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Is Donald Trump`s Miss USA Pageant Rigged?; Miley Cyrus Engaged; Kanye West`s F-Bomb Freak Out; Jenny McCarthy`s New Jim Carrey Heartbreak

Aired June 6, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, is Donald Trump`s Miss USA pageant rigged? The Donald firing back today to contestant who says his beauty pageant`s a fraud. But is it true or is this one sore loser? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer. Congratulations to Miley Cyrus. Miley`s engaged. The 19-year-old former "Hannah Montana" star is all grown up and over the moon after 22-year-old "Hunger Games" star Liam Hemsworth asked for her hand in marriage. The hot debate tonight, is she too young?

But first, it is Trump versus the beauty queen. Donald Trump is ready to wage war over the claims of a Miss USA contestant about the pageant he owns.

Miss Pennsylvania USA, Sheena Monnin, quit right after she lost the crown this week, claiming the whole thing`s rigged. And you know Trump isn`t one to take that kind of talk lying down.


(voice-over) This is one beauty queen who can forget about being named Miss Congeniality.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sheena Monnin, Pennsylvania.

HAMMER: Days after Sunday`s Miss USA pageant, Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, has opened up a war with the pageant and its co-owner, Donald Trump.

Monnin says she`s resigning her Miss Pennsylvania crown and she`s making a bombshell accusation.

MARC MALKIN, "E! NEWS": Miss Pennsylvania is now claiming that the pageant is rigged.

HAMMER: The Miss USA pageant`s rigged? That would put Miss USA on par with professional wrestling or the 1919 World Series. Say it isn`t so, Donald.

DONALD TRUMP, OWNER, MISS USA BEAUTY PAGEANT (through telephone): It is so ridiculous.

HAMMER: Donald Trump called into the "Today" show and "Good Morning America" to not only deny Sheena Monnin`s claims, but to announce he has something for her, and it isn`t a tiara.

TRUMP: We`re going to bring a lawsuit against this girl.

HAMMER: It`s Donald versus the beauty, and this could get ugly. It all started with an explosive post on Monnin`s Facebook page.


HAMMER: In that post, she alleged shenanigans at Sunday`s Miss USA pageant, writing, "I witnessed another contestant who said she saw the list of the top five before the show ever started."

MALKIN: She says that the contestants on that top five list actually ended up being the top five of the pageant. Miss Pennsylvania is saying that`s actually what led her to resign.

HAMMER: Monnin wrote on Facebook, quote, "I decided at that moment to distance myself from an organization who did not allow fair play and whose morals did not match my own."

TRUMP: It`s not like we care who the final contestants are.

HAMMER: But this morning, Trump told "Good Morning America" there was no advance final five list. And he says the contestant Monnin claims told her about the list will back him up.

TRUMP: My people said that they`ve already interviewed that person and that person said it`s not true.

HAMMER: And on "Today," Trump said he`ll be seeing Monnin in court.

TRUMP: She uses the word "fraud." That`s pretty strong, so we`re going to be suing her on that basis.

HAMMER: Trump and the entire Miss Universe organization are also questioning Monnin`s motives for resigning. Miss Universe has given SHOWBIZ TONIGHT what it says is Monnin`s resignation e-mail.

The e-mail sent the morning after Sunday`s pageant doesn`t say anything about Miss USA being fixed, but it does mention a controversial Miss Universe decision.


HAMMER: After pressure from transgender Canadian beauty queen, Jenna Talackova, Miss Universe, which runs the Miss USA beauty pageant, recently decided to allow transgender contestants.

In that resignation E-mail to pageant officials, Monnin allegedly writes, quote, "I refuse to be part of a pageant system that has so far and so completely removed itself from its foundational principles as to allow and support natural-born males to compete in it."

So did Monnin quit because the pageant was fixed or did she quit because of transgendered contestants?

MALKIN: I guess the Miss Universe Organization is really just trying to show her sort of flip-flopping. She`s not consistent. She`s not reliable.

HAMMER: Noting Monnin`s early elimination Sunday night, Trump offered another theory on "Good Morning America."

TRUMP: She suffers from a thing called loser`s remorse. She lost. If you look at her compared to the people that were in the top 15, you would understand why she`s not in the top 15.

HAMMER: Lately, Miss USA has been one big headache for Trump.

TRUMP: I`ve always been a believer in second chances.

HAMMER: In 2006, he defended then Miss USA, Tara Connor, after she was accused of underage drinking. And he also defended 2009 Miss California, Carrie Prejean, after she came out against gay marriage, and later went semi-nude pictures of her came out.

TRUMP: Carrie will remain Miss California.

HAMMER: He later fired Prejean for breach of contract. And with this latest beauty pageant bombshell, Trump has to wonder, is Miss USA worth the trouble?

MALKIN: I don`t think Donald Trump minds. He loves having his name in the spotlight.

HAMMER: Trump also loves fights, and he definitely has a big one on his hands now.


Yes, a big fight, indeed. It sure does sound like Donald Trump is ready to wage war on this beauty queen. So is this really just sour grapes, or is there some funny business going on here?

With me now, Ralphie Aversa, who was a judge for the Miss Pennsylvania USA and Miss Connecticut USA pageants, the state qualifiers for Miss USA.

All right, Ralphie. On her Facebook page, Miss Pennsylvania USA, Sheena Monnin, claims the pageant was rigged.

But pageant officials say a resignation letter made no mention of that, only saying that she had a problem, apparently, with the organization allowing transgendered contestants.

Now, Ralphie, you worked closely with Miss Pennsylvania. Do you think this is, as the pageant claims, just a case of sour grapes?

RALPHIE AVERSA, MISS PENNSYLVANIA AND MISS CONNECTICUT JUDGE: One-hundred and fifty percent, A.J. I mean, you look at the first claim in the E-mail the morning after the Miss USA pageant, where she`s talking about Miss Universe Organization`s stance against transgender contestants. And they had that stance for two months, A.J.

Where was Miss Pennsylvania USA while the Miss Universe organization had this stance? Well, she was obviously probably prancing around Pennsylvania and getting ready to fly out to Las Vegas and compete.


AVERSA: It`s not until after she doesn`t make the top 16 that suddenly she`s got this issue.

HAMMER: Yes. She didn`t want to put it all at risk, probably, as well, by bringing it up before she was in this part of the contest.

But here`s my take on the whole thing. As much as some people may not trust Donald Trump, they do have auditors who secure the voting on these contests for a reason.

Obviously, it would be wildly disastrous if it was fixed, and that did get out. So I have little question that the whole thing is above board. Ralphie, is there any reason to think that the pageant could possibly be rigged?

AVERSA: Absolutely not. Again, A.J., like you mentioned, I judged two state qualifiers. And here`s how I compare it to something - another gig, A.J. It`s like jury duty, but the amenities are better and you get to look at women in bikinis.

But you`re sequestered from everybody. You have auditors. You have security. You have chaperones. You`re only allowed to talk to certain people at certain times about certain things when certain people are present.

It`s a very structured process that leaves no room whatsoever for any type of rigging or any other type of mistake.

HAMMER: So no women in bikinis at jury duty. OK. That`s good to know. See, I haven`t served in a long time. Let me move on now to Miley Cyrus` brand-new engagement news tonight.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has confirmed that the "Hannah Montana" star is, in fact, engaged to "Hunger Games" star, Liam Hemsworth, after they`ve been dating for three years, on and off a bit. They met back in 2009. They were shooting their movie, "The Last Song."

Let me bring in Jenn Hobby now. Jenn, an entertainment reporter and co- host of the "Bert Show."

So Jen, I know people will obviously be skeptical and they would be critical of Miley, because she is so young. He`s pretty young too. But for now, can`t we all just allow for young romance and simply be happy for them?

JENN HOBBY, CO-HOST, "THE BERT SHOW": We should be happy for them. They`re young and they`re in love. But I think you`ve got to be really realistic about marriage, if you want to make it last for the long haul.

At 19 years old, are you really prepared? And do you know yourself well enough to make that lifetime decision? I don`t think so.


HOBBY: And you know, there are stats out there, 60 percent of marriages, if you get married between the ages of 20 and 25, end in divorce.

So you just have got to know yourself very well before you take the plunge. And I think that, you know, through life examples - I`ve lived through it. You need to be a little older before you make that decision.

HAMMER: Well, they are getting a lot of support. We have a lot of congratulations for them on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page today.

Let me read a couple of comments that we saw. Kay H. writing this, "I`m happy for them. Yes, they may be young, but young relationships can work out. Just, hopefully, they won`t let their crazy Hollywood lives break up the love they have for each other."

This comes from Heather H., "I really hope it works out and they don`t let the business and hype of Hollywood get to them."

So yes, a lot of love for them. But Jenn, a lot of people also pointing to Hollywood`s effect on marriage. And we have seen plenty of Hollywood marriages implode. Do you think that their fame factors into whether or not they ultimately are able to stay together?

HOBBY: You know, I actually think that that will help them, because both of them have had to grow up so much, so young.

Miley Cyrus, if you`ve ever talked to her or met her, she seems wise beyond her years, and Liam Hemsworth as well. He`s grown up in the spotlight.

So I actually think their careers will help them in this mature decision that they`ve had to make, because they`ve had to grow up in front of everyone.

HAMMER: They certainly have. I think they have that going for them. Obviously, it is a common bond. But I`m also thinking, you know, that the fact that Liam`s brother just had a baby and, you know, maybe there`s that whole fever going on to get married.

And I also believe - I also believe that you should be legally allowed to drink champagne at your own wedding. So maybe there`ll be just some kind of a long engagement. Ralphie Aversa, Jenn Hobby, thank you both.

Well, the stars are striking back tonight. Kanye West stopping his concert just to lash out at a fan. Was he justified, though?

John Mayer`s Taylor Swift slam. Why is John taking his ex to task now? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

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HAMMER: I know you just couldn`t wait to see this. It`s your very first look at the octomom, Nadya Suleman, as a porn star.

The scantily-clad mother of 14 showing off a teeny, weeny black bikini, courtesy of a tweet from porn star, Jessica Drake, who reported coached Suleman on the set.

This image was just revealed just as reports surfaced that Suleman has dropped her big stripper gig because staffers at Tease Lounge in Palm Beach, Florida, are talking octo-smack. She`s not going to stand for it or strip for it.

Coming up, Stephen Baldwin and Kevin Costner face off in court, but what are they fighting about? That`s next.


HAMMER: Tonight, "star wars." Baldwin versus Costner. Stephen Baldwin is taking Kevin Costner to court over a little matter, a deal worth more than $50 million.

And this has nothing to do with any kind of Hollywood movie deal. It`s actually a knock-down, drag-out fight over the 2010 oil spill in the gulf, believe it or not.

Stephen Baldwin claiming that he was cheated out of millions in Costner`s deal to help clean up the disaster.

Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter with the nasty Hollywood feud in this SHOWBIZ special report.


KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: It`s a celebrity courtroom battle. Actors Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin are duking it out in a New Orleans federal courthouse over millions of dollars stemming from a deal related to technology to treat the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Attorneys for Baldwin and an associate contend that Costner and his business partners withheld information and excluded Baldwin from a meeting related to a possible BP purchase of equipment worth $52 million.

Baldwin was an investor in Costner`s technology company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, from May 2010 to June 11th, 2010.

At a congressional hearing held on June 9th, 2010, Costner talked about his decades-long passion for oil clean up technology and an emerging partnership with BP to use his company`s equipment as part of the oil spill solution.

KEVIN COSTNER, ACTOR: Initial orders have also been placed by BP for individual machines. Right now, we are in a fight to protect our jobs, our way of life, and an ecosystem that cannot protect itself.

WYNTER: Two days after Costner`s testimony on June 11th, Baldwin sold his stock in Ocean Therapy Solutions, citing differences with shareholders and the belief that the BP deal wasn`t materializing.

But just four days later, BP announced its deal with Ocean Therapy Solutions.

COSTNER: At its core, my dream, this machine, was designed to fight for you. It was designed to give us a fighting chance to fight back the oil before it got us by the throat.

WYNTER: Baldwin, who sold his 10 percent of the company for $500,000, says his earnings would have been worth $3.8 million.

SUNNY HOSTIN, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: Many are saying he wouldn`t have sold his stock had he known that this significant deal was coming up with BP.

Now, of course, Kevin Costner says he`s flabbergasted that this has happened, that Stephen Baldwin would sue, because he testified about this in front of Congress.

And so, of course, Stephen Baldwin knew that this deal was sort of on the horizon. So both sides have pretty interesting arguments in terms of timing here.

WYNTER: A judge has ordered Baldwin and Costner to be in court each day of the trial. Both actors are expected to testify.


HAMMER: And that should prove interesting. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter joining me now from Hollywood. And Kareen, obviously, this is looking like a big, ugly showdown.

But I`m watching this and I`m thinking, as much as I like the guy, it seems like Stephen Baldwin has this major uphill battle. Do you think he has any real chance of winning this?

WYNTER: You know, A.J., here`s the thing. Baldwin said he and his business partner weren`t told about the BP deal, even though Costner dropped a huge hint in that congressional hearing.

Baldwin claims he was not told about meetings and that information was hidden from him. Now, experts say he`s got to prove that Costner and company actually tried to deceive him on Costner`s side.

His attorneys say Baldwin sold his shares with his eyes wide open. So A.J., you know, it looks like neither side here is about to give in easily.

HAMMER: What a mess. Thanks for cleaning it up. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter.

Well, tonight, Jenny McCarthy accuses her ex, Jim Carrey, of turning his back on her son.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your son says to you before he goes to bed at night, "Hey, I miss Jim. Where is he?"




HAMMER: Talk about heartbreaking. Jim and Jenny split after five years together. So is it unfair to expect Jim to stay in touch with her son? That debate is coming up.

And Rihanna erupts during an interview when asked about her love life. She tweets. She poses for racy photos. So does Rihanna have a right to privacy when it comes to her love life?


HAMMER: Here now your SHOWBIZ first look as Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Lifetime TV just revealed these stunning new images of Lindsay for the network`s upcoming original film, "Liz and Dick."

Grant Bowler will play Richard Burton in the film that`s scheduled to air this fall. I mean, look at her. She looks like Elizabeth Taylor.

These images have a lot of people saying that Lindsay may just have been the exact right choice for this role.

That`s not the only SHOWBIZ first look at Lindsay Lohan. Tonight, these days, it at least looks like Lindsay has got her act together as she eases back into work mode after, obviously, a tough couple of years.

She`s got the role as Liz Taylor and she is in a fascinating new short film that`s about to debut. Artist Richard Phillips used Lindsay as his muse for a second time for a new short film called "First Point."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter is back with me from Hollywood. And Kareen, not a whole lot of talking in this first look, is there?

WYNTER: You know, A.J., there really isn`t, but Lindsay - she sure looks fantastic. Lindsay is a surfer girl in this film. The artist, Richard Phillips - he calls this a "day noir," describing it as neither film nor video art. It`s just art. Take a look.


A.J., she looks just amazing. Now, if that whets your appetite for more Lindsay, noir, the non-Film premieres on June 11th at the Basel Art Show in Switzerland. Shall we, A.J.?

HAMMER: Yes, I think I need to go just to figure out what the heck was going on there. Listen, Kareen, Lindsay looks great in the photos of "Liz and Dick."

WYNTER: Yes, she does.

HAMMER: Do you think she`s going to pull off that role?

WYNTER: You know, I do. This is really a good move for her to start with a TV movie rather than a big feature film. And clearly, Lindsay seems to be taking her work very seriously right now, A.J.

And let`s not forget that with all the legal trouble that`s overshadowed her career in the last several years, people may have forgotten how tremendously talented an actress she is. I predict she`s just going to shine in her new role.

HAMMER: Oh, I certainly hope this works out. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter. Thanks, Kareen.

Do you remember that song that Taylor Swift wrote called "Dear, John." It was supposedly a musical diss targeting her ex, John Mayer and their failed relationship.

Well, now, John firing back at Taylor for writing the song. This is crazy to me. Coming up, I`m going to tell you why John says he felt humiliated when he heard it. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

And HLN`s new "EVENING EXPRESS" is here, parenting, education, with Ryan Smith, Clark Howard, and Isha Sesay will have you covered each weeknight. "EVENING EXPRESS," 5:00 to 7:00 Eastern here on HLN.


HAMMER: Kanye West`s F-bomb freak-out. Another onstage rant. This time, he isn`t targeting a fellow celebrity. It`s a fan.

Plus, Jenny McCarthy`s new Jim Carrey heartbreak. Is the former "Playboy" playmate accusing Jim of turning his back on her son?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight, stars strike back. Kanye West lashes out at a fan. Rihanna explodes over relationship questions. And John Mayer slams Taylor Swift.

Pushed to their limits, Hollywood`s A-listers are now sending a strong message tonight. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Tonight, the great debate. Sure, you`ve got to stand up for yourselves, but did the stars go too far?

With me in New York, I`m so pleased to have with me, hip-hop legends, Ed Lover and Dr. Dre, the former hosts, of course, of MTV`s classic hit show, "Yo MTV Raps."

They`re the men behind this incredible new VH1 rap documentary, "Yo: The Story of Yo MTV Raps." It`s set to premiere tomorrow night on VH1. And I understand it almost made Ed Lover cry. Great to see you guys both. So good to have you, my old colleagues, here in the building.

Let`s talk about Kanye West, who`s on tour right now, of course, with Jay- Z. They`re doing their international "Watch the Throne Tour."

And Kanye was on stage in France when a fan with a laser pointer interrupted Kanye`s performance. So Kanye just stopped the whole show. He pointed the guy out in the crowd, and then really let him have it.

Now, Kanye swears quite a bit in what he said, so instead of swearing, I`ll be using this. Here`s what he said, "You see this guy right here with the green laser. Don`t - with everybody`s show. This is not a - game. You`re going to get - up and kicked - out."

So there was an extra horn in there. "I didn`t want that - so chill the - out." OK. You get the idea.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was basically what I would have said.

HAMMER: Right. Exactly. So Kanye upset about being interrupted, which is ironic to me, because he`s always the guy -

ED LOVER, FORMER HOST, "YO MTV RAPS": He`s the one that does the interrupting, usually.

HAMMER: He does the interrupting.

DR. DRE, FORMER HOST, "YO MTV RAPS": That`s the irony of whole situation is that Kanye would stop a show because someone else was heckling. And that`s all it comes down to, being heckled.

And unfortunately, you`ve got to understand something. People pay a price for that ticket to go in and see you. So if you`re doing a show called "The Laser Show," guess what`s going to happen?

People are going to come at you with the laser. Is the fan correct about doing what he`s doing? I`m not certain about that.

But as an artist and a performer, you`ve got to be able to strike - it`s like doing Broadway live. People do crazy things. People have cell phones going off.

Now, like Al Pacino, if you have a cellphone go off on him, he`s not going to bust the Godfather on him, but you`ll never know. On the way out, you might get one.

HAMMER: Honestly, it seems like he was justified, unless the guy was trying to do -

LOVER: I think he was justified, 100 percent.


Yes, when you point a laser in somebody`s face and in their eye and all that stuff, that`s over the top, man. If you come, pay your money, come have a good show, but you`ve got to act accordingly.

You know, you don`t point a laser. Where I come from, that laser, you put that red beam or green beam on somebody`s head, that means something else.

HAMMER: Big trouble. Right. Something else entirely.

LOVER: Yes, that means something else entirely. So yes, I agree with Kanye.

HAMMER: And look, I`m not at all surprised that Kanye, of all people, is going to lash out. But let`s talk from Kanye to Kimye, because Kim Kardashian -

LOVER: Right.

HAMMER: His flame, reportedly out on the tour. We`re talking about two superstars. We`re talking about two pretty big egos here, yet they look quite happy together, Dr. Dre. How do you think they are making this work, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

DR. DRE: I don`t know. She must have something definitely special about what she does and how she does it. Because first, she started out with Ray-J. Then, she went to Reggie Bush.


LOVER: Miles Austin from the Dallas Cowboys.

HAMMER: And what about the other gentleman?

LOVER: Kris Humphries.


DR. DRE: Seventy-two days with Kris Humphries. Whoever`s keeping score?

I`m still trying to figure out, what kind of leprechaun thing does she have going on with herself? I mean, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) but I like her, too. I mean, she`s got something -

LOVER: It`s a snapping turtle, man.

HAMMER: There`s nothing wrong with that. If they`re happy, we`re all happy.


DR. DRE: You know, she`s doing what she needs to do. And actually, she`s getting paid a lot of money for doing it. But I`m still trying to figure out, what does she do?

LOVER: What does she do?

DR. DRE: What does she do?


LOVER: Isn`t my type of hype, man. Isn`t my type of hype. No. I like - my personal joy has got to be my personal joy, not the kind of joy that everybody else (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: She shares it with everybody. And I want to talk about somebody else who does share quite a bit of her private life, at least on Twitter. She`s putting stuff out there for fans - Rihanna.


HAMMER: Now, she`s lashing out over the constant questions about her volatile relationship with Chris Brown. And she got particularly spitting mad during a recent interview that she gave to "Esquire" magazine.

I`m going to need my horn again, so please have it at the ready. "There`s a lot of (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you all can`t get over." That`s what Rihanna`s saying, "You`re all holding your breath on a lot of stuff that doesn`t matter. I am never going to get caught up in that.

"I`m going to look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it. This is turning into a tacky interview. What do you really want to talk about? I`m not here to talk about messy (EXPLETIVE DELETED)."

Yes. And I get that and I understand her wanting to move on. But again, Rihanna tweets about everything she does. She puts out the racy pics. She talks about all the party she is goes to.

What do you think, Ed? Can she still expect her love life to remain private?

LOVER: No. No. No, because you put it out there. Once you set it out there for everybody to see, this is part being of being a superstar.

You have to accept this part of being a superstar. You can`t take the money and the fame and go, "Don`t ask me nothing."

No, it don`t work like that, sweetheart. You`re a superstar. Accept being a superstar. People want to know about every aspect of your life. Stop tweeting. If you don`t want me to know, stop tweeting.

DR. DRE: Real quick, A.J. You can`t go on the cover of "Esquire," half naked, and give half - give the horn - answers.

HAMMER: Horn, please.

Dr. DRE: You can`t do that. You can`t just do that. I`m going to tell you, the moment you decide, "I`m going to put myself in this situation and I`m going to be this and I`m going to be - you can`t now all of a sudden do the retreat when you don`t like the questions."

HAMMER: Right.

DR. DRE: If you`re going to agree to do that interview, answer the questions and keep moving on. That`s all it comes down to.

HAMMER: And you know the questions are coming. And I adore Rihanna.

LOVER: Me, too. I love Ri-ri. Love her.


DR. DRE: But you know your behavior. I enjoy her, too. My son loves her. My son loves her, loves her very much when he goes to the bathroom, too. But the bottom line is - when you`re doing an interview like that -

LOVER: Say no comment.

DR. DRE: You`ve got to say, "I don`t want to talk about that."

HAMMER: There are better ways of answering the question.

LOVER: Say no comment.

DR. DRE: Exactly.

HAMMER: No horn necessary. Let`s move on to John Mayer, because this wild to me.

LOVER: I love this one.

HAMMER: He reveals to "Rolling Stone" magazine that his feelings were hurt when Taylor Swift called him out in a song after a bad breakup. Let`s watch Taylor.



TAYLOR SWIFT, SINGER (singing): Dear John, I see it all now that you`re gone. Don`t you think I was too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress cried the whole way home. I should`ve known.


HAMMER: Guess what? John is not happy about that. Dr. Dre is crying. She was 19 when they dated. He is 34 years old. Listen to John`s reaction to that.

He said, "It really humiliated me at a time when I`d already been dressed down. I mean, how would you feel if, at the lowest you`ve ever been, someone kicked you even lower?"

Now, let me remind you, this is the same guy that spoke quite candidly about all of his sexual exploits with certain people in a "Playboy" interview.

LOVER: Right.

HAMMER: Wouldn`t you say, Ed, this is a little - I don`t know, just a little hypocritical?

LOVER: Yes, super-hypocritical. John Mayer, first of all - I like John Mayer`s music, but swag, you do not have. If you let Taylor Swift`s little song about "Dear John" bother you, your swag is way off base, John.

Get some swag juice. Do something, because if that was Ed Lover, I would be like, yes! I affected this chick so bad she had to write a song about me. I am the man! Absolutely. That`s how I would have handled it.

HAMMER: Dr. Dre, that is what music is all about.

DR. DRE: But for me, I would have been like Marlon Brando in "The Godfather," "Stand up and act like a man!"

HAMMER: Let me tell you something - let me tell you something. I miss having the two of you guys together. So please, don`t go anywhere.


HAMMER: But it`s great to see you both, Ed lover and Dr. Dre. Make sure you check out their new VH1 rap documentary, "Yo: The Story of Yo MTV Rap," premiering tomorrow night on VH1.

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Moving now to Jenny McCarthy`s heartbreaking admission. Is her ex, Jim Carrey, really turning his back on her son?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your son will say to you before he goes to bed at night, "Hey, I miss Jim. Where is he?"

MCCARTHY: Almost weekly.



HAMMER: Two years after their split, Jenny is breaking her silence about how the aftermath is devastating her son. The great debate, does Jim owe anything to Jenny and her son?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jim`s like the autism whisperer to my son.

MCCARTHY: He`s very good.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s the only one who could get through to him.

MCCARTHY: He was? There was some connection in some way whether that - you know, I don`t know what it was.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So now that`s completely broken off? He doesn`t visit your son?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He doesn`t visit?



HAMMER: Jenny McCarthy`s shocking confession on "The Howard Stern Show" that her ex, Jim Carrey, dropped her son after they split.

The big debate, does Jim owe it to her son to stay in touch even though he and Jenny aren`t together anymore? It`s a SHOWBIZ love the drama. You heard it. Jenny McCarthy is saying that Jim Carrey turned his back on her autistic son after Jenny and Jim broke up.

Jim and Jenny dated for five years. And during that time, Jenny`s 10-year- old son, Evan, became seriously attached to Jim. But is it unfair to expect Jim to stay in touch with Jenny`s son after they split up?

Ralphie Aversa of "The Ralphie Radio Show," and Jenn Hobby, co-host of "The Bert Show" are with me now.

So, guys, Jenny McCarthy made a big confession on Howard Stern`s radio show, and I want you to listen to the entire exchange. Roll that, Charles.


HOWARD STERN, HOST, "THE HOWARD STERN SHOW": This isn`t about you and Jim anymore.

MCCARTHY: No, I know that.

STERN: He almost became like a father. And especially with an autistic kid, they develop an attachment.

MCCARTHY: I`ve tried to ask numerous times, because my son still asks. So I`m hoping that they -

STERN: Your son will say to you before he goes to bed at night, "Hey, I miss Jim, where is he?"

MCCARTHY: Almost weekly.

STERN: Wow. And so have you told Jim that?

MCCARTHY: I`ve gone through the channels to say that. So I`m hoping -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So you haven`t talked directly to Jim anymore?

MCCARTHY: I haven`t. I haven`t. I think sometimes people just need to take a real break from each other.


HAMMER: OK. Now, obviously, we don`t know all the details of exactly what`s going down here. But I think that it is truly sad, and it`s obviously unfortunate when a little boy doesn`t get to see someone who is very important in his life like this. Ralphie, do you see it that way?

AVERSA: I do see it that way, A.J. At the same time, has Jenny explained to her son that the reason why her and Jim aren`t together, or at least one of the major reasons, allegedly, is the depression that Jim has dealt with?

And I mean, do you want someone that`s dealing with depression around any of your children, let alone an autistic child?

HAMMER: Well, I do know that Jenny talked about that depression being a factor "The Howard Stern Show." Don`t know what she`s communicated with her son specifically, obviously.

Jen, what`s your take? Is it relationship over, clean break all around in your mind?

HOBBY: The whole situation is really heartbreaking, because you can imagine, it`s so difficult to explain to Evan why this father figure in his life isn`t there anymore.

But I do think that Jim Carrey`s right. A clean beak is what they need here. It`s very confusing for the child. But at the same time, if he and Jenny aren`t going to be together, he`s got to be able to move on with his life and Evan`s got to go with her.

HAMMER: Yes. And being in and out of Evan`s life may not be healthy either, obviously. And I can tell you, Jim Carrey`s already striking back at Jenny McCarthy. Listen to what he just said.

He said, "I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan`s well-being. It`s unfortunate that Evan`s privacy is not being considered. I love Evan very much and will miss him always."

That`s what he`s telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Ralphie. And I get that. Do you think that Jenny maybe said too much?

AVERSA: Absolutely. And doesn`t this happen all time when somebody goes on Howard Stern`s show? He has a way of getting this private information out of celebrities.

I wish I knew how to do it. I`m trying to get a little better at it. But Jim Carrey`s absolutely right here. Jenny McCarthy maybe needs to take some of that laundry and get it back on to the private side of things.

HAMMER: Obviously, you know, it was a very compelling interview. It was interesting to hear what she had to say. But sometimes, for the sake of a young kid`s privacy, yes, you`ve just got to keep it shut. Ralphie Aversa, Jen Hobby, thanks both so much.

The queen of hip hop soul is also the godmother to the prince of rap, Justin Combs, Diddy`s son. Tonight, Mary J. Blige sounds off to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about the outrage over Justin`s $54,000 football scholarship.


NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT (on camera): You`re his godmother, right?


TURNER: And you were at his graduation. When you hear people say, "Well, maybe he shouldn`t get this scholarship because his dad has money," what do you think about that?




HAMMER: Tonight, defending Diddy. A lot of people are still buzzing about Sean Diddy Combs` son, Justin, winning a huge football scholarship to UCLA. Now, some people are saying Justin shouldn`t take the free ride because his dad, well, is loaded.

But R & B superstar Mary J. Blige is standing up to those critics. She`s Justin Combs` godmother. She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the critics have got it all wrong.

I want to bring in two men who are pioneers in the hip-hop world. They`ve worked with Diddy. Ed Lover and Dr. Dre are here. They are the men behind the incredible new VH1 rap doc, "Yo: The Story of Yo MTV Rap."

And guys, I want to get right to what Mary J. Blige is telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in defense of Justin, Diddy`s son. Watch what she told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner.


BLIGE: No matter how he got the scholarship, he earned it, you know what I`m saying? And I believe that`s the thing that should be praised. He earned it.

TURNER: And he`s a good boy. He`s a smart kid.

BLIGE: And he`s so sweet. My godson is so sweet, so mannerable(ph), and I`m so proud of him. And everybody should just be proud of him.

That`s it, you know. Don`t worry about who has money, like, going to college and stuff like that. It`s to prepare you to get your own, you know what I`m saying?

TURNER: I like what he said because he kind of tweeted about it and he said, "Listen, I worked for this."

BLIGE: That`s right. He earned it.

TURNER: Yes, "I`m trying to make my own way."

BLIGE: And that`s exactly what I`m saying. That`s what I`m saying. He`s trying to make his own way. And you`ve got to appreciate, he`s a little man. He`s a man.


BLIGE: Let him be a man. His mom and daddy don`t have to take him all the time.


HAMMER: Now, a lot of people still take issue with it, but I think Mary J. makes a terrific point. Diddy`s son had a great accomplishment here.

He got like a 3.75 at a top prep school. And by all accounts, he`s a seriously talented football player. Still, you have people complaining that all this money could help another kid whose dad is not a huge music mogul.

So here`s our SHOWBIZ flashpoint - should Diddy`s son accept the scholarship? Ed, let me start with you.

LOVER: Absolutely. He absolutely should accept the scholarship. He worked hard. He got his grades up. He`s a great football player.

I just saw him at Hot 97 summer jam and I spoke to him. I congratulated him. I said, "Justin, congratulations for working hard and not depending on your father to send you to college."


LOVER: He worked hard. I have a daughter that has a 3.88. I`m hoping she gets a scholarship.

HAMMER: Good for you, man.

LOVER: Why not?

HAMMER: But imagine, you know, being in the shadow of somebody who is so huge in the entertainment industry and having to deal with it. To have an accomplishment like this on his own, I think, is outstanding. Dr. Dre?

DR. DRE: It doesn`t matter. As Ed said, I have two children and both of them are doing very, very well in school, 3.5s themselves.

And they`re doing well and I`m hoping they get a scholarship of that nature. What that young man accomplishes something that we should applaud, get behind and say, "Who else can do that?"

We need to find out if ODB`s kids are getting 3.7s and are football players and doing well like that. So what we should do is - look at me honestly.

We`ve got a president who had a son who went to college and he didn`t have a 3.7, and he ended up being one of the best cheerleaders -

LOVER: That`s right. That`s right.

DR. DRE: But Diddy`s son decides to grab the ball and the college says, "Hey, let`s give you this because you earned it and deserved it." He`s not riding on Diddy forever. That`s a beautiful thing.

HAMMER: And obviously, Diddy very proud of his son.

DR. DRE: Exactly.

HAMMER: The complainers will be out there. So what does he need to do to satisfy the people who are outraged about this?

LOVER: Nothing.

DR. DRE: Score touchdowns. Score touchdowns.

LOVER: Graduate from college with honors. That`s it. If you deserve it - he`s taught everybody that if you work hard, you can accomplish your goals and your dreams.

Diddy don`t need to do nothing. Let his son go to school on a scholarship and enjoy being a college student. That`s it.

DR. DRE: Exactly.

HAMMER: Amen. Well said.

DR. DRE: Enjoy the experience.

HAMMER: Ed lover, Dr. Dre, I have enjoyed this experience. It`s so great to see both of you.

LOVER: A.J., thank you.

DR. DRE: I would love to come back, A.J. I love your show.

HAMMER: We`ll have you any time.

DR. DRE: I love your show. Love it.

HAMMER: And I can`t wait to see your show, the VH1 rap doc, "Yo: The Story of Yo MTV Raps." Make sure when you see it when it debuts tomorrow night on VH1.

Well, right now, a former child star is charged with DUI and tweets the president about it. I`m not kidding. It`s not the wildest part of the story either.


HAMMER: Amanda`s White House cutback plan. Former Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes, was just formerly charged with DUI after getting arrested in April after allegedly sideswiping a cop car.

You may be wondering why I`m smiling. It`s because within hours of the charges and before she pleaded not guilty today, the former child star did what she thought was right.

She tweeted the president of the United States to get the arresting officer fired. I`m not making this up.

Let me read to you Amanda`s tweet, "Hey, Barack Obama. I don`t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don`t hit and run. The end."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter with me from Hollywood. Kareen, I think Amanda might be a little confused about the powers of the president.

And that aside, I just find her tweet really disturbing, don`t you?

WYNTER: Not just disturbing, A.J., but downright disrespectful. Come on, we`re talking the president here. You know, A.J., it doesn`t matter which side politically you fall. That`s irrelevant here.

You`re talking to the president. You don`t start off a tweet that way, "Hey, Barack Obama." You`re going to tick a lot of people off, first of all.

This could be a cry for attention, though. You know, she`s made a lot of headlines, negative news, unfortunately, because of her antics, those missteps off-screen - a DUI, the arrests, pictures - you know, the paparazzi captured her stumbling out of the nightclub.

I think it`s time for someone in her camp to push that pause button, really reel her in before she gets into more trouble.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, this is feeling to me, I`m sorry to say, like a Lindsay Lohan 2.0 situation. And I do think people should be worried about her, don`t you?

WYNTER: Definitely. I had to look up her last film. I didn`t even know it was the last movie she appeared in. It was "Easy A" back in 2010. Is she at the point of no return?

No, not yet. But look at the fall Lindsay Lohan took and the road she`s still trying to travel to climb back up, to become relevant again. It`s not a pretty one.

Amanda doesn`t want to walk down that road, walk down that path, so let`s hope she gets it together and really start on getting back to the business of Hollywood.

HAMMER: And like you said, it`s about the people around her. All right. Thanks so much, Kareen.


HAMMER: Well, tonight, runaway bride. Kendra Platt Lee ditched her fiance at the altar twice. And now, her bigwig ex wants her to pay up. She`s being sued by her jilted ex for money for their love nest, cash for wedding deposits and a big chunk of dough from their joint account. He wants it all back.

So what does she have to say about it? She`s telling Dr. Drew tonight.