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Love and Heartache in Hollywood: Robert`s Revenge; 911 Reality Drama; Aniston Marriage Mania

Aired August 14, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


NISCHELLE TURNER, HOST, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT": 911 reality drama. New revelations today about the violent blowout between NFL star Chad Johnson and his reality star wife Evelyn Lozada. What does the 911 call reveal about the fight that got Chad accused of battery and what is Evelyn saying today about the scandal?

Hello, I`m Nischelle Turner in Hollywood. A.J. is off. And tonight, in The Showbiz Countdown, forgive and forget, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top five compelling reasons Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart should possibly get back together again despite her cheating with her director.

But first, Robert`s revenge. Is Robert Pattinson getting his ultimate revenge by showing Kristen`s betrayal is not going to turn him into a hermit-like basket case for him to show his face in the public? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT sat down with the Twilight super star today and asked him about all the crazy stuff out there since word of Kristen`s affair got out.

You`ll see the Showbiz Newsmaker interview in just a moment. Because as we`ll show you, Robert is on like a tornado-like tear as he gets out there to promote his new movie.


TURNER (voice-over): While his cheating girlfriend Kristen Stewart remains hidden away. Robert Pattinson is one vampire who`s finally emerged from his cage. This morning, he rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

JON STEWART, HOST, "THE DAILY SHOW": Boy, you are better off, kick her to the curb, whatever.

TURNER: He ate ice cream with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

ROBERT PATTINSON, ACTOR: I`m trying to avoid eating this because I`m going to split my --

STEWART: Yes, you have got to be a fat (bleep).


PATTINSON: I`m going to split -- I`m going to split my spanx.

TURNER: And today, he`s speaking to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in a Showbiz Newsmaker interview.

JENNY DITOMA (ph), PRODUCER, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT": So, how are you doing? Because the world wants to know, your fans especially want to know. How are you? Is Robert Pattinson OK?



TURNER: Sitting with David Cronenberg who directed Pattinson`s new movie Cosmopolis, Pattinson talked to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Jenny Ditoma (ph) about the crazy spotlight that`s been on him since Kristen Stewart cheated on him with her married director.

DITOMA: Was it weird to see all the hubbub about all this reporting about you?

PATTINSON: I mean, you know, since the first "Twilight." I mean, you enter this kind of realm where everything, you know, you get stuff reported about you and it`s weird.

TURNER: So, as Kirsten Stewart is nowhere to be found, Robert Pattinson is out and about, soaking up the pity.

STEWART: Here`s my wish for you. That you get to handle your business in private in your personal life.

TURNER: And adoration. Showing that revenge can look good.


TURNER: I have to tell you guys, Robert was really open with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT when we spoke with him today and we`re going to have more of our Showbiz Newsmaker interview with him in just a couple of minutes.

But let`s get to our guests. Sheree Fletcher is with me in Hollywood tonight. She`s one of the stars of Hollywood Exes on VH1. She was once married to a big super star, as big as Robert Pattinson, actually probably Will Smith.

Also joining me in Hollywood is celebrity publicist Kita Williams. So, ladies, after weeks of not seen, Robert Pattinson, he is now everywhere. He rang the opening bell, he`s joking with Jon Stewart and of course he was talking to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And I`ve got to tell you, I think he looks great. So, here`s our showbiz flashpoint, is Robert Pattinson`s media blitz the ultimate revenge against Kristen Stewart? Kita, you begin.

KITA WILLIAMS, CELEBRITY PUBLICIST: You know what, I think he`s kind of playing with us a little bit. He`s playing with her because we all know that from a publicist standpoint, you always put out a joint statement from your client expressing some things. And he said nothing. I think he wants her to squirm somewhat. In his own mine, he has his own twist of way of getting back at her for what she`s done to his heart. So yes, I think he is playing with her.

TURNER: What do you think, Sheree? Do you believe in that as well? You think he`s kind of messing with her? Showing, hey, look how good I look and shame on you?

SHEREE FLETCHER, HOLLYWOOD EXES ON VH1: I think there`s a little bit of sweetness to a little revenge. But the guy said he was cheap. He said he doesn`t even have a publicist. So, I mean, you know, he`s just doing what he`s doing.

TURNER: Yes, it does seem that way. He`s doing his interviews with both SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and with Jon Stewart, he didn`t have anything negative to say about Kristen.


TURNER: In fact, he never even mentioned her name.


TURNER: Now, Sheree the end of your marriage to Will Smith back in the `90s--

FLETCHER: He`s taking the high road.

TURNER: He is, and that`s why I`m going to ask you about because your divorce was famously very civil. So, how important is it for him to take that high road and continue doing that?

FLETCHER: I think he comes out smelling like a rose. Continue to take the high road. You don`t have to bash this girl. Because really, at the end of the day, there`s a friendship there, you know what I mean? And it`s probably something that`s very significant to him. It`s very important to him. So hopefully they can still have a friendship after. Whether or not he takes her back, that`s his choice.

TURNER: Right,

FLETCHER: But continue to take the high road. Kudos to him. Keep ringing your bell and eating your ice cream. Take the high road.

TURNER: You know, Sheree mentioned this, Kita, and I want to ask you about this. Because he said that he`s navigating all of this without a publicist. Now, as a celebrity publicist, I know you have a problem with that. So tomorrow, he faces another big challenge.

WILLIAMS: I have a big problem.

TURNER: It`s his first live interview. I know, his first live interview tomorrow with "Good Morning America." What advice do you give him?

WILLIAMS: The advice I give him is to address it. You know, I mean, there`s a big fat polka dot yellow elephant in the room and we all know what it is. And until he answers the question, people are going to continue to ask him that inevitable thing. What is he thinking? How do you feel? So, I would just answer it. Have a statement ready for my client.

And if Robert was my client, we`d have it completely scripted out because he`s an actor and he would go with that. And I think Sheree is right. You know, there is a friendship there but more than anything there`s a franchise.

TURNER: Right.

WILLIAMS: There`s a multimillion-dollar franchise. And you want to make sure that you also stay true to that.

TURNER: Right, and Kita, I think you`re putting it out there that you wouldn`t mind being his publicist. But I got to say, for somebody who is really under the microscope and he`s going to continue to be this whole week, Robert Pattinson sure does seem to be holding his own without the help of a publicist standing by his side.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Jenny Ditoma sat down with Robert Pattinson early this morning asking him to set the record straight about all of these reports, about his drinking, his wallowing in misery, and what this whirlwind has been like for him as he suddenly put himself out there for the world to see. Watch this.


DITOMA: So you rang in the New York Stock Exchange bell this morning. And you had an interview with Jon Stewart last night. Which was more nerve-racking for you?


DAVID CRONENBERG, DIRECTOR, "COSMOPOLIS": The ring of the bell was pretty nerve-racking.

PATTINSON: Yes. Kind of terrifying.

CRONENBERG: And because if we blew the bell, world trade would stop. I mean, we would be responsible for another total meltdown.

PATTINSON: Also, I think we were both feeling like, wow, we`re really not part of this world at all. They were very happy to see us and everything. But they have a different guest every single day.

DITOMA: There was so much anticipation about your interview with Jon Stewart. I don`t even know if you`re aware of that, or just this anticipation to hear you speak.

PATTINSON: Yes, it`s always a disappointment. I like Jon though a lot. He`s a cool guy. I really like his show.

DITOMA: So, how are you doing? Because the world wants to know. Your fans especially want to know. How are you? Is Robert Pattinson OK?



DITOMA: Was it weird to see all the hubbub about all this reporting about you? That was probably for the most part, I mean, there were reports about you drinking and you, you know, wallowing in misery. And here you are today and you look absolutely fine.

PATTINSON: You know, since the first "Twilight." I mean, you enter this kind of realm where everything, you know, you get stuff reported about you and it`s weird.

CRONENBERG: It`s a very abstract realm that doesn`t really have a lot to do with -- anything to do with reality.

PATTINSON: Having total disassociation.

CRONENBERG: Yes. People think they know what`s going on and they don`t really know.

PATTINSON: And on top of that, loads of people just make it up anyway. It doesn`t make any difference.

CRONENBERG: Do you just laugh it off? I mean, you really are OK?

PATTINSON: Yes, I mean -- yep.


TURNER: I think he handled it with a lot of grace. Now, this leads us to our next Showbiz Flashpoint. Should Kristen Stewart take a page out of Robert`s book and do her own media blitz?

Back with me now, Sheree Fletcher of the VH1 reality show Hollywood Exes. And celebrity publicist Kita Williams. Kita, OK, Kristen is the one who cheated. She`s the one that`s got -- so to the Showbiz Flashpoint, what do you think? Do you think Kristen should do her own media blitz now?

WILLIAMS: Let me tell you something, if I was Kristen`s publicist, my favorite phrase is, I would tell her to have a seat. Right now, we don`t need to hear from you. I don`t need you to be on twitter, there`s no need for social media. I need you to just zip the lip. Because at this point, it`s doing more damage, you know, publicly than it is. Keep that private. You know, right now it`s more of a personal thing. So no, I would tell her to have a seat.

TURNER: You know, but let`s not forget that it was her who opened up everything to the public eye by writing that letter of apology. She invited everybody in on this cheating scandal. So, Sheree, what do you think? Do we want to see Kristen make the rounds here?

FLETCHER: You know, I tend to -- I agree with Kita. I really do. Just go sit down somewhere. I think with Robert, he might need to hire Kita. Because maybe he needs to say something.

WILLIAMS: Thank you.

FLETCHER: And it`s hard to speak in the midst of heart break. You know, there`s -- a little plug there, girl. But there`s, you know, you`re confused.

WILLIAMS: Yes, thank you.

FLETCHER: You`re angry, you`re upset. So you need somebody to -- someone with experience like Kita to kind of craft a statement for you.

WILLIAMS: Thank you.

FLETCHER: .so that you can address the proverbial elephant in the room. Yes. But she should sit down somewhere.

WILLIAMS: Absolutely.

FLETCHER: And I agree, I agree with what she said.

TURNER: Boo to the both of you because if you ask me -- well, maybe I`m nosey but if you ask me, I want to hear what Kristen Stewart has to say. So boo to the both of you for being so nice. Sheree Fletcher, Kita Williams...


You guys are great. Thank you very much. There are a lot more Robert Pattinson mania tonight. Coming up, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Countdown, the top five reasons Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart should get back together. It`s the Showbiz Countdown forgive and forget.

First though, there are explosive new revelations tonight in the domestic drama surrounding NFL star Chad Johnson and his reality star wife Evelyn Lozada. Tonight, Evelyn speaks out for the first time about the scandal. And we`re also hearing the disturbing 911 call from that night.


911 OPERATOR: 911, what is your emergency?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Yes, I have somebody here at my house that was in a little domestic dispute with her husband.

911 OPERATOR: OK, was it physical or verbal?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: No, she`s got a cut on her forehead.


TURNER: Tonight, the dramatic fallout from the violent blowout that has rocked Hollywood. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: Time now for the Showbiz Buzz List, let`s hear what the Showbiz staff is buzzing about this week. We`re crying in our beers to Taylor Swift`s new break-up song. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." No one does love gone wrong like Taylor.

And we`re taking the new android mini PC on our summer vacations. You can leave the laptop at home. This is delicious. The food network`s Melissa D`Arabian`s debut cookbook is out today. It`s a cornucopia of meals for under 10 bucks. And there`s nothing odd about the "Odd Life of Timothy Green." The Disney movie hits theaters Friday and we are there. And go on, we can`t wait to see the premiere of Matthew Perry`s new show go on. It debuts September 11th on NBC.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Be honest when you sit here listening to someone else`s problems, you may smile and nod but he`s right, a big part of you is thinking, my thing is worse than your thing, am I right?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Look, new guy, I don`t know who you are, but yes.


TURNER: Startling new details today about the violent blowout between NFL star Chad Ochocinco Johnson and his reality star wife Evelyn Lozada. Late today, Evelyn reportedly filed for divorce, ending their six week marriage.

Also tonight, police released the 911 call that was placed just after Chad allegedly head butted his wife. This on the same day, Evelyn broke her silence about the incident. First, the 911 call. The couple`s neighbor called the cops with Evelyn by his side.


911 OPERATOR: 911, what is your emergency?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Yes, I have somebody here at my house that was in a little domestic dispute with her husband.

911 OPERATOR: OK, was it physical or verbal?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: No, she`s got a cut on her forehead. Let`s not make a big scene about it until the police get here because we`re worried that he`s going to get mad and he`s a high-profile person.


TURNER: Hmm, a high-profile person. So, what does this call reveal about what really went down between Chad and Evelyn?

Joining me now here in Hollywood is Jackie Christie who stars on "Basketball Wives: Los Angeles." Jackie, thanks for joining us first of all. Late today, reports came out that Evelyn filed for divorce. So, I mean, do you think she had to? Clearly, this marriage is broken.

JACKIE CHRISTIE, VH1`S "BASKETBALL WIVES: LA": Clearly the marriage is broken, sweetie, I just don`t even know how she made it this far. I think I would have been talking divorce immediately. When the head-butt happened, I would have been screaming for my attorneys to end the marriage. It`s something that you cannot stand for. And I`m so, you know, I`m hurt by what happened. They just got married recently. And for this to happen is just so unfortunate.

TURNER: Yes, six weeks ago they just got married. And now all of this. But I want to get back to that 911 tape that Evelyn`s neighbor expressed a lot of concern about on the call. You know, he talked about Chad Johnson`s temper. He talked about his high profile status. Jackie, do you find it odd that the neighbor called 911 and that Evelyn wasn`t the one who called 911 herself? Does that tell you anything?

CHRISTIE: You know, it does. It tells me that maybe she was afraid or maybe, you know, the laceration on her forehead was so bad that she maybe wanted someone else to get involved. But I`m just honored that a neighbor would get involved. Usually people run from stuff like that and they don`t want to get in the middle of it. So, I take my hat off to, you know, the neighbor for going up and stepping up and calling the police for Evelyn.

TURNER: You know, we have heard from Evelyn. She actually broke her silence about this incident today. She said, in part, I want to read you part of this. She said, "I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me. It is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles." Now, she says he needs to overcome his troubles but it kind of seems to me like they both have some issues to deal with that lead up to this whole thing. What do you think? Quickly.

CHRISTIE: Yes, definitely. I don`t know their prior situation or what, you know, is going on behind closed doors, but I definitely feel like it`s something that they need to do together as a couple, if they`re not going to stay married, then definitely both of them seek because Evelyn`s going to need counseling as well. You know, this is a psychological blow to her as well. She just got married. She loves this man. And for him to head-butt her, I know she`s totally shocked and, you know, hurt by it. And, you know, I just send out my support and love to her.

TURNER: Right. We appreciate that, Jackie. You know, it`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT first reported, VH1 did drop Chad and Evelyn`s upcoming reality show, "Eve and Ocho." It was set to premiere September 3rd. But the question now, did VH1 make the right move by cancelling their show because of this domestic dispute?

Jackie, I want you to hold tight right there. Because I actually want to hear what you have to say about that. We`ve get to it, next.

We have got a lot more going on tonight. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went one on one with Robert Pattinson today to talk about how he`s doing since Kristen Stewart confessed to cheating on him. And get this, he told us he would never actually going to split with his "Twilight" co-star, so should he consider forgiving and forgetting?

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top five compelling reasons Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart should get back together despite her exposed of cheating scandal. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: Chad Johnson has lost it all. In one weekend, he was arrested for domestic violence, he`s been dropped from the Miami Dolphins and he`s lost his reality show "Eve and Ocho" that was sent to air in a couple of weeks. And he may have just lost his wife.

But base in all his personal problems flashed across the headlines, is it fair for VH1 to have actually canceled their reality show?

Back with me now is Jackie Christie of VHS`s "Basketball Wives: LA." You know, Jackie, it took the network all of one day to pull Chad and Evelyn`s show, "Eve and Ocho."

The network issued a statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and here`s what they said, they said, "Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series "Eve and Ocho" from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it."

Now, certainly this was a drastic move considering a show like "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" wasn`t canceled. The season that Taylor Armstrong`s husband committed suicide. So, Jackie, I`ll ask you, you know, was it right for VH1 to cancel the show based on all of their personal drama? Good move?

CHRISTIE: I definitely think the network had no other choice. They had to cancel the show. Because we`ve already, now, seen what this, you know, fairy tale marriage, you know, I think they chronicled the wedding on the show. So it kind of -- it was a thing that VH1 had to do. On top of that, I`ve worked with VH1 for quite a while now. I love the way they do business. I love what they stand behind. They`re not making anyone go out and do anything on reality TV. This is reality. What happens on the show, happens on the show.


CHRISTIE: VH1 is just a vehicle that airs the different episodes. So, I feel like, you know, no one`s to blame. I think they made a strong stand in this thing.


CHRISTIE: And I hope this is a message to everybody out there. You have to take responsibility on television and off. And by them canceling the show, it`s a strong message that we`re not going to condone violence any way you look at it.

TURNER: That it is. Jackie Christies, we`re going to leave that there. Thank you very much. You can catch Jackie on "Basketball Wives: LA." Starting Monday September 10th on VH1.

And now, here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s most daring countdown ever. Robert Pattinson just broke his silence about Kristen cheating on him. But he didn`t announce he was breaking up with her.

So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to countdown the top five reasons why Robert should take her back. Consider this, could they ever find the kind of megastar bond they have ever again? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, a daring Showbiz Countdown. We all know the reasons why Robert Pattinson shouldn`t forgive Kristen Stewart. But tonight, showbiz is revealing the top five reasons why Robert should give Kristen one more chance. Here`s one reason. They`re going to have to work together again. What`s the number one reason R-Pat should forgive and forget?

Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is planning Jennifer Aniston`s upcoming wedding. What should she wear and who should be her maid-of-honor? Well, the man who planned Jen`s jaw-dropping wedding to Brad Pitt is here, helping us. It`s a SHOWBIZ newsmaker with Kevin Lee. The wedding planner to the stars.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Nischelle Turner in Hollywood. Tonight in the SHOWBIZ countdown we are going where no other entertainment show has gone before. The top five reasons why Robert Pattinson should forgive and forget Kristen Stewart for cheating on him with her director.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went one-on-one with Robert today. Wait until you see what he told us. We spoke with him after he broke his silence -- kind of -- on "The Daily Show" last night.


JON STEWART, HOST, "THE DAILY SHOW": Listen, the last time I had a bad break-up, Ben & Jerry got me through some of the tougher times. So I thought you and I could bond over this.

ROBERT PATTINSON, ACTOR: This should do it then.

STEWART: And talk about, boy, you are better off, kick her to the curb.


TURNER: But you know what, here`s the thing. They haven`t officially broken up. So we`re firing up the countdown starting with reason number five that Rob might want to forgive and forget.

Here`s number five. They rocketed to fame together. Four films and one more on the way for the love of "Twilight."

Here in Hollywood tonight is Sheree Fletcher who stars on VH1`s "Hollywood Exes." Her famous ex is Will Smith. Also in Hollywood, Mary Murphy, she`s judge on my favorite show, "So You Think You Can Dance."

The "Twilight" movie saga shot Rob and Kristen to uber fame. And that`s going to deeply unite them forever in my opinion.

Now, Mary, what do you think? Do you think that Rob should consider what we`re saying here, forgive and forget?

MARY MURPHY, JUDGE, "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE": Well, you know, you`re talking to someone that was married for, you know, since the age of 19 to three different men. So I don`t know if I`m really an expert or that I am an expert. They do have one more movie to do. And I think they`re going to need to come together at least in part until the end of that.

But you know, this is young Hollywood. She`s only 22 years old. They`re very young. And everybody knows how difficult it is. Once they go on to the next project and the next project. Now here comes the end of this saga. So, you know, I think it`s going to be difficult but I think they`re going to stay together as they get ready to finish up this last campaign.

TURNER: Mary, I`m going to say you have experience, so yes, I`m going to make you an expert because you have experience.


TURNER: Sheree, I want you to jump in here, though.

MURPHY: Yes, I do.

TURNER: Yes, you do. Sheree, jump in here. Because I want to know, should he -- should he take her back because of their unique kind of megastar bond?

SHEREE FLETCHER, WH1`S "HOLLYWOOD EXES": Well, you know, I`m not going to say he should take her back but you definitely have to forgive. Because forgiveness is always more for you than the person that, you know, actually offended you or did you wrong. So he`s got to forgive. I think you keep the first things first. They started as business. They should finish this thing out as business.

TURNER: You guys are very civil. I`m liking you two. But today SHOWBIZ TONIGHT spoke with Rob.


TURNER: He was with David Cronenberg, the director of his new movie, "Cosmopolis." With the news of Kristen`s tryst -- with Rupert Sanders making big news all over the planet, you know, the question is, what`s this craziness been like for him? Watch what he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producer Jenny D`Attoma.


PATTINSON: Since the first "Twilight," I mean, you enter this kind of realm where everything is -- you know, you get stuff reported about you. And it`s weird. I know on top of that, loads of people just make it up anyway. It doesn`t make any difference.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So you just laugh it off? I mean you really are OK?

PATTINSON: Yes. I mean, it`s like -- yes.


TURNER: I don`t know. That was kind of a nervous laugh if you ask me. Because I think there`s still a lot that we just don`t know about what really went on. But maybe, just maybe, guys, listen to me, that there`s hope that they could get back together again. So now here`s reason number four on our SHOWBIZ countdown. They`re each other`s first love.

Mary, you got married at 19, you said. Should Robert hang his hat on forgiveness just because of that?

MURPHY: Well, I agree. You know, forgiveness is always fantastic. But the reality, you know, certainly is this is -- they`re going to have a long Hollywood career. And it is extremely difficult. And, you know, she should have known better anyways. Hey, they`re following them everywhere. She`s kissing in the car. Are you crazy?

I mean, it just seems even like another publicity stunt to me. I mean, they know they`re being watched every single second of the day and night. Who does that?

TURNER: You know, that is what I`ve been saying since this whole thing broke. Who does that? In the middle of the day in a car on the side of the road?

As the SHOWBIZ countdown rolls on, though, guys, let`s talk about this. The mean green. Why R-Patz should forgive and forget. Reason number three is, it`d be the greatest promotion ever. Mary just talked about it. For the very last "Twilight" movie which comes out in just two months.

Can`t you picture it? Rob makes this big public declaration of his everlasting love for Kristen saying, I forgive you.

Sheree, you with me? Are you feeling that?

FLETCHER: Nah. You know, I mean, I guess it`s good. I guess it`s good for the ratings. I say let her go. She`s 22 years old. You got to get to the bottom of this thing. There`s a reason why she cheated, you understand? So, you know, she`s 22. This girl has to live. And move and breathe. And I say let her go, let her explore. Then at some point in time maybe these two can come back together since they were each other`s first love. There`s a special bond. I think maybe now is not the time.

TURNER: OK, guys, let`s get serious. Because there are only two more reasons on the SHOWBIZ countdown why Robert Pattinson should forgive and forget Kristen Stewart for stepping out on him. You ready for number two on the countdown? Here it is.


TURNER: She`s sorry. Now it`s time to move on. I did it, I`m sorry, let`s move on. Simple as that. I mean how could anyone forget that statement that she gave right after this whole thing blew up? Here`s part of it if you forgot. She said, "The momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life -- Rob. I love him. I love him. I`m so sorry."

Mary, that`s an apology if I ever heard one. And we usually don`t see celebrities doing that type of thing.


TURNER: Should that public apology sway him to forgive and forget?

MURPHY: Well, I just think it`s all a little bit weird that they`re handling it all in the public anyway since in the past they`ve been completely private. But since she put it out there, you know, I have seen people that have had this very same situation that are not in the limelight and they were forgiven and they`ve been married for 30 years.

But, again, I have to say, they`re on a much more difficult road, living in Hollywood. That`s for sure.

TURNER: That is true. But, Sheree, you know, call me a sucker. Because if a man came to me and said, I love you, I love you, I`m sorry, and I saw it in his eyes and I really believed him, I don`t know what I`d do. What do you think? Should there be forgiveness and a reconciliation because of how honest she was with her apology?

MURPHY: Don`t forget they`re actors, come on now.

FLETCHER: You know, I think --


FLETCHER: That`s right. And Tina Marie said it best. You might be a sucker for love, you know what I mean? You know, I don`t know. I think the public apology was probably more for the public. You know, I think it was the right thing for her to do. It was a smart thing for her to do. Again, you know, you kind of got to get to the bottom of why she did what she did. I think he needs to give her a hiatus. Let her figure it out. And then maybe come together and work this thing out. But again you have to forgive. Because forgiveness is going to be more for him.


FLETCHER: To set him free, you know, what I mean?

TURNER: That`s the word of the day.

FLETCHER: So he goes into the best of relationships not with the baggage from this one.

TURNER: Sheree, Mary, don`t you guys dare move. Because if you`re not convinced yet that Robert should listen to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, you got to hear the number one reason why Robert and Kristen should stay together. The big reveal on the SHOWBIZ countdown is coming up next.

Well, you know, there may not be wedding bells right now for Robert Pattinson but there sure are for Jennifer Aniston. So just what is Jen`s long-awaited wedding going to be like? Will it be anywhere as lavish as her blow-out wedding with Brad Pitt?

The superstar who designed that amazing event is right here. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is going to have Kevin Lee plan Jen`s next wedding with us tonight.

Plus, Taylor Swift seems to be dreaming about her own wedding to a Kennedy. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s revealing the $5 million beach house she reportedly bought to be near her beau Connor Kennedy.



TURNER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s counting down the top five reasons why Robert Pattinson should forgive and forget Kristen Stewart for cheating on him. So here`s where we are so far. Number five on the countdown, they rocketed to fame together. Four, they`re each other`s first love. Three, it would be the greatest promotion ever for the very last "Twilight" movie which comes out in November.

Number two on the countdown, she did it, she`s sorry, let`s move on. And that brings us to number one on the countdown. The top five reasons why Robert Pattinson should forgive and forget, because, are you ready for this? Their kids would be gorgeous.

Back with me are Sheree Fletcher of VH1`s "Hollywood Exes" and "So You Think You Can Dance" judge Mary Murphy.

Everybody loves cute celebrity kids. Case in point, your son Tray with Will Smith. The kids would be adorable, don`t you think?

FLETCHER: I think the kids would be gorgeous. But you know what, he`s pretty gorgeous himself so I think that those genes are going to carry no matter who he`s with, you know what I mean? He`s a gorgeous guy.


TURNER: Yes, he is. Mary, what do you think? You think separately they`d still have cute kids with whoever they had children with besides them together?

MURPHY: Well, I know one thing for sure, the fans would absolutely love to see little baby vampires out there with these two. Of course they`re going to be cute. But let`s not forget how pasty white these two are. This kid is going to be plagued with sunburn for the rest of their life. So I`m not so sure it`s a great thing but I know the fans would adore that situation and I`m a huge fan of the "Twilight" saga.

TURNER: I`d be sure to get them an SPF 55 set of sunblock for the baby shower.

Sheree Fletcher and Mary Murphy, you guys were so much fun. Thank you very much.

So from love on the rocks to love in full bloom. Tonight, there is Aniston marriage mania. We just heard reports that Jennifer Aniston`s engagement ring is an eight karat emerald cut diamond. That just adds to our excitement about her wedding to Justin Theroux. We`ve even started planning.

So where should the nuptials take place? Who should be invited and the most important part, what should Jen wear?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT wants to help Jen plan her wedding. And who better than to help us than the wedding planner to the stars, Kevin Lee. Kevin actually planned Aniston`s first wedding to Brad Pitt. And Kevin joins me now here in Hollywood.

Also joining me from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is the fabulous Lisa Vanderplump. Lisa recently planned her daughter`s wedding with Kevin Lee`s help, of course.

Now, Kevin, you planned Jen`s wedding to Brad which was a star-studded Malibu affair. We all still remember it to this day. You are known for doing really beautiful, lavish, over-the-top weddings. So what do you think? Do you think Jen should do that type of wedding again for her second time around?

KEVIN LEE, WEDDING PLANNER: Well, actually that wedding was so fabulous, of course. You know, I actually treated, you know, individual weddings should be all different. It doesn`t matter if she had a fabulous wedding or a grand wedding. This is another wedding you have to deal with. So to me, if she wants a grand wedding, why not?

TURNER: Yes, I agree. It`s your day, do what you like. One of the big questions, though, where should Jen and Justin get married? You know, we here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT have some thoughts about that. Jen loves the beach. So she could get married on the beach, or she could go the complete opposite direction and get married on a mountain top. Or how about this? Try this one on. Jen and Justin elope and they get married at a chapel in Vegas?

Lisa, what do you think?

LISA VANDERPLUMP, "THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS": Well, I think the problem, as always, is going to be the paparazzi. And the overhead noise from the helicopters. I think maybe a yacht because as you say she loves the beach. But a yacht with a decoy. Maybe have your nearest and dearest on the yacht and be spontaneous over a couple of weeks or so.

TURNER: Kevin, I can hear you cringing from here. You don`t like that Vegas idea, do you?


LEE: You know, Vegas? I think it`s too cheesy for me. I mean it is beautiful but, you know, but Jennifer, I don`t think so.

TURNER: No. So where do you think she should get married then?

LEE: To me, I mean, she had a wedding in Malibu already. So she loves a beachy area. But I think just go a totally different way. She should hide herself away from the paparazzis. And I think she just go in a like something small, cozy, beautiful boutique hotels and just create this gorgeous elegant class wedding. That`s how I visualize it.

TURNER: Because you can still be fabulous and have a very small wedding. OK, you two, I need you to stay right there. Don`t go anywhere because we still got a lot more wedding planning to do for Jennifer Aniston. We haven`t even considered what should she wear. That`s coming up next.


TURNER: So Jennifer Aniston is engaged and we decided we`re going to help her plan her wedding. How about that?

So back with me in Hollywood, our wedding planner to the stars, Kevin Lee, and from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Lisa Vanderplump.

OK, she took the traditional white gown approach for her first time down the aisle, which of course she could do again. But she does love black. So maybe something out of the box. Listen to what we`re thinking here. Maybe something from like Vera Wang`s new black wedding dress collection, or maybe she can take a queue from Pamela Anderson who wore a white bikini for her wedding to Kid Rock.

You know, Jen has this -- come on, Lisa, just bear with me for a second. Jen`s got an amazing body. Look at that. She could totally pull off a white bikini with a veil.

Kevin, what do you think? Do you like the bikini idea? Or would you say no way, go with --

LEE: I mean, how old is she right now, 42, 43? Wearing bikinis? I don`t think so.


LEE: I mean, you have to be honest -- you know, what do you think? You have to be honest to yourself for sure.


TURNER: Well, Kevin, 40 is the new 30, honey, I think she looks great.

LEE: Well, you think so, I don`t.


LEE: Lots have changes so much, but you know what, your body cannot change for sure.

TURNER: I hear you. Let`s go on to her maid of honor, though, right now. You know, of course we all could expect her to do something really traditional and pick one of her BFFs from "Friends." But as you know Jen is dog lover. And she recently was gushing about her new dog Sophie on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show." Look at this with me, guys.


JENNIFER ANISTON, ACTRESS: Look at her, she`s so sweet.

ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST: Look at her. She`s being punished right now in a cage. Look at her. She had just eaten something, hasn`t she?

ANISTON: She -- what hasn`t she eaten? Seriously.

DEGENERES: She eats everything.

ANISTON: Oh, that`s when we took her -- that was the day we took her home.


TURNER: Now, I know that you`re a dog lover, too, Miss Lisa, and I`m sure that Jiggy is close by somewhere around there, so what do you think? Would you like her to buck tradition and choose Sophie, her dog, to be her maid of honor?

VANDERPLUMP: Well, to be honest, you know, Pandora`s ring bearer was Jiggy, and yes, I think she should include her dog. Maid of honor, I don`t think you need the second time around. I think she should go totally different from the first time, which obviously didn`t work out so well.

And also on the dress, by the way, I think black`s beautiful. Something ethereal. And I was one of the hosts of the Vera Wang collection, so yes, I loved it. Thought it looked beautiful.

TURNER: Good deal. And I thank you for bringing Jiggy to join us today. I always love seeing the Jigs.

All right, Lisa and Kevin, thank you very much. If you guys want to learn more about the amazing weddings that Kevin Lee planned, check out his Web site, And of course you can see Lisa on the upcoming third season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

So from Jen Aniston`s fantasy wedding to Taylor Swift`s $5 million crush pad. Next, why Taylor apparently just dropped a fortune to be closer to her brand new 18-year-old boyfriend.



TURNER: Tonight, Kim K.`s new engagement? Is Kim already moving on to marriage number three? Plus, Taylor Swift`s crush pad. Did Taylor really just dropped five million bucks to be closer to her 18-year-old boyfriend? And bad luck for "Good Wife" star Kristin Chenoweth. Why an on-set injury is forcing her to leave the hit show.

That tops the "Buzz" today.


TURNER (voice-over): Kristin`s "Good Wife" good-bye. Kristin Chenoweth has just announced she`s wrapping her recurring role on "The Good Wife" because she`s still recovering from an accident on set last month. Kristin, who`s been playing the political reporter on the CBS show, was hospitalized July 11th after being hit by a piece of lighting equipment.

In a new statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the actress reveals she needs more time to recuperate, saying, "It is with deep regret to inform everyone that due to my injuries, I am unable to return to `The Good Wife` at this time. Getting better slowly and thank you, everyone, for your concern."

Chenoweth will make her final appearance in the season four premiere of "The Good Wife."

Kardashian-West wedding bells? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could be talking marriage. A new report on Radaronline quotes a source close to Kim saying she`s doing everything she can to fast track her divorce from Kris Humphries because she`s ready to get engaged to her boyfriend Kanye West. The report adds that Kim is concerned Humphries will drag out the divorce in a public trial to stay in the media. But once the split from Kris is finalized, it could mean Kanye can put a ring on it for Kim.

Taylor`s Cape Cod crush. Taylor Swift has just splurged on a brand new Cape Cod beach house. Just a stone`s throw away from her boyfriend`s family, the Kennedys. Twenty-two-year-old Taylor is dating Connor Kennedy, the 18-year-old son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Swift spent nearly $5 million on her new seven-bedroom mansion right next to the Kennedy family compound and the home of Connor`s grandmother Ethel, according to "The New York Daily News."

Although Swift was spotted at the Kennedy estate over the Fourth of July, she reportedly prefers to have her own place nearby.


TURNER: Now more on the violent blowout between NFL star Chad Johnson and his reality star wife Evelyn Lozada. Does Chad have a history of domestic abuse? Dr. Drew takes on that provocative question right now.