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Jennifer Lopez`s Mistakes?; The Great Gypsy Mysteries; Batman Premiere; Top Hollywood Controversies; The Obama in Kiss Cam; Suri Under Siege; New York Superhero; Frank Talk

Aired July 17, 2012 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, Cruise reunion. Tom Cruise is back on daddy duty. Reunited with his little girl Suri for the very first time since his split from Katie. So just how long do father and daughter have together and what was that first face-to-face visit like?

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Countdown" includes the biggest controversies in Hollywood breaking today. From Suri Cruise under siege to the ex of Kim Kardashian`s ex going after Kim big time. Talk about nasty.

But first tonight, uh-oh, J.Lo. Now if you thought there was even a possibility that Jennifer Lopez is perhaps thinking about getting back together with her soon-to-be ex-husband, well, forget about it because the 42-year-old J.Lo is thinking about getting married again. Perhaps to her 25-year-old boyfriend.

She pretty much said so in a startling new interview reveal today. But will she be making a huge mistake? And what would be her biggest three mistakes this week alone?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting them down.


JENNIFER LOPEZ, SINGER: It can be difficult for anybody who has to stand by my side, but at the end of the day, I know that I deserve that.

HAMMER (voice-over): This morning on "Good Morning America" Jennifer Lopez, sitting next to her tour partner Enrique Iglesias, spoke out about her young boyfriend, Casper Smart, who also happens to be the choreographer of her tour.

CASPER SMART, JENNIFER LOPEZ`S BOYFRIEND: Sometimes I tell her something, you know, give her a note.

HAMMER: And we also heard from Casper Smart himself, talking about what it`s like to work with his girlfriend/boss.

SMART: She`s the boss.

HAMMER: And in the interview that aired this morning, J.Lo even discussed the "M" word.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Are you open to getting married again?


HAMMER: Forty-two-year-old J.Lo and her 25-year-old boyfriend in a piece that was revealing, sweet, slightly romantic, and well, we have to say it.

JO PIAZZA, AUTHOR, "CELEBRITY, INC.": Very cringe worthy.

HAMMER: Yes, you have J.Lo talking about marriage and gushing about her boyfriend who fairly or unfairly is still dismissed in the celebrity media as a boy toy. It`s just one in a series of eyebrow raising moves J.Lo`s been making.

PIAZZA: You can`t help but think what the hell is going through Jennifer Lopez`s head?

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT counts down J.Lo`s top three mistakes of the last week. Number three is not Casper related. It`s her decision last week to leave "American Idol." J.Lo talked about it again in her ABC interview, parts of which aired today on "Good Morning America" and "Nightline".

LOPEZ: I have decided to move on. I love them. They love me. And it`s hard when I feel like I should move on.

PIAZZA: Leaving the show right now is a huge mistake for Jennifer Lopez.

HAMMER: Jo Piazza, author of "Celebrity, Inc." tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT whatever the reason, it was a mistake for J.Lo to walk away from "Idol."

PIAZZA: That show helped to breathe life into J.Lo`s brand which frankly was becoming a little bit stale.

HAMMER: True. Being on America`s number one show for two seasons helped boost J.Lo`s music and other projects to a tune of an estimated $52 million over the last year.

PIAZZA: Before J.Lo moved to "American Idol," she had slipped from the A- list, the B-list and frankly was on her way to the C-list. I think leaving the show now could serve to put her right back on the B-list.

HAMMER: J.Lo`s second biggest mistake in the last week? Letting Casper do interviews.

SMART: It was just very, you know, natural. How it happened. There was nothing before. No flirting, no nothing. It just -- it was just natural. It just happened.

PIAZZA: Jennifer Lopez is a recently divorced mother of two. And now she`s trotting out this boy toy to do interviews.

HAMMER: Jo Piazza tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, it`s hard not to see J.Lo`s relationship with Casper, which started within months of her split from Mark Anthony, as anything more than a post-divorce fling. Not someone you trot out in a national TV interview.

PIAZZA: Makes it seem like Jennifer is trying to apologize for immediately shacking up with this hot young stud right after the divorce.

HAMMER: And that brings us to the number one mistake J.Lo made in the last week. Talking about marriage in that ABC interview that aired today.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Are you open to getting married again?

LOPEZ: Yes. For me the biggest dream is the fairy tale.

PIAZZA: There`s something a little bit unsettling about a thrice divorced mother in her 40s saying, I still believe in the fairy tale. Fairy tales are for little girls. It`s perfectly fine for Lopez to believe in true love, but saying she still believes in the fairy tale makes her seem a little bit ridiculous.

HAMMER: And when you look at J.Lo`s three marriages and numerous relationships, one pattern emerges. They all seem to come within months of each other.

PIAZZA: Jennifer Lopez`s problem is that she just loves to love. She can`t be single. She`s constantly marrying the rebound guy.

Hey, J.Lo, maybe you don`t have to marry this one.

HAMMER: So that`s three big mistakes in just a few days for J.Lo. Goes to show you that anyone can have an off week.


HAMMER: Well, you know, we all make mistakes. But it`s really how we recover that makes the difference, right? With leaving "American Idol," launching a world tour, and basking in her relationship with Casper Smart, I`m thinking Jennifer Lopez has some big life altering decisions ahead.

Let me bring in "Inside Edition" correspondent Megan Alexander. She`s with me in New York. And from Atlanta tonight, there he is, actor and comedian, Bill Bellamy, whose spectacular Showtime Special "Crazy Sexy Dirty" is out on DVD today.

We`ve got some really stunning new revelations today on ABC`s "Good Morning America" from both J.Lo and Casper. Wow. Seeing them together, revealing how the relationship started and perhaps a big hint about where it`s going. Let us watch that together now.


SMART: It was just very, you know, natural. It was nothing before, no flirting, no nothing. It just -- it was --


SMART: It was just natural. It just happened.

LOPEZ: It can be difficult for anybody who has to stand by my side, but at the end of the day, I know that I deserve that.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Are you open to getting married again?

LOPEZ: Yes. For me, the biggest dream is the fairy tale. I will never give up on that dream.


HAMMER: Well, first of all, a little credit to J.Lo for copping to how tough it can be to stand by her side. But, Bill, off to you first. What do you think? Smart move for Jennifer to have Casper right there with her on TV sharing personal details about the relationship?

BILL BELLAMY, ACTOR AND COMEDIAN: You know, I`m -- I love J, man. I just think that, you know, she`s going through a lot. You know, she`s got companionship right now. She`s going through her second divorce. Just a lot. She`s got little kids. He`s in the right place. Matter of fact, any guy that`s a backup dancer, this is your move.


BELLAMY: Be a backup dancer. You can get to the promised land. Listen to me. I`ve seen this happen about eight times. You dance, then you --

HAMMER: Well, hold on a second. Does memory serve me, wasn`t Kevin Federline a backup dancer?



HAMMER: All right. Let`s not talk about him. Listen, you heard J.Lo. She says, I still want the fairy tale. That takes us right to our "SHOWBIZ Flash Point."

Bring it on, Charles. Should J.Lo marry for a fourth time? Good idea or bad move? Megan?

MEGAN ALEXANDER, "INSIDE EDITION": I don`t know. I was very mixed in this interview, A.J. First of all, J.Lo reminded us why she`s a superstar. She puts herself number one. And three relationships have failed and I think it`s because, A.J., for a lot of these superstars they can`t compromise. And that`s what marriage is all about. It`s 50-50, give and take. In that quote she says, it`s difficult for anyone to stand by my side but at the end of the day I know I deserve it.

What does the guy deserve? You know?


ALEXANDER: So I think it`s working out for her and Casper because he`s younger and she can boss him around. J.Lo likes that.

HAMMER: Well, and he accepts who she is and she`s honest about who she is. Although, you know, how you felt about this interview, when Jo Piazza said cringe worthy, I saw you.


HAMMER: And you said, yes.

ALEXANDER: It was at times. Yes.

HAMMER: Bill, how about a little advice for J.Lo here? Do you say take the plunge or take your time, Jennifer?

BELLAMY: I would definitely take her time. There`s no need to rush. As we`ve all seen, that you know, she definitely is a romantic obviously. But she just don`t know how to do it well. So just chill. You know, maybe do some texting. Maybe, you know, you guys go for some ice cream. Keep it mild.

HAMMER: You know, I keep having these images flash in my head of Ben Affleck when they were dating and he all of a sudden was dressing like Mr. Hip hop man and that was so strange and odd.

BELLAMY: Right. Yes.

HAMMER: Our SHOWBIZ Facebook page blew up today when we asked about this. I want to read one comment that came in from Jowinn K., who says, "She`s always so powerful and successful, and that may cause their marriage to end up being overshadowed by her greatness and fame." Which I think is a great point from our Facebook friend who already seems to have the two of them married off.

Look. We know that Hollywood marriages are tough. We see stars always constantly struggling to keep it together with all of the pressure and the spotlight. Remember Kevin Federline. All right.

Megan Alexander and Bill Bellamy -- and I`m not comparing the two, they`re very, very different. Thank you both so much.

If you happen to be in the Atlanta area, be sure to check out Bill at the Uptown Comedy Club tomorrow night.

We go on now to Cruise reunion. Tom Cruise just had his first emotional reunion with his daughter Suri since Katie Holmes filed for divorce. So just how long will the father/daughter reunion last? And is Tom`s first face-to-face contact with Suri going to grab the number one spot on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" Hollywood controversies?

Plus the great gypsy secrets revealed.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You have to understand. Two years from now, maybe a year from now you`re going to get married. It`s our custom.


HAMMER: This is so fascinating. The brand new reality show taking you inside the mysterious world of "American Gypsies." This is the show`s executive producer. Former teen idol Ralph Macchio. And he`s right here to reveal all in a must-see "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview.



HAMMER: Did you see this 6-year-old drummer who has got to be a child prodigy? There he is. His name is Jackson Smith. And you have to see and hear him in action to believe his incredible talent. So here now Jackson jamming along with the Foo Fighter song "Pretender."

Wow. Get this. According to a Web video his family posted on YouTube, Jackson is completely self-taught.

Up next, Ralph Macchio takes us inside the fascinating and mysterious world of "American gypsies."



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can`t marry (INAUDIBLE) ever. Ever. I don`t care who she is. She has to be a gypsy. Has to.


HAMMER: Arranged marriages, home-schooling and fortune telling shops in New York City. Well, tonight former teen idol Ralph Macchio takes us inside the mysterious world of "American Gypsies."

Tonight the great gypsy secrets revealed. You`ve probably walked by those fortune telling shops, but have you wondered what really goes on behind those heavy curtains? Well, the original "Karate Kid" and "Dancing with the Stars" Ralph Macchio took cameras inside the real lives of these gypsies to blast the myths behind their Romany culture. And his new National Geographic docu-series "American Gypsies" debuted tonight.

With me in New York, Ralph Macchio, executive producer of "American Gypsies." It`s great having you here.

RALPH MACCHIO, PRODUCER, "AMERICAN GYPSIES": Hey, thanks for having me, man.

HAMMER: This personally fascinates me because down the street from where I live in New York City is one such shop.


HAMMER: You`ve called this series and this show sort of "Jersey Shore" meets "Sopranos." First, why?

MACCHIO: Well, these -- the personalities of the characters invoke that description. They`re very big, passionate, strong minded, but family -- family comes first, you know? And they respect their elders. And it`s an interesting subculture. I was just fascinated when I saw this footage that was brought to me by two young film students that was following the Johns family.

And the truth is, this is a show about the Johns family. It`s one family and it`s their story in New York and how they`re struggling to uphold the age-old customs and traditions and yet still grasp the brass ring of the American dream and the conflict within their own family.


MACCHIO: So that`s where the "Sopranos" meets the "Godfather" meets --

HAMMER: It`s like kind of this great carnival ride that`s going on. And what`s so interesting to learn about the culture is that they believe that all women within this culture have the gift of psychic powers?

MACCHIO: Yes. They all believe that they all have the gift of psychic powers.

HAMMER: OK. So having spent some time with them, do you believe it?

MACCHIO: Well, I`m kind of a skeptic in the psychic world.


MACCHIO: They also have other -- I will say this. They also have other businesses that they`re involved with, the Johns family. They -- you know, they sell food gypsy -- classic gypsy cuisine which who would ever know. I mean Romany is their -- is what they consider themselves. Gypsy is a slang. And part of the reasons they`ve allowed cameras into their family and their home is to sort of, you know, rebut those negative stereotypes and show that they are a family that just carries on traditions, their own court system, arranged marriages. You know, the home schooling. It`s fascinating.

HAMMER: It`s great -- yes, it makes for great TV.

MACCHIO: Makes for great TV.

HAMMER: Listen, Ralph, let`s -- you know, everybody knows that you also have been blessed with a gift. And that is the gift of perennial youth, it seems. Eternal youth anyway.


HAMMER: And also of being reportedly Hollywood`s nicest guy. I`ve actually been hearing that for years. You did what I thought was a hilarious spoof for "Funny or Die." Can we take a little --


MACCHIO: We should, really. I`m proud of that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, what`s up, Chachi?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s the karate kid.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Next up here, what was he thinking? An unidentified teenager caught on tape in a Hollywood mob brawl.


HAMMER: OK. First of all, let me ask Jay, my stage manager, how old do you think this guy is?


HAMMER: Seriously? You`re 50 years old?

MACCHIO: Yes, I am. It happened.

HAMMER: What is the deal?

MACCHIO: It happened. I know.

HAMMER: I don`t understand.

MACCHIO: I know. It`s wrong. I`m Benjamin Button. What am I going to do? I`m going to be an embryo the next time you interview --


HAMMER: You ever want to cut loose like you did in that video, though?

MACCHIO: It`s fun. That was -- that video was just -- every piece of anything about me that I could spin on my own terms. And that was --

HAMMER: And that`s the only time we`re going to get to see you behaving badly?

MACCHIO: Well, not true. Not true. I`ll try to find something. If I need to promote --

HAMMER: When you do that, we`ll be happy to report on it.

MACCHIO: I`m coming here first.

HAMMER: All right, Ralph. Great to see you.

MACCHIO: Thanks.

HAMMER: And congratulations again on your show.

MACCHIO: Thank you.

HAMMER: It is called "American Gypsies: Rivals at War" and it airs Tuesday nights on the National Geographic Channel.

Well, we must move on to the battle of the exes. You won`t see Ralph mixed up in any of this. Myla Sinanaj and Kim Kardashian may have Kris Humphries in common as an ex. That`s about all they share. Now Myla is telling Kim K. to back off after accusing Kim of spying on her and dragging her into Kim`s divorce drama.

So will the Myla-Kim K. feud take the top spot tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown Hollywood Controversies"?


Time now for the "SHOWBIZ Buzz." Let`s hear what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff have been buzzing about this week. We are going wild for "Political Animals." This is the brand new limited series drama on USA starring the great Sigourney Weaver.

And we found a lot of love for Rihanna`s new fashion line. She`s teaming up with the U.K. company Ripper Island for a small collection.

R&B groundbreaker Frank Ocean`s debut album "Channel Orange" just dropped. It`s already being called a serious game changer.

A "Bachelorette" first. The season finale is Sunday. For the first time ever it is live.

And we are counting down the hours to the premiere of the "Dark Knight Rising" this Friday.


MORGAN FREEMAN, ACTOR: These conversations usually begin with an unusual request.


FREEMAN: Well, let me show you some stuff anyway. Just for old time`s sake.

BALE: I`m telling you.

FREEMAN: You`re retired.

BALE: I`m retired.




ANNE HATHAWAY, ACTRESS: You`re going to wonder how you thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.


HAMMER: Three days until the "Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters. The whole country is in a frenzy over this soon-to-be blockbuster. It`s being called a classic before it`s even made its debut.

SHOWBIZ was on location for the "Batman" premiere in New York City last night and it was superstar power meets superhero power on the red carpet. Movies, they just don`t get any bigger than "The Dark Knight Rises." Neither do the budgets. The final installment of this "Batman" trilogy cost a reported 250 million bucks to make. Part of that super budget, of course, went to the superstar cast of Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, I could go on and on, but I`ll stop now.

Let`s bring in SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner who has much more on this massive blockbuster premiere.

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: A.J., so many A-listers, right? Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT talk with all of the big stars and the one thing that was on all of their minds was the legacy of Heath Ledger who of course won a Posthumous Academy Award for playing the Joker in the "Dark Knight."

And no one felt the pressure to live up to his memory more than Tom Hardy, who plays the villain in the "Dark Knight Rises."


TOM HARDY, ACTOR: What Heath did, that was so incredible and it was brilliant. And unfortunately he`s not with us here today. But if anything, it was -- it`s a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to follow in the footsteps of somebody who was so brilliant. So I`m just grateful to be part of the family, the Batman- Chris Nolan family. And then I got brought in to be the villain in this one.


TURNER: You know, A.J., everyone is wondering how Hardy`s hard core villain Bane is going to compare to the Joker, right?

HAMMER: Yes, I`m sure everybody is thinking about this. And I`m sure his performance is amazing in this, but of course we all know the villain bar, it was set very high by Heath Ledger`s classic Joker.

TURNER: Absolutely.

HAMMER: Also, Nischelle, I understand Anne Hathaway made a little confession to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about transforming herself into Catwoman?

TURNER: Yes, she did. Listen to how much work this took.


HATHAWAY: It was a challenge. It was a very big challenge. I had to transform just about everything about myself. I hadn`t done athletics in a really long time. But I was given a lot of support and time to learn all that so it worked out all right.


TURNER: Anne Hathaway is wearing that cat suit, A.J. She looks incredible. And this role is a real change for her.

HAMMER: Yes, and it really seems that this part of the Batman franchise is definitely going out on top with this epic finale.


HAMMER: Nischelle, thank you so much.

Coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, get ready for this.

Ellen DeGeneres giving Jen Aniston a very unusual makeover. What does this wild new video has to do with Ellen`s 10th anniversary on daytime TV? I am going to tell you coming up.



HAMMER: Right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, caught on tape miracle. The dramatic video of a hero catching a 7-year-old girl as she falls from a third floor apartment window and it`s all caught on tape.


STEVE ST. BERNARD, BUS DRIVER CAUGHT GIRL FROM FALL: I got to see she was still standing there and I just positioned myself. Hopefully I would catch her.


HAMMER: Tonight the story behind a few of the most incredible seconds ever caught on tape.

President Obama`s kissing controversy. The president and first lady get caught on a basketball arena kiss cam, the crowd erupts but not for the reason that you might think.

It`s just one of the controversies in the running for tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Countdown."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" Hollywood controversies. That`s right, we`re counting down the top five most controversial stories making big news today. But which will be number one?

Well, kicking off our countdown, George Lopez versus the sheriff. Now you`re about to hear comedian George Lopez`s F-bomb rant against the controversial some would say infamous Arizona sheriff who is known for being very tough on illegal immigrants.

With me tonight from Atlanta, actor and comedian Bill Bellamy whose great Showtime Special "Crazy Sexy Dirty" is out on DVD today. You must go get it. And with me in New York, June Ambrose, celebrity stylist and star of VH1`s "Styled by June."

Well, let us begin now our SHOWBIZ countdown of Hollywood controversies. Number five, you`ve got to see this. It`s George Lopez just going off on Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio on his new HBO special that just premiered. Watch this.




HAMMER: You can`t even hear what he says and it`s funny. Sounds like an episode of the Osbournes.



HAMMER: What`s your thought there? Nothing but F-bombs from George Lopez in the rant. Well, the sheriff who was the target of that rant wasn`t in a laughing mood when he watched what Lopez had to say and he issued this challenge to George.


SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO, MARICOPA COUNTY: I guess a lot of people cheered when he bad mouthed me, right? I`m sure they`re not going to vote for me, but evidently they all like what this guy is saying. They must like the F word.

Get some guts, come down here, and meet me face to face. Let`s see how you act then.


HAMMER: And by the way, let me point out, this guy, 80 years old.

Bill, to you first. What do you think? I`m personally thinking George Lopez should take the sheriff up on his offer, go down to Arizona, and say it to his face.

BELLAMY: I`m telling you right now, do not sleep on that old man. He seems really feisty. I say you sit down, bring your boys. Bring some Mexicans with you. OK? Don`t go down there by yourself. It`s a setup. This man is tough. OK? And maybe bring him some doughnuts or something. Don`t go down there by yourself, George.

HAMMER: Yes, that would probably be a bad idea, June. Do you think the sheriff should learn to take a joke? I mean, come on.

JUNE AMBROSE, CELEBRITY STYLIST, VH1`S "STYLED BY JUNE": He needs to loosen up a little bit. Maybe send him a nice outfit.


AMBROSE: Maybe some fashion. He needs to cool it.

HAMMER: A little couture perhaps.

AMBROSE: Absolutely. A little couture would help him out.

HAMMER: All right. Well, let`s move on then. From a mad sheriff to a mad ex. Getting straight to number four tonight on our SHOWBIZ countdown of Hollywood controversies.

Breaking today, and number four is Kim K. versus Myla. Kris Humphries had to be celebrating today. Listen to this. Basketball`s Brooklyn Nets just resigned Kris to a two-year $24 million contract. He wasn`t getting that from a reality show. He`s probably not celebrating, however, the fact that his ex-girlfriend is now going after his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Kris` ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj basically told Kris`s ex-wife Kim Kardashian back off. Let me read to you what she tweeted. "Hey Kim Kardashian, why don`t you enjoy your Miami trip and stop sending private investigators to my house? Stop dragging me into your drama."

She followed that up with yet another tweet which is a treat to some, "Subpoena me twice for the same thing. Hilarious."

OK. Myla seems to be implying that Kim is having private eyes follow her around. But really this is probably more about Myla reportedly being subpoenaed by Kim`s camp for a deposition in her divorce.

So Bill, what do you think Kim should tweet back to Myla?

BELLAMY: You know, that`s a tough one because, you know, you got two women kind of not fighting over one guy. But it`s a little messy. It`s like old booty, new booty. You know what I`m talking about?


BELLAMY: So I think Kim should, you know, take the high road, just let it die out. Get her divorce. Get with Kanye. And if she keep talking stuff, just have Jay-Z get him cut from the team.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, we`ve --

AMBROSE: That hasn`t worked. Well, people need to stop using Twitter as an e-mail.



AMBROSE: It`s not -- social media is a place of -- you know, where you should use to build your brand, not destroy it.

HAMMER: I was wondering the same thing, why is she putting that out there other than to perhaps have us talk about it here, so now hey, people know the name Myla Sinanaj.

AMBROSE: That`s right. It`s messy but it`s got -- she`d done good for her.

HAMMER: Yes, but you don`t know it`s necessarily the right reasons, and I`m not of the belief that any publicity is good publicity.

AMBROSE: Yes, I disagree with her.


AMBROSE: I think it`s in poor taste.

HAMMER: Well then let us move on. From a mad ex to a fake princess? Listen to this. Kate Middleton, the cover girl, comes in at number three tonight. Look at that picture. It`s the SHOWBIZ controversy countdown tonight. And this is from "Marie Claire" South Africa`s cover. It looks like the magazine nabbed the duchess for their cover. No. That`s a fake Kate Middleton. Not Kate in her full body there.

You know, she`s not known for doing covers. In fact, she refused to pose for "Vogue" just last year. That didn`t stop "Marie Claire" from Photoshopping her head on to the body of a model. Now as our resident stylist tonight, June, I imagined you`re finding problems with this. Up and down.

AMBROSE: I mean this is insane. I mean she looks very chic, however other magazines are probably thinking why didn`t I think of that? But it`s a very tabloid kind of move. I mean --


HAMMER: Can you do that? Why -- is that -- is that even legal?


HAMMER: Is she that much in the public domain?

AMBROSE: I mean she looks fantastic. It`s unfortunate that it`s not something that she was willing to do so.

HAMMER: Well, Bill, this is what "Marie Claire" is calling this. They`re saying it a hypo-real illustration of Kate meant to be a fan art tribute to fashion`s new royal icon which really may be the fanciest way ever of saying yes, we Photoshopped her head on to a model`s body. Anything wrong with this in your mind?

BELLAMY: In my mind, I`m going to be -- have a more, you know, light sense of humor about it. I just thought that they did it because she can`t pose. You know, a lot of girls don`t know how to take pictures. Hand in the wrong place and they got tired of telling her to turn, turn, so they got a real model`s body like a girl that know what she`s doing. Bang and there you go.

HAMMER: Yes, you know, it could be as simple as that. I don`t know.

AMBROSE: Kate Middleton is a major poser, are you kidding? She`s chic.

HAMMER: Well, there you go.

BELLAMY: Am I wrong? Am I wrong, June?

AMBROSE: You`re wrong.

HAMMER: We`re moving on now, from the royal family to America`s first family. It`s the Obama cam kiss at number two on our SHOWBIZ controversy countdown. And this all started when our president, Mr. Obama, took his wife, Michelle, our first lady, and their daughter Malia to a basketball game between USA and Brazil.

Somehow the first couple got caught on the kiss cam. Now the first time the Obamas won the kiss cam they resisted the urge to kiss. The crowd didn`t like that. They booed. But then the kiss cam operator went back for another try and with a little prodding from his teenage daughter, he planted a smooch on the first lady.

So, Bill, I mean that was an all-star kiss, wasn`t it?

BELLAMY: Incredible. That is the first time that I`ve ever seen the president PDA. Like presidential kiss. It`s right there on the lips. He didn`t miss. He`s a go getter. I would have really looked for some tongue since that`s the first lady -- no?

AMBROSE: He had to go there.



HAMMER: That would be a whole different president display of affection. All right.

BELLAMY: OK. My bad. It`s only your wife -- it`s only your wife, my bad.

HAMMER: Only one story can be number one on tonight`s SHOWBIZ countdown, we have got the big reveal in just a minute. And there is no question in my mind that this guy is number one with the young girl`s family tonight. He`s the New York City hero who caught the little girl after she fell out of an apartment window. Wait until you see this. Remarkably it was all caught on tape. And tonight the hero speaks.


ST. BERNARD: When I got there she was still standing there. And I just, like, positioned myself. Hopefully I would catch her.


HAMMER: Wow. This is the story behind the dramatic video that everybody is talking about. That`s next.



HAMMER: Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top five most controversial Hollywood stories making big news today. Here`s where we are so far. In at number five George Lopez goes on an F-bomb rant against the Arizona sheriff known for his tough stance on illegal immigrants and the sheriff dares to have him say it face to face.

And in number four, Kim K. versus Myla. Kris Humphries ex-girlfriend tells the soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian to back off. Should Kim K. respond? Number three, Kate Middleton cover girl? Kate`s head Photoshopped on the body of a model for the cover of "Marie Claire" South Africa.

In at number two, the Obama kiss cam. Yes, the president and the first lady actually got booed when they wouldn`t smooch on camera at a basketball game. But thankfully they changed their mind.

But only one story can be number one on the SHOWBIZ countdown. Here it is. Suri under siege. Big controversy tonight after a car Suri and Katie Holmes were in had a minor accident with a garbage truck in New York City. This happened after Katie picked up Suri from a gym class in a very public New York City facility.

Ever since Katie revealed that she was divorcing Tom Cruise, she has been out in the public with Suri. Out the zoo, they were out for ice cream, grocery shopping, and of course, you know, they`re always trailed by tons of cameras and paparazzi. They follow their every move.

I want to bring back in actor and comedian Bill Bellamy. His great Showtime Special "Crazy Sexy Dirty" out on DVD today. Also here, you recognize her, June Ambrose, celebrity stylist and star of VH1`s "Styled by June."

And I say, you know what, first of all good for Katie for trying to give Suri a normal life to the extent she can, exposing her to regular everyday things. But we`re also now really seeing the craziness 6-year-old Suri is being subjected to everywhere she goes. I think it`s a tough life and it`s a tough choice.

June, do you feel that Suri is under siege now to the point where maybe it`s not such a good idea and they really need to lay low?

AMBROSE: They need to lay low for a little bit. I`m a mom and I know it`s overwhelming for, you know, this child to be in the public eye. I think it`s excessive and way too much. I think lay low for a weekend, let it die down a little bit. They`re out a lot.

HAMMER: Well, today we got our very first look at Tom Cruise with Suri. This is the first time they`re together since Katie told Tom to get lost. Look at this picture of them together having their big reunion in New York City today.

Bill, wouldn`t you love to be a fly on the wall the first time he comes face to face with Katie if that hasn`t happened already? I mean imagine that conversation.

BELLAMY: It could only be tough. Because right now it`s not a private issue for those guys. You know, everything`s so public. But more importantly I just think it`s important for him to spend time with his daughter. Because, you know, who knows what that effect is? I have children, so, you know, in a situation like that, you know, you got to just put in time. Whatever`s going on with the wife --


BELLAMY: -- or whatever they`re going through, you just got to make the child feel secure.

HAMMER: And, you know, we love seeing the pictures of them together, but I really wish the cameras would just back off.

All right. Got to leave it there, Bill and June. Thank you so much.

Be sure to get Bill Bellamy`s DVD, it`s "Crazy Sexy Dirty," it`s out today. If you`re in Atlanta, go see Bill in person tomorrow night. He`s going to be at the Uptown Comedy Club. And June Ambrose is sharing her style and beauty tips all summer long on

Moving on now to a real-life superhero here in Gotham. Batman has got nothing on this guy. Steve St. Bernard. He`s the guy who saved a 7-year- old girl`s life after she fell three stories out of the window of a New York City building. It`s amazing and the very dramatic video does take your breath away.

But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner has the details of the story behind the SHOWBIZ caught-on-tape miracle. Nischelle?

TURNER: Well, A.J., I could not have described that better myself. But let`s just take a look at this video, OK?

All right. So here is the story. You know, that little girl, she snuck out of her apartment. And what she was doing, she was dancing on the air conditioning unit. And then this crowd gathered, they were just dumb struck. But then Steve St. Bernard who had just come home from work as a New York City bus driver, sprung right into action.

Now this is remarkable. Look at that. What`s even more remarkable, Steve says, don`t call him a hero. Listen to him describe what happened there from his perspective.


ST. BERNARD: I ran over there hoping that she wouldn`t fall. And when I got there, she was still standing there. And I just, like, positioned myself. Hopefully I would catch her. I just said, please let me catch her. Lord, please let me catch her.

I`m not a hero. It`s something that I would always do and I would hope they would do if they had the chance to.


TURNER: I mean, you saw the sling. Steve hurt his arm. But there was not a scratch on the little girl. And you hear him say, I`m not a hero. I was just there.

Come on, Steve. You`re a hero.

HAMMER: Yes, I mean, can you imagine, Nischelle, for a moment what the parents of this little girl are saying to this guy and how they`re going to treat him for the rest of his life?

TURNER: I mean, A.J., we just keep looking at this video. And I know those parents are probably thanking him over and over -- I mean, how do you thank someone, though, for this? I mean there`s not enough thank yous in the world.


TURNER: We see this, it`s just amazing.

HAMMER: Astonishing.

TURNER: It blows my mind every time I see it.

HAMMER: Nischelle, thanks so much. What a great story.

All right. As we move on, he could be the next big thing in hip hop and R&B. But a lot of people got to know his name for doing something unusual in that part of the music world, revealing his love for another man.


AMANDA SEALES, HOST, MTV`S "HIP HOP POV": I`ll be the first to say that in our community we do have a very big problem with homophobia. And especially within the music realm, this is, like, hush hush. Like no one is gay.


HAMMER: You`ve got to see this. Tonight we`re taking an inside look at the first hip hop star to publicly reveal a same-sex romance.

Tonight SHOWBIZ investigates who is Frank Ocean?


HAMMER: Tonight frank talk about Frank Ocean. It has been nearly two weeks since the hip hop artist and producer revealed he has romantic feelings for another man on his Tumblr page. Well, his highly anticipated CD "Channel Orange" is out now in stores. And now the big question, what`s next? Will it go platinum? If it does, is Frank Ocean officially a game changer in hip hop?

With all the controversy and praise surrounding his revelation SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates, digging deeper to reveal who exactly is Frank Ocean. Watch and find out.


HAMMER (voice-over): Just who is Frank Ocean? And how did he seemingly achieve overnight success?

SEALES: This is definitely not an overnight success. Frank has been working a very long time, and he has definitely put in the work to have this album be not just about the controversy but really about the actual context.

HAMMER: Frank Ocean is the stage name for Christopher Breaux. Born 24 years ago in New Orleans. He`s been a member of the hip hop collective Odd Future, and has written songs for Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Jay-Z. The multiple (INAUDIBLE) makers tapped Ocean as a rising star. But he didn`t start generating mainstream buzz until he confessed to having romantic feelings for a man on his Tumblr page.

The date was July 4th, Independence Day.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When you have the courage to be honest, I think you can really hear it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ve been a fan of Frank Ocean before, you know, the whole situation. And I still am.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s good and bad in everything. However, I will say this. Three days ago, I didn`t know who he was. You know what I mean? But now all my friends, you know, are telling me his album is really good.

HAMMER: It was a bold move especially because hip hop and R&B communities have been slow to embrace same-sex relationships. But support rolled in from famous friends. Beyonce even penned a poem in his honor.

SEALES: I`ll be the first to say that in our community we do have a very big problem with homophobia. And especially within the music realm, this is like hush hush. Like no one`s gay.

HAMMER: Insiders tell CNN Ocean is a humble and intensely private man. Who`s opted to do little press and prefers to let the music speak for itself. So we look for clues about Frank Ocean in performances like this one on "Fallon" and watch the charts as his debut album explodes.


HAMMER: And we move on tonight, Jen Aniston gets a special makeover from Ellen DeGeneres. I`m going to tell you what these two are up to next.



JENNIFER ANISTON, ACTRESS: Coming on Ellen`s show is different than doing any other show because Ellen takes care of you from the moment you get here. OK. It is so fun coming here. She`s one of a kind. I love her.


HAMMER: Yes, and she really does that, I think. Did you see this? It`s the wild new ad starring, of course, Jennifer Aniston who is promoting Ellen`s 10th season. Can you believe Ellen DeGeneres has been dancing and charming her way into our hearts coming up on 10 years now on her talk show? And Ellen promises that season 10 will be her biggest yet.

And I`m really looking forward to seeing what she`s got planned when Ellen returns.

And I can`t wait to see this. A talk show legend returns and is breaking new ground on Hulu. Also SHOWBIZ is on location getting secrets from the "Dark Knight Rises." And Charlie Sheen`s amazingly generous honor for our troops.

That great story tops the "Buzz" today.


HAMMER (voice-over): Sheen winning with the troops? Charlie Sheen has just announced he will donate $1 million to the United Service Organization. Sheen`s donation to the military aid organization will come from the profits of his new FX show "Anger Management." In a press release to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Sheen says, "It`s an honor for me to be able to give back to these men and women of the military who have done so much for all of us. I`m just happy that my work on `Anger Management` can bring a little bit of relief to the troops and their families.

SHOWBIZ on location. Anne`s feline transformation. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at the red carpet premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" in New York City where Anne Hathaway revealed to us it was no easy task becoming Catwoman.

HATHAWAY: It was a challenge. It was a very big challenge. I had to transform just about everything about myself. I hadn`t done athletics in a really long time. But I was given a lot of support and in time you can learn all that to work out (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: The return of the king. Larry King is back in the interview seat with "Larry King Now." The 30-minute online talk show will air on Hulu and marks the former CNN broadcaster`s return to entertainment since "LARRY KING LIVE" ended in December 2010 after 25 years. "Larry King Now" is available online Monday through Thursday on


HAMMER: And as we move on tonight, reality star Aubrey O`Day reportedly has mental health issues and her dogs help her cope. Tonight Dr. Drew investigates, starting right now.