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Olympic Backlash; Top Five Showbiz Countdown: All Caught on Tape

Aired August 9, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


NISCHELLE TURNER, HLN: Tonight, Olympic backlash. Why some of the game`s biggest superstars are now getting slammed. LoLo Jones, Ryan Lochte, Gabby Douglas -- Showbiz Tonight reveals how they went from golden icons to targets of trash talk.


TURNER: Hello, everybody. I`m Nischelle Turner in Hollywood. AJ Hammer is off tonight.

And tonight, in the Top Five Showbiz Countdown, big news today. And it`s all caught on tape. Including an outraged Joan Rivers at a California CostCo store -- outraged because they`re not selling her book.


JOAN RIVERS, COMEDIAN: Take your first amendment right -- this is America! The United States of America! We are allowed to sell my book. This book has been banned by CostCo.


TURNER: Joan, please, decaf, would you? But will her outrage be number one in tonight`s Showbiz Countdown? Wait until you see her competition.

But first, Olympic outrage over some of America`s biggest Olympic heroes, getting slammed for how they look. From LoLo Jones to Gabby Douglas -- are you kidding me? Is anyone slamming the men for how they look? Give me a break. Tonight, Showbiz Tonight with the heat on our heroes.


TURNER: Yes, Olympic athletes get the glory, the medals, the awesome endorsement deals, and the admiration and respect of millions of Americans. Must be nice, right? well, not always.


LOLO JONES, OLYMPIC ATHLETE: I don`t think I should be ripped apart by media.


TURNER: On the Today Show, U.S. track star LoLo Jones, fresh off a brutal Olympic disappointment, teared up about a brutal New York Times article that criticized her.


JONES: It`s just a shame that I have to deal with so much backlash when I`m already so brokenhearted, as it is.


TURNER: American gymnast Gabby Douglas may be the golden girl of the game, but after she faced ridiculous criticism for her hair, the teen and her mom talked about it today on Good Morning America.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: That must have made you really mad.

GABBY DOUGLAS`S MOTHER: It did, because I`m thinking, who says that about a 16-year-old child.


TURNER: And U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte is getting tons of unwanted press, not just for what he does in the pool, but for what he does or doesn`t do in his bedroom. Athletes, welcome to the world of celeBrity.

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: They are not common people anymore. These are celebrities. That means they`re public figures and they`re free to take aim at.

TURNER: The thrill of competing on the world`s grandest stage can be marred by criticism, backlash, and downright stupid comments from haters back home. Showbiz Tonight can tell you, building up and tearing down Olympic athletes is becoming a sport of its own.

LoLo Jones had been raising eyebrows well before the summer games, thanks to her glamorous image and her well-publicized virginity, which she discussed on real sports.


JONES: If they`re making a sequel to the 30-year-old virgin, I am their candidate. I would love to.


TURNER: But this weekend, right before LoLo`s big Olympic event, this New York Times article ripped her to shreds, slamming what it called LoLo`s, quote, sad and cynical marketing campaign. The article concluded, quote, Jones has decided she will be whatever anyone wants her to be -- vixen, virgin, victim -- to draw attention to herself. Two days after the article was published, LoLo came in a crushing fourth in the 100-meter hurdles.


JONES: They should be supporting our U.S. Olympic athletes, and instead they just ripped me to shreds.


TURNER: The next morning on the Today Show, an emotional LoLo talked about how much the article hurt.


JONES: The fact that they just tore me apart. It was just heartbreaking.


TURNER: Teen gymnast Gabby Douglas had a much better Olympics than LoLo, but even after her groundbreaking gold medal-winning performance, too many of the social media comments about her came from those knocking her hair. Appearing with her mom this morning on Good Morning America, Gabby laughed off the hair haters.


GABBY DOUGLAS, OLYMPIC GYMNAST: You want me to wear it down and curl it? Me and my mom were joking. We were like, we can throw in some hoops in there.


TURNER: But Gabby wasn`t joking with what she told US Weekly today, when she called her hair critics "disrespectful,: and said, "they have no idea what they`re talking about."

WALSH: I feel particularly bad for the younger athletes, like the teenagers who are dealing with their own identity issues as they`re growing up. This is not an easy walk to walk.

TURNER: And while gold medal-winning U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte is riding a wave of Olympic glory, he has to face headlines like this one, calling him America`s Sexiest Douchebag. Why? Partly because of a headline-making comment from his mom, where she said Ryan likes one-night stands.


RYAN LOCHTE, OLYMPIC SWIMMER: She meant that I go on dates.


TURNER: Lochte told CNN`s Piers Morgan Tonight, people misunderstood his mom`s one-night stand comment.


That`s not me. Like, I like being in relationships.


TURNER: But while Ryan denies, Gabby replies, and LoLo cries, the building- up and tearing-down of athletes continues.

WALSH: These people seem god-like. This helps people feel better about themselves, I think, when they look at the flaws in their celebrity heroes.

TURNER: And these new Olympic heroes are finding out that, at this level, dealing with the haters is all part of the game.


TURNER: And while these dedicated athletes are now speaking out to fend off the criticism, the great debate rages on. After their years of hard work and sacrifices to represent Team USA, are Olympic athletes still fair game for critics?

Well, let me bring in Kelli Zink, host of, who`s in Chicago, and from New York, Imogen Lloyd Webber, who has just returned from London, covering the Olympics. Imogen is the author of a great new book, The Twitter Diaries.

So okay, Imogen, you were there in the midst of all the Olympic action and the madness. There`s been so much hype about LoLo Jones, but unfortunately she`s not walking away with a medal. So let`s go to our flashpoint, is criticizing Olympic athletes fair game or foul move?

IMOGEN LLOYD WEBBER, AUTHOR: I think fundamentally when you look at LoLo, she brought it on herself. She posed nude, for goodness sake. She went on her about her virginity. If she wants people to focus on her sporting prowess, then she could have kept the discussion on sport, on what she was doing on the athletics track, and quite frankly she brought this on herself.

TURNER: Okay, Imogen. I do have to defend that a little bit, because it`s not like she went out and posed in Playboy. She posed nude in ESPN The Magazine`s body issue with a lot of other athletes, so we should just say that and make that clear.

But let`s go from the track to the pool, and swimmer Ryan Lochte. You know, he`s become this man that people just love and hate. This morning on ABC`s Good Morning America, he talked about the possibilities ahead. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, ryan, well, thanks in part to some comments from your mom, your love life has now become front and center. But if you had to pick one, dancing with the stars or the bachelor, which one would you choose?

RYAN LOCHTE, OLYMPIC SWIMMER: I would definitely have to go with Dancing with the Stars, just because it`s a competition.


TURNER: You know Ryan is ready to ride this fame train. What do you think, Kelli? His new ladies man, bad boy image, could this actually work in his favor?

KELLI ZINK, CELEBTV.COM: Absolutely. I mean, these athletes can`t play, run, swim forever, so they`re kind of building their brand. They need to still get paid. They don`t have jobs outside of their athletics, so if they want to build an image around them that`s going to bring them endorsements and TV deals, then why not?

TURNER: Yes. You know what, let`s go from Lochte`s love life, now, to golden Gabby, who has soared in popularity with these games. Get this, NBC says 18 million people have clicked on Gabby on their Olympic web page. That is more than any other athlete, even Michael Phelps. He`s way far behind with just 7 million clicks.

But you know, despite her newfound popularity, critics have actually honed in, of all things, her hair. It just makes me so angry, saying that it just wasn`t up to par. But this morning, Gabby and her mom talked about the dustup on Good Morning America. Watch this.


DOUGLAS: Do you want me to wear it down or curl it. My mom and I were joking, we could throw in some hoops in there.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That must have made you really mad.

DOUGLAS`S MOM: It did. Because I was thinking, who says that about a 16- year-old child, first of all?


TURNER: You know, Gabby and her mom were being really good sports there, pun intended, but I was offended for her. Imogen, what do you say to those people who took the focus off of Gabby`s athletic skills and on to the way she looks. She`s 16.

WEBBER: It`s absolutely appalling, but fundamentally, that`s all just noise. What is going to be remembered is that she made history this Olympics. The first African-American woman to do what she did in gymnastics, and that is what everyone is going to remember. This is just a storm in the teacup, as we say in Britain.

TURNER: I like that -- a storm in a teacup. I`m going to use that from now on, Imogen.

Kelli, what about you?

ZINK: I think if someone had said, Kelli, you had a really good point on TV today, but your hair was a hot mess, I wouldn`t hear the hot mess part, I would focus on the talent portion of the comment. And that`s what she should focus on as well. It`s so ridiculous. Who cares if your hair`s messed up or people don`t like it. I don`t see any salon offering her, We`re going to come in and take care of it.

TURNER: I completely agree with you guys. But the one thing I have been thinking in this whole hair crazy mess, she is 16, and at 16 years old, didn`t you feel very insecure, and if someone said something about you -- it would get to me a little bit. So I just think it`s utterly ridiculous and folks need to back off her and her hair. I`m getting heated about this one.

Kelli Zink, Imogen Lloyd Webber, thank you guys very much. And you can pick up a copy of Imogen`s new book, The Twitter Diaries, available everywhere that books are sold.

Moving on now, as we remember Whitney. Tonight, the co-stars of Whitney Houston`s swansong, the movie Sparkle, are honoring the icon. Today would have been her 49th birthday.


JORDIN SPARKS, ACTRESS: She was so nurturing and she called us her babies. And, you know, was just there for us. She wanted to see us shine.


TURNER: Former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks gets emotional right here on HLN about her special time with Whitney.

Plus, Joan Rivers` bizarre protest.


RIVERS: What`s your name? (INAUDIBLE) You`re going to be famous.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Joan, what are you doing?


TURNER: The guy`s like, what are you doing?

Yep, Joan Rivers just handcuffed herself to a shopping cart, because a mega-store is refusing to sell her brand-new book. It`s just one of the wild celebrity caught-on-tape moments that are making big buzz tonight.

And Showbiz Tonight is counting down all of the day`s wild celebrity moments. Will Joan handcuff herself to the No. 1 slot? This is Showbiz Tonight on HLN.


TURNER: Now time for the Showbiz Buzz List. Here`s what the Showbiz staff is buzzing about this week. We`re booking our plane tickets to see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in Vegas. They just announced their residency at the Venetian.

And we`re taking the Postagram app on our summer vacation. You take the pic and the app will send your postcard through the mail for $1.

JR Ewing and the gang just wrapped up the first season of Dallas, and we`re already itching for the next season.

And we`re keeping the novel, Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, in our beach bags this summer -- a dark thriller about a marriage gone terribly wrong.

And you probably can`t go wrong with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis in The Campaign, which opens tomorrow.


WILL FERRELL: Are you trying to trash talk me?

ZACH GALIFIANAKIS: You might want to decide whether or not you`re going to buy toilet paper or aftershave, because your face is like a butt.

FERRELL: Oh, my god -- you don`t know how to trash talk, do you?


TURNER: Tonight, remembering the great Whitney Houston. Today would have been her 49th birthday. Whitney`s swan song, the movie Sparkle, is about to hit theaters, and it`s already being called a brilliant return to form for the late legend. Whitney`s co-star in the musical drama is former American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks -- a great singer in her own right. Jordyn sat down with HLN`s Robin Meade this morning, to talk about her incredible experience working with Whitney in her final days.


ROBIN MEADE, HLN: Why were you inspired to take this role? Was it because, hey, this would be your first movie role? Or was it because Whitney was in it?

JORDIN SPARKS, ACTRESS: It was a little bit of both. And you know what, she actually hadn`t signed on to play my mother until after I had already taken the part. She was an executive producer, so I was like, I`ll just say hello to her in the hallways. That was a part of it, but I actually really related to the story and to Sparkle-- a lot of her story is my story. The only difference is that my parents have been 100 percent supportive of me.

MEADE: This is what Whitney had to say about you before her death, and other folks in the movie, about working with you.



WHITNEY HOUSTON, SINGER: I give mom-hugs on the set, you know? And they`re just -- I don`t know, they`re just -- they were just perfect for this project. Just absolutely perfect.


MEADE: You have never seen that clip.

SPARKS: I haven`t.

MEADE: And I can see you tearing up.

SPARKS: Sorry.

MEADE: How much does that mean -- that`s okay.

SPARKS: Wow, it`s uh -- it`s awesome to hear that, for being a singer, growing up listening to her, to hear her say that we were perfect for the role, and that it was her baby. She had been working on this film for so long. And she said exactly what with we say about her. She was so nurturing and she called us her babies, and, you know, was just there for us. She wanted to see us shine.

And now it`s become so important to us to represent this the best way that we can, because it was so important to her. And it`s her birthday today, so seeing her on that clip just now, I was just really touched.

MEADE: I bet. I wasn`t aware that you had not seen her talk about how she felt about you in that movie. How touching.

SPARKS: It`s great.

MEADE: You know, Jordin, when you were working with her, did she seem present, or were there little indications of what eventually happened?

SPARKS: You know what, it was really crazy, because going into it, you hear about everything, the ups and downs she`s had, and it`s been played out in the media, and she walked onto the set, and she was this consummate professional, just walking in, she really set the tone for everything. And she`d been working on it for ten-plus years to get this story out.

So she was just so joyful and glowing, and her family said that it was actually one of the happiest times in her life, to be a part of this. So to be a part of something like that was amazing. But Whitney would tell you, if she was sitting here, that a lot of the characters in the story were her. She was Dee, she was Sparkle, she was Sister, and she was the mother as well. So there were a lot of her story in this as well.


TUIRNER: You know, I think that was such an incredibly revealing interview that HLN`s Robin Meade had with Jordin Sparks. And Jordin also told us here at Showbiz Tonight, that she got some of the best advice of her life from Whitney while on the set of Sparkle.

Moving on now, the Jersey Shore crew gets, uh, political?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hey, who are you guys voting for in November?

UNIDNETIFIED MALE: Aw, Snooks, who cares?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What the F is wrong with you people? I have a baby inside of me. I am seriously worried about this country`s future.


TURNER: The Shore gang is getting caught up in election fever. It`s gym, tan, voting in this brilliant funny-or-die spot that`s blowing up the Internet. So will Snooki, J-Wow and the boys top tonight`s Showbiz countdown of the best celebrity moments caught on tape?

This is Showbiz Tonight on HLN.


TURNER: Now, Showbiz Showdown. The living legend slams the king and queen of hip-hop. The great Harry Belafonte is taking on Jay-Z and Beyonce. Belafonte, who I have to say I do love, just asked if he was happy with the way minorities are protrayed in Hollywood these days, aqnd listen to what he told the Hollywood reporter -- here`s what he said, he said, "I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, power celebrities, but they have turned their back on social responsibility. That goes for Jay-Z and Beyonce, for example." So, does he have a point?

Joining me now in New York is Amanda Seals, host of MTV`s hip hop pov. Jay- Z and Beyonce made reportedly $78 million this year alone. So do you think Harry Belafonte has a point, here, Amanda, that it just needs to be more about the money -- than the money?

AMANDA SEALS, MTV: I definitely believe that it should be about more than the money. I think that he`s failing to recognize that they do actually do a lot of giving back. They are involved in charities et cetera. But I think more so, what he is saying, is that he would like to see that more visible. I mean, we get to see a lot of their celebrity perks, you know, on yachts, et cetera, et cetera, but we don`t get to see a lot of their giving back.

But I don`t know if that`s necessarily them to blame. I think that the media just doesn`t consider that to be as important or as enticing to audiences, so they don`t really report on it.

TURNER: And Jay-Z just did just recently come out in support of same-sex marriage, so he did stand up on that.

There is another Showbiz Showdown that`s getting massive buzz tonight. Today`s Kathie Lee Gifford is getting slammed for telling a magazine that she`s not a perfect mom, but at least her kids didn`t turn out to be drug addicts. Now, moms with kids who did turn out to be addicts are kind of slamming Kathie Lee, calling her insensitive. So did she put her foot in her mouth yet again, or is this something ridiculous to slam her over?

SEALS: I think they`re being too sensitive, but that`s just me. I think the reality is, they would have preferred if their kids didn`t end up as drug addicts. So they should really be like, yes, Kathie, I feel you, because it`s a doozy over here. So I think sometimes we get a little bit hypersensitive when we`re in our own situations and this is one of those.

TURNER: I don`t have kids either, but I have to agree with you -- I would be proud if my kids weren`t drug addicts.

Amanda Seals, thank you very much, very much.

Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on Showbiz Tonight --


KEVIN HART: This is their first time getting a whiff of this.

KIM KARDASHIAN: A whiff of what?

HART: A whiff of this, of us! I`m talking about the new it couple.

KANYE WEST: What are you talking about?

HART: Kevye Kim -- I just made that up, it`s trademarked -- don`t steal it.

WEST: Are you serious right now?


TURNER: Yes (INAUDIBLE), the new it couple or something like that. That`s VMA host Kevin Hart with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in a hilarious new promo for MTV`s Video Music Awards. It`s just one of the amazing caught on-tape moments that`s getting huge buzz tonight.

Showbiz Tonight`s counting down the top five celebrity moments caught on tape. Are Kevye Kim going to share the top spot? This is Showbiz Tonight on HLN.



HART: I was watching it downstairs. It`s their first time getting a whiff of this.

KARDASHIAN: A whiff of what?

HART: A whiff of this, us! I`m talking about the new it couple.

WEST: What are you talking about?

HART: Kevye Kim -- I just made that up. It`s trademarked -- don`t steal it.

WEST: Are you serious right now?


TURNER: Right now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Kim-ye`s third wheel. Are the most notorious celebrity couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, getting cozy with another guy? It`s a hilarious must-see caught on tape video.

Hillary the hotstepper, secretary of state, takes part in dance diplomacy in South Africa, and the video goes viral. Kim-ye, Hillary, and even the gang from "The Jersey Shore" are all vying for today`s top spot on the SHOWBIZ countdown, caught on tape. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues, right now.


TURNER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Nischelle Turner in Hollywood. A.J. Hammer is off tonight.

Tonight, in the SHOWBIZ countdown, big celebs making news today, and it`s all caught on tape. From a big 90210 reunion to the must-see get together of Kim, Kanye, and Kevin. But which will be number one?

Let`s kick this off with No. 5 on the countdown, none other than Kim-ye. Kim Kardashian and boyfriend, lover, whatever he is this week, Kanye West, coupling up with funny man and MTV Video Music Awards host Kevin Hart, in this brand-new just released video from the MTV Video Music Awards, this is hilarious. Watch this with me.


KEVIN HART, ACTOR/COMEDIAN: All right, ya guys, how y`all want to do this? You want to go with the same colors, same sneaks? I just want to make sure we`re on the same page, that`s all. Guys? I`m talking to -- hey! I know you hear me talking to you.

WEST: Why you all dressed up? We just came from the gym, man.

HART: Why am I all dressed up? Wake up, baby. C`mon, I`m hosting the VMAs. Paparazzi is downstairs. It`s their first time getting a whiff of this.


HART: A whiff of this! Us! The new it couple. I`m talking about Kev-Ye- Kim. I just made that up. It`s trademarked; don`t steal it.

WEST: Are you serious right now?

HART: OK, you mad because you`re not first. Is that the problem? Fine. Ye- Kev-Kim. Done. You got first billing. I don`t care.


HART: OK, Kim, I`m not going to go back and forth. It`s going to go Ye-Kim- Kev. Done. That`s it. Or we can go KKK? You got a white hoodie?

WEST: Do you?

ANNOUNCER: The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, hosted by Kevin Hart.


TURNER: Oh, my goodness. Kev-Ye-Kim, how can you not love Kevin Hart? But are you loving Kim and Kanye in this video? Joining me now from Chicago, host of Kelli ZINK. And joining us from New York, it`s Amanda Seals, host of MTV`s Hip Hop POV.

First off, Amanda, come on. What do we like? Kev-ye-Kim, Ye-Kev-Kim, I`m not even to go there with the last suggestion. What do we like?

AMANDA SEALS, HOST, MTV HIP HOP POV: You know, it`s funny because I remember being on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with Kelli before when the first time came out that Kim and Kanye were together, and now here they are. They are officially together on screen with a third wheel. I`m going, if I have to go with anything, I`m just going to go with Kev, because I don`t even want to be a part of Kim-ye.


TURNER: Well, you know what, the next time if y`all get together, maybe they`ll be getting married. Because you guys seem to be good luck for Kim and Kanye.


TURNER: But the promo here - the promo here is very, very cute. I don`t know about Kim K`s acting skills, but the video is getting a whole bunch of attention. So, Kelli, what are you - what are you doing? Are you loving this new "it" trio of video of Kim, Kanye, and Kevin?

ZINK: I was just going to say that if you would have told me six months ago that this would have even happened, I would be shocked, because I thought it was all for PR. And I`m still not convinced they`re actually a couple. I just can`t believe that they would put themselves out there like this. Kim`s acting is terrible, Kanye`s isn`t much better, but Kevin`s awesome. So I`m going to go with just Kev, too.

TURNER: You know what? I got to say, though, I kind of like this love triangle. Because Kevin Hart just brings a whole new dimension to this. And speaking of love triangles, we`re going to go to number four on the SHOWBIZ caught on tape countdown. It`s the reunion we never thought we`d see.


JENNIE GARTH (acting): I made my choice and I choose me. I hope you understand. I love you both until the day I die.


TURNER: They are killing the teenage me with this here. Kellie Taylor, Dylan McKay, and Brandon Walsh. That`s right! The unrequited love triangle from the original Beverly Hills 90210. So Old Navy, those clever devils over there, had to reunite the legendary trio. Watch this for me.


ANNOUNCER: It`s the Old Navy famous jeans back-to-school special, starring Jennie Garth.

She was a teacher in great-fitting jeans, but she wanted more. More washes and styles, all in her favorite fit. She didn`t want to choose between favorites.

LUKE PERRY, ACTOR: The choice is yours.

JASON PRIESTLY, ACTOR: So what`s it going to be?

GARTH: I choose jeans. All of them.

ANNOUNCER: A perfect fit for everybody. Famous jeans are now just 189d. Old Navy, come fun, come all.


TURNER: Seriously, Kelli? You going to choose the jeans? Right! Amanda, you know what, this is cute, but is it kudos to Old Navy, or is this dream of now a real 90210 reunion just spoiled for all of us?

SEALS: I mean, if anything, it`s like the anticipation of Christmas. I love anything nostalgia related. So I was just so excited to see that they even have another one with Andrea Zuckerman on it. I mean, it just made me think of the Peach Pit and all of the madness that was just 90210. And I think that whoever the ad team is for Old Navy needs an award, because, this right here is going to make me go to old Navy.

TURNER: And the fact that they got them all together. Kelli, I know you were a 90210 fan, so what`s it going to be, Dylan or Brandon?

ZINK: Oh, Team Brandon, all the way. I want to know, did nobody ever think of this idea before and just not approach them? Is this really the first company that thought, let`s bring this trio back together? Because they`re genius. But I have to wonder, was it the money? What did Old Navy offer these three to get them back together for a jeans commercial?

TURNER: You know what, that is such a good question, but I have to say, I am Dylan McKay all day.

ZINK: Oh, no. You like bad boys.

TURNER: Give me Dylan. I`m sorry. I do! I like those bad boys on the motorcycles with the little convertibles, yes, I do.

All right, so that unexpected caught on camera reunion there had some 90210 fans, I`m sure, dancing in their living rooms. Maybe they were rump shaking, like the Ssecretary of state, who takes number three on our SHOWBIZ caught on tape countdown. Yes, you heard me right, Hillary Clinton just seen pulling out some Beyonce action in South Africa. And yes, indeed, those hills come alive with the sound of music.




TURNER: I need this on a loop. I can`t get enough of this video. The video is everywhere. And you know she`s there for work, but that`s the thing, she`s all working. So, Amanda, what do you make of Hillary`s dance moves? Does she rock it like Beyonce? Does she have a little flavor?

SEALS: You know, there`s always one white girl that`s having a better time than everybody else in the party, and I just never thought it would be Hillary. And you know what, more power to her. She`s just been getting more and more relaxed and cool as the months have gone on. First they were saying she doesn`t look good, and she`s like, whatever, I`m working. Now she`s like, I`m dancing and I`m working. Hate it, love it, whatever.

TURNER: Me too! I`m with you. Kelli, what do you think here?

ZINK: I think I am that girl that`s always having more fun, so I feel Hill`s vibe. I get it. I think she saw Obama`s singing, so she was like, you know what? He`s going to do it. I`m going to let loose too. Her moves are kind of suspect, but I love that she`s finally saying, screw it, I`m going to live my life.

TURNER: Yes, you know we have. We saw her in the bar a few months ago. She said, listen, I`m done for the day, I`m going to toss back a cold one and just have a good time. I like the approachable Hillary Clinton. I actually do. She`s our secretary of state, smart, and she`s a woman who can still have a good time. I like to see that.

Ladies, thank you very much. Because we`re getting set to boogie on down to our number and number one celebrity moments caught on tape in our SHOWBIZ countdown. If Kim K. or Hillary Clinton didn`t get the top spot, well, who did? Keep your shirt on. You`ll have to stay right here to find out.

One Olympian might be doing the happy dance today. That`s because he`s swimming in reality TV offers. Yes, from Olympic gold to following in the footsteps of Snooki. Not really sure how I feel about that. But I`ll tell you who could be reality bound, coming up. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top five big star stories today, all caught on tape. Here`s where we are so far. Number five, couples alert. Kim, Kanye, and Kevin Hart team up for a very funny promo for the VMAs. Are you loving this new it trio? And at number four, the 90210 reunion. It`s Kellie Taylor, Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh, back together again, but this time it`s for an Old Navy ad. And number three, Hillary`s diplomatic boogie. The secretary of state caught on tape dancing in South Africa, and yes, she`s got some pretty impressive moves. Watch out, Beyonce.

That brings us now to the number two on the SHOWBIZ countdown caught on tape. The Jersey Shore crew gets political. We`re all used to seeing the Jersey Shore cast partying, fighting, and clubbing. But did you know they have a very serious intellectual side? No? Really? Not buying it?

Well, you`ll be surprised to hear that the housemates are flexing their political muscle in a hilarious skit shown on Funny or Die. It`s all about Gym, Tan, Voting when Snooki asks her cast mates about the November elections.

Back with us now, Kelli ZINK, host of She`s in Chicago tonight. And in New York, Amanda Seals, host of MTV`s Hip Hop POV.

All right, ladies. We all have to watch this together, because you are not going to believe the words come out of Snooki and The Situation`s mouth. So, sit back and watch as the Jersey Shore cast grows a political conscious. I know, I can`t believe I said that either.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is there a gas leak in here? Geez! I think your blowouts finally got to your guy`s heads.

SNOOKI: Hey, who you guys voting for in November?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, Snooks, who cares?


SNOOKI: What the eff is wrong with you people? I have a baby inside of me. I am seriously worried about this country`s future.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hey, I care. It just seems like individual votes matter much less. It`s like, what`s the point?

THE SITUATION: Uh, you guys realize this type of apathy is damaging to our younger influence. If anything, our lessened influence is a self- fulfilling prophecy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yo, I think I heard Deena self-fulfilling last night.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mike, what do you think? Hasn`t jersey been a reliable blue state in electoral politics? So our influence as voters is needed at the federal level?

THE SITUATION: A keen observation, Deena, but keep in mind, there are still local candidates and ballot initiatives that demand consideration.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where did you guys learn all of this (EXPLETIVE DELETED)?

THE SITUATION: It`s called being informed, Jenny.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, Mike, I mean, where did you learn this (EXPLETIVE DELETED)? Because you`re oversimplifying an issue that`s as much about the entrenched power structure in Washington as it is about individual voter detachment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Totally! It`s GTL time up in here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We just GTLed yesterday.

THE SITUATION: No, no, no, he means GTL such as game, theory, logic. And he has a point. From a game theory standpoint, as advanced by Oscar Morgenstern, what incentives does the opposition have to compromise?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Ron, can I talk to you for a second?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t you try to school me on (INAUDIBLE)! I wrote the book on Duvinger!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hey, meatball, I was using that for my freaking nails!


SNOOKI: Oopsies.



SNOOKI: Everyone! Everyone, shut up! Look, I got a freaking baby in me and I don`t want him getting all agitated. A Shore house divided against itself cannot stand.


TURNER: Amanda, all right, are you buying that any of them actually knew anything about what they were talking about?

SEALS: Absolutely not. But you know, like, they have made it very clear that they embrace their ignorance, you know? They`ve done that for quite some time now, was it`s so embraced, even when they`re given intelligent things to say, it just doesn`t sound smart.

TURNER: But you know who they`re targeting Amanda, right? So if you were of that rock the vote generation, would that get you out of the tanning booth and into the voting booth?

SEALS: I do think that, you know what, it definitely serves its purpose. Like, at the end of it, they keep it very basic and say, go vote. And we do have appeal to different sects of voters in different ways. And you`re right. For the rock the vote voter, I think this is genius.

TURNER: I think that would get me right in the voting booth, because I would say, Lord, I need to help these kids. I need to help them. So it would make he want to go vote.

All right, Amanda, so what I need you to do for me, sit tight. Because that was actually only number one. We are just moments away from tonight`s number one celebrity caught on tape moment. That`s coming up next on the SHOWBIZ countdown.

Gabby`s golden gift. Gabby Douglas is about to rake in the dough. You know, she`s an international celebrity, but the honor that Gabby just got from her superstar crush might top all of that. We`re going to show you, coming up. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


TURNER: So here we are. The big moment. What will be number one on tonight`s SHOWBIZ countdown of the big stars making news today, all caught on tape? So without further ado, encouragement one is -- Joan Rivers` rage. The 79-year-old Rivers was thrown out of a Costco store in Burbank, California, after handcuffing herself to a shopping cart to protest the store not carrying her new book.

Back with me, Kelli ZINK and Amanda Seals. Okay, ladies. This is a must- see video captured by E! TV`s cameras. She`s armed with a megaphone, she`s got her books, a lot of chutzpah. Joan starts her protest outside of Costco. Watch this.


JOAN RIVERS, COMEDIENNE: My books have been banned by Costco. It`s on the national New York Times best seller list six weeks in a row.


RIVERS: Protect your first amendment rights. This is America. The United States of America. We are allowed to sell my book. This book has been banned by Costco.


TURNER: You think that`s good? Well, Joan then takes her protest inside the store, and you won`t believe what she does there. Look at this.


RIVERS: What`s your name? You`re going to be famous?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you doing?

RIVERS: I`m handcuffing myself --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Banned by Costco! Banned by Costco!

RIVERS: Buy my book! Banned by Costco.

This is America. I`m trying to make a stand.

I know, I know. I am not retreating! First amendment rights! Everybody, today we made history!


TURNER: Now, that`s how you sell a book. Now, I love how she`s talking to him through the microphone. Okay, okay. We reached out to Costco regarding Joan`s protest, and of course they have no comment on the situation. But Kelli, you know, I`m guessing she didn`t convince Costco to change its mind here. But you`ve got to give her credit. I mean, this is a great publicity stunt.

ZINK: I mean, all I can think of is all those Olympians over there representing America, and this is what we`re doing to represent our country back home. And if it wasn`t Joan Rivers, if this was any other random person or celebrity, we would be like, that lady is crazy. But because it`s her, we`re like, it`s pretty smart. Good PR stunt. It`s so backwards.

TURNER: Amanda, what do you think? genius or cuckoo?

SEALS: It`s a bit of both, because it`s genius within the cuckoo context of Hollywood. And she`s also 79. So I`m just like, you are still kicking! The most annoying thing to me, though, she kept saying things like Selma, Alabama to Burbank, California. I`m like, let`s not get out of hand.

TURNER: That`s Joan, she doesn`t toe the line. She crosses over it every chance he gets it. Kelli, Amanda, thank you guys very, very much.

So is someone going from Olympic superstar to American Idol? Well, not quite. But I can tell you that one gold medal winner is swimming in reality TV offers. I`ll tell you who it is next.


TURNER: Tonight, find out which American Olympic superstar is swimming in reality TV offers. Plus, a gold medal phenom gets a cold-blooded wish come true. And why Matt Lauer and David Letterman may be green with envy when it comes to Judge Judy.

That story tops our buzz today.

Judge Judy rules.




TURNER: TV Guide has just released its brand-new list of top-paid TV personalities. And move over, Matt. Sorry, Dave. The queen is in the courtroom. Judge Judy Schinland earns $45 million yearly for her syndicated show, Judge Judy. That puts her far ahead of Letterman, who makes $28 million, and Lauer, who earns, $21.5 million for on-camera work. TV Guide`s who earns what list is on newsstands now.

Ryan Lochte, reality star? Olympic swimmer Ryan Loctche just may be taking home more from London than his five medals and a boatload of endorsement deals. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lochte`s agent reveals Ryan is seriously considering doing reality TV. Saying, "I cannot tell you the exact shows, but two different reality show concepts has been offered, and one additional is being discussed."

Gabby`s fang-tastic fans. Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas just got a very special video message from the cast of the CW`s Vampire Diaries. "We would like to congratulate you and the U.S. women`s team on your gold medal.

So cool!"

The message is extra-sweet for the gymnast who recently told "US Weekly" that her celebrity crush is Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerholder. In the vid, the actor wishes Douglas good luck and even blows her a kiss.

Next, a family`s desperate search for a 21-year-old woman who vanished after a night out at a local bar. Tonight, Jane Velez-Mitchell talks to her parents. JANE starts right now.