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Octumom Nadya Suleman Opens Up to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" About Her Welfare Woes, The Terrifying Death Threats; Mary J. is Broiling Burger King over her Embarrassing Commercial; Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries on Their Underwear Pose

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A.J. HAMMER, HLN HOST (voice-over): Big news breaking on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." The octumom is here.

Tonight, octumom Nadya Suleman opens up to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" about her welfare woes, the terrifying death threats and the big burning question, will she do a reality show? What about the outrageous porn offer? Tonight we are going one-on-one with the octumom.

Mary J. Blige`s Burger King Burn. Tonight, brand-new revelations about how Blige is chart broiling Burger King over her embarrassing commercial.

Tonight, the great debate. Did Mary J. get burned by Burger King`s blunder?

Kim K. versus Kris. In this corner, Kris Humphries posing in (INAUDIBLE). In that corner, Kim K. in a sizzling brand-new bikini pick. As showbiz dares to ask, who`s winning the hotness showdown?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


HAMMER: Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York, with big news breaking tonight.

Burger King`s Blige blunder. Tonight, Burger King is definitely feeling more heat than anything they have ever thrown on the grill after a commercial featuring Mary J. Bilge got slammed. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can now reveal that the big game of chicken, of a Mary J.`s chicken ad had people everywhere crying foul today. If and Mary J. And yes, if you want to take out your score card right now and count just how many bad puns this story has generated, please be my guest. Have at it. Mark them down.

Here`s the deal, burger king got fried for putting out a commercial before they say it was totally cooked. And now they`re playing catch up to minimize the damage. But there was a sizzling debate today over whether Mary J. was really obliged to condemn the commercial.

Tonight, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" put the brand-new developments today as we bring you the meat of the story. How many puns was that?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s in the new chicken snack wraps?

HAMMER: I bet you Mary J. Bilge wishes she never answered that question. .

The Grammy winning superstar and Burger King are tripping over themselves, apologizing for this now called commercial for BK`s new fried chicken rants. Well, we`ll say this for the ad; at least it doesn`t have that creepy Burger King mascot.

But still even though it`s been yanked, go on you tube today, you`ll find the ad has inspired tons of angry you tube rants.

And some blogs today were bashing the commercial as racist and accusing Blige of being buffoonish. It`s clear; Mary J. and BK are in one whopper of a controversy.

Almost immediately after the ad debuted this week on Burger King`s you tube channel, it was slammed perpetuating ugly racial stereotypes about African- Americans and fried chickens. One ad copy writer called that Mary J. is bad example of, quote, "the tone deaf representation of black women in advertising."

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" did some digging today on you tube and we found plenty of videos of Mary J. Bilge`s fans seriously discussing the ad`s racial undertones.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You got my first lady Michelle Obama. She is trying to help me and have the rest of campaign get the kids fit and he got generally to eat healthy, and they want to endorse chicken. We`re trying to be healthy and they`re selling chicken.

HAMMER: Or expressing their personal disappointment in Blige.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mary, you can`t keep doing this.

HAMMER: Or flat out mocking her.


HAMMER: Now Mary J. Bilge who reportedly got $2 million for the ad is claiming it was changed from the original concept that was presented to her. Here`s what she told "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

"If you`re Mary fan, you have to know I would never allow an unfinished spot like the one you saw to go out."

And when Burger King pulled the ad Tuesday, it told "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," quote, "unfortunately, the Mary J. Blige commercial was released prematurely before all of the licensing and final approvals were obtained."

Still, on you tube; you`ll find some defenders of the ad.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you ask me, I don`t see nothing wrong with it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s singing about a chicken wrap which happens to be fried. Can she not sing about fried chicken wraps? I don`t see how that`s racist.

HAMMER: Burger king says it will release the commercial when it`s completed.

But "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can tell you, there may be as much chance of that happening as Burger King and Ronald McDonald singing a duet.

For now, it appears what Burger King wants most, is for this ad backlash to go away, and so does Mary J. Because if there`s one thing we know, Mary J. Blige hates his drama.

If there`s one thing we know Mary j. Bilge hates, it`s drama.


HAMMER: But the drama continues did Mary J. Bilge get burned by the Burger King`s blunder? Was there anything really wrong with this commercial?

Which me New York I`m thrilled once again welcome actress and activist Janet Hubert, best known for a role Aunt Viv, Vivian Banks on the Prince of Bellaire in Hollywood tonight where we always happy to have Omarosa Manigault, the west coast editor for "Reality Weekly."

Hello to you both.

So, listen. Mary J. Bilge basically told her fans she thought the commercial was going to be some kind of a dream sequence. It didn`t turn out at all like she expected. Janet, do you think she got burned by Burger King`s blunder here.

JANET HUBERT, ACTRESS: You know, I looked at the spot A.J. and it didn`t bother me in that way because as an actress this is something we deal with this on a daily basis. If you are going to go off on Burger King, you got to go off on Popeye`s about one, you know, sisterhood on it. If we are going to pull all this attention to this, we got to address all of it. This is the way advertisers advertise to the black community. It`s a lot of attention.

HAMMER: And it`s a lot of attention too, I was shocked when I saw the number of these you tube rants that our "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" producers found today from Mary J. Fans.

I want to play one for you. This is a guy who`s just pouring his heart out over this whole BK blunder. Roll that Charles.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, as I walk for me to see my Mary from the back those days. Women saw the love we had, you know I`m saying? That Mary`s just gone up in crispy chicken fresh lettuce tomato, tomato, (bleep). You know, I`m saying? That`s was rough for me.


HAMMER: And, I got to tell you something. He went on for like 12 or 13 minutes. He was very deeply upset by this. Look. Any way you slice it, Mary was singing about chicken whether it appear to be dream sequence, whether it appeared to be commercial we see.

Omarosa, do you think that Mary J. is getting burned by Burger King`s blunder here?

OMAROSA MANIGAULT, WEST COAST EDITOR, REALITY WEEKLY: You know, I think there was a lack of sensitivity when they presented this ad. I don`t think they understood Mary J. Bilge`s fans. And I think that`s what the ad were targeting, her fan base. And so, if the fan base is offended, if they are taking offense to how this ad is presented, then Burger King is doing the right thing by pulling it because otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of presenting the ad.

HUBERT: Yes, but here`s a thing Omarosa. Mary J. was paid $2 Million and when you`re Mary J. Bilge, you`ve got the right to say I want approval of anything you that release. And for $2 million, --

MANIGAULT: But she made it clear that they prematurely released this ad. So they didn`t approve it.


MANIGAULT: So having done a burger thing commercial myself, I understand that sometimes the creative can go left. They can go left and it`s not exactly what you intended. And this is the case in this situation. I don`t believe that Mary J. Bilge signed off on this ad. And as a Mary J. Bilge fan, believe me. She has an understanding of what her fans want.

HUBERT: Let me just say this. Let me just say this. Many, many years ago, I did a McDonald`s ad. And that was for the McDLT and I remember going into the agency with a group of 20-year-olds, you got to realize something that most of these people who are auditioning are making the decisions in ad agencies are about 21, 22 years old.

HAMMER: So, this is you in the spot right here?

HUBERT: This is me in a spot. Well, auditioning for the spot, they kept saying to me, come on. People give it a little more something, something, you know I`m saying? I said OK, what do you mean? I knew exactly what they meant. So, I said all right guys, get the meter out. When the meter goes to the n-word, tell me how far you really want me to go and I said it. Now, --

MANIGAULT: But Janet, if you were in simulating that Mary sold out by doing this ad --


HAMMER: Amarosa, let me ask you this. What do you think that they could do with this commercial? Based on what you saw, that would actually calm the critics because it doesn`t seem like there`s a long way to go. Could you tell me quickly, what you think?

MANIGAULT: Understand very quickly, they`re rolling out a lot of different products, fresh fruits, salads, maybe she could promote a different one of their products. But --


HUBERT: It was a celebrity spot where they also included Sofia Vargas. They also included right, the other --

MANIGAULT: Sophia was playing to the Spanish word.

HUBERT: Exactly.

MANIGAULT: And she was playing the Spanish market.


HAMMER: This debate is certainly going to have to end it there.

Janet Hubert, Omarosa Manigault, a lot of passion on the subject. A lot of you both have some sizzling passion. Thank you both, so much.


HAMMER: I must move from one explosion situation to another. The shocking new death threats against the octumom after she goes back on welfare, her dire financial state. Her dramatic plan to keep her kids safe. Well, guess what, octumom is right here and she`s telling it all to me tonight in a remarkable "Showbiz newsmaker interview."

Plus the showbiz hotness show down, you got Kim K. in her bikini, you`ve got her ex, Kris Humphries in his skivvies, showbiz dares to ask, who`s hotter?

And wait until you see this. A worldwide backlash over the British writer who ignited the firestorm, she wrote a column saying other women hate her for being too pretty. This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. Now the showbiz news ticker, more stories from "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom, making news tonight.

TEXT: Exes Marc Anthony and J.Lo to perform together on their reality show, "Q Viva."

TEXT: Bethenny Frankel tells Showbiz what her new talk show will be like.


BETHENNY FRANKEL, TALK SHOW HOST: I`m doing a talk show on FOX this summer. I don`t want just say a girlfriend`s show because not enough. It`s an honest woman to woman show, about everything from marriage to dating to pregnancy, to sex, to money and all the things you really talk to your girlfriends out, when the men are not around.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were you just as obnoxious as these kids back in the day?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, our generation was definitely more mature.


HAMMER: Yes, the boys from "American Pie," all grown up. Well, not exactly. It looks like has still some growing up to do. The debauchery continues.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with a new slice of pie.

Can you believe it? It`s been 13 years since "American Pie" became a surprise hit as the movie featuring a bunch of boys from Michigan who made a pact to lose their virginity by high school graduation. It still goes down as one of the funniest movies of all time to me.

The boys are back. They are serving up a brand new slice of pie, "the American Reunion." It opens tomorrow.

Thomas Nicholas who plays Kevin Myer is with us for the Showbiz Newsmaker interview.

Great to see you, Thomas.

THOMAS NICHOLAS, ACTOR: Hey, A.J. Thanks for me on the show.

HAMMER: Absolutely, our pleasure. It must have been, I imagine an amazing experience to all be working together 13 years after the original "American Pie," and of course, about nine years since the second sequel. Well, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" spoke with your co-star, Nichelle Turner, asked Tara Reid, if she can believe that it has been so long. Watch what Tara told us.


TARA REID, ACTRESS: It`s gone by so fast, 13 years. It`s just incredible that we are re-making this film again. And it really does feel like a high school reunion. So many years have gone by and so many things have happened. But, it`s really exciting to be back here and promoting this film.


HAMMER: Thomas, that kind of debut for you. Has it been feeling sort of like a high school reunion?

NICHOLAS: Yes. I mean, I didn`t really have a normal high school experience in my own life. I`ve been acting since I was 6-years-old. So, you know, for all intents and purposes, this is my high school reunion and I think that it was more of a reunion for the actors than even the characters.

HAMMER: No question. It`s amazing, too. You mentioned that you have been at acted for so long since you were six and you have survived which is really quite frankly, you know, sort of an anomaly sometimes. You have had a great ride with us as has many of your co-stars.

But, we know that several of co-stars have actually gone through some pretty rough times. We just saw where Chris Klein revealed to "People" magazine, he actually almost died from alcohol abuse. I was among those who were very surprised to read when he said this.

"I was drinking wine, single-malt scotch, top-shelf gin. I thought I was so sophisticated. I thought people with problems were the ones drinking out of a paper bag standing outside convenience stores asking for change. It got to the point where I was fragile shadow of the man came in to this business."

I just thought that was stunning. But, did you have any idea Thomas that things got so bad for Chris?

NICHOLAS: I didn`t really know what has transpired him until he was already threw it which is when we got set for "American Reunion" and you know, he is doing great. I mean, he`s - he made it through, kind a like you are saying how it was - it`s such an anomaly for me to make it from being a child actor into an adult career, now that I`m in my early 30s. I think literally I`m thinking there`s only one other person of my peers that`s done the same thing and that is my buddy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

HAMMER: Yes, that`s exactly right. So, what exactly is your secret then or the way that you were able to negotiate fame and not have to turn into this major downside as it does for, you know, even some of your other co- stars like Sean Williams- Scott in Captain`s Rehab, Natasha Lian had a drug habit, and you look like you`re doing great to me, Thomas?

NICHOLAS: Well, Thank you, A.J. I think that, as ironic as this is going to sound, because, you know, music is all like rock and roll, sex, drugs and rock `n roll. But music actually kept me sane and was a creative outlet for me. And in fact this is the first time that my acting career and my music career are converging. I have a song the soundtrack of "American Reunion.

HAMMER: That`s right.

NICHOLAS: With my generation.

HAMMER: Wow. How cool! And do us a favor, please stay sane for us. We`re so happy to have you here and we are so happy you guys are back in theaters. Thanks for being with us.

NICHOLAS: Thank you for saying that I`m sane.

HAMMER: I just can tell. It`s just a vive I`m getting. Thomas Ian Nicholas, in "American Pie," in theaters everywhere starting on Friday.

Well, coming up. I have an explosive "Showbiz Newsmaker Interview" you must see with the octumom. She really opens up about her new welfare woes, the terrifying death threat, outrageous porn offers. Octumom, right here, setting the record straight in "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

And it is Kanye and Kim K. sitting in the tree, really?

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" reveals the brand-new evidence that Kanye West was in love with Kim Kardashian.

Our Showbiz flash point, would they make a great couple?

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. Now, the Showbiz News ticker, more stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom, making news tonight.

TEXT: Justin Bieber to receive award at Tribeca Film Festival.

TEXT: Rihanna pushes back against backlash over Chris Brown Collaboration.

TEXT: Rihanna on working with ex-Chris Brown. The bottom line is that everyone thinks differently. It`s very hard for me to accept, but I get it. Tomorrow, I`m still going to be the same person. I`m still going to do what I want.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Enough is enough. I have had it with these snakes on this plane. Everybody strap in. We`re about to open some windows.


HAMMER: What happened there? It cut out. I could quite tell all what he was saying.

Yes, "snakes on a plane" really who doesn`t love that scene.

And now, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can reveal that a real life "snakes on a plane" drama has just played out in Australia. I`m not kidding here. A pilot made an emergency landing today in the Australia`s remote northwest bush after making a mayday called air traffic controllers. He reportedly told them, look. You`re not going to be believed it. I have got snakes on a plane.

Well, it turned out, it was a snake, but it wasn`t poisonous.

And now, from snakes, to snooks. That snake on the plane may not have been toxic, but Snooki`s brand-new twitter war sure is. Everybody is self - favorite self proclaim (INAUDIBLE) taking no match from a couple of haters who think she is not fit to be a new mom. Imagine that.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Nichelle Turner is in Hollywood tonight. What is the deal, Nichelle with Snooki`s baby battle?

NICHELLE TURNER, ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: We know A.J., here is the deal. We all know Snooki is expecting a little Snookette with her fiance, Jionni LaValle. And we also know there are a lot of haters out there saying Snooki is too big of a party girl to be a good mom.

Well, two of Snooki`s twitter power just got really, seriously, rude. Listen to what they tweeted.

"Oh, you`re having a baby," they said. "The possible fathers, purl, of your child must be so excited." And they also said, "I keep hearing you`re going to birth a Doritos." It`s just rude, right A.J.?.

Well, Snooki sure think so and she just fed up. So here she fired back these tweets. She said, "preggers power, I`m going to be if you mess with my baby."

Snooki, let me just say for the record, I don`t want to get cut, so everybody here at "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" loves you. And A.J., here`s the thing. Snooki is already telling the world that her party days are behind her and she`s totally focus on having a healthy pregnancy that is very, very good.

HAMMER: I get why Snooki was too touchy about the subject. People are bashing her baby. And, you know, that`s not get more personal than that. I`m going to start a "Leave Snooki alone" campaign.

Thanks Nichelle.

TURNER: I`m with you.

HAMMER: Time now with the Showbiz line-up. Coming up at the bottom of the hour on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," the octumom`s welfare nightmare, terrifying death threats. Big burning question for her tonight, is she actually considering that porn offer to get out of debt? the octumom, right here tonight, it is an incredibly revealing "showbiz Newsmaker Interview."

Plus, Kanye and Kim K.?

TEXT: And I`ll admit I fell in love with Kim around the same time she had fell in love with him. Well, that`s cool baby girl, do your thing.

HAMMER: Is rapper, Kanye West really declaring his love, Kim Kardashian, in that brand new song?

Showbiz dares to ask, is it Kim and Kanye, forever?

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. This is the Showbiz news ticker, more stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom, making news tonight.

TEXT: "Brady Bunch" star Barry Williams welcomes baby girl, Samantha Rose.

TEXT: Beyonce reveals personal photos of her and Jay-z on new Tumblr page.



HAMMER (voice-over): Big news on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

Defending octumom. Tonight, octumom, Nadya Suleman, opens up to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" about this welfare woes. The terrifying death threats. The big burning question, what does she say to her critics? Will she really do a reality show now? Nadya Suleman right here for our headline making Showbiz Newsmaker Interview.

It`s the Kardashian photo face off. Kim Kardashian in a bikini, her ex- Kris Humphries, in his underwear? But who wins this showdown in merely naked exes?

Too pretty, the woman who has become an international star over her "I`m too pretty" rant speaks out for the first time. What she says now, about all the backlash about her self-professed pretty problem.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." It is 30 minutes past the hour. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer with big news breaking tonight.

Defending octumom. Tonight, Nadya Suleman is right here tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" defend herself against all of the criticism and downright threats that she has got since it was just reveal that she is now on welfare. Nadya is getting assistance to feed her 14 children, including her octuplets.

But, Showbiz dares to ask, are her critics way out of line? Nadya, right now, appearing in her own online show each week on There you can see her video blogging all about parents and fitness. She`s also just signed on with the celebrity calling service,

Nadya is right here with me in New York at the Showbiz Newsmaker Interview. I appreciate you taking some time and speaking with us today.

NADYA SULEMAN, WITH OCTOPLETS CHILDREN: It`s my pleasure, thank you so much.

HAMMER: Well, listen. It is a tough time for you and we remember back in 2009, when the octoplets were first born. You were pretty adamant saying you were not going to take help, you were going to do it all on your own. And now, you are receiving this financial assistance on welfare. What has changed?

SULEMAN: A lot has changed. My perspective for one. Stripping my pride. Because a lot of that is not only fear, fear was actually number one because that inurnment amount of death threats, thousands of one thousands and -- that was just letters. They`ll write octumom Nadya with no address and it would arrive at my home. That scared me. And my kids, I taught them not to take myself so seriously, I don`t take myself so seriously, but I have to take health and their well-being seriously.

HAMMER: So, really came down to you got to do what you got to do?

SULEMAN: Yes. I tell you, the desperate.

HAMMER: So, you mentioned the death threats and that went on from the time you were pregnant, in the time these kids were born.

SULEMAN: Not when I was pregnant.


SULEMAN: I was basically, I was -- I had no bed rest and I was in there because one of the baby h, the hiding one, he dislocated a rib. So they thought they were like perceiving me as a walking time bomb so I was in the hospital for, there, about four or five weeks and then delivered. And someone breached confidentiality at the hospital, and they promised me, you know, that they would do everything completely privately. You know, like happens to when you were visiting. In my head, the babies are going to be in the nicu and I`m going to go back to work.

HAMMER: But, as you well know, since you went on record with the fact that you are on welfare and receiving this assistance, it`s angered a lot of people. And I understand you have actually got some serious threats. Tell me about those.

SULEMAN: I have actually gotten desensitized at this point. Because for me, I mean for a couple of years, I would receive thousands and that was just letters.

HAMMER: But the threat in your life?

SULEMAN: My children`, mine and as consequence, you know, panic attack, none of that since. So, at this point, you know, I am a so protective - I`m a very over protective parent. I will knew, I will not allow any of my kids in front of the house without me and being there and I can`t - I have learned to let go of other people`s perspective of us, of me in particular because you cannot judge another human unless you know them. And I`m a stranger to all these people.

And, you know, how many people are receiving it as a formal - a resource that is temporary? This is not something that is being abused. In my mind, the max I`m hoping is two or three months until I get on my feet until we move and to get through the transition of moving. And I had to ask myself, set aside my pride, set aside all the fear, you know, my kids deserve everything.

HAMMER: So Nadya, I have to imagine - you still live in California, Right?


HAMMER: There are inevitably people at home watching right now saying OK, she lives in California, how did she pay to fly to New York? Who`s taking care of the kids right now?

SULEMAN: I was on the "Today Show" and I was fortunate to have them invite me to speak there and make - they were nice enough to invite me to speak to them.

HAMMER: So who`s taking care of the kids?

SULEMAN: Grandma is there right now. And I`m very, very grateful for my mom. It took three -- I`m almost 37, it took almost 37 years to earn the most respect from my mom. She told me, like months ago, Nadya, if anyone knew how hard -- she has never known anyone in her life that works as hard as me.

HAMMER: Well, it`s funny because I do remember we had that video of you guys kind of butting heads at times that --

SULEMAN: You know at the beginning, don`t believe what you see on TV unless it literally comes out of that person`s mouth because they were paying her, they were telling her you`ve got to do this, you got to say this.

HAMMER: They were lighting up the drama.

SULEMAN: People don`t believe what they were really seen, unless it really comes out of that person`s mouth. They were really making a catastrophizing (ph) the whole situation.

HAMMER: Well, you certainly have taken some unconventional steps along the ways.


HAMMER: I remember you went head to head in the boxing ring.

SULEMAN: Undefeated, by the way.

HAMMER: Congratulations on that. You took a shot at bar tending, you were a spokeswoman for the animal rights group pita, I fully support you on that. And now you`ve posted nearly nude for a British magazine. But a lot of people say - and I hear you saying, you don`t care so much what other people say. A lot of people say, that made you look desperate. Was it done out of desperation?

SULEMAN: Yes. I have something called, deucer. I`m far from a star. I`m just a mother like any other mother struggling who happened to be in the public eye. So, I have had a lot of callers and all of which have been positive.

HAMMER: This is a deal where people pay money in order to just talk on the phone with you?

SULEMAN: They talk to me, yes.

HAMMER: And people are doing it?

SULEMAN: They are actually doing it. I don`t know -- the first thing that comes out of my mouth when they call me, I`m so grateful for you to even think even fathom, you know, calling me. Thank you so much.

HAMMER: And are the majority of these people kind to you? Do you occasionally get some angry people calling you?

SULEMAN: I`m yet to have any kind of negativity because I only had letters and letters, it`s safe. They don`t - you know. The people that -- you can hate all you want online, you can hate for free, why are you going to pay any kind of money to make those calls? So ,all of those thus far have been positive.

HAMMER: So many parents of multiple kids have done reality shows as we have seen now, with the Goslings` and their eight kids, the Dodgers, 19 kids and counter, and the May steps toplets on Wii.

Now, there`s a brand new report today saying that you actually signs to do a reality show.

SULEMAN: Again, don`t believe anything you read. I am open minded, it an opportunity that if it comes my way, and I always go to the children first. I raise them with very, very open communication and authenticity and honesty, and that`s how I choose to raise my kids. So, I`m open to it. If there`s some kind of - if I`m fortunate enough to have that opportunity. I`m going to be receptive to it?

HAMMER: And you`re dispensing advice now in you stream -- you`re sharing some of the things you`ve learned about parenting and health. I wanting to get your take on some criticism right now that is going to another person. We are seeing all the time, Jessica Simpson who of course is pregnant, and she`s been getting actual flack. Jessica Simpson, as you see right here. I`m sure you recognized her. There`s Jessica.

In any event, a big-time music star, but people are getting on her case saying that she`s gained too much weight during her pregnancy. Would you say that is unfair?

SULEMAN: Life is unfair, in and of itself, but here`s the thing. I feel a sad commentary in this society in particular. And I am proud to be an American. However, why do people have to adopt such a false sense of entitlement, you know, their entitled to judge other people`s life as if their own? You know, who has the right to judge anybody?

The only one we really have to answer to is God. At the end of the day, it`s just yourself and God. And if you know in your heart and you know you can answer to God that you`re doing the right thing, and you hold on tightly to your deeply indoctrinated morals and values. (INAUDIBLE). You can`t please everyone.

HAMMER: Did you really not know who Jessica Simpson was?

SULEMAN: No, I didn`t.

HAMMER: My goodness. All right. Well, Nadya. I appreciate you`re taking a time with us once again. Good luck to you and to this whole thing, look. We all have been concerned about those kids. And we will continue to be so. I wish you nothing but the best of luck, Nadya. You`re continuing to navigate all this.

SULEMAN: All healthy.

HAMMER: Remember to check on Nadya`s weekly blog on you And you too can check one on one with Nadya on her new call in service details can be found on dial a

Well, just when you thought the Kardashian divorce had run its course, now Kim Kardashian and her ex-Kris Humphries are taking their battle to a whole new level. It`s Kim versus Kris on battle of the bodies. Kim`s in the bikini. Kris` in his underwear.

All right. Think about it. Who wins the showdown of the nearly naked exes?

And a woman whose becomes an international start for being "too pretty." Yes, wait and see you hear her new respond to worldwide outrage over her "I`m too pretty" rants.

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TEXT: "Jersey Shore" star Mike "the situation" Sorrentino checks out of rehab,

TEXT: Jennifer Love Hewitt says she wants to date newly single Adam Levine.


ELLEN DEGENERES, TALK SHOW HOST: Do you have your eye on anybody that --

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT, ACTRESS: Yes. I always have my eyes out. I just heard on TV that Adam Levine is single again? I`m just saying.



HAMMER: Tonight, the battle of the bodies. On one side, brand new pictures revealed today of Kim Kardashian posing in a little white bikini. And on the other side, brand new photos of her ex, Kris Humphries striking a pose in Hollywood life wearing well, not much. So, who wore better?

The Showbiz great debate in just a moment. But firs, is there really such a thing as too pretty?

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can tell you, that a woman has set off an international firestorm for complaining about being too pretty. Now, she`s British writer Samantha Brick. Samantha writes for the one that "Daily Mail," and she just wrote a column called "there are downsides to looking this pretty." She says she has been showered with gifts of being bubbly, train tickets, cab fare, and all from men for no other reason than her lovely looks as she puts it.

Here`s exactly some of what she wrote. "There are downsides to being pretty, the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks. Women don`t want to hang out with someone more attractive than they are."

Well, with me in New York, the lovely Megan Alexander, "Inside Edition" correspondent. Megan, do you think she deserve getting slammed for that or is there some truth there?

MEGAN ALEXANDER, INSIDE EDITION CORRESPONDENT: I find this woman very puzzling. First of all, you`re getting free stuff, why are you complaining? A.J., I think yes, women can be caddy, but she reduces all women for being mane girls. You know, look. Count your blessing that you`re attractive and then be known for something else in your life. And I think also, you set the tone with your friends and family on how people are going to respond to you. So, I tend to think that maybe her actions are also offending people, besides just her look.

HAMMER: It`s not just friends and family, it`s also business, Samantha says, she`s been passed up for promotions, she has lost friends. She`s never been a bride`s maid, all because other women are jealous of her looks.

Now, Megan Alexander, do you think that Patrick Muldoon is a good looking guy?


HAMMER: Well, let`s go to Patrick out from Hollywood right now.

PARTICK MULDOON, STAR, DAYS OF OUR LIVES: You`re not so bad yourself, darling.

HAMMER: Thank you.

ALEXANDER: Thank you.

How are you, A.J.?

HAMMER: It`s great to see you, Patrick. Patrick, of course, stars in the NBC soap opera "days of our lives." Great to have you back on that show.

So Patrick, my friend, as someone who inevitably gets a little extra attention now and again for his looks, what do you think? Is what she`s saying seems too farfetched?

MULDOON: Well, the most valid thing that I read in that article is that she said that she`s no Elle McPherson. And that`s true. But the notion that more attractive people are persecuted in the workplace is ridiculous. And she makes the point that maybe if you have a female superior, that`s less attracted, you not get a promotion because of your good looks.

I mean, the main thing is, in this life, be good in what you do. More attractive, less attractive, the whole thing I think is somewhat -- she`s in the media, she knows how to draw attention to herself, she doesn`t have to worry about being lonely, because now she`s not just a journalist, she`s a celebrity.

HAMMER: I mean, have you seen -- I went online today, thousands of comments, everybody seems to be ranting about her "I`m too pretty" claim. There are some nice comments out there. There are a whole lot more nasty comments out there.

In fact, just on our "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" face book page. Our fans were writing on our wall all day long. Here are a couple of comments.

Tracy M. "LOL! What a self centered person she is!

Kimberly P. posted. "This woman is suffering from a mass delusion."

Felicia T. is on Brick`s side. That one working of these saying "She`s right! Women automatically envy/become jealous of you just because you look better than them."

Megan, is it delusional for people to think that she is delusional?

ALEXANDER: Again, it`s the company that you keep. My bridesmaid in my weddings, Cindy Dardero, you look like I wanted my bridesmaid in my wedding because you don`t want to hurt her even more beautiful.

So, I say, look beyond the face. Was - how is she acting towards people? I still think action is more important.

HAMMER: Well, let`s keep on talking beautiful people who inevitably know they are beautiful. Kim versus Kris, not in divorce court, I`m happy to report. The former couple now battling it out in bikini and underwear. Yes, today, we got these brand new pictures of Kim Kardashian in a bikini that she tweeted. And Hollywood today featured these exclusive pictures of her ex, Kris Humphries posing in his skivvies for magazine called west east.

Patrick, I`m putting you on the spot here with the burning question of the day. Who wins this showdown of the nearly naked exes in your mind?

MULDOON: Kim wins this, hands down. I don`t care how many freebees pictures are in the Internet of her in bathing suit. It`s a beautiful bathing suit, it`s white, it`s see through. Kris, really good looking guy, but that looks like a 12-year-old boy`s batman and robin costume with (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: Batman, I got that. Megan, who wore better in your mind?

ALEXANDER: Kris Humphries, very disturbing picture. I`m sorry but Kim Kardashian, hands down.


HAMMER: It was a little creep factor too, wasn`t it?


HAMMER: We`ll see how well that does for him. Not to be outdone by the way by Kim`s ex, Kanye West now appears to be professing his love for the reality diva. For the first time today we actually got to hear few lines from Kanye`s new song. It`s called, Teraflue. Please listen carefully to this.


HAMMER: Patrick, quickly. I got to know, do you think that Kanye really professing his love for Kim K? Could it be?

MULDOON: Well, I know this is about both those people. They`re great entrepreneurs. They`re great at drawing attention to themselves. I hope that this is a couple because, you know, they`re great at marketing, and as long as she`s as beautiful as he is a wonderful musician, this couple works. You know what I mean?

HAMMER: Perhaps, perhaps, they indeed.

All right, Megan Alexander, thank you. Patrick Muldoon, great to see you. Make sure you check out Patrick every weekday on NBC`s soap, "Days of our lives."

Watch out Kim. I`m talking to the next big reality TV star, Tat-2 from big easy justice. It`s a gentle giant who is doing his part to fight crime in New Orleans, but what scares him the most about his dangerous job?

Time now for the showbiz buzz list. Here`s what "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" staff is buzzing about this week.

We are totally psyched for the explosive premier next week, a new spike TV docu-drama big easy justice. We are downloading Nicki Minaj as new Sean Rebinding album, Pink Friday, Roman Re-loaded." Download right now on iTunes. It`s so cool!

Put the universe in your ipad with the awesome new wonders of the universe app. It puts the entire Cosmo right in your lap. You will mesmerize by the stunning new portraits book of American Beauty including CNN`s own Alina Cho and I cannot wait to watch the brand new ABC`s series "Scandal" from `Grey`s anatomy" creator, Shonda Rhimes that premier tonight.



HAMMER: Big guns in the big easy. Right now another showbiz exclusive. Tonight the star of the new reality show "big easy justice." He`s name is Tat-2. He is a power house of a guy who is bringing the bad guys to justice in New Orleans.

And now, his reality show is taking us to places cameras had never been before. And check this out. Tat-2 even has his own larger than life billboard in Times Square. There`s only a few things that actually scares this soft spoken guy, one of them is reality TV fame.

So, I gave him some quality advice. But, before we got into that, I had to ask Tat-2 about what scares him the most when he`s out there on the mean streets.


TAT-2, STAR, BIG EASY JUSTICE: Basically you have to rely on your training and what you`ve known and the experiences you`ve been through the whole time you`ve been doing this, and I pretty much been doing it for a very long time, 12 and a half years strictly. Sometimes, I have done it by myself a lot, too.

But, I think one the scariest thing is getting shot at. I mean, we have been shot at several times, but you just go to, you know, deal with it. You got to rely on your training and just go forward and grab who you`re going to get.

HAMMER: You know, looking at a tough guy, like yourself, pretty soft spoken by the way for somebody I wouldn`t want to mess with at all. Is there something that outside of your work that actually scares you? I can tell, you`re a little nervous about the whole fame thing, which you are about entering into, by the way. People would be asking you for your autographs, I just want you to prepare you for that.

TAT-2: I don`t -- honestly, I don`t fear anything, and the reason being I believe whatever`s dealt to you is going to happen no matter what. And I just rely on what I know and what I`ve been trained. I fear my mom.

HAMMER: Well, yes. You should, that`s important.

So once the camera started following you around, what do you think was the craziest part of doing a television show? Are they putting makeup on while you`re out hunting the bad guys?

TAT-2: No. Actually, no. Basically, when we`re out there, hunting with the TV show, it is all real as real can get us. Nothing is staged or fake. Every arrest you are going to see on the show is one thousand percent real. And, you know, us yanking people out of whatever, it happens. And basically the guys following us around, they got bullet-proof vests on and hoping nobody shoots.

HAMMER: Are you a married man?

TAT-2: No, actually divorced.

HAMMER: OK. Well, let me give you just a little piece of advice now that you are essentially a reality show. If you do get married, now that you`re in a reality show, make sure it lasts more than 72 days, that`s really the best advice I can give you moving on.

TAT-2: I will let you know.

HAMMER: Pre-naps are also very important.


HAMMER: And I got tat-2, the bounty hunter to giggle.

But don`t forget to catch "Big easy justice" fight TV as it debuting on April 12. Looks like a great show.

That`s it for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. You can catch "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" weeknight, 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.