done a full, you know, coming out and speaking about what happened there, Hyla. Do you think that R-Patz basically handled the scandal as well as he could have?

HYLA: Handled it like a pro. I loved how he dealt with every single interview that he had to get in front of. The reality is he didn`t talk crap about her. He kind of brushed questions off.


HYLA: He answered it without answering it. He kind of made jokes about it. You know, it was satisfying enough to the person that he was being interviewed by and the audience, but not so much that it would become a scandal. Most importantly, he didn`t say anything bad about her, taking the high road. I really appreciate that.

HAMMER: I give him the credit -- credit for taking the high road. Absolutely.

Well, this cheating scandal was huge this summer. But if that isn`t the number one hottest Hollywood headline, what could it be?

Imogen, Hyla, place your bets. We`ll reveal our number one summer shocker next.

This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Showbiz Countdown: Ultimate Summer Stunners".


HAMMER: This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the "Showbiz Countdown: Ultimate Summer Stunners". We are now just seconds away from revealing the most talked about stunning story of the summer.

But first, let`s take a look back at stunners numbers five through two. Kim and Kanye shocking hook-up, number five on our list. The Jackson family feud grabbed the number four spot -- a real-life stunner that was hard to believe. At number three, Jennifer Aniston`s engagement, all of Hollywood cheering for Jen. At number two, the K-Stew cheating scandal. Kristen Stewart shocked everyone when she revealed that she did her "Twilight" beau Robert Pattinson wrong.

So what`s the ultimate summer stunner? I`m talking about the stunner that shook the entertainment world like no other. It has to be the TomKat split. That takes our number one spot.

I mean think about it. Katie Holmes even shocked Tom Cruise with the news that she was leaving him after five years of marriage. When Tom and Katie first got married, you know, it seemed like a lot of people were pretty suspicious about how quick they rushed into things. I was never so cynical about it. But everyone, of course, remembers Tom`s infamous Oprah couch jump.


OPRAH WINFREY, TALK SHOW HOST: So this is interesting Tom. We have never seen you behave this way before.


WINFREY: Have you ever felt this way before?

You`re gone. You are gone.


HAMMER: I`ve said it before, I`ll say it again, that didn`t throw me as much as it threw the rest of the world. But here we are five years later with their little girl Suri, a huge part of their lives. Everybody was just as stunned that their marriage broke apart.

Back out to "Extra" correspondent Jerry Penacoli in Hollywood. So Jerry, why do you think this divorce, this split shocked everyone so deeply? Was it all because of Suri at the end of the day?

JERRY PENACOLI, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": Well, I don`t think so much for Suri. That`s of course, you know, a very sad thing when anybody breaks up when you have a child. However, I think that, you know, you talk about the cynicism, there`s some deep cynicism linked to this couple and there always has been. And I think that, you know, they jumped into it fast, it ended so fast. You wonder if it wasn`t all planned out -- if you`re really cynical.

HAMMER: Wow. Hey, Jerry, I think that pretty much is the pinnacle of cynicism right there. But Jerry makes a good point, Sheryl. So many, right from the very start, from the moment they announced they were together, said well, this is never going to last. They do that for every couple in Hollywood. But for this particular couple, were you stunned? I have to say, I really was not expecting it at all.

SHERYL LEE RALPH, ACTRESS: I was not expecting it at all. First of all, I like Tom Cruise. This is a nice man. I was really hoping that this third time, third wife, would be the charm for him. This beautiful woman he is marrying, the jump on the couch, like you, I loved it. I was like yes -- for real love.

So I was a bit stunned and I`m really, really sad because you look at it and you say another child, broken marriage, for the kids it is always the worst.

HAMMER: And the other shocker about the TomKat split is the fact that they reached the settlement in just a matter of days, they finalized the divorce in less than two months. And Tom apparently not even fighting Katie for primary custody of Suri.

Jerry, we know how unusual that is in Hollywood. How do you think they managed to pull that off?

PENACOLI: Well, I think they just wanted for the case -- for Suri, for Suri. They wanted to make sure that everything was tied up neatly, so that this wasn`t played out for months and months and months in the media, et cetera.

I think that that was their primary concern was that little girl, and as she should be.

HAMMER: Yes. Absolutely. No one will disagree with that. And I think they`re going to have the best post divorce relationship when all this settles down, perhaps in Hollywood history.

RALPH: I hope you`re right.

HAMMER: I don`t know. I hope I`m right. And I hope there are some couples out there -- Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian -- who would possibly take a look at this and follow this model because I think it is the model of how people should behave.

RALPH: And maybe we should have more pre-nups.

HAMMER: Well, pre-nups are always a good thing, I`d say.

All right. Sheryl speaking from experience? I don`t know.

This was a whole lot of fun. Wow, I`m feeling stunned all over again. I do want to thank all of our guests for being here for this very special "Showbiz Countdown of Ultimate Summer Stunners".

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jerry Penacoli, Imogen Lloyd-Webber and Hyla, thank you all for being here.

Thank you very much for watching and remember, Showbiz Tonight is seen exclusively week nights at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.

And of course, HLN continues right now.