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Celebrity Rage; Celebrity Outrages; New Couple Alert

Aired August 2, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


AJ HAMMER, HLN HOST: Tonight, stars versus their tempers. Alec Baldwin`s fit on a plane. Naomi Campbell`s supermodel super tantrums. Mel Gibson`s explosive phone rants. Ah, memories. Tonight we are counting down Hollywood`s top five enraged stars. Which cranky celebrity will come out on top?


HAMMER: Hello, I`m AJ Hammer. Tonight, stars at war. Jennifer Lopez is taking a stand, saying enough with the wild headlines aimed at her boyfriend, Casper Smart. I got to imagine J. Lo herself is used claims about her life that are just plain untrue.

But this time a report accusing Casper of going to a gay peep show is pushing J. Lo to bring in her lawyers. And tonight, she`s not the only star who`s fighting back.


HAMMER (voice-over): Be careful what you print. Be careful what you allege. And for Pete`s sake, be careful what you say about J. Lo`s boyfriend, because like a monster from an old horror movie, there`s a force out there that is so fearsome, it`s striking terror throughout the land this summer.

It`s attack of the celebrity lawyers. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, celebrity attorneys are opening their briefcases and cans of legal whoop- ass against media outlets that print unflattering things.

RYAN SMITH, HLN HOST: Stars are definitely becoming more aggressive in trying to pursue these magazines.

HAMMER (voice-over): Attorneys for Jennifer Lopez are letting slip the dogs of legal war against "Star" magazine and "In Touch" for their news stories about boyfriend Casper Smart. "Star" magazine claims Casper was seen entering a gay XXX peep show in New York. And "In Touch" says Casper visited an exotic massage parlor.

J. Lo denies both stories and today she`s threatening both outlets with an attack of the celebrity lawyers.

SMITH: They feel defamed.

HAMMER (voice-over): Ryan Smith, host of HLN`s "EVENING EXPRESS" and an entertainment attorney himself tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT stars like J. Lo, who feel they are wronged, definitely need to, in the words of another HLN host --

NANCY GRACE, HLN HOST: Unleash the lawyers.

SMITH: They`re defending their reputation. And reputation is everything when you talk about a movie star or an entertainer.

HAMMER (voice-over): J. Lo`s attorneys, Howard Whitesman and Sean Holly (ph) tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, quote, "These statements are false, malicious and defamatory. Ms. Lopez and Mr. Smart will pursue all remedies available to them under the law."

SMITH: The reason you go after them is to basically put notice out there for other publications. You don`t mess with my clients.

HAMMER (voice-over): J. Lo`s attack of the lawyers comes a day after Janet Jackson successfully smacked down TMZ over its report that she smacked down her niece, Michael Jackson`s daughter, Paris Jackson. TMZ recounted its report on ABC last week.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Janet Jackson slapped Paris Jackson in the face. After the slap Janet Jackson told Paris Jackson, "You`re a spoiled little [ bleep ]."

HAMMER (voice-over): But yesterday TMZ posted a shocking retraction, saying Jackson did not slap or verbally abuse Paris Jackson. What prompted that surprising retraction?

GRACE: Unleash the lawyers.

HAMMER (voice-over): Probably this letter obtained by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. In it Janet`s lawyer demands TMZ retract the slapping story, saying, quote, "`s false statements are highly damaging to Ms. Jackson`s reputation and have caused her significant harm."

HLN`s Ryan Smith agrees. Such a story could damage Janet`s reputation among her fans.

SMITH: So now maybe they`re thinking the public will look at, say, for example, Janet Jackson and say, oh, she`s not the performer I thought she was. Now I`m not going to spend the money on the albums and the movies she might be in and the different other things she might do.

HAMMER (voice-over): Tom Cruise kicked off this rash of summer legal shark attacks when he threatened "The National Enquirer" last month for its report that Katie Holmes left him because he mistreated her. But when celebs --

GRACE: Unleash the lawyers.

HAMMER (voice-over): Promise, last time.

Anyway, when the celebs unleash the lawyers, does it deter tabloids?

SMITH: Lot of times, we`ll think, let`s move first and let`s deal with the repercussions later.

HAMMER (voice-over): Still, HLN "EVENING EXPRESS" host and entertainment attorney Ryan Smith says such aggressive action does embolden other celebs to do the same.

SMITH: You`re going to see more celebrities following suit, because they`re going to say, you know what? Tom Cruise, Janet Jackson, J. Lo, if they can do, I`m going to do it too.

HAMMER (voice-over): So everyone, watch out. You can run, but you can`t hide from attack of the celebrity lawyers.


HAMMER: We pulled out all the stops today. With some of the biggest stars on the planet now striking back, sending strong messages that they are ready to launch big battles against outrageous accusations, we got to ask, will it be enough to actually stop those explosive tabloid reports?

I want to bring in from Hollywood entertainment journalist Jillian Reynolds, along with Dylan Howard. Dylan`s the editor in chief of "" Look, guys, we know tabloids have been printing these crazy stories about celebrities for a long time. Some of the stories are believable, others not so much.

So what do you think, Jillian? Is this rash of new lawsuits possibly going to even stop or maybe even slow down some of the wild stories that are printed?

JILLIAN REYNOLDS, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: I don`t know. It`s so hard to say. I think that there`s a big difference between unflattering and untrue. Celebrities have always had things, oh, there they are on the cover of "Star" with cellulite. Unflattering is very different than complete allegations that he is in some club.

I`m with J. Lo on this. I`m loving that she`s lawyered up. You just can`t print things that are completely untrue.


REYNOLDS: I love Harvey Levin because he is a lawyer. He usually does get things right. And when he doesn`t, he`s right out there issuing a statement.

But do you remember the days, AJ, back when I think Liberace, they reported -- I think it was "The Enquirer" said Liberace was gay? He sued and he won. Those were the old days. Those were true stories. Now it`s sort of the flip side of that.

And I don`t think that the tabloid should just be able to say anything, because it does -- you know, this is their livelihood, although I don`t know how it would affect a backup dancer, but the fact if it`s not true, it`s not true.

HAMMER: Well --

REYNOLDS: And they should not be able to (inaudible).

HAMMER: Notice it`s Jennifer Lopez`s lawyers that are going after the tabloids here and not Casper Smart`s lawyers. And I think that says a lot, that Jennifer`s worried about this hurting her reputation. And, of course, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have been tabloid fodder since the very moment their relationship went public last year.

Casper and J. Lo have just become the latest celebrities to fight back, threatening lawsuits today against "Star" and "In Touch" magazines.

Dylan, you`ve been covering stars for awhile now. Do you see tabloids actually taking pause before putting out stories from questionable sources or do you think it is just going to be business as usual?

DYLAN HOWARD, CELEBBUZZ.COM: It`s a crowded marketplace. There are seven tabloids that hit the newsstands each and every week. And quite simply, there are not enough stories to justify those magazines being on the newsstands. And that -- there is a direct correlation there with their plunging sales.

So, are they pushing the envelope? Absolutely. In this particular instance, I must say, though, I think this is nothing more than a shot across the bow. Will this end up going to a court of law? No. I think this is a court of public opinion and J. Lo wanted to come out with this statement, these legal letters, simply to protect Casper`s reputation and try and diffuse any potential story lingering.

HAMMER: Yes. His reputation and her reputation. I mean, I can`t get away from that. But I think there`s a certain risk-reward at play here with them running certain questionable stories.

But J. Lo is not the only one doing this. She joins Janet Jackson, who also put her lawyers to work just this week after this surveillance video from the Jackson compound was released and it was followed by reports of a physical confrontation between Janet and Paris Jackson.

And both Janet and Paris deny that things actually got physical. Janet demanded a retraction.

And Jillian, as you said, she got that retraction from TMZ. But do you think -- with these happening at the same time, I have to wonder. Are stars actually becoming more aggressive in a general sense? Or is this just a big coincidence that these are going down sort of around the same time?

REYNOLDS: Well, you know, there`s so much out there about -- you just have to pick up your cell phone and you can read anything at any time. I sort of -- because we`re in the business, I take it all with a grain of salt. I did see that video.

You know, she came out and said it didn`t happen. Paris said it didn`t happen. Harvey Levin said OK. We`ll write a retraction. That`s sort of the best outcome you could ask for. It`s not a legal -- it doesn`t go to courts or anything like that.

But I think it`s a matter of, you know, people having access -- everyone is a photographer now. You just need a cell phone and you could send the video off to TMZ. And so I think that we are certainly seeing a lot more. And I think because of that the stars are responding a lot more to it.

HAMMER: Yes. I think part of the problem, though, I have people come up to me every day -- not every day, but every week, and they`ll say, you know, I wasn`t even aware of this story until this star sued because of that story.

So I think in a way it does actually even just draw more attention to it.

We have to leave it there. Dylan Howard, Jillian Reynolds, I thank you both so much. And you can see Jillian on FOX`s "Good Day L.A." She`s also a spokesperson for Nutrisystem. Great having you here.

Show me the rage. Cuba Gooding Jr. accused of flipping out on a bartender. Well, now there`s brand new developments in the Oscar winner`s alleged flipout, which had us wondering was his the best flipout ever? Now don`t get upset. Don`t rage yourself. We are about to reveal the answer in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT countdown, "Celebrity Rage."

Miley Cyrus under attack? Tonight I`ve got the real story behind the 9-1-1 call that claims Miley`s home was actually being invaded. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Slim Shady versus Lady Gaga? Well, when it comes to social media, you think that Lady Gaga is the supreme ruler. But today Eminem is giving the Mother Monster a run for her likes.

Yes, Eminem has just surpassed a massive 60 million likes on his Facebook page, the most of any living person, according to More than Gaga, who has just over 53 million likes and Rihanna, who has about 59.5 million likes. Eminem reportedly gets about 26,000 likes a day.

Coming up, `NSYNC star Lance Bass reveals the incredible backlash from his home state after he came out.


HAMMER: Tonight, Lance Bass, the untold story. The one-time member of boy band phenomenon `NSYNC revealed in 2006 that he`s gay. And at the time, he said he felt liberated. But what he didn`t know is that his coming out would actually spark an all-out new war with the state he once called his home, Mississippi.

Lance faced unrelenting prejudice, even death threats, along with his newfound freedom. He tells his eye-opening story in a terrific brand-new documentary you need to know about. Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter with a SHOWBIZ special report.


KAREEN WYNTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): When Mississippi native Lance Bass rocketed to fame with the group `NSYNC, he made his home state proud. He was inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame, a small town boy made good.

LANCE BASS, MUSICIAN: Every time I`d come home, I was a hero. My family was treated so great.

WYNTER (voice-over): But Bass says that adulation turned to scorn in 2006, after he revealed a long-held secret -- he was gay.

BASS: The state rejected me once I just came out. One little issue, and you know, all that was just taken away.

WYNTER (voice-over): Bass tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he got death threats and his family back in Mississippi was heaped with abuse.

BASS: Every day, people making comments to them, saying they want to kill me, you know, patting them on the back, saying, I`m so sorry, I`m so sorry, like I had died.

WYNTER (voice-over): In the new documentary "Mississippi, I Am," the singer recalls the pain of that time.

BASS: The media attacked me and I was even wiped out of ad campaigns for Mississippi. Everyone just kind of wanted to forget that I ever existed.

WYNTER (voice-over): Bass` executives produced the film, but he`s not its main subject. The primary focus is on gay teens in Mississippi, who share their own struggle with coming out in a very conservative state.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you`re different in any way, they kind of turn their back on you.

WYNTER (voice-over): The documentary includes interviews with anti- gay Mississippians and audio from a Tupelo radio station.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My God, your God, our Lord and Savior would not make someone a homosexual. This is a dangerous behavior. It is killing children.

BASS: We all forget that it`s so easy to be in New York, L.A., Chicago, Miami, places where it`s just really easy to be yourself and be gay and everyone accepts you. We forget about the small town USA.

WYNTER (voice-over): I met up with Bass at the Red Berry (ph) Hotel in Los Angeles, seemingly a world away from his hometown. He remembered his feeling of desperation as a child when he became aware of his sexuality.

BASS: And I knew I was gay at 5 years old. Like I knew it. I knew I was gay. I knew what it was.

WYNTER: That young?

BASS: Oh, at 5. So you tell me it`s a choice. I knew at 5 years old. But I knew I had to hide it from everyone.

WYNTER: Out of fear or shame?

BASS: Both. Shame and fear. Yes. I just knew it wasn`t right. I knew it was wrong, that something was wrong with me. So every single day I prayed to God that he would change me to be straight. Every single night I would cry. I`d be like, please, I want to wake up tomorrow and be straight. And I hear that from so many kids.

WYNTER (voice-over): Kids like Jesse (ph) and Audrey (ph), who appear in the documentary. They`re among a growing number of young gay people in Mississippi who embrace their sexuality. Audrey`s (ph) part of the Mississippi (Inaudible) Coalition, a group formed by gay kids and their allies which puts on an alternative prom.

Bass returned to Mississippi in 2010 to support the event.

BASS: About 400 kids came from all over the state. I mean, I get chill bumps thinking about it.

WYNTER: What have they taught you?

BASS: I`ve learned so much from these kids. I mean just -- I gave up on my state. I will admit, I completely gave up. I would definitely go back home and visit my family, but it was a place where I just didn`t think anything was ever going to change. Everyone was so hard-headed just like myself. And you`re just not going to change people`s minds.

But these kids taught me that, at any age, you can change people`s minds.

WYNTER (voice-over): The documentary "Mississippi, I Am" may change some minds as well, Bass says, even among his closest relatives.

My family is very right-wing, conservative, religious. They are the people that we want to see this film. And for their reaction to be like, this is one of the most beautiful things that we`ve seen. They learned a lot of things. That`s the reaction I definitely wanted.


HAMMER: What a great story. That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter.

Definitely looks like Lance has a career in documentary filmmaking. But wouldn`t it be nice to see him back with the `NSYNC gang? I mean, come on. Would they consider reuniting? Well, Lance`s former bandmate Joey Fatone is right here. There he is.

Joey, I`m expecting you to break some big news for us tonight. Joey will join me next.

First, it`s Chris Brown versus the window at "Good Morning, America." Hey, you remember that? He threw a chair through a window allegedly during one of his temper tantrums?

But will one of Chris` most memorable rages go down in history as one of Hollywood`s worst ever? Don`t get upset. We will reveal who makes the top five. Will Chris` tantrum be number one tonight? It`s our countdown of "Celebrity Rage." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



HAMMER: Ah, memories. Well, `NSYNC said bye-bye-bye to the world back in 2002. But would these guys ever get back together? I need to know. It`s one of the many burning questions fans want answered. Tonight I have the guy who just may break some news with us.

Former `NSYNC member Joey Fatone has become quite the Renaissance man since those boy band days. We know he sings. We found out on "Dancing with the Stars" he can hold his own in the ballroom. And now he`s cooking up a brand-new show on the Living Well Network, it`s called "My Family Recipe Rocks."

Joey Fatone, (inaudible) --


HAMMER: Always good to see you and have you here.

JOEY FATONE, PERFORMER: Oh, thank you, it just brings back so many memories (inaudible) days.


HAMMER: (Inaudible) you`re feeling sentimental. But I want you to break some news for us right now, Joey. I don`t want -- I don`t want any B.S. I want to know the truth, because J.T. had said no. Lance has said maybe. Joey is telling us right now, will `NSYNC get back together?

FATONE: Who the heck knows?

HAMMER: Oh, stop it. Come on, man.

FATONE: Honestly. I mean, to be totally honest for me, my personal thing, it takes, obviously, the five guys for us to actually say OK. I mean, when New Kids on the Block did it, they didn`t -- I think it was like 15, almost 20 years, something like that that they actually finally said, you know what? Let`s get together.

I think everybody`s heads are in different places as far as jobs, their careers, their families, you know, whatever they`ve got going on. I know -- I`m married, I have two kids. So I have a totally different, now, mindset of everything that I want to do. And it just so happens that we haven`t really gotten together to say, hey, do we do it or not.

HAMMER: Do you get the phone call and they`re saying, we`re in. Are you in?

FATONE: Am I? I would definitely do it. I mean, why not? I mean, it`d be kind of fun.

HAMMER: Yes, sure.

FATONE: You know, it would be kind of a good thing. But I think for us it`s really cool because we kind of left it on a high note in a sense, and it was kind of more of a hiatus. but then things took over. You know, Justin went and did his own solo career, which was great. And he`s very successful with what he does. Now he`s doing film, so not so much more music.

Myself, I started hosting stuff. I`m now hosting a show, so I haven`t been able to really dig back into the music career. So I`ve really been doing a lot of more like hosting stuff and some film stuff.

HAMMER: Yes, some film stuff and some dancing stuff. And, of course, you`re going to be on the "Dancing with the Stars" deal coming up, the all- stars thing. It`s been, what, five years since you came in (inaudible)?

FATONE: I got suckered in, yes.

HAMMER: I actually think you got the edge. A lot of people don`t know that you`ve been doing the "Dancing with the Stars" show in Vegas.


HAMMER: But now you`re spending time on this cool new show. I love that you`re going across America, looking for recipes on "My Family Recipe Rocks." Are you a real foodie kind of guy?

FATONE: You know what, I started getting into it. When it really opened my eyes, I did a show on The Food Network with Guy Fieri. Became friends with him actually at the Kentucky Derby a couple of years ago. Asked me to do this idea, which is Guy versus Rachael. First time I ever really got my hands into doing something with him competition wise.

Then I actually did an episode that`s going to be coming out soon of "Chopped." So it was kind of a cool thing, and it overlapped doing "My Family Recipe Rocks."

This show is really cool, because it`s not so much as far as people that are chefs or, you know, you go in these studio kitchens and stuff. We`re actually going to the people`s homes.

HAMMER: Everybody.

FATONE: Exactly. You see recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation from somebody. Or maybe something that they`ve come up with. And we go to their homes and --

HAMMER: You`re getting great ideas. And perhaps when `NSYNC does get back together, you can influence the catering menu.

FATONE: Right, exactly.

HAMMER: Joey, always great to see you. Thanks for being here, man.

Make sure you catch Joey and his brand new show, "My Family Recipe Rocks" every Saturday night on the Live Well Network.

Well, he huffed and he puffed and he blew us all away with his violent rants. Mel Gibson`s shocking rants against his now-ex-girlfriend, really one of the most surprising celebrity rage moments ever. But will Mel`s lack of anger management top the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT top five countdown moments of "Celebrity Rage"? You must stick around and find out if Mel`s rages went to the top, right here on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Gooding gets cleared. No charges for Cuba Gooding Jr. in that alleged shoving match with a female bartender. But what about all the Hollywood hot shots that really are hotheads? Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exposes "Celebrity Rage."

Who could forget all the shocking Hollywood rages? You know, there`s Alec Baldwin`s heated words with a flight attendant over a cell phone game. Naomi Campbell`s attack, and Christian Bale`s infamous on-set meltdown. So which celebrity outburst is going to take our top spot in our SHOWBIZ countdown "Celebrity Rage"? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

I`m A.J. Hammer.

Tonight, the SHOWBIZ Countdown Celebrity Rage. Yes, we`re counting down the top five celebrities who have completely lost their cool.

But first, good news for Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, Jr.. He`s now in the clear after he was accused of raging at a New Orleans bar. A bartender claimed that Cuba pushed her in a drunken temper tantrum. New Orleans police even went as far as issuing an arrest warrant over the whole incident. But after Cuba and his attorney met with police yesterday, all the charges were dropped. That story ended well for Gooding. And that`s why he didn`t make our countdown tonight.

So who did?

Well, let`s kick it off with number five, Chris Brown versus a window. Now, here`s your look at the dressing room window that Brown shattered at "Good Morning America" studios last year. Apparently, Brown simply didn`t like Robin Roberts` questions about his assault on his ex, Rihanna, two years earlier.

So what did he do?

Well, he took out his rage on a window, of course.

Let`s listen to the interview that sparked Chris Brown`s dressing room rage.


ROBIN ROBERTS, HOST: But you can understand how some people, you know -- what -- what -- it was very serious, what you...


ROBERTS: -- what you went through and what happened and what -- and even the judge, though, afterwards said that you had served your time, as far as the community service and that and...


ROBERTS: -- and moving on.

But have you been able to -- how have you been able to do that?

BROWN: I`ve been focusing on this album, you know?

I think this -- this album is what, you know, I -- I want people to hear and I want people to really get into. So definitely this album is what I want them to talk about.


HAMMER: OK, Chris, we get it. It`s about the album.

How dare Robin ask you a perfectly legitimate question related to, you know, what was, quite frankly, a big part of your history.

With me in New York is Joey Fatone, host of "My Family Recipe Rocks" on the Live Well Network.

In Hollywood tonight, entertainment journalist Jillian Reynolds.

And I must say -- and I thought throughout this whole thing, Robin was spot on. Clearly, Chris didn`t. And he reportedly went back to his dressing room and tore it apart.

Jody, do you -- Joey, do you think that the window deserved Chris Brown`s rage that day?

JOEY FATONE, HOST, "MY FAMILY RECIPE ROCKS": REYNOLDS: Maybe, you know. But, you know what I think?

If he handled it a little bit cooler, with a cooler head, but I don`t know what his temperament is. I mean obviously you see...

HAMMER: Oh, I think we do know what his temperament is...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s pretty high.

FATONE: I mean...


FATONE: But I think, you know, he should -- he should those things a little bit more clearer and, you know, kind of take a deep breath, maybe say, you know what, I might not want to answer those questions instead of like, oh, the album. I mean obviously we know what you`re doing, promoting it.


FATONE: But, you know, people don`t it...

HAMMER: You know what it`s like to be on that side of an interview...


HAMMER: -- when somebody is going to ask you a question that maybe you really don`t want to answer, there are delicate ways of answering.

FATONE: Yes, of course. Definitely.

HAMMER: Well, Jillian, you`ve been working in the entertainment I need for a long time, sometimes having to ask the uncomfortable questions.

Have you ever ticked off a celebrity that much during an interview that they wanted to rage out and bust a window, perhaps?

JILLIAN REYNOLDS, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Joey. He walked off our set. I don`t know I you recall, Joey.


REYNOLDS: It -- it was a question I asked. It was personal...


REYNOLDS: -- and he stormed off.

Now, not -- not to that extend. And, you know, A.J., everybody is a reporter these days. All you need is a cell phone and you can, you know, get ahold of TMZ and -- and get stars at their worst moment.

I think it`s how they handle it. And I`m not talking like the P.R. spin on things. I`m talking, you know, if you do something -- Russell Brand recently just threw a phone through a window. It`s the way you handle it. If you handle it with a little bit of humor and confront it and be -- and say, yes, you know, that`s -- that was me.

Alec Baldwin is the perfect example.


REYNOLDS: The guy -- you know, he`s had a few incidents with rage. And he goes on "Saturday Night Live" and then wins everybody over again.

HAMMER: Wait, hold on.


HAMMER: Don`t get ahead of me, Jillian.


HAMMER: Don`t get ahead of me. We need...

REYNOLDS: All right.

HAMMER: -- to move now from rage against a window to rage against an airline. And Alec Baldwin is who we speak of. We`re up to number four tonight.

Alec`s words with an airline -- now, we all know the rules on an airplane -- you turn off your electronic devices when the cabin door has been closed. Alec Baldwin was apparently in the middle of a game of words with friends, as we know, and just didn`t like the way the flight attendant handled her request.

He refused to stop playing and heated words were exchanged. American Airlines claims that Alec was rude and he used offensive language. But Alec says he was singled out.

Well, the celebrity rage incident, of course, ended with Alec getting kicked off the flight.

Joey, I am rule favoring. You stop that right now.

FATONE: Sorry -- I`m sorry. I was on...

HAMMER: The studio door has been closed.

FATONE: Sorry. I was on my phone.


HAMMER: I am the guy who does get ticked off when people who sit next to me don`t shut off their phones when the doors close.

FATONE: Right.

HAMMER: It`s simple. You do it.

FATONE: Right.

HAMMER: Do you think, in any way, Alec`s rage was justified?

FATONE: I don`t think it`s just justified. So some, you know, FAA regulations, or whatever the heck you call it. You`ve just got to do what you`ve got to do -- shut the phone off and move on.

I mean like -- and playing words with friends?

I mean, really?

Usually I say, "Hey, I love you honey" and I press send and then I go.

HAMMER: Fly private?


HAMMER: That`s the answer.

FATONE: Exactly.

HAMMER: And since then -- and you mentioned this Jillian, you know, Alec`s had run-ins with photographers. And when all is said and done, he does always have a sense of humor about it.

Let`s watch him on "Saturday Night Live" right after the whole air rage incident.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was awful, Seth, which is why it was very important for me to come here tonight and, on behalf of everyone at American Airlines, issue an apology to Mr. Alec Baldwin.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Alec, are you sure this is the right way to handle this?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. Yes. Keep going.


HAMMER: Yes, Jillian, that is the right way to handle it, isn`t it?

I mean he did make a lot of people angry, of course, but you`ve got to have humor about it.

REYNOLDS: You absolutely have to own it at that point because the fact is, you know, he has, you know, a history of this stuff. Remember the daughter phone call and all of that. So I think he approaches things with a, you know, a better eye for it than maybe the younger generation...


REYNOLDS: -- the Chris Browns.


REYNOLDS: Russell Brand, I said recently, did the same thing and he sort of attacked it with humor on Howard Stern. And I think you absolutely have to do that, unless you`re Mel Gibson. Then there`s just no humor at all.

FATONE: Right.

HAMMER: Well, let me give a lesser example right now. At number three on our celebrity rage countdown tonight, Christian Bale explodes.

Let`s revisit that moment back in 2009, shall we?

Christian Bale on the set of "Terminator: Salvation." And apparently, he didn`t like it when a crew member passed by in the background while he was doing one of his very intense scenes. He did not hold back.

Roll it.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Come on, now, take a break.

BALE: You got any (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) idea about, hey, it`s (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) distracting having somebody walking up behind Bryce in the middle of the (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) scene?


BALE: Give me a (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) answer.

What don`t you get about it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was looking at the light.

BALE: Oh, good for you.

And how was it?

I hope it was (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) good because it`s useless now, isn`t it?

(EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) sake, man, you`re amateur.


HAMMER: Oh, man, I can`t get that enough.

Now, Christian has since apologized.

By the way, Joey, has anybody ever walked up to you in the street and said, oh, you were in -- in In Sync, oh, good for you?

FATONE: For you.


HAMMER: Really. Best -- best rage ever, right?

FATONE: I think it was one -- by far, one of the best ones -- a lot of F words, a lot of F bombs were dropped there.

I think when -- when you are an actor, though, and you`re -- you`re -- you`re really focusing on something and something is distracting, OK, yes, I get it. Maybe get somebody to tell him, do me a favor, tell this guy to get out of here.


FATONE: You know, that kind of thing. But, you know, he just kept going. It was like, relax. Let`s move on with the scene. Keep going. You`re -- you`re an actor. The more time you`re spending on that, that`s money being spent.


FATONE: So it`s like move on.

HAMMER: That`s a pretty good idea. But, ah, you`re an amateur.

REYNOLDS: But you know what, you guys?

HAMMER: You`re an amateur.

All right, listen, don`t go anywhere, because we have the top two celebrity rages coming at you.

Can you possibly guess who is number one tonight?

Think about that, as we move from red hot celebrity rage to red hot Hollywood love.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing the hottest new celebrity couples and Taylor Swift`s brand new relationship with a member of the Kennedy clan is getting some big time attention.

Has Taylor finally found her soul mate after so much heartache?




MEL GIBSON, ACTOR: I`m surprised you haven`t heard of me. I`ve got a bad reputation. I sometimes -- I just go nuts, like now.


HAMMER: Ah, what a classic. That`s Mel Gibson as LAPD narcotics sergeant, Martin Riggs in "Lethal Weapon 2." Too bad his character`s bad reputation in his movie carried over into his real life.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top five shocking celebrity rages.

Here`s where we are so far.

At number five in our count down, Chris Brown versus a window. Nothing like taking your frustrations out on a piece of glass.

At number four, Alec Baldwin chooses his words with an airline attendant uncarefully and gets booted off a plane.

Is uncarefully a word?

And number three, Christian Bale, who takes out his rage on a member of his movie crew.

And that brings us to number two on the SHOWBIZ Count Down, shocking celebrity rages.

Oh, how could we forget supermodel, Naomi Campbell?

She`s a repeat rage offender.

Let me take out the SHOWBIZ news line for Naomi. There is so much ground to cover with her.

You`ll remember, back in 2000, she pled guilty to attacking her former assistant after allegedly hitting her on the head with a cell phone and threatening to throw her out of a moving car.

In 2006, she pled guilty to assaulting her housekeeper with a BlackBerry.

It was 2007 when Naomi was sentenced to community service after she admitted to swearing, kicking and spitting at police officers aboard a British Airways flight.

In April of 2010 -- I`m getting exhausted -- Naomi totally lost her cool when an ABC News crew asked her about receiving so-called blood diamonds from former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor, who was convicted of aiding rebels who raped, killed and mutilated civilians in neighboring Sierra Leone.

Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You received a diamond from Charles...

NAOMI CAMPBELL, SUPERMODEL: I didn`t receive a diamond and I`m not going to speak about that.

Thank you very much.

And I`m not here for that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re not answering these questions.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, we`ve been told that you didn`t help the prosecution, sort of, in this very important case.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you so much.





HAMMER: All right. Nice move, Naomi.

Back with me now, Joey Fatone. He`s the host of the brand new show, "My Family Recipe Rocks," on the Live Well Network.

In Hollywood, entertainment journalist Jillian Reynolds.

Now, Joey, she clearly has been a serial rager. You cannot...

FATONE: You just had her here...

HAMMER: -- deny (INAUDIBLE) here, yes.

You can`t deny the evidence, but it has been, I must say -- and I`m pleased to say -- over two years since we`ve had another incident that we at least know of.

Do you think she`s possibly changed her ways?

FATONE: Um, I hope so. You know, I mean just looking at that video clip, you know, she was like, oh, thank you. And then she decided (INAUDIBLE)...

HAMMER: Well, she politely raged.

FATONE: Yes, she politely rage. I mean she tried to, as much as she could. But sometimes it`s -- it is kind of hard when you have somebody just constantly nagging you. And then it just happens when you just snap.


FATONE: But I think with -- there`s a pattern with her there.

HAMMER: Well, there -- there`s a self-control thing. You can -- you can get aggravated, but it doesn`t mean you have to act out...


HAMMER: -- in a violent way.

Jillian, what do you think?

Is it possible that she could have changed her stripes and -- and maybe she`s a calmer, more Zen-like Naomi?

REYNOLDS: Oh, of course. I mean I -- I don`t know if you guys remember, a few years back, she was with Tyra. And Tyra Banks called her out on it and said you were really brutal to me, you were mean to me. And -- and Amy was like, I`m so sorry.

Of course people -- we tend to think that it`s like the intense actors that blow out. But I remember hearing -- Casey Kasem was doing like a rundown and he freaked out. And Bill O`Reilly. And Naomi Campbell, it`s all caught on tape.

And you -- for me, I love being a fly on the wall and seeing it. I don`t necessarily think it`s fun to be on the receiving end of it...


REYNOLDS: -- the throwing cell phones and things. But I think everyone can change. And, you know, especially something like that. That`s heavy duty.


REYNOLDS: That was like people`s lives. There was -- Sierra Leone, I mean that was like civil war. They were killing children. And that is a heavy duty subject. And I think that, you know, if -- if I -- if I didn`t receive a diamond, I would have been very forthright and said absolutely not. It was kind of weird, the way that it was handled.

HAMMER: Yes, it was a little strange.

But that now brings us to number one on our SHOWBIZ count down, shocking celebrity rages. Got to give that honor to Mel Gibson, because he`s also a serial rager -- many meltdowns caught on tape.

Back in 2010, RadarOnline posted a series of downright explosive recordings of a man who sounded an awful lot like Mel, saying the most horrific things to his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.


MEL GIBSON, ACTOR: (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) get sick. You (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) me up you have (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) me up. You have (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) me up. You have (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) me up. You (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) me up. I did nothing but help you. But you (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) on me like a low life (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE).


HAMMER: It was actually pretty tough for us to choose which clip to play from the minutes upon minutes we had to choose from.

Joey, do you think that Mel`s image has ever recovered from that?

Personally, I don`t.

FATONE: I don`t think it has, yes. And I don`t think it has at all, I mean just -- just from the -- (INAUDIBLE) so much things that have been recorded that he has done and said and you have seen. It`s a -- it`s a tough thing to get out of, because people always remember that. You know, people remember these kind of things, these slip-ups. And I think for him, it`s just -- it`s going to be a hard thing to recover.

HAMMER: You -- you`re a good guy. I know you`re going to be a good guy.

FATONE: I try.

HAMMER: We`ve kind of known each other for years. But still, you`re very conscious of the fact that when you`re being recorded, have a microphone on or you`re on the phone, you`re careful with what you say.

FATONE: Yes, I mean you -- you just want to, you know, just get respect as much as you have from somebody else. I mean even so, some people are going to piss you off or get really mad. And you`ve just got to hone it down and just you know what, I`m not going to answer that, this is the deal...


FATONE: -- you know, I mean I might get mad right now...

HAMMER: Well...

FATONE: I might start yelling and screaming.

HAMMER: No, don`t do that.

FATONE: (INAUDIBLE) start putting my fist down and getting mad...

HAMMER: But I have to tell you...

FATONE: When you`re asking these questions.

HAMMER: We do have to give it up for Mel. I mean even though he`s number one on the count down for something bad, it`s the...

(CROSSTALK) HAMMER: -- because he`s at the top.

REYNOLDS: And Mel...

HAMMER: Joey Fatone...

REYNOLDS: -- and I think it always...

HAMMER: Jillian, I`ve got to end it there.

Thank you so much for being with us tonight.

REYNOLDS: Thanks a lot.

HAMMER: Make sure you catch Joey`s brand new show, "My Family Recipe Rocks." It`s every Saturday on the Live Well Network. Really cool. And you can see Jillian on Fox`s "Good Day, L.A." She`s also a spokesperson for Nutrisystem.

Great having you here.

All right, we move on now to Hollywood`s hottest new romance.

Could it be?

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing your favorite new celebrity couple tonight.

Is Taylor Swift`s reported brand new relationship with a Kennedy the winner of our exclusive SHOWBIZ romance poll?

Or could it be Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis?

Are they closer to your heart?


Time now for the SHOWBIZ Buzz List. Here`s what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing about this week.

We`re loving Pink`s new single, "Blow Me One Last Kiss," produced by Kelly Clarkson.

Pink`s new album, "The Truth About Love," is coming out in September. From Harlem to Ethiopia, we are taking a delicious journey with famed chef, Marcus Samuelson. His new memoir is called "Yes, Chef."

We are addicted to Akinator the Genie. You can try and outsmart the Genie with this app and keep him guessing about characters on your mind.

We love 50 Cent`s new single, "New Day" with Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys. His new album is "Street King Immortal."

And we`re strapping in for a theatrical thrill ride with Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale in "Total Recall," out on Friday.


HAMMER: Tonight, new couple alert. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing the best new couples in Hollywood.

So who do you think is the hottest new celebrity couple?

How about Katie Perry and John Mayer?

Maybe Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis?

Or the brand new couple that people just can`t stop buzzing about anywhere, Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy.

Well, we asked you to weigh in on our SHOWBIZ exclusive poll -- who`s your favorite new couple?

Look at these just in results. Amazing. Seventy percent say Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy got 21 percent of the vote. Only 9 percent went to Katie Perry and John Mayer. "People" magazine reporter, Carlos Greer is with me tonight.

So, Carlos, does it make sense to you that Kuchness (ph) topped this list?

And, by the way, I just came up with Kuchness. I hadn`t seen that anywhere.


HAMMER: I think that`s -- that`s what they should be.

CARLOS GREER, REPORTER, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: Well, you know what, Ashton, he was in a relationship with Demi for so long and people loved them. And then they had that shocking split. So -- and now he`s with Mila. So people are fascinated by who he`s dating with and who he`s going to date after Demi. So it doesn`t shock me that people chose him and -- and Mila.

HAMMER: Can you live with Kuchness as their nickname?

GREER: Sure.



HAMMER: That was my favorite one that I was able to come up with. And I know "People" magazine just revealed some brand new pictures of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy getting close. Everybody is so excited about this. In fact, Ethel Kennedy, the matriarch of the family, actually just gave her blessings to the relationship during a public event. She said, "We should be so lucky."

What can you tell us about Taylor Swift`s arrival Camelot?

GREER: Well, Taylor, she`s infatuated with the Kennedys. And she`s been spending a lot of time at the cam -- compound in Cape -- on Cape Cod this summer. She spent the Fourth of July weekend with them. She`s photographed with Patrick Schwarzenegger. And everyone thought she was dating him. But she`s, in fact, getting cozy and is dating Conor, apparently.

HAMMER: We know how this goes for Taylor Swift, though. You know, she`s famous for burning her past lovers with songs.

GREER: Right.

HAMMER: She, of course, names John Mayer in her song "Dear John." And John said that humiliated him.

Conor Kennedy is 18 years old. Taylor is 22.

I`m a ro -- romantic at heart. I want to believe it can work out.

But does where their ages sit right now sort of guarantee that she`s going to be penning a song about him some day?

GREER: Well, you know what?

They are young and she`s infamous for penning songs about her love interests.

But what`s so interesting is that she`s already been writing songs. She`s been inspired by the Kennedy family, by reading their book. So she`s writing songs about the Kennedys...

HAMMER: So would it...

GREER: -- positive songs.

HAMMER: Positive songs...

GREER: Songs about being in love.

HAMMER: Being in love.


HAMMER: -- being scorned.

OK, Well, good luck.

Look, I -- I hope it works out. I love them both.

Carlos Greer, great to see you. Thank you very much.

GREER: You, too. HAMMER: You can read all about Taylor Swift`s new romance with Conor Kennedy in the upcoming issue of "People" magazine. It will be on newsstands everywhere tomorrow.

Moving on now, was Miley Cyrus just 911 ambushed?

Why did an army of cops actually go to Miley`s house when nothing was actually wrong?

Wait until you hear what happened. I`m going to fill you in on all the details.


HAMMER: Tonight, caught on tape -- SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals Sofia Vergara`s big wedding proposal.

Plus, no charges for Cuba -- why that New Orleans bartender dropped her charges against the Oscar winner.

And home I`ve seen hoax -- why did an army of cops rush to Miley Cyrus` home?

That tops The Buzz today.

Miley under attack?

Los Angeles police rushed to Miley Cyrus`s home Wednesday night after receiving a 911 call about a home invasion. According to a brand new report by, it was a false alarm. Law enforcement officials believe the caller is a 911 abuser and was swatting, a prank callers use to trick emergency responders by making up a serious crime.

Show me the charges -- SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Cuba Gooding, Jr. is in the clear. The New Orleans bartender who accused Cuba of shoving her has just dropped all charges against him. Gooding, Jr. and his attorney met with New Orleans police Wednesday, after a battery arrest warrant was issued for the actor. Cuba was given a court summons. But later in the day, the bar`s management issued a statement. "While we continue to investigate this matter internally, we are hopeful that this will put an end to the matter and allow everyone to get back to enjoying all that our city has to offer."

Sophia`s big purposely caught on tape?

Sophia Vergara`s son just posted a video on YouTube for his Mockumentary series that shows the "Modern Family" star celebrating her 40th birthday in the Mayan ruins. But Sophia`s 19-year-old son, Manolo, may have filmed more than he expected. Manolo explains in his video how Sophia`s visit to a pyramid with her boyfriend, Nick Loeb, turned into an unforgettable moment.


MANOLO VERGARA: Once they went to the top of the pyramid, my mother`s long time boyfriend, Nick, proposed to her.


HAMMER: He was just putting it all out there. All right, we`re moving on now to the mom who panhandled to raise money for breast implants. She thinks the surgery is going to get her a fatter paycheck.

But does this sound wrong?

Dr. Drew has that right now.