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Ellen Page Threatened by Crazed Fan on Twitter; Levi Johnston Accuses Bristol Palin of Being Bad Parent; Jordin Sparks Discusses Bonding with Whitney in Final Days; "Curiosity" Rover Lands on Fascinating Planet Mars; Jeffrey Ross Talks Rosanne Barr`s Reunion Roast; Ryan Lochte`s Olympic Real Confessions; Nick Jonas Next "Idol" Judge?

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NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Tonight, Ellen Page`s Twitter terror. The search is to find a flurry of death threats against the "Juno" star. Are police closed to capturing the crazed fan? And what is Ellen doing to protect herself?

Hello, everybody. I`m Nischelle Turner.

Tonight, Levi`s new fight. Levi Johnston is reportedly taking on the Palin family once again. This time, he`s going after Bristol Palin, accusing her of being a bad parent. He said Bristol`s reality TV shows that their young son, Tripp, is better off with him full time.

But first, terrorized on Twitter. "Juno" star, Ellen Page, fears for her life after a crazed fan sent death threats to her on Twitter. The disturbing tweets came just as a phone threat forced Page to sit out a big red carpet event for her latest film. This doesn`t seem like your run-of- the-mill angry fan. Now police are searching for the person behind the frightening drama.


TURNER (voice-over): If you`re a celebrity in 2012, chances are someone has written something mean about you on Twitter or elsewhere online. Sometimes a tweet can cross the line from mean to downright threatening.

ELLEN PAGE, ACTRESS: I already found the perfect couple.

TURNER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT confirmed today Oscar-nominated actor, Ellen Page, who starred in "Juno," is being terrorized by a crazed fan sending death threats to her on Twitter.

MIKE BROOKS, HLN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: LAPD has a threat management unit that looks at threats. They do a threat assessment to say, OK, is this threat credible.

TMZ reports the LAPD recently sent a search warrant to Twitter seeking information about a user who allegedly sent frightening messages to Page. One read, "I`m going to murder Ellen Page. She`s dead." And another threat referenced her rumored boyfriend, Alexander Skarsgard, of the HBO show, "True Blood." That message said, "Ellen Page, if you continue to date Alexander, I will K-I-L-L you in public in the next year."

BROOKS: If I were her, I`d be very concerned. Because there`s so many nut cases out there. That`s why the LAPD threat management unit got involved in this and got a warranty.

TURNER: The threats occurred around the same time Ellen got a more specific scare. Back in June, someone reportedly phoned in a death threat against her at the L.A. premiere of her movie "To Rome with Love."

PAGE: I don`t want to do it here.

TURNER: No one knows if that threat was related to the Twitter threats but all the threats now have the attention of police.

BROOKS: They`ll go back and also go to Ellen`s people, the people around her. Have they received any letters? When she`s out in public, look at any video available there. Take a look at people that might be showing up all the time at different locations where she is. The different companies, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, they are very cooperative with law enforcement for the most part.

TURNER: Tons of celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Selena Gomez --


TURNER: -- and even "Friday" singer, Rebecca Black, have gotten death threats on Twitter.

BROOKS: Law enforcement, they cannot investigate everything, but if they think that it`s a credible threat, they will investigate this and bring that person to justice.

TURNER: In June, someone sent "The View" host, Sherri Shepherd, a tweet saying someone should rape her. She responded by re-tweeting the message and filing a police report.

TAYLOR ARMSTRONG, ACTRESS: I had a death threat to my daughter, who is 5-years-old on Twitter, and also a kidnapping threat to me.

TURNER: Last February, "Real Housewives of Beverley Hills" star, Taylor Armstrong, told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S A.J. Hammer about a scary Twitter threat against her and her daughter. The FBI reportedly got involved and traced the threat to a teenage girl in New Jersey. Taylor told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, you can`t take these things lightly.

ARMSTRONG: What I can tell you is, within 48 hours, we had police at this person`s door. And it`s a federal offense. Right now, I`m making decisions about how to handle that. But I want it to be an example to people in social media that feel like they can hide behind their computers.

TURNER: As for Ellen Page, no word on possible arrests in her case, but you can bet this is something authorities will look at closely.

BROOKS: I tell you, LAPD, they`re taking this seriously. And I guarantee it`s a matter of if but a matter of when the person making these death threats via tweet, via phone, is going to get caught.


TURNER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT contacted the LAPD. They confirmed there is an investigation into the Ellen Page death threat stemming from a June occurrence, but the police aren`t releasing any more information at this time.

So from a SHOWBIZ scare to a SHOWBIZ showdown, Levi`s new fight. Levi Johnston is slamming his ex-girlfriend, Bristol Palin, over her parenting style of their young son, Tripp. Levi is apparently livid after seeing his young son use the "F" word on Bristol`s new reality show, "Life`s a Trip." And now he`s reportedly planning to seek full custody of their young boy.

With me now from Miami, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, Mark Eiglarsh; and in Hollywood, Ken Baker, the chief news correspondent for E!

Levi is apparently ticked off today after seeing this moment on Bristol`s reality show. Little Tripp was upset because Mom Bristol and Aunt Willow said no to him after he asked to go swimming in the pool. First, he said he hated his mom. Then it escalated from there. Watch this with me.




WILLOW PALIN: I`m trying to --





WILLOW PALIN: Stop. If you say that one more time you`re getting soap in your mouth. Got it? You think you`re --


TRIPP JOHNSTON: I (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hate you. I don`t like you.

WILLOW PALIN, SISTER OF BRISTOL: What did you just say?


TRIPP JOHNSON: I don`t like you.

BRISTOL PALIN: What did --

WILLOW PALIN: Don`t laugh.

BRISTOL PALIN: I can`t believe he just said that.

(voice-over): I`m doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp. I know he`s going to continue to push the boundaries and push the limits.


TURNER: All right, so I`m not a mother, but I have to say Bristol certainly did not help herself when she admitted right there on the show that she`s doing a terrible job disciplining their son.

Ken, do you see this fight actually making it into a courtroom?

KEN BAKER, CHIEF NEWS CORRESPONDENT, E! NEWS: I don`t. I think that, at the end of the day, look, it`s unfortunate that, you know, Tripp said what was said. I think that a lot of speculation can be made about where was that word uttered beforehand? But that being said, that`s not grounds for someone to call for a child endangerment or for there to be -- that`s kind of bad parenting but it`s not something that will raise themselves to the level where they`ll take custody away from Bristol.

You have to look at the history of Bristol and Levi. Levi had every opportunity he gets, looks to get a play of publicity in order to take down Bristol. And it`s fun for all of us to watch. But at the end of the day, you want what`s best for the child. And even though it may not be the perfect situation -- it is a reality show, by the way. We don`t know how it was edited, so we don`t know what was going on. It`s not something I see that a judge will look at and say, yes, say take that child away and give it to, of all people, Levi Johnston.

TURNER: Sure. But he did say the world. Even if he was edited, he did say the world.

And Levi does want full custody of their son reportedly, but this isn`t his only child. His girlfriend is pregnant with his second child. Back in June, Bristol claimed Levi wasn`t using his visitation rights to see Tripp.

Mark, with all of that in mind, how likely is it that a judge would see things Levi`s way?

MARK EIGLARSH, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY & FORMER PROSECUTOR: Extremely low and remote. It approaches almost no real value. This is Levi Johnston, the same one who attempted to show his private parts in playgirl, correct? It`s also a guy who made --

TURNER: It is.

EIGLARSH: -- some money doing the interviews and a book deal, and chose not to pay child support, instead buying vehicles and guns, assuming what I`m reading is correct.

More importantly, he does not take advantage of his visitation with his own child. So what I find is his argument is about as useless as the "G" in lasagna.


TURNER: Good points, counselor.

Let`s move on from one family war to another. I have to move on to the new fight in the Jackson family feud. Michael`s daughter, 14-year-old Paris, blew the lid off this family drama when she reportedly tweeted that her grandmother and guardian, Katherine Jackson, went missing, when, in fact, it was Janet and her siblings that took her to Arizona to rest. Now Janet says, "I`m fighting back." In a brand-new statement from her attorney -- her attorney, Blair Brown, came out, guns blazing, accusing the executors of Michael`s estate, John Bronca (ph) and John McClain (ph), of being behind the smear campaign against Janet and her siblings. Asking again why the executors of Michael`s will have never publicly explained how Michael could have signed a will with a Los Angeles dateline when evidence showed he was in New York with the Reverend Al Sharpton at the time. And also, repeating that they have nothing to gain financially by finding that the will is invalid.

Mark, in that letter, Janet, Rebbie, and Randy vow to continue to search for the truth. How do you see this play out?

EIGLARSH: I would if I was them. Let me say, it doesn`t matter if they had a financial interest, that`s not the issue. The issue is someone`s claiming that Michael affixed his signature to that will on a particular date, and there must have been witnesses to corroborate that because that`s what you need that to execute a will. But if he is somewhere across the country with Al Sharpton in New York, that is a physical impossibility, thereby potentially rendering this will invalid. I would demand to see the proof and the explanation of how that could have happened.

TURNER: Mark Eiglarsh, Ken Baker, thanks a lot.

Moving on to swimming champ Ryan Lochte`s bad reputation. Tonight, the massive controversy sparked by his mom`s remarks that Ryan likes one- night stands? Will Ryan`s alleged bad-boy ways grab the number-one spot on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Olympic controversy countdown?

Plus, Roseanne gets roasted. A room full of A-List comedians let loose on Roseanne. And then her ex-husband Tom Arnold showed up for a surprise visit. Yikes. Tonight, we talk with the roast master general comedian, Jeffrey Ross, about Roseanne`s hilarious roast.



TURNER: Tonight, brand-new details about Sharon Osbourne`s big departure from "America`s Got Talent." She announced she`s leaving the hit show. She says it`s because her son, Jack, was fired from another NBC show after revealing he has multiple sclerosis. Sharon told "The New York Post" she believes the alleged firing is discrimination, and she doesn`t want to work for the network any longer.

Next, the young co-star in Whitney Houston`s final movie speaks out to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about bonding with Whitney in her final days.


TURNER: Tonight, inside Whitney`s final film. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is on location with the all-star cast of "Sparkle," who reveal to us the impact Whitney made on them in her last film.

Whitney`s young co-star, "American Idol" winner, Jordin Sparks, got to make her film debut with Whitney. And she along with her cast mates are sharing their memories of working on Whitney`s final film.

Jordin hasn`t spoken out about Whitney until now. She released a statement right after Whitney died, but she kept a low profile about it ever since. Now Jordin is sharing what it was like to see the film. She says watching Whitney in the film was so emotional she couldn`t hold back the tears.


JORDIN SPARKS, ACTRESS: I just -- watching her, it`s the same thing. I have this sense of just -- I`m so proud to have been a part of it, and just watching her having idolized here. I`m like look at her go. It`s also very sad because she`s not here physically to see it. But she is all over this. Her hand is in everything. She`s sitting right here.


TURNER: So true, Miss Jordin.

You can really feel Whitney`s presence in the movie and, of course, with this cast.

Jordin also revealed to SHOWBIZ what it was like being so close to Whitney just before her death.


SPARKS: We got to experience the beauty and the essence and the humility that was Whitney. And you know, we had those last moments with her. So we get to speak about that. We get to tell people about how she was and what we experienced, and I think that`s important, too, to add it to her legacy. This is the last thing people are going to see. It`s the last thing she did. She looks beautiful and she just lights up the screen. And you can just tell that she was so full of joy to be doing this.


TURNER: You know, those two really bonded making this film. Jordin even calmed Whitney the mama bear on the set.

Watch what she told SHOWBIZ about her relationship with Whitney.


SPARKS: I never got the chance to ask her for advice, and say, is there anything you could give. Whitney was he person who would give it to you anyway even if you didn`t ask.

But for me, she was the mama bear on set and I was the youngest person on set. We gravitated towards that. In terms of the relationship we have in the movie, it was like that off screen, too. She was there asking if he was OK and if I needed anything, rubbing my back, it`s OK. I was just like, OK.


It was all so new for me, but she was like that with all of us. She wanted to get to know us and loved on us and she wanted to see us shine.


TURNER: I liked hearing that. Some amazing revelations about working with Whitney Houston in her final days. You have to think being with her idol was like a dream come true.

And I can tell you the rest of the cast had fond memories of working with Whitney too. Mike Epps, also in the movie, told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he had a remarkable private conversation with Whitney just before her death, and she told him, if she were to go, she`d done everything she had ever wanted to, seen everything, ate the best foods, lived 100 lives in one life. You know what, you cannot say any better than that.

Moving on to Olympic controversy, the women Olympic athletes are being called fat. Are you kidding me? They are some of the most disciplined athletes and skilled athletes on this earth. We`ll tell you how these Olympic stars are firing back. And will this epic body image battle end in the top spot of our SHOWBIZ Olympic controversy countdown?




ANNOUNCER: Touchdown confirmed. We`re safe on Mars!



TURNER: Yes. That is the jaw-dropping touchdown that everyone is going crazy over, especially the ground crew at NASA. The Mars rover is on the red planet and is already beaming back incredible images to earth. We can`t get enough of them here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. That rover is known as "Curiosity," and it`s set to roam the surface of Mars for at least two years. Its mission is to look for signs of life on a planet that has fascinated earthlings for more than a century. Think of all the Hollywood flicks that have depicted Martians, space invaders or launched astronauts to the surface of the red planet?

The question is, did we get anything at all right about Mars. Let`s take a look.


TURNER (voice-over): From the time we first picked it out in the night sky centuries ago, we haven`t been able to get enough of Mars. We didn`t really start seeing red until the late 1800s when telescopes detected mysterious canal-like markings on the surface. Millions of people thought they were built by Martians and wondered was the red planet as war- like as the Roman god it was named after.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: The put out some of electro-magnetic covering.

TURNER: H.G Wells` definitely thought so. His book "War of the Worlds," later made into multiple movies, imagined a Martian invasion of earth. And when Orson Wells did a hyper-real radio adaptation in 1938, America freaked out.

ORSON WELLS, ACTOR (voice-over): 7,000 men armed with rifles and machine guns pitted against the single fighting machine of the invaders from Mars.

TURNER: Another famous author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, speculated the planet had warring factions in his "John Carter of Mars" novels.


TURNER: Later, during the Cold war paranoia of the 1940s and `50s, Martians served as a surrogate for those other reds, the Soviets, in "B" movies such as "Invaders of Mars" an era spoof by director, Tim Burton, in "Mars Attacks."

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: We are your friends.

TURNER: Once we learned it was uninhabited, we begin to think of Mars and Martians in a cuter, more whimsical way. Who can forget Bugs Bunny`s interstellar nemesis, Marvin the Martian --

CARTOON CHARACTER: That is an interplanetary flying space saucer.

TURNER: Lucy and Ethel famously dressed up as Martians on the Empire State Building in an "I Love Lucy" episode. And we pricked up our ears and antenna when Ray Walston hit our TV as "Our Favorite Martian.

RAY WALSTON, ACTOR: I`m merely applying a Martian variation of your closed-circuit television system.

TURNER (on camera): As time went on, Martians faded from our imagination, but Mars itself never did. Our planetary neighbor proved to be a relatively close and exotic location for sci-fi films.



TURNER: Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Mars in "Total Recall," and assorted astronauts had adventures there in "Red Planet" and "Missions to Mars."

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I`m going to make contact.

TURNER: No doubt, writers and filmmakers will turn red into green for years to come.


TURNER: And get this. It took 10 years to get the rover "Curiosity" onto the surface of Mars. The journey from earth was 352 million miles alone.

And Now the SHOWBIZ line up. Here`s what`s coming at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Blade runner backlash. The double-amputee that just made Olympic history by running in the 400 meters gets accused of having an advantage over his traditional competitors. That`s just one of the unbelievable controversies coming out of the summer Olympics. So where will the backlash over the double-amputee land on our SHOWBIZ countdown of Olympic controversies?


TURNER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Roseanne`s reunion roast. Roseanne Barr`s surprise reunion with her ex, Tom Arnold, at a comedy roast. Did Tom burn Roseanne on stage? We have a man right there for the incredible moment. Comedian Jeffrey Ross is right here to tell us what happened.

Ryan Lochte`s Olympics "relief" confession. Did he really admit to peeing in the Olympic pool? And does Lochte`s TMI make him a number one on the SHOWBIZ countdown Olympic controversy? The answer is minutes away.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Tonight, flirting with controversy. Comedians are always trying to push the envelope with their jokes, this we know. Comedian Jeff Ross is well-known for doing that just about every time he steps on the stage.

Well, this weekend, Ross sparked controversy when he walked the red carpet for the Roseanne Barr Comedy Central roast dressed as the late Penn State coach, Joe Paterno. Now the stocking part was he was flanked by two young men wearing nothing but helmets and towels. Did he go too far, or is that comedy and just part of the job?

Joining me from New York is Comedy Central`s roast master general, Jeff Ross, who you can see on Comedy Central`s "Roast to Roseanne" this coming Sunday, August 12th.

Jeffrey, the Penn State scandal is really still fresh in people`s minds. Former coach, Jerry Sandusky, is behind bars, convicted of molesting young boys. And the late legendary Joe Paterno took a bit hit to his legacy. He was accused of helping to cover up the Sandusky scandal. Jeffrey, you know it wasn`t a funny story. What kind of reaction were you hoping for when you showed up on the red carpet this weekend dressed as Paterno with two half-dressed young men by your side?

JEFFREY ROSS, COMEDIAN: Well, it`s obviously a very serious subject. And as a comedian, I feel a moral obligation to expose and keep these terrible people, you know -- revenge through ridicule. Mel Brooks talks about that when he makes fun of Nazis. I feel like comedians, our best revenge is ridicule. I feel a lot of pain when I read about the Penn State scandal, and comedy comes from pain. That`s what I was trying to bring to light.

TURNER: You know, I was going to say that I have heard several comedians say that comedy is coming from a place of pain, and they work off that and try to make those situations funny. Some people may say, I don`t know, maybe it was too soon.

But you were there for the Roseanne Barr roast, which I`m so looking forward to, by the way.

ROSS: Thank you.

TURNER: One big surprise guest showed up. This is fantastic. Roseanne`s ex, Tom Arnold. Jeff, those two didn`t exact have an amicable break up. How did the reunion play out?

ROSS: I was so surprised. You know, these roasts are very shocking to say the least. And suddenly, when Tom Arnold walked out, I didn`t know. He was quivering. Roseanne was fidgeting in her seat. And it was a true, authentic moment, which you don`t see that often on TV. They were both really nervous.

And I thought Tom was hilarious. He was a good sport to do it. It shows that roasts bring people together.

TURNER: Awkward comedy is what I love.


I cannot wait to see that, because it sounds like the most awkward moment on television in a very long time.

OK. So just recently, though, I want to ask about this. Comedian Dane Cook took a lot of heat for a joke he made about "The Dark Knight" shooting in Colorado days after the tragedy. He later issued an apology on Twitter saying he simply used bad judgment.

Now I want to bring in host of, Kelli Zink, from Chicago.

Thanks for coming in today, Kelli.

To our SHOWBIZ "Flash Point" question, can comedians go too far? What do you think?

KELLI ZINK, HOST, CELEBTV.COM: I mean, absolutely they can here. I`m not a comedian. I`m not going to pretend to play one on TV today. And I understand where Jeffrey is coming from. It comes from a place of embarrassment. Any time someone is embarrassed, what do we do? We laugh. Or it`s sad or it`s painful.

But when it has to do with people dying, it`s not really that funny. There`s abuse, all these different lines you draw. Luckily, comedians step over the lines. The rest of us don`t have to.

TURNER: Jeffrey, you know what? I think I know where you`ll come down on this. Is there a line, and where is it?

ROSS: I think comedians have an obligation to cross the line. The roasts -- my new show "The Burn," will be a safe haven for comedians not to second-guess their imagination. The world should be more focused on guns that kill instead of jokes that sting.


ROSS: What we`re doing is exposing the dark side of society. I`m not a journalist. My tool is jokes to keep those sorts of ideas out in the world. If we don`t talk about them, as comedians, I don`t know what I`m doing. That`s the little bit that I can do.

TURNER: I`ve also heard other comedians, Jeffrey, say, you know what, not all jokes work. You try some, they work. You try other ones and they don`t work.

People will always debate whether or not comedians go too far, but what about Olympians? Olympic star swimmer, Ryan Lochte, recently leaked some information about his bathroom habits when Ryan Seacrest asked him if athletes pee in the pool.

Listen to Lochte`s the revelation on air with Ryan Seacrest?


RYAN SEACREST, RADIO SHOW HOST: Do any of the athletes pee in the pool like from nears or anything?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`d say absolutely.

SEACREST: We heard that they do.

LOCHTE: Of course. I think there`s something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go.

SEACREST: Did you pee in any of these races in London?

LOCHTE: Not during the races, but I sure did in warm-up.



ROSS: Wow.

TURNER: OK, if you want to pee in your own pool, OK. But the Olympic pool, come on? This is the next SHOWBIZ "Flash Point" question.


Is Ryan Lochte`s confession about peeing in the pool TMI?

Kelli, what do you think?

ZINK: This guy is very lucky that he`s so good-looking. Because first, his mom puts him -- blasted for having one-night stands, then he admits to peeing in the pool. Not really two things you want when you`re trying to snag a new lady. But TMI? No. I think he was being honest. It`s like race car drivers say they do the same thing in the car for all those hours. He was having an honest moment and unfortunately, whoops, it`s really hilarious.



That`s pain we can laugh at. That`s pain we can laugh at.

TURNER: He said there`s something about when you get in the water, it just hits you and you feel like you got to go.


Jeff, what do you think? Was that TMI?

ROSS: I think we`ve all peed in the pool. I heard that after he got --


ZINK: Not all of us.

ROSS: If that true? You never peed in a pool?


TURNER: I have never peed in a pool.


ZINK: Yes.


ROSS: Well, I commend his honesty. And I heard that the pool tested for steroids. That`s all I`m saying.


TURNER: All right. Let`s move on from this TMI talk and move on to some more TMI talk. Do you remember that "Twilight" fan who over-shared on YouTube when she revealed her feelings about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson? If not, I`ll remind you. Let`s listen to this.


EMMA CLARK, ROBERT PATTINSON FAN: I don`t understand how she could do this. Why? Why would you cheat on Robert Pattinson? What`s the point of that? What do you stand to achieve my cheating on Robert Pattinson? We`ve (EXPLETIVE DELETED) with Rupert whatever his -- oh, I`m so not OK with this. Like seriously, though, leave them alone. Let them get over this over by themselves. Whatever you want to call them, they`re being (INAUDIBLE).


TURNER: "Twilight" fan, Emma Clark, just revealed to a British newspaper why she took the star split so personally. She said it`s kind of like a bereavement.

Kelli, I bet there`s a lot of fans out there that feel like Emma does.

ZINK: I think God blesses people like her, because she`s keeping books and we are selling books and we are selling movies. People are going to the theaters still. You`ve got to believe in something. At least she`s putting her love towards something peaceful and happy. Once again, it`s something we can chuckle at. I think it`s going a little bit too far. She wants to let them have their private space but she`s going to go on YouTube with a video.



Kelli, Jim, thank you, guys.

Please make sure to check out Comedy Central`s "Roast to Roseanne" this Sunday. I know I will be watching.

You can also see Jeff Ross in a new Comedy Central series called "The Burn with Jeff Ross," premiering Tuesday, August 14th.

So cheating, smack talking and one-night stands, that doesn`t sound so Olympian to me. You have badminton cheating, Hope Solo soccer smack talk, and Ryan Lochte`s supposed hot hookups. We`ve got it all on the SHOWBIZ countdown Olympic controversy. Whose Olympic oopsies will take home the gold tonight?

Plus, a Jo Bro on "American Idol"? Can Nick Jonas be the guy to take a seat next to Mariah Carey on the biggest reality singing show on plant? He said it`s a definite maybe.



TURNER: Tonight, it`s an explosive SHOWBIZ countdown of the top-five Olympic controversies. We are counting down the top Olympic moments in the London Games that have stunned the world and ignited a firestorm on social media. Which men, women and events will leave their mark on these games?

Taking off at our countdown, at number five, Olympic athletes are lashing out tonight over jaw-dropping criticism about their weight and body image. Can you believe this? Some of the most disciplined and skilled athletes who fought long and hard to represent their countries are fending off criticism about their weight. This incenses me.

With me from Hollywood, E!`s chief news correspondent, Ken Baker; and from New York, Rob Shuter, columnist with

So many are shocked this issue of weight and body would come up in the Olympics game. And a lot of the critics are hiding behind anonymous tweets and social media postings.

Rob, is it just crazy for critics to go there, or maybe is it fair criticism because they are representing their countries in front of the world?

ROB SHUTER, COLUMNIST, POPEATER.COM: I think it`s absolutely nuts that we`re talking about this. But I understand why we are. It`s not just anonymous people, though, from Twitter and Facebook that are making criticisms. An Australian newspaper called this lady that had won three gold medals in swimming fat. This started the whole debate and a lot of people, including her teammates, have stood up to defend her.

TURNER: Yes. I think they should have.

I want you to take a closer look at some of the women who have come under fire here. Weight lifters, Holley Mangold and Sarah Robles; Australian swimmer, Leisel Jones, and even the entire Brazilian women`s soccer team has come under fire for their weight.

Ken, doesn`t this criticism -- it makes me chuckle because it`s so crazy -- add unnecessary pressure to an already intense competition in a time in their lives?

KEN BAKER, CHIEF NEWS CORRESPONDENT, E! NEWS: I mean, it seems to me just, at first blush, kind of sexist even. We`re discussing women`s weight and not the men necessarily.

By the way, if you`re a weight lifter, the whole idea is to be as strong as possible. You`re not a supermodel. The idea isn`t to look good. It`s to lift a lot of weight. And that goes to any other sport. There`s too much attention paid to this.

I think it`s understandable in a way, because a lot of these athletes do look like models. They are beautiful people.

TURNER: Right.

BAKER: But that`s not the point. The point is performance and not appearance.

TURNER: Exactly.

Critics are starting controversy over the body images. China and North Korea ignited their own major scandal when eight badminton players were caught deliberately trying to lose matches as part of a strategy to control who they competed against in later rounds. They put the bad in badminton, and that`s our number four Olympic controversy tonight.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is there is a possibility of the players and team members and the entourage to live up in the standards in our regulations that players got conduct to go out to win every match. That`s the bottom line.


TURNER: That was the badminton World Federation Secretary apologizing, saying there should be more honor in playing the game, and I agree.

In the number three spot, we`ve got Oscar Pistorius. The man has no legs below his knees. He went blazing around the tracks on Saturday morning. It was a moment that would change the face of the Olympic Games forever. This has been no easy journey for him. Just last year, a British radio reporter asked him if he had crossed the line by pushing to compete even with his disability. Watch this one with me.


UNIDENTIFIED BRITISH RADIO REPORTER: Some people regard you no doubt as an inspiration to Paralympics athletes. No question about that. But it might be said you`re an inconvenient embarrassment to the South African authorities and the IAAF because you take them into uncharted ethical waters here. What`s your reaction to that?





TURNER: You know, that radio interview really speaks to his tough road. But there are some people out there saying he shouldn`t be competing in the games because his prosthetics could give him an unfair advantage.

Rob, is this ridiculous or do they have a point?

SHUTER: It`s absolutely ridiculous. This is a horrible thing to say. I`m glad he ended the interview. It was terribly insulting. What this kid has overcome to be there in the Olympics, in the finale, we should all be standing. I`m proud to say, as a Brit, the 80,000 people in that stadium that night in London were all on their feet cheering, hoping this young guy did as well as he possibly could.

TURNER: Absolutely. Well said, Rob.

All right guys, we`re minutes away from the number-one spot on this scandalous edition of the SHOWBIZ countdown of Olympic controversies.

I know we have you thinking now, right?


The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT countdown continues, coming up next.

"Total Recall" a total flop. I`m so bummed about this. I just spoke with Colin Farrell and he was just such a nice guy. But even he couldn`t save the Arnold Schwarzenegger remake. I`ll fill you in on the box office damage coming up.



TURNER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S countdown of the top-five Olympic controversies. Here`s where we are so far. Number five, a big body image battle is brewing over the weight of some Olympic athletes. Some critics say some of the Olympians aren`t fit enough for the games. Right. Are you kidding me?

Number four, a badminton smack down. Eight players from the wildly popular sport ousted for deliberately trying to lose the game. And blade runner, backlash. Oscar Pistorius makes history as the first amputee to compete in track and field. Still, some say he shouldn`t have been on the track.

That brings us to number two on the SHOWBIZ countdown Olympic controversy. Hope Solo`s Twitter tirade. One of the greatest U.S. women goalkeepers of all time taking the spotlight off her team to go head to head with a commentator of the sport.

Hope really hasn`t been holding anything back. She rarely does. Let me show you what you posted on Twitter, directed at commentator and two- time Olympic gold medal soccer player, Brandi Chastain. She said, "It`s too bad we can`t have commentators who better represent the team and know more about the game @BrandiChastain. The game has changed from a decade ago."

Let me bring back Ken Baker from Hollywood and Rob Shuter, who is in New York.

Now, Ken, bad sportsmanship? What do you think?

BAKER: Well, I`ve actually met Brandi Chastain and met Hope Solo and interviewed her. They`re knowledgeable and passionate people about soccer. And I think, though, that Hope needs to remember one thing -- that, when she`s out on the field, people are watching or having commentary about it. They don`t have any impact on her ability to stop the ball from going in the goal. She should probably just focus on the game. Don`t worry so much about what`s being said. Because, at the end of the day, it has no impact on what she`s doing.

Also, I have to say that, at the end of the day, you have to appreciate someone like Hope Solo. In this age of everybody being manufactured and trying to be perfect and not say the wrong thing, she definitely speaks her mind. And I think there`s a certain charm to that.

TURNER: True, but it`s not like she was directing that tweet to me. I could see if she was saying something like that to me. But to Brandi Chastain, who definitely knows the game, I don`t know.

So who tops the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" countdown of Olympic controversies? That honor goes to superstar swimmer, Ryan Lochte, lady`s man. Lochte`s mom stunned America when she revealed in an interview recently with that her son doesn`t have time for a girlfriend, saying he goes out on one-night stands. That little nugget became big buzz. Ryan tried to clean it all up saying the quote was taken out of context.


But, Rob, did Ryan`s mom just put a huge damper on his love life?


SHUTER: She`s my favorite persons at the entire Olympics. I think she did. I don`t think she understood what the term meant here. Let`s give her the benefit of the doubt. Ryan is saying his mother is not used to this media thing, and this is a lot of spotlight, very quickly. So I think here she made a little bit of an error. But every time you look at Ryan now, you think of that one-night stand.

TURNER: And maybe I would say she just knows her son.


Ken Baker, Rob Shuter, thank you very much.

From Jennifer Lopez to Nick Jonas. Tonight, the former Jo Bro reveals why "American Idol" might be his new reality? Do you think Nick Jonas would make a good judge after J. Lo and Steven Tyler hit the road? I`ll have all the details coming up next.


TURNER: Tonight, "Total Recall" a total flop? Even Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale couldn`t save the remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger hit film.

And a Jo Bro heads to "American Idol"? Nick Jonas breaks news about his future on the show.

And Natalie Portman gets hitched. It`s all making big news in "The Buzz" today.

"Black Swan" no more. Natalie Portman was more blushing bride than black swan this weekend. According to a brand-new report on, Portman wed fiance, Benjamin Millepied, over the weekend in Big Sur, California. The Oscar-winning actress and Millepied got engaged after meeting on the set of 2010`s "Black Swan." The couple are parents to 13- month-old, Aleph.

Nick`s American dream? Nick Jonas might be headed to the "American Idol" judging table. Nick just tweeted he`s in the running to become a judge on the singing competition show. "The rumors are true. I am being considered to be a judge on `American Idol,` and it would be a dream come true if it happens. #NickonIdol." Following Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler`s "Idol" departure, the show recently confirmed Mariah Carey would be a judge on the panel.

"Total Recall" a total flop? According to the "Hollywood Reporter," the remake of the 1990 Schwarzenegger film, starring Colin Farrell, brought in a mere $26 million in its debut weekend, trailing behind "The Dark Knight." The "Batman" sequel earned $36.4 million its third weekend. And kid-friendly "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Day" came in third with an estimated earning of 14.7 million.

Tonight, Dr. Drew explores the frightening new reality of mass violence in public places and the new culture of fear in America. Are we safe going out in public any more? And are mass shootings becoming an epidemic? "Dr. Drew" starts right now.