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Alec Baldwin`s Stalker Shocker; Ashley Judd Lashing Out; Kardashian Curse?; J-Love`s Minimized Asset; Jessica Simpson`s Big Fat Laugh

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- Alec Baldwin`s stalker shocker. New revelations about the woman arrested for harassing the "30 Rock" star. Her surprising visits to his home. Her creepy E-mails revealed. Tonight, was Alec in danger?

Ashley`s plastic lash-out. Ashley Judd is ticked at women everywhere after being accused of having plastic surgery. Tonight, Ashley`s tart- tongued tirade is raising eyebrows. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, is Ashley`s anger justified?

Kardashian curse? Khloe`s NBA star husband, Lamar Odom, in career crisis.




HAMMER: Is the Kardashian machine too much for the men who dare to tango with the first ladies of reality TV? Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush. Now, watch out, Kanye.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight -- Alec`s stalker shocker.

Tonight, the woman accused of harassing Alec Baldwin is out of jail, but she has been ordered to keep her distance from the "30 Rock" star while she waits for her next court date.

And now, we`re learning frightening new details about Alec`s ordeal with the woman who traveled from Canada and unexpectedly showed up at Alec`s New York home. It was a surprise that ended with the woman in handcuffs charged with stalking and aggravated harassment.

And that`s just the start of this disturbing drama. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the story behind Alec`s frightening close encounter.


(voice-over) On "30 Rock," Alec Baldwin`s character is unflappable.


HAMMER: But in real life, Alec Baldwin was anything but flappable after he says a stalker left him with anxiety, annoyance and fearing for his physical safety.

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR, "RADAR ONLINE": He`s worried about his own safety. He`s worried about the safety of his fiancee.

HAMMER: Forty-year-old Genevieve Sabourin was arrested in New York City this week and charged with stalking Baldwin. They both worked on the 2002 Eddie Murphy flop, "The Adventures of Pluto Nash." But Baldwin says he knew her only casually.

TERESZCUK: He says they knew each other. They had dinner in 2010, but that`s it.

HAMMER: In the last few weeks, things took a strange turn.

TERESZCUK: Once Alec and his girlfriend got really serious and got engaged, this is when the stalking really seemed to escalate.

HAMMER: It`s believed she may have showed up at Baldwin`s home in the Hamptons outside of New York City on March 31st, the very weekend Baldwin got engaged to girlfriend Hilaria Thomas. Days later, Sabourin allegedly crashed an event Baldwin was hosting at New York City`s Lincoln Center.

TERESZCUK: Some of the things that Genevieve was accused of doing are really creepy.

HAMMER: Then, there were the creepy E-mails. In the complaint obtained by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Baldwin says he got a dozen E-mails from Sabourin. One dated April 4th read, quote, "I need to start my new life with my new name with my new carrier in my new country help my newly husband, you!"

And this past Saturday, April 7th, another E-mail read, "There are very crucial vital things I need here. And today, I want you to be the one giving them to me. I need to see you now."

TERESZCUK: They`re not your run-of-the-mill "hey, let`s meet up tomorrow." These are really specific and almost bordering -- starting to border on deranged E-mails.

HAMMER: The day after that last E-mail, Sunday, Sabourin allegedly showed up at Baldwin`s Manhattan apartment building. That`s when she was arrested.

TERESZCUK: Genevieve was released from jail but does have a temporary restraining order.

HAMMER: In the meantime, Baldwin may want a new security system to keep the creepy stalkers away.


That`s truly creepy. Let`s go to CNN Wire Entertainment editor, Alan Duke, joining me tonight from Hollywood.

So Alan, any word on why this woman allegedly became so obsessed with Alec Baldwin?

ALAN DUKE, ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR, CNN WIRE: Well, gee, having dinner with Alec Baldwin? Why wouldn`t she become obsessed? You know, what the prosecutor said. At least, the investigator in the criminal complaint said that they briefly dined together in the fall of 2010.

Baldwin has said he did that as a favor for a friend. But the prosecutor says that it triggered almost two years of annoying, unsolicited E-mails. Now, the lady claims that is a relationship. Whether it was a real relationship or not, she`s facing a serious charge.

HAMMER: Well, you know, it does come with the territory of being a celebrity. But man, is it creepy when you`ve got people showing up at your home.

Let`s move on now to Lindsay Lohan. She is actually going to war against a woman who`s accusing her of assault inside an L.A. nightclub. That woman has filed a battery complaint against Lindsay with the L.A. Sheriff`s Office.

Lindsay`s reps deny that saying she wasn`t even at the club that night. And today, they tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT they turned around and asked the sheriff`s office to actually investigate the accuser for filing a false report.

The accuser becomes the accused. Now, Alan, I know you spoke with Lindsay`s accuser today. What did she tell you?

DUKE: She first started off by saying she didn`t want to say much because she had to talk with her lawyer. And then she said things. First of all, she stated she`s a nice person. That`s what she told me.

Of course, she`s saying she`s not trying to sell her story. Now, we`ve been told by the rep for Lindsay that, no, she is trying to sell her story.

She says that she doesn`t want any money although she has been offered a lot, she said. But she`s very, very careful. In fact, she`s so paranoid about people calling her now and about the possible consequences she could face.

She actually wanted to record my conversation with her. I hope to hear back from her and maybe we can get her on the air to tell her story for free.

HAMMER: Well, that would certainly be nice to hear her actually say what the deal was, if she really was sure that that was Lindsay Lohan. And we also spoke with Lindsay`s rep today. And to say he was angry, that would be a big understatement.

I want to read to you what he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "People need to understand there are consequences. You can`t just make accusations, file false police reports and expect you`ll walk away from it and nothing`s going to happen to you. This woman is going to learn a very tough lesson in these next few weeks."

I want to bring in "Celeb TV`s" Kelli Zink, joining me from Chicago tonight. Kelli, people have made wild claims against Lindsay in the past. Some, as we know, turned out to be true. Some were not true. Who do you believe in this case?

KELLI ZINK, HOST, "CELEB TV": Right now, I believe Lindsay and I almost feel bad for her. I mean, who thought we`d be saying that after all that we`ve seen her gone through.

But you know what? Lindsay seems to be committed. She`s saying, "I was watching TV at home. I wasn`t even there. It`s not like there`s even paparazzi video of me at the scene. I was doing what I was supposed to be doing."

And you know, this woman may have seen flashbulbs go off. And it could have been a short blond or a redhead and they thought, "Oh, it`s Lindsay Lohan," and made up and fabricated these stories.

And it`s not just fair to Lindsay. We want to see her succeed and have a second chance.

HAMMER: I`m right there with you. I think this is terrible for Lindsay. She doesn`t deserve it. But again, it does come with the territory, particularly when you`re Lindsay Lohan.

She is adamant that she`s innocent. But this got us thinking. Could it all be a case of mistaken identity? Hear me out on this one, because at the nightclub, that very same night that this fight allegedly went down, Amanda Bynes was spotted drinking.

In fact, later that night, Bynes was busted for DUI. Let`s put this up, Charles. I want you to check this out. Look closely now. We have Amanda Bynes` mug shot from last week on the left side of your screen.

And there on the right, one of Lindsay`s many, many past mug shots. Now, Kelli, it`s just a theory, call it a conspiracy theory, if you will. But in the dark nightclub fog, could the accuser have actually just mixed up her party girl starlets quite possibly?

ZINK: No. I mean, come on. No chance of those two looking alike. Lindsay`s never had that shade of hair. But I will say, like I said before, you know, if there`s flashing bulbs and people say there`s a celebrity, wires get crossed.

It`s a game of telephone. All of a sudden Amanda Bynes can become Lindsay Lohan. Or the bathroom attendant can become Lindsay Lohan. Unless you see with your two eyes, you`d never know.

HAMMER: Yes, I guess. Alan, you spoke with the accuser, Lindsay`s accuser. Did she say she knows for a fact that it was Lindsay Lohan?

DUKE: No, she wouldn`t answer that question. She was very careful. And by the way, as far as the confusion, I understand from Amanda`s attorney that she was not at The Standard that night.

So now we`ve got two of these young starlets claiming they weren`t at The Standard, and neither was I.

HAMMER: Maybe none of this happened. Maybe everybody`s lying. Who knows? What we know is that the story isn`t over. We know that Lindsay and her people are angry.

And we`ll see what Lindsay`s accuser ends up doing because, yes, there could be some backlash for her in this as well. CNN`s Alan duke, "Celeb TV`s" Kelli Zink, thank you so much.

We move on to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Now, there are two people who have never met cameras they didn`t like. But could their self- promoting star power be too much if they did become a couple, if they`re not already?

Tonight, we`ve got brand-new evidence that Kim and Kanye might want to stop while they`re ahead to avoid the Kardashian curse.

Also this --


Jennifer Lopez`s extreme PDA. All right, Jen, we get it. You`ve got a hot young boyfriend., but do you need to flaunt him everywhere from your music video to Twitter? The hot J. Lo debate tonight.

And a little less love? Take a look at this. Jennifer Love Hewitt`s assets reduced to promote her racy new show about prostitution. There`s got to be a good reason, right? We are getting to the nearly naked truth, coming up. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, it`s the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Angelina Jolie to star as evil queen in live action film version of "Sleeping Beauty." Pauly D says "Jersey Shore" will address The Situation in rehab and Snooki`s pregnancy.


PAUL "PAULY D" DELVECCHIO: This is reality. And in reality, people have problems. They have to go to rehab or people get pregnant. I think it`s kind of cool how we`re going to deal with that, you know what I mean? We support Snooki and the baby and everything, so I`m happy for her. It`s the first "Jersey Shore" baby, so we`re excited.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Tonight, Trayvon Web wars. Well, we`re finally hearing from the man who shot Trayvon Martin. And he`s speaking out through his Web site.

Yes, George Zimmerman`s got his own Web site. And get this -- he`s not only telling his side of the story, he`s also asking for money to pay for his possible defense.

And until now, all of the Web sites we`ve seen have been dedicated to Trayvon and included loud cries for justice. But tonight, George Zimmerman is rallying his supporters.

All-star comedian, Jay Reid, has been very vocal about getting justice for Trayvon. Jay joining me right now from Hollywood for the SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. It`s great to have you here, Jay. I appreciate it.

JAY REID, COMEDIAN: Hey, A.J. How you doing, man? What`s going on?

HAMMER: Doing well. We`ve got some stuff to talk about here, Jay, because --

REID: Yes, we do.

HAMMER: This is the first time that we`re hearing from the man who shot Trayvon Martin. And I want to get right to what he`s telling the world.

This is what George Zimmerman just posted on his brand-new Web site. Among other things, he has said, "I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and, ultimately, my entire life. This Web site`s sole purpose is to ensure my supporters they are receiving my full attention without any intermediaries."

And quite frankly, he has said he`s had a lot of people rallying behind him, Jay. I know you are one of the many celebrities using their star power to call for Zimmerman`s arrest. But do you feel at all that George Zimmerman does deserve to tell his side of the story?

REID: Well, he definitely deserves to tell his side of the story. I just think that this Web site, you know, posting a Web site asking for donations because you lost your job and your entire life.

But you know, you`ve got to think about Trayvon Martin and his family. His family lost -- they lost a son. His mother lost a son. A brother, you know.

Just you putting this Web site up was just a big slap in the face to this family. Who cares about your bills right now? You killed somebody. You literally got in your truck and you went out looking for somebody with a 9- millimeter weapon and you pointed it at him.

It was not self-defense. It was not, you know, a guy just in the neighborhood doing what he wanted to do out there, you know, just rambling in people`s homes. It wasn`t anything like that. It was a guy just minding his own business with a hood on his head.

HAMMER: But of course, while so many of us feel that way, in his mind, or at least, Jay, we know what he`s putting out there, is that it was self- defense.

REID: Right.

HAMMER: So when you take a moment to sort of put yourself in that position, is there really anything wrong with what he`s doing including trying to get some money to just live his life because he says his means of earning a living have gone away?

So if, in his mind, he believes he shot somebody in self-defense, you know, can you blame him for that?

REID: Well, I mean, he definitely has the right to post, you know, whatever he wants to put up on the Web site or whatever. But you know, when you`re talking about you actually killed somebody and you say it was self-defense, but you really have to prove that.

You have to prove that in a court of law that it was self-defense, because if you have witnesses saying it was not self-defense, you know, so when you look at it that way -- let`s just talk about -- let`s take the race out of everything.

Let`s talk about what is just right and wrong. What George Zimmerman did was just totally wrong and he deserves to have his day in court and have to prove that he`s innocent with what he`s done.

HAMMER: And what`s interesting is there`s no account of what he thinks happened or what he says happened on the night that he shot Trayvon. Of course, this may wind up in court so you can understand that. Very quickly, would you like to see him give an account online?

REID: You said would I like to see him give an account?

HAMMER: Would you like to see him give an account of what happened? If you could tell me quickly.

REID: Yes, definitely. I would love for him to tell his side of the story on what happened that night. He has to come out and make some type of public statements, you know, telling his side of the story, because right now, it just looks like he`s in the wrong and looks like he`s guilty of everything.

Just ask yourself this. If this was a white male with a Harvard University hoodie on, would we be sitting here having this conversation right now?

HAMMER: No. Probably not is what everybody seems to be saying. All right. Jay Reid, thank you so much.

REID: Thank you, A.J.

HAMMER: And I want to point out that Jay`s going to be appearing in the upcoming comedy special on Showtime Ladies` Night Out tour. That`s this summer. And if you happen to be in Vegas, you must catch Jay at the Brad Garrett Comedy Club. He`ll be there through Sunday.

Moving on now to horror for octomom. Nadya Suleman`s car window was just smashed in the middle of the night and the person who did it left behind a death threat.

Now, according the mom of 14, the note said, "Leave California or you will die." Police are investigating. Understandably, though, Nadya very shaken up.

Her rep telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Nadya is doing OK. She will feel much safer once she moves from her home." The octumom recently told me right here about the avalanche of threats that she received since her decision to go on welfare to support her family.

Moving now to a Kardashian curse. Is Khloe`s NBA star husband, Lamar Odom, in career crisis tonight?


ODOM: I want to be here. I want to be in L.A. in my house, right?


HAMMER: He just parted ways with the Dallas Mavericks which has SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asking, is the Kardashian machine too much for the men who dare to enter their reality web? Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush. Should Kanye West now watch his back?

OK. Who are you calling puffy? Ashley Judd is lashing out at women everywhere after being accused of having plastic surgery. Now, she has gone on a tirade. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, is Ashley`s anger justified.

Time now for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT buzz list. This is what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing about this week.

Thank heavens for "GCB" on ABC. We are loving every back-stabbing moment.

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Our new guilty pleasure is "The Client List," starring the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt on lifetime.

We`re totally obsessed with Kris Allen`s video of "The Vision of Love." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.



HAMMER: That dude right there, that`s Britney Spears` real life fiance playing her prospector in her "Criminal" video. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, Jason Trawick is taking the role very seriously in real life.

But is he being a good future husband, or is it creepy? So here`s the deal. Britney`s dad is asking the court for her fiance, Jason Trawick, to be added as a co-conservator.

Now, we all know Britney has been under a conservatorship for four years since back in 2008, with her dad making her personal and financial decisions.

That took place after Britney`s big breakdown. Well, now, if the judge agrees, Jason will be able to make decisions for Britney about everything except for her multimillion-dollar fortune. But what the heck does this even mean?

Right now, in Hollywood is CNN Wire entertainment editor, Alan Duke.

All right. Alan, it seems like Jason is about to take control of decisions about at least Britney`s mental and physical health, including, by the way, making sure Britney eats healthy meals.

Do you think that Jason, becoming a co-conservator, is totally off the wall, or does it make total sense to you?

DUKE: Seems to make sense if he`s good enough to marry her whenever that`s going to happen. They announced their engagement about five months ago. Well, why not help her decide her medical decisions?

I mean, when he takes her to the hospital, to the doctor, he needs to be able to talk to the doctors and consult with them. They`ve been together since 2009.

He`s helping her on a lot of levels. And if he`s going to be her husband, why not also be a co-conservator along with her dad?

HAMMER: And she`s been doing great under the conservatorship. But I think the thing I know a lot of things people are wondering is, if Britney, who just turned 30 a few months ago, isn`t fully ready to stand on her own, should she really be getting married?

DUKE: Well, you know, I`m not sure that the judge can stop her from getting married. But you know, she is doing well. And who knows when she`ll be off this conservatorship situation?

I`ll tell you who. Actually, the judge and a couple of doctors -- her psychiatrist and those doctors who consult with the court will decide. And she seems to think that she`s ready, not only to get married, but also be out on her own, away from the conservator status.

HAMMER: Well, good. Good, because we`ve only wished her the best, so we continue to do that. Alan Duke, thanks so much.

Time now for the SHOWBIZ lineup, coming up on the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

We know Kim K and Kanye are playing coy about their relationship. Tonight, though, we`ve got brand-new evidence that Kim Kardashian and Kanye might want to stop while they`re ahead. Kanye, two words for you: Kardashian curse.

And Jessica`s big fat laugh. Tonight, Jessica Simpson`s surprising comeback for all the people who have been slamming her weight. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Dana Delany returns to "Desperate Housewives" for series finale. "The Lion King" passes "Phantom of the Opera" as top-grossing Broadway show.


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- the curse of the Kardashians? Another Kardashian man in crisis.


ODOM: I don`t want to be here. I want to be in L.A. in my house.


HAMMER: Khloe`s husband, NBA star Lamar Odom, walks away from the Dallas Mavericks. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, are the Kardashian men victims of a Kardashian reality curse? Kanye West, are you paying attention?

J. Lo`s extreme PDA. Tonight, Jennifer Lopez all over her 25-year-old boyfriend in her new music video, on Twitter. Tonight, I`ve got to ask, is this all too much or no big deal?

And Jennifer Love Hewitt, downsized. Take a look at this. Would you believe a magazine actually gave J-Love a breast reduction? Is that fair?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and thank you for watching. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight -- the Kardashian curse. Could it be?

Well, with another day comes another bombshell from reality TV`s royal family. Khloe`s husband, Lamar Odom giving up on the Dallas Mavericks and quitting the team. He`s out. He`s done. It`s over.

But is Lamar`s sudden life-changing decision a smooth move in the right direction? Or has he become yet another victim of the so-called Kardashian curse?

With me in New York, Amanda Seales, who is the host of the great new MTV show, "Hip-Hop POV." It airs tomorrow at midnight. In Hollywood tonight, Josh Altman, star of Bravo TV`s hit series, "Million Dollar Listing." It airs Wednesday night. It`s great to have you both here.

So Lamar`s departure from Dallas, not necessarily shocking, but timing certainly is, because, look, you just don`t see too many players throwing in the towel and walking away mid-season.

But this does kind of fuel the fire of a possible Kardashian curse. Ponder this, if you will. When Kim Kardashian dated football, Reggie Bush, he broke a leg and was down for the count for six weeks football practice.

Then, of course, the NBA lockout. Kris Humphries, Kim`s soon-to-be ex, he couldn`t play for months. When the season did start, he was voted most hated player in the NBA. I guess you call that the MHP.

And now, we`ve got Lamar who`s been living it up in Hollywood with the Los Angeles Lakers only to be traded to Dallas. Amanda, do you think there really is such a thing as a Kardashian curse? Or maybe these guys just all have really bad luck.

AMANDA SEALES, HOST, "HIP-HOP POV": No. I really -- I mean, you stated the facts.

HAMMER: Right.

SEALES: You really laid it out very clearly.

HAMMER: How do you argue with that?

SEALES: You really can`t. The facts are there. You know, the reality is that when they get in the Kardashian family, it really becomes about the Kardashians.

And so they`ve been focusing on their sports and on their careers. And it seems like once you become in the mix of the Kardashians, all of that becomes secondary.

And that`s how you end up with broken legs and whatnot because you`re not focused.

HAMMER: Right. You`re caught in the hurricane, the tornado, the storm blowing through and that has become your life. And since Lamar was traded to Dallas, there have been a lot of reports out there about how much he just didn`t want to be there.

Khloe reportedly trying to get him out of his depression. And true to Kardashian family style, of course, well, we`ve been getting to watch it play out on their E! TV reality show, "Khloe and Lamar." Watch with me, won`t you?


KHLOE KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR, "KHLOE AND LAMAR": You`re so unaffectionate these days.

ODOM: I`m just --

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: Are you typically (INAUDIBLE) down?

ODOM: You know what I`m saying? Like, I don`t want to be here. I want to be in L.A. in my house. Right?

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: How do you think I feel? Whoa. You are emotional. I could wipe the makeup off your nose, freak show.

ODOM: I`m tired.


HAMMER: There`s a piece of me that wants to go -- but I won`t. We see there, the cameras rolling, Lamar`s unhappiness caught on tape.

Josh, let me get your take, being a reality TV star. You do understand the added pressures and time constraints of taping a reality show while doing your job.

Do you think maybe, you know, with basketball and the TV show, Lamar was trying to juggle a little too much?

JASON ALTMAN, REALITY TV STAR, "MILLION-DOLLAR LISTING": Here`s how I look at it. Lamar Odom is a great basketball player. He`s in a slump right now. He didn`t mesh well with the team in Dallas.

The next place he goes to, he could be great. It happens to all athletes. I don`t really think it has to do with the reality show.

My other client Apollo Ohno, he won on "Dancing with the Stars" and then he won the Olympics, OK? It is a lot of pressure, but he can handle it. And you know, you`ve got to be confident anyways to date a Kardashian or marry a Kardashian.

HAMMER: I don`t know. I have a lot of empirical evidence here that says otherwise. But I totally get your point there, Josh.

Look, Khloe is not the only Kardashian with a little love drama this week, everybody talking about Kim and Kanye, who may or may not be dating.

We asked SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers what they think about this matchup. You`ve got to look at these results. I mean, completely one sided. Just got them late today.

This is from our poll. Only 10 percent think they make a great couple. Ninety percent call it a disaster in the making. Not looking good from the outside.

Now, Josh, you have been connected to the Kardashians in your real estate biz. Do you get why people are so cynical about this mash-up?

ALTMAN: I`m part of the 10 percent. I think Kim`s great. She`s a triple threat. She`s beautiful. She`s smart. She`s successful.

In order to date Kim, you`d better be on top of your game and you`ve got to be confident as well. And who`s more confident than Kanye West? I think they`re a great power couple.

HAMMER: Let me get another perspective on this. Amanda, what if there really is this Kardashian curse, as you seem to believe there is? Should Kanye get out, start running while he still can?

SEALES: Well, first of all, let me say Josh is a great businessman, because he does business with the Kardashian and you`re sticking with that bottom line.

I mean, Kanye and Kim, it`s just -- you know what? They might actually be good together because they almost are very similar in the fact they are just completely ego and it`s really all about them and what they`re doing.

And if they can all together as one ego-driven couple be about that --

HAMMER: Is there enough space though?

SEALES: Yes, I know.

HAMMER: Is there enough room in the room? I`ve always wondered that.

SEALES: They have to fly private jets. That`s the only option.

HAMMER: Let`s talk a little more love drama tonight. Jennifer Lopez taking her relationship with Casper Smart to a new level. Now, Casper turned 25 on Friday.

J. Lo took to Twitter to send a special lovey-dovey message to her beau saying, "Beau has a birthday. We`re so glad. We hope it`s the happiest birthday Beau ever has. #SingingTweet, happy birthday bear!"

So she calls him "bear" and "beau." Look, this is her first big romance since Marc Anthony. She is really letting it all play out for everyone see.

I`m not talking about the age difference here. A lot of people are just saying that Casper is simply the rebound guy, so why is she putting it all out there? Josh, do you think that`s a bad move or no biggie?

ALTMAN: I think it`s great. Look, it gives hope to every 25-year-old guy around the world who`s looking to bag a hot, successful, multimillionaire woman. So I think it`s great. Have you seen them on the video? They`ve got great chemistry.

HAMMER: Yes. Look at that.

ALTMAN: And I think it`s fun. And she`s actually had a history of doing this anyways.

HAMMER: You`re such a positive person. Maybe that`s why you`re so successful in real estate, man. I`ve seen you at work on the show.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- which relationship is looking more shocking to me?

SEALES: More shocking? Kim and Kanye.


SEALES: I like J. Lo and Casper. You know, he`s young. She`s trying to stay young. It works, you know. And obviously, he makes her feel good and that`s really what matters.

HAMMER: You like both of these guys, Josh. So what do you think? Which one is a little more shocking?

ALTMAN: I think the J. Lo one is more shocking.

HAMMER: Oh, I thought he was going to be more diplomatic than that. Well, look, I like them both. I`ve got something to sell both of you guys, which I`m sure is true, by the way. Great to have your take on all this, Amanda Seales, Josh Altman. I appreciate it.

ALTMAN: Thanks for having us.

HAMMER: Make sure you check out Amanda`s new show, "Hip-Hop POV." It airs tomorrow night at midnight on MTV. You must check that out.

And you also have to check out Josh on "Million Dollar Listings." Cool show. A lot of really good eye candy on that as well. It`s Wednesday nights on Bravo.

As we move on tonight, Ashley Judd`s face fury. This is pretty powerful. Tonight, Ashley is letting loose over rampant speculation that she went under the knife.

She goes ballistic on the media. In fact, she`s even slamming other women for what they`re saying. I`ve got to ask, is Ashley`s anger justified?

And this is great to me. A very pregnant Jessica Simpson striking back at all the people calling her too fat. She`s pregnant. Come on. You`ve got to see what she`s saying today. Is Jessica getting the last laugh? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Ricki Lake elopes with Christian Evans in secret ceremony. Carson Daly tells SHOWBIZ his thoughts on "The Voice" coaches` harsh critiques!


CARSON DALY, HOST, "LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY": The coaches I think were also standout tonight being nice towards one another, maybe a little just going on.

Some knocks. I`ve never seen Cee-Lo respectfully disagree with Adam on his choices and vice versa. And Blake and Adam were testy at the top. I like when they say what`s on their minds.



HAMMER: Tonight, a SHOWBIZ beauty battle. Now, you`re looking at an ad for Jennifer Love Hewitt`s new Lifetime show, "The Client List." The two ads are almost the same, that is except for one big change.

You see, J-Love`s assets were actually digitally minimized. Was that a mistake? Apparently not.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. We`ll have more on the cleavage cover-up in just a moment.

But first, tonight, Ashley Judd is lashing out. The actress is going after the media and everyone that accused her of having plastic surgery.

All this started when Judd was seen in photos and during some TV appearances with a fuller-looking face. That`s when reports started flying around that Judd had gone under the knife.

Judd says no way, that her fuller face was because she was sick and taking medications that caused the swelling. But she did not stop there. The actress put everyone on notice for attacking her appearance.

I want to read to you a bit of what she wrote in an open letter posted on "The Daily Beast." She wrote, "I choose to address it because the conversation was pointedly nasty, gendered, and misogynistic and embodies what all girls and women in our culture to a greater or lesser degree endure every day in ways both outrageous and subtle."

Is Ashley`s rage justified? With me in New York, actress Alicia Minshew, well known for playing Kendall Hart on "All My Children." Joining me from Atlanta, there she is, my colleague, HLN anchor, Richelle Carey, also an advocate for women and girls.

So the comments on Judd`s fuller face range from talks of plastic surgery to comments of how she lost her looks. Some people saying her husband should look for a second wife. I mean, just ridiculous to me.

But Alicia, you well know part of the territory, when you are in the public eye or an actress, is that you are going to constantly be judged for your appearance. Wrong as that may be, that`s the case.

But do you think in this case that people who accused Ashley Judd of having plastic surgery because she looked different were way out of line here?

ALICIA MINSHEW, ACTRESS: You know, I want to say just leave the girl alone, first of all.


MINSHEW: I mean, she`s just so darn beautiful. Who cares what she had done? I do think part of it does come with the territory. You know, you`re an actor.

You`re putting yourself out there, so people can say whatever they want. It`s up to you to just sort of have a thick skin and just say, "You know what? I`m in this business. People are going to say what they want."

For them to say it`s plastic surgery, I think maybe they went a little too far. I mean, people get puffy faces, you know?

HAMMER: I think her bigger point was the fact that these things are being said, the fact that people say she`s not as great looking as she was 12 years ago.

It`s just a bigger conversation about the enormous pressure that women, not just on TV, but all women seem to be under. But I do love how Ashley really puts the media and other women on notice for obsessing about physical beauty.

Let me read some more of what she writes. This is great, "Why was a puffy face cause for such a conversation in the first place? How and why did people participate? What is the condemnation about?"

Richelle, you and I have been down this road before. What do you think? Is Ashley`s anger justified? Or do you think, you know, she should just kind of let it go because it does come with the territory?

RICHELLE CAREY, HLN ANCHOR: No. I`m about to pop. She nailed it. She is right. Why is the conversation, A.J., always about what women and girls look like first and then everything else secondary?

And I can tell you, in my imaginary world, I am best friends with Ashley. In real life, I`ve actually had one conversation with her.

And in that conversation, she told me that she doesn`t actually read, for the most part, what people say about her, right?

So I know for her to respond to this, this is something that she was very moved about, because she realizes that, whether you`re a celebrity or not, women are always criticized for what they look like or what they don`t look like.

And it`s not a mistake, A.J., that 90 percent of eating disorders are in young girls. That`s because they are affected by this talk about what women and girls look like.

HAMMER: Well, I give her a lot of credit for keeping the conversation going. And I`ve heard her say that many times and she talks about it in this piece on "The Daily Beast" how she never looks at stuff that`s written about her.

But this was brought to her attention. She had to address it. There was another celebrity who has decided to respond to her critics -- Jessica Simpson. And I think she`s doing a great job here.

She sparked a frenzy of people talking smack about her weight gain during pregnancy. That`s just ridiculous to me in the first place. But just like the class act that Jessica is, she took to Twitter to poke fun at the controversy.

Here`s what she said, "Last chance to see me fat, a.k.a. pregnant, on the cover of `Elle.` I love the shoot and it`s only on stands for a few more days." Alicia, Jessica is just getting the last laugh, isn`t she?

MINSHEW: I love her. I think she`s brilliant. She`s super-smart. First of all, the woman`s pregnant. Leave her alone. Let her gain as much weight as she wants to. This is her time to enjoy herself.

HAMMER: Yes, exactly.

MINSHEW: And I think she has the last laugh. I really do.

HAMMER: Good for her.

MINSHEW: She`s saying, "Look at me," you know?

HAMMER: We have got to go back now and take a look. I want to put this up for you side by side, an ad for Jennifer Love Hewitt`s new Lifetime show.

In one, you have Jennifer with her natural curves. The other, a retouched photo giving Jennifer a breast reduction. It appears Jennifer`s natural look was just too much for some magazines they`ve decided to run the retouched version.

Richelle, in Hollywood, you know, we`re used to hearing about retouched photos adding and enhancing. How surprising is it to you to see a photo actually reducing a woman`s curves? And is that fair to J-Love?

CAREY: Well, clearly, they were trying to sell the show based on her sexuality. Clearly, right? But having said that, let her look like what she looks like, you know?

Again, it`s having to change a woman as opposed to just letting her be who she is. But at the same time, they were trying to sell a show based off of a woman`s sexuality, which, at times, can be controversial. But she`s gorgeous.

HAMMER: She is gorgeous. Just fascinating to me that they did that, though. Alicia Minshew, Richelle Carey, I thank you both.

CAREY: Thank you.

MINSHEW: Thank you.

HAMMER: Tonight, Kevin Costner`s advice to Whitney Houston`s daughter Bobbi Kristina. Now, it`s been just about two months since the 19-year-old tragically lost her mother.

And now, in a brand-new interview on Anderson Cooper`s daytime talk show, Whitney`s good friend shares a personal message to Bobbie Kris. Watch.


KEVIN COSTNER, ACTOR: There`s no secrets now about anything, you know, about what`s going on across the world and about sex and about everything.

There`s no secrets, and people are seeing examples of it. And you have to make sense of all of what you see. And, you know, I -- can you imagine losing your mom?

ANDERSON COOPER, HOST, "ANDERSON": Especially in such a public way.

COSTNER: Yes, yes. And so it`s not an easy place. You know, sometimes we want to envy people. I think you should be very happy with your anonymity. That doesn`t lessen you as a person.

It may seem like easy for you to say, you know? But you know, I`m telling you, money doesn`t buy your way out of problems and it doesn`t buy you happiness.


HAMMER: Yes, no kidding. Well said, Kevin. You can catch Kevin`s interview on "Anderson Cooper" when it airs next month.

So is Miley Cyrus too skinny? This young lady just can`t get a break. Miley is hopping mad over reports that she`s suffering from an eating disorder and that the drama was sparked by a couple of photos. Critics say she looks way too skinny. Well, Miley`s firing back and revealing the real reason for her slimmed-down look. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Miss Universe pageant ends ban on transgender contestants. Chelsie Hightower and Roshon Fegan talk to SHOWBIZ about "Dancing" cast injuries.


CHELSIE HIGHTOWER, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: It gets pretty intense, you know, and especially when you`re pushing your body to the limit.

And the more the pressure gets thicker and thicker, the more you are stressing your body and putting more stress on yourself. You continue to dance through the pain. And a lot of us don`t really listen to our bodies that well.


HAMMER: So tonight, is it curtains for Kristen Wiig on "Saturday Night Live"? Well, the "SNL" veteran just hinted that she may not be back next season.

Justin Bieber stands up for "Bully," his dramatic new move to support the controversial documentary. And injured with the stars? Well, Melissa Gilbert reveals what sent her to the hospital. All that`s making news in "The Buzz Today."


(voice-over) Dancing`s hospital scare. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was there at "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night where just after Melissa Gilbert performed, she left the set in an ambulance. Melissa`s partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy, rode with her to the hospital, and his brother, Val, told us what happened.

VAL CHMERKOVSKIY, DANCE PRO, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": She hit her head on the floor and had concussion-like symptoms out there after she got her scores, a little nauseous and dizzy. So she decided to go to the hospital to make sure she`s all right.

HAMMER: Melissa`s rep told us she has a mild concussion and whiplash. And she just tweeted that she`s now at home resting.

Bieber backs "Bully." Justin Bieber just announced he`s standing up for a "Bully," the movie version, that is. He tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he`s backing the high-profile documentary which has been fighting to earn a Pg- 13 rating which it ultimately received.

Justin donated his song "Born to Be Somebody" for a brand-new television spot promoting the film. The ad debuted Monday just as "Bully" hits theaters this week.

Kristen Wiig`s seven-year itch? Kristen Wiig just let slip that she may be calling it quits on "SNL." Kristen confirmed on Alec Baldwin`s podcast that her "Saturday Night Live" contract is up, that after seven years on the show, she`s not sure if she`ll be back on set next season. Wiig told Baldwin that although moving on will be tough, you have to leave the things that you love.


HAMMER: Oh, but I would miss her. Well, Miley Cyrus is slamming reports today that say she`s suffering from an eating disorder.

I mean, take a look at Miley Cyrus. I think she looks pretty healthy. But she is firing back at critics who are saying she is just looking too skinny.


HAMMER: Is Miley Cyrus too skinny? Well, tonight, Miley is fuming and, frankly, I can understand why. Now, let me explain what happened.

Miley tweeted this photo of herself taking a whiff of some fast food. Here`s what she tweeted, "I can`t eat it so I`m just going to smell the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out of it. My mouth is literally watering."

Well, the tweet plus some new photos of a very svelte Miley sparked critics to fire off tweets calling her anorexic.

Miley struck back revealing she`s got food allergies, tweeting, "For everyone calling me anorexic, I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It`s not about weight. It`s about health. Gluten is crap anyway."

Tell them, Miley. Well that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, weeknights, 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.

Stay here for "DR. DREW," next. Tonight, actor and comedian D.L. Hughley speaks out about his open letter to Trayvon Martin. "DR. DREW" starts right now.