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The State of the Jacksons; Sheryl Crow Threatened by Fan; Stephen Baldwin`s "Loving the Bad Man"; Colin Farrell`s Total Redo; Women Who Cheat

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, the state of the Jacksons - the money, their legacy and Michael Jackson`s kids. So can this iconic family pull together after their fiery feud after Michael Jackson`s estate?

And how much is really at stake? And should they stop bickering for the sake of Michael`s kids?


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching. Tonight, the SHOWBIZ countdown, women who cheat.

"Twilight" star, Kristen Stewart is still facing backlash tonight over her caught-on-camera make-out session with the married director of her latest film.

Now, she may be the most recent female star caught cheating, but she is certainly not alone. So where does Kristen`s scandal rank in the SHOWBIZ countdown of women who cheat?

But first, tonight, the Jackson feud is boiling over. The family is bitterly divided in an all-out war over Michael Jackson`s estate which is worth an estimated $475 million and growing.

But of course, caught in the middle, Michael`s three young children who, right up until Michael`s death, were really shielded from the prying eyes of the public.

Now, it seems all bets are off. Michael`s siblings have taken sides. His kids can`t seem to escape the spotlight and his mother Katherine is just trying to keep the peace. But what`s really at stake here?


The Jackson feud`s over? Michael Jackson`s brother, Jermaine, is proclaiming that the Jackson family will heal after their week of feuds and conflict. But that`s open for debate.

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, "RADAR ONLINE": Katherine Jackson is furious with her son Randy.

HAMMER: "Radar Online`s" Alexis Tereszcuk reports the target of Katherine`s anger is her son, Randy. Randy reportedly is the ring leader of an attempt by some of the Jackson siblings to overthrow the executors of Michael Jackson`s estate, a plan that reportedly was the reason that Randy and some siblings mysteriously whisked their mother Katherine to Arizona last week.

TERESZCUK: She does not want Randy dragging the family through the mud.

HAMMER: Plus, today, there are reports that Randy, along with his siblings Janet, Jermaine, and Rebbie, were banned from the house Katherine shares with Michael Jackson`s three kids.

It was outside that house last week where the Jackson family had a fight that got so ugly the cops were called.

TERESZCUK: They are all at each other`s throats.

HAMMER: Even in a family with a history as dynamic and complicated as the Jacksons, this new feud has been the most destructive we`ve seen. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks what`s at stake?

For one, there`s Michael`s money. Renewed interest in Michael`s music since his death has reportedly put his fortune more than $475 million in the black.

Michael`s mother and his children were named his beneficiaries in his will. His famous siblings are another story.

TERESZCUK: He cut out his siblings. He only wanted these four people to have the money.

HAMMER: The Jackson siblings denied claims that their mom`s secret trip to Arizona last week was part of a plot to wrestle away control of Michael`s money. That`s a good thing, because if it was, well, it failed miserably.

TERESZCUK: What happened is Katherine lost custody of the kids. This is where the majority of her money comes from, expenses for them.

HAMMER: Katherine`s disappearing act last week led a judge to strip her of sole guardianship of the kids. Now, she`s temporarily sharing guardianship duties with one of her older grandsons, 34-year-old T.J. Jackson.

TERESZCUK: Michael`s three children, Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket are at the center of the controversy.

HAMMER: Yes, Michael`s kids are also at stake in this big Jackson feud, which has made them public figures in their own right, especially Michael`s 14-year-old daughter, Paris.

TERESZCUK: She is the voice of reason in the entire Jackson family. Paris` Twitter is the best place to go to find out exactly what she thinks about everything that`s going on.

HAMMER: After last week`s drama, Paris Jackson`s Twitter feed is now at 770,000 followers, not quite Justin Bieber level, but still pretty good for a teenager who wants to be a star.


HAMMER: On the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" last December, Paris said flat out watching her dad as a kid made her want to be a star.

P. JACKSON: I saw him and I`m like, wow, I want to be just like him.

HAMMER: But Paris` fame aspirations may be causing another rift in the family. Last week, Janet Jackson was caught on camera apparently trying to snatch away Paris` cellphone to stop her constant tweeting.

Janet has made no secret of the fact that she`s not happy with her niece`s plans for stardom. One reported reason - it may not be what Michael would have wanted.

TERESZCUK: When the kids were little, Michael tried to shield them from everything in Hollywood. They wore masks. They didn`t go to big events. Nobody knew anything about these children.

HAMMER: But today Michael Jackson`s teenagers are regular fixtures on social media and in the public eye. Now, the question of who will be responsible for raising them to adulthood is still up in the air.

TERESZCUK: The judge who`s overseeing the care of the children has ordered an investigation to find out who it is that would be best to take care of them.

HAMMER: So now there`s a battle for Michael Jackson`s kids, a battle for Michael Jackson`s money, and a big battle for family unity - all big issues that could flare up again for this famously troubled family.


Yes, it is a very complicated family dynamic to be sure. And there is a lot at stake in this battle, as we mentioned, money for starters, and a whole lot of money.

We all know that Michael`s siblings aren`t happy with the executors of his estate. But listen to this - at the time of Michael`s death back in 2009, the estate was $500 million in the red.

And now, just three years later, they`re showing a reported profit of $475 million.

Joining me tonight in New York, a man who certainly knows what it`s like to be part of a large famous family, actor Stephen Baldwin. Stephen is starring in a new movie called "Loving the Bad Man" out on DVD.

Also with me, "Inside Edition" correspondent, Megan Alexander.

So we know Michael`s siblings aren`t included in his will. But Michael`s brother, Randy, who really led this revolt against the executors has said the feud is not about money, Megan. Do you believe him? Because nobody seems to believe him.

MEGAN ALEXANDER, CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": Yes, I want to believe him. I want to believe that these kids have a good solid support system around them with everything that Michael Jackson went through, A.J.

They need that. They need people in their lives that love them just for who they are and not the bank account that comes along with them.

But when $500 million is at stake here and at play and we hear the kids get something like $60,000 to $70,000 a month and that`s going through Katherine, I think it`s difficult to say that it`s not.

And this is a family that should know better. This is a SHOWBIZ family that`s been through so much. Let these kids be kids. It`s sad to see this all unravel, but we don`t know the whole story.

HAMMER: And whether or not it is the money behind all this, we also know that at stake is the Jackson family legacy, Stephen.

And you know what it`s like to be part of a large famous family. The Baldwins are in the spotlight seemingly all the time. You guys are well known for speaking your minds.

And quite frankly, you don`t always agree with one another. So what kind of advice would you have for the Jacksons in navigating their differences?

STEPHEN BALDWIN, ACTOR: I`m kind of speechless, to be honest. This situation is kind of crazy and it does seem like it`s about the money. And I would just say that probably the mom has to drop the hammer and put the foot down and just be the boss.

HAMMER: Is that the case in your family? Because your mom well-known to be this grand matriarch who really - you guys has such love and admiration for, obviously. But is that the key for you guys?

BALDWIN: Pretty much. I think that if Mom - if a situation like this arose and Mom said, "Well, I`d like everybody respectfully to do this," then pretty much that could and should be the outcome.

HAMMER: You don`t see a day when the Baldwin kids are kidnapping mom and whisking her off somewhere?

BALDWIN: No, no, because mom would still kick our butts.

HAMMER: Maybe for a little Hamptons vacation or something like that, sure. And Megan, you know, look, the Jacksons are known for sticking together for the most part.

But this is an entirely different beast. I mean, we`ve not seen anything like this before. How do you see this impacting their legacy?

ALEXANDER: Well, there`s a couple interesting things at play here. Social media - I mean, don`t forget that Paris, Prince, and Blanket are teenagers. They have social media accounts like everybody else.

So in some instances, A.J., they`re just being teenagers. But we are getting all these details that all the world wants to know.


ALEXANDER: And suddenly a twitter account from a normal girl in a sense becomes such a big deal because she`s Michael Jackson`s daughter.

But again, we don`t know the whole story. We know little bits and pieces. We see video clips. We see an aunt that could be caring about her niece getting upset in the driveway. We don`t know.

HAMMER: But seeing them tear the curtain back like this, you know, it can`t help the legacy of the Jacksons. And obviously, the most important thing that`s at stake here, these three children right in the middle of the battle.

Michael always wanted to have his kids to have normal lives, really shielded them from the spotlight very famously, of course.

But now, with this family feud, Paris and Prince are, as you said, tweeting like crazy. They`re more exposed than ever, Stephen. You know, you have two teenage daughters.


HAMMER: Can you even imagine going through this with your own kids tweeting out? But what kind of impact do you see it having on the Jackson kids?

BALDWIN: Well, it obviously isn`t going to be anything positive if it doesn`t turn out positive. And you know, the thing to me is if you use common sense to the best of your ability here, there`s probably something weird in the will that`s got all of this started.

It can`t just be the money. It`s got to be something weird. But I`m just hoping that the mom steps in, makes the peace, and everybody -

HAMMER: Yes. We`ll remain hopeful with you, Stephen. Megan, Stephen, great to have you both here. And Stephen, I`m going to take advantage of the fact you`re here. Your brother recently talking about the possibility of running for office. I want to get your take on whether you should do it. And would you vote for him? Stick around.

And we`ll also have, tonight, the Kristen Stewart cheating shocker, which had all of blown away. But was it more shocking because she cheated on Robert Pattinson or because she`s a woman?

Well, tonight, we`re counting down the top five women whose cheating scandals shocked us the most. Will Kristen Stewart take the top spot?

Also, tonight, rich kids in their rich homes with their rich parents. Tonight, the Beverly Hills nannies tell all.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need you to organize my milk.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, my god. When Marissa showed me her breast milk, I was like geez. Do you have udder?


HAMMER: So what`s it like behind closed doors in the lap of luxury? Well, Marika Tsircou, the star of "Beverly Hills Nannies" is right here, spilling secrets of the rich and famous. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Sheryl Crow`s life threatened by a fan. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has just obtained the restraining order filed by Sheryl Crow. Phillip Gordon Sparks has been ordered to stay 100 feet away from the nine-time Grammy winner after allegedly threatening to shoot her.

Crow claims the 45-year-old man has also accused her of taking money from him and breaking into his house. Crow is said to be pursuing a three-year protective order in a hearing that`s going to happen on August 14th.

Coming up next, Stephen Baldwin reveals whether or not his brother Alec is pursuing politics.


HAMMER: Tonight, loving the bad man. Stephen Baldwin is many things and has certainly seen his share in Hollywood as a former self-confessed Hollywood bad boy turned born-again Christian and coming from a famous family that, I have to imagine, has to have these rambunctious family meals when they talk politics.

But Stephen only seems to hold his own. Stephen is starring in his brand- new faith-based movie called "Loving the Bad Man." He`s with me in New York. Good to have you back on.

BALDWIN: Love me, A.J. Love me.

HAMMER: Well, as much as we can kid around, "Loving the Bad Man" is some serious subject matter -

BALDWIN: Absolutely.

HAMMER: About a young woman who is raped, becomes pregnant, and she forges this bond with her attacker while he sits in prison.

BALDWIN: Correct.

HAMMER: Why should people see this?

BALDWIN: Because it`s a really in-your-face intense drama first dealing with subject matter that affects all folks no matter what your faith.

This one just happens to be with the storyline of a Christian girl who decides, "Wait a second, Mom, Dad, you raised me a certain way. I`m going to do what I believe my faith calls me to do." And it`s quite controversial.

HAMMER: Did it give you pause though? The character certainly must have at least because you have two teenage daughters, right?

BALDWIN: Correct.

HAMMER: Can we see? We have a picture of Hailey, I believe, with you on the red carpet. There you are. You know, this is a couple months back, but have you given advice to her about dealing with the dynamic of being part of such a famous family? Because it`s a tough road to navigate, as we`ve seen.

BALDWIN: She was just dancing at Miami City ballet summer program, went across the street to the W Hotel`s beach and TMZ was photographing her on the beach.

HAMMER: Of course.

BALDWIN: So yes, I mean, you kind of figure it out as you go. But I think my wife and I are quite pleased with the fact that we raised two level- headed, I guess, industry teenagers.

You know, they`ve been exposed to this, you know. Uncle this and uncle that. They`re handling it pretty well. So far so good.

HAMMER: Well, I was mentioning the fact you must have this rambunctious Baldwin family dinners especially when politics comes up. And you know, you and I have talked about it before, Alec possibly running for office one day. He seems to be getting closer to alluding to the fact he might do it.

He recently told "Vanity Fair" that he actually would like to do it, but he can`t figure out in what capacity. He`s talked about running for the mayor of New York City. What do you think he should do? Do you think he should run for mayor of New York City?

BALDWIN: I think he should enjoy himself which is seemingly the path he`s on now. He`s newly married, getting ready to finish up "30 Rock." And I think he`s got plenty of time to do that and I think he should do that.

I think he would do a great job. Not sure which one, what it is, but -

HAMMER: Would you vote for him even if he`s not part of your political affiliation?

BALDWIN: A.J., Alec`s got my vote.

HAMMER: OK. That`s very good to know. We have it right there. All right. Stephen, great to see you. Make sure to check out Stephen`s new movie. It`s called "Loving the Bad Man." It`s out on DVD right now. Always good to have you here.

BALDWIN: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, we move on to women who cheat. It`s fascinating. Most cheating headlines certainly come from some Hollywood`s leading men.

What about the women who cheat? You know, LeAnn Rimes, Britney, even Tori Spelling. These ladies have proven that it`s not just men who cheat.

But which one of them had the most surprising cheating scandal of them all? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s counting down the top five women whose cheating scandals shocked us. But which of these unfaithful females shocked us the most? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Time now for the SHOWBIZ buzz list. Here`s what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing about this week. We`re loving Pink`s new single. It`s called "Blow Me One Last Kiss." It`s produced by Kelly Clarkson. Pink`s new album will "The Truth About Love," will be out in September.

From Harlem to Ethiopia, we are taking a delicious journey with famed chef, Mikael Samuelsson in his new memoir called "Yes, Chef."

We`re addicted to Akinator The Genie. You`ve got to try to outsmart this genie with this cool, cool app and keep them guessing about characters that are on your mind.

We love 50 Cent`s new single "New Day." It`s with Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys off 50`s upcoming album, "Street King Immortal." And we`re strapping in for a theatrical thrill ride. Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale are in "Total Recall" out Friday.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: They tried to take me.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I`m sorry. I can`t breathe.


HAMMER: Tonight, Colin Farrell`s total redo. SHOWBIZ is on location with the former drug addicted bad boy who tells Nischelle Turner he`s now addicted to being healthy and getting fit for "Total Recall."


NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: It seems you`re trying to do the health thing pretty good.

COLIN FARRELL, ACTOR: I need to. I really do. I live in extremes. I`ll go home to Dublin and I`ll eat absolute (EXPLETIVE DELETED) for like - really, I`ll eat kebab, fish and chips, butter - lashings of butter on bread and you know - so I`ll do that then I`ll come back and I`ll clean my system out.

TURNER: That actually sounds like a pretty good meal.

FARRELL: Honestly - seriously, yes, yes, yes. I have potato chip sandwiches and nonsense stuff that you should be eating maybe once a month when you`re six, if you`re lucky, as a treat.

TURNER: Didn`t I read, though, that -

FARRELL: Binging -

TURNER: Didn`t I read though you kind of like the gym?

FARRELL: I love the gym.

TURNER: You do?

FARRELL: Yes, yes, yes. I do. I do. I do now. I can`t say that I love - it`s funny. It`s broken up. It`s not just one blank experience. I don`t love running on a treadmill.

TURNER: Me neither.

FARRELL: I really don`t, but I love the feeling after it.

TURNER: Me, too.

FARRELL: So it`s kind of worth it. You know, I like going to the gym. I like the ritual of actually going somewhere whether it`s a gym in a hotel. I love the ritual of it. I love the time for myself type of thing.

TURNER: What did you do for this film? Because I mean, it looked like you had to do some strenuous stuff.

FARRELL: I got on the treadmill a lot on this one. And I lifted a lot of weights. And I boxed a little bit and I just sparred. Just with gloves, I mean. And that was it, really.

Yoga, I`ve been doing for a good while, a couple years, anyway, before this. So I just get in the gym. I knew it was going to be a long shoot.

It was a six-month shoot. I knew there was going to be a kind predominant aspect of what would be the experience of telling the story was the physical aspect.


HAMMER: Wow. I love it. That is something you definitely would not have heard all that long ago. Colin Farrell actually talking about health and fitness.

Let me bring in SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner who is in Hollywood tonight.

So Nischelle, I`m sitting here, having talked to the guy many times in the past when maybe he wasn`t so quite into fitness. Hard for me to believe this was the same guy that was going drugs, smoking, and all those other things just a couple years ago.


TURNER: Aside from getting in shape for "Total Recall," what is really driving him to stick to this new healthy lifestyle which it appears he`s doing?

TURNER: OK, A.J., here comes the aww moment, and we`re about to have one. He told "Men`s Fitness" magazine. He also alluded to it to me that he`s doing it really for his kids.

Once he became a dad, he said he realized there was more to life than the partying, drinking, all that other stuff. And he really found something to live for. And that was his sons.

He said his sons saved his life and that`s why he decided to clean up his act. And you know what? I have to say, he did look very clear. He was drinking a green blended juice kind of thing.

He didn`t love it, but he said he`s doing it. And he seems like, you know, he`s in a good space right now.

HAMMER: All right. That gets an aww from all of us. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner - thanks, Nischelle.

As we move on tonight, Kristen Stewart`s shocking cheating scandal took the world by surprise but is it even more surprise because she`s a woman who cheated on her man?

How does K-Stew`s cheating shocker stack up against other cheating Hollywood women? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting them down.

Yes, the top five women whose cheating scandals shocked us. But will Kristen Stewart take the top spot? You will find out next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Hollywood`s most shocking cheating women. Cheating men may grab all the headlines, but plenty of iconic actresses have also been heartbreakers, from Britney Spears to LeAnn Rimes to Tori Spelling.

We`re looking at the most shocking affairs by Hollywood women. So who will take the number one slot on our scandalous SHOWBIZ TONIGHT countdown, women who cheat?

Plus, secrets from "Beverly Hills Nannies."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need you to organize my milk.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, my god. When Marika showed me her breast milk, I was like, geez, do you have udders?


HAMMER: We take you inside the gated world of Beverly Hills to show you what life is like for the nannies who do so much. Marika Tsircou, a star of the new reality series, "Beverly Hills Nannies," is right here to reveal all.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. Tonight, it`s an explosive SHOWBIZ countdown, women who cheat.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: You could get out now and no one could get hurt.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I think if we ended this now, I get hurt.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: So no matter what, someone gets hurt?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Maybe not. Maybe we`ll get tired of each other.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: God, I hope I get tired of you.


HAMMER: Memories. Those scenes from the 2002 movie, "Unfaithful," starring Diane Lane as a wife who has a sexy tryst with a French stranger.

A lot of women love that movie, but are women less likely to be forgiven for infidelity in real life? Oh, yes, we know about Jesses and the Tigers and the Ashtons.

But what about the sexy heartbreakers who crush their men`s hearts and made them suffer public international shame? Tonight, we are counting down the top five women whose cheating scandals shocked us, but which will be number one?

Kicking off our countdown at number five, Kristen Stewart`s steamy rendezvous with married director Rupert Sanders. Now, the latest reports are that Kristen did not have sex with the director.

But you know, whatever the case, Kristen got busted with pictures plastered all over the tabloids. Her never confirmed longtime boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, has reportedly moved out of their home.

And now, the world is waiting to see if the other shoe drops and Rob actually dumps Kristen, if they were in fact ever really together.

With me in New York tonight, Noel Biderman. He`s the founder and CEO of That`s the dating site for people looking for extramarital affairs.

Also with me, Siggy Flicker. She`s a relationship expert, matchmaker and the star of VH1`s "Why am I Still Single?"

And so many people are shocked she cheated on him. Now, Noel, I`m sure you have stats on this. From your experience, is it really that unusual for women to be the cheaters?

NOEL BIDERMAN, FOUNDER AND CEO, ASHLEYMADISON.COM: Absolutely not. You know, they are actually driving this wave of infidelity. Their first big jump, women, the work place.

That`s when they first started having affairs en masse. The Internet is the second big jump and they`re starting to behave more and more like men.

HAMMER: And that`s why your company does so well. I mean, it`s unbelievable. But Siggy, explain to me why it seems to much more shocking when we hear about a woman, particularly women in Hollywood, cheating on a man versus the opposite. Because we`re never really that surprised when it`s the man.

SIGGY FLICKER, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: Well, I think it`s shocking in this case with Kristen. It`s because Kristen`s still in her honeymoon phases. She`s young. She`s 22 years old. He was ready to give her a ring.

Now, this person she cheated with, he`s married. Now, there are a lot of times when you`re married, there could be a disconnect in the marriage. You grow old of being with the same person.

But here`s my concern. Everybody knows A, B, C. Everybody knows the language. When there`s a disconnect in a relationship, all somebody has to do - one of the people involved has to say, "Listen, I`m unhappy right now. I think that we should take a separation and go our separate ways." Why do you have to cheat on somebody -

BIDERMAN: That`s an idealistic notion. It`s not that women cheat less than men. It`s that they`re better about not getting caught.

Sometimes, they don`t carry the same economic burden. They don`t use their credit cards as often. They`re not booking the hotel rooms. And they`re just smarter and savvier about it.

But women behave just like men all the time when given the opportunity. That`s what you`re seeing. So it`s societal beliefs that lead us to be - oh, we`re shocked. But we shouldn`t be.

HAMMER: But truthfully, it is more surprising when we hear about the women than about the men. I mean, I can`t tell you the last time we heard about a guy cheating.

Yes, we`re surprised. But are we shocked? Not usually. And the female cheaters in Hollywood certainly have been around long before there was the Kristen tryst. That brings us to number four tonight.


Yes, cry me a river. Long before Kristen and Rob, the young Hollywood cheating scandal that truly rocked us was Britney Spears stepping out on Justin Timberlake.

Britney allegedly cheated with a backup dancer leading to the end of Brit`s three-year relationship with J.T. Justin cried himself a river.

After their split, he produced the ultimate revenge video there. Noel, did Justin really have to dump Britney and sing that song and make that video about it just to save face? I kind of think he did in a way.

BIDERMAN: I think interestingly enough, men are much less forgiving of potential infidelity in the relationship as opposed to women.

Women do tend to forgive their partners a lot more often than men do when physical intimacy ends up bleeding over. But I think youthful indiscretion is part of the factors here with a lot of these actresses and singers we`re seeing. They`re young. That`s part of the decision-making that`s coming into play.

HAMMER: It didn`t surprise you, did it, when he made that video? I thought good for him. He was heartbroken.

FLICKER: I say, good for him, once again inviting negative energy and karma into your life. It doesn`t matter who cheated on who. Whoever is the one who cheated is going to have to end up dealing with the karma.

And Britney Spears had five years of - negative five years until she found her way back.

BIDERMAN: This is Hollywood. This is about power. Kristen has emerged now as the alpha in this whole. She had the affair.

She did it behind his back. He was the more popular celebrity. She`s going to turn into the more popular celebrity because of this behavioral pattern.

FLICKER: No, she`s going to be known to be the stupid celebrity, not the smart one. She lost a good man. We will see. Cheating - it doesn`t matter if she cheated or he cheated.

BIDERMAN: You don`t know if he`s a good man. You`re not behind closed doors.

FLICKER: I know for a fact he`s a good man.

HAMMER: Listen, karma`s a B. We know that to be true no matter where it plays out in life. But let`s move on right now, because we must get to our number three spot.

America`s sweetheart becomes a heartbreaker. Meg Ryan`s on-set affair with Russell Crowe. This happened back in 2000.

They were starring together in "Proof of Life." Meg was still married at the time to Dennis Quaid. Meg divorced in 2001 from Dennis, later claimed that Quaid had been a long time cheater.

Back in 2008, Meg Ryan told "In Style" magazine her affair and divorce were, as she put it, incredibly liberating. She said, "I was utterly free. I didn`t have to care about what people thought."

Now, Noel, I think that women in Hollywood do feel like Meg did after she had that affair. It kind of becomes the first day of the rest of their lives. And a lot of them are unapologetic for it as a result.

BIDERMAN: Well, especially in that instance. If it was, indeed, a reciprocal affair, meaning that her partner strayed first and this was something that had been a long time building, that becomes a reason enough for a lot of these women to pursue an affair.

HAMMER: Now, Siggy, the thing is - let`s talk about that as it applies to Kristen Stewart. I don`t think that Kristen Stewart - I get the impression she actually really thinks she screwed up.


HAMMER: And I don`t think she`s saying, "This is the first day of the rest of my life." She has nothing but regret right now.

FLICKER: Right. Listen, with Meg - what happened with Meg is that - and I agree with Noel on this one. With Kristen, why it`s shocking - it`s not because she`s a woman who cheated. It`s because she`s young and in love.

She had no reasons to cheat on Robert. She had no reasons to do it. It was a stupid move on her part. She wasn`t married to him for 10 years. He was getting ready to propose to her.

For her to have an affair with a married man was stupid on her part. She made a mistake.

BIDERMAN: She`s human. She`s working in a really intense environment, a ton of pressure. That person that she`s working with is charismatic, a leader. It`s her superior.


BIDERMAN: She fell into the trap that so many people do, which is they have a workplace affair. It`s very common. Don`t fault her for that. She`s human.

FLICKER: She had issues with Robert`s behavior with other women. She was a very, very jealous girlfriend. I`m sorry -

HAMMER: All of that, reportedly. We don`t know that for sure.

FLICKER: Yes, I do know that for sure. OK, but let`s say reportedly. But I`m just saying, in that case, let`s say we don`t know it. Call him up and say, "You know what honey? I`m feeling unsure about the relationship."


HAMMER: That`s idealistic. Listen, that`s all great, but we`re minutes away from number one tonight on this scandalous edition of the SHOWBIZ countdown, women who cheat. I know it`s got you thinking now who could it be? The SHOWBIZ countdown continues, next.

But now, we move on to the shocking price tag for Jay-Z`s and Beyonce`s blowout summer pad in the Hamptons. It`s a 31,000 square-foot mansion with a 60-foot heated pool, a rock climbing wall. Of course, it`s got a recording studio.

But the biggest thing of all at this retreat is the price tag. I reveal just how much it is, next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top five women whose cheating scandals shocked us. Let me run back where we are so far.

Number five, Kristen Stewart`s steamy rendezvous, the cheating scandal that shocked the twilight out of all of us.

Number four, Britney spears makes Justin Timberlake cry. Brit`s cheating ways led to Justin`s scathing revenge video for "Cry Me a River."

And Meg Ryan goes from sweetheart to heartbreaker after her on-set affair with Russell Crowe. Meg rounds out the list so far at number three.

It`s getting good now. That brings us to number two on the SHOWBIZ countdown, women who cheat. Tori`s tawdry affair.

Remember this? Just months after her lavish wedding, Tori Spelling had an affair with Dean McDermott while they were filming a TV movie together. Dean left his wife and his children, including an infant daughter, for the woman he called his soul mate.

Well, four kids and one reality show later, Tori and Dean are still together.


DEAN MCDERMOTT, ACTOR: When we signed on to do a reality show, we like, "You know what? We`re going to do this for real, warts and all." And you know, what people see is what they`re going to get.


HAMMER: Well, Tori and Dean have one of these rare reality marriages that seems to be working despite their sordid history.

Back with me in New York, Noel Biderman, founder and CEO of That`s the dating site for people who are looking specifically for extramarital affairs. Also with me, Siggy Flicker, who is a relationship expert and a matchmaker.

So Noel, I`m curious. Did Tori`s notoriety as a husband stealer kind of fade with time because her marriage with Dean seems to be so solid?

BIDERMAN: I think that`s exactly right. And turning a tryst with a lady into something that doesn`t usually end up from an affair. It started somewhere but ended up in something being true love.

You know, as a fellow Canadian I felt for Mary Jo Eustes in that situation and her family. But ultimately, that`s the nature of the beast, right? She fell in love. He fell in love. And now, you have a new marriage as a result of it.

HAMMER: Yes. It was ugly, but for some reason, people don`t seem to really hold it against her.

FLICKER: No, because they actually made something work. They started out shaky, but they`ve had longevity and they`re doing well together. Good for them.

HAMMER: All right. I`m sure you`re now wondering who could quite possibly top the SHOWBIZ countdown of women who cheat.

Well, that honor goes to none other than LeAnn Rimes. That`s right. Much like Kristen Stewart, it was a single picture that just blew LeAnn`s secret love with Eddie Cibrian sky high.

Now, if you remember how it all started, they denied it. But then they both divorced their spouses and now they`re married to each other.

And I have always felt that because they denied the affair at first even though the paparazzi caught them in the act - I mean, it was a silly thing to do. But that`s part of the reason that LeAnn and Eddie`s affair just ticked so many people off. Noel, are you with me on that?

BIDERMAN: Yes. It does, I understand that. But again, you`re dealing with human nature. If you cut people, they bleed. If relationships aren`t going well, we`re not looking behind their closed doors.

This is what tends happen. People tend to astray. Sometimes they want to line something up before they have the courage to just leave. And so they dabble. They dip their toe into the infidelity pool and this is what they come up with.

HAMMER: Ah, yes, but it`s so much easier when you`re not in the public eye and you have fans and people who are going to be ticked off.

And to this day, I still see the traffic online sometimes when their names come up and people throw the worst kinds of names at them.

BIDERMAN: They will forever be synonymous with cheating, yes.

FLICKER: Very negative, because once you`re a liar and you deny and deny and deny, you`re setting up a precedent for your future. They`ll never going to be able to repair their status. Never. They`re never - once a liar, always a liar.

HAMMER: Well, given the evidence we presented to you tonight, was there any other choice for number one on this particular countdown, Noel?

BIDERMAN: Elizabeth Taylor.

HAMMER: Well, you know, that`s a whole different game and a whole different era.

BIDERMAN: This has been a long time coming. Generations have behaved this way. This isn`t something new.

FLICKER: It isn`t something new. I agree.

HAMMER: I appreciate your unique insight, both of you. Thanks for being here. Siggy, Noel, thanks a lot.

Well, we move on now to the secrets of "Beverly Hills Nannies." Do you ever wonder what it`s really like to be a super-pampered kid in the super-rich world of Beverly Hills?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need you to organize my milk.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, my god. When Marika showed me her breast milk, I was like, geez, do you have udders?


HAMMER: Yes, this stuff - it really happens. And tonight, we are taking you inside the bubble of nannies, mansions, and private schools.

Marika Tsircou a cast member on ABC Family`s new reality series, "Beverly Hills Nannies," is right here. And she will be revealing all. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



HAMMER: That, of course, is hip hop`s royal couple Beyonce and Jay-Z performing their hit single, "Crazy in Love." And there is a brand-new report today that the pair has just rented an unbelievable Hamptons mansion for a whopping $400,000 a month.

Just take a look at this place. It`s got a theater, a bowling alley, rock climbing wall, a children`s performing area, of course. You know, sometimes I think it`s simpler to rent no matter the cost.

Well, move other housewives. The Beverly Hills nannies are taking over reality TV with an all-new series that`s revealing what it`s like inside the glamorous world of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills.

And for these nannies, the focus is not just on the kids but also on the catering to the very special needs of the wealthy parents.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need you to organize my milk. I need it organized by date and by ounces. So like this is March 14th, three ounces. This is March 13th, two ounces. I`ve done some small increments and some, like, you know, six and seven ounces.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you stocking up for the apocalypse?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These are workhorses here.


HAMMER: You know, everybody`s got a system, I guess. Who better to take us inside that world than Marika Tsircou, a mom and cast member on "Beverly Hills Nannies"? It airs Wednesday nights on ABC Family. Good to have you here, Marika.


HAMMER: You`re welcome. So you first started with, as you called, a nanny/lady sitter. And we saw just there you had him sorting out breast milk, helping with the dog.

So are you somebody who considers yourself one of those new moms that we see dishing out kind of a bizarre list of requests for the nannies? Nothing is off limits?

TSIRCOU: Well, yes. I mean, if I`m going to have someone in my home helping me - I am a stay-at-home mom and, as you can see, I am breast- feeding.

So I`m there with my baby most of the time. So if I`m going to have somebody in my house helping, I need them to do, you know, some extra things around the house, because it`s not only about the baby, as you said.

HAMMER: That`s an intense filing system you have for the milk. How`s that working out for you?

TSIRCOU: It works fantastically. I have a deep freezer, because then the frozen milk will stay for 12 months instead of three to five months.

HAMMER: Oh, my goodness.

TSIRCOU: So I highly recommend it for all breast-feeding moms out there.

HAMMER: Listen, you need to develop an app or something to organize that.

TSIRCOU: I`m an organizer. That`s a good idea, A.J.

HAMMER: Well, listen, I get a little cut of that. You needed a nanny to take care of your son, handle your needs as we`re talking about and do it all in front of the cameras which has to have made it pretty tough to find that person. Let`s watch a bit of the search that you did.


TSIRCOU: Come in and sit down.


TSIRCOU: We loved him as our lady sitter/assistant - and dog-sitting. He was great with the doggy. He didn`t know how to change a diaper.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Come on. You can`t go for a nanny job without changing diapers.

TSIRCOU: Did you bring a resume?



HAMMER: Well, seemed to be a pretty good candidate. Guess she didn`t get the job. But Marika, here you are. You`re a first time mom. It`s your first experience with a nanny. Were you at all worried in the process about putting your son on television?

TSIRCOU: You know, he`s so little. He was eight months when we were shooting this. And the producers called me in September and really wanted me to do a show.

And at first I said no, and they kept calling and pestering me and David Shay and Alex Baskin and Doug Ross at Evolution.

And eventually, I thought, you know what? Might as well. I`ll always wonder if I don`t do it, what could have been. I think it`s kind of like having a home video on HD. So when he gets older, he can look at this and will look back on it as just a fun experience in life. So we figured why not.

HAMMER: Well, good. That`s a healthy way of looking at it. I wish you the best of luck with your nanny. We`re going to be interested to see how it all works out. Marika Tsircou, thank you very much.

TSIRCOU: Thank you so much.

HAMMER: And you can catch "Beverly Hills Nannies" every Wednesday night on ABC Family channel.

Well, we move now from shocking tales of Beverly Hills nannies to a "Real Housewives" shocker across the country in New Jersey. Tonight, we`re going to show you why "Housewives" star, Teresa Giudice`s husband may actually be spending some serious time behind bars.


HAMMER: Tonight, fans of the epic "Hobbit" movies rejoice. We`ve got the announcement that the blockbuster franchise is going to become a trilogy. Plus, doing real time. The "Real Housewives" husband who could be spending the next decade behind bars.

And brand-new Fred Willard fallout after that lewd conduct charge at an adult movie theater. That tops "The Buzz Today."


(voice-over) Fred Willard`s faux pas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, here`s your host, Fred Willard.

HAMMER: Just two weeks after Fred Willard`s arrest for lewd conduct, ABC has pulled the plug on his improv show "Trust Us With Your Life."

A spokesperson for ABC tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the remaining two episodes have been pulled from the schedule. The 72-year-old was let go from narrating the PBS series, "Market Warriors" soon after his arrest.

"Real Housewives" in jail? "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice might be spending time in jail visiting her husband, Joe.

Joe Giudice rejected a plea deal Monday after being accused of obtaining a fake driver`s license after his was suspended due to a DUI.

A brand-new report by "Radar Online" says Giudice will return to court on October 1st and could face up to 10 years in prison.

Three is the magic number for "The Hobbit." Director Peter Jackson has just announced that his long awaited adaptation of JRR Tolkien`s "The Hobbit" will be a trilogy.

In a statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Jackson says, "We were really pleased with the way the story was coming together, in particular, the strength of the characters and the cast who have brought them to life, all of which gave rise to a simple question, do we take this chance to tell more of the tale?"

And the answer from our perspective as the film makers and as fans was an unreserved yes." The first installment of the trilogy, "An Unexpected Journey," is set to hit theaters in December of 2012.


And I know a lot of people are looking forward to that.

Well, moving on to brand-new details in the Drew Peterson case tonight. Why the former cop`s attorney says that he`s being framed for an accident. So was the death of Peterson`s first wife really an accident? Well, Dr. Drew has the very latest right now.