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Trayvon Star Wars; Crying with the Stars; Weight Slam on Jessica Simpson; SHOWBIZ Exclusive with Blondie

Aired April 3, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Trayvon`s star wars. Tonight, will pressure from Hollywood`s biggest stars break open the Trayvon Martin case? Tyler Perry. Clay Aiken. Oprah.


OPRAH WINFREY, MEDIA MOGUL: Justice needs to be served.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ dares to ask, can Hollywood do what no one else has been able to do - force an arrest in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin?

Tonight, crying with the stars. Why does the happiest show on TV turn into the ultimate Debbie Downer? Tonight, Debbie Downer herself, former "SNL" star, Rachel Dratch, right here in a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight, the Trayvon star wars. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is here to reveal the growing demands by Hollywood`s biggest stars that justice be served in the shooting death of Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin.

And we`re asking a very provocative question tonight. Could the publicity from the star pressure actually help do what has not been done yet, force an arrest in this case?

It`s no secret the neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. But now, with the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry demanding that something be done in the case, could it actually make a difference?

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the brand-new developments in the Trayvon star wars.


(voice-over) The Trayvon Martin shooting case is picking up steam. Federal and state investigations are under way and a grand jury could hear this case next week.

SYBRINA FULTON, TRAYVON MARTIN`S MOTHER: My child is shot and killed.

HAMMER: With Trayvon Martin`s grieving parents leading the way, a wide variety of celebrities are joining the "Justice for Trayvon" crusade.

CHAKA KHAN, SINGER: He`s not some statistic. He`s another awesome destiny denied.

HAMMER: Singer Chaka Khan rallied alongside Trayvon`s parents this weekend in Florida.


And she has recorded fellow celebrities to record a musical tribute to Trayvon. Chaka tells CNN`s Piers Morgan there`s a simple reason she and other stars are so passionate and got involved in this case.

KHAN: Well, a lot of big stars, a lot of big people, are really pissed off about this.

HAMMER: no doubt about it, stars are pushing for movement in the Trayvon Martin case. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you it may be working.

TERRENCE J, BET`S "106 & PARK": We`re mobilizing for different rallies. We`re using our voice and that`s why actions are starting to be taken.

HAMMER: Social media is the main tool stars are using in hopes of influencing the Trayvon Martin case. On his Facebook page, Tyler Perry is making a public plea to make racial profiling a federal crime.

And celebrities like Spike Lee, Michael Moore, Sherri Shepherd, Joel madden and so many more have directed their millions of Twitter followers to an online petition that calls for an investigation and prosecution in Trayvon Martin`s case. That petition already has more than two million signatures.

TERRENCE J: Celebrities are outraged. The general public is outraged. Everybody is upset because this young boy got killed.

HAMMER: Terrence J. of BET`s "106 & Park" tells SHOWBIZ he thinks celebrity involvement in this case has helped keep the pressure on the authorities.

TERRENCE J: The reason special prosecutors are coming to the table for this is because of the power of our social media. It`s because we`re signing petitions in a way like we`ve never done before.

HAMMER: Plus, stars are showing their support by wearing hoodies like the one Trayvon Martin was wearing the night he was killed.

Lebron James tweeted a photo of his Miami Heat team mates decked out in hoodies. Pauley Perrette of "NCIS" also tweeted out her hoodie solidarity.

"Celebrity Apprentice" contestant clay Aiken even wore his hoodie when he came on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


CLAY AIKEN, SINGER AND REALITY TV STAR: The reason that so many people have been involved is because we realize that this is something that could happen to anyone.

NICK CANNON, TV HOST: I`ve got my hoodie on and that`s how you kind of have to always represent.

HAMMER: And at this weekend`s Kid`s Choice Awards, Nick Cannon tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he likes the show of solidarity he`s seen.

CANNON: I`m excited the way that the community is kind of rallying around what`s right.

HAMMER: Oprah Winfrey tells extra it`s special to see so many people rallying around one cause.

WINFREY: Black people, white people, brown people, yellow people, all over this country and all over the world, are saying the same thing. It`s a tragedy and it`s a shame. And justice needs to be served.

HAMMER: And this celebrity push in the Trayvon Martin case shows no signs of ending any time soon.


No, it doesn`t. And the celebrity push in the Trayvon Martin case continues right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

With me right now from Hollywood, I`m so pleased to welcome our good friend Todd Bridges. He starred, of course, on the iconic show "Different Strokes." And he`ll be seen the new movie, "That`s My Boy," right alongside Adam Sandler this June.

Also from Hollywood tonight, rapper Jonathan "Lil` J" McDaniel, who starred on the hit Disney show, "That`s So Raven." And Jonathan stars in the movie "In the Hive" that will hit theaters this summer. Terrific having you both here. Thanks so much.

JONATHAN "LIL` J" MCBRIDE, ACTOR AND RAPPER: Thank you for having us.

TODD BRIDGES, ACTOR: Thanks for having us. Appreciate it.

HAMMER: My pleasure. And Todd, let me start with you. Do you think, quite possibly, all of this pressure we`re seeing from celebrities like yourself could actually lead to an arrest in Trayvon`s case?

BRIDGES: Well, we`re hoping that it does because - see, my thing is this. How does a guy who punches a police officer don`t go to jail?

How does a guy who is known for all these violent things towards women and towards all this, who led up to this Trayvon case - how does he not go to jail?

Who is protecting him? Something has to be done. Justice has to be served. This cannot continue to go on in America. This is not fair, you know.

And to me it`s not a racial thing. It`s a thing of just the bottom line is, this guy needs to be prosecuted. He did something horribly wrong. He killed a young boy for wearing a hoodie.

So you`re telling me that if I`m wearing a hoodie in my neighborhood and I`m walking down the street that some guy is going to attack me and kill me if it`s raining? I mean, that`s not fair. That`s not fair at all.

HAMMER: And obviously -

BRIDGES: Justice has to be served.

HAMMER: So many people feel the way you do, Todd. You`re referring to some violence in Zimmerman`s past back in 2005.


HAMMER: His then-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence. There were restraining orders issued. And obviously, we don`t know, you know, that he killed him specifically because of the hoodie.

That is certainly one of the things people are pointing to. But Jonathan, I want your take on it. You know, we have so much pressure coming from so many celebrities right now.

And a lot of people think that actually could keep the authorities on their toes and actually lead to an arrest after all. What do you think?

MCBRIDE: I definitely agree with that. You know, I think this is an important situation for every celebrity, anyone of any status, to step up to the plate and make their voice heard, to be a part of the movement which is bringing some type of justice to the table for this young kid and this young boy, who has been just completely taken out of this world for no reason, you know.

And so I think that it`s important for every celebrity, anyone of any status, anyone with any type of inspiration or, you know, a microphone or anything that could, you know, push others or push the masses to bring some type of justice, I think, definitely needs to happen.

I think it`s very important. I`m happy to be a part of it. I`m happy to be on the show to talk about it and to bring some more awareness to it.

And I`m really excited to see Chaka Khan doing some songs about it. Oprah, Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, everyone stepping up to the plate, you know, getting petitions signed. And this is very important. You know, this definitely affects our future in a huge way.

HAMMER: It does, and it`s been so stunning, I think, to everybody, how everybody has stepped up, so many celebrities coming out to support Trayvon Martin`s family and demanding an arrest in this killing.

As you mentioned, Jonathan, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey. We`ve also had Russell Simmons, Spike Lee - all on this list that goes on and on. Todd, what was your first reaction when you heard about this case?

BRIDGES: My first reaction was this is a kid who is obviously not very big, and this guy is four times his size, and it just didn`t add up.

He said that this kid attacked him when this kid actually had a bag of Skittles in his hand and an iced tea and he saw this man chasing him and he was running from this guy.

And then when you listen to the 911 tape - when I listened to it, I was horrified. This kid was begging for his life. I was horrified because that could have been my son. That could have been my kid, you know?

And it just really horrified me when I heard that, and justice has to be done.

MCBRIDE: And definitely not only did he pursue this young man, but he was also told not to pursue this young man by the dispatcher from the 911 call.


MCBRIDE: And so, you know, I think he definitely took matters into his own hands. He definitely made the decision himself to pursue this kid.

I think he was definitely looking for some type of trouble - I don`t know what - you know, why he was pursuing this kid. But obviously this kid is not big enough to, you know, hurt this man.

In multiple 911 calls, we definitely hear this kid, you know, screaming for help, screaming for someone to help him. So that doesn`t really sound like someone who is being the aggressor or being the attacker, you know, someone that`s yelling for help. That doesn`t seem like that.

HAMMER: It does baffle all of us, and hopefully through time, we will truly understand what has happened here. But talking about it, we`ll hopefully get some results.

BRIDGES: That`s right.

HAMMER: Todd and Jonathan, we appreciate you both being a part of this conversation. Thank you so much.

BRIDGES: I just want to say that God will definitely take care of it the right way. Thank you for having us on.

HAMMER: All right. Thank you guys both. All right. As we move on tonight, what do you think about this? "Dancing with the Stars" cry fest controversy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (UNINTELLIGIBLE). I just wanted to complete this week.

HAMMER: Why in the world was everybody bawling in the ballroom last night? What a downer. Well, tonight, Debbie Downer herself, former "SNL" star, Rachel Dratch, right here for a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

Also, J. Lo strips down in a hot new video with her 24-year-old boyfriend. Our SHOWBIZ flashpoint Is J. Lo having a midlife crisis celebrity style?

And the Jessica Simpson weight debate.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How would you have felt had someone criticized you for gaining too much weight?

FMR. GOV. SARAH PALIN (R-AK), TV PERSONALITY: I would have wanted to punch him in the neck.


HAMMER: Yes. Why everybody is getting on Jessica for gaining weight during her pregnancy? I don`t get it. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Neil Patrick Harris to host Tony Awards for the third time.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, who wants to go on Space Mountain with me?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I want to see the country bear jamboree.

RACHEL DRATCH, COMEDIAN: Did you guys hear about that train explosion? We may never know how many people perished.


HAMMER: I love it every time. That is a classic from NBC`s "Saturday Night Live" with Rachel Dratch as the ultimate Debbie Downer.

And talk about downers. Maybe you noticed if you were watching "Dancing with the Stars" and you definitely did, you might have thought you were watching "Crying with the Stars."

So why was one of TV`s happiest shows such a mood killer? It is the cry- fest controversy tonight. Rachel Dratch is right here.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And tonight, "Crying with the Stars."

Yes, they came, they danced, they cried. And then they cried some more. ABC`s "Dancing with the Stars" became one big tear-fest last night.

Now, the stars were supposed to dance in honor of their most memorable year, which they did, but no one could have predicted the constant flow of draining tears. Come on, "Dancing," you`re supposed to be fun.

If anybody knows what it`s like to kill the moment, it`s Rachel Dratch or at least her character from "Saturday Night Live."

Rachel has just released this awesome new book. It`s called "Girl Walks Into a Bar." And I`m so thrilled to have her with me here in New York for the SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. It`s great to meet you.

DRATCH: Thank you. I like being here.

HAMMER: You`re one people I love watching on TV.

DRATCH: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: And that`s more uplifting to me that "Dancing with the Stars" was last night, a big downer to be sure. Now, everybody is talking about this big cry fest that was going on. The star stories were sincere.

But you watch that, and does it tug at your heartstrings? Or does it kind of make you want to hurl?

DRATCH: Well, you see, I`m like a sucker for crying at people`s, you know, dramatic life stories, so I`m kind of into that stuff.

HAMMER: Right.

DRATCH: So I couldn`t do it myself and get up there and cry about my life, but I like watching - I mean, I don`t like watching people cry. But I like that thrown into the mix.

HAMMER: You`re not going to cry right now, are you?

DRATCH: I don`t think so. Maybe. Personally, I don`t mind it.

HAMMER: I guess it could work. And look, we`re looking at them right now. You see some of the tears being shed. I actually thought that maybe, in addition to holding up their signs, their placards with dancing scores, the judges could hold up a sign with a rating for the tears, the biggest bawl in the ballroom.

DRATCH: Did you think they were faking?



HAMMER: No, I definitely didn`t think that.

DRATCH: Well, I`m kind of a cheap cry, so I would probably be crying along with them.

HAMMER: Right now, you could cry at any time.

DRATCH: I think I could. Yes.

HAMMER: Well, just like "Dancing with the Stars," "American Idol" pulling out all the stops right now, looking for ratings.

Thursday night, Jennifer Lopez`s video, "Dance Again" is going to premiere. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has this sneak peek at what we`ll see. Now, take a look at this.

Jennifer Lopez all cuddled up with her much younger boyfriend, Casper, who happens to be shirtless and blindfolded.

Now, when you see that, Rachel, are you thinking, "Way to go, Jen"? Or are you thinking, "Maybe that`s a little too much information, more than we need to see."

DRATCH: I mean, I guess I`m thinking, "Way to go, Jen." If you can pull that off, then why not? Go ahead and do it. Wear your mesh top. Wear your mesh khaki shirt.

HAMMER: And the young boyfriend, if you can pull off his shirt and strap on a blindfold?

DRATCH: I don`t know that I would need that to go public, but I mean, that`s what you`re into.

HAMMER: Well, you know, it`s going to be their music video on "American Idol," so it`s as public as you get. Your new book "Girl Walks Into a Bar," all about the path in your life.

And it includes some really interesting moments from you being on the dating scene, literally walking into a bar. As a big time celebrity/comedienne -

DRATCH: That`s how I think of myself.

HAMMER: Did you have all the young, hot, shirtless blindfolded guys hitting on you?

DRATCH: No, no. I`m not J. Lo. No, that J. Lo picture is not reality. No, I`m always kind of shy so, you know, I`m not such a great date. I usually would meet guys through work or through whatever. They`re not unlike a formal date.

HAMMER: All right. So was it that you sat down at the bar and a hot young guy walks over to you and just tries to take you home?

DRATCH: Not often.


DRATCH: But you never know. Sometimes. Sometimes.

HAMMER: I think you`d be very fun though.

DRATCH: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, it`s so nice to meet you and have you here. Thank you so much for being with us. We roll right through it. The book is terrific. You must check it out. From Rachel Dratch - it`s called "Girl Walks Into a Bar." It`s available everywhere, right now.

And as we quickly move on to a dramatic star health confession tonight.


CARNIE WILSON, SINGER: It`s almost 18 years after the first surgery. And I needed to do take action. I needed to help myself again.


Carnie Wilson`s startling weight surgery revelation this morning on the "Today" show. This is wild. It`s her second risky surgery in just over a decade.

Our SHOWBIZ flashpoint - a lot of people are talking about this - is Carnie sending women the wrong message?

Another dramatic health journey. Reality star and "E! News" host, Giuliana Rancic - she is right here tonight. She`s sharing some can-do details about her journey with breast cancer.

Also, Trump`s pageant bombshell. Why the Donald just did a major about-face on his controversial decision to exclude a transgender beauty from Miss Universe. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the SHOWBIZ buzz list. Here`s what the SHOWBIZ stuff is buzzing all about this week.

We are psyched for the explosive premiere next week of a cool new show. It`s the Spike TV docu-drama, "Big Easy Justice."

We are downloading Nicki Minaj`s new genre-bending album. It`s called "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded." It`s available today on iTunes.

You can put the universe on your iPad with an awesome new "Wonders of the Universe" app. It puts the entire cosmos right in your lap. Imagine that.

We`re mesmerized by the stunning new portrait book, "American Beauty." It includes CNN`s own Alina Cho.

And we`re setting our DVRs for this Thursday for the brand-new ABC series, "Scandal," from "Grey`s Anatomy" creator, Shonda Rhimes.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Don`t worry. They`ll take what you give him. Did you at least buy the engagement ring?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Ukrainian mob system not take what you give them. They just shoot you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have bigger things to worry about than me not proposing to my girlfriend. We`re in a situation. Just focus on what you do.



HAMMER: Tonight, the Trump Miss Universe bombshell.


DONALD TRUMP, MISS UNIVERSE FRANCHISE OWNER: Well, we went by the laws of Canada and the laws of the United States. And I always say that you should be allowed to enter the pageant, so she will be entering the Miss Canada pageant, but we went strictly by the laws.


HAMMER: You heard it. Donald Trump has just revealed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he`s reversing course. And he now is letting transgender beauty queen, Jenna Talackova, compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

Now, she was originally disqualified when pageant judges discovered she was born male. But here is the thing - Trump`s about-face may be too late and not enough.

I can tell you Jenna Talackova has already hired Gloria Allred to represent her. Gloria just held one of her famously-provocative press conferences with Jenna in tow.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner followed every minute of that presser as it went down. So Nischelle, what can you tell us about the beauty pageant that seems to be quickly growing into a three-ring circus here?

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Oh, yes, A.J. You know, Donald definitely told us that he`s letting Jenna compete in the Miss Universe pageant. But Gloria Allred - she is still firing back and hard. Watch what she just told the world.


GLORIA ALLRED, JENNA TALACKOVA`S ATTORNEY: She did not think for one moment that what she might have looked like at birth would be relevant.

She did not ask Mr. Trump to prove that he is a naturally born man or to see the photos of his birth, to view his anatomy, to prove that he was male.

It made no difference to her. Why should it have made a difference to him?


TURNER: Ouch! Well, Gloria Allred also says the Donald hasn`t gone far enough to make it crystal clear that Jenna is welcome in the Miss Universe pageant. She`s calling his response wimpy. A.J., I don`t think we`ve heard the end of this controversy just yet.

HAMMER: Nischelle, I`m thinking Donald is already all fired up about that "wimpy" remark. And now, I know when I see him next week, I`m going to have to ask him, "Well, Donald, the world wants to know, are you a naturally born male?"

How do you think he`s going to respond to me when I say that? He`s going to say, "A.J., go have some fun."


HAMMER: All right. Nischelle, thanks for staying on top of this controversy for us.

Time now for the SHOWBIZ lineup. Coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, why is everybody slamming Jessica Simpson for her weight?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How would you have felt had someone criticized you for gaining too much weight?

PALIN: I would have wanted to punch him in the neck.


HAMMER: Jessica getting jibes about mom jeans and pregnancy pounds. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, should all the haters just shut up?

And I go one on one with rock legend`s Blondie. This is so cool. Tonight, secrets from Blondie`s Debbie Harry. Does she think it`s fair that all those singing shows are creating overnight fame for their contestants? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

This is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Martin Sheen to play Charlie Sheen`s dad in new FX comedy, "Anger Management." "Think Like a Man" cast on cover of "Essence" magazine.



WILSON: It`s almost 13 years after the first surgery, and I needed to do take action. I needed to do help myself again.


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. carnie weight war. Carnie Wilson speaks out today about her controversial second weight loss surgery.

Is she sending women across America the wrong message? Reality stars Giuliana and Bill Rancic are right here to share their thoughts and give us an update on Giuliana`s battle against breast cancer. It is a must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

The great Jessica Simpson weight debate. Tonight, brand-new fury over Jessica Simpson`s very pregnant body. And why former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is defending Jessica today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How would you have felt had someone criticized you for gaining too much weight?

PALIN: I would have wanted to punch them in the neck.


HAMMER: Wow. The SHOWBIZ flashpoint - is Jessica being unfairly criticized?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, Giuliana and Bill Rancic`s toughest challenge yet. We watched as they juggled two demanding careers, as they struggled to have a baby, and then their toughest challenge yet.

Giuliana learning that she has breast cancer. Well, through it all, Bill has been by Giuliana`s side as she had a double mastectomy and went through recovery.

It certainly has been an emotional and difficult journey, but one that they`ve been very open about. And tonight, we got a brand-new glimpse into their challenge on the debut of the fifth season of their show "Giuliana and Bill" on the Style Network.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Fertility patients are so concentrated on having babies that we kind of forget about the rest of our health.

GIULIANA RANCIC, REALITY TV STAR: I thought the results would be fine, and the doctor called and said, "We saw something. This isn`t good. This is not good."


HAMMER: Joining me now in New York, Giuliana and Bill Rancic. You can see their show, "Giuliana and Bill" every Tuesday night on the Style Network. It`s always great hanging out with you, guys.

G. RANCIC: So nice seeing you.


HAMMER: Nice to see you. I actually saw you. We were together at the Oscars I guess just a couple months ago.

G. RANCIC: Absolutely.

HAMMER: And I was struck. You always look terrific. You have been through a very tough time. And I was particularly struck. You look great as always when I saw you. It`s now been, what, six months about since you first learned of your diagnosis.


HAMMER: So how are you doing? Everybody wants to know.

G. RANCIC: I`m actually doing great, I`ve got to be honest. And the reason I`m doing great is I did find it early, and that`s very important.

And that`s why it`s so important to get out there and really encourage women to find it early because if you find it early, chances are you will be OK. So that is why I`m feeling great and have tons of energy.

HAMMER: And it`s been inspiring for me and for fans of the two of you to watch Bill right there by your side through the whole thing -


HAMMER: Which obviously has to have been very difficult at times for you, Bill. How tough is it now, watching it sort of unfold all again on your television show?

B. RANCIC: Well, you know, I don`t think it`s tough. For me, it`s something that we`re proud of because it`s a show that, hopefully, is going to get women and husbands to push women to go out and take action, to go get checked and, you know, take control of their medical destiny.

And it`s something that I think a conversation that needs to be had and it`s something we`re proud of.

G. RANCIC: It`s hard. I mean, we watched the first episode recently ourselves. And the producers kept telling us, like, "You know this is going to air and you might want to watch it before it airs."


G. RANCIC: And it was actually - it was very hard to watch.

HAMMER: It`s going to bring stuff up.

G. RANCIC: Absolutely. But I forgot how much we showed, you know, like, I think I kind of blocked it out. And now, to see it again is a little scary.

HAMMER: Were you OK with how much you showed?

G. RANCIC: Yes, I was. I was. You know, we watched it. It was hard to watch. And then my best friend came over and she watched it. And she said, "Wow, I really had no idea what really was going on and I`m your best friend."

So you know, it inspired her to go out and care a little more about her health. So -

HAMMER: It`s reality TV where the reality is actually real.

G. RANCIC: It`s real.

HAMMER: And it`s been such an inspiration to so many people. You guys really have done a great job of doing that.

G. RANCIC: And that is something tonight that Mariah Carey`s husband, Nick Cannon, is trying to do. Now, in January, Nick was hospitalized. He learned he has kidney disease and lupus.

Well, today, we got our first look at his new online documentary series. It`s called "Incredible Health Hustle." It`s right there on his Web site. Let`s take a look.


NICK CANNON, TV HOST: Damn. How did I get here? I mean, just a few days ago, I was with my family, in the snow playing, having a good time.

All of a sudden, it starts swelling up and the shortness of breath, excruciating pain in my right side.


HAMMER: Wow. I mean, that is just so powerful to see. Nick still working, still hosting "America`s Got Talent." Fortunately, he`s doing the right thing and giving up some other things, avoiding some of that stress.

And he says he`s putting this out there so he can help educate other people who have similar situations going on, similar conditions.

And Giuliana, I have to imagine, you watch that and know that he`s doing that. You can relate to it because that is really why you went so public with your cancer battle.

G. RANCIC: Yes, absolutely. You know, it`s funny. This is a person who is saying that. And I`ve got to say it`s kind of hard to watch and it`s so true.

It really hits home because I remember when this was all happening to me at the very beginning, I would look at childhood pictures of myself and I would go, how did I go from that to here? How the hell did this happen.

B. RANCIC: At such a young age.

G. RANCIC: You know, it`s shocking. At 36 years old, how did this happen to me? That was one of the reasons I went public because I realized, for the first time in my life, I`m really not invincible. I`m really not bullet-proof.

Yes, I take care of myself, but that doesn`t matter always. You still have to stay on top of this. So for me, it was very important to go public and let other young women know if it happened to me, it can happen to them.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, the invincibility thing - I think that`s something we all feel until a point when something happens our lives, something like you`re going through.


HAMMER: And Bill, we have talked extensively in the past about this decision to go public, because it still is a very personal decision and a very big decision that you guys made together.

Has there been any point - or is there any point now where you feel like, despite the good that you`re doing, and you will continue to do, that you want to pull it back, maybe say we need a little more of our privacy?

B. RANCIC: I mean, you know, we get plenty of privacy. I mean, the show - it`s not as if they live in our home. And you know, we`re producers on the show, so we do have the ability to control some of the content.

But you know, from day one with this reality show, we said we`re going to use this show for good and not evil. And that`s what we`ve done over the last five seasons.

We`ve tackled a lot of issues that affect a lot of couples. And I think this is going to be a great legacy for Giuliana, because if she saved one life as a result of going public, that`s more than most people can say they`ve done in their entire, you know, lifetime.

HAMMER: Yes. And it`s not lost on me you wanted to do your show for good and not evil. And the show is a success and it`s going on what, Season 5 now?

G. RANCIC: Season 5.

HAMMER: You know, evil usually wins out on reality TV.

G. RANCIC: Absolutely wrong.


HAMMER: Bravo for Bill and Giuliana. There was another star on a mission tonight, and that is Carnie Wilson. Carnie just revealed she had more weight loss surgery.

Now, you might remember, back in 1999, she was very public about having gastric bypass surgery. She lost 150 pounds. She gained much of it back. And in January, she had lap-band surgery. Well, she talked about it this morning on the "Today" show. Watch what she said.


WILSON: It`s been 13 years after the first surgery, and I needed to take action. I needed to help myself again. And I`m not ashamed to talk about this in public. It seems there`s been so much support over the years, and it`s still interesting because so many people relate.


HAMMER: It`s true, and I admire her for being so honest about her weight struggles all of these years, just like you and Bill, just like Nick Cannon has.

That said, you know, as we see this all play out on her reality show, there are the critics out there that say this sends the wrong message.

What do you think about that? I personally think that being candid is the best part about it and people can make their own decisions.

G. RANCIC: You know, it`s such an interesting point, because I remember before I went public, and I told a few people that I trusted, and I did have someone in my life who said to me, "Maybe you shouldn`t go public because what are people going to think your intentions are?"

And I was so blown away by that. I go, "What are you talking about?" And you know, I really thought about it, and I thought, God, that`s just - my intentions are so good with going public.

HAMMER: Right. And people accusing you of using it for publicity, perhaps?

G. RANCIC: Yes. And how could - you know, if I had timed it to something or something - and I`ve seen that happen. I work in this business, too.


You see things like that happen all the time. But no, absolutely not. I saw this as an incredible opportunity to actually use my job for good, you know, and to use this incredible platform I`ve been given for some good.

You know, I usually report on what Britney Spears is wearing, you know what I mean? For the love of god, finally, I`m putting something out there that`s positive that could change someone`s life.

B. RANCIC: And I think the criticism of Carnie Wilson - I mean, if she`s out there encouraging people to go do this, that`s one thing. But if she`s sharing her story and letting people know follow her journey, that`s a different thing. I mean, she`s not qualified to dispense medical advice nor are we.


G. RANCIC: And he always said that - he said, "Let`s always be careful. We never want to encourage other people."

HAMMER: Keep it to the story.

B. RANCIC: That`s right.

HAMMER: Keep it to what you`re dealing and let people relate to it.

G. RANCIC: Exactly.

HAMMER: And I have to say staying so positive in life and on your television show can only help in dealing with your health issues because a positive attitude goes so far, as we know. Great to see you both.

G. RANCIC: Thank you so much, A.J.

HAMMER: Thank you so much for being here.

G. RANCIC: Thank you.

HAMMER: And congratulations again on your show, "Giuliana and Bill" back Tuesday nights on the Style Network.

Moving on now to feuding with the stars? Tonight, did Jaleel White really flip out on his dancing partner, Kym Johnson?


KYM JOHNSON, DANCING PRO: The competition is very, very stressful. Everyone has, you know, good weeks, bad weeks.


HAMMER: Yes, of course, it`s stressful. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there with Jaleel and Kym at "Dancing with the Stars." They revealed to us the truth behind reports they had this explosive fight.

But are reality feuds really all that unusual? Well, I will ask "Celebrity Apprentice" star, Debbie Gibson. She is right here tonight for a must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

And Jessica Simpson slammed for being pregnant and overweight? What is wrong with people? Believe it or not, Sarah Palin is outraged.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How would you have felt had criticized you for gaining too much weight?

PALIN: I would have wanted to punch them in the neck.


HAMMER: Wow. Well, here`s our SHOWBIZ flashpoint for tonight, is Jessica being unfairly criticized for her weight? I think we know how Sarah feels about that. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Kim and Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump returning for third season of "RHOBH." "Spider Man" star, Andrew Garfield talks about what it`s like to wear the Spidey costume.




DEGENERES: What`s it made of?

GARFIELD: It`s made of something that is like designed to make you irritated. I don`t know what it is. I don`t know what the material`s name is, but that`s the description underneath.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How would you have felt if someone had criticized you for gaining too much weight?

PALIN: I would have wanted to punch them in the neck, because, A, it`s none of anybody else`s business how much weight I would gain. You know why this is even an issue though, Matt, is because that Hollywood image is full of teeny, tiny people.


HAMMER: Teeny tiny people. Yes, take that. Sarah Palin lashed out that people have been critical of Jessica Simpson`s baby weight gain.

Palin sat in this morning as the "Today" show`s guest co-host. Palin wasn`t the only one defending Jessica today.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Tonight, defending Jessica.

Jessica Simpson`s naked, pregnant body on the cover of "Elle" magazine has really opened the door to tough talk about her ever-growing belly.

And while she`s counting down the days to being a new mom, naturally, she`s put on some weight. Why would anybody dare criticize her for it?

With me in New York for SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview, my dear friend and superstar singer, Debbie Gibson, who was just unjustly fired from "Celebrity Apprentice."

DEBBIE GIBSON, SINGER: Oh, my goodness.

HAMMER: What the heck was that about?

GIBSON: So you`re the best consolation prize. I get to be here in the firing tour.

HAMMER: I`m here to help out any way I can with your troubles.

GIBSON: Oh, goodness.

HAMMER: We`ll talk about the "celebrity apprentice" in just a moment. But first, let`s talk about Jessica Simpson.

Now, she has not revealed her due date just yet. Baby watch in full effect. This morning, the ladies of ABC`s "The View" had this heated debate about Jessica that I want you to watch with me, Debbie. Roll the tape.



BARBARA WALTERS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER AND CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": There certainly is a time in your life where you can have macaroni and cheese.

On the other hand, if you`re going to put yourself on the cover of national magazines, pregnant, you`ve got - you know, you`ve got to take some of the flak.

You ought to stay private and that`s it. Or you put yourself literally out there, and, you know, some people criticize.


HAMMER: OK. You`ve known me long enough to know I hate when anybody criticizes anybody for their weight. But here`s our SHOWBIZ flashpoint, is Jessica Simpson, a very public figure, putting herself out there like this, being unjustly criticized?

GIBSON: Well, I think it`s two different things. First of all, putting yourself on the magazine cover that shouldn`t open her up to a body image criticism per se.

The only comment I will make is on health. I know it`s been reported that she`s been eating, you know, brownies and - I don`t know -

HAMMER: Mac and cheese, yes.

GIBSON: So for the health of the baby, spoken from a sugar addict, because I think my mom ate too much sugar when she was pregnant.

HAMMER: Did you think?

GIBSON: I say maybe lay off the Twinkies for that reason, but not for body image reasons. And I do think it`s offensive to pregnant women everywhere to say that she`s too big.

Because - yes, I`ve never been pregnant. I can`t speak to that, but I`m sure you want to comfort yourself with food. I`m sure there is a lot of emotional stuff going on at that time.

HAMMER: No - oh, my god. There`s a huge amount of stuff going on. I`m a guy, but I just learned something about you, you know, that maybe Diane had one too many - I don`t know - Snickers bars.

GIBSON: Or pasta. We`re Italian.


HAMMER: After Jessica has her baby weight, of course, the focus is going to pretty quickly turn to how quickly she drops the pounds.

So I can`t even imagine the pressure she`s going to be dealing with being a mom, and then the public weight watch that would ensue.

I mean, what kind of words of advice might you have for Jessica on how to deal with that? Look, people have targeted you before simply because you`re a public figure.

GIBSON: Yes. I think, you know, your process is your process. I would say to Jessica, do everything in your own time and in a healthy way.

And you know, for some people - look, Gwyneth Paltrow is famous for going on juice fast. She`s loses weight really quick and then she maintains it.

Some people need to do it more gradually. I think the answer is whatever works for her, but she should try really hard to ignore what the public thinks. It`s her body. It`s her life. It`s her baby.

HAMMER: Stay off the Twitter.

GIBSON: Stay off the Twitter, yes. Off the Twinkies and off the Twitter.

HAMMER: The two T`s.

GIBSON: There you go, the two T`s.

HAMMER: Well, there are also some explosive new reports today that there`s big trouble behind the scenes of "Dancing with the Stars."

Now, one report says that Jaleel White and dancing pro, Kym Johnson, had a big blow up during rehearsal. Now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went straight to them to set the record straight. Here now, what they told us.


JALEEL WHITE, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: We`re having extra fun with this show. I`ve never experienced that in my career.


WHITE: I hope people can watch the show. That`s what it`s about, and take from that what they take from that.

JOHNSON: The competition is very, very stressful and everyone has, you know, good weeks, bad weeks. Last time we had four days to learn a dance.

It was personal story week. So I think, you know, just the stress of it. But we`re fine. We`re absolutely fine.


HAMMER: All right. Well, it sounds like they`re kind of downplaying whatever trouble may have occurred. You know too well, though, about what kind of tensions can exist on reality TV.

You kind of just have to duck and cover because you know somebody is going to explode.

GIBSON: Yes. I mean, the circumstances are kind of fake. I mean, you`re thrown into situations with people you don`t know. He didn`t get to choose his partner.

Also, just artistically, like whenever I`ve done theatre shows, sometimes co-stars don`t get along. There`s some feuds. But ultimately, you work it out.

And it looked like they worked it out. Hopefully, it will fuel their dance. It`s like a rumba or something and not a waltz.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, you brought your A-game to "Celebrity Apprentice."

GIBSON: Thank you.

HAMMER: You were one of Donald Trump`s favorites.

GIBSON: Thank you.

HAMMER: Now, that you`ve been through the process, would you do it again?

GIBSON: You know what? I`m glad I did it once, so if I went back in time, I would do it. This time, I can`t say I would do it again. It makes me very uncomfortable, even like doing the press now and all of that.

You can`t win when you`re asked to comment on people. And you know what? I don`t really want to comment on people. I just want to sing and dance and act and run my business.

HAMMER: Right.

GIBSON: You know -

HAMMER: Now, it will have you rededicate yourself to strictly doing that.

GIBSON: Exactly. But I did enjoy it, and yes, it was heated this last week. I won $50,000, though, for Children International.

HAMMER: Bravo to that. Debbie Gibson -

GIBSON: Very happy.

HAMMER: Great to see you.

GIBSON: Thank you.

HAMMER: Moving on now to another blond. Tonight, my exclusive with the great Blondie.


(on camera) We`re hanging out backstage at the Big Dance exclusively with Blondie. It`s so great to see you guys here. I can`t wait to see them perform.

I`m curious what they think of the current music scene and shows like "American Idol." And I want to know from Debbie Harry, would you be a judge on a show like "American Idol"? I bet your answer`s going to me. Hold your thought.


HAMMER: Blondie seriously rocked March Madness at the Big Dance concert series in New Orleans. Tonight, my can`t-miss SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview exclusive with the legendary rock group. It is next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Adam Sandler`s production company to remake `80s hit, "Summer School." "Dancing" star, Gladys Knight, reveals the secret to her success.


GLADYS KNIGHT, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: I have to give the credit to my parents, you know. They didn`t have no nonsense.

They told me, don`t think you`re all that, you know, before that thing came up? They were telling us that. You know, don`t start smelling yourself.



HAMMER: Tonight, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive with the legendary rock group, Blondie. Now, I just got back from New Orleans and the Big Dance concert series at the NCAA Final Four tournament where the great Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Clem Burke sounded greater as ever on stage, really terrific.

Blondie earned its cred the old fashioned way, sweat and grit. So I asked them about the flood of singing competition shows on TV these days that are rocketing people into instant fame.

You might be surprised as to what Debbie told me about possibly becoming a judge on one of those shows.


DEBBIE HARRY, BAND MEMBER, BLONDIE: I might want to be a consultant, but I don`t know if I could really judge people. It`s very hard to judge. I mean, I figured if they got it together to do it that that would - you know, high marks.

HAMMER: Well, yes, because you relate on the artist`s level that these people have poured in, their heart and soul, into just getting up on stage and having that moment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s what so great about some of those shows. It`s just seeing the easy output of emotion and the personal connection that they have with the music and with the audience and all that stuff. That comes across, I think.

HAMMER: But obviously, what has happened is it changes the way people become music stars. Like I said, you guys, look, you paid your dues for a long time and made your way through in a way that is not done anymore. What do you think is the -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (UNINTELLIGIBLE), right? God bless them, you know.

HAMMER: Instant. What do you think of that, though?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I like Bieber a lot. I think he has a great voice. I think he`s a really nice kid. He seems like a great kid. I would like to meet him, and I`m a fan.


HAMMER: And obviously, the definition of what it has been to be Blondie has probably changed radically in the decades you guys have been at it. What was the best part of being Blondie in 1980?

HARRY: In 1980?


BLONDIE: We had our first hit on stage, right, "Heart of Glass."

HAMMER: Yes, 1979, "Heart of Glass." And of course, the others not far behind.

HARRY: And then what was after that? That was -

HAMMER: "Call Me" came a couple years later.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I enjoyed the chaos of it all. That was like really fun, the sort of spontaneity, the sort of punk rock.

Yet, we have to commercial aspect going. We had hit records. But we had like one foot in the underground and one foot above ground.


HAMMER: What`s the best part of being Blondie now, 2012?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Doing gigs like this.

HARRY: We`re still alive, man!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re still here, yes.



HAMMER: That was cool hanging out with them. It was so cool to see them performing live. And I have so much more cool stuff for you.

Tomorrow, we`re going to take a little sojourn down to Margaritaville exclusively with Jimmy Buffett. We were planning to bring you The Black Keys today. That`s going to now be on Thursday. You must see that.

And Friday, my exclusive one on one with my new inspiration in life, Sammy Hagar.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. Remember, you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusively, weeknights at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN. Thank you for watching.