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Haley`s Private Pain; Return of the Jacksons; Risky Reality; Travolta Accuser #3; Jessica Simpson`s Big Baby Payday; Simon`s New Judge

Aired May 14, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HLN HOST: I`m A.J. Hammer in New York and I am with -- well, the top talkers, the ladies of "The Talk." We`re on the set of "The Talk" which happens to be in New York City.

Welcome to New York City, one and all.



HAMMER: And these ladies got a lot to say, trust me, particularly about the "TIME" magazine cover where a woman is breastfeeding her 3-year-old son?




HAMMER: Also tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. The "Modern Family" life and death drama. Teen star of TV`s biggest sitcom reveals her near-death shocker.

SARAH HYLAND, ACTRESS, MODERN FAMILY: If I didn`t get 12 hours of sleep, I felt like I got like none.

HAMMER: Tonight, the incredible story of the remarkable sacrifice her father made to save her life.

Tonight, the startling new reality show featuring Whitney Houston`s family, Whitney`s daughter, her mother, brother, sister-in-law, letting cameras roll as they cope with Whitney`s death? The great debate, too much reality too soon?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer.

Life and death dramas don`t usually go hand in hand with sitcoms but this is a different story. We learned today that Sarah Hyland who plays the fearless teenage daughter on TV`s biggest sitcom, "Modern Family," has been struggling for years with a disease that could have killed her. The reason she`s alive today is because of a remarkable sacrifice made by her father.

Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you her remarkable story and inspiration.


HYLAND: He`s nice but he`s no Dylan.

HAMMER (voice-over): Haley Dunphy, the oldest daughter on the hit TV comedy "Modern Family," has problems but it`s usually minor teen stuff.

HYLAND: I have a party tonight. You promised I could go if I got a B on my test. I studied. I read stuff. What was the point of all that?

HAMMER: But we`re learning today that Sarah Hyland, the 21-year-old actress who plays Haley, is dealing with a major real-life problem that her fans never knew about until now.

HYLAND: Being a lot of pain a lot of the times. If I didn`t get, like, 12 hours of sleep I`d felt like I got, like, none at all.

HAMMER: This morning on ABC`s "Good Morning America" and also in the new issue of "Seventeen" magazine, Sarah Hyland reveals for the first time that she had a kidney transplant last month necessitated by a kidney disease that she`s had since she was 9.

KRISTEN MASCIA, STAFF WRITER, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Sarah Hyland revealed that she has kidney dysplasia. It`s something that she`s dealt with her entire life and kind of kept quiet.

HAMMER: Hyland tells "Good Morning America" her kidney disease kept her in constant pain when she was filming "Modern Family."

HYLAND: If you`re sick, you still go to work and in between takes you sit down or you lay your head down or something.

HAMMER: We can see the results of Sarah`s suffering right there on the screen. Ever notice how on "Modern Family" Haley is texting constantly?

TY BURRELL, ACTOR, MODERN FAMILY: I`m so proud of you.

HYLAND: We all are.

HAMMER: Well, Sarah Hyland revealed today that her character`s constant texting was one of the on-camera tricks she used to hide her pain and exhaustion.

HYLAND: I try and make it so that Haley is always sitting down, if you notice, she`s sitting down a lot, texting, like leaning on something and texting. When Haley walks up the stairs, that`s, like, my workout for the week.

HAMMER: Sarah`s health got so bad she had a kidney transplant last month. The donor was close to home, her own father, actor Edward James Hyland. Sarah tells ABC it`s a strange feeling.

HYLAND: It`s weird because it`s, like, I have your kidney in me now.

HAMMER: And as she recovers from surgery, she says she`s getting some help from her co-stars, including Julie Bowen who plays Haley`s mom and Sarah`s real-life boyfriend, actor Matt Prokop who appeared in last week`s episode.

MATT PROKOP, ACTOR: They have corn dogs. We`ve got to get one before we go back.

HAMMER: Hyland tells ABC she went public to send a message to others suffering from kidney disease.

HYLAND: Know that you`re not alone. Even though it may seem like it a lot of the times and that if you ask why me, well, why not you? You know? It makes you the person that you are today.

MASCIA: She just wants her fan to know that she`s well and it`s something that she`s been battling but it`s not going to be keeping her down.


HAMMER: Such an amazing, such an inspirational story. Sarah Hyland is working with comedian George Lopez`s Lopez Foundation that promotes awareness for kidney disease and organ donation.

Well, tonight, life after Michael Jackson. Can you believe it? It has been nearly 30 years since we last saw the Jackson Five on tour and that has left many to wonder, if it would even be possible for the group to ever hit the stage again without their youngest brother, the late Michael Jackson.

Well, tonight in an intimate new interview, the Jackson Four also tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT whether or not they`ve forgiven Conrad Murray, the doctor, of course, convicted of killing Michael. But first we have Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie and Tito talking to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter about that history-making Unity tour.

Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker interview.


KAREEN WINTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: I know that when we spoke last year, you know, I said, Jermaine, when is this going to happen? And you said, we`re working on it. We`re working on it. How does it feel, guys, to know that it`s a reality?

JERMAINE JACKSON, THE JACKSON FOUR: It`s very, very good to come on stage with all the brothers again and perform for the fans around the world but the hardest thing we`re finding is we have so many songs and trying to put the songs -- and trying to fit it all in but just, Kareen, medleys and do parts of and transitions from this to this. But they will get good, what, 40 years of a lot of good music?

WYNTER: You guys look amazing, OK? I`m sure you still have the dance moves down. But 30 years has been a long time. How confident are you that you`re going to be able to rock it out?


J. JACKSON: We`re going to wear them out.

WYNTER: You`re going to wear out the crowd?

J. JACKSON: We`re going to wear them out.

WYNTER: This is so much for the fans but a big part of it is for your beloved brother, Michael.

J. JACKSON: Yes, it`s healing. Performing the songs is healing. We`re still mourning. So to get it out there is what we need to do to keep the legacy going. So much great music.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He will be missed.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But also his spirit will be there with us.

J. JACKSON: My father, when he first got us started, he said, the show must go on. Just to keep it going. And that`s the whole idea here, just to keep it going. And Michael would want that, too. Keep it going.

WYNTER: People have been talking about the Jackson reunion tour for such a long time even before Michael`s passing. What do you think he`d say if he were here in this room today?

J. JACKSON: He would say, let`s do it, guys.



WYNTER: What do you miss the most about Michael?

J. JACKSON: That smile. I do. Beautiful smile.




WYNTER: It was pretty incredible, you know, the outpouring of support that happened following during Michael`s death. The legions of fans during the Conrad Murray trial. Do you forgive Conrad Murray?

MARLON JACKSON, THE JACKSON FOUR: I`ve come to a point where I do forgive but I don`t forget. The best answer to that would be it would be great if my brother was still here but we know that`s not the case. So I have not forgotten and I will never forget but I have learned to forgive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s a hard question because forgiveness I think -- and not forgiving can turn into terrible anger. And so I forgive. For me it will. And so I learn to forgive. But I have -- like Marlon said, I haven`t forgotten. I will never forget. I am looking for answers, too. And I`m upset, I`m sorry, I`m bitter. But I have to forgive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have a brother that is no longer here but is he in spirit. I can`t be angry for the rest of my life about it.

J. JACKSON: When you take an oath and you`re doctor and you take an oath to do well for your clients and who you represent and it gets to the point where you take someone`s life, that`s what I can`t forgive. He understood exactly what he was doing.

WYNTER: Jermaine, this has been an especially tough year for you. I remember the day that Whitney Houston died, one of your really good friends.

WYNTER: Whitney was just extraordinary talent. I got a chance to be with her from the very beginning. She was so sweet. She called me when Michael passed and she was so concerned about me and making sure that I was OK and everything. When she passed it came to my mind what she was saying to my me about Michael and I said, no Whitney, not you. And then we lost Dick Clark who played an intricate part in our lives from the very beginning.

These people are dearly missed, just like my brother, and what can you do except for just to pay the respects to your family.

Michael`s passing, I think, has caused all of us to want to be closer and not to really trust outside the family because it`s so hard. I mean, we saw things that we didn`t like, circles around him and people we were hoping that they meant well but they didn`t. And so this is the strength right here, the family. The family, the family.


HAMMER: And I am sure they will make Michael proud. Tickets are on sale right now for the Jackson Four Unity Tour that kicks off next month on June 18th in Louisville, Kentucky. They will be performing in 27 cities and they`ll be performing, as you heard, all of their classic hits, including a special tribute to Michael Jackson.

Well, tonight a stern warning for Jessica Simpson about making money off her baby photos.


JULIE CHEN, CO-HOST, THE TALK: I say beware to Jessica Simpson. She better be prepared to open Pandora`s box.


HAMMER: I am on location with Julie Chen and the ladies of "The Talk" for a no-holds bar SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker interview. Is it OK for Jess to cash in on her baby? Or was it a big mistake?

Tonight newly pale and pregnant Snooki revealed. Why the five-month pregnant "Jersey Shore" star says she`s thinking about giving birth on TV. Is that a bad idea?

Former "Real Housewives of New York" star Jill Zarin is here to weigh in on Snooki`s new reality next.


Nick Cannon spent Mother`s Day with Mariah Carey and their twins Rock and Row. He reveals to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT how they spent the special day.


NICK CANNON, ACTOR/RAPPER: The first part of the day we went out and tried to bring the kids along but they fell asleep and it was all about mom after that. She wanted to go to an amusement park. So she kind of got to have a little break. Mariah loves amusement parks because she hasn`t been to one in, like, almost two years because of the pregnancy and everything so she had a blast.




WHITNEY HOUSTON, SINGER: I don`t need money. I have love. Hi, how are you?


HAMMER: Wow. Bobby Brown`s reality show "Being Bobby Brown" certainly showed a side of Whitney Houston that her fans a side of her that they hadn`t seen before and it really wasn`t a good one. So I got to wonder, why on earth would Whitney Houston`s family think about doing another reality show? And think that that`s for any reason is a good idea. Especially soon after her death.

Is it a risky reality for the Houston family to actually go ahead and do a reality show? Well, we just learned about the show that`s going to air on Lifetime. It`s going to capture their life in the months after Whitney`s shocking and sudden death. We`re going to see her daughter Bobbi Kristina as well as her mother, her brother, her sister-in-law, all in the show called "The Houston Family Chronicles."

I`ve got to tell you, I just don`t feel like this seems like such a great idea, at least not right now.

I want to ask a former longtime reality show star, Jill Zarin, who is a part of the "Real Housewives of New York." Jill is up promoting her fabulous line, Squeeze Couture Shapewear on HSN. She`s wearing it right now.

It`s always great to see you.

JILL ZARIN, REALITY TV STAR: I am. Thank you, A.J. So good to be here.

HAMMER: So listen, you know all reality TV and the problems that are associated with it. And when we heard about Whitney Houston`s family shooting this reality show, we put it up there on our Facebook page. Most of our fans slammed it. I want to read one comment. This comes from Penny T. trashing the idea.

"This is a family who turned a blind eye all because of money. Give me a break. Are they all that desperate to keep her going even though she is dead?"

Do you see it the same way, Jill.

ZARIN: Well, maybe, maybe they do. I mean if -- are they doing it for the money? See, I see a reality show at least today different than a few years ago, that you`re doing it to promote a brand. Whatever that brand is. People want to do it for the money after the show because there really isn`t that much money on reality shows in general.

HAMMER: Right.

ZARIN: So I don`t think they`re going to get rich doing the show unless, you know, it`s a huge runaway success which it probably won`t be. So what are they doing? What do they want to get out of this? Is she going to be singing? Do we see a career for her daughter? Is she going to come out with a new DVD on the show, a song? I don`t know.

HAMMER: That`s a really viable question. I mean a lot of people are especially disturbed about the fact that Bobbi Kristina, Whitney and Bobby Brown`s daughter, is going to be appearing on the show. The only time we`ve heard from her since her mom`s death was that interview she did with Oprah. And Bobbi Kris shared her bold plans for the future. Let`s watch.


WHITNEY OPRAH, TV HOST: What does that mean for you that you`re going to carry on the legacy?

BOBBI KRISTINA, WHITNEY AND BOBBY BROWN`S DAUGHTER: I still have -- I still have a voice.



WINFREY: You`re going to sing?




BOBBI KRISTINA: Yes. We`re going to -- we`re going to do this singing thing. You know we`re going to do some acting, you know, some dancing, you know.

WINFREY: Oh, my gosh. That`s a lot of pressure for you, don`t you think?


HAMMER: So even Oprah there acknowledging the pressure Bobbi Kristina is putting herself in in that interview. And you add reality show to the mix, I think she could be setting herself up for a disaster but Jill is there a chance that being a part of this reality show could help her future career as a singer, as an actress?

ZARIN: It`s ironic that I didn`t even know about that interview and I thought, there has to be something deeper and this is it.

HAMMER: So you think that`s the motivation.

ZARIN: They would use the show to launch her career. Absolutely. Because think about it. Everybody is hot for Whitney Houston now and post mortem, if you want to call it. How depressing. But in three years from now, are people going to really care about her? So if they don`t do it now, you really can`t wait.

HAMMER: Yes. Or to her -- perhaps perpetuate the Whitney Houston brand.

ZARIN: Exactly.

HAMMER: Keep the music sales going.

Let`s talk about some other risky reality tonight. Can you imagine Snooki giving birth while cameras are rolling? Well, there are startling reports that Snooki hasn`t ruled out having cameras in the delivery room. That`s not really a huge shocker to me. But here`s what`s Snooki told E! Online that she and her fiance haven`t actually discussed it yet. It`s a decision they will make together.

ZARIN: I don`t believe her.

HAMMER: Do -- what, about making the decision together?

ZARIN: I don`t believe that they didn`t talk about it.

HAMMER: Well, but -- but regardless of that, do you think the idea of Snooki having cameras in the delivery room for the little Snookette being born is a bad idea?

ZARIN: Why would that shock me? Well, if you`re watching her show, of course you want to see that baby come out. You want to see what comes out of her. I mean seriously if you`re a fan of hers. And I don`t blame her. I mean this is what she does. She made her living being a reality star so I think that this is part of her reality.

HAMMER: But fortunately Snooki has said she is going to stop tanning until the baby is born. I have to imagine you think -- that at least Snooki is making a good decision.

ZARIN: Absolutely. Because it`s not healthy for any of these chemicals to go through her skin for the baby. And she hasn`t -- you know, she`s not drinking. She`s being a responsible mom. However, that could hurt her brand long term as far as being Snooki. Now she could probably do baby products, mommy things --

HAMMER: Time to evolve the brand.

ZARIN: Exactly.

HAMMER: You know all about that.

ZARIN: I do. I do.

HAMMER: Well, Jill, it is great to see you as always. Thank you for being here.

ZARIN: Thank you.

HAMMER: And make sure you check out Jill`s new Squeeze Couture Shapewear line on HSN.

Well, tonight Bristol Palin gets some advice from the ladies of "The Talk" after slamming President Obama`s support of gay marriage.


SARAH GILBERT, CO-HOST, THE TALK: I do think, of course, Bristol Palin is going to try to make the whole situation look bag.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She needs needs a good shagging.


HAMMER: There it is and there you have it. SHOWBIZ on location with the ladies of "The Talk." I can tell you, nothing was off limits.

Plus, Britney Spears on the "X-Factor"? Could it that Simon Cowell actually make the right choice if he did choose Britney? Who better to ask than "Celebrity Apprentice" star Aubrey O`Day. She is right here for a must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.


Did you see this? "Saturday Night Live" celebrated its 100th digital short with the montage of the best shorts ever.



HAMMER: Tonight, John Travolta`s troubles continue as a third accuser steps forward just as the first accuser dropped out. Tonight a third man claims Travolta propositioned him for sex and even offered to pay him a reported $12,000.

Well, it appears that Travolta has survived one out of three sexual assault claims. Can he fight off the remaining two?

Joining me in New York, Sunny Hostin, legal contributor for "In Session" on truTV.

So this third accuser`s name is Fabian Zanzi. He`s a former cruise ship room service operator. Now this guy has spoken out already on a Chilean Entertainment News show. So he`s out there.

Travolta`s attorney says this about Zanzi to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. "This is just another ridiculous claim by someone hopping on the bandwagon to get his 15 minutes of fame with a story about something that`s supposedly happened over three years ago. The fact that we`re only hearing about him now through tabloid gossip stories three years later speaks volume."

Now so far Travolta was able to produce receipts and photos that seemed to blow up John Doe number one`s case. They`re working on doing the same with John Doe number two.

What does John Travolta have to do to prove that this third accuser is also a non-reality?

SUNNY HOSTIN, LEGAL CONTRIBUTOR, IN SESSION ON TRUTV: Unfortunately, I think he is now in a position of having to perhaps make -- claim that he wasn`t there, he wasn`t on that cruise, perhaps also, again, providing receipts, pictures and that sort of thing. And that`s a terrible place for someone to be in, especially if these things are not true. Because we know he`s such a huge celebrity.

HAMMER: Right.

HOSTIN: And certainly people are out there that will try to get --

HAMMER: Well, yes, dog him.

HOSTIN: -- fame and money from him. So -- but I think, you know, the more people that come up, the more difficult a position that he`s in.

HAMMER: He`s talking about mediating with John Doe number two and maybe even this third guy. It could happen there. Does that somehow suggest a concession on Travolta`s part?

HOSTIN: You know --

HAMMER: It could have that perception certainly.

HOSTIN: It certainly could have that perception but oftentimes celebrities want to just put this away.

HAMMER: Right.

HOSTIN: And it`s more -- it`s less expensive for them to deal with it that way than to actually go to trial.


HOSTIN: But then you also see these celebrities that think, I`m going to stand up for myself and I`m going to make a point of this, and I am going to trial.


HOSTIN: So the fact that he mediates, I don`t know that you can read that much into it.

HAMMER: We`ll see what happens. Sunny, thanks as always.

Now the SHOWBIZ lineup coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, we have this.


HAMMER: What you`re going to learn on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is that we all need --

OSBOURNE: A good shagging.

HAMMER: A good shagging. Yes, that would be from Sharon Osbourne. All the ladies of "The Talk." I`m with them. I`m getting a nice embrace, by the way. Can we hug --

OSBOURNE: I`m feeling you.

HAMMER: OK. SHOWBIZ is on location with the ladies of "The Talk." Nothing was off limits, as you can see. What do they think about Bristol Palin`s slam on Obama`s support of same-sex marriage?

And what about Jessica Simpson`s baby boom? Do they think it`s OK for Jess to cash in on her baby? You`ve got to see it. No holds barred. SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.


GRAPHICS: Jay-Z to curate and headline Philadelphia Music Festival.

GRAPHICS: Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson to guest star on the 4th season of "Glee."


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: I`m A.J. Hammer in New York and I`m with the top talkers , the ladies of "The Talk." We`re on the set of "The Talk," which happens to be in New York City. Welcome to New York City one and all.


HAMMER: And these ladies have got a lot to say, trust me. Particularly about the "Time" magazine cover where a woman is breastfeeding her three- year-old son.


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on "Showbiz Tonight." And the ladies of TV`s hottest new daytime show, "The Talk" are also taking on Jessica Simpson`s big baby payday. Eight hundred grand for baby pictures. What do they think about Jessica cashing in?

Also, can Britney Spears save Simon Cowell`s "X-Factor?" Well, I can tell you, Brit is officially the show`s newest celebrity judge. But does she really have what it takes to make "X-Factor" the king of the music shows?

Welcome back to "Showbiz Tonight," I`m A.J. Hammer. Tonight, showbiz is going on location with the ladies of CBS` Emmy-nominated hit daytime show "The Talk." And let me tell you, when we talked today, nothing was off limits, like Jessica Simpson reportedly going to cash in in a big way on giving birth. And Bristol Palin slamming President Obama for supporting gay marriage. Plus the star of the new reality show featuring Whitney Houston`s family. "The Talk" is in New York City all this week. I had an amazing time today hanging with all of the co-host, Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Sarah Gilbert, Cheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler. And of course, I had to ask the ladies about being nominated for three daytime Emmy awards.

Welcome to New York, first of all.


HAMMER: I must congratulate you on your three daytime Emmy nominations?


HAMMER: How amazing is that?


HAMMER: You`re pretty psyched.


HAMMER: Julie looks stunned.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, I`ve never won a thing in my life and literally - now I get it when they say it`s just an honor to be nominated. I`m just so happy to be invited to the dance. That`s all.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, like I`m so surprised and thrilled that we`re considered to be good enough to be in that group.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, give may break. Hey, I won it. Exactly.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Whatever happens, we don`t do a Kanye. (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: I think that`s a really good idea because people will be talking about you regardless.


HAMMER: Obviously, one of the reasons that so many people have fallen in love with you guys, and one of the reasons that you got your nominations was because of your top talker segment because you guys really hit hard on a lot of stuff that America is buzzing about. So shall we have that?



HAMMER: Of course, everybody is talking about this "Time" magazine cover with the woman who is breastfeeding her three-year-old. "Saturday Night Live" asked this week and I thought it was a very important question, what about the kid? Let`s watch that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Really, what`s with the camouflage pants? You do realize there`s not enough camouflage in the world to hide from the blowback that this kid is going to experience. I am going to warn you now, kid, when you get older, I got a feeling your mom isn`t going to like any of your girlfriends, really.

HAMMER: OK. So there you go. They are having fun with it. But it`s really something that people are talking about. Julie, what do you think? This kid is going to grow up with this image following him around forever.

JULIE CHEN, CO-HOST, "THE TALK": Well, first of all, here`s what I`m concerned with. I know that - because Sarah and I have talked about this a lot that the benefits of breast milk, you know, are just so enormous for your child and I believe in parts of the world they do it until age four. However, I do feel that as Americans then why can`t you pump after a certain age and give it to your child that way.

The fact that cover is so sexualized that -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I completely disagree. Look, I think it`s maybe irresponsible to put the kid on the cover because of the way we think of it in this country but the average age of weaning around the world is four years old. I think it`s a completely natural thing just because we have a strange view of it doesn`t mean someone should stop nursing early. The benefits are amazing. Part of the benefit is the attachment and I think that if you`re just pumping, it`s not the same attachment plus your milk supply is going to diminish if you`re just pumping.

SHARON OSBOURNE, CO-HOST, "THE TALK": Sara, the only thing I want to add to this is I was just so relieved that they put a different head of me for the cover.

HAMMER: I think they were trying to be sensitive because the picture wasn`t supposed to be on the cover.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s still nursing Jack, actually.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And I`m so relieved that they put a little boy in there where my picture is -

HAMMER: That`s what`s really going on. I`m thinking extreme parenting, it wouldn`t surprise me if that`s the new reality show. I mean I could totally see that coming. Speaking of reality shows, you guys know that Whitney Houston`s family is planning to do a reality show on Lifetime.

I see a reaction coming already. And we`re talking about her brother, her sister-in-law, daughter, Bobbi Kristina is going to be in it, Momma Sissy as well. A lot of people look at that and say, "You know what, way too soon." Why did you react so strong when you heard that idea?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I have so much respect for Sissy Houston. You know, she sang the "Sweet Inspiration." She`s an icon in gospel music. I just think this is just not what I`d like to see her do because of who she is. You know, if they want to do this they should do it earlier. As a matter of fact, why didn`t they just do being Bobby Brown`s in-laws, if you`re going to do that, you know.

HAMMER: That would be something. But a lot of people are also saying, you know, it may be too soon for Bobbi Kristina. I always say, who are we to say but people are a little worried about her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s obviously had a really screwed framework to work with from the beginning. You know what I mean. We`ve seen the reality show, we`ve seen what`s going on in Whitney and Bobby`s life. She doesn`t - I would be surprise if she already has the kind of structure in her life that she (INAUDIBLE) on her own and the problem with these shows is they thrive on conflict. They thrive on drama and usually that drama is heightened for the cameras. So hopefully she has got her family around her and they`re going -

OSBOURNE: She has already done with her mom and dad.


OSBOURNE: With her mom and dad.

HAMMER: But this is a whole different time of her life. As you guys know, as you know, it exposes stuff you can`t put back in the closet.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I worry about where it lands her when the show is over. What happens in a few years when it`s come and gone. I don`t know.

HAMMER: Doing a reality - you`re the first family of reality TV. It turned out to be a great experience. It was widely entertaining for us. I still go back and watch the DVDs sometimes. I still can`t understand what your husband is trying to say.

OSBOURNE: Trying to say -


HAMMER: Would you do it again? I mean, you certainly don`t need to. No reason.

OSBOURNE: Never, never, ever would I do it again.

HAMMER: Why so strongly?

OSBOURNE: Because done it, it was great to be the first, done it, been there, I`ve seen the great that it does. I`ve seen the bad and it does and I think that for younger kids you have to be very, very careful.

HAMMER: Congratulations, by the way, speaking of younger kids, your younger kid, your young kid now has a young kid.


HAMMER: Are you embracing being a grandma? You have a granddaughter now? Are you embracing the grandma label.

OSBOURNE: I love it, love it, love it.

HAMMER: Now I understand Jack was able to work at an exclusive deal with "OK" magazine to sell the photos.

OSBOURNE: "Hello" magazine.

HAMMER: "Hello" magazine, excuse me.


HAMMER: Curious to get your take. Obviously you approve of the idea. Jessica Simpson just selling her baby photos to "People" magazine for $800,000. Beyonce and Jay-z they could have sold them for gazillions of dollars. Blue Ivy chose not to and put them out themselves.

OSBOURNE: For us, I can only speak for our family. It was a great way for Jack to get money to put in an account for Pearl for when she goes to college and it`s like done and dusted. There you go for Pearl.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I agree. If someone is going to make the money, you might as well let the kid make it because they are making it off your kid`s image.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I agree. Even if Jay-Z and Beyonce posted the photos online on their own, you know, a lot of publications took those photos and used them and made money on them. And so there`s a thing like if anyone is going to exploit my child, it`s going to be me. Obviously Brangelina, they gave the money to charities. There`s a lot of things you can do with them.

HAMMER: And Julie, you know, it helps control the chaos.

CHEN: It does.

HAMMER: Of the paparazzi. I say beware to Jessica Simpson. She better be prepared to open Pandora`s box because she will have no right to ever complain if paparazzi jumped out in front of her if she`s picking up her child from preschool.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I totally disagree. Because they were going to do that any way. So she had no choice. It was coming up any way.

OSBOURNE: I can tell you the paps were camped outside Jack`s house and I had to get rid of them. I had one of those laser pens, you know with the dot, and these guys are in their car and I put the laser dots on their head.

HAMMER: Get them in the eye.

OSBOURNE: And they all left.

HAMMER: They are all so much fun. We are just getting started from the set of "The Talk." You think that was provocative, watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just think of course Bristol Palin is going to try to make the whole situation look bad.

OSBOURNE: She needs a good shagging.

HAMMER: There it is. Now I`m going to show you why the ladies of "The Talk" are all fired up about Bristol Palin`s slam of President Obama and gay marriage.

And from fired up to you`re fired, after weeks of snide remarks and on camera rages, Aubrey O`Day has been booted from the "Celebrity Apprentice" boardroom. Tonight, the question every one wants answered, was Aubrey really a big, bad villain? Well, I doubt it but Aubrey`s right here tonight so I`m going to ask her.

Plus Simon`s secret weapon. "Showbiz Tonight" can reveal that Britney Spears is the next big judge on "X-Factor." So can her star power save the show`s ratings. This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN.

Right now, Rihanna revelations on "Showbiz Tonight." Why the superstar singer has her sight set on becoming a famous movie star now.


RIHANNA: I think shooting a music video has made me want to get into acting. Sitting in a movie theater, seeing yourself on a screen is a brand- new feeling. More movies and that`s the plan. I had a great time shooting "Battleship." So we`ll see what happens but it`s definitely something that I want to do.



HAMMER: Welcome back to "Showbiz Tonight" and showbiz is going back on location with the ladies of "The Talk." The CBS` hit daytime show is in New York all week long and so are all the co-hosts, Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler. Well, I was with them on the set of "The Talk" today and we got talking about Bristol Palin slamming President Obama for revealing this support of gay marriage. Of course, the ladies couldn`t resist joking around before some serious talk on gay marriage.



HAMMER: Does that mean you will adopt?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s going to marry me and adopt me.


HAMMER: There`s been obviously a great deal of debate. So many people who obviously think this is the right thing to do. There was a new poll. I was surprised that the number wasn`t bigger. But I think this will change. Fifty one percent of Americans agree with Obama`s endorsement. That`s actually still pretty huge when you think about.


HAMMER: But let me - one person who doesn`t agree, and this won`t really come as a shock to anybody, Bristol Palin who wrote in her blog about Obama`s daughters influencing his stance. Here`s what she said, "I guess we can be glad that Malia and Sasha aren`t younger or perhaps today`s press conference about that might have been about appointing "Dora the Explorer" as attorney general."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (INAUDIBLE) with the Bristol Palin thing.

HAMMER: As an openly gay woman, please have at this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I just think, of course, Bristol Palin`s going to try to make the whole situation look bad. I think that, of course, Sasha and Malia are for gay marriage but I don`t even think that`s even why Obama is for it. I believe he was for it before when he ran for senate. I think he probably didn`t want to come out so strongly in favor of it because he didn`t want to compromise his first presidential election and now it feels safer for him to come out and stand behind it.

HAMMER: And at the end of the day -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s still the majority. Amongst young people, it`s much higher. It`s like 70 percent. Those are the people that are going to be voting. Those are the people that are going to be running the nation in 10, 15, 20 years. Those are the people that - you know -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s not necessarily a deal breaker issue for the people who aren`t not supporting it.

OSBOURNE: I think that Bristol Palin needs a night with a gorgeous black basketball player to - some sense into her. That`s what she needs.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hold on. A black basketball player? I need a night. That`s what I need.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can`t top that but I do feel that -

OSBOURNE: She needs a good shagging.

HAMMER: There it is.


HAMMER: With a girl.

OSBOURNE: She`d come out like this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A big, black girl.

HAMMER: Julie, please.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Being what Bristol Palin has been through, she`s the last person who should be passing judgment on anyone.


HAMMER: Do you think maybe Sarah Palin has suggested I can`t come out and say anything, Bristol, here`s what I`d like you to write in your blog?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know about that but I agree with you Julie, she who is without sin cast the first stone. She better worry about if she was in another country and they got things that happen to you when you do stuff like that, she had a baby out of wedlock. Nobody said anything about that. Nobody criticized her.


HAMMER: Yes, they did.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m trying to help you. Ready? The lie was working.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But now that you`ve planted the seed in my head, I do think that Sarah Palin would have no hesitation coming forward with what she feels and thinks because she`s never stopped before and I think she is very cagey and very smart and she likes the camera on her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here`s the bigger question, why can`t Dora the Explorer be in the cabinet.

HAMMER: Exactly.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think she`s very talented and we need diversity in the White House even if she`s a cartoon character.

OSBOURNE: They need a good shagging.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Cartoon characters cannot be real people, then why did I go see "The Avengers" if they are not real.

HAMMER: There you go. And I think we just got you another Emmy nomination right here and now for being on "Showbiz Tonight."

It was so great being with you all.



HAMMER: That was an awful lot of fun and love them all. During their visit to New York this week, the ladies have great guests lined up. Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Liza Minnelli. Tom Selleck is going to be there and so is Rachel Ray. A whole lot more. Amazing celebrities. Check out "The Talk" every afternoon on CBS.

Well, tonight, the very first appearance of "America`s Got Talent`s" brand new judge, Howard Stern. Just as "Britain Got Talent" named the controversial new winner. This dog Pugsey, now a million dollar mutt. He just dances to the top of Britain`s massively popular talent show with his human sidekick, Ashley Butler. Even super grumpy Simon Cowell who is a judge on the show gave the act a standing ovation. You have got to watch this.


HAMMER: Holy mackerel! And a star is born. There are reports that Pugsey`s owner is negotiating some big time commercial spot deals. I can`t believe that that wouldn`t happen. Got to love a dancing dog, right?

Moving on now to Britney`s brand new bombshell. It`s official, Britney Spears is the next super star judge on Simon Cowell`s struggling "X- Factor." The big debate tonight, can Britney save the show? Who knows more about the tough world of reality TV competition than just fired "Celebrity Apprentice" Aubrey O`Day right here tonight to give her take on the great Britney debate. This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN.

And now "Desperate Housewives" takes its final bow after eight seasons of cat fights, murder and all around suburban sexiness.


FEMALE ANNOUNCER: The ghost of people who have been a part of Wisteria Lane, were gazing upon her as she pass. They watched her as they watched everyone, always hoping the living could learn to put aside rage and sorrow, bitterness and regret, these ghosts watch. Wanting people to remember that even the most desperate life is oh so wonderful.



HAMMER: Tonight, Simon`s secret weapon. Britney Spears. Late today, it became official. Simon Cowell has hired Britney Spears as Simon Cowell`s new fellow judge on the "X-Factor," reportedly for $15 millions. But the big question everybody is asking tonight, will Simon`s big investment hit the right notes? I want to bring in somebody who is no stranger to battling it out on reality TV. Aubrey O`Day. Now last night it happened. We saw the Donald fired her on NBC`s "Celebrity Apprentice."

AUBREY O`DAY: Fired. I got the cobra.

HAMMER: The cobra. The whole deal. But congratulations, you made it to the final three.

O`DAY: Thank you. Last woman standing.

HAMMER: Yes. But I think it was yours to lose. We`ll talk about that in a moment but, first, let`s talk about Britney Spears. Simon Cowell obviously investing reportedly a whole lot of money in having her on. You think she`s exactly what he needs to save the show?

O`DAY: What I think about shows like that are if you pick judges that are truly able to capture the essence of who they instead of be polite or trying to rebuild their career by saying the right things and being loveable, that`s when it usually fails because people tune in because they want to see the drama. They want to know what Britney Spears really think.

HAMMER: Right.

O`DAY: So she brings it and she gives that Britney waving umbrellas, like fierce Britney.

HAMMER: I don`t know if we`re going to get that. Hopefully not, that wasn`t a good moment for Britney.

O`DAY: No.

HAMMER: You bring up a great point because Britney`s interviews and everything that we`ve seen of her recently in recent years has been very controlled.

O`DAY: Right.

HAMMER: It hasn`t been what felt like a genuine person. You make a great point. Well, I`m curious to know, how much of your real self you brought to "Celebrity Apprentice." Because let`s face it, Aubrey, you`re free now. I was actually thinking maybe Simon could hire you on.

O`DAY: Right. I want to do like a girl band one.

HAMMER: But here`s the thing. A lot of people levied lot of criticism at you. You were not blind to the words that were being thrown around, including one that rhymes with witch. And I`ve heard that a lot, I never said that myself. Like I said, I thought it was yours to lose this year. Was the criticism fair, in your mind?

O`DAY: You know, I`m not for everybody and I`m fine with that. I think I made a decision a long time ago that I wasn`t going to conform to what people want me to be or industry standard or what made people feel comfortable. I`m somebody that pushes people`s boundaries, somebody that does them relentlessly without apologizing for it and that type of person usually leaves people uncomfortable because it`s very scary to just trust yourself and not make any excuses for it. So you know, I`m not for everybody and the people that I`m for loved me dearly and I love them back and I stay true to myself because I`d rather be who I am and hated every day than be something that I am not than loved by everybody.

HAMMER: That`s a great way to live your life and it`s what works for you -

O`DAY: You know, entertainment is just a curtain at the end of the day. When we go home and we go to bed, we have to be able to sleep with ourselves and all of the fans and all the Twitter and all the following and the paparazzi, that will come and go in life.

HAMMER: I have time for one quick yes or no. No truth to the rumor that you`ll be remaking Debbie Gibson`s "Shake your Love."

O`DAY: Oh my god.

HAMMER: Aubrey O`Day, thank you so much. Make sure you check out the "Celebrity Apprentice`s live finale. Aubrey will be there Sunday night on NBC. And that is it for "Showbiz Tonight." Thank you for watching.

I`m A.J. Hammer. You can catch "Showbiz Tonight" exclusively weeknights at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific here on HLN. Throw that at the camera. The camera.