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Kim`s Worst Nightmare; Beyonce Battles Back; Jennifer Aniston Engaged; Dating R-Patz; Auto-Tuning Julia Child; Caite Upton Speaks; Furgate 2012

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NISHELLE TURNER, HLN HOST, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Beyonce battles back. The superstar gets slammed, accused of not using her star power to change the world tonight. She`s silencing her high-profile critic with her own high-profile worldwide project.

Hello, everyone. I`m Nischelle Turner in Hollywood. A.J. is off.

Tonight, in the "Showbiz Countdown," we`re playing match maker for Robert Pattinson. Well, now that his relationship with Kristen Stewart is in shreds because she cheated on him, who should he date next?

Let`s see. What about Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lawrence? Our top five choices in the "Showbiz Countdown" are coming up.

But first, "Kim`s Worst Nightmare". You know I don`t think Kim Kardashian could have ever imagined that her divorce from Kris Humphries would turn into this. Next Monday will be exactly one year since they got married for all the world to see on TV. That was followed by Kim filing for divorce just 72 days later.

It`s been ten months since the split and tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can reveal that Kim has just learned her divorce from Kris won`t be final until at least next year.

Now, of course, there may be a big upside for us because that means we`re safe from having to watch her possibly get married to Kanye West until at least next year. Whew. That was close.


TURNER (voice-over): Things are going so well between Kim Kardashian and new boyfriend Kanye West, he has reportedly written a song in her honor. But unfortunately for Kim, her estranged husband, Kris Humphries who`s dragging out this divorce has a song of his own for Kim.


TURNER: Kris may be channeling "Dream Girls," but he`s more like a nightmare boy to his ex. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you the "Top 5 Ways Kris Humphries is now Kim`s Worst Nightmare."

Number five, he`s delaying the divorce.

ALAN DUKE, CNN WIRE ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: The bitterness between Kim and Kris was quite evident.

TURNER: CNN Wire entertainment editor Alan Duke was in court as lawyers for the bitter exes faced off.

DUKE: They were trading accusations of dragging their feet.

KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: Until death do us part --

TURNER: With Monday marking the one-year anniversary of Kim and Kris`s made-for-TV wedding, Kris is in no hurry to divorce Kim.

DUKE: If it`s going to take until next year, may be early next year when they`re ready for trial.

TURNER: The reason the trial is taking so long is the number four way Kris is Kim`s worst nightmare. He wants an annulment please, not a divorce because he says it was a sham marriage.

DUKE: The lawyer for Kris is accusing Kim of fraud, of fraudulently setting up this wedding for the benefit of her reality television career.

TURNER: In an interview with Oprah, Kim insisted that`s not true.

KARDASHIAN: I was in love.

TURNER: But Kris is not convinced.

DUKE: Kris Humphries` lawyer accuses Kim Kardashian of entering the marriage, not for love or not because she wanted to be married but simply for ratings.

TURNER: The number three way Kris is Kim`s worst nightmare, he`s trying to drag Kanye into this divorce mess to answer questions under oath about his relationship with Kim.

DUKE: The question apparently is did Kanye West actually have a relationship with Kim Kardashian before the marriage? It didn`t take long after the split before the two were seen together. The lawyer for Kris Humphries wants to know, is that what Kim Kardashian intended all along to marry Kris but end up with Kanye?

TURNER: In fact, in court, Kim claims Kris`s attorneys are so determined to drag Kanye into this mess they`re resorting to bizarre attempts to serve him.

DUKE: Kim`s lawyer said a strange individual left a Nordstrom box at her front door; inside, a subpoena for Kanye West for a deposition.

TURNER: Trying to hide a subpoena in a Nordstrom box? Well, that`s a ridiculous move. Everyone knows Kanye`s more of a Gucci guy.

DUKE: Kanye still hasn`t been served with a subpoena. If he`s going to show up at the MTV Awards next month, maybe a process server will be standing there on the red carpet.

TURNER: A tip to Kanye`s process server. Stand next to Taylor Swift in case she wins something.

The number two way Kris is Kim`s worst nightmare, the divorce is costing Kim a lot of money.

DUKE: Kim`s lawyer revealed that they`ve spent at least a quarter of a million dollars on her legal defense so far. And she says she`s going to go after Kris Humphries for every penny of that.

TURNER: And the number one way Kris is making himself Kim`s worst nightmare, this is all an unwelcome reminder of Kim`s reality sideshow of a marriage.

DUKE: There were repeated references in the hearing to the fact that this marriage only lasted 72 days, yet this divorce is taking much longer.

TURNER: So for Kim and Kris, the nightmare continues. And it won`t end any time soon.


TURNER: You know what? This is just the nightmare that just keeps on giving. It almost seems like the Kardashians could spin off another reality show with all this drama. They could call it "Keeping up with the Kardashian Divorce."

And I have got the perfect guest tonight to help me countdown Kim`s divorce nightmare. With me here in Hollywood, Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White, co-stars of the hit TV series "For Better or Worse." You guys thank you for being here, we`re about to have some fun. Because on your show, "For Better or Worse," you guys play a couple who have a pretty complicated marriage, that`s to say the least.

You struggle with trust issues, infidelity. In fact, I would argue that you two have more struggles in one day than Kim and Kris had in all of their real 72-day marriage.

But I want to show you something that Kim said on her reality show in the last episode about how difficult she claims Kris is being with the divorce. Watch this with me, guys.


KARDASHIA: Oh, my God. You won`t even believe my day.


KARDASHIAN: I just like, had the most stressful attorneys meeting. Like it`s just --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just don`t understand. Like why is it such a problem when you guys were barely even married?

KARDASHIAN: I think someone just wants to make it really difficult. When one person wants a divorce and the other one just is pissed, you know, they want to do whatever they can to make life difficult, you know?



TURNER: Oh, my God, guys. Kim`s nightmare, number one, seems to be true. This divorce trial is being delayed until sometime next year in 2013.

Tasha, let me ask you first. Does it look like to you like Kim`s ex may be deliberately trying to drag his feet here considering the marriage didn`t even last three months?

TASHA SMITH, "FOR BETTER OR WORSE": I mean, honestly, it`s just too much energy to put into something that only lasted 72 days, was it? That is unbelievable.


SMITH: I mean just leave the girl alone and let her move on with her life, please.

TURNER: You know, and that`s what it seems like she`s begging for.


TURNER: Well, he`s a man. Of course he`s going to sit there and be silent, but I`m going to get his take on this next one. You know, Kim`s nightmare seems to get worse. This is her nightmare number two.

Kris fighting for his marriage to Kim to be annulled; he claims it was a sham marriage all for the sake of the reality show cameras. Now remember how much build-up there was to the reality TV special, appropriately titled "Kim`s Fairy Tale Wedding"?

So Michael, I want to ask you. What do you think? Do you think the way their entire relationship played out on reality TV supports Kris Humphries` claims?

MICHAEL JAI WHITE, "FOR BETTER OR WORSE": Well, I don`t even know. I mean I just wonder what happened to manhood. Why don`t you just move on? I mean we could see you, dude. I mean we can see you.

SMITH: Right. I mean, he signed a contract to do the reality show, Sis. He did this. He was on the show. And he wants to sit and blame her for the sham. I think he wanted to be a celebrity within himself. Come on. If you want to marry her -- if I was him, I would have said no to the reality show but yes to the marriage if he`s so like into the marriage and not the opportunity.

TURNER: And you know that`s one of the things that Kim claims. That now she says, you know, Kris wanted the fame himself. He`s not just this innocent guy. He wanted to be famous.

But I want to give you guys another little tidbit of how this whole divorce drama played out on the reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" recently. Look at this.


KARDASHIAN: My divorce has been really draining, really stressful.

I don`t like who I am in this marriage. I just want to leave this chapter of my life behind me. I don`t want to be married anymore.


TURNER: Now, Tasha, I want to know, who -- what do you think about that? Do you agree? I mean it just seemed kind of dramatic.

SMITH: You know what? Relationship is dramatic, and it is emotional. I mean it just really is. I don`t want to sit here and like tear apart Kim Kardashian because she`s a person, a human being that wants to be encouraged about relationship and love. You follow what I`m saying?


SMITH: And I`m assuming that she really did love this guy, and she was absolutely trying. And for things to just fall apart like that, of course it`s going to be devastating. Of course it`s going to hurt and be emotional.

At the end of the day, we all have a right to have love. We all have a right to have marriage, but I think that if they wanted to serve some papers, they shouldn`t have sent it in a Nordstrom`s box.


TURNER: A Nordstrom box.

SMITH: You know what I`m saying? They should have picked a Louis Vuitton box, or something, like a Rolex box, a Cartier box.

TURNER: Ok there you go.

SMITH: I mean a Cartier box. I mean, come on, now you know Kim. A Nordstrom`s box? They`re not going to open that. That feels like a setup right there.

Tasha Smith, I`m with you all the way on that. Tasha, Michael Jai White, thank you guys very much.

SMITH: I wouldn`t open a Nordstrom`s box. Ok thank you.

TURNER: Be sure to catch these two on "For Better or Worse" on TBS Friday nights.

Now from Splitsville to a possible match made in Hollywood heaven. Tonight in the "Showbiz Countdown" we`re playing matchmaker for Robert Pattinson. Kristen Stewart drove a stake through his heart with her cheating. So if they do split, who should Rob date next? Maybe the lovely Lily Collins or maybe Emma Watson. If you don`t want to miss this, it`s the "Showbiz Countdown" Dating R-Patz.

And Beyonce battles back. A Hollywood legend slams her for her lack of social responsibility. Tonight, she reveals her new mission that could touch a billion lives around the world. How`s that for social change?


TURNER: A minor smash-up for a "Big Bang Theory" star. Mayim Bialik was in a car accident. And you know she suffered some pretty nasty cuts to her left hand which led to reports that she might lose a finger.

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has just learned those reports, no, not true and that Mayim was actually well enough to go to work today. Well, last night she also shot down those reports on Twitter with this message. "Husband typing, in pain but will keep all my fingers."

And Mayim, we are so -- so glad to hear that. Scary times.

Coming up next, Beyonce`s big plan to reach a billion people in one day.


TURNER: Beyonce battles back. The mom, actress and singer has another impressive gig, becoming the face of World Humanitarian Day. World Humanitarian Day is tomorrow and B is spreading the word to get people involved. This big honor comes just days after the legendary Harry Belafonte slammed B and hubby Jay-Z for not doing enough for social change. Harry told "The Hollywood Reporter", "high-profile artists, power celebrities, but have turned their back on social responsibility. That goes for Jay-Z and Beyonce, for example."

Well Beyonce and her camp were livid. They rushed to give SHOWBIZ TONIGHT a page-long list of unselfish work Beyonce`s done including sponsoring food drives, working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Her namesake beauty school in Brooklyn, New York.

And now Beyonce is teaming up with the United Nations in its global efforts for World Humanitarian Day. Beyonce reveals her involvement in this brand new "Showbiz Newsmaker" interview with CNN`s Anderson Cooper.


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST, AC360: So Beyonce, how did you get involved in World Humanitarian Day?

BEYONCE, SINGER: I was definitely attracted to raising awareness of this day of recognition. I found out that 22 people lost their lives helping people. And --


COOPER: You mean, in Baghdad with the explosions.

BEYONCE: In Baghdad, yes. And, you know, I thought it was such an incredible thing to turn that into something positive and try to include the world into doing something great for someone else.

COOPER: In the song that you`re dedicating to this, "I Was Here", I mean what`s the message of the song?

BEYONCE: "I Was Here", it says I want to leave my footprints in the sands of time. And it basically is all of our dreams, I think; and that`s leaving our mark on the world. I feel like we all want to know that our life meant something and that we did something for someone else and that we spread positivity no matter how big or how small, so the song was perfect for Humanitarian Day.

COOPER: Is that what you want to do to spread positivity?

BEYONCE: Absolutely. I feel like we are -- we all have our purpose and we all have our strengths. And if -- I don`t know if it`s selfish or unselfish but it feels so wonderful to do something for someone else. And I think for the U.N. to want to include the whole world was something important and I feel like that`s what I represent.

COOPER: Valerie, you`re trying to reach a billion people on World Humanitarian Day. What are you hoping to accomplish? I mean what`s the idea behind it?

VALERIE AMOS, U.N. EMERGENCY RELIEF COORDINATOR: Well, there are millions of people around the world who need help. And part of my job is to get the message out there about this. But I could do media for the rest of my life and we wouldn`t reach as many people as Beyonce can.

So this partnership --


COOPER: Don`t sell yourself short, now.

AMOS: Well -- well, thank you for that.

COOPER: You work very hard.

AMOS: Thank you.

COOPER: You travel all the time.

AMOS: I do. But this is really about saying to everyone out there that this is a day that`s both a commemoration because there are a lot of people who lose their lives trying to help people, but it`s also a celebration of the things that people do. There is an amazing amount that people do every single day that goes unrecognized.

So this is about the big things and it`s also about the small things.

COOPER: In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, you -- you had a foundation which tried to help people --

BEYONCE: The Survivor Foundation.

COOPER: Yes. And you had food drives.

BEYONCE: Yes, I did.

COOPER: At one of your concerts. And it`s amazing I think in -- in New Orleans to me the example what happened after Katrina, we`ve seen it in Haiti as well, is the power of individuals stepping up. I mean so many church groups and NGOs and just individuals have gone down to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast to -- to lend a hand, to build a house, to do whatever they can.


COOPER: It`s really inspiring.

BEYONCE: It really is. And we built transitional homes, housing for -- for a lot of the survivors in Katrina, which I think was important because people need to get on their feet. And it`s more than just one day. It`s something that, you know, people need help all the time. And I feel like one great thing about the video, hopefully people will see it and it will be a reminder that, you know, every single day, the smallest thing helps.


TURNER: Our thanks to CNN`s Anderson Cooper. You can check out Beyonce`s video for "I Was Here" when it debuts tomorrow.

Moving on now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT plays matchmaker for Robert Pattinson. He may or may not have kicked Kristen Stewart to the curb after she cheated on him but we`re ready for him to move on. So who should Rob date next? Amanda Seyfried or how about Jennifer Lawrence? Our top five choices in the "Showbiz Countdown" Dating R-Patz edition are coming. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: Well by now, we all know that Jennifer Aniston said yes to Justin Theroux`s marriage proposal, right? If you didn`t know, guess what? Jennifer Aniston is engaged.

But we want to know so much more like where did Justin pop the question and how did she react? The happy couple are on the cover of the brand-new issue of "People" magazine, and they have the inside scoop on the proposal.

So joining me from New York is Leslie Messer, staff writer for "People" magazine. Leslie, ok. I have got to know, where did Justin pop the big question?

LESLIE MESSER, STAFF WRITER, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: Well, they were in New York for his birthday. And he asked her to marry him. It`s his favorite city. It made so much sense. And then they had a great celebratory dinner at Blue Hell which is an exclusive restaurant in the West village just sitting among another New Yorkers, other Manhattanites. It was -- it was pretty unbelievable.

TURNER: So did he ask her in the restaurant?

MESSER: It doesn`t seem like he did it in the restaurant. And in fact, they were really trying to lay low. They were in a corner table looking very much in love, very into each other and just enjoying white wine and dinner.

So they were certainly out amongst the people, but not trying to -- not trying to make the scene about them.

TURNER: So they had a low-key night. I like that, because they`re kind of a low-key, fun, cool couple. But I want to know, is there any talk yet of wedding plans, or are they just trying to enjoy being each other`s fiance for the time being?

MESSER: Not -- yes, not yet. But our -- their friends are telling "People" that they wouldn`t be surprised if they eloped. They`re that low- key, they`re that chilled that it wouldn`t be out of the question for them just to go off and do it.

And they also are saying it`s possible that they might do a destination wedding just because Jen loves the beach so much.

TURNER: Ok. And Jennifer has her ears open just the slightest bit, let me say this to her. Please don`t elope. I need pictures.

MESSER: I know.

TURNER: I need a dress. I need a ceremony. I need all this in my life, right?

MESSER: I do, too. I want to see -- I want to see her in a dress, I want to see her with a bouquet and I want to see them with a baby. They would have the cutest babies.

TURNER: Oh very, very cute.

Leslie, thank you so much. And if anybody wants to know more about the big proposal all you have to do is check out this week`s edition of "People" which is available everywhere tomorrow. I will be getting it.

So here is what is coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight in the "Showbiz Countdown," "Dating R--Patz": Robert Pattinson hasn`t officially dumped Kristen Stewart, but if they do split, who should he date next? Maybe Scarlett Johansson. Maybe Emma Watson.

We reveal our top five Hollywood hotties for Rob next. It`s "The Showbiz Countdown Dating R-Patz." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Plays Matchmaker. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aren`t officially over, but if they do split, what Hollywood hottie should help mend Robert`s heart? Should it be fellow Brit Emma Watson or maybe fellow teen idol, Jennifer Lawrence? We know there are other girls for R-Patz.

So tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down our top five celebrity heartthrobs for Rob. It`s our supercharged "Showbiz Countdown" -- Dating R-Patz. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


TURNER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Nischelle Turner in Hollywood. A.J. Hammer`s off tonight. And you know what; what a night to pick, A.J., because tonight in the "Showbiz Countdown", we are counting down the top five girls who would be a much better match for the now broken-hearted Robert Pattinson.


KRISTEN STEWART, ACTRESS: Is this totally necessary?

ROBERT PATTINSON, ACTOR: I`m nothing if not traditional.


TURNER: Oh, you could literally hear hearts breaking across the country after R-Patz "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart admitted to cheating on him. But fear not, my friends. Our crack SHOWBIZ staff had come up with the top five Hollywood heavyweights that could make K-Stew nothing but a mention in a Taylor Swift break-up song. Joining me now in Hollywood: Stuart Brazell, who is the founder of the; also joining us tonight, hey Hyla, entertainment journalist. I`m going to have a good time with you guys on this because I`m excited about it.

Despite how R-Patz was, you know, giggling when SHOWBIZ TONIGHT spoke with him the other day, here`s the truth. He`s a broken guy. He`s hurt. And I think it`s high time that we help him move on; get back into the Hollywood dating pool.

So let`s kick off the "Showbiz Countdown" of girls that are better for him with number five. Scarlett Johansson. Now, Scarlett is slated to star in a film called "Hate Mail" with, guess who, Robert Pattinson. The film`s about Manhattanites who grapple with the fallout of their relationships. Perfect.

So you know he`s got a penchant for falling in love with his co-stars, so Stuart, good match? Yea or nay?

STUART BRAZELL, FOUNDER, DIRTYANDTHIRTY.COM: Oh, my goodness, this is a hard one. First of all, I`m so Team Edward, so I`ve taken everything very much to heart. My fear with Scarlett Johansson is that she will eat him alive. She`s so hot. She`s been going through the men -- Ryan Reynolds, Benicio del Toro, Sean Penn. Oh, Robert Pattinson, don`t do it. Stay away.

TURNER: Oh, Hyla, what do you think? Stuart says no way.

HYLA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: I know. I like this. I actually had a chance to interview Scarlett just a couple of months ago. And she makes a killer chocolate cake. You know, the way to a man`s heart is through his stomach. So yes, I would like to see her cooking for R-Patz. I like this.

TURNER: I`m weighing in with Hyla. I like that one a lot.

But let`s move on to number four for our "Showbiz Countdown" of ladies who are better for R-Patz than Kristen Stewart. It`s a Hollywood starlet who can stand up to a big bad wolf.


AMANDA SEYFRIED: The wolf. He talked to me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You understood it?

SEYFRIED: As clearly as I understand you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He chose not to kill you.

SEYFRIED: I think he wants me alive.


TURNER: It`s "Red Riding Hood", Amanda Seyfried. Now, Robert once said, he likes a girl with emotion and elegance. Well, Robert, Amanda`s got all that and more. And really, you really can`t find someone more opposite than K-Stew to Amanda, you know. She`s just this kind shiny, sweet and not to mention she`s very blonde.

So Stuart, what do you think? We got this one right?

BRAZELL: You know, I really like Amanda. I think that Robert should definitely take his time and have some him time to reflect on what`s going on. But I think this is such a sweet girl. She would be a breath of fresh air, and I think she would be a very, very good and attentive girlfriend and would not cheat.

TURNER: Ok. What do you think, Hyla? You think so, too, or you`re sticking with Scarlett?

HYLA: I`m going to go back to one key word, blonde. I just don`t think that`s his M.O. At the end of the day, I don`t think that`s his style. That`s not what he`s looking for. I`m going to have to pass or take her off the list.

TURNER: You know what; she can get her hair dyed real quick.

But we all know that Kristen Stewart played "Snow White". So mirror, mirror on the wall, could Lily Collins be the better "Snow White" after all?


LILY COLLINS, ACTRESS: Can`t you see she`s manipulating you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is absurd. We would be just fine if you and your friends would stop robbing her. Heel.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Should we help her?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s doing pretty good on her own.


TURNER: Ok, we could be getting warm with this one because Lily Collins is adorable. She played "Snow White" in "Mirror, Mirror" and she`s number three on our "Showbiz Countdown". She`s cute, she`s a fellow Brit and, by the way, she`s rumored to have dated Robert`s "Twilight" co-star Taylor Lautner.

So Stuart is it time for Edward Cullen to court the other "Snow White"?

BRAZEWLL: Oh, goodness, you had me right there. You`re either Team Edward or you`re Team Jacob. I would have to say this is not a match for me because of that. She`s also dated Zac Efron, Chord Overstreet, so she dates a lot of the young, up and coming, and successful stars. But you know, since she was the other "Snow White", it could be a big "In your face, Kristen".

TURNER: Yes, you`re right about that one. But I want to move on to one of my favorite picks because I can`t wait to hear what you guys have to say about this.

This goes back to when R-Patz starred in "Harry Potter". SHOWBIZ TONIGHT we dug deep into the archives, and I think, I really think we might have found a love connection with this one -- R-Patz and our number two better girl for him, Emma Watson.

Check out what they both told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about relating to the coming-of-age romance story in "Harry Potter".


EMMA WATSON: This is a much darker film. It`s much more of a thriller than it`s ever been before. And that kind of comes of age where you start to notice the opposite sex and they`ve got to find partners for the ball and that creates a lot of humor in what is a much darker film.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Has that ever happened to you?

WATSON: I`ve had a couple of experiences I can relate to, yes.

PATTINSON: I`ve always had very strange relationships with people. So I don`t know. Cedric seems to be really good with girls. He`s probably a bit better.


PATTINSON: Not really. He knows how to hold a relationship much better than I do.


TURNER: Emma Watson`s number two on our countdown, guys. They were so young, though, maybe too young to realize that they`re perfect for each other. Back in 2009, R-Patz spoke with (inaudible) magazine about Emma and here`s what he said. "I always find myself trying to impress her. She`s very, very clever." He even admitted to having a crush on her, kind of like what he said about K-Stew.

So Hyla, you with me? You with me on this love connection? Come on.

HYLA: Yes, I dig this one for a lot of reasons. First of all, like you said, a man needs to be challenged. He needs to be after something. It`s all about the chase. If she`s putting that up, she`s going to be able to stick around. And she seems about as normal as a famous actress can get. They`re going to be hanging out at Rhode Island at Brown University. Just sit down on a couch like reading books. I dig that.

TURNER: Exactly. I do, too. I dig it. But if she didn`t make the top spot and the other "Snow White", Lily Collins didn`t make the cut, who in the world did? Stuart and Hyla, stay right there because we are about to reveal who is number one on the "Showbiz Countdown" to be Robert Pattinson`s next big Hollywood hook-up.

You know, it`s not all about Robert Pattinson tonight. The world is also remembering the iconic TV chef Julia Child. She would have been 100 years old this week, and PBS has dropped a brilliant mash-up of Julia`s most brilliant moments.



TURNER: I love it. Tonight we`re revealing the Auto-Tune masterpiece that`s getting mad hits online. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: Welcome back to the "Showbiz Countdown" of the top five girls we think are better for R-Patz than Kristen Stewart. At number five, the very hot Scarlett Johansson who will be co-starring with R-Patz in a new movie. Number four, Amanda Seyfried who could breathe a breath of fresh air for R-Patz. At number three, the other "Snow White", Lily Collins. And at number two, Robert`s "Harry Potter" co-star, Emma Watson.

Now, Stuart Brazell and Hyla, are you guys ready for number one? Because here she is.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Who ordered this pig? Who ordered this pig?


TURNER: I know, we`re getting a little messy with this one, but Jennifer Lawrence. Good stuff, right, Stuart?

BRAZELL: This relationship would rock everyone`s world. The two of them together, "Twilight" beats "Hunger Games". I don`t know if we can handle. But Jennifer seems to have the maturity level of a woman in her 30s, so she might be too mature for him.

TURNER: Yes. That`s an interesting take on that. What do you think Hyla?

HYLA: Robert Pattinson, may the odds be ever in your favor.

TURNER: So I think that you guys agree with our number one choice to hook R-Patz up with the next Hollywood hottie, huh?

HYLA: Let`s do it, absolutely. Let`s get this going.

BRAZELL: I don`t know. It might be Emma Watson guys. It might be Emma Watson.

TURNER: Ok, ok. So Stuart says number two. And Hyla says Jennifer Lawrence. So there we go. Thanks, guys.

This was fun. I liked doing this. I liked playing matchmaker. Call me Chuck Woolery (ph).

There is an amazing woman who`s on everyone`s mind today, and yes I`m talking about the legendary TV chef, Julia Child, who literally introduced French cooking to America.

It would have been her 100th birthday this week. And as a tribute, PBS just dropped this amazing Auto-Tune remix of Julia`s greatest hits in the kitchen. Yes, I said there`s a brand-new Auto-Tune remix of Julia Child.

CNN`s Jeanne Moos shows you how the queen of chopping is getting all mashed up.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Eight years after her death, Julia Child is back, and she sounds hungry.

JULIA CHILD, CELEBRITY CHEF: Bring on the roasted potatoes. Bring on the Montrachet.

MOOS: The woman whose "New York Times" obit called her the French chef for a jell-o nation has been Auto-Tuned for a YouTube nation.

CHILD: Ready to roll. Ready to roll.

MOOS: PBS commissioned producer John Boswell to Auto-Tune the icon to celebrate what would have been her 100th birthday.

JASON SEIKEN, SR. VP, PBS INTERACTIVE: Actually have her sing; use the magic of Auto-Tune to bring her to life in song.

CHILD: You need some fat in your diet. Or your body can`t process your vitamins.

MOOS: Julia Child didn`t mince words. She minced ingredients. If you went searching on Google, maybe you stumbled on a Google doodle cooked up in her honor. These days everybody is a foodie but not everybody gets portrayed by Meryl Streep.


MOOS: And Dan Aykroyd on SNL. Nothing finger-licking good about his chicken.

DAN AYKROYD, COMEDIAN: You must stop the bleeding.

MOOS: The real Julia may have liked things rare but not that bloody. She used a blowtorch to melt cheese over a beef tartar burger for David letterman.

DAVID LETTERMAN, TALK SHOW HOST: Have you ever cooked something, Julia, that just turned out awful?

CHILD: Yes, lots of times.

LETTERMAN: Yes. And what do you then? What happens then?

CHILD: I give it to my husband.

MOOS: No wonder he died first. Julia`s auto-tuned resurrection --

CHILD: Cook and cook and keep on cooking --

MOOS: -- is the latest installment of PBS icons remixed. Icons like Mister Rogers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind.

MOOS: Fond memories evoked by new technology, certain lines are favorites.

CHILD: Bring on the roasted potatoes.

MOOS: The video even makes some people cry. And it`s not because Julia`s chopping onions. One commenter wrote, "Every time she mentions the smell of something cooking reminding her of home --"

I CHILD: like the smells of cooking, makes me feel at home

MOOS: -- "I tear up a little. Aww hell, I cried full out my first listen."

The woman who once said "how can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like Kleenex" has us reaching for our hankies.

MOOS: This is the way to eat. Bon appetit.


TURNER: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`ve got to say to you guys, I loved that. PBS just posted that mash-up "Keep on Cooking" on Tuesday, and already it`s gotten nearly 400,000 hits.

Now, remember Caite Upton`s viral video? She was the Miss Teen USA contestant who`s infamous "such as" response grabbed headlines worldwide.


CAITE UPTON, FORMER MISS TEEN USA CONTESTANT: Some people out there in our nation don`t have maps. And I believe that our education like such as in South Africa --


TURNER: Tonight, we go one on one with Caite to find out how she overcame that embarrassing moment seen around the world. It`s a headline- making SHOWBIZ "Newsmaker Interview".

Time now for the "Showbiz Buzz List"; here`s what the SHOWBIZZ staff is buzzing about this week.

We are crying in our beers to Taylor Swift`s new break-up song, "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together". No one does love gone wrong like Taylor.

And we`re taking the new Android mini PC on our summer vacation. You can leave the laptop at home.

This is delicious. The Food Network`s Melissa D`Arabian`s debut cookbook has just hit bookstores. It`s a cornucopia of meals for under 10 bucks.

And there`s nothing odd about "The Odd Life of Timothy Green". The Disney movie hits theaters tomorrow, and we are there.

And go on, we can`t wait to see the premiere of Matthew Perry`s new show "Go On". That debuts September 11th on NBC.


TURNER: Remember Caite Upton? She is the Miss Teen USA contestant who became an overnight sensation after her unique response to a question that went viral. Watch what she said on NBC`s Miss Teen USA pageant back in 2007.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can`t locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?

UPTON: Some people out there in our nation don`t have maps and I believe that our education, like such as in South Africa and as Iraq, everywhere like such as--


TURNER: Oh, ok. No, that was not a great moment for Upton, but you know what? She`s come a long way since then. And now she`s appearing in a new interesting documentary called "Speak". And guess what; she is with me here in Hollywood. Yes, Caite Upton, thank you for joining us today, darling.


TURNER: You know, I`ve got to ask you because that -- hi -- that clip went viral. And you know, suddenly, that`s what the world knew you for. So how did you deal with all the sudden attention that you got for something that honestly you probably didn`t want?

UPTON: You know, the way I dealt with it, I didn`t even realize that what was happening because I was still in California at the time with my family and had gone home for a couple of days. When we got home from California, I was flown up to New York to be on the "Today" show. I was, like, why am I about to be on the "Today" show? I have no idea what`s going on.

TURNER: Oh no.

UPTON: Yes. And I show up to the "Today" show, and I see myself on all the cameras in the studio. I was, like, what in the world is happening right now? And I did the interview. And I was just like, dumbfounded by how people were making such a big deal out of something so silly. I mean a pageant. I was 17, 18 at the time.

And I see these people who are my parents` age making fun of me. And like -- uh -- it was interesting.

TURNER: Oh, that makes me sad. You know, the thing is though --

UPTON: Don`t be sad. I`m happy.

TURNER: -- and you were young. Well, I make mistakes every day. Believe me. I make talking mistakes every single day. But we believe in Mulligans here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. So I`m going to rewind a few years, and I`m going to play this again. I`m going to be the questioner, and I would ask you, how would you answer that very same question if you were asked it today?

UPTON: You know, if I was asked that question to tell you the truth, like I don`t even really remember -- when I watch that, I don`t even feel like that`s me. But if I was to answer that question again just, like, how, I guess, education in school systems need to build up their geography classes.

TURNER: There you go -- short and sweet. That`s the first rule of journalism. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Very good.

Caite, thank you so much. And if you`re in New York or L.A., please go check out Caite Upton in the new documentary "Speak". I`m actually going to try to see this. It opens tomorrow. And it will also be out on DVD on September 18th.

So there is so much more making news tonight, like lady Gaga`s PETA blast. Yep, Mama Monster is mad. Tonight, why she`s telling the animal rights group that she is wearing fur whether they like it or not.



TURNER: Tonight, brand-new lawsuits are flying over that infamous bar brawl involving Chris Brown and Drake.

Plus, the amazing new Grammy tribute to Whitney Houston: how the music legend is getting her due.

And Lady Gaga takes on PETA. Why she`s wearing fur no matter what anyone says. That tops the buzz today.


TURNER: Furgate 2012. Lady Gaga`s firing back at critics and standing up for her right to wear whatever she wants even if it`s fur. Gaga just released a brand-new blog on her fan site saying, "I have truly always stayed away from skinned fur, especially as I have never been able to afford a nice one. But this does not mean my morals are rigid and that I won`t bend at the sight of an absolute art piece of a coat.

You see a carcass; I see a museum piece de resistance. But I am truly sorry to fans who are upset by this. It`s a fair and applaudable feeling about the health and safety of animals. I respect your views, please respect mine."

Bar brawl legal drama. Chris Brown and Drake are both being sued over a club melee that happened back in June between the music stars and their security teams. Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. Claims that Brown and Drake shared a grudge against each other arising out of their romantic relationships with the same woman, a.k.a. mutual ex-Rihanna. EEL is seeking $16 million in damages.

Honoring Whitney: the Grammy Museum just unveiled a tribute to the six-time Grammy winner Wednesday night organized by her family, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there as Whitney`s family toured the exhibit for the first time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If Whitney were here today, she would say, this is for me? And she would grab our hands and she would smile. Just smile.

TURNER: "Whitney: Celebrating the Musical Legacy of Whitney Houston" will run through February.

Moving on tonight to the revolutionary school for teen moms; it`s a high school designed just for girls with kids. Is that really a good idea?

Dr. Drew investigates that right now.