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Jessica`s Baby Bonanza; Chely`s Confessions; Mad Men Sex Fury; Bieber in Norway

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A.J. HAMMER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT HOST: "Mad Men" makes Jaguar roar. The shocking sex for business deal on the show has the real company ticked off. Tonight, sex, cars and fury.


HAMMER: Jessica`s baby bonanza. On the same day Jessica Simpson introduces her precious daughter to the world, she reveals her big bucks weight loss deal. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, brilliant business move or sending the wrong message?

Better without her. Eva Longoria`s ex-NBA star Tony Parker.

And Kim Kardashian`s ex Kris Humphries?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You didn`t think about this day awful lot.

HAMMER: Both take their game to a whole new level.

Tonight, why breaking up may be the best play ever.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer. Tonight, Jessica`s baby bonanza. A big debate is brewing tonight over Jessica Simpson, just a day after she introduced her beautiful daughter to the world. Jessica now confirms that she has in fact signed a blockbuster deal with Weight Watchers for a reported $3 million, and I`m thinking, good for you, Jess, but there are a lot of people who are questioning the timing of this big announcement.

Is it too soon to talk about losing weight? And does it somehow put even more pressure on new moms to lose weight?

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Jessica is not the first and I am sure she will not be the last superstar to win big while losing weight.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) HAMMER (voice-over): Behold, true happiness. Jessica Simpson showing off her new baby daughter Maxwell Drew on the cover of "People" magazine.

JEN GARCIA, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: She`s happier than she`s ever been, she was totally glowing.

HAMMER: Yes. Look at that smile, why there`s possibly only one thing that could make Jessica Simpson happier than her new bundle of joy, and that`s the big old bundle of cash she`ll be hauling in to lose that baby weight.

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, RADAR ONLINE: Reports has said Jessica Simpson is getting $4 million from Weight Watchers to lose the weight.

HAMMER: Jessica Simpson tells "People" she`d planned to work with Weight Watchers even before she got pregnant. She tells "People," quote, "After you have your baby, it`s like oh, my god, what happened to my body. This is not me. It would be nice to feel comfortable in a bikini, but that is not my goal. I just want to fit into my jeans."

"People`s" Jen Garcia tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Jessica Simpson is eager to start her Weight Watchers program.

GARCIA: She is not allowed to do any physical activity yet, but when the time comes she will be focused, what could be better, she`s going to have delicious food, you know, she`ll have a trainer and she`s going to get a ton of money to get back in her fighting shape.

HAMMER: Jessica joins a long line of new celebrity moms whose bank accounts got fatter as they got skinnier.

TERESZCUK: Tori Spelling signed up with NutriSystem after her first baby to drop the weight.

Jennifer Hudson is also a Weight Watchers spokeswoman and she lost 80 pounds after she gave birth to her little baby boy.

After getting pregnant with twins and giving birth to the adorable little boy and girl that she has, Mariah Carey signed up with Jenny Craig, drop weight, and we`re doing bikini covers on magazine.

HAMMER: But the "Today" show`s Kathy Lee Giffords sees a downside to Jessica Simpson`s big weight loss payday.

KATHIE LEE GIFFORDS, CO-HOST, "TODAY" SHOW: A lot of people are struggling out there right now just to put food on their own table and then to hear that -- do you know how many people would love to get paid to do something they`re desperate to do?

HODA KOTB, CO-HOST , "TODAY" SHOW: To lose weight?

GIFFORDS: Which is to lose weight.

KOTB: Yes, yes. Good point.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everything just is such so much more of a struggle, it seems to the average person when they watch these lives of celebrity.

TERESZCUK: When they drop the weight very quickly, it`s really just another thing that celebrity do better than regular women.

HAMMER: But some worry that all the praise given to new moms, like Beyonce, Bethany Frankel, and Jennifer Lopez for slimming down so soon after giving birth might be sending a bad message.

In a recent British survey, almost 60 percent of new moms admitted that seeing so many celebrities lose their post-baby weight put pressure on them to do the same.

Radar Online`s Alexis Tereszcuk tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that celebrity moms are setting an impossible standard.

TERESZCUK: These women have everything at their disposal. They have personal trainers, they have personal chefs, they don`t have to go back to work after a six-week maternity leave.

HAMMER: Of course multi-million dollar endorsement deals like Jessica Simpsons don`t hurt either. But it`s a dirty little secret in Hollywood that not every celebrity mom loses weight with diet and exercise alone.

TERESZCUK: There have been whispers that celebrity women are actually getting a tummy tuck as soon as they give birth. Women who get C-sections also get a little skin and some extra weight taken out. There is no reason that non-celebrities should compare themselves to celebrity moms.

HAMMER: But with Jessica Simpson on magazine covers, announcing her lucrative weight loss plan, not to mention all the magazine covers she`s going to do once she loses the weight, it will be a message that could make new moms feel either inspired or pressured.


HAMMER: Well, let me bring in from Hollywood entertainment journalist Samantha Harris, who is the spokesperson for the Juicy Juice Fruit for All Project. Really doing some good work as a member of the Entertainment Council of Feeding America.

Also from Hollywood tonight, psychologist, Wendy Walsh. Wendy is with the popular dating Web site,

So look at this. Here we have Jessica`s baby Maxwell Drew just a month old tomorrow, already Jessica is focused on dropping her post pregnancy all pounds. That`s not so unusual. But there are critics out there saying, you know what, it`s just too soon for this. And that takes us right to our SHOWBIZ flashpoint.

Jessica`s new deal. Is it a good move or is it sending a wrong message.

Samantha, what`s your take on that?

SAMANTHA HARRIS, SPOKESPERSON, THE JUICY JUICE FRUIT FOR ALL PROJECT: Well, I think it`s a good move. Jessica has always been very good at making good business decisions. She`s reinvented herself many times over and just when she`s down and you think out, she picks herself back up again and you know what? Audiences love a comeback.

They also love to see how people drop the weight. Whether it`s someone who has just given birth or someone who`s had weight struggles like Oprah all her life, and clearly we all know that Jessica well before she was creating life in her womb --



HARRIS: -- has been the subject of issues of weight, loss and weight gain.

HAMMER: Yes, certainly long before her two-year pregnancy. Or at least that`s what it seemed like. But Wendy, Wendy, what about the point that people are making this claim. You know what, it just puts too much unfair pressure on non-celebrity moms to lose weight and look as good as somebody like Jessica is going to look with the help of a Weight Watchers` program that she`s getting all this money for.

WENDY WALSH, EXPERT, DATINGADVICE.COM: I think It puts way too much pressure on mothers out there. Remember part of Mother`s Nature`s perfect plan, A.J., is to build up maternal fat stores because you need those extra calories for breastfeeding. So quick dramatic weight loss immediately after birth can compromise your milk supply. This is not a good thing.

On the other hand, Weight Watchers are pretty smart because the best time to get a dramatic weight loss in a woman is right after child birth, so of course, they can show these big dramatic before and after pictures and they`re getting more bang for their buck so I understand why it happens.

HAMMER: Yes. And it`s not like it`s the first time it`s happening. Jessica is in some pretty good company here. Let me put up some of the other super star moms who`ve been paid to lose their post-baby weight. Here you have Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Spice Girl Mel B. and they all look fantastic, but of course, you know, Jessica joins the ranks and like always, she is criticized for it.

Samantha, how is that fair? Why is she getting so much criticism?

HARRIS: Well, you know what, it`s fair because she is a celebrity. She has put herself out there. And because of this status of celebrities nowadays, they are subject to everyone having an opinion. So, there you go.

Jessica, you know that you`re going to hear it from everybody whether you want to or not.

At the end of the day, I think it`s a very individual choice. You have the choice yourself to make that a major priority when you first give birth or not to. The most important thing is to make sure that you`re providing for your child. And for me, breastfeeding both kids I wanted to put to make sure that I was putting the proper nutrients into my body, but that didn`t necessarily preclude me from losing the baby weight which of course there`s a lot pressure when you do it in the public eye. And I was on "Dancing with the Stars" when I had my first baby.

HAMMER: Right.

HARRIS: They saw me put the pregnancy weight on and then lose it. And you know what, there is a lot of pressure, whether or not celebrities like Jessica are doing it or not.

HAMMER: But here`s the thing, I`m curious about, Wendy, to get your take on, do you think women actually buy into the whole celebrity spokesperson weight loss deals? I mean obviously there`s a reason that the weight loss companies do it but you also get the feeling that the message is sort of tainted because a lot of people believe that celebrities quite frankly get a little extra help.

WALSH: Well, I think that people are smart enough to be kind of jaded and go, she had a trainer and she was being paid to lose the weight and she had nannies around here. But on the other hand, these are still our role models, and we use their body image sometimes to look at our own body image.


WALSH: And the media is a big manipulator of self-esteem in women and I think that`s the important thing --

HAMMER: I just want people to lay off Jessica Simpson. I`m tired of that.

But Samantha Harris, Wendy Walsh, I thank you for both.

For more info on Samantha`s Fruit for All Project with Juice Juice visit

Moving now to Justin Bieber in crisis tonight? Touching off a near catastrophe in Norway, allegedly scrapping with a paparazzo. Hanging with bad boys like Chris Brown. Seems like Biebs might be on the brink.

Should the Biebs be afraid of his own fame?

Here`s something I thought I`d never witness. Kim Kardashian getting punked.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY STAR: Something weird if really going on.


HAMMER: All you Kim K. haters and fans, you don`t want to miss this. It`s going to be good.

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HAMMER: Hugh Hefner`s runaway bride returns. Radaronline is reporting that Crystal Harris, who of course dumped Hef just days before their planned wedding last year, has moved back into the Playboy mansion. Crystal allegedly took off for another guy, but Hef reportedly says all is forgiven and he welcomed Crystal back with open arms.

So all is right in the world -- well, except for the fact that Hef`s most recent girlfriend just reportedly moved out of the mansion.

Wonder if Hef is going to take Crystal to the altar again?


HAMMER: Listen to that voice. That is the phenomenally talented country singer Chely Wright. She is the first country singer to ever come out as gay publicly and tonight, Chely reveals how that decision changed her life.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Right now, Chely Wright unplugged. The country music songstress has been churning out country hits for years but she says that her professional life was blown off track by her emotional decision to reveal to her devoted country fans that she`s gay. And in a brand new documentary called "Wish Me Away," Chely reveals that her decision to come out really threw her career into a tailspin.

Joining me now in New York the lovely Chely Wright.

It`s great to see you.

CHELY WRIGHT, COUNTRY SINGER: Thanks. It`s great to see you again, A.J.

HAMMER: And you made that decision two years ago which is I guess when we met in the hallways here at CNN and HLN --


HAMMER: -- you made a very tough but honest decision to come out and tell the world that you were gay, and I have to imagine at the time you had a major fear that there would be a backlash against your career and in fact that fear was proven a reality. Is that one of the reasons you wanted to do this film, to show people just how hard it was and how intense it was for you?

WRIGHT: Yes, I mean, we met two years when I came out but my decision to come out actually proceeded that day by a couple of years. I took that time to write my memoir and built my team to help me come out well, and part of coming out well was to write the very nuanced story of what it`s like for a person to hide in entertainment and particularly country entertainment.

But also this film was a big part of that and the filmmakers Bobby and Beverly followed me around for a couple of years. And they got ahold of my video diaries that I`ve been keeping for a long, long time. And I think it`s important that, you know, not everyone reads books.


WRIGHT: Not everyone would like for them to read my book.

HAMMER: Well, yes.

WRIGHT: But if they don`t, they can see a film that kind of portrays what it`s like for everyone to come out. Not just a publicly known person.

HAMMER: Well, I think the film will go a long way to really help people understand how intense and how difficult the process it is. And largely thanks to you video diaries, I want to take a look at one of them right now from "Wish Me Away."

Let`s roll that, Charles.


WRIGHT: I don`t know if I had the courage to actually ever have anyone see this tape. But sometimes living one`s honest life is damn near impossible. I`m just trying to live mine openly and honestly, because living it not openly and not honestly about killed me.


HAMMER: About killed me. You actually put a gun in your mouth at one point over all of this. How did you pull yourself out of that?

WRIGHT: I did. I was on the verge of suicide, and I want to make it clear that it -- I wasn`t about to take my life because I`m gay. I was about to take my life because I had very masterfully painted myself into a corner, into a life that I no longer wanted or could survive.

And how I got out of it? I think it was the grace of god that delivered me from my very darkest hour and told me to stand up and start talking and never stop.

HAMMER: And now here you are and you`re smiling brightly and our president has now come out in support of gay marriage. I have to imagine you had a wildly enthusiastic reaction to that.

WRIGHT: I did have an enthusiastic reaction and it was emotional for me, as I know it was for a lot of LGBT people. You know, it was really important to have our president, a sitting president say that we`re OK. And that we deserve every right and every freedom that everyone else has, and I know that the person saved and changed lives on that day. There are a lot of young people who look to the leader of the free world.


WRIGHT: And I`ll do everything I can to get our president re-elected.

HAMMER: Well, and here you are, happily married. And I just want to point out before we go because you mentioned this to me earlier. You got married on the same day as Kim Kardashian.

WRIGHT: I did.

HAMMER: You win.


HAMMER: Nicely done.

WRIGHT: They say the first 72 days of marriage is the hardest.

HAMMER: Well, you got through. Great to see you, Chely.

WRIGHT: Thanks, A.J. Thank you.

HAMMER: Thank you so much for being here.

Be sure to catch Chely`s fascinating documentary, "Wish Me Away", opens on Friday.

All right. You got to check out this new trend. Lose your famous and beautiful wife. Women, NBA career rebound. I`m talking about Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian.

Here is what I want to know. Is breaking up the best play ever?

"Mad Men" sex fury, the shocking indecent proposal for a Jaguar deal in the 1960s on the show. Has the real company ticked off right now. It`s tonight`s Big SHOWBIZ TONIGHT controversy.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I got you a little something.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, this car, this thing, gentlemen, what price would we pay? What behavior would we forgive?


HAMMER: That is part of the edge-of-your-seat scene from this week`s "Mad Men" that had everyone talking. Joan makes the ultimate sexual sacrifice for the Jaguar deal. Or maybe I should say Jaguar. Yes, everybody is talking about this, including the real people behind Jag about this indecent proposal.

The man of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price are drinks, squealing, womanizing `60s wheelers and dealers. Let`s face it, the guys can be pretty sleazy jerks at times but they may have crossed the line right here in the 21st century.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that Jaguar is ticked off about the storyline, that had Joan, Christina Hendricks, have sex with a Jaguar bigwig to land SCDP`s biggest ad deal ever. Well, tonight, I`m so lucky to be joined by "Mad Men" super fan, and comedian Kurt Braunohler. He is the host of the new game show, "Bunk", on IFC.

It`s great to have you here, Kurt.


HAMMER: So listen, they`re reacting. We have a real tweet from modern-day Jaguar, USA about the "Mad Men" story line. Let me read that to you. They said, "Loved the pitch, didn`t love the process. We applaud Peggy leaving SCDP," and hash tag is Mad Med Mad Jag.

Did Jaguar have the right to be ticked off here at this fictitious storyline?

BRAUNOHLER: I mean I do not think they do have the right. I mean like I thought -- I can understand them addressing it because obviously it does put them in a bad light. But you know I thought the tweet was fine. But I thought they went one step too far when they changed their tag line to "Jaguar, it`s not prostitution unless there`s money changing hands."

HAMMER: Yes. So that was going too far. You really don`t need to change your whole modern day ad campaign.


HAMMER: Based on a fictitious show.

BRAUNOHLER: And it`s like -- and also, the episode before had made Jaguar look very, very cool. You know? And now if we just take it down a notch and make it a little dirty, maybe actually that makes it a little cooler.

HAMMER: Yes, because it`s still all about -- I mean really, it`s one of the sexiest cars or certainly was one of the most sexiest cars on the planet.

BRAUNOHLER: Yes. Yes. Exactly. Now it`s just more sexy but in a creepy way?

HAMMER: I`ll tell you why I`m ticked off? Because I`m, like, a couple of seasons behind on "Mad Men" and because the story is in the news, I`ve had in one story, I`ve had three spoilers right there.

BRAUNOHLER: Yes. Oh, yes.

HAMMER: So I`m pretty ticked off at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producers right now actually for making me do that thing.

All right, Kurt. Thank you very much.

BRAUNOHLER: Thank you.

HAMMER: Make sure you check out the game show "Bunk." It makes its debut next Friday on IFC.

Well, here`s something we can certainly all feel good about. HLN`s new evening express. I`m very excited about his.

You already start your day with HLN`s "MORNING EXPRESS," right? Well, now there`s a new express ready to welcome you home. Parenting, education, health. Ryan Smith, Clark Howard and Isha Sesay have you covered with HLN`s "EVENING EXPRESS." It starts on Monday, 5:00-7:00 p.m. Eastern.

And now for the SHOWBIZ lineup. This is what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

From Bieber fever to burn out? An alleged fight with the paparazzo, fan pandemonium at a Norway concert. More money, more problems? Should Justin Bieber be afraid of his own fame?

Say yes to the ex. Eva Longoria`s ex Tony Parker is blazing hot in the NBA Finals. Kim K`s ex, Kris Humphries, doing his thing on the court, too. Tonight why breaking up may in fact be the best player ever.



HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Bieber in crisis? His chaos creating tour in Norway, the police investigation for allegedly assaulting a paparazzo. SHOWBIZ dares to ask, is the pain just too much for Bieber.

Kim Kardashian is usually the one controlling the reality cameras but now reality TV is taking on a whole new meaning for Kim K.


KARDASHIAN: Something weird is really going on.


HAMMER: It is your SHOWBIZ`s first look at Kim K. getting punked.

Welcome back to Showbiz Tonight. Justin Bieber in crisis? He may he may have worldwide fame and nearly 23 million Twitter followers but these days, Bieber fever may mean bad news for Justin. Here is why. Bieber was just in Norway for a big concert when he caused a near state of emergency. I`m not kidding. And then there`s the paparazzi investigation that is dogging him after he was accused of assaulting a paparazzi and his girlfriend Selena Gomez is now getting roped into questioning by the police, and if that is not enough, he is an 18-year-old child star on the edge of a transformation, should he be afraid of his own fame?

Joining me now is Samantha Harris, doing great work as a member of the entertainment council of Feeding America. And radio morning host, Brother Fred. Great to great to have you here. Let`s start with the craziness in Norway, it was out of control, Bieber caused so much chaos, almost 50 fans were injured and the concert almost cancelled he was hiding behind a tree at some point and there was a state of emergency almost declared. List listen to what Justin tweeted. "Norway please listen to the police, I don`t want anybody getting hurt, your safety must come first, for the show to happen, you must all listen to the police, we are all concerned for your safety, please listen." I get that being popular around the world is a great thing but could Justin be in danger of his fame spinning him out of control?

SAMANTHA HARRIS: I don`t think so. Justin is surrounded bay great team, headed by his manager. He has got a great head on his shoulders. Any time I interviewed him he is professional, he knows how to come in, hit his mark and do his duty and get out and be a kid when he needs to be a kid.

HAMMER: Brotha Fred, what do you think? this is sort of the point at which super stars start to spin possibly in the wrong direction and I`m happy he has the right people around him, it just does not always go so well.

BROTHA FRED, MORNING RADIO HOST: I know it`s a lot like that when you go outside the studio.

HAMMER: You too, buddy.

FRED: No, but what is funny is if you see him and the people, it`s like the 15-year-old girls and the 40-year-old moms and they are both going for him, it`s the best of both worlds, it`s amazing. I don`t think it`s out of control. The overexposure of the internet and he television, it`s people wanting to know what you are doing every second.

HAMMER: When you get this big, your fame will impact your personal life and it`s not always good, and what is going on in his personal life right now, not so good. A paparazzi when he was at a movie with his girlfriend, they were getting in his face, and now they have accused him of assault and now they want to speak to his girlfriend about it. When you when you step back, we saw it with Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, so many stars can never live a normal life again because of the paparazzi frenzy that comes with the territory, but is this but is this kind of future that lies ahead for Justin? He will be trapped by his own fame forever.

HARRIS: I think that is very much going to be the case. I mean, you look at someone now like a Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, they did not have childhood fame like Justin Bieber, but that is the life that he is probably going to lead. Look, he is a very talented kid and he will probably transition into adulthood very well, and unfortunately that is the future that he is going to have.

HAMMER: Well, let`s look at the transition, he is 18 right now and this is really where young stars arrive at the cross roads of young pop star and adult artist with staying power, he has a great career right now, look at what is happening with his music sales and what happened in Norway, but the transition is not always an easy one, he has the obsessive young fans right now as well as some of their moms, but what happens when the fans grow up? Do you think that Justin is with us for the long haul or do you not see the transition going so smoothly?

FRED: Yes, I had a chance to talk to him too to radio show and he talks about how with his latest album, he wants people to say, I don`t know what he will do next. It`s almost more Justin Timberlake-esque.

HAMMER: We like the guy, we wish him luck, he is extraordinarily popular, and it`s a sensitive time in his life, we hope it goes well. Thank you for being here.

HARRIS: Thank you.

HAMMER: For more on the fruit for all project with Juicy Juice, check it out

There`s one man who will there`s one man who will have a huge say in whether or not Bieber has staying power and it`s his super manager, Scooter Barnes. Scooter is the man who helped Bieber get to the top, he is a true power house, he has three other huge acts in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart right now. We went on location with Scooter and Bieber at the Beverly Hilton hotel.


KAREEN WYNTER, HLN CORRESPONDENT: Tell me what is going on behind the scenes here?

SCOOTER BARNES, MANAGER: We are doing a shoot for one of the artists I work with, the one that everyone knows the most.

WYNTER: Would that be Justin Bieber?

BARNES: It would be, it would be. The Biebs.

WYNTER: How important is he to you? He is more than a manager. He is your mentor and friend? Call him up at the 3:00 in the morning

JUSTIN BIEBER: Yes, yes, not only is he worried about my career and that, he is worried about me just being a good person and you know, at times he can be annoying but I know he is only trying to you know have me have the best character.

WYNTER: All right, who has the last word, Justin?

BIEBER: Always.

WYNTER: What do you guys butt heads on?

BARNES: That he is too much like me.

WYNTER: That is a good thing, you are successful and Justin is successful.

BARNES: My parents call Justin their revenge.

BIEBER: His parents say I`m their revenge because I`m always like -- I`m always -- I have a lot of energy and I`m giving him a hard time all the time. It`s fun, he is a really great guy and at the end of the day he has taught me a lot and not only about business, but you know, just being a good person.

WYNTER: There`s so many artists right now that wants to be associated with you, because you spell success.

BIEBER: My dad told me growing up, I hold you to extraordinary standards because I want you to be extraordinary. So, you know, if you want to be normal, it would be the status quo, you`ll end up being that, if you want to be extraordinary, I`ll quote one other person that I respect, that is Will Smith and he said, don`t ever be realistic, he said never be realistic, no one who is realistic in this world ever achieved anything great. Be unrealistic.

WYNTER: Did you see a bit of that? Justin when you met him several years ago that he dreamed big?

BARNES: What is funny, when I met Justin, he did not know it was possible. He never wanted to be famous or be a star, the idea of making it was so foreign to him, it did not seem possible.

WYNTER: You guys are pretty close, I read one of your tweets where he called up at 3:00 in the morning.

BIEBER: We have a special relationship, that relationship, that is very, it`s not a normal manager/client relationship. He is he is family. I would like to be everything that you want.

WYNTER: Justin being the megastar, you still keep it real.

BARNES: Beyond real to the point where it pisses him off.

BIEBER: Love you too.

WYNTER: That is so cute.


HAMMER: You have to have the love. My prediction is that Scooter and Bieber will be taking over the world. Prepare yourself. As we move on tonight, better without her? The celebrity athletes that are soaring now that they are on their own. Kris Humphries and Tony Parker. And a lot of people thought that Kim K. was punking them when she dumped Kris, maybe her haters think this is just what she deserves.


KARDASHIAN: Something weird is really going on.


HAMMER: Really, Kim K. got punked by Ashton Kutcher.



EVA LONGORIA: It was not about who he chose or what.


LONGORIA: I had moments of like, okay I`m not sexy enough, not pretty enough not smart enough?


LONGORIA: But in so many of those questions and I go, I immediately stopped and I go no.


HAMMER: Eva Longoria talking about her split from Tony Parker and his cheating on her. And how it made her feel, it`s been over a year now since the divorce and both seem to be doing well and for parking it`s truly game on.

Tonight, better without her? Life is good for Spurs star Tony Parker, he is having a career high just a year after he and Eva Longoria finalized their divorce and then there`s Kris Humphries after their 72 day marriage came to an end, Kris put his focus on basketball, and even though he was booed during games the New Jersey Nets player went to have one of the best seasons of his career without Kim, so Showbiz Tonight asks, are these star athletes better without a powerful woman on their arm?

We have our guests here with us. So here you have Tony Parker and Kris Humphries, two recent examples of star athletes that took their game to a new level after a big break up with a huge profile star. Our question, is breaking up the best play Tony and Kris ever made?

Another example of this: we have baseball star Matt Kemp. He dated superstar Rihanna. After they broke up, he had this amazing season. He was almost voted MVP last year. So, Wendy, as the professional on staff tonight, why does it seem that these guys do so much better without a superstar woman by their sides?

WALSH: Well, remember that sure didn`t work for Tiger Woods but then, he was shamed in a big way. The truth is this is how alpha men, those big athletes win women -- by getting Super Bowl rings. By winning NBA championships. So, they`ve got to zoom ahead so they can get their next power woman on their arm. They can`t lay low. They have to strut their stuff like a peacock showing their feathers. And that is exactly what these guys are doing.

HAMMER: Yes, I mean, Kurt, you also have to imagine, these guys are used to being the center of attention. And then all of a sudden, they marry somebody who`s much more high-profile than them, and the focus is not on them. Do you think that`s a big part of the problem?

BRAUNOHLER: I think it`s a huge part of the problem. I mean, all of a sudden, when you are dating this kind of super star woman, you`re riding shotgun. You`re no longer driving the car. I think these guys all of a sudden feel like they are driving the car again. They`re going to drive it right up to superstardom!

HAMMER: That doesn`t work for athlete egos, does it, Wendy?

WALSH: Oh, no, no, no. These athletes have some ego, so they have to maintain a level of stardom and success. And remember, when they were with that power woman, they had two spotlights shining on them. Hers and their own. So now, they have to (INAUDIBLE) even bigger to compensate.

HAMMER: But what about the athletes that have great marriages but are in serious trouble on the field? We all remember when supermodel Gisele Bundchen stood up for her man, Tom Brady, after he lost the Super Bowl. But is Gisele really helping Tom Brady`s game?

I want to hear what both of you have to say about that, and I will when we return.


HAMMER: And back with comedian and host of Bunk on IFC, Kurt Brownoler. And psychologist Wendy Walsh.

So, let`s talk about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen because they`re happily married. But even though Tom went to the Super Bowl this year, he has not won the Super Bowl title since being married to the supermodel.

Kurt, do you think Gisele is bad for Tom Brady`s game?

BRAUNOHLER: Oh, it`s so sad to say it`s bad for his game.

HAMMER: That`s what we`ve been hearing.

BRAUNOHLER: I know, but I mean like, when you`re in a good relationship, sometimes you just want to go home and watch "Mad Men" together. You don`t want to put in that extra - I mean, he is still going to the Super Bowl, you know? He is just not winning the Super Bowl anymore.

HAMMER: And it`s all her fault according to a lot of people!


HAMMER: Well, yes, yes. Wendy, what are you -

WALSH: Are you saying every athlete believes that their love life is totally responsible for whether they score or not on a field or on a court?


WALSH: That is crazy! My goodness, you guys!

HAMMER: I understand this, but this is what -- you have so many whacked- out fans who truly believe this. Wendy, I`m not kidding. They really believe this.

WALSH: Well, the truth is, thank goodness athletes like this have a good, strong, supportive marriage to help them during these slumps. Because every athlete has slumps! And I - and also, there`s the other piece, too. How do we know these marriages are all so good and safe and supportive? Just saying.


BRAUNOHLER: Well, I have installed web cameras in their homes, so I can say: it`s pretty good.

HAMMER: Hold on, let me talk about a slump here, because NBA star, Lamar Odom not having a lot of luck with his game lately. And dare I say, it has been since he married his reality-star wife, a Kardashian known as Khloe. So, here is our Showbiz Flashpoint: can you have only one superstar in the marriage to truly succeed on the field, Kurt?

BRAUNOHLER: That -- I think it might be true, and that is why I date only homeless women.

HAMMER: I see! Is that your - now is that your advice to athletes or any superstars out there?

BRAUNOHLER: Just go down to your local soup kitchen and find somebody who`s just not doing as well as you. And then you`ll be totally happy. And you`ll win the Super Bowl!

HAMMER: Wendy, do you share the same advice as Kurt for superstars trying to make it on the field and at home?

WALSH: No, but -


WALSH: -- I do think that some sometimes you are dealing with two big narcissistic personalities in one room who are exhibiting their functional dysfunction somewhere. And so, this can cause rift in marriages and this can cause problems in careers.

So, it`s not so much about who makes more money or who`s more powerful, but really who craves that limelight more.

HAMMER: Yes, there`s no question about that. And we just mentioned a couple of key narcissists by name again. Kurt, Wendy, it`s not you. Thank you very much.

Moving on now to something I`m thrilled to share with you, on Saturday, June 23rd, 8:00 p.m. Eastern, HLN is bringing you the 39th annual Daytime Emmy Awards live. It is going to be such a great show this year. With the action beginning - we`ll share this tonight (ph) live on the red carpet as all the stars arrive for this incredible show. That`s at 7 p.m. Eastern here on HLN.

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Well, he`s back. And he`s punking Kim Kardashian.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: Something weird is really going on.


HAMMER: Ashton Kutcher back on Punk`d to get Kim K. Your SHOWBIZ first look, tonight.




HAMMER: Tonight -- I don`t know why this makes me so happy -- did you see this? Kim Kardashian gets Punk`d. Ashton Kutcher is returning to his old stomping grounds on the MTV`s Punk`d. And he is working Kim K and Drake big time. Making famous people look clueless. He does it so well. (INAUDIBLE) Kareen Wynter in Hollywood with our literally explosive first look at the very special episode. Kareen, I just -- I can`t get enough of this.

KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: I can`t wait myself, A.J. You know, MTV, they got Ashton to come back for an episode of Punk`d that will run right before the MTV Movie Awards. And we have a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT first look for you. Prepare to see Kim Kardashian and Drake getting played. Check this out.


ASHTON KUTCHER, ACTOR: I`m coming home!

ANNOUCER: Ashton Kutcher returns to punk Drake.

And Kim Kardashian.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Something weird is really going on.


WYNTER: That is such a killer tease. An exploding parking lot, A.J., an exploding gas station. I guess we will just have to find out exactly how those pranks played out.

But you know what? They got my attention.

HAMMER: Oh, yes. And I know it`s just a sample there, but I kind of got the feeling that maybe Kim did not care all that much that a gas tank went up in flames. She seemed so casual about the whole thing?

WYNTER: And you know, why would she care, A.J.? It`s just a little explosion. A minor event in Kim K.`s life. And that`s really the hilarious part: "Something weird is going on here." Ah, yes, the big humungous ball of fire behind you. I cannot wait to see how this one plays out. At Kim`s expense. She`s usually in the driver`s seat when it comes to the production of her life, her reality show. Not this time.

HAMMER: Yes. But let me flash you back now, because a lot of people certainly felt like Kim K. punked them with her big 72-day marriage to Kris Humphreys. Do you think that they will enjoy seeing her getting pranked like this? That`s why I have to believe that people are going to be tuning in.

WYNTER: Of course! Of course, nothing like a little sweet revenge. People are still ticked. The backlash over that over-the-top that sucked so many of us in. And just like that (INAUDIBLE) situation earlier this year where an animal rights advocate, "I`m happy with Kim Kardashian wearing fur. Let her have it on the red carpet," well, people, they love to see her sweat. In all situations. So I think they will tune in and see how Kim handles the situation.

HAMMER: I can`t wait. Kareen, thanks so much.

Well, tonight tonight the mother who was arrested over Facebook, did you hear about this? A boy wrote some pretty nasty stuff about the mom`s teenage daughter on Facebook. And she got so angry she allegedly choked the boy when she saw him at the mall. I`m absolutely serious about this. Police have charged her with child abuse for this parent attack. The mom is saying now that she`s sorry, but she does insist that the boy had been tormenting her daughter online.

The question is, what really happened? Did the mom go way too far? Well, Dr. Drew is going one-on-one with the mother named Debbie Piscatella right now on HLN.