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Time`s Up for Sheena Monnin; Timothy Michael Poe Defends His Claims; Crystal and Hef Together Again; Kanye West`s F-Bomb Freak Out; Jenny McCarthy`s New Jim Carrey Heartbreak; Diddy`s Son`s Scholarship; Actor Busted on a Red Eye Flight

Aired June 8, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


NISCHELLE TURNER, GUEST HOST: Tick tock, time`s up. Miss Pennsylvania speaks out as time runs out on Donald Trump`s deadline to sue. Did she apologize for calling Trump`s Miss USA pageant a fraud? Will the Donald give her a second chance or will he sue? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts now.


Hello, everyone. I`m Nischelle Turner in for A.J. Hammer tonight. Reality fake-out. The "America`s Got Talent" contestant accused of lying about being a war hero fesses up that at least part of his story was not true.

But first, tonight, time`s up for the beauty queen who accused Donald Trump`s Miss USA pageant of rigging the vote. Trump gave Miss Pennsylvania USA 24-hours to apologize or he would sue.

And today, the beauty at the center of this battle, Sheena Monnin, spoke out for the very first time telling the "Today" show she is not backing town.


SHEENA MONNIN, MISS PENNSYLVANIA USA: I feel disappointed that he has made some misstatements that he said about me. And I feel prepared to pursue the truth. I know what I heard and I know what I in turn witnessed come true based on what I heard.

The contest said she saw the list, so I`m prepared to continue to march forward. And what I really want out of this is for the truth to be known.


TURNER: So Monnin is not backing down. Well, neither is Donald Trump. Today, his rep told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "The Miss Universe Organization has filed legal action against Sheena Monnin in accordance with its official contract."

"The Miss Universe Organization intends on pursuing all of its legal rights and remedies including monetary damages against Miss Monnin for her ongoing defamatory statements." Well, looks like we`ve got a battle on our hands, don`t we?

With me now in Hollywood, Sheryl Lee Ralph, who is a former pageant contestant and judge. And with me from New York, Ralphie Aversa, who is a judge for the Miss Pennsylvania USA and Miss Connecticut USA pageants, the state qualifiers for Miss USA.

Now, Ralphie, let`s start with you. As someone who worked closely with Miss Pennsylvania USA, Sheena Monnin, what is your reaction to her saying today that she is not going to back down from Donald Trump?

RALPHIE AVERSA, JUDGE, MISS PENNSYLVANIA AND MISS CONNECTICUT USA BEAUTY PAGEANTS: I think there are two big things going against Sheena right now. A, she did not see this alleged list with her own eyes.

So for her to make these claims as she has in the public, and now - you know, not just on Facebook. Now, she has gone to the media and spoken, and also, you know, try to at least back up her claims. That`s her first mistake.

The second, to do it the morning after the pageant when you don`t crack the top 16, again, I still think this is a case of sour grapes.

I mean, what happens if she was on the list, if she makes the top 16 or top five? Is she still speaking out at this time? I don`t think so.

TURNER: Miss Florida USA, Karina Brez, denies Miss Pennsylvania`s version of events. Brez tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in a brand-new statement tonight that her comment about seeing a top five list even before it was decided was just a joke.

So Sheryl Lee, from your experience in the pageant circuit, what do you suspect is going on here?

SHERYL LEE RALPH, ACTRESS: Oh, let me tell you. I love Miss Pennsylvania. Out of 49 losers, that girl turned and figured out how to be a winner.

TURNER: She did.

RALPH: She is all over national TV. Everybody is talking about Miss Pennsylvania. You go, girl. I see a reality show in the making.

TURNER: I never thought about that, but that`s a good point, Sheryl Lee.

RALPH: Come on.

TURNER: We are talking about her today and not talking about the winner. That is very true.

RALPH: In fact, who won? Do you remember who won? Nobody remembers who won.

AVERSA: Olivia Culpo, Miss Rhode Island.

TURNER: All right. But even with Donald Trump`s legal team ready to pounce and they said they`re going to - they filed, too.


TURNER: Miss Pennsylvania says she is sure what she heard was not a joke. She is sticking by her story. Watch what she told the "Today" show this morning. Listen to this, guys.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is it possible you misinterpreted what she said?

MONNIN: Absolutely not.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why are you so sure?

MONNIN: Well, I have many years of psychological training. I know when someone is telling a joke. I know when someone is scared and when someone is serious.

And in my opinion, her body language was very serious and looks a little bit scared because she had just seen something that would potentially drastically change the reputation of the Miss Universe Organization.


TURNER: All right, Ralphie. She claims Miss Florida USA was as serious as a heart attack. Now, I`m asking you again, could there be any truth to this at all?

AVERSA: I`m still saying no. What is she, jockeying for a position on "The O`Reilly Factor" with the body language? Come on. I`m sorry. Listen, again, she is going up against the reputations of Comcast, NBC Universal, Dick Clark Productions, Ernst and Young.

And the biggest thing of all, she`s also going up against the eagle of Donald Trump. I still - as somebody who judged Miss Pennsylvania USA and saw her on that stage and interviewed her one-on-one, I can`t believe it. I can`t.

TURNER: But there is another twist to the story and that`s what pageant officials say, that it wasn`t the fraud claims that sent Miss Pennsylvania USA packing.

The pageant says that Monnin didn`t agree with the organization`s decision to allow transgender contestants to compete.

Now, Sheryl Lee, does her stance on the transgender rule somehow make her fraud claims less believable because she says that`s not the case. That`s not why she is speaking out.

RALPH: No matter what she saw, I want to tell Miss Pennsylvania the way my grandmother told me. Listen now my, dear. Believe half of what you hear and none of what you see.

TURNER: We`ve got have to leave that right there. Sheryl Lee gets the last word and that`s a pretty good one. Ralphie Aversa, Sheryl Lee Ralph, thank you very much.

All right. So I`ve got to move on to the other huge competition controversy. Tonight, the story of possible "America`s Got Talent" faker, Timothy Poe. Poe grabbed the country`s attention by his amazing country voice.


TIMOTHY POE, CONTESTANT, "AMERICA`S GOT TALENT": I got hit by a grenade in Afghanistan, and it broke my back and gave me a brain injury, so that`s the reason why I stutter a little bit.

HOWIE MANDEL, JUDGE, "AMERICA`S GOT TALENT": You have to be so lucky that you are even able to walk.

POE: I sure am.



TURNER: How about that? Then he grabbed headlines even more with his amazing story of heroism in Afghanistan and this although was called into question.

Well, tonight, Timothy Poe is speaking out and defending claims that he was seriously injured in the line of duty.

"New York Post`s" Sean Daly talked exclusively with Poe, and Sean joins me now here in Hollywood for a headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

Now, Sean, you have gotten serious inside access to Timothy Poe. And I have to ask the burning question, because you have spoken with him multiple times. Is Timothy Poe a fake or is he the real thing?

SEAN DALY, WRITER, "NEW YORK POST": Well, he certainly appears to be a fake at this point. Yes. He has got a lot of explaining to do. There is way too many questions that he has answered in the wrong way or not been able to answer at all.

TURNER: But he just provided you with a lot of military paperwork and things like that, I know, documents saying that he was injured in the line of duty while in Afghanistan. Was he really injured like he said he was?

DALY: That REALLY is the burning question we are all trying to get to the bottom of all week long here. The documents are real and they do say that he was injured by a grenade blast.

The question is, whether or not this can be backed up, whether or not he told somebody this and it`s taken on a life of its own or whether there is any sort of support for it. So far the military says there`s no support for it. It`s self-reporting and it`s made up.

TURNER: Now, he`s got this stuttering issue, but it went away while he was singing. And he says that this was caused by a brain injury. Do you think that`s real? I mean, you`ve talked to him multiple times.

DALY: I have talked to him and he does stutter. I do believe he has a stutter. I do believe that he was injured, and I do believe there is some sort of brain damage as a result of the injury.

He claims that it makes him forget things from time to time, and that very well may be true. As far as the stutter on the show, it is common, apparently, for people when they sing for the stutter to go away.

And sometimes, emotions, being frightened or being nervous, can make you stutter even more. I`m not a doctor, but this is what I`ve learned in my reporting for the last couple of days. So I do believe he has a stutter. I don`t believe he`s faking that.

TURNER: You know, there was that contestant on "American Idol" who had kind of a tick, and that went away when he saying. So I guess some of those ailments can go away in the middle of a performance. You know, there was a lot of controversy over that picture -

DALY: Yes.

TURNER: From the Department of Defense Web site that got ran on "America`s Got Talent" and where that came from.

DALY: Yes.

TURNER: At first, Poe falsely claimed that it was him in the field. And now, maybe it was another soldier. And his fiancee says she actually gave them the wrong picture. You know, what did he tell you about that picture?

DALY: OK. Well, what he said was it was a complete misunderstanding, that he was rushing to get the E-mail out, that he was looking at the little thumbnail pictures on their computer screen and not looking at the big picture. And he accidentally clicked the wrong button and sent the thing. I`m not buying it.

TURNER: He`s got an answer for everything.

DALY: He does have an answer for everything. And you know what? If he hadn`t twisted the truth about never singing before, his speech pathologist told him to sing in the shower, maybe we would be able to believe some of this. There`s too many times that he can`t prove it.

TURNER: Let me ask you about this. The judges of "America`s Got Talent" are all fired up now that he may have made up this huge lie.

DALY: They are embarrassed.

TURNER: Howie Mandel, who almost cried when he first heard him perform, just made this statement to TMZ. He said, "I was blown away that I was totally taken in. I`m really angry with this guy."

So Sean, how do you think "America`s Got Talent," the show, should deal with this?

DALY: Well, look. They`ve got to cut him loose. They`ve got to get rid of him. Now, the thing is that he was advanced to the next round, which takes place in Las Vegas. And that was actually taped about six weeks ago.

TURNER: Right.

DALY: So whatever happens to him on the show has already been determined. We won`t find that out until another couple of weeks when they air the episodes. But if does somehow get through the next rounds, the show needs to cut ties with him and let him go.


DALY: There are some people, myself included, who might be interested to see sort of the train wreck of what`s going to happen if he comes back on television again.

TURNER: Yes. That`s right. Yes.

DALY: But this is a family show and their brand can`t be tarnished by this in any way.

TURNER: I would like to see reality television play out in the reality. Sean Daly, really, really good reporting. Thank you. Thank you very much.

So Kanye West loses it on stage. Instead of interrupting somebody else, somebody interrupted him and he gets so upset that he stopped his concert to go on a tirade. Was Kanye justified?

And the original Playboy, Hugh Hefner, reunites with his runaway bride, Hef`s friend and former girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett reveals what is she thinks about the reunion. Should Hef have taken Crystal Harris back?

TURNER: I want everyone to know that the 39th Annual Daytime Emmys are coming to HLN live on June 23rd at 8:00 p.m. I will be right there on the red carpet with all of your favorite daytime stars for a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at 7:00 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN.

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TURNER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Right now, a change of heart. It seems Playboy boss, Hugh Hefner, has put aside his differences with former fiancee, Crystal Harris. Yes, the two are a couple again.

They`re back living together at the Playboy Mansion. Now, you may recall that 26-year-old Crystal Harris dumped him days before their nuptials. Harris then sold off her engagement ring and spilled the beans on their sex life.

But now, well, all is forgiven. And Crystal is Hef`s number one gal once again. Isn`t it all just so romantic? Or could the notorious bachelor just be getting played?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s A.J. Hammer went straight to a Playboy Mansion insider for some answers. Former playmate, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett, is currently starring in her new We TV reality show, "Kendra on Top."

But she first shot to fame as one of Hef`s girlfriends on "The Girls Next Door." Watch as Kendra reveals what believes is a mistake for Hef and Crystal to reunite.


A.J. HAMMER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT HOST: So Kendra, look what`s happening here. Twitter-verse is going crazy about your ex, Hugh Hefner. Hef and his former fiancee, Crystal Harris, both revealing on Twitter that, yes, they are back together again.

Now, when they called off the big engagement and she was the runaway bride last summer, here`s what you said, quote, "He wouldn`t be Hugh Hefner if he got married to her. We have Hef back so I`m glad. I`m happy." So now that they have reunited, how do you feel?

WILKINSON: You know, I don`t know. I`m kind of ashamed. I`m like, "Hef, what are you doing? You have millions of girls that are around you." You know, I guess that`s my message. I want Hugh Hefner back, like I don`t want him to be caught up in this woman. I mean -

HAMMER: Particularly somebody who would leave him at the altar.


HAMMER: I mean, he genuinely seemed upset when that happened, right?

WILKINSON: This situation is totally changing. I feel like his image completely. I feel like Hef built this image throughout all of these years and, you know, being - like he has all of these women that love him. He loves women. But now, this one woman is coming in and just kind of like wrecking it a little bit.

HAMMER: She dismantled the whole operation.


HAMMER: We haven`t seen this. So then, the question is, why is this happening? What`s the motivation? You know, it wasn`t really a nice breakup. Howard Stern had Crystal Harris on his radio show.

And she said some pretty unflattering things about Hugh Hefner, some pretty nasty things at that time, really telling tales out of school which leads a lot of people to believe maybe this is all some kind of a publicity stunt.

WILKINSON: You know, I got caught up in the mix, too. Right after I left the mansion, you know, I was taken advantage of a little bit. And words were twisted up and everything.

People just wanted juice and wanted gossip over what happened right after I left. You know, it`s hard to like, you know, say the nice things after you leave the mansion.

HAMMER: Understandable.


HAMMER: But why then do you think he is taking her back and they are making a big deal of it. Is it for publicity, do you think? Is he that kind of a guy?

WILKINSON: It is definitely not for publicity. I mean, he is a very genuine person. He really loves, you know, these women. It`s true. I just - I can`t even begin to think like why would he take her back, you know. Why? How is she so special? And why, after all that she has done to him, I mean -

HAMMER: It doesn`t seem to me and you know him better than I will ever know him, but that Hef needs to draw attention to himself. It just kind of happens organically anyway.

WILKINSON: No, I don`t think so. I don`t think it`s like that. That is not Hef at all. Like Hef - of course, he knows his image. He is very proud of his image.


WILKINSON: But he also - that`s who he is. Truly, like, he really loves these women.

HAMMER: All right.

WILKINSON: He does. He genuinely loves them.

HAMMER: Maybe he loves her enough that he is willing to let it all go.

WILKINSON: He`s in a very bad situation.


TURNER: All right. Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is not holding back her feelings on Hugh Hefner and his runaway bride. Well, I guess only time will tell if their reunion will last. Doubt it.

OK. Did Jenny McCarthy accuse her ex, Jim Carrey, of turning his back on her son?


HOWARD STERN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Your son will say to you before he goes to bed at night, "Hey, I miss Jim. Where is he?"




TURNER: Talk about heartbreaking. Jim and Jenny split after five years together. So is it unfair to expect Jim to stay in touch with her son? That debate is coming up.

And Rihanna erupts during an interview when is asked about her love life. She tweets, poses for racy photos. Does she have a right to privacy when it comes to her love life?


TURNER: A big stunner from Miley Cyrus this week, announcing her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. It sure was a good week for her.

Well, tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your exclusive look at`s weekly score card of who is up and who is down in Hollywood, all of this determined by online and social media buzz.

So joining me tonight from New York for the reputation rap is`s vice chairman, Howard Bragman.

Howard, OK, big announcement for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth this week, news of their engagement. There`s a lot of people out there, Howard, that are saying, and I think I`m one of them, that Miley is just too young at 19 years old to get married. So why would her reputation be up then?

HOWARD BRAGMAN, VICE CHAIRMAN, "REPUTATION.COM": You know, you and I may think, well, she is a little young. But the fans are liking her. We`ve got this beautiful young Hollywood couple.

And to their credit, they have been together three years. At their age, that`s kind of a lifetime. And I`m just going to say, this month, my parents celebrate 63 years together. And my mother was 18 when she got married, so I wish them as much success as my parents.

TURNER: All right, Howard. I will cop to that. Miley is up, but this is kind of a stunner from John Mayer lashing out at Taylor Swift about her breakup song.

He thinks this is about him. Should John Mayer - I guess the question is - keep his mouth zipped, for lack of a better word, for a while?

BRAGMAN: Nobody is feeling sorry for John Mayer. This is a guy who once called Jessica Simpson sexual napalm. And he goes to "Rolling Stone" and he whines.

Nobody is buying it. You`ve got big negatives this week, John. They like Taylor Swift more than they like you and they feel like you deserved it a little, buddy.

TURNER: Yes. I thought he had changed the corner, Howard, but I guess not. Quickly, what is the biggest surprise of this week? I am hearing Lindsay Lohan?

BRAGMAN: Lindsay Lohan is a surprise. And you know, I want a big round of applause. She is in positive territory.

Those beautiful photos of her as Liz Taylor are really going viral and people are really responding. So she has a chance to turn around and let`s all root for her and hope this works for her.

TURNER: Absolutely.`s vice chairman, Howard Bragman, we appreciate it. Thank you very much, sir.

BRAGMAN: Thanks.

TURNER: All right. OK. What happens when a married man who happens to be a big soap star allegedly hits on a model on a plane? He gets called out on Twitter, that`s what. Just call this one mistakes on a plane, all right?


HAMMER: Kanye West`s F-bomb freak-out. Another onstage rant. This time, he isn`t targeting a fellow celebrity. It`s a fan.

Plus, Jenny McCarthy`s new Jim Carrey heartbreak. Is the former "Playboy" playmate accusing Jim of turning his back on her son?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight, stars strike back. Kanye West lashes out at a fan. Rihanna explodes over relationship questions. And John Mayer slams Taylor Swift.

Pushed to their limits, Hollywood`s A-listers are now sending a strong message tonight. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Tonight, the great debate. Sure, you`ve got to stand up for yourselves, but did the stars go too far?

With me in New York, I`m so pleased to have with me, hip-hop legends, Ed Lover and Dr. Dre, the former hosts, of course, of MTV`s classic hit show, "Yo MTV Raps."

They`re the men behind this incredible new VH1 rap documentary, "Yo: The Story of Yo MTV Raps." It`s set to premiere tomorrow night on VH1. And I understand it almost made Ed Lover cry. Great to see you guys both. So good to have you, my old colleagues, here in the building.

Let`s talk about Kanye West, who`s on tour right now, of course, with Jay- Z. They`re doing their international "Watch the Throne Tour."

And Kanye was on stage in France when a fan with a laser pointer interrupted Kanye`s performance. So Kanye just stopped the whole show. He pointed the guy out in the crowd, and then really let him have it.

Now, Kanye swears quite a bit in what he said, so instead of swearing, I`ll be using this. Here`s what he said, "You see this guy right here with the green laser. Don`t (EXPLETIVE DELETED) with everybody`s show. This is not a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) game. You`re going to get (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up and kicked out."

So there was an extra horn in there. "I didn`t want that (EXPLETIVE DELETED) so chill the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out." OK. You get the idea.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was basically what I would have said.

HAMMER: Right. Exactly. So Kanye upset about being interrupted, which is ironic to me, because he`s always the guy -

ED LOVER, FORMER HOST, "YO MTV RAPS": He`s the one that does the interrupting, usually.

HAMMER: He does the interrupting.

DR. DRE, FORMER HOST, "YO MTV RAPS": That`s the irony of whole situation is that Kanye would stop a show because someone else was heckling. And that`s all it comes down to, being heckled.

And unfortunately, you`ve got to understand something. People pay a price for that ticket to go in and see you. So if you`re doing a show called "The Laser Show," guess what`s going to happen?

People are going to come at you with the laser. Is the fan correct about doing what he`s doing? I`m not certain about that.

But as an artist and a performer, you`ve got to be able to strike - it`s like doing Broadway live. People do crazy things. People have cell phones going off.

Now, like Al Pacino, if you have a cellphone go off on him, he`s not going to bust the Godfather on him, but you`ll never know. On the way out, you might get one.

HAMMER: Honestly, it seems like he was justified, unless the guy was trying to do -

LOVER: I think he was justified, 100 percent.


Yes, when you point a laser in somebody`s face and in their eye and all that stuff, that`s over the top, man. If you come, pay your money, come have a good show, but you`ve got to act accordingly.

You know, you don`t point a laser. Where I come from, that laser, you put that red beam or green beam on somebody`s head, that means something else.

HAMMER: Big trouble. Right. Something else entirely.

LOVER: Yes, that means something else entirely. So yes, I agree with Kanye.

HAMMER: And look, I`m not at all surprised that Kanye, of all people, is going to lash out. But let`s talk from Kanye to Kimye, because Kim Kardashian -

LOVER: Right.

HAMMER: His flame, reportedly out on the tour. We`re talking about two superstars. We`re talking about two pretty big egos here, yet they look quite happy together, Dr. Dre. How do you think they are making this work, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

DR. DRE: I don`t know. She must have something definitely special about what she does and how she does it. Because first, she started out with Ray-J. Then, she went to Reggie Bush.


LOVER: Miles Austin from the Dallas Cowboys.

HAMMER: And what about the other gentleman?

LOVER: Kris Humphries.


DR. DRE: Seventy-two days with Kris Humphries. Whoever`s keeping score?

I`m still trying to figure out, what kind of leprechaun thing does she have going on with herself? I mean, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) but I like her, too. I mean, she`s got something -

LOVER: It`s a snapping turtle, man.

HAMMER: There`s nothing wrong with that. If they`re happy, we`re all happy.


DR. DRE: You know, she`s doing what she needs to do. And actually, she`s getting paid a lot of money for doing it. But I`m still trying to figure out, what does she do?

LOVER: What does she do?

DR. DRE: What does she do?


LOVER: Isn`t my type of hype, man. Isn`t my type of hype. No. I like - my personal joy has got to be my personal joy, not the kind of joy that everybody else (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: She shares it with everybody. And I want to talk about somebody else who does share quite a bit of her private life, at least on Twitter. She`s putting stuff out there for fans - Rihanna.


HAMMER: Now, she`s lashing out over the constant questions about her volatile relationship with Chris Brown. And she got particularly spitting mad during a recent interview that she gave to "Esquire" magazine.

I`m going to need my horn again, so please have it at the ready. "There`s a lot of (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you all can`t get over." That`s what Rihanna`s saying, "You`re all holding your breath on a lot of stuff that doesn`t matter. I am never going to get caught up in that.

"I`m going to look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it. This is turning into a tacky interview. What do you really want to talk about? I`m not here to talk about messy (EXPLETIVE DELETED)."

Yes. And I get that and I understand her wanting to move on. But again, Rihanna tweets about everything she does. She puts out the racy pics. She talks about all the party she is goes to.

What do you think, Ed? Can she still expect her love life to remain private?

LOVER: No. No. No, because you put it out there. Once you set it out there for everybody to see, this is part being of being a superstar.

You have to accept this part of being a superstar. You can`t take the money and the fame and go, "Don`t ask me nothing."

No, it don`t work like that, sweetheart. You`re a superstar. Accept being a superstar. People want to know about every aspect of your life. Stop tweeting. If you don`t want me to know, stop tweeting.

DR. DRE: Real quick, A.J. You can`t go on the cover of "Esquire," half naked, and give half - give the horn - answers.

HAMMER: Horn, please.

Dr. DRE: You can`t do that. You can`t just do that. I`m going to tell you, the moment you decide, "I`m going to put myself in this situation and I`m going to be this and I`m going to be - you can`t now all of a sudden do the retreat when you don`t like the questions."

HAMMER: Right.

DR. DRE: If you`re going to agree to do that interview, answer the questions and keep moving on. That`s all it comes down to.

HAMMER: And you know the questions are coming. And I adore Rihanna.

LOVER: Me, too. I love Ri-ri. Love her.


DR. DRE: But you know your behavior. I enjoy her, too. My son loves her. My son loves her, loves her very much when he goes to the bathroom, too. But the bottom line is - when you`re doing an interview like that -

LOVER: Say no comment.

DR. DRE: You`ve got to say, "I don`t want to talk about that."

HAMMER: There are better ways of answering the question.

LOVER: Say no comment.

DR. DRE: Exactly.

HAMMER: No horn necessary. Let`s move on to John Mayer, because this wild to me.

LOVER: I love this one.

HAMMER: He reveals to "Rolling Stone" magazine that his feelings were hurt when Taylor Swift called him out in a song after a bad breakup. Let`s watch Taylor.



TAYLOR SWIFT, SINGER (singing): Dear John, I see it all now that you`re gone. Don`t you think I was too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress cried the whole way home. I should`ve known.


HAMMER: Guess what? John is not happy about that. Dr. Dre is crying. She was 19 when they dated. He is 34 years old. Listen to John`s reaction to that.

He said, "It really humiliated me at a time when I`d already been dressed down. I mean, how would you feel if, at the lowest you`ve ever been, someone kicked you even lower?"

Now, let me remind you, this is the same guy that spoke quite candidly about all of his sexual exploits with certain people in a "Playboy" interview.

LOVER: Right.

HAMMER: Wouldn`t you say, Ed, this is a little - I don`t know, just a little hypocritical?

LOVER: Yes, super-hypocritical. John Mayer, first of all - I like John Mayer`s music, but swag, you do not have. If you let Taylor Swift`s little song about "Dear John" bother you, your swag is way off base, John.

Get some swag juice. Do something, because if that was Ed Lover, I would be like, yes! I affected this chick so bad she had to write a song about me. I am the man! Absolutely. That`s how I would have handled it.

HAMMER: Dr. Dre, that is what music is all about.

DR. DRE: But for me, I would have been like Marlon Brando in "The Godfather," "Stand up and act like a man!"

HAMMER: Let me tell you something - let me tell you something. I miss having the two of you guys together. So please, don`t go anywhere.


HAMMER: But it`s great to see you both, Ed lover and Dr. Dre. Make sure you check out their new VH1 rap documentary, "Yo: The Story of Yo MTV Rap," premiering tomorrow night on VH1.

Well, here is something that I want to tell everybody about, the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards coming to HLN. It`s going to be live on June 23rd, 8:00 p.m. Eastern. I`ll be right there on the red carpet.

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You get a trip to the Daytime Emmy Awards. You get a whole red carpet makeover. This is a good deal. You go to the show and you appear with me that night on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Make sure you watch the Daytime Emmy Awards live, Saturday, June 23rd, 8:00 p.m. Eastern on HLN.

Moving now to Jenny McCarthy`s heartbreaking admission. Is her ex, Jim Carrey, really turning his back on her son?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your son will say to you before he goes to bed at night, "Hey, I miss Jim. Where is he?"

MCCARTHY: Almost weekly.



HAMMER: Two years after their split, Jenny is breaking her silence about how the aftermath is devastating her son. The great debate, does Jim owe anything to Jenny and her son?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jim`s like the autism whisperer to my son.

MCCARTHY: He was very good.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s the only one who could get through to him.

MCCARTHY: He was. There was some connection in some way whether that - you know, I don`t know what it was.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So now that`s completely broken off? He doesn`t visit your son?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He doesn`t visit?



HAMMER: Jenny McCarthy`s shocking confession on "The Howard Stern Show" that her ex, Jim Carrey, dropped her son after they split.

The big debate, does Jim owe it to her son to stay in touch even though he and Jenny aren`t together anymore? It`s a SHOWBIZ love drama. You heard it. Jenny McCarthy is saying that Jim Carrey turned his back on her autistic son after Jenny and Jim broke up.

Jim and Jenny dated for five years. And during that time, Jenny`s 10-year- old son, Evan, became seriously attached to Jim. But is it unfair to expect Jim to stay in touch with Jenny`s son after they split up?

Ralphie Aversa of "The Ralphie Radio Show," and Jenn Hobby, co-host of "The Bert Show" are with me now.

So, guys, Jenny McCarthy made a big confession on Howard Stern`s radio show, and I want you to listen to the entire exchange. Roll that, Charles.


HOWARD STERN, HOST, "THE HOWARD STERN SHOW": This isn`t about you and Jim anymore.

MCCARTHY: No, I know that.

STERN: He almost became like a father. And especially with an autistic kid, they develop an attachment.

MCCARTHY: I`ve tried to ask numerous times, because my son still asks. So I`m hoping that they will talk again soon.

STERN: Your son will say to you before he goes to bed at night, "Hey, I miss Jim, where is he?"

MCCARTHY: Almost weekly.

STERN: Wow. And so have you told Jim that?

MCCARTHY: I`ve gone through the channels to say that. So I`m hoping -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So you haven`t talked directly to Jim anymore?

MCCARTHY: I haven`t. I haven`t. I think sometimes people just need to take a real break from each other.


HAMMER: OK. Now, obviously, we don`t know all the details of exactly what`s going down here. But I think that it is truly sad, and it`s obviously unfortunate when a little boy doesn`t get to see someone who is very important in his life like this. Ralphie, do you see it that way?

AVERSA: I do see it that way, A.J. At the same time, has Jenny explained to her son that the reason why her and Jim aren`t together, or at least one of the major reasons, allegedly, is the depression that Jim has dealt with?

And I mean, do you want someone that`s dealing with depression around any of your children, let alone an autistic child?

HAMMER: Well, I do know that Jenny talked about that depression being a factor "The Howard Stern Show." Don`t know what she`s communicated with her son specifically, obviously.

Jenn, what`s your take? Is it relationship over, clean break all around in your mind?

JENN HOBBY, CO-HOST, "THE BERT SHOW": The whole situation is really heartbreaking, because you can imagine, it`s so difficult to explain to Evan why this father figure in his life isn`t there anymore.

But I do think that Jim Carrey`s right. A clean beak is what they need here. It`s very confusing for the child. But at the same time, if he and Jenny aren`t going to be together, he`s got to be able to move on with his life and Evan`s got to go with her.

HAMMER: Yes. And being in and out of Evan`s life may not be healthy either, obviously. And I can tell you, Jim Carrey`s already striking back at Jenny McCarthy. Listen to what he just said.

He said, "I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan`s well-being. It`s unfortunate that Evan`s privacy is not being considered. I love Evan very much and will miss him always."

That`s what he`s telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Ralphie. And I get that. Do you think that Jenny maybe said too much?

AVERSA: Absolutely. And doesn`t this happen all time when somebody goes on Howard Stern`s show? He has a way of getting this private information out of celebrities.

I wish I knew how to do it and I`m trying to get a little better at it. But Jim Carrey`s absolutely right here. Jenny McCarthy maybe needs to take some of that laundry and get it back on to the private side of things.

HAMMER: Obviously, you know, it was a very compelling interview. It was interesting to hear what she had to say. But sometimes, for the sake of a young kid`s privacy, yes, you`ve just got to keep it shut. Ralphie Aversa, Jen Hobby, thanks both so much.

The queen of hip hop soul is also the godmother to the prince of rap, Justin Combs, Diddy`s son. Tonight, Mary J. Blige sounds off to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about the outrage over Justin`s $54,000 football scholarship.


NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT (on camera): You`re his godmother, right?


TURNER: And you were at his graduation. When you hear people say, "Well, maybe he shouldn`t get this scholarship because his dad has money," what do you think about that?




HAMMER: Tonight, defending Diddy. A lot of people are still buzzing about Sean Diddy Combs` son, Justin, winning a huge football scholarship to UCLA. Now, some people are saying Justin shouldn`t take the free ride because his dad, well, is loaded.

But R & B superstar Mary J. Blige is standing up to those critics. She`s Justin Combs` godmother. She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the critics have got it all wrong.

I want to bring in two men who are pioneers in the hip-hop world. They`ve worked with Diddy. Ed Lover and Dr. Dre are here. They are the men behind the incredible new VH1 rap doc, "Yo: The Story of Yo MTV Rap."

And guys, I want to get right to what Mary J. Blige is telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in defense of Justin, Diddy`s son. Watch what she told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner.


BLIGE: No matter how he got the scholarship, he earned it, you know what I`m saying? And I believe that`s the thing that should be praised. He earned it.

TURNER: And he`s a good boy. He`s a smart kid.

BLIGE: And he`s so sweet. My godson is so sweet, so mannerable(ph), and I`m so proud of him. And everybody should just be proud of him.

That`s it, you know. Don`t worry about who has money, like, going to college and stuff like that. It`s to prepare you to get your own, you know what I`m saying?

TURNER: I like what he said because he kind of tweeted about it and he said, "Listen, I worked for this."

BLIGE: That`s right. He earned it.

TURNER: Yes, "I`m trying to make my own way."

BLIGE: And that`s exactly what I`m saying. That`s what I`m saying. He`s trying to make his own way. And you`ve got to appreciate, he`s a little man. He`s a man.


BLIGE: Let him be a man. His mom and daddy don`t have to take him all the time.


HAMMER: Now, a lot of people still take issue with it, but I think Mary J. makes a terrific point. Diddy`s son had a great accomplishment here.

He got like a 3.75 at a top prep school. And by all accounts, he`s a seriously talented football player. Still, you have people complaining that all this money could help another kid whose dad is not a huge music mogul.

So here`s our SHOWBIZ flashpoint - should Diddy`s son accept the scholarship? Ed, let me start with you.

LOVER: Absolutely. He absolutely should accept the scholarship. He worked hard. He got his grades up. He`s a great football player.

I just saw him at Hot 97 Summer Jam and I spoke to him. I congratulated him. I said, "Justin, congratulations for working hard and not depending on your father to send you to college."


LOVER: He worked hard. I have a daughter that has a 3.88. I`m hoping she gets a scholarship.

HAMMER: Good for you, man.

LOVER: Why not?

HAMMER: But imagine, you know, being in the shadow of somebody who is so huge in the entertainment industry and having to deal with it. To have an accomplishment like this on his own, I think, is outstanding. Dr. Dre?

DR. DRE: It doesn`t matter. As Ed said, I have two children and both of them are doing very, very well in school, 3.5`s themselves.

And they`re doing well and I`m hoping they get a scholarship of that nature. What that young man accomplishes something that we should applaud, get behind and say, "Who else can do that?"

We need to find out if ODB`s kids are getting 3.7s and are football players and doing well like that. So what we should do is - look at me honestly.

We`ve got a president who had a son who went to college and he didn`t have a 3.7, and he ended up being one of the best cheerleaders -

LOVER: That`s right. That`s right.

DR. DRE: But Diddy`s son decides to grab the ball and the college says, "Hey, let`s give you this because you earned it and deserved it." He`s not riding on Diddy forever. That`s a beautiful thing.

HAMMER: And obviously, Diddy very proud of his son.

DR. DRE: Exactly.

HAMMER: The complainers are going to be out there. So what does he need to do to satisfy the people who are outraged about this?

LOVER: Nothing.

DR. DRE: Score touchdowns. Score touchdowns.

LOVER: Nothing. Graduate from college with honors. That`s it. If you deserve it - he`s taught everybody that if you work hard, you can accomplish your goals and your dreams.

Diddy don`t need to do nothing. Let his son go to school on a scholarship and enjoy being a college student. That`s it.

DR. DRE: Exactly.

HAMMER: Amen. Well said.

DR. DRE: Enjoy the experience.

HAMMER: Ed Lover, Dr. Dre, I have enjoyed this experience. It`s so great to see both of you.

LOVER: A.J., thank you.

DR. DRE: I would love to come back, A.J. I love your show.

HAMMER: We`ll have you any time.

DR. DRE: I love your show. Love it.

HAMMER: And I can`t wait to see your show, the VH1 rap doc, "Yo: The Story of Yo MTV Raps." Make sure when you see it when it debuts tomorrow night on VH1.


TURNER: Stone cold busted. That`s what happened after a chatty married former soap opera star, Brian Presley, allegedly hit on a model on a red- eye flight from L.A. to New York.

Melissa Stetten didn`t just bust the guy for allegedly being a creep. Well, she did it in real time on Twitter with her 26,000 followers.

Now, I want to bring in actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, who is with me here in Hollywood. You are laughing already because this is a good one.

Now, Sheryl, here`s part of the conversation that Melissa on her flight this week. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Brian just said, "Like us sitting here talking about where we are from. It`s like divine interception."


TURNER: After series of tweets about her seatmate misery, one of her followers sent her a link and this is what that link said, that Brian is married and a dad. Yes. But that`s not the half of it. Melissa then tweeted this -


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Brian took his Heineken in a plastic cup to the bathroom. Will report back shortly. Holy (EXPLETIVE DELETED), Brian came back from the bathroom without his wedding ring on! Watch out, Virgin America, you`ve got a real charmer on board.


TURNER: But you know what? This story continues because then another follower tweeted that Brian was a devout Christian and is also a recovering alcoholic.

We`ve all been hit on by these creepy guys, but the question I have is, did Melissa actually go too far by doing this in real time and putting all these tweets out there, kind of outing him?

RALPH: What is too far? It`s Twitter. People follow you. It is closer than you think. Nowadays, it`s as if everybody should consider THAT they are being followed and that they are on camera.

We have welcomed big brother and big sister into our lives. So if you are going to behave badly, you`d better know that somebody`s got it on camera because they are watching you.

TURNER: You heard Sheryl. I have to say though, Sheryl, Brian is firing back because he went on Facebook after all of this happened.

RALPH: Come on Brian.

TURNER: And he`s denying that any of this happened, that this went down at all. He says, quote, "None of what this person said happened is true. You have to be careful who you say hello to. My wife rocks and my kids rock and sobriety rocks." So there you go. We`ll give Brian the last word.

RALPH: I love equal opportunity for everybody. And Brian, show you are right. This is how you do the comeback, baby.

TURNER: Sheryl Lee Ralph, thank you. And thanks to the staffer Caitlin(ph) in the role of Melissa tonight - very, very good.

OK. So from fit to fat to fit again. A personal trainer gained 70 pounds to really get inside the skin of his weight-challenged clients.

You will not believe how the journey not only affected his health, but his wife as well. You don`t want to miss this on "JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL." This starts right now.