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Reality Kid Driven to Tears; First Lady of Facebook; Prince Charles Loving the Camera?; J. Lo`s Boyfriend Gets Reality Show; Interview with Dina Eastwood

Aired May 23, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HLN HOST: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer with the shocking video of a small child trapped inside a washing machine. The little boy is fine, but should the man who made the deplorable move face legal charges?


HAMMER: Also tonight, should kids be barred from reality competition shows so they don`t have to go through this?


HAMMER: A 7-year-old breaks down in tears while being judged by Howard Stern on "America`s Got Talent." The SHOWBIZ flash point, is reality pressure just way too much for little kids?

Clint Eastwood`s wife getting advice from -- Kim Kardashian?

DINA EASTWOOD, CLINT EASTWOOD`S WIFE: Kim Kardashian gave us advice.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What is she saying?

HAMMER: Clint`s wife. Reality TV`s newest star. Tonight she reveals the secret advice on fame she just got from Kim in a headline making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer with a SHOWBIZ reality check. After a 7- year-old boy was driven to tears while being judged by Howard Stern on "America`s Got Talent." Because SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is cutting to the chase tonight and asking a tough question.

Is it time for reality talent shows to stop putting young kids up there and possibly setting them up for humiliation, or worse?


STERN: No one likes hitting the X on a 7-year-old. You`re very brave to get up there at 7 years old.

HAMMER (voice-over): It was a dramatic, almost surreal TV moment.

STERN: I`m sorry. I`m so sorry.

HAMMER: Sometimes offensive shock jock and "America`s Got Talent" judge Howard Stern comforting a 7-year-old boy who broke down in tears after being criticized for his rap performance.

Yes, Stern made amends with the heartbroken young star.

STERN: I`ve met many great rappers. I`m on the radio. I interview them. None of them are quite as good as you.

HAMMER: And this moment made news everywhere, as Stern was unfairly accused of making the 7-year-old cry. But it`s giving some viewers pause.

DAPHNE BROGDON, BLOGGER, COOLMOM.COM: These kind of competition shows for kids make me very uncomfortable.

HAMMER: From 13-year-old Rachel Crow dissolving into wails after getting kicked off X Factor, to other young kids who succumb to rejection or nerves on "Britain`s Got Talent." People are asking, is it right for these reality competition shows to let little kids get humiliated on live national TV?

BROGDON: I feel like it`s "The Hunger Games" for kids. You know? It`s making sport out of these little kids` misery.

HAMMER: There`s nothing like watching a child prodigy just kill it on stage. And just like a high wire act, the thrill of success -- is equally matched by the crushing heartbreak of failure.

STERN: I don`t want to make you cry.


HAMMER: Especially when it involves a child like it did Monday on "America`s Got Talent."

STERN: You are a terrific young man. You are so brave.

HAMMER: Watching Howard Stern, who`s known to shock people, turn into a comforting father figure or watching a really stern judge like Simon Cowell show his soft side with a crying child on "Britain`s Got Talent."

SIMON COWELL, "BRITAIN`S GOT TALENT" JUDGE: Everyone gets nerves. Everyone falls apart, right?

HAMMER: Definitely makes for great TV drama. But really. No one can think being harshly judged in front of millions of people is actually good for a child.

BROGDON: That kid is 7. If I got up there now and did that and they went, on me, I`d start crying. So I don`t know how a little kid is supposed to do it.

HAMMER: That could be why most of the singing competition shows have age requirements. On "American Idol" you have to be at least 15 years old to compete. Same with "The Voice." But on "X Factor" you can be as young as 12. And "America`s Got Talent" is open to kids of any age.

BROGDON: My god, we probably will see a baby up there.

HAMMER: Daphne Brogdon of tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT this kind of competition could damage kids.

BROGDON: It`s a fine line because look, little kids do piano recitals. But you -- they`re not on TV in front of thousands, millions of people and they don`t have people going, if they make a mistake on "Mary Had a Little Lamb." I would worry that my kid would now go become like a turtle, they would just collapse inward.

HAMMER: These TV traumas can have happy endings. After her sad "X Factor" elimination Rachel Crow scored a deal with Columbia Records and a TV contract with Nickelodeon.

STERN: You did good.

HAMMER: And we could see 7-year-old Mere Money get some publicity mileage out of his on-camera breakdown. But still, this --

Might be more reality than kids like him need. Or viewers like us can handle.

BROGDON: Treat the kids with the kid gloves on these competition shows.


HAMMER: So is it time for all reality singing shows to set a minimum age to compete so we don`t see more heartbreaking scenes like the one we saw with that kid while he was crying while being judged by Howard Stern on "America`s Got Talent?"

With me now from Hollywood, entertainment journalist Rachel Zalis. Also joining me from Hollywood, Kristin Cruz, co-host of radio`s "Mark and Kristin Show" on Coast in Los Angeles.

So obviously there is a great deal of pressure on these competition shows. Even for the adults that compete. I mean you look at a show like "Dancing with the Stars." We regularly see grown adults breaking down and crying under the stress of it all.

Rachel, when it comes to kids, it`s much different, isn`t it?

RACHEL ZALIS, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: It`s so tough, A.J. I mean, show business is a hard business. And the truth is these competition shows are just a small taste of what really happens in Hollywood. If you want to be an entertainer, a singer, an actor, a dancer, like, it can be crushing to your dreams. And it`s hard to know whether the parents are really prepping their kids for the kind of rejection that they might face on the show.

I mean Howard Stern is the judge. What do they think is going to happen when they put their kid out there on the show.

HAMMER: Well, well, no, hold on a second. Let`s be clear. Howard Stern wasn`t the one who made the kid cry. The kid cried as Howard started to talk to him. Everybody`s been pointing the finger at Howard today, and I would say wrongly. But the fact is, this kid is up there. He`s been rejected by the judges. And he`s in front of all these people. It was only a matter of time before he imploded.

But let me get to our SHOWBIZ flashpoint. It is this. Should young kids be banned from reality competition shows like "America`s Got Talent"?

Kristin, I got to say I think so. What do you think.

KRISTIN CRUZ, RADIO CO-HOST, "MARK AND KRISTIN SHOW": Absolutely agree you, A.J. Listen, all the kids on the soccer team get trophies in real life. OK. But that`s clearly not what`s going to happen on a competition show. Someone`s going to win and someone`s going to lose. It`s our job as parents, that`s why kids don`t run amok without us. They need us to pull in the reigns and lay down the law.

HAMMER: Rachel, what do you think about the idea of a ban altogether for the kids? Because -- I don`t know, I just can`t see there it being any good to it. I mean yes, if the kid does well that`s one thing. But just the possibility of that level of humiliation like we`re seeing right here with Rachel Crow on "American Idol."

ZALIS: I absolutely agree. I think there has to be some sort of, like, regulation in terms of the ages. I mean, even the adults can`t handle it. Ellen left "American Idol." She couldn`t handle crushing the dreams. Howard Stern, he has no problem skewing anyone. And he turned into a blubbering baby over this. So I think it`s really affecting everyone`s psyche.

HAMMER: Yes. I think some parents, they just want to maybe get their 15 minutes of fame through their kids. Or maybe they think they`re doing something good for their kids. And the truth is there are a lot of parents who do put the kids on reality shows who do put a lot of thought into it. But then we also have parents who do things that are, well, mindboggling.

Let me give you one example. There is a woman who is obsessed with plastic surgery. She has spent, listen to this, a half a million dollars so she can look like Barbie, and get this. She gave her 7-year-old daughter vouchers so her daughter could get breast implants and liposuction when she turns 18.

Happy birthday. The mother just appeared on Anderson Cooper`s syndicated show, "Anderson." And you have to see this. He got so disgusted he kicked her the heck off her show -- his show. You got to watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would prefer to actually oversee my daughter`s Botox than actually have her going underground, finding a voodoo witch doctor or in fact getting it off the Internet and administering it herself.

ANDERSON COOPER, HOST, "ANDERSON": Right. I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about. I got to be honest. I try to be really polite to all my guests. I just think you`re dreadful.


HAMMER: Good for you, Anderson. I mean, seriously. You know, what else could he have done there? Tossed her right off.

Rachel, what do you think? Any excuse whatsoever for a mother to give a 7- year-old child vouchers saying, hey, when you get a little older, breast implants and liposuction for you. It`ll be great.

ZALIS: It`s so horrible. Can you imagine being the mom, thinking, hmm, should I save up for college or for collagen? It is the worst message to give to your young daughters. As a woman it`s really offensive. Tanning - - taking your daughters to tanning salons, getting them breast augmentation at that age, it`s terrible.

HAMMER: Yes. Kristin, on what planet is this OK? I can`t figure it out.

CRUZ: I don`t know. These women are in the seventh circle of bad parenting. As a mom, parenting is the opportunity to stop the heritage of madness. I think this woman`s mom encouraged her to get surgery when she was 6, too. And now she`s passing it on. Stop the crazy.

HAMMER: Yes. I`m glad we`re giving this some attention because hopefully the word will get out and people will see what Anderson did and people will take notice that there`s no way in the world where this is OK.

Rachel Zalis, Kristin Cruz, great to see you both. Thank you.

Now we must move on to really the shocking video of a little boy trapped inside a washing machine. I am so happy to report the toddler is OK. But should the man who made the boneheaded move face some serious legal action?

And did J.Lo really get her 25-year-old boyfriend his own reality show? There is a big debate about this tonight. Is J.Lo simply the best girlfriend ever, or does she seem desperate?


And now our SHOWBIZ first look at Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Great Gatsby."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look so cool. The man in the cool, beautiful suit.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO, "THE GREAT GATSBY": She has to tell him she never loved him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just heard the most shocking thing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It all makes sense.

DICAPRIO: Will come home, (INAUDIBLE)? We need you.





UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s ready? Right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. That was it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have no idea what that`s going to mean to my father.



HAMMER: That was the Mark Zuckerberg character we got to see in the hit movie "The Social Network," the story behind his creation of Facebook. And now everyone wants to know who is Priscilla Chan, Zuckerberg`s mystery bride who he just got hitched to in a secret wedding.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT as we uncover the real story behind the first lady of Facebook. There are brand new revelations tonight about Zuckerberg`s mystery bride. The woman who just married the guy who certainly was the most eligible billionaire in America.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got a first look today at the upcoming new issue of "People" magazine that`s out on Friday. And it has the exclusive first photos of Zuckerberg`s wedding to Priscilla.

Charlotte Trigs is senior writer for Meghan Alexander is a correspondent for "Inside Edition."

So Zuckerberg did what he had to do, I think. Fooled everybody. He invited about 100 guests to what he said was a surprise party for Priscilla. It was also his birthday. And as these new pictures from "People" show she wore a white gown with lace.

Now we know she`s 27 years old. Just graduated from medical school. But, Charlotte, that`s about all I know at this point. What else do you guys know about her?

CHARLOTTE TRIGS, SENIOR WRITER, PEOPLE.COM: Right. Well, Priscilla Chan has been a bit of a cipher thus far. But we found out that she`s actually a very accomplished woman. She speaks three languages. She speaks Spanish and Cantonese, as well as English. And you know, she met him in school a long time ago. And they`ve been together ever since, you know, Facebook was not even a thing.

So it`s like friends say that, you know, she has been someone who`s been there for him the whole time. She`s totally OK with tooling around town in an Acura. And she`s not high maintenance.

HAMMER: Pretty low key.


HAMMER: Megan, everybody was surprised by this and really shocked that the wedding took place. But these guys have been together for years now. How did they first meet?

MEGAN ALEXANDER, CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": Yes. Well, they met evidently standing in line for the bathroom at his fraternity. And I love it that she`s so down to earth and so grounded.

A.J., isn`t this what you need? You need somebody that loved you before you were famous and rich.


ALEXANDER: And keeps you grounded and solid. The more I hear about her the more I really like her.

HAMMER: Yes. But she`s still psyched. I mean, come on. Won`t it good --


ALEXANDER: You got to be.

HAMMER: I know. I take nothing away from the romance and the love. But I can tell you as you alluded to, Charlotte, she is definitely a smart lady. Her own Facebook page reveals these facts. She taught science to middle school kids, she went to Harvard, her degree from med school is in pediatrics. She speaks, as Charlotte mentioned, three languages.

The kicker, I think, she was born in the Massachusetts town of Braintree. I love that. Get tie in there. I get the impression, Charlotte, you know, Zuckerberg is one of the biggest guys on the planet. Certainly one of the wealthiest here in this country. She is not at all going to live in his shadow, though.

TRIGGS: No, you know, she`s really not impressed by, you know, the image of the king of Facebook at all. You know she`s all about just walking their dog, you know, going grocery shopping and going to Target with him. And you know she`s an equal in this partnership. So it`s like, you know, she`s not at all going to be the trophy wife.

HAMMER: She probably wasn`t out there spending money on the IPO, though, I`m guessing.

TRIGGS: Right, right.

HAMMER: But, yes, I mean that`s the point. They had -- they also had the simple backyard wedding. I mean these pictures are terrific. You know we`re not seeing them in some castle in some far off land. And I think that really speaks to both of their characters, the fact that they had basically this backyard deal at his home in Palo Alto, California.

ALEXANDER: I love it.

HAMMER: You know, the thing that I`ve appreciated about Mark is it`s never been about the money. He`s never been motivated by the fact that he could be a billionaire and is now a billionaire by all this. And he has always maintained this public image as a very low key kind of guy.

I get the impression, especially, you know, hearing that she`s happy to drive around in her Acura that she`s pretty much the same way.

ALEXANDER: Exactly. I think the fact that they knew each other before all this began, she`s got her own thing going, I think that`s really important. She needs to keep him in line. It`s what every good man needs. A woman that says you`re nothing special. Go take out the trash. You know? That`s exactly what I think she will do, it sounds like it.

TRIGGS: Exactly.

HAMMER: Yes. From everything you learned, Charlotte, what we`re going to see in "People," is she the woman to keep this man in line?

TRIGGS: I think that that`s definitely true. I mean, you know, it`s really telling that she still got her own career going on. She`s not working for Facebook. She`s going to go and be a doctor. And she convinced him to create an organ donor program on Facebook.

HAMMER: Well, that`s a terrific thing. They`ll be able to get the resources together and probably do some great philanthropy.

All right, Megan, Charlotte, thank you both so much. Make sure you check out the next issue of "People" magazine. It`ll be on newsstands on Friday.

Moving on now to Kevin Costner`s advice for Bobbi Kristina.


KEVIN COSTNER, ACTOR: She`s been operating in a difficult way. I mean when you deal with that kind of loss. And then -- and then suddenly people are saying, what are you going to do? What are you going to do? It`s like, what do you mean what am I going to do?


HAMMER: Kevin moved millions of people with his touching speech at Whitney Houston`s funeral. Tonight he reveals to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that he`s now ready to step in to help Whitney`s daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Plus, wait until you see this shocking video of a little boy trapped in a washing machine. And don`t worry, the toddler is just fine. But should the man who made this idiotic move be arrested?


Time now for your showbiz first look at Bobby Brown`s brand new music video "Don`t Let Me Die."


HAMMER: Tonight, is Prince Charles starved for attention? The royal family is in the spotlight big time right now. There`s the Queen`s diamond jubilee celebration. You got the Kate Middleton baby watch going on.

The world just can`t get enough of the royals. So why does it seem like the king in waiting, Prince Charles, is being left out?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner all over this tonight.

Nischelle, is Prince Charles, in fact, desperate to grab some attention from the rest of the royals?

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: You know, it sure seems that way, A.J. In the last few days as the rest of the royal family has been trying to dodge the media, Prince Charles has been posing for every camera he can find.

Check this out. He`s even been on the ones and twos as a deejay.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And you just want to be, like, ready. That`s the sign. Want to hear? One, two, three and yes. All right? There you go. And then if you want to come to this side. And now to that side.


TURNER: That is classic. I think he was really feeling it, though. And you know what? That was just the start. The prince also had to try his hand as the royal weatherman for the BBC in Scotland. You have got to watch this.


PRINCE CHARLES, WALES: There`ll be snow for the higher ground of the highlands and Appalachian. The potential for a few flurries -- who the hell wrote this script? As the afternoon goes on. The best of the drier and brighter weather will, of course, be in the northern isles in the far north of the mainland. So a little hazy (INAUDIBLE) for the castle in (INAUDIBLE), but a cool day everywhere with temperatures of just 8 Celsius and a brisk northeasterly wind.

Thank god it isn`t a bank holiday.


TURNER: You know what, A.J.? I am not saying that Prince Charles is an attention addict. But he sure seems to love these cameras these days. You`d think he might consider now doing some weddings or maybe a high school prom now that he`s got this deejay thing down. What do you think?

HAMMER: Yes. I think he`s got to keep his face out there even if it means doing a high school dance or two.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner. Thanks, Nischelle.

Time for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT lineup at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Clint Eastwood`s wife getting advice from Kim Kardashian?


EASTWOOD: You know who gave us advice? Kim herself. Kim Kardashian gave us advice.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What did she say?


HAMMER: Clint`s wife tells all about her new reality in a must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

And there`s more big reality news from "The Shore" tonight.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What was your addiction?

MIKE SORENTINO, THE SITUATION, "JERSEY SHORE": My addiction was prescription painkillers.


HAMMER: Mike "The Situation" Sorentino is sober. Snooki having a baby. Is "Jersey Shore" about to become "Jersey Snore"?


GRAPHICS: Johnny Depp adopted into Comanche Nation.

GRAPHICS: Camille Crammer set to return to "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in limited role.


HAMMER: Now on "Showbiz Tonight," did Jennifer Lopez just get her 25-year- old boyfriend a reality show deal? Must be nice to be J. Lo`s boy toy. But was it the power of J. Lo that got Casper Smart his own reality show? Is there anything wrong with that?

Also tonight, he did what? A man accidentally locks a baby boy in a washing machine. Are you kidding me? Thankfully the baby is OK. The great debate, should the man who did this face charges?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.

HAMMER: Welcome back to "Showbiz Tonight." Thank you for watching.

Tonight, the power of J. Lo. Hey, hooking up with Jennifer Lopez turning out to be the best thing ever for Casper Smart`s career. There are new reports tonight J.Lo`s 25-year-old beau has just inked a new reality TV show deal on the Oxygen network about his choreography work on J.Lo`s tours. Did you see this one coming? After appearing in J.Lo`s hot video for "Dance Again," Smart reportedly landed the role of lead choreographer on her 20-city tour. How did that work out? Well, now he`s all set to star in his own show. Has J. Lo just become the greatest girlfriend ever? And is Casper Smart just one of the luckiest guys in the world?

I want to bring in "Inside Edition" correspondent Megan Alexander. She`s with me in New York tonight. From "Hollywood Tonight," Kristin Cruz, cohost of the "Mark and Kristin Radio Show." Both eager to chime in on this one. Here we go.

The Oxygen network not saying anything just yet about these reports of Casper`s new show. We did reach out to them. They gave us no comment. But if these reports turn out to be true, it really does speak in my mind to J. Lo`s power. This guy, Casper, we didn`t know who he was until he became J. Lo`s boyfriend. Megan, do you think it`s crazy J. Lo is giving Casper this big career boost? It makes sense.

MEGAN ALEXANDER, INSIDE EDITION: There`s two directions we could go with this story. One, we could raise Casper way up and talk about Dr. Phil appearing with Oprah and then suddenly he gets his own show simply by association. Or we could remind ourselves of K-Fed and Britney Spears. The boyfriend suddenly joins her in a reality show. They get married. And then that whole thing blew up. So I don`t know if being the boy toy always works out that well.

HAMMER: Although, you know, the guy`s got to have some talent. You don`t get booked to be J. Lo`s tour choreographer if you`re not talented. Even if you are sleeping with her. I`m just going to say it.

ALEXANDER: Maybe if they keep the romance out of it, it will work. If it`s just on the dancing ability, I don`t know if that would work.

HAMMER: And look, J. Lo has always taken a lot of heat for thrusting Casper into the spotlight here. But there are a lot of people who have found fame because they have dated or were related to famous people. You know, talking about K-Fed and Britney. You have Clooney`s ex, Elisabetta Canalis. Bristol Palin, anyone?

Kristin, is it even fair to criticize J. Lo or is it just part of the deal with dating a famous person sometimes?

KRISTIN CRUZ, RADIO CO-HOST, "MARK AND KRISTIN SHOW: A.J., you and I were just talking about this irresponsible parenting. Grown-ups letting the kids be on reality shows, and they may not be ready for it. I`m just saying. I think Casper Smart should be renamed Casper Genius. Yes, he was smart. He`s dating her. She`s got a hot boyfriend. I love you, J. Lo. I get it. But this is a show that people are going to watch because we want to know more about him.

HAMMER: And, look, let`s not be unfair to Casper. We don`t know that he went after J. Lo so he could, you know, get his own television show. Or maybe he did. We just don`t know the truth there. But here`s the real question at the end of the day. Do you think that Casper could carry a reality show from what we know were there no J. Lo involvement?

ALEXANDER: Absolutely not. Casper who before J. Lo? We had absolutely no idea who this guy was.

Listen, maybe he`s smart. Good last name. Taking advantage of J. Lo to, you know, market this for himself. But come on. At the end of the day, you have to involve J. Lo, I think, for there to be interest.

HAMMER: All right. We`ll see what happens. We wish them all the best.

Another newcomer to the reality TV world, Whitney Houston`s daughter Bobbi Kristina, who is set to star in her own reality show on the Lifetime network. Now, a lot of people very obviously thinking it could be way too soon for her to step into the spotlight, unless she does have a strong circle of support. Let me bring in Showbiz Tonight`s Nischelle Turner, who is in Hollywood tonight. Nischelle, I understand the great Kevin Costner says he will be willing to lend a hand to Bobbi Kristina if necessary.

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Absolutely, A.J. You know, because of the blockbuster movie "The Bodyguard," Kevin Costner will forever be tied to the late great Whitney Houston. You`ll remember he gave one of the most memorable eulogies at her funeral. And last night, we spoke to Kevin here in Hollywood where he was promoting his new movie, "Hatfields and McCoys." We asked Kevin if he sees himself as someone Bobbi Kristina could reach out to for advice.


KEVIN COSTNER, ACTOR: Yes, if someone reached out to me -- I don`t -- I don`t try to insert myself in a life where I know there`s a great support system there already, you know. I kind of stand open to a lot of people. And certainly if Bobbi wanted to call me, I think, you know, that she could.

I didn`t know that my remarks had an effect on her. But there`s a lot of love around her and a lot of support. And I think that people realize that they have to step in, in a very supportive way right now for her.

You know, we live in a world where, you know, a lot of eyes are on her. A lot of cameras are going to be on her. And there`s going to be a lot of people questioning what she does and what she doesn`t do. And so, you know, she`s, you know, operating in a difficult way. When you deal with that kind of loss and then -- and then suddenly people are saying, what are you going to do? What are you going to do? It`s like, what do you mean what am I going to do? What do you mean what am I going to do? But that`s what`s happening. What are you going to do? What`s her next move? Maybe just trying to get a good night`s sleep is -- would be one of the best things that could possibly happen. And I hope that that`s happened to her, that she can find that kind of peace right now.


TURNER: Powerful words, A.J., there now. Now, Kevin went on to say that he, of course, is wishing the best for Bobbi Kristina.

HAMMER: Yes. And I am certain that we all do and hope this turns out to be a good move for her. "Showbiz Tonight`s" Nischelle Turner, thanks.

There is more big reality TV news breaking tonight on the "Jersey Shore." Snooki just revealing to "InTouch" magazine she`s having a boy. And she`s moving out of that famous "Jersey Shore" house. Snooki`s big news coming just as her co-star, Mike "The Situation" Sorentino announces he`s sober after just completing an eye-opening stint in rehab.

Now you got the mom to be and you`ve got the party boy toning things down. I`m wondering, could this be the end of "Jersey Shore" as we know it? Let me bring back Megan Alexander and Kristin Cruz. So here you have Snooki and the Situation making these major life changes. The Situation telling MTV News how his addiction to prescription pills first started. Watch this with me.


MIKE "THE SITUATION" SORENTINO: You know, where I thought it might have given me energy, I thought it helped me.


SORENTINO: You know, because it`s a painkiller. You`re not tired anymore. You know? Then after a while, you`re like, oh, wow, maybe this is going to help my schedule out. I`m always on planes, I`m flying here, I`m flying there. I don`t want anybody to feel bad for me at all. I`m just saying that, you know, being in this business is not easy.


HAMMER: No, it`s not easy. He`s recovering. He`s owning up to it. He`s talking about it. Snooki`s going to be a mom. So I`m thinking about that. Two of the mayor players on "Jersey Shore," it`s just not going to be the same show. Kristin, is it time for them to wipe the slate clean here and go for a new cast of characters to take on the shore?

CRUZ: We can`t do that, A.J. It`s not going to be the Jersey snore, right? I think everybody loves to watch a hockey game because we`re waiting for the fight, right? So now everybody`s trying to get sober and raise kids. Snooki`s going to be sleep deprived. She got the new baby. I think it`s going to be even more of a disaster than it was before.

HAMMER: Yes, but Kristin, keep in mind, we became enamored with the show, for better or worse, because of all of, you know, Snooki`s boozed up ways and the Situation`s apparently boozed up ways. Although he claims he was never drunk on the show, which I find fascinating. Megan, what do you think? I just -- it`ll be fascinating to see how the show plays out. I think we`ll tune in for that.

ALEXANDER: It`s over.

HAMMER: But yes, come on.

ALEXANDER: It`s over. I`m sorry. Both of these people are lovely to interview. Snooki and the Situation, interviewed them both. They are very nice people. I do not tune in, though, to see Snooki change diapers or the Situation be counseling people through his issues. No, that`s not why we watch the show. It`s over. I think people still need to realize in reality television, you are booked for a character. And they had those character roles of her being the party girl, him being the crazy going after women guy.

HAMMER: Kristin thinks they transcend that.


HAMMER: I can`t believe I`m using the word transcend with the cast of "Jersey Shore," and they can just be who they are now as evolved people, and the show will still work, if I have you right, Kristin.

CRUZ: That`s right. I mean, my mother is reading Vinnie`s new book about how to handle anxiety. So maybe they`re just going to get a whole new crowd of watchers now, viewers.

HAMMER: They`re going to sit around and play new age music. And omm. It`ll be a very relaxing experience watching "Jersey Shore." Megan, Kristin, thank you both.

Tonight, Kim Kardashian`s advice to Clint Eastwood`s wife about reality TV.


DINA EASTWOOD, CLINT EASTWOOD`S WIFE: You know who gave us advice? Kim herself. Kim Kardashian gave us advice.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What did she say?


HAMMER: I can`t wait to hear what she said. Dirty Harry`s wife opening up to "Showbiz Tonight" about her life with Clint. And she`s also opening up their world to reality show cameras. Dina Eastwood`s new reality revealed in a must-see "Showbiz Newsmaker" interview.

And he did what? This man put a baby in a washing machine and turns the machine on. Tonight, this unbelievable, heart-stopping moment caught on tape. The baby`s OK, but should the man responsible for this outrageous move face charges? This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN.

"Dancing with the Stars" new champ Donald Driver tells "Showbiz Tonight" that winning the show was kind of like winning the Super Bowl.


DONALD DRIVER, DANCING WITH THE STARS WINNER: I feel the same way when I won the Vince Lombardi trophy. You just have a numb feeling. It`s going to soak in probably tomorrow. I think tomorrow that`s when it`s really going to soak in, that we are "Dancing with the Stars" champions.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Absolutely crazy!




D. EASTWOOD: I`m married to Clint Eastwood.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I told you he was a sensitive man. I could see it in his face.

D. EASTWOOD: People go, oh, do you hate being called Mrs. Eastwood? I`m like, no, I`m proud of it.


HAMMER: So who could have ever predicted we`d see Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood on reality TV? Eastwood`s family is opening up their home like never before. So what worries Clint most about having his family on a reality show? Well, tonight Clint`s wife Dina reveals the real story behind the TV show that had a lot of people scratching their heads.

Welcome back to "Showbiz Tonight." Tonight, the new show, "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" is literally changing the face of reality TV. Look at it. You`ve got a powerhouse Hollywood name, you`ve got a matriarch in Clint`s wife Dina, you have two beautiful teen daughters. And of all things you got a boy band from South Africa that Dina now manages. But the truth is most of us can hardly get past the fact that legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood would actually be willing to do a reality show at all. So why would he? "Showbiz Tonight`s" Nischelle Turner sat down with Clint`s wife Dina to find out the real deal behind the show that has taken us inside the home of one of Hollywood`s biggest stars.


D. EASTWOOD: This thing started three years ago when I adopted my boy band from South Africa. And they get off the plane at L.A.X. on Independence Day, 2009. And they`d never been to the States. They`re all naive. And I start rolling tape on them immediately. And so they`d never pumped gas. And They had never seen, you know, things like we see in L.A. We looked for a manager. We ended up with Bengal Tigers. I ended up in the ER bleeding profusely getting stitches. We had a car accident. This is all within the first four days. And I`m just rolling on everything. And I called my husband, and said this has to be a show. This is just adorable.

I think Clint thought it was great when it was the band and me. Once the kids got thrown into the mix, I think a little resistance started. And I applaud him for resisting the fact that two teenage girls are going to be on a reality show.

TURNER: Because you see so many of the other ones, and you see maybe girls behaving badly or this happens with a family. So were those some of his reservations?

D. EASTWOOD: You know, I don`t want to sound naive. But maybe not so much that as worried that the kids could get a little bit spoiled. Like, go Hollywood on him. He`s kind of the anti of what you imagine Hollywood would be. So there is nobody doing his shopping for him. He`s at the grocery store. If you want to see Clint Eastwood in Carmel, go to Whole Foods. He does everything. And he just kept saying, don`t let it all get to you. Don`t start buying into it, girls.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I told you he was a sensitive man. I could see it in his face.


TURNER: There`s so many people, you know, that say, why would Clint Eastwood want to be involved with a reality show? Or even have his family be involved with a reality show? He didn`t need to do that.

D. EASTWOOD: Of course, I know, I know.

A lot of people -- a lot of people that we love, a lot of family members, a lot of friends, a lot of people in the entertainment business -- that`s where I come in and I feel really bad, because I feel like I`m being the gatekeeper of his reputation in shooting the show. And I am. I am diligent. And so it`s made shooting the show not as much fun for me as it is for everyone else. Everybody else is having a ball.

TURNER: Right.

D. EASTWOOD: I`m constantly going, that might shine incorrectly on Clint. We can`t do that because you`ll look like a fool. You know, I`m always on guard. Nobody else is on guard. That`s not to say I`m not totally myself. Because I`m not afraid to look a fool. Because Clint`s not looking a fool, it`s me, and I`m my own person, you know. So I`m not worried about that aspect of it. But yes, I don`t want to ever, ever tarnish his reputation. And I think that we`ve kept it so separate, the show is so separate from him, and he appears in it twice.

TURNER: We saw him in the first episode.

D. EASTWOOD: On his own. That`s his choice.

TURNER: So he wanted to be in that first episode?

D. EASTWOOD: No. But I pushed him enough until he was. He actually was graciously in that first episode. He did know he was being taped. And then he`s in the episode coming up on Sunday night because my adorable beat boxer in the band gets married, and I`m the stand-in mom. So Clint is in that episode as well.

There have been many other episodes where I wanted him in and he wouldn`t -- he wouldn`t participate.

TURNER: Oh, really?

D. EASTWOOD: Yes. Where I`d say, I really want you to be in this scene teaching Morgan how to drive. And he`s like, nope. Don`t want to.

TURNER: He just wasn`t comfortable, or he--?

D. EASTWOOD: Like you said, he doesn`t need it. He doesn`t need to be doing this, you know.

TURNER: You guys are on after the Kardashians, which is a great time slot.


TURNER: And I heard you had lunch with Kris Jenner to kind of pick her brain?

D. EASTWOOD: I did. I wanted to have lunch with Kris Jenner, and I got to meet her. I was star struck. We all had to go to an E! network event together. And the same production company does their show as ours. And always said meet with Kris, she will help you. Because I literally am kind of flying solo. I don`t really know what I`m doing. I probably should have a little bit more help than I have right now to be doing a show of this magnitude. It`s really a beautifully done show. Kudos to E! and Bruno Murray (ph). And so I did get to meet her, and said, sometime could we go to lunch? It was very embarrassing.

TURNER: Did she give you a little piece of advice on how to navigate things?

D. EASTWOOD: She was great. She said let`s meet for lunch. You know who gave us advice?

TURNER: Who`s that?

D. EASTWOOD: Kim herself. Kim Kardashian gave us advice.

TURNER: What did she say?

D. EASTWOOD: She got my band together, Overtone, and she said, I`m going to tell you all, grab it while you can. She`s like, every opportunity that comes your way, seize the day. Go for it. Be here 100 percent. I was very impressed.


HAMMER: Wow. "Showbiz Tonight`s" Nischelle Turner joins me now. So, Nischelle, it really sounds like Dina is going into this thing with eyes wide open. But did you get the sense at all that if it were all up to Clint, there wouldn`t be any reality show here?

TURNER: I absolutely got that impression, A.J. She pretty much said it. Dina was very honest when she said, look, I know my husband is Hollywood royalty. His name means a lot in the industry. And he really didn`t want to have any part of the show himself. He`s in two episodes. And she said she begged him to do a lot more and he flat out said, don`t want to do it. I don`t think he was really loving him being in it. He just kind of went along with the ride because I think that he really loves his wife. That`s why.

HAMMER: Good for him for supporting his wife. "Showbiz Tonight`s" Nischelle Turner, thanks, Nischelle.

Tonight, he did what? A man puts a baby in a washing machine and turns it on. Tonight, the unbelievable heart-stopping moment caught on tape. The baby is fine, but should the man who made this deplorable move face charges? This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN.

And now your "Showbiz" first look at Bravo`s Olympic inspired summer preview.


HAMMER: Tonight, caught on tape. The deplorable and potentially deadly move by a New Jersey man who put a baby in a washing machine. And I need to warn you, this video is disturbing to watch.

Take a look at this. It is remarkable surveillance video. It was posted by a laundromat employee on Youtube. The man actually places a toddler, who is reportedly less than 1 year old, inside a washing machine. He closes the door and he turns the thing on. You can actually see the baby rotating inside as he and a babysitter begin to panic. The baby boy was rescued and he`s doing fine thanks to the quick thinking of a laundromat employee.

I want to bring in Sunny Hostin, legal contributor for "In Session" on TruTV. We`re being told this man is a companion to the female babysitter that we see in the video. They were apparently playing obviously a very misguided game of peek-a-boo. Something went horribly wrong here. The baby was locked in the washer. Water was coming in for about a minute before he was rescued, and investigators say it was an accident. But, Sunny, should someone be prosecuted here for endangering a child?

SUNNY HOSTIN, IN SESSION: These folks are really lucky I`m no longer at the U.S. attorney`s office.

HAMMER: Holy mackerel.

HOSTIN: (inaudible) prosecuting cases because I did prosecute cases where there were crimes against children. That was my expertise. There`s no question that I would prosecute a case like this. I mean, it doesn`t look like a joke to me. I just saw it for the very first time here with you. It looks quite intentional. I don`t think you can accidentally place a child in a washing machine.


HOSTIN: I`m shocked at it. I`m happy in a sense that these weren`t his parents, because then there would be really significant issues in terms of child placement and child welfare getting involved.


HOSTIN: But with the babysitter, the person tasked to take care of this child, I`m pretty horrified. Certainly at the very at least, A.J., there needs to be an investigation.

HAMMER: Well, the outcome thankfully was positive, as we`ve been talking about. Let`s take a look at how the baby was rescued. The man wasn`t able to open the washer door himself, so he raced to grab a laundromat worker who quickly pulled the plug. Duh. The worker eventually got the door open. They rescued the baby. All of it as we see is caught on tape. And if I`m the parent of this baby, I would be so alarmed, I would be so furious. So the question is, does the existence of this tape, Sunny, now cause big problems for this as of now unidentified man?

HOSTIN: No question about it. No question about it. I`ve got to tell you, if I`m the mom here, I`m suing everybody. I`m suing the guy. I`m suing my sitter. This woman never gets near my child. Because as a parent, we are tasked with protecting our children. And when you put someone in this position where you think they are taking care of your child, to see something like that, I mean, it`s just -- it`s horrifying. I believe that it`s quite possible that this could end in a prosecution.

HAMMER: Against the babysitter as well it sounds like you`re saying?

HOSTIN: Absolutely. Absolutely.

HAMMER: Wow. It`s just something to behold. Again, thank goodness the child was OK.

HOSTIN: That`s the good -- the good part out of this whole story.

HAMMER: What a crazy, crazy story. All right, Sunny, thank you as always for that.

That is it for "Showbiz Tonight." Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. Keep in mind, you can watch "Showbiz Tonight" exclusively weeknights. We`re on at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.